Quadrupling the number of official DICE servers on console

We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers. As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Note that you will still be able to get quick matched into any ranked server. For the best results if you want an official DICE server, please refer to the manual server browser and enter “DICE” as a search term. If you go to the Server information screen, all official DICE servers will have the owner set to “DICE”. Remember that you can favorite servers that you like so you can easily find them again on your next session.

Have a great gaming weekend!

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  • KLF99 09.03.12 at 15:04

    No use having four times the amount of DICE servers when the map rotation sucks… where is the original (+B2K) rotation? Now there is no point of using the “select game mode” from the server filter since even the DICE servres are running multiple modes. I want the official DICE conquest only servers back!!

  • Van_Wailen 09.02.12 at 00:50

    Um… How come all official DICE Conquest/Epic battle servers now show zero number of players?

    This is not right….

  • AL_GR33N_ 08.31.12 at 16:53

    Firstly: Thank you!

    Secondly: If I enter DICE, or even -[DICE]- as a search term, I’m told there are too many matching servers and they can’t all be displayed. The only ones that are, are those with 0/24 players. If I further specify and decide which server type I would like to play, eg EPIC BATTLES, then I still have to trawl through to find the European ones.

    Thirdly: Favouriting is all well and good, but then there’s the crappy 22 server limit !?! I would prefer to save those 22 slots for the fun but rare good rented servers (presumably run by adults).

    Fourthly: I remember a time when EPIC BATTLES included Wake and Sharqui as per the map rotation in the server settings. Shame that now there are 4 times as many of these (and BtoK) it’ll take you 4 times as long to update the server settings so the map rotations specify conquest assault and not the now defunct (on those maps) conquest designation. (At least, I assume that’s what the problem is)

  • RawPwr99 08.31.12 at 15:43

    how about adding a filter so that ONLY official servers are displayed?

  • ninjaboom 08.30.12 at 09:13

    does anyone know if it is possible to change the e-mail used to log in to battlelog on console (X360) and if it is, how? thanks

    • babeatthous 08.30.12 at 21:43

      Ninjaboom go to origin website and login threw there which is what control all eaaccounts

  • {SA}StayAlive 08.29.12 at 22:42

    Just stop complaining and KEEP SPENDING YOUR MONEY….no one cares if you are happy or not….dice has one goal in mind….cha-ching….muhahaha.

  • Kraft 08.29.12 at 16:24

    How do we use these new servers exactly? They are empty – every single one.

  • njrn22 08.28.12 at 23:51

    Dice please released More dlc after end game put some dlc in new York city just like in the campaing imagine a helipcoter flying in 42 street in 11 avenue or central Park or a sniper in the antenna of empíre state building it be awesome or crossing the George Washington bridge a flag between new York and new jersey or maybe líncoln túnnel dice mark something worth it new York dlc

  • Woodrow03330 08.28.12 at 14:07

    Why is it when i search for a DICE server, there are zero people playing on them but everybody seems to be very excited about this news.

    • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.28.12 at 14:26

      Sadly, the majority of BF3 player are COD converts that dont want to change and love this high ticket special rules. :(

  • Jaxtergunn 08.28.12 at 08:13

    great! Hey how do i activate my battle feed on my xbox 360?

    • FlushedInk 08.28.12 at 10:17

      Link your gamertag to your ea account. (origin) also, it took me 4 months to set mine up because it’s really complicated. Just search a tut on YouTube

  • LEO EncLave 08.28.12 at 05:22

    Awesome! Great add on DICE!

    This helps us, especially on the Asian Servers.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.27.12 at 18:59

    Thank you DICE, really, really great news. :0) Cant wait to start playing on them. :0)

  • cubeline82 08.27.12 at 16:43

    dice have deep in ass customers and users. best was battlefield2, 2142 and bad comapny2.
    battlefield 3 is only dupery customers.

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.27.12 at 15:53

    Plz add private server filter.

