Xbox 360 Patch Going Live April 3rd

We are happy to report that the latest Battlefield 3 patch will be released for Xbox 360 on the 3rd of April between 9 AM UTC – 1 PM UTC.

This patch includes gameplay tweaks, improvements, and balances, many suggested by you, our loyal community. The full list of changes and updates is as follows. This update will also bring the Rent a Server functionality to Xbox 360 .


-Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls.
-Players now get up from Prone slightly faster, allowing better odds of getting away from a grenade or threat when prone.
-Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.
-Reduced the black screen fade in time on spawn. The fade is still necessary for properly streaming in loading content at spawn, but it has been substantially reduced.
-Increased the spawn protection time from 1sec to 2sec. The protection will still be immediately canceled as soon as the player moves or shoots.
-Spawn protection will no longer be canceled by the player looking around.
-Increased the speed at which a player regains accuracy when aiming after moving for a more responsive experience. Firing before fully zoomed will still result inaccurate fire.
-Increased the inaccuracy and recoil added when a player is fully suppressed.
-Shotgun Buck and Flechette rounds now have a less suppressive effect at medium to long range.
-Tweaked the damage levels of Buck and Flechette rounds to balance them with other weapons.
-Improved the suppression of the .44 magnum, .357 magnum, and the 5.8x42mm DAP88 rounds from the Type88 sniper.
-Attempting to Crouch (like Prone) will now properly interrupt Sprint.
-Increased the effectiveness of Suppression Resist Specialization.
-Parachutes now respond to turn and throttle inputs more quickly.
-Switching from primary weapons to sidearms and back now takes less time.
-Increased the effectiveness of explosive resistance.
-Tweaked bipod deploy settings so players can no longer deploy a bipod in places higher than chin level.
-The bipod should now be more reliable when deploying on top of sloped objects like cars and rocks.
-Fixed several issues with vaulting objects, especially for thin railings.
-The Knife now only takes two swipes to kill when attacking from a position where a takedown is not possible.
-CRAM weapons on Carriers now count towards stationary weapon awards.


-The A10 properly gives Jet score again.
-Unguided tank rounds and RPGs will now instantly destroy Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.
-Increased the damage the MBT’s primary weapon does to the front and side armor of other main battle tanks. Primarily this means 1 less shot to the front, and very good hits to the side can result in a 1 hit to disable.
-Slightly reduced the repair speed of the repair tool.
-Increased the damage done by TOW weapons to armored vehicles.
-Increased the rate of fire and minimum damage of the Coax HMG.
-Increased the damage mounted gunner .50cal HMGs do at long range.
-Increased the power of the repair tool when killing soldiers or destroying vehicles slightly.
-Fixed a problem when locking on to two nearby targets, the locking should no longer jump rapidly between multiple targets. This applies to all locking weapons and Laser Designators.
-Increased the damage of the Javelin and Air to Ground missiles against laser designated targets.
-Javelin missiles fired without Laser targeting now do more damage to the side and rear of MBTs.
-Slightly reduced the locking time of all weapons vs Laser Designated targets.
-Laser Guided missiles can now be distracted by Flares.
-Increased the locking distance for AGM Missiles for Jets when locking on laser designated targets.
-Reduced the locking time for the AGM Missiles for Jets to make them more viable against ground targets.
-Reduced the locking time for AA Missiles for Jets to make them more viable against air targets.
-Flares will no longer break the lock of a vehicle that is locked on, it will only distract the missiles.
-Flares now more reliably distract missiles, especially for Helicopters.
-Flares for Jets and Choppers now reload at 11 seconds again, except for the gunner, which remains unchanged at 20sec.
-AA Missiles are more difficult to dodge in Jets, this was unintended behavior that created an imbalance against skilled pilots.
-AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.
-AA Missiles should no longer detonate before hitting their target or a Flare/ECM chaff cloud.
-Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets to 45%.
-Fixed the SU-35 firing Air to Air missiles at a lower rate of fire than other vehicles.
-The IGLA and Stinger now lock on much more quickly and disable an attack aircraft in 1 hit, but have significantly reduced range. This should allow Stingers to mount an effective close range point defense, without dominating an entire airspace.
-Increased the speed of the Helicopter AA missiles lock on to reduce the tedious nature of Helicopter dogfights and improve the Helicopter’s defensive abilities vs Jets.
-Slightly reduced the damage of Jet cannons against Aircraft. Damage is now only slightly higher than it was originally at launch.
-Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.
-Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.
-Reduced the direct damage done by Attack Helicopter gunners vs Armor.
-Helicopter guns should now suppress correctly.
-Improved the accuracy of the Attack Helicopter’s Rocket Pods, both guided and unguided.
-Slightly increased the damage of Attack Helicopter’s Rocket Pods vs Infantry and other Helicopters.
-Additional fixes have been made to the TV missile to prevent it from blowing up the lauching vehicle.
-The Mi28 has received upgrades to its climbing and yawing abilities.
-Fixed an issue where guided rockets from the Mi28 did not follow the crosshair properly.
-Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.
-Increased the direct hit damage of the APFSDS rounds for the IFVs.
-Decreased the locking time of the IFV Guided Missile to make it more viable as an unlock.
-Miniguns and Helicopter Gunners now more quickly destroy parked cars.
-Increased the power of explosions from cars and other explosive static objects.
-Dying from the explosion of a car or other explosive static object should now correctly credit the player who caused the explosion.
-Adjusted the F35′s Center of Mass and Hover Engine for more stable, level flight in all flight modes.
-Updated the F35 weapon systems to be consistent with the other Jets.
-The F35 will now only attempt to enter Hover at low altitudes, though it will maintain the hover until forward flight is resumed, even if it reaches high altitude.
-The F35 and SU35 now properly have Ejection seats to prevent players from being killed when exiting the vehicle.
-Changed the Kornets to TOW launchers on Wake Island and moved the spawn position of the AAV to a more level position.
-Fixed several bugs with air vehicles colliding with objects at high speeds and taking no damage.
-Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough).
-The MAV will no longer destroy vehicles that run into it, instead it should be destroyed.
-Jet and Helicopter collisions should now properly result in the death of both vehicles.
-You can now spot with the EOD bot.
-Increased the base accuracy for AA guns and added a decrease in accuracy over the course of a burst.
-Reduced the damage AA guns (both mobile and stationary) do to infantry.
-The carrier based CRAM stations are now properly tracked as stationary weapons.
-CRAM and Pantsir stationary AA weapons now have Air Radar equipped by default.
-Improved the sound feedback for damage to help players better understand the amount of damage their vehicle is taking.
-The A10′s extinguisher should now function properly.
-Disabled vehicles now have an increased reverse speed to help escape to cover after being disabled.
-The T90′s crosshair now more accurately represents the trajectory of the main gun.
-Toggle and Hold zoom settings now also apply to soldier controlled turrets on jeeps, transport helicopters, boats, and IFVs port guns.
-The AAV now has zoom and a 3P camera when using the turret.
-Tweaked the AAV’s turret controls to be more useful when the vehicle is moving.
-The Z11w now properly functions with Below Radar.
-Below Radar will now also prevent the lock on of Stinger and IGLA missiles.
-Added Horns to all Jeeps.
-Tanks can no longer drive into the water and cross the Wake Island lagoon completely submerged.


Several weapons have had recoil or accuracy adjusted in orer to balance these weapons in effectiveness and also increase the feeling of individuality in each gun

