This is August: Announcing new video, bonus content, and exclusive competition for our Premium members

We are happy to announce everything we have lined up in August exclusively for our Battlefield 3: Premium members. Read on for the full details.

We know you have been eagerly awaiting information on your August Premium exclusive items. Wait no more. Here is everything that is happening for our more than 1.3 million members who have already signed up. We hope you will enjoy everything we have in store for you.

Premium video: Exclusive Armored Kill gameplay

Release date: August 29
Where: Battlelog Premium video section
Our third Premium exclusive video features all-new gameplay footage from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. Prepare yourself for all-out vehicle warfare!

Premium bonus content: Exclusive artwork booklet

Release date: August 29
Where: Our new “Bonus content” section on Battlelog
The August bonus content drop for Battlefield 3™ Premium members is an exclusive high-res artwork booklet (electronic) with 24 original concept artwork from the development of Battlefield 3. The majority of these have never before been shown to the public. To download your artwork album, head to Battlelog and the new “Bonus content” section that will appear on August 29.

Premium event: Pitch your Battlefield map concept to DICE

Start date: August 31
This is your chance to submit your level idea and have it judged by the creators of Battlefield 3! Pitch your most awesome idea for a Battlefield map, and you can win an extremely  limited edition Battlefield 3 lithograph signed by the DICE team. Full details on how to enter will be posted on Battlelog on August 31 when this competition is officially opened. Stay tuned!

Click image to join the community challenge on Facebook and increase the length of this weekend's Double XP event.

Premium exclusive Double XP weekend
Dates: August 25-26 (or longer! See below)
Rank up faster by joining this Double XP event, only for Battlefield 3™ Premium members. This month’s Premium exclusive double XP weekend takes place Saturday-Sunday, August 25-26. Start times below. You can also check this handy event announcer to see the time in your city.

Don’t forget that we are running a community challenge on Facebook that extends the time of this event based on the number of shares we get! Join the sharing at our Facebook page to increase the number of hours you will get double XP.

Double XP event start times:
Los Angeles 00:01:00 August 25
Stockholm 09:01:00 August 25
Paris 09:01:00 August 25
New York 03:01:00 August 25
Tokyo 16:01:00 August 25

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  • RippnUaNewone1 09.01.12 at 02:55

    Worthless videos, wallpapers & chance to do free work for a company that got another $50 from over a million people…..Pass.

  • TheEvilStig 08.31.12 at 13:33

    Wow, all the idiots have come out. I personally like the artwork, i hope its a glimpse of what the aftermath maps are going to be.

  • ninjaboom 08.30.12 at 09:14

    does anyone know if it is possible to change the e-mail used to log in to battlelog on console (X360) and if it is, how? thanks

  • Bobby Lean 08.30.12 at 09:10

    I’ve been writing up my idea. Tweaking and perfecting. Since the day I played this game I’ve wanted a map editor. Close enough. haha. I hope I win! :-D

  • raz2win 08.30.12 at 07:24

    Bf3? Oh that game where I have destroyed two controllers playing due to frustration. Paid premium another waste of money . Good job dice not only does your game piss me off now throwing you extra cash for garbage pisses me off. Played your games since the your first one now I just play wen I hav friends over so they can see how nce it looks and how shitty it plays .

  • {SA}StayAlive 08.29.12 at 22:41

    Just stop complaining and KEEP SPENDING YOUR MONEY….no one cares if you are happy or not….dice has one goal in mind….cha-ching….muhahaha.

  • ClearRok 08.29.12 at 21:16

    You are doing my head in!!!

  • ClearRok 08.29.12 at 20:09

    It’s a joke, isn’t it!? I hate how you handle your (premium) community!!!
    If there is a Premium offer or something like this in any upcoming DICE game, I don’t give a damm.
    It’s all your own fault.

  • PS_DA22A 08.29.12 at 16:20

    Its well over halfway through the day and still no expansion. Come on you said today so deliver today.

    • Star Force 16 08.30.12 at 08:00

      I didn’t realize that a “Premium VIDEO” meant Armored Kill was being released. Hold your horses, boss lady. The expansion’s not coming out until September 10th.

  • FARFROMPUKIN 08.29.12 at 14:28

    Should get the attorney involved take my money and not deliver?? WTF thieves

  • Heedeer 08.29.12 at 14:05

    People, please use your head. You know that DICE pretty much doesnt give a **** about glitches or your concerns. All they want to do is milk you to the last cent and will keep doing so. They throw down some content on the floor for you and tell you to sit. Good doggy? Yes, and you keep buying things from them despite that. So untill they realise that their economics strategy if starting to fall, they will keep doing so.

    P.S Yes, i have premium.
    Oh… i remember those days wen DLC’s used to be free…

    • Gangsta_War96 09.02.12 at 22:02

      A) EA gets the money, DICE’s just the developer
      B) What was the last dlc you got 4 free?

  • A55a55in3Actual 08.29.12 at 13:38

    Y is the new video not yet posted and whats the release date for the new maps

  • Killa P. 08.29.12 at 13:04

    its 29-th today, then wheres my bonus content section on battlelog? cant see it

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.29.12 at 06:36

    i still stand by my previous comments but its good to see you put the double xp on all ranked servers because i couldn’t find one double xp lobby over the weekend, good to see your finally using your head

  • Achey23 08.29.12 at 04:31

    this is the content drop? your joking right? very dissapointed dice in slap in the face this content represent’s and here was me thinking premium was worth it, poor show

    • Zell17x 08.29.12 at 07:55

      Did you bought premium because the content??, because I did for the DLC so I think that’s more important, this content is just for enjoy it, that’s it.

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.29.12 at 04:28

    WE WANT DINOSAURS !!!! #BF3 Dinos or Die !

  • Reason 08.29.12 at 04:17

    Not to be a complainer but you are really stretching the definition of content with the freaking concept art. I guess i assumed bonus content would be something in game, not sketches.

  • ZaiMoN_86 08.28.12 at 22:28

    same old story

  • baileyGraham6 08.28.12 at 21:35

    Who agrees with me?

  • baileyGraham6 08.28.12 at 20:36

    Really dice the only thing we care about is 2xp ,weapons,soldier upgrades,and dlc not art no offence but step it up guys.and also I think that if you pay 49.99$ that we should get a advantage over everybody else . I mean really I didn’t want it for looks I wanted it for power

  • lucianmatei81 08.28.12 at 18:19

    I don t wanna be rude and talk trash but I Will Do It Anyway : I piss on your august bonus drop….DICE, r u joking?

  • R3C0NF1GUR3D 08.28.12 at 13:20

    Exactly! Everyone who is premium gets the expansions for much less money. Premium
    pays for itself!

    • headman13 08.28.12 at 15:13

      Hey kid i paid $60 for the game and $50 for premium + i rent a god damn server every month, this mother fuckers r making money every fucking single day so yeah!! this artwork booklet is shit, im not paying to see a fucking comic book with 24 pics in it im paying for “IN GAME CONTENT” YOU NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP

      • dunes20 08.28.12 at 21:44

        battlefield 3+ karkand+premium=$125 I actually saved $5 and if I look at the new premium edition I actually spent $55 more than noobs buying the game today. Don’t tell me I got a great deal for it in fact we all got ripped off since this new offering at $70 and The point of everyones dissapointment is that there was so much potential and so many great ideas of what bonus content could be. Not a single person thought or ever wanted old concept art that has no significance to how I play this game. I only enhanced my rage at dice and ea that is all

  • Mojo Giogio 08.28.12 at 12:55

    1. The game still has a lot of glitches and bugs that DICE should fix by releasing patches. These patches are always coming in 3 to 5 months. So we have a broken game and they give us artworks and they say nothing about patches.
    2. This is the bonus content description: Enhance your Battlefield 3™ experience with this bonus content drop. Alright, how does an artwork booklet enhance my bf3 experience? :|

    • R3C0NF1GUR3D 08.28.12 at 13:19

      Wow. It doesn’t have to be new fucking guns to be a content drop! People are so damn ignorant about this game. There are no soldier upgrades in the month of August, only bonus content. There will be soldier content next month. Good god check your damn premium calender. People paid extra to get all the fucking expansion packs for cheaper. Premium is a great deal, unless you want to spend more money on DLCs.

      • Mojo Giogio 08.28.12 at 13:29

        I said nothing about guns or things like that. It could have been something like when you kill somebody with the repair tool or defribillators or when you ram somebody with the jet or helicopter or jeep your soldier says Trolololol… It doesn’t have to be a gun or a thing like that. It can be something funny.

  • Squish8294 08.28.12 at 08:54

    how about bringing back veteran bonuses? All Kits: M1 Garand pls? Ya know. That funny shit. Premium: Grenades have a 1 in 3 chance of being a large trollface model. nothing else changes.

    • warmonger367 08.28.12 at 19:09

      They do have veteran bonuses. Its called the M1911. It could have bean something a little better, but its there and that’s what matters.

  • Mative69 08.28.12 at 07:02

    I am going to print out a copy of the pic and the next time I have to take a shit I’m going to wipe my ass with it!

  • NBK_187 08.28.12 at 06:25

    I fully expected way more for the extra money I spent for this garbage…You give me art work…what am I going to do with art work or even the BS 2XP events…where are they or for that matter how do we access them…I paid extra to get get extra good stuff not junk I dont need or use….What a huge waste of my money and time…FAIL!!! I give this Premium pack a huge TWO THUMBS DOWN =p=p BOOO!!!!

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 08:10

      You sound like you spend your money just for the extra content. What about the DLC’s? You got them like 15 bucks cheaper. And you got extra content. Why are you whining?

    • StonedShredder 08.28.12 at 13:44

      expantion packs are like ten pound each, you pay 32 and you get all 5 plus all this random stuff theyve thrown in, and the double xp is across all servers and modes if you read it, does anyone know if that includes co op as well tho?

    • NickCarriere 08.28.12 at 17:39

      You also get all the expansions early so you don’t have to wait as long and get new assignments.

  • N1MROD80 08.28.12 at 04:20

    Dice! Are you guys really going to ignore all the customers and fans that have been disappointed by the content drop? All this backlash and you guys have nothing to say? Wow!

  • PMP_Ghosted 08.28.12 at 01:39

    Seriously artwork? No camo or anything of the like? I’m going to print it out just so i can wipe myself with it.

  • BABYLON123 08.27.12 at 20:06

    dice i think u guys a doing a great job whit BF3
    i was hoping that the bonus content drop was somthing unique that only premium members should get
    like a desert egale for example .i think the artbook is great because u can see what kind of ideas u guys haved while developing the game
    i hope that the next bonus content drop will be somthing that we can use in the game
    that will be so cool and appreciated by everybody
    keep up the good work Dice
    im a big fan
    Hoooah !!!

    • hellsangels6 08.28.12 at 00:08

      You can’t spell to save your life. Go back to elementary please and learn how to spell!

      • d0000k 08.28.12 at 01:44

        Seriously, is this level of ignorance truly necessary?

        It’s people like you who really suck the life out of any forum experience.

        BTW, it’s really easy to learn how to spell in a relatively short amount of time but it will likely take you a lifetime to stop being an @ssh0le.

      • KillinCamperZ 08.28.12 at 04:18

        +1 LMFAO….. dude said great job whit

        • KillinCamperZ 08.28.12 at 04:20

          I’ll bet he wonders why every other word is underlined in red! It’s called spell check, and it is your friend!

    • Mr_Infinity 08.28.12 at 03:50

      That isn’t the point of Premium. Premium can’t give players anything that would give them an unfair advantage in the game. A desert eagle would be a unique weapon and wouldn’t be fair to other players. Then it becomes “pay2win”

      • Ociex 08.28.12 at 06:10

        What he said.

        And also isn’t it enougth that you get 5 DLC? i mean for like the price of 3? and then Premium dog tags? and also all these premium assignments?
        Double XP. A special knife?

        I think you guys oversee these kind of things….
        Just my opinion.

      • Mojo Giogio 08.28.12 at 12:19

        well, if the desert eagle would have the same stats for example as the .44 magnum, then it would not be pay2win

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 08:12

      When the Premium Users get an exlusive Weapon like an Desert Eagle the normal Users are going to kill DICE.

      • LightBallz 08.28.12 at 11:34

        Premium members already have exclusive items, assignment weapons maybe? dumbasses lol. Premium members can get like 10 exclusive weapons normal members can’t get and yet premium members can get owned by normal members. -.-”

        • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 18:31

          The 10 Weapons are from Close Quarters the DLC you fucking Dumbass.

  • mikewolf22 08.27.12 at 18:02

    im very mad, i payed 50 bucks for some art ill look at once! i wanted somthing good!

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 08:13

      You payed the just for the content? Not for the DLC’s?

  • GismoTerminator 08.27.12 at 16:56

    how does one submit the map idea, in wich form; scetch,text,map bird perspective ?

  • JUSIYase 08.27.12 at 14:05

    this is absaoulate bullshit

  • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.27.12 at 13:55

    wow dice you disappointed me -_-

  • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 08:03

    Next bonus content will be dice telling us to eat shit
    Fuck !!!! Bring the M1 garand abd we will forgive you

  • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 07:13

    Ok let’s start 1- If you pay attention on the premium calendar there is a difference between soldier upgrade and bonus content, however I agree with the people I wouldn’t like somme booklets for bonus content, that later on it will be in google images. 2 – If you use your brain you will see that perhaps DICE don’t want to creat a conflict between pc, play sation 3 and xbox 360 players just because of the capacity differences on each plataforms. 3 – DICE MUST repair the bugs and the glitches before introduce a new DLC with more glitches. 4 – I invite all the COD players to think before talk. They complain about battlefield 3 but they are here because they are disapointed with the COD series ( lol same engine for every game. And now Activition in a desperate attempt they will try to get the Nintendo market. Mario won’t be happy for this I’m sure of that.)
    In resume the community must demad and complain for this; Soldier upgrade , clearing the game glitches, changing the USELESS bonus content , Battlefield 4 BETA for premium players. The 50 dollards or plus worth it.

    • Alb-next_gen 08.27.12 at 17:30

      I agree with you about everything, also…
      How about BattleRecorder? BattleRecorder IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US!
      What’s wrong with you DICE?

  • hellfog 08.27.12 at 06:12

    Fall back! fall back! An enemy booklet dropped!!! Shame on you DICE

  • losthopesc2 08.27.12 at 04:42

    For everyone raging about the Bonus Content for being artwork instead of something else please calm down. When you got premium you instantly paid off 5 map-packs worth more than premium. EA and DICE don’t owe you shit all. The point of Bonus content is extra stuff, something to help noobs and something to give people that are true fans extra content outside of the game. the artwork is well done and it isn’t something they made at the last minute, so quit complaining or go back to COD or whatever the hell you play.

    • Riptitde777 08.27.12 at 05:27

      I totally agree with you,i I’m already saving 25 dollars on the map packs. So I’m totally comfortable with anything DICE has to offer hell it’s extra stuff.

    • CARRY_A_BIG_GUN 08.27.12 at 14:49

      they do owe us their dlc is shit so far so not worth the money

      • TehFinalWaffle 08.27.12 at 16:50

        Let’s see your DLC then… Oh wait… you know nothing of the intricacies and complications of video game cartography, much less how to actually program all this into a computer. Not to mention trying to fix all the bugs in a timely manner (I’m sure YOUR maps would be swimming in glitches). I suggest you stop hiding behind a keyboard, giving these fine people your gruff and man up. DICE did what they said they were going to do, which is provide extra (that’s what bonus means. I figured you’re too stupid to know that) material outside of the stock game. DICE is doing a fine job.

    • Kiwi B0SS 08.27.12 at 17:33

      Well said, bunch of cry babies, take a hard pill and suck it up.

    • FAYGO182 08.27.12 at 18:49

      well said

  • Rodman Serling 08.27.12 at 04:34

    This petition is to let EA / Dice know our frustration with the announcement of the August Bonus Content Drop.

    • F_E_A_R_L_E_S_S1 08.27.12 at 06:07

      I am lmao! You kids are ridiculous. The content is as stated, bonus content. If you haven’t realized this yet then let me inform you that the gaming world is a business.

    • Rushing2u 08.28.12 at 02:10

      thats fucking retarded, your measily 5,000 people aren’t even gonna make DICE think twice. Be thankful not abunch of stuckup bitches. WOW people in the world these days…

  • redneck3383 08.27.12 at 04:01

    BATTLEFIELD BLACKOUT: AUGUST 29, 2012 Tell all due to content drop.

    • DrHaunteo 08.28.12 at 06:53

      Will this also be the day that the south rises to reclaim the United States?

      Or will 29 August 12 be the day that myself and a few thousand players logging in as usual to have fun?

  • redneck3383 08.27.12 at 04:00

    BATTLEFIELD BLACKOUT: AUGUST 29, 2012 Tell all due to content drop

  • Death-Coming 08.27.12 at 02:48

    I Bet Within a hour will be all over internet.
    Sorry for Bad english.

  • EarthChomp 08.27.12 at 02:15

    I’ve not seen a Non-premium player in ages, so if everyone is getting the “Early access” then what’s the point? There’s no advantage, basically we all signed up voiding the only advantage that our extra money bought us, might as well have just bought pack as they came out after getting ripped off for teh first one (double payed for it as premium came out a month later) and coulda skipped the shite-burger that is close-quarters (ilike this game cuz it’s NOT cod, dont need cod-like maps), great game but holy crap… videos and pictures? geesh, coulda waited 4 hours to look at it on google images and youtube…

  • bmxbikr 08.27.12 at 01:08

    More in-game content please, such as camos for ALL guns :) Whatever you do though, DO NOT, make anymore specializations, just saying. If i wanted that I’d play COD xD

  • lilnerdy15 08.27.12 at 00:43

    bonus content which can be copied and uploaded on stuff like google images making it possible for both premium and non-premium users to look at

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.26.12 at 23:53

    I hope the next Bonus Content is a REFUND…

    btw: i’m going to print the bonus content ARTWORK and use it as TOILET PAPER !

  • SilentAssassinC 08.26.12 at 23:04

    I would like to see more in-game items instead of art, But Im not gonna hate. I think your doing good DICE, I dont care what they say about you.

  • SlntProtagonist 08.26.12 at 21:59

    I really don’t see why you guys are hating on dice. This is really interesting stuff to see if you’re a true fan of Battlefield. If you don’t like it you have no purpose of being on this blog.

    • Steven_Heiny 08.26.12 at 22:16

      I agree. What’s the point in ragging on DICE and EA for bringing out extra stuff. It’s only a good thing for those who really enjoy it…and for those who do not…just don’t worry about it.
      All your stupid negative comments do…is bother everyone else.

    • Vijfhoek 08.26.12 at 22:23

      Fully agree.

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 08:22

      I totally agree.

  • Ragnvald83 08.26.12 at 21:58

    Art? you guys must be joking! pfff

  • Me Bash Buttons 08.26.12 at 21:41

    “We hope you will enjoy everything we have in store for you.” F*** off you seriously think I am going to enjoy artwork?

  • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.26.12 at 19:49

    art? thx for nothinng dice

  • DPr 08.26.12 at 19:10

    How about a throwback map pack from BC1 and BC2? Best Rush maps and great conquest maps. Frankly, the maps on BF3 are a little disappointing.

  • sycosy1 08.26.12 at 18:26

    thank you dice i think mmm can i play with the art work no so you made a bit piissed we need toys to play with not art work shame on you and stop playing cod and give us the goods thank you ?

  • FAL Bordeaux 08.26.12 at 15:45

    Do you want change another bonus content. Vote, we already have a 1750+ petition

    • xTHExAMERICANxx 08.26.12 at 17:11

      I have posted you link for the petition all over battlelog

  • EGY-ZOMBIE 08.26.12 at 14:21

    This is a lesson u have to learn the hard way DO NOT PRE PAT FOR S**T… this game could have been much more better if the community stood up to them and just boycotted this premium BS … This is a business and they need money FROM YOU so if you hold on tight to ur money long enough u will end up with more quality products… and good luck getting them to listen to you :D

    • PINSY_69 08.26.12 at 21:09

      Dude calm down. i dont even care much about the content drop cause its free stuff. Think about it, would u rather not of got Premium and buy the map pack seperatly and waste about 75$ or would you want 50$ for all the map packs plus dogs tags, a knife, 2 weeks early access and art work? Your being GREEDY

      • ChairOfCheese 08.26.12 at 21:58

        you are absolutely right, people feel ripped off even thought THEY are ripping EA off

  • trecena 08.26.12 at 14:17

    Thanks but not thanks. In-game content please.

  • lucas cool56 08.26.12 at 14:12

    Do you want change another bonus content. Vote, we already have a 1750+ petition

    9/11 was an inside job. Vote for Ron Paul. Obama has changed nothing. Osama bin Laden is a Dick.
    Peace man.

  • Death1099 08.26.12 at 13:40

    Hudson they got rid of it when people heard it was artwork. It said in-Game content

  • Hudson316 08.26.12 at 10:32

    So, I checked the chart of what’s released each month to Premium subscribers… there was no claim of in-game content for August. There’s two months of in-game content then one without any and “bonus content” instead. So, in short, y’all are being tossers.

  • geni-siliwangi 08.26.12 at 09:31

    Why dont add a armored helicopter=transport helicopter like MI-8 Hip for the Russia and a PaveLow for the US and UH-60 black hawk , AH-64 Apache , MI-24 Hind if dont want add a ship battle=with a big ship with a unbeliavable gun and some medium and small ship for close quarters maybe a ground warfare with a many tanks many jeep more ground units maybe 64 people if that all mixed plus the people to 150 people and more scout helicopter , attack helicopter , armored helicopter , transport helicopter , light tanks , big tanks , IFV , jeep , ground transport vehicle , boat , ship , amphibious vehicle , weapons , weapons attachement , optics . If this happen battlefield3 will be a greattest game ever DICE , EA , Frostbite , Playstation , XBOX , Microsoft please add this to Battlefield3 this is my greattest idea for the battlefield 3 Concept

    • geni-siliwangi 08.26.12 at 09:34

      And a very biggest map than armored kill

  • TheMightyTopHat 08.26.12 at 09:24

    So ummm… where’s the “in-game” content again…?

  • headman13 08.26.12 at 09:20

    i paid $60 for this game and $50 for premium + i rent a god damn server every fucking month, theyr making money every single fucking day so yea this fucking Exclusive artwork booklet is SHIT!!! im not paying to see a comic book im paying for more weapons, camouflages, more dogtags IM PAYING FOR “IN GAME CONTENT”

  • ZeroHour2100 08.26.12 at 08:35

    50 cal and more guns . Yes.. i like it…

    • xAlpha Stick 08.26.12 at 08:43

      There is a 50 cal where does it say that?

  • VoLcOm-BMW 08.26.12 at 08:22

    Really an art booklet well thats just great thanks i was hopeing for that i need some pictures. NOT, WTF u had us wait all mony for some pictures. unbaliveable

    • L0NG_SHOT_28 08.26.12 at 08:33

      Your money was spent on expansions… bonus means something extra quit whining.

      • xAlpha Stick 08.26.12 at 08:44

        In Australia Premium costs 80 dollars so I have an excuse to whine this is shit face it.

  • D7ko 08.26.12 at 08:21

    Please Dice make more ingame content please, 4 camos are not enough, you could give us a new weapon for each class it would be a fair “bonus content”

  • Black_Leonidas 08.26.12 at 07:53

    give us more co-op missions please!

    • General_DE4G1E 08.26.12 at 08:04

      and some more guns to unlock in co op good idea?

  • muhammad800 08.26.12 at 07:49

    Give me Aftermath and Endgame too…

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.26.12 at 07:28

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…Give us DINOSAURS !

    #BF3 Dinos or Die !!!

  • xXRECREATERxX 08.26.12 at 07:18

    they should bring in a 50 cal rifle

  • notapicle 08.26.12 at 06:25

    Dino mod would make it all better……… kinda maybe puting camo on all guns with no crazy 400 c4 kills to unlock just kills on the gun and maybe like head shots

  • XD9mmFMJ 08.26.12 at 06:17

    This is an absolute JOKE. Wtf is this stuff going to do for us? Wait, we get to pitch our map designs to DICE, but we can’t have mod tools, and you won’t listen to us for bug fixes? Are you retarded? You are sealing the fate of the Battlefield franchise. No wait, you already ruined it. It’s been a nice run boys, but you’ve put the last nail in the coffin.

  • newb_owned 08.26.12 at 06:03

    I bought Back to Karkland DLC before premium was announced I feel even more disappointed in EA and DICE because they knew what they were holding back to people who bought karkaland and now find out its included in premium; but close quarters is not really that good and this August content drop is just trash. I wish I could get my money back. – disappointed fan

  • Mk3gsi 08.26.12 at 04:56

    Screwed over yet again. -_-

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.26.12 at 04:38

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…Give us DINOSAURS

    #BF3 Dinos or Die !

  • I AM BUTLER 08.26.12 at 04:34

    also i wud like 2 add that i hope dice r watching these posts cuz 90% of em r from ppl who r pretty pissed at dice rite now

  • I AM BUTLER 08.26.12 at 04:26

    ye i think i’d rather have new gun camo’s 4 the guns i like rather than 1z 4 those crappy noob cannonz they want u to use. F2000, Pecheneg, i hate em. dont get me wrong i love premium spesh cuz i got mega ripped off wen i got that pile o crap Elite 4 mw3 (what a joke!!!). but i’d rather get sumthing im gunna use.

  • Jabbles1029 08.26.12 at 02:45


  • UnderToker 08.26.12 at 01:37

    Utter rubbish
    How dare you insult all the people who have spent their hard earned money on premium with this pathetic bonus offering
    Pisstake frankly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves dice frankly

  • busterblood18 08.26.12 at 01:32


  • SRG8FLASH 08.26.12 at 01:28
    DICE Please give us in game stuff like new guns or new equipment or any thing wich u get in game. What am I gone do with wallpapers he?? I wane play not sit and look at wallpapers!!!!!!!!

  • CrypticFog 08.26.12 at 01:19

    im not as disappointed as I was when I first heard this content news, I just think dice shouldn’t have not let it get so hyped up and maybe should’ve clarified specifics better. mainly by not telling me it’s going to enhance my bf3 experience and worth the wait then making me wait a month for pictures they could’ve put out aug 1st that everyone on the net can get. I’m over it, soldier upgrade better be something tight. super excited for Armored kill, I want the player amount raised tho for big maps same as it was lowered for CQ. Listen to your fans. and possibly make a comment on this thread to at least try to calm people down. thanks

  • Duck_hunt3R_2012 08.26.12 at 01:15

    Do BF3 going to have infected mode or dino mode or somthing like that ??
    Because many people said Aftermath going to be Dino or infected mode is it true ?? or just normal shooting fps mode ?

  • tofast4u77 08.26.12 at 01:01

    Hey dice, at least take me out to dinner… Cause I like to be wined and dined befor I get fucked!!!