  • redneck3383 08.27.12 at 04:00

    BATTLEFIELD BLACKOUT: AUGUST 29, 2012 Tell all due to content drop

    • H1DD3NC0D3_MA 08.27.12 at 04:06

      Do you think EA cares if you don’t go on their servers one day, they lose the same amount of money if people are on or off the servers, you are not really hurting the company, and why would you even want to do such a thing. DICE has been supporting this game like crazy there are absolutely no reasons to complain about Battlefield.

  • PsychoHydro 08.27.12 at 02:05

    What about fixing the PS3 input lag before doing anything else with this game?

  • lucianmatei81 08.26.12 at 22:29

    fix audio crash and do something about the august bonus drop…I piss on your wallpapers…and other thing…you force me to buy moh for b4 beta? this is bullshit..this comes from a premium user, and I think all premium users agree with me.

    • GaRaBaldi10 08.26.12 at 23:30

      Have to agree! I bought back to Karland before premium and now they include in premium. Maybe its EA BS.

    • SUPERBLACKBOY 08.27.12 at 14:43

      so ture

  • FAL Bordeaux 08.26.12 at 15:41


    Sign up, is petition for chage bonus content drop of august……

  • NexTRusher 08.26.12 at 15:00

    maybe yot do a map in college its could be fucking amazing 2 BOMBs ONE IN THE CLASS ROOM

  • VoLcOm-BMW 08.26.12 at 08:25

    yay about time were are they located at pakastain. Because the lag in this gameis bad

  • rower4ever 08.26.12 at 07:28

    Fantastic… now fix the squad join system and the audio crash…

  • Jammeaze 08.26.12 at 05:14

    This is good news… I don’t mind the custom servers, but it’s good now there is a choice. I would agree that there needs to be a ranking system built in (just like rep for player on LIVE) where we can pretty much weed out the servers that have abusive admins or whacked out settings. It’s pretty frustrating to be in the zone and suddenly be kicked! Thanks DICE for listening!

  • lemieux 08.26.12 at 03:57

    1) I want it like it was. I picked Conquest quick match and was in a Conquest game that ONLY PLAYED Conquest (and a nice variety of maps, not just like 4 map rotation). I HATE all other game modes in Battlefield except Conquest. Plus hope they fix the gameplay to where it was. The Rent a Greed Server Update has the pace of the game and gun control all out of wack. Only needed to nerf couple god guns and the MAV Elevator crap and all would been great. But nope. DICE changed the entire dynamic of the game by changing way too much.

    2) The 1,000,000% ticket matches are just horrible to play. I finished a game last night only to find my daughter graduated college. Her mom was 6 weeks pregnany when I started the match.

    Anyone else find this DICE server announcement oddly timed with the fact that Major Nelson website has Battlefield 3 moving DOWN the charts for activity on Xbox Live. It is number 7 and still dropping. Why? Cause eveything they changed made the game unplayable and the game is worse off for it. People are just sick of it and just moved on. Maybe waiting for Black Ops 2 or Halo 4.

    Sad cause I despise COD and Halo games online. I play BF3 cause I do NOT want to play COD or Halo.

    DICE! Stop trying to make BF3 a COD clone. People play BF cause they not likt COD. End of story.

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.26.12 at 02:02

    Dice please add a filter, if not in quickmatch then at least the search engine.

  • CrypticFog 08.26.12 at 01:06

    this is good news. just last night was 53/12 in a tdmc ziba just to get kicked by admin towards the end. frustrating. keep listening to your community dice and you won’t go wrong. thanks

  • KiloStrike11 08.26.12 at 01:03

    thank you. Thanks for listening. Good Customer service ensures you’ll have me purchasing your products in the future.

  • Ch4osWe4veR 08.26.12 at 00:40

    Awesome! Now add a filter to show only Official, only Custom, or All servers, wouldn’t be hard!

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.25.12 at 20:18

    THANK YOU DICE, really been looking forward to some more official servers. So this is really great news. Thanks. :0)

  • SQUADY 250 08.25.12 at 15:32

    I recon you should get your own server when you buy the premium package.

  • me3_08878A71F 08.25.12 at 13:07

    Great now i can actually fly the helicopter again without being teamswitched or kicked/banned :D

  • Gunner_1st 08.25.12 at 10:26

    If only EA/DICE cared this much about the PC, then maybe “The Out-of-Control” cheating would be stopped.

