Inside DICE: Building our biggest Battlefield map ever

DICE Designer Inge Jøran Holberg tells the story of how we created Bandar Desert, the biggest map in Battlefield history. He also provides some playing tips for surviving in this harsh environment once the Armored Kill expansion pack appears in September.

Hi everyone. My name is Inge Jøran Holberg, and I’m one of the Designers here at DICE. When Battlefield 3 had just been released [in October 2011], me and the other Designers were approached by the Operations team Producer Björn Johnsson. He wanted to know if we had any ideas for “Xpack 3”, the third expansion pack for Battlefield 3 that would follow up the infantry focused Close Quarters.

Me and my colleagues had already discussed how cool it would be to re-create Atacama Desert and Arica Harbor from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in the ever improving Frostbite 2 engine. Even if I was the designer of those maps and would love to see them get the Frostbite 2 treatment, I figured they would really only classify as medium sized maps in Battlefield 3 and I was certain there were still loyal Battlefield fans whose needs we hadn’t met yet – those who loved to play on the very biggest of maps in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 [such as El Alamein and Fushe Pass].

Circling Bandar Desert in the new gunship where you can man the cannons to lend ground support.

Reading a number of posts by these players in our forums, I personally agreed that even with maps like Operation Firestorm, Kharg Island and Caspian Border, Battlefield 3 lacked a couple of extra-large maps with huge distances and lots of capture points that they have experienced in some of the maps in earlier Battlefield titles to complete the range.

Seeing as the tight infantry focused Close Quarters was already in progress, I felt that it was high time we delivered on the expectations from our loyal fan base in this department. So we promptly agreed to try and convince the management to let us go big on expansion pack three and make it all about all-out vehicle warfare and extra-large maps. The day after our pitch, Producer Björn Johnsson came back with the good news: “Let’s go Big!”

Bandar Desert — The inspiration
Since Iran was a major area of operations in Battlefield 3, it felt natural to get inspiration from there as a first step in creating some maps in “Xpack 3”. Seeing the desert scenery from the real Bandar Desert area, I really got inspired, and immediately knew we could create something really exciting out of it. When it comes to gameplay, we here at DICE have been enjoying Atacama Desert in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a lot, just like many of our players. I started thinking about how the best parts of the gameplay on Atacama could make the transition to a new map like Bandar Desert.

Some of the things I like in Atacama and that I wanted to carry across into Bandar Desert is the mix between the built up village areas with lots of destruction and the barren desert where tanks and other vehicles were in their strongest element. Out there, vehicles could duke it out between the sand dunes, using them in large strategic maneuvers to hide or partially hide, protecting the lower parts of the tank when firing. There were also always a few areas where infantry could have the upper hand at times without making it hard for vehicles to enter the area. With extra-large maps though, some of the additional possibilities I wanted to implement were:

* Being able to plan ahead when encountering enemy tanks (without always being able to hit them directly as they would be too far away)
* Having a better chance to retreat and regroup
* Being able to dig in if opposition is too strong
* Perform large flanking maneuvers or get support from friendly air units

Sometimes, a mobile anti-aircraft can be a good companion in the desert. Rock, paper, scissors gameplay at its best.

Size and gameplay
In Bandar Desert, supporting 64 players and jets, everything would have to be larger and build much more on vehicle gameplay on a grand scale than Atacama Desert. At the same time it should be scalable for consoles with fewer players without it leading to compromises for the 64 player version.

These were a few of the major requirements that I set for Bandar Desert. It should:
* Support grand scale vehicle gameplay with freedom of movement at long range
* Provide exciting dogfight gameplay for jets in huge mountain ranges
* Contain diversity in gameplay and intensity between different themes
* Offer a great visual diversity both in terms of palette and character
* Support all game modes without compromise
* Differ from the other three maps in the expansion both visually and in gameplay (I knew what the other maps would be after initial design discussions)

One day I was sitting in the editor environment, adding placeholders for the different capture points to test different layouts on the work in progress terrain. It dawned on me that this could potentially be the biggest official Battlefield map yet to be created. When I started thinking about it, there was no reason not to – especially in this expansion pack with its theme of grand scale vehicle combat.

Spicing up the desert with a totally different look and feel in some areas create diversity.

Playing the first versions of Bandar Desert in our daily play tests was almost like re-discovering the classic Battlefield. Standing in the middle of that desert, looking around at the vast expanse with tanks approaching in the far distance and jets flying overhead was a Battlefield moment on its own.

The challenge with designing a huge map like this is that the size mustn’t lead to it becoming boring and uneventful. There must be no endless, generic travel between point to point like a pointless merry-go-round that never changes speeds. Another challenge is to enable different player kits in the map – there should not be one kit that rules the entire map. Diversity in gameplay across the map would have to be implemented.

“The challenge with designing a huge map like this is that the size mustn’t lead to it becoming boring and uneventful”

With different distances between flags and big differences between the themes in different parts of the level, you will find yourself in varying environments and gameplay characteristics as you go from the mountain, across the desert and into the more urban areas. All asking you to adapt your play style in order to win the bigger battle.

The difference in pacing and environments will make sure you get a very different overall experience every time you play the map, but it will also accommodate the different soldier kits by building on the strengths of them depending on where you are on the map.

For example: Trying to hold the urban areas will require a greater mix of your team’s different soldier kits than the desert area. You can for example be very useful with med kits, ammo bags or a sniper rifle in the urban areas, while anti-tank weapons will be more favored in the desert areas.

All soldier kits have different pros and cons in the different areas of Bandar Desert. This is the case for the Battlefield 3 map Operation Firestorm as well, but on Bandar Desert you will have smaller but more houses with good options for vehicles to get around, and you will also have more destruction in the infantry focused areas so vehicles can get more involved in those kind of environments as well.

Tanks are not lost even in the village, but watch out. A soldier with an antitank weapon could be aiming at you from a window.

It’s official: The biggest map yet
In Conquest Large, Bandar Desert is stretching as far as 1,900 meters from U.S. to Russian deployment, not counting the airstrip at the very end of the ground forces combat area. This is even longer than Fushe Pass from Battlefield 2. Bandar Desert is about as wide as it is long at the middle flags – it measures 1,900 meters from the mountain base furthest from the sea  all the way to the beach at the south edge of the map.

As a comparison, Caspian Border is roughly 1,100 meters between the U.S. and Russian deployments — around 800 meters difference both in width and length. Should you count the distance between your spawned jet and the enemy spawned jet, you will end up with 2,400 meters on Bandar Desert. From the closest capturable flag to the furthest capturable flag, you are looking at around 1,200 meters. For Caspian Border, the equivalent distance is just about 400 meters.

“The distance between your spawned jet and the enemy spawned jet is 2,400 meters on Bandar Desert”


Surviving in the desert
If you want to play your best on Bandar Desert, I would say that you should try to be effective with different kits, so that you can be at your best where you are needed at all times, and to get to know the vehicles that you will find on this map. Also make sure to use teamwork to overcome enemy forces – stick together with team mates to improve your chances against enemy tanks.

If you haven’t been very active with vehicles before, Bandar Desert is a good reason to get on with the training. Join an empty or nearly empty server at first and test every vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses. It will help you take enemy vehicles out when you are under live fire. In addition, you can discover where you best can dig in when you encounter enemy vehicles.

Try this for example: Drive a tank up on the plateaued dug out sand in the desert army outpost, covering most of your tanks chassis. This gives you the possibility to reverse just a little to hide your entire tank for repairs, only to moments later drive up and shoot again when fully repaired. In this manner, this base is a lot more defendable from the inside with vehicles than the army base at Operation Firestorm.

Holding different flags on Bandar Desert will keep your enemy from valuable assets like tanks, helicopters, transport vehicles, and artillery to a larger degree than on the base game maps, so don’t feel safe with just holding four flags in Conquest Large. If you hold just the town and one more flag, the enemy will still have more valuable vehicles than you have if they hold the most outpost flags, making it difficult for you to hold that majority of the flags for long.

Building Bandar Desert has been a great experience. I want to thank in particular the level artists Simon Barsky and Andrew Hamilton for an excellent job on making Bandar Desert come to life and look amazing. I also want to thank the community for all your constructive feedback on Battlefield 3.

Working on a game where the community makes itself heard is very inspiring. I hope you will love Bandar Desert as much as we do here at DICE. Thanks for reading.

Inge Jøran Holberg

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill releases this September. Look out for more previews leading up to the launch. It is one of the five expansion packs included in Battlefield 3: Premium.

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  • m4s0nd4n3 10.06.12 at 08:16

    the graphics are outstanding but the only complaint i have is hte spawn for the heli is too far from deployment i understand the need but i personally think the helis need to spawn closer to base

  • Drumbum1234 09.30.12 at 08:07

    I just have to say, hats off Inge Jøran Holberg. This is THE most beautiful Battlefield map I have EVER played on. I was in a trance as soon as I started playing this map. The beach, gorgeous sunset, mountains, rolling sand dunes for atv’s, and an ingenious design structure make for waging awesome battles on this map. Well done, truly.

  • Ally_24670884 09.11.12 at 02:27

    This is what Battlefield is about. Not close quarters pandering to Call of Duty players! They can go get MW3, it is crap, as are the close quarter maps!

    • SPUD-OW 09.16.12 at 22:13

      There is nothing wrong with mixing up your gameplay experience

  • KONFLIKT 09.05.12 at 20:28

    These are the maps we’ve wanted since Bad Company 1. Battlefield is about huge Battlefields, now if you could up the player counts on consoles, that would be great. I applaud you for the variety in gameplay you have given us with themed map packs, as I love the Close Quarters maps, but these big maps are what Battlefield is truly about. Armored Kill makes me feel like I’m playing Bad Company 1, and that’s a GOOD thing!

  • PixelPilot 09.04.12 at 22:28

    Looking forward to this map pack. It sounds really great. Have it all downloaded as of this morning. After work tonight..let the games begin.

  • plyst1 08.28.12 at 02:06

    a Gunship….? hmm would there be one or two (one for each side)? Would they be destroyable? Or do we hae to capture certain Flags in orer to activate the Gunships??? Also try and make Stingers and Iglas more effecive they are almost worthless anymore sadly…. maybe increase the damage or decrease the Reload time?

    • GeneralxMATTHEW 08.29.12 at 03:09

      are you new to battlefield 3? the explained a lot of the ac-130 in forums and videos. there is only one ac-130 for either team you have to capture a base of some sort to get the ac-130 for your team (kind of like the base on wake island in 1943, for the bombers) and it can be shot down but luckily you will have manual deployable flares so good luck! hope this helped.

  • KrumblecccK 08.27.12 at 08:45

    bandar isnt the only map,theyre not all going to be so big, so console players need not worry about the pace of gameplay

  • THE BEST IN TOWN 08.25.12 at 06:03

    wilson 635 im pretty sure the pc does have 64 players, cause i know most maps for the pc do.

  • THE BEST IN TOWN 08.25.12 at 06:01

    damm theres not just one thing i wanna see and play on this map, i wann do see and play all of it. To bad i dont have bf3 my computer needs a upgraded graphics card. hahaha well this might finally be the gamer changer. XD

  • GlennCleland 08.24.12 at 18:35

    And Armored kill is going to be Huge! Hopefully you can spawn on the AC-130 and then parachute on to an objective :D

  • GlennCleland 08.24.12 at 18:32

    Plainly because if xbox or ps3 where to have 64 or larger players the lag would rage you out so bad, and with PC they can store more gig and there dual processors makes it even better :)

  • WiLsOn635 08.23.12 at 23:33

    yeh 64 players on console why not pc gets it why not us

  • wyattnoise 08.23.12 at 22:25

    You guys on consoles dont get 64 players because youre playing on childrens systems. Step up to a PC and get the power to process a full game.

  • SourStreet 08.21.12 at 21:15

    64 Players Needs To Happen!!!!

  • Haven88 08.07.12 at 09:30

    Please make it 128 players

  • Xx_mdmn_uae_xX 08.07.12 at 04:10

    pls frostbite2 can you make ps3 players 35 or 64 anything but more than 24 players becuase
    armored kill maps is very big

    • BonzerCaesar76 08.17.12 at 19:50

      I AGREE! PS3 and Xbox wont have as much fighting at all as PC. i would like 64 players or more!

  • T3AMRR 08.06.12 at 01:51

    Hi all

    >> I think it´s gone be awsome because this map is very look like Highway Tampa in BF2, it´s huge !!

    It was one of my Favorite Maps with Jets of Course, Check it out :

  • MajorSlick 08.03.12 at 08:01

    This is not only awesome but makes Battlefield 3 even more epic in the Battlefield series .. looks like the mechanics are going to be busy! :)

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 00:45

    lol i think in my opinion that this map pack is guna be such a pain in the ass if there ant alot of people and not alot of vehicles

  • ElloOnFire 07.30.12 at 00:03

    Ugh, I can already see boy scout snipers everywhere. Making open maps like these are interesting, yes, but not everyone is going to go play by what you think is going to happen. You´re going out a little bit on a limb here DICE, let´s just hope the experience doesn´t falter.

  • SFCxDrEvil 07.29.12 at 14:50

    hopefully there will be enough equipment so that I don’t need to walk the 1100 meters from the base to the front

    • XxxxV1P3RxxxX 07.30.12 at 03:29

      lol true indeed. I could imagine my vehicle blowing up half way across the map by an opponent and then having to walk the rest of the way across lol

  • britisch1970 07.28.12 at 21:22

    The concept of alternating CQB/vehicle battles was born with Zatar Wetlands. I’m looking forward to the play dynamic an Atacama-inspired desert map will bring to Battlefield 3. This will be a welcome relief from the ill-begotten Close Quarters concept, which completely erased everything that which is Battlefield: Vehicle combat on expansive maps. Make no mistake. Armored Kill *IS* Battlefield 3. The community will love you for it.