  • Epictom 08.26.12 at 00:48

    you guys do know you did this acctually for free? you both the premium mostly because of the mappacks, otherwise you would have to pay 60$ in total and now only 50$, and you get it 3 weeks earlier! of course i’m let down too but they probably have their reasons so be happy with what you get…

    • XD9mmFMJ 08.26.12 at 06:19

      No moron. Some of us paid $60 for the game $15 for Back to Karkand, and then another $50 for the DLC. That’s $125 for ONE PILE OF CRAP GAME. Used to be we could buy a game for $30 and create all the content we wanted for free, host our own servers, and have as many maps, skins, and mods as we wanted.

      • Hudson316 08.26.12 at 07:44

        Then you’re an idiot.
        Back to Karkand was given away for FREE with preordered BF3, and if around these parts of the world the DLC costs $23 each, or $115 on top of $80 for the game region-priced. Stop complaining about your pissy little costs compared to what some of us have to pay because we’re in the wrong country. I was happy to pay $50 to get the DLC without having to purchase each one, since that saved me about $45 all up.

        And if you hate the game that much, I’m sure you know what you can do.

  • Don_Silas 08.25.12 at 23:39

    Well looks like we all got fucked over on battlefield premium, and battlefield3 at that. Way to fuck up the great franchise battlefield used to be. This game is almost starting to make CoD black ops look like a golden standard. And I thought black ops wasn’t too good. Every week that passes we receive information on shit that just makes us even more frustrated and disappointed. How about a patch? Fix the shit that is already messed up before you release more messed up content.

  • HeliMedic 08.25.12 at 23:33

    Guys, guys, this is just the bonus content. If you want something that adds to the game experience wait for september:
    Armored kill
    Soldier upgrade

    So don’t expect extra ingame stuff in the months August, November and next years’ February.
    All other months (till March) will have ingame content.

  • DragonPentacle13 08.25.12 at 23:20

    Wow we pay them in wompum they give us poo make video game player very angry must leave bag of flaming poo bag at dice front door!!!!!

  • andres_al 08.25.12 at 22:14

    So let me see if I get this straight, we have to wait from 5 to 6 months for a patch right? Then we pay $110 for the “complete experience” right? Then after 3 months of “premium experience” there is a new pack, $70 for the game plus premium, then we wait for a whole month for a content release that will supposedly enhance the BF3 experinece and they give us a bunch of images right? Is Dice aware of how internet works? Do they realize that after 2 minutes of its release that exclusive content will be available even for COD players? Is this supposed to be a joke? So I may assume they are using the money we paid up front to make BF4 right? I may also assume they have forgotten how important the credibility is when talking about business. So I’ve got to one and only conclussion, they already don’t give a fuck about us as consumers because of the fact that they are way too busy making the next game in the Battlefield series. This “august content drop” is nothing but a slap in the face for all of those who are supported the game since day one, and one can only thing that they were so busy swimming in money that they forgot about it, then decided to get some useless stuff out of their hard drives and shove it into our asses. I saw this comming, just not that soon.

    • ALEX COG 93 08.26.12 at 01:11

      I agree 100% with you sir… we paid for “exclusive IN GAME content, to ENHANCE THE PREMIUM PLAYER EXPERIENCE”, not this bullcrap artwork. What happened to DICE???…… :(

  • Jampn 08.25.12 at 22:01

    This is absolute junk. I can’t believe i paid for premium to get this crap. Who the hell buys a video game and expects artwork? Got damn, it’s like daylight robbery.

  • EOINISinYOU 08.25.12 at 21:06

    Jurassic Park map with dinosaurs would be incredibly entertaining, or any open/wooded terrain with dinosaurs CPU running around. Could even do a human vs dinosaur game mode like Dino D-Day. This idea certainly is not going to happen but is still fun to think about.

  • CaiNnN-125Hv 08.25.12 at 21:02

    very good very goood.

  • TheNinjaNextDor 08.25.12 at 20:20

    I love being a premium member, but I wait all month for the bonus content thinking its going to be like the first one where you got the ACB-90 knife and different camouflages. But I get a bunch of concept art. I hope the next one is good and I can’t wait for Armored Kill. This game still kills COD.

  • Thyar7ismurder 08.25.12 at 19:22

    All of you complaining about premium need to shut the fuck up, it saves you money and gives you more, because guess what if you buy just the map packs, you don’t get the extra guns genius’s! plus it will cost you an extra 20$ to buy them all separate, so good luck with that

    • Blake5485 08.25.12 at 19:54

      No shit. Bunches pansie ass cry baby spoiled rotten brats. Half or more prob didn’t even pay out of their own pockets. Fucking ridiculous. I enjoy the game and the community. I appreciate dice adding more servers so shithead admins can’t power trip.

    • headman13 08.25.12 at 21:17

      You shut the fuck up i paid $60 for this game and $50 for premium + i rent a god damn server every fucking month, theyr making money every single fucking day so yea this fucking Exclusive artwork booklet is SHIT!!! im not paying to see a comic book im paying for more weapons, camouflages, more dogtags IM PAYING FOR “IN GAME CONTENT” so please kid SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH

  • chenzojt24 08.25.12 at 19:16
  • pilot md11 08.25.12 at 19:14

    How about adding Flash-Bangs and Stun Grenades so that we are able to breach rooms proper. This would help against a person or a squad held up in a room or some other area.

    • Thyar7ismurder 08.25.12 at 19:24

      this is a great idea, I’ve always said they should have flash bangs at least! it would make the game that much more epic!

    • uppertier 08.25.12 at 20:38

      And turn the game in some Call of Duty Clon no thanx

  • Rezistor73 08.25.12 at 19:11

    I must admit I’m a little let down about the bonus content. I was hoping for a couple of new maps, or some cool dog tags.. Oh well. Still pumped about Armored Kill though. Can’t wait!

    • Thyar7ismurder 08.25.12 at 19:23

      you do get new maps genius, when they come out!

  • Rezistor73 08.25.12 at 19:09

    Well I must admit, I’m a little let down about the bonus content. I thought we’d get a couple of maps or weapons… heck even some cool new dog tags would have been good. Oh we’ll still pumped about armored kill though. Can’t wait.

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.25.12 at 17:54

    FUCK YOU !!!!!!!! DICE you slimy pieces of shit ! Who the Fuck wants ur gay ass artwork??!! Shove it up ur ass ! I hope nobody buys Battlefield 4 or Medal Of Honor Warfighter you fucking Cowards! I’m done giving you sons of bitches money.

    The Next Bonus Content will be DICE telling us to eat shit , like it ,say thank you ,and ask for seconds.. while they laugh at us..

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…By giving us DINOSAURS ! #BF3 DINOS OR DIE !

  • Cao_Sandine 08.25.12 at 17:45

    Well I for one will be getting premium as for the jerk offs below me making negative comments they can all take a long walk off of a very short pier. I also wanted to pitch an idea for a map, you guys brought back some of the maps from previous BF games why not bring back El Alamein.

    • oboehobo 08.25.12 at 18:11

      I just got premium and love it. Sure I’m a bit late to the party with Close Quarters, but I’ve been having a blast with all the “new” content none-the-less. I can’t wait for Armored Kill, and DBLXP this weekend makes me a very happy man! :D

  • Wrought 08.25.12 at 17:43

    I like they said how many bought Premium. Becous that is a lot of cash just for supporting a game.
    So they gave us who brought Premium, a Premium “only” video and artwork that will not be premium only after 30 mins or so. And a contest.
    Is this how EA/DICE thank us? Does we who bought Premium deserv this horrible lazy “content” to the game? I thought does 4-6 camos last time was lazy. This drop is more then lazy, this is just crap they throwed at us saying “Thank for the money LOSER”. I was almost going to say to my cousin who where going to buy BF3 to wait some weeks and get BF3 premium edition. Now I wonder if I shall say, don’t buy BF3 at all. Becous DICE/EA don’t lissten to the community. They can’t say we havn’t giving them good idéas. Check the forum and you will find piles PILES of new good idéas and lots and LOTS of bugg reports that seem to not being fixed.
    And saying in twitter and more “There are some great things we are doing, you won’t be dissapointed” just so we all can hype on big things.

    This is by far, one of the most weakest, laziest things I have ever seen in the gaming world.
    I hope they will acctually work on the future Unique In-Game Contents and Bonus Contents.
    If not, then F”#¤ with EA/DICE. Let them rot in hell.

  • Wookie Schim 08.25.12 at 17:29

    Instead of enhancing my gaming experience, I want an art book…. said not even one of more than 1.3 million people

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.25.12 at 17:19

    FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!! DICE you slimy pieces of shit ! Who the Fuck wants ur gay ass artwork??!! Shove it up ur ass ! I hope nobody buys Battlefield 4 or Medal Of Honor Warfighter you fucking Cowards! I’m done giving you sons of bitches money.

    The Next Bonus Content will be DICE telling us to eat shit , like it ,say thank you ,and ask for seconds.. while they laugh at us..

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…By giving us DINOSAURS ! #BF3 DINOS OR DIE !

    • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 07:22

      Hahaga I die with your comment thumbs up for you men

  • BuhBuh67 08.25.12 at 15:54

    Really… Art work… A single co-op mission would have been worth settling for.

  • DomXBrD 08.25.12 at 15:21


  • crancWoLf 08.25.12 at 15:15

    mo vint toch,gieder kan echt nog zagen wih!!!
    zuggt nog e bitje an junder ma under tette. Bende onnozeloars!
    Al de games daje online speelt en op de xbox speelt zien azo… je meugen junder bliede zien daje 1 et!!

  • LSD-39 08.25.12 at 14:37

    DICE, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Next drop should be much more substantial to restore faith – Start working on it now, that’s my honest advice.

  • pablotextoris 08.25.12 at 14:29

    thanx to sum this up man – lemme join you in all you wrote below – raising my hand up dice ;)

  • UNGM MoOnShInE 08.25.12 at 14:25

    yeah it is dice needs to learn how to make more people buy play and enjoy this game as well as premium

  • UNGM MoOnShInE 08.25.12 at 14:23

    im sick of this dice you always say you are listening your patches are every 3 months we ask for so many things and in every patch you screw us over you have to look at it from a consumer poiunt of view and i was really lookin forward to the bonus content but all we get is a video and consept art thats terrible i wish i never bought premium dice if you want other people to buy premium give us a battle recorder give us a new gun camos for different guns dice i have been a long time battlefield player so please please give us somethin g we want we can get are own concept art on google im really disappointed dice i need you to hear me out cause this is the advice you need to follow

    • Rodelero 08.25.12 at 14:27

      It is especially awesome to see weapons rebalanced after each patch. First it was FAMAS, which was Op, now it is M-16 …

  • Rodelero 08.25.12 at 14:15

    So, that is all we get for premium (at cost of new game)? Disappointed. Again. :-(

    Really cool. Game that launches from browser like Farmwille, with awkward bonus content (like Ukrainian Berkut camo for otherwise poorly modelled SCAR-H, WTF?) achieved after some weird shit is to be done (killing foe with EOD bot with weird physics? Killing choppers with RPG, which do not even count – happened twice to me, killed two choppers, with RPG, there is still zero marked in assignments list ….) and ghetting nothing useful at all in return.

    Several guns have wrong model (both SCARs being most visible example, goolge for how it really looks like), name (M416/7 WTF?) and behaviour (sorry, but FAMAS G2 depicted in game uses 30 STANAG mag, ACW-R is actually ACR, looks a bit different and was never chambered for Grendel ammo, HK417 can actually go full auto ….), Abakan has too big recoil and even when it is rifle unlocked as last one (except M-16 for russians and AK for US), it is very weak and olmost nobody uses it.

    It is also awkward, that M-16 is so OP. I’ve even seen it banned on some servers. It is kinda weird, that other guns with same lower receiver have longer reload time. Also, it should be easier to reload AK style lower receiver rather that M-16 style.

    Needles to speak about cheaters and stuff like that. :-/ Cool. I feel ripped off.

    • crancWoLf 08.25.12 at 14:18

      dude, Join the Army… Then you have the Real deal! This is a GAME!!! Spoiled brat!

      • Rodelero 08.25.12 at 14:25

        Nonsense. Most things I mentioned are not influencing gameplay at all. I have no desire killing people just to have it real.

        You must be real grown up, as you are insulting people you disagree with. Go get some spanking so some sense is beaten into you.

        • crancWoLf 08.25.12 at 15:01

          An insult is an insult when the person who receives the words, caches any truth within those words…
          I mean it when i say this is just a Game and the BONUS content is Artwork. I love playing Battlefield, at least Dice isn’t spamming us with new DLC every Two weeks so that it is really expensive. We live in a world when you sometimes do not get what you want. DEAL WITH IT! Move on. You aint gettn your money back!

          • Rodelero 08.25.12 at 18:14

            Of course I deal with it. I complain and if my complaints are not heard, I choose with my wallet. And no, insult doesn’t have to be truthful at all.

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 10:17

      For the cost of a new game you get the DLC’s. Not the crappy bonus content.

  • lucas cool56 08.25.12 at 13:15

    Join the protest against the bonus content drop so we can get a new one

  • MCP-511 08.25.12 at 11:22

    Every time I start the game I have to click away some blatant ad about premium crap I don’t want. I will not waste money on a game the locks up loading, locks up preparing for a co-op game etc. By far the least reliable game I’ve ever purchased. Premium is in the store option in the menu, please get rid of the big ugly yellow premium entry in the menu. Greed is all I see, no concern for serious quality issues. Does anyone test this crap before it goes out the door!?!??!?!

  • XxNiTrOuS420xX 08.25.12 at 11:09

    Wow… some ppl just can’t be pleased I guess. Close Quarters means just that. Any old school FPS player knows how that is. Q1, Q2, Q3… D1, D2, and dare I say D3 and Q4? Old school folks should know what that means atleast. As for the artwork… I love to see the concept art myself. Just to see how it was drawn up before it made it (or didn’t) into a game. Plus it’s a change to the usual wallpaper on my PC. I could type a book about why ppl shouldn’t complain but I’ll make it short(ish). You don’t have to buy every DLC coming out when it’s out, you get it 2 weeks in advance, plus you get one or two for free. Just count CQ as your mulligan and stop complaining.

    • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 07:40

      Wake up idiot art work will be on goolgke 20m of the release. If you are comfotable with art wirk print it and shoot it trought your ass

  • und3rgr0und420 08.25.12 at 09:54

    i bought premium to save money on all the upcoming DLC….everyone bitching about artwork are fools, you saved money and they will be releasing more shit not just guides and are a bunch of fucking children for real

    • Yagyu_Jubei 08.25.12 at 10:13

      sry dude. but i just saved 5 bucks cause i already had the “Premium Edition” and CQ isnt the gameplay i´m used to for BF. I wouldn´t have bought that DLC. So at least i expected some more stuff for ingame use. Guides and artwork arent things i waited for. So i agree with most of the people that Premium isn´t worth the money we paid.

  • istomp_bunnies 08.25.12 at 09:41

    I love it how you are still going to make us wait for this bullshit artwork that is concept from before the game was even released. EA/DICE you are so very loyal to your customers, saying that this content drop will enhance our BF3 experience is a load of bullshit, i fail to see how a bunch of useless photos will make us want to keep coming back to play the game. if there were new guns, camos and not for the same 4, which again is bullshit. I bet it would make people want to keep coming back and playing BF3.

    • cobba-cobba 08.25.12 at 10:46

      I agree with the young sir known as istomp_bunnies
      Very well said MJ ;)

    • cobba-cobba 08.26.12 at 02:02

      I woke up this morning and I turned on the PS3, inserted the BF3 disc and thought to myself. “How could I possibly improve my Battlefield 3 experience?” and then as i started a game of TDM on Noshahr Canals I thought to myself once more, “How about some useless artwork that is even worse than the camos for the same 4 useless guns!” “Yes, that would make me very happy and proud to have spent $65 of my money on premium” I thought with great exitement.
      I mean come on maybe some new specializations, some new equipment or some new attachments maybe even a couple of BFBC2 maps…
      Don’t you realise that if you gave your premium members something worthwhile and usefull that more people would buy premium because they would want this exclusive content? Isn’t it obvious?
      Hopefully you listen to our anger at your outright laziness and give your premium members something for the next so called “Bonus” content drop thatwe will thank you for and not something that will make us angry and frustrated.

    • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 07:36

      WTF camis for the same fuking guns? Next bonus content will be DICE telling us to eat shit!!

  • kfj_stark 08.25.12 at 09:28

    Excellent… NOT! Its a test in how to best cheat, what is it 1.3 million Premium members, of “exclusive” content… Artwork HAHAHAHAHAHAHA who the freak cares! Ooooooo oooo oooo I will be looking at that artwork until I fall asleep at night. Maybe print one and put it in the ceiling so I can watch it laying down in my bed dreaming away of war in BF3… or or maybe I can print it in a smaller format so I can always have it with me in my pocket… because I would just love to take a peak at that beautiful artwork whenever I want to! Zzzzzz

  • ExecutiveCEO 08.25.12 at 09:08

    This is almost a fair stance considering Premium Edition which would be circumstantial but we could make a class action suit right now. I already have people (lawyers) that have agreed to take the case if it was to go through. Anyone interested?

  • sirhollysworth 08.25.12 at 09:06

    i want to watch cinematics of getting into and out of vehicles, being ejected from jets and choppers like they do in real time still strapped to the chair. i want to completely customise the vehicle si drive for example the type of plane i fly as well as the loadout which will dictate the max speed and turn and roll rates like what actually happens in real life. another point ive been in a real superhornet and the flir pod can target an object while another jet releases weapons so why cant that happen on this game?and what about unguided bombs? these are the questions that will keep me up at night…

    • GunumUtopia 08.26.12 at 22:50

      Of all the “Blah blah” I have been reading and ignoring about the Premium/DLC fist-shakers, -This- is the one I agree -completely- on. Dear -God-, let me fave free-fall bombs and a -true- FLIR so I can laze targets, -alone-, and I’m a happy man. All the rest would be icing on a delicious cake.

  • Vinicius2d 08.25.12 at 08:16

    it can only be a joke … artwork? nobody wants artwork …. fuck that shit! want new weapons, camouflage among other things

  • metalico_amd 08.25.12 at 08:01

    i hope this is a joke i did not buy premium just to see some pictures, i do not care about artwork or some lame video ,i want real content i can use in the game like anyone else who bought premium , you seriously need to pay attention to what u guys are doing,i dont trust DICE no more and im not the only one ,stop making draws and spend a few minutes to see what the people is saying about premium… just a waste of money

  • gman9mm 08.25.12 at 07:58

    sign if you want to help change the bc drop. i wanted a batch of new guns. idk why they aren’t releasing things like that already. they could be making so much more money. whatever it’s their demise. as @SUPERBLACKBOY said earlier i’m surprised nobody hasn’t already sued them already. i wish i were a lawyer.

  • highcenter 08.25.12 at 07:37

    Really Dice, artwork? I know that I am not alone in expecting new weapons, maps, game play related goodies, as part of Premium. You can and have done better. Please don’t jerk customers around with obviously unwanted, non-game-play-related stuff. Thank you

  • ALEG0LAS 08.25.12 at 07:18

    BF3 (with premium etc) has costed abt 100 euros and I have played over 350 hrs so far, expecting to play 350hrs more at least. I think it worths any f*ck’n penny :)

  • Sebas236 08.25.12 at 07:14

    Dice you pieces of shit, u got everyone hyped up for nothing, no wants ur shitty artwork, we wanted guns and maps and shit. You guys are freakin retarded, this crap sucks ass.

  • KPOTSHOT2 08.25.12 at 06:49

    Lame! Super disappointed when I’ve been waiting all month to see what the cool new bonus content is going to be dropped and it’s a bunch of pictures. Do not get me wrong, those a some cool concept art, but I did not pay the 50$ for premium extras to be some pictures that will end up on the internet free with in 24 hours. I want more camos for weapons and assignments, and not the same stupid weapons nobody uses any more. Oh hey here are even more camos to enhance your experience…….for the same crappy weapons. Really guys? There are a grip of weapons and you released them for the same weapons. Lame……….regretting my investment in premium all the time these days.

    • metalico_amd 08.25.12 at 07:49

      they must be laughing at us right now ,im so disappointed with dice…

  • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.25.12 at 06:49

    I have posted on things like this happening to other games in the past like promises of extras, promises of enhancements, promises of additional gear, promiss made by simply paying us money to gain an edge over those who cannot afford it. Well lets just say that in all of my research I cannot find a lawsuit that involves a gaming/design company of Bait and Snatch trickery to obtain additional funds from its users/customers. Maybe it is time that someone looks up the best way for a lass action suit against companies who promise extras only to give you nothing to enhance your own personal use of the product. EA/Dice, you may have the hottest game on the market right now but one big lawsuit will have it all crashing down on your heads if you do not start living up to the promises made to your customers. I for one have made many purchases of your upgrades including the Premium pack and have been disappointed in every one so far. To end this comment like so many others I have read so far here and on other sites about your add on bonuses, YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANY MORE FUNDS FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT ON ANY OTHER EA/DICE SUPPORTED PRODUCT…. I also understand that all of this is being ignored by your companies as all of you are laughing on the way to the bank to collect your money.

  • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.25.12 at 06:47

    This is extremely disappointing you are an asshole for leting this happen D.I.C.E

  • ArchNero1291 08.25.12 at 06:13

    This is extremely disappointing. I was hoping for at least a new set of assignments to unlock some cool stuff.. Heck, I’d be okay with assignments just to complete for the sake of completing something that forces me to play differently. I’d be especially happy with a new weapon, or at least camos for the weapons I already have! This saddens me greatly being stuck with nothing of interest for “content”… I don’t have a pc, and only access battlelog thru my phone… So I can’t even see ur pointless video or artwork…. GG guys….

  • ADAM WEANER 08.25.12 at 06:07

    I too got ripped off by buying the Limited Edition and then again paying another $50.00 US for the premium for some content that I had already paid for…can I get a refund over here!! Do you honor 100% Customer Satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong but I like Battlefield…been a fan since Modern Combat and have wasted allot more money than $50.00…To bad I have to say it was a waste of money! Should be saying have a drink on me with 1.3 Million x $50.00 = $65,000,000.00 US dollars they made off us…they are not stupid people.

  • FX II Fingerz 08.25.12 at 05:40

    screw all the cheap ass artwork give me something better… you can get all the artwork online or FREE… Dice and EA i realy hope u guys choke on all the complaints u get for the crapy content…

  • NICKRPG38 08.25.12 at 05:32

    guided missiles should be buffed

  • Solowing_0 08.25.12 at 05:29

    Wow… Just wow!

  • SwitchBlade077 08.25.12 at 05:24

    Dice, you need to tell those EA monkeys to back off and look at what you’re providing. Every single person who bought Premium was expecting an awesome content drop, like more assignments, more weapons maybe or even an extra map. What did we get? Some artwork. Lovely as it is, it ain’t what I paid an extra $100 for. Not the advertised $50. Because on console you couldn’t purchase premium without using Microsoft points. Points which in fact cost more than the price advertised. WAKE UP. We love your game but don’t be ignorant of the community. Please please make sure your next bonus content drop is not disappointing.

    • OpiYum420 08.25.12 at 05:28


    • zzK1LAxKAHUNAzz 08.25.12 at 05:42

      Cool pics but wheres the cool shit, like more camo for ALL primary weapons or maybe for premium members something cool not just a knife, LIKE GOLD or custom camos for weapons atleast one of each class something else better than pictures jus sayin my bud whos serving overseas has a much more custom m4 than I could make in any game, it may not be realistic to some people but it really is for some people who have seen the actual battlefield..

    • L4stD3cisi0n 08.28.12 at 10:26

      No I wasn’t.

  • MrNightwalker 08.25.12 at 05:04

    DO you want to supply exclusive content that folks appreciate spending time and money obtaining hoping to enhance the game experience? (_) tick box

    DO you want piss poor screenshots that will be on the www as soon as your £ and $ are spent on a waste of time blog post and release the ‘Excluive’ content to all and sundrie (_) tick box

    (We dont need artwork as we know your product is ace. This is why we trust you with our money. Foolish moves DICE. PR = PUBLIC RELATIONS. Sack your PR ASAP. BAD advice!!)
    P.S Also, no self respecting soldier would drop this content on a real battlefield!

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.25.12 at 04:54

    FUCK YOU !!!!!!! DICE you slimy pieces of shit ! Who the Fuck wants ur gay ass artwork??!! Shove it up ur ass ! I hope nobody buys Battlefield 4 or Medal Of Honor Warfighter you fucking Cowards! I’m done giving you sons of bitches money.

    The Next Bonus Content will be DICE telling us to eat shit , like it ,say thank you ,and ask for seconds.. while they laugh at us..

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…By giving us DINOSAURS ! #BF3 DINOS OR DIE !

  • D-DUB0723 08.25.12 at 04:41

    i am a bit dissapointed in all the extra money for the karkand expansion pack as i too am a battlefielder at heart n bought it the second i could. So maybe you could give us a new expansion pack of maps the people vote on?
    sounds fair to me, how about u DICE?

    • NuttyBuddy541 08.25.12 at 06:33

      100% agree with you.and the extra map pack would be four voted on maps.crater lake Oregon would be bad ass.

  • D-DUB0723 08.25.12 at 04:38

    i think we should raid the Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

  • Back_lit 08.25.12 at 04:19

    Everyone quit your b*tching! It’s probably safe to say that there will be more to come. My only complaint thus far is paying extra and unnecessary money on the Karkand expansion. As a true Battlefield soldier, I paid and downloaded the DLC the day it came out, only to find out that it was included with BF Premium. I would of saved $15 if I had waited, and I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only one. Now that’s something to complain about. But I suppose EA is the culprit behind that devious money grabbing scheme. Bleed the fans out of their hard earned money… grrrrrrr

  • jman1606 08.25.12 at 03:59

    Personally I’m not to happy about just getting some artwork. I was thinking something a little more like the M1 garand or a few added maps like heavy metal from BC2 or the like. But I refuse to say that I was cheated out of my money. As I did buy Premium just for the DLC in the first place. The bonus content being a little extra on the side. I really do hope that people did have enough reason to buy this for something besides the Box cutter(ACB-90) or the Dog tags.( I’m just fine with my tag combo right now) And I can’t wait for Armored Kill! Battlefield combat is back! And I can’t wait to see the community ideas for the new map.(And please do not hate as all I’m doing is giving my honest comment on this topic.)

  • Bobby-Funk 08.25.12 at 03:59


  • BF_WolfMan 08.25.12 at 03:47

    Artwork is Ridiculous, Battlefield has cost me $120 so far and all we get is some pictures? How about some classic maps from 1942 like battle for the bulge ,Berlin and Kursk??!!??

  • V3ng3fu1MadHata 08.25.12 at 02:39

    art work equals fail more close qurters and sniper maps new weapons MORE CAMOS

  • player4rm702 08.25.12 at 02:35

    I would like to see a chart that shows how much negative vs. positive comments there are about your artwork. That way you can really see the grand picture on how much people really care about the artwork vs. a new set of weapons.