  • Mr Happy Rice 08.25.12 at 10:00

    That’s great to hear :). I’m honestly getting tired of getting abusive admins. You know what would be cool and helpful DICE, implement a rating system for rented servers. So people know which servers to avoid that have abusive admins.

  • Gangsta_War96 08.25.12 at 09:51

    Could you add 200 or 300% tickets? That would be awsome ’cause especially in close quarters matches with 100% tickets are very short.

  • DavidN77 08.25.12 at 09:42

    This does not even come close to making up for the disappointing premium update this month.

    • Friendsfromafar 08.25.12 at 12:29

      The Bonus Content was suppose to be content for the game. We get a unique in game content drop in Septemeber. We werent suppose to get anything in game for the bonus content and buying premium got you pretty much a discount and early access to the dlc. Stop complaining.

      • me3_08878A71F 08.25.12 at 13:03

        Enhance your battlefield experience it said, how can ”artwork” enhance my battlefield experience?
        Stop saying BS!

  • kfj_stark 08.25.12 at 09:31

    Thanks! I am sick of abusive admins on private servers kicking and banning as soon as they get beaten. I am also sick of their “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED” rules … where they are actually packing those weapons themselves just to get that little advantage…

  • JRICH 08.25.12 at 07:15

    Thank you DICE. I am sick of 2 hour long, team stacked servers that only play 1 map. Disable aim assist, Enable Dinosaurs.

  • Arancivia7 08.25.12 at 06:20

    Just two more things Bf3 has to have on consle/pc…for console thats the 18vs18 or whatever it is…and second,Dinosours…

    • Gangsta_War96 08.25.12 at 09:53

      You cant divide 18 by 4 (-squad) but 16 v 16 or even 20 v 20 would be awsome

  • Bradztar117 08.25.12 at 05:47

    DICE needs to advertise their servers more so people actually know about them, like but it in th news thing on the main menu. stop bagging DICE, they have done nothing wrong and deserve your respect. atleast they are doing what they can instead of just releasing map packs and not caring about the game.

  • GanglionCells 08.25.12 at 05:15

    I just searched “Dice” and it brought up 91 pages of empty servers. Good job, DICE…

    • WynoBot 08.25.12 at 06:47

      I was just playing with two friends in one of the empty all CQ servers on caspian border for about 30 minutes hoping that it would fill in with quick match people. But it never did.

  • BravoLima 08.25.12 at 02:38

    It’s about time you put the £52 Million to good use that you clawed in from ‘Premium’ pass buyers….! Sick of games over 100% tickets and not being able to find a decent official Dice server. I think you (or more like EA) have had enough of my money for BF3 now, I just want to enjoy what I’ve paid for on DICE servers. Dreading what’s gonna happen with BF4….

  • KenanB97 08.25.12 at 00:31

    DICE, I think the best thing you can do know is give us a VERY DETAILED patch list
    Constantly being updated as you are changing stats,
    let us submit patch ideas,
    let us choose weapons/other equipment to be added,
    That Could earn you a lot of respect back…

  • marc9600 08.24.12 at 23:59

    There are also some 24 player close quarters servers listed, which doesn’t sound right as these were supposed to be limited to 16 players. Think something is wrong with the way they have implemented this new server update.

  • HaZe HaZzArD 08.24.12 at 23:58

    yeah now i can play bf3 and not get kicked or banned half way through just because i played the game properly or like in battlefield friends when he is banned for having a gun

  • Neckbone78 08.24.12 at 23:42

    DICE exec #1 “They’re all ticked about the crappy content we dropped yesterday! What do we do?!”

    DICE exec #2 “I know! We’ll do something we should have done months ago! More DICE servers!”

    Anyways, I’ll withhold my thanks until I see DICE server with Conquest ONLY.

  • marc9600 08.24.12 at 22:51

    I just did a search and it looks like the search now prioritizes DICE servers so you see those first and then the rental ones using DICE in their name

  • Humphreys Beard 08.24.12 at 22:49

    Great to hear!