  • shadyalafensh1 07.27.12 at 12:51

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  • r_k_n_1998 07.27.12 at 02:33

    32 players would be very nice as 24 would be very boring… by the way what i’ll certainly like in this is that you cn’t travel by feet, you’ll have to take a jeep/atv (like in real life) and that contributes to making better teamplay. anyway love you guys keep up the gd work ;)

  • PurplePride13 07.26.12 at 22:30

    Console version needs to have more players. Period. I’m sure making a 32/36 player cap will affect the gameplay on a huge level. Add more players.

    • slayerman28 07.31.12 at 15:41

      You my friend have the right idea, too much interaction between players is lost. Although it isn’t that hard to find people, it should be much easier, having more players play willl drastically effect the console gamers opinions and the amount of fun they experience in the game.

  • Xx_DJ_ELKS_xX 07.26.12 at 10:51

    this would be awsome i love you guys

  • Nookyn89 07.26.12 at 10:09

    Everyone complains about the console version of BF3. you have to think about that the PS3 and the XBOX 360 are old as f****. yes they have good graphic cards but their processors are limited to calculate a certain numbers of players per map i addition to all the stuff happening while destroying things. the GPU can’t handle everything. I bought BF3 for the PS3 first … after playing it for some weeks i switched to the PC version…. it was worth the effort … and the money …

    • ElloOnFire 07.29.12 at 23:58

      that may be true, but i would like to see other games that were as big as MAG, with 256 players on one server, one map, unless i am mistaken that did not happen

      • Futski 07.30.12 at 12:37

        Did MAG have destroyable enviroments, top notch sound quality, state of the art graphics? No it didn’t, all it had was many players.

        Face it, you play on a console which is made up by hardware, that deserves to be in a museum, of course it can’t handle the same as a computer from this year, at twice or thrice the price of a console.

  • dacino 07.26.12 at 04:11

    think they should bump it up from 24 to about 36, i would even goes as to say 48 players would be great since the maps are a lot bigger and based on vehicle mayhem. would be really nice to have four teams of 6 players for each side. that would be nuts out there on da battlefield and to be able to bring in 2 more of your platoon members puts it over the top for that all out team work u wont within your bravo or alpha or delta team

  • Leftie_TwoGuns 07.25.12 at 14:02

    I think it’s only going to be fun on consoles if I invite 3 of my friends and just ambush and stuff like that, 1 SOFLAM, 2 Javs, 1 C4 or something.

  • Assassinator_000 07.25.12 at 07:35

    men i want to buy his dlc as i will practice here alot on tanks and air vehicles but 24 players seem kinda empty to me lol

  • buellersdayoff 07.25.12 at 05:06

    buy a pc u wont b sorry, great gaming laptops out there that can cope, or build yourself a micro atx mini case to keep hooked up to your tv. sent from alienware m17xr4

  • willbo1234 07.24.12 at 17:29


  • willbo1234 07.24.12 at 17:13

    Wow. But I’m stil worried about the console version of the map. With only 24 players in total ( 12 v12 )it’s going to be like a ghost town.

  • Weggerz 07.24.12 at 12:43

    I agree with PaulRoss6075 and others who share the hope, that Armored Kill offers console players some maps that will hold more than 24 players. I can’t help feeling robbed, when i watch the videos from PC-players. They seem to have the true Battlefield-expirience with the larger maps, number of players- and objectives. Close quarters is, in my opinion, too close to the gameplay of C.O.D and i have been looking forward to getting new, larger maps with even more new vehicles. In other words; a “real” Battlefield expansion. The scale and necessary tactics, is what makes me choose Battlefield over C.O.D every time. I invested in the Premium-package and my fear of this feeling like a waste of money is growing. Close Quarters really only gave players like me, new weapons to choose from. The maps usually result in players taking a much more unrealistic style of play to use: Running around like a headless chicken with a shot-gun, jumping up and down. The largest of the maps we already have are great, but some of them can feel very empty, even with 24 players and less objectives than on PC. So i’m thinking that larger maps, filled with more vehicles and the same number of players has a risk of feeling even more empty.

    • Leftie_TwoGuns 07.25.12 at 13:48

      I hope they read all of our complaints about the 24 players, because I also think they’re going to rip us off by removing like 2 or 3 bases and just say: ‘Hey, the Battlefield experience isn’t lost’!

      ‘In Bandar Desert, supporting 64 players and jets, everything would have to be larger and build much more on vehicle gameplay on a grand scale than Atacama Desert. At the same time it should be scalable for consoles with fewer players without it leading to compromises for the 64 player version.’

      It will lead to compromises. They haven’t put more than 24 players in Caspian, Firestorm, Kharg. So why would they do it now?

      They only think about the freaking PC on #1, then consoles on #2, they don’t care about the consoles, PC has the highest priority.

  • chekua1 07.24.12 at 04:52

    A map with lakes and swamps where we can dip into the water at least by 30 seconds and also use camouflage, will be good.

  • PaulRoss6075 07.23.12 at 17:22

    I really hope that more than 24 players will be allowed on consoles. I hate playing the large maps on 360 because they get so boring with the limited amounts of players. I can play Caspian Border for 45 minutes and get 10 kills……and be the MVP with the most kills!! I hope this is different otherwise, it will be a flop no one will play more than a couple weeks, and it will be back to Metro, Bazaar and Seine.

    • macieksz15 07.23.12 at 22:48

      well-spoken ;)

    • BLINDKITTY185 07.24.12 at 00:56

      Knowing these guys they may sadly just cut the map into pieces. For instance the author talked about the army base on Operation Firestorm. On console no one ever goes there because there is no flag there. This is because on PC they have like 5 or 6 flags, while we sad clowns on console have 3.

  • DDU ReapersRage 07.23.12 at 11:39

    Playing on the Biggest map ever. And whoopin some nooby Boobies with a tank while i do it.

  • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:55

    Another idea: Make a different map for consoles and give us pc players a REALLY REALLY HUGE map. I hate that I have to turn with my jets after flying for like 10 seconds in one direction.. I want to fly for at least a minute without reaching regular map end :D As for the “The challenge with designing a huge map like this is that the size mustn’t lead to it becoming boring and uneventful.”-thing: I really like the idea of being on my own, walking for minutes just to reach a town, or having to call for teammates to pick me up in a truck or sth to where real action is. Make it EPIC!!!

  • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:36


  • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:36

    Cant wait for it. You should make it even bigger. This map is one “guge” reason I purchased premium. Thx guys.

  • Saldan113 07.21.12 at 23:25

    Wow, 12 v 12 is gonna be so boring here. Seriously? 10 v 10 on the ground because of jets, then 8 v 8 because of helicopters, then 2 less people on one side because of the AC-130. So, most of the time, the game will be 6 vs 8 on the ground. Awesome.

  • DAROCK2300 07.21.12 at 21:41

    I’m hoping they make an exception and allow us console players have at least get some 16vs16 action for this armored kill map pack/expansion.

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 10:13

      Yes, they can easily overturn the technical bounderies and make an exception for once. They just don’t want to. That is the only reason for sure.

  • ChickenWinds 07.21.12 at 15:33

    this is am outrage, i can stand b2k having less players, close quarters is alright with 16 but a fucking huge map with 24, thats discusting dice,milking money from a bigger crowd (console players) then leaving them to shit. i want a refund for premium

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:35

      Whats your problem? Who plays FPS on console anyway???

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 10:10

      buy pc

      • Leftie_TwoGuns 07.25.12 at 13:50

        That’s exactly what they want the console players to do lol, first let them buy BF3 on consoles, showing them it’s shit, then letting them buy another copy for PC = double money lol.

  • chekua1 07.21.12 at 01:00

    Hi guys , i maybe outside of the theme, but I would like to have elimination games.For example, in a team for 16 people or what eve can be individual players too, to have at less 5 live, and after this to be eliminate, and obviously, the player or team that survives win. thanks for your atention.

    • chekua1 07.24.12 at 01:52

      Ohhh, no one likes this idea?, that can be good for close quarters, to be individuals players too. Also I would like to be able to go deep in the water for at least 30 seconds to escape of dangers when you playing in maps with water.

  • Zimbooo7 07.20.12 at 22:40

    Ich Sage euch was ich kanns kaum Abwarten wird bestimmt ober Cool sein denn die Scheiss kleine
    Karten habe kein Bock bist Ruckzuck über denn Haufen Geballert.
    Auf gehts ihr Kämpfer.

  • AlexAwakening999 07.20.12 at 16:27

    How can a game Like Homefront hold 32 players with such an inferior engine, Yet Frostbite 2 cant hold 32 players on Mother fucking BATTLEFIELD3? Come on DICE I dont care if I have to get a freaking 8GB update I will fucking do it for 32 players on Xbox,

  • salvucci91 07.20.12 at 01:13

    The inaccuracy of hip fire in BF3 compared to BC2 ruins everything for me.

  • uGotDiabeetus 07.19.12 at 20:41

    Cant wait for A.K. All i know COD is for kids and bf3 is a mans game

  • Lausie007 07.19.12 at 11:44

    There better be a lot of transport vehicles!! This I often miss on big maps of BF3.
    But I can’t wait to play on these maps!

  • LeGiT BuSh BoSs 07.19.12 at 11:28

    will there really be a Ac-130?

    • r_k_n_1998 07.27.12 at 02:38

      yeah i saw it in the trailer. a pilot and a gunner. EPIC.

  • tel56101 07.19.12 at 11:08

    I’m getting the same exciting feeling I got for Vietnam in bad c 2 and at last something to fight back at jet’s;) at least till it get’s nerfed!!

  • CoLFC 07.19.12 at 10:51

    I really cant wait for this DLC, I feel as if I’m actually waiting for a new full game to come out in September not just some DLC…

  • JRICH 07.19.12 at 01:32

    atacama desert and arica harbor on frostbite 2…..yes please

  • Ps3freak2012 07.18.12 at 23:19


    • CoLFC 07.19.12 at 10:55

      Gotta agree with this. I would love for the sniper to get a new ghillie suit.

  • mxriderd69 07.18.12 at 20:28

    IVE GOT IT! A SCOUT JET!!!! one pilot and 3 spotter/designators operated by other players!!!! WOULDNT THAT BE AWESOME?!?!?!?!?!?!?/

  • mxriderd69 07.18.12 at 20:21

    IF the desingner reads this how about putting a semi auto .50 caliber sniper rifle like the Barret 107 that could reach out farther and maybe a 18x scope? maybe a a10 thunderbolt and a f35 and hornet all at the same time? oh and 1 more thing maybe a 70 player server????????

    • DoubleJuke 07.18.12 at 20:45

      Like the idea of the Barret107 and larger scope – but it would be cool if someone else could act as a spotter with 20X50 binoculars which also acts as a device like a green laser pointer / painter that marks infantry targets. Maybe recon guys could also earn stealth that makes them almost invisible as if they were using camo etc.

  • GuitarInferno 07.18.12 at 20:19

    i really hope they manage to build in 64 players in this for ps3. it will be chaos!:D

    • Zelectro 07.18.12 at 20:48

      You toy will not handle it.

      • IjustHITaBOWL 07.20.12 at 01:00

        As much as I hate that you say that, I’m inclined to agree. I have a ps3. I’ve seen video of PC BF3 matches. And it’s depressing when I play mine. Not as many capture points, not as many players. Noshar Canals doesn’t even have jets! So, perhaps a ps4 solves this issue. If not, I’ll continue to feel cheated. This makes me not look forward to A.K. as much as I first was. I know the PC version, will smoke it.

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:42

      Start playing on PC?

  • JI85AW 07.18.12 at 09:50

    Cant Wait To Snipe on this one
    also T Roll My Jet.!!!

  • mobius11729 07.18.12 at 06:33

    bout the snow maps?

  • AJBOOMER1 07.17.12 at 21:17

    I cant wait for Sept its going to be great i have a new baby girl coming and this yeahhhhhhhhhhhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whoooooooooohaaaaaaaaa.

    • T Bayt 07.18.12 at 18:31

      Congrats! I have a baby boy due sept. 8th! Sept is gonna be an awesome month. :)

      • AJBOOMER1 07.19.12 at 03:12

        Thank you Congrats to you as well Sept 15 here lol

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 07.17.12 at 18:26

    Looks cool, but will there be flags/m-com`s out in the middle of the desert.! So we can have some tank battles, where you can out maneuver each other in tanks. Meaning that in order to take “Flag A”, then you at least have to be 4 tanks….so we in that way can get some battles that feels a bit like “desert storm” and not just in the urban area, where large tank battles really aren’t possible…?

  • Mr_Rat-666 07.17.12 at 16:02

    I´m looking forward to see a huge map on this game, however I would like to see a Day/Night rotating map; as I´ve realized that We do not hv really night maps out of the Teheran Hwy.

    My idea is to have a map where after some time the night starts to come, the soldiers will need to turn their weapons lamps or maybe the moon can work as a huge light bulb to illuminate the maps and then out the blue a storm arrives, the clouds come out and suddenly you are in the middle of the darkness and being this located in a dessert I cannot just imagine how beautiful this could be.

    You know give us some kind of Ninja atmosphere, I think will be terrific to see the enemies lamps coming to you, turning your lamps off and prepare the ambush for them. Why not maybe disposable lamps will work as a bait and when the enemy arrives tracing a light located in the middle of nothing thinking they will eliminate a full squad then they will just realize that they have bitten the bait and kaboom C4 has been detonated or the blast of a tank has just gotten them using their termal vision. Oh mean that will be great to see.