  • player4rm702 08.25.12 at 02:28

    Art work!!! I don’t think anyone expected or even wanted artwork, come on dice!!! If that’s the case the only real good thing for premium players is paying for all the map packs at once. I am very disappointed because i don’t need double XP i’m maxed out so i was really counting on something really cool with the “drop box”, like some cool new weapons. Here’s an idea!! bring back some throw back guns like the M1 Garand, or the Tommy gun to make things interesting and we’ll call it even.

    • SkimpyMass 08.25.12 at 03:51

      Hell yeah Bring back the Garand and Thompson …and i bitch all the time like how CQ has a GAY ASS PLAYER CAP.. ( sixteen fucking players????????? i thought i was in for intense close quaters combet but you took out 8 PLAYERS FUCKING RETARDS .but im with player4rm702 i really thought that the content drop was gonna be sic but now im settling for pretty much desktop wallpapers…fucking lame just fucking lame i was literally waiting for this since you fuck me over in CQ im starting to get sick ov being disapointed with a company who hadnt had a single fuck up till battlefield 3

    • brawlrold007 08.27.12 at 07:47


  • BadgerSteveO 08.25.12 at 02:04

    Artwork……….seriously??? How about some new dog tags and/or assignments?

  • RoomiestMarlin6 08.25.12 at 02:03

    so.. game art? How is that exclusive when people can download them and then share them to non-premium members… there should be something in-game for premium members

  • Lt Gen Kozak 08.25.12 at 01:53

    hey maybe you guys could look at upgrading the venom for the pilot like this one here it has rocket pods aswell as door guns….

  • Vorttam 08.25.12 at 01:45
  • Gordan50 08.25.12 at 01:41

    An art book? I thought we could get some new weapons or something we can use in game.

  • MxReLoaDed7 08.25.12 at 01:08

    Was i just trolled?

  • ChimeraKing86 08.25.12 at 00:57

    Just get over it already. Its a bonus content drop, not a soldier upgrade. The latter is where you get weapons and more camos. The premium is not a waste. Elite for Cod is wasteful. And by far Battlefield is better than COD. Sry even dice does cod style better than cod. Grow up soldiers and just appriciate it. Who knows maybe they are covering just to see us squirm some, cruel to say the least. But it is what is and thats that.

  • Wolvie93 08.25.12 at 00:55

    pictures…….. COME ON !

  • The007Bandit 08.25.12 at 00:54

    I have to say this is not what I was expecting. I think people were expecting actual game content. Very misleading on this guys. We want game content not stupid artwork.

  • DEADLEVER 08.25.12 at 00:53

    Ya, the premium package was a waste of money. This game is such a disappointment. Heck, i would have settled for them saying “hey, your bonus content is we fixed all the glitching are sorry ass game allows” but no!!!!!!!!!!! they give us pictures for our money. I am not buying another BF game. I am now going back to COD. BF is a joke.

    • TheKodiac12 08.25.12 at 01:08

      lol GTFO then, it will make this game a better place.

  • DEADLEVER 08.25.12 at 00:49

    Now I know why most people play COD. This was an epic fail. Very disappointing. Cant wait to get the new COD and put this (battlefield 3) disappointment behind me.

  • gman9mm 08.25.12 at 00:48

    hey peeps sign this and help change the bonus content drop!:

  • Spockyvision 08.25.12 at 00:42

    Waste of my hard earned $’s taking the premium – won’t fall for that one again – sure I got me a nice new knife to collect dog tags with & that was it…

  • seanyBRO 08.25.12 at 00:32

    really wallpapers!!!! how about fixing the wall glitch on metro!! i played close quarters on Ziba tower yesterday and there was a sniper on the roof overlooking A and C racking up kills while the rest of us were on the ground playing the game how it was suppose to be played!!! and Dice if you did not already know there is a guy on youtube by the name of tonyduran18 who post videos pointing out glitches for people to use to there own advantage!!!!

  • dogsnutts 08.25.12 at 00:28

    No we did not buy the premium as a cheap bundle we bought it to have exrta stuff in the game to stand out yes we all the premium means a promotional item that can be received for a small fee when redeeming proofs of purchase that come with or on retail products but they took our money and said the premium membership will enhance gaming experience how dose art work do that and looking at some of the recent comments sticking up for them come on people what’s your EA and DICE employee numbers fucking nob heads.

    • TheKodiac12 08.25.12 at 01:10

      Thats why me and my friends did. You get 5 expansions idiot! makes sense to me, i dont need special items to make me stand out from people who cant afford it, but then again im not faggot.

      • dogsnutts 08.25.12 at 01:36

        Like you have mates you DICE spunk rag put your DICE picks down and stop wanking over them get out get a girlfriend then you’ll know why we are all pissed off with getting ripped off by them and people like you saying please DICE do me again.

  • mickkcim80 08.25.12 at 00:19

    F the bonus drop. I am with alot of the guys here, who needs art work when you can already get it elsewhere. Anything else to do with the game play would of been better. A new gun, perk(eg flash bangs), cammos(for guns or soldier), dog tags or a record feature so we can record our game play.

  • TheKodiac12 08.24.12 at 22:37

    Damn folks, its just a little bonus! We bought premium for the bundle deal, 5 expansions and 2week early access! What the hell are you all expecting? New weapons, maps, and vehicles every month? Maybe some camos would have been cool, but hey who says that wont come in time, have some patience. We have an awesome expansion about to come out, for F*** SAKES GET OVER IT! : )

  • BBLT905 08.24.12 at 22:29

    LMFAO the content drop is art work are you serious what am I going to do with that it doesn’t help in anyway for in game play -_-

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:57

    i should of known this would have happen anyway so shame on me! isaw alot of interviews on youtube where the guy clearly states along the lines of ;i cant say much but bonus content is worth the wait. input awkward i know im liying i hope they dont silence! just looking at his fuckn face i could see lies and yet i gave it compassion thinking he was just uncomfortable because of the language barrier but nope i should of just trusted my intuition, liers a lier no matter where your from

  • BeastRaban 08.24.12 at 21:47

    When you purchase “Premium”, B2K is given FREE! If you look at the price of B2K at check-out, it prices as zero. Even if B2K wasn’t included in the pack, the price would be the same. The B2K is given to those who haven’t already purchased it. If you already had B2K, then it doesn’t matter. The price for premium is the discounted price you get for the extra maps and the perks. At least that’s how it was displayed when I purchased Premium.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:43

    new games cost $110 we have to say we saw it cheaper just to get it down to $100 :( story of my life in this country.

  • kriss941 08.24.12 at 21:43

    If I wanted wallpapers I would have just googled it and found som made ofthe thousands of pro photoshop guys out there… :(

  • JohnnyMcMoney 08.24.12 at 21:39

    ;) of course i can see…your seriously paying a hundred bucks for a freaking game??

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:38

    so you can see my point? then i apologise for my comment

  • JohnnyMcMoney 08.24.12 at 21:36

    oh yeah, one more thing:
    so many ppl complaining about the fact, that there aren’t any new weapons.
    the BF3 weaponry is HUGE as it is abd you still want more every month right? :)
    AND how unfair would it be for the ppl without premium if only premium members would keep getting weapons? THAT would be a cheap way to squeeze us for our money…think about it!

    sorry man,no offense. i’m not talking about every single comment and i sure as hell didnt mean you.
    your case is clearly a bit different…but that is solely EA’s fault. they’re the ones making the prices…

    • Noble 0001 08.24.12 at 23:42

      It wouldn’t be unfair to them because they didn’t pay extra. Were not asking for 5 new guns every content drop but just maybe like a cool pistol or newer cooler cammos for ALL guns, stuff that actually makes premium players stick out. It’s fair because we paid for it just like they can and we should get our moneys worth. We didn’t pay for pictures and videos of stuff that we will be doing the day after. A new cool pistol would be cool like the m1911 STAC or maybe a usp 40.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:35

    lilman doesn’t mean im a kid you fuckn cream beard faggot

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:33

    can you read? what have i received so far? and australians payed more than $50 you do the math witg what i said, i personally got screwed, i only bought into premium because of the hype they caused with getting exclusive game enhancing content, i already had B2K so no money saved there and i dont care for CQ so no money saved there sofar i have received nothing,

  • lucas cool56 08.24.12 at 21:30
    Go to this link and vote, we only need 490 more!!! com on guys, do you want a new content drop, vote!

  • JohnnyMcMoney 08.24.12 at 21:28

    …oh man, i kinda feel ashamed and disgusted to be part of THIS community. looking through the comments i really wonder how many of you guys went to school and have heard about basic mathematics….you didnt pay 50 bucks for THIS specific content, you paid for the whole premium expierence. go and look at the Premium Calender, this content is just a small part of the whole package. they’re doing something, they have some really great ideas for new game-modes, they’re working to give us a bit of a change (CQ for a bit more fast-pace FPS, B2K for a bit more destruction) and there is still more to come…and you guys complain as if DICE just canceled the game???
    WTF is wrong with you guys??
    I really kinda felt bad for the guys at DICE, if it weren’t for the fact that no matter what you morons are writing here, you STILL will keep giving them your (or your parents^^) money

    Keep going DICE, still lovin’ your stuff…
    i’m still loving that game and i must’ve played it a hundred times up to now!!
    …just saying ;)

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 21:13

    alot people keep mentioning that to buy into premium saves you money, so once again i thought i would break it all down for you from my experience 1) australians had to pay MORE than $50 for premium even tho our currency is to the same value of the american $ 2) we bought the game for around $100 when every other country paid around $50 3) premium gave me B2K when they knew statistically most of us already had it 4) i dont like CLOSE QUARTERS AT ALL! if i did i would just play COD 5) im told buying premium would save me $ in the long run when its actually cost me $ and i have yet to see anything given to me personally, i dont play CQ i already had B2K because i bought the limited edition which gave me stuff EVERYONE got anyway! i would of saved money by buying the dlc indevidually because i dont play or like CLOSE QUARTERS! 6) those premium videos and art work will be viewed by all on youtube premium or NOT! 7) theres an option that allows ADMIN to kill me on the SPOT? 8) i only use my sks with iron sight and all i have been asking for is a ghillie suite!!!!! 9) armored kill has potential but because of vehicle whores people like myself will be owned because i like to go it alone on foot sas style and everyone will have me spotted on invr red in vehicles? ALL IASK FOR IS NEW CHARACTER MODELS THAT LOOK SIMILAR TO MY GRAVATAR BECAUSE THE ONES WE HAVE NOW ALL LOOK LIKE GEEKS!!! GIVE ME A F@#$%&* GHILLIE SUITE PLEASE!

    • Auswhousss 08.24.12 at 21:32

      you are totally right, and the Ghillie suite is just the important outfit that makes the recon soldier / sniper so deadly invisible. SO DICE, give us snipers our Ghilly Suite!!!!!

  • fivebythree 08.24.12 at 21:04

    I think all this ADDITIONAL stuff is great. Keep it coming :D

  • Gr33n5had0w 08.24.12 at 21:03

    God Dice is so fuckin cheap!! They leave us waiting all month for this gay shit!?

  • ZombieStabbingXD 08.24.12 at 20:58

    Are you fucking kidding me!? How the fuck is a video and a bunch of pictures going improve my Battlefield experience!?

  • lXxNoToRiouSxXl 08.24.12 at 20:57


  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 20:55

    Fuck dice there being cheap and greedy… i’m sick of this bullshit advertisement in gaming… everyone who buys games always gets ripped off.. pretty soon the gaming community will not exist if company’s who make games throw curve balls at the consumers… i hope you understand you think your smart buy using false advertisement and making a large profit from people hard earned money, but really in the long run you will suffer horribly… karma will bite your company in the ass

  • Loonblade9 08.24.12 at 20:54

    ARTE???? es decepcionante el contenido necesitamos que reparen los problemas del juego , necesitamos armas, camouflajes, vehiculos, concursos de juego, queremos que alguien haga diferencia con los contenidos premium, por que al final siempre resultan una estafa.

  • DeViLs41 08.24.12 at 20:46

    Wow way to go all out dice. So premium members get to look at artwork as bonus content. Don’t forget the premium event which is to pitch a new map idea. You can tell dice threw this premium package together at the last minute. For the maps its a good deal, the content its shit. Don’t throw a wrap up and throw a pretty bow on a peice of shit and expect no one to notice. Give the community a little credit and throw us some real prizes for a premium even. If you can give a multi $1000 computer away for youtube videos, you can give something away to your premium members. I guess the free advertisement of the videos makes up for the cost of the computer. Get off you wallet and throw some stuff back at the community. End rant.

  • iwan787878 08.24.12 at 20:46

    I like the concept of close quarters fighting. I’d like to see something like FAVELLA in RIO DE JENERO. That would be real cool with fighters on roof tops and every thing.

  • HolyExpression 08.24.12 at 20:33

    buying premium was something i was really happy with.. yes i was disappointed when it was announced that people could by premium and the game for a cheaper price but heyy…. im happy with it…. i dont have to continue to pay anymore for the DLC’s and bonus content.. and now its cheap to buy premium and the game itself… when i move to PC its gonna be the best money ive spent…. i love the game…. the only thing i dont like is admin abuse.. (i get killed for being better than an admin) i think a few people would appreciate some more official DICE servers :)

  • Gh05t_87_3z3 08.24.12 at 20:28

    otra persona mas que se siente estafada , juego en ps3 y la verdad es la ultima vez que compro un producto de DICE , el juego es excelente pero tiene muchos problemas que no se molestan en solucionar , te congela la consola , se va el audio , a cada rato se pierde conexion con ea , etc . compras el premium con buena fe y nada mejora va de mal en peor , sin contar que te venden como contenido algo que despues no cumplen , una verguenza que como contenido te den un par de imagenes que a nadie le interesa y que las podrian perfectamente subir en su foro o en cualquier lado , la verdad muy desepcionado…

  • OverShift 08.24.12 at 20:24

    “Pitch your Battlefield map concept to DICE”

    Remake the Battlefield 2 maps… Dragon Valley, Daqing Oilfields, Kubra Dam, Zatar Wetlands, ECT.

  • SheqelR 08.24.12 at 19:53

    Sorry EA & DICE, I never more buy any your “PREMIUM” package !! Next year I buy any other PC game but not Battlefield 4 !!!! NEVER MORE BATTLEFIELD

  • ASLayerAODsk 08.24.12 at 19:49

    I paid $60 for the Limited Edition and now $60 for Premium…and the premium bundle thats going to be released is $69? not quite sure how your math adds up that I ‘saved money’ and the 2nd $60 I paid for moving images on a screen…but nothing I can touch…and if the servers go down..then I have nothing. Wonderful position to be in, isnt it?

  • WGO-Jango 08.24.12 at 19:31

    1.3 million Premium subscribers, $65 million gross and all we get is an artwork booklet? I love my premium subscription and like many I got it for the package deal and early access aspects but for the money you people are making of this game and it’s Premium subscription the best we get for BONUS content is art? I’m seriously disappointed DICE, I thought you guys had more imagination than this.

  • LordUnLocKo 08.24.12 at 19:18

    me siento estafado!! nuevamente.. y cada vez que veo esto.. me da rabia!! :/

  • R0CKST4R K1LLZ 08.24.12 at 19:17

    an amazing map would be oil rig out i the middle of the ocean with a US ship to spawn on and a RU ship to spawn on and you fight over the oil rig, you can also have water battles.

  • ElGuapoBond 08.24.12 at 18:58

    I have posted on things like this happening to other games in the past like promises of extras, promises of enhancements, promises of additional gear, promiss made by simply paying us money to gain an edge over those who cannot afford it. Well lets just say that in all of my research I cannot find a lawsuit that involves a gaming/design company of Bait and Snatch trickery to obtain additional funds from its users/customers. Maybe it is time that someone looks up the best way for a lass action suit against companies who promise extras only to give you nothing to enhance your own personal use of the product. EA/Dice, you may have the hottest game on the market right now but one big lawsuit will have it all crashing down on your heads if you do not start living up to the promises made to your customers. I for one have made many purchases of your upgrades including the Premium pack and have been disappointed in every one so far. To end this comment like so many others I have read so far here and on other sites about your add on bonuses, YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANY MORE FUNDS FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT ON ANY OTHER EA/DICE SUPPORTED PRODUCT…. I also understand that all of this is being ignored by your companies as all of you are laughing on the way to the bank to collect your money.

    • Keiichi81 08.24.12 at 19:26


      Really? No, really? You’re going to accuse DICE/EA of “bait and snatch” (I’m assuming you mean bait and SWITCH) and threaten a lawsuit because you’re dissapointed in one of their monthly bonus content releases? Litigious arm-chair lawyers like you are what’s wrong with society these days…

  • Leirfos 08.24.12 at 18:54

    Frankly yeah im really disappointed, and the fact that there is only 1.5k likes on this and as big as the bf community is (and as many people as you claim have signed up for premium) this is a big disappointment to at least 90% of your fans. I am happy about the video, but honestly even like vehicle camos woulda been better. I hope that the next “bonus content” will actually be content in game, not something to oo-aah at.

    ps. ps_da22a i love how you came on here to complain about everyone’s complaining; but dont insult our intelligence in trying to say you weren’t at least a small bit disappointed at this news.

    • PS_DA22A 08.24.12 at 18:59

      Granted artwork is a bit of a let down. But I bought it in one single payment. People are saying they wont buy anymore. There is no need to buy more cause you get the packs anyway. No one has wasted any money at all. In fact you all saved money.

      Premium to me is Access to the expansion packs. Nothing more nothing less.

      • SoulTerror08 08.24.12 at 19:18

        I agree with you 100% I save MS points by buying the premium and I get it 2 weeks early. What else do we really need?

  • PS_DA22A 08.24.12 at 18:45

    Why don’t you all quit your bitching and look at it from another angle.
    I bought PREMIUM for one solid reason:
    It is cheaper then buying each and every Expansion Pack on its release date.

    Other reasons :
    Get Expansion Packs 2 weeks earlier
    Extra Dog Tags
    More Assignments
    The Ability to join Premium only servers.
    Priority joining your favorite servers.

    So stop whining. I’m happy with what I got for my money. But nothing is ever good enough for anyone these days. As for Dinosaurs in BF…… Get real. The idea sucks.

    • PS_DA22A 08.24.12 at 19:01

      Oh and my MAP PITCH is simply ARICA HARBOUR =D

  • MR_____HOWARD 08.24.12 at 18:42

    Art work comp realy what a load of shite when u sed competition thort u ment in the game so we play against each other for prizes!!!!!!! What a con no more money leaving my walet for u ea/dice kiss my ass not every one is computer geek >:)

  • Hardc0reHawkeye 08.24.12 at 18:40

    We don’t want some BS artwork we want what YOU promised us. We want something that will enhance our experience i agree w/ Doughboy give us dinos you are not doing anything else to help!!!!
    I thought Premium would be great the only good thing about it is the maps the camos Suck @$$ you cant even put them on other guns????? wtf is up w/ that!!!!!! cmon!?!?!?!?!?!?!? All u want is our fing money well i am not giving you any more this is a ton of BS!!!!!

  • ChicagoDoughboy 08.24.12 at 18:27

    FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! DICE you slimy pieces of shit ! Who the Fuck wants ur gay ass artwork??!! Shove it up ur ass ! I hope nobody buys Battlefield 4 or Medal Of Honor Warfighter you fucking Cowards! I’m done giving you sons of bitches money.

    The Next Bonus Content will be DICE telling us to eat shit , like it ,say thank you ,and ask for seconds.. while they laugh at us..

    Only 1 way to redeem yourself now DICE…By giving us DINOSAURS ! #BF3 DINOS OR DIE !

  • lepope2511 08.24.12 at 18:18

    This is a slap in the face to every premium member. Not only did you lead us on thinking bonus content would be something to add to our BF3 expirence it adds nothing to it and fails horribly. You remove B2K from our calendar to prevent any further confusion. With B2K listed as a bonus content it sets a precedent or a level of expectation therefor had to be removed so you dont have to give us anything “bonus” that takes any effort. So now we are all left here feeling like fools are we supposed to be like ooooh B2K was listed as bonus content as a mistake it was never ment to be there.

  • GavilanDorado 08.24.12 at 18:17

    An “an art book” does not “enhance” my Battlefield 3 experience. Sorry EA & DICE, but if this what’s being sold as part of the Premium Subscription, I may have to pass on similar “Premium” content subscriptions for future games and buy a la carte or simply wait for a discounted GOTY edition.

  • Martinioalcatraz 08.24.12 at 17:51

    OMG! So many bitching about this august release. You guys must have the badest memory.

    FOR 50$ WE GET:
    -ALL THE NEW EXPANSIONS (close qurater, armored kill etc.)

    Understand the irrtation about glitching and bugging, but you cant be complaining about not getting anything beside boring artwork for 50$?!

    Bitch please….

  • Teton38 08.24.12 at 17:48

    so true =/
    With all this money, DICE can buy the greece!

  • onebullettkill 08.24.12 at 17:42

    -it is very funny how it seem’s to be bothering a lot of NON=PREMIUM users about the “content” that DICE is giving us PRIMIUM users don’t know why though, you guy’s shouldn’t have to worry if you guy’s didn’t spend $50 on it. i think this topic should be left to us PRIMIUM’S to worry about and take it up with DICE it’s not like they are going to listen but anyway’s NON-PRIMIUM’S don’t worry if you didn’t pay $50.

  • III-DaxRob-III 08.24.12 at 17:35

    I totally agree with you kingkronik101. For $50 you can have:

    - useless weapons (it was funny trying to kill someone with the stupid EOD BOT !!!)
    - useless assignments and camo for weapons
    - useless camo
    - useless video
    - useless PDF with useless instruction
    - useless pictures
    - have access to the maps two weeks before (WTH !!!)

  • Teton38 08.24.12 at 17:35

    DICE, stop compare the battlefield communauty as Call of duty communauty. We don’t wanna have another double xp time, this is i propose: Dates: August 25-26 (or longer! see below). Get a chance for DICE to give us a game with less bugs, less glitchs and less cheater. BF3 servers will be down from the 25 August, to the 26. Moreover, every 5000 shares, we hold servers 12h until 72h.

  • SixSillySins 08.24.12 at 17:30

    Heard you payed $50 for premium! Here’s some pictures :D. lmao so true

    • AlphaTwinAdaro 08.24.12 at 17:37

      Forgot that you get all the DLC map packs, bonus weapon, camos, dogtags and early acces to all this? Stop whine like a little girl, look at cod, they took $60 for ONE DLC..

  • kingkronik101 08.24.12 at 17:21

    an art booklet for the bonus content wtf is up with that? for a $50 premium membership u should get more than a couple of stupid ass pictures that everyone will b able to see the day after the release

  • iKony 08.24.12 at 17:13


    • CIBERKILTRO 08.24.12 at 18:09

      this bonus content it’s disappointing.
      I’ve spectated some camouflages or new weapons, this stink s a lot.

      ARMA is a awesome game, its a shame tha game is exclusive for PC and not for consoles.

  • runehullu95 08.24.12 at 16:55

    Yeah, of course I won’t be finding all this “bonus video/picture” on youtube the next day. -_- Another disappointment. “Bonus content” sounds better than “art booklet”

  • psycho_morbid 08.24.12 at 16:54

    I really hope that they redo some of the Ps2 maps from battlefield modern combat

  • XI MAILMAN IX 08.24.12 at 16:45

    Sites are reporting no release date for armored kill. Bach said in interview the other day(g4) that it would be released starting September 4th. Surprised know other site has picked up on that.

  • mrstuff74 08.24.12 at 16:41

    Its so simple if you guys wouldve released the pics first week of august then took off the b2k out of bonus content section it would have not came to all this backlash.There are videos on youtube of people actually breaking copies of bf3 one guy recorded tradeing in a copy for world at war.its getting bad

  • Nozza74 08.24.12 at 16:40

    BONUS CONTENT MY ARSE!!! Someone will post them online. same as the premium video it’ll be on utube day one Thanks for Nothing Dice!!

  • mrstuff74 08.24.12 at 16:33

    We are all passionate about bf3 for two months we have made post about what we thought would be bonus content Dice read these post yet they still didnt say hey its not in game content its only pictures.What makes things worst is last week they said they was working hard on it and we are gonna love it after they read all the speculations.

  • W1tham 08.24.12 at 16:18

    Free BF4 Beta key’s, that would be a cool bonus! o wait..I forgot Dice is EA’s Bitch.. So free is not an option.

  • A.U.B.Primdal 08.24.12 at 16:10

    DICE – plz add a little content, that we can use ingame. Anything…

  • FallenPossum 08.24.12 at 16:03

    Finally some info! I can’t wait for Armor Kill.

  • BoXHocK 08.24.12 at 15:59

    Facebook link is not working… :(

  • cobradust 08.24.12 at 15:57

    This is a joke, right? So DICE wants me to pay for the “opportunity” to do their job? I have an idea for bonus content…. fix the glitches! I will not be buying premium until DICE proves they actually care about giving us a quality product.

    • TheXRuler 08.24.12 at 16:00

      you’re fucking kidding me right? buying premium saves you 25 €, and two weeks earlier access to all expansions, but oh no ain’t like that a fucking good deal, since it only saves you one third of the prices, man, go shoot yourself in a corner somewhere!

      • Sebastoff 08.24.12 at 17:26

        Not everyone wants to have all DLC, including the CoD ones, or support this system when the main game is still full of glitches. We’re not all DICE’s bitch! Getting €25 discount on some shit content won’t make me a happy costumer. Think before you post ya ‘tard!

  • SQUADY 250 08.24.12 at 15:50

    Yeah i feel dice can be greedy, for instance having to buy a server, i think if you have signed up to the premium package you should get a server to use,

    • sevalen 08.24.12 at 16:13

      I quote…I think that at least they should give you the opportunity to have a week free per month…this would be a zero cost for them and an important add-on for new premium users. I am a Premium and glad to be..just a suggestion.

  • lceShades 08.24.12 at 15:41

    Fix the TV missile and Party functionality first FFS

  • GoatAbuser 08.24.12 at 15:36

    I feel ripped off. Dice=Greedy

  • Tuhkimo 08.24.12 at 15:20

    Been waiting this bonus content couple weeks now, have to say, i’m little disappointed.. “exclusive video”? Search it on YouTube and watch it anyway wether you are a premium member or not.. same goes for exclusive booklet, just Google it… map design contest ? Yeah, just like we all have artistic eye for that, not to mention any 3D programming tools or software, or skills for that. Of course I would have some ideas for that, but am I supposed to write a letter for DICE about my visions?
    Not very satisfying content, but that’s just my opinion.

  • urbano 08.24.12 at 15:17

    I wonder why they don’t make a new poll on the battlelog page:

    Do you like the new Battlefield 3 Bonus Content Drop:

    - Yes, I love art! and I couldn’t ask for anything better
    - Whatever… the game is cool… who cares.
    - I’m disappointed I LOVE the game but I regret of having bought something from people who think I’m stupid.

