We’re going to E3 and we’re bringing Close Quarters and Armored Kill!

Bringing the Battlefield 3 awesomeness to Los Angeles.

Call it E-Triple, Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. We’re going there, and we’re bringing both Close Quarters and Armored Kill in playable form!

This is the crew from DICE who are packing right now to bring the best of Battlefield 3 to the LA Convention Center for one week of gaming goodness.

Don’t miss the EA press conference
The E3 showfloor officially opens up on Tuesday June 5th, but Electronic Arts is giving its press conference the day before, Monday June 4th. If you’re a Battlefield fan, you don’t want to miss the EA press conference at SPIKE TV on Monday, June 4 at 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT or streamed at www.ea.com/e3.

Don’t miss our daily E3 coverage direct from the show
You can find DICE and EA at booth #1601. If you are staying at home, you can watch the press conference, then tune in to the Battlefield Blog, our Facebook channel and @battlefield on Twitter for daily coverage straight from the show.

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  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 05:01

    A Barett 50.cal would sure make this game even more EPIC!!!!! ^-^

  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 04:56

    hey guys, im trying to get DICE to put either the M95 Sniper Rifle off of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or the barett 50.cal Sniper Rifle into the new Battlefield 3 “Aftermath” or “End Game” DLC’s, i mean wouldnt you guys want to shoot a 50.cal in the new Bandar Desert Map from the upcoming “Armored Kill” DLC? i know i definitely would. Also you guys still have a chance to make suggestions of any gun you guys want into the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC’s since DICE and EA are still thinking of what they should put into the upcoming “Aftermath” and “End Game” DLC’s, and also if that little rumor that Dinosaurs are gonna be in the new “Aftermath” DLC, wouldnt you want to shoot a Dinosaur in the face with a Barett 50.cal? lol. Please help me make this possible by copying and pasting this message on every Battlefield 3 Blog. Also if you have any weapon suggestions that you think should be put into the upcoming DLC’s message me at battlelog.battlefield.com or by Playstation 3 Network, my PS3 name is Barraza97. PLEASE GUYS THIS MESSAGE CAN HELP PUT ANY GUN YOU WANT INTO THE UPCOMING DLC’S :D!!! I AM ALSO A PREMIUM MEMBER !

  • JurjenRolf 06.11.12 at 22:43

    Got already B2K because of pre-release BF3 in october 2011… 3 months of frustration, gameplay hang ups, login problems, connection issues, punkbuster kicks, useless updates etc etc… And now you want me to buy BF3 Premium….and pay for the 2nd time to get B2K…again?? EA/DICE…shame on you! Start with giving something for free to compensate us loyal gamers…or lose us 4 ever!

  • MrBondaygee 06.11.12 at 03:28

    Fucking dickheads! EA Games sucks! Especially Origin ASsholes!

    • gods3rd_nut 06.11.12 at 16:08

      wat u be smoking!!!ea is by far one of the best game makers,so why ur pulling ur weapons out ur ass and shooting rocket launchers at invincible walls in call of duty i will be flying jets,blowing down walls and playing on huge maps so have fun with cleaning all the shit of ur guns

      • Jipooki 07.10.12 at 05:03

        uhh… Dice made the game. Ea just made us pay more money for it

  • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:27

    Get rid of aim assist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are you trying to make a noob friendly game? at least turn it down whole lot cuz itt helps way too fucking much. im getting killed by level 10′s and under. like com on. and hc should be able to have no mimi map and a lowerd health to at least 40% and still be ranked. plz bf!!!!!! Do some easy and slight changes for you die hard fans please!

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.06.12 at 19:24

    it wouldn’t hurt to SLIGHTLY reduce the initial kick for the M249.

  • Soup2012 06.06.12 at 16:28

    Re-download the game through the PSN store NOT the in game store and it should work, just confirmed it myself.

  • Sven_Viking 06.06.12 at 02:35

    Some people seriously call it “E-Triple”? Surely “Triple-E” would be better? As in “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of E3″?

  • GlenM1996 06.06.12 at 01:27

    The Premium DLC is working fine!!!! You obviously haven’t read it correctly or have failed to realize that if you go into “Store” on the main menu and then click “Premium” you’ll see that you will be able to download “Back To Karkand” for free or 0 Gamerpoints etc. Don’t start shouting its failing when other people (Myself included) have it working fine!

  • sharp_shooter36 06.06.12 at 00:41

    hell yeah!!! none of the maps work and i just spent $50 bucks on them!! do they even know that they are not working???!!!!

    • GlenM1996 06.06.12 at 01:20

      Look did you read anything on the Premium DLC??? These map packs are to be released throughout the year with the final one (“End Game”) being released in December. You have just purchased all of the map packs before they have come out along with a 2 week early access grant to them. You’ll be able to play them as they re released! READ THE SMALL PRINT!

  • v1a1n1 06.05.12 at 18:25

    It would be nice if i could play the new maps that i just spent 49$ on

  • zAngelDustz 06.05.12 at 18:09

    When can premium users play the new map :O

    • GlenM1996 06.06.12 at 01:23

      2 weeks before the map packs are released to the general BF3 community the premium player will get them. So you won’t get them as soon as you download Premium so don’t panic! There is a calendar section to Premium on your game. Click it and look at the top row where it will show you the map packs release dates.

