Battlefield 3: Close Quarters out now on PlayStation 3

Starting today, you can purchase our second expansion pack Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters via PlayStation Store and the Battlefield 3 in-game store. It will release next week on June 26th for Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the launch trailer for Close Quarters below.

Close Quarters is one of five expansion packs included in the Battlefield 3™ Premium offer.

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  • Camojunkey 07.16.12 at 21:37

    Downloaded closed quarters twice and restarted my system (ps3). Is there something I’m failing to do that is keeping the new maps from loading?

  • Slapshot68 06.28.12 at 19:15

    Can we please have a developer explain the hit detection / lag compensation mechanics used in the game. How they are supposed to balance higher and lower pings in the same game. I am sure that balancing all of the connections on a server is difficult to do. I would very much like to hear the methods DICE used, how its supposed to work and why they chose that over other methods. Will there be any tweaks to that system or at least restrictions on servers you can join based on ping. I would love to be able to play with international friends but right now when doing so the lag makes for a very un-enjoyable game. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Jefffuca 06.28.12 at 17:58

    I kind of disagree the way of EA marketing promotion. We paid the money for the some DLC it will be released at 2013. I would prefer to buy it after seeing the feedback and review. EA ,please don’t too greedy. It’s not the way to run the business……

  • Kallemassaker 06.28.12 at 12:11

    fix it

  • marcux_andrex 06.27.12 at 13:26

    ta fixe

  • bunkem 06.26.12 at 14:22

    anyway i can get my money back for premium? its a joke not a expansion pack! if i had known it was almost a different game i wouldn’t of purchased it! all it needed was some new maps preferably with something to break and some ea servers with extra tickets, instead we get gaycodquest! then again its amazing dice didnt realise if you have 2 tanks on a map potentially half the team is gone! add 2 in a helicopter and some useless snipers = lame laser spotting fest on a empty map so i can see why dice have tried something new, just a shame its gayer than Christmas…please dont mess up armoured kill with faggy new game modes, or at least give us a option! bad company took skill to do well on the board, if your a clever spawn fag sniper on caspian border you can get over 30000 in a 75 ticket round with no deaths and no skill!.. talking of skill i dont see a skill level score!? spm is balls, throwing ammo, spotting, healing dosent take skill…. im off to play harvest day, with sound!

  • brunoq 06.25.12 at 22:18


    I’m player from Portugal, who really likes BF3 but i have to agree with the complains about the missing sound during de game. From my point of view it’s the most important problem that your team need to solve fast.

    Best Regards

  • EuroSkeptiC 06.25.12 at 17:46

    It’s official. There’s no support anymore. DICE has to release so many DLCs in so short time… Meanwhile, BF3 is the only game that can compete with Skyrim in which has the most bugs and glitches. Enjoy.

  • X P IL ii C i T 06.24.12 at 18:03

    DICE – My only complaint is the servers. Please make a change to the quick search lobby where you can add a preference of – DICE/EA servers, Private Servers or either.

    I’m sick of little scumbags kicking me for either killing them, or for using a gun they dislike.

    This is 100% no joke, but on xbox the otherday I joined a CQB lobby that had the following rules:

    No: Shotguns, C4, Claymores, RPG, SMAW, M26, M320, MP7, PDW-R, AEK, FAMAS, SKS, M417, MAGNUM or 93R. No laser sights or tact lights.

    I mean what the hell kinda server rules are these. To make it worse the host and his sqaud were using whatever they wanted. The moment anyone took out the same gun he booted them. Booted us all just as we were about to win too.

    • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.24.12 at 21:28

      Tottaly second this post, we need a filter and some official servers, so we can play and have fun with the game, not getting uber frustrated when kicked and banned by lame admins.

    • invictus_ZZ 06.27.12 at 18:30

      I agree 100%…getting kicked for no reason

  • EVILTAYLOR 06.23.12 at 16:47

    Don’t bother it’s a waste of time and money.
    If I could get a refund I would.
    You’re a bunch of useless arseholes who can’t even bring out a working game.
    It’s a mess you will never fix because it’s too much effort.
    Plus you nerfed everything to a point where head shots don’t kill ON HARDCORE
    Small drops kill you
    No sound half the time
    Tank upgrades missing
    Gay points for doing nothing usefull
    Shit graphics on consoles (if you can’t do more players and good graphics don’t bother)
    Power sliding tanks that wobble even on flat surface plus I live next to a challenger 2 gunnery school and I know they don’t have a sprint button.
    Still getting spawn faggotts in my base even after we all complained on bc
    No – points for team kills
    Anti tank weapons on the jets don’t even dissable tanks anymore or even destroy a jeep
    Getting stuck on milk crates or anything over 1 ft high
    Streets of rage style paper flying about or fog and smoke for no reason
    Sticky fire mode without being able to see what fire mode you’re in
    Constant crashing after death screen
    The constant attempts to make it more cod like, guess what there’s already a game like that it’s called cod
    You also lie constantly
    “enhanced destruction” bad company was better at least houses collapsed
    And after all this and more I have to see you on this site giving yourselvesmany pats on the back like it’s perfect ITS NOT EVEN WORKING WELL AFTER A YEAR
    I have a new slogan for you dice ” more lighting less fighting “

  • des-stevenator 06.23.12 at 02:40

    ok dice this is getting out of hand every server since the cq patch has had the really annoying sound glitch where half the sound disappears anyone else had this problem because its really wrecking my experince :( now fucking fix it please…

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.21.12 at 14:08

    Well, this is not the right place to post about this, but since i have posted about this issue SO many times on the BL and getting no response, then i feel that there is no other way, than to post it here to.

    Dear DICE, we really need some official servers, with the new maps..!
    As it is right, then you have tons of servers running`the original and BTK maps, witch is really great. But then when i want to play the CQ maps, then i always have to play on custom servers, where the rules often are completely whack. Plus you also get banned or kicked a lot, just for playing the game…even if you are obeying the custom server rules, like no shotguns. This can’t be right…!

    Just in the last two days i have been banned from two custom servers, all i did was kick there asses. Then “boom” and i get banned.!

    This completely ruins my gaming experience, since there is nothing worse, than to get banned/kicked in the last minute of the match, just because the admin is on the loosing side.

    So here from a avid BF gamer i really hope for some feedback and some official CQ servers..!

    Thanks in advance…..:0)

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