Battlefield Update – The Battlefield 4 Beta and Armored Kill

It’s a big week in the Battlefield community.

The exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta has been announced and we’ve released the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer. Armored Kill will be touching down in September 2012 and the Battlefield 4 Beta will be available Fall of 2013. Both will have a huge impact on Battlefield. It’s an exciting time and there have been some rumors flying around so we thought we‘d take some time to get you the facts that you need!


The Battlefield 4 Beta

We’ve announced that players will be able to guarantee their access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta by pre-ordering the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Here’s the other important information that we can provide at this time.

  • The Beta will be in Fall of 2013.
  • We are committed to providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience well into the future , past the releases of Aftermath, End Game, and Battlefield 4. DICE is continuing its work on Battlefield 3 alongside Battlefield 4.
  • Most importantly, official details regarding Battlefield 4 will always be made available on and here on the Battlefield Blog. We expect that the level of interest in Battlefield 4 will lead to a lot of speculation and rumor – don’t fall for it!

Armored Kill

We’ve already given you some details about the largest map in Battlefield history (Bandar Desert) being featured in Armored Kill, but the release of the new multiplayer trailer has doubtlessly raised some new questions.

Here are some important details to get you ready for Armored Kill in September:

  • Armored Kill will have 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tank destroyers and ATVs
  • There will be over 20 vehicle specific unlocks.
  • Players will be able to spawn in and fire from the all-new gunship.
  • We will be introducing the Tank Superiority game mode where tank pilots and infantry will have to use all their skills to control key points of the maps. More details to come!
  • The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about all of the exciting announcements and information in the near and distant future. Keep asking questions and giving us feedback – We’re always watching closely!

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  • DREAM_HUNTER96 08.25.12 at 16:33

    @morgshack I totally i agree !
    tired of the big maps with one heli and two tanks !

  • morgshack 08.24.12 at 00:19

    you better not fuck us console players over again give us loads of vehicles to don’t fuck us over again

  • whitespot66 08.13.12 at 20:49

    cant wait for it hurry up

  • dylanfox 08.12.12 at 23:21

    Still getting a lot of sound dropouts on a lot of games not sure if this is a server issue or a patch needed again to fix this But I sure as hell love this game

    • BonzerCaesar76 08.14.12 at 18:33

      Happens a lot to me on console, like when there are so many explosions and gunfire. also happened in a chopper once and i felt like i really noticed all of the destruction when its quiet like that.

  • KiloStrike11 08.12.12 at 00:38

    DICE ADMINs SUCK……DICE – ADMINs FUCK THE WHOLE GAME UP. Summing it all Up: If your a good player and the admin sucks or isn’t getting his/her way, then you’ll be kicked 99% of the time (exaggeration = maybe). What the hell were you guys thinking when thought it would be wise to allow some fucking idiot have total control over a “RANKED MATCHED GAME”. Dice you need to be in control of “RANKED MATCHED GAMES” not some fuckin idiot who sucks at the game. I guarantee that a majority will agree with this post. So fix it!!! PLEASE!!!

    • dylanfox 08.12.12 at 23:18

      Yes some server account holders seem to kick you for no reason other than they are sore losers but at least you can be just as selective in choosing which ones to join…

  • kileron1 08.07.12 at 22:24

    before releasing this can you fix the unput lag please all my skills wnt down man please fix it …..

  • ComJohnSchmit 08.07.12 at 07:00

    I have to say that I am tremendously excited for this DLC to be released, particularly because it will contain the largest map in Battlefield history. However in my previous experience with the larger maps currently in Battlefield 3(Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman) I continuously think to myself,”This would be even more awesome if there were more players”, It is my personal belief that these new maps and their gameplay would be greatly accentuated if DICE were to be so generous as to increase the max number of players in a sever.If anyone from DICE sees this I hope you’ll graciously take it into serious consideration.

    -John Schmit

  • Georges544545 08.02.12 at 15:08

    I doubt that this will be the biggest mao in BF History.

  • JaysLastStand 08.02.12 at 02:34

    So, I pretty much just want to play this map pack now.
    DICE, great job on making what looks to be like one of the most intense Battlefield 3 experiences yet. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this map pack.

  • colefoley 08.01.12 at 21:57

    I still really wish they would put more players in the console version of battlefeild 24v 24!!!! that would awsome. Ive heard a lot aboout the pc battlefeild but i cant afford a gaming computer like that and i really think the console coould handle that many players. PUSH THE LIMIT ON THE xbox 360!!! please!!

  • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 16:05

    For the PC lovers; Pc is not big boys and Battlefield 3 was designed with consoles in mind, and no hackers! Yeap no hackers, hacker what hacker who! Go mess with your settings and mouse while we do some gaming cranks. PC.s are dinosour gaming rigs, the ps3/xbox are now days gaming rigs. Why dont us true gamers get pc if its better? Because its an old dated way of gaming and HACKERS can fook you on every game. You can never game on the level with players (HACKERS, HACKERS). I own 8 rigs and last one was about two 2 year ago and they will all hammer yours so leave it there my man. This gen consoles are the true gaming rigs of today, an dnext gen…. well shall we say enjoy the mouse and settings to get an extra 10 fps, while we bust moves on couch with pad in hand chilling. Pc gaming is dinosour, full of hackers, heated rooms, screaming fans and wait for it tiny screen. Yeap stik that noisy factory under your plasma 50 big pc boys. PMSL. Consoles/ers have always been true gamers PC is just a grahic forefront. But nothing more. Not one things more has it got bar the 300/400 graphics card which makes it better.

    • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 17:11

      And the 5th most epic fail ever you bf on playstation and your kd is 0.79 which makes you just about the worst player i have ever seen if you ever went to play it on pc you would not be able to kill anyone………if i was you i would stop playing battlefield put down your controller and go outside because you have play battlefield for 700 hours and you have a negative kd and your best gun has only got you 1444 kills lol so your on the most anti social console ever made and your piss poor at being a “real gamer” i dont tell many people they should start hacking but you should really think about it you have spent 40 for game and brought premium oh giggady gosh your dumb

    • Rivie 08.07.12 at 08:35

      LOL…and here we have yet another example of the after effects of preagnant women on meth. The offspring is just inreversably FUBARED. Do not even waste a single breath of good air to even attempt to contemplate how to educate this ignoramous. It’s never going to happen. Just let him be with his 88 nitrogen cooled “rigs” and enjoy his 360/PS3 on his 78954 inch plasma…LOL

      ” Even if I forget to put postage on my mail, it gets there”. – The most interesting man in the world

    • Chocolate--God 09.01.12 at 03:43

      ok i agree some of your lines there. i really love the controller, its more like human feel in it. where mouse is a aim bot!!! pc player wont understand the shaking when something fall or when you fire your m98b,. but pc can run bf3 on 60fps (which is seriously most wanted for any fps) and 64 players. most of the bf3 maps on console are like ghost town. kinda slow paced (i like it tho). so we get some we lose some, i wish sony or microsoft make something like ps3 v2/xbox 360 v2 where it have more gpu power. i love to spend more money on it.

  • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 10:50

    On PC only difference is the player count and the amount of conquest objectives….i think gulf of Oman has 7 asking for an increase wont happen because console processors cant handle it console players need to watch a fps played with 20 frames per second………having said that i have spent less than £400 on a pc that runs it 10x better than Xbox 360 and i havent got the processor yet so im running low graphics and it still looks nicer.I’m sure most console users would spend that on the new generation of consoles that will still be worse than i PC i just brought and there at least a year away.

    • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 15:51

      Guys like you make me piss my sides. So you say pc is best well its not. Put your shovel down before you read on. Its most powerfull yes, because the hardware outdates it self every week. I.e your pc is crap as you said. PS3 is the best home entertainment ssystem in the world. When you weigh up gaming true gamers like me an dmany others dont look at graphics only and the laughing frames per second. We look at ease of use. It takes you 8 hours to overclock that thing to ge 5 extra FPS out of it and a whole load of resets then you cnt see the extra 5 frames in game. Cause your eyes dont need them. So you spent all week clocking the balls off it just to not notice. PC are dead! Yes dead as a door bell. Its a dino. species. Its slow to boot, alot of messing with settings and then fook all in return but same look you started with in game. Oh not to mention no bluray no chance of going under tv, no blutooth remote and a heated room like jamica. PS3 is easy, quick and gives great results for its size. And most important to us real gamers BF3 is not easily hacked you crank! HACKERS is the sole reason we are on PS3 HACKERS Hackers pc can never stop them, Never ever. But PS3 and PSN network can update in 1 day if a breach is seen. Before you get that shovel and start digging. I have own 8 gaming rigs. Running quads water cooled and would smash a PS3 and Xbox in to space 5 times over. But they just not as good package wise. And PC = To many hours messing with the settings casue I could. Enjoy the hackers and heat and settings and less gaming and leave Consoles be bruv. Cause we boot game and shut down. Eye candy is all the same at 8 foot distance on teh 50 inch tv. As stated package is what counts not shiney bricks on the building due to power house graphics. The comment about your pc will beat PS4 dont be silly your pc is 4 year old already

      • ProF4nn9Hunter 08.01.12 at 16:50

        lol you know nothing about nothing first epic fail playstation is the best entertainment system in the world when it has NO chat ability apart from a messenger….thats 90s tech.Second epic fail there is more people hacking console games then there is on pc why because they dont even try to stop people on consoles take your game save from most games put on a usb and hack away you seem to think glitches on maps/mav riding is hacking.Then the third most epic fail ever both next gen consoles will use 6770 graphics cards which are so bad a could take a poo mould it into a graphics card and that would be better than a 6770 And the 4 Most epic fail i was xbox and my kd was +2 id go play ps3 at a m8s and get kds of well over +4 now im on pc and my kd is negative so yeh where is the real gamers at because they ent on playstation

      • Squid31 08.01.12 at 21:33

        I believe this would be a good time to end the “mine is bigger than yours” arguement that has been going on, and its time for all the little boys and girls to go out into the world, and smelll the fresh air for a bit.