    Anyway I hope this new map really exceeds what at the moment we have seen so far.

  • nas_nastiix 07.17.12 at 15:35

    no one love to play conquest on big maps like caspian border , operations firestorm & wake island because it make you feel like no one is playing .. for the ps3 .. if you’re going to Design .. please try to make it 32 or more players for ps3 .. thnx .. & i would like to see another night map like tehran highway ..

    • Dawnstrife 07.18.12 at 12:00

      Yeah, same on the XBOX, if the maps are huge, you need to make them thinner and direct the players on collision courses. In the Karkand maps you often had way too many control points, with too much landmass and too many tight backalleys paths so you barely get any action at all. In conquest that is, rush works pretty well since it’s just two points of interest at the time.

      • mxriderd69 07.18.12 at 20:17

        im sorry but you on XBOX have modern warfare we have battlefield. OH

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:45

      You dont get it do you? Ps3 cannot handle this many objects (keep in mind the frostbite 2 engine and all these hundreds of bullets, particles and what not)…

      • r_k_n_1998 07.27.12 at 02:43

        can you please shut the f*ck up and stop beeing an ego? like all of the other pc gamers… thinking you are superiour…

  • iFreakNL 07.17.12 at 10:17

    Can you use that Spectre??? With multiple persons??? Would be freaking awsome. Just like the AC-47 Spooky in BF Vietnam!!! GONNA LOVE IT!!!

    • SternLX 07.18.12 at 15:12

      If you control the Flag that controls the Spectre you can spawn on the Spectre. There are 2 usable positions on the Gunship if your side controls it. One is the Ground support position and another is the Air Defense position. If those positions are filled you can still spawn on it to use as a Jump point. The Gunship fly’s on a predetermined flight path and can be shot down(hence the 360° air defense position with Flares at your command while using it).

      The Flag that control the Spectre will most likely be the most contested Flag on the map.

  • Notarget83 07.17.12 at 09:53

    This is a: AC 130 Gunship (spectre)

  • LBEEZY88 07.17.12 at 09:06

    B-52 Bombers?
    For the Larger Maps

  • LBEEZY88 07.17.12 at 09:03

    I think we need to get a CH-47 Chinook in the chopper line up what do you guys think? three machine gunners and room for a few para troopers!

  • SNIPA 5204 07.17.12 at 08:41

    give us a trailer showing just how powerful the gunship is

  • KerwiBoy 07.17.12 at 08:27

    some proper infra-red equipment and include a night map!..

    • SNIPA 5204 07.17.12 at 08:35

      a night snow map would be amazing

      • SNIPA 5204 07.17.12 at 08:39

        also i agree that a infra-red 4x zoom sight should be made

  • lewiskent05 07.17.12 at 06:33

    Dice please please do sometimiento about the M16A4 for you next patch… I know ir has good stats but the first shot multipler is just a killer for the gun. I really like burst fire weapons, and it will be good for this ar if it could find a better place on the battlefield.

  • D-m-j-m-a 07.17.12 at 06:31

    you should be able to fly and have a crew on the ac130 it would be cool and some new snipers

    • SternLX 07.18.12 at 15:18

      You can’t fly it yourself but it can be crewed. Go search for Armored Kill vids on Youtube from E3.

  • GRAFX21 07.17.12 at 05:21

    we need some jungle maps with water swamps to utilize all our green/woodland camo.

  • GRAFX21 07.17.12 at 05:20

    put that coke on the map.

  • 360GamerGuy 07.17.12 at 03:53

    Is it going to include the LAV-AD on consoles? I really want to try it out.

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:47

      Damn, console play must really suck …. :D Guys, do yourself a favor and play FPS games on pc.

  • dieboy 07.17.12 at 02:28

    This huge ol’ desert map is great and all.

    But for the love of criminy please throw in a handfull of extra jeeps at each checkpoint and base. You *know* half the team is stuck standing at the base for a few minutes into each round. And its not because you didn’t calculate max team size to seats initially. But you know half the seats leaving at initial spawn are not taken.

    Otherwise cheers, big maps kick butt.

  • PDplante 07.17.12 at 00:25

    will the map be smaller for consoles?

  • ryewnty6 07.16.12 at 21:44

    give us some snow in the new maps :)

    • ADLH-WM 07.17.12 at 02:56

      I totally Agree!! we want snow maps too!! like cold war on BC2!

  • Darchize 07.16.12 at 21:38

    Dice !! I want remember you …. Where is the SNOOWWWW ?!?!?!?! =) I miss snoww in BF3 !!!

    • Gangsta_War96 07.17.12 at 11:08

      I think thats complicated because everything, soldiers, vehicles,… make tracks in the snow. Is this possible with frostbite 2?

  • Gangsta_War96 07.16.12 at 21:06

    Hey, DICE, don’t you see 50% of the users writing the comments to this blog complain about the low number of players on consoles? GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM. And please don’t write comments about how weak the ps3 and xbox are. The ps3 has a dame 8-core CPU! Ok it has a bad GPU but i’d accept decreased destruction and worse graphics for at least 32 players. And i think most of the console-players also think so.

  • TheBolterPro 07.16.12 at 18:57

    Can I Get Premium for FREE Without Hacking?????

    • Gangsta_War96 07.16.12 at 21:12

      Of course EA will give you 5 dlcs for free WAKE UP MAN

  • Ace_of_Arms 07.16.12 at 17:34

    Please dont make a 500M Headshot challenge -_- that L96 took me so long

  • plainswalker63 07.16.12 at 16:04

    im hoping for an anti-material sniper rifle.

    • Gangsta_War96 07.16.12 at 21:13

      Yeah and that would be totally over powered against infantry

    • metafa 07.22.12 at 09:48

      Still they will try to shoot you and noob you with a helicopter. Why don’t you ask them to include a god mode.. only for you?

  • Timberwolf816 07.16.12 at 15:21

    Arica Harber was my faverate map in bc2 i would love to see that map

    • Gangsta_War96 07.17.12 at 11:11

      I like heavy metal – the map and the music

  • AmosTheRed 07.16.12 at 15:09

    but, will be the AC-130 in the photo completely driveable? i hope so, and not to make a “mobile stationary weapon emplacement”…please DICE, for the teamplay, it will must be fully driveable.

    • SwagMe0ut Bro 07.16.12 at 16:34

      Yea, great idea, so people who think they are pilots hop in it and fly it straight into the ground. you know, you have a good idea there………make it drivable so noone will ever use it correctly

    • gatorhater741 07.16.12 at 22:18

      i dought it will be cause they say “manning the CANNONS”

    • PDplante 07.17.12 at 00:28

      its not, you can only use the turret on it

      • SternLX 07.18.12 at 15:22

        Correction, you can use the Air to Ground Station or the Air Defense positions, or spawn on it and jump off… provided your team controls the cap point that gives you access to the AC-130. It fly’s a predetermined path.

  • Major-Tater 07.16.12 at 14:04

    All I can tell you about the console player count is to get a PC. Perks are faster game-play better graphics and up to 64 players.

  • KingVeezy415 07.16.12 at 12:53

    I cant wait for armored kill & im a ps3 player! PTFO & you wont have to worry about not seeing any enemies. theres plenty of action on big maps. in battlefield, alot of times its not about the kills & more about winning the game. but this new generation of the bf community dont understand that. notice how you can go 45 kills – 10 deaths on a game & feel like sh*t after because you still lost the match after playing an hour long game? i rather be contributing to my team by reparing, healing, reviving, giving ammo, spoting, & being top 3 on the scoreboards winning a match than going 60 kills & 9 deaths. i have faith in DICE that they will make it work on consoles, but you ex cod players and noobs need to stop complaining & PTFO or play metro or a cod game because if all you think about is kills, you are playing the wrong game. & havent you heard of capping flags in vehicles? this is battlefield for a reason. its not a foot race. use the vehicles you damn noobs,

    • Gangsta_War96 07.16.12 at 21:18

      1) For the CoD noobs we have Close Quarters :D
      2) Youre damn right! At least you don’t have 4 C4-guys, 6 Engineers and 20 AT-Mines on 1 Tank with just 24 Players, but i’m afraid it’s too less for this big maps. With 24 Players you’ll prolly see 1 enemy in 5 minutes.

    • SternLX 07.18.12 at 15:26

      THIS is exactly the reason I don’t pay attention to my KDR in BF3. My SPM and W/L is more important to me and is a better indicator if I am contributing to the Team effort. KDR means crappola if your Team keeps loosing rounds.

    • Leftie_TwoGuns 07.25.12 at 13:59

      Yeah true in most ways, but it’s not a challenge to win if you’re standing at a base (vehicle or not), taking it, no enemy to hold you back because they alreasy moved to the next base. You will just be walking after the facts.

  • Maska Maska 07.16.12 at 07:21

    Looks Great but you will adapt it to Consoles ?

  • mad-dog587 07.16.12 at 06:13

    soo we cant fly the A-C 130 but use it? ehh guess its for the best dont want noobs flying you into tha ground all tha time

  • moodii_77 07.16.12 at 02:14

    DICE when the first trailer of Armored Kill will be released ??

  • CG_recon 07.16.12 at 02:07

    “Ha-Ha” – stop trolling PC players with “Working together with others in your team will greatly improve your chance of survival in combat.”.

    We do not have VoIP.

    • Leftie_TwoGuns 07.25.12 at 14:00

      That’s the only downside on PC then, congratulations there is one! lol.

      • Arkoow 117 NL 08.09.12 at 20:16

        There’s another one, and it’s a BIG one for me…
        I can still play battlefield 3 on my 7 year old xbox 360, try that with your 1-2 year old graphics card or CPU;-)
        That’s why i hate pc-gaming, you have to replace your shit all the time to play the newer games that come out. I feel that’s why most companies aim toward pc-gamers, there’s more money there, although not directly…

        For the record, i own a 360s, but it’s about the idea… You can still play bf3 on the first model that came out. And btw, almost nobody uses voice-chat on xbox, i don’t know how it’s on ps3, and i don’t get why that is either… But i cope:-)

  • Genera1_Chao5 07.15.12 at 23:27

    So looking forward to the manned artillery, back from 42, the cannons in the AC130 are just a air version of it, still upset that you can’t fly it though…

  • XxLeprodu59xX 07.15.12 at 23:14

    J espère qu’il y aura beaucoup de véhicule car la marche sait pas mon truck mdr ;;;;;
    Et pourquoi il ni a pas beaucoup plus de joueur car un 12 contre 12 je trouve que sait trot lent un 32 contre 32 sa serais bien mieux!!!!!!!!! Mais battlefield et le meilleure de jeu du monde pour moi .

  • Bejaim 07.15.12 at 23:07

    can’t wait driving the new verhicles on Bandar Desert. I am sure it will be fun even with 12 vs 12. I hope there are enough verhicles on the start because now everyone is running towards the verhicles and drive away not waiting for other players so others have to walk.

  • ROUGE-DOG-R2 07.15.12 at 22:09

    giant maps dont work well for console gamers because there are limited amount of players @ 1 time playing , i dont want to have to travel 10 minutes for a 2 minute battle. i hope they put enough vehicles in for everyone to have one. i would hate to have to run to the other end of the battlefield to join the war

  • Ragnvald83 07.15.12 at 21:42

    Looks fun for PC but for console I think the fun is far away!! 12vs12 on such a large map is BORING!!! hopefully dice is putting extra effort so the console players also can enjoy

    • Arkoow 117 NL 08.09.12 at 20:24

      I think you playing on a scaled down version of the map when playing on console, i believe that’s the case with some of the current maps too…
      It’s a shame though, i feel there’s no need for it, look at MAG for ps3 for instance…
      I realize it doesn’t have the graphics of bf3 but if you’d take a fourth of the number of players in MAG for the console version of the new bf3 maps, it would still be around 60… (i don’t remember the actual number of players for MAG.
      Besides, i don’t believe that the engine MAG ran on, was written more efficiently then frostbite 2…

  • KiloCharlieRomeo 07.15.12 at 17:18

    Wow. AC-130. Love it already ;D

  • Mr.NiCoS 07.15.12 at 16:22

    the only thing that worry’s me is how are you guy gonna do it with console? cus 12vs12 on such big maps doesnt look that fun :)

    • SPUD-OW 07.15.12 at 19:23

      I agree, and I wonder what is stopping 64 player on consoles? The only thing stopping this in my opinion is the capability of the console servers… But even then, 32 or 48 player multiplayer would be better.

      • igienicu 07.15.12 at 22:33

        It=s not the servers, but the capabilities of the consoles. The difference between a 24 man server and 64, are huge.

      • SternLX 07.18.12 at 15:31

        This was covered during Beta, the Consoles don’t have enough memory to support comfortably more than what they’re already set at. They could allow more if you like to play at 10fps.

  • killerkipling 07.15.12 at 13:33

    1) Sort the god damn Suicides. There back again, anything more than 2 steps and you die?

    2) Sound cutting out. It’s happening more and more now, and is affecting pretty much everyone

    3) Flag / Mcom symbols. Have them displayed either at the Top or Side of the screen, they get in the way and obstruct your vision. And, WHY do I have to see the round flag symbol every way I turn, why can it not just be there when I actually look at the god damn flag, as opposed to looking the opposide direction and yet it’s still in the middle of my screen. What jackass thought this would be a good idea?

    4) Private servers. I know their main focus seems to be on making money, but, we should NOT be able to be banned for NO reason or explanation. We get banned for being too good?

    5) Health / Ammo requests in-game. This needs to be more obvious to who ever you are asking. People are NOT giving out ammo or med packs to us even when requested, some of this can be down to sheer stupidity, but more often than not it’s because they simply are not aware you need ammo or health. The system for this on BFBC2 was much better, and so was the Flag / Mcomm symbols for that matter.