  • Crazyglues 06.05.12 at 16:15

    @ EVILTAYLOR -somehow the download messed up, so you need to delete it and then re-download it fresh.. because it’s just resuming the old one and it will keep messing up – so start the download again but first restart your PS3, if that does not work you will have to delete the game data and re-download the patch… but first just try the restart.

  • EVILTAYLOR 06.05.12 at 15:58

    Have just bought premium and I just want to download my patch but it gets to around 21% and stops. This is the way you work I guess all mouth no trousers.
    I hear you can buy battlefield 4 now for £60, it’s just a blank disk but there’s a massive patch comming 2014. If I download this patch and then I can’t download the closequarters expansion too I’m gonna flip my lid.
    So when you’ve stopped patting yourselves on the back over at e3 can you sort your servers out seeing as a hell of alot of people have just paid 40 pounds for another dice,appointment.
    Wow I’m at 7% and it’s still going might even get past 21% this time. I just had a idea why not make it easier to get a refund.
    This is the first time I’ve been able to leave a comment so I just have to say this regarding your beta last year.
    PLAY IT YOURSELVES! What do you want us to tell you?
    24 of you playing it for half a hour should be able to tell you it was not working. Just a way to get it out quick because you thought you could beat cod (spits on ground) which you didn’t.
    I appreciate you’re at least trying to improve over the series unlike cod (spit) but I bet there premium service would download.
    So at the moment I’m sat here watching my download run while writing this and I just f,,,ing know it’s gonna crap out again and even if it does make it I just know it’s gonna have issues downloading cq maps and even if it downloads it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t work either.
    You should be more careful with this type of thing as I’m sure you’re getting a very bad reputation when it comes to finishing a product before you release it and patches that ruin the game like bc2.
    Don’t even get me started on you’re custom servers with extra health you can’t get rid off and a minimap in hardcore also how about realising that the fire mode indicator is not unrealistic in hardcore you can feel what fire mode you’re in with your thumb. And how is having less health not worthy of ranking would be even to both sides so why?
    20% downloaded of the patch so far but will it Finnish I wonder?

    • TreDaWhiteRapper 06.05.12 at 21:28

      Dont even worry about it.. it doesnt work.. you cant play a single new map, only thing you can do is work on the assignments on the CORE maps.. cant even play the B2K maps.. this is FUCKING PATHETIC

  • Crazyglues 06.05.12 at 12:52

    I just want that BF3 poster on the left in the picture above.. man… that’s Awesome -DICE should start selling those, that would be Awesome.

  • jasper1458 06.05.12 at 01:58

    I wonder what maps they will have in Aftermath.

    • TreDaWhiteRapper 06.05.12 at 21:29

      who cares? Im sure they wont work when they are released.. has DICE even acknowledged that this is happening? Having thousands if not millions of people pay $50 for PREMIUM and it doesnt even work!! REALLY?

  • JPappy 06.04.12 at 23:14

    Hey i have a question, for the Premium, is the 50 dollar price just for today or that the set price for it? Answer Please.

  • stuka296 06.04.12 at 21:55

    de we really care about ARMORED KILL now? while CQ isnt out yet nor premium. WE GOT TROLLED

  • Mighal79 06.04.12 at 21:36

    You are the fucking moron!!! They never anounced you gotta pay 50 euro’s for a next update! Now they through you amongst premium members in servers with the new maps and you got no new shit if you aint premium.

  • BLASEDARK 06.04.12 at 21:32

    Oh ok thank you

  • b7f0d9 06.04.12 at 21:13

    u wil all get close qaurters at the same time as everyone else tommorow

  • BLASEDARK 06.04.12 at 21:07

    So do i have to buy premium for close quartee maps?
    I thought it was optional…

  • drewwwdec23 06.04.12 at 20:44

    I’m fucking pissed bought premium downloaded close quarters says people are playing and disconnects me or freezes wtf!!!!! Fix this shit now I paid money!

  • b7f0d9 06.04.12 at 20:44

    thank you dice for ruining a great game with a dumb fucking feature such as premium

    • Mighal79 06.04.12 at 21:31

      I call it game raping, this is what @ssholes do!!!

  • SaorDhoire 06.04.12 at 20:39

    okay so just purchased premium! when will it let me download the map!?

  • Brink3 06.04.12 at 20:30

    Why cant I even play CAMPAIGN during this update!?!? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pevc 06.04.12 at 20:27

    Im f*king downloading the new Close Quarters DLC already, I’ve got Premium. Whahaha! xD

  • Crazyglues 06.04.12 at 20:23

    I just want that BF3 poster on the left in the picture above.. man… that’s Awesome -It’s like as tall as a person..

  • H0llyM0lly 06.04.12 at 20:08

    You don’t have to buy it you morons, it’s called DLC and it’s something what developers do to make THEIR game better. If you fell like they sold you half game earlier, then go and play your call of duty. This is serious company with a serious game and by saying that, the meaning is that they need serious money to make it. Do you want better games ? Are you expecting great Batllefield 4 ? So, shut the fck up and enjoy. Money is normal thing in today’s world and without them making awesome games as is Battlefield 3 is impossible but I see, that houndreds of people still have problems to understand it. Think before post something real stupid. Keep the good work DICE! You are doing great job! The future of FPS games is in your hands!

  • dutchguy2 06.04.12 at 19:40

    where can i buy ( pre order) Close quarters ?

  • SoHi80 06.04.12 at 19:37

    WOW dice and EA as if you didn’t make a killing on the rent a server update. now you want to charge for dlc that should be free. way to take care of the consumers that pay your damn salary ya bums!!!!