      • colefoley 08.01.12 at 22:01

        And xbox 360 is good to!!!

      • Georges544545 08.02.12 at 15:07

        Finaly a comment that makes a bit of sence.

      • kLARAhAL 08.06.12 at 14:01

        Mate, you obviously havent played BF3 enough on PC to realize there is no competition.

      • Semper_ebrius 08.06.12 at 15:33

        At the risk of starting a Console vs PC battle… If you could have a console that played games smoother, faster with better graphics and effects on bigger maps with more people, would you buy it ? That’s what a PC is when it comes to gaming. A self made console that does other stuff too.
        People that moan about Console being better only have 2 things to say. It’s cheaper. Less hackers.
        Hackers do not last long on servers these days as they are reported immediately and banned so it is less of an issue. As for the cost of a PC, you guys are just cheap lol

    • Jackenzison 08.20.12 at 16:56

      To think they have even scratched the surface of ether the PS3 or Xbox’s power is a joke. Some of the greatest games on PS2 near the end of it’s life didn’t even push the system. If you can make everything turn to dust like BC2 and Red Faction, both being how old, Or have a console game that had over 200 plus players like MAG why would you believe you couldn’t have a game that had as little as 30 or so players with all that destruction. Not saying PS or Xbox are better than PC but don’t act like a console system which goes threw more development time than any average PC rig is garbage. They where designed to compete for several years while PC’s out preform their own products monthly.

  • MOB-TheSMARTASS 08.01.12 at 10:29

    if these maps are going to be this big the consoles max players should at least be 32 not 24 because even in caspian border its hard to find enemys with only 24 players please ea and dice make the make players bigger for consoles it will help alot with console players on armored kill

  • iNfAMOUS9611 08.01.12 at 03:05

    some people need to shut up

  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:52


  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:51

    why do you have to pay for a beta anyways. beta is a sample not a full game. so wtf? always about money and holding back content when the main title comes out. they will do the same with bf4. it will be a 75% completed game with bugs/lag etc just like BF3. in the gaming world and gaming not being as it once use to be…creators are finding way to get money from users via-online DLC purchasing by holding back content in titles and then releasing DLC packs etc 6 months after releasing the new game. it bullshit that they do that because they have all our money yet we dont get the full product and yet we pay more later down the road for more DLC content. i like it but it should be free since we already purchased the game. and i have no worries about money…i just like the being ripped off. regardless if its a game or car or whatever. no one deserves to be ripped off. BF3 was a HUGE prime example.

    DICE brings us REAL FANS “Battlefield Bad Company 3″…We are awaiting. Until then…i will no longer purchase DICE/EA products.

  • GRAFX21 08.01.12 at 01:37

    hurry up! I already paid and gave you my $50 (DICE/EA and I’m still waiting on this added content that I still have to wait for until September? Why isn’t it ready yet…? even BF3 still needs work and tweak/updates.

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 21:01

    Hey Snak3Docc do you know what i have my house so stfu i can write what i dam well please and stop trying to put your two cents about what i comment and in case you dident notice on my last comment i said i doint have money shit for brains

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 04:21

    Wow tailor the maps what a @#$%$# waist i was so hyped for this one biggest map my ass man@#$%this shit and all there is for counsel is 24 ?…..well isnt that @#$%^ boring and before anyone says anything stfu about PC ok i get its beter but i dont have the money for some extra expesive crazy @#$% computer and buy everything all over from scratch so like i said stfu and watch there be the same amount of vehicles as conquest in me having to run some huge or not so huge because of some tailoring bullshit and get shot half way by a @#$% tank so yea thats what i have to say oh yea and i give my middle finger to whoevers idea this shit was

    • Snak3Docc 07.31.12 at 04:53

      you do realise you can get a gaming system that runs bf3 getting close to maxed out on an $800 system and i bet your console and tv cost about that much so dont bitch

    • Juiced12349 07.31.12 at 17:00

      you can buy a old core 2 quad or even duo with windows xp on it for like 300 bucks then pay like 100 for a grathics card and you should be able to run it but def not on max

    • TheDark1105 07.31.12 at 17:17
  • DevilDog2340 07.31.12 at 04:16

    crazy for armored kill pack

  • CRAZYJ508 07.31.12 at 00:30

    hello my user name is crazyj508 i am currently having problems with premium i know iv goten a hell of alot more than two kills with a shot gun on wrench weilder and it just wont add up for me and i caint unlock my jack of all trades dog tag oh and it wont work fo the squd repair on wrench weilder ither

  • mikesizemore 07.30.12 at 23:12

    To: Battlefield 3′s Staff (Dice,EA, ect.)

    My name is mike i haven’t played video games since 1996. I seen a preview for battlefield 3 I bought it and now i’m addicted. Thank you for the best game in history i look forward to what you have in store for the future.!!!

  • mikesizemore 07.30.12 at 22:54

    I foresee people jet ramming the C-130 gunship… deal with it.

    Battlefield 4 Vietnam , ? Battlefield 4 with nuclear weapons ?, Battlefield 4 North Korea ?,

    Battlefield 4 Defend & Attack,,,, Meaning one team is USA with stealth aircraft and missle defence systems defending from invasion, (nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers ,ect.

  • MightyJammy d 07.30.12 at 16:47

    They should make like, a Pearl Harbour map for battlefield 4! Two rounds, like rush. One team has the aircraft, the other team has the carriers. The US team, uses carriers to shoot down the Japanese aircraft. That would be amazing! And the goal for the Japanese team, is to make the US carriers sink by giving certain amounts of damage. Of course, the Japanese can have carriers, and the US can have Aircraft. If BF4 developers based a game mode on this, it would be so amazing!!! I really hope the guys over at EA see this :) Can’t wait for Battlefield 4!!!

  • BIRTHDAYFACE046 07.30.12 at 12:52

    I would love to see DICE putting some 1943 or vietnam weapons in one of those assignment things

  • cinollozowski 07.30.12 at 10:36

    OMG guys from dice please please please don’t make bf4 in rush and fuck it up!!!

    • GoobyKunz 07.30.12 at 16:28

      Battlefield 3 came out two years after Bad Company 2, you people don’t seem to understand that every game DICE has made has been two years apart. Battlefield 4 doesn’t come out for about another year and four months. ABOUT.

  • ElloOnFire 07.30.12 at 00:22

    so armored kill is already coming soon. and then they say there is going to be a battlefield 4 which will probably be out holiday 2013. so as far as i see it, battlefield has planned for the future for some time, while there is nothing after BO2 as far as i heard it.

    Well this is going to escalate badly for the flame war….

  • Archie4Mayor 07.29.12 at 17:38

    Looking forward to it! Keep up the great work!

  • GREENBUTT 07.29.12 at 01:15

    bf4 psst should have been bad company 3 or at least a sequel to 2142.

  • 1andOnlyMaverick 07.28.12 at 18:25

    [q]are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.[/q]

    In other words, they’re making the maps MUCH smaller on console.

    • ZakPearle 07.29.12 at 15:20

      I’m happy that I’ll be getting a PC soon! Then I could transfer my stats and whatnot with a bit of computer skills.

      • An Alien Fetus 07.29.12 at 15:46

        i had the same thing in mind, but i contacted EA and nothing transfers, no premium, no stats, nothing, you have to start all over

  • VoodooKing 07.28.12 at 04:39

    Unless BF4 is a 2142 remake, then I don’t see why we should play BF3 when BF4 is out.

  • SaturnH 07.28.12 at 03:54

    I REALLY hope these maps have awesome Rush designs because I doubt conquest will be very good on consoles. If one or two maps are as good as Arica Harbor rush in BC2, I’ll be happy.

  • OsyntraxO 07.28.12 at 03:23

    So, being premium does NOT give you this sort of percks? You mean we must pay again?… really?
    you guys are starting to be money hungry bastards. >.>

  • rmtexan 07.27.12 at 23:24

    Please don’t “fix” the maps by reducing the number of flags for consoles like y’all did for Wake Island. Y”all we’re able to correct your mistake for wake island later, though, and added two flags with no problems. And everyone I talk to say that they have had better experiences from it. Removing flags doesn’t “fix” maps for consoles, but rather handicaps the maps for us console players.