-Added Extended Mags to the ASVAL. The Extended Mags can be unlocked at 200 kills with the AS VAL.
-Reduced the recoil of the SKS rifle and increased its maximum damage at close range.
-Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on the Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMGs.
-Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.
-The M26 MASS frag and slug rounds are now the more effective pump action versions.
-The M26 MASS and M320 now benefit from the Laser Sight when mounted with an Underslung Rail.
-Fixed the bolt action timer on the L96 that would cause an animation glitch.
-9x39mm rounds no longer benefit from the Sniper headshot bonus.
-Increased the damage of the 9x39mm rounds at long range.
-Fixed the AKS74u damage at max range, it was incorrectly higher than other carbines.
-Increased the damage of the .357 and .44 magnum rounds at max range.
-All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including all shotgun slugs, now have their maximum damage out to 15m.
-Semiautomatic weapons will no longer “jam” if the player presses fire faster than the weapon is capable of shooting. Some semi-automatic weapons have had their rates of fire adjusted to fit this change.
-Bolt action sniper rounds now have a chance to kill at close range if the player is hit in the upper chest.
-Semiautomatic sniper rifles, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and shotgun slugs now have more consistent damage over long range. At maximum range shots to the legs will not require more hits to kill.
-The spread for Flechette rounds has been reduced slightly on all shotguns.
-The spread for Buckshot has been reduced on the M1014, DAO-12, and S12k. These weapons have an accuracy advantage over the USAS12 but are not as accurate as the 870.
-Zooming shotguns with Buckshot and Flechette loads will now result in a slightly tighter cone for the pellets.
-Reduced the delay time between quick knife attempts slightly. Attacks with the knife drawn are still significantly faster.
-Fixed the Rate of Fire when the USAS and MK3A1 are equipped with FRAG rounds. All other shotguns correctly had a reduced rate of fire with frags, except the USAS and MK3A1.
-Fixed an Accuracy bug when the MK3A1 shotgun is equipped with FRAG or Slug rounds.
-Shotguns equipped with slugs will no longer automatically begin reloading if the weapon is zoomed when the clip is empty. This allows players to see where the slug lands before reloading.
-Fixed 12g FRAG rounds not breaking glass at long range.
-Players can now earn the shotgun Ribbon using the M26 MASS.
-The underslung grenade launchers for Russian rifles now properly report GP30 in the kill log.
-Fixed the AEK971 40mm shotgun round listing itself as FRAG in the kill log.
-Fixed the 40mm smoke grenade so it no longer passes through soldiers and unbroken objects before it detonates.
-M27 IAR: No change. The M27 is a heavier version of the M416, giving it good all-around performance though it has worse performance on the move.
-RPK-74M: Reduced the initial recoil and vertical recoil. The RPK-74M is a more stable firing platform than the comparable M27, though it lacks the M27′s higher rate of fire.
-M249: Added an initial recoil. The M249 is the fastest firing belt fed LMG, giving it superior suppressive and damage abilities. The initial recoil makes it a bit harder to run and gun, while making little overall impact on performance.
-Type-88: Slightly increased the initial recoil, reduced muzzle drift. The Type88 fires the slowest of the medium caliber LMGs, though what it lacks in rate of fire it makes up for in controllability.
-PKP: Reduced recoil but added a slight initial recoil, increased damage at max range. The Pecheneg has a heavy vertical recoil with a hard hitting round and little drift, this makes it excellent at sustained fire.
-M60: Reduced the initial recoil, increased damage at all ranges. The M60 has a very low rate of fire that makes it the most controllable with the powerful 7.62x51mm round.
-M240B: Added an initial recoil, increased damage at all ranges. The fastest firing medium MG, the M240 has a substantial muzzle kick and drift that makes all that power difficult to control.
-QBB-95: Reduced the total recoil but increased muzzle drift and initial recoil. The QBB-95 should now kick harder but settle into full auto fire better, combined with the bullpup hip fire bonus this makes the QBB-95 a highly mobile LMG.
-MG36: Added an initial recoil. The MG36 fires at a fast 750rpm and makes a nice middle ground between the controllability of a clip LMG and the sustained firepower of a belt fed LMG.
-870: No change. The 870 is a popular and highly effective weapon.
-DAO-12: Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. The DAO-12 has a high magazine capacity with a slow reload that makes it a solid all around shotgun.
M1014: Increased the rate of fire from 200 max to 210 max. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. The M1014 was underperforming compared to the USAS12 and 870, it should now be more viable in CQB thanks to a higher rate of fire.
-S12k: Increased extended mag from 8 rounds to 10 rounds. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. The S12k larger extended magazine but slower rate of fire should make it stand out against the M1014, while the DAO-12 has a higher capacity over all, but a slowe reload.
-MK3A1: Increased magazine capacity to 8 and 12 for normal and extended mag respectively. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. The MK3A1 has a lower ROF than the USAS12, giving it slightly more ammo makes this an edge vs the USAS.
USAS-12: Increased the initial recoil. Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. The USAS 12 has a higher ROF than other shotguns, this recoil change better balances that advantage and the pellets balance its damage output.
-M4A1: No Change. Well-rounded carbine, with good rate of fire and controllable recoil.
-M4: Increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil. The Burst only M4 should now feel different to its automatic sibling, the reduced horizontal recoil emphasizes the greater control you have in burst fire.
-AKS-74U: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil. The AKS-74u’s low rate of fire is paired with great controllability. The overall increase in sustained fire control should help this carbine stand out, while the first kick gives it character.
-SG553: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil. The SG553 is a lower rate of fire carbine with greater controllability than the G36C. The change to initial recoil should better highlight this difference.
-A91: No Change. The A91′s high rate of fire and bullpup from the hip accuracy is offset by a poor controllability on full auto.
-G36C: Reduced initial recoil. The G36C is a well-rounded carbine, with a medium rate of fire and a medium recoil. The 2 round burst mode gives this weapon an edge at mid-range.
-SCAR-H: Increased damage at maximum range and increased max range. The SCAR-H fires a heavier round than all other carbines, giving it better stopping power at range at the cost of a low fire rate that penalizes it in CQB.
-G53: Reduced recoil and drift, recoil settle times now similar to other carbines. The HK53 is a short carbine with a lot of initial kick but a stable recoil pattern and a medium rate of fire. The changes give it more character compared to the G36.
-QBZ-95B: Reduced muzzle sway, recoil settle times now similar to other carbines. A bullpup like the A91, the QBZ-95B is steady on the move with a lower rate of fire for controllable shots at longer range. The built in foregrip is now properly reflected in the weapon’s stats.
-AK-74M: Reduced initial recoil and vertical recoil. The AK-74M sacrifices rate of fire for controllable automatic fire, the initial recoil was negatively affecting the feeling of controllability.
-M16A3: No Change. The M16 (both A3 and A4) provide a well-rounded stable firing platform with a high rate of fire that is relatively controllable.
-M16A4: Increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil. The Burst only M16A4 should now feel different to its automatic sibling, the reduced horizontal recoil emphasizes the greater control you have in burst fire.
-M416: No change. The M416 is the middle ground AR, blending a medium recoil and rate of fire.
AEK-971: Increased initial recoil, reduced aimed accuracy slightly. The AEK has a very high rate of fire, and also a large muzzle drift that makes control difficult. The low initial recoil allowed a player to kill before the weapon’s weaknesses kicked in while the reduced accuracy highlights its close range role.
-F2000: Reduced vertical recoil, increased zoomed accuracy slightly. As a bullpup, the F2000 has a bonus to accuracy on the move and from the hip while its high rate of fire sacrifices controllability for saturation. The previous changes were an overreaction, this is a corrective update.
-AN94: Reduced vertical recoil. The AN94′s 2 round burst mode is incredibly accurate, but it suffers from a low rate of fire on fully automatic. The recoil in full auto has been reduced somewhat to offset this penalty and make the AN94 more attractive.
-G3A3: Increased damage at all ranges, reduced vertical recoil. The G3A3′s heavy recoil and heavy round are offset by a low rate of fire and a small magazine. The G3A3 was clearly outclassed at all ranges.
-KH2002: No Change. The KH2002 is locked to burst fire, with a high rate of fire and a large muzzle drift the weapon favors accurate mid-range fire.
-L85A2: Increased accuracy, reduced muzzle drift. The L85 differs from other bullpup style ARs by having a low rate of fire, the accuracy and controllability were too low to offset the rate of fire.
-FAMAS: The FAMAS combines an extreme rate of fire with extreme recoil making it very difficult to use at anything other than close quarters combat. Due to update restrictions, the FAMAS had different stats on all 3 platforms. The FAMAS is now uniform on all platforms and now has the correct 25 round magazine.
-PP2000: Reduced the initial recoil. The PP2000 has a lower ROF than other PDWs and needed the controllability to be balanced.
-UMP45: Reduced accuracy loss during full auto. The UMP45 hits hard and has a controllable recoil at the cost of a heavy initial recoil kick.
-MP7: No Change. The MP7 has a very low recoil and a high muzzle drift that favors longer bursts than the P90.
-AS VAL: Increased vertical recoil, reduced first shot recoil, reduced accuracy on the move. The AS VAL fires a long range, highly accurate, high damage projectile that favors short bursts or single fire when stationary. While still quite good from the hip, the AS VAL will suffer if fired while moving and aimed.
-PDW-R: Reduced the initial recoil. The PDW-R has high recoil and favors burst fire, the added initial recoil was making it less effective in small bursts.
-P90: Reduced the initial recoil. The P90 favors a run and gun play style using long bursts to control muzzle drift, the initial recoil was making bursting ineffective.
-PP-19: Slightly reduced the initial recoil when firing, increased base damage. The PP-19′s high initial recoil was over penalizing the burst fire needed to be effective on the low damage, high capacity weapon.


-Fixed the 7x scope not zooming to the full 7x on all weapons.
-Corrected the M39′s laser sight so it points at the point of impact and aligns with scopes when zoomed.
-Fixed a misaligned scope crosshair on the G3A3 using the Rifle Scope 6x.
-Fixed the PKA and PKA-S scopes on the M416 having swapped zoom levels.
-The L96 Straight Pull bolt now functions properly.
-The L96 ironsights have been adjusted for a clearer aiming picture and correct use of the integral front sight.
-The L96 now properly shows scope glint when using the 8x, and 12x scopes.
-Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.
-Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.
-Tweaked the IRNV zoom times and scope visible areas to be the same across all weapons (some were faster than others).
-Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper sniper reticule

-The Accuracy increase and Recoil reduction of the Bipod has been significantly improved for Assault Rifles and Carbines.
-The Bipod now provides similar Accuracy and Recoil benefits no matter if the weapon is fired while aiming or without aiming for all weapons. Previously only LMGs were worked this way. This especially improves the speed at which snipers can make follow up shots, and also allows effective unaimed suppressive fire with Assault Rifles and Carbines.
-Increased the Speed at which a bipod is deployed, allowing the user to obtain the bipod’s bonus sooner after the deploy has started and allowing the weapon to be aimed in a far shorter time. The speed has been increased 40-50%, depending on the weapon and animation.


