Massive Battlefield 3 update goes live June 4-5

We are very happy to present the contents of our next Battlefield 3 game update! This is a big one, rolling out June 4-5. Read on for the full details, including a solution to the M26 dart issue, reduced suppression, and the introduction of colorblind support on console.

The next Battlefield 3 update goes live June 4-5 on all formats. As usual, the period between the last update and this upcoming one has been spent listening to our community, tweaking parameters, balancing performance, and eliminating issues that we have found with your help. In short, the June update will make sure Battlefield 3 plays even better.

The full June update change list is featured below. Changes are valid across all platforms (PC, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360) unless stated otherwise. The schedule for this update is:
PC and Xbox 360 worldwide: June 4th
PlayStation 3 in Japan/Asia: June 5th
PlayStation 3 in all other regions: June 4th

How to download the June update on your platform
PC: As soon as you start your Origin client, the latest game update will automatically start downloading (unless you’ve disabled the option “Automatically keep my games up to date”, in which case it will start downloading when you try to run the game). In Battlelog, you will be notified from the Game Manager. Once you acknowledge the update, it will start downloading within the Origin client.

PlayStation 3: When you start the game, you will be prompted that there is an update available. To continue, you must accept the update, which will install automatically.

Xbox 360: You will be prompted there is an update available. If you accept it, it will download. If you do not accept it at this time, you can find it manually in the in-game store or on Xbox Live Marketplace, named Multiplayer Update 3. If you do not locate it manually this way, you will be prompted again the next time you start the game.

Before we dive into the full change list, we would like to focus on a few of the biggest additions in this update. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

M26 dart situation resolved
Some of you have noticed lately how a certain loadout has been overpowered. When the M26 Lightweight Shotgun System was mounted under an assault rifle with a heavy barrel, the M26 would accidentally fire assault rifle bullets instead of shotgun pellets. This is fixed in the June update.

Somewhat reduced suppression effect
Since the last update, there has been an interesting debate on the increased suppression effect we introduced. While a lot of players like the increased effect and the possibilities it introduced, some players felt suppression was becoming too powerful. Now, we are dialing the suppression effect back a notch. It will still be higher than it was prior to any of our patches. Let us know what you think of this tweak.

Adding symbol for custom server rules (console)

The "§" makes it easier to spot servers running custom rules.

We know a lot of you want to know whether a server you’re about to join is running extreme custom rules (such as setting the ticket count to max, leading to marathon games). By adding a “§” symbol in the console server browser, we make it quicker and easier for you to make an informed decision on where to join and where not to.

The “§” (see image above) signifies a server running custom rules. Note that this can still be either a Ranked or Unranked server, as some rule changes will turn a server Unranked, while some (such as ticket counts) do not affect the server’s Ranked status.

We are not enforcing this symbol. Instead, the “§” is a manual optional flag you can set if you are a server admin and want players to know you are running custom rules. We hope this will make it easier for server admins to get the right players flocking to their servers, while players will more easily find the type of gaming experience they prefer. Let us know what you think.

Colorblind support (console)

No more accidental team kills! Click for full size.

Earlier, we introduced colorblind support for PC players. We are now very happy to extend this to console players as well. After installing the June update, you will find an option to turn colorblind support on in the options menu. This will affect the colors of HUD symbols to more clearly differentiate teams. You can see above what this will look like.

Improved VTOL fighter jet (F35) performance
Based on community feedback, we have improved the performance of the F35 in Back to Karkand to better match that of the SU35, particularly when it comes to turning speed.

Vehicle related changes

> Tweaked the F35 handling to more closely resemble that of the SU35 (see above).
> Jet & helicopter ECM Jammer should now deflect missiles more reliably when it is active.
> Fixed an issue where vehicles wouldn’t spawn if their intended space was occupied by a deployable gadget. The vehicle will now spawn as intended and the gadget will be destroyed in the process.
> Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds.
> Reduced the direct damage from unguided Javelins to require better side hits for a 1 hit disable. This was previously too forgiving and easy to accomplish.
> Removed the direct damage from aircraft launched guided missiles. Players will need to have laser designated targets for full effectiveness.
> Adjusted the helicopter rockets to their original prepatch damage value against armored vehicles. This is a reduction; a revert of a knock on effect that was introduced accidentally.
> Fixed the US Tank Guided Shell doing the reverse damage values when guided and unguided.
> Adjusted the M224 mortar damage against vehicles. Some tweaks and adjustments in a previous update accidentally increased its effectiveness greater than intended.
> Increased the range on the AA guns so they can reach vehicles hovering at the maximum height in select maps.
> Replaced the VDV buggy on Gulf of Oman (Back to Karkand) with the DPV buggy for both teams at the City flag.
> Fixed a bug where some vehicle unlocks were still enabled after the player left the vehicle.

Soldier and gadget related changes
> Reduced the inaccuracy added when in suppression. There is still an enhanced suppression compared to the initial state in the game, but the effect is now less than it was in the last patch (see above).
> Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.
> Tweaked the deploy times on gadgets to be faster to deploy in high stress combat situations.
> Greatly improved the responsiveness when deploying a bipod when going prone and shortly after moving.  The bipod deploy should no longer abort if the player deploys the bipod immediately after stopping.
> Fixed bug where you couldn’t deploy the mortar anywhere on Grand Bazaar.
> When changing the accessories of a weapon in the Customize screen, the weapon previously selected in the Deploy screen will now automatically be selected when entering the Accessories screen.
> Increased the effectiveness of the Aim Assist at close range. Testing in Close Quarters proved our current assist to be inadequate in tight quarters. This is a global change, and will improve the effectiveness of Aim Assist for all modes and maps. Aim Assist over distance is still significantly less effective. This is console only, as Aim Assist is not present on PC. If you prefer, you can also turn it off on console.
> Players will now spawn on the Radio Beacon looking in the same direction the Beacon is facing. The Beacon always faces in the direction the player is facing when it is planted. Previously the Beacon’s direction had no impact on the player’s spawn direction.
> The Spawn Preview camera on the Spawn Beacon has been updated to better reflect the direction the player will be looking when he spawns.
> 40mm smoke now stays longer again.
> Tweaked some tracers on sniper rounds to have better visibility at range (the tracers are smaller).
> Tweaked the flashlight so it is less blinding at the edge of the screen.
> Fixed bug where you couldn’t pick up your deployed gadgets after being revived.

Weapons related changes
> Fixed a bug where Heavy Barrels and Underslung Shotguns could be over powered. (This is the so called M26 dart issue, see above)
> All semi-automatic sniper rifles now properly have shorter range when using a suppressor.
> The L96 now properly shoots where the iron sights are aimed. The position was previously offset.
> The SKS now has the proper damage values when using a suppressor. The damage was previously too low at close range.
> Slightly reduced the suppression effect of SKS rounds.
> Decreased the long range damage of the SKS to highlight its close to medium range role.
> Slightly decreased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the M4A1 to bring it in line with other guns.
> Slightly increased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the SCAR-H to bring it in line with other guns.
> Reduced some of the vertical recoil and zoomed accuracy penalties added to the FAMAS in the previous update.
> F2000 foregrip accuracy penalty reduced and recoil reduction bonus increased.
> AEK971 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> SG553 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> FAMAS foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> Fixed the M416’s M26 with Flechettes not having a name in the kill log.
> Fixed so all clip based LMGs have Extended Mags as an available unlock.
> All semi-automatic shotguns now fire at 220rpm. There was previously simply a small difference between them, whereas now they have different pellet counts instead of rates of fire.
> Improved the recoil and accuracy of the M26 to match the 870.
> Reduced the impact suppression has on shotguns. Shotguns are still affected by Suppression but it should no longer significantly impact their accuracy from the hip as it previously did.
> The 870’s pump speed has been increased slightly from 0.55 seconds to 0.48 seconds. The empty reload time for the 870 has also been reduced slightly.
> Improved the accuracy of aimed shotguns when on the move.
> The Saiga’s recoil has been reduced.
> The M1014 now fires 10 projectiles. The other semi auto shotguns have 9 pellets, and since the M1014 has a lower mag size and a slower reload it now fires 10 pellets to give it some edge.
> The USAS-12 now fires 7 projectiles.
> The MK3A1 now fires 8 projectiles.
> Fixed so the weapon’s fire mode is saved between spawns.

Miscellaneous changes
> Added colorblind option for consoles (see above).
> Added colorblind icon for squad leader (all formats).
> Added the option for console server admins to show a symbol in the server browser signifying custom rules are in effect (see above).
> Fixed an issue where footsteps couldn’t be heard behind you.
> Fixed so that the arming of an M-COM station will not be cancelled if you look at a dropped weapon.
> Fixed exploit where you could teleport to the AA gun on carriers by firing an EOD bot at its door.
> Fixed co-op ammo HUD not showing on first enter.
> Fixed so you get prompted if you really want to switch team when pressing the Switch team button.
> Fixed so that Assignments are being correctly sorted on the My Soldier\Assignments screen.
> Fixed issue with commorose not working on soldiers in vehicles (PC).
> Added blinking capture point icons in the 3D HUD, and added blinking neutral icons in objectives bar.
> Composed a more informative error message for when a console player attempts to rent a server in a location where there are currently no servers available.
> Fix for dog tag icons in the My Soldier/Assignments screen appearing slightly stretched.
> Fixed some tracers appearing behind the soldier or vehicle that fired them.
> Potential random audio crash fix.

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  • wityRos 11.22.13 at 20:53

    Please DICE, EA, all he chopper pilots need de low radar like in Battlefield 3, we are defenceless against jets, iglas, stinger etc.. with one flsres or ECM every 20 second, we need something to scape or defend ourselves.

    Sorry for mu poor english

  • Ghost Predetor 09.08.12 at 14:07

    In my personal opinion the colours/colors of the colour/color blind mode thing is just Darkened and that’s it. It will help me alot because Light colours/colors didn’t really help me.

    Also I personally think that everyone will start using the AEK, FAMAS, SG553 and maybe the F2000 more because of the reduced recoil it will give now when you attach the foregrip.

    Other then that it is a very good patch and thank you for the Colour blind/color blind addon.

  • yossi_20 08.18.12 at 13:54

    download ???

  • RickRoss863 08.15.12 at 17:07

    On the Xbox do you have to keep the all old updates.

  • Agentaltair0147 08.08.12 at 11:51

    if purchase the BF3 after the update date and then download the game from origin, do I still need to download the update or my game will be up to date ?

  • treeto2 08.07.12 at 07:31

    something is technically wrong <>

    how to fix ??

  • FastMarco812 08.01.12 at 23:25

    Wheres a Download Link for patchs ???

  • mobius3336 07.21.12 at 12:36

    id like to start by saying you guys are doing an epically aazing job with the game but i noticed that one fix that was supposed to be in the last patch hasnt really been fixed i experience the random audio crash every single game and while it does make it a bit harder and more challenging it is quit anoying but other than that keep up the good work and cant wait for battlefield 4 im sure it will be just as epic as 3 and one more thing when can we expect bad company 3 to hit the drawing table you guys left us on a cliff hanger at the end of 2 im anxious to continue that story

  • kalapalaXD 07.19.12 at 19:22

    Why you no fix the operation metro glitch on ps3? It’s on conquest near the ticket hall, players can get above the roof and stay there and shoot players from there the whole game.

    • mobius3336 07.21.12 at 12:30

      untill they fix the glitch my friend and i figured out that if you throw a grenade right into the grey line that runs horizontally between the part of the wall that goes from white to the grey tile corner edge thing from the top of the stairs you can kill the idiots that exploit that glitch if you cant figure it out feel free to friend me mobius3336 and i will be glad to show you how to get those idiots out of there

  • isthatabear 07.17.12 at 06:19

    Thank you for FINALLY adding color blind support! If I have anything to add, it would be the ability to custom adjust the friendly/enemy colors since not every color blind person is affected by the same colors.

    • britisch1970 07.28.12 at 20:20

      You used to be able to customize these colors in Battlefield 2. I’m not sure having those colors configurable in Battlefield 3, though; it would just revert back to the default colors every time the map changes, you know, the way your camo selections do now. Shrug.

  • ghostboy803 07.14.12 at 02:00

    They should have made heli and jet missiles more visible like pc console and it make it where it doesnt take freakin all 14 rockets to kill one person

  • jakes=ice= 07.13.12 at 10:48

    is there no way of downloading the update from the battlefield 3 website instead of thru origin,my pc is at home and im at work at the moment and the work internet is faster than my home adsl,it will take me forener to download at home?

  • UnchaindForever 07.09.12 at 18:18

    I was soooo sick to my stomach when they came out with this update. Granted, the tweaks I read about are good, but I’m freakin stuck on unemployment right now and can’t afford to buy a new harddrive to accomodate the update and I can’t get any matches without it. I love BF3, and this really sucks. Stuck with MW3 for now I guess.

  • DJ Iceburg 07.06.12 at 03:12

    Thank you thank you thank you DICE for the colorblind mode. It helps so much and saves so much ammo from shooting at friendly targets :)

  • Shadow2o9 07.05.12 at 21:23

    For some reason the achievment complete warrior is not working. I have done the requirements 5 to 6 times, 2x in the same life.

  • Destrokahn 07.04.12 at 00:18

    The laser guided missile from jets should do max damage when dropped directly on top of the target tank, whether the target is painted or not

  • ReL-aX 07.03.12 at 06:52

    Hi. make the As Val stronger plz. thanks

  • FavouriteNoob 07.02.12 at 05:02

    The USAS-12 is so underpowered it was even weaker before frag was nerfed. It needs to go back to the original

    • Destrokahn 07.04.12 at 00:25

      Uh no it shouldn’t, USAS with frags that powerful was ridiculous, if you have problems aiming go play COD since it doesn’t matter where you shoot your target in that game. USAS frags are cool and all but it encourages a pathetic play style and lets be honest, people would probably stop playing ground maps except for the USAS (U Suck At Shooting) kids.

      Also i think the laser guided missile from jets should do max damage when dropped directly on top of the target tank via a dive bomb, whether the target is painted or not. The top of the tank is one of the weakest points on the chassis and when the target is painted thats where they hit, even javelins, so if i cant drop a bomb (unassisted) on top of a tank and do less damage than doing so when its painted how does that make sense???

      • ZONETrigger 07.05.12 at 09:57

        In real life, you go against a USAS-12 You are done. Nothing beats it, why using it is stupid now I got no idea, I find the nerf ridiculous. USAS-12 and similar weapons need some love. These weapons are supposed to be Game changers in Close Encounters. As it stands… its stupid.

  • brunoq 07.01.12 at 00:32

    Hello, beside the problem with frequently missing sound on PS3 (during game), you should also work on the balance team system. There are frequently unbalance teams, mostly because of the players that quit and there is no skill balance. It’s very important a skill balance system to improve the game experience.

    best regards

  • Bazookateur 06.28.12 at 08:41

    Hello. Co-op mode doesn’t seem to work. I can’t play mission 3. It shows a load screen that takes forever. Just a heads up. Thanks.

  • OMGGamerz 06.28.12 at 06:51

    in the map siene crossing (xbox 360) on conquest I cannot seem to jump over certian rails at the RU deployment. Just a suggestion for the next patch

  • MrSquiggle45 06.26.12 at 03:00

    The audio in my game (playing on ps3) drops out all the time. I can here sound directly around me like my gun and footsteps. I can’t hear anything els like background sound and when people are shooting at me. Other then that this update was grate.

  • branzyme 06.21.12 at 07:11

    I don’t see it listed here, but the helicopters seem much easier to fly. If you dumbed them down even more, then that sucks, they were already super easy to fly. PC players didn’t need / ask for this adjustment.

  • Hombre_Alabama 06.20.12 at 18:38

    The audio in the game keeps crashing, sometime I just heard my footsteps and when I fire my rifle but Im not able to listen anything else.. Please fix that issue because it has been like that since launch date, at least for me.

  • cell989 06.19.12 at 00:11

    Why cant you no longer use Sharqui Peninsula or back to Karkland in COnquest mode? WTF? I loved those maps in Conquest!! no you can only do Rush?

  • billythemenace2 06.18.12 at 15:47

    good job dice on the audio crash its now 10x as bad

  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 04:58

    hey guys, im trying to get DICE to put either the M95 Sniper Rifle off of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or the barett Sniper Rifle into the new Battlefield 3 “Aftermath” or “End Game” DLC’s, i mean wouldnt you guys want to shoot a in the new Bandar Desert Map from the upcoming “Armored Kill” DLC? i know i definitely would. Also you guys still have a chance to make suggestions of any gun you guys want into the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC’s since DICE and EA are still thinking of what they should put into the upcoming “Aftermath” and “End Game” DLC’s, and also if that little rumor that Dinosaurs are gonna be in the new “Aftermath” DLC, wouldnt you want to shoot a Dinosaur in the face with a Barett lol. Please help me make this possible by copying and pasting this message on every Battlefield 3 Blog. Also if you have any weapon suggestions that you think should be put into the upcoming DLC’s message me at or by Playstation 3 Network, my PS3 name is Barraza97. PLEASE GUYS THIS MESSAGE CAN HELP PUT ANY GUN YOU WANT INTO THE UPCOMING DLC’S :D!!! I AM ALSO A PREMIUM MEMBER !

    • ManneredRay 06.18.12 at 19:24

      the barett 50. cal that you’re talking about is called the M107 which is already in the mission kavrov but i hope they add it in multiplayer

  • Ru66ers 06.16.12 at 13:08

    If anyone has had problems loading BattleLog (Battelfield 3) after loading the patch, try disabling the Origin In Game Option in Origin Settings. Have tested this on my Bro’s computer who hasn’t been able to load since Patch went live. I’m only updating tonight so will see if I am affected also. Hopefully this finds its way to the Origin team as it appears to be a fault introduced with this patch.

  • RICK R0lling 06.16.12 at 11:18

    I love the game but the RPG is pathetically week in CQ. Please consider to bump up the strength/shrapnel effect in next update so you can actually use it.

    • Zen113 06.19.12 at 02:28

      Yeah and it seems to have been nerfed when used against vehicles. They should also beef up the Jet’s Air to Ground missles damage versus tanks. like a 1 hit disable. Sometimes it strikes the vehicle and i dont even get black smoke from it.

  • ErwinLC69 06.15.12 at 21:47

    ummmm guys i have a horrible issue that in the second massive update you guys eliminated the effect of c4 that when you set it up and you die but you didnt detonate it….this c4 mistically disapears so this isnt realistic nor playable because sometimes you´ve got the enemy spawn camping you and you put in his tank c4 but somehow he sees you and kills you then you should be able to f…ing kill him Thats All THANKS BYE

  • princessbabe 06.15.12 at 20:43

    Tank smoke can be deployed as fast as you can fire a javelin. I tested it at a ridiculously close range. Even without missile travel time, it’s making jav/soflam teamwork nearly useless. The nerf to jet guided missiles means even if you can succesfully score a hit on a tank, you don’t even disable it. With the time it takes to reload and come back around for a second run (allowing full repair), they should still disable.

  • Desod4809 06.15.12 at 00:40

    I Need Help! DICE and EA this is for You! (or anyone who knows this problem!)
    My battlelog continuiously refuses to work, the links like MULTIPLAYER, JOIN GAME, CAMPAIN, etc. do not open up into options, or just do nothing at all! This has happened many times for me and it’s frustrating because I can’t play any games! I have the recent patch and it still happens! I don’t know how to fix it and I don’t know how long until it will work again! I can’t play Premium either. This is the only problem I have, DICE and EA I encourage you to fix it ASAP! Thanks for any help!

  • MooseCadet 06.14.12 at 03:50

    Are you sure you left to home screen and let it save before you turn off your xbox because if you don’t it will forget all the messages you got and resend them to you.