  • ManneredRay 07.27.12 at 20:58

    so the maps are going to be smaller for consoles?

  • Coreyweb 07.27.12 at 19:06

    I REALLY hope BF4 comes out on new systems. Cause BF3 is awesome….but its reached its max on current consoles. Xbox 720…..BF4…..64 players. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  • zanychelly 07.27.12 at 15:07

    When are you going to fix search options?
    I am tired of being kicked of team because i became a “nemesis” of guy that rents one of your servers.

    I want to play in the “DICE” servers. I only play in the weekends, and this bullshit happens…
    I bought the game new, and it is a Limited edition.. and if it comes with the pass to play online… Why cant i have a good time on it?

    That pass should garantee me that i can play that game, where is the game that i bought in november of the las year??
    Dice, any aswer to that? Or will you be acting as you already are for months now?

  • shadyalafensh1 07.27.12 at 12:49

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  • XPrestonMarloweX 07.27.12 at 12:33

    PLEASE DICE put some BFBC1 maps into BFBC2 (over and out, ascension…)… that would be awsome!!!
    PS: BFBC2 BEST GAME EVER! peace :)

  • MIKE89X 07.27.12 at 12:22

    Dice, I just wanted to thank you for listening to the community and getting snow maps, I think it’s amazing and I can’t wait to play them. I think you guys have done an excellent job squeezing all you can out of the Xbox and PS3 and the game does look incredible, that is why I am still playing it since launch. I can’t wait until BF4 and I hope it comes out on the new consoles so you guys can show off what those are made of. Thank you for hours and hours of gaming heaven. :)

  • CT-ZOMBIEZ 07.27.12 at 07:56

    EA can you please make consoles 32 vs 32 please. Consoles need some fun too.

    • pumpedwax 07.27.12 at 12:44

      It isn’t a matter of please, consoles CANNOT handle above 24 player cap.

      • NoS Online 07.29.12 at 15:13

        Wrong.. If they wanted to I’m sure they can go above 24 players. PS3 has 2 games that has over hundreds of players which are Mag and Dust 514. So there for consoles CAN handle way above 24 player cap. ;)

    • SOLIDSNAKE1217 07.28.12 at 12:27

      If they can do this i will never complain about anything not even the damn patches they managed to mess up 32 v 32 on consoles would be to awesome

  • Commando484z 07.27.12 at 02:37

    “The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.”

    Just what I expected.DICE,I really hope you very carefully had listened to the Conquest Console feedback.Screwgoing big,remember that too much big with 24 p. just leads to not alot of fun :(

    • Friendsfromafar 07.27.12 at 02:53

      If they put the player count above 24 on the console the game will not run to its full potential and will be very slow. They said that they have the console players in mind and im sure that this DLC will be great not as good as PC but im sure they will make the experince amazing

  • Nic727 07.27.12 at 01:30

    DICE and EA = Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money…

  • Cassius1988 07.27.12 at 00:27

    The Xbox was released in 2005, for a 7 year old console, 24 players is not bad going.
    You will never see more than 24 players on an xbox 360 or ps3, they tested it and doesn’t work with out toning it down to dirty low graphic settings. Get a PC if you’re that bothered out. 64 players matches are a dream!!

    • Georges544545 07.29.12 at 15:32

      You are believing them… This world is ruined by fags like you…

      • [DICE] H Brun 08.02.12 at 09:40

        Please take your offensive behavior elsewhere.

  • bgaboys 07.26.12 at 23:01

    MAKE! THE! CONSOLE! MATCHES! 32! PLAYERS! EA! AND! DICE! WAKE! UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously…

    • Nic727 07.27.12 at 01:27

      Yes, Wake up!!! It’s possible. MAG have worst graphic and 256 players. You just add some effect and better graphics and have BF3. Why to pass from 256 to 24??? Now Sony entertainment is making a game (planetside 2 on PC but after that on console) with 2000 players on the same map.
      24 players is a joke ok. You said that for BC1, BC2, BF 1943 and now BF3 and all game had a big difference in term of graphic.


      • ThaFallen5oulja 07.27.12 at 15:52

        no one cares if yuh leave… your ignorant

  • J_A_S_O_N_123 07.26.12 at 22:25

    When will DICE understand that gameplay>graphics! Tone down the graphics on console and get us 32 players!

  • PurplePride13 07.26.12 at 21:47

    Wish you wouldn’t favor PC so much. I know it’s a bit harder on your servers and our consoles are old, but show us some love and add a few players per team. Even adding 4 players per team would be great.

    • aH3RDofTURTL3S 07.26.12 at 22:58

      the limitations of the consoles don’t allow them to have more player per server unless they start dropping destructibility or vehicles, they have stated this multiple times so stop asking

      • zojkalle 07.27.12 at 00:02

        Naughty Dog said they couldnt squize any more power from the ps3 after uncharted 2, then uncharted 3 came out(gorgeous). So i think there is still more power left in the consoles, but I dont think DICE has the time, because they are developing the game for all consoles, while Naughty Dog worked only on the ps3.

      • Striking_Contact 08.04.12 at 11:14

        I know this is old but…… the destruction is really almost non-existent in comparison to previous games anyway.(BFBC2) so why not remove some of the smaller elements of destruction on consoles like pillar destruction…. removal of these small things could allow for an extra few players on console.

  • DrownedGiraffe 07.26.12 at 21:24

    what game modes will you be able to play on these maps

  • ksafreak8210 07.26.12 at 20:58

    It’s me again just to be clear I love the game and the developers and i now also with 24 players on console it will be great no mather what dice will fix that (I hope) but it’s just my opinion that i don’t like the big maps like i did with bf2 but it’s still a great game and i now dice can’t make 10million players happy. They did a expension with small maps and now there is one with big maps so if you don’t like the big maps don’t play them i will also try the big new maps and see how it’s going soo people who don’t like the big maps play 24/7 zuba tower or something

  • James_b0ndjr 07.26.12 at 19:56

    People are NEVER happy. Shut the hell up. Every comment is just whining. Oh 24 players on huge maps. That sucks. but so do the close quarters maps. Its too small. and yadayadayada. The internet has allowed people to become faceless identities where they sit and hate all day with no repercussions. Lets be honest. BF3 is the best shooter on consoles at the moment. So just enjoy it for 5 seconds.

    • Georges544545 07.26.12 at 21:56

      Best shooter. Ever heard of BFBC1? Or 1943? BC2? All these were fun games. These were achievemnts. Especialy technical wise. Destruction of BF3: 5% Frostbite 1.0. Get yo facts straight.

    • xMoVxTank 07.29.12 at 15:57

      dang i love people who have common sense where sense isn’t common

  • ClairVoyantFool 07.26.12 at 19:00

    The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.

    well that’s just not a good idea the big maps are already underpopulated as is. I have been gaming for over 20 years and have played and owned every battlefield game im saying this our of experience.

    • Nic727 07.27.12 at 01:29

      Yeah, watch caspian border in conquest. If we have a bigger map with 24 players, I think I will just go back to BC2 (there is a lot of people now).

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 07.26.12 at 15:23

    I perfer 32 player with dumbed down graphics than with 24. Its all about gameplay, good gameplay will always be better.

    • Georges544545 07.26.12 at 21:53

      Don’t be stupid. Frostbite 2 is just a piece of utter crap. They don’t need to dumb down graphics even for 64 players. It is just that they love sucking dick from pc related companies…

      • t0mmy.gunn 07.27.12 at 01:19

        Yes they need to.
        Its like running a dx11 game on a dx9 hardware. Current gen consoles are old and this game has been developed for current PCs and because of that they need to trim the game a lot.
        They cannot lower down the graphics limitless, so something needs to be dropped, and in this case it means smaller player cap, fps cap and worse graphics.
        If you need better than that, buy a PC.

      • Nic727 07.27.12 at 01:30

        DICE and EA = Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money…

  • MattRaven-_ 07.26.12 at 14:41

    ENOUGH! stop be ass-wholes if you dont like the game nor do you like the developers then go plays modern warfare series matter of fact go into work earlier or stayin later no one on battle blog wants to hear you cry about a game

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 07.26.12 at 14:30

    Nice to see that you are thinking about the player issue:

    “The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.”

    Because it will be such a bummer if the big maps become as boring as some of the present maps are at the moment. So really looking forward to seeing what you will be doing to “fix” this.

    On another note, then it would be so cool if the flags, M-Coms could rotate there placement, so they aren’t at the same place every time you play the maps. Or even a “lock-out” of flags, after they have been taken for a given period of time, so ounce they have been like this, then the attacker would start to spawn on the next flag, this would make the game condensed and hectic.

    So really hope you guys read this. ;0)

  • Joao611 07.26.12 at 13:51

    24 players? Seriously? Put the fucking graphics at the damn BF1942 level and then get us 64 players, is it that hard?! Fuck the graphics, what matters is the gameplay!

    Well, guess I won’t get Premium for my PS3 copy and just stick to my Premium PC copy…

    • MajLlama 07.26.12 at 14:24

      Dawg i mean seriously come on DICE 24 players just wont feel right on Armor Killed way to big for that

  • rivaL_Dorado 07.26.12 at 13:05

    so DICE what your saying is : we are just releasing a new remake of caspian border and firestorm but only with new vehicles and unlocks ? …. AK is gonna be so lame for us console players ….