  • FeEdYoUrHeAdW33D 08.24.12 at 15:14

    Thanks DICE y’all have out done yourselfs you got all the props on my end. I am a premium member and it was well worth it. the art work is a nice touch.. cant wait for the other maps and content comming out keep up the great work guys.

  • CSGT_Barny 08.24.12 at 15:13

    It’s not disappointment that’s moved me to speak out, but rather confusion. Not to diminish the value of the artwork, which will with out a doubt fantastic to have and view, but ultimately useless to anyone without an expensive printer. No what I’m confused about is the decision to put effort into delivering this over something more appropriate and in line with the reasons many of us will have bought BF Premium for. For early access to content and the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, within the battlefield community. Something as simple as applying the weapon camos to all guns, rather than just four guns.

    The bottom line is that when questionable decisions such as these are made over more sensible and appropriate ideas, which certainly would not over exert a team also working on further expansions, it makes the community feel undervalued by a company that has already asked for a sizeable investment from its consumer base. Not to mention the disconnect between player expectation and developer delivery. A lot could be learnt from the reward systems of a certain game competing within this genre.

  • Annwar 08.24.12 at 15:10

    the problem is when you want to make money on a game that does not improve more. only small miserable details in the test will be made ​​before the new release .. rather than we should get free publications ..

  • MichiganMan 08.24.12 at 15:05

    Hey Anwar-

    This might come as a suprise, but companies are in business to make money. It looks like EA and Dice are doing pretty well making money and keeping their fans happy. Otherwise they wouldn’t be making money or video games.

    • demonofspark 08.24.12 at 17:02

      actually the are losing millions and rumors of ea being sold. maybe this is why they are failing.

  • Sturmfuehr3r 08.24.12 at 15:05

    Is it April 1st again?

  • Annwar 08.24.12 at 14:59

    this company is only after money. Every three months we pay for new release! for what? new weapons and 2-5 boring vehicles??? what about the new helicopters and jets … This stinks of poor sales trick. perhaps time to get something back for all the money we’ve thrown in this game!
    fight with the best or die like the rest, DICE!

    • BURKIES_LEAFS 08.24.12 at 15:23

      You pay every 3 months? Thats hurtin

    • ILLESTSkillz62 08.24.12 at 15:36

      Nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you don’t like the content then don’t pay. Simple as that.

  • ALG18 08.24.12 at 14:58

    i giss the next bonus content gonna be a pics for premium members while their dreams crashed by dice\ea here one of them :

  • Death1099 08.24.12 at 14:55

    when it say’s in game content you are wrong xpc.

    • feckster 08.24.12 at 14:58

      99% are RAGGING, they can’t be wrong, can they?… the results are as clear as the noise on my face

  • XPC Reaper 08.24.12 at 14:48

    To all of you complaining about the artwork, you aren’t even entitled to the weapon camouflages you want. You get the expansions and in game content. You aren’t entitled to anything else. Here’s my video response to all of you!

    • feckster 08.24.12 at 14:55

      Your missing the point bud, premium content drop that everyone will get access to a few hours after its release… a camo that only premium could use would have been better

  • urbano 08.24.12 at 14:47

    Dear DICE managers (or whoever decided about this “premium content”),

    I would truely love that the next time you go buy a car (with our money) the seller will make you a last minute “surprise”. Instead of giving you a cool GPS that he promised he will put in your hand some good old-fashioned paper maps.
    Don’t get me wrong, they are very nice, colours are fantastic and crisp clean… something that you would rather frame and put in your living room instead to keep them in your car in case you get lost.
    So I’m also absolutely sure that you’ll thank the car seller. Why to complain? The car is a good car anyway! It brings you where you want and all that… why to be pissed off if something like an “accessory” is different from what you expected?

    Beside the sarcasm… what we hate is that we have the vivid impression that you’re trying to fool your custumers.

    It’s not a matter of having an item more or an item less than other players ingame. The game is great anyway. I would have bought the premium even without having the “bonus content”, it is not what makes the difference… as for the videos or dog tags.

    It is that we like your game and we want to play with it and we TRUST your work and want to support you.

    But if you try to fool us you can understand that we are not happy and the next time you promise something we will think twice before to believe you.

    You don’t have any content ready? I would personally prefer to hear something like this: “sorry guys, we are behind schedule for some reasons. Give us some more time and we will make it up for this delay”.

    We are DEDICATED CUSTUMERS, I think we need to be respected.

  • Elbteufel 08.24.12 at 14:44

    Are u fucking kidding me?? This is so much boring and disappointing…i booklet as bonus content? Ridiculous!!! 2 month ago u said sth about old remastered bf2 maps…just an other kick to the nuts!! thanks for this crap!!! hello DayZ and ARMA III…goodbye Bf3!

  • szrz 08.24.12 at 14:43

    ARMA 3 please come and rescue us all

  • feckster 08.24.12 at 14:42

    The reason that 99% are RAGGING about this is… what they have given premium members will be available a few hours after its release; so negates what premium means to those who bought it. The game still rocks & I can’t wait for AK, but I have to say EA DICE you really dropped a stinker on this one & the smell won’t go away soon. Will this be remembered as the biggest TROLLING in gaming history, 99% of 1.3 million think so already & there reaction will stall on the fence gamers thinking is premium a good deal….

  • Speedbeetle 08.24.12 at 14:41

    I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into your games. I may not be the biggest fan of vehicles, but I still appreciate new content and I think the artwork is cool. Thank you DICE.

  • BaboonWarrior 08.24.12 at 14:38

    dice make the next content for premium members the silenced .44 magnum!!!! please and thank you very much. That’s something I’d be excited for and that’s something you have already done, just share it with us. cmon.

  • szrz 08.24.12 at 14:38

    During Bad Company 2 EA / DICE did release several map packs without a single new map inside.
    People did not learn anything or forgot?
    I ask you premium race: did you forget BC2 , lack of support, lack of patches, lots of bugs, retarded physics , no joystick support, not working VOIP??

    • feckster 08.24.12 at 14:44

      Played it only on the 360, came really late to the game but did hear there were a lot of issues on the 360

  • FAL Bordeaux 08.24.12 at 14:37

    SHAWN U ARE BIG NOOB. few camufagle and bug into gameplay are a big problem!!! we have pay for what?…..u are suck dice protector….we always want only and anyway camufagle weapons and other equip for my account…. i dont want art video or other stupid relese….

  • PaRtYbOy x DaN 08.24.12 at 14:36

    Consider this page as my suicide note.

  • chief10bellys 08.24.12 at 14:27

    if like me you are one of the 1.3 million that has signed up for premium well i’m a bit dissapointed that the bonus drop is useless art work,not only do they put in camo skins for guns (also useless) but they give us a cheap cop wonder they kept quiet for so long.

  • xVioVx 08.24.12 at 14:25

    I like your opinion. Especially as the art is digital, it’s not even holdable or anything. It’s a waste and so was the new assignments where we had to waste forever trying to get a camo for an F200 that I never use anyway. Well Said mate!

  • LEO EncLave 08.24.12 at 14:19

    I love you guys, but seriously i’m disappointed that i get an art booklet. I’m sure it took tons of effort and has much artistic merit – but i play a video game – i much rather have skins, a new knife or a new weapon that only the premium players get. Better yet a small fun map just for the loyal players out there.

    So all in all, appreciate the effort, but you folks have missed the mark completely, and you’ve gotten some loyal people completely pissed.

    I suggest you make this right by apologizing that you made a mistake. We’ll forgive you but make it right at the next content drop.

    Seriously love you guys.

  • MrBeattraxx 08.24.12 at 14:15

    You sir.. you are my hero! Thats EXACTLY what i think of having premium and it’s my opinion as well! Those bitches are always crying instead of saying “Yeah! Great job you’ve done for the community” But hello no! I hope we have more of you here.. Battlefield 3 would be a better place with people like you.. *snief*

  • Death1099 08.24.12 at 14:14

    you will get a free cd of BF music… oh wait that is on youtube.

  • Mykorl 08.24.12 at 14:13

    Thank god CS:GO is out. Bye bye BF3, goodbye my servers! Not that my £40 a month bothers them, but I hope other people follow in cancelling everything they’ve put into the game.

  • Death1099 08.24.12 at 14:12

    Arma 3 here i come. R.I.P BF4.

  • Premchand 08.24.12 at 14:12

    Artwork ? Who cares for that ? Nobody does ! Just an other kick in the nuts from DICE. What way will they disappoint there fans next ?

  • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 14:05

    just scrolling through BATTLELOG on my PS3 i’ve snagged 55 BF3 pics this month for FREE ! you are going to post these on here at a later date anyway. so why pretend that this is something special for your most loyal fans of the franchise. your developers have their very own special in game item. the 1911 supp./tac. how about us? you already released the PREMIUM COPY of the game with a price tag that is lower than what the rest of us shelled out for the same content. you were pressed with legal action before upholding your promise to give limited edition owners battlefield 1942 for free.and what about the promise to keep the game play fair & honest by getting rid of the cheaters? hmmmm? i have lost faith in your empty words. your empty promises. your empty wallets if you stick with your current track record. “Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers” the results are never pretty.

  • VICKARMAN 08.24.12 at 13:59

    *This is August: Nothing of importance

  • YapleF150 08.24.12 at 13:58

    What a waste of money, spend $60 on the game then another $50 for prem. just to get some shitty artwork the no one cares about! Its nice to see that all the prem. money went into making BF4 before all the releases are even out for BF3. Thanks for droping the ball again DICE!

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 14:06

      65 with tax. plus i bought the prima strat. guide for 15 dooooh!

  • Shawn11986 08.24.12 at 13:57

    …. I do admit, this is somewhat too bad and disappointing as I was hoping for something such as new assignments for camouflages, weapons skins, or new weapons entirely. But as I’ve been reading alot of the negative comments and distress from you towards DICE for over 5 pages in. I’ve had a change of heart, and a new outlook. Here’s what I say:

    —You guys got access to well between 80 different weapons.
    —You got over 26 different vehicles to play with.
    —You also have 17 maps to play on.
    —And between the DLC’s of B2K, Close Quarters, and Premium you got 30 Assignments which kept you busy for some time.
    —Got Access to a couple camouflage’s for your factions AND your weapons as well.
    —And let’s not forget the unique Dog Tags as well.
    —OH, and can’t forget you got access to all DLC’s when released for free with Premium, and ya get them 2 weeks earlier.

    - So, stop your bitching and complaining and carrying on about how you hate DICE, and they suck, and this and that just because “you” didn’t get what you want. This ain’t your Birthday, this Christmas morning, and sometimes you aren’t gonna get everything you want or expect there of. They could do better and I will not disagree, but get off their back already. It’s not their fault some of you develop huge expectations, and then get pissed off because your hopes are dashed with disappointment. Bonus content can imply extras, skins, music, guides, videos, webcasts, tournaments, virtually anything by speculation. But frankly, you got Armored Kill coming out to you all in just over a week. An from the Two DLC’s of Back to Karkand Pack and Close Quarters Pack, you’ve got PLENTY of “content” out of them as is. You should be grateful and appreciative for things as is… rather than crying about something petty as “this”.

    • HB4325 08.24.12 at 14:04

      You make a very good point. I guess i’ve got more than enough content as well.

    • FAL Bordeaux 08.24.12 at 14:05

      SHAWN U ARE BIG NOOB. few camufagle and bug into gameplay are a big problem!!! we have pay for what?…..u are suck dice protector….we always want only and anyway camufagle weapons and other equip for my account…. i dont want art video or other stupid relese….!!!!

      • Shawn11986 08.24.12 at 14:10

        Don’t like it?? Tough…
        Trade your copy of the game in then.

    • LEO EncLave 08.24.12 at 14:23

      I agree with you, but yet it is disappointing isn’t it?

      Key word – disappointing

      • Shawn11986 08.24.12 at 14:42

        No you are right, I agree completely. I think it is necessarily lacking for bonus content. Dog tags, a few new skins, maybe even a couple assignments wouldn’t be out of the question.

        I just find the so-called “LOYAL Fans” amusing and ridiculous with their posts across 100 pages because they didn’t get a shiny new thing for their bonus content. XD

    • KingCorrupt 08.24.12 at 14:28

      What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an art book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes,yes,yes,yes,yes, when DICE said they had some hyped up stuff coming I just knew, just knew it was an art book, I mean what else could it be, camo LOL yeah right, a new gun and or attachment, BORING!!! , but an art book………. now that my friends is a true CONTENT release Im proud of DICE today, they showed me that the money I blew on Premium has a strong possibility to earn me some bitchin equipment.

    • headman13 08.24.12 at 15:13

      dude i spend more than $100 in this god damn game but not only me 1.3 million users too and on top of that i rent a server every month I’m NOT PAYING FOR 10 YEARS OLD ARTWORK SHIT IM PAYING FOR 18+ GAME CONTENT

  • RxZ95sssPG 08.24.12 at 13:56

    Wait it isn’t 1st april, is it?

  • InnocentAK-47 08.24.12 at 13:48

    This isn’t even part of the game so how can it be called content?

    No one wants to see artwork to begin with, nevermind the fact that it’s assosciated with your awful singleplayer campaign. Battlefield 4 should leave the campaign out and just focus on multiplayer because it’s clear you don’t have enough people to fix all the screw ups you made.

  • Nabokii 08.24.12 at 13:45

    How come we dont get battlefield 4 beta instead? Why give it to medal of honor fans instead of people who bought premium battlefield?

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 14:13

      EA wants you to buy more titles. see how greed works now? they want more, we want more, never ending cycle.

  • KatMan911 08.24.12 at 13:40

    Exclusive video of “Armored Kill”? A file with pretty pictures? And this is what you call “premium” content?

    What a joke. Get a clue, DICE.

  • Shigera 08.24.12 at 13:35

    I have expected more from this “Bonus Content Drop”.

  • napalmM3zZ 08.24.12 at 13:28

    artwork album??? I dont need that

    • Ghostie30 08.24.12 at 14:31

      I’ll tell u what i will do with your artwork the same thing i do with my morning shit every morning flush it do the loo cos it worth jack shit to me i was looking forward to armored kill but with all the bugs n glitches still in the other games modes n the bonus art work shit n the fact I’m a premium member n a v.i.p on my own server but when i join am like 5th in the Que i have to wait to get in to my on server then when i get down to 1 of 5 n starts to load the game i lose my connection to the server then have to go threw the same shit again, its put me off Ur game u say u like to here Wat we have to say but do u even read Wat we say don’t think so as all Ur comments are the same thing it good to here Wat use think or have to say ,think u need to start sacking some staff n hire the people that can read n listen to our views ,counter strike here i come

  • TOPHER_32 08.24.12 at 13:28

    I have to say I love it when Dice releases stuff. I can spend HOURS reading these posts laughing my ass off. It makes the work day go by sooooo much faster. “Butthurt”, “ suck”…just the horrible butchering of the English language are only the tip of the iceberg of hilarity. Dice can’t win no matter what they do. Maybe they know this and that is why we get a coloring book and straight to DVD movie. I think I just bought those things for my 2 year old the other day. Anyway, I bite the lure and ponied up the $50. Now all we can do is grin & bare it and have hope for the next release, which of course will lead to disappointment, but we try to fool our selves otherwise. Give me double XP & double Kills and I will just be happy with that.

    • TibialYror2 08.24.12 at 13:36

      well then you obviously are content with crap aren’t you, but the vast majority of us are not. You can laugh at people ragging all day long but when you actually post that you are, it makes you look like an arsehole. And if you have any concept of the English language you would understand that the vast majority of its users use slang in both written and spoken forms. Oh and to clarify Dice can win, by paying attention to the forums you idiot!

  • jittysniper 08.24.12 at 13:26

    What’s wrong with you guys you are going to gripe about little things on an awesome game really? I personally am going to enjoy double exp weekend and armored kill and I think it’s awesome that we could creat our own map.

    • TOPHER_32 08.24.12 at 13:30

      I agree that the new maps & game coupled with the double XP will be fun, but I have doubts that Dice will really listen to the fans on what type of map to create. They haven’t done much to demonstrate that they listen to us in the first place.

    • demonofspark 08.24.12 at 17:12

      lol you’re dumb they arent making a new map based on the community. they are making a picture of a non playable map.

  • TINTIN12321 08.24.12 at 13:15

    The Premium Calendar kinda tells what’s coming, don’t know why people were expecting in game Content because its not on it for August. The same thing’s going to happen in November and then again in February next year. We got the double XP weekend some “bonus content” in the form of wallpapers and a video just like they said. Why all the Butthurt?

  • Killerious 08.24.12 at 13:11

    Emberassment to human intelligence, Enough said.

  • CrypticFog 08.24.12 at 12:57

    please pleeeeaaaase dice. tell me this is a fucking joke.

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 13:21

      same thing EXACTLY as you posted in the first 11 pages. you lonely or just stuck in a loop?

      • CrypticFog 08.24.12 at 13:56

        I have never posted anything else on battlelog. that was my first post?

  • xVHJM 08.24.12 at 12:57


  • iCentipede 08.24.12 at 12:55

    This is suck I wish I didnt buy premium I have been waiting all this month for a video and a booklet your kidding me right DICE ? I expected a camo for the rest of the weapons

  • xHmDx 08.24.12 at 12:51

    I am very dissapointed..this is so lame..

  • AdM_1911 08.24.12 at 12:36

    I thought BF3 didn’t let down their valuable customers…. I was a bit let down by the july soldier upgrade, but this “bonus” content drop is more like “bogus” content drop….. Atleast let us have the original knife skin over the box-cutter……

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 13:25

      WOW you posted the EXACT same thing earlier too! what is wrong with you people? if you’re going to keep bitching, ok do it BUT HAVE SOMETHING NEW TO SAY !!!!!!

      • xViper21x 08.24.12 at 13:53

        He didn’t want his post to get lost in the pages upon pages of comments. Oh and isn’t it hypocritical that you’re going on every single persons posts and questioning whether or not they posted it before?

  • sirdudleystudley 08.24.12 at 12:29

    wow….Hows this going to enhance and expand my experience.

  • tWiSteD-OuTCasT- 08.24.12 at 12:26

    ROFL dice should put a big troll face. oh my god i cant stop laughing

  • Wallstain 08.24.12 at 12:25

    I was wondering about one thing, what do i do with both the CQ and B2K DLC’s i’ve bought if i decide to buy premium?

    • goaten 08.24.12 at 13:18

      the costs for those expansions bought are forfeit. you should’ve bought premium as soon as it came (or well at least before CQ). Now you’ll lose 15 euro if you buy premium compared to just paying 15 euro for the next coming expansions. if you bought it with only BF3 you would’ve saved 21 euro or something, if you would’ve bought it after just buying B2K you would save 6 euro or something

  • mickatron433 08.24.12 at 12:25

    How does any of this count as premium content? Except for the double XP weekend, its just useless crap. You even mention a booklet that is a digital download? How do you convience that as a booklet or something anyone would want to pay money for?

    Oh it would also be nice if you could DL the videos, or the HTML5 player was fixed so I can watch more than 30 secs of at least one of them.

  • Lambertschulz 08.24.12 at 12:21

    WTF.. What is wrong with EA… All that is like a big “FU” to all Premium Users..

  • stubbs98 08.24.12 at 12:20

    Woop dee doo… this is a joke right? Nothing premium about this.

  • schwaenger 08.24.12 at 12:10

    wow. this is total bs.

  • mechmuncher 08.24.12 at 12:10

    well thats a major crock of shite why no new assignments at least la shove a knife up DICE`S are for 1!!!! a major let down

  • SOF KappaYokai 08.24.12 at 12:00

    “This is August: Announcing new video, bonus content, and exclusive competition for our Premium members” …………….. A disappointment … and this would be the premium? DICE goes to Hollywood — I wait for Medal of Honor and the work of Respawn Entertainment — DICE + EA = <3

  • DavidN77 08.24.12 at 11:58

    Adding my voice to the scores of people disappointed with this update. Worse, I’ve convinced friends to buy Premium, and feel bad for them. How do we get a refund? I’ll be speaking to trading standards here in the UK, as I feel I’ve definitely been misled.

    • InnocentAK-47 08.24.12 at 13:54

      You are an asshole. I know that the players got shafted but you’re overeacting and you got what you paid for so there is nothing you can do about it. These bonus content drops weren’t even mentioned so they are just additional “bonuses”. The so-called content sucks but you weren’t misled by this.

  • jackbauer2030 08.24.12 at 11:56

    new camos for all weapons dice !!!

  • Ikar3s 08.24.12 at 11:52

    Hmm… DICE is being corrupted by EA, I bet it was EA’s idea with the Premium. Anyway I don’t really mind, since I didn’t get Premium, I just felt that if I did get it, I would put ‘Normal’ players at a disadvantage (Plus, i really don’t like that box cutter knife or 2x Exp).

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 11:56

      maybe, but don’t underestimate greed. it’s infectious & all consuming.

  • HOOTS N7 08.24.12 at 11:42

    To be fair, the main thing about premium is the map packs, CQ, AK and the rest, we all get earlier. The extra stuff are all literally freebies, but an art book, something that is of no use to players in the actual game, which is in the calendar in the same ‘Bonus Drop’ category that B2K occupies, is very disappointing. Obviously as Premium members we cant expect anything massive like free-exclusive map packs, but something that contributes to the actual game would be more appropriate than online videos and strategy guides.
    The main thing that is comparable to premium is COD’s Elite service, and the content offered there so far is superior to what we get on BF3.
    Hopefully DICE and EA take on our feedback and improve the Premium extras for the future.

  • RoadKing_cz 08.24.12 at 11:40

    I want new camos on all weapons!!!!!!!! No only for stupid 4 guns.

  • WYD W00K13 08.24.12 at 11:37

    DICE your breaking my heart.
    You could have had a gaming phenomena, now you just have a great game….
    and a community’s distrust.

  • Th0m 08.24.12 at 11:36

    Now you clowns are taking the piss you might as well cancel BF4 no one is going to bother if this is the crap we get in return for our hard earned coin

  • ReCKoH 08.24.12 at 11:32


  • Bobby Whippet 08.24.12 at 11:28

    Moan, moan ,moan, moan…moan :)

  • IIxII GAZ IIxII 08.24.12 at 11:26

    Do dice or ea realise if they fuck up the premium on Battlefield 3 nobody will get premium on battlefield 4 so haw about dropping things that we actually want like skins for all guns.

  • TUMBLER1964 08.24.12 at 11:25

    I have a map idea, Totally destructible, EA/Dice offices. then we won’t have to put up with any more crap content.lmao

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 11:43

      lmao as well. they could “bonus drop” a skins package so we could run around as them with all the T-BAGIN it would be art imitating life. or life imitating art.

  • Bazdagau 08.24.12 at 11:22

    oh yeah, your prize for getting possibly ALL the map ideas for battlefield 4. WEAK, CHEAP,& EPIC FAIL! we the battlefield community have shown our loyalty & devotion. we’ve given you millions of our hard earned money for a game that needed a FIXIT patch from day one. THEN we give you millions more of our hard earned money for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP only to get . . . pictures? now you want OUR ideas, OUR intellectual property, & the “winner” gets . . . pictures? i have to know, did all of you spend all that money on crack? or do you just not care about us anymore?


  • 3x7r4c7oR-AUS 08.24.12 at 11:22

    surley you can not be serious… be f%&ked if i’m gonna create a facebook account – period!

    now the facebook is on the stock exchange, you too can own part of the company that :pwns part of you!

    honestly, you need to HA-HA-HARDEN THE F%&K UP

  • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 11:01

    oh yeah, your prize for getting possibly ALL the map ideas for battlefield 4. WEAK, CHEAP,& EPIC FAIL! we the battlefield community have shown our loyalty & devotion. we’ve given you millions of our hard earned money for a game that needed a FIXIT patch from day one. THEN we give you millions more of our hard earned money for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP only to get . . . pictures? now you want OUR ideas, OUR intellectual property, & the “winner” gets . . . pictures? i have to know, did all of you spend all that money on crack? or do you just not care about us anymore?

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 11:11

      they never did care about us. the evidence of that was the soldier upgrade last month.

  • witzsch 08.24.12 at 10:57

    I’d like a remake of de_dust as a hommage to the cs franchise – but then BIGGER, alotta bigger…
    I think it’s nice if games are cross-referenced.

  • Solowing_0 08.24.12 at 10:52

    Actually I’ve decided that the comments due to this fail of the content drop actually might have made it worth it. This community is hilarious when they rage. Don’t get me wrong I do feel that we got a little bit shafted on this

  • LX1991 08.24.12 at 10:41

    are you disappointed? sign this petition to let DICE change their minds:

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 10:45

      signed it and spread it across our clans website.only 8 more signature to go

      • LX1991 08.24.12 at 10:48

        perfect!! let people spread it all over the internet

        • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 10:53

          we have all the signatures we need.

          • LX1991 08.24.12 at 11:15

            dont think 200 signers will make the difference, we need an astonishing amount of people to really let them do something…

  • jonson131 08.24.12 at 10:40

    I just hope that atleast one of the maps that are submitted to the competition will be made in to a real PLAYABLE map to battlefield 3. Otherwise it is just another useless competition. And btw NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE ARTWORK…

    • daveslayerv1 08.24.12 at 10:41

      it’s not gonna be playable they just wanna seem like they give a crap :S

  • Rathiel1984 08.24.12 at 10:38

    This is a huge disappointment, a video thats absolutely not exclusive, Wallpapers no one cares about and some doubleXP …. seriously we are waiting for patches or new ingame features for month. Dice should really focus on stuff like a battlerecorder, sprectator mode or even a map editor and stuff like that. Add those features to make bf3 more competative and give premium membership some reasonable features. This anncouncement is a lame excuse. Give us some new camo at least, but please not for the f2000, pkp or l96 …….

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 11:29

      battle recorder/spectator mode. . . great ideas. but map editor? no everybody would put C-RAMS on every objective! granted it can’t even shoot down a plane (which is it’s function) but it could be bad very bad.

  • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 10:37





    • tlenex 08.24.12 at 11:13

      orly? Since release of Premium till yesterday evening, Bonus Content row contained Back to Karkand expansion. They removed it now, to prevent us asking for in-game content.

      • LX1991 08.24.12 at 11:20

        exactly, PLUS up until yesterday the calendar said the bonus content would “enhance our gaming experience”….how will a bunch of pictures enhance my gaming experience?

      • GhostTribe 08.25.12 at 07:55

        your wrong. Check out the PREMIUM CALENDAR at the bottom of the page in the link I posted. Look at it clearly before posting. Your argument doesn’t mean anything because you don’t get it.

  • daveslayerv1 08.24.12 at 10:36

    experience the disappointing news from mulutiple sources!!!

  • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 10:34

    really? i can’t believe you people, that’s like giving your wife tube socks for your anniversary. do you even realize that those pictures will be available to EVERYBODY 10 minutes after the drop! what would have been cool is a patch to fix all the little things that drive us crazy. wait, i’m sorry, i have to stay connected to EA ONLINE to get driven crazy! how about an in game emblem or “patch” on the sleeve of your soldiers shirt that shows off your clan tag? now that small thing would go over real big for us. for example a non-premium patch = [ noob ]

    • benjsamson 08.24.12 at 11:14

      I agree … this is small, but it gives players something to be proud off in-battle.

  • Solowing_0 08.24.12 at 10:19

    One gun dice that’s all that most of us are asking for. You can even be a horrible gun. Give us a black powder muskett for all I care!

    -BTW I would totally go play BF3 with a musket!

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 10:20

      seriously! i was hoping for an assault rifle or something! but nope. just an art book. because every day i hear: “i can’t wait for that art book to come out.”

  • TheMassMonster 08.24.12 at 10:18

    Riktigt fattigt precis som alla andra skriver, jag bryr mig inte så mycket om att månadens content var pinsamt utan det som stör mig är att man pyntade 600:- på release för limited edition och sedan 500:- samma dag premium släpptes, och det enda vi “hardcorespelare” får som faktiskt älskar Battlefield när vi stödjer er och köper era spel/dlc för fullpris vid release är ett hårt jävla vedträd rakt upp i….

    “Vi” är ganska många och vi får NADA för vår lojalitet, nu känns det som råget är måttat och man blir bara trött, grattis DICE för att ni låter ett vad vi trodde underbart spelföretag byggt av gamers förstöras av er moral och av EA.

    Ge oss lojala som ger er våra pengar day1 over and over again något som faktiskt betyder något, tills dess kan man inte känna sig som något annat än skiten under era skor.

    • SPUDRENCH17 08.24.12 at 11:53

      i can’t even read this language. but i can tell he’s pissed off & dissatisfied !

  • Bukarel 08.24.12 at 10:13

    Playing PC, bought Premium just because of maps (B2K, CloseQ and new coming, specially with tanks…) hope the maps will keep me interested for a year time time.

  • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 10:11

    that pic is awesome.

  • daveslayerv1 08.24.12 at 10:10

    well armored kill vid….
    good idea but it’s gonna most likely be made of all the trailers so far…

    artwork…. :S i was always dissapointed to find these stupid physical books and cards in limited edition games, so now i have lots of digital pics to put in my photo folder.. :/ HHHMMMPPPHH…

    ah a Facebook likey thing and you extend the time you can earn double exp… :D LOVE IT!!!!!
    oh but wait limited to maby a couple more days??? FAIL!!!!!


  • LX1991 08.24.12 at 10:09

    there is no more to tell …

  • Terrorizer-EST 08.24.12 at 10:08


  • szrz 08.24.12 at 10:06 nice summary of what the community think and feel about the so called content drop

  • YBH87N7H3BO55 08.24.12 at 10:06

    last bonus drop was karkand now we get some stupid pictures noone cares about wtf ?

  • szrz 08.24.12 at 10:05
  • BANDIT 440 08.24.12 at 10:04

    Did the guy who makes the bonus content just come out of a coma a few days ago, or could you just not think of anything better than some pictures that most people won’t even take the time to look at. could you guys cop out any harder. You couldn’t even give a dog tag that reads “I got your money already bite me” at least someone might use it.

  • MisterVirus 08.24.12 at 10:04

    My two cents;

    I agree with the bf3 communities frustration. I signed up to premium believing I would have access to premium member only content. Receiving images is a joke and this is not exclusive material. The images will be shared publicly the day they are released. Having given us images, what use are they in-game? None what so ever.

    From what I understand, so far we have received a pack of recycled maps, which lack playability on my platform (console) from the b2k pack. Basically you’ve made the player cap too small to enjoy the map to its fullest and I feel ripped off for the lack of playability in contrast to which PC gamers have in regards to more objectives and increased action.

    CQ pack failed to bring anything new to bf3 and even made me cringe that you would take such a successful and unique franchise and play system and ruin it by making CQ. It feels so far from the idea gamers think of when mentioning BF3.

    Would it really be so hard to just use more of the scenery we’ve already seen in bf3 campaign. I mean, why not have an air warfare map pack, options for admins to choose which vehicles are available and where objectives should be placed on each map. Give this game some real creative replay ability.

    Charging us an unreasonable amount for long waits for new content, which should be readily available is a joke. The scripts and game mechanics already exist so would it really be too difficult to release a couple of new maps each month, I’m sure the entire premium community would feel privileged to beta test new content. Maybe dice should just ASK ITS FANBASE AND LOYAL CONSUMER BASE WHAT THEY WANT AND EXPECT FROM A REAL PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION before offering images that are recycled from the dice development team.

    it seems dice/each don’t care about the fan base that followed through loyally because of previous battlefield releases.

    Easy fixes.
    1. Patch server hosting to at least 32 slots for console.
    2. Do not use social networking to pimp out double xp offers. It is an insult to people who use battle log and signed up to premium to enjoy special offers like 2xp
    3. Fix the early issues since release (fall damage from short and unrealistically-fatal heights, sound loss and correct spawning from being camped).
    4. Offer the server hosts options to increase replay value such as choice of placing objectives and choice in vehicles for each map.
    5.For gods sake, OFFER US MOD TOOLS. LOOK WHAT THE COMMUNITY MODDERS DID FOR THE LIFESPAN OF BATTLEFIELD 2.I don’t want this game I’ve invested so much time and money into to finish up as soon as you release battlefield 4 because for all I know you are going to just ruin the idea of battlefield even further.

    Thanks for you time
    If you even read this.

  • szrz 08.24.12 at 10:04


  • BaboonWarrior 08.24.12 at 10:03

    I personally never really play gungame, but maybe dice could add variety to that thing? by randoming the weapons that have to be used on each level. just maybe the mp443 could sometimes be glock17 or the pp19 could be the m5k? I know it’s not a new idea but maybe dice could actually grab it? Of course if they are actually going to do something then fixing some of the glithces etc in the game would be even better. also, I do enjoy the game as it is right now.

  • Scr0f 08.24.12 at 10:00

    Didn’t even buy me dinner before you fucked me. Thanks.

  • CorrosiveSaliva 08.24.12 at 09:57

    Artwork booklet.. booklet.. Digital? That is not a booklet.. It is just some pictures..

  • Jimx99 08.24.12 at 09:56

    I can’t say my content drop expectations were high.I thought it would propably be something shitty,but something in-game.This is just outrageous.We wait a whole month,build up the hype,most expecting it to be something good and all we get is digital(!) artwork?I would be satisfied if it came in my mail,illustrated paper and hardbook cover.But no,of course not.You guys are the biggest trolls ever(and I’m saying this in a bad way).

  • BaboonWarrior 08.24.12 at 09:45

    I gotta agree this content drop sucks. But what I bought premium for was two week early access, to get the DLCs (guns and maps etc.) cheaper than when bought individually (and double XP events and queue priority, i guess).. And this far I have gotten that. Still, you could´ve given us some actual in-game content, like a new weapon.

  • VJBOSS 08.24.12 at 09:44

    Wow artbook, yea this is good for facepalming your head whereas on Consoles you have fucking bugs like TV missile retarded for moving and sound bugs which aren’t fixed yet , Nice work DICE for dissapointing a whole Community of bf3 gamers

  • Tough 2 Ki11 08.24.12 at 09:40

    This content drop is bull shit! Buying premium was a waste of my money. And now dice gives noobs premium for the same price. Leave it to foreigners to screw u. Dice blows French dick

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 09:45

      hey not to sound like a smart ass but they’re in Stockholm Sweden. :) and that’s where pewdiepie is from.

  • Red_Redrud 08.24.12 at 09:38

    Yes that Xfactors video pretty much nails it!

  • Red_Redrud 08.24.12 at 09:37

    Ou come on! wallpapers? XP weekends? and last you try to get US working FOR YOU for free and give ideas for maps. how about giving some credit for us and not to threat us like morons?

  • KrisB_TG 08.24.12 at 09:36

    If there is anyone from EA/DICE following this (which I highly doubt, since they don’t give a shit about their game-communities) You need to see this, because rivalXfactor puts it better than I can:

  • smiddyman 08.24.12 at 09:35

    Sorry DICE, I know you guys must be hard at work on the rest of the expansions, but as far as “Content Drops” go, this is severely lacking in content. Videos and images, no matter how exclusive will spread easily across the internet for all to see in minutes. Double XP is a switch you can turn on and off at will. The map concept competition would be interesting if there was promise of it being turned into an actual map for us all to play, but there’s not even that.

    I’m not saying it’s easy to create content, because the truth is, I don’t know. But when “Content Drops” get hyped up as much as they are, is it too much to expect real, in-game content? How about a new gun, camouflage or dog tags with Assignments to go along with them?

    I’m not exactly angry over this, it’s just so incredibly disappointing and hardly gives me hope for the future.

  • Solowing_0 08.24.12 at 09:30

    117 pages of upset consumers. Wow Dice! I’m usually not one to complain. But would it be too much to ask to just have given us one gun with the new content? It could even been a horrible gun! Make it a colt 1886 revolver for all I care. I’ll let this one slide, but please in the future do be more careful when you hype something up.

  • ZackBSmooth 08.24.12 at 09:26

    I payed for double XP, Art? who gives a crap! Stop giving us the minimum, take gun camos for example!

  • I-Chavez-I 08.24.12 at 09:21

    117 pages and counting of posts by disappointed customers.

    1,300,000+ loyal fans shelled out enough money for another full-priced game for Premium content, and this is what our money buys us… pictures and recycled game footage.

    Ya’ll at EA/DICE need to have a board meeting where somebody gets bellies up to the bar and honestly admits, “We’ve really screwed the loyal fan-base that made our IP the success it is today.”

    Pure Fail.

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 09:38

      i spread that petition across our clan website. we have sections for all platforms so we should get quite a few signatures.

  • Koshelkov 08.24.12 at 08:58

    I’m so upset… My money was stolen by EA/DICE. I receive email offers/spam like this premium daily, where people asking invest money and they will let you take couple million dollars that you won. This kind of thing is illegal, but EA|DICE found the way where they can legally full us and take our money. You guys will get one new in game bonus, your soldier from now on poor guy, enjoy new feature.

  • Brutus977 08.24.12 at 08:58

    From a marketing standpoint DICE really shit the bed on the bonus content. One would think that to sell a product one might want to make it at least seem exclusive. If perhaps the bonus content were a weapon or a map a non premium member might be enticed to purchase the service. Shame that this is just another near sighted money grubbing corporation that steps over dollars to pick up pennies. Alas, this is modern day smash and grab capitalism. Frankly I’m not really surprised. An ipod costs less than $10 to make and Nike is now selling a basketball shoe for $300 that is made in china for about $5 a shoe. They don’t care if you’re a satisfied customer. they just want your $$$

  • tlenex 08.24.12 at 08:50

    I’m a great Battlefield 3 fan, I’ve tested bf3 beta, I’ve bought limited edition, I’ve bought premium same day it was released… BUT WHY YOU USED ME LIKE THAT??

    Firstly, i got B2K from limited edition, then you forced me to buy premium(better price than buying all expansions one by one), so I’m asking: where is my second B2K expansion? I should have had two B2K >.>” I tried to get forget about it, and explain myself that in premium it’s only a bonus content…

    Secondly, this bonus content, at the begining premium calendar showed B2K expansion as a first bonus content. By doing so, you’ve made high expectations from the community at second bonus content… I can understand that you need more time, cos’ of gamescom and AK comming up, but what’ve done is just… just…

    Dear god, I hope it’s a joke…

    • tlenex 08.24.12 at 08:55

      and double xp events won’t heal me up… im already cornel 100 >.>”

  • niogallo 08.24.12 at 08:49

    A booklet, sorry but why give us something that is already out there, why not some nice camo,s for the rest of the guns or maybe an unlock that we can put our clan tags on our guns, do not mind paying the 50€ . but i do mind waiting all month to find out that were getting nothing….. oh and where is the t88 lmg gone…. patch please, or you could run some dev games so we get a chance to get that dev tag again

  • FengshenYanyi 08.24.12 at 08:42

    I love how everyone here is complaining about how it’s supposedly EA’s fault that you paid for Premium. I mean, really? Who was the one that made the decision to pay money for this? Who didn’t see this coming?
    If you had read everything, you’d have seen that the bonus content would be mostly this stuff. The reason I bought this is getting all the expansions for a lower price and being able to play them earlier than the non-Premiums. Aside from that, you also get a priority queue, can show off your Premium status, got servers for Premiums only, can reset your stats, etc.
    So, to all you whiny ponybros who’re claiming EA/DICE is a sellout here: it’s your own fault and frankly, you’ve got no reason to be whining here, seeing all the other bonuses that you get.

  • KINGSHADOWL 08.24.12 at 08:40

    This is no joke this is just plain embarrasing cod fans are gettin way more for their elite than we battlefield premium are gettin. I mean artwork as a drop jesus they must not play therir own game, or don’t give a flyin hoot. Ohh well they lost me time to go back to cod at least they have tons of maps and bonus crap for your moneys worth. FYI I am no fan boy of cod I’ve been playin battlefield from the first game ever made. What a way to screw up potential for a game and what a waste of money.

  • nickmajfc 08.24.12 at 08:33

    This is a joke. DICE, you are being way too greedy, and this is pathetlic. You have practically trolled the Battlefield community, making us buy premium!
    Take a look at this video from Rivalxfactor, he sets the record straight on how us Battlefielders feel about this garbage!

  • IIMojo76II 08.24.12 at 08:29

    EA, this is ridiculous! I got no more words for that! @F4MOU5: This is NO whining. Just p***** off EA “Tactics” selling crap. @ J-Swiff: Yes, that’s what I think too!

  • J-Swiff 08.24.12 at 08:24

    I dont think people are so mad at whats dropped.. Its the suspense they held us in for so long.. this “secret” wasn’t worth all the cloaks they put around it.. So really im not disappointed.. if you hype something up as bonus content it should be usable within the game DICE does alot to keep the game interesting but come they play they game and they have to realize that this is the kind of feed back they would get and DICE cant be unset at the feed back their going to get from this its like we were expecting a full course meal and all they served was water and tic tacs..

    • J-Swiff 08.24.12 at 08:30

      but with that said will I sign on tomorrow and play battlefield with my friends you’re damn skippy I paid 50$ just as all of you and considering I haven’t had to go out and buy a new game in quite a while because this one is taking craps on all other war games/ FPS

  • AusCleaver 08.24.12 at 08:24

    New Armored Kill and digital booklet already on youtube.
    Dice you have out done yourself this time.

    • xlordkarnagex 08.24.12 at 08:31

      spoiler: if you click this link, yoh have fed the trolololol


  • F4MOU5 08.24.12 at 08:23

    I’m going to guess that DICE expected all the crying. Grow up a little and be happy with what you get. I love BF and that is more of the reason i paid $50 than for all the extra content. Quit the whining and go play the game!

  • fahad66441425 08.24.12 at 08:23

    Battlelog 3

  • xlordkarnagex 08.24.12 at 08:17

    I just have to start off by saying that I agree with everybody that a bunch of pictures is really going to cut it for bonus content , however we have to remember all the other things that dice has put in the game and website. I believe that they should have made load out screen on the website the new bonus content, because it can actually be used in a game.
    It would’ve made sense considering that the first bonus content was b2k and this would’ve serve some function in the game. Also let’s not forget that 70 page PDF file that describe all the maps for cq snd all of its weapons….
    I was expecting something a little bit better myself too but is not as though they haven’t given regular and premium anything even though thats how it feels.

    I think the most important thing to realize out of all this is that even though we pay for service labeled premium we should not feel as though we’re not so entitled to just whatever the hell we want and they will just give us whatever they can and want to give us

    • adrian8045 08.24.12 at 08:30

      to bad dice what you give everyone the month off work and this is our bouns content can i get my money back now and i ll be honest i liked bfbc2 not this suped up call of duty bull shit they call this game scrap all the big money shit and getback to the roots dice you had us a long time ago its now time to try and keep us as fans put some thought into our extrea stuff you have a camo option on all our wepones but only the worst gus get camo thanks again for wasting my fucking time with this cheep cod look alike why dont everyone run and jump around some more

  • HELIPILOT19 08.24.12 at 08:16

    This is such a let down. Have everybody wait for almost the entire month and then Oh.. wait this is bonus content month.. umm have some pictures, isn’t that nice! I mean camo’s for some other guns would have been something!

  • GHBlizzard 08.24.12 at 08:10

    Premium is $50 and gives access to 5 DLC Worth $20. What a rip off.

  • UltimateUber 08.24.12 at 08:09

    Wow….. no new weapons…no new maps…..not even new camo for my guns?? Uh but… i do get never seen before…until today…artwork that nobody cares for, hmmm guess that’s worth the money i forked over. Damn i was at least expecting somthing like battle Recorder or gold guns, damn somthing better than pics ill never care to look at….. come on Dice…roll it again and try not to get snake eye’s.

  • Messcaster 08.24.12 at 08:02

    disappointing . . .

  • J3RRY420 08.24.12 at 07:59

    so the only thing of ANY value is double xp “weekend” which everyone has known about. This is embarassing i cant believe they threw together 24 scraps from the visual dep. and are gunna pass that off as “bonus content”. They clearly dropped the ball on this one 24 images couldve been fucking emailed to every premium member August 1st. Every oerson with a brain stem knows those pictures are gunna be everywhere 15 minutes after they get released and that video’s gunna be on youtube so fast Dices copyright lawyers heads will spin.

    Release Armored Kill for premium members TOMORROW and it might make up for the waste of money and time this has been for 1.3 plus million premium members who were swindled.

  • challengeme49 08.24.12 at 07:58

    Why are you getting mad at DICE, and EA they get payed to make a game for us and every month they add stuff on, but no the community gets mad at them, think every 2 months they have a new DLC drop that gives you more things to do and learn and play, and the return that they get is the community telling them to burn in hell and that they are greedy, next time don’t buy the better stuff if you will just regret it that is all I have to say.

  • Shirminater11 08.24.12 at 07:52

    This is just sad.

  • Flusgu 08.24.12 at 07:50

    hope you burn in hell with our cash dice greedy good for nothing bastards

  • RogueAssassin28 08.24.12 at 07:49

    Gaming is mostly what all my spare time consists of so i dnt mind spending my hard earned $$ on it.But this feels like i got straight robbed.Dam at least give us something back 4 all the $$ we givin yall.A desert eagle would be nice.

    • 6clown 08.24.12 at 07:54

      going into cod mode huh?

      • xlordkarnagex 08.24.12 at 08:23

        Wow really man? If you cant stop from posting stupid shit like this just leave the internet cq and tdm are the only things even remotely close to call of doody, stop starting flame wars when the well is clearly bone dry

  • MordFan 08.24.12 at 07:45

    i wish some day they will fix known bugs instead of adding new..

  • Liquidvison 08.24.12 at 07:43

    over 100+ pages of people saying this isnt kewl at all and dice wont care, they already got our money

  • Liquidvison 08.24.12 at 07:42

    what a joke, premium crap…no camo or new weapons in this dlc? not even camo for all guns by now? Dice is slippin

  • Tharunna 08.24.12 at 07:40

    I have to agree with most of the comments here DICE, this isnt cool…

  • Jampanese 08.24.12 at 07:40

    This is sooo lame. What are you thinking??? Double XP Weekend, artworks and sending a map concept??? Thats wht I paid for????? Listen to the community, what about ingame VOIP, Battlerecorder, better balance Air vs vehicles, new maps, mods, cheater protection, sound bugs, Heli vs soflam, ….
    The list is endless and you’ll give us is this lame shit???? I’m an alltime fan of the BF series, I love to tank and fly around, I purchased all the titles but the support you offer is really bad. the patches come all 5-6 months and they are full of bugs, don’t you test them? Who is doing the premium content, is that person blind, never plays other FPS?
    BF 3 is a really good game but the support sucks ass.

  • sadisticdread69 08.24.12 at 07:39

    What is the dice i paid $50 for premium and wait all damn month. On top of that rent a server every month. Were are the patches? Tell me dice were is the money going to ? When are we getting battle recorder. You guys don’t listen to the community your laughing at the community. This is ridiculous

  • B-moreRavens1986 08.24.12 at 07:39

    Dude, what a joke. You could at least have given us some more camos. This is just ridiculous.

  • headman13 08.24.12 at 07:30

    i paid $50 for premium and i rent a god damn server every fucking single month WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH ALL THAT MONEY????

  • DANKSTAR419 08.24.12 at 07:29

    what a freakin let down…been playing this game a while, took my beatings, finally get ranked up….they waffle the game with lag compensators, now level 9′s from venezuala outshoot a Level 34 colonel. dumb down some weapons, dont fix the sound or glitch issues and now give us pix…big fat dick in the ass that’s what this is, i woulda been happy with a new assignment, it suck real bad, and i love art but damn this is weak.

  • namvn 08.24.12 at 07:16

    Activision is laughing at us right now
    COD kids are laughing at us right now
    non premium players are laughing at us right now

    we pay more to support DICE, now you turn us into a joke.

  • Blind-Fury-71 08.24.12 at 07:10

    Keep the art work for those who appreciate it… (The Artists).
    We all appreciate how you guys are trying to make things more interesting for the player, sorry to say but artwork ain’t it !
    1. Fix the issues with the game BEFORE anything else. (including sound, glitches etc)
    2, More focus on keeping the fan base happy, you know…those that paid to keep you and this game in business for so long. (like listening to comments made and actually doing something about it rather than trying to appease people with lame offerings)
    I’ve supported this game since it came out, i play on a daily basis with a load of clan mates, i’d hate to see the appeal get lost because of pure neglect.
    I’d be more than happy to give my own views on what i think should be done but i’m just one voice, there are millions more to consider, yet the majority are all singing from the same hymn sheet…Fix the problems, then work on new things…NOT the other way around!

  • Roost426 08.24.12 at 07:08

    what a load of crap

  • Dammer15 08.24.12 at 07:06

    1.3 million members didn’t enjoy everything you had in store for us

  • B14CKBIRD 08.24.12 at 06:58

    Damn, yeah, good…
    And Map Contest is a bonus content too ?) OK, but I thought that you DICE would drop US, players, some content…
    Think of realeasing something good

    • B14CKBIRD 08.24.12 at 06:58

      Worth paying attention, I would actually say

    • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 07:01

      Map Contest falls under Premium Event along side the Double XP weekend.

  • RecondoLRRP 08.24.12 at 06:55

    I think EA/DICE have milked BF3 for all its worth and they know it now. Think about it! You know they don’t give a shit about the people who have already payed, they showed us that treatment 2 months after the game was released..I think this was Dice’s plan from the gate! They know new people looking to get into this game from now on would most likely not pay full price for the game plus full price for premium, especially after such a lame Bonus Content drop>> So what do they do? They create Premium Edition? and release it after the Bogus Drop..”Lets make it cheap and rewarding for ANY ONE browsing through the video game section at Target”.. They got around $110 or more from 1.5 million of us already so what do they care.. I personally expected something like this to happen, this game is a joke in the first place.. I’m a BF vet and I can only enjoy 7 maps out of 17 not including CQA day 2. Its hard for me believe there is a BF game that sucks and Dice has done a 180 on its community./

    • CamcAmIaM 08.24.12 at 07:00

      I want to say you’re an idiot and absolutely wrong, but you’re exactly right. So sad.

  • [TW]A50264TW 08.24.12 at 06:54


  • CHAINEDDAWG 08.24.12 at 06:52

    Well ill look at the art work for a month till we get the SOLDIER upgrades…I also notice on the calender that we get a back to back soldier upgrade, sept and oct, then another bonus content drop then 2 more soldier upgrades…Guess Ill be the first to say thank you for the artwork, still I was expecting something much different, but Now I’m looking forward to sept…please don’t let the community down

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 06:46

    Dice you suck for being cheap and taking our money

  • Dammer15 08.24.12 at 06:36

    I’m insulted this is crap. Seriously EA or Dice way to let everyone down

  • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 06:35


    - Bonus Content is August
    - Unique In-Game Content is September

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:36

      that’s armored kill bro.

      • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 06:37

        Nope…That falls under Expansion Packs. Unique In-Game Content is a different category. Scroll down.

        • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:39

          oh you’re talking about the soldier upgrade. most likely going to be another disappointment.

          • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 06:44

            Battlefield 3™ Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else. First out is the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tags and Assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalization options.

            Get even more unique personalization options with a new batch of weapon camos and soldier camos only for Battlefield 3™ Premium members.

            THIRD SOLDIER UPGRADE (september)

          • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:45

            if they truly want to win back MY trust, they’ll include A or some new guns in that soldier upgrade.

  • PiiDawg 08.24.12 at 06:30

    This is weak. I could not care less about this stuff, game content is the only thing that matters.

  • Archer_210 08.24.12 at 06:23

    i hope dice is seeing all of this D:< we are gamers not art collectors

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:25

      psh they never check these, if they did last months soldier upgrade would’ve been better. same w/ the content. it’s through one ear and out the other with them.

    • Inhama 08.24.12 at 06:29

      If dice actually cared about community feedback, we wouldn’t be here right now.

      • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:32

        exactly. you’d think that instead of repeatedly disappointing us, they should improve to avoid shit like this from happening again.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 06:21

    Lt gen kozak awesome gravatar bro thats what the character models should look like

  • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 06:16

    if i don’t see one new gun by the time aftermath comes out i’m gonna get even more pissed. i don’t give a crap about maps. we’re getting more w/ armored kill. guns at this point are all that matter to me.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 06:15

    i agree on the support of tanks but when half your team ar in the green zone waiting for em while im holding back as many people as i can by myself it can get extremely lonely what i would do to just have a support or assault by my side to help me with covert style tactics, i mean my stats a proof my tactics work and i can promise similar results yet no one sees it?

  • badboybubby_oz 08.24.12 at 06:08

    some scraps from the production floor……..

  • Newcastlev2 08.24.12 at 06:07

    I dont think every one cares about K/D.
    Some people like tanks and are good support for your team.

  • Lt Gen Kozak 08.24.12 at 06:05

    that may be true but atleast they can see what the fans want n who knows it myt change something…

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 06:05

    i use iron sights on my sks for f$%# sake all i want is a ghillie suite, i use original dogtags i just want my sks iron sight or m1 garand and a ghillie suite and il shut up and go on with my stalking aggressive sniper tactics

  • gtrgod 08.24.12 at 06:03

    Wakeup. They don’t really give a fuck about your map ideas! The maps are probably mostly completed already. You are just being made to FEEL like you can contribute something…HAHAHA!

    • Inhama 08.24.12 at 06:06

      The submissions will most likely go into a virtual black hole, never to be seen again. Just like the list of community requests sent to DICE.

  • Lt Gen Kozak 08.24.12 at 06:02

    look we get you guys at dice are proud of your design work specially the stuff that didnt make it in the game. and we also appreciate all the time you guys put in and spent away from famillies and the rest. But i think most people were expecting new characters, weapons or atleast more camos for more than just the f2000,scar-h,PKP,n l96 im just saying…..