  • Ragnvald83 06.04.12 at 19:21

    is the Close quarters DLC for ps3 already in the Playstation store???

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 18:33

    Another way to to do the math -

    Limited Edition + Pre-order was $75

    Current BF 3 price + online pass + karkand = $75

    I see no difference – seems like you just sold us half a game like everyone else is doing.

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 18:18

    And what about the people who buy the first 2 DLC’s, then decide to become a premium member? They are going to have to pay full price and most people who DO NOT want to be a premium member but just want the map packs are going to end up doing this because magically there will never be any servers worth joining for non-premium members after Armored Kill is released because they will all be premium dominated, and you will never be able to even finish a round or enjoy the game-play because you will get booted to make room for a premium member.

    First EA game I owned was Madden NFL 98′, I have played every Battlefield game (religiously almost) since 1942 as well as the CnC series and I think this is absurd..oh yea it’s all corporate now, you don’t give a shit about your customers anymore, only how much money you can squeeze out of them now.

    • Nomis5678 06.04.12 at 19:08

      I agree that it isn’t really fair if your going to get randomly kicked out of a match, because your are going to join a match, kill a few guys, and then randomly you get booted to the menu like every other match you join.

    • Mighal79 06.04.12 at 21:49

      Totally agree with that!!!

    • Mighal79 06.04.12 at 21:51

      I totally agree with that too!!! This is just another way to milk out your clients….

  • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 17:38

    its selling like hot cakes maybe thats why? But its only a game ppl you either do or dont impo, if we get free add ons bonus and also (if it aint broke dont fix it ) :P

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 17:25

    Oh yea and why is it going to cost 20% more if you purchase each map-pack individually, yet you don’t get the added perks / content? Makes no sense and sounds like the same logic that’s fucking up the global economy.

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 17:18

    Limited Edition = Limited to half a game?

    Furthermore, why is it that mass effect, BF : BC 2 , Medal of Honor, etc and other prior BF 3 EA titles had all free map packs..until now??

  • UntamedTide 06.04.12 at 17:09

    Im online, BF3. And I cant even play the game because of this. It says could not find a server to join. Really? If you messed up this game, Ill take a refund :)

  • Kechelke 06.04.12 at 16:54

    Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting………..
    Waiting takes a long time…..

  • willieG_123 06.04.12 at 16:03


  • hogtails 06.04.12 at 16:02

    i spend more on hookers an wine.

    • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 16:05

      you drink wine and play battlefield 3 , its a mans game !

  • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 15:57

    haha ill see u on the battlefield dude,, but i know were hes coming from you spend £39.99 on the game buy premium for £39.99 thats £80.00 but i will be buying it plus dice or who ever stated somewhere that they will not be charging for content in the future.

  • willieG_123 06.04.12 at 15:46

    yous are all cheap skates get sum bollocks and spend sum money ..

  • sparky271o1 06.04.12 at 15:32

    got ya.. still think its all bs tho… should be free .. at least the maps packs .. dont need all the extra crap

    • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 15:39

      yeah me 2 but they gotta get paid some how lol

      • sparky271o1 06.04.12 at 15:44

        they want money.. come out with bf4 .. lmao

  • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 15:20

    I also have limited edition i think karkand and the warfare pack was the offer for us its £11.99 per DLC or go all out for the premium that gets you everything but sets you back £39.99 i think its worth the cahooner plus you save about £20 by going premium.

    • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 15:24

      sorry doh £10 pound by going premium , so ive read

  • sparky271o1 06.04.12 at 14:57

    so is everyone gunna have to pay for close quarters. what about the peep that have the limited edition version of the game……………………

  • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 14:55

    its not ready to buy yet , maybe after the release and conference ? anyone know were the E3 live show can be seen and what time in the uk,?

  • AztecCzar 06.04.12 at 14:47

    I just updated the game on my ps3 and now everytime I try to join a game it tells me it cant find a server to join. Also I cant buy the premium package. When I press triangle “to buy” it takes me to the previos page. Any help????

    • AggRoPump 06.04.12 at 15:04

      you have to wait till they update the servers at around 8 pm GMT!!

  • sparky271o1 06.04.12 at 14:43

    so is everyone gunna have to pay for close quarters. what about the peep that have the limited edition version of the game…………………….

  • silverserfer28 06.04.12 at 13:36

    This game plus all DLC when finalized,polished,Tweakt will be the best first person shooter on the planet, It says 18 mins past 1 on the clock thats how far the game is but after evry DLC the big hand will be on 12

  • Crazyglues 06.04.12 at 13:31

    OMG!! I Want that BF3 poster on the left of this picture, Please!!! were can I get one of those.. that’s Awesome… I would put that on my bedroom door.. Please !!! Dice tell me how I can get one of those… Mann.. that’s Awesome.

  • SaorDhoire 06.04.12 at 13:29

    just read on twitter, once u download the update you wont be able to play until server maintenance in done, for me in the UK that wont be until 8PM tonight, GR. Rage

    • TragicGnome 06.04.12 at 13:43

      Wish I’d of seen this post earlier :/. At least it should be smooth sailing once Close Quarters is released/bought. Seems to have the game modes and maps in the server browser!

  • MAKAFCUKN1 06.04.12 at 13:18

    y no update frm DICE?????EA???????????????????