  • Kevin_sapo 07.26.12 at 10:07

    Please? do one thing? Fix the game crash on Seine Crossing TDM on PS3, my game crashes and I have to restart my PS3 and that happens when someone kills me and I enter the loadout screen game just freezes!?! or as you spawn and press the run button it freezes?!? or just randomly on Seine crossing after a reload or a shootout, this don´t JUST happen to me but a lot of others just google it Seine Crossing freezes ps3 or something and you´ll see, I play TDM on Seine every day and this is really frustrating :P
    Other than that you guys are doing an amazing job with this game, this game is without a doubt the best game ever made in videogame history!

    • pasc727 07.26.12 at 21:02

      CoD fan are you? TDM…
      And DICE, we, console players, are really bored to be neglect: 24 players, freezes, etc.

  • Indianscout83 07.26.12 at 09:45

    :DDDDD Amored Kill ok nice!!!! But BF 4…… Beta XDXD BF3 is a Beta since a half year…. U run and died… As server owner u cant make something because the ban bug, Anti Cheat XDXDXD i send two list of names and profiles and all exists glitcher statspadder etc. and and and….. Its Bad…. Make one game perfect and then start the work for the next.

  • DujaanNinja 07.26.12 at 09:17

    I don’t play BF3 on console but what I can say is you don’t have to play Armored Kill if you don’t want to. Like DICE said, they are catering to the console players as the maps are extremely large and do not want to have a bad/laggy experience. If you cannot see that they are doing their best to cater for you then you do not deserve to play the brilliantly designed game they have laid out to the public. I think that they have done an incredible job thus far and am looking forward to all the new content in the up coming expansions. As an animator I understand how difficult it can be to generate a map of the scale of Armored Kill and then go as far as to make it balanced for everyone’s preference at the same time. If I could give the BF3 team a medal I would. Well done guys

  • 00killer123 07.26.12 at 08:33

    Dice… I am going to be as simple and straight forward as possible so I can get these simple but yet very informative words through your thick knuckle-headed skulls. Me and many other battlefield series fans have probably noticed the increased decline in “love” towards battlefield fans and me for one has seen that for sure. I miss the good old days with bad company 2 and harvest day map packs were you could feel the intense passion for battlefield fans. But now it feels like a load of crap just being chucked in our faces. So help me god if no dice person sees this I will make sure that this game gets back on it’s feet, but so far it’s all gone down hill. I believe everyone would agree with me that this game has taken one for the worse even though bf3 is a great game I know that it could have so much more momentum and strength. If you just took your time and focused on the main goal and put out good quality games that don’t have bugs and glitches I really think that your franchise would “explode” with popularity. Don’t turn into one of those other companies that are out for money, be the uprising company that overrules all the other companies and I know that in all good time you will get the money you deserve.

    Sincerely 00killer123

    • Gr3yCrow 07.26.12 at 09:20

      True that !

    • Andre_a-vd 07.26.12 at 09:25

      I will agree with you on the passion side. BF3 just haven’t got that feeling and no one seems to care. Don’t get me wrong, BF3 is a great game but something is missing. Example: you could feel the difference between the M95 and the Gol and that goes with the maps as well. In BF3 a lot of effort went to the sound quality of the rifles witch is good but otherwise its just another shooting stick . Even the soldiers in BC2 had more character. The best comment on BF3 i have heard from an ex Dice deff was: ” I’m missing that – O’My God feeling”

    • pasc727 07.26.12 at 21:04

      Completly agree with you, I think the problem is EA… I hate the money money thinking…

  • wazza6935 07.26.12 at 07:27

    you idiots are never happy with what you get!!! be happy that you are even getting armored kill on console! and for the people complaining about the 24 player cap, shut the fuck up because if they bring out 16 v 16 or something like that, the game will be laggy as fuck and probably crash your PS3/XBOX! then you will complain about them adding 16 v 16 in when it makes your console crash and the game laggy. most of you are complete idiots!!

    • Georges544545 07.26.12 at 09:54

      Most of us are idiots? Nice troll. The pc hold us back. Why? It is all about the money. If you can’t face the facts, go to the olympics. I will be happy to see your ugly face dissappear. :)

      • Doldol 07.26.12 at 12:10

        Lol. Consoles have been slowing PC game dev down for years.

    • MajLlama 07.26.12 at 14:25

      Shut up sherlock holmes

    • pasc727 07.26.12 at 21:07

      Shut up! DICE has once say that they could do 64 players on console! But they would have to decline the graphics a little bit but who cares?!?! Console players want 64 players!!!!! DICE, plz, answer to the community call!!!

      • Georges544545 07.26.12 at 21:58

        They don’t need to. Are you fucking dumb? Every body praising frostbite 2. My ass has better graphics.

  • FranticLT 07.26.12 at 07:23

    I hate big maps with only 24 players. takes ages to get points, and like someone said its like more running around. METRO, BAZAR & Close Quarters is the best :)

    • Kevin_sapo 07.26.12 at 10:11

      Exactly consoles don´t need big maps when the cap is on 24 players takes aaages to get points (and don´t give me some bullshit about ” it takes some skill ” and so on) when you can put more than 32 player cap in the consoles that is when you should consider making gigantic maps..

      • ArnulfTheMighty 07.26.12 at 12:42

        The sad thing is that Consoles can’t have a higher cap because of the hardware limits. I think they would have a higher cap if the consoles supported it, but the current-gen consoles were made in 2006-2007 and they have tech from 2004-2005. I play BF3 on both Xbox and PC, and I would love a higher cap on consoles. But you should be happy DICE could actually BRING the huge maps to consoles. Looking forward to this!

      • GunGriffin 07.26.12 at 14:44

        I actulay encounterd the oposate of wat console gamers are complaining about, it only time it takes ages too get too a point is if u expect too run with ur eyes closed and get some where as alot of the CONSOLE COD fans do in BF3 then they complain about it here like its a horrible thing to deal with… Honestly Caspian Boarder, and Firstorm are as DICE said back when they were building the game already smaller physically on Console, plus its only lone wolf retards in conquest who have this issue real people, the ones who play the game often, and work in teams dont see the issue with the big maps, I have had many vary fun memories on both those maps on Console more so then on PC…. I feel on Xbox360 at least that adding more then 24 players skews alot of the tactics and makes combat too difficult, IE i enjoyed 64 players but after installing the HD texture pack on Xbox: (only for Xbox on console BTW) I see no reason to play the PC version, with its bigger maps I often saw people fighting and dieing in parts of the map that were so fare out of the way of any objectives that they got massive kill counts, it made too many places for that last enemy to hide in RUSH mode and it some times took a full hour to find and kill him…. just to find out he had run off all the way back to his teams side of the map, and went AFK waiting for the end to come…. Conquest on PC has another issue mob tactics.. I see more teamwork with 12 v 12 then I do 32 v 32, and even less tewamwork with 16 v 16… with so many players on PC theres a bad tendency that if ur not in some clan that most of the players will run away do their own things and maybe run across 6 people at in a single match, u dont get those awesome tactical fire fights, and menuvers the smaller player size allows for on Consoles… BFBC2 was awesome for this reason teamwork on consoles, and PCs when u have 32/24 players teamwork is much more constant because less people think they can get away with runing around like chickens with their heads cut off….. Honestly the problem I have with PC version is 2 fold:

        1 the power needed is insaine if u dont have a top of the line PC ur not getting the full experince of the game, and u need the top of the line servers to run it at full 64 players with no lag… The massive player counts also mean less people feel the need to work as a team, and I found it much harder to get working teams on PC, then on console, on PC griefing for vehicles, and even out right blowing cover up for no reason is a constant problem with the community, then u have all the servers who place up all these massively retarded rules like no M60 machine guns, no headshots, only infantry on this massive 64 player caspian boarder map and that means sniper city……. Then there is the reglious side of servers people on PC want only people like them on their servers no rules servers incure spawn camping, boosting and other bad gamer practices, and EA has no way to officaly kill these peoples play time on PC other then simple stats reset….. The community as a whole on PC has way to many cheaters, greifers, and out right jerks, and bullies too be fun because u can have 20 people dick around on a server with 64 players and have the rest fighting it out like real gamers…. and even wen people complain about it the admin is 9 times outa 10 in on the dicking around…..

        2. with so many players on the map, and the maps being so large in fact that they make 64 players seem small on PC, u get the effect that the world is ten times larger then it should be, IE I have noticed on Consoles objects seem much more in perportion with the players them selfs then on PC on PC boxes are so small, the Containers and buildings almost tower over the play space and make even big vehicles like jets, and tanks look tiny…. in fact if u look at a Tank on Consoles, and pout a guy next too it he comes too just above the top of the treds as the average human would at 5 foot 9, on PC he is almost as tall as the tank him self without the turret….