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 06:00

    ak will be fine depending on how you see it, i personal prob wont enjoy it much because i take pride in not goin in vehicle because its cowardice to wait for tanks just so you get a good kill death ratio im a hardcore gamer and i like to flank but so far it seems these awesome forest maps are gona be waisted by people just raping in vehicle instead of goin all sas in the jungle so to speak

  • qnzinfamous88 08.24.12 at 05:59

    Are you kidding me dice?really artwork bullshit… I want camos for the most used weapons not the shitty ones.. And where is the promised different skins. Ur fucking up ea. Making me doubt of buying moh

  • GitmoOZ 08.24.12 at 05:58

    Some people are never happy! I’ll be submitting a map idea for sure!

    • Inhama 08.24.12 at 06:00

      It is people like you who make things like this happen.

  • Carnivore Swag 08.24.12 at 05:58

    I tend to agree, Premium dis, EA…

  • YouMadBruhh55 08.24.12 at 05:54

    hope armored kill isnt as shitty as this

  • gtrgod 08.24.12 at 05:53

    Damn… I thought it was gonna be like Xmas… but it turned out more like fucken April Fools !

  • BilateralKarma0 08.24.12 at 05:53

    ahhohoho good one dice now give us what we paid for… what ur sayin all $110 gets me is a coloring book and a vote… fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccck!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 05:52

    lol they wont even make your map its the old elementary trick, now who can draw the best dinosaur raooor. give us new god dam character models or we will all kill you where you stand!

  • Psychoexile 08.24.12 at 05:52

    I Bought Premium This week, Cost me $65 AUD. Feel a bit like ive had my pants pulled down to be honest. Paid for Premium content not FREE artwork that i can find on FB & Youtube.
    I would prefer it if they used the money to fix the Sound, Glitch and Cheater issues.

    • Newcastlev2 08.24.12 at 06:13

      Well if the premium content included what it did…then you got what you asks for.
      Maybe you should have had some reference, assuming you have friends

  • ARMERIUS 08.24.12 at 05:50

    really this is a shooter not a fucking no more artwork bs plz.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 05:47

    look at my gravatar now look at your character models, you see what im saying? they are lame the american engineer looks like a redneck working in a shed drinking beers, the recons lmao why take away the ghillie suite and give us those rejects the support looks like hes gona go for a drive down a sunset blvrd, who seriously designed these models ? just give us new character models for bonus content its fair enough

  • Sypher 08.24.12 at 05:45

    Hai! guyz here’s some dumb pictures and a cheesy video of game play we showed in Europe! Oh, and please make a stupid map so we can choose it. K Thkx!

  • chingola777 08.24.12 at 05:43

    What everyone else said! Yea…that!

  • Lt_Kaiser-One 08.24.12 at 05:43

    I expected some dog tags or camouflage at least…

  • Mative69 08.24.12 at 05:42

    My ass drops better content then this, I would like a map or a weapon ill add those pics to google and the vid to youtube.

  • GhostTribe 08.24.12 at 05:37

    This is PREMIUM BONUS CONTENT? 24 pictures on August 29th. Sad stuff. Since the beginning of August I’ve been impatiently awaiting for this content drop. I thought it would be a weapon, a multiplayer skin, or a new camo. I began to believe it must be something really awesome because it appeared you guys needed every second of August because it took right until the end of the month to release this content drop. Then the official release date and content is revealed. 24 pictures. It took all month? What do we get next content drop, a list of potential titles for the DLC?

    Karkand Returns
    Close Combat
    Armored Battle
    Game Over

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 05:32

    or he will kill you where you stand!

  • ARMERIUS 08.24.12 at 05:31

    Seriously .. this is all BS, just release the expansion and save time making more content instead of all this crap . who gives a F.. about artwork in a shooter? a fucking video?? like if its not going to be on youtube 3 minutes later… really at least give us more camos …or a f… pony if you want… just shove your artwork up yours…and release the damn dlc.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 05:30

    or i will kill you where you stand!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 05:29

    i still cant get over it lol, who are these 1.1k nobs actually liking what has happened here? just give us the option to change our character models they look like absolute geeks. the russian engineer looks fine the russian assualt is too only its revealed nose makes it look like a garden gnome, just give us badass character models like ghillie suite

  • warlord157 08.24.12 at 05:27

    here i thought dice is better than Infinity ward at activision with content
    well that was not true

  • shenanigans1010 08.24.12 at 05:15

    not much of a content drop, a digital book… I would have been more happy with some cheeses avatar items for xbox live… well can’t wait for the new xpac

  • s7a5 08.24.12 at 05:11

    BS i want my money back… I will never buy this premium crap ever again when they release bc3 or bf4
    u gonna have to try harder to get my money next time DICE :)

  • Phantom-Green666 08.24.12 at 05:05

    They should make a map in a trailer park. HAH!

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 05:01

    AK footage wont even be of console games. It will be of MAX SETTINGS ON PC…

  • Archer_210 08.24.12 at 05:01

    “Premium members is an ‘exclusive’ high-res artwork booklet” . . . . you know they will be on google in less than an hour of their release right? so this content drop that i have been all excited for was just a troll. =_= dice do us a favor next time, on the next magic box or what ever put something significant to game play in it, not your scrap book from summer camp, yes yes we are sure you had fun their but we don’t care. O and just to make sure im just going to say it out right “I AM DISAPPOINTED WITH THE CONTENT DROP DISAPPOINTED~” i know a lot of game devs like to stick their fingers in their ears and go la la la la laaaa and ignore any bad feed back so im saying it out right “CONTENT DROP WAS POOPY, BAD, TERRIBLE, WAST OF TIME, ITS HARD TO DESCRIBE WITH OUT HARSH LANGUAGE. Its like you guys were procrastinating for weeks on it and when the release time came around you were like
    Dev 1: O man I was supposed to do the content drop.
    Dev 2: its fine just go scrounge some stuff up at the art department and scan it.
    Dev 1: Brilliant. . . . but is that ok?
    Dev 2: who care we already got their money . . . .
    Dev 1: O right of course silly me . . .

    yep kind of like that . . .

    • Phantom-Green666 08.24.12 at 05:08

      Hah! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Rodman Serling 08.24.12 at 05:11

      Well said. Besides the BS Map competition there is nothing here that is exclusive.
      content drop is F@#$iING % B#$%HIT F%^CK FU^K SH$#%*T

    • Inhama 08.24.12 at 05:32


  • x king doza x 08.24.12 at 04:57

    wow….glad i only paid 10 bucks for my premium membership.

  • ZDFODDER 08.24.12 at 04:55

    you will be disappointed with armored kill, too.

  • TheRealDOD 08.24.12 at 04:54

    Hey Guys, Armored Kill is almost here!. Patience is a virtue,remember?.

  • gen_griefous 08.24.12 at 04:53

    Most unoriginal map idea award needs to go to whoever pitched the ‘abandoned factory’ map. Yeah never seen anything like it.

  • ZDFODDER 08.24.12 at 04:52

    LOAD OF CRAP! Well, I will not be going “PREMIUM” any longer. I doubt Dice can recover many soured fans after this fiasco. What suckers we all are for pre-paying for a product that we know nothing about.
    I too, was under the impression we would be getting some content for “in game”. This is the LAMEST.
    This was the last payday for Dice, from me. I will not be suckered again.

  • SnapShotGaming 08.24.12 at 04:52

    premium member ak comes out on the 11th non come out on 23 or something

  • Flying0Dutchman 08.24.12 at 04:51

    everyone complaining we be taken much more seriously if they hadn’t bought premium in the first place. Speak with your wallets people.

  • ScorzNZL 08.24.12 at 04:50

    Shove all that up your mud pipe, give me a release date for BF3AK. Art sucks, and I’m not on this to rank up – I’m here for fun.

  • SnapShotGaming 08.24.12 at 04:50

    wow i didnt buy premium for some artwork and videos.i got premium for the in game content and all the stuff ea and dice said….but no they gave us crap….i dont want to sound like a baby but i think everybody who bought premium should GET WHAT THEY PAID FOR!!….next bonus content better be good.

  • Death1099 08.24.12 at 04:47

    to top it off the took b2k off as bonus content. Dice/ea cover up:)

  • Bydo-X 08.24.12 at 04:47

    I expected bonus drops to be something trivial like dogtags or weapon info so i dont mind much. The line about “enhancing your battlefield experience” was a bit much heheh.

    It could never have been guns because that could give premium players a definate gameplay advantage over non premium players (the exclusive camos are really an insignificant advantage). Non-premium players wouldnt stand for it and i myself think they are doing the right thing not giving premium players real advantages over non-premium players. (i got premium)

  • TheStigma 08.24.12 at 04:35

    What a joke… not a single piece of actual in-game content. Not even something trivial like a new gun camo – much less something that would ACTUALLY be somewhat interesting like say – a single new gun, map or feature.

    You do realize that the VAST majority of your paying customers won’t even bother to consume this “content” right?…

    What an utter disappointment. Should I even bother to check what gets released in the next “bogus content” drop? If this is the best you can do then just don’t promise anything at all – your reputation will suffer far less damage from it if you are at least up front with us about what we can expect.

    • -Chief-SmakAho-0 08.24.12 at 04:53

      I don’t know about you but i paid for premium for the maps and the knife not the party favors those are just bonuses if you can make a better game why don’t you start your own company you negetive nancy F

  • DarthWookie 08.24.12 at 04:33

    Holy shit we are getting wallpaper! FUCK ME GUYS! This is the shit right here.

  • MFGImmortal 08.24.12 at 04:31

    Why Premium is so expensive in INDONESIA, Indonesia’s economy isn’t same with singapore’s economy. 64 S$ is expensive. I hope the price of premium in indonesia is same as in India

  • Battlefueled 08.24.12 at 04:30

    $59.95 says someone gets fired tomorrow. In an ironic twist, they will have plenty of time to put the video and the booklet into their loadout.

  • ?Mr.Guy? 08.24.12 at 04:27

    this game is shitty now i get pissed of playing it and we get wallpapers? wtf WALLPAPERS????? are you shitting me DICE!!!!!!!???

    • Tony4TL 08.24.12 at 04:29

      i think its funny you think this game is shitty but your worried about the content, lol.

  • Omit Zz 08.24.12 at 04:26

    Artwork? Are you guys serious? We give you guys money and you give us IMAGES? What a joke.

  • ?Mr.Guy? 08.24.12 at 04:25

    shit…complete shit

  • alfakill33 08.24.12 at 04:24

    sucks we have no say in the bonus drop content. we can rant and rant at them but nothing will Chang it thanks dice real f**ken great

  • roadrunner8910 08.24.12 at 04:21

    this is total garbage DICE must be trying to piss off all of theyre loyal customers im ok with crappy content, but dont wait ALL MONTH to tell us we get to look at some of your stupid pictures.WTF i give up on any faith i had in this company

  • LuiguiPR 08.24.12 at 04:20

    Fuck you Battlefield 3 and DICE and EA and you mothers

  • FreakSlush 08.24.12 at 04:17

    Wow really we pretty much much bought another game for premium and they give us artwork i admit the expansion packs are AMAZING! But I thought the content drops were gonna be something we all been waiting for like battle recorder or spectating in the game

  • Xsaint_skeez23X 08.24.12 at 04:16

    Hahaha DICE…

  • HomerSimpsn 08.24.12 at 04:02

    OMG, STFU you whiners. Bitching about what you got for Premium? How about 1/2 price DLC you morons. Well not QUITE 1/2 if you already had Karkland, but still, pretty discounted.

    • Creativematrix 08.24.12 at 04:13

      That’s not the point……..If you release something that is “premium” Then that means only premium people should get access to it….I’m I right? But this content is so crappy that by the end of the day of them uploading it it will be our on the web for everyone to see and experience. That why its bull!

    • Creativematrix 08.24.12 at 04:15

      I’ll explain it to you since you don’t understand the problem

  • Alpheon 08.24.12 at 04:00

    It boggles the mind at how entitled you people feel you are…

  • Mybullets9 08.24.12 at 03:55

    Buddy rant somewhere else, somewhere where your shit can be herd, not here.

    • IAKO 08.24.12 at 03:57

      90% of the posts on this topic are rants…and for good reason… this is exactly the place the vent about it.

  • MALIC10US 08.24.12 at 03:53

    Wow!!! Thanks DICE!!! I can’t wait to see how watching this pictures will improve my game and give me an advantage over my competitors!!!

  • soccerdudej 08.24.12 at 03:52

    There are Thousands and Thousands of guns in the world….and dice couldnt even add one more to the game for us who paid 60$….EA blows….

    • RAMPAG3 R3B0RN 08.24.12 at 03:54

      all the morons like you dont realize that you paid 50$ for the map packs the rest were just things to keep us playing the game like double xp its either 50$ for all 5 map packs or 100$ for all 5 which do you choose

  • Catywompus99 08.24.12 at 03:50

    I want my money back. I have always been a huge fan of BF. I hate COD. Stop with the bs and give us real perks for being premium members. Or, just continue to ass rape the ones of us that pay your salaries.

    • Mybullets9 08.24.12 at 03:52

      Bitch take it easy and shut up, okay. ” I want my money back” useless dickhead. Its not like $100K you are paying for.

  • Saber008 08.24.12 at 03:49

    Glad I didn’t go Premium……Poor bastards

  • Creativematrix 08.24.12 at 03:42

    My thoughts on this BullS@#t!

  • THEAUSSIECOMRADE 08.24.12 at 03:41

    THIS IS CRAP, give us ingame content. I payed 60 dollars for this to get a wallpaper. Come on Dice, dont be a little bitch

  • bomber1963 08.24.12 at 03:41

    and really… we get to see a video of maps 3 day before they’re released on ps3 how awesome is that?

  • lllWARCHILDlll 08.24.12 at 03:39

    A video. Artwork. And a chance to tell you a map idea. The video is probably made with the Battlerecorder Daniel Matros Counter-confirmed the confirmation of it “not existing” on the games launch date. Which honestly I dont care about your videos, and there are better videos by the players without the battlerecorder matros counter-confirmed the non-existance of on twitter to tell people we would have one but never got and still dont have. So thanks for the reminder we never got what he said we would that we didnt. Artwork…. are you guys secretly laughing in your cubicles at the fact that you took money and youve pretty much created a few camos? I find it amusing that not only did premium members PAY for those camos, but we have to jump through these stupid hoops to use a paintjob for a gun… and its only been the same guns that had camos before. Lastly… YOU DONT LISTEN TO THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS WHEN WE DO TELL YOU ANYTHING about the game and what we would like, and thats on top of the constant changes you make we arent made aware of. So what would make me think youd listen to my thoughts on a map?
    No. Fail. Sad. None of this is of ANY use. Its insulting to be called “Premium” member by you and the only difference between us and those that arent is the few bucks we saved on the map content. Everything else other than the DLC youve given is useless camos, useless videos, and useless crap. Its becoming embarassing now. Theres no difference between doing THIS as a content drop, and the garbage IW or 3ARC DROPS to the Crap of Duty fanboys. Its abysmally like drag sucking a fart out of a pedobears acne infected butthole. Anybody can disagree I dont care. This is useless garbage and its insulting to give things we cant use in a game that we can enjoy. I wont watch the vid because it doesnt benefit me. The art is bested by what the actual community makes… and its useless and serves no purpose. AND ITS A CONTRIDICTION asking what we want on/as a map, when you havent listened to the majority since release date. Its wierd, I knew it was going to be useless garbage, I just didnt know it would be THAT useless.

  • Inhama 08.24.12 at 03:38

    I used to dislike premiums for encouraging horrible business practices, but I would never wish for a content drop like this on anyone.

  • bomber1963 08.24.12 at 03:38

    actually we expected a fitfy dollar blow job. we paid fifty bucks

  • Laban-Seigmann 08.24.12 at 03:31

    What the fuck did you guys expect? A free blowjob?

    You are the ones that paid for this anyways.

    I’m actually quite cool with this.

    • redneck3383 08.24.12 at 03:37

      Fuck you we wanted the stuff that was promised like actually enhancing game play.

  • bomber1963 08.24.12 at 03:25

    People left COD and came to battlefield for the same reasons people are going to leave battlefield and go to ARMA

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 03:25

    LOL impossibru!!!

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 03:23

    Buy extenze to get your enhancement. None here

  • CrazyE45 08.24.12 at 03:22

    RippeRAngel128 is illustrating exactly what Dice is giving us

  • CrazyE45 08.24.12 at 03:21

    What he said

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 03:21

    Premium video is developers going door 2 door fucking anyone who said they bought premium. Oh and the gay video of watching someone else playing on PC with MAX SETTINGS…

  • demonofspark 08.24.12 at 03:21

    cool artwork…a five year old can copy that from a website and into his computer to distribute to the public (that are not premium). i waited all these weeks just to see 24 pictures? sure i guess its cool but WTF have you been doing since the last content drop?! this should have been added as a tag along thing. …i dont see my bf3 enjoyment enhancing…at all…

  • RippeRAngel128 08.24.12 at 03:20


  • Stealth_Hunter11 08.24.12 at 03:19

    Like any of us really fucking care about getting a bunch of concept are an seeing the Armored Kill gameplay video its retarded that you guys think we are that fucking simple we want more out of Premium not this shit camos that look crappy on the guns you choose, were being fucking screwed for paying 50 bucks to get more out of the game !!!!!!!

  • WolfPak_Surfbum 08.24.12 at 03:18

    you can make up for this by putting on your dice tags & actually getting your skinny asses onto the servers …. i want the M1911 S-TAC ….. hint .. hint hint

  • Inhama 08.24.12 at 03:16

    Premiums are being screwed just like the non-premiums, your payment only delayed the inevitable; now they they have your cash in their pockets.

  • McAsskicker1984 08.24.12 at 03:15

    The best part is the day after this art work is released any ole a$$hole ( non premium member) will be able to just google and have access to the same crap I paid for. Not that anyone really cares to look at some shitty art anyway.

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 03:14

    <<<<<<<<<<< enough said

  • llCloakll 08.24.12 at 03:12

    I switched to BF because of the BS COD had. Now I trusted you guys and that’s how you treated us? I hope this doesn’t happen again.

  • cgild77 08.24.12 at 03:12

    I wasn’t expecting much for a Bonus Content, but seriously, keeping a couple artwork things secret for a month was the surprise you had in mind? I would be thoroughly pissed off if just buying all the expansion packs ended up being cheaper than Premium, but if you guys really want to milk the shit out of Premium, you are going to need to pick up the ball because this is a serious turn off for many people. I’m looking forward to Armored Kill at least, but I would have saved money by not even buying Close Quarters already. For an “innovative destruction experience,” I sure haven’t played any CQ maps for a while…

  • XxlACElxX 08.24.12 at 03:11

    DICE are u kidding me ?????? a book that will be all over google and a video that will be uploaded on YouTube for everyone to see so what the heck do we exclusively get after all that hype they do this good job you save money with premium else I’d want my money back all we got so far is 2 crappy camos on 4 guns where’s all the stuff they promised…..DICE you let us down DON’T let this happen again….

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 03:08

    i didnt care bout ME3 ending cause i didnt pay extra, im pissed off cause australians had to pay $70 to $80 for premium, our $ is to the same value as americas dollar, i dont like close quarters but got premium so i wouldn’t miss out on the game enhancing bonus content drop promised so how i see it not only did i pay $30 more than most premium i also lost money by having close quarters in the deal when i could of saved $ by buying indevidually. so i payed over $30 for pictures?

  • l Perry l 08.24.12 at 03:08

    How about instead of making “electronic art books” you make real ones and send them. also, i would rather NO CHEATS and a FASTER way of BANNING HACKERS
    (i made some words capped so even dice workers can see my main points)

  • lilnjay 08.24.12 at 03:08

    Dic i dont now what to say guys…. CMON i mean i KNOW you guys can do beter than this! I mean the first bonus content drop was Back to Karkand and that was great! I mean compared this…. CMON DICE what have you been doing for the past month just to give us some artwork? But anyways im looking forward to armord kill looks great despite what anyone says about it im not trying to be a rager or anything but i know u guys could do better than this! I was with u guys since Battlefield:Bad Company and im pre-ordering Medal of Honor to get access later to ur bf4 beta by the way nice job supporting medal of honor looks like a great game as well…. Anyways i hope u guys learn not to do this with any other bonus content drop and give us an something as an apology wuld be really nice :D

  • Warpaint_Jesus 08.24.12 at 03:07

    Are you serious? and art booklet? Great new wallpapers… oh, how have i lived with out this!

  • RippenHarra 08.24.12 at 03:07

    EA shafts its Loyal Customers again Fucking lame! Glad im not buying into MOH now.

  • Capitan_Vader 08.24.12 at 03:06

    If you wanted to sell more premium memberships you should make it attractive to the buyer, in this case some wallpaper art
    is not attractive. How about new guns or skins or new maps for premium only. 15 million copies of the game sold and you can only get 1/15th of your customers to buy…for shame… :(

  • Elizeu159 08.24.12 at 03:05

    Facebook page is off, i cant share anything…

  • Mortal_Erick 08.24.12 at 03:05

    F@$K, I didn’t expect this. The lowest of my expectations was some gun Skins, I think no one expected ARTWORK!! Very Disappointing

  • WolfPak_Surfbum 08.24.12 at 03:03

    love your game but …… this ” BONUS CONTENT ” is frigging lame ” BOGUS CONTENT ” is closer to the mark …… do i get drink before or after this buttfucking your giving us ….

  • RED_RAM_ROD 08.24.12 at 03:03

    Hey Dice you could have thrown in a free set of steak knifes with the booklet !

  • kscotty 08.24.12 at 03:02

    They had better pull their finger out come february next year, if they offer another premium service i will wait till all the content is out before considering. Dice and their community, not even putting the customer first!!

  • RED_RAM_ROD 08.24.12 at 03:02

    “Competition” who ever makes the best anti august content drop comments can have my bonus content booklet free !!!

  • ChikPunWing 08.24.12 at 03:02

    I bet most of the butthurt people posting about how they got “ripped off” by DICE were the same people who were butthurt about things from mass effect or nfs or some other franchise. Do you guys think about what goes into making a game like this? I’m not saying the game is perfect or anything but it’s not like they threw it together in a week made you pay 60 bucks for it. The premium pack is FIVE, count them, FIVE, expansion packs with new maps and weapons and vehicles and what not. Are you seriously bitching about the months in between dlc not having enough bonus content? Obviously so. I would have to say I’m embarrassed and quite disappointed my fellow Battlefield gamers are so inconsiderate and generally crybabies. Now, let’s see how many people prove their massive butthurt by responding to this comment negatively.

    • CrazyE45 08.24.12 at 03:07

      We’re “butthurt” because we paid for in-game content and got artwork. That artwork will be out on the internet within minutes of release. Why would I want that anyway???

    • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 03:09

      U must be 18 years old… you kids don’t mind getting fucked. Its called being held accountable you fucking push over. So an art book is worth the same as Karkand? That’s a 15 dollar map pack. That some people bought before premium came out. Fuckin jerkoff idiot. Suck their Dick some more… let them know bad buisness ia ok. So the art book enhances are Bf experience?

      • ChikPunWing 08.24.12 at 03:36

        Since you made my age 18 based on my comment, I shall decide you are probably still in grade school seeing as you have the same grammatical and spelling errors prevalent during those years. You paid 50 dollars for premium for 5 map packs. You are getting artwork because DICE decided to release it. They never said “haha you don’t get those map packs anymore because we have your money already”. B2K was included with pre orders as well. The fact you didn’t jump on it at first does not give you the right to bash them for charging now.

  • CrazyE45 08.24.12 at 03:01

    Dear Dice. I prefer to have the people F’ing me to at least take me out to dinner first and put on some lipstick.

  • SSDeathBunny 08.24.12 at 03:01

    electronic art booklet?! not even physical… I’ll just wait for the premium BF4 package deal, cheaper and I won’t get into the hypes. Still disappointedddd

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 03:00

    you know the best part is we even have to wait until the 29th to see these pics i kid you not i couldnt draw the scenery that good by i can draw way better character models then what they have done, new in game character models is worthy enough it doesnt put premium at any advantage, only we would no longer look like geeks

  • MentalPit 08.24.12 at 03:00

    F U Dice

  • RED_RAM_ROD 08.24.12 at 02:59

    Dear Dice

    You could have at least bought us a drink before fucking us in the ass with this ass pumping content drop !!!!!!!!

  • CrazyE45 08.24.12 at 02:59

    Just like the US Army, promising great things, and getting bent over. Glad I spent the money on a picture book.

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 02:59

    Fuck dog tags those are as gay as the shitty gun camos for only 4 guns. Thank God I actually use he f2000. Epic fucking fail…

  • Mortal_Erick 08.24.12 at 02:56

    OMG!!! All this wait for just a f#@ing Artwork booklet? Damn you DICE, If I knew I was getting this Sh3tti content I wouldn’t have bought Premium. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT !!!!

  • kscotty 08.24.12 at 02:56

    Dice’s hate mail is over9000! So it should be!

  • Capitan_Vader 08.24.12 at 02:55

    cant we have new dog tags or something
    not bs pictures,

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:54

    double xp event doesnt even have a australian server you racists pricks! so im expected to go on another server and lag on the spot until im shot? we payed more than $50 dollars yet our currency is to the value of the american dollar?

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 02:54

    No lube dice? Straight up nothin fuckin…

  • WaxTadpole 08.24.12 at 02:53

    Was thinking about getting premium but now that I see how you treat premium players I will just get the Armored Kill DLC.

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 02:52

    You got punked! Oh I mean enhanced…

  • rnovak88 08.24.12 at 02:49

    you guys fuking suck! what the F do you want me to do with art work. its not like its framed and sent to my house!! you can defiantly guarantee that 1.3 million members are giving tons of crap over the bullshit ideas you fuckers make! you just ruined your options for selling battlefield 4 premium you dumb fags.
    Its a fucking game! not an art gallery. if i wanted to go play with pictures and shit i would have bought fucking magic or yugioh.
    we need things to fuck shit up!! not this bullshit. fucking ANONYMOUS should rain a storm of shit on your bitchass servers for taking our money and giving us crap over the extras you assholes promoted!

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 02:48

    Could somebody please unleash the KRAKEN! :D

  • dogsnutts 08.24.12 at 02:46

    As dice say i am not gay you’re gay for eating my cock meat sandwich fuck you dice this is just a load of shit i bought bf3 premium to have extras in the game and fuck you guys who are sticking up for dice your sucking dice cock or you’re probably a dice employee trying to turn the tide of the forum just fix it give us something we can use in game or lose gamers to other games ;<

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:44

    this forum is for those of us who feel cheated by the hype of the bonus content drop, you obviously dont mind but you chose to come here and hate on the extreme majority of dissaponted premium players because doominoss your a hater, lets just say hypertheticly if thats how its spelt, anyway lets just say if we could turn this debate physical doominoss are you aware of the fact your out numbered? i mean i would let em watch while i just turn your nasal into a snub nose

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 02:43

    Can’t wait to be “enhanced” EA & Dice in November! lol

  • robotic crow 08.24.12 at 02:42

    we pay we say?