  • Katkill 08.24.12 at 22:42

    This is good news. Now, is this going to prevent rent-a-servers from having “DICE” in their names? That’s the next thing that needs to be fixed.

  • xtmxbox 08.24.12 at 22:22

    what about south america dedicated servers?

    Any chance?

  • HybridAce 08.24.12 at 22:19

    On another note…. how is it fair that I paid $50 for premium and still have to wait 1 week longer than PS3 Premium?? Total Bullshit

  • Hup2thepenguin 08.24.12 at 22:06

    Is there a difference between official DICE servers and official EA servers? Before, I just searched P24 and got a bunch of EA servers.

    • SchwipiSchwap18 08.24.12 at 22:39

      Its the Same!
      Have Fun on the Servers!

  • McDewbie 08.24.12 at 22:05

    as much as i would love to be happy about this i cant be. i am on the server browser right now aving entered dice into the search (on ps3) and come up with 1000< servers…. 99.9% of which are vacant. why put more servers up when the existing ones are completely empty? also pretty much every server that is playing rush in "back to karkand only" and then it isnt even rush only, its a mix of rush and conquest no all the B2K maps. its fine to have mix bag servers but what about the people, such as myself, who only want 1 game mode (im assuming that all the other servers have the same problem of mixed modes). if you took half of those servers and made them dedicated servers for rush, and only rush, and conquest, only conquest etc etc and with all maps, or varied map packs this would be great. but as of right all im getting is a bunch of mixed crap with only a handful of maps. what happened to the servers from the release those were the days, you'd just go to quick match put min mode and map and voila! you get all rush mas all the time or just b2k or just the originals. but now we get sent into a private game more often than not, ad if we do on the off chance get ina a dice server it will be A) empty B) a small amount of maps that well rotate through in an hour and C) 25% chance that the modea wont be what we want. please fix this… please
    Thanks for listening to me rant, Evan
    PS still better than CoD

  • Dragoons47 08.24.12 at 21:59

    I wonder if this was scheduled today or was brought to the forefront because of yesterday? I wish it was like quickmatch before and are they going to have the new AK maps? I have not seen a official server running the CQ maps.

  • TacosOnAStick 08.24.12 at 21:50

    Finally some positive news after all the hate yesterday about the artwork. I won’t be banned/kicked by admins anymore! muahaha

  • SHOTAZ GUNSUP 08.24.12 at 21:38

    yeah, i’m glad for this because if you noticed these matches are lopsided, for example, i will enter an already running match and one is completely dominating the other team i mean it would be impossible to come back despite your teams’ best effort. also, if you notice whoever is one the admins side your invincible including the admins now i don’t if its the connection of the admins to the server or what.

    • ViciousTwist 08.24.12 at 21:52

      the admins and their teammates are not invincible. you probably just aren’t any good at the game.

  • ayeballkid 08.24.12 at 21:29

    Hope they are running single game modes!
    Why isn’t this a quick match filter?
    So glad that the majority of rented servers will be abandoned, because we shouldn’t have to pay for servers, teens establish ridiculous rules and boot strong competition- this should be included in the cost of the game.

    • marc9600 08.24.12 at 22:50

      Nope, still mixed mode apart from a few like ‘epic battles”. Really don’t know why DICE refuses to reinstate the Conquest or Rush only servers. Right now I see 90 pages of DICE servers and they are all empty.

      Please bring back the original server configurations !

  • fivebythree 08.24.12 at 21:15

    Hopefully there will be a ping limit on these. There was an ungodly amount of lag recently from 4 bar servers in the local zone. Almost want to try another geo-location.

  • lXxNoToRiouSxXl 08.24.12 at 20:47

    That’s all great I guess, but can we get a filter out or complaint option put in on the browser to block servers run by idiot admins? Getting kicked for no reason should have some consequences for those running the server.

    • Ramusx 08.24.12 at 21:21

      They paid for it. They can do what ever the hell they want with it.