    6) Stinger / Igla. Well, you might as well throw a fucking mars bar at a Heli, and don’t even think of trying to down a plane with them. The range is totaly screwed up, and it can take forever to lock on, and even when using a Javelin after the aid of a Laser designator you will still see the Javelin or Stinger etc go elsewhere, and the Helis seem to be able to cycle the Flares at an alarming rate.

    I even watched three people fire Stingers at a heli AFTER he had dumped flares and still ALL three of them missed?

    I also wish they would stop the ability of Base Raping / Spawn Camping. this was a Big Issue in BFBC2, and I was led to beleive that it was going to be addressed in BF3?

    Oh, I nearly forgot, Whats with the Sniper riffles in Battlefucked 3? they don’t seem to be very powerful. Compare them to the M95 in BFBC2 for instance, now that thing was a long distance cannon, but the ones in this game are rubbish and don’t seem to do any real damage.

    And lastly, I wish they would please, Please, PLEASE stop pissing about with the god damn guns, jesus christ, everytime they do something we have to start learning them all over again, and the recoil on some of them is ridiculous.

  • Policestorm 07.15.12 at 11:18

    Arica harbor would have put the map on Battlefield 3, I appreciated so much that I could do without

  • Ace_of_Arms 07.15.12 at 06:29

    This map might be a failure on consoles…. otherwise it might be boring as balls.
    “K Rehder 07.14.12 | 19:57
    Please put in two seated Jets! I would love taking a friend on an awesome ride. :)” I can Highly agree with you K Rehder!

  • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:15

    I miss Invasion of the Phillipines in 1942

  • donkey888 07.15.12 at 02:50

    What are the other three maps like. How about giving us an idea of what kind of terrain they will be?

  • Georges544545 07.15.12 at 00:14

    Fuck dice, fuck ea, and fuck intel, amd and nvidia. Greedy assholes ruined the game, ruined the community and made pc elitists o out of their cage. I bet even after the new consoles they will say stuff that translates to: ” oh we are fags we suck dick we offer even less destruction and make it look like 2012 the movie!”

    • DeadPixel 07.15.12 at 05:37

      Get mad at console manufacturers, not developers.

  • shutdown6 07.14.12 at 23:55

    why not increase the player count. honestly if you’v got a map this big that calls for more players

    • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 05:55

      Consoles don’t have the operating system that PC’s do so the only way to increase the amount of players is to decrease the graphics, take out vehicles, and/or take out weapons. If you ever have played a call of duty game, you’ll notice that the frames per second is a lot higher, a long with the graphics and this is because those games don’t have the huge maps and vehicles that battlefield has.

      • Georges544545 07.15.12 at 23:13

        Well let me tell ya : consoles can handle 64 players without lag. The reason is because frostnite 2 is nowhere near as demanding as the RAGE engine. Why? Because the first one goes out of normality by having maps of the size of actual cities while keeping things cool and still having multiplayer up to what we know of 32 plrs. Frostbite 2 has less destruction than the tech demo BFbC1 Frostbite 1 engine!

  • Enchilada Nacho 07.14.12 at 20:15

    How about adding two new air vehicles to Armored Kill called heavy transport helicopters such as the CH-53E Super Stallion and whatever the Russian equivalent can be for the Super Stallion. Go to this link and read about my idea.

    Also, how about adding the Cheytac Intervention to Battlefield 3? It’s the perfect long range sniper rifle to have in this game.

  • K Rehder 07.14.12 at 19:57

    Please put in two seated Jets! I would love taking a friend on an awesome ride. :)

  • Alb-next_gen 07.14.12 at 18:39

    If that gigantic Airplane could be fly-able and could import all my squad then this could be the most fantastic map ever.

    • VELOCIRaPTORxlx 07.14.12 at 19:47

      yeah, your right

    • IprAYed4PlaGueZ 07.14.12 at 22:08

      it is its called an AC-130 its a 4 person plane not flyable but it will circle around and use its guns

      • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 05:56

        So is it going to be one of those Battlefield 1943 deals where you can go in the AC130 if you have control over a point, such as if you can control the air raid if you have a certain point?

      • Nevil909 07.15.12 at 14:21

        Technically,It’s a 2 person plane,each one can switch between anti-air gun and main cannon and it has also the option to parachute from so,3 slots for AC-130.

  • VELOCIRaPTORxlx 07.14.12 at 18:16

    why is the ac130 not flyable for pilots? that would be much more fun

  • VELOCIRaPTORxlx 07.14.12 at 18:14

    cdanzi: the same thing happen to me

  • cdanzi 07.14.12 at 14:31





    • frankiebac 07.14.12 at 23:50

      Go into battlelog and click on the premium section. There you can go to the guide/video sections and see the calendar for all upcoming unlocks.

  • Sacremento 07.14.12 at 13:35

    A, B, C, D and E flags on Bandar Desert?

  • Gangsta_War96 07.14.12 at 13:19

    How many players on consoles? Please don’t say 24.

  • ELECTRICUTION 07.14.12 at 07:26

    You guys should think about adding a new kit. Maybe that’ll add a little extra to the greatest battlefield experience never seen in previous first-person shooter games.
    Oh and about the map, one word: Magnificent.

    • Vaderlane 07.14.12 at 07:35

      Actually, there has been bigger on PC. It’s called Planetside, and its predecessor, Planetside 2 just hit beta. 2K people per continent. A base the size of a COD Map. It’s much bigger than this. Not to mention its persistent.

      • Bolar 07.14.12 at 09:59

        what are u on about ?

      • SoulTerror08 07.14.12 at 15:20

        This is the largest official Battlefield Map. There is a mod for BF2 that has maps 4 times the size of normal maps.

    • k001aidki115 07.14.12 at 18:10

      what kind of kit you think they should add?

  • parcer4401 07.14.12 at 05:35

    can’t wait for AC-130!!

  • SSXG_ELEMENT 07.14.12 at 04:49

    I agree with some of the comments here, you guys should remake some of the BC2 maps (you probably will in BC3?).
    I am really looking forward to this map and others like this one,
    Hopefully the other Map Packs will include big maps like BC2.
    Tbh i really think that close quarters was a waste (Just my opinion) and you should continue on what you do best, and make bigger and better maps!

  • rower4ever 07.14.12 at 04:09

    Remake BC2′s maps! :D

    • SSXG_ELEMENT 07.14.12 at 04:50

      If they do that they would probably do that in BC3, they have already brought back BF2 maps for BF3 sooo….

  • SanFranSiiCO 07.14.12 at 03:14

    Yeah im pumped for this expansion but…. i play on xbox and i feel this map will be too big if its 24 of us playing :(. so i dont know if dice can pull off that fun factor for us like u pc guys have. So thats my only worry cuz it will be like in caspian and the other big maps we got now . it will be jumpin in some parts but in most of it will be a nature walk.

    • SSXG_ELEMENT 07.14.12 at 04:52

      I play on PS3 but i do agree with you, the only problem is that consoles cannot support such big maps and 64 people, hopefully next gen consoles will fix that :D

  • Archer-Six 07.14.12 at 02:14

    Someone botched the quoted text near the bottom (1,100 meters etc.). He was pulling incorrectly from both Caspian datum and the new map’s info. Keep an eye out for that, DICE editors!

  • TerdFerguson15 07.14.12 at 01:32

    Night time maps, snow…jungle, actual topographical differences, thats what we need. stop with the stupid desert environment. 6 man squads and in game VOIP. good god, its not that hard.

    • Yorkie Henno 07.15.12 at 01:44

      Definitely snow maps for me, especially if you can show off the physics engine by making vehicles etc. handle differently.

      I’d quite like a nice snowy map with sort of a horseshoe shaped valley with the deployments at either end and a difficult to climb mountain filling the gap, lots of vehicle stuff in the valley and you can ambush people trying to cut through the mountain passes/launch an ambush from the mountain. Hell if you really wanted, make the rocks of the mountain destructable and cause landslides to block the roads/certain passes?

  • keenanmeboy 07.14.12 at 00:34

    i hope NOOBS wont get in the AC-130

  • Amalor 07.13.12 at 23:57

    I play on the xbox and I love the idea of big maps with lots of vehicles. But with only 32 players big maps like caspian and kharg seem barren and deserted. Even when I’m flying a chopper or driving a tank it will be a good 5mins before i see an enemy. I hope that with armored kill it won’t feel like that.

    • SanFranSiiCO 07.14.12 at 03:18

      Lol so i guess im not the only one worrying :D didnt mean to take ur shine dude

    • XxAvEngEdX666xX 07.14.12 at 20:49

      Consoles only have 24 not 32 and i agree its not enough, less of something else and more players needed.

      • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:02

        That would either mean less vehicles are they would have to decrease the graphics or frames per second. I don’t think those sacrifices are worth adding more players, especially since lag would be even worse.

  • ISAF Mobius 18 07.13.12 at 23:12

    Im looking forward to drinving the mobile artillary since I actually came up with the idea in the old forums. I even came up with vehicles to use and how to use them. Im excited to see my ideas come to life. Also, be nice to have vehicles skins since this is all about vehicle combat.

  • X-A-V-I-E-R_PR 07.13.12 at 22:47

    32 players! ps3 plis!!

    • Skater_Ricky 07.13.12 at 23:17

      PS3 or Xbox can’t handle the destruction with 32 players the game would freeze I rather have a great looking game vs a Lego experience. With the next Generation consoles on the horizon we will be able to experience 32 player games with full destruction from DICE here’s to hoping we get to play BF4 on PS4 soon. Current Gen consoles can’t handle it due to memory limitations why PS3 cant handle cross-game Voice chat.

      • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:03

        It won’t be until at least another 5 years until BF4 comes out though and I don’t know if I can wait that long.

  • J_A_S_O_N_123 07.13.12 at 22:43

    So much for this being weekly..
    Also, let consoles have 32 players! Fuck the graphics I don’t care if it looks like lego, I want better gameplay!

    • Friendsfromafar 07.14.12 at 02:16

      Its not the graphics. The game would lag and the frame rate would go down and the game would be very difficult to play if the game and memory cant handle to many things happening at once

  • THEonlyKAAN 07.13.12 at 21:38

    ı hope ıts ın PREMIUM ınput

  • THEonlyKAAN 07.13.12 at 21:36

    E-P-I-C :D

  • SHATTER SNIPE 07.13.12 at 21:28

    I’m hoping you guys add some better watercraft (armored, faster, and better weapons unlike the Rhib boat we currently are given). That beach on the south end of the map would be perfect for infantry insertions and would lead to awesome firefights.

    • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:05

      I love that idea. I remember that some BF2 maps had waterways throughout the map. It would be so cool if they had that in a map or 2 in some expansion pack, which included a heavier armored boat.

  • Kaappi_Jugent 07.13.12 at 20:47

    looks nice :) , but it would be nice too that there is high buildings that you could get in to every floor unlike for example in gulf of oman there is 3/5 houses that you cant get in, unless you jump outta of plane etc…..

  • BossMonsterLv_99 07.13.12 at 20:33

    all we need are Commorose and voip……
    why are’t you intereste in like that??

  • DogBeast 07.13.12 at 20:07

    Play the game like u r suposto and u will not have to look for someone to kill.

  • Henriqueup 07.13.12 at 19:59

    Y U Dont bring back White Pass?! It’s my favorite map in all Battlefield franchise so far! Plz!

  • Blind-Fury-71 07.13.12 at 19:56

    One thing i find lacking on all the “Air warfare” maps is Cloud cover, there’s never a cloud in sight which can be used both to the pilots advantage and disadvantage. On a map as large as this one, surely the cloud effect could be introduced at a height just under the “Hard top” and act similar to the effect given by the ECM jammer? Looking forward to seeing this new map in place. Keep up the good work guys :)

  • RussianwolfZERO 07.13.12 at 18:43

    Its going to be lame on consoles with so little people on a huge map.

    • macieksz15 07.13.12 at 19:59

      You have right. There must be min. 40 people on 1 server (but I think it’s impossible on a console).

  • Commando484z 07.13.12 at 18:43

    The poll is broken…WTF

  • Commando484z 07.13.12 at 18:41

    i love it when designers just talk about their own map and stuff ,espcially on Battlefiled.

  • Hakunade 07.13.12 at 18:41

    You guys should get worried about PS2. The biggest maps in ANY shooter.666v666v666 combat,persistent world. And the thing is, planetside has done this in 2003. That huge combat is going to need more players to keep it interesting. Also very small in comparable the ps2. That 1 area is 1 capture able area in planetside 2.

  • benconz 07.13.12 at 18:23

    How will this work on console?

  • Babydel 07.13.12 at 18:16

    Consoles, you realise you will never get more then 24 players in BF3? I think DICE would have tested the optimal player count with their maps etc. Consoles are 6 years or however old now, but their tech is even older to give them the “cheap” price tag, but the demand for better graphics is just making smaller environments and less players in games overall. Either convince developers (publishers probably more so, as they are the primary money grabbers) that graphics are not everything or save for a PC that will still be more powerful (probably) then the next, next generation of consoles. (Though the state of games will probably have completely changed by then)

    As for the map, looks sweet, looking forward to it a lot. As for people saying BF2 maps are bigger are just dumb, BF2 maps felt so big cause the game was so damn slow and there were zero doodads, making environments seem massive as there were nothing in them.

    • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:08

      thank you for killing the excitement for all console players.

      • metafa 07.22.12 at 10:01

        No, you console players kill excitement for yourself by playing on consoles :D Damnit, and we with powerful pcs have to compromise because of you???? Get a jopb, get a pc, play real battlefield.