  • gazzbran1956 06.04.12 at 13:16

    Soz bad moods sorry dice dudes

  • MAKAFCUKN1 06.04.12 at 13:16

    when will this shit b over hahahaha

  • gazzbran1956 06.04.12 at 13:00

    God i was relly looking forward to no mass glitch and now dice fuked it

  • gazzbran1956 06.04.12 at 12:58

    Cant play it says you do not have the right version update to latest

  • SaiyanValor 06.04.12 at 12:19

    Why was the map packs on bad company free, but on bf3 its like cod now, charge for everything ?

  • big g 565 06.04.12 at 12:10

    what is version

  • SaorDhoire 06.04.12 at 11:54

    So i’ve done the update for ps3 and getting this message : your game version does not match server browser version.

  • big g 565 06.04.12 at 11:49

    why cant i play battlefield 3 ive up dated

  • xhallow 06.04.12 at 10:58

    The only thing I want to find out for the premium if everything the weapons and the vehicles will be different from the the other dlc were getting like armored kill plus I’ve got to say I find unfair if that if I’m going to get the premium and I already got Back to Karkand for free why should I still pay for it again for the premium.

  • ThundrH4wk_ 06.04.12 at 10:40

    “We don’t ever want to charge for our maps and insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together,” DICE senior producer Patrick Bach told Xbox World 360 magazine.

  • ThundrH4wk_ 06.04.12 at 10:36

    Oh wow that’s awesome.
    Hey DICE,


    Because we do.

  • TheMultiBf 06.04.12 at 09:38

    Where can I get premium?

  • BFK Airborn 06.04.12 at 08:29

    Armord kill needs coop jets and a V-22 Ospray

  • gnungo 06.04.12 at 07:44

    Add 3D spoting instead of mini map in HC

  • DarkFlame588 06.04.12 at 06:39

    Shit man das tomorrow dis gonn be tight. Cant wait yo.

  • schnags 06.04.12 at 06:09

    what is bf3 premium? and why didnt armored kill get released before close quarters? any true bf fan likes big maps and vehicle team play. im very interested in what cc is goning to be like.

  • RuthlessFuture2 06.04.12 at 06:03

    Will BF3 premium be able to be bought on Xbox Live Marketplace or will it have to be bought at the BF3 store or what?

  • GeneralMoses 06.04.12 at 03:00


  • GeneralMoses 06.04.12 at 03:00

    Armored Kill is going to be awesome if they add 3 0r 4 jets instead of 2. their should be 2 attack or scout choppers also. if possible.

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 01:44

    Oh yea and those of you who don’t even look at your map on HC, I bet you would do 3x better in a match if you did keep glancing at it every few seconds. :)

    • schnags 06.04.12 at 06:10

      in bad company hardcore there is no mini map no hud no nothing and you only had 40% health thats realistic 2 shots and you dead . not 6

      • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 07:14

        It does not take more than 2 well placed shots in this either, and if you are hitting center mass and its taking you more than 3 shots (no matter what weapon, even a silenced pistol) then you are experiencing lag and it’s your shots not registering correctly, in which case you need to change servers. :)

  • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 01:42

    The minimap is fine for HC, and “realistically” if you spotted someone in combat you might not have direct line of sight (I.E. The red triangles that show up on your screen) , HOWEVER I am sure someone (or you) would have a map or at least a general idea of the AO layout, so “realistically” a spot could be communicated to some degree (just like in the game). Only a complete nincompoop would not heed an audible spot, and “realistically” if that person had exact coordinates on the target then just because you don’t see it (I.E, the red triangles on your screen), does not mean it can’t be marked on a map with the spotter constantly updating you on what the targets actions are.

    The minimap is fine on HC and “realistic” as well, Hardcore does not mean blind to all enemy actions it means the most “realistic” gameplay possible, some of you need to study actual combat tactics and scenario’s before playing this game and you will see that the Battlefield team (once again) has done the best job POSSIBLE with “realism” in this GAME….I don’t like being put on the same team as nincompoops.

    • drumscarinbr 06.04.12 at 02:16

      I totally disagree with you man. Before I explain why, please read my original post on page 1 of this blog and understand my main point of the post.

      My main point is that it should be removed from hardcore, because that’s the very essence of HC and because players should have the option to play with and w/o. Which is better, one choice, or two? This is not a difficult concept to understand. Again, another point of my post stresses the fact that DICE needs to allow ‘it’ to be removed (along with all other HC settings) in custom servers…..AND KEEP THE GAME RANKED. This makes no sense why they would not have allowed this, and I truly believe that it was just an oversight. If you like custom games with HC settings with the minimap, then I’m sure there are those players like yourself out there that will set up those parameters as well.

      Now, as to why I disagree with your explanation as to why the MM is ‘realistic’, people play the game with friends, either on the phone, or in conjunction with VOIP. Even if none of your friends are online, you can still choose to hear team VIOP. In reality, squads have the same basic audio communications via radio. They DO NOT carry a PDA that shows the exact locale of each individual enemy, my friend.

      There are so many other ways to get a bead on the enemy w/o the MM. For example, if there is a squad mate/friendly in my area and I suddenly hear gunfire exchanged and then see that friendly die, I know that enemy is still nearby and I know their GENERAL (that word is important) location. You also have tracer rounds in the game (which I also think should be removed/toned down in HC) to help you locate the enemy.

