Battlefield Update – The Battlefield 4 Beta and Armored Kill

It’s a big week in the Battlefield community.

The exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta has been announced and we’ve released the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer. Armored Kill will be touching down in September 2012 and the Battlefield 4 Beta will be available Fall of 2013. Both will have a huge impact on Battlefield. It’s an exciting time and there have been some rumors flying around so we thought we‘d take some time to get you the facts that you need!


The Battlefield 4 Beta

We’ve announced that players will be able to guarantee their access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta by pre-ordering the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Here’s the other important information that we can provide at this time.

  • The Beta will be in Fall of 2013.
  • We are committed to providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience well into the future , past the releases of Aftermath, End Game, and Battlefield 4. DICE is continuing its work on Battlefield 3 alongside Battlefield 4.
  • Most importantly, official details regarding Battlefield 4 will always be made available on and here on the Battlefield Blog. We expect that the level of interest in Battlefield 4 will lead to a lot of speculation and rumor – don’t fall for it!

Armored Kill

We’ve already given you some details about the largest map in Battlefield history (Bandar Desert) being featured in Armored Kill, but the release of the new multiplayer trailer has doubtlessly raised some new questions.

Here are some important details to get you ready for Armored Kill in September:

  • Armored Kill will have 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tank destroyers and ATVs
  • There will be over 20 vehicle specific unlocks.
  • Players will be able to spawn in and fire from the all-new gunship.
  • We will be introducing the Tank Superiority game mode where tank pilots and infantry will have to use all their skills to control key points of the maps. More details to come!
  • The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about all of the exciting announcements and information in the near and distant future. Keep asking questions and giving us feedback – We’re always watching closely!

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  • DREAM_HUNTER96 08.25.12 at 16:33

    @morgshack I totally i agree !
    tired of the big maps with one heli and two tanks !

  • morgshack 08.24.12 at 00:19

    you better not fuck us console players over again give us loads of vehicles to don’t fuck us over again

  • whitespot66 08.13.12 at 20:49

    cant wait for it hurry up

  • dylanfox 08.12.12 at 23:21

    Still getting a lot of sound dropouts on a lot of games not sure if this is a server issue or a patch needed again to fix this But I sure as hell love this game

    • BonzerCaesar76 08.14.12 at 18:33

      Happens a lot to me on console, like when there are so many explosions and gunfire. also happened in a chopper once and i felt like i really noticed all of the destruction when its quiet like that.

  • KiloStrike11 08.12.12 at 00:38

    DICE ADMINs SUCK……DICE – ADMINs FUCK THE WHOLE GAME UP. Summing it all Up: If your a good player and the admin sucks or isn’t getting his/her way, then you’ll be kicked 99% of the time (exaggeration = maybe). What the hell were you guys thinking when thought it would be wise to allow some fucking idiot have total control over a “RANKED MATCHED GAME”. Dice you need to be in control of “RANKED MATCHED GAMES” not some fuckin idiot who sucks at the game. I guarantee that a majority will agree with this post. So fix it!!! PLEASE!!!

    • dylanfox 08.12.12 at 23:18

      Yes some server account holders seem to kick you for no reason other than they are sore losers but at least you can be just as selective in choosing which ones to join…

  • kileron1 08.07.12 at 22:24

    before releasing this can you fix the unput lag please all my skills wnt down man please fix it …..

  • ComJohnSchmit 08.07.12 at 07:00

    I have to say that I am tremendously excited for this DLC to be released, particularly because it will contain the largest map in Battlefield history. However in my previous experience with the larger maps currently in Battlefield 3(Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman) I continuously think to myself,”This would be even more awesome if there were more players”, It is my personal belief that these new maps and their gameplay would be greatly accentuated if DICE were to be so generous as to increase the max number of players in a sever.If anyone from DICE sees this I hope you’ll graciously take it into serious consideration.

    -John Schmit

  • Georges544545 08.02.12 at 15:08

    I doubt that this will be the biggest mao in BF History.

  • JaysLastStand 08.02.12 at 02:34

    So, I pretty much just want to play this map pack now.
    DICE, great job on making what looks to be like one of the most intense Battlefield 3 experiences yet. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this map pack.

  • colefoley 08.01.12 at 21:57

    I still really wish they would put more players in the console version of battlefeild 24v 24!!!! that would awsome. Ive heard a lot aboout the pc battlefeild but i cant afford a gaming computer like that and i really think the console coould handle that many players. PUSH THE LIMIT ON THE xbox 360!!! please!!

  • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 16:05

    For the PC lovers; Pc is not big boys and Battlefield 3 was designed with consoles in mind, and no hackers! Yeap no hackers, hacker what hacker who! Go mess with your settings and mouse while we do some gaming cranks. PC.s are dinosour gaming rigs, the ps3/xbox are now days gaming rigs. Why dont us true gamers get pc if its better? Because its an old dated way of gaming and HACKERS can fook you on every game. You can never game on the level with players (HACKERS, HACKERS). I own 8 rigs and last one was about two 2 year ago and they will all hammer yours so leave it there my man. This gen consoles are the true gaming rigs of today, an dnext gen…. well shall we say enjoy the mouse and settings to get an extra 10 fps, while we bust moves on couch with pad in hand chilling. Pc gaming is dinosour, full of hackers, heated rooms, screaming fans and wait for it tiny screen. Yeap stik that noisy factory under your plasma 50 big pc boys. PMSL. Consoles/ers have always been true gamers PC is just a grahic forefront. But nothing more. Not one things more has it got bar the 300/400 graphics card which makes it better.

    • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 17:11

      And the 5th most epic fail ever you bf on playstation and your kd is 0.79 which makes you just about the worst player i have ever seen if you ever went to play it on pc you would not be able to kill anyone………if i was you i would stop playing battlefield put down your controller and go outside because you have play battlefield for 700 hours and you have a negative kd and your best gun has only got you 1444 kills lol so your on the most anti social console ever made and your piss poor at being a “real gamer” i dont tell many people they should start hacking but you should really think about it you have spent 40 for game and brought premium oh giggady gosh your dumb

    • Rivie 08.07.12 at 08:35

      LOL…and here we have yet another example of the after effects of preagnant women on meth. The offspring is just inreversably FUBARED. Do not even waste a single breath of good air to even attempt to contemplate how to educate this ignoramous. It’s never going to happen. Just let him be with his 88 nitrogen cooled “rigs” and enjoy his 360/PS3 on his 78954 inch plasma…LOL

      ” Even if I forget to put postage on my mail, it gets there”. – The most interesting man in the world

    • Chocolate--God 09.01.12 at 03:43

      ok i agree some of your lines there. i really love the controller, its more like human feel in it. where mouse is a aim bot!!! pc player wont understand the shaking when something fall or when you fire your m98b,. but pc can run bf3 on 60fps (which is seriously most wanted for any fps) and 64 players. most of the bf3 maps on console are like ghost town. kinda slow paced (i like it tho). so we get some we lose some, i wish sony or microsoft make something like ps3 v2/xbox 360 v2 where it have more gpu power. i love to spend more money on it.

  • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 10:50

    On PC only difference is the player count and the amount of conquest objectives….i think gulf of Oman has 7 asking for an increase wont happen because console processors cant handle it console players need to watch a fps played with 20 frames per second………having said that i have spent less than £400 on a pc that runs it 10x better than Xbox 360 and i havent got the processor yet so im running low graphics and it still looks nicer.I’m sure most console users would spend that on the new generation of consoles that will still be worse than i PC i just brought and there at least a year away.

    • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 15:51

      Guys like you make me piss my sides. So you say pc is best well its not. Put your shovel down before you read on. Its most powerfull yes, because the hardware outdates it self every week. I.e your pc is crap as you said. PS3 is the best home entertainment ssystem in the world. When you weigh up gaming true gamers like me an dmany others dont look at graphics only and the laughing frames per second. We look at ease of use. It takes you 8 hours to overclock that thing to ge 5 extra FPS out of it and a whole load of resets then you cnt see the extra 5 frames in game. Cause your eyes dont need them. So you spent all week clocking the balls off it just to not notice. PC are dead! Yes dead as a door bell. Its a dino. species. Its slow to boot, alot of messing with settings and then fook all in return but same look you started with in game. Oh not to mention no bluray no chance of going under tv, no blutooth remote and a heated room like jamica. PS3 is easy, quick and gives great results for its size. And most important to us real gamers BF3 is not easily hacked you crank! HACKERS is the sole reason we are on PS3 HACKERS Hackers pc can never stop them, Never ever. But PS3 and PSN network can update in 1 day if a breach is seen. Before you get that shovel and start digging. I have own 8 gaming rigs. Running quads water cooled and would smash a PS3 and Xbox in to space 5 times over. But they just not as good package wise. And PC = To many hours messing with the settings casue I could. Enjoy the hackers and heat and settings and less gaming and leave Consoles be bruv. Cause we boot game and shut down. Eye candy is all the same at 8 foot distance on teh 50 inch tv. As stated package is what counts not shiney bricks on the building due to power house graphics. The comment about your pc will beat PS4 dont be silly your pc is 4 year old already

      • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 16:50

        lol you know nothing about nothing first epic fail playstation is the best entertainment system in the world when it has NO chat ability apart from a messenger….thats 90s tech.Second epic fail there is more people hacking console games then there is on pc why because they dont even try to stop people on consoles take your game save from most games put on a usb and hack away you seem to think glitches on maps/mav riding is hacking.Then the third most epic fail ever both next gen consoles will use 6770 graphics cards which are so bad a could take a poo mould it into a graphics card and that would be better than a 6770 And the 4 Most epic fail i was xbox and my kd was +2 id go play ps3 at a m8s and get kds of well over +4 now im on pc and my kd is negative so yeh where is the real gamers at because they ent on playstation

      • Squid31 08.01.12 at 21:33

        I believe this would be a good time to end the “mine is bigger than yours” arguement that has been going on, and its time for all the little boys and girls to go out into the world, and smelll the fresh air for a bit.