-The Vertical Recoil penalty of the Heavy Barrel has been reduced. The value has been changed from a global percent increase to a weapon specific value.
-A small Hip Accuracy penalty has been added to the Heavy Barrel to represent the added weight of the accessory, as well as focus the attachment on accurate mid and long range fire. The exact penalty amount is a weapon specific value.
-Several weapons with low default bullet speed now have their bullet speed increased when the Heavy Barrel is equipped. This is in effect for the A91, G3A3, AKS-74u, G36C, M4A1, SCAR-H, SG553, G53, and QBZ-95B.
-The Heavy Barrel is now also paired with Match Rounds which increase the maximum range of the weapon. The minimum and maximum damage are unchanged, weapons with the Heavy Barrel will be more effective in mid range.
-The Aimed Accuracy bonus provided by the Heavy Barrel has been increased. This will increase the effectiveness of the Heavy Barrel for small bursts, as originally intended.


-Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.
-Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.
-Tweaked the IRNV zoom times and scope visible areas to be the same across all weapons (some were faster than others).
-Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper sniper reticule.

-The Horizontal Sway reduction has been changed from a global percent reduction to a weapon specific value reduction. For most guns this means very little change, for guns which have a large horizontal recoil the change is more substation. The FAMAS, F2000, and AEK971 are most effected, the AK-74, M16, and M416 are nearly unchanged.
-A small long range Aimed Accuracy penalty has been added to the foregrip. Players who generally find themselves fighting at mid to long range may want to change their accessory, while players fighting in CQB will go largely unaffected. Combining the Foregrip with a Silencer or a Heavy Barrel will offset this penalty.


-The Hip Accuracy bonus provided by the Laser Sight has been increased. Some PDWs have had their crouch and prone base stats adjusted to prevent hip firing being more accurate than aimed fire when using a laser sight.
-The bonus is now a weapon specific value instead of a global percentage, some guns receive larger or smaller bonuses, though all bonuses are better than they were previously.


-The Suppressor no longer reduces the maximum damage of a weapon when equipped. Instead the Suppressor reduces the minimum and maximum range of the weapon, making it ideal for CQB and Stealth. This change will make the Suppressor slightly more effective at long range, where the bullet drop and speed makes shots difficult already, and reduces the power of the suppressor at mid range slightly.
-The Suppressor’s recoil bonus remains unchanged at a global 10% decrease. This is less than the Flash Suppressor’s bonus for all weapons.
-The Hip Accuracy penalty of the Suppressor has been changed from a global percentage to a per weapon value. Generally this penalty is higher now, but not for all weapons. Specifically, the belt LMGs and bolt Snipers do not have any additional hip fire penalty, as their penalty is already at the maximum possible value.
-Reduced the Aimed Accuracy bonus of the Suppressor from 50% to 25%. A Suppressor and Foregrip combo will have similar accuracy to a weapon without any Accessories, at the penalty of worse Hip Fire Accuracy and Range and with the benefit of much improved Stealth and reduced Recoil.


-The Flash Suppressor no longer reduces accuracy for Automatic Fire.
-The Flash Suppressor now also works as a recoil compensator, reducing the Vertical Recoil by a weapon specific value. This bonus is larger than the bonus provided by the Suppressor.
-A small Hip Accuracy penalty has been added to the Flash Suppressor to represent the added weight of the accessory. The exact penalty amount is a weapon specific value.


-Reduced the spot times on C4 and Claymore projectiles from 30 to 15 sec.
-Tweaked the controls and physics for the EOD bot to improve its handling and aiming capabilities.
-The Radio Beacon, Mortar, MAV, EOD bot, T-UGS, and SOFLAM should now be much easier to deploy.
-The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed. It is still possible to strategically sacrifice your MAV on a soldier; it will be destroyed in the process.
-The MAV now properly shows up in the Kill Feed. Previously it simply displayed “KILLED.”
-The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator.
-Matched the motion sensor sweep frequency and range on the MAV to the TUGS.
-Players will no longer auto enter SOFLAM, MAV, and EOD bots after they are deployed.
-Players may now use their knife to destroy enemy equipment.
-C4 will no longer be detonable after a player respawns, if the player is revived within 5 seconds he can still detonate his C4.
-The player may now have a maximum number of mines which will persist after the player’s death. Deploying more than the maximum of 6 mines will remove a previous mine from the world.
-Claymores now live up to 5 seconds after a player dies, the player can have a max 2 claymores planted at the same time.
-Claymores can now detonate from vehicles and can be used to disable jeeps or kill the passengers in light jeeps. Claymores will not do any damage to heavy vehicles.
-Ammobags now stay until the user redeploys them like Medkits.
-Ammobags resupply bullets more quickly, but explosives resupply more slowly, especially 40mm grenades.
-Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.
-Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4. Players desiring more rockets will want to use the Explosive spec.
-Slightly increased the heal rate of the Medical Crate.
-The MAV now will also descend by pressing the Crouch Toggle key. (PC)
-The M224 Mortar can no longer be deployed in an area that is out of combat for another team like a home base or other protected spawn.
-Tweaked M224 exit points so the player faces in the direction of the mortar when he exits.
-Mines, Claymores, C4 and other deployable items will now only appear on the minimap when spotted by a teammate.


-Fixed a bug where players would spawn close to the enemy team at the start of the round.
-Tehran Highway playable area has been doubled and is now the same as the Squad Deathmatch set up. Spawn points have been tweaked, and an extra spawn zone has been added north of the footbridge.
-Kharg Island has a new spawn zone layout, along with a bigger playable area and new cover objects. Spawn points have also been tweaked.
-Strike at Karkand spawns zones have been tweaked to improve player flow. Spawn points have been tweaked to improve safety upon spawning.
-Sharqi Peninsula spawn zones have been adjusted to optimize player movement. Spawn points have been tweaked so players spawn more safely.
-Seine Crossing spawn zone set up has been improved. There is a new spawn zone by the alleyway to the northwest with additional spawn points.
-Caspain Border spawn zones have been tweaked slightly.


-Fixed a bug where players would spawn close to the enemy team at the start of the round.
-Damavand Peak layout and spawn zones have been tightened to reduce the spread of players across the map
-Tehran Highway now features an extra spawn zone north of the footbridge, along with tweaked spawn points.
-Noshahr Canals spawn zones have been tweaked. Removed unsafe spawn points in the Northeast corner, and in the middle of the container area to the Southwest.

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  • Thundercall 06.06.12 at 07:40

    Pardon me, but “Claymores now live up to 5 seconds after a player dies, the player can have a max 2 claymores planted at the same time.”
    Does this means: 0 to 5 seconds after death-death or just death-waiting-for-a-revive?
    Because many times I have notices enemies running right pass the should-still-be-there-claymore that I have placed, after they have shot me… so the claymores feels more like will-be-remove-0.1-second-after-you-go-down-claymore,..

  • LERKI0 05.23.12 at 11:42

    The two previous guys are right, its almost impossible to kill a decent chopper crew. you either cant get a lock for whatever reason, if you do manage to get a lock the pilot just uses the ECM to break it and flys away below radar till his ECM recharges. and if you some how manage to score a hit the helicopter is hardly damaged. I know the helicopter needs to be protected against ground fire to make it useable but at the moment its radiculous. I think if you get a lock on at short range say 10/15m, the missile should hit not matter what the pilot does to prevent them just hugging the ground and evading fire.

  • Dobber 05.14.12 at 21:02

    I agree with Mudvayne90. Supposedly “The IGLA and Stinger now lock on much more quickly and disable an attack aircraft in 1 hit, but have significantly reduced range. This should allow Stingers to mount an effective close range point defense, without dominating an entire airspace.” That is factually inaccurate. I do not know how many times that I have used a shoulder mounted SAM got an impact and the and absolutely nothing happen, they just fly away.

  • Mudvayne90 05.10.12 at 02:40

    Fix the Stingers and the IGLAs, they won’t lock on if they are too close and won’t lock on if they are too far away. A halfway decent pilot with flares or ECM jammer is untouchable from group troops. Other than that I’m quite happy with most of the patch fixes.

  • I31iTZ 05.07.12 at 08:56

    forgot to metion….. um the air radar in aa vehicle i’m not sure if it up to scale. i feel like the radar makes it seem like the helis are closer than they are but really not.