      If you play the game as it should be played (IMO), others, along with you yourself are constantly giving intel over VIOP/phone. Things like, “enemy tank enroute from Alpha to Bravo”, for example. Or, “enemy sniper on top of the Delta warehouse”. This communication is one of the main aspects that makes it so enjoyable, the teamwork, the comradery. I’m not saying that it’s not there with the MM, just more so and more reliant upon it w/o it.

      Give the HC players the choice! Then everyone would be happy.

    • schnags 06.04.12 at 06:11


  • GoldGamer501 06.04.12 at 00:24

    i have a suggestion i play on PS3 and i love the DICE servers so i fell like if you go to server browser that is were you get into rented servers but if you just do quick match you should not join a rented server and you should always join an original DICE server

  • GoldGamer501 06.04.12 at 00:22

    LOLZ creaming my shorts

  • NyxSyN 06.04.12 at 00:18

    omfg i am creaming my shorts i cant wait to see armored kill gameplay its most likely a heavy metal from bc2/ dragon valley from bf2 hybrid

  • DarkCobra55 06.03.12 at 21:24

    PLEASE make EA servers visible for when we search for servers. I’m tired of getting kicked out for no reason. I hate it when i start a game and can’t finish it because some pr!ck feels like booting me for no reason

  • Get_EM_WOLF27 06.03.12 at 20:40

    so is it released the 4th cuz i though psn content comes out on Tuesdays

  • onebullettkill 06.03.12 at 19:59

    on the 4th and 5th

  • LividLeon 06.03.12 at 16:28

    When CQ is being released on consoles.

  • atkinshaw 06.03.12 at 16:08

    well said dr lightfoot BD

  • Dr LightFoot BD 06.03.12 at 15:29

    Can you please make it clear to everyone they are on a custom server bright red writing should suffice :) a lot of these servers have moron admins on them if you knife or kill them they simply boot you off the server.I was on the so called called british army server on xbox 360 yesterday i knifed and admin 3 times and got booted.I and many others would like to see dice/ea servers more clearly defined thank you.

    • NYY45 06.03.12 at 18:19

      I know what you mean, I was playing Seine Crossing Conquest, and I went around the back to go to back alley what ever and then I die randomly, saw no bullets, wait to see what killed me and it said killed by admin. I don’t know itf it was because i was out of bounds to reach the objective, but it’s not the admins call to kill me.

  • XbugattiX 06.03.12 at 11:31

    I just wanna know if Armored Kill is going to have a mode similar to Titan mode in 2142

  • Bacardi585 06.03.12 at 11:06

    Fix the issue that claymores disappear when you are shot … even if you are revived … should stay like the tank mines or at least 1 min or spawn back in…and have a counter of when your revive time is up.

  • Diego Salas1 06.03.12 at 02:16

    Why cant motion sensors sense mines it is ghay in tehran highway when they trap u w/ mines on the roads

    • DEaN0886 06.03.12 at 03:54

      Because motion sensors detect MOTION. Last time I checked mines dont move….. Equip your tank or LAV with thermal vision and u can easily see the mines and C4.

    • GoldGamer501 06.04.12 at 00:26

      because mines dont move you fool. i would call you a muppet but im not british

  • Diego Salas1 06.03.12 at 02:14

    if bf3 brings dinosour mode i will have a nerdgasm

  • silverserfer28 06.03.12 at 00:21

    DLC looks mint! ill be shootin the walls instead of enemys on close qwarters for sure! plus how is this gonna be sold? in the store, or the gamer shops ? Anyways hope it doesnt turn in to a USAS 12 Mass killing ground ffs , plus the picture of the dev team above im sure the guy on the far left sitting on the sofa arm is the engineer character from the game lol ?

  • GEN3RAL SHAW 06.02.12 at 23:35

    What time are U guys releasing the DLC new maps And how many microsoft points do i got to have so am ready for DL when its Dropped i can DL it ASAP just watched the trailer finally was dope

  • hector2670 06.02.12 at 23:05

    when this dlc coming out

  • Znidy_SEAL 06.02.12 at 21:41

    I keep wondering what is going on with the Premium service? Are you gonna launch it on June 4th, because I have my money ready to be taken :D

  • Callous 0ne 06.02.12 at 19:06

    I play HC only because it takes a full clip to kill someone on regular plus the way enemies light up makes it too easy. I say LEAVE THE MINIMAP. If anything it should be improved. If a tank or IFV is anywhere close to you it should show on the minimap even if it is not shooting. It makes it more realistic. If you were hiding behind a container I think you would know if there was a tank on the other side shooting or not. Same with gunfire. If someone was shooting nearby in reality you would know exactly where it was coming from. The minimap makes up for the spacial awareness that cannot be achieved by current game systems. Maybe sorround sound can do this but not everyone is going to have that.

    • R_A_V_E_N 06.02.12 at 19:56

      I disagree with most of your post, let me explain. For your average assault, 4 bullets up close and 6 at range, assuming you are aiming for center mass, you might want to adjust your sensitivity or your firing option because 30 or so bullets should equal at least three solid kills. IMO, HC was way better in BC2 and it was what I feel HC should really be because it forced teamwork and call outs. I don’t play HC in BF3 because of the minimap. Having the mini-map auto detect vehicles would nullify teamwork, in real life there are no mini-maps and if you want a more realistic experience, play AA3. The mini-map combined with map knowledge should be your awareness.

    • drumscarinbr 06.02.12 at 20:17

      So let me get this straight. If I’m down in the subway on Metro for example, and you’re upstairs in the locker room @50m away, and you fire….in reality I’m gonna get a pinpoint indicator on your location…..AND WHICH WAY YOU’RE FACING????