  • carter315IN 07.13.12 at 18:14

    you gotta bring back the call for mortar strikes for the recon kit back like we had in battlefield 2

  • eBunny7 07.13.12 at 17:59

    You know, I doubt this will happen, but it would be cool to have kind of realistic-ish sand physics, or at least be able to dig holes and stuff. That would be great! :)

  • GrylS_1410 07.13.12 at 17:42

    64 players for consoles and these maps, will be the best solution

  • mulcher2 07.13.12 at 17:42

    Maps this big are useless on public servers. In BF2, with big maps you could spontaneously cooperate using the built in VOIP (Commander mode didn’t hurt either).

    Without brain dead easy VOIP, its just individuals driving from flag to flag in vehicle playing whackamole

  • PlatinKr1 07.13.12 at 16:33

    but consoles need more players

    • Xazch 07.13.12 at 16:43

      I totally agree with this i don’t see why they didn’t do that the have capabilities of being able to have 64 which all battle fields had but for the consoles the messed up with the 24 play teams. which i think is ridiculous. what really makes me mad is that having the biggest map in the battlefield with 24 player but you’ll never be able to find a single person

  • andresGETABU 07.13.12 at 16:31

    in my opinion i really love how maps like Gulf of Oman play like in PS3, i just can have enough of destroying tanks while taking a flag (or defending it) with my suport class, i’m pretty sure they’ll gonna make these maps pretty enjoyable like previously releases.
    Its so satisfying to destroy tanks (buggy C4 FTW), take one, destroy some more (and do a lucky shoot to take down a Heli or Jet) attack a flag kill some people “TANK DOWN” eject pull of my machine gun, Mow down every around (especially the one who destroy my Tank) and defend the flag all in one life.

    Thats a life in battlefield

  • growking 07.13.12 at 16:28

    this shit is gonna be sick ac-130 here i come

  • MedoOmar2011 07.13.12 at 16:24

    We need more players (64) on PS3

    • Paran01ac 07.13.12 at 16:29

      Think, c*ntsole peasant, use your brain! Whatever left of it.

      The graphics on ps3 even worse than on xbox, why? Because its hardware even worse than on 360.

      Stop looking retarded by asking for impossible, stupid c*ntsole peasant.

      P.S. Enjoy ur limited view distance, low graphics, small fov, awful controls and 24 players max, etc

      • Xazch 07.13.12 at 16:49

        you know some people can’t afford a gaming pc, and some people don’t know all about a computers. when they see a 150$ xbox compared to a 2000$ gaming pc what do you think they go for so you don’t have to be an a hole about things.

        • Paran01ac 07.14.12 at 00:01

          You can build a decent pc for 500$ and still have much more pleasant experience than on cuntsole in bf3. A good pc costs 1000$. 2000 dollars only being paid by clueless cuntsole retards.

      • MrRaKanAD 07.13.12 at 17:15

        Y U NO go f**k your self

  • ESSoF 07.13.12 at 16:21

    I am really exited for this map, I really can’t wait to get my hands on the mobile artillery! :3
    i wonder if it is going to be anything like Bad Company. :D

  • TriadWarfare 07.13.12 at 16:19

    I’d love to have a map that has all jets too. It’s hard to practice jet flying if all your opponents jets are fully upgraded and are all pros and it’s hard to hone your skills and accumulate points for that. Giving all players (or at least more players) jets will give more players the chance to fight and kill with a jet. I hope there’s a next expansion pack for this. I miss the Desert Combat mod…

  • Kochplatte 07.13.12 at 16:16

    I would like to get some console modes, especially on PS3 for 64 people or more larger like on the PC. I know, that the PS3 can handle this.

  • SquisheeMuffin 07.13.12 at 16:14

    Be interesting to see how it is on consoles. The current large maps are empty enough as it is with 24 players.

  • ramosraul 07.13.12 at 15:59

    will you be bringing back atacama deseret and arica harbor as well ? plz bring them back , plz

  • HemiHeart 07.13.12 at 15:29

    So many requests for the impossible. They can’t add more than 12v12 to consoles. We are limited by the antiquated hardware that is the 360 and PS3. This is not Dice’s fault, they aren’t arbitrarily withholding anything from us console players. I quite enjoy playing on my 360 with only 12v12 and I have faith that Dice will make even this map, the largest of maps, work well within the limitations of the consoles.

    • jezumcrow 07.13.12 at 15:54

      I agree….did not play Heavy Metal on Bad Co 2 because of the insane driving times between flags.. 16 v 16 sounds much better.

  • The_ExplodingApe 07.13.12 at 15:01

    Dice would it be possible to lower the graphics on console to allow for more players in a match.

  • XJ-0462 07.13.12 at 14:31

    J’aimerai soumettre une proposition si vous avancer de nouvelle cartes nocturnes:
    Diminution de la luminosité dans c’est cartes voir suppression dans les zone sans lampadaire, feu de destruction, ajouter des phares au véhicule, ou simplement des lumières comme les lampes tactiques qui dans c’est cartes pourrait donner un avantage au véhicule léger (aveuglement des fantassins); les véhicule dispose de la vision thermique et les fantassins de la vision nocturne je voit pas du tout pour la luminosité est si fort dans les cartes autoroute de téhéran et dans les couloirs du métro (opération métro).

  • XxAvEngEdX666xX 07.13.12 at 14:29

    Really not looking forward to yet another map that will be toooo big for consoles and 24 players. We are gona end up driving around for 1/2 hour trying to find sumone to kill and with the overpowerd jets rocket pods and guns the tanks will have no chance at all. They are destroyed straight away already on the big maps as theres no defence against jets. Stingers are useless with no range and with no overhead cover ground vehicles are useless. The tanks guns are no good against jets also as they do very little damage.
    I dont think il be playing this map.

  • xX T3 Xx 07.13.12 at 14:21

    Dice please increase the number of possible players for the consoles. we know that consoles cannot support 64 players and can only support a dumbed down version of your amazing frostbite 2 engine ,but the current max 12v12 in large maps becomes an endless marathon with the occasional
    encounter and its exasperating having tons of vehicles not being use because of the lack of players we are not asking you guys to change the game but to help enhance our player experience by possibly adding an extra slot to the 3 squads in a team making it 15v15 a big difference or possibly add the ability for a fourth squad making it 16v16 any of these two options would not only enhance our experience but also show the console community that you care in turn increasing our loyalty to the battlefield franchise.

    Console players If you agree copy and paste and help spam, this is the only way we can change things and have our voices heard by Dice if you have your own ideas add them to this comment but we need to unify under one comment.

    – This is our feedback from the console players –

    Thank you DICE for an already amazing product!

    • moodii_77 07.13.12 at 15:03

      yeah please DICE make it more than 24 players on console when you do it the console will be as awesome as PC

    • SoCalFoley 07.15.12 at 06:13

      dude the only way to do this is if they dumb down the graphics even more or if they take out vehicles, weapons, etc.

  • super_blackburn 07.13.12 at 14:13

    I wish you will place more vehicles all around the map, vehicles like T-90 , LAVs or Abrams to increase the battle experience of this large desert.
    I’m a PC player, but as the others recommended, I recommend you increase the maximum number of consoles players.

  • FallenKing 07.13.12 at 14:10

    As stated before, 12v12 is way to small of a number for the massive gameplay in BF3. At the very least 16v16. We know it’s feasible, and a large amount of your community plays via console. Be it PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield series. And although its roots are in the PC community, console gamers, i think, have been just as loyal, and just as dedicated.

  • Jimx99 07.13.12 at 14:07

    Wow,Bandar Desert looks awesome!When will we get to see the other maps though?Will the anticipated snow map be included?BTW,I’m most excited about playing in the biggest map in BF history,but the AC-130 sounds really sweet too.

  • Mr-Mattie 07.13.12 at 14:05

    I agree with COD_Merc, BUT I hope the biggest map in Battlefield History will not be only 3 flags on console and a smaller map. The only way to keep it big is adding more players unfortunately. So here it is (sorry for the spam)

    Dice please increase the number of possible players for the consoles. we know that consoles cannot support 64 players and can only support a dumbed down version of your amazing frostbite 2 engine ,but the current max 12v12 in large maps becomes an endless marathon with the occasional
    encounter and its exasperating having tons of vehicles not being use because of the lack of players we are not asking you guys to change the game but to help enhance our player experience by possibly adding an extra slot to the 3 squads in a team making it 15v15 a big difference or possibly add the ability for a fourth squad making it 16v16 any of these two options would not only enhance our experience but also show the console community that you care in turn increasing our loyalty to the battlefield franchise.
    P.S. if you can add the ability for four squads with 5 players each that would be the most amazing thing you guys could do for console players.

    Console players If you agree copy and paste and help spam, this is the only way we can change things and have our voices heard by Dice if you have your own ideas add them to this comment but we need to unify under one comment.

    – This is our feedback from the console players –

    Thank you DICE for an already amazing product!

  • robby-79 07.13.12 at 13:43

    DICE more players for consoles please… we need that…

    • COD_Merc 07.13.12 at 13:44

      Copy and paste my comment we need to get their attention

      • super_blackburn 07.13.12 at 14:17

        I’m a PC player, but I believe that you have a serious problem with the lack of players at console, especially for a large map like this…Yes DICE increase the number of console players

  • COD_Merc 07.13.12 at 13:34

    don’t mind user name i regretfully accept i was a cod fan until i played bfbc 2.

    Dice please increase the number of possible players for the consoles. we know that consoles cannot support 64 players and can only support a dumbed down version of your amazing frostbite 2 engine ,but the current max 12v12 in large maps becomes an endless marathon with the occasional
    encounter and its exasperating having tons of vehicles not being use because of the lack of players we are not asking you guys to change the game but to help enhance our player experience by possibly adding an extra slot to the 3 squads in a team making it 15v15 a big difference or possibly add the ability for a fourth squad making it 16v16 any of these two options would not only enhance our experience but also show the console community that you care in turn increasing our loyalty to the battlefield franchise.
    P.S. if you can add the ability for four squads with 5 players each that would be the most amazing thing you guys could do for console players.

    Console players If you agree copy and paste and help spam, this is the only way we can change things and have our voices heard by Dice if you have your own ideas add them to this comment but we need to unify under one comment.

  • PTFOholland 07.13.12 at 13:27

    Uh how do I vote?

  • T1m3hunt3r 07.13.12 at 12:50

    Way to go DICE, you’re doing an amazing Job :D
    But how are you going to handle the 24 player problem on consoles? Can you upgrade it to like 32 players at least or are the maps just gonna be smaller?

    P.s: Give us some SNOW and JUNGLE maps :) White Pass was great in BC2
    Something like Harvest Day would be amazing too !!!

  • hellfishy 07.13.12 at 12:47

    Big maps are what I want. Please don’t get lazy and recreate maps we’ve already played. We’ve paid a lot of money for this game now, I don’t want to be insulted like COD players with re-skinned content. I expect my money’s worth and that means NEW CONTENT.

  • Tegmen70TR 07.13.12 at 12:39

    thank you Battlefield team!
    maybe u have a surprise for us too (DRAGON VALLEY Bf2 map) =)

  • Graf_d 07.13.12 at 12:36

    Midway was trhe biggest map ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so you dont remember youre own maps


  • Graf_d 07.13.12 at 12:34

    mal zuspamen den scheiss hier, machen jedesmal ein riesen fass auf und dann kommt nur die hälfte der versprechungen an
    außerdem muss man den ganzen verbugten cheatscheiss auch noch bezahlen
    bf3 war jetzt definitiv der letzte bf titel den ich kaufte
    man wird ja immer mehr verarscht von diesem geldgeilen verein
    patches gibts nicht oder muss man die jetzt auch bezahlen?
    mal irgendwas hinterher reichen als wiedergutmachung, nö, wieso auch jeder zahlt ja kräftig
    weiter so und es zocken nur noch 12-14 jährige denen ist es egal ist ja geld von papa

  • Renoir1 07.13.12 at 12:34

    Mashtuur City from BF2 would be also a great addition for BF3

  • vonmulert 07.13.12 at 12:32

    we need more players in one team on the xbox 360. Maybe 24 vs. 24 or 32 vs 32, please!!! Thank you :)

  • Graf_d 07.13.12 at 12:29

    BF1942 Midway has the double size so it isnt the biggest map over all
    its only another (expensive) map

  • pacheddu 07.13.12 at 12:14

    Why don’t you re-insert arica habour and atacama desert?
    They are medium size map but they were some of my favorite BC2 maps.
    however thanks for this good jobs.

  • turst67 07.13.12 at 12:07

    Great news, but squad sizes should be upped to 6 players, just like in BF2…

  • DarthVash1945 07.13.12 at 11:57

    Please Please make it a 50-a-side map!!! Go big!!

  • LithiumX_ZA 07.13.12 at 11:43

    if its the biggest map, give the option to increase the number of players, 50 people per side would make this one of the most insane game maps of all time, GO BIG OR GO HOME

  • 79c1735a.2408 07.13.12 at 11:39

    I have a very good idea for you. Create a pack of sniper for this all new map for any player who wants to snipe in longe distance (like me).

  • Burroveo 07.13.12 at 11:30

    I think Jets should be a configurable thing in Battlefield. They need balancing. I foresee them ruining this cool looking map. I’d much rather play this map on extra large, with 1 attack chopper, 2 little birds and one super huey (and the equivalent on the RU side). With 4 tanks per team, 2 LAV’s and 2 MAA. 4 buggies, 2 jeeps, 4 QUADS. That would really be a vehicle base map.

