Get double XP next week, all week

Next week all players get double XP in Battlefield 3. For all of our Premium members, we are making it an extended full week of double XP, while non-Premiums get Monday through half Wednesday.

The event starts Monday July 2. Head to this Battlelog News post for the full details, including a handy tool that will let you know exactly when on Monday this event starts in your location.

Have a great weekend, and hope to see you online!

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  • landranger1 11.02.13 at 18:17

    how do u log in for double xp

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 07.30.12 at 13:20

    oh yeah i missed out the word points, double points period

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 07.30.12 at 13:19

    Hi, i dont have much of a life so i play battlefield 3 EVERY day for atleast 6-7 to 10 hours, and i have played it every day this month, im also a premium member, but this month i haven’t had my double period? what happened? is this just me?

  • DR_MECOS 07.30.12 at 03:00


  • ElloOnFire 07.30.12 at 00:06

    while this happened i was in a boy scout camp getting bit by a brown recluse. Great…

  • shadyalafensh1 07.27.12 at 12:52

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  • smasht_AU 07.06.12 at 16:07

    While it’s good to see an update on the matches system, why is there no mention of spectator mode? That’s the most important competitive feature and nearly everything else could be achieved with rcon already.

    • fpresiado 07.07.12 at 02:15

      if we would have spectator mode allot of admins would cheat to see where the person is at. so its not a good idea and at the same time it is. if you had your own server and this guy kept kill you all the time but you couldn’t find him wouldn’t you use spectator mode? don’t like either its an obvious question.

      • DarkByke 07.07.12 at 12:58

        Competitive scene doesn’t cheat… only 10 year olds do.

  • HOLY__CROSS 07.02.12 at 12:03

    Hooorah! Hell ya double XP!

  • CrosseyedFX 07.02.12 at 06:25

    I second the “get rid of mini-map on HC”. Here’s an idea. Create a vote button like you did for the “whats your favorite Close Quarters map” and let the players vote on it. Drumscarinbr’s request below is legit. If a couple of us feel this way I garauntee there is at least 5000 more. Put it to vote and no HC mini-map will win by a landslide

  • Commander-WoIf 07.02.12 at 02:46

    are you fucking serious?! again?! I don’t WANT double xp gain, this completely destroys the purpose of the ranking system in bf! ugh

  • StefanzZzlol 07.01.12 at 23:03

    Finally… :)

  • standout5 06.30.12 at 04:16

    operation metro needs to have a hummer in the beginning and the boundaries for the defending side is to close to the attacking side. EA,Dice, or someone needs to change quick

  • Scheisskerl 06.30.12 at 01:26


  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.29.12 at 20:37

    Cool with a week of x2 XP. This is great news, for people that play legit and who do not boost..:0)

  • drumscarinbr 06.29.12 at 19:25

    DICE, Please respond to this suggestion.

    I have been posting this on a semi-regular basis sinch launch, in attempts to get you guys to at least acknowledge it.

    One of (if not the most) crucial element that makes a game mode ‘hardcore’ is the ABSENCE of the minimap.

    Please allow the minimap to be removed in custom servers while keeping ALL other HC settings (most importantly, hardcore’s 60% health) ….. WHILE KEEPING THE MATCH RANKED (that’s the important part).

    This is a big issue for hardcore players that like myself, who were let down by the inclusion of the minimap in hardcore to begin with. In my opinion, the minimap should be removed from the hardcore mode in general as well, but should you not do that, then again, allow the hardcore community to do so in 60% health/hardcore custom games.

    The custom servers need more flexibility overall, while keeping the matches RANKED. IMO, you should be able to edit ANY parameter with the only restriction being player health possibly. Maybe the lowest allowable level would be 30%, as I can understand your boosting concerns of people setting health at 1% and getting a billion kills/points. The bottom line is that players should be able to create and play a more harsh/realistic style of game play and get people to play those servers, but right now, most people won’t because the games are unranked. So if you rent and set up a server this way, there it will sit…..empty.

    Why not give the player the option to play both very different styles of RANKED game play, as you have always done in prior games (BFBC2)? This change would also be very simple to do on your end (DICE), as it’s not code intensive, it’s just a server-side setting for the most part. It’s not like I’m asking you to change some character animations or something complex like that.

    IMPORTANT: These changes WILL NOT IMPACT other core players and even hardcore players that do like to play with the minimap, since they will still be able to play custom games that have HC settings…. + the minimap. So whether you’re a core, ‘hardcore lite’, or a true hardcore player, you really can’t argure with this logic, in any way.

    Other wishlist items:

    Please use the conquest flag capturing indicator that is in BFBC2. Do not bring up the large circular ‘C’ meter right in the middle of the screen just above the gun’s sights, as it just obscures the player’s view even more. Just stick with BFBC2′s audible ‘ticking’ meter at the bottom left hand side of the screen.

    Please remove the names of the conquest capture points/flags (warehouse, docks, etc.) and just stick with A,B,C,etc. these names just obscure the players view, specially in longer/narrower maps. The names do very little for the player, as I’ve never had an issue in communicating with my squad that “I’m capturing Alpha”, for example. If you want/need to include the names, just leave them on the full-size map while in the spawn/pause screen.


    • PaulitoStoner 06.29.12 at 19:57

      I totally agree……!

    • standout5 06.30.12 at 04:17

      This is true

    • Guard_Ecossaise 07.01.12 at 17:15

      Good Luck,, E.A., origin never replies to any of its good paying customers. I had issues and finally reported them to the B.B.B. after not getting refund, then finally a tech was all about being helpful.

      I doubt if they even monitor the forums.

    • maldar 07.01.12 at 17:53

      Totally like this, if only they would listen to you.

  • AvIAyA87 06.29.12 at 17:37

    second / hell yeah !!!

  • h4cks0urc3 06.29.12 at 16:37


    Nice :)