    • LERKI0 05.23.12 at 11:45

      I agree it looks like theyre on top of you when really theyre miles away

  • I31iTZ 05.07.12 at 08:50

    tnx dice for fixing some of the problems in the game. ignore the hateful comments, i still think the game is amazing. i appreciate the hard work you guys have given.
    i think the rent a server was a pretty smart idea for the people who want to change things up a little but i think there should be little more DICE servers cuz sometimes whenever i get bored of a 300% tickets rush, i wanna go back to the normal rules and sometimes they’re always full. so far i’m lovin the patch. i dont really like getting on air vehicles but i know someone who has a few comment regarding the latest patch mentioning air related stuff. heres a link to his video:
    on a personal level i dont know the guy but i do respect him as a battlefield 3 player and i just want to help his comment get across.
    p.s. i really appreciate the fix on the latest patch regarding the m16 changing into ak 47 whenever you switch sides (same for every class) when both guns has already been unlocked.

  • PuFFtheMagicBoy 05.04.12 at 04:55

    Hitman I feel that, DICE and EA have allowed purchases of everything to make some money and the game has suffered along with the players. Hopefully when close quarters comes out us Die hard Battlefield pre-order fans get something back. Hopefully they dont sell the new assignment guns, I’ll be really bitter if they do. These players purchase everythings and have never even used a tank or heli and odviously didn’t progress with the vehicle and there still garbage at using them. Driving into mines, not using flares (whom everyone has now) ex.

  • Hitman1192 05.02.12 at 17:04

    I cannot stay quiet anymore…I am a casual player between my time going to school and working full time I find time to play and level my character without purchasing the BS weapon pack. I have had this game since pre-order and grinded my way to the top. After devoting hours of play to BF3 I was very disappointed/pissed off when they released an update (trying to make as much money as possible) so that players (newbies) could buy the weapons and rent servers. This does not make the game play even it cheats both the existing casual player and hardcore game out of their preorder purchase and them earning all the weapons. What is the point in every game??….To advance in the game. Purchasing weapons ultimately destroys the purpose of this game. Suggestion for a fix?? Now that this is done why doesn’t dice offer rewards to pre-order and existing gamers that have earned their ranks and have not purchased the weapons.(a perk) Extra grenades….something for being dedicated to level and play the right way and not cheat by buying upgrades ect. Leveling and advancement is the entire point of any gaming experience. A few comments…a few changes needed to be made to some weapons tweaking them. DICE and EA took this update overboard. 1. Support class is still over powered, its ridiculous that they can continuously supply claymores and post up in a build and just keep putting out more claymores. This makes it impossible to infiltrate a building tactically as the original purpose of this game was intended. The fact that a bipod makes the light machine gun just as accurate as the sniper rifle is absurd. I have attempted to snipe the support class before but due to the deadly accuracy of their guns it is easy to be suppressed and killed quickly. 2. Rockets and grenades are way underpowered not last I checked before the update the reload time of both was enough to get the player out of dodge before getting hit with the next round and dying. Instead we now have a ridiculous 3-4 shot issue with an explosive device and the player still doesn’t die this ultimately allows snipers to stay in camping positions. (This was the entire point I stopped playing COD I hate campers.) To correct this something needs to be done about the damage to the building. What happened to being able to destroy entire buildings and eliminating the possibility of camping?? This was another reason I bought this game. 3. Snipers…What was once underpowered now needs to be balanced. I played a sniper the first few months I had this game and enjoyed it. Now we have quickscopers and players getting to areas like towers using the spawn beacon and killing everything that moves without any resistance(Noshahr canals crane). You are unable to hit the person on the crane because of the vantage point. I have been killed about 50 times upon spawn because someone is sniping from the crane. One shot kills with the sniper rifle are ok to an extent but can get pretty annoying. 4. Assault class…really, whose not aggravated with this issue…The rifles recoil is uncontrollable. Before the patch you could slightly pull the fire control and burst the weapon hitting targets far away. Now, you have to use semi auto. Semi auto is fine but when I am accurately hitting a target it should not take 10-15 shots to kill them on the semi auto firing mode. (This goes for all weapons). So much for being a trained soldier who can manipulate their weapon to adjust for the recoil. The pray and spray is ridiculous, a game should favor accuracy over the fire rate of the weapon. In a close range firefight the recoil is uncontrollable on most of the assault rifles. 5. Flashlights.. The flashlight has to be the stupidest concept of the game. Stupid is used because I have never witnessed a flashlight that blinds someone in broad day light. In slightly dark buildings it is impossible to see the person using the weapon which is also pretty dumb. Note this has not been changed since the game started.6. Shotguns…way overused since the update. Currently as expected some BF3 players have searched for the new way to cheat since the frag rounds were removed this caused the revolution of the m26 with darts. One shot kill every time. In playing the game since the update I have noticed a lot of players are using shotguns on the open maps. Why?! The map is open for the use of long ranged weapons. This further shows how a lot of players are just looking for the next easy kill and not building their skills as a player. 7. Enhancement suggestion- how bout an EA server with 200 tickets? This will make the game a little longer but also further the enjoyment of what is usually a short game. 8. Spawn beacon and suicides. Players are using grenades to kill themselves and the spawn beacon to spawn on areas that are normally not accessible. There should be a penalty for purposefully killing yourself with a grenade if this is done 3+ times you should be kicked from the server automatically to prevent your team from losing more points with the added 1death to 1suicide penalty. 9. Spawn beacon class switches. Many players are using the spawn beacon to switch classes and layout all of the healing kits/resupplies needed to withhold a position and then switching back to another class to hold a position this should also be corrected.

    These are things that I have noticed and have kept quiet about for a long time its time to restore this game to its former glory and stop catering to people who don’t want to earn anything. You are pretty lazy if you will not play a game you bought to earn, advance and have fun with. When I started I died just like everybody else and this should be the same circumstances for new players. Its time you reward your dedicated preorder players and people who have earned their weapons by leveling. If you plan to give new players all the weapons you should give preorders levelers a chance to get exclusive weapons for achieving the levels and advancing. DICE and EA have allowed purchases of everything to make some money and the game has suffered along with the players. If the game continues to pick up the lazy player and the people who just look for a weapon to cheat and get easy kills with this game will die off very fast.

  • O_of_HITM 04.28.12 at 17:35

    I’ve been a battlefield player since Battlefield 1942 for PC…. Keep up the good work with making the game more realistic… Still a few things need to be adjusted but I’m sure that will come in time… Still better than any other recent FPS out there at this point…

  • simon200430 04.25.12 at 17:40

    omg what have you done to this game loved this game but you have cocked it right up with this new update if you was trying to make cod mw3 look good then well done guys you hit the nail on the head if you was trying to make this a better game the only way you could have done that is to leave it alone in the first place. as some one has already said this is not the game i paid for

  • alexfr10 04.25.12 at 00:47

    I have just spent a few weeks on cod mw3 just for a laugh. Spent all the time I played it bigging up bf3. I return to find you have completely ruined it. Well done EA / Dice….. So glad I didn’t buy the map pack, would be even more gutted. hats off to a complete cock up…….

  • mushpuff 04.23.12 at 08:12

    SIMPLE this game still sucks and is completely unrealistic also still the most unbalanced multiplayer game I have ever played umm 1 question when does bad company 3 come out I destroyed my battlefield 3 because the game is a joke not excited for another update just remake the freakn game or give me bad company 3 this game is so damn glitchy and laggy just such Junk.
    Bullets= bbs in the battlefield 3 world.
    Mass shotgun=nuclear bomb
    If they want realism this is definitely not realism, go shoot real weapons and then you will see how powerful guns are not a COD fan but in COD at lest someone dies when you have the drop on them.

  • Ezio0826 04.22.12 at 18:16

    why is the SOFLOAM now indestructiable by rocked pods? they are the most annoying thing combined with a javelin, or do i do something wrong? please help, always get locked on by the SOFLOAM and cant do anything about it. the only thing i could do is land there and take it out with normal bullets lol. Help is much aprecciated thanks.

  • vi66lucifix999 04.22.12 at 04:52

    i want my money refunded for battlefield 3. this is not the game i stood in line to buy and not a game i would have kept if it were like this when i first played the game. You sold me an item then changed it to something i would have never purchased. if that isn’t illegal it should be! there are way too many examples to make but here is one example that needs nothing further said. the M98B is a 338 lapua magnum rifle capable of 1800 meter one shot kills on human targets all day any day in real life. in your game though hit markers are the easiest thing to get with this weapon! even inside the ticket hall on metro, total crap! by any standard. EA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AnySPIDERPIG 04.22.12 at 06:13

      That would unbalance the game… I understand where you are coming from. The game can’t be completely realistic. If it was a one shot kill, it would be sniper vs. sniper. No other kit would be played…

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.21.12 at 19:38

    fuck the assault class i f****** hate it!! nobody uses like the recon or support class aymore.

  • Chunnytien 04.20.12 at 19:48

    The M26 Dart is ruining the game. Like seriously

  • Utahchev 04.20.12 at 18:25

    DICE-EA really no comment yet? I can not beleive you have not commented on the patch. I check this blog everyday thinking we will hear somehting from you about the patch and nothing. If I was on your TEAM I would be ashamed of myself right now!

  • mike552 04.20.12 at 18:04

    Please fix the new patch. Most of my friends stop playing this game. Dice you are seeing that everyone hates this new patch you need to do something fast and listen to the people that are playing the game, the best thing you can do right now is delete this patch and just fix the main problems like the mav, usas and servers.