  • etytgarcia4 07.26.12 at 07:03

    Great, I have to comment now. I pre-ordered BF3 for my PS3 and it was great. I leveled up to Colonel (50) in exactly two months (Oct. 25-Dec. 25). Multiplayer was lovely and so were the players. The game was good, until I noticed more CoD players were ditching MW3 for BF3. BF3 had a great small community, but EA just had to be money-hogs. I was going to buy the new Close Quarters Map Pack, until it some-what resembled MW3. The guns, the maps, everything was the same. Even the Gun Master mode was a total rip-off of CoD Black Ops’ Gun Game mode. I was really disappointed. Now, don’t go on and say I’m a fanboy, ’cause I just casually play video games. There’s a reason I bought BF3, because MW3 was just a giant Map Pack to MW2. But it’s not the games I’m aiming at, it’s the game publishers. EA has screwed with BF3 for too long. I was expecting a game for me to own, not to pay $15 for Map Packs, $1.50/$7.00/$25.00/$65.00 for Servers, or even $60 for Premium which doesn’t even do anything for the console. I might as well buy the game three times! It’s un-ethical. Even Cod Black Ops has more features that allow me to own the game. Just think, BF3 wouldn’t be BF3 if it weren’t for the Players. In the next 10 years, I will only be able to play Story Mode on BF3, no Split-Screen, no Co-Op, no custom matches on servers because there will be no servers for the matches. Back then, people could buy games and actually own them. Now we have to pay for things we won’t even own in the future. It’s all a giant scam for money. Thank God I just pre-ordered BF3 and got Back-to-Karkand for free. Also, BF1943 was going to be released with BF3, but EA pull it out last minute. It was around late Spring time I received a code that allowed me to purchase the BF1943 game for free, but it was because I joined the EA Community. think about all the other BF3 players who have to buy more stuff because they aren’t part of EA’s “Community”. Just more money being spent. Well I’m done. Thanks EA. But I still like DICE ’cause they’re only the Developers. EA just keeps pushing them like slaves for more money, which takes away the quality of their product. My friend was right, I should Boycott EA. I will now step off my Soap-Box.

    • jewfrodave 07.26.12 at 21:44

      Okay well, a wall of text deserves just that so bear with me. I don’t agree with your idea of the small community. While it may not have had the in your face group of players that CoD has, The fan base is a lot bigger than you give it credit for. There are a lot of us who played Battlefield 2 way back when and waited a long time just for this to come out.

      Now, if you don’t want to rent a server… don’t. No one requires you to pay to host a server. And even on the PC it is not unheard of to charge to rent a server, as they are still their servers. And sometimes people shut down their servers. Halo 2 servers were shut down a couple years back and that was a pretty early game for consoles that included online multiplayer so i don’t know what you mean by “Back then”.

      Also a side note, Gun game definitely predates MW3. I first played it on CS 1.6 and i am pretty sure it came around even before that.

      All in all i agree with your general view, that games now cost $100 or more instead of the $60 we are so used to. And while i agree that the bottom line is about money. People used to develop games and then forget about them. Once they were out there it was pretty much all that was coming. A patch here or there and that’s it. Now you get content coming out for a game that has been out for a year or more, breathing a breath of life back in a game that maybe you grew tired of.

      So all things considered, my wallet may not like these kinds of updates and DLC, but the gamer inside me says keep em coming.

  • mlvtorregosa 07.26.12 at 07:01

    UGH…. “The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.” Custom tailoring? Great, so console players just lost about 15%-50% of the map just so we can see each other and we probably lost most of the tanks and/or/maybe gunship. For the console player, Armored Kill is an expansion pack to look over. Thank you DICE, for making me wish I had a gaming PC.

  • InevitableVince 07.26.12 at 06:39

    Mag was able to obtain 256 players onto their servers on the ps3, why do we have to stick with 24 players on the biggest maps made from Battlefield? It isn’t going to be any action or excitement I don’t even want to waste my money “Armored Kill”

  • xxxBurrito1307 07.26.12 at 05:40

    Why does Homefront have 16 vs 16 matches and battlefield doesn´t have?

  • SniperMan37 07.26.12 at 05:38

    the information about Armored Kill is great and the vehicles look awesome but what about the new guns? any new attachments or something? or a .50 cal sniper? please god let there be one.

  • Nic727 07.26.12 at 04:36

    More than 24 players plz!!!

    • Nic727 07.26.12 at 05:09

      Jus tto add : Frostbite 2.0 is not a reason, because if it is, you can put 32 players in BC2 and BC2 had more destruction than BF3 and your game isn’t completed compared to alpha and beta who was better (smoke shadow, voice sound, MCom position, etc.) + in BF3 we don’t have water trail when in boat, etc.

      and for MAG in your face DICE with only 24 players for console. MAG had lowest graphic and not destruction, but vehicle and the map scale is much bigger than BF3.

  • john_eddy 07.26.12 at 04:02

    Another reason to stay unpremium… thanks for the 24 player cap :)

  • AJBOOMER1 07.26.12 at 04:00

    I think that the console cap is bull it should be 16 vs 16

  • Darkcon Sataros 07.26.12 at 03:12

    “The console player cap will stay at 24 players” So wait, it’s possible to exceed the 24 console player cap?

    • bcsuperfan937 07.26.12 at 04:51

      they are able to but i remember from a vidieo that IPWNSTAR4HIRE did where he talked to a dice developer and the developer said that it would be too glitchy to have more that 24 players on console, that the consol would not be able to ahndle the data

  • HARD8TIMES 07.26.12 at 03:09

    BF3 players on consoles any tips on the best way to capture F flag on Gulf of Oman?

  • HARD8TIMES 07.26.12 at 02:22

    BF3 players on consoles any tips on the best way to capture F flag on Caspian Border?

  • ksafreak8210 07.26.12 at 02:02

    really DON’T* bother sry mistake

  • ksafreak8210 07.26.12 at 02:00

    I played bf for a long time now from bf1942 road to rome till bf3 and i played bf2 on pc 64 players was asome but now i bought bfbc 1,2 and bf3 on ps3 and i think 24 players is not much oke you have the maps like metro and grand bazaar and a few others that i really bother to play with 24 and hell close quarters great for 24 but if i play caspian border or gulf of oman it sometimes takes 10 minutes till i see someone oke you can get the flags and probably meet someone but then they take a other flag and it’S more running around then actually shooting somebody it’s a bit sry too say this but i hate the big maps hope now in armored kill It’s not the same story again because in bf2 i loved playing on the big maps but now 24 and 64 it’s a big difference it’s hopefully going to be great because i love bf and think you’re doing a great job and it’s probebly that ps3 never was made for 64 or even 30 players because of the lagg or something it will have but thx for listening anyways

  • NMeck702 07.26.12 at 01:40

    I gotta work on my flying skills. Is the AC-130 (or whatever the gunship is) flyable by players? Pilot and 3 or 4 gunners, depending on how many Gatling guns are onboard (either a single 25mm or two 20mm if my memory is correct.) This will make me want to get in a good platoon. That will be a huge target up in the air and would need some protection. Excited as hell for more details. Just sold me on Premium. Congrats, DICE and EA.

  • alive2009 07.26.12 at 01:28

    please get some change on UI

  • Bahamanau 07.26.12 at 01:26

    So Battlefield 4 will be on Xbox 720 great :-)

  • blazinciber 07.26.12 at 00:58

    This is lame. So this will be like caspian border then? and other maps? I bet they gonna reduce the flag capture capacity and the max conquest space on this maps. So much for the biggest map……….. Not only that… 12v12?…. again!! come on atleast 15v15…..I need to save up to get a pc…. this is just lame.

    • InterGamer89 07.26.12 at 02:05

      They ARE going to reduce the flag capacity.
      Every map will have 5 flags.
      Honestly, you know what you were buying.
      You were buying the version of BF3 that only supports 24 players. Just like me :p
      But, I’m gonna build a PC and actually buy BF3 again to enjoy the awesomeness of BF3.

  • CG_recon 07.26.12 at 00:55

    I think at least half of Battlefield community will say same thing:

    it’s a no go to buy any games from ea\dice till moment when you guys will handle cheaters\hackers in your games. At least start banning people for cheating aside of “3 warnings”, it’s rediculous!

  • harrihar 07.25.12 at 23:51
  • A Roscoe 07.25.12 at 23:21

    if i already bought the vehicle upgrade shortcut, will it apply to the new vehicles in Armored Kill too?

    • 315429769W14 07.26.12 at 00:15

      if it doesn’t, then you will actually have to EARN those upgrades.

      • ElmSt034 07.26.12 at 00:38

        EXACTLY…I cant believe they offered those on PSN -_-

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:53

      I am trying to resist saying this but….

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:53


      • A Roscoe 07.26.12 at 01:03

        lol i know. its the only one i bought though. all the other upgrades i unlocked the normal way. oh well i’m a noob

        • AscendedOne360 07.26.12 at 01:57

          To each his own. Don’t feel too bad. Not everyone is hardcore about BF3. Some people actually play casually. Shocking, I know. I’ll admit I’m hardcore with it, though. Insist on unlocking everything through game play and I mean I gotta unlock absolutely everything. That’s just me though…. still, yeah, you’re a noob. LOL XD

    • Georges544545 07.26.12 at 22:06

      Damn son! What kind of a noob are you? Probably trollin but still!!!!!

