Quadrupling the number of official DICE servers on console

We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers. As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Note that you will still be able to get quick matched into any ranked server. For the best results if you want an official DICE server, please refer to the manual server browser and enter “DICE” as a search term. If you go to the Server information screen, all official DICE servers will have the owner set to “DICE”. Remember that you can favorite servers that you like so you can easily find them again on your next session.

Have a great gaming weekend!

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  • KLF99 09.03.12 at 15:04

    No use having four times the amount of DICE servers when the map rotation sucks… where is the original (+B2K) rotation? Now there is no point of using the “select game mode” from the server filter since even the DICE servres are running multiple modes. I want the official DICE conquest only servers back!!

  • Van_Wailen 09.02.12 at 00:50

    Um… How come all official DICE Conquest/Epic battle servers now show zero number of players?

    This is not right….

  • AL_GR33N_ 08.31.12 at 16:53

    Firstly: Thank you!

    Secondly: If I enter DICE, or even -[DICE]- as a search term, I’m told there are too many matching servers and they can’t all be displayed. The only ones that are, are those with 0/24 players. If I further specify and decide which server type I would like to play, eg EPIC BATTLES, then I still have to trawl through to find the European ones.

    Thirdly: Favouriting is all well and good, but then there’s the crappy 22 server limit !?! I would prefer to save those 22 slots for the fun but rare good rented servers (presumably run by adults).

    Fourthly: I remember a time when EPIC BATTLES included Wake and Sharqui as per the map rotation in the server settings. Shame that now there are 4 times as many of these (and BtoK) it’ll take you 4 times as long to update the server settings so the map rotations specify conquest assault and not the now defunct (on those maps) conquest designation. (At least, I assume that’s what the problem is)

  • RawPwr99 08.31.12 at 15:43

    how about adding a filter so that ONLY official servers are displayed?

  • ninjaboom 08.30.12 at 09:13

    does anyone know if it is possible to change the e-mail used to log in to battlelog on console (X360) and if it is, how? thanks

    • babeatthous 08.30.12 at 21:43

      Ninjaboom go to origin website and login threw there which is what control all eaaccounts

  • {SA}StayAlive 08.29.12 at 22:42

    Just stop complaining and KEEP SPENDING YOUR MONEY….no one cares if you are happy or not….dice has one goal in mind….cha-ching….muhahaha.

  • Kraft 08.29.12 at 16:24

    How do we use these new servers exactly? They are empty – every single one.

  • njrn22 08.28.12 at 23:51

    Dice please released More dlc after end game put some dlc in new York city just like in the campaing imagine a helipcoter flying in 42 street in 11 avenue or central Park or a sniper in the antenna of empíre state building it be awesome or crossing the George Washington bridge a flag between new York and new jersey or maybe líncoln túnnel dice mark something worth it new York dlc

  • Woodrow03330 08.28.12 at 14:07

    Why is it when i search for a DICE server, there are zero people playing on them but everybody seems to be very excited about this news.

    • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.28.12 at 14:26

      Sadly, the majority of BF3 player are COD converts that dont want to change and love this high ticket special rules. :(

  • Jaxtergunn 08.28.12 at 08:13

    great! Hey how do i activate my battle feed on my xbox 360?

    • FlushedInk 08.28.12 at 10:17

      Link your gamertag to your ea account. (origin) also, it took me 4 months to set mine up because it’s really complicated. Just search a tut on YouTube

  • LEO EncLave 08.28.12 at 05:22

    Awesome! Great add on DICE!

    This helps us, especially on the Asian Servers.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.27.12 at 18:59

    Thank you DICE, really, really great news. :0) Cant wait to start playing on them. :0)

  • cubeline82 08.27.12 at 16:43

    dice have deep in ass customers and users. best was battlefield2, 2142 and bad comapny2.
    battlefield 3 is only dupery customers.

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.27.12 at 15:53

    Plz add private server filter.

  • redneck3383 08.27.12 at 04:00

    BATTLEFIELD BLACKOUT: AUGUST 29, 2012 Tell all due to content drop

    • H1DD3NC0D3_MA 08.27.12 at 04:06

      Do you think EA cares if you don’t go on their servers one day, they lose the same amount of money if people are on or off the servers, you are not really hurting the company, and why would you even want to do such a thing. DICE has been supporting this game like crazy there are absolutely no reasons to complain about Battlefield.

  • PsychoHydro 08.27.12 at 02:05

    What about fixing the PS3 input lag before doing anything else with this game?

  • lucianmatei81 08.26.12 at 22:29

    fix audio crash and do something about the august bonus drop…I piss on your wallpapers…and other thing…you force me to buy moh for b4 beta? this is bullshit..this comes from a premium user, and I think all premium users agree with me.

    • GaRaBaldi10 08.26.12 at 23:30

      Have to agree! I bought back to Karland before premium and now they include in premium. Maybe its EA BS.

    • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.27.12 at 14:43

      so ture

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