  • elgordo1234567 04.20.12 at 17:30

    I completely agree with the problems. If you kill the rented server admin too many times they kick you. The worse part is ever since the update it gives me disc unreadable (even though it is new and game is on HDD), and it keeps dropping me from xbox live. They really did ruin a great game. I’ve stopped playing until Future Soldier comes out. (Can’t stand COD).

  • mike552 04.20.12 at 02:24

    It is crazy to think that this is a VEHICLE BASED GAME and most of them are now made of glass. I think it is time to find a new shooter.

  • Nikko1017 04.16.12 at 22:32

    Hope someone from the programming team reads this… The April 3rd XBOX patch was supposed to make the mortar easier to deploy. This does not seem to be the case, EVEN IN AN AREA OUTSIDE THE HOME BASE OR PROTECTED SPAWNING AREA. What is happening is that the mortar will not deploy but remains in the blackened out, above the ground state. What gives? And why can’t the mortar be deployed on grass anymore?? If you insist on the spawning zone concept, then mark it in EVERY MAP so we don’t waste time = lives trying to set it up. Remember though, some maps are too small to support your concept–Grand Bazaar for instance.

    Design philosophy: you guys sent so much time making the graphics realistic–YOU SUCCEEDED! Why can’t you adopt a simply DESIGN PHILOSOPHY for weapons and tactics = If you can do it in real life, it goes in; if you can’t it’s out. Done! Base the weapons, scopes, gadgets, etc an manufacturer’s specifications. Base the tactics on what can be done in real life. For example, no part of the battlefield is protected; if you get overrun, you lose your supply line. You can keep going as long as you scavenge but once that is gone, you’re done.

    Feel free to contact me. You have my email address. BTW… renting servers was brilliant from a marking standpoint. The next step should be to design a map creating utility which allows endusers to design their own maps for submission to EA.

    • Utahchev 04.19.12 at 16:35

      I agree with everything you said! If you can do it in real life then that’s the way it should be developed. The only thing I disagree is the “Rent a Server”. I have been kicked more times than I can count because I’m doing too well in the game. There should be an option when you rent the server where if you open it up to the public you cannot kick for dumb ass reasons. If you want the option to kick then let everyone see that before they pick your rented server to play on

  • STINGER 267 04.16.12 at 07:34

    This patch really sucks! I am a true Battlefield veteran as well as an Iraq war vet. First of all everyone of you people saying the patch makes the game better because it’s more realistic just quit. It’s a game and will never be realistic to actual combat. If you want to see real combat there is plenty of it going on and it’s not hard to get into. The game is fun. Real combat not so much fun I promise. I have been a faithful battlefield fan sense you started with Battlefield 1942. All the games have been great and Battlefield 3 was no exception. It was a fun game before the patch. I played this game every day before the patch. I don’t even play this game anymore. It’s like playing a brand new game. If you want to make this many changes just make a new game and leave Battlefield 3 the way it was. The rent a server sucks as well. I get banned from games for doing good. Every game you get into is completely different. In one server I can get in a tank and get killed with one front shot from another tank. The next server I can hit a tank over and over and not even hurt it. All these tweaks you allow people to do suck and you never know what you’re going to get into. I use to play on a daily basis but dam I don’t have time to play a 1000 ticket game. Especially when I’m taking turns with other people. These games with a huge number of tickets are all I can seem to get into now. And if you leave a game early you don’t get any experience. Build a new game and leave the game the way it was. All the inconsistencies from quick match ruined it. Along with all the game play tweaks. Sure some things could have been fixed but it wasn’t necessary. It was still a blast to play and those of us who played it on a regular basis knew how to operate and knew how to use the equipment available. Now newbie’s can tweak it so much that you get slaughtered regardless of your experience level and ability. This game just isn’t fun anymore. Everything was great the way it was. Please remove this patch and let us play the way we have been playing from day one. If you want to tweak the game give people the option of going to private servers where people can tweak the game all they want and give us back the old game and old servers. If I wanted a newb friendly game I would play cod. I don’t like cod and I don’t want to play cod. Please give us back the game we paid for. Very few people seem to be happy with this patch. You are trying to reinvent the wheel and threes no reason for it. I hate to see this game get ruined like this. I am a loyal fan but you just pushed me away dice. Anyone up for some BF 1943 or BBC 2?

    P.S. Why is everyone crying about the mortars being able to set up in the spawn? That’s where they would be in real life. You want realism right? All you had to do to take care of them was deploy your own mortar and put one right on their head. It never failed even in their spawn……

    • Utahchev 04.16.12 at 18:42

      First of all thank you for your service. Not too many people here can say they have given what you have for your country. AMEN to all that you said, I agree and so does many more. DICE will not and has not as far as I have seen commented to any issues regarding the patch. They are either ducking their heads in shame (which this is what they should be doing) or really just don’t care. I think they don’t care.

  • KHEV 04.15.12 at 12:01

    Hey all, I thought I’d remind you of some of the fun in BF In BFBC you can drill through the roofs and walls-brilliant for surprising people and getting up on rooftops. You could shoot down Helicopters with prolonged M60 fire. In BFBC2 you could fire a laser designator manually and in the same class then lock on a missile and fire it to take it down-brilliant reward for a great manual shot especially at long distance You could also hit a chopper with the M95 sniper, keep at it and you’ll bring it down, miss that with BFBC3 dislike how much free reign the choppers now have. Being able to blow up C4 after you’re dead was a good fun way of getting one back sometimes. There was I think more scope for destroying buildings in BFBC2. I love them all but honestly think BFBC2 is more fun. Idea for BFBC4-give us fire, imagine Harvest day map with fire effects that you see on Farcry 2-a whole field on fire-affected by wind-and I wanna see lots of thick mud troughs from tanks and dirt flying up-some of you guys talk about BFBC not being realistic cos you can stab someone in the back but can’t in real combat-don’t fret it’s a game for fun-I love nothing better than managing to sneak up on someone and taking their tags hehe

  • BloodSmak 04.14.12 at 21:05

    You people are idiots. Granted there are still some things tht need to be changed like the MAV shouldn’t be able to kill anyone although I am glad they made it explode when you do so. And the mortar placement needs to be fixed cause I’ve been in games where the enemy sits safely in there spawn yet I have to go sit out in the middle of crossfire. Also the explosive radius on AT rockets and 40mm grenades needs to be increased a bit more, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shot one at someones feet and they just end up gunning me down. Sorry about the idiots part I just get a little worked up when I hear a bunch of irrational whining and this game will ALWAYS be better the COD.

  • pshea86 04.14.12 at 07:17

    Gosh for all the tweaking that Dice did, nothing seems to have changed. Oh Maybe its the shitty rent-a-server. I mean seriously, how about having to pass an internet speed test to host this, dedicated my ass! I have never seen so much lag in my life! What would be cool is to fix the glitches in the game like on caspian border so that snipers can’t go up on the rock mountains and snipe through the rock while you shoot back only only hit the side of the rock when it would be a hit. How about fix the maximum range of sniper rifles? 300 is to much to snipe at? Get real! That is a pea shooter, I can hit that with a .22 rifle. Oh and while we are talking about sniping, Since when can you hit a target that is not even visible. I got shot by a sniper across the map, I could understand getting hit once and it being a luck head shot. but I got three hits while I was moving. The only way I knew where the shooter was was because I saw the muzzle flash and the bullet. Also you cannot dodge a sniper bullet from 54 meters, yet I have done it, and I have seen others do it. You should not be able to see snipers bullet unless you are using a balistic scope and are looking through it! ITS NOT A FUCKING TRACER ROUND!!!! taking away the MAV fight and not giving a sniper clamores is retarded. I finally unlocked the MAV and now I cant use it like it was used on me! This is Horse Shit! I fought all those snipers who flew on the mavs and I deserve the same features in the game that they had. I didnt bitch about it because it wasnt fair. I bit the bullet (many times) And earned my MAV and what do I get in return, Oh That is fixed because of little bitches that whine about a feature in the game they new about! The fucking shit about the unguided missile is bull shit because I have hit many a jet or Heli and they have not died instantly, I always get “Vehicle disabled” but if I ever get hit is sudden death. If you really wanted to fix something and deliberate over something how about turrets in the spawns that automatically shoot base campers down, how about fixing having to hit multiple time with heat seekers to shoot down an enemy aircraft from aircraft! and take the cheap buy for all your upgrades off the market! Some players like myself want to earn all their upgrades, if we wanted them cheaply we would go play Modern Warfare! I bought this game because it was solid. This update made it a piece of Shit. What the fuck did I pay for a back to karkhand expansion pack when no onw really even uses all the maps in their shitty ass servers? If you are going to have Rent a server Dice needs to have the same amount available because I am tired of having to play on some fucking retarded server where the admin kills me just to ballance the teams! I will not but the new map packs that are coming out. Battlefield/Dice/Frost will not get anymore of my money for this franchise! This patch made this game a complete Shit Hole! It took a game that was fun to a game where I cannot stand it and play Madden 12 over! Fix this shitty patch update, I bought my copy 2 weeks before the fucking patch. I knew what I was getting into, now you all just fucked everything up! This game is a joke! If there are not more dedicated Dice hosted servers, and the removal of base camping I will be seeking a refund for the price of the game, my online pass, and the expansion. A complete Fucking waste of my time and money! Thanks for fucking up a good thing!

