“Matches” Feature Coming to Battlefield 3

Update: The “Matches” feature is now live!

We’re taking the next step in advancing online competitive play in the Battlefield 3 community. The “Matches” feature will allow players to coordinate competitive multiplayer sessions with their friends and squad members. Battlefield 3 players will be able to select the time, server, game settings, and roster for their Matches creating a controlled and definitive environment for competitive play.

Players will be able to coordinate Matches for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 through the Battlelog. To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renting a dedicated server. Once a dedicated server has been selected the Match host can set the Match name, start time, game mode, team size, and map rotations.

After these preliminary decisions have been made, game settings are determined for the Match. Matches are completely customizable; an extensive list of settings including friendly fire, 3D spotting, squad-leader spawning, kill cam, health regeneration, a list of weapon unlocks that will be made available to players, and more can be set to exact specifications.

With the Match settings in place, players then select the rosters for their teams from their list of friends and platoon members. A team leader for the rival team is assigned who in turn also chooses a roster for the opposing team. With the teams set, the Match is scheduled for creation and players can begin taking their places.

Before the Match begins players may engage in a Warm-up Phase where no kills or points are counted. The Match will stay in this state until all participating players have signaled that they are ready from the pause menu.

After the Match is completed players can review the results on Battlelog. Players can see the number of rounds played, what maps were used, the team that won each round, and other relevant information.

With Matches, Battlefield 3 players will be able to create, control, and track directly competitive online play. Platoons, friends, and rivals will be able to put their teamwork to the test in controlled environments laying claim to definitive superiority and creating new grudges.

Update: The “Matches” feature is now live!

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  • britisch1970 07.28.12 at 21:07

    Somebody call all these little babies a WAHmbulance. If you don’t like how the match feature works, don’t use it. If you don’t like somebody’s match rules? Get out of the way. They’ll find someone who does.

  • shadyalafensh1 07.27.12 at 12:52

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  • CAPONX 07.23.12 at 10:48

    I don’t understand why people still whine about this. All competitive players/leagues have always created their own ruleset based on what the majority of the participating players want.

    So if you play at a league/cup/tournament the admins create a ruleset that most of the players accept, there will always be players that dont like it and players that love it.

    For example http://nordicleague.se/ is a Nordic BF3 league that set up the ruleset after asking the community how it should be played. The reason is simple, there are so many players that want different things so its impossible to force the developer to say what to use and how to play.

    It is up to the players/leagues to decide this.

  • HalfaChance88 07.18.12 at 23:21

    DICE how is this competitive when there are NO rules or standard game format. Now we have to deal with everyone’s personal preferences if we want to play a match.

  • HalfaChance88 07.18.12 at 23:09

    This sounds terrible. No standard rules means a lot of shady matches and ofc you have to own a server to set up a match. Why cant there be anything standard so we don’t have to deal with everyone’s personal preferences. So if a player sucks against…idk flashlights he can remove them and give himself an advantage or just set up his favorite map that HE is good at.

  • mobius11729 07.18.12 at 06:30

    this pc only?

  • J_KILL_SEAL 07.16.12 at 20:49

    Best game ever

  • TovarishchSoldat 07.16.12 at 20:13

    I LOVE BF3 !!

  • mr-eivle 07.16.12 at 07:04

    bf3 you are the best

  • chocolatbwoy 07.14.12 at 14:50

    Do you have to own a server to set up matches?

    • k001aidki115 07.14.12 at 18:07

      “To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renting a dedicated server.”

    • Alb-next_gen 07.14.12 at 18:43

      Yes you must, unfortunately

    • Alb-next_gen 07.14.12 at 18:44

      Yes you must, unfortunately for now

    • HalfaChance88 07.18.12 at 23:12

      yeah you do! isn’t that awesome. DICE likes paying for EA’s bills.

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