  • mariocu 06.13.12 at 00:18

    after this update, everytime i turn on my xbox and play battlefield these messages pop-up, every time;
    Existing player data appears to be damaged and cannot be used.

    then it tells me to select brightness

    Battlefield premium
    blabla bf3 premium info

    congradulations! you have successfully activated your online pass.

    congradulations! you have unlocked back to karkand expansion pack

    congradulations! you have unlocked a unize dogtag for multiplayer

    congradulations! you have unlocked the m1911 for multiplayer

    then every thing that i have customized is reset to default, including all loadouts and attachments etc.

    pleaze help this is so annoying

  • bEcbE 06.12.12 at 23:26

    Hello everyone, after downloading the last update which was about 2.5gb( i have not played for like 2/3 months) i can’t get my bf3 to run. after logging in on origin find a server and launch the game i wait for the game to join itself as soon as its ready but all i get is a black screen. i hear everything but have no image, only appears the image when my team wins or losses without that info (whether if i’ve won or lost).

    i also made updates on my 6950 and the problem remains. is there any fix to this or do i need to reinstall the game?

    i have a russian copy i bought online and after installing i need to run a patch for everything to be in english.

    Hope you can help me, thanks.

    PS: i5 760 4.0 ghz
    Ati 6950 2gb (920/5500)

    my computer is on O.C but i have no problem running other games and without Gpu OC the problem remains.

  • Chomper 06.12.12 at 01:35

    I’ve been an avid gamer my entire life. Battlefield has been my favorite fps game since I knew of its existence. I’ve always struggled with certain games because I am color blind. My struggles usually presented themselves when playing on hardcore servers and countlessly shooting my squad members in the face with my SAIGA. When I saw you added color blind support, I got a warm and fuzzy feeling. Just wanted to say Thank You!!

  • JurjenRolf 06.11.12 at 22:44

    Got already B2K because of pre-release BF3 in october 2011… 3 months of frustration, gameplay hang ups, login problems, connection issues, punkbuster kicks, useless updates etc etc… And now you want me to buy BF3 Premium….and pay for the 2nd time to get B2K…again?? EA/DICE…shame on you! Start with giving something for free to compensate us loyal gamers…or lose us 4 ever!

  • ayu_anvil 06.11.12 at 12:26

    even i’am having same issue…downloaded the update twice but got some error…any help..

  • Embarking_Tundra 06.11.12 at 05:00

    ive been having issues trying to download the 1.05 update. i have tried to download it about 3 tiems and every time i download it its gotten to about to 80% and then it failed and said there was an error ownloading the update. i cant tel if its a issue with my internet or the update. i cant tell but id like some help…

  • Embarking_Tundra 06.11.12 at 04:45

    im on PS3 and ive tried to download the newest update 1.05 like 3 times and every time its gotten to around 80% and the it said there was an error downloading the update

  • ECWSANDMAN13 06.09.12 at 22:02

    I love you guys at DICE. Keep ignoring the hate and keep embracing the constructive criticism! You guys are by far one of the best FPS developers out there and keep up the good work!

    Dont worry about the haters, ill handle them in a game of TDM.


    all haters vs me and my boys, bring it.

  • stephenlit11 06.09.12 at 19:26

    I’m highly disappointed with this new June patch there’s now ridiculous amounts of lag especially when your in a bend and are shooting right at their face especially with a shotgun from 5 feet away. I mean I like the new maps and guns, but they screwed the game again. I see no reason why pre patch i can run and not stop randomly and then 3 seconds later get shot 5 feet back, or why shotguns are almost completely useless in close quarters now if i run up on someone with the spas with buckshot and hit them from 5 feet they should be dead period end of story because im 100% sure i was aimed right at them and it misses. It’s frustrating to play this game now since the patch the only things they should’ve done was fix the m26 dart and make it so if you shoot a tank shot within 3 feet of a soldier they are dead not get hit markers they should be dead because their legs would be ripped off and shrapnel would catch them.

    -.- I’m sorry DICE but you have made a useless update and I’m disappointed with you.
    If we don’t get an update fixing most of these problems I would like my money for buying premium back.

    • ECWSANDMAN13 06.09.12 at 22:08

      well this all sounds like connection issues and not patch issues, i havent had a problem with the patch but ive ran into a few connection errors and bad servers. as for getting your money back, you might have better luck just not buying their next product, show your thoughts with your wallet.

      • stephenlit11 06.11.12 at 12:34

        trust me its not my connection it was the patch i played fine prior to the patch then after it its like hey ill miss just about half the time and why don’t i freeze up while your running or hell while your flying your helicopter completely normal ill ram it into the ground and leave you dead. i’m not trying to sound like a dick but everyone i mean everyone i play with has noticed it they have even seen a guy back in the wall on metro that they fixed a while back its clearly the patch

    • jaxman86 06.09.12 at 23:09

      You’re a moron if you purchased Close Quarters prior to testing the game out after the patch. If the patch was fine, THEN you reward EA/Dice with your dollars.. Buying more of their product first, then realizing they screwed more crap up with their patch just makes you look like an idiot.

    • AbrahamAntonisen 06.12.12 at 16:13

      what about not using those stupid shotguns? use a real gun.. that way you will accually learn to aim!!! (WOW)

      i like this new patch.. nerf the damn shotguns and remove the dart bug. good thing!!

      • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:14

        its a game if you let the person get close enough to kill you with the shotty then you diserve to die. if you kill them first then good on ya mate you killed a shotguner

  • DarkJedireaper 06.09.12 at 18:25

    I am in complete agreement with Free Agent onn this one, and I like having my weapons handling and stats change evvery now and then, it provides a new challenge and a new thing to adapt to. Quit moaning about updates (at least they do them)- right… activision?

  • Black OP 0511 06.09.12 at 16:44

    FREE AGENT go back to COD you d-bag. No one wants to hear your, “I’m okay with it why aren’t you crap”. If I want to use just one gun and one gun only that’s my prerogative. Mind your own business “dude”.

  • xTHE FREE AGENT 06.09.12 at 14:02

    It’s funny people complain about the massive updates when they wish Modern 3 would do the same kinda update and claim they would wait the same amount of time for it… But they wont for this game… Hmmm…

    If you don’t like the changes made to a gun, switch guns. Easy, aint it? Whats the issue with trying other weapons and besides, the FAMAS was insane before the b2k update. I don’t see why the continued nerfing of it however. It was fine as it was… However, there are shotguns, PDWs and more for you. This is the main reason I hate being a modern gamer. Forums like this are where whiners come to complain… I mean if ONE GUN and it getting nerfed to hell makes you quit playing this game, god rest your soul dude… Go play Modern Lagfare 3 and have a douche spawn up your ass 24/7…

  • Black OP 0511 06.09.12 at 08:24

    Just great DICE. Every time I settle in to a new gun you come along and completely F*** it up. Bought the game back in Jan. and began using the FAMAS religiously. I use one gun and one gun only. Then you completely alter everything about the FAMAS. It’s one thing to change the damage values and I would be fine with that. Ah, but you have to change the entire handling of the gun that I had hinged my entire BF3 career on. I move on though as though I had a choice. I decide to switch classes and employ the SKS. Well a couple months later low and behold DICE does it again. F*** you DICE. I’m so sick of this BS. Just set the guns to a permanent value and leave them the F*** alone. Seriously guys. Stop listening to all these whining d-bag noobs and changing the game every time someone rage quits. I’ll live with it this last time and move on to another gun, again. Last time though. Just leave the damn game alone, please. Please just leave it the F*** alone.

    • xTHE FREE AGENT 06.09.12 at 14:04

      Just use something else… How hard is it to do that? The m416 and so many other ARs were better anyway. Try the AN94 or AEK as well… There’s more good weapons besides the formerly OP Famas…

    • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:56

      you know there are different classes therefore different guns if you try different guns you might notice that it ca be fun to use different weapons every once and a while i mean i love me my M416 but ever once and a while i enjoy my M27 or even the 870 shotgun cmon man its fun to try new things it makes you an all around better gamer :D

  • patvr 06.09.12 at 00:40

    You have got to be kidding. Another 2GB update? 2GB in November to get the Karkland data, then another 1GB a few months ago…Not great for us that can’t get fast broadband and pay through the nose for data. It really makes you wonder about the application structure that changes like this require so much data to be replaced on the system. Why not look at being able to use a USB stick so we can download from an internet cafe and bring it home.

  • F4llenRecon 06.08.12 at 22:37

    I was wondering when are the new weapons coming out for the xbox???

  • p41n4ndm1s3ry 06.08.12 at 16:40

    I agree, also, head shots should be instant kills no matter what.
    And shotguns were annoying to begin with why in the hell would they be made better as opposed to a sniper?

    • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:16

      its close quarters……. shotguns are for close quarters encounters… just kill them before they get to you and you will be golden

  • CapNKirkland 06.08.12 at 09:12

    i still dont understand why Dice hasnt changed the color of friiendly grenades. thats like a 5 minute quick fix that doesnt need beta testing. (they dont beta test anything throughly anyway otherwise this game wouldnt be riddled with bugs, and then come up with more bugs after patching) i can not tell you how many times i run away from grenaades because i think it was thrown by an enemy. and when i THINK that grenade sitting in front of me is a friendly.. its not. really, something as simple as a color change to friendly grenades should have been implemented 2 patches ago.

    ^who can i talk to to get this idea directly to dice? since nobody but bf3 players checks thes posts

    bolt action sniper rifles SHOULD be a 1 hit kill at very close range. its unfare to to die so easily at close range because the guy you shot in the chest dominates you and walks away with above 50% health. im especially talking about the new bolt action JCB

    someone needs to explain to me WHY THE L85 AR AND L86 LMG guns have such horrible damage! they’re total bullet wasters and suicide in close or even direct combat against any other weapon. i try to make them my favorite guns (currently 40 stars with l85, 6 for l86) because they are so under used. and and they ARE under used for that reason, they should get a damage buff by just a few points just to keep up with everything else.

    servers should hold a poll for forcibly switching teams, banning and kicking. i dont know how many times iv been kicked or “killed by admin” from servers because i was either a better pilot, a better tank driver, a better soldier, or if i knifed the admin., and everything inbetween.

    and finally. HOW THE FUCK DO I REMOVED THE PREMIUM KNIFE?? its disgusting and i hate myself every time i use that piece of orange plastic

    • JesseLacey-BK- 06.08.12 at 15:58

      If you play on servers that have friendly fire on it makes a lot more sense. Doesn’t really matter who threw the grenade, you just want to get away from it or you will die. Honestly it’s not really a big deal to me, I’ve never seen a game that differentiates between the two, unless CoD does but I waste the money on a game that reuses the same engine over every year….

  • Imrhien 06.08.12 at 06:09

    I fail to see what everyone is complaining about. I like ALL of these changes :D Especially the shotgun suppression effect – given the spread of pellets in a close-range situation, you’d expect to hit someone right in front of you even if they were spraying bullets. At the very least, you’d be surprised if you shot someone in the face, then got killed by them shooting back, and then saw they were still on 100% health!!

    The balance changes are good. I know realism buffs might groan about them not being ‘real-world’ enough, but anything that makes the game fun has to be included, in my opinion. If they reduce the power of shotguns by making them shoot bananas instead of bullets, I’ll be the first to cheer =D

  • FUSTERCLUCK54 06.08.12 at 02:18

    Sry world, since the majority of the complainers are fellow Americans, (that live in a, “There Are No Losers”, world) the rest of you have to suffer. Keep the graphics, reload teh BF2 parameters and bam you have a real game.

  • PSJames22 06.08.12 at 02:12

    I do not like having the aim assist at all, it doesnt only affect short range but it also messes with medium to long range. I would aim at a person from a far & then someone else would runin front ofthem so then what happens is my gun follows the runner briefly instead of the person who standing still & was my intended target.

  • DigitalLoveFist 06.08.12 at 01:23

    Hey look bf3 you’re an ok game. But you have crap all over the screen. At least try to make it an option to take all Hud off… I know where B is. Also hardcore NEEDS TO BE RANKED WITH NO MAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME ITS NOT HARDCORE WITH A MAP AND SEEING ALL MY TEAMMATES AND THE OBJECTIVES. Ps I play on xbox…

  • Indignant Yeti 06.08.12 at 01:11

    I, personally, am disgusted at how video game developers think that shotguns are the ultimate weapons.

  • ICEMAN drake214 06.08.12 at 00:36

    The sound crash is still there on xbox. :/

  • Jesse165 06.08.12 at 00:33

    Still no offline bots like in Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, BF2, BF2142. Still not an official BF game without them.

  • IcyyDingo 06.07.12 at 23:39

    Am I the only one that wants limited sprint? o.o

  • Constiplaytion 06.07.12 at 23:08

    I appreciate most of this update, but I’m ticked at the release of Premium, the upgraded Aim Assist for consoles, and the unnecessary buffs to tanks.

    Premium seems like they are copying the stunt IW pulled with their last COD – an extra 50 bucks for useless aesthetics and all the DLCs. I never liked aim assist, it just doesn’t feel necessary, especially at close range where it isn’t all that hard to aim anyway. Tanks are already a dominating force on consoles as there are (generally) less players able to take them out than on the PC, especially on large Conquest maps, and Javelins are often either rarely used or constantly spammed, depending on the people in the game.

    • PSJames22 06.08.12 at 02:15

      Thank you, someone else that hates aim assist. Dice please turn it off completely. Its usless & it ruins the game for the people who have great accuracy.

  • Lust4ragE 06.07.12 at 22:44

    Nice updates, love the game. Wish the 3d icons like a,b,c objectives weren’t so bright and in the way needs a transparency fix. Great job!

  • UV-Legend 06.07.12 at 22:18

    d/L as we speeak at full ISP Speed !
    But I gotta say:
    damned – I allways though kids adapted quickly to changes ! – are you all a bunch of whinnihg 40 year olds ?!

  • ElBurroDeMuerte 06.07.12 at 19:50

    I know there have been several comments regarding punkbuster but something honestly does need to be done. Two different punkbuster servers yesterday; I witnessed a flanker catch a tree on Gulf of Oman, causing it to spin around and slam onto the beach, then continue to go along the beach and take off again like nothing happened, followed up by a md503 on sharqi literally, and intentionally slam into the ground trying to road kill my friend and didn’t explode or smoke. I couldn’t get a stinger to register on it either despite it hovering by me until it faced me (and shot me of course before i locked) and it had no stealth or jammer equipped. Two completely different servers both claiming to be punkbuster “protected”.

  • Ectiko 06.07.12 at 16:57

    This update fucked the game up bad! Why in gods name would there even be an aim assist in a multiplayer game and then you make it to an autoaim/aimbot! Now every goddamn newbie and people who haven’t even seen a controller before are capping headshots like crazy! And that Premium is BS, “give us more money”… Why would you boost more weapons to near godOPlevels?! And why make the shotguns pretty much useless!! There’s only one good thing about this fucking update: The M26 Dart fix. Haven’t seen those being used much after the update. Thank you for nothing DICE!!

    • ElBurroDeMuerte 06.07.12 at 19:45

      Agreed, I wonder if they will respond if we get enough people to cry that premium is OP. Then in 6 months it should be fixed.

  • warhead40 06.07.12 at 15:12

    wann gehts denn wieder los ?? Habe seit 4 Stunden UPDATE IN PROGRESS ??? WHY ?? how Long ??

  • DarthBullseye 06.07.12 at 15:08

    Dear DICE, your Battlelog is offline AGAIN for maintenance. I would like to suggest TESTING before you nerve us with your advertisement infested BS. And that’s what you want us to pay 50 more bucks. NOT IN MY HOUSE !

  • DAZ983 06.07.12 at 12:10

    The new patch is an epic fail the game was pleasing to play and well ballanced before the patch that we got on the 4th june now tanks now take more hits and unballanced compared to the lav and bmp which are now more powerfull than tanks the audio dissapearing is worse than before the aim assist is like playing cod and i hate cod and its making me hate bf the bullets on some weapons arnt registering when shooting someone the glitches still remain such as spawning into c-ram centurion from door on aircraft carrier on gulf of omen instead of kharg island metro glitch still not fixed driving under map in ribbed boat on kharg island still not fixed attack hellicopter rocket pods like firing flumps basicly the patch sucks and the only good thing to come from it is the colour blind mode for those who are colourblind STOP RUINING THE GOD DAM GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOOOOOOOOOOOLS!!!

  • RationalM3tal 06.07.12 at 11:19

    There still seems to be audio bug.. was playing Rush and near the end of the round when the music starts to fade in, we were about to win the round, however the enemy team managed to destroy our M-COM. The next set of M-COMS deployed and the music persisted until i died..

  • MSFT II 06.07.12 at 10:30

    aghh… damage buff on sks but a distance nerf? hmmm… idk…

  • Steve1st2die 06.07.12 at 09:37

    “Fixed an issue where footsteps couldn’t be heard behind you”…

    Don’t work on PC still, sigh

  • Wraiths_Defiler 06.07.12 at 03:43

    Also, and this is more of a balance and personal preference issue, but I think that turning speeds should be capped on jets so that those with KB/Mouse combo and those with flight sticks are balanced. I know people say just get a stick and learn, but I prefer: no, balance the game.

  • Wraiths_Defiler 06.07.12 at 03:40

    2 requests… 1st I don’t know if its a server setting or a game issue, but switching teams is limited to once per log in on a server. Consecutive attempts say “You cannot switch teams so often” or some such, even after 3 hours on a server. Makes it hard(er) to get on the same team as your platoon mates if they come in and all end up stacked on the other side. 2nd) Please please PLEASE make flashlights and lasers default to OFF on spawn. Hate spawning and instantly getting shot because of my flashlight being on in broad daylight.

  • Robbobbelula 06.07.12 at 03:22

    Hmm, i think i have got a EA boicott brewing.

    I realy loved BF and dice (BF vietnam , BF2 /Spec , BFBC/2/vietnam, BF3) .
    But im getting fed up with them after BF3premium . The game has been out for a LONG time now , and they havent managed/bothered to fix many of the flaws.
    They are still frequently changing the paramenters of the game in patches.
    Dice havent rectified the botched job they did before release , and now i have to pay extra to continue as a full worthy soldier !
    Well the love has gone and the beuatifull angel i once imagined dice to be, plummeted into the abyss, its wings scorched by the tainted hell fire of EA.

    • tyrion8338 06.07.12 at 13:54

      Everyone I talked to in my platoon (over 50 people big) seems to really enjoy game after last patch and this is great news because suppresion nerf and other fixes were EXTREMALLY needed becausa last few months I seen alot less of clanmates playing because they felt game was broken with suppresion ruining skill based playstyle and generally alot of my clanmates being veterans of previous bf games felt that april patch was failure and just didnt enjoy the game anymore…
      Now june patch made them come back and enjoy bf3 once more and I`m seeing alot more people online playing for longer then before…

      Personally I`m enjoy game much more then before and now games are more fast paced and skill based … no need to hide for prolonged peroids of time and much less anoying things like dart.

      Seeing as some people whinne they no longer can use no-skill javelins to easily disable tanks without any effort or actuall experience on how to ambush armored vehicles and hit them on weak spots.
      Those who whinne about javelin requiring some proper positioning need to learn aiming rpgs properly -understanding how sides and rear + arc of hit increases damage ican only improve your gameplay in longer run as even pre patch rpgs were supperior to javelins in so many ways and in vast majority of situations skilled players were always choosing them over javelins… no need to lock for like half of hours before you rip those tanks / choppers / planes and just so much more reliable and fast to shoot from cover. If you got abit practice hitting tank from distance of over 200+m isnt that hard at all and one rpg is enough to disable 100% hitpoints tank (2 if driver got reactive armor)if you hit it properly so STOP WHINNING LEARN TO PLAY.

  • SenilUndGeil 06.07.12 at 01:10

    still no VOIP on PC???