  • jonnoscribb 04.13.12 at 19:02

    as a player that mixes up what weapon i use I NOW OWN WITH EVERY WEAPON IVE TRIED! instead of some such as the G3A3 being awful I like all the guns now. great job dice! ignore the comments that say the game is broken now, it was barely broken in the first place and this patch has greatly balanced it

  • KingLeonidas480 04.13.12 at 07:05

    Use to love playing this game but now its as frustrating as cod. Ever since the update game has gone to shit. Don’t get me wrong some of the things they fixed were good. For instance can’t ride mav and shotgun fixes. But most of the shit they did made the game suck. Playing conquest I feel like im in the loading longer than playing the game. Sniping long distance isn’t fun anymore. Why in the world did they completely do all the changes at once anyway. Server is shit for connection now too. Over all dice you have turned a fun game into another game I can’t stand. Don’t look forward to anymore from dice or ea. P.S. I know my opinion doesn’t make a difference but had to vent about this garbage update. Fixing things that did not need to be touched for any reason. Whatever

  • xFrost Razor 04.13.12 at 03:49

    Can’t freakin wait for armored kill!

  • Alberto521 04.12.12 at 22:08

    MAV fix is much appreciated. I just wish you guys removed the “third person” from aircraft, or at least assign the button to something else. I hate that when im turning in an aircraft i accidently click on the left thumbstick and it changes to 3rd person.. HATE IT.

  • slainlion 04.12.12 at 17:09

    You mean I can finally play a game without some jerk always trying to kill me with a MAV? Now its easier to kill someone in a helicopter who’s spawn killing us? Now snipers will actually HELP their squad and not their K/D ratio? some constructive criticism EA. If you are going to rent servers, make sure enough people have the opportunity to actually RENT one. Not some kid who sits at home all day and doesn’t have a job.

  • Lawholder101 04.12.12 at 07:32

    So you get in a tank and finally get someone to operate laser then you can maybe get te right angle to shoot something flying over ur head after 5 mins of trying you shoot a jet it etiher out runs it or flares 3 times and when you hit a helicopter it might disable it…. Great job screwing up conquest.

  • KILLonSIGHT2008 04.12.12 at 05:11

    Why don’t they create a patch that lets me log in to a server in less than 15 minutes? WTF EA? No wonder MW3 is so popular. I don’t care that I get to fly jets and helicopters; it doesn’t matter if i can’t get into the Fu#$%*g game! Fix this crap already!!!!!!!

  • uksam198 04.11.12 at 22:52

    this patch is SHIT

  • Dr LightFoot BD 04.11.12 at 00:17

    Hands up who’s buying battlefield 4? ROFL!!!

  • xFrost Razor 04.10.12 at 23:42

    The kit shortcut is also bullshit! Now little girls who are too fuckin lazy, and too terrible at this game can just buy their way to the top! EA you really messed up by giving into the Call of Duty Fanboys a way out! If people want attachments than they should do it the right way and actually work for the attachments! I really wish this was not a pat of the patch.

  • xFrost Razor 04.10.12 at 21:45

    This rent a server thing is total bullshit! These idiots with microsoft points are buying servers, and totally manipulating the game! They can limit any guns, and actions they want! The catch of it all, is that they can break the rules allll they want cause they are the host, but if you break the rules once, you are immediatley kicked! I also remember a time I was playing: I killed the host of the server and he kicked me in anger! Hosts also kick people for being at the top of the leaderboard! It is absoloutly rediculous. This system has ruined the game. I know I speak for millions of other gamers who feel paranoid every time they enter a fricken game! Its sad. Giving people such maniplulation over the game was a big mistake!

    • Dr LightFoot BD 04.11.12 at 00:07

      I totally agre 100 pc game is destroyed now in order to make more cash out of us.I and a friend got kicked from a server because we were communicating with the rest of the team.Telling them were the enemy was etc also my friend killed the server owner several times the german gay lord could not take it.I have noticed a lot more cheating going on as well.Nearly invincible players across all maps.

  • JOHND2112 04.10.12 at 10:29

    Tried dog tagging on metro. First guy was easy but the second didn’t know I was there and it wouldn’t let me use the knife. Had to shoot him instead. Not good considering I have over 1000 kills with my knife. Update is a major fail. Only good thing is rent a server.

  • REAPERSDlSClPLE 04.09.12 at 05:11

    stealth not working in scout shoppers. Lock on time is the same with or without stealth. Was this meant to happen?

  • lilgingakilla77 04.09.12 at 03:54

    I agree that the servers are stupid. i play a conquest match and then the next is teamdeath match…doesnt mean i hate the game and will go back to cod..

    • lilgingakilla77 04.09.12 at 03:56

      oh wait if you go to server browser and type in “only conquest” mabye someone made a server that is just qonquest. bam problem solved

  • Legionkane 04.09.12 at 03:50

    is it just me or does anyone else hate what they did with the servers? i just want to play on common servers, these custom ones suck.

  • Zanforz 04.08.12 at 17:20

    Am I the only one that’s having a really hard time deploying Mortars now? i can’t seem to get them to deploy no matter what i do!

    • Zanforz 04.08.12 at 18:02

      Disregard that, turns out i’m just stupid. woo!

    • xFrost Razor 04.10.12 at 21:48

      They made it so that you can only deploy mortars in certain places, you cannot place them in the spawn or other protective zones of the map.

  • P Smithy101 04.08.12 at 01:58

    I am very happy with almost everything on this list and cannot wait to start playing again. I cannot thank you enough for the MAV fixes. I was getting really tired of having to constantly dodge MAVs in every single match I was in. Hopefully now, there won’t be half a team running around with USAS-12 with frag rounds.

  • MadcatSk1ll 04.08.12 at 00:28

    This Patch has destroyed this beautiful game. The Assault class are totally useless now. I used to play this game near enough everyday but they’ve made it into total garbage. I agree with the comments about Battlefield close quaters, don’t buy it unless this game is sorted out properly. What a disappointment and an online poll should be made available regarding this issue. Guess we have to wait for Farcry 3 instead.

  • Sowhtt 04.08.12 at 00:03

    Wow Dice, you screwed-up a once great game with this latest Nerf patch!

    Been with you from the very start and never complained because I understand that everything can’t be “fair”, if it was, it would get dull and boring… kind-of like it’s becoming now.

    It is enjoyable to learn, adapted and find another way in order to deal with what skill-less cry babies can’t deal with and then complain about.

    Yes, fix bugs but Dice is driving-off the people who don’t enjoy a bubble wrapped world.

    Simply compare the vast majority of players who enjoy BF3 without ever complaining; compared to the very small minority of very young adolescent complainers who get frustrated at ever single death and bitch due to their own impatience, lack of skill and jealousy…

    So many things are wrong with this last patch, far too many to list so let us give take the one of the best prime examples of bubble wrapping (de-balling) gone radically insane: USAS-12

    The USAS-12 is now the USELESS-12 or EUNUCH-12

    Arguably once one of most anticipated small arms unlocks in BF3. Truly, absolutely useless now.

    Sad how new comers or even worse, players who spent many hours/months patiently looking forward to finally unlocking it, will never know how exceedingly enjoyable the USAS-12 was firing frag rounds.

    A USAS-12 is a fearsome weapon system in the real world (when it didn’t jam) because it is a machine gun shotgun!

    What part of fully automatic shotgun didn’t the little cry babies understand?

    Did that make the person wielding a USAS-12 unstoppable? Of coarse not, far from it! But it added to the game’s experience. Made you use your brain, do different things….

    Sadly, BF3 has become inundated by either child minded adults and very young kids who want everything handed to them instantly or go crazy and brake things in the real world simply because they get killed by the same gun/person more than once.
    God forbid if a adolescent complainer gets “knifed” twice in a row by the same person!
    I can almost hear them scream for their mommy and demand that she call Dice about how unfair it was to have someone sneak up on her little angle and knife him from behind; that he felt cyber-bullied and the other player should be banned or knife attacks from behind be banned outright… in a war game!

    Grow a set of balls Dice and bring back the BF3 that everyone paid for before you realize too late that the people (kiddies) complainers that you have been catering to, are not the one’s footing the bill… don’t worry, I will not hold my breath but will let my money do the talking or is it walking? (rhetorical)

    • PHANT0M WOLF 04.08.12 at 04:16

      Wow, for someone who points at others for complaining you sure have a lot of harsh things to say to a great company. I for one enjoy the new patch, its more challenging and requires more skill to master once overpowered weapons. The game has a more balanced and realistic feel to it. The USAS is still a great weapon, if used by a skilled player. Now, not anyone can pick up the shotgun and go running around killing anything within a 15 meter radius. The only thing I would have to complain about is them leaving in frag rounds, I feel they should only allow pump action shotguns to have frag rounds to compensate for the high damage. Two shots is enough to kill, and with an auto/semi auto shotgun that leaves no room for a player on the receiving end to respond to the threat, for they die in less than half a second. Versus a pump shotgun would require skill, placement, and timing with frag rounds, while still giving the player on the receiving the chance to counter/retreat.