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:41

    roducer Sara Jansson är skyldig hon är en tjuv

  • robotic crow 08.24.12 at 02:40

    i would of been happier getting nothing.. then a book ill look at for 45 secs then forget about it.. cant u just make like 5 new dogs tags or something that atleast adds game play…..

  • Sakib 08.24.12 at 02:39

    Pathetic “Premium” events!

  • TheDiaperButtKid 08.24.12 at 02:37

    Duh! You need to say it in Swedish to get their attention.

    I det fall du DICE jävlar inte kan läsa engelska: Alla dessa kommentarer är negativa. Detta “innehåll drop” var inte värt någonting till en Premium-spelare. Förväntningen var ett nytt vapen eller två, och / eller några prestationerna att låsa något.

    Ni är idioter för att tro att du kan skicka den här skiten-korg ut som “lek föränderligt innehåll”.

    • QULLi 08.24.12 at 02:48

      That really didn’t make too much sense. Though agreeing to most of the neg comments over here. How about you guys at DICE launch the real release of this game (without all the bugs).

  • xI 4M ANARCHYx 08.24.12 at 02:37

    How is this enhancing are experience? Well maybe if I played on pc it would make go back grounds and stuff, but I don’t. At lest premium was worth the map packs, but I could have save my money and just bought them as they came out. I hope they lesson to all the negative feed back on this subject.

  • DuxNutz 08.24.12 at 02:37

    Wow…Seem judging from all the positive comments.. someone has made a public relations IUD…..KABOOM!!!!

  • Chipman77 08.24.12 at 02:36

    It’s one thing to give us crappy stuff that we were promised. But when we are promises something better than crap, that’s a different thing. EA needs to get their act together. This is what happens when you get a bunch of pothead englanders and swedes to make you a game.

  • Insulse 08.24.12 at 02:35

    This better be some kind of trolling act. I didn’t pay 50$ to get a few wallpapers. If I wanted wallpapers so badly I could’ve designed them myself.

    • NAMUHEB 08.24.12 at 02:39

      I agree with the anger from everyone , but just to e clear your right you didn’t pay $50 for wallpapers you paid $50 for the maps .

    • BuckarooBanzai 08.24.12 at 02:39

      you are correct…you didnt pay 50 dollars for wallpapers. you paid that for the expansion packs, everything else is extra. stop sounding like a spoiled child.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:34

    lol doominoss really? you got nothing better to do? it obviously doesnt concern you n yet you put yourself in the middle of it? where im from we have a word for your kind, haters. a jealous insignificant breed of human whom will never amount to shit

    • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:35

      I agree, Doominoss is 40 years old and still lives in his mothers basement Can you say uber fail in life lol

    • Doominoss 08.24.12 at 02:36

      I have premium. what are you on about?

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:33

    it only takes 2 people to start a class action law suit for false advertising…

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 02:33

    I feel violated by August bonus content drop…

  • PhattyTatty666 08.24.12 at 02:33

    im pathetic? or are you talking about ALL the pissed off premium players?

  • Devilskabanaboy 08.24.12 at 02:32

    are you serious dice\ea this is a joke we pay good money upfront for all the content and we get artwork for our bonus content drop its bonus content dice which most players believe is for the game not something to look at for 5 seconds and then be done with it considering your map advertising it stated its content drop is to enhance your battlefield experience explain to me dice how artwork is going to achieve this not happy dice!!!!!!

  • Doominoss 08.24.12 at 02:31

    That you’re pathetic and you know it. crying over some free shit. Fuck off

  • lol0912345 08.24.12 at 02:31

    “Enhance your Battlefield 3™ experience with this bonus content drop” I see in no way how a book of art work will enhance my experience at all…

  • PhattyTatty666 08.24.12 at 02:31

    truth hurts? what do you mean?

  • Boss-Castro 08.24.12 at 02:30

    hahaha they wait untill the end of august to drop pictures n a video? the way i figured was THROUGHOUT the month they would be releasing things. AND what is so premium about players giving developers ideas to crate a new map? wow and making people share this for more hours of double xp? seriously?

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:29

    this is what i cant understand, they knew about all the speculation and hype they have been causing over this bonus content so how can they justify what was given, they are human rite? have feelings compassion n all that?

    • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:31

      Nope there money grubbing thieves who don’t give a shit about the people who pay to play there games. There only in it for the bottom line and we just got fucked for it.

  • Doominoss 08.24.12 at 02:29

    truth hurts phattytattyfuckwit

  • King0fthe0zone1 08.24.12 at 02:28

    This dude dropped Novalogic LoL! I remember the DF2 days, when shit was free and done the right way.

  • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 02:28

    am i the only one who loves that the ones who are telling us to stfu are non-premium members?

    • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:29

      Welfare doesn’t cover premium purchase lol

  • PhattyTatty666 08.24.12 at 02:28

    suck a dick doominoss

  • PhattyTatty666 08.24.12 at 02:26

    Wiskey Tango Foxtrot! My ass just dropped better content than this! Seriously.

  • Doominoss 08.24.12 at 02:26

    Wow, you’re getting 5 map packs (4 if you’ve already purchased b2k) for a couple of hours pay and you’re still complaining. You’re all pathetic.

  • GunCrack 08.24.12 at 02:25

    I must admit, the artwork stuff should’ve be free and paying for video that will be put on youtube the same day? If we put the dlc away, this truly doesn’t worth 50$. I hope the next soldier upgrade will not be again some ugly useless camo for weapons that nobody use.

  • Saintz Assasin 08.24.12 at 02:24

    Wow that bonus contet is a bunch of BS

  • JOCK2K9 08.24.12 at 02:21


  • EXILE157 08.24.12 at 02:20

    I don’t understand these DICE Fucks!?…DICE making want to go dig in the crates & dust off my old FPS game like NovaLogic Joint Operations Escalation!!!…Which DICE really trying to bite off!!!…Since 1998 I’ve been playing NovaLogic & they truly understood the whole concept of FPS & Customizing your Soldier & the sickest endless maps!!!….Its sad that within the business disagreement NovaLogic fell….For those that don’t know check it out, its old but man was it fun!!!….

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:19

    these guns are cool ideas but also have potential of causing another riot but new character models is fair game and logical and m8 in australia we payed alot more than $50 even tho our $ is the same value as american currency

    • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 02:23

      that is true, making models does take time, but they had plenty of time to make them. it also shows dice shows no attention to the community’s opinion.

  • xxreignxx 08.24.12 at 02:18

    Dice! I dont know what to say. You really dissapointed alot of people with this news. Alot of people bought into premium expecting something special. And you throw us some artwork which should be posted for free on your website. This is how you treat your true fans who payed you in advance for a product. basically gave you a free loan. Give us more ingame playable content and maybe, just maybe the community will forgive you.

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:18

    =gunhe4d= i understand you know what all the developers man juice taste like but keep out of the convo man and stay on your knees where you belong…

    • =gunhe4d= 08.24.12 at 02:23

      It’s not a conversation, it’s a bunch of children at recess complaining that the teacher only gave them ice cream after their play time on the swing set because they want cookies too!

  • jony442907 08.24.12 at 02:18

    The only Art we care about is the Art of war!

  • PostalDude88 08.24.12 at 02:18

    thank god I got premium for $20 from India, otherwise I would be really pssed.

  • SteelMinion 08.24.12 at 02:17

    Look, Dice, let me level with you guys. I love your games. I really do. Been with you since Battlefield 1942. And I’m going to to say this in a way that doesn’t involve swearing, and maybe one of you guys can show it to your boss or whoever is making these awful decisions:

    We don’t care, at all, about “exclusive” videos, or gun skins, or art, or any of that garbage. We don’t. It’s useless to us, and you guys trying to justify it as premium content is patronizing. Everything you posted here doesn’t feel like it was worth the money I shelled out for your premium content.

    You know what would be great? If you just randomly decided to add free content for the game. I already payed for premium, I don’t mind. Just one day, add some free stuff. For the guys that don’t have it. That would put you right in my books.

    This premium idea has potential to be really great. Turn it around.

  • SANDINYOURVAG 08.24.12 at 02:17

    elete LMAO!

  • deadrandomhero 08.24.12 at 02:16

    nice art work to bad people are going to just look at it once then never look at it again.. people didnt buy premium to look at art… if battlefield fans cared about art they would be spending their time and money at art galley’s not on bf3

  • gtrgod 08.24.12 at 02:16

    wtf is “elete”!? LOL!

  • imps-poiss 08.24.12 at 02:16

    Commercial and couple of screenshots? I feel that “bonus content” is s.c.a.m. Please give us something that is really concidered PREMIUM and appreciated.

  • =gunhe4d= 08.24.12 at 02:15

    y’all are sounding like a bunch of crybabies right now. grow up and get over it. buying a $50 expansion pack does not make you special or elete. Play the game and have fun or go spend your money on something else it’s not that big a deal.

  • xCRAZYKILLAAx 08.24.12 at 02:15


  • PostalDude88 08.24.12 at 02:15

    Good thing that EA stock is dropping down.
    After EA is gone, maybe DICE can get a decent publisher and be free to do whatever content they want.

    I bet if it was up to DICE, wouldn’t be dealing with this bullsh!t.

  • SANDINYOURVAG 08.24.12 at 02:14

    Where’s my MINI GUN FUCKERS!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:14

    why didnt they give me a dildo when i preorderd this game, detailed instruction that when bonus content drop is to arrive incert here

  • xCRAZYKILLAAx 08.24.12 at 02:13

    why u torture us like this

  • AxPhenom 08.24.12 at 02:13

    Seriously… how is this Premium content even “Premium”. All these pictures and videos can be posted on the Internet in like 5 minutes.

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:13

    Talk about some BullS&^T We all need to boycott they game for 30 day’s.

  • WCFCream8orCole 08.24.12 at 02:12

    Very disappointed and close quarters was also a disappointment and is clear for all to see since very few people play those maps. So lame the next bonus content drop should just be a picture of the dice crew giving us all the finger while sitting on the beach with fruity cocktails.

  • xCRAZYKILLAAx 08.24.12 at 02:12


  • gman9mm 08.24.12 at 02:11

    i bet they pulled it out of their asses because they forgot about it until people tweeted or blogged them about it. they were like “OH SHIT. REMEMBER WE WERE SUPPOSED TO DO A CONTENT DROP!?” then they searched for something then couldn’t find anything. then they found some concept art files and said, “these will do.” and bam! instant hatred from the community. they need to listen more. i would’ve like some new weapons: the FN minimi, the DSR-1 sniper rifle, the Beretta ARX-150A, and the tar-21. hey! i could be your new creative designer! dicks…

  • xCRAZYKILLAAx 08.24.12 at 02:11


  • Wraith_3Snpr 08.24.12 at 02:10

    I had to check to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. What’s next, exclusive sound files of the guns in the game?

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:10

    bunch of cream beards!

  • xCRAZYKILLAAx 08.24.12 at 02:09


  • Avtr212 08.24.12 at 02:09

    lol, I suspected this would happen. Just said to my mate tonight, if the bonus content isn’t playable all hell will break loose! I was only right! Dice/EA we don’t give a shit about videos, screenshots, competitions and all the rest of it, we just want extra content for the game. More Weapons, more maps, more vehicles and above all else LESS CHEATS!!! Find a way to stop all the friggin’ hacking!!!

  • gtrgod 08.24.12 at 02:09

    Bonus content drop? BOGUS CUNTENT DUMP!

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:08

    Next time please send a jar of lube so i be be ready for the violation…

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:08

    um i got ripped m8 cause i dont like close quarters, i only joined premium for these so called bonus content drops that were said to be game changing

  • GlockAcid 08.24.12 at 02:06

    Calm down people it’s dice they are only in it for the money we got duped. I mean really We buy the game then the expansion with BS maps and crap hit detector for our shots. The expansion funded there new exotic cars they never planned on adding new game content with the drops that are to be exclusive to premium members.

  • SynzAlot-Vi 08.24.12 at 02:06

    im sorry i must have missed something… What has happened that everyone is raging about?

  • I Am Coopa 08.24.12 at 02:06

    DICE….you disappoint me.EA has truly brainwashed you all.You seem to use only a few community suggestions,you are now just another EA puppet.If you still have a brain and any creativity,leave EA.Do the world a favor,just obtain the source code for the game and Frostbite,then use Bethesda as a publisher.On top of this,file a lawsuit against EA for overworking you guys.Plus fire the moronic asshole who came up with this “content drop”

  • MadTurnip 08.24.12 at 02:05

    I am going to give you guys one more chance. I have said this over and over, but I still fork over the money. I have purchased every BF title since 1942 and different platforms, mainly PC, and I swear if next months content isn’t actual content then I will not purchase BF4 and will find another franchise to love. I love Battlefield, but this PREMIUM stuff isn’t very PREMIUM for the price. I just hope we actually get all said expansions!

  • snipershot01 08.24.12 at 02:04


  • DuxNutz 08.24.12 at 02:04

    Thanks for the content EA….as far as I am concerned DLC alone more than made it worth my 50 bucks…Stop whining and go back to PacMan….wocca wocca wocca……

  • Flying0Dutchman 08.24.12 at 02:03

    yay wallpaper? surprised they didn’t throw screensavers in too. That would have been salt in the wounds!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:03

    im so angry im not even spelling good right anymore, i see red hot flushes lol

  • Sniff My Gun 08.24.12 at 02:03

    Who ever came up with the idea of bonus content in dice should be fired

  • snipershot01 08.24.12 at 02:02


  • Ninferno 08.24.12 at 02:01

    Wow….well I’ll be sure to enjoy that 10 minutes of discussion you all had at DICE for this months content drop, I expect the same low level thinking in the coming Content Drops, how’s about a few pics of DICE member poop???

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 02:01

    im gona get a pillow case fill it up with bars of soap and walk through your complex swinging while wistling the another one bites the dust tune with a ww2 helmat on and a cigare in my mouth

  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 02:00


  • Moki82 08.24.12 at 02:00

    DICE to the fans
    Trololololol or?

    Some pics on a webpage.
    Giving you my ideas for free.
    Watching a commercial.

    Why am I paying for this?!
    Why did you think I would want to pay for this?

    You want free ideas? Hears one for ya!
    Make the bonus content a win win thing!
    Let your creativity flow!
    One map, one new (crazy) idea, game-mode/setting/vehicle-class/etc that you want to try to see “if it works”. We get a lot of fun, and you get information on “the topic” that you can use in the next game. See it as a idea beta lab! One map, one unique idea, that might fail, or spark of to something new!

  • mrheadbangerSWE 08.24.12 at 01:58

    Funniest comments in many years

  • AxPhenom 08.24.12 at 01:58

    DICE!! Give us ACTUAL game content, oh I don’t know PREMIUM WEAPONS???!!??

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:56

    i would of saved money if i didnt go premium, i dont play close quarters i only went premium for these so called bonus drops so i wouldnt miss out, you have literally false market and abused my already addicted gaming habits

  • bowman1271 08.24.12 at 01:55

    Artwork?? WTF? Ive been waiting a month for F*&%$%G artwork??? You got to be kiddin kiddin me. I was thinking of somthing like new character models mabey a guille suit for my sniper class. big letdown for sure. So when did yall start working on this bonus content? yesterday?

  • snipershot01 08.24.12 at 01:55

    this is fucking stupid the cammo’s for the guns and that needed to be on all guns not a few also this is stupid that it ment to enhance our game play how THE FUCK DOSE THIS HELP GAME PLAY GET UR FUCK BONUS CONTENT DROP SORTED AND FAST LIKE MAPS AND GUNS SO GET THIS FUCKING AHOLEING SHIT SORTED UR DICE AND EA RETARDS

  • Sniff My Gun 08.24.12 at 01:55

    What a complete load of shit. Who the hell wants pictures, why not camos or new guns. Premium is just another scam to get money .

  • FeLoN_Br 08.24.12 at 01:53

    and i thought that Blizzard had problems with D3

  • hannes2811 08.24.12 at 01:53

    yes dice give us the s-tac and we will forgive you!

  • flyingb33 08.24.12 at 01:52

    Seriously DICE what type of radio-active milk powder did you grew up drinking with? $60 and for the whole august so called content drops is just some freaking videos and wall paper with some 2x xp??

  • BOSSC351 08.24.12 at 01:51

    Oh my fu*kin god!!!!!!!!!! Premium artwork????????????????????? Kiss my ass if you folks think this is worth a sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE for this game. I WILL NOT preorder or BUY content for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Yall just fu*ked all your customers with this one. And I thought it couldn’t get worse than da*n cammo crap. This shit artwork is already everywhere on the INTERNET dumbasses.!!!!! How is this exclusive!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Trombone482 08.24.12 at 01:51

    honestly I am pretty disappointed that we waited 23 days for this. As much as I am stoked for AK, you guys said that monthly content drops will enhance the game experience. How does this do that?

    • Trombone482 08.24.12 at 01:52

      excuse me, it doesn’t even come out till the 29th!?!?!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:50

    EVERYONE will just see the bonus content drop on youtube premium or NOT!

  • shadowlight0168 08.24.12 at 01:49

    May I ask WTF are you trying to do? you just made all of the people all over the world not wanting to play BF3 or even look at BF4, I’m thinking of not buying no more games from dice, please fix this or you will have no more money maker for you, :-(

  • hmmmth3awesome 08.24.12 at 01:48

    So basically, the premium content drop for August has no effect whatsoever in how we play the game.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:48

    the australian $ is at 1.05 or so cents so why did i have to pay twice as much not only for the game but also premium?

  • FeLoN_Br 08.24.12 at 01:46

    So i’m not american and i paid R$200 in this game plus premium. And why i did that? So i can play with most options then the average perason. Since the purchase i got some camos that i pid for, and i have to fight for because i have to make stupid assignments (like 25 claymor kills) to get the cammos, and my knife was changed to some orange thingy, and i cant change to the other one. And in every month i get videos end some other stupid stuf, that any one can have in the internet and some XP weekends. If i worked in DICE company i would be ashamed, because i dont do this to my clients in my job.

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:45

    and if i do end up getting my new character models but around the time end game comes out i will kill you all where you stand! give the recons their F#*$% wookie suite, and all the other classes new models

  • reino_reppuli 08.24.12 at 01:45

    The whole Premium has been such a let down. I wish I hadn’t bought this :(

  • ASLayerAODsk 08.24.12 at 01:43

    if you printed out the pictures…youd have some enhanced toilet paper…perhaps…if you wanted to downgrade, maybe.

  • AxPhenom 08.24.12 at 01:42

    Content = pictures???
    DICE, you just pissed off all 1.3 million premium members

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:40

    lol yea my anger to go fuck people’s kill death has been enhanced, with my geek looking character

  • pdxportland 08.24.12 at 01:39


  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 01:38

    “Enhance your Battlefield 3™ experience with this bonus content drop. More detail will be added to this item closer to release.”

    Does anybody here feels that his BF3 experience has been enhanced?

  • DocGor3 08.24.12 at 01:36

    Artwork and useless videos……MEH!!!!!!

  • curvingbullet 08.24.12 at 01:36

    *facepalm* rlly DICE? NO ONE WANTS A PICTURE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilman-ODIUM 08.24.12 at 01:35

    OMFG! we couldnt care less if you Die we are cold as ICE, stands for DICE. seriously? how is this premium exclusive when you and i both know its gona be viewed by all on youtube? concept art? after all the speculation? this was not a good move bra, who cares about your concept art when all but the russian assault and engineer models look like absolute GEEKS!. a smart move woulde be new special forces character model like what you did with bfbc2, its not putting premium in any advantage. who drew these models anyway? i would love to see what his idea of cool is

    • curvingbullet 08.24.12 at 01:41

      signed :) its useless though. DICE claims that they listen, but they dont.

  • XrastaWeedzX 08.24.12 at 01:34

    now 173 supporters

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 01:34

    Bonus Premium droppings… That’s what it is.

  • pdxportland 08.24.12 at 01:33

    Give me the DICE only 1911.SD/flashlight combo and I will for give you !!!!!!!!! lol lol

  • ASLayerAODsk 08.24.12 at 01:33

    a video…a bunch of pictures..and if you WIN…a lithograph that couldnt get you $5 at a pawn shop…seriously DICE?? whos in charge of marketing, cause they are a F’N MORON. They need to be fired…before they get someone to launch a class action suit against this dribble…wow…talk about PATHETIC.

  • ShriekingMaker 08.24.12 at 01:33

    This is a fucking joke …..

    • demonofspark 08.24.12 at 03:17

      i was saying that while laughing through the comments…you read my mind.

  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:32


  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:32


  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:30

    planetside 2 will rule bf is a fail

  • Kurvel 08.24.12 at 01:30

    I’ll do by best to describe as many air superiority concepts as you need till one of them happens. Make it happen, please.

  • Latastu 08.24.12 at 01:29

    I am totally disappointed .
    artwork lol lol

  • pdxportland 08.24.12 at 01:27

    Art Work lol !!!!!!!!!

  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:25

    bf will fail just like activision and mw2.5

    • Phishboy32 08.24.12 at 01:29

      They will if they have a subscription service for BF4. I think its time for a game where you only pay for new maps weapons and vehicles. Battlefield Play for Free is still going strong

  • Dammit95 08.24.12 at 01:24

    So how does the concept art “enhance” our battlefield experience????

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 01:23

    Also good to know you need a fagbook to stay atop the leaderboard.

  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:22

    bf you should look at every comment and see who actually wants this dribble

  • Phishboy32 08.24.12 at 01:22

    Nevermind. Im just tired right now of vanilla and CQ

  • KINGQILLA 08.24.12 at 01:21

    woooooow just what i wanted what a joke bf con men

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 01:20

    Can I get my 50 Euros back for Premium and see the artwork in Google images, and AK video on youtube, 1.5 minutes after you release it, please?

    • Siway 08.24.12 at 01:30

      What i saw was in the link was a bunch of people that loves to complain…. lag and disconnection issues… done that/fixed that…. if you just spend sometime/money to fix your own hardware, as for premium content, extra content is always better than no content, just enjoy it if you have it :)

  • blazinciber 08.24.12 at 01:15

    I’m disappointed. But oh well i still love the game.

  • Phishboy32 08.24.12 at 01:15

    All we get is a lousy art book? Really? What about a Armored Kill demo or beta?

    • blazinciber 08.24.12 at 01:16

      Why the heck would you want a demo or a beta when its just around the corner…..

      • Phishboy32 08.24.12 at 01:18

        Id take it over artwork any day of the week.

    • BRENd27 08.24.12 at 01:18

      They didn’t do that with any of the other DLC… why would they do it with Armored Kill?

  • konstruk 08.24.12 at 01:14

    What the hell is this steaming pile of shit….!? We don’t want pretty pictures and videos that are going to be leaked, we want ingame exclusive content, skins camo more guns atleast……

  • mamosley2 08.24.12 at 01:12

    Uhh, thanks?

  • snipershot01 08.24.12 at 01:10

    This is a load f**king shit i we all waited a whole month they should of least gave us a new map or some guns and 1 new map that would of been great but no retarded Ea shit heads had to go fuck all that up dint they f**king assholes they should go f**king go sort this shit out

  • ShinobiPoznanski 08.24.12 at 01:10

    Feel our disappointment DICE!

  • Oscopin74 08.24.12 at 01:05

    Don’t blame DICE!! Blame EA. Same thing as what happened with knights of the old republic. EA pushed a deadline on Bioware and because of that we got crap. Leave DICE out of this.

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 01:04


  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 01:03

    Next bonus content drop: A real drop of crap from DICE & EA employees.

  • Oscopin74 08.24.12 at 01:02

    No matter what. I still love BF3. I’ve loved the franchise since 1942. I was playing Wolfenstien, enemy territory when 1942 came along and I’ve been hooked since. Don’t blame DICE. Blame EA. OMG I just saw a link pop up while writing this. LMFAO. Seriously, it’s still a great game and I’m sure I’ll keep playing it for quite some time.

  • BerserkBT 08.24.12 at 01:02

    So many People have awesome Idea for weapons und other stuff and you guys aren’t listening to them. That’s a little frustrating… I am totally disappointed… Can’t wait for Crysis 3.

  • Sqitso 08.24.12 at 00:58

    Ya know because I love the BF series I ALWAYS go against my instinct and buy one. I ALWAYS get screwed. BF2 was the last BF game that didn’t screw me. I play COD.. I admit it. I did so because BF3 had problems. Then I came back after the “supposed” fixes. Then I do the premium stuff. It just isn’t getting any better. All they are doing is taking my money and I am getting screwed again. I keep saying I will never invest in EA again, and here I am again going back to the well. I already paid for MOH Warfighter in a hopes that it will at least be good competition for Black Ops 2.. but you know what. I think I am gonna get screwed on that one too.

  • Eviltankmaster 08.24.12 at 00:57

    Why you guys mad? You still get the expansions early and if you did the math you would realize you saved money on the expansions by getting premium. Also dont expect new things for the battlefield because they need new stuff for bf4 and there are only so many guns in the world (however i must admit some ww2 guns for fun (BC2) would be cool)

  • ShuriRyu 08.24.12 at 00:55


  • jacobh2670 08.24.12 at 00:54

    bonus artwork! this sucks fuckin donkey bollocks

  • N0akes 08.24.12 at 00:54

    Haha they “EA|DICE” couldn’t care less what we “The Community” thinks. They have proved this several times now. Its time to start looking for a new game. If you wait, it will come. Hahahah

  • Leon1008 08.24.12 at 00:53

    The MOST USELESS bonus content possible. Thanks for nothing. This is the last time, I get cheated by you into EA’s so called “Premium” stuff. I really hope that EA bankrupts soon, and theirs shares hit the floor.

    Oh, by the way, I can sign you my PREMIUM family photo album and video for only 50 Euros. You will get my photo & video updates for 1 year, every now and then. Deal?

    • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:59

      everyone must stand together on this but they will go down we will bring them down

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:53
  • JetVegas 08.24.12 at 00:52

    What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!!!

  • Vorttam 08.24.12 at 00:52
  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:51




  • Corporal..Coyle 08.24.12 at 00:50

    In our first Premium exclusive video, Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus takes you through all four maps and gives you expert playing tips for Close Quarters, our latest expansion pack that is included with Premium. Enjoy!

    his only tip was that if you did assignments you will unlock guns. fckin idiot niklas fegraeus.
    you guys will regret this half ass atempt at ripping people off legaly we arent zombified world of warcraft players

  • PSI_Commando 08.24.12 at 00:50

    LAME !

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 00:50

    No lube dice? Harsh…

  • CuDdYy 08.24.12 at 00:48

    Im disappointed in you dice i guess I can say all of us premium members you really need to clean up your act dice before you lose people.

  • joost96 08.24.12 at 00:48

    OK, OK, Alright, maybe I can live with this. But if next bonus drop is “another 20 artworks!” you’ve really done it!