  • merTavish 06.07.12 at 00:58

    I’ve looked the list but couldn’t see the bug fix, which is the number of rockets in the attack helicopters are 0[it should be 14/14(when its full)]. It doesn’t show how many rockets left. Did they fix this?

  • xxstj98xx 06.07.12 at 00:56

    i got to 80% on my xbox and it is just staying there its been like that for 3 hrs

  • Salmonella66_DK 06.06.12 at 23:40

    Origin stinks bigtime.
    Only way to update is downloading with origin…very smart when you have 2 computers with bf3 on them (i did pay for the game twice)…got limited bandwidth, and waiting forever 2 times for the update to download is not OK.
    This is the last ea game that i will ever pay for.
    THX A LOT.

    • goaten 06.07.12 at 02:00

      you’re shitting me right?? why the fuck would you pay for the game twice?? just download on one computer then take it on shared network / usb / any of the other 10 possibilities to move files between two of your home computers.

  • milamber_fr 06.06.12 at 23:33

    Ok welcom BF premium and by for me, return to css very bad idea this premium

  • TherealBigfeats 06.06.12 at 22:28

    I updated today and it won’t luanch into the web page mode.

  • Sruhjaned 06.06.12 at 20:15

    now I only want to refund the game, because the premium pack totally fucked up the game. AUG likes no recoil + kill people in 3 shots (similar to M14A3, however the fire rate and recoil are much worse for M14A3). All the top 5 players in metro server are the one who with premium pack.

  • GRUNT_SOLDIER 06.06.12 at 20:03

    so did the update and is a premium member but when i place the bonus content my system freezes or wont let me joice y is this??????

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.06.12 at 17:56

    fix the m249 all weapons are much better thn it now i want to play with it again :-)

  • peace_4_lee 06.06.12 at 17:04

    Still flawed to hell. And still want to charge another £40 to access the full game? To the shelf with you. EA bunch of money grabbing …..

    • CrazyDigby 06.07.12 at 00:03

      Just confirmed, that re-downloading the Close Quarters from PSN Store not the in-game store will allow you to play.

  • Soup2012 06.06.12 at 16:28

    Re-download the DLC through the PSN store NOT the in game store and it should work, just confirmed it myself.

  • goaten 06.06.12 at 16:16
  • LENGTHIAN 06.06.12 at 15:53

    Compared to my experience with Bad Company 2, this product has been one big cluster f**k. Even battlelog isnt synching with my soldier now. What a mess. Said it befire and will say it again: i am NEVER buying another EA product. Total farse. Its shame theyve ruined the Battlfeild franchise. :( If anyone fancies playing BBC2 my GT is LENGTHIAN

    • goaten 06.06.12 at 16:05

      You are a retard, and that my friend, is why you are the ONLY FUCKING ONE who is experiencing these problems. Jeez whine somewhere else instead of making some kids believe that these problems actually exists.

  • THE_PUNISHER_619 06.06.12 at 15:40


  • THE_PUNISHER_619 06.06.12 at 15:39

    YAY!!! ITS FIXED!!!

  • Negnawus 06.06.12 at 15:23

    Man! What a sucker i am. Just bought the premium, and for what? Some goldish bling on my screen.
    The patch, hmm reduced suppresion ? Sure!! Dont Belive that. Still who shoots first win, except if you are using a LMG, Than youre screwed. We all should play medic with m16 and forget about 4 classes. Dang! Why did i waste the money ? Sry to you folks that makes a statement and not buying the shit.

    • goaten 06.06.12 at 16:03

      retard suppression has been GREATLY reduced, you’re just a retarded noob

  • codaleks 06.06.12 at 15:16

    I Want a refund
    I want a refund
    We want a refund.
    If you promise something 2 weeks early to play, then dammit it should be ready, or give everyone a refund, seems like dice does this a lot, how many people paid overall for premium and can’t even play it, because dice and ea care more showing off what the future holds yippee paid 50 for a knife because

  • xenofonk 06.06.12 at 12:37

    So if I don’t buy Premium, no weapon camos?

  • xenofonk 06.06.12 at 11:43

    Guys, does anybody know how the hell we unlock weapon camos?

    • Ballistic_Death 06.06.12 at 12:30

      they are coming soon if u look at the premium calender their is customization unlock coming next month.

      • xenofonk 06.06.12 at 12:32

        So if I don’t buy Premium, no weapon camos?

  • d0g_au 06.06.12 at 10:30

    So where have my extended mags for my RPK gone?

    I would like to have them back please.

  • coachBOSS 06.06.12 at 10:18

    The underslung grenade is now on a lag and impossible to aim! If you shoot it at a building right next to you it explodes seconds after it should. Please fix this quickly.

  • IX The Ruin 06.06.12 at 09:34

    What about players using some tactic to get behind fixed doors on sienne crossing and metro. That is very annoying and gives the opposing team a very unfair advantage.

  • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 08:06

    i don’t mind jav unguilded dmg fix and guided missle from heli, for the jets this is a problem because we are putting our selves at risk of getting shotdown and/or crashing to take down a vehicle. difficult enough making another pass again to hit the tank if he uses smoke, unguided missle for the jet is BEYOND useless, scout and attack heli ok fine, for jets its not acceptable i switched guilded missle for heat seekers on jet

    • Yo-D_da_Man 06.06.12 at 08:22

      how the hell do you fire unguided javelin missiles?

      • KONAAS 06.06.12 at 10:27

        u need a teamate to have the target designated with a laser. either a chopper a tank, or a soflam once u see the red boxk u simply aim at it as u would directly then fire. u do not need direct line of sight for this, it can be across the map

  • THE_PUNISHER_619 06.06.12 at 06:57


    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:59

      no we don’t! still love you guys. im actually the kind of person will tear at the company for every wrong i see them do

  • J_Slayer_J 06.06.12 at 06:30

    im so glad they fixed the ecm jammer. it still seems like the game needs a lot of work. there is a lot of inconsistencies, and bugs within the game. it would be nice if you could change the bullet damage and still have it a ranked game. i hate shooting someone in the face and they have plenty of time to draw their weapon and kill me. i just want realistic bullet damage. also the air vehicles blow up too easily. i love realism. you barely hit something with an air vehicle like a pole or tree and you can blow up. it reminds me of the simpsons when sideshow bob kidnapped bart and they were on the right brothers plane a few feet off the ground. bart dropped his backpack and it exploded when it hit the ground. im sure i’ll think of more.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 08:09

      they did the remainder of the problems i did not even notice more fluent. unguided being less dmg is not a problem and putting more effort in javs is good. BIGGEST problem would have to be the jet’s guided missle because we are putting our selves at risk of getting shotdown and/or crashing to take down a vehicle. difficult enough making another pass again to hit the tank if he uses smoke and/or miss our mark, unguided missile for the jet is BEYOND useless even if we make the hit despite all the factors. everything else is far

    • INSIGNIAX 06.06.12 at 11:58

      i so agree with you on that it be nice to shoot someone an they go down instead of turning around shooting you, it should be if you shoot first an your on target then the other person should not be able to shoot you because they should be dead period. :)

  • nukemiller 06.06.12 at 06:16

    I’ve tried downloading on my PS3 twice…..keeps saying data is corrupt….any other way to download it?

  • THE_PUNISHER_619 06.06.12 at 05:36

    US WEST…..I STILL CANT CONNECT TO THE NEW MAPS! DIDNT DICE SAY 2 weeks early begins on 6/4/12??? Am I right???? anybody? umm? Sounds like some BAIT and SWITCH tactics. Pretty lame DICE, pretty low of you to treat the loyal gaming customer this way. ITS BEEN well over 24 hours since I’ve got your BullSSHIIT premium pack installed……. and still no game play!!! Are you even working to fix the issue?


    • generic7eric 06.06.12 at 05:56

      they said you can get the new maps now if you play on a PS3 but if you play on xbox or pc you have to wait till the 12 calm down man and why would you want a refund you still get everything 2 weeks early and more guns and the such.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:09

      first of all no one said it was going to be released for XBOX or PC on the 5/6th, its already been said PS3 gets it earlier. no ones going to follow you with that kind of reasoning

  • nBertSVK 06.06.12 at 04:27

    Thanks for the range increase for the AA’s. But also there’s one unresolved issue regarding mobile AA’s, LAV-AD vs Tunguzka:

    Tunguzka disadvantages :

    - camera shakes when firing
    - slower than LAV
    - uncontrollable in higher speeds ( skids, etc.)
    - not amphibious
    - “dirty” optics when not zoomed

    So LAV is faster, amphibious, has clean optics and has no camera shake. That’s already four disadvantages compared to LAV-AD. Only disadvantage ( I noticed so far ) LAV has compared to Tunguzka, is that Tunguzka has better ability at climbing steep terrain. Please remove at least the camera shake for Tunguzka, DICE.

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.06.12 at 03:11

    To make it fair they should unlock a few more powerful weapons for the noobs, since it will take them longer to get weapons/rewards…

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:23

      there is no such thing as a “powerful weapon” its only strengths and weaknesses and varies on the person using it. since the 2nd patch gave more variability, usefulness and usablity (before patch #2 QBB-95 was beyond inaccurate even in bipod mg36 was far worse). if you just started out, certainly not going to rank up or unlock things without taking a few kick-stomps to the ribs by every person not holding a penis learning how you like to play and which gun and attachments fits you

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.06.12 at 03:08

    For a newbie to this game…what is the best combo’s? of weapons? M4A1? RPG, does it kill one shot??

    • WILBO BAGG1NS 06.06.12 at 03:24

      My recommendation for you is to go into team deathmatch on a close quarters map (like noshar canals). Do this with a shotgun (i think the M1014?). It helps you to unlock a few things before going into other matches. It also helps if you want to try out different weapons. Hope this helps.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:15

      theres is no “silver bullet” (one gun beats them all) its not COD where for example in black ops just have to unlock the famas or mac 10 for easy street. EACH gun has its own characteristics there is added good qualities as well as negative effects, doing this for each gun has a different effect better or worse. going to have to inevitably try out and use every gun using different combos to best fit your play style. only gun that does one-shot kills is bolt-action sniper rifles up close or .44 magnum headshot within 20 meters

      • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:20

        shotguns point blank or aimed at head usually do a decent job at dropping people :D

  • Big_Pappa_Bowman 06.06.12 at 02:10

    the audio has been crashing all day just so u know
    jdbowman79 on PS3

  • KameIner 06.06.12 at 01:43

    Love the new update and premium even if their wasnt a discount on b2k the new assignments weapons and the fact we can play 2 weeks early sold me. Thanks for keeping the game fesh and far from boring and repitive like others. Y’all are doing great. Not a single complaint y’all are working hard.

  • gager17 06.06.12 at 01:01

    Is premium fixed yet? Can we actually play on the new levels without losing connection?

  • XxXCAmmERXxX 06.06.12 at 00:49

    Still waiting on an in-game server browser for the PC

  • ElMatador880 06.06.12 at 00:44

    you could buy it separately but if u look at it the premium is cheaper than buying the packs separately I got B2K for free but if you do the math premium is cheaper than buying separately and i dont think well get a discount is we have B2K

  • Ben89Gamer 06.06.12 at 00:43

    thank you for updating the game and keeping it fresh everytime , just a footnote on later update try to
    make the console version more stable , most of the time it crashes on me and my mates when we play online it litteraly froze the ps3 , one time my ps3 and sometimes his , i beleive it is a common problem please fix that issue when you can

  • Bentbullitt 06.06.12 at 00:38

    Why are we having to buy Back to Kirkland again , alot of us already bought it , are they going to give you a discount if we buy the Premium Pack ? Can we buy Close Quarters separately or what ?
    I hate paying twice for the same thing .

  • Alessa Chalenger 06.05.12 at 23:47

    and on the errors of DirectX ran out of memory? they were repaired?
    I bought a limited edition BF3 and AMD Radeon 6990 on the same day, and there six months I’m trying to play this game without crashes every 10 minutes. I’m already giving up playing battlefield 3, because I can not resolve this problem, every patch that comes out, still the same problem.

  • RICK R0lling 06.05.12 at 23:27

    Love it. The 50$ was a bit expensive but I couldn’t be happier about the Atv’s. Is that a AC-130 I see for the Armored Kill Map pack…if it is, it should totally the three guns on it 25mm Gatling, 40mm Bofors, and a 105mm Howitzer with plenty of space for your team. I play on the x-box and it would be great if I could use the D-pad to look around my cockpit in Jets/helli’s.

    • Cravit8 06.06.12 at 14:58

      Umm, you CAN use the Dpad to look around cockpit in jets/helis.

  • melkor22 06.05.12 at 23:17

    Unlike most whiny, teenage children, I do appreciate your efforts to continually improve the game and your responsiveness to feedback. I know you can’t please everyone and sure there are things I don’t like, but I am thrilled you listen and make changes, unlike some other games. Thank you for the hard work you put in and the fun I have playing your game.

    • GameGod4921 06.06.12 at 03:43

      ooo stop kissing ass there losing alot of fans with this crap there pulling. test everything before you release and if the shit dont work then prospne the release date so i wont buy it until its ready. well im done with EA but for future customers

      • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:34

        better news good we don’t need whiny ass kids anyway, i was getting sick of hearing people over the mic complaining every time the death cam showed up. they actually do test it 100s of times biggest difference is they’re not some stupid man-child afraid of changes or a cry baby having a temper tantrum over the smallest changes every time they get killed by something.

        • RECONx109 06.06.12 at 14:52

          Guess some of us should pitch in and buy them a PS3 to test on because as of June 6th their CQ map pack does NOT work on the PlayStation. Many of the changes are because of these whiny kids you speak of, but you seem to like the changes, so which is it? Do you hate the whiny man-children, love em, or perhaps you are one of them yourself?

          I’m a big fan of the BF series(started with BF2 and BF2MC) and the moment I heard about premium I didn’t even give it a second thought and threw my money at them. I expected to play my new maps, but obviously I can’t. Am I angry about it? No, since I will still get what I paid for eventually, but I do feel cheated. They marketed it as “get it early” and it doesn’t work and by the time they do fix it, the pack may already be out to everyone. Kinda like stating something is exclusive and then releasing it to everyone. I wonder what kind of plan they’ve got for “compensation” that people will undoubtedly as for.

  • FlyingHotPot 06.05.12 at 22:28

    Still no way to filter out ALL private servers and show official DICE servers only? Instead, I get a symbol to recognise private servers with crap rules, none of which I want to play in.

    If your goal was to piss off parts of your customer base (even if they are a minority) by not giving an option to completely avoid private servers, because you would lose money – be honest, how many people would play on private servers, if they really had a choice? – congrats, another job well done. Time for another of your loyal customers to move on and to cheer next time the COD franchise sales numbers are killing.

    • DFDinFFX 06.05.12 at 23:02

      I run my server with straight normal settings, like DICE does. Since the Dart has been fixed I can allow it again. My server is under DFDinFFX. Always looking for folks to share some game and map ideas. That is, if I can ever get the chance to play the new maps like Close Quarters. Bought all that stuff and still have not been able to play online on any server haveing the new stuff, including my own! Damn Premium and Patch. lol

    • RICK R0lling 06.05.12 at 23:34

      Agreed. It would be nice to get a filter for dice matches.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:43

      do know that cod is composed of immature and less sophisticated individuals, like its one of the few things acepted by the “norms”like guidos, douches, ghetto, “that annoying immature kid” mostly things gamers want to take a break from after school. i understand just want to play on an official server. but seriously suck it up, i did not like it that much either playing on server owned by guy with not enough to do with his or her money. what i did not like about dice owned servers when the matches were getting good game ends too short. certainly depends on the map and how many people are in the server, plus if you are in a reliable team.

  • WindyCityKid13 06.05.12 at 21:43

    So haven’t been able to play CQ yet, it either loads and loads and loads and never finishes or says ive lost connection. This only happens on the new CQ maps. WTF dice!? or is it EA? FIX IT PLEASE!

    • RICK R0lling 06.05.12 at 23:10

      Close Quarters comes out on the 12th for premium users.

  • MrBondaygee 06.05.12 at 20:44

    How about some new maps? After the terribly high cost of the game and even the Karkand maps? How about some kind of rewards and loyalty for good customers?

  • MrBondaygee 06.05.12 at 20:44

    How about some new maps? After the terribly high cost of the game and even the Karkand maps? How about some kind of rewards and loyalty?

  • WindyCityKid13 06.05.12 at 18:26

    Why does the new ACB-90 look like a safety/rescue knife?! seriously, its cool with the straight blade and all but the yellow/orange/goldish looking handle makes it look like a rescue knife. How bout a good old fashioned KA-BAR? Or the option to pick what knife you want to use? Maybe some more gore for knife take downs wouldn’t hurt. nothing crazy but a lil blood spray wouldn’t hurt. Give us KA-BARS!

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 06:48

      eww KA-bar looks exactly the same as the old knife.

  • DeSetuede 06.05.12 at 18:10

    You paid $50.00 for the DLC’s, not an update numnuts.

  • JimRiggs 06.05.12 at 17:49

    Is any body else having trouble getting on close?

    • DFDinFFX 06.05.12 at 19:35

      My friend, I have had nothing but trouble since the new update, patch, maps and premium service purchase. Evertime I try to play the new Close Quarters on my server or others I get, “Lost Connection To Server” error message. Yet, I can set up my server with maps from the original BF3 or Karkand and play fine. Even other servers. Not sure what the problem is but called EA. They were really no help and said they would research it more. Even sent an email with actions to take to resolve the issue. My system and game were fine right up until June 4th. Hmmmmmmm.

  • JimRiggs 06.05.12 at 17:46

    I paid $50.00 for this add on and it hasnt worked yet OMG

    • sophicsage 06.05.12 at 17:53

      $50? What are you running? PC? There was no cost on the PS3.

    • sophicsage 06.05.12 at 17:54

      $50? Free on the console. Is this being charged for on the PC?

  • Angelicpyro 06.05.12 at 17:17

    F35 handling improved to match the Flanker? Ha I call BS, if anything its worse.

  • Stonedtrippy 06.05.12 at 17:16

    Thanks Battlefield for screwing it for the rest of us and by the rest of us I mean the better gamers, not the noobs going no M26, no M26, no M26. The game feels completely different and am I the only person that knows in life it can take just one bullet to kill a man and not 55 like Battlefield would suggest now. The gun I used was the PPI it has 55 rounds in a clip with the extra ammo perk and it took 55 rounds to drop a guy, thats when I knocked off and put Battlefield on the shelf, where thanks to you lot it will remain. Cheers, thanks a bunch!

    • sophicsage 06.05.12 at 18:12

      Stonedtrippy: As a point of reference: In “real life” you die one time and don’t re-spawn. It’s good they are making the game more fair. It’s good they reduced the suppression effect, etc. It’s a game people paid for and want to have fun with, not get wiped out immediately every time they play. That being said, I’m not a hard core BF3 gamer. I was quite hard core on Halo back in the day. So yes, I’ve camped out and sniped heads all day and relished my kill/death ratio. On BF3 it’s simply enjoyable to have fun these days. I have a full time job and don’t have 12 hrs a day to hone my skills. But I’m starting to swagger back into the fray. There has to be a balance between realism and fun. And I played the game after the update and noticed a difference. I didn’t necessarily rank higher (I’m usually mid-level) but the time I played was more fun. Now, the truly hard core BF3 players will not have a problem with these changes. They will be able to strategize and win based on hard work and skill…they won’t complain because they were actually newbs who found a super-powerful gun and started wiping people out. Now, I’m not saying you’re a newb. You are probably better than me right now. But let’s let everyone have some fun and get their money’s worth. There are also a lot of cheaters, hackers, and exploiters out there on the servers. Yea I had some fun in my Halo days disappearing into walls, sniping across the maps, etc. etc. But I do not cheat, hack, or exploit on BF3 and I won’t. I don’t even care to know what they are. But those servers are loaded with these people ruining the game. I hope they will be able to take away many of those exploits and make the game more fair for everyone.