      Whats wrong with the assault class? Nothing has changed with the class other than some tweaks into the weapons to balance them, all competitive games need a little balance to make them fair and fun for everyone, as Sowhtt was saying its not a fair an beautiful world so why should the games be. Well i have the answer, because we pay for it to be. Not everyone wants to run around with USAS with frag rounds all day, its kinda boring. I like to play into all the roles, use all the different weapons and try out all the different aspects of a game. My thought is, someone work long and hard to make every bit of data and every graphic in the game, so why not enjoy it all, and not just whats easiest. Though thats just my point of view, some people just dont like using some weapons cause there labled cheap, or because they prefer other weapons, and to be faced with the same annoyance every time they play can be off putting and can even cause a company its fans/customers. Though that rope runs both ways, changes can too set off players who are adjusted to things the way they are.

      All in all, Its a B-E-A-utiful game DICE, I love every second I play, some 130 hours. Keep the balances and the Maps coming and I will spend more time and money on your company. ;)

      • Heath0587 04.08.12 at 05:27

        I’m very happy with the patch as well. Has made it more enjoyable and challenging. I feel many of the guns have more of a unique feel then before. I couldn’t agree with you more about these people complaining about it. It was very annoying having half the other team run around with frag rounds and spraying them everywhere because they had no skill with that gun. I love learning a guns strengths and weaknesses and finding which one suits me best. All in all, way to stand up for such a great company and proving a point!

      • MadcatSk1ll 04.08.12 at 06:01

        The main issue with the Assault class is that the weapons had their strengths and weaknesses the AEK was a great close quaters weapon and and the M16A3 was better for long range. On some maps it was better to use the Famas but in open areas L98 was great. Now all the guns feel really similar with the Famas being dumped into the garbage can due to crazy recoil. For me different maps required different weapons and attachments but it feels like thats gone. Better stick to M16 … I’ve seen most players have began using that rifle and nothing else.

      • asstrickery 04.10.12 at 16:56

        He’s right, the patch is lame. War is not fair but at least here the usas 12 is available to all. You use the weapons that you have selected for the very same reason. I really liked the MAV glitches… not because I was very good at them but because it simulates asymmetric warfare. Snippers should be on tall buildings and the chances of you killing one in a real battle with your knife are slim and none.

        It is simply amazing that you would suspend belief for someone fixing chobham armor with a propane torch but have problems with someone shooting at you with a shotgun with frag rounds (a very real weapon). You sir are a panty and so is this patch.

  • strontkut 04.07.12 at 23:56

    DICE you FUCKED UP ONLINE GAMEPLAY ! i dont wanna play private shit !

    Give us the option to choose like it was ( normal ) or the rent a server shit !!
    I quit playing Bf3 now ..i feel fucked up right now , there goes my favourite online game

  • NLD2012 04.07.12 at 22:43

    Rent a server does blow

  • NLD2012 04.07.12 at 22:40

    I would have to agree with Giganticeagle. I too played this game very often before the patch, however the simple fixes that was required has turned it (BF3) into a completley different game. (away from what many of us loved and grew to love) I switched from mw3 to this game because of the many problems with mw3 it is a step down from mw2 (with the execption of widespread hacking fixed) Thye diversity of this game was great but now, like many Iam left wandering what game to switch to that hasnt been corrupted by people crying.

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.07.12 at 20:22

    Stop fucking about this patch, the game is better than before the patch (no personal opinion!)

    • obp59 04.07.12 at 20:27

      The patch is fine thats not what i care about. i hate the rent a server. it should be only for find a match not for quick match. i get banned almost every game for doing good.(i dont use usas frag rounds, camp spawns, spam ect)

  • obp59 04.07.12 at 19:25

    rent a server sucks ass. every time i do good the 5 year old admins who get their mommys to pay kick me. its not against the rules to use an aek,saige 12k,m16a4,mp7. so please make dice servers only available in quick match. im tired of joining butthurt little kids servers with 18000 tickets and 10000% more hp

  • GiganticEagle57 04.07.12 at 19:19

    THis game is absolute garbage now…I loved it before the patch… and played it all the time. All you idiots had to do was reduce the firing rate of the USAS …THATS ITTT. Instead you incompetent morons ruined every good and fun feature about the game. I bought MW3 and I am sticking to it…go sit on a stick dice..

    • strontkut 04.07.12 at 23:58

      Me too ! fuck you Dice ! i quit . time for Mw3

  • GiganticEagle57 04.07.12 at 19:13

    THis game is absolute garbage now…I loved it before the patch… and played it all the time. All you idiots had to do was reduce the firing rate of the USAS …THATS ITTT. Instead you incompetent morons ruined every good and fun feature about the game. I bought MW3 and I am sticking to it…go sit on a stick dice..

  • OutterControl 04.07.12 at 14:15

    DICE FUCKING HELL, this patch absolutely sucks, one problem that stood out to me was the quick match option, do you think we would like to play on fucked up servers? Also what happened to the official servers? I enjoyed my time on normal servers.. now they are replaced by customized servers.. the quick match option should only be for official ea servers NOT FUCKING PRIVATE CUSTOMIZED SERVERS

    • obp59 04.07.12 at 19:53

      YES THANK YOU every game i join i get kicked. im a jet flyer and im pretty good on the ground to. on maps like metro and siene crossing i normally go like +15 or more and then i get banned. same for jets i have like 800 jet kills and i get banned for beating ppl in dog fights cus there mad. its annoying as fuck i havent finished 1 game. litterally havent been in 1 full game since patch. gj dice UPDATE SO PRO MOMMY GONNA BUY ME SOME SERVERS SO I CAN CRY WHEN I SUCK

    • strontkut 04.07.12 at 23:54

      Dice did fucked up online gameplay ! you are right


    • strontkut 04.07.12 at 23:59

      You are right man ! this is fucked up !
      Jesus man what where they thinking ?? it is like making all wheels square ! morons

  • pyroBl0d68 04.07.12 at 04:18

    im a pretty hardcore sniper my self especially with the l96 but EA or DICE made a few good changes to the game but more bad. for example i find that my flash suppressor was taken away from the DLC snipers like the l96 but they also didn’t fix the IRVN scope fully they only fixed the radical and not the scope’s zoom and the size of it but they also never fixed the strait pull bolt of it either like they said and that’s was made me mad. also being happy after reading the patch notes i started playing and the only thing that killed me was an MAV and it kept coming up as the same person killing me and i read that the MAV was at least supposed to explode but it never did. all i want is for EA or DICE to fix all the problems and at least test them before releasing the patch.

    • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.07.12 at 20:20

      Yeah the l96′s flash supressor has been deleted, no fixed straight pull bolt, MAV can kill you, BUT OVERALL I LIKE THIS GAME MORE THAN BEFORE THE PATCH!!!! STOP FUCKING ABOUT IT GO PLAT SHITTY MW3

  • Been had lag 04.07.12 at 01:48

    I have tried to go back after this patch. Even telling my friends I would give it another go. Used to get 2.0 k/d, now I’m lucky to go even. :(. Now buying unlocked kits?!?!? WTF? So where is my game time back for playing and unlocking? Even then the weapons make little to no sense now. I understand nerfing a few things, but DAMN….have they ( EA/DICE ) tried to play this!? It feels like n00b skeeted all over it.

  • curthehurt 04.06.12 at 08:40

    What is their number!!? I want to call them immediately! Everyone needs to call!!! This game is unplayable now, never seen it this bad before…. Die hard Battlefield fan since the beginning speaking….

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:59

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:42

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:17

    Why are we waiting??? Where the hell is the decison makers? EA / DICE should have a POLL of what we think about the recent patches : Do gamers want back the pre-patch?? YES or No

    Yes for me!!!!!

  • Troyza01 04.06.12 at 06:12

    This update has become a joke, Air Vehicles are practically pointless to fly now as they can be taken down to quick and to easily..

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.06.12 at 02:46

  • blazingLANCER 04.05.12 at 18:06

    I didn’t read anything about auto-spot but it was taken out used to get kills with the m16a3 and the m249 but they are garbage now if they don’t fix this patch at least half of what it used to be they aren’t getting my money on the upcoming dlc close quarters. If they want everything to be close to realistic get rid of the stupid stabbing crap in what war has anyone been stabbed from behind none that I have been in EA get your act together and quit patching stuff cause you get losers who suck at this game crying to you, I’ll cry a little see if it helps me get rid of the stupid snipers no way is half of your army composed of snipers. Hire someone who has spent some time in combat to patch the game instead of cry babies crying oh I keep on getting shot with the usas-12 it’s just a game let the players have fun everyone has the same chance at what weapon they use you don’t like it don’t play just like I’am about to do. yep you ruined a good game by pleasing the cry babies. Looks like its back to gow3 at least they didn’t nerf eveything.