  • Ghost Hin 07.25.12 at 23:18

    You guys has a 24 players limit, how big of a map you will need? If you want BIG, get it on PC and a better PC. 64 players is where the fun and where you going to need the full huge maps.

    • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 23:21

      Easy to say. There are people with consoles and there bougt bf3, dlc, etc. for it. I THINK that nobody go to buy bf3 on PC for more players.

      • InterGamer89 07.26.12 at 02:23

        Ehmmm… I’m building a PC to play BF3 on it… of course I’m not building a PC just to play BF3 on it… other PC games too.

    • JankerPL 07.26.12 at 00:18

      You think everybody have enough money to buy Ps3( dlc , premium etc.) and buy/upgrade pc to play bf3 and again all dlc, etc. because EA/DICE cant focus on console players to immprove their fun with game.

  • JankerPL 07.25.12 at 23:13

    If the dlc maps on PS3 will look like other(Mean size. Caspian Border etc.) with max 24 players… and BF4 come out on non next gen consoles(I hope that not happen) … BF premium was last what i spend money for DICE/EA support … :|

    • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 23:17

      I’m to it’s last what i paid for dice (also premium),because I thougt there will be more players on the servers.

  • LP23 07.25.12 at 22:57

    Well what’s done and decided is done and decided and nothing will change their minds.

    But DICE, please, if you say you are “tailoring” the maps for consoles, please don’t make it so the “biggest maps in Battlefield history” are nothing more than a mere caspian border with different surroundings. Us console players want to feel like the maps are SIGNIFICANTLY larger than any other map out there and that we can use the map to its full potential. PLEASE DON’T FORCE US TO LOSE HOPE IN ARMORED KILL.

    I’m really excited for these new maps, but I’m literally crossing my fingers, hoping that I can actually use most of it.

  • TheMadJack 07.25.12 at 22:37

    MAG on PS3 can handle 256 players ON ONE MAP. Don’t tell me a newer better game can’t support at least 64 per map. I am guessing its because EA is holding out on xbox and ps3 players because it doesn’t want to spend money on better servers than it currently has.

    • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 22:38

      yes you have a very big right

    • sollowaym 07.25.12 at 22:46

      maybe you are right, but i think the main reason is that the engine that battlefield 3 runs off is so much more powerful and demanding than the engine behind MAG, so it wouldn’t be able to handle that many players on one server. Its the same reason why DICE didn’t include split screen in the game, because Xbox’s/PS3′s cannot handle it.

      • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 23:01

        maybe you are right, but i didn’t think that. I want that dice say it to us why they can’t do it?

    • steve10120 07.25.12 at 23:02

      MAG was sh*t. BF3 is pushing consoles to the limit. We’re not getting anymore players because the consoles can’t handle it. If you think anything different you’re kinda dumb.

    • BloodSh()t 07.25.12 at 23:13

      I am tired of ignorance like this

      First of all, MAG required way less resources to run then BF3 does, and had way less going on. Second of all, both microsoft and sony have pre-determined amounts of bandwith that a game can use up on their consoles. So don’t go bitching at DICE for something they in fact have no control over unless sony/microsoft allow more usage.

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:44

      No… it cant. First of all, they have to make the game on Xbox, too, and it most likely could not have even handled MAG. If you wanted 64 players on your child’s toy- I mean “gaming” console- you going to have to have way less graphical quality than the current console version. Battlefield 3 has much more graphical quality, like the lighting effects, which are very graphicly intensive

    • InterGamer89 07.26.12 at 02:27

      I am going to kill the next person to bring in the MAG Argument. If DICE could bring 64 players to consoles or more players than 24 players… I’m almost certain they would.
      MAG is a very simple game compared to BF3… all from graphics to damn weapon reloading is simpler on MAG which saves processing power and ram space… and MAG has first party support from Sony!
      On BF3… you get stunning visuals, destructible environments, a lot of vehicles (Which takes up a good portion of the ram space) amazing character animations. The technology on the consoles is simply not ENOUGH!

  • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 22:35

    there are many shooters where you can play with more players and battlefield 3 best mulitplayer game can’t?? I don’t understand that!!

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:47

      Because…… Your little children’s toy, AKA a console, is already being pushed to the limit with Battlefield 3, which is why DiCE didn’t include split screen in the console versions. The XBOX 360 is 2005 and the Ps3 is 2006. Try running any PC game on a computer that old (that isnt updated) and see what happens.

  • Coffeeist 07.25.12 at 22:34

    Personally I would have done another Bad Company game first, and save BF4 for when significant technical improvements can be made. Sure maybe some nice can be added in 2-2 1/2 years, but probably not a whole lot. Besides, BC2 ended on a cliffhanger…

  • macieksz15 07.25.12 at 22:33

    yeah, we want more players is that so difficult to understand??!!

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:49

      OH MY GOD.

      Lots of you console players (not all) ARE

  • zigabite 07.25.12 at 22:33

    It’s probably EA that is behind all this grief. Developers if good enough can get a full 64 on console for battlefield 3 depending on the coding skills. It seems EA just won’t let DICE think about it and work things out. I don’t know how EA survives.. Why not ditch EA for someone better like Ubisoft and whatever they do don’t go near Activision, they are as worse as EA.

  • TOKEN_SELEKTA 07.25.12 at 22:31

    BF4 Should be developed for the NEXT GEN CONSOLE … if BF3 have limitations right now… imagine BF4 :/ …. DICE!!!!! please GIVE US AT LEAST 16v16 for consoles on ARMORED KILL … cut the bullshit

    • TheMadJack 07.25.12 at 22:39

      This^ You are totally correct. The next gen consoles are going to be here within 2 years, why hold back with bf4? Oh yah BECAUSE EA CAN JUST MAKE BF5 FOR IT and make more money.

      • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:47

        You know, with that said, I may skip BF4. I’ll get MoH and play BF4 beta but I may hold off from anything else until next gen… Of course if BF4 turns out to be awesome I won’t be able to resist. LOL

  • speedway670 07.25.12 at 22:29

    you disspoint me DICE

    • speedway670 07.25.12 at 22:30

      i mean disappoint

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:51

      it isnt DiCE… It is EA. DiCE would not have made the game on consoles if it was’nt for EA. For us PC gamers the game would be much better, too, because DiCE would have pushed the graphics and gameplay further for the PC more than they did, because if they did all the little console players would rage about it.

  • TOKEN_SELEKTA 07.25.12 at 22:27

    BF4 Should be developed for the NEXT GEN CONSOLE … if BF3 have limitations right now… imagine BF4 :/ …. DICE!!!!! please GIVE US AT LEAST 16v16 for consoles on ARMORED KILL … cut the bullshit

  • BeaSTWiTHiN6669 07.25.12 at 22:19

    “The console player cap will stay at 24 players. Players can expect to have a great time on these maps as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.”

    Great so Bandar Desert “The Biggest Map Ever” won’t actually be the biggest ever for consoles and we get the short end of the BF3 stick. Lame.

    • ElKevy 07.25.12 at 22:25

      They can’t do much about it, the consoles can’t handle a map that large and 64 players. Should have bought it on pc. :p

  • Xerxes004 07.25.12 at 22:15

    I spent $1400 on my PC, and it runs every map on Ultra above 60fps with vsync ON. Play what you want, spend what you want. If you spend more money, you get a better experience, plain and simple. I tried playing the console version and almost smashed my xbox out of fury because of how terrible Microsoft products are, but I hear the PS3 is pretty good.

    • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:18

      LOL. I want to max a PC out badly, I just can’t afford to right now. College is expensive. Sucks because my major demands the best technology (Digital Media). Never played on Xbox before but PS3 is cool. I hear that PS3 has a lot of lag compared to PC and Xbox. I wouldn’t know because I’m used to it. Don’t play on PC enough to notice.

  • renegod 07.25.12 at 22:02

    lower the volume of the trailer and will resemble what is actually the Battlefield 3

  • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:00

    First, this isn’t crying. This is making valid points. It’s not a question of console specs competing with PC specs. It’s a question of unnecessary nerfing of console boards. Like I said, many PC maps simply have more objectives. It doesn’t require significant computing power to add a couple of extra objectives. It doesn’t change the map at all. This is especially relevant in areas that only have 3 objectives where PC versions have 4 to 7. Some maps on consoles have up to 5 objectives so why are we limited to 3 on maps that were meant to have 7 (Operation Firestorm)?

    Secondly, I have both PC and PS3 versions. I’ve been trying to get into PC gaming more but, quite honestly, I hate playing with a keyboard and mouse. I’m quite happy gaming on PS3. I don’t need 64 players. 24 is fine for most maps. I think Close Quarters also deserves 24 and Armored Kill deserves 32 for consoles. Some of my friends are on PC, though so every once in a while I get on there too. Still, to tell me to buy a PC is a bit idiotic. I run BF3 on my laptop w/ medium settings. It’s still a pain set that low. Give me 3 or 4 grand to buy a PC that can handle BF3 maxed out and I’ll do it. Until then don’t assume every gamer on Earth feels it’s necessary to spend copious amounts of money to play the game. I expect graphics to be crap compared to PC. However, basic aspects of the game should not be compromised when it’s obvious a console can handle it just fine. Points proven in other stages on the same game.