    • Tactical_Snuke 07.13.12 at 11:36

      That’s swell if you play BF3 on PC, but if you play the game on PS3 or Xbox360 there are only 12 people per team, so it would be pointless putting that many in the game, EA I really can’t stress enough that if you are going to be doing these extra large maps then you need to enable the 24 player teams on console otherwise people are going to be running around for like 10 mins before they find someone? maybe have it as a feature for only those maps then the standard BF3 maps are only 12 per team?

  • Tactical_Snuke 07.13.12 at 11:27

    I think it would be cool if you guys could do what you did with Battlefield 1943 & have like a flight only map, that would be interesting to see on BF3 I think & im sure others would agree with me?

  • Bermbom 07.13.12 at 10:54

    Armored Kill can flop if the huge UNbalance between air and ground remains.

    No tank likes to be spamrocketed by rocket pods and TV missiles from the other side of the map with only useless stingers and limited range MAA against it.

  • DefierMcG 07.13.12 at 10:45

    i think 5v5 for tanks is fine because of the other ground vehicles they are putting in remember the rocket artillery and the tank destroyers what would be nice is like 2 ground attack jets with the three air attack jets separate setups for each

  • Neuer31 07.13.12 at 10:38

    Plz makes the biggest vehicles fights ever !!! Like 20 tanks vs 20 Tanks .. and some jets and choppers against eachother … that would be so nice!!!!!

  • SU4DI 07.13.12 at 10:31

    Hi Dice.
    Sure, Bandar Dessert will be a amazing Map, but I miss
    a MH-47F Chinook Transport Helicopter or any Kind of that Type. So please, make the
    the biggest Map WITH the biggest choice of War Vehicles inlc. 2x MH-47F!

    Thank You

    • DefierMcG 07.13.12 at 10:45

      it would be a ch-46 because it’s the marines

  • Spartan U176589 07.13.12 at 10:31

    Can we get more than 24 players please? (on xbox 360)

    • blazeviper 07.13.12 at 10:44

      cant when console doesn’t have enough room

    • 79c1735a.2408 07.13.12 at 11:41

      I agree with you, it’s so boring 24 player

  • BuLleTs2DaDomE 07.13.12 at 10:28

    there is only one thing that ps3 users really need with this type of extra large mapping gameplay and thats more people on each team cuz i hear alot of people complain that even on the origanal bf3 maps playing conquest that no one can ever find any one cuz everyone is in vehciles so how are we suppose to get kills on even lager maps when there are not that many people to find

    • lucktheory 07.13.12 at 10:43

      by playing the fucking objective

    • jmee2k9 07.13.12 at 11:42

      Its not all about kills mate. Im happy to play any map, with like 5K/2D, or even 0K/10D, but be almost on top because of the points i rack up on repairing, healing, reviving and capturing flags. But i spose every player is different.

  • zodiak141 07.13.12 at 10:19

    Dear dice im really looking forward to this new expansionpack:). But my concern really regards the tankplay, i use tanks alot and i have noticed that since last patch players use tanks less. They have become way to easy to take out. Lets see, threats to tanks. Jets choppers c4 rpg javelin mines ifv other tanks,repairtools. Even with 3 player in the tank i asure you, its not a easy jobb staying alive even for a short period of time. Please consider making tanks armor a little harder, just a matter of time till i get knifed sitting in there; )

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 10:12

    I really hate the fact the some of the pc community is so self righteous……makes me wish y2k would have happened and broken your precious

    • DefierMcG 07.13.12 at 10:47

      same shit would happen to your console i have both and its like comparing apples and oranges better for different things but i prefer pc much more to console

      • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 11:45

        actually, I can play my game without being online and I DON’T have to be logged on to Origin to play my game (even if it is just the campaign)…..all I want is for all of us to realize that we all get to enjoy this game one way or another

  • Rocket_puncher 07.13.12 at 09:45

    Inge Jøran Holberg thank you for this awesome map that I will be enjoying when it comes out, make sure you add the 4 wheelers thought I miss those from ATACAMA DESERT!!!

  • WhitePawn13 07.13.12 at 09:28

    I never understood all the hate on console. Yes we get it having 64 players is awesome. good for you. Not everyone wants to spend $1200 on a gaming pc.
    Also it’s not like console only runs 24 players so you rarely see another player. DICE has done a pretty good job at adjusting the maps for console so there is always tactical action. oh and btw we have much less hackers :P

    • HeavyMetalTurtle 07.13.12 at 09:37

      I’ve spent 250$ for my pc. I’ve built it by myself and it can run BF3 on High details without any lags.

    • Rocket_puncher 07.13.12 at 09:46

      I spent 600 and my machine makes docs time machine look like a microwave.

    • Sil3ntDragon 07.13.12 at 10:26

      you can get a gaming PC much cheaper than that… I bet you I would be able to build a gaming PC better than a console for the mere price of 500$ and that is in one of the most expensive countries of the world when looking at Hardware prices. sure it won’t be state of the art but it will be better than any console out there atm. and it will be a PC :P

      back to topic: I think it’s a bit late… and all these DLC’s just proves to divide the community more.. make an expansion pack with new weapons new maps new veichles and so on and I’d happily pay but buying an Expensive DLC just to get one decent map that should had been in the game to begin with is why I’m about to stop playing Battlefield. you guys went on the wrong wagon.. Expansion packs = fine cause there is bang for the buck. DLC = bad cause it just feels like you want money for nothing.

  • fantoculu 07.13.12 at 09:23

    yeah very nice, but it’s a fail on consoles whit only 24 players playing there :|

  • Creams 07.13.12 at 09:22

    Wait, why are you mad? There is a reason consoles can’t have 64 players in BF3, and that’s because they are outdated pieces of shit. Why don’t your retarded ass stop crying and get a computer that can play the game.

    • fantoculu 07.13.12 at 09:25

      I have a computer that can play bf, but i don’t want to buy another battlefield…. Because my parents don’t want thaat i spend 321479819658719 euros on videogame :|

    • kolz4ever 07.13.12 at 09:41

      LOL I find it how hilarious you pc tards with your 200 dollar video cards get over your XXXXX trillionth fps games. You go crying like a 5 yr old soon as one game that isn’t a fps is exclusive on the consoles and think you’re amazing because you’re on pc only.

    • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 10:05

      I think what he’s saying is he’s sick of hearing the pc community act like some pretentious pompous jerks….”oh everyone, look at me, go me, go pc, we’re the greatest……blah blah fricken blah……good for you for having a kickass pc…..whatever!!!!

  • alive2009 07.13.12 at 09:18

    HEY! Close Quarters made for console, so this DLC made for PC
    you idiot

  • DocSalvador 07.13.12 at 09:09

    Look at all the console kids. “Yes son, look at them. At least they’re trying.”

  • Byyys 07.13.12 at 08:56

    One question you did not answer… Is the “Big map” going to be 64 players for consoles????
    We know the pc verson has 64players.. this map will be useless if its staying at 24 for xbox players!

    • alive2009 07.13.12 at 09:22

      map large will be half or more for 24players

  • SaturnH 07.13.12 at 08:50

    Please, please give Rush mode some special attention because I feel like rush is the only way for console players to experience the entire large map. I LOVED Arica Harbor rush in BC2, but was very disappointed in Caspian and Firestorm rush, which were too short with only 3 bases. These maps should have been truly great on rush, but neither one even comes close to Arica Harbor. I hope all AK maps support 4-5 Mcom bases so that console players can still play the huge maps without worrying about empty cq games. Rush is a great game mode, and I’m hoping these new maps will deliver a rush experience on par with BC2′s best.

  • Yegoh 07.13.12 at 08:43

    kamikazed the AC-130 with jet is coming !!!

  • iDeadGhost 07.13.12 at 08:32

    64 players on consoles for this map or fuck you and your stupid big map!

    • Timmy_The_Great 07.13.12 at 09:04

      Well there are other maps that cater well for console players. Having a bigger map is staple in all battlefield series and is definitely a plus on pc players.

  • kiramina 07.13.12 at 08:26


  • LaxeCas 07.13.12 at 08:25

    i hope you are aware that the main reason why maps felt small in BF3 was the limited area where you can be in. also the limited height of maps.

    would be great that you stretched out borders of original maps for 64 players, you don’t need to touch flags, just give people place to go out.

  • Sweet-T-Sleigher 07.13.12 at 08:03

    I am exponentially excited for this map pack! DICE is one of the greats in the video game industry to date! I appreciate your dedication to making each DLC a new experience for the gamer. Please continue with the dedication to making a great gaming experience for us consumers. You had me at BFBC2 and will keep me until the end of my existence. My wife accuses me of having an affair with BF3. I have to go, I thinks she’s up. I’ll be dreaming about you!

  • swipe_06 07.13.12 at 07:57

    DICE this is possibly the greatest game ever in my opinion! Still there are a lot of issues that need a fix badly. Why did you guys allow high ticket count on ranked servers? Why can’t i be kicked / banned after the round ended, to make admin abuse impossible? You guys are so creative, why dont you guys look out for abuse potential where you add power to the users?

    • kkn_ 07.13.12 at 10:36

      dice dont own the servers, its the users that own/rent the servers so. if you dont like it take it up whit the server admins that runs the server.

  • BicHempWic 07.13.12 at 07:27

    I really wish the could add more players for console players……also something that desperately needs works is vehicle collisions. Maybe gets some advice from the gta crew at rockstar

    • AdM_1911 07.13.12 at 07:39

      and to fix the sound issue as well…. The game is great DICE! With all those annoying level 50+colonels gone to play CQ maps more, the B2K and original BF3 maps are more squad oriented now……

  • El_Amigo_CA 07.13.12 at 07:19

    Get over the fact that their not going to add more players if they could they would of done it already i’m sure! what they gotta do is focus on the realism this game brings… maybe different weather and sandstorms changing the enviroment constantly…

    • jaypatel51286 07.13.12 at 08:12

      I actually would love to see that happening. Changing weathers. That actually changes a lot of your gameplay tactics. Snipers wont be able to make a good long shot because of wind. You wont be able to see everything from a far distance. Even an earthquake is also a good idea, if not worse.. I hope they soon think about these stuffs.

  • REAPER1282 07.13.12 at 07:14

    Can’t wait! But consoles need more players. Even if it’s only for the large maps. If the new map allowed more players more people would purchase Premium!

  • DoirtyMexican 07.13.12 at 06:51

    While i agree it would be nice if consoles could have more players its simply impossible. I recon the next gen consoles will support higher players but til then :( I say spend 200-300 quid on a pc on ebay and you willl be able to run bf3 on medium settings. You may think its a big cost just to play BF3 but think of all the other games for PC that you could enjoy with better graphics and better multiplayer :)

  • OPERATI0N-BEAST 07.13.12 at 06:40

    looks awesome but make consoles able to have more players on each team for the big maps

  • BOILER1209 07.13.12 at 06:32

    i thing console should get 24 vs 24 on this map pack

    • erluna25 07.13.12 at 06:45

      I think console should get more players period, on any map.

      • Rep3 07.13.12 at 06:57

        I think that 16v 16 on any platform is good enough in current maps. Otherwise its so called häröpallo in finlad that means: There is nothing to do with skill anymore when there is 5 vs 1 situations more than enough.

      • metafa 07.22.12 at 10:08

        Buy a playstation 7 then its not a problem! Its not so expensive anymore.

  • TheBetatester 07.13.12 at 06:19

    For the console there should be AIs on each others team. To make it more like the pc.

  • BOILER1209 07.13.12 at 06:13

    dont get all crazy about good jet pilots i know they are annoying but take in consideration that there willl be multiple aa guns and a specialized truck that has 200 rockets to fire that has to have range so dont worry dice will find out how to work it out

  • BlindProphet_413 07.13.12 at 06:12

    Speaking of large, vehicle-focused maps: Later on, I’d love to see some air-focused maps. Something like the old Battle of Britain from 1942, with just large numbers of planes fighting over a vast ocean. Or something totally chopper-focused; Maybe some maps or game modes where ground isn’t an issue, just large numbers of air vehicles, and two well-protected bases.

  • Razerkiss 07.13.12 at 06:09

    I’m more then pumped for this map. I’m personally really hoping for at least double the air unit capacity. 2 attack choppers and 4 jets. That new gunship will diffidently be an awesome twist. I can’t wait to see how that flies! Have a feeling that there will be some Mobile AA’s waiting to greet my Air Squadron! Ground Vehicles, prepare to taste my Steel!

  • KatMan911 07.13.12 at 05:50

    The map sounds amazing, looking forward to it.

    However, here’s an idea – DO NOT INCLUDE JETS in “Armored Kill”

    If you do, the full irony of naming it “Armored Kill” will finally hit you, but it will be too late. It will be like a all-you-can-rape buffet for jet pilots, considering how futile it is to try and take the jets down from the ground now. A competent jet pilot can rule the server practically with impunity – Stingers are castrated thanks to Below Radar and miniscule lock-on radius, mobile AA is destroyed from way outside its gun range with rocket pods and seems to be made out of tin. It’s getting towards BF2 jets level of ridiculous. At least we don’t have dumb bombs (please do NOT introduce dumb bombs!).

    The expansion is called “Armored Kill” – people are waiting for all-out-warfare with ARMORED GROUND VEHICLES, not to be locked down in their base by a couple of people going 120-0 every round in a jet. So please either provide effective means of preventing that, or save everyone an aggravation and don’t include jets. Believe me, it will be much appreciated by all the groundpounders.

    • kjm0922 07.13.12 at 05:54

      I agree with this guy.