      • Stonedtrippy 06.05.12 at 19:05

        fair comment

      • xPUCHTAx 06.06.12 at 08:30

        As a point of reference: In “real life” you die one time and don’t re-spawn.
        You can “re-spawn” with the help of a medical crew.. Or extreme luck.

      • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:24

        you sir are amazing

  • BondIncognito 06.05.12 at 16:54

    And wow, again, the choppers are given even more reign.
    They had no fear of stingers after the previous update and now, ECM being kicked up again will completely render the stinger useless. Good job Dice. NOT!

    Here’s how it all goes down:

    It takes two or three guys with stingers for the same chopper. One guy shoots first to waste his round due to flares.
    The next guy shoots and wastes his due to ECM.
    The first guy then shoots again and possibly gets a hit.
    Second guy shoots… Yup flares are ready again.
    First guy shoots…Yup, ECM again.
    Second guy shoots and possibly gets a hit. By this time though, chopper is back to 100 health…
    Rinse repeat.

    I asked this after the last update-
    How does ECM and especially flares work against a laser guided missile???????

    How ’bout a little more realism. A buddy returned your game for a refund because of crap like this. I am now contemplating the same.

  • WazyJak-_-pR 06.05.12 at 16:31

    Im having problems with my BF3 Premium , i downloaded the content but I cant play the content online , why is that ? :c

  • badshot033 06.05.12 at 16:19

    does this fix the gulf of oman ps3 freeze?

  • INSIGNIAX 06.05.12 at 16:16

    Dice you really need to work on the hit detection its is so horrible still seeing people getting clean head shots an no kill how in the world can you take two the head shots an turn around an shoot people i rather all the gun of the assault an light machine guns an pdw an pistols have the same damage 3 hits or 4 your dead tired of all these retarded games that have health regenaration omg when will people be them an instead of copying other games an put in a game a say look people i have a new game lmao been playing games for 29 years watch it from nothing an all i see is reruns bad enough all the guns are crap you waste a whole clip an still no kills im a burst shooter i use 2 round to 3 round all the time to watch my ammo go to 15 or to 12 left is sad or watch people live with zero health amazing right you pretty much made a baby game where everything is cattered to the beginners a spot system an revive icon pretty much tell you where people are at which equal bad there no point to use an silencer no sneakness at all even got aim assist for the noobs an the killcam to tell your victim where you where at when you killed him or her i guess people love games nowdays that so simplefy it feels like an rpg game if you use that foregrip you get plus two accuracy lmao smh maybe battlefield 4 will be better…

    • DK_Dusty_82 06.06.12 at 00:03

      I think that client side hit detection have some to do with it!?

    • DK_Dusty_82 06.06.12 at 00:04

      Personally I haven’t had much trouble with this, sometimes yes, most of the time it hasn’t bin to bad.

      • INSIGNIAX 06.06.12 at 06:06

        yeah its great when it works :) an fair comment

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:06

      yea there is realism. went to school right? like physics and kinetic force. when bullets are fired they lose effectiveness at longer ranges and every gun is different in characteristics. if it does not work with that gun switch to a different gun, if you have a good feeling for the gun try unlocking and adding attachments. some guns are really accurate at first and deteriorates after continued fire, even in vice versa.

  • martin_g974 06.05.12 at 15:59

    Like a lot of PS3 player, it’s impossible to play to close quarter, I bought the premium pack, downloaded and correctly installed the dlc. But when I’m trying to connect to a server running a close quarter map, 3 options, my ps3 just freeze on black screen after the loading screen, I’m disconnected and going back to the menus with a connexion error message or I’am finally connected to a classic map on an empty server…
    Impossible to find any infos about this problem, but I found tons of users having the same issue…

    Is it possible to have some official infos ? Are you trying to beat Blizzard in their catastrophic game release ? -_-

    • INSIGNIAX 06.05.12 at 16:18

      you not the only one having connection issues game frezzing up really badly so you not alone on that part.

    • DK_Dusty_82 06.06.12 at 00:06

      I didn’t had any problems loading ane playing the new maps the other day.the only problem I had a bid of was a bid of lag and a couple times some weird stuff happened…

  • HeinieOtto 06.05.12 at 15:31

    And again the update fucks up the game, its so fucked the whole game feels different. Its not cool when u finally reached a skill level and u install the update…its worthless, because the game changed so much you have to get totally other skills. All the weapons feel different en do more or less damage, so the weapons you used to play with are now worthless in de same gametype.

    I dont think im gonna install the next update because we get a whole different game again!!!

    • DK_Dusty_82 06.06.12 at 00:08

      I haven’t had much trouble adapting any of the times they changed the game with there patches. I’m sad to hear you have a hard time adapting:-(

  • DarthBullseye 06.05.12 at 15:28

    What the hell is going on here ? Why is Battlelog offline again ??????

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.05.12 at 15:18

    BTW, can any body answer me this. When you look at the Premium content, then the Back To Karkand Pack included in the Premium subscription, but what if you already got the BTK Pack, is the price then different from people that don’t have the BTK Pack….?

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.05.12 at 15:14

    Ohh just forgot. So PLEASE don’t mess with the gun play in upcoming patches…….!

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 06.05.12 at 15:12

    Hey DICE. :0)
    Well, even though i haven’t got the premium pack yet, then i just want to praise you for the work you have done with the latest patch.

    The thing that is closest to my heart is the gun play…..and this time around you have really hit the mark, the gun play feels SO GREAT now.
    I can’t tell you have happy i got yesterday when i played with a buddy of mine, i was jumping up and down in shear happiness from the way that the gun play feels now.
    Before i constantly was screaming in shear frustration when i played.
    So for me the game has gotten 100% better.

    So from the bottom of my heart, THANKS. ;0)

    • Imrhien 06.08.12 at 06:15

      I know exactly how you feel. Everything just feels so snappy now. You can move around rapidly and then crouch down, aim, and take a guy out just like that. It’s gorgeous

  • BRYAN9601 06.05.12 at 14:41

    Why east coast USA premium still not working , keep said lost connection.
    Piss me off .

  • Limpya 06.05.12 at 14:12

    and thank god that they are putting in color blind mode .. so I dont have to teamkill so much :D

  • Limpya 06.05.12 at 14:09

    okey the Premium for ps3 now works. I am curent downloading the close quarter expansion now ^^

  • Cpt_J_Matrix 06.05.12 at 12:22



  • Justanothercat 06.05.12 at 11:55

    Can i ask a question. Is the Battlefield premium costing at $49.99 still availible around September-October? I am taking important finals exam, and i can’t play bf3 until then. But i want to buy the Premium.

  • AL00ZER 06.05.12 at 10:33

    I do not think you did that “S” symbol correctly. I want to join NORMAL TICKET SERVERS in Rush. The phrase “are running custom rules” could be interpreted as “Repair Tools only” to “no shotguns” to “my ideal maps and game modes,” but the phrase has no indication regarding ticket count. It is also an optional symbol, so I can still accidentally join games with a high ticket count. Just give us a search filter feature of “ticket count.” DONE.

  • IAF LOSTCOM1 06.05.12 at 10:18

    Looking forward to the changes!

  • IAF LOSTCOM1 06.05.12 at 10:17

    Looking forward to the changes!

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 09:51

    its ur mum, and she bites it off

  • gryzli666 06.05.12 at 09:49

    Is that your mum ?

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 09:48

    if u pay them 50 bucks u get a BJ but she has braces

  • codaleks 06.05.12 at 09:48

    It sucks that I paid the fifty bucks that I thought was high, (which is why I don’t play cod), I have 140 bucks invested in this game and cant even play the new map pack, because it kicks me every time I join a game, yet there are 438 servers, with only 20 being used, the lagging on the rest of the game is even worse then before, kicked again, 23rd Time tonight, and I am not getting my double xp as promised in premium bundle, bcrap, gonna have fo have crediit card cancel charge

  • gryzli666 06.05.12 at 09:46

    Is that right? If you buy Premium on BF3 you get the Close Quarters for free with it ?

  • rollinggnome 06.05.12 at 09:41

    is anyone else having issues with the Australian servers not being available at all? On a side note, which moron made abailable all the unlock packs for the newbies to by when pople who have put in the hard yards get nothing? Im sure im notthe only one (and im still only a relativily low level) who gets annoyed being killed by level ones with more kit than me. I think it defeats the purpose of having to work towards something.

    • chromal 06.05.12 at 09:50

      i agree with you on the purchase of weapons etc. It change the whole thing for me the challenge was gone.It is only greed for more money that was behind this.Gone are the days of fair gaming.

  • M33724 06.05.12 at 09:33

    “The SKS now has the proper damage values when using a suppressor. The damage was previously too low at close range.”

    Thank you! Now I can play my one and only SKS again!

  • E_ZAPATA 06.05.12 at 09:17

    hahaha i just notice this blog gets rearrange to their liking look at the dates of the comments they are not in order you read what they want you to read your comments dont matter just another placebo effect dummies!

    • mendez2385 06.05.12 at 09:30

      wrong….the original comments are posted chronologically, the replies to comments are posted according to the original comment`s date, therefore it might appear as re-arranged. Thnx

  • polxwar 06.05.12 at 09:10

    The aek underslung rail doesn’t deploy the attachment like it should. Instead it acts as if underslung rail isn’t even equipped. Sad to see that this isn’t fixed o_O

  • E_ZAPATA 06.05.12 at 09:01

    i understand your grief clawingbear they think they are making fools of kids when this is a M rated game any adult who falls for their synical wack buissness psychology should be ashamed of themselves they need to go back to school and learn some basics the more you give people what they dont want the more they ask from you c’mon wake up people thats why this world is the way it is,.. your paying them therefore you are their boss but it seems you dont understand that the minute you stop paying they have no job open you eyes little puppet,… speak your voice and enforce what you pay for their the pimp your the.. well you know if you dont sorry for you my friend

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 08:51

    i respect them because i havent been banned from teh forums yet :)

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 08:45

    LOL, I hit the wrong button. If i seem like a winy bitch I can understand ur viewpoint, I loved this game and played the hell out of it even tho the single player version of it was sadly undercoded, I got about 5 hours worth of gameplay in single player for 60 bucks, then the multiplayer was over run with assholes who did nothing but spawnkill me over and over. Now all the content they give is for multiplayer. If U dont have internet they game is complete shit. Now they sell all the crap u can EARN from multi from hard work and skill by paying them the price of a blow job. If ur an ugly bastard who doesnt know how to talk to a woman, Now you can get glitchly crap that gives U an even greater supposed advantage and more weapons if ur shit doesnt crash.. Witch it will if u pay them more money, This is the last DICE or EA game I will ever spend my money on, But they dont care.
    They will replace all the people who coded this game by the time they put out a new game, and continue their policy of making as much money as posable by fucking over the players.
    WE THE PEOPLE. We have a voice only in as so much as how much money we send them.

    I made the mistake of sending over 100 USD , For a product that does nothing but piss me off

  • E_ZAPATA 06.05.12 at 08:38

    thanks for trying but unfortunately those updates are to make noobs happy i suggest listening to more veteran and higher ranked players.. for example shot guns were fine now you added more pellets to some shotguns and lowered some recoil have any of you ever shot a real shotgun it can knock you on your behind because it has so much recoil,…i suggest checkin the rank on some of the people who complain some of those who complain dont even own BF3 they just play on friends consoles,…

    second ive never heard of a jet destroying a tank with its guns lower the power on those or make a tank stronger i can destroy a tank with the jet guns but i only get a hit marker when shooting at a soldier whats up?…also why do claymores disapear when i die its bad enough you can only place two but having them disapear when killed what?? is this a magic game or a war game i dont see anti tank mines disapear when you die and you can place over 5 of those c’mon!!…

    i play this game for the realism of it if its getting to be just another fps why bother playing any battlefield game ill just play other FPS if theyr all the same keep it up & you will suffer what american car companies have suffered to reliable japanese car manufactures you will need a baillout or just file for bankruptcy there are toomany other FPS out there to stick with a confused unsolid company stick to your basics and KEEP IT REAL!

    • AlternativeNuts 06.19.12 at 08:33

      i agree with you on almost all of the things you say. i just have one contradicting thing to say to what you said on the shotgun recoil. now im not saying back when i was little i didnt get my behind knocked over but now that im in a trap league i learned how to use my remington 870 to its best and i barely feel its recoil. I guess its a matter on the experience of the shooter with a weapon but i can say for me shotguns do not have any real noticeable recoil. so i guess the expertly trained soldiers of battlefield shoudnt have an issue with recoil since a smalltown skeet shooter like myself doesn’t have too much of a problem with shotguns

  • Limpya 06.05.12 at 08:37

    well its nice that they fix and uppdate the game,, The probem is that they dont do it properly. Like its stands on EA saite that you can buy premium,, but you cant buy it still………… how long do we have to w8 ?

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 08:32

    look, if i seem lii

  • xenofonk 06.05.12 at 08:25

    Could somebody give me details about what colorblind support is?

    • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 08:28

      changes sone of the colors throughout the game to help those with colorblindness see important details more clearly. There has been a lot of people that can’t see things like gamer-tags cuz they are color blind. The only problem is there are multiple types of colorblindness see we shall see just how well it works for all of them.

  • SerialMDK 06.05.12 at 07:42

    its the entire gaming industry, they make their half ass unfinished game, sell millions of copies to unsuspecting retards like me then go make a new game. they don’t care about us they made their millions…

    • MASS_VIOLENCE 06.05.12 at 08:09

      are you fukin stupid or wat ?
      dont even bother to read whats written inside the heading.

      these changes are based on community feedback they receive. ever used a software in your life ? they are meant to update to match changed environment and feedback by people.

      you dont want updates?…stop complaining about anything while playing, then they dont have to release any update.

      if anything u wanna complain about is the size of updates which is just insane !

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:14

      they actually do pay attention to what we say, making huge updates based on feedback trying more than half the time spent trying to figure if the persons complaints are either pointing out “an actual” or obvious that person is a man-child afraid of change or more like cry baby who has temper tantrum every time a death cam shows up

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 07:38

    yes i am a stupid fuck… otherwise i would not haven given them over 100 bucks of my money. for a product that sucks ass

    • The hidden door 06.05.12 at 07:54

      Hey, it’s was your choice to spend that money. Don’t hate on a game just because your mad about spending money that you decided to spend!

    • delaf 06.05.12 at 17:56

      Everyone complaining are either a noob, or a glitch hunter/lover… cause they cant kill without the bugs… just play the game adn try to kill someone

  • SerialMDK 06.05.12 at 07:36

    is everyone who plays battlefield this stupid?

  • blur2010 06.05.12 at 07:35

    so i just coughed up the 50 bucks to buy premium and now i cant join and stay in b2k and close quarters games

  • SerialMDK 06.05.12 at 07:22

    did i mention the game sucks? thats why yer gun don’t work…

  • distinct_iguana 06.05.12 at 07:21

    Why is my extended mag still “locked” when cleary I have the required number of kills for the rpk-74m? Also, anyone else think the reduced input lag has made their aiming a bit twitchy???

  • SerialMDK 06.05.12 at 06:55

    who cares, the game still sucks…

  • systemist 06.05.12 at 06:51

    Smokes back? Wahoo!

  • ScottAllan 06.05.12 at 06:45

    By the way… what is the version of the new patch? Is it 1.05? I’m just trying to make sure…thanx

  • ScottAllan 06.05.12 at 06:42

    I bought Battlefield Premium package and downloaded Close Quarters but still can’t get on any of the new maps? Anybody know why? Thanx in advance.

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 05:32

    u will find if you check the stats, the people pissed off.. Are the same names that were your best squadmates

    • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 05:34

      Cuz they have nothing better to do then play BF3 all day long… just a joke, calm down… just playin

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 05:24

    there is no need to go all emo on me and the others who complain about a game.. We pay for our shit just like u do. If you like the content added simply comment on how you like it done go all blah blah your a bitch ect…
    We the people who dont like the changes have as much right as the lil Emo’s who prefer attacking others rather than giving honest imput to the changes.
    Thank you have a nice day come back spawn often, Ill be the one making ur head explode.

    • Lunatic363 06.05.12 at 06:12

      The only way my head will explode is if you keep on whining. So far all I have seen you post is the cries you have with zero productive advice. Sounds like your name should be the hypocritical_emo. Hey I should reserve that one for you. Nice emo pic by the way.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:25

      emos have more balls (cut them selves lol; not really funny kinda serious), more like immature crybaby having a temper tantrum everything a kill cam shows up or man-child afraid of change

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 05:14

    WTF – System froze, blank screen, then after 10 mins I unplugged the PS3 and then it says “System corrupt” WTF has this update done to my PS3???

    If you do not want your PS3 to be stuffed up “DO NOT UPDATE” or Play BF3….

    • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 05:28

      if u dont update then u can only play the shitty single player they made.. sucks ass about3 hours long

  • rymyny1000 06.05.12 at 05:13

    Yes!!!! I’ll be able to use the motar again!!! And screw the stupid m26 users !!! Thank you dice!!!

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:16

      idk the mortars can still be usable like bigger splash dmg or better suppression

  • oias_heeda 06.05.12 at 05:09

    What’s going on? I have started a new thread regarding error with new Premium content and errors. It is not there!??

    Please put up post admin. This is important..

    I get the following error.

    an error has occured please try again in a few moments error 123

    Need a reply thanks admin or someone that has a fix.

  • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 05:06

    hey DICE… do me a favor though… make your updates a little smaller. I’d rather update for a min a week then 2 freakin hours. I just wanted to play for a little bit before bed.

    • DRTIAN 06.05.12 at 06:01

      ur a whiner stop whining

    • 08Tompan 06.05.12 at 06:44

      they allways will be big with so many fixes and the maps. get a better internet then you don’t need to wait so long;)

      • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 08:35

        I assure you it’s not the internet. It could be my Xbox, but my internet is top notch!

  • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 05:03

    My god… all I hear is my LMG sucks, it jumps, it has no stopping power… GOOD, now the game is more realistic. Unlike all you babies I actually know how it feels to be behind a REAL machine gun and thats how it really is so adapt and get the hell over it!

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:28

      excatly!! not even supposted to be running & gunning with an LMG bipod is 5x as efficient

  • sackcheese 06.05.12 at 04:52

    all of u dushbags crying like 4yearolds bout bf3 being broke now,make me sick go play cod. You bunch of babys probably cant manage the recoil on the L85A2 O_O… but its ok if yall cant play that just gives me more recon noobs and auto shotgun fags 2 crush with my aek so suck it up and bring it on…or shut up and go play that arcade game cod with ur teeny bop buddys :O

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 04:33

    BAH wasted my money…. the game is completly ruined, everything about the download content is fucked up and the old things i liked were NERFED to hell.. I shoulda taken the 12 bucks gamestop offered me

  • victorkang1995 06.05.12 at 04:20

    game is unplayable now. thx alot dice

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:32

      the “big” patch is not even big change if anything slightly more fluent at all. only thing i noticed was the javelin and unguided missiles from aircraft “hm okay what ever i’ll bet more effort in in the jav, for jet i better switch to heat seeker”. maybe because you kinda suck

  • El Hefe 612 06.05.12 at 04:11

    While I really appreciate the effort to provide a Color Blind option, I’m not sure I understand the choice of red (which blends into the green background on many scenes) in that color scheme. Now I can’t see the enemy at all until it’s too late.

    Something like this would likely be better:

    Your team = Dark Blue
    Your Squad = Light Blue
    Enemy = Yellow

    • Dr NP 06.05.12 at 04:30

      How on earth does red blend into green? they are polar opposites

      • BTMT94 06.05.12 at 04:49

        This is because those with colorblindness see red completely different than those who see color normally.