  • Indignant Yeti 08.24.12 at 20:41

    Best news I’ve heard all month…

  • SirTacticalChad 08.24.12 at 20:40

    So what I hear, is we have gone from 1 dice server to 4 dice servers. Wahoo.

  • HalfaChance88 08.24.12 at 20:37


  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.24.12 at 20:18

    Quickmatch to have private server filter!

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 08.24.12 at 20:11

    Im more excited about you quadrupling your servers than our premium august bonus content drop. Pls let all future bonus content drops be in game content, premium members will feel alot more satisfied.

  • Hazzaah 08.24.12 at 20:06

    shame consoles still look shit, its not even worth playing it. Really. The movement is horrid and stuff I wish the next gen consoles would hurry up. *rant over*

  • tater2sacks 08.24.12 at 19:58

    Why NO official DICE servers on PC?

  • TheLyokoWarrior 08.24.12 at 19:52

    While That’s cool and all, I’m pretty sure the main thing console players want is extended player capacity on the servers. Also, Why you no Split screen multiplayer on same console?? :)

    • qpunk1 08.24.12 at 19:59

      Most likely a issue or a feature that was not implemented for a reason by DICE. Who is to say they aren’t fixing it by reworking there engine for a later title.

  • MCOOPER63 08.24.12 at 19:36

    An instant way to quadruple the amount of cheaters on BF3!

    • qpunk1 08.24.12 at 19:57

      This Does NOT make it easier to cheat. Find A DICE server to have a clean game.

      • Deathpenguin3482 08.24.12 at 20:11

        Makes it a lot less likely I’ll get tossed from a server for disarming an MCOM now too! In all fairness that’s only happened once, but it was enough for me.

        • MCOOPER63 08.24.12 at 20:17

          I know what you mean. I was banned from a room for fairly killing one of the admins.

      • MCOOPER63 08.24.12 at 20:16

        Thanks. I will play only DICE servers and my own servers from now on. I can’t stand when people are trying to play and have a good time and there are hackers, aimbot users, and spawn campers on the server.

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.24.12 at 19:35

    Yes! Make quickmatch free of rent servers and we all be happy.

  • way2blue4u 08.24.12 at 19:10

    How about making some official DICE servers for PC?

  • Ally_24670884 08.24.12 at 19:06

    Mixed game modes = waste of time

    Why not make them 1 mode?

    Why not give those admins who PAY you for a server more control over skill parameters such as the servers on Grand Turismo 5? You want more money? You have to give the customer what they want. Only pity is you have to use the 3rd party like PSN!

    • qpunk1 08.24.12 at 20:03

      Be happy you can earn XP in those servers, I think its fine the way it is. more choices make people happy. And giving more control to paying server admins, just screams I want to cheat.

  • WynoBot 08.24.12 at 19:02

    This is awesome! So sick of cry baby admins who boot me as soon as I get on a roll. Problem is, I prefer conquest and these new servers all have mixed game types. I like rush but I absolutely hate TDM. Hey DICE, how’s about a couple game type specific servers, ie. only rush, only CQ/CQA, TDM etc.? You guys ROCK MY COCK!

  • drumscarinbr 08.24.12 at 18:59

    I really don’t play the DICE servers anymore because of the mixed game modes.

    Please change them back to the way they were at launch, where conquest servers stay in conquest while rotating through ALL maps. The same for rush, SDM, etc.

    The only other thing is that the conquest mode needs to be set at a standard of 200% tickets. I don’t like the 500% overkill customs out there either, but DICE’s 100% is way too short for conquest. Many of those matches last less than 10 min……….that’s not a ‘battle’!

  • Tetchywayo 08.24.12 at 18:50

    So, they listened to their players and put more servers on. Oh wait, they’ve still got the stupid mixed gametype playlists … *slow clap*

  • PVDMIKE 08.24.12 at 18:44

    PLEASE make it so we can quick match into only DICE servers!!!! server browser servers are always empty

    • J_A_S_O_N_123 08.24.12 at 18:53

      Any and all servers that you would get put into through “Quick match” can be found on the server browser. You should probably check your filters

  • bambamdante 08.24.12 at 18:33

    FINALLY!!! no more stupid admins and 500% tickets with matches that last forever and are so long that no one really tries after half the match is done.