    Some PC players are cool as hell. Some console players are, too. But some of you are just elitist assholes. This isn’t meant to be a platform war.

    • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:01

      Damn it, this was supposed to be a reply to Daviaz12. Wtf???

    • Datsyukian Geek 07.25.12 at 22:07

      I have a computer that allows me to run it on ultra with a great FPS rate for under $1300. While I agree with your main point there is no reason to embellish what is needed to play the game smoothly.

      • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:21

        I think I embellish because when I’m researching a PC I tend to max everything out due to my need for the best. I do it because I need it for rendering, though. I’m into video production, 3D modeling and animation, etc. I guess I just tack that total price on for it all. I actually dumbed it down a bit because what I was putting together was north of 6 grand. LOL

    • Garfield379 07.25.12 at 22:18

      3 to 4 grand? Lols. You can build a pc ground up that runs BF3 at max for around 1-1.5k and it should last you at least a good 5 years or so, while playing most games maxed. People easily shell out $500 for a phone, i don’t see why 1k for a GOOD computer is so outrageous.

      • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:25

        Yeah, I explained the 3 or 4 grand thing on another comment. Please excuse my unintended exagerration. LOL. But, my current laptop cost me a grand. It’s a couple years old. I can’t afford to buy another one right now. I could build a better home computer for a grand than I could a laptop but I have more need for the laptop than a free standing home PC. Can’t afford both. So when I do upgrade (probably later this year or early next year) it’ll be to another laptop.

    • Rivie 08.07.12 at 08:50

      I hear you ma bro, but I must correct you on one thing: you need not spend copious amounts of dinero to get a kickass gaming rig. Well not $4000.00. I spent $1400.00 last year and the rig runs BF3 on ultra fantastically. You seem to be a smart dude, so I won’t insult your intelligence; do some research and adjust for your own needs, but set up right you can run BF3 all day long at 45 FPS on ultra no problems. I set my FPS caps at 45 FPS (it never drops below that even in big maps with 64 player and fierce fighting, but it never goes above that either) and my Nvidia 580 never goes over 72c and the fan is set to 60%. Oh this is on a 24 inch Dell Ultra Sharp at 1920*1200. No lag, no artifacts, smooth as pie ;)

      “I once knew a call was a wrong number, even though the person on the other end wouldn’t admit it”. – The most interesting man in the world

  • Johnnie_Troller 07.25.12 at 21:57

    Ok, now fix the sound in PS3!

    • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:04

      Hell frickin yeah!! That gets annoying as hell!!

  • tilfordkage 07.25.12 at 21:49

    Sigh…..consoles can do more than 12 v 12. Maybe not 32 v 32, but at least 20 v 20. You guys are just too lazy to do it. Either that or EA doesn’t care about upping the count since it won’t give them more money.

    • Afreelunch 07.25.12 at 22:31

      And you have the Frostbite 2 coding experience necessary to know what you’re saying is true?

  • ramirez19pl 07.25.12 at 21:47

    Why is the console is only 24 players? Consoles do not have power? You can not do more?

    • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 00:58

      Yes. Consoles are more than half a decade old. BF3 is already pushing the consoles to the limit. Unless you want COD graphics, you wont get anymore players.

  • bisignano99 07.25.12 at 21:39


  • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 21:29

    The 24 player cap on consoles is a bit annoying but what’s more annoying to me is that conquest objectives are cut back on consoles. Objectives max out at 5 and that’s only on a couple of maps. Ok… Less players, less objectives. But how do you justify decreasing objectives on consoles for maps that have 5 on pc? If we can have 5 on some then why not on others? Ex: Seine Crossing. 5 on PC, 4 on consoles. If Armored Kill is looking to bring the largest map in Battlefield history then how on Earth do you balance this for consoles without having expansive areas that are nothing but travel or, even worse, decrease the size of the board for consoles? Either way, I’m feeling a bit screwed. Oh yeah… Close Quarters… 16 player cap for consoles but PC still gets 64 (which is a hectic mess)? Why the hell can’t consoles at least keep the 24 player cap???

    With all of that said, I still love Battlefield. Awesome freakin’ game.

    • lego_joe123 07.25.12 at 21:37

      this guy speaks truth ^

    • Daviaz12 07.25.12 at 21:39

      Buy a PC and stop crying then, the console version is actually getting in the way of having a much better experience on PC, i you want to play with 64 players and have biger maps and better graphics how do you expect that a piece of old hardware like ps3 or xbox 360 can compare to a high end PC of 2011 or 2012? If you want the best of Battlefield then get a PC and stop crying

      • FineCigars 07.25.12 at 21:59

        It’s easy for those that already have a good PC to say “get an awesome PC and stop whining. Your consoles are ruining it for the rest of us”. Sometimes people don’t want to shell out $1k or more for a computer that they’ll only use for video games. Also, I play on console and PC and sometimes just want to fire up the ol’ Xbox and run with a controller. It does bug me that I can’t get 64 players per game so I can’t get the full experience, but that’s the burden of old hardware. Also for that reason it really seems like PC is doing just fine and consoles are being metered back from the PC’s awesome experience. So I find it unlikely that PC is being held back by the existence of consoles. The only thing I can think of is the menus and interface, but even that isn’t that cumbersome on PC. Anyhow, your comment makes PC players sound snobbish and “all high and mighty”.

        • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:15

          I agree 100%. That attitude is common among PC gamers on many blogs. Most of them are awesome, though. I also game on PS3 and PC. Mostly on PS3. PC get’s the full experience. I don’t think they suffer in the least. Especially in the graphics department if you can afford what it takes to max it out. LOL. 64 players on PS3 would be awesome but I’d be happy to have just 32 on the larger boards. Especially Armored Kill come this fall.

        • Garfield379 07.25.12 at 22:16

          You can actually use a controller with the pc. Even an xbox controller i believe, or at least one that is identical. Also, i have no understanding of people who have a pc just for gaming… PC’s do well… everything.

    • FineCigars 07.25.12 at 21:48

      Unfortunately the 24 player cap isn’t the game or the developer’s fault. It’s a limitation that the Hardware (PS3, Xbox 360) has. To get a higher player count per game, we’re going to have to wait for the next gen consoles that can handle more players. Though I agree, I wonder how good these new maps will be on consoles. The AC-130 gunship will have an easier time with less conquest objectives to aim at.

      • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:10

        I’d have to disagree with you there. MAG had 256 players per game on PS3. Of course, it’s not as technically awesome as the Frostbite 2 engine but if it could manage 256 then I’m sure that consoles could at least manage 32, if not 64. I’m fine with 24 for consoles in most instances but I think Armored Core should get 32. Close Quarters should have stayed at 24 considering it’s far smaller boards so the extra 8 players couldn’t possibly be stressing the system. Just my opinion…

        • Garfield379 07.25.12 at 22:30

          CQ has all those HD everything textures and whatnot, that’s why it is just 16 for consoles instead of the regular 24.

          • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 22:44

            True, but the everything else was decreased. The size of the maps, no vehicles, and such. To be honest, the graphics on CQ (although quite nice) don’t appear to be much better than those on the base game. Considering the amount of memory saved in map size and other aspects such as vehicles and collapsing building, I’d think that they could at least maintain the 24 players.

        • Lukiller88 07.26.12 at 01:04

          And what coding experience do you have? MAG had WAY WAY WAY WAY less stuff going on than BF3. Like the lighting, more vehicles, and MUCH more detail.

          • AscendedOne360 07.26.12 at 01:53

            Funny that you ask. I happen to do coding, 3D modeling, animation, and much more. It’s my major in college. I’ll be graduating with my bachelors next spring. So how about your experience?

            You’re correct that MAG didn’t have as much going on but I’m not asking for 256 player games. I’m not even asking for 64. My only point is that CQ should maintain the 24 player cap instead of 16 and extra objectives should be available for other boards. They should max out at 5 where appropriate compared to PC. Same goes for AK only they should up the player count to 32. No need to push it to 64 as I’m sure that would tax the consoles far too much. However, 32 is do-able.

  • EBay49002 07.25.12 at 21:29

    Although, I do hope that consoles get more than 12v12 players, that’s only 2 tanks, an apache, and 2 jets for each team, that’s a standard conquest or even rush map on caspian border, kharg island, or operation firestorm….I HOPE that you take this into consideration.

  • DJDS20 07.25.12 at 21:26

    Battlefield 4 with Frostbite 3 engine?

  • Lt-Sanchez 07.25.12 at 21:22

    If we have unlocked every weapon accessory for the vehicles, or purchase a starter pack for the vehicles will we be able to use them on the new Armored kill maps.

  • XxpancakepowerxX 07.25.12 at 21:17

    I can’t wait till Armored Kill. But with the new sizes of the maps, more than 24 players would be better for Armored Kill.