      • rymyny1000 06.05.12 at 05:16

        You idiot moron ble is the polar opposite of red go see a optometrist if your’e having problems being colorblinded… But I agree with you they don’t blend…. AT ALL!!!

        • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 05:31

          First, Blue is the opposite of orange, and in many forms of colorblindness some shades of red and green look the same. What I don’t understand is how someone being color blind makes them an “idiot moron”

    • Klaus Nomi 06.05.12 at 09:37

      Maybe they don’t understand that there are a few different types of colorblindness :/

  • Joey Recon X 06.05.12 at 04:08

    Ya lost the extended mag on my rpk wtf gotta fix that now. With a new stuff comes new problems!

  • Talzanar 06.05.12 at 04:08

    Last time I checked LMG’s fire a larger caliber round that standard Assault rifles so surly more damage should be added. ( Considering the sheer KICK of LMG’s )
    I am still some what aggravated to see that Rate of fire still beats caliber considering the amount of times I have piled at least 6 rounds ( soft core ) or 3 rounds ( hardcore ) and my target has still won due to rate of fire, Higher caliber dose more damage while faster guns – MP7 for example shoot faster but lower damage. Last but no least, Why do Support only get access to LMG’s and PDW’s? Amount of times people want me as Support and I want to refuse because LMG’s require a more shall we say stationary position? I know its a part of the class but even the Famas with previous kick would have done me lol * Also have RPK Extended bag bug * /sigh

    • bennjammmin 06.05.12 at 05:06

      I would like to know where you get your information, I myself being an armorer for 6 years in the Army can tell you right now you are wrong about both of the things you said. 1) The 240 Series Machine gun is a 7.62x51mm round the M249SAW being only a 5.56x45mm round. Neither of which have this magical larger casing that you speak of. The 240G uses a larger caliber round while the M249 uses THE EXACT SAME round as the M16/M4 series rifle.

      • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 05:16

        And the 7.62 being the same as the AK-47… I didn’t mean to say they all used the same round, just the rounds used are the same as the rounds used in other weapon systems and there is nothing really different about the round. If that is how it sounded then I do apologize for that. as for the casings, I am a long time Marine Corps vet and I used a 240G in combat. Now I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that the casings my gun was shooting were larger than the 47 round casings I picked off the ground.

  • osjrrams4789 06.05.12 at 04:06

    every time i put the game in my classes reset and the campian restarts

    • Goatbot 06.05.12 at 05:07

      Save MP to your cloud save. My MP still corrupted and I had to delete the cloud save and then make a new save on it but the SP was still working on the HDD then.

  • osjrrams4789 06.05.12 at 04:04

    i dont think you should have put that you cant hear foot steps behind you because that is very useful

  • Erice97 06.05.12 at 03:53

    My rpk loses its extended mag unlock! on the website it’s greyed out also with “heavy barrel”. but both of them said ” 1100/300″ kills! fix this bug!

    • Joey Recon X 06.05.12 at 04:07

      I feel you bro that’s B S I lost it too that was my fav lmg

  • mamaliashi3 06.05.12 at 03:44

    now when i buy premium, ill get all dlc’s cd keys & i have to downlaod contents from origin by entering the premium key on redeem code section? like before? what about “armored kill,end game,…” expansion that they r not announced yet? ill get all of them to download by premium code?

    sry 4 my questions im new here!

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 03:40

    hit it with a hammer

  • gulivi 06.05.12 at 03:39

    I can not play the maps of close quarter …. he fought in the five times I tried … hangs when loading map.

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 03:37

    i know right… in six months everything in the prem package will be like 20 bucks with more shit
    u watch.. theese people are masters at fleecing people

  • mamaliashi3 06.05.12 at 03:36

    wtf! i got payed 4 b2k expansion pack on pre-ordering bf3,then its on fee point when i buy premium?!

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 03:33

    you have to buy the game, then the prem package is all download content. tho they will prolly come put with more ways to get money with “additional content”

  • schnags 06.05.12 at 03:31

    so if i get premium for the 50 bucks do i ahft to pay for any dlc once i have premium? becuz it sounds too good to be true please respond if u have good info

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 03:22

    ok… the game is like crack to me.. dammit. ilm going to sell out and get the premium pack..
    i keep sayin ill never buy another EA or DICE game but hell.. they are better than the others

  • adriano2050 06.05.12 at 03:19

    Legal amanhã mesmo já estarei atualizando meu Jogo!!!

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 02:57

    bah gamestop offered me 12 bucks for it.. looks like im keepin it.. gonna play Red dead a wile. maybe in a month or so Ill play again.

    • fang lyn 06.06.12 at 07:53

      i don’t mind jav unguilded dmg fix and guided missle from heli, for the jets this is a problem because we are putting our selves at risk of getting shotdown and/or crashing to take down a vehicle. difficult enough making another pass again to hit the tank if he uses smoke, unguided missle for the jet is BEYOND useless, scout and attack heli ok fine, for jets its not acceptable i switched guilded missle for heat seekers on jet

  • Simon1812 06.05.12 at 02:50

    meh it is all the same to me, am adaptable, what would really ‘ve made my day is if they had announced that the maps would be more destroyable from now on, now that would be something.

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 02:32

    im trading this game in for something that you cant buy your way to power. you should have to earn your EQ by combat not by mommies credit card

  • Clawingbear 06.05.12 at 02:23

    Well using a sniper rifle on a large map is nerfed, may as well throw a rock at them.

  • Drunken_Father 06.05.12 at 02:19

    NO WHINING!!! Granted there are a few things that should be fixed. but blazing sun, guns bouncing Thats what i love about this game is the realism. Im not the best player but i love playing this game. If you want the guns to all be the same play COD. Adapt and conquer MARINES!!!

  • x36z74 06.05.12 at 01:30

    It seems i no longer have to volt tweak my GPU every time im gonna play bf3, that’s always something. And as someone said, all weapons should do more damage

  • Buccaun 06.05.12 at 01:29

    All we need now is for the blinding sun to be fixed and make the heli 3rd person camera make it move like BC2. Also BC2 destruction and craters would be cool too.::

  • GORILA36 06.05.12 at 01:22

    well thank god ya’ll fix that m26 dart issue that was a pain in the a$$

  • NOOKSnCRANNY 06.05.12 at 01:14

    only 9:30 hrs left till i can play yayyyyy… im glad i can have my first child before i can play again.. i blame this all on bath salts

  • jekkez 06.05.12 at 01:12

    Put more damage for every gun and less recoil. “The big update” make bf3 shit because guns jumping like a dog and don’t make any damage. And hardcore suck because vehicle don’t fix automatically so i must play normal server…

    • DeadliestPrawn 06.05.12 at 01:52

      Solution: Play hardcore. (1-3 round kills for every weapon, select fire for precision) Play with, or as, an engineer if you want to roll tanks around. Dice has made a wonderful game here, I am pleased they continue to balance and tweak it!

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 01:09

    PS3: yesterday it ask me to update so i did, and now it ask me to update again??
    WTF is going on here? That is why I ask…
    For the PS3 Version: What version is the current update? is it 1.05?
    FCKU 2 Nicos <

    • Mr.NiCoS 06.05.12 at 01:20

      lol nerd just download the update that comes when you start the game noob

  • Dr NP 06.05.12 at 01:08

    I had a 2.38 gig update, what the hell did you guys put in there? was it all the BF premium stuff?

    • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 01:10

      What version PC?? Put it on ur comments… PC/XBOX etc

  • SuperMan--777 06.05.12 at 01:02

    Did you fix the annoying system crash? That’s all I care about.

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.05.12 at 01:00

    why the fuck would you tweak all the weapons except the lmg’s they suck now like the m249 is like shooting a BB-gun cus it doesnt do shit damage & its like a jumping horse it shoots all derection except where you aim it at wtf is that about so you dont want anny support players annymore ?…

    • Talzanar 06.05.12 at 03:24

      I parshly agree with your point, Last time I checked LMG’s fire a larger caliber round that standard Assault rifles so surly more damage should be added. ( Considering the sheer KICK of LMG’s )
      I am still some what aggravated to see that Rate of fire still beats caliber considering the amount of times I have piled at least 6 rounds ( soft core ) or 3 rounds ( hardcore ) and my target has still won due to rate of fire, Higher caliber dose more damage while faster guns – MP7 for example shoot faster but lower damage. Last but no least, Why do Support only get access to LMG’s and PDW’s? Amount of times people want me as Support and I want to refuse because LMG’s require a more shall we say stationary position? I know its a part of the class but even the Famas with previous kick would have done me lol.

      • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 04:58

        Do you get all your information from video games and friends who THINK they know what they are talking about. Light machine guns such as a SAW 249 or 240G do not use larger larger rounds. They use the same cal. rounds as anything else but with slightly larger casings that of-set the effect of not being fired from enclosed chambers. These casings give the rounds roughly similar range but reduce the rotation thus reducing accuracy. There is no added recoil just more of it. Shoot an m16 at 800 rounds per minute and you have yourself a 249 SAW

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 00:53

    Can someone confirm /check ….
    For the PS3 Version: What version is the update? 1.05?

  • CANofSNUFF 06.05.12 at 00:47

    Such a huge update! I’m excited :) so the F2000 update… is it good or bad? I’m reading it as a pro and not a con, anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.05.12 at 00:45

    the m249 is like shooting wih a bb-gun & still it jumps like a horse lol ?

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 00:45

    For the PS3 Version: What version is the update? 1.05?
    + How big is it suppose to be 1.4GB or 2.4GB??

    Only idiotic/careless programmers don’t put version numbers + Size of updates, it is ridiculous!!

    • CANofSNUFF 06.05.12 at 00:48

      Xbox is 2.38 and it’s Version 3… if you claim their idiotic or careless then you must be bias and a dip shit.

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.05.12 at 00:42

    lol why didnt you guys fix’em

  • SeemsLegit1 06.05.12 at 00:41

    jesus, a 2,4 GB update ? what’s in it ffs :O

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.05.12 at 00:41

    why dont you guys didn’t f****** fix the lmg’s they are ussless now

  • bgaboys 06.05.12 at 00:41

    It’s really cheap how a sniper shot doesn’t kill the other person with one shot. To make it fair, they should make a sniper with more bullet drop but more power. I know that’s not possible in real life, but BF3 isn’t the #1 realistic war game.

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.05.12 at 00:40

    PS3 Version: What version is the update? 1.05?
    + How big is it 1.4GB or 2.4GB??

  • Saibion 06.05.12 at 00:17

    Please, the sniper class has enough going for it. One shot kills when running around the map – no matter where it might impact. So, I’m good with the tracer change. Now if you could just change the one shot hip shot kill when running with a sniper rifle that would be nice.

    • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.05.12 at 00:30

      fine dude have you 2 shot kills unless its a headshot. i dont care about that. i do not run around with a sniper, if i did why would i care about the tracer……..long range suffers from this.

  • SgtBarone 06.05.12 at 00:13

    Just downloaded! Great work DICE! This game just gets better and better!

  • Diizzle77 06.04.12 at 23:37

    I did my update and became a premium member…but when I updated my server its telling me im missing some dlc’s?? Why? I have everything…

  • princess_leia203 06.04.12 at 23:15

    Hey is the store down and also i cant find the close quaters DLC in the ps3 store?

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.04.12 at 23:06

    now by no means am i bashing your game, a game that pretty much is the reason most all of my other titles are now collecting dust. the game is epic and the only problem i have with it is the tracer rounds. i cant see my bullets at long range dice. it really angers me. but instead of talking shit, bashing your game. i know you would not want to lend an ear to an asshole. so i hope you lend an ear to a hurting gamer. i want so badly to enjoy your game as much as i did just last night before the update. take some of the trace away ok, ill compromise, but i feel like to much has been removed, preventing targets far away from being hit. i cant see where my bullet lands, therefore i have no idea of the correction i need to make to hit my mark. dice please….,
    , a hurting gamer

  • FaeriePr1ncess 06.04.12 at 22:35

    Well battlelog seems to be doing something different now :o

  • stlynnatic 06.04.12 at 22:34

    Thank GOD (& DICE) for fixing these issues. I was so tired of hearing people complain in-game about all this crap!!!

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.04.12 at 22:33

    dice i understand you listen to the voice of the people, ill encourage all my friends to come on here and tell you about how hard it is to snipe with this new patch. the tracers are so small they disappear by the time they get to the target. i will not play bf3 for 1 week, and check back to see if the tracers are the same.

    • CrazyRed188 06.04.12 at 23:40

      Just because your not going to play for a week won’t change the tracer problem you speak of it takes dice a long time ti create a patch and they won’t make one just for you so stop complaining.

    • hasawasa22 06.05.12 at 00:09

      stop whining, in bc2 there were no bullet tracers at all and people still sniped me across the map

      • k134nuupr1ghtn0w 06.05.12 at 00:35

        Are you serious? You clearly haven’t even played the game. There were bullet tracers for every gun in bc2.

    • Vanderherring 06.05.12 at 00:19

      That`ll show them lol

  • Destintone 06.04.12 at 22:33

    Did they fix the right dog tag not showing the correct number issue with some dogtags (like the broken headshot counter)

  • redwall93 06.04.12 at 22:32


  • miko5241 06.04.12 at 22:31


  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 22:30

    well its 13:30 PDT and still not up

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 22:26

    Im glad thy fixed the LMGs

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 22:29

      R u being sarcastic or they did fix it oh did they fix the mg36 glitch only 50 rounds no extended mags

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.04.12 at 22:23

    Tweaked some tracers on sniper rounds to have better visibility at range (the tracers are smaller).
    repeat (the tracers are smaller)<————– you cant see shit. dice if you dont want people to snipe take out the sniper rifles, but please dont blue ball us here

  • Dutch_Pr0nstar 06.04.12 at 22:20

    VOIP already FIXED?…

  • Limpya 06.04.12 at 22:16

    is the DLC patch fixed yet or will it be out tomorrow ?

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.04.12 at 22:15

    so you fix aim assist for the people who cant even aim for themselves, put the people who must aim have to suffer……….dice me as well as my friends are going to stop playing your game because we cannot see our bullet, which pisses us off, and makes us not want to play it anymore. ive gone through ALL my ammo on a single person and have not even hit them……..

    • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 22:18

      so they really messed up the sniper rifles then. thats just supper!!

  • danielguy 06.04.12 at 22:15

    Is it possible to unlock weapon camos. Ps I am grateful and pleased with the new patch GOOD WORK :)

  • GrEyMaTaSpLaTa 06.04.12 at 22:13

    dice…………. you cant snipe like this. before the patch i could hit 700 meter headshots, now i cant hit shit. ok, u want to reduce the tracer thats fine, but now past 500 meters i can even see my bullet FIX THIS PLEASE.

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 22:03

    Close quarters will be out on Xbox 6/12/2012

    • Buckkiller4lyf 06.04.12 at 22:11

      No thats when it comes out for PS3. Premium gets it 2 weeks early, PS3 gets it 1 week early

  • FaeriePr1ncess 06.04.12 at 22:03

    So we can assume that the PC servers are down until EA gets on stage to make sure that nobody releases youtube footage of the update? It almost makes me wish that something goes wrong and the servers don’t come online until seconds after Sony kicks them off the podium :D

    I wouldn’t mind but I’m only interested in playing without m26 glitchers. CQ? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • sWollenNuts 06.04.12 at 22:00

    Heli rockets are not too weak – rpgs are though. If the heli rockets get more powerful then the stingers would need to either have improved lock on capabilities, reload substantially faster or at the very least have more ammo. A heli is still very formidable when flown correctly.

  • x36z74 06.04.12 at 21:50

    Just played the singleplayer a bit in lack of multiplayer, and once again realized what a piece of junk it is…

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 21:46

    rockets of helli are to weak

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 21:42

    rockets of hello are to weak

    • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 21:43

      yes they are 4 or 5 rpgs to kill a tank. wtf

  • CapNKirkland 06.04.12 at 21:36

    there are MANY THINGS you forgot to add to consoles in that patch!

    1. claymores and C4 SHOULD NOT DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU GET REVIVED! only when entering the respawn countdown should those gadgets disappear. specifically claymores.
    2. neglected to bring IRNV scope back to its proper working order!
    3. L85 damage increase by a few points so its not a bullet waster.
    4. total nerf of M16a3 and AEK so as to not be the most overpowered AR guns in the game.
    5. incres range of SOFLAM designations
    6. Flares should no longer distract LAZER GUIDED WEAPONS. (ie. Javelines, guided shells) i was under the assumption that Dice was intelligent enough to know how flares work in the real world. they distract heat seaking weapons only as they burn at temperatures hotter than an aircraft’s engine (the target of all heat seaking weapons).. lazer guided weapons function in a completely different way. fix this!
    7. BC2′s boat glitch has appeared once again.
    8. jumping should not be faster than running, or a “tactic” to get away from enemy fire. this IS NOT COD!
    9. STOP APPEALING TO COD PLAYERS! this game was supposed to have some dignity for christ sakes!
    10. all custom servers should not have to wait for hours on end just to have a small ammount of players join through quick searth.

    i have more to write, but this should be enough for you to ignore completely

  • the_atm 06.04.12 at 21:28

    A real great way for people to find servers that they want is to have the “quick match” option only put you into EA or DICE servers, i’m sick of going to quick match and getting “1 kill wins the war” or marathon matchs or “no guns, only knives” or German games… i just want a normal match….

    • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:32

      I haven’t played on the console for quite some time (before rent-a-server came out), I now play on PC so I didn’t know that it was so bad. I know people complained but I didn’t know some people has “1 kill wins the war”! What kind of stupid game mode is that?

    • CpJoSt 06.04.12 at 22:15

      You hate it when you get on a german servers? Can you give me any explanation for this? Just wanted to know because I am german.

      • dwoolensnider 06.05.12 at 06:04

        He is referring to servers where most players don’t speak the same language I believe. I’m pretty sure the German thing was just from his experience and could have just as easily been Japanese or Russian.

  • Dutch_Pr0nstar 06.04.12 at 21:27

    FIX THE DAMN VOIP .. every time again, over and over again.. fakkid!!!!

  • steddyboy 06.04.12 at 21:25

    How about if the server kicks those who choose Famas, will that be enough to get our points, or is it allready too late.

  • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:23

    We know the reason… it’s dependant on the FAMAS. If somebody uses the FAMAS during the game nobody will get points for that match.

  • Kevin_theVet_413 06.04.12 at 21:22

    Finally man ive been waiting for this update i hope they fixed the glitch were u spawned with no gun

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:21

    IDK ive been wondering the exact same thing.

  • GERYNC07 06.04.12 at 21:21

    wtf battlefield you guys went call of duty on us there are more 8 vs 8 game modes than actual battlefield.all of a suden when call of duty release elite premium you guys want to release preimum for $40.00 for maps that won’t even come out until later this and next year now you guys released domination, gunmaster? come on than whats the online pass for, fuck cod you guys fucked up battlefield, oh yeah cod black ops 2 looks fucken stupid what a fucken waste of time and money

    • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:24

      not another one of you guys…

    • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 21:25

      black ops 2 will be more different than some changes like mw3. black ops 2 will have some better graphics and effects and more fps.. so i think black ops 2 looks pretty good.

      • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:30

        I don’t think the reason many battefield players dislike COD is has anything to do with graphics, effects or frames per seconds

  • WolfpackSFC 06.04.12 at 21:20

    Call me an idiot all you want, what is the premium by the way?

  • steddyboy 06.04.12 at 21:20

    Have EA still not found the solution to why some of us does not get awarded the points otherwise written in the battlelog??

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:17

    YOOOO that girl on E3 conference wasnt wearing clothes…she was wearing body paint.