    • Razerkiss 07.13.12 at 06:03

      Armored Kill as in vehicle dominate. Air units are armored like ground units. Unless you aerially frustrated because planes aren’t your thing. I see what you may be getting at but I just cant agree at all. Last thing I want is being pounded by artillery because my tanks/troops cant get close enough. There’s your strategy to it. Thats where you need your air units for support. Mind you the jets will be needing to aid the new gunship considering its probably defenseless against the dogs in the air. I believe this may be the ultimate map for clans. Sections of the clans taking the roles of air, ground, and infantry. Leaders of the clan are in “team” chat to coordinate strikes to push your team towards victory.
      Anyway its just my opinion I prefer the air myself and I cant wait to try the new plane. If anything I dont mine playing escort for that gunship while it rips the enemy tanks and artillery apart!

    • TheBetatester 07.13.12 at 06:18

      Air units have to deal with the AC 130 and protecting it.

  • WLF42 07.13.12 at 05:42

    Wow, now this map is worth talking about. Amazing. Still hoping for some huge valley maps like Fushe Pass in BF2

    • hostilehaze0430 07.13.12 at 05:46

      We can thank BF2 for creating the best maps the multiplayer world has ever seen.

  • SniperMan37 07.13.12 at 05:33

    and with that extra large map and vehicles can i expect to see an Anti-Material rifle? ;)

  • Roarshack24 07.13.12 at 05:27

    Yeah well, I’d like to see two attack helicopters per side. Because I mean there will be bigger battles going on over the helicopter than there will be over flags. No complaints if not. This is going to be awesome.

  • Keefman93 07.13.12 at 05:25

    Looking forward to it! My CPU wont like it, though :(

  • xKusanagi 07.13.12 at 05:21

    There will a limitation for the bigger map especially on consoles. However, still can’t wait for this expansion. Thanks DICE for giving more fun on BF3.

  • Voodoo921 07.13.12 at 05:15

    like those in bfbc 1-2

  • Voodoo921 07.13.12 at 05:14

    is there gona be a snow map ? :D

  • Tellerwerfer 07.13.12 at 05:14

    Thx a lot DICE!!! I’m really looking forwards towards this map. I’d say regarding those posts for more players: start with 64 and make a free patch afterwards to allow more players (if its possible). A really huge map (as promised) forces your own team to cooperate even more if you dont wanna have 10-20 mates trolling around in the desert/mountains/whatever (…to achieve nothing at all for your team). Btw: that comparasion to el alamain aint that good… two useful flags, one in the middle of nowhere and a lot of driving in between. that shouldnt be it ;-)

    Greetings from Germany!

    ps: as a pc gamer I’d also support the console gamers claim for more players! It would improve the BF-feeling alot and helps to separate BF3 from a bunch of other shooters with a modern timeframe around! …and yes, its time for a DLC for pc gamers with really huge maps! Many people I know give a sh** about CQ-Slaughterhouse-Maps without a mass amount of players and vehicles (console=yay, new maps! / pc=well, whatever, some new metro-slaughterhouse-maps, but I gotta buy it to get the new weapons o_O ).

  • Big_Papi_42 07.13.12 at 05:13

    I have read no comments, just posting up. Console – would be cool if the player base could bump up from 12v12 on these big maps. 16v16 at least? Pictures look amazing. Can’t wait.

  • Auxili0 07.13.12 at 05:11

    Soooo is that AC 130 spectre gunship i see in the picture playable? Please say yes!

  • wazza6935 07.13.12 at 05:11

    i hope that bad company 3 gets released next year, because the bad comapany series was great on consoles because it focused on bringing console players to Battlefield, so i hope they do what they did with BC 1 and 2 and focus on making it as good on console as it is on PC, and also i want the same kind of maps and definately the same amount of destruction if not more :D

  • AlphaWolf_Marine 07.13.12 at 05:08

    atleast one sniper please? More players for consoles, or make the maps smaller for consoles.

  • xRED3xMPxTIx0Nx 07.13.12 at 05:06

    I really hope that even tho this expansion is vehicle based only we will see some good long range weapons added. hopefully that 50 cal in story mode specifically. it shoulda been added in the first place, i mean whats sniping if you dont have a 50 cal. Also im hoping battlefield doesnt forget about us console gamers, as theres a lot of us and honestly this game on console is actually really fucking good.

    • WordMasterRice 07.13.12 at 16:35

      Console gamers are never forgotten about, however we on the PC have been waiting for how many years for DICE to finally push on a real BF map not gimped by consoles.

  • KillEmAllJo 07.13.12 at 05:05

    I cant’t wait for some jet action on this map. The Tank superiority game mode will be a hella fun too.

  • OfficerNasty 07.13.12 at 05:01

    Is BF3, already could tell is gonna be boring just because vehicles in BF3 are so boring to use.

  • LeocValle 07.13.12 at 05:00

    DICE really need find a way to allow 32 players (at least) on the console servers, otherwise we’ll have a boring and useless map for console players! please, I don’t believe that is not possible, it’s just create these special bigger servers just for those maps….

  • crashdummy35 07.13.12 at 04:57

    Here is the response. At 9:50 abouts he refers to console player counts/maps:

  • notmag 07.13.12 at 04:56

    About consoles, they r thinking about simple to not be boring to who have it, did i read?

    Now, for PC, how ppl are talking about, 128 players will be NICE as HELL!!! And maybe will be not lag for good conections. Can be 128 or less, maybe 90~100? And more nice will be see the day~night cycle in all maps. Because i really love Seine Cross in Campaign mode, when u r sniper and is night, just amazing visual map. Laguna Alta from BC2 is very good jungle map. Maybe some map inspired by?

    BTW, good job, looking foward, listening what we call for and sure, what u guys can do about it! :)
    Atacama Desert was the most coolest and used map in BC2. Good to see Bandar Desert inspired by.


  • Pumpedwax 07.13.12 at 04:54

    128 players in Battlefield 4? Please?

  • CrazyZig 07.13.12 at 04:54

    DICE doesn’t care about console even though most people play BF on Xbox or PS3.

    • Motsew 07.13.12 at 04:58

      I think you’ll find PC numbers higher than console. Battlefield is, first and foremost a PC Game. Not to mention the horrific technical limitations of your poor man’s PC.

  • Deadairdave1 07.13.12 at 04:53

    Chinooks!! lol, why not. Wouldn’t mind seeing different helicopters. Someone posted on the old EA BF (UK) forums if we could have helicopters with rope deployments as opposed to players bailing out/parachuting from the helicopters. Co-pilots should be able to have their own specialist skills to aid the pilot, instead of being a ‘passenger’.

    Would love to see transport planes were troops not only can parachute out the back mid-flight, but also vehicles could be off loaded via parachute mid-flight also, or the planes can be landed and troops/vehicles can disembark as normal.

    Let’s not see endless rounds/shells/missles/fuel. I remember back in the day with the PC version we had to do touch n’ go’s/low level flight over the air field to restock. If the maps are massive; and let’s face it ppl like living in the air in some games, maybe they could do a quick refuel on the ground/in-flight, potential for jets/helos to take on a new skill level of having to refuel whilst eagle-eyed co-pilots/gunners watch for the enemy.

    …….For those commenting for an increase in gamers per team, read this from DICE…….

    Someone should show them Mag.

    • notmag 07.13.12 at 04:59

      U’r right. Would be nice to see something about it, but sad to think: maybe 99% will not have patience to transport, and make smart stuffs like u say. I hope I’m wrong

  • BattleBroCade 07.13.12 at 04:51

    128 players isn’t going to happen in BF3, people! Stop begging for it. Planetside 2 beta is just a few days/weeks away.

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:49

    I always like the anticipation of the kill in Battlefield as compared to the turn a corner and shoot aspects of arena shooters

  • Skullrippa 07.13.12 at 04:49

    128 players please! And a maybe make the tanks less impacted by RPG’s

  • bzbo0oz-7zn 07.13.12 at 04:47

    I think it will be so so so boring in console , since you tell us about the experience on PC and forget about console

  • brettyboy01 07.13.12 at 04:44

    There is another FPS on PS3 called MAG which has a total of 256 players on a battlefield at once, no destructible environments of course, but who knows, maybe 64 players is a possibility, but not a popular option on console considering the origins of Battlefield were focused on PC.

  • GUNSforGLORY 07.13.12 at 04:43

    We are stuck with 64 players since 2002… It’s time to go 128, who’s with me?

  • dubey 07.13.12 at 04:40

    Add day/night cycle+random rain. Add snow and jungle (i saw the moh trailer and you can do jungle with frostbite2).

  • brettyboy01 07.13.12 at 04:39

    Day/Night cycling would be great yes, even for existing maps. Stands to reason with flash suppressors and Infra-red scope unlocks currently. BF2: Special Forces was a short lived, but great expansion pack back in the day, and the technology of the FB2 engine would handle it with ease also. It would really test ones skill creating a different scope on tactics also.

    Oh, and PC version ftw, console players, consider yourself lucky ;-) (even though I have it on PS3 also, just for those lazy friends who are just narrow minded, lol)

    • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:44

      I do consider myself lucky to play it, trust me. I understand the hardware is 7 years old but that doesn’t mean we are all 7 years old

  • alirajaie 07.13.12 at 04:39

    it wiil lag bro

  • GUNSforGLORY 07.13.12 at 04:38

    PLEASE EVERYBODY, ASK FOR 128 PLAYERS ON PC… This game was so expensive, we have right as consumers to ask for it…

  • crashdummy35 07.13.12 at 04:38

    Current console hardware just can’t handle it. Not bashing or flaming, I’m just paraphrasing what Zh1nt0 said in a Tweet. They completely changed direction about mid-way before the game even launched because consoles are simply not “up to the task” of running Frost Bite 2 and all it’s capable of full-out. He also stated that player count will NOT be going up for consoles; they can’t handle it. PC gamers are mad because this franchise is becoming more and more constrained by ~7 year-old console hardware; and, console gamers are mad because their console can’t play BF3 the way PC’s can…. DICE is still looking for the middle ground.

    • GUNSforGLORY 07.13.12 at 04:42

      Ok, BATTLEFIELD is stuck with 64 players since 2002… ITS TIME TO GO 128, we are in 2012!!! 64 players its middle age gaming, its just enough for some squad battle… not a real warfare, we dont feel the battlefield…

  • alirajaie 07.13.12 at 04:37

    hopefully in ps3 they make 43 players

  • GUNSforGLORY 07.13.12 at 04:37

    I don’t want to be another player complaining… But I just think that we are going to spend more time walking and looking for the enemy than playing for real… PLEASE GO 128 PLAYERS… We would feel the warfare with 128 players…

  • KroNiX No1 07.13.12 at 04:36

    I wish there would be more players on consoles for Bandar Desert.

  • Buzztrollington 07.13.12 at 04:36

    Now THIS is what I have been waiting for. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for this expansion to be released.

  • Pumpedwax 07.13.12 at 04:35

    I think that this map will be great on consoles because there is these new perks for holding certain flags, this will definetly make for some very fun and tactical vehicle gameplay. Im surprised by the amount of complaining babies commenting here, DICE is ever improving their game after launch in many great ways..

  • DogTagsUk 07.13.12 at 04:30

    For such a large map its going to be longer player time, So it would be great to see for the first time in a battlefield game “DAY TO NIGHT CYCLE” :=) seeing the sun go down would be amazing and the lights coming on in the towns if there is one ,And street lights . Think how amazing that would be DICE .

    • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:33

      I like it….maybe throw in some Night Vision Goggles or something too

    • Pumpedwax 07.13.12 at 04:53

      Yeah, great idea. So the map starts and it’s the late afternoon, and it progressively gets darker until by the end (average) it’s night and all the lights are turned on.

  • egitoo 07.13.12 at 04:24

    128 players for this map. Any chance?
    (Only on PC)

  • DUBE 295 07.13.12 at 04:21

    Been able to play night and day on every map will be a big plus … in map setup … a simple case to clic and its dark … they should make everymap day and night playable

  • fretburner79 07.13.12 at 04:21

    Great. Another large map for the console users to run around on the whole time looking for someone to shoot. Do the math. In each deployment you get: 2 tanks, 2 choppers, 2 jets, and a jeep(on average). If each player chooses a vehicle, that’s every team member in a vehicle and not on foot. We need more players on a server, period.

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:20

    I would love to see some snow maps….bring back the snowmobiles

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:18


  • Meurik 07.13.12 at 04:16

    Would love to see a size comparison to the likes of El Alamein, Gazala, Tobruk, and even newer maps like Atacama Desert and Fushe Pass.

    I have a hard time believing this to be “the biggest map ever designed”. And as LathspeLL wrote before, this map looks incredibly flat.

  • KoMBaT~KRAB 07.13.12 at 04:15

    I would like this map to playable in a night time mode.
    That a big ask i know, but you could imagine how awesome that would be.

    jet flares lighting up the night sky. Watching the impact of rocket attacks from afar… ohh would be awesome.

  • bigpenny369 07.13.12 at 04:14

    This isn’t a snow map…

  • LathspeLL 07.13.12 at 04:13

    I wanted to write how bad this maps look… But I’m tired of saying it again and again.

    This map still not as good as Fusse Pass, Dragon Alley, Kudre Dam etc. etc. Cause it’s flat… Make it 5000 m2, if it’s flat = not fun.

  • nuneass 07.13.12 at 04:11

    wait can you fly the ac-130 gunships now?

    • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:12

      no, it’s a mobile spawn point but 4 players can control the weapons

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:09

    How about an expansion like 2142 but have it be 2143 (you know, for Battlefield 3)…..never got a chance to play 2142 but the idea certainly intrigues me

  • shintopig 07.13.12 at 04:08

    Its nice to see the bigs maps are back.

    I never thought FuShe Pass was the biggest; what about Dragon Valley from BF2 or Kubra Dam?