  • EBay49002 07.25.12 at 21:08

    I’m honestly okay with the whole pre-order thing, if that’s what it takes to get the BF4 beta, then so be it. Gaming companies need money to pay the employees that work hard to fix and test all the patches that need to be tested(whoever complains that they NEED TO FIX THIS GUN!), they need to pay for servers(not as much since the rent-a-server patch), and they need to deal with the higher up people leaving. All I hear is a lot of nerd rage, no one complained this much when you had to buy crackdown(got boring after 10 minutes) to get the Halo 3 Beta, but now it’s OMG DICE IS SUCH A BAD COMPANY BECAUSE THEY’RE MAKING ME PAY MONEY TO GET INTO A BETA THAT I WOULD NORMALLY HAVE NO CHANCE OF GETTING INTO!!! QQ moar

    • RichTheZombie83 07.25.12 at 21:21

      Dice? Battlefield? Bad Company? I see what you did there XD

  • deepblackking 07.25.12 at 21:06

    DICE plz don’t rush BF4 take your time to make it epic! don’t spam sequels like cod!

    • GAM3_CHANG3R0715 07.25.12 at 21:21

      your are right Dice please take your time dont rush we can wait we have bf3

    • ManneredRay 07.27.12 at 21:01

      its not dice’s fault that they have to rush

  • Tanamoril 07.25.12 at 20:54

    “The console player cap will stay at 24 players…. as we are custom tailoring the new Armored Kill maps with these parameters in mind.”
    Please say you are not nerf-batting PC maps for the sake of consoles. I want epic carnage in a map supporting 64-players, not a severely limited map because it was never designed around a 64-player participation (as in players running across a massive map because vehicle counts were not properly considered for a PC version or an equally smaller map size)

    • SabataDB 07.25.12 at 21:28

      No they are nerfing the maps ON THE CONSOLE version. Just like all the core maps.

  • chubbyballs 07.25.12 at 20:52

    weak!! 12v12 console with be boring

  • DirtyDirt69 07.25.12 at 20:49

    BF3 must have the Bradley Fighting Vehicle!!!! Come on DICE!!! The Bradley is a HUGE part of Battlefield!!!!!!!!

    • armann539 07.25.12 at 21:03

      HEY HEY HEY. The Bradley is for the Army. BF3 is about Marines. Get over it :P

  • 24TheKiller 07.25.12 at 20:44

    Why doesn´t get the BF3-Premium Members get an exclusive Access to the BF4-Beta ??

    • Causes Chaos 07.25.12 at 21:04

      Probably will, they want to maximise their money before they announce BF3 Premium members get it a week later than the pre-orders. Still got 15/16 months yet. Chill bro.

    • GilleanNaTuaighe 07.25.12 at 21:06

      I agree. Enough $$$ already. I didn’t have to pay for bf3 closed beta.

  • DKENT213 07.25.12 at 20:44

    “We are committed to providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience well into the future , past the releases of Aftermath, End Game, and Battlefield 4.”

    That’s just made my entire week! I was so worried that “End Game” would be the very last DLC for Battlefield 3. Sounds like there’s going to be much more still to come.

    I have to agree though, premium members should have BETA access to Battlefield 4. I am very upset that this won’t be the case, especially when I am once of those who love to support EA/DICE. And I am not amused by the fact that Playstation users get to play on the newest DLC’s two weeks before others.

    Only 24 players on the Armoured Kill maps? This is going to be fun… spending ages trying to find a team mate/enemy. It’s going to get really annoying.

    • Rushing2u 07.25.12 at 20:47

      Battlefield was meant to be experienced in full using a PC, not a console. If you want 64 players you need to upgrade with the big boys. XBOX is just a toy for kids.

      • Indignant Yeti 07.26.12 at 00:34

        Troll much?

      • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 15:59

        Pc is not big boys. And Battlefield 3 was designed with consoles in mind. Go mess with your settings and mouse while we do some gaming ya crank. PC.s are dinosour gaming rigs, teh ps3/xbox are now days gaming rigs. Why dont us true gamers get pc if its better? Because its an old dated way of gaming and HACKERS can fook you on every game. You can never game on the level with players (HACKERS, HACKERS). I own 8 rigs and last one was about two 2 year ago and they will all hammer yours so leave it there my man. This gen consoles are the true gaming rigs of today, an dnext gen…. well shall we say enjoy the mouse and settings to get an extra 10 fps while we bust moves.

    • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 15:54

      Im with ya dkent, But for fook sake dont push the subject they will make are levels smaller if you do. DICE LEAVE THE LEVELS HUGE. I like hunting!

  • ambsnake 07.25.12 at 20:43

    If bf4 is meant for next gen consoles, how will current gen consoles play the beta a few months before they come out?

    • GEARIN 08.01.12 at 16:01

      It will be able to paty on PS3 and PS4 BUT WITH REDUCED TEXTURES RESALOUTION ETC ON PS3, Like wii games

  • Rushing2u 07.25.12 at 20:41

    Are you kidding me? You take all the lead developers away from Battlefield 3 before it’s even finished and put them on Battlefield 4. WTF is wrong with corporations in America these days. We don’t want second rate developers while we twiddle our thumbs for 2014 release date. Finish what you started with the people you started with, not the third string. Battlefield 3 is a mess of bugs and BS.

  • patrick_padilla 07.25.12 at 20:40

    DICE PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need to make Matches mode where it automatically finds a team for you, like in in killzone3 or metal gear online because people don’t feel like searching for another clan and getting everything set up is such a hassle and waste of time. If you made it so that it automatically put you against another clan theN matches mode would be soooo much more beneficial and fun.

  • patrick_padilla 07.25.12 at 20:39

    DICE PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need to make Matches mode where it automatically finds a team for you, like in in killzone3 or metal gear online because people feel like searching for another clan and getting everything set up is such a hassle and waste of time. If you made it so that it automatically put you against another clan theN matches mode would be soooo much more beneficial and fun.

    • patrick_padilla 07.25.12 at 20:40

      sorry I mean dont feel like searching for another clan

  • Cayster 07.25.12 at 20:36

    24Player… come on DICE!! give us a higher cap!!!

  • Cates556 07.25.12 at 20:34

    So…we aren’t going to be able to fly the gunship…just shoot from it. LAME

    • Gash Hammer 07.25.12 at 20:41

      Allowing people to fly it would be awful. The amount of noobs who would just fly in into the ground would completely ruin the game.

      • Thebamsco 07.25.12 at 21:35

        Thats utter bullshit.

        Yeah ur going to get the odd nob doing it, however having a skilled pilot fly with a squad on voip (read TS) onboard would be excellent.

        This is an obvious dumbing down. The AC130 was in DC mod for BF1942 and was player contolled and was excellent fun.

        You Gash hammer are obviouslly the dumbed down target audiance they are aiming at nowadays…..

      • Indignant Yeti 07.26.12 at 00:38

        How are they supposed to get better at flying if they don’t get to fly? You’re probably one of those turds that camp the aircraft spawn area so that no one else ever gets a chance.

    • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 21:40

      Actually, flying it would be lame. Gunships basically fly in a circle high above the map so that those manning the guns can do their job. Do you really want to spend your time flying in a circle? That’d get pretty boring. The most you’re missing out on is trying to crash it into an enemy when getting shot down. Other than that you’re also benefiting from the fact that Idiot’s can’t take off in the gunship just to bail out of it like a huge taxi. Lol

    • DatGuyMarko 07.31.12 at 00:19

      would you want a level 1 to fly that monster?

  • cbkyro 07.25.12 at 20:31

    Great, another DLC half of us won’t get to play after refusing to let you rip us an extra $10 for supporting your game early.

    • Gash Hammer 07.25.12 at 20:38

      WTF are you talking about? o_O

      • AscendedOne360 07.25.12 at 21:44

        I think he’s referring to preorders getting Back to Karkand for free. We feel a bit cheated because we still end up paying for it when purchasing premium. I’m one of those people. It’s even worse for those who payed out of pocket for Back to Karkand and are basically paying for it again when buying premium. Still, you save a bit by getting premium. Just not as much as if we would have waited. Anyway, I got it and although a bit annoyed, I’m still a happy trooper. Lol

  • DeathAndy589 07.25.12 at 20:28

    Shouldn’t premium members also get some kind of access to the beta?

    • PaRkUs 07.25.12 at 20:35

      Looks like DICE dosen’t care about their own customers they are throwing commercial for the new MOH game,which sucks.

    • Gash Hammer 07.25.12 at 20:39

      Don’t be ridiculous. There are at least 800,000 people with Premium… a beta is not set up to handle that many players. It’s purely for testing. Think before you speak.

      • Rushing2u 07.25.12 at 20:45

        That’s why they have an alpha; beta is the stress test. Think before you speak.

      • DeathAndy589 07.29.12 at 19:51

        I understand that and I do think before I speak. They can do some kind of random draw of premium members to get access instead of relying on people to buy the MoH game. Besides what if thousands of people go pre-order the game, then what? Maybe you should think before you speak

  • Indignant Yeti 07.25.12 at 20:24

    What’s the release date for Armored Kill? Will there be a dbl XP to coincide?

    • JanEric 07.25.12 at 20:46

      i think its splitted over the whole month cos ps3 premium get 3 months earlier accecss than pc/xbox non-premium

      there will be a double xp event every single month