  • Roland_046 08.24.12 at 00:47

    Premium pictures. This is a video game…not a museum. B.S. spotted in the AO.
    Here is my pitch for a new map, EA’s corporate office. Entitled “Bank of Dashur”. You will never see another dime from my camp. Please do yourself a huge favor and stop BF4 before your reputation is lower than whale sh_t. I would however like a autographed photo of that douche in the wookie dome gear from last month. Also please let me know what I am suppose to do with this “Exclusive artwork booklet”. Right now my only idea is to print a few out and line the litter box. I didn’t think it was possible to boost the popularity of Call of Duty…but you DUG DEEP on this one.

  • BlueMirage 08.24.12 at 00:46

    That could be the title for the next Bonus content drop;

  • WarGasm5th 08.24.12 at 00:46

    Easy fix, Armored Kill comes out in a week or so, nobody buys it. EA only understands the almighty dollar.

  • Beefin253 08.24.12 at 00:44

    Well considering Karkand was labeled as “bonus content” I had high hopes. Also the fact that the Karkand I paid 15 dollars before I bought premium was another reason for high hopes. Made me think maybe the exclusive content would be something the non premium User might want. But then came the gun camo…. only 4 guns… not 1 time but twice they shafted us. Thank God I actually use one of the guns…. so anyway knowing what we know now.. would you buy premium again? I wouldn’t what’s your vote?

  • Tony4TL 08.24.12 at 00:44

    wow they still havent released that? It’s been a fucking year, omfg. Horrible, horrible developers.

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:42

    dildo fucking spoon dancing puppy sluts

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:42


  • DestroyMachine 08.24.12 at 00:41

    I just realised… You STILL haven’t released the Battlelog for Android! Uhh, what?
    I’m actually not that annoyed at the lacklustre nature of this content drop now, but I am PISSED that there’s still no Android Battlelog app!

  • eXecuter1990 08.24.12 at 00:40

    great job dice… – NOT
    This pictures will be free to download on the web 5 minutes after release and i paid for that????

  • Tony4TL 08.24.12 at 00:39

    Modern Warfare 3 content vs. Battlefield 3 Content. I don’t want to look and compare the two because I know sadly which one currently comes out on top.

    • BoBandyShltStorm 08.24.12 at 00:44

      I don’t play MW3 and am confused by your comment. Which one comes out on top in your opinion?

  • Helikopterpilot 08.24.12 at 00:39

    Seriously EA/DICE?

    …And next you start a competition “Who designs us the best map for free”? And after that: “Big Facebook challenge: Develop an own complete BF3 DLC and the winner gets a digital handkiss video from the lead art director”?

    Oh my gosh! :-(

    • Helikopterpilot 08.24.12 at 00:40

      Oh wait and I forgot to add! Let me guess, from October on premium now costs a monthly fee of “only” 15 US$ for nothing in return?

  • Raz0rSixFour 08.24.12 at 00:38

    Noot to bad ..but joke!!!! I HOPE WILL GET MORE IN SEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diaceytlmorphine 08.24.12 at 00:38

    i know they actually made gun camos sound good lol

  • Prisma01 08.24.12 at 00:37

    If I read ur comments here, I know how I am most times alone on the battlefield even if the server is full of u guys. Please take some offline-time to visit a school. Just a few days would help ur live gettin better. I don’t wonder about 3x same perk in a squad and snipers against tanks anymore. Now I know why that always happens. U are the real men guys. I am proud to be a part of this community. Please give me more of ur highskilled comments boys.

  • BambiSmiles 08.24.12 at 00:37

    I just hope they have them in my resolution size.

  • Olivo09 08.24.12 at 00:37

    come on! really? how about new camos for other weapons?

  • MR MBF 08.24.12 at 00:36


  • Diaceytlmorphine 08.24.12 at 00:36

    thats absolutely worthless and pathetic…. thanks for building suspense for some stupid ass pictures! nice slap in the face to your “premium” member way to go EA/DICE

  • BambiSmiles 08.24.12 at 00:35

    I’m tired of getting owned. I can’t wait to get tips from the developers!

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:35

    I bet these fuckers know that armoured kill is going to be a big hit then they’ll rub off doing anything respectable for aftermath kinda just walk away why don’t you…. all be riding your ass all through the year motha fuckers

  • joost96 08.24.12 at 00:34

    New dogtags would be cool. Better then a new wallpaper for your PC.

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:34





  • secrexpe8479 08.24.12 at 00:34

    no u dont

  • vipolotus 08.24.12 at 00:33

    Art Booklet? Come on…pura mierda!

  • DaHui-Bronco 08.24.12 at 00:33

    downright ridiculous

  • Corporal..Coyle 08.24.12 at 00:33

    you pissed off some of the most die hard gamers i would make things right before something ugly happens

  • BambiSmiles 08.24.12 at 00:32

    I’m excited to see the concept artwork… I’m going to buy some photo paper and print it once it is available for download

  • StRipperGr 08.24.12 at 00:32

    Last minute “oh oh August is almost over we gotta give them something” work. “We got some jpgs of artwork in our folders. Yea that’d sure do! And let’s play some armored kill and record it in the next few days and we’re done!”

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:32

    You guys want us to fucking post shares on facebook so you can say hay get others in bf3 and get them on the fucking band wagon for shit content from premium… no thanks all work against you and take your mother fucking business down

  • headman13 08.24.12 at 00:31


  • joost96 08.24.12 at 00:31

    I really love this game… but COME ON..!!! And I really hope the DICE devs read their comments.

    Artwork, video’s, its exclusive for like… 2 hours? I didn’t expect much and bought premium for the DLC’s, but I expected more from people who make such awesome games.

    And dont forget how they bring it to us: it’s all big and special, in black and gold, but I’m sure they know this is shit and I hope they regret it (no they won’t).

  • magilke441 08.24.12 at 00:30

    I thought they said it was worth waiting for??? I hope they are trolling, because I wouldn’t want to be paid to wait for a useless art booklet… Where is the dino mode???

  • kvysseld 08.24.12 at 00:30

    seriously, this is the bonus content? how about skin and gun camo’s? new unlocks? new guns? that would be a lot nicer than concept art and a video? come on DICE! Don’t turn into Treyarch

  • ShaaaShine 08.24.12 at 00:30


  • Atheist4Jee-zuhs 08.24.12 at 00:29

    While I agree the bonus content drop is lame (I at least expected some cosmetic garbage)…I don’t see why people are crying.

    Premium was advertised just fine and is worth its price simply for the map packs ($50 for 4 Map packs $60….5 Map packs if you didn’t have Karkand $75).

    All the other premium content is most likely going to be cosmetic garbage including dogtags, camos, or stuff like this.

  • IDKFAm0nKeY 08.24.12 at 00:29

    n1 dice is this how u treat so called premium members? this is all? once there was something like a idea behind this all, but you’ve gone a long way since desert combat…
    best thing is we have to share some stupid shit on facebook to get a better premium content? wtf? i paid for this!

  • Tstament 08.24.12 at 00:28

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say EA is trolling all of you. haha

  • xViper21x 08.24.12 at 00:27

    Fucking pathetic.

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:27

    lets toss in some fucking recycled art display to make people realize how hard we worked on the bonus content drop for august… huh? o wait it’s almost September and still no bonus content you must have been working so hard on coloring the photo’s and drinking coffee the whole month..

  • Moonwolf8 08.24.12 at 00:26

    DICE you said it was worth the wait,its a gameplay for a map pack that comes out in two weeks and will must problaby me on youtbe within the hour of release along side the booklet photos

  • xCpl Hailx 08.24.12 at 00:26

    @Snuur Stop your bitching

  • Corporal..Coyle 08.24.12 at 00:26

    this is a god damn joke! right ea/dice??? you freakin pro tip fckin videos is just a advertisement for the game its a god damn joke i can watch a 12 year old on a youtube video and get better premium tips. the only tip you threw in there was that if you do the assignments you get new guns??? thats a tip ? you freakin numb nuts. pathetic you guys and your whole team are freakin pathetic. yeah its actualy true only one smiling face and thats ea and dice with all our cash. had to start out origin with a good gimmick sell bf3 beta tickets with preorders worked well. ea/dice:”hey did you see how many people preordered battlefield for beta ahahah we could tell them to buy any game and offer a betakey for bf4 and the idiots would buy it lol lol” dices sales team “genius get everyone on that instead of doin anything with the product thats already out. not much more money in keeping these gamers happy after they purchased premium. what a bunch of idiots who preorders a game theyve never even played ahaha”
    ill tell you people that trust dice to stand behind there product and not just throw in a frackin ac130 and pretend like its gonna be sum massive hit. you guys have are money mostly digital copys so most of it went right into your cocaine habits and alcohol addictions cause thats what you guys remind me of frackin junkies that dont keep there word once they have there money

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:24


  • 7TOES_KY>XI 08.24.12 at 00:24

    everyone ask for htere money back at the same time and watch how quickly they change the content

  • Snuur 08.24.12 at 00:23

    This sucks, at least trow in some new gun camo’s, that would take you like 2 minutes per camo, download stupid ass camo, overlay ao, put on already existing UV map. Done.

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:23

    I will never ever buy another battlefiled game after this content… so you won’t be getting my money again

  • 7TOES_KY>XI 08.24.12 at 00:22

    LMFAO another dice cheap move they got the money and ran away with it you think thay care about us anymore …there woring on bf4 as we speak to lie about how it is lmfao

  • Tony4TL 08.24.12 at 00:21

    I’m surprised with how un-exclusive this content is. I mean, what were they thinking? I apologize, but I highly doubt anyone wants artwork or a video (especially a video) to be part of their exclusive content. I mean, non premium members would just have to wait for people to take the video off your website and put it on youtube, along with the artwork.

    This is disappointing, and this makes modern warfare 3 elite content look extremely interesting compared to this game, and i wanna throw up saying that.

    They don’t seem to care about their community (never have). Hate to mention MW3 again, but they on the other hand do listen, thats why their games are so populated, because they keep their audience interested.

    Please do us all a favor and at least do not let Battlefield 4 be a repeat of this game, thanks.

  • Tstament 08.24.12 at 00:21

    lol a petition? They don’t care. Next time they just won’t say anything so they can avoid the shit storm all of you are throwing. You can keep crying on here or you could actually send a message by idk boycotting the game for awhile. Oh wait, they already got your $$$. lol so sad.

  • breadstix95 08.24.12 at 00:20

    Premium bonus content drop = ARTWORK?!?!?

    Thank you DICE for ensuring I never spend the money for premium in any of your games again.

  • DallasII7 08.24.12 at 00:19

    DICE You are turning into Cod Elite understand we are all paying members of this franchise.. We invested our money into this game and we are very annoyed with this false advertisement you have betrayed to the community of Battlefield 3… iam really disappointed on this bonus content drop , since the last bonus content drop was back karkand map pack.. you really should pay more attention to your community if you want our business…

    • Atheist4Jee-zuhs 08.24.12 at 00:25

      Obviously the Back to Karkand was a mistake since that wasn’t the content drop last quarter & it would be placed under map pack section.

      There was no false advertisement. The advertisement was just vague. Still worth it for the map packs alone.

  • weldor 08.24.12 at 00:18

    Enjoy new weapon and soldier camos

    this is straight from your website DICE where in that sentence does it say artwork,
    when i bought premium id ont remember it saying you would give me my money back if not happy …. was that implied like the “artwork”

  • BloodySylph 08.24.12 at 00:17

    I just signed this petition EA. This is not at all what I signed up for. I was expecting camos for tons of guns (not just 4), extra gadgets, maybe a new class, new maps, new guns. SOMETHING IN-GAME at least, not artwork. Extremely disappointed.

  • NAMUHEB 08.24.12 at 00:17

    Could not have said it any better.

    • NAMUHEB 08.24.12 at 00:19


  • HyperZpeed 08.24.12 at 00:16

    More guns, more costumizations, more spirit to the game and we will have this spirit to play BF3. Please…
    I hope for GOOD in Battlefield 4 .. for good. But will it BE LIKE BF3?

  • Pseudoscope 08.24.12 at 00:16

    What a fucking joke! a week before august finishes you finally decide what your going to do, and it is of the standard of an assignment that’s been done the night before its due. The first of which is a video, thats gonna go straight to you tube “Exculsive premium Content” (my arse it is). Then you realise oh shit we still need a ‘content drop’… I know lets take some of the USELESS concept art and give it too them. Oh and ps it’ll be on the net in no time too. And finally your competition is a FUCKING JOKE, we the fans give a shit tonne of feedback, this is broken that is broken and now you want us to design a map?

    Dice, BF3 this content is a joke. I would of much rathered that you said “we’ve got shit all for August”. How about forget August and just give us armored kill asap?

  • Aggie-Of-Agathor 08.24.12 at 00:15

    We live in the year 2012, these pictures will be leaked online in minutes / seconds!!
    that does not seem to be exclusive to me in any way

    a video about your new maps is ok as a video for your new maps but not for exclusive members

    and an idea about a new map agaain good idea but this can not be classified as exclusive content






  • NAMUHEB 08.24.12 at 00:14

    small comment . why cant i show off that am a veteran anymore? spent time and money to show how much i LOVE this game and i can even show it off . (unless someone goes to my battle blog account, but who is going to do that) PS NOW i know why you made battle log FREE. because you guys had it plan since day one (even before ) that you were going to target our pockets rather than our acceptance . DICE you don’t care about us any more, how can Valve, Bohemia Interactive, make 200% better games, listen to their loyal gamers and not ask for so much money and return. I dont understand. (guess my comment wasn’t so small after all )

  • AirBeaver 08.24.12 at 00:14

    To all those responding their acceptance of being deceived with “experience enhancing” drops, that “we can’t make a better game”…your feeble attempt at blind following is correct. We gamers on here are also not a Fortune 500 Company with thousands of employees that just brought in over $75 million on the release of BF3. Disregarding the additional take for the Premium purchases and the numerous other EA titles..

    • Atheist4Jee-zuhs 08.24.12 at 00:22

      How exactly were you deceived? They listed out things we would get and even with all the vagueness you still bought it. Also the majority probably bought BF3 Premium because it is essentially a discount for the map packs, everything else in Premium is garbage.

  • pdxportland 08.24.12 at 00:13

    Give us that 1911 SD with the flashlight and we will forgive u!!!!!!!

  • Plitskin 08.24.12 at 00:13

    And thought id be missing out unlocks and shit because I broke my wrist and couldnt play, but luckily Dice scammed the shit out of me with artword instead. Id have been better off using £40 quid to wipe the shit from my arsehole.

  • JekeTeMata 08.24.12 at 00:12

    How I’m supposed to improve my game experience with some crappy artwork?? WTF are you thinking on? And all the month waiting for this?? EVEN CAMMOS WERE BETTER, You really screwed this up!!

  • prits187 08.24.12 at 00:12

    I was expecting lot more, I can download photos myself or make my own from the game and the maps when they come out. Day light robbery in say, hope you do better next time to make us feel better.

  • ShinobiPoznanski 08.24.12 at 00:11

    Hmm…let’s see what the competition has to offer…

    HEY EA & DICE! Last time I buy any of your games! BF3 was fun, but your total lack of timely support and vip content for us premiums effectively just turned me off completely from anything you may currently have or may have to offer in the future. TAAA! TAAA!

  • BeaSTWiTHiN6669 08.24.12 at 00:08

    I hope you take the feedback DICE and use it to give us camos, for all the other guns, even if it’s just flat black, we’ll like it more then this. You cannot tell me THIS took you a month, when I made a ten minute international movie for Project Fillmbox, edited it and everything in LESS then a month. You have an ENTIRE art team and people DEDICATED to each of these things. Why can’t one of those teams put out camo, this didn’t take any extra time for concept art. IT WAS MADE BEFORE THE GAME WAS PUBLISHED. This is just horrible.

    • LP23 08.24.12 at 00:12

      camo is absolutely pointless, exactly like CoD, and it just makes the gun look stupid and childish. i don’t even know what goes on in DICE’s mind, camo? i don’t understand how that has any value at all…

  • Max Money AWA 08.24.12 at 00:08

    Artwork? Really? How is that in-game content? This is not, by any definition of the term, in-game content. I was hoping for maybe new class skins to stand apart from the folks who don’t have Premium. At the very least, we could have gotten a new knife. So I am a little disappointed at this release.

  • defenderbattle 08.24.12 at 00:08

    i was expecting something more practical, that would actually transfer to the game, instead of something hastily released that anyone can see on the internet!

  • AirBeaver 08.24.12 at 00:07

    Any chance DICE will enhance this, that one of their gamers started?

  • aradilon 08.24.12 at 00:06

    We put our money in your game SO LISTEN TO US! We need fixes, new maps not this sh*t! Don’t be like CoD, fix the game and listen to your buyers/players!

  • pdxportland 08.24.12 at 00:06

    Pitch maps to DICE hhhhhhmmmm so u want us to do ur job fuck that u better pay us. ArtWork ur fuck crazy

  • PalsCallMeWaffle 08.24.12 at 00:05

    So what exactly is the in-game content that you speak of?
    Camos for FOUR weapons that I rarely see at all? An orange box-cutter knife that it seems like everyone hates? Oh please, we spent a LOT of money on Premium and most people bought it not ONLY for DLC’s, Dice promised more IN-GAME content

  • LoGAReTM 08.24.12 at 00:05

    damn , I feel so enhanced and superior!!! , My experience is going wild!! , I have to control this thing!! , brb

    PS: Advice for DICE : ppl can actually save images as …. and download videos , so it won’t be exclusive , I guess u didn’t know ppl can do that…..

  • Kundolyzac 08.24.12 at 00:04

    I think so it is a good idea, because it is something new what never was there but the worst on that is i will be not there because i will be in greece without my ps3 :/ but guys good luck :) :D

  • XDE4TH 08.24.12 at 00:04

    There were SOOOOO many other exclusive things you could of done but instead its artwork that anyone can view/get now probably….really disappointing Dice/EA. I think you should address your community because your starting to loose a lot of faith.

  • DEMON_PHANTOM 08.24.12 at 00:04

    dice EA u people are full of shit and i cant beleive i spent my money buying your shit we dont want your shitty art pictures we want new guns i am never gonna buy any game from EA or DICE you people are loosers go to hell EA bitches……HATE U shove those art books up ur asss…

  • HyperZpeed 08.24.12 at 00:03

    @hannes1a1a – Okay, try to make a better game at 2013 alright son? If you can make a better game, I can buy your game.

    I see a GREAT and AMAZING job from EA! Perfect! DICE and EA did a best job! and you know what guys? Who gives a dam* about your idiotic and childish comments, why don’t you just grow up and realise this is a game? Try working 24/7 up your god dam* a– and MAKE A GAME YOURSELF! YOU’RE A JOKE.

    I love you EA!!! THANKS !!!!!

    • Neg-woopwoop 08.24.12 at 00:04

      and many bums were licked by hyperzpeed that day….

  • chrislord2010 08.24.12 at 00:03

    You guys are mistakenly measuring the premium service based on what you have received SO FAR. There will be more to come. In my opinion the current content, as well as the future content far exceeds the value that I payed for the premium service. All this complaining is unwarranted, considering that you are the ones who decided to drop an additional 40 something dollars on something that was fairly unknown — as far as content was concerned. So if you want to blame someone, blame yourselves.

  • PalsCallMeWaffle 08.24.12 at 00:02

    You don’t get it, a lot of people did not only buy Premium JUST for the DLC’s, they bought it for the in-game content which they promised.
    “Stand out with Exclusive in-game items” taken straight from Dice. You may be happy with only DLC’s but… yeah, those which expected what Dice promised is in essence – ripped off.

  • Jeepsnbeer 08.24.12 at 00:02

    Hay dice um maybe fixing the bugs will be th next drop take the “e” artwork pirnt it out roll it up and place in “a” hole

  • JDHK 08.24.12 at 00:01

    and i bought BF3 FOR 80bks and also bought premium for 50bks so i dnt reagrreat , so DICE dnt hear these people keep it on the way u doing dice great work /)

  • ShinobiPoznanski 08.24.12 at 00:01

    K, you’re obviously new at gaming.

  • Nathan1506 08.24.12 at 00:01

    Were saving 15% on all DLC plus getting it a week early. We already have ingame content that standard players simply can not get. We are getting our moneys worth, quit crying.

  • DOA-Omen 08.24.12 at 00:00

    Just need a map editor, and maybe Advance and Secure. Hit me up and I will explain how one of the best FPS games has awesome game play and utilities, but sadly has failed due to its lack of customer support and no its not EA

  • ShinobiPoznanski 08.24.12 at 00:00

    DICE, you took a whole month to give us pictures? Okay, hope you guys are reading these comments, we all feel massively RIPPED-OFF!

  • JDHK 08.24.12 at 00:00

    i dnt know why people say so much shit… of DICE they made an awesome work on BF3

  • hannes1a1a 08.23.12 at 23:59

    Fuck you ea….!!!! We only want new weapons, maps or cammos for new weapons… Not more… And not a fucking art book… Fuck you….shame on you….!!!!!!

  • JDHK 08.23.12 at 23:58

    well i actually thats awesome , i dnt know why people say so much shi… about DICE they made an awesome work on BF3 and most fof the people says about premium its becauce they dnt have premium , i have it i payed 80bks for the game , and i payed 50bks for premium and i dnt regreat , its pretty good , so great work dice , jst dnt hear the crp these people say , grat work and keep it like that /) .

    • ShinobiPoznanski 08.24.12 at 00:13

      You…are…retarded. Do you live in a ghetto? Did you go to school to learn, or sell drugs?

  • PalsCallMeWaffle 08.23.12 at 23:57

    The artwork was already made, concept art is made to make the game, the artists did not make these paintings for us.

  • Kwizzy902 08.23.12 at 23:57

    How is this fair, we pay double for the game, and get “Content drops” that will be leaked onto the internet for free anyways. DICE, this is something you really need to straighten out, or you will lose a lot of paying customers with your next game. Please take this completely seriously. Very dissatisfied with what I’m currently paying for. Look at the results, almost everyone is in the same position as I am right not. You screwed up, fix it.

  • chrislord2010 08.23.12 at 23:57

    I disagree, they’re giving us an opportunity to pitch an idea for a map that we all might really enjoy playing. Why so harsh?

  • ECGxTrunkmonkey 08.23.12 at 23:56

    hey xEagl3x your special. we save money on getting all the dlc for the game. We also get two weeks early access to DLC.

  • StealthxRaven 08.23.12 at 23:56

    I have to say I’m rather pissed off at DICE. I can’t say much about EA because they are a horrible game company to begin with. EA says it all. But DICE I expected more from you.

    I go out and buy BF Premium on top of which I pre-ordered the game, stood in line for two hours to get my copy AT MIDNIGHT. Didn’t get home til late that morning and played til well after the sun came up. I shell out 50 more bucks for all the bells and whistles for the game and you give people an even better deal the next week. Not just people who play the game already who grinded hard for months to unlock everything to the point where you even need more content to find new things to do.. And now you give it away for 70 bucks to brand new players? And a bunch of stuff unlocked for them so they don’t even have to grind up for it? You could have at least made them buy the short cut kits. Loyal Day 1 BF3 players and veterans from other BFs grinded their stuff out and these guys get it all for cheap and little to no grinding. I feel used. These players didn’t even have to deal with constantly crashing servers, initial game bugs because YOU DON’T TEST YOUR STUFF, loosing hundreds of thousands of xp because of glitches. IF ANYONE deserves some extras for free its those who already bought premium and even more those who have been around since day one.

    So I spent an extra 30 bucks, spent hours upon hours trying to unlock things and new people get for a lot cheaper and no grinding involved. And now this ”premium” release announcement for august. It took you THREE weeks? You have people getting their hopes up for something simply amazing and you come out with this? GIVE ME MY 50 BUCKS BACK. This is crap! There better be some REALLY really good stuff on deck besides a C130 no one can pilot and a missile tank.

    And here you guys are playing around in studios making games, going to release events, partying and making bank off hard working people. You could really give a lot more, instead you shit on day 1 players and forget about them to get new players in. 70 bucks for what I paid 100 for plus had to grind it out and deal with weeks of bugs and server crashes. Somethings gotta give. I’ve stuck it out with battlefield since the 1942 game. Yeah, the game has gotten better until you have Battlefield 3, but you need to remember too. We’re pretty much at the height of game tech and everything. You need to give more and think from the perspective of all of your players. I’m sure you just pissed off and alienated everyone who has played battlefield 3 since day one or a few months later who bought premium, and pissed off even more who have premium(including the newbies who just bought your slap in the face deal) who thought these ”content” drops would actually be worth mentioning or for that matter anticipating. I neither thought any of this was worth the amount of wonder I put into what was coming to me nor would I have wasted my time thinking about it if I knew it was going to be so little and insignificant.

    Yeah sure, there’s new maps. Everyone who knows -dick- about online games expects expansion packs and new maps. But what you are trying to do here bud is make this out to be hella more than ”just” a few expansions and a few new weapons. Man, this isn’t even an expansion, it’s ”Premium”. Which stoner in your studio thought that one up? Do you really think I want to look at you guys talk on video about your game now that we all find out how crappy ”Premium” really is? F*** No!

    There really needs to be more. We need more people to be able to play on console, it is do-able, shut up.

    Twice as many weapons than are coming, more secondary weapons, more vehicles, more types of maps. More open ended maps that AREN’T stupid choke point maps there kids run in with shot guns all day. How about complete arial combat maps? You die? You pick your spawn jet and got with your team and get back in the dog fight. There is so much more that you could do.. But I guess its hard when you are sitting there taking everyones money to really care about doing better and giving more. I feel cheated. Give me my money back and you can have your game back.

  • NightmareBlitz 08.23.12 at 23:55

    A coloring book would have been better than artwork. We just want something to do!

  • dunes20 08.23.12 at 23:55

    Wow bad move DICE. You knew we were all waiting for this premium bonus content and you dragged it on and on not telling what it was but that “You will be excited” you lied to our faces and disappointed us all. Congrats way to not GAF

  • Ottoelite 08.23.12 at 23:55

    None of this is game content, and definitely not worth buying Premium for. We pay DICE so they will give us permission to do their work for them free of charge (aka submit your map ideas)

  • xEagl3x 08.23.12 at 23:53

    HAHA thats some funny stuff. I am so glad i never purchased Premium, why would i pay $59 again after preordering the game for the same price? And what do you know, look at how DICE repays their premium customers, with garbage artwork and “strategy” guides that i can go find for free in the internet. Well done DICE, well done.

  • BYENO95 08.23.12 at 23:52

    Fuck you EA/ DICE nobody needs that fucking shit we wont guns and knifes we want the tomson or the m1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ECGxTrunkmonkey 08.23.12 at 23:54

      Byeno95 i would like for you to learn to write english

  • KleberDrop 08.23.12 at 23:51

    Screenshots of the game as a bonus, do not know how I managed to play BF3 today without these important images. It was what I needed to increase my skill