  • TribeFan_1986 08.24.12 at 18:11

    I agree. It is painfully slow on Caspian Border, where 15 kills is a great game. Go to Metro, Seine, or Bazaar and 15 kills is bottom third of the scoreboard.

  • aro52 08.24.12 at 18:09

    Fantastic! Now include an easy Quick Match filter for these servers. All the goon server admins just name their servers “DICE”, and it’s annoying and time-consuming to vet every server in the list.

  • angrypanda326 08.24.12 at 18:07

    Dice really needs to add 64 man servers on xbox and Ps3 otherwise Armored Kill will be a lot slower than it could be

    • FSaulZT 08.24.12 at 18:18

      Angrypanda326 needs to understand that consoles cant handle that many players. dice tried 32 players and it lagged on consoles. 24 was the sweet spot.

    • Vortuminius 08.24.12 at 18:39

      I think it has been well established that the engine taxes both consoles enough, and more importantly the bandwidth restrictions set by Sony and Microsoft are all causes as to why we won’t get 64 players.

    • J_A_S_O_N_123 08.24.12 at 18:54

      I’m sure they would if they could, the consoles are just too weak

  • Avenger305 08.24.12 at 18:01

    Heck yes! Thank you thank thank you!

  • ayeballkid 08.24.12 at 18:00

    So unbelievably happy to read this! I, like everyone else, wishes it was a filter that could be used with Quick Match. I really really hope that you are adding a lot of servers with dedicated game modes- switching servers constantly to stay playing Rush is a P.I.T.A. but nice step in the right direction- hope you continue to grow on this.

  • Goodfella aka G 08.24.12 at 17:58

    set one server conquest 24/7 only big maps … it will be full all the time!!

  • Colehogs 08.24.12 at 17:56

    I suggest an Admin Rating System attached to an admins profile and server, of course people could abuse this but if it is a very poor rating it may indicate a bad admin to players before they start and encourage admins to be fair. On PC there is a chat feed that helps admins communicate with troublesome players and warn them before a kick, some times we get kicked for honest reasons or by mistake. But there is no warning on console. But its so easy for some one to create a server now with crazy demanding rules, you never know what to expect. and then there’s the ones who can’t take a fair beating, so they kick anyone one they don’t like. Admin Rating is the way to deal with it.

  • Mik-Evil 08.24.12 at 17:56

    “Official Servers” should be added to the filters. What’s the point of searching for “DICE” when I still have to look through every game mode?

  • littleman794 08.24.12 at 17:55

    good stuff! Tired of joining games that have 500% tickets

  • J619J 08.24.12 at 17:53

    Thank you! I hate getting kicked or banned from a server because I play well and getting switched to the enemy team. And I’m getting tired of the admins’ stupid rules (well, some were good, but many were dumb). Also cannot wait for Armored Kill (and the multiplayer update to go with it)!

  • G1ggsy 08.24.12 at 17:49

    Thanks DICE but be better if you would just add a filter to list only official servers as some private servers also name there servers DICE.

  • ReD_nEcK_1186 08.24.12 at 17:47

    thanks DICE we need a patch here soon guys,alotof things that need tweaking not gonna rant u know what they are just gotta do it

  • kylevols12 08.24.12 at 17:45

    Sweet good job DICE, now if only you could fix some of the assignment complaints and glitches that’d be great.

  • pOLisH2683 08.24.12 at 17:44

    YES !!! Was just wishing this yesterday !! Finally DICE u do something the Fans WANT !!

  • Rudy0422 08.24.12 at 17:44

    So whats the total 4 now ha

  • SlasHo_2k 08.24.12 at 17:39

    yes! stupid admins kicking you for killing the admin REALLY SUCKS!!! DICE please do something about… restric kicking or something like that. and please ADD A DICE FILTER!!

    • Sergeant1337 08.24.12 at 17:54

      Restricting kicking is stupid. Play on a DICE server or start your own, it’s not DICEs fault. Or get it on PC, I’ve never had this problem and I only play on PC.