  • uniQQe 06.04.12 at 21:13

    Battlelog will be back online during the E3 press conference. Check back at 13:30 PDT/16:30 EST/21:30 GMT/22:30 CEST, soldier.


  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:11

    Wat region are u on Slamon? It depends… They havent said when the map packs will be out.. Sometume on June though.

    • SalmonboyMaster 06.04.12 at 21:16

      Europe. The strange part is that I see people playing on the maps right now, even on European servers. They gotta be kidding me if they put up a premium service that you pay for, leaving you waiting to play. They haven’t said anything about that, so that is really bad. Then don’t offer us to pay for nothing (for the time being), just adding a premium account containing nothing!

  • SalmonboyMaster 06.04.12 at 21:10

    So now that I bought Premium, how long will I have to wait to download the new maps? I’m on 360.

  • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:09

    Anyone know how long until battlelog is back up?

    • Pana-Wan_Kenobi 06.04.12 at 21:13

      As the notice says “Battlelog will be back online during the E3 press conference. Check back at 13:30 PDT/16:30 EST/21:30 GMT”

  • Kill_Em_All_0184 06.04.12 at 21:08

    I didnt see shit about the extremely annoying TV missile suicide bug, when is that going to be fixed?

    • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:10

      I guess they missed that. They focused on unimportant things and not enough focus on important things.

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:06

    The net code is mostly about lag

    • DeaDnuLL 06.04.12 at 21:10

      Net code is supposed to compensate for lag that is what it is meant to do. I look forward to the patch and hope to see more patches soon.

  • KaosLDR 06.04.12 at 21:05

    How about the net code. It’s stupid how you can get hit after you found cover behind walls etc. That is one of the biggest problems and a reason why BF3 isn’t taking of in serious leagues.

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 21:07

      Hide behind a brick or metal wall next time bullets do go through walls

    • x36z74 06.04.12 at 21:09


    • DeaDnuLL 06.04.12 at 21:12

      I agree 100% they need to fix the lag kills.

    • schnags 06.05.12 at 03:35

      idk what system your on but its the oppisite for me and i dont like it if i cant kill you through tin or some thin concreate im pissed tottally unrealistic

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 21:04

    I agree with the emo kid

  • Temitsa 06.04.12 at 21:03

    I don’t see the point in trying to balance things out in this manner if your major selling point was a realistic battlefield simulation.

    I for one want weapons and vehicles to behave like the real thing, just like you aimed for to begin with.

    I hope you will resolve THIS issue soon.

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 21:03

    Hows the F2K? They said they were going to reduce recoil… It they did it would be beast

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 21:03

    WHATS WRONG WITH m249????

  • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 21:03

    How long until battlelog is back up?

    • Johnsondk 06.04.12 at 21:07

      Battlelog will be back online during the E3 press conference. Check back at 13:30 PDT/16:30 EST/21:30 GMT/22:30 CEST, soldier

  • LightFingers71 06.04.12 at 21:02

    lets hope that m249 was fixed.

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:58

    I think they reduced damage and reduces recoil? IDk i have to check it out and see

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 21:01

      I dont think recoil cuz everyone on here would like they fixed the m249 lol but i get wat u saying tho

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:58

    Yes what is wrong with the m249

  • tipsuu 06.04.12 at 20:58

    Now this is bullshit! I sure as hell ain’t going to pay twice for B2K, I didn’t like it that much anyway. €49,95? No, I will wait until I don’t need to pay again for B2K.

  • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:57

    Alot of people here cOmplaining about the m249, but noone knows what s wrong with it?

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:54

    Lol i guess we knoemw

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:56

      I fucken hate using my phone as a computer lol fucken auto spell

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:54

    OOh… Ill check it out when the g@y patch finishes downloading

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:53

    i know what weapon camo is… just want to know how it looks like..?

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:52

    Whats wrong with it

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:51

    Weapon camo is like MW games where you can dress your weapons… I have no idea what premium is..:(

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:51

    what for weapon camo?

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 20:50

    the m249 needs to be fixed

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:50

    I have no idea Hellfreeze.. I dont play PC

  • Iron SQUIRREL4 06.04.12 at 20:50

    Ok, I’ve downloaded the patch, and I see a new option for weapon camo??? Does anyone know anything about this? Also, I can’t purchase the premium, but the option is there… do I have to wait until the 12th to buy it?

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:49

    even if we can’t get the DLC right now. when can pc get Premium?

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:48

    Why did i take the day off from wrk:( god damn it and i make my own schedule FUCK

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:47

    Yah.. Close Quarters will be avilable on PS3 1 week earlier than Xbox… Im watching E3 live right now, if they say anything about Close Quarters release date ill let u no.

  • iSmAk x SaVaNnA 06.04.12 at 20:47

    i wish there was something like snd

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:47

    well has someone something to talk about while we wait until we can play this game again?…

    • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:48

      I would also like to know whats wrong with the m249?

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:46

    lol lameness

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:45

    I think so…

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:44

    so this update and Premium and dlc is all for overseas right now

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:44

    whats wrong with m249?

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 20:46

      No no no please dont tell me its messed up

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:43

    I think its ps3 only… but thats in Australia or UK or somewhere around there.

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:43

    u also have to download it if you bought it… just restart origin and download all the stuff

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:42

    Premium out for pc now, or only for ps3?

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 20:42

    m249 needs to be fixed

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:42

    No its just a lot of S**T. DLC in USA isnt coming out until IDK when..

  • SalmonboyMaster 06.04.12 at 20:41

    Just bought the Premium package, but when I try to join a server with new maps, it says “The server is now running content that you don’t have, look in the store for additional content or make sure that all your content is installed”. Well duh, I just bought it.

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:41

    the heavy barrel m26 shotgun glitch will be fixed ^^ also less suppression

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:41

    dose that include the DLC or somethin

  • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:41

    I hope they’ve included a massive cheater-finder-destroyer in this update

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:40

    The patch

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 20:40

    woot a 2 GB download for what

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:39

    Nah i think its 2.36 GB

  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:38

    i already updated its 2.000.00 mb or some

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:38

    This update is huggeeeee!!! Hope is worth it!!

  • mnb00125 06.04.12 at 20:35

    nooo one more hour

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 20:33


  • DyNaMiQxZ 06.04.12 at 20:32

    it is taking a long time, gtm 21:30 -.-

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 20:31

    2h more

    • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:32

      WHAT? Noooooo :( And here i’ve been hoping for a little gaming before bedtime…

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 20:31


  • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:30

    So now it’s just half an hour left ’till us PC players can access battlelog again, right?

  • Iron SQUIRREL4 06.04.12 at 20:28

    What is with the weapon camo??? Didn’t read anything about that? Where’s that info at?

  • ZipKil7 06.04.12 at 20:28

    just let me know

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 20:27

    ther talking about the m27 IAR and the lmg from the karkand assignments

  • ZipKil7 06.04.12 at 20:25


  • Indignant Yeti 06.04.12 at 20:22

    “Fixed so all clip based LMGs have Extended Mags as an available unlock.” You do realize that none of the weapons in this game use a “clip” based reload system. I’m sure you meant “”Fixed so all magazine based LMGs have Extended Mags.” Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake for those who don’t know anything about guns…

    • x36z74 06.04.12 at 20:24

      Actually you’re wrong… how about MG36 for example? It has a drum magazine, but the weapon is “clip” fed…

  • ZipKil7 06.04.12 at 20:21

    i have a problem….. i have not so many storage so can i delete the older update from bf3???

  • Iron SQUIRREL4 06.04.12 at 20:20

    Not in the top 500 any more, but I’m pretty close and I didn’t cheat a bit. check the stats and time spent before reseting certain peoples stats…

  • xBIG SHOWx 06.04.12 at 20:16

    Please reset the stats for the first 500 on the Xbox Live leaderboards….all they did to get there was boost their way up.

  • o SiicK3st x 06.04.12 at 20:14

    One thing they need to fix is the way you hold a fore-grip. I like the way he held the Famas with a front grip. It looks silly when he only raps 4 fingers around the grip. But that is all. everything else is just perfect…

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 20:13

    m249 is better but still not what it should be

  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 20:02

    Anyone watching E3 live right now?

  • tehxbellamy 06.04.12 at 20:02

    if i buy premium tommorow, will i still get the stuff that came out today??? anyone know because i cant get premium today so will i miss out on the stuff that came out today :)

    • xBIG SHOWx 06.04.12 at 20:10

      Close Quarters doesn’t come out until June 12th on Xbox 360 and June 5th on PSN. The patch came out today, that’s all.

  • peace_4_lee 06.04.12 at 19:59

    So another £40.00 to access the games full features? Come on…..

  • fud2009 06.04.12 at 19:54

    got the new maps and some servers r up but can’t join

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:53


  • Palerion 06.04.12 at 19:52

    Soooooooo…. When will America’s servers be up..?

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 19:52

    on ps3 it takes ages untill you pull your weapon when you spawn ??

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 19:46

    On premium is 4000 points so its alittle steap but buy it now and never have to worry about next dlc cuz it will down load automatically when the time comes.

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 19:40

    not yet but i did get bored reading all these post. Does that count for anything?

  • mcstickydaza 06.04.12 at 19:39

    any one get close quarters yet?

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 19:35

    you can buy the DLC after the update? or is it already available?

  • WDW-CSM-SEAL 06.04.12 at 19:35

    So, what are your guys opinions on the input lag (for ps3)?

    • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 19:35

      dont have that issue i play on pc

      • Macargamart 06.04.12 at 19:40

        …Im jealous, wish i had a pc to play this game, graphics look insane!

        • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 19:54

          yeah its a nice game with everything maxed out. I always lose my consoles or my games or someone steals my console games, or my disks get messed up so stoped playing on console. at least if i lose the disk for pc i can just go in to steam or origin and download the game if i need to reinstall it.

    • seaworker 06.04.12 at 19:53

      no noticeable improvement for me, had one match on wake island, cross hairs still on rubber bands -_- TBH i didnt expect ps3 ilag to be fixed after seeing it was just a general tighten up over all platforms. guess thats that then.

  • Macargamart 06.04.12 at 19:34

    Has the freezing issue with operation metro been fixed? Always freezes on high ticket games (conquest) wouldn’t be so bad, had i not played dam near 2 hours of the game, helping my team win only to find 20 or so tickets to victory and then freeze mcgee comes along and ruins EVERYTHING! :’(
    p.s. Well done with everything else tho! :)

  • Voxtrion 06.04.12 at 19:32

    Thank you for color blind assist

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 19:29

    its gone the forum trolls ate it

  • itookurpoptart 06.04.12 at 19:28

    When can i buy the dlc on xbox?

  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 19:28

    9.30 pm gmt time 3 hours

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:28


  • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 19:27

    when is battlelog supposed to be back?

  • Hellfreeze 06.04.12 at 19:26

    PDT time form 12:00 to 13:30 is an hour and a half. not 30 min. lol

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:25


  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 19:23

    @Deathfighter43 it was originally 8pm now its 9.30 so its 1 hour 30 mins xD

  • fud2009 06.04.12 at 19:23

    and also the map pack

  • InferiorLight 06.04.12 at 19:23

    Ok so I feel like I am really stupid but when will battlelog be back for Australia?

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 19:22

    ok im east coast i was able to play one match but i keep getting timed out now anyone know the deal?

  • fud2009 06.04.12 at 19:22

    premium is ready on ps3

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:21

    only 30 min difference, ITS ALOT

  • Mexjhon 06.04.12 at 19:21

    Anybody else can’t download the premium, I trying to download in my xbox, the servers are already up, but when i pick the option of buy nothing happens

  • barnstorm_187 06.04.12 at 19:20

    PS3 West Coast server now up.

  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 19:19

    they have changed the time check battlelog it now sais

    Battlelog will be back online during the E3 press conference. Check back at 13:30 PDT/16:30 EST/21:30 GMT/22:30 CEST, soldier.

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:19


  • Wozzernux 06.04.12 at 19:18

    Another fucken 2GB update haha, some of us don’t have unlimited download quota >.<

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:17


  • Ragnvald83 06.04.12 at 19:17

    PC is still down, xbox and ps3 are up. see link

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:17

    1.43 min later then can play

  • WDW-CSM-SEAL 06.04.12 at 19:17

    Can anyone say whether or not the input lag is fixed (this is on ps3). It still feels a bit funky to me. I’ve been playing mw3 for the past month…

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:17

    50% already, but battlelog must be up

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:16

    fuck yeah

  • dutchguy2 06.04.12 at 19:16

    download ready. PC but can not play the game?

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:16


  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 19:15

    you can download update on origin for pc now just right click bf3 on origin and check for update :)

  • CeuL 06.04.12 at 19:14

    Well, i can’t seem to find the expansion pack for pc on origin… does it have different launch dates per region?

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:11


  • Dark PeNas 06.04.12 at 19:11

    I just started downloading the patch on xbox USA… So wait Close Quarters is out on PS3 already? Meaning that it will be available on xbox in 1 week?

  • CeuL 06.04.12 at 19:10

    Lets just all hope that this time, the game will really get better…. 20m till i find out!

  • kaneswrath 06.04.12 at 19:10 use this to check i dont know which countries it works in so use with caution

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:10

    play on dice servers, they will be up i think

  • dutchguy2 06.04.12 at 19:09

    downloading it now . Started 5 minutes ago and it is already at 85%

  • kaneswrath 06.04.12 at 19:08

    xbox in the uk is up and running on the ea part of things

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:08

    its 1.08 am in singapore, gotta wait till 3 ,i havent rested a bit

    • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 19:11

      Holy shit get some sleep man try it when u wake up again ur just stressing urself

  • jakeyman5 06.04.12 at 19:08

    guys, im in the UK, and im downloading close quarters now, i started half an hour ago, but it will take a while, try it (it might depend on reigon) (Im PS3)

  • Icepick1337 06.04.12 at 19:08

    Downloading patch now 2.085GB lol nice and small. I’m from Australia and am on PC.

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 19:08

    PS3 in UK 1;53 H left ?? is it possible ?

  • BRYAN9601 06.04.12 at 19:07

    Guys some servers not working because server owner still working or sleeping they havent upgrade it .

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 19:06

    1;55 left then :D

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 19:05

    2 hours left for PC, waiting kills………………………………………………………………………………..meanwhile, i’ll fap

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 19:05

    Deathfighter43 …………………as long as you have auto update on in Orgin launcher where your games are then yes, When battleblog comes up look at bottom left corner of web page , thats where you get the PB update ect . relax go rub one out if needed. just stay calm and you can work on your ERAGE when it goes live

  • buho_icho 06.04.12 at 19:05

    en español???

  • Palerion 06.04.12 at 19:05

    Woah when did they say that? lol

  • Fury.USA 06.04.12 at 19:04


  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 19:04

    they said on battlelog 8pm England time 2 hours left.

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 19:04

    they said this will take up to 8pm :D So I will follow what they said :D

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 19:03

    Ur on ??? So….. is it worth it????

  • Icepick1337 06.04.12 at 19:02


  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 19:02

    It’s 19;02 and servers doesn’t worka … I’m waiting 3 h

  • Palerion 06.04.12 at 19:02

    I can play on servers from other countries on PS3 right now, but none from my region (east coast U.S.). So I’m not sure, when I play on these servers from other countries, are the new features of the update working?

  • Icepick1337 06.04.12 at 19:01

    Yes buddy anyone know when premium will be available to Australia and at what price. Knowing EA it will be double what the rest of the world pays lol

    • rollinggnome 06.05.12 at 10:01

      was about $70…but there are no Aust servers operating as yet.

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 19:00

    When i was on in the morning and i selected premium my screen said loading stats for long time so i prob. Will be up at 12 here in the states but uk 5 or later dont quote me on that.

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 19:00

    But, why it doesn’t work now ??

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 18:59

    Why the servers on PS3 doesn’t work ?? only couple of them but they still full like 24/24 people

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:58

    so when battlelog comes up on PC it will auto install the update, right?

  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 18:58

    will close quarters be released for pc today or is it just the consoles 1st ?

    • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:59

      ps3 1 week early so means pc and xbox gets it next week

  • xenofonk 06.04.12 at 18:58

    Live again here in Greece.

  • BRYAN9601 06.04.12 at 18:57

    Dam this close quarters awsome kill all noops hahaha

  • FatalColKurtz 06.04.12 at 18:56

    can u still not buy premium on xbox in uk

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:56

    oh so when battlelog comes up it will install the update, right?

    • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 19:02

      as long as you have auto update on in Orgin launcher where your games are then yes, When battleblog comes up look at bottom left corner of web page , thats where you get the PB update ect . relax go rub one out if needed. just stay calm and you can work on your ERAGE when it goes live

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 18:55

    Lol that was funny

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:54

    calm down, open orgin go to settings make sure you have auto update games on, thats it. when battleblog comes up you can play and get rid of some of that ERAGE ya got

  • chrisian69 06.04.12 at 18:54

    how i can install the update?

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 18:54

    Not sure for pc i play xbox bro

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:53

    help pls

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:53

    so how do i install update?

  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 18:52

    Dude said it was 3 comments down

  • Adamx80 06.04.12 at 18:52

    It sais on battlelog for pc
    Battlelog will be back online at 12 PDT/15 EST/20 GMT/21 CEST. Stay tuned, soldier.

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:52

    i live in singapore

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 18:59

      Ok this has come up a few times, the Patch will be ready for you 2moro and the same with the premium, i wish people would read!

  • markripp1 06.04.12 at 18:51

    is ps3 up

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:51

    HELP. i need to know what fucking time i can install the fucking update for PC/origin shit. i cant install now idk why

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 18:58


  • SanFranSiiCO 06.04.12 at 18:50

    FUCK!!!!! im at wrk, i down loaded this morning on xbox and i guess i was the first to down load lol i had to ge up at 6 so i down loaded it and it was done at 7. I told myself lets get one game in b4 wrk and i was the only fucker on with the exception of one fucken dice server an u knw how that goes:(

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:49

    psn is up

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:48

    5pm install or 5pm done?

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:47

    err 3pm est 15:00

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:47

    pc players gota wait ……. 5pm est

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:46


  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:45

    i cant play? how to install update on pc?

  • FLUSHmedia 06.04.12 at 18:45

    OOOO FoooookYeah…. Back online in UK :-)

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:44

    what is working?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????// PC? ps3? xbox?

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:44

    well woohoo the kiddys got thier console up , ok lets get a move on it so the big boys aka PC players can kill some nooblets

  • BRYAN9601 06.04.12 at 18:43

    It new for this upgrade . Pretty cool :) it up and running .

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:42

    what is working?

  • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:42

    playing at caspian fuck yea

  • tobycf666 06.04.12 at 18:42

    ITS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:41

    ps3 is up again

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:41

    live in singapore i play on PC . i did not see an avaliable update on origin, why? pls help

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:41


  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:40

    what platform?

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 18:40

    so i took off work just to play lol. wow i got screwed

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:39

    its up!!!!!

  • ghostkiller030 06.04.12 at 18:39

    its online again

  • Deathfighter43 06.04.12 at 18:39

    i live in singapore i play on PC . i did not see an avaliable update on origin, why? pls help

  • ghostkiller030 06.04.12 at 18:38

    go go battefield

  • ryku60 06.04.12 at 18:37

    who loves the waiting game. i know i dont

  • Allinthagame 06.04.12 at 18:37

    15 min ago able to get premium and in the store its able to download close quaters rather when u try that u chrash after 7% happend twice to me atm trying nr 3 to download te new content

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:35

    think ps3 should only be a hour or so mabey less mabey more

  • BRYAN9601 06.04.12 at 18:35

    Iam sure ready b4 5pm . Just wait let them do there job.

