This is August: Announcing new video, bonus content, and exclusive competition for our Premium members

We are happy to announce everything we have lined up in August exclusively for our Battlefield 3: Premium members. Read on for the full details.

We know you have been eagerly awaiting information on your August Premium exclusive items. Wait no more. Here is everything that is happening for our more than 1.3 million members who have already signed up. We hope you will enjoy everything we have in store for you.

Premium video: Exclusive Armored Kill gameplay

Release date: August 29
Where: Battlelog Premium video section
Our third Premium exclusive video features all-new gameplay footage from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. Prepare yourself for all-out vehicle warfare!

Premium bonus content: Exclusive artwork booklet

Release date: August 29
Where: Our new “Bonus content” section on Battlelog
The August bonus content drop for Battlefield 3™ Premium members is an exclusive high-res artwork booklet (electronic) with 24 original concept artwork from the development of Battlefield 3. The majority of these have never before been shown to the public. To download your artwork album, head to Battlelog and the new “Bonus content” section that will appear on August 29.

Premium event: Pitch your Battlefield map concept to DICE

Start date: August 31
This is your chance to submit your level idea and have it judged by the creators of Battlefield 3! Pitch your most awesome idea for a Battlefield map, and you can win an extremely  limited edition Battlefield 3 lithograph signed by the DICE team. Full details on how to enter will be posted on Battlelog on August 31 when this competition is officially opened. Stay tuned!

Click image to join the community challenge on Facebook and increase the length of this weekend's Double XP event.

Premium exclusive Double XP weekend
Dates: August 25-26 (or longer! See below)
Rank up faster by joining this Double XP event, only for Battlefield 3™ Premium members. This month’s Premium exclusive double XP weekend takes place Saturday-Sunday, August 25-26. Start times below. You can also check this handy event announcer to see the time in your city.

Don’t forget that we are running a community challenge on Facebook that extends the time of this event based on the number of shares we get! Join the sharing at our Facebook page to increase the number of hours you will get double XP.

Double XP event start times:
Los Angeles 00:01:00 August 25
Stockholm 09:01:00 August 25
Paris 09:01:00 August 25
New York 03:01:00 August 25
Tokyo 16:01:00 August 25

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  • RippnUaNewone1 09.01.12 at 02:55

    Worthless videos, wallpapers & chance to do free work for a company that got another $50 from over a million people…..Pass.

  • TheEvilStig 08.31.12 at 13:33

    Wow, all the idiots have come out. I personally like the artwork, i hope its a glimpse of what the aftermath maps are going to be.

  • ninjaboom 08.30.12 at 09:14

    does anyone know if it is possible to change the e-mail used to log in to battlelog on console (X360) and if it is, how? thanks

  • Bobby Lean 08.30.12 at 09:10

    I’ve been writing up my idea. Tweaking and perfecting. Since the day I played this game I’ve wanted a map editor. Close enough. haha. I hope I win! :-D

  • raz2win 08.30.12 at 07:24

    Bf3? Oh that game where I have destroyed two controllers playing due to frustration. Paid premium another waste of money . Good job dice not only does your game piss me off now throwing you extra cash for garbage pisses me off. Played your games since the your first one now I just play wen I hav friends over so they can see how nce it looks and how shitty it plays .

  • {SA}StayAlive 08.29.12 at 22:41

    Just stop complaining and KEEP SPENDING YOUR MONEY….no one cares if you are happy or not….dice has one goal in mind….cha-ching….muhahaha.

  • ClearRok 08.29.12 at 21:16

    You are doing my head in!!!

  • ClearRok 08.29.12 at 20:09

    It’s a joke, isn’t it!? I hate how you handle your (premium) community!!!
    If there is a Premium offer or something like this in any upcoming DICE game, I don’t give a damm.
    It’s all your own fault.

  • PS_DA22A 08.29.12 at 16:20

    Its well over halfway through the day and still no expansion. Come on you said today so deliver today.

    • Star Force 16 08.30.12 at 08:00

      I didn’t realize that a “Premium VIDEO” meant Armored Kill was being released. Hold your horses, boss lady. The expansion’s not coming out until September 10th.

  • FARFROMPUKIN 08.29.12 at 14:28

    Should get the attorney involved take my money and not deliver?? WTF thieves

  • Heedeer 08.29.12 at 14:05

    People, please use your head. You know that DICE pretty much doesnt give a **** about glitches or your concerns. All they want to do is milk you to the last cent and will keep doing so. They throw down some content on the floor for you and tell you to sit. Good doggy? Yes, and you keep buying things from them despite that. So untill they realise that their economics strategy if starting to fall, they will keep doing so.

    P.S Yes, i have premium.
    Oh… i remember those days wen DLC’s used to be free…

    • Gangsta_War96 09.02.12 at 22:02

      A) EA gets the money, DICE’s just the developer
      B) What was the last dlc you got 4 free?

  • A55a55in3Actual 08.29.12 at 13:38

    Y is the new video not yet posted and whats the release date for the new maps

  • Killa P. 08.29.12 at 13:04

    its 29-th today, then wheres my bonus content section on battlelog? cant see it

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.29.12 at 06:36

    i still stand by my previous comments but its good to see you put the double xp on all ranked servers because i couldn’t find one double xp lobby over the weekend, good to see your finally using your head

  • Achey23 08.29.12 at 04:31

    this is the content drop? your joking right? very dissapointed dice in slap in the face this content represent’s and here was me thinking premium was worth it, poor show

    • Zell17x 08.29.12 at 07:55

      Did you bought premium because the content??, because I did for the DLC so I think that’s more important, this content is just for enjoy it, that’s it.

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