      Sound waves are directional and bounce multiple times off of surfaces.

      Time to re-examine your logic on that one.

  • TH3CHIMAIRA 06.02.12 at 17:25

    the very last detail is what im most excited for. damn i hate it when i cant here the vehicles engines or the sound from the alert tones go out. fuck yes!! well done gentlemen, well done. now…if we could just do something about those whining admins that kick you for doing too good on their server. and one more thing. please fix the glitch on operation metro where people are able to get above the board by bravo on conquest mode. not sure if they can do that on all game modes, but i do know that sucks shit!! LOL!!! please and thank you.

  • jagin 06.02.12 at 16:50

    chernobyle should become a multiplayer map

  • und3rgr0und420 06.02.12 at 16:02

    I hope Close Quarters is badass, it’s going to be faster paced gameplay…something the COD fanboys will enjoy..but I also like they are coming out with Armored Kill….BF3 gives you options which certain other games DO NOT DO. This kind of reminds me of a game called Joint Operations Combined Arms…one of the expansion packs for that game introduced LARGER maps for Tank Warfare…good times

    • bluebeaver218 06.02.12 at 18:42

      keep the COD boys away from this game let the adults have fun! nothing worse then kids sitting at the adult table. keep this game as little like COD please! otherwise Ghost recon here i come!

      • Akujuo 06.02.12 at 21:24

        Lol I agree players of COD doesn’t have skill when they play This adult game…BF3 is way better 100%.

  • Dr LightFoot BD 06.02.12 at 15:45

    How about a report 12 year old crying baby button please!!! so many lil kiddies playing let’s get rid of them!!!

  • ProF4nn9Hunter 06.02.12 at 13:50

    Dice do not listen to the retards.Dont remove the mini map in hc it dose nothing apart from showing us where the people are hiding in there gliches.People cant take that you wont let them cheat without it being a non ranked game.I prefer leaderboards where people have worked for there place not just made there own server to rape the game and ruin it for the majority!

    • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:22

      your an idiot and a noob if u can communicate with ur squad/team you dont need a mimimap with orange triangle you have a compass and thats all u need teamwork and communication and hc should be at 40% health like bad company 2 so the max shots it takes to kill a player is probably 4 not 6-8

  • Gunner_1st 06.02.12 at 10:38

    I think EA is making a huge marketing error, BF3 has dropped way off on all platforms, most of the players would rather see new maps supporting vehicles, rather than Close Quarters with NO vehicles, therefore Armored Killed should be the next DLC.
    EA quit trying to compete/clone MW with our Battlefield, save that for your next release of Bad Company.

    • Soup2012 06.04.12 at 01:34

      Actually its MW trying to clone BF, since 1942 came out before CoD 1.

      Furthermore, there is no other competition to them OTHER than MW 3, and this is just another way they are responding to that with Close Quarters being the beginning.

    • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:23

      hahaha awsome

  • Soup2012 06.02.12 at 08:37

    Battlefield 3 is the most “realistic” FPS that has ever been produced to date. No other FPS has destruction 3.0 , nor the “proper” weapons system that battlefield does. The reason for the quotes is because in the end it is STILL A GAME, so not everything is going to be exact but the days of classic FPS games and being able to stick with the same cover strategy whilst relying on aim assist 100% are OVER. It takes REAL skill and REAL teamwork to play BF 3, and if you have made it this far without either of those then you’ve been playing CoD fan-boys, not players who started playing FPS games when Doom was on Windows NT and can easily distinguish the differences required to play Battlefield as opposed to rest.

  • DAROCK2300 06.02.12 at 07:57

    I paid $60bucks for a bug free Battlefield so when am I gonna get a “playable” game?

  • MO_Minuteman 06.02.12 at 04:47

    Are yo going to allow hackers too. Which platform is everyone on. Gosh

  • NYY45 06.02.12 at 00:38

    I just want to see the E3, never seen one, just so i can see armored kill and hopefully the CQ release date.

  • RedruM_1792 06.02.12 at 00:09

    Dont listen to the COD noobs the mini map is a grate help for some players ur gadgets are legit no extras are needed, If u dont like the mini map on HC RENT A SERVER and suppport the guys who made such a grate game!!! you can then tweek ur own rules and have no mini map… that being said I have some input on the rented servers it seems that some rented servers dont fill up me and my firends play for hours on their server and NO one joins we alternate every month who gets a server it just dosent seem fair that we cant get a good room going 4 on 4 gets kinda old and can be dragged out plus we dont want to play agienst eachother we want to play as a team but we cant do that because we dont ever get a full room… IDK if its just our server or our location SW US or what but we support you by renting servers and buy ur DLC’s it would just be nice to get a full server.. so maybe try and work on the advertiseing of rented servers like add a more specific serch setting or just when u got to quick game send the players to the lower un filled server.. thats my 2 cents.. Other then that GRATE WORK LOVE YOUR GAME maybe just a little less tweeking of guns because when the game 1st came out they all shot diffrently..

    • drumscarinbr 06.02.12 at 00:36

      You are incorrect on a couple of your responses, my friend. First off, you mentioned ‘COD noobs’ and their request to exclude the minimap, as well as the fact that it is a ‘great help for some players’. I have never played COD (for more than 5 min.) and never will, but I can GUARANTEE you that 99.5% of the COD players play with the minimap. You made my point for me in stating it’s a great help too, THAT’S PRECISELY THE REASON THAT I PREFER A MODE WITHOUT IT. What’s more ‘noob friendly’, a mode with help (minimap)…..or without that help…..EXACTLY.