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 18:34

    how much longer

  • YunaSC 06.04.12 at 18:34

    > Fixed exploit where you could teleport to the AA gun on carriers by firing an EOD bot at its door.

    Daaamn, bad they fixed it- it was a nice bug, and i just get to knew it, from this change list… :D

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 18:34

    how mch?,does any1 knw

  • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:29

    pitää varmaa pelata campaign ia taas pitkästä aikaa…..

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:28

    come on servers come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • dannidk87 06.04.12 at 18:23

    Piippii22, can’t find any link to where is says it’s available at 21:00

    • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:24

      i thinks he means the number 21,000 are coming back online

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:21


  • dannidk87 06.04.12 at 18:20

    Where do u have that info from?

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 18:19

    21.00 servers coming pack in europe

  • FIR3GH0ST 06.04.12 at 18:17

    It says “Failed to connect to EA servers” HELP?

  • dannidk87 06.04.12 at 18:16

    The update, is available in Denmark now, just waiting, to test the new settings :)

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 18:15

    PS3 servers are about to come back up mabey a hour or so

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 18:14

    oikeest? mil pelaat

  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 18:12

    i can buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 49,95euros!

  • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 18:07

    Battlelog will be down on the 4th of June during these hours: 7- 12 PDT 10-15 EST 15-20 GMT 16-21 CET During the maintenance, you will not be able to access Battlelog.

  • xenofonk 06.04.12 at 18:07

    And in Greece, as well, please…

  • FLUSHmedia 06.04.12 at 18:07

    OH RUBBISH!!!…. Still not working…. COME ON EA… Been waiting all day!

  • jakeyman5 06.04.12 at 18:06

    what time zone? GMT?

  • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:05

    Can anyone tell when serves are up in finland?

    • piippii22 06.04.12 at 18:07

      En tiiä jos se tulee amerikkaa joskus 18.00 ni se tulee suomee 24.00 päättelisin

      • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:12

        Vittu… Ei o elämää näköjää ku tää on pimeenä. :D

        • valtde1 06.04.12 at 18:13

          ei tietenkää mitä sä kelasit :D

          • Monoman91 06.04.12 at 18:15

            Kai sitä oikeesti kuvitteli omistavan elämän, mutta kylmä karu totuus iski esiin. :D

  • lego_joe123 06.04.12 at 18:05

    lost connection to multiplayer and coop all together now great :|

  • Boatmurdurd 06.04.12 at 18:04

    goddamn! the update has stopped all the servers, i have an update but no game to play :(

  • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 18:03

    Any one on ps3 got a mic and wana join me in the battle field add me on ps3. Add. Stacks_midget

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 18:03

    wtf cant even play co-op lost connection to E A altogehter

  • JBEE6589 06.04.12 at 18:03


  • GiantRyan 06.04.12 at 18:01

    Any news on when it’s working again? Done the update, premium sounds orite, when can I actualy buy it tho? Anyone know? It’s probably not working cos of the new update stuff, just wondering, cheers! :-)

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 18:00

    when the premium will be available on ps3? cause im thinking should i buy the psn card today

  • rajabaziz 06.04.12 at 18:00

    Dam I hate this update, it keep me away from my game.

    Poor DIC

  • MyDeathRows 06.04.12 at 18:00

    i realy want to get premium it sounds good but 1. because its made by EA it might do stuff it shouldn’t and 2.its just like call of duty elite and i thought battlefield was its own game i might not get it .

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 18:02

      BF3 is not a cartoon, you can actually fly the choppers and get in tanks, its not the same engine… i have a long list of reasons y BF3 is nothing like MW3, thats y i play it!

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 17:59

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 17:58

    Battlelog will be down on the 4th of June during these hours: 7- 12 PDT 10-15 EST 15-20 GMT 16-21 CET During the maintenance, you will not be able to access Battlelog.

  • JBEE6589 06.04.12 at 17:57


  • JBEE6589 06.04.12 at 17:55


  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 17:55

    god im so bored

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 17:55

    3pm-8pm theyl b up depending on timezone

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 17:54

    stacks i agree u cant just hit the knife button n get a insta kill lol it takes some skill

    • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 17:59


    • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 18:01

      O yh. On close quarters when u stabb some one from behind they changed the noices chek the close quarters trailer again u will see wa I’m saying.

  • FLUSHmedia 06.04.12 at 17:53

    Anyone know if PS3 servers are back up following the update yet?

    • HSKxFearless 06.04.12 at 17:55

      the servers will come up when battlelog is done updating, well i least i hope so :P

  • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 17:53

    No lol the problem I that people think its cod

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 17:51

    that knife bug isnt a bug its ppl not knowing how to use the knife properly. u can actualy get the knife kill the same way as sneaking up on ppl. most ppl hit the knife button n expect it to work while being shot at. it fails but if u hold the knife button ur knife becomes ur primary and is way better to uses as far as the knife game mechanics try it out if this server ever goes back online

  • cuveboete 06.04.12 at 17:45

    your right tnt definitely need to fix knife bug, very lame shit

  • JBEE6589 06.04.12 at 17:44

    They should have the Flags and M-coms move in different spot around the maps!!!!!!!!! that would be real cool

  • KILLER14JOSE 06.04.12 at 17:42

    A 322 minute update, great just great. I fucking hate AT&T. So I have to wait 5 hours for this to finish good thing E3 is today.

    • JBEE6589 06.04.12 at 17:48

      Should get a extra points to take out the Squad Leader?

  • kaakaa101 06.04.12 at 17:39

    Almost ready ! Yea Cmon !

  • TNT_SEREUPIN_ 06.04.12 at 17:39


  • MyDeathRows 06.04.12 at 17:39

    We should get premium half price now because they fucked up

  • CosmicoZ 06.04.12 at 17:32

    21:00, that sucks! I’m completely locked out. Cant even play single player…!

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 17:33

      would you prefer a broken game then?

      • CosmicoZ 06.04.12 at 17:35

        I would just prefer to be able to enter the game. If the servers are being updated, the I should be able to play single player.

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 17:30

    Im in Europe so when i can play?

  • DragonRider2708 06.04.12 at 17:30

    5 hours waiting <.<

  • AoWMayo 06.04.12 at 17:29

    Also what is the points thing…how do I know how many I have…? Thanks all!

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 17:31

      its only applicable to xbox

      • AoWMayo 06.04.12 at 17:35

        Thanks! Sucks so I Have to pay…to a COD…style..gaming! :(

  • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 17:28

    Battlelog will be down for maintenance on the 4th of June during these hours: 7- 12 PDT 10-15 EST 15-20 GMT 16-21 CET During the maintenance, you will not be able to access Battlelog.

    • Watjalukinat 06.04.12 at 17:46

      I really hate the fact that a lot of computer companies are doing everything according to PDT. Instead of starting at 7pdt (10 est) it should always be early by EST. Most of the country gets screwed when companies go by pdt.

  • AoWMayo 06.04.12 at 17:27

    When is Dice going to add UAV’s…with the ability to launch ATG’s or heat seekers…The EOD should be scrapped and replaced by UAV with spotting and missile capabilities…That would be sweet.

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 17:26
  • tobycf666 06.04.12 at 17:25

    Co-op will do for now……

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 17:25

    Ou Yeah i can buy PREMIUM I HAVE 5000MS POINTS !! but i have to wait :’(

  • CombatStig_TQ9 06.04.12 at 17:22


  • Cholze69 06.04.12 at 17:17

    I f’cking hate mondays. and this became the worst monday of my life!

  • AIR_FuBaNaToR 06.04.12 at 17:11

    how long till i get to Fly my Jets?

  • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 17:11

    A baby was born laughing really hard with it’s fists closed! The confused doctor unfolded it’s tiny fingers and found a birth control pill… This baby is known as Chuck Norris!

  • FIR3GH0ST 06.04.12 at 17:04

    So they are fixing the problem of not bieng to able play online multiplayer. now go watch some youtube thn come back and plaaaay!!!!!

  • pourush89 06.04.12 at 17:03

    Fed up now of refreshing the battlelog….Eager to test the new update…F****g hell, when it will start…Wanna kill some noobs!!!

    • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 17:03

      how did you start your update?

      • pourush89 06.04.12 at 17:06

        I didn’t bro…Still waiting battlelog to finish the update…Only den we’ll be able to download it…

        • FIR3GH0ST 06.04.12 at 17:07

          i already done the updateand it fdont let oly multi

          • pourush89 06.04.12 at 17:11

            How’s that possible!!….Which country are u from?..I guess they might Deploy the update on the basis of region u are accessing…Different timings for diff regions

          • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 17:12

            on what platform??? Im still waiting for battlelog.. any idea when battlelog should be done?

          • pourush89 06.04.12 at 17:17

            m on PC…no idea abot how long it will take…Genrally Dice takes 2 to 3 hrs for a update as big as the previous one…Do u know how much time has elapsed since battlelog is down…

  • Kechelke 06.04.12 at 17:03

    Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting………..
    Waiting takes a long time…..

  • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 16:56

    anyone know how big this update is?

    • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:57

      2gbs and some change

      • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 16:58

        shot. can we start the update now or do we have to wait for battlelog to finish?

        • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:59

          i updated mine at 7:30am

          • AgentAmine 06.04.12 at 17:03

            well, origin here says “battlefield is up to date”.. WTF EA

        • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 17:01

          with origin? i wanna go visit friends so want the download to start but origin doesnt give me the option?

      • AgentAmine 06.04.12 at 17:00

        damn damn :[

        • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 17:03

          oh no im on xbox so i didnt have to wait for battlelog

          • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 17:04


  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:55

    how do u get a bus to stop…………throw a child in front of it

  • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 16:52

    youporn, did that, 5min went past, what now…

  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 16:51

    roses are red, violets are blue, battlefield is down, pornhub will do

  • Namaste666 06.04.12 at 16:48

    Hi Guys, i get battlelog update in progress, does anyone know when we can start the update? I am so keen to play. frustrating.

  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:47

    somebody post some funny stuff

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:39

    has anyone buyed close quarters yet

    • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:40

      i wish i would be playing it instead of watching south park

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 16:35

    lucky psycho
    1 idk the update or any of that technical stuff
    2 premium is like cod elite 1 upfront price and u get all the bonus content maps camos wepons server priorty
    3 idk what was wrong with the map karkand
    and yes u can play without the map packs but u still need the update so ur stuck downloading it
    and the servers will be up betwwn 3pm and 8 pm est estimated

  • b1g er1k 06.04.12 at 16:34

    thats cuz the servers are down

  • LuckyPsycho888 06.04.12 at 16:29

    Can someone knowledgeable answer this please…. cheers

    PS3: What version is the update??? Is it 1.05? Is there a server where u can download the file in PKG format or something? EA Servers and PSN sux
    What exactly is Premium??
    Does ppl still have problems with the Map: Karklan? is it possible to play Online without installing this map pack? Or is it fixed now?

    • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:34

      version is 1.05. i dont know for the download server. premium is like cod elite

    • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 16:35

      i updated few hours ago and it was 1.06 for me

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 16:28

    this is doing my head in,i just want play the bloody game:(

    • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:30

      i was so pumped for this update/premium and now we have to wait

  • Sinful_Ambitions 06.04.12 at 16:27

    Well in the meantime lots of people may go back and get a few plays of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or 1943 maybe

    • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:28

      i wish i didnt get rid of bfbc2

      • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 16:29

        me 2 mate

      • Sinful_Ambitions 06.04.12 at 16:30

        I kept mines as I still have stuff I wish to complete on there as well as enjoy the multiplayer thing. But do you have the 1943? If not you can get it for free

        • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:31

          no i have 1943

          • Sinful_Ambitions 06.04.12 at 16:33

            Well you can always play that. Besides you get to play Wake Island

        • RichTheZombie83 06.04.12 at 17:00

          Thanks for this! didn’t know you could get ’43 for free!! Ends on the 10th of this month too!!

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 16:25

    So they are out 8pm gmt

  • Vimpelboy 06.04.12 at 16:23

    between 5 and 8

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:22

    dont know for sure maybe

  • Sinful_Ambitions 06.04.12 at 16:22

    I can live without Premium than. But just curious what does premium give you besides early access to new dlc

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 16:21

    Dose the servers come back 5pm gmt?

  • Vimpelboy 06.04.12 at 16:21

    releasing the update before the servers has been updated…. WTF!!!???? That´s just STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID!

    • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:22


    • xBELx_Daync 06.04.12 at 16:23

      Not too stupid.. Not everyone has super fast internet for downloading 2.3gb update so fast..

      • Vimpelboy 06.04.12 at 16:42

        No, but they should let those of us who has get the benefit from it. If they had updated the servers yesterday, we wouldn´t have this conversation, would we? To avoid this in the future, update the f*****g servers one day before they release the update, thx a million

  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:18

    just look through comments theirs a high number of people saying 5pm–8pm

  • Sinful_Ambitions 06.04.12 at 16:17

    Will Close Quarters be available today? Also how much would the premium cost?

    • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:18

      premium is 50$ or euros

    • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:20

      im pretty sure cqb is out today cuz i have the achievements for it

      • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:21

        i have trophys for it

        • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:22

          i cant wait to play gun master its prob gunna be just like gun game

          • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:27


  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:15

    when servers come back at 5pm–8pm u will be able to do anything buy premium join games etc.

  • gamertje123 06.04.12 at 16:15

    “The Saiga’s recoil has been reduced.” => the noobs are having a field day

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 16:13

    Can i Buy Premium when servers work?

    • LuckyPsycho888 06.04.12 at 16:19

      PS3: What version is the update??? Is it 1.05? Is there a server where u can download the file in PKG format or something? EA Servers and PSN sux
      What exactly is Premium??
      Does ppl still have problems with the Map: Karklan? is it possible to play Online without installing this map pack? Or is it fixed now?

  • Daav-Cborg 06.04.12 at 16:13


  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:12

    how can i buy premium on ps3

  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 16:11

    i guess CQB came out to cuz i have the achievements for it and game modes

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 16:10

    How much i need MS points to get Premium ?

  • Daav-Cborg 06.04.12 at 16:07

    damn fuck this update i cant play

  • Delavonboy12 06.04.12 at 16:06

    Does the last post mean that i wont suddenly hear nothing but random gunshots from time to time. If I have been in the same lobby for more than 4 games?
    Because that’s pretty annoying…

  • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:05

    Fuck my bf3 doesnt work i cant join any servers cause “my version is not combatitle,allthough i updated it today´´

    • snakes0706 06.04.12 at 16:06

      yeah same here

      • valtde1 06.04.12 at 16:08

        really annoying, need an update or something cause i want to buy close quarters

    • RichTheZombie83 06.04.12 at 16:09

      It’s because the servers are down, and from reading the replies here… if they can be trusted… we’ll all be able to play somewhere between 7-8pm GMT.

  • Daav-Cborg 06.04.12 at 16:05

    yeahh you’re right but how you have to activate the battle feed on the ps3?

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 16:05

    What time can play ?

  • snakes0706 06.04.12 at 16:00

    dame this is annoying AHHHHHHH!!!!! i want to play :(

  • STlNGER 06.04.12 at 15:58

    Create an auto balance feature that balances teams by SKILL and not only player count. Prevent auto balanced players from joining back the original team. I play a lot of games where some nerds with small balls even if being autobalanced still join the same team 1 second after autobalance.

    Autobalance doesnt work. Please fix. Thnx.

  • GERYNC07 06.04.12 at 15:58

    everybody they said 3-4 more hours

    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 16:03

      when did they say that, they told us by 8pm GMT

  • BludMuffin 06.04.12 at 15:57

    Anyone know why the online servers are down? When are they going to be up again?

  • Caboooose 06.04.12 at 15:56

    my multiplayer doesn’t work is that normal? :l

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:54

    Anyone know whats going on yet?

    • GERYNC07 06.04.12 at 15:57

      yeah i talked to dice they said 3-4 more hours

      • RichTheZombie83 06.04.12 at 16:01

        Does that include the European servers? I recently started my service star all weapons and I’m dying to carry on! LOL

      • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 16:04

        rubbish, you have the telephone number and talk to a DICE advisor, bullshit!

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:47

    Are there any videos on youtube about this new update ?

  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 15:46

    haha just saw you get camo for gun now lol :D

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:41
  • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 15:41

    then its gonna be some other game untilll 8 pm

  • wdc_rush 06.04.12 at 15:40

    what is the cause of the USA and Europen servers being down and when might they be up

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:40

    Why you asking him? He said between 3pm to 8pm

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 15:38

    traffordhobbs wat time the servers up,lol

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:38

    Is actually Engineer the best soldier for Conquest ??

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:37

    Because people dont listen

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:36

    PLS that is your 4th time you jus said that in 3min.

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:35

    The servers could be up between 3pm to 8pm gmt

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:35

    neither can we though

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:35

    What only all night ?? 0.o I will play 48H non-stop :D

  • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:34

    that goes double for me

    • Mr.NiCoS 06.04.12 at 15:35

      i cant play either so what does it matter if it doesnt work

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:34

    I would hate to be in JAPAN and ASIA right now because they cant play until tomorrow lool

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:33


  • jakeyman5 06.04.12 at 15:33

    when it goes up, i am playing close quarters all night ^_^

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:33

    I think everyone have thesame thing saying when u try to join a server apart from Japan and Asia :D

  • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:32

    just saw the notice on BF3 Main menu ” Multiplayer is unavailable in Europe and North America until after Today”s maintenance”…guess it’s off to COD after all…:(

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 15:32

    mine 2

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:32

    Because it isnt the right game version compared to the updated one:)

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:31

    mine says that aswell tobycl666

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:31

    Yes there is and the jet gunner looks so cool

    • Dr LightFoot BD 06.04.12 at 15:32

      Nice foaming at the mouth here gonna have to sell something to update damn this addictive game!!!

  • tobycf666 06.04.12 at 15:30

    I know they’re updating the servers, but is there any reason why it says “your game version don’t match server browser version. All servers will not be shown” ?? Thanks :)

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:30

    heheheh that was bit dread :D

  • Dr LightFoot BD 06.04.12 at 15:30

    There is a jet gunner now? COOL!!!!

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 15:29

    i might have 2 spend time with the wife,hurry up fellas,PLEASE

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:29


  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:29

    my is thesame, gryzli666

  • G4NJAplaneR1DER 06.04.12 at 15:28

    does anyone know whats going on with xbox servers ??

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 15:28

    forever alone party till the server is up

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:27

    To all people who live in JAPAN and ASIA will not be able to play until tomorrow and my psn name is trafford_98

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:27

    Yes, I play on PS3 :D

  • SIKE84 06.04.12 at 15:27

    Trying to find things to do and waste some time but i only seem to have wasted 10 mins so far lol

  • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 15:26

    For those people who have just downloaded the update and reaalise they can’t go online. Read all the old post you will understand y u can’t go online yet

  • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:26

    i know the feeling…lol

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:26

    Good comeback gryzill;)

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:25

    ok kl i will add u is that ur ps3 name

  • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:25

    damn i would hate to have to start playing COD

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:24

    I use a ps3:D

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:24

    My whole life is about eating, sleeping and playing BF3 so, don’t tell me to be patient :D

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:23

    3pm to 8pm maximum m8

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:23

    traffordhobbs wot console do u use

  • djb31193 06.04.12 at 15:23

    When are the servers back on im bored:)))

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:22

    S gryzill calm down and be patient!

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:22

    So, are they making new servers or not ??

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:21

    New features look awesome just need to be patient and wait:Dand anytime sparky;)

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:20

    ok traffordhobbs thnx

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:20

    there is about 6 servers. People are allready playing it ! !

  • RGS.Cohen.CA. 06.04.12 at 15:20

    i hope my kitshortcut bundle stil works

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:19

    Evryone who has updated cannot play yet so stop moaning,E A has to update thier own servers aswell:)

  • sparkyboy5 06.04.12 at 15:18

    why cant i find any servers to play on

    • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:19

      i think it’s because the servers are still down

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:18

    what about Conquest or Rush ??