      • colefoley 08.01.12 at 22:01

        And xbox 360 is good to!!!

      • Georges544545 08.02.12 at 15:07

        Finaly a comment that makes a bit of sence.

      • kLARAhAL 08.06.12 at 14:01

        Mate, you obviously havent played BF3 enough on PC to realize there is no competition.

      • Semper_ebrius 08.06.12 at 15:33

        At the risk of starting a Console vs PC battle… If you could have a console that played games smoother, faster with better graphics and effects on bigger maps with more people, would you buy it ? That’s what a PC is when it comes to gaming. A self made console that does other stuff too.
        People that moan about Console being better only have 2 things to say. It’s cheaper. Less hackers.
        Hackers do not last long on servers these days as they are reported immediately and banned so it is less of an issue. As for the cost of a PC, you guys are just cheap lol

    • Jackenzison 08.20.12 at 16:56

      To think they have even scratched the surface of ether the PS3 or Xbox’s power is a joke. Some of the greatest games on PS2 near the end of it’s life didn’t even push the system. If you can make everything turn to dust like BC2 and Red Faction, both being how old, Or have a console game that had over 200 plus players like MAG why would you believe you couldn’t have a game that had as little as 30 or so players with all that destruction. Not saying PS or Xbox are better than PC but don’t act like a console system which goes threw more development time than any average PC rig is garbage. They where designed to compete for several years while PC’s out preform their own products monthly.

  • MOB-TheSMARTASS 08.01.12 at 10:29

    if these maps are going to be this big the consoles max players should at least be 32 not 24 because even in caspian border its hard to find enemys with only 24 players please ea and dice make the make players bigger for consoles it will help alot with console players on armored kill

  • iNfAMOUS9611 08.01.12 at 03:05

    some people need to shut up

  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:52


  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:51

    why do you have to pay for a beta anyways. beta is a sample not a full game. so wtf? always about money and holding back content when the main title comes out. they will do the same with bf4. it will be a 75% completed game with bugs/lag etc just like BF3. in the gaming world and gaming not being as it once use to be…creators are finding way to get money from users via-online DLC purchasing by holding back content in titles and then releasing DLC packs etc 6 months after releasing the new game. it bullshit that they do that because they have all our money yet we dont get the full product and yet we pay more later down the road for more DLC content. i like it but it should be free since we already purchased the game. and i have no worries about money…i just like the being ripped off. regardless if its a game or car or whatever. no one deserves to be ripped off. BF3 was a HUGE prime example.

    DICE brings us REAL FANS “Battlefield Bad Company 3″…We are awaiting. Until then…i will no longer purchase DICE/EA products.

  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:37

    hurry up! I already paid and gave you my $50 (DICE/EA and I’m still waiting on this added content that I still have to wait for until September? Why isn’t it ready yet…? even BF3 still needs work and tweak/updates.

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 21:01

    Hey Snak3Docc do you know what i have my house so stfu i can write what i dam well please and stop trying to put your two cents about what i comment and in case you dident notice on my last comment i said i doint have money shit for brains

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 04:21

    Wow tailor the maps what a @#$%$# waist i was so hyped for this one biggest map my ass man@#$%this shit and all there is for counsel is 24 ?…..well isnt that @#$%^ boring and before anyone says anything stfu about PC ok i get its beter but i dont have the money for some extra expesive crazy @#$% computer and buy everything all over from scratch so like i said stfu and watch there be the same amount of vehicles as conquest in me having to run some huge or not so huge because of some tailoring bullshit and get shot half way by a @#$% tank so yea thats what i have to say oh yea and i give my middle finger to whoevers idea this shit was

    • Snak3Docc 07.31.12 at 04:53

      you do realise you can get a gaming system that runs bf3 getting close to maxed out on an $800 system and i bet your console and tv cost about that much so dont bitch

    • Juiced12349 07.31.12 at 17:00

      you can buy a old core 2 quad or even duo with windows xp on it for like 300 bucks then pay like 100 for a grathics card and you should be able to run it but def not on max

    • TheDark1105 07.31.12 at 17:17
  • DevilDog2340 07.31.12 at 04:16

    crazy for armored kill pack

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 00:30

    hello my user name is crazyj508 i am currently having problems with premium i know iv goten a hell of alot more than two kills with a shot gun on wrench weilder and it just wont add up for me and i caint unlock my jack of all trades dog tag oh and it wont work fo the squd repair on wrench weilder ither

  • mikesizemore 07.30.12 at 23:12

    To: Battlefield 3′s Staff (Dice,EA, ect.)

    My name is mike i haven’t played video games since 1996. I seen a preview for battlefield 3 I bought it and now i’m addicted. Thank you for the best game in history i look forward to what you have in store for the future.!!!

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