      You also mentioned the fact that you can remove the minimap on a custom server. This is true, but again, if you do so, you can’t lower the health to at least the hardcore equivilent (60%) AND KEEP THE GAME RANKED. Please read my original post on page 1 of this blog.

      • ProF4nn9Hunter 06.02.12 at 13:44

        You are literally the cancer of battlefield.If you are playing HC and looking at the mini map you are a noob.I keep think why would people(you and about 5 people in the world)be that against the mini map then it hit me.you want the mini map removed because you camp it out.Its makes perfect sense your poor at battlefield so you want a way to cheat the game.This is what your asking for no mini map even less player damage but still ranked and removed the location names so you want to sit in a corner of a glitch and no one to see.You are exactly what this game dosent need a player that is so terrible at the game they come on here to vocalise making camping easier.I say again you are the cancer of battlefield!

        • drumscarinbr 06.02.12 at 20:05

          Your IQ is most likely the same number as your age…..did I mention that on the official IQ scale that anything below 40 is considered “seriously intellectually disabled”?……mm hmm.

          Yeah, that’s why I want the minimap removed, so I can cheat and camp in a glitch…..you mental giant. I’ve never cheated or even used an exploit that gave me an unfair advantage, in any game……EVER, so go F yourself for accusing me of being a cheater.

          As to the camping accusation, I play smart, I move in segments, never staying in one spot for too long. In reality, you wouldn’t be running around out in the open and right up to enemies, Rambo style. That type of constant run and gun gameplay ruins this game and should only exist in COD. That’s why you see retards going like 40-37, as opposed to going 20-10. Have you ever heard of strategy, or would you rather just run around continuously, getting a kill, dying, getting another kill, dying…..over and over, as many times as possible within the duration of the round? There’s such a thing as capturing a flag for example, maybe your last held flag, or a crucial/central one, and then trying to defend it, or clearing a room/corner for your squad to advance closer to the objective.

          The minimap removes the stealth element from the game. You light up when you fire, when you even cross another player’s center of screen (IF they’re ADS or not) and when you’re spotted by infantry or MAV. The C4 and mines show, you show when you’re in a building and up to 30m away from a tank, on their prox scan. It’s no good.

          BTW…..ever played Bad Company 2′s hardcore? Or any Project Reality game? Is there a minimap?…….EXACTLY. Why do you think it’s called Project REALITY? Higher damage, lower player health/resilience, consequence in dying and little to no visual aids! Again, I’m not saying all modes should be this way, we should just have that option to create/play RANKED servers that are.

          If you read my original post, you’ll see that I wanted higher bullet damage and lower player health, again to mimic reality. If you get shot with 2 rounds in real life, you’d be toast. I also increased player spawn times to create more of a consequence in dying. Both of these things together should make a player a bit more cautious (but not to the point of camping).

          We could go back and forth forever, an excercise that I won’t partake in. The bottom line is that players should HAVE THE OPTION TO PLAY WITH THE MINIMAP AND WITHOUT IT (RANKED). If you have a problem with it, then play regular (core). I never said that it should be removed from the game…period. Even if you like and prefer everything about hardcore and still want the minimap, you’ll be able to play custom servers that are set up that way, as I’m sure that there are others like yourself that want/need their hand held and like chasing red triangles around instead of using your eyes and ears to actually see and hear your enemies. So why not offer all options? That was the point of my post.

          Have a fantabulous day, good sir.

          • ProF4nn9Hunter 06.03.12 at 03:23

            Two of the most epic fails you do realise you copy and paste your name into battlelog and see you do niether of what you sujested.Your stats speak for themselfs and it would be a massive error to listen to anything that you say on how to play a fps of any kind.Second most epic fail is if my iq is so poor that would mean you are worst at battlefield than a “seriously intellectually disabled” person. THIS IS BATTLEFIELD 3 NOT A BAD COMPANY SEQUEL NOT A RAINBOW SIX SEQUEL……BATTLEFIELD

          • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:31

            yo drum i totally agree bro with everything you said i would love to bf with you!

    • R3FRESH 06.02.12 at 07:46

      Yeah, thats right man ,) .
      BF3 leads the field, 4ever!
      CoD, MoH & all other Shooters suck so much!

    • bluebeaver218 06.02.12 at 18:48

      i agree i also rent a server it is impossible to fill at times. they really need to work on this we may not rent another server, and just play other rented ones since so many seem to be empty already. can you put a button like for ranked and non raked but rented and non rented i’d like to help other renters too lets band together

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.01.12 at 22:58

    Great to see that you guys are working on making this game better. :0) But one thing i would wish for, is some more info when you got it.
    It dossent have to be a whole essay, just two lines that says that you are aware of this and that, and that you are working on it. :0)

    This would go a loooong way to make me happy as a player, since i then know that you are working on a given problem.

    So more info is needed….! An lastly…looking forward to playing when the patch goes online. :0)

  • Leatherdizzy 06.01.12 at 22:39

    Fix vehicle gravity when exiting the vehicle. Floating aircraft that have no propulsion is just ridiculous, rattling like tin cans to the ground for enemies to fix. Can we use frostbite 2 to implement proper crash and burn ejection consequence?

