Double XP weekend for all Battlefield 3 players

Join our Double XP event this weekend! Click image for full size.

Here’s a great chance to rank up faster and have great fun while doing it. This weekend, we are running a new double XP event for everyone! On June 16-17, your sum total for every round will be effectively doubled, visible at the End of Round screen. This applies to any map and any mode, as long as you play on a ranked server.

You can see the full details of this event below. Basically, play Saturday and Sunday to rank up faster! And if you’re a Battlefield 3 Premium member, you already have access to the Close Quarters expansion pack and get double XP on those maps as well.

What: Double XP event to celebrate the launch of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
When: 00:01 AM PDT June 16th – 11:59 PM PDT June 17th
Formats: All
Criteria: All players, both Premium and non-Premium members
Servers: Any ranked server
Game modes: Any
Maps: Any (including base game, Back to Karkand, and Close Quarters)
What: Double everything!

Wait! What time does the event start where I live?
Consult this handy chart!
Los Angeles: 00:01 June 16
London: 8:01 AM June 16
Stockholm: 9:01 AM June 16
Tokyo: 4:01 PM June 16

Not Premium yet? More info about Battlefield 3 Premium can be found here

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  • EpicxMIDNITExx 11.03.13 at 19:19

    For battlefield 4

  • EpicxMIDNITExx 11.03.13 at 19:18

    Here is the link for double xp:

  • meinhundmax 06.24.12 at 21:55

    hallo leute

  • haze_222 06.18.12 at 05:12

    Hello everyone, i don’t want to be wasting your time but i got a 3 month server on the ps3 and barley anyone plays on it so if you want add it to your favorite. and tell your friends to do the same thing as well because i don’t want to have my money wasted. it is called Epic Warfare and the only rule is no camping of any kind and the owners psn which is me is haze_222, so please join, favorite and have fun.

  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 04:32

    hey guys, im trying to get DICE to put either the M95 Sniper Rifle off of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or the barett Sniper Rifle into the new Battlefield 3 “Aftermath” or “End Game” DLC’s, i mean wouldnt you guys want to shoot a in the new Bandar Desert Map from the upcoming “Armored Kill” DLC? i know i definitely would. Also you guys still have a chance to make suggestions of any gun you guys want into the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC’s since DICE and EA are still thinking of what they should put into the upcoming “Aftermath” and “End Game” DLC’s, and also if that little rumor that Dinosaurs are gonna be in the new “Aftermath” DLC, wouldnt you want to shoot a Dinosaur in the face with a Barett lol. Please help me make this possible by copying and pasting this message on every Battlefield 3 Blog. Also if you have any weapon suggestions that you think should be put into the upcoming DLC’s message me at or by Playstation 3 Network, my PS3 name is Barraza97. PLEASE GUYS THIS MESSAGE CAN HELP PUT ANY GUN YOU WANT INTO THE UPCOMING DLC’S :D!!!

  • Dysfuctional-One 06.17.12 at 22:15

    Wow double xp weekend? Thats sounds great only if the servers were working fine. Here’s an idea, how about quadrupal xp weekend when the servers get fixed. Thats the least you can do for us since we cannot play this weekend.

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