  • gameboy0895 08.24.12 at 17:38

    Awesome!!!!! Now that’s the DICE I’ve known. The DICE that made that content drop is Activision in disguise.

  • xcrstn 08.24.12 at 17:37

    Thanks dice no more angry fat admin

  • dsmgb 08.24.12 at 17:36

    Thank you. Can you please restrict the use of DICE in the server names so that we don’t have to go in and review the owner? Plus you could then add an OFFICIAL DICE SERVER filer.

    Either way, this is good news for everyone getting ticked with useless admins.

  • Ty921 08.24.12 at 17:36

    finally.. now I won’t get kicked for actually doing well

  • MillerLyte Kidd 08.24.12 at 17:33

    That is awesome, but what about quick match working for HardCore??

  • DARKMESSENG3R 08.24.12 at 17:31

    Cool news – but feels like damage control after yesterdays “well received” artwork reveal.

  • Wonderllama 08.24.12 at 17:31

    That’s great, but how about some official Rush only servers? Conquest only servers? Close Quarters only servers? And when the time comes, I expect to see official Armored Kill only servers!

  • SavageHornet 08.24.12 at 17:30

    its going to be good playing games with normal capture pints in conquest, i hate playing in servers that are 300% or 500% more tickets it makes the game too long and dragged out and thats all i can ever seem to find

  • madmark99 08.24.12 at 17:29

    Oh yes … thanks for that

  • Saucy Git 08.24.12 at 17:27

    So, mathematically there will be four Dice servers? j/k ;) thank you!

  • SixSillySins 08.24.12 at 17:26

    Finally no more noob admins that kick you for doing good. .___.

    • SavageHornet 08.24.12 at 17:28

      i agree man, i have had games where i have killed the admin enough to get a nemesis ribbon and i believe thats why i was kicked

  • sj_ami 08.24.12 at 17:26

    Thank you DICE/EA; much appreciated :-)

  • patrick_padilla 08.24.12 at 17:25

    automatch clan battles now!!!!! and make clan leaderboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kroczy 08.24.12 at 17:25


  • xX RVManiac Xx 08.24.12 at 17:24

    Why not implement a search criteria for owner? There are soooooo many rent a servers out there that put Dice in their name just to show up when you search for Dice owned servers. Currently, you have to then select the server to see who the owner is. Any chance of improving this?

  • =CCI= Wasp 08.24.12 at 17:24

    NOW… don’t forget about us PC player that made this game the legend it is..
    The biggest thing you could do for us is to bring back in game voice.
    AND make the servers better and more for us… you guys always diz us PCers and we’re the ones that put you on the map…

  • FAL Bordeaux 08.24.12 at 17:24

    I hope that you reset the old server of dlc back to karkan

  • GezziorPL 08.24.12 at 17:23

    i hope it’s not limited, and i hope they quadrupled the hardcore servers too

  • HaxnBayer 08.24.12 at 17:23

    Hopefully no mixed Game type servers. If i choose Conquest then i want to play Conquest and no TDM or something else!!!

  • Blakeboy_VI 08.24.12 at 17:23

    This is awesome, I’m sick of user servers, last night I was in a Match and i was owning these guys, and every time i start beasting on them, the Admin Kicks me out lol it happen like 3 times back to back on the same Server.

  • KiNg SLayER 08.24.12 at 17:23

    now quadruple the amount of players in a game on consoles.(;

  • exquisiteking 08.24.12 at 17:22

    Thanks for this!

  • alive2009 08.24.12 at 17:22

    Quadrupling the number of official DICE servers on console but on PC? ZERO, not even single one.
    U MAD?

  • Johnnie_Troller 08.24.12 at 17:21

    Thanks God!

  • Webke 08.24.12 at 17:20

    now do something for the PC-players also please ;)
    the player-base that made battlefield into what it is today …. the platform where it started …

  • Zackyboy99 08.24.12 at 17:20

    Finally i can have a better chance of playing matches without all the stupid rules that get you banned.

  • Th3 Paradox 08.24.12 at 17:18