  • sidd84 07.13.12 at 04:06

    Sounds fantastic… for PC… Give consoles more players please. Otherwise no matter what you do it’ll be boring, just like Atacama.

  • StarScream1985 07.13.12 at 04:05

    The maps seems so empty on conquest for consoles I hope the severs can hold more people when armored killed comes out

  • nuneass 07.13.12 at 04:04

    I think uping the player count is a good idea but personally i think it would be cool if they had a 50 cal. sniper rifle such as the tac 50 mcmillan or the barrett 50 cal (M 107 a1) would be awesome too also what about new grenades such as semtex that would change things up

    • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 04:07

      I like the idea of some different grenades like flash and smoke

  • ktstanley 07.13.12 at 04:02

    Please increase the multiplayer limit, XL maps will be boring on console if they do not allow for enough player density. +1 for chinooks! Also, more flags, more fun!

  • Regional_Emperor 07.13.12 at 04:01

    1. Fix the sound glitch.
    2. Fix the no gun on spawn glitch
    3. Make more small updates that address these issues instead of making us wait months to see if maybe it will get fixed in the next update. Honestly. The sound glitch was present before the last patch. You even claimed to fix it in the patch notes for the most recent patch. Its exactly the same.
    4. Do these things instead of making blog updates.

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 03:58

    Yes, please up the player count a little bit on consoles…..just a bit

  • badace8ballkille 07.13.12 at 03:58

    So are there any chinooks on here? lol jp

  • tilfordkage 07.13.12 at 03:57

    This is all great, but please, please, PLEASE up the player count on consoles. Even if it can’t handle 32 v 32 you can’t tell me we wouldn’t be able to handle 16 v 16 or maybe 20 v 20.

    • millerlight_89 07.13.12 at 04:38

      I know it is really hard for console gamers to use their heads, but no you can not handle 16 v 16 on consoles in this game.

      • AlphaWolf_Marine 07.13.12 at 05:00

        Any reason as to why, PC gamer? because as you try to belittle consol gamer’s, your too stupid to backup your comment.

      • Georges544545 07.14.12 at 23:58

        Well another pc elitist who can’t face the truth. CONSOLES CAN HANDLE ORE THAN 32 players. Why? Frostbite 2 is LESS demanding than 1 and 1.5

    • TheKRAMNELLA 07.14.12 at 06:02

      BF3 supports 24 players on consoles?

  • Stretch4247 07.13.12 at 03:57

    I played BF2 Modern Combat on the Xbox and 360 and would LOVE to see some of those maps redone on the Frostbite 2 engine…..Some of the best moments in my gaming life were on some of those maps with me and my buddies….Long Live Battlefield! Oh yeah, please give us a Battlefield Recorder…PRETTY PLEASE

  • grussell123 07.13.12 at 03:53

    please remake cold war for squad death match, it was by far the best ma for that game mode and all of the people i know would love to see it again, i go back to bfbc2 every so often just to play that map!!

  • BloodSh()t 07.13.12 at 03:53

    I’ll wait until it’s out to see how large this map is. After all, you guys claimed Op Firestorm was the “biggest” BF map ever, and that clearly wasn’t true, and even the B2K maps were reduced in size from their BF2 counterparts.

    Also, random but seeing that AC-130 over the desert from that angle almost reminds me of Titans and 2142. How I would love to see a proper sequel to that game with the same teamwork and attention to detail and balance.

  • zakrocz 07.13.12 at 03:52

    Don’t wanna sound negative, but Op jets & choppers vs weak tanks in your biggest map ever is just gonna provide the same rubbish tanking experience as the base game. Hopefully Tank Superiority will give BF3 a tanking experience worthy of a Battlefield game

  • hihi1210 07.13.12 at 03:50

    best Inside Dice Post
    Great informations

  • mahboi756 07.13.12 at 03:48

    IF you were to remake BC2 maps, make sure to make them 5 flags like they were in BC1. BC1 had the best conquest, Bad Company 2 had the best rush.

  • SUPA10 07.13.12 at 03:47

    Re-create Arica Harbour PLEASE!!! :’( :’)

  • Gib007 07.13.12 at 03:45

    This is sounding amazing. Well done and thank you! :)
    By the way, there are going to be a lot more vehicles for the map, right? 4 jets per side would be ideal here. 8 jets dog-fighting sounds GREAT! :)

  • AlemaoUFC2012 07.13.12 at 03:42

    Meu, seria otimo se colocassem um rifle tipo a M98 .50 barret ou a TAC-50 mcmillan ai sim Battlefield # seria um jogo muito melhor snipers de plantão divulguem essa ideia quem sabe eles nos escutem.

  • Wonderllama 07.13.12 at 03:41

    Why not remake Arica Harbor?? BC2 had some great maps, and Arica is a big favorite. I’m sure people would want a remake

    • SUPA10 07.13.12 at 03:48

      What he said ^^^^ :’)

    • Amsterdam1992 07.15.12 at 04:53

      This is a real good idea man, f*ck! Arica Harbor is/was the most played map in BFBC2, bring it back Frostbite 2.0 style!!!

  • mahboi756 07.13.12 at 03:37

    Anyone that whines about not having enough players, should go play battlefield modern combat. had a map with 7 flags and it had 24 players max. Had fun gameplay. You whining babies just don’t know how to play.

  • VietViking 07.13.12 at 03:35

    I am very excited for this. Many of the maps in vanilla were not that great, but hopefully this will make Battlefield 3 an even more amazing game. I can’t wait for the reveal of the other 3 maps, and then, the release of the DLC itself.

  • Joji 07.13.12 at 03:32

    Not buying Premium until there’s a price cut. It shouldn’t be $50 in the first place, should be a bit lower than that. Read my reasons here:

  • psycotroop 07.13.12 at 03:32

    PLEASE up the console player limit…. I know that means sacrificing some details in the map but 24 on a map made for 64 just is boring…..

    • Joji 07.13.12 at 03:34

      Go buy a PC. Battlefield 3 was never really meant for consoles in the first place. Just stock up enough money until you can get enough money to build yourself a descent $1000 rig. That’s what I did.

    • MINEZ NACHOZ 07.13.12 at 03:40

      yes it will plz up the players

    • FMA_II 07.13.12 at 03:43

      more player limit…the uglier the game will be on consoles.. consoles limitation.

      • Georges544545 07.14.12 at 23:56

        You are wrong. BF3 is far from an extremely demanding game. The limited destruction offered by frostbite 2 is surpassed by BFBC’s and 1943′s Frostbite 1 destruction. Again, these were mere demos.

  • KZrider 07.13.12 at 03:31

    Joint Operations maps are ten times that size, and you could take a helo 30 minutes in any direction before you reached the end of the map. But the graphics arent this amazing ya know. Just being honest.

  • TheDrowningFish 07.13.12 at 03:30

    what does the other direction of the map look like?

  • Kwizzy902 07.13.12 at 03:29

    This looks amazing, I absolutely cannot wait for this. From the sand dunes to the mountainous regions, the seems fitting for absolutely every kit!

  • Psyclosarin 07.13.12 at 03:28

    If you paid $50 you would have premium which gives you access to every expansion that they release. Going by the standard “content pack” price established by the Call of Duty franchise of $14.99 it’s a pretty decent bargain.

  • colonel_tan 07.13.12 at 03:26

    Meh, will still stick to BF2′s mod Project Reality, any maps from it can be many times larger than those in BF3.
    — Still an active modder of BF2 for self entertainment

    • FMA_II 07.13.12 at 03:29

      Sorry but if you are really a good modder, you should know the hardship of getting this done(balancing, fun rating) and support this.. not coming here and say meh.. It makes you looks bad..really.

    • Daviaz12 07.13.12 at 16:16

      Project Reality is OLD and BORING

      Keep doing mods nobody care about it the fact u loved bf 2 doesnt mean that better battefield games can come after bf 2, like bf 2142 or even bf3 might get even better with this expasion pack

  • KZrider 07.13.12 at 03:23

    Looks badass, hope it doesnt cost another 50 bucks to play that map as well.

  • FMA_II 07.13.12 at 03:23

    Kinda wondering how dice gonna do this for consoles.. the limit 16 players is due to consoles limitation..more than that, some details need to be reduced.. I’ve read about this last time.

  • und3rgr0und420 07.13.12 at 03:21

    sounds pretty badass to me, love new content, keep it coming

  • Weird Tigerz 07.13.12 at 03:20

    Don’t get me wrong from my previous comment, I’m going to love it either way, but PLEASE 32 players.

  • cmiaow 07.13.12 at 03:19

    Is it acceptable to reveal the fact that I have a hard on right now?

  • KJGAM7298 07.13.12 at 03:19

    One good suggestion would be to switch it up a bit. Instead of the USMC have the US Army and jets by the USAF (F15E Strike Eagle and F16C Fighting Falcon). I mean the “Tank Destroyer” on the US side the M1128 Mobile Gun System is only used by the US Army and the AC130 is only used by the USAF (Not to mention the A10 which is the Jet on Rush id USAF only). Plus this change would mean the UH-60 Black hawk and the AH-64 Apache.

    • KJGAM7298 07.13.12 at 03:31

      You might also say “Well what about the Amtrak” well then the perfect counterpart for that category (heavy armored high mobility low firepower vehicle armed with only a 7.62 LMG and a grenade launcher) s the M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle. their version of the LAV-25 can be the LAV-III and M2 Bradley (on some maps). and the mobile AA can be the “Stryker AD” (LAV-AD re-skin)

  • MatRa_Drolf 07.13.12 at 03:16

    Oh wow, this is going to make something of a mini game in itself! I mean the landscapes look beautiful but add several metric tons of destruction on there…well we’ll be giddy school boys with new computers for months!

  • Raptor228 07.13.12 at 03:15

    I think this is awesome, I love the huge battlefield maps. I always felt like the regular BF3 maps were a step back and welcomed the addition of the Karkand maps for the more traditional gameplay. I still play Battlefield 1942/Vietnam/2/2142 for the great map design and I’d love to see something like El Alamein, Gazala, Bocage, Battle of the Bulge, Khe Sahn, LaDrang Valley or especially Operation Hastings. I also really liked Dragon Valley, Highway Tampa and Zatar Wetlands for big BF2 maps, and I loved Suez Canal in BF2142.

    I realize you guys have to build small maps for the consoles, but as an old PC battlefield fan, I can say that you guys have set the bar for maps really high in the past. I have really high hopes for Bandar Desert.

    Please impress me Dice, I’ve hung around too long for yall to let me down.


  • Nat088 07.13.12 at 03:14

    now all they need to do is come out with a new 2142 and then they will totally dominate the call of duty world… (black ops 2 is a rip off of 2142)

    • CrazyZig 07.13.12 at 04:52

      no it’s not…call of duty wouldn’t base one of their games off the worst battlefield game to exist.

      • SNIPA 5204 07.17.12 at 08:48

        dont critisize a new perspective in the series…

  • MiLaNy-21 07.13.12 at 03:13

    nice work DICE .. we need it! ..

    console can be more than 24 players ? .. 32 players is very better ..

    i hope DICE think about it .. :)

    • Commando484z 07.13.12 at 18:44

      they have….and they said that with this genration of consoles,it won’t happen.
      Let’s all hope PS4 and the new XBox can support 64 players

      • cassiosc 07.13.12 at 23:32

        I bought the PS3 Premium hoping for more players on those maps, just a waste of money then. Man, wish i could get my money back. Big maps are so boring on console, u walk so much and nothing happens for minutes.

    • GeneralxMATTHEW 08.29.12 at 03:22

      im all for the 32 players or more but think about it the console just cant keep up with that, i wish it could but hell, it cant even support the knife animation (taking the actual tags off the player like pc)
      and if it cant do that then think about adding more players to the game that it cant even handle onto the LARGEST map in battlefield HISTORY, im sorry to tell you this but its not going to happen,
      well not until the new Xbox comes out.

  • hugostroukes 07.13.12 at 03:12

    Playing on the biggest Battlefield map ever.
    Really looking forward to it.

  • Specact032 07.13.12 at 03:11

    Looking forward to this but I’m worried about the console version. I mean Op Firestorm and Caspian on conquest feels somewhat empty. If this map dwarfs them then it’s going to be incredibly empty feeling. This map would definitely need to be 32 players.

    • StaticFox 07.13.12 at 03:16

      I completely agree. Even with a full server, Caspian Border is obnoxious to play on. The game just becomes: drive back and forth between the flags as fast as you can to capture them. Seeing how each side usually has 4 people in the air, 2-4 people in tanks, and 2-4 in buggys, there really isn’t that much going on at 4 different bases…let alone, between the bases…

      • moodii_77 07.13.12 at 14:34

        you are right I hope DICE will make it 32 players at least for console 24 players aren’t enough

        • Ragnvald83 07.23.12 at 17:24

          YES 24 players SUCKS for console please dice make it playable for console

    • mxriderd69 07.18.12 at 20:29

      HOW ABOUT 64?

  • Weird Tigerz 07.13.12 at 03:10

    Is there any way you could up the player limit for consoles in JUST this map pack, maybe others too, to at least 32 players? I (and a lot of other people) would LOVE that.

  • Barrows_Boy 07.13.12 at 03:10

    So is console not getting more than 24 players?

  • SeraphCorrupt 07.13.12 at 03:08

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a 1942 pack. …Just saying ;D

  • TangledThorns 07.13.12 at 03:06

    Seeing the C130 is giving me Desert Combat flashbacks :) This will be awesome!

  • FragRaptor 07.13.12 at 03:05

    Sorry, highway tampa is and will always be the biggest battlefield map. This doesn’t even look half as big.

  • Barrows_Boy 07.13.12 at 03:03

    Give us equipment for assignments not camos.