  • Benjaminsen3 06.01.12 at 21:57

    I see people adressing that the minimap should be taken away from HC game mode. My suggestion is that you can display a map on a PDA-kind of device that has a number binding, type M. So this is a map that you can see your squadmembers and spotted enemies for a while, in both gamemodes. This will be more authentic and make it more unsecure to bring up the map. It is way to easy to se enemies today, and you are almost ghosting. So make the minimap go away and make it a gadget insted. That is my opinion:D A PDA-map-kindofthing with ingame VOIP would be a beast!

    Another cool device to have had to be a zippline so you can rappell down from rooftops and bridges. This will be more realistic then the parachute, because this will not open on a ten meters drop, or not get you safe down.

    DICE and EA should give something back to the gaming community so a poll of some suggestions may be a democratic way to get some cool gadgets into a already great and highpotensial game.

    See you on the battlefield!

    • xG PiZZa 06.01.12 at 22:16

      take away mini maps all HUD for HC players would be better, and for the rappelling and zip lines and gadgets for mini map, if u want all that play COD

  • sidd84 06.01.12 at 21:30

    I agree… no mini map in hardcore. And lower player health.

    • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:16


  • rogersmithbigo 06.01.12 at 21:09

    Ingame VOIP

  • Mrbishi 06.01.12 at 20:16

    I sooooo agree and have done for ages that HC does not welcome minimaps and such spots for claymores or tank mines, please get rid of these its got to be a simple fix available for the next patch you guys put out

  • eROkKs 06.01.12 at 19:12

    Armored kill!! YAY! :D GO DICE!

  • AMA2 06.01.12 at 19:10

    So what?

  • drumscarinbr 06.01.12 at 18:57

    DICE, Please respond to this suggestion.

    I have been posting this since launch, on a semi-regular basis in attempts to get you guys to at least acknowledge it.

    Please remove the minimap from HARDCORE MODE.

    One of (if not the most) crucial element that makes a game mode ‘hardcore’ is the ABSENCE of the minimap. Please remove it from that mode.

    Perhaps a poll would be a good idea, right here in the Battlelog. You could ask whether or not HARDCORE MODE PLAYERS ONLY would want to play that mode without the minimap. Again, it’s important that this be intended for HC players only. If you cannot/will not remove it from HC, then at least allow it to be removed from custom servers…..while keeping the match ranked….in addition to all other standard HC settings.

    Why not give the player the option to play both very different styles of game play?

    As I eluded to above, please allow more flexibility in custom server settings while keeping the matches RANKED. IMO, you should be able to edit ANY parameter with the only restiction being player health possibly. Maybe the lowest allowable level would be 30%, as I can understand your boosting concerns of people setting health at 1% and getting a bazillion kills/points. The bottom line is that players should be able to create and play a more harsh/realistic style of game play and get people to play those servers, but right now, most people won’t because the games are unranked.

    Other wishlist items:

    Please use the conquest flag capturing indicator that is in BFBC2. Do not bring up the large circular ‘C’ meter right in the middle of the screen just above the gun’s sights, as it just obscures the player’s view even more. Just stick with BFBC2′s audible ‘ticking’ meter at the bottom left hand side of the screen.

    Please remove the names of the conquest capture points/flags (warehouse, docks, etc.) and just stick with A,B,C,etc. these names just obscure the players view, specially in longer/narrower maps. The names do very little for the player, as I’ve never had an issue in communicating with my squad that “I’m capturing Alpha”, for example. If you want/need to include the names, just leave them on the full-size map while in the spawn/pause screen.

    Thanx for your time today.

    • zionzlion366 06.01.12 at 19:16

      i agree dude mini map has no place in hardcore like bad company 2

    • DirtbagOi 06.01.12 at 19:17

      Really up with you, in BFBC2 i used to play HC Mode only, nothing else. I was looking forward for BF3 to do the same, but the is just not the same. I’m kinda disappointed, it’s not what I expected..

      Another thing that I REALLY miss from BF2 is, that I had to opportunity to klick on the bases to choose where I want to join. Now I allways have to klick one on the list, then look to the map if its the right one, and if else go on with the same procedure again.. You might think that it’s not that hard to learn how the bases are named, or which flag has which letter, but I’m sorry, I’m not really interested to know these by heart. I just want to look on the map where the fight is on, klick there and hopp in. Same thing with my squad mates, sometimes it’s not quite clear which one I’ve chosen now and then I spawn anywhere.

      I’m really looking forward to see these things changed!

    • Vertigo345 06.01.12 at 19:35

      I agreed, no minimap in HC

    • BLINDKITTY185 06.01.12 at 20:36

      I’m pretty sure you can do that yourself if you rent your own server.

      • drumscarinbr 06.01.12 at 21:54

        You can, but if you remove the minimap the player health is fixed at 100% and not hardcore’s 60%. If you try to lower it to anything below 100%……the game becomes unranked. I myself don’t care if the game’s ranked or not, it’s just that 99% of the players out there care and therefore, they won’t play your server.

        Please read my OP carefully.

    • schnags 06.11.12 at 02:19


  • hvymtal 06.01.12 at 18:45


  • Dragonlear 06.01.12 at 18:35

    make the third CQB trailer XDDD and show me some AUG powaaaa hrhr <3 can't wait 4 it!

  • Vozone 06.01.12 at 18:29

    Omg you didn’t say “first!”

    Looking forward to more footage and to the PS3 release date for Close Quarters!

  • DuKa milenko 06.01.12 at 18:21

    And the countdown begins ………………………..