  • soulisblack 06.04.12 at 15:18

    is close quarters coming out today???…if you look under Premium , today’s date is listed…

  • Tomer9 06.04.12 at 15:17

    there’s a new game mode tdm close quarters
    its like the normal tdm but with smaller teams and smaller maps

  • gryzli666 06.04.12 at 15:17

    Why I can’t find any server to play ?? …

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:16

    Evryone dont think negative just think about when your finally in the game and enjoying the amazing battlefield:D

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 15:15

    sounds like fun dnt it

  • Silas_Wegg 06.04.12 at 15:14

    All of my British friends who have updated, like me, can not play any multi-player matches. I can only assume that they are going to let the Americans get going first. That’s how it always works. Americans can’t be seen to be behind anyone else. It’s the same with movies and albums. And 50 euros is a disgrace. Americans will get premium for about $50 (£32/E40). Is BF3 going to become elitist, with premium members jumping server queues? It seems so. This is a bloody joke!

    • Tomer9 06.04.12 at 15:19

      the americans can’t play yet they just have to update their servers to the newst patch…
      but you are right about the 50 euro/50 dollars
      i have an american psn anyway…

    • Dr LightFoot BD 06.04.12 at 15:25

      I agree the price is insane and it’s truly becoming elitist.Who can afford 50 euro in a tight recession it’s for the rich kids now.It’s like having to buy the game all over again.Pure greed.I have spent a small fortune on this already hard back book controller etc sorry but im not paying anymore not at that price anyway.

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:14

    Think the changes are gonna be great,just gotta wait for the servers now,cant wait:D

  • Iain5299 06.04.12 at 15:13

    Great list of changes! Would love to see an option for Static mini map though so North is always at the top! That would make squad coordination a lot easier =D

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:12

    So people what do you think of the jet gunner?

  • baddaby82 06.04.12 at 15:11

    all i want 2 do is shoot sm1.

  • crreaper 06.04.12 at 15:10

    the assault kit now has an m320 lvg wonder what it does

    • lego_joe123 06.04.12 at 15:11

      its just the renamed slug rounds isnt it?

    • Tomer9 06.04.12 at 15:16

      its like the m320 but the grenade have a 1-2 sec delay before it explodes

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:09

    Nope 3. Pm to 8 pm m8

  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 15:08

    premium is going to cost about 50euros

  • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 15:07

    like a WAR server for example

  • lego_joe123 06.04.12 at 15:07

    are servers up yet?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 15:07

    So you could do ground strikes without attaching rocket pods,much easier and better:)

  • crreaper 06.04.12 at 15:04

    y do the jets have a gunner now

  • arielsolet 06.04.12 at 15:03

    if u have the special edition can you get also the close quarters for free like b2k?

    • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 15:05


    • GK-CHlMPO- 06.04.12 at 15:06

      nope, you have to buy the premium or individualy buy the dlc. i dont know y people are asking these questions. read the information properly.

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 15:02

    there is no official release for premium or a price what u see in the premium option is just what u will get for ur money so u can think about it im shure its also a base for the new features as well

  • VOODOOcal666 06.04.12 at 14:57

    yes but the servers are still down! unless you used a private server?

  • dk89 06.04.12 at 14:55

    Good stuff! the DART glitch is finally fixed, the F35 is more nimble and the suppression being dialled back is very good news too.

    Also, I’m happy that the ECM deployment will be fixed, along with the audio crashes. The “fixed so that Assignments are being correctly sorted on the My Soldier\Assignments screen” entry is unclear to me, does this mean that completed assignments (the Back to Karkand ones in particular) will no longer show after every match? I hope so, because having to skip that page after every game is annoying. I don’t see how the sort order really matters otherwise.

    From those notes, it’s also unclear whether random bullet deviation (not just the suppression) has been completely removed, or simply reduced. It’s extremely annoying and unrealistic to say the least. I don’t have a problem with the blurring effect, but making bullets go everywhere but where I’m aiming just isn’t right. This seems to be most apparent when using sniper rifles. Making the tracer rounds more visible will help with long-range target acquisition, but this wasn’t a problem before the last rental server patch anyway!

    Also, the custom server symbol should be mandatory, i.e. server owners – if they choose to create “extreme” rule sets – should be forced to display it, not simply be given the choice to. An option to filter out servers that have this symbol from the browser would be the icing on the cake!

    Overall, I’m impressed with this patch – it may give the many who abandoned this game after the server disappearance fiasco a reason to return, and seems to have addressed almost every issue.

    Thank you!

  • Mayhem_KID 06.04.12 at 14:54

    Does anyone know when is Premium going to be able to be purchased? Is it when the servers are up or something?

  • VOODOOcal666 06.04.12 at 14:52

    yep all you can do atm is squad chat in menu, co-op with a friend you squaded with in menu and customise. and its on a few blogs like HATE, its just an estimate so we dont know yet

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 14:51


  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:51

    Ow do you know voodoo?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:50

    We should be able to x lines

  • VOODOOcal666 06.04.12 at 14:50

    3pm to 8 pm gmt estimated fix launch guys!

  • Mayhem_KID 06.04.12 at 14:49

    Oh ok I thought since its shown on my screen when I select to play Singleplayer, Multiplayer etc. I thought that it can be bought already

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 14:49

    So we all can play after 5pm on ps3??

  • FLUSHmedia 06.04.12 at 14:48

    Massive Battlefield 3 Update…. More like Massive Waste Of My Time Today!!!!… Booted up, waited an age to download the required update to find it means now I cannot play online until EA get round to updating the rest of their network! Come on guys, chop chop!

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:48

    mayhem premium isnt out yet its still in kinda a beta thing they just unvield it at e3 tody

  • ShortBackNSides 06.04.12 at 14:47

    realises i need to do something other than constantly refreshing this page for updates. Battlefield simply is THAT good!

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:47

    wrong cause then we wouldnt have been able to play the stuff we allready had regardlees ppl will still, bitch about it they should have updated at like 3am not this mid day bs

  • JPT x Oki Pro 06.04.12 at 14:46

    theres a gunner seat for scout heli

  • Skullspun 06.04.12 at 14:46

    such a bummer on a bank hol!

  • Mayhem_KID 06.04.12 at 14:46

    Why cant I buy Premium yet? I know that they need to update the servers on PS3 but why cant I buy Premium yet?

  • VOODOOcal666 06.04.12 at 14:45

    they should of changed the server codes first so we could actually play!

  • YESHAEL 06.04.12 at 14:45

    things i’d like to see happen:
    for all aircraft flares should be not an attachment but be like the CITV seat on the MBTs.
    all bolt action sniper rifles are 1-shot-1-kill, and we should be given the option of glare reducers.
    snipers should have Ghillie suits on certain maps(ie Caspian, Oman, Storm, Wake, any open non urban map)
    barrett m82-a3 nuff said!
    f-35 should have altitude restriction on hover, to be able to slow down when turning.
    lasers and flashlights should not blind teammates.
    fix delay on trigger pull, make it when trigger is pulled gun fires as in “feather touch”.
    when you are in a Party of in a squad with friends, you stay together in stead of being split up(helpful for Platoons/clans)
    take the range of laser designators increase their range half-way between original and previous patch.
    make the tracers orange instead of white(from the shooter’s perspective)[increases overall visibility for maps like Oman and Storm]
    come on my fellow soldiers lets be hooahed(for those not in the military: heard and understood) we need to get DICE/EA to hear our wants and i’m pretty sure they get the same suggestion enough times then they’ll change it, so if anything i stated makes sense to you repost/repeat it!

    see you on the Battlefield!

  • tobycf666 06.04.12 at 14:45

    Ah so we gotta wait till 5-9 pm? Cheers.

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 14:44

    All the ps3 servers are not updated. Thats why nobody can play online on ps3

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:43

    The servers will be up at 5pm to 8 pm hella

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:43

    be patient dice has to update there servers

  • xxHELLASKUNKxx 06.04.12 at 14:41

    can someone let us know wats going on i cannot play anything online at all, nothing even after update…..ps3

    • tobycf666 06.04.12 at 14:43

      Yeah same here, quick match won’t work, and when I go on server browser it says: “You game version don’t match server browser version. All servers will not be shown”. What the hell???

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:40

    they did servers will be up between 5-8 pm today they give full details on battlelog news

  • WZRD LZRD 06.04.12 at 14:40

    everyone on 360 check out ur achievements….dogtags…..and extras

  • m34tb4ll_ENG 06.04.12 at 14:39

    Think they’re too busy getting smashed at e3. Could give us an eta maybe?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:39

    Ke not shortback*

  • Skullspun 06.04.12 at 14:39

    that makes sense actually, didnt think about that

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 14:39

    When do they update the servers?? Ps3

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:39

    Skullspun how comes yours ps3 is working?and i will short back

    • Skullspun 06.04.12 at 14:43

      the multiplayer isnt working on mine trafford, from what peeps are saying it wont be until this evening.

  • ShortBackNSides 06.04.12 at 14:38

    The tension is unbearable…and after all that we have to PAY for the close quarters map packs plus. Personally gutted but i suppose nothing is free forever :(

  • SIKE84 06.04.12 at 14:37

    Anyone from the UK can you add PN ID: DaddySketch08 , and send me a msg when the servers go live. Gunna play sum WoW while im waiting

  • Skullspun 06.04.12 at 14:32

    im a little confused as why nothing on the ps3 is working….updated but cannot now access multiplayer servers, premium is showing but it wont open to buy or anything?? battlelog is down for maintenance between 3-8pm so whats the problem now??

    • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:34

      Battlelog needs to update the servers so everything can work as intended, i think they released the patch a little too soon :D

    • Mayhem_KID 06.04.12 at 14:38

      I have the same problem on my PS3 D:

  • X_lines 06.04.12 at 14:31

    When i tray to join a quick mach, it says Could not find a server to join.
    Plz help me. Ps3

  • bloodplus123 06.04.12 at 14:29
    lol wath to see the most awesome thing eva

  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 14:26

    nice trailer

  • GersForLife 06.04.12 at 14:25

    Kl m8

  • b1g er1k 06.04.12 at 14:24

    right done the latest update and have acces to premium now there is option to buy close quarters premium and i can play two weeks early so does that mean today or 12th?

    • jakeyman5 06.04.12 at 14:25

      i wondering the same mate

    • AggRoPump 06.04.12 at 14:26

      Today, the new maps are already showing up in the filter settings!!

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:24

    Gersforlife let me know when tthe update is up on yours please and i will do the same

  • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:23
  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:23


  • GersForLife 06.04.12 at 14:22

    Not mine !!

  • b1g er1k 06.04.12 at 14:22

    thanks for that

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:22

    Whose ps3 in the united kingdom is working?!

    • AggRoPump 06.04.12 at 14:24

      Not mine!! Just says “your game version don’t match server browser version. All servers will not be shown” Arghhh!!

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:21

    I WANT TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD! (head explodes)

  • jyrtzy 06.04.12 at 14:21

    so, is close quarters coming out today on ps3?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:20

    Smajmann is your ps3 having the update?

    • SMaJMaNN24 06.04.12 at 14:23

      don it already. i checked again and it says it has already been updated.

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:20

    im sorry cobblepotz i understand the logic of smart spending of money and u do know that console gaming has basiclly raped pc gaming sales so uhh stop bitching and go play WoW till bf3 is back up… nerd

  • bloodplus123 06.04.12 at 14:20


  • SMaJMaNN24 06.04.12 at 14:19

    i found a server on ps3 that has 17 poeple on it but it wont let me join. how could those people have got on! lucky!!!

    • lego_joe123 06.04.12 at 14:22

      they’ve got on coz they havnt got the update yet so they can still join regular servers

    • markripp1 06.04.12 at 14:23

      same here m8 but i cant join either

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:18

    So the servers should be coming up at 5 pm to 8 pm gmt?

  • bloodplus123 06.04.12 at 14:17

    armored kill is going to have the biggest map in bf history lol

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:17

    bloodplus: u do know u deleted EVERYTHING including ur online pass all updates and psn downloads right?

    • bloodplus123 06.04.12 at 14:18

      i didnt have any other downloads but the online pass so i re updated evryting again everythings till there

  • JPT x Oki Pro 06.04.12 at 14:16

    there is air stricks like in battlefield 1943 in armour assault

  • davidgunter 06.04.12 at 14:16

    Battlelog Maintenance 4th of June
    By: zh1nt0 Posted: 4 days ago 490 comments Battlelog will be down for maintenance on the 4th of June during these hours:

    7- 12 PDT
    10-15 EST
    15-20 GMT
    16-21 CET

    During the maintenance, you will not be able to access Battlelog

  • Limpya 06.04.12 at 14:15

    lol havent watch the trailer yet :D

  • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:15

    Server updates to those that do not know:

    Also, did anyone else see the AC-130 in the Premium trailer?

  • JPT x Oki Pro 06.04.12 at 14:14

    just wait for another update

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:14

    go play with your mouse penguin

  • bloodplus123 06.04.12 at 14:13

    the severes wont work on ps3. keeps saying i have to update it even when i did. i deleated the game utilty data and reinstalled the update and still wont work, when will it be fixed?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:13

    Everyones saying 5 pm but 5 pm until what?!

  • bikerbiker3 06.04.12 at 14:13

    Can´t find any servers after my update….. WTF!

  • Limpya 06.04.12 at 14:13

    so you saythe servers will be online from 5pm or 8 pm ?

  • Cobblepotz 06.04.12 at 14:13

    BIO-rapture53 stfu and that goes for all Gimped up Console users

  • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:12

    sorry guys correction, 3pm to 8pm thats even worse!

  • stacks_midget 06.04.12 at 14:12

    When you can buy primium can u game share it ?

  • EviLCreedy 06.04.12 at 14:12

    panterAxuk post….

  • PinkPixie 06.04.12 at 14:11

    so this is all good, i have one question, will the premium purchase run thru all the accounts on my ps3???

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:11

    Markripp is the update on ps3 now!

    • markripp1 06.04.12 at 14:13

      well theres 2 people playin online and thats all i can find but i cant join game m8

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:11

    the premium is a good deal each map is 14.99 and the premium will probally be like 50$ there are 3 more maps after CQ thats over 50$ plus u get monthly 2x exp events server priorty 10 camos and a bunch of other filler and bonus content. so idk why ppl are complaining u save money in the long run and get more stuff

  • tripleface 06.04.12 at 14:11

    5 pm!!!!! *table flip*

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:10

    how do you know?

  • EviLCreedy 06.04.12 at 14:10

    server update

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:10

    till we can access the servers and play

  • EviLCreedy 06.04.12 at 14:10

    no just sad :( wanted my bf3 fix for the day

  • Cobblepotz 06.04.12 at 14:10

    Buy a PC and Lets have Done.

    Jeremy Kyle FTW

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:09

    5 pm until what?!

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:09

    aahhh angry gamer!

  • EviLCreedy 06.04.12 at 14:09

    5pm! gaaaay

  • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:08

    It has the CQ DLC maps and premium content, along with the fixes everyone has been wanting.

    When the CQ DLC is released you will see that it is only 288kb and not 2gbs! thats because you already have it, that 288kb is just a code that unlocks it for you to play :)

    Also guys please remember: The Updated Servers are going live between 5pm and 8pm! till then no servers :(

  • EviLCreedy 06.04.12 at 14:07

    I cant play online either! hurry up and update the severs

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:07

    i have just checked the maps when you are searching servers and the new maps are on there they are donya fortress,ziba tower,scrapmetal and operation 925

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:07

    no its EA programmers that are shit

  • markripp1 06.04.12 at 14:06

    iv just gone on a server on ps3 and thetre is 2 people playin online but i cant join keeps sayin , the joined game is running an incompatible version ensure that you have updated to the latest version and try again , but i have . server called RR_oo_bb_ii_nn

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:06

    To those who hate E A you try do all that computer work then if you think its that easy stop moaning and be patient pkease

  • b1g er1k 06.04.12 at 14:05

    so im guessing this multiplayer update 3 has close quarters stuff on it then? or is it premium i dont know anymore

  • SuPeRxCrAiG 88 06.04.12 at 14:04

    12/06/2012 is early access date…..

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:04

    does anyone think its due to the amount of activity ?

    • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:05

      its due to arsholes not doing ther job properly

  • R_Vercetti 06.04.12 at 14:04

    Anyway PROPS to EA/Dice for making crappier and crappier update patches, congratulations really

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:03

    thet fix one thing then something else pops up now i cant even play multiplayer wtf ?

  • tripleface 06.04.12 at 14:03

    yeah great that the bugs are fixed but when i can try these fixes if my multiplayer dont work????

  • Cobblepotz 06.04.12 at 14:03

    Lmfao all you people are really going to buy premium you need your heads checking reading so many posts about it… good luck with that give them more money… just give me my PC patch now.

  • BIO-rapture53 06.04.12 at 14:02

    from what i know ea n dice unveild premuium at e3 in a press confrence a few hours ago and the patch contains the base of new features such as premium and weapon camo i been combing blogs and forums all morning and what u see under the premium option is what u will get for ur money no offical price is released but its suggested between $49.99 and $59.99 so im guessing here but we should be able to sign up later today or tomorrow as for servers they gotta be busting there ass to fix it cause even the dice servers aare down

  • davidgunter 06.04.12 at 14:01

    if you have movies or music saved on ps3 ..delete some off them to make some room…on your hard drive !!

  • PanterAxUKx 06.04.12 at 14:01

    The update already includes all the maps/weapons for CQ DLC, thats why the activation code is only a few Kilobytes and thats why the update is huge just for minor code changes ;)

  • MEGA-KILL-MAN3 06.04.12 at 14:00

    i just downloaded the new patch and now my multiplayer isn’t working, it tells me my version softwear isn’t compatible! wtf?

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 14:00

    have a look thruogh your game data utility you may have some stuff on there you dont want anymore

  • b1g er1k 06.04.12 at 14:00

    anyone know how/where i can get premium for xbox 360 and does that mean i can get close quarters today and is premium in update 3 that im downloading now? someone please tell me

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 14:00


  • THE_PUNISHER_619 06.04.12 at 14:00

    back up to a flash drive!

  • ALFENA1 06.04.12 at 13:59

    no and there’s no hope for now

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 13:59

    Remember people of JAPAN and ASIA you can play until tomorrow:D

  • FatalColKurtz 06.04.12 at 13:59

    nobody seems to know

  • SMaJMaNN24 06.04.12 at 13:59

    on the playstation store or xbox store

    • piippii22 06.04.12 at 16:01

      i dont see that in xbox store… i just see ”Multiplayer Update 3”

  • jakeyman5 06.04.12 at 13:58

    -_- i have hardly any space on my PS3, and another patch may not let me get close quarters, could anyone advise me?

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 13:58

    And how to buy Premium??

  • TheViperGavino 06.04.12 at 13:58

    done the update but still cant access any multiplayer

  • davidgunter 06.04.12 at 13:57

    maybe to many people online ..slowing things down…psn can’t cope !!!…or maybe they have to make up another patch to fix this shit patch…WHAT A JOKE !!!

  • piippii22 06.04.12 at 13:57

    i cant play! that says to i have wronng version (xbox 360)

  • R_Vercetti 06.04.12 at 13:56

    ALL possessors of RENTED SERVERS should UPDATE THEIR SYSTEM BEFORE WE COULD PLAY ON IT – simple as that guys

  • SMaJMaNN24 06.04.12 at 13:56

    what time does e3 start. it might tell us something then?

  • traffordhobbs 06.04.12 at 13:56

    Pdate 3 for xbox 360

  • SMaJMaNN24 06.04.12 at 13:55

    is ther