    • Darren73 04.06.12 at 03:15

      Yes, no where in the history of warfare has anyone ever been stabbed from behind, thank you for clarifying that glaring error Dice made when making this game Capt. Obvious. You go on about people whining because there tired of getting shot halfway across the map by a shot gun, but boo hoo over platoon composition having too many snipers. Go back to GoW,be sure you make sure the door latches on the way out…Oh yeah, you want to read up on the proper uses of punctuation, spelling, and grammar when ranting.

      • lthall511 04.06.12 at 12:10

        Look up the distinction between “there” and “they’re” before having a go at someone else’s use of the English language kid.

  • Redback88 04.05.12 at 12:14

    This is what happens to an original concept when companies like EA start to design VIA “focus groups” IE – The user base! It ends up being mediocre!!

  • jagerbombs72 04.05.12 at 01:32

    I bought this game in december of last year because a friend recommeded it and i loved it until this first class fuck up. The biggest bitch i have is the servers. When you go into a match now or you manually pick a server you go into a match that was taylor made by some ass clown. Where are the old servers at? I played the game for 5 minutes today and was so pissed i shut it off and called ea customer service talked to a lady for 15 minutes on the phone she said the phones have been ringing all day over 1000 calls of people pissed off and i was one of them. I told her to tell her boss put it back the way it was or i want a refund and i will go back to black ops for now because this is big bull shit. Thanks for fucking up a good thing ea.

    • Pyroclism 04.05.12 at 15:01

      I feel ya! I was so pissed off at the game play yesterday I almost threw my controller through the wall! Maybe I should call customer support and Bitch! If I wanted to get raped by retards on xbox live i would play Halo!

    • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:21

      Please gamers of America, call and harass them, it is too pricy for foreigners to call n screw them hard!!!!!!

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.05.12 at 00:47

    Just tried playing it again to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Sure nuff, same shit. Done with Battlefield until the update is rolled back. Been a fan from BF2 on, really the only games I play. Now it’s time to move on to something else. This was not just an update, it is a completely different game than was released last year. DICE should have consulted with more players before moving forward with a move like this. Who knows how many loyal fans DICE has now alienated? Really really really hope that DICE reconsiders this move. Shame really when you think about it.

  • EzALB7788 04.05.12 at 00:14

    update sucks ass

  • RAMKROM40 04.04.12 at 23:37

    a veces puedo jugar en la pantalla de ‘hombre muerto’… he detectado más fallos después de actualizar que antes de hacerlo… qué demonios pasa? el patch es un absoluto fiasco!

  • BLINDKITTY185 04.04.12 at 22:30

    HEY GUYS! When you pick your weapons before you spawn, if you hit the “A” button to change some of the attachments, it sends you back to the gun you have already equipped. Dice or Somebody, Everybody, check this out. Please and Thank You. HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY : D

  • jsweet1246 04.04.12 at 21:55

    Glad to hear the patch addressed the unrealistic properties of the game! Now call of duty fags will leave the battlefield to gamers who respect a realistic gaming experience. You know what you want your game to be like. Forget the critic gamers and gamers who don’t respect what ur trying to make. They only play ur games for the glitches and bugs or to get away from MW3. You don’t need them and neither does the respectful community that loves your game. Good patch guys. Keep up the good work.

  • lfc5times80 04.04.12 at 21:43

    patch fuckin sucks, killed a good game,nice one dickheads.

  • YoungSnob 04.04.12 at 21:28

    Patch just made things more legit, serious realistic gaming. Love it keep em coming guys, the more realistic this game gets the better we enjoy the game play, at least us good gamers.

  • Dirrty D79 04.04.12 at 21:18

    The update sucks! The usas-12 frag rounds is tweeked too much, claymores and c4 disappear after death, but landmines stay? You changed it before with the 1st update and then change it back? WTF? The only good thing about the update is now jets just cant ram into a chopper and kill it and fly away. You changed too much crap and now the game is BS!

  • Jesperato 04.04.12 at 20:50

    IF U WANT TO READ: I have always loved CoD but i bought BF3 for like 2 weeks ago and thought this was the most epic game ever and i bought B2K this weekend and now on this shit patch there is 4 things i dont like:
    1. The orange out of map instead of blue not a big deal but y change?
    2. I bought B2K because i wanted to get weapons like famas and now they made it shit so weapons like AEK 971 is better? Before the patch u can use weapons like F2000 its good u can kill many people with it, famas isnt that owerpowered.
    3. Whats this bullshit with the kits always changing? Why are u not just patching weapons like usas frag rounds and not all weapons its fucked up get back the before version of the game pls.
    4. Why does it cost to make a private match? I get it to buy a server but it cost too much.

  • Arm3n 04.04.12 at 20:08

    This is Bull-shit i loved using my mav as en elevator it added a uniqueness to the game. now its just gonna bore me since i have to fight in the same places over and over. smh why take it away when people liked it.

    • MarkoMonster 04.04.12 at 20:23

      What about choopers, tanks, planes :D this game is unique because of those things 2 !

    • LHChronicle 04.04.12 at 20:46

      Shut up.

    • Darren73 04.06.12 at 03:20

      Ah, probably because it’s unreaistic and for the most part lame.

  • Dcerda360 04.04.12 at 19:12

    Switch back the patch! Game is total BS now. Makes me actually go back and play MW3 and MW2. Change all the small glitches but most of the things you guys did is just messing up everything. Negative feedback from everyone online, the only people who like the update are the people who just started playing BF3.

    • MarkoMonster 04.04.12 at 19:38

      The game is fine as it is ! youre just mad because u cant play anymore (obiesly you were a noob). Battlefield is unique gameplay so if you want to play noobly game my advice is that you go play call of duty (camp s***)

      • lfc5times80 04.04.12 at 21:42

        my advice is learn to spell.

      • OutterControl 04.07.12 at 14:27

        FINE AS IT IS??!! HAVE YOU PLAYED A SINGLE GAME BEFORE THE PATCH!? I can imagine a 13 year old typing that, if i received a dollar for every grammatical mistake you made, I would have $183. Get off the internet and don’t come back.

  • RANDOMPERCISION 04.04.12 at 18:43

    I dont agree that the MAV shouldnt be able to used as a elevator. I have yet to figure it out, so i dont use it, but i have never been shot from anywhere that i cant shoot back. Even on Gulf of Oman, in the construction buildings you can snipe them, same in back karkand. I think it is just tactics, beside going under ground like in MW2, i think if you are creative enough to get there you can use it. If you can use the MAV to get somewhere good for you, use it. Its a tool.

    • RANDOMPERCISION 04.04.12 at 18:48

      Also i dont agree with the cannot detonate your C4 after death, i think there should be a away to defuse it.

      • MarkoMonster 04.04.12 at 19:35

        I dissagree that is just stupid ! not real ! c4 should stay on the tank and when someone shoots in or something it should be destroyed not after death ! where the f did u see that

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 17:50

    I knew that the USAS-12 was going to get nerfed, but WTF? DICE, you should have just removed the weapon from the game. I mean if this is suppose to be a realistic FPS then keep it that way. Don’t make one of the most power assault shotguns in the world a joke just because a small percentage of your players are crybabies. I can fire my Mossberg 930SPX faster than the USAS-12 after this patch. I only get to play this game maybe 8 hours a week, so I just unlocked the bastard 4 days ago. Now it’s not even worth my time. Dropping the ROF the way you did is like throwing a 4 cylinder in a Lamborghini. Please put the ROF, recoil, and accuracy back to pre-patch. Leave the splash damage (FRAG) decrease where its at, and let this amazing weapon continue to be a worthy reward for gaining level 43 status. I hardly ever got top-kick while using it, and took as many kills as I dished out. There’s always an answer to any question, and if your a good enough player you’ll figure out how to counter someone using this weapon to it’s full potential.

    • MarkoMonster 04.04.12 at 18:04

      with that I dissagree! that weapon is too powerfull ! It’s bullets are like bullets from APC and that is not normal ! USAS is just weapon for noobs without skills !

      • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 18:36

        Noobs without skills would never make it far enough to unlock the USAS-12. A noob without skills is someone that cannot develop tactics to counter someone using the USAS-12. Which is something I learned early on to great success. The weapon is powerful cuz in reality it is.

  • MarkoMonster 04.04.12 at 17:50

    Guys you are doing fine but you made too many changes on weapons ! start fixing the actual gamaplay and stop fixing weapons becouse everytime you do that you make a weapon worst ! they were fine at the beggining

  • Darkaisa 04.04.12 at 14:40

    Almost everything works well now. There’s a few minor fixes still left in there like the
    1. “same squad different team spawning” glitch
    2. Parachute falling death (I keep dying if falling with the parachute)
    There’s one mayor game breaker: TANKS
    1. Tanks feel like a jeep (in terms of HP). Tanks should have more armor and be overall tougher than this update. Now more people are ditching the tanks and spawn camping the helicopters. This sucks.
    Also this is just my opinion:
    1. Supression for the support class still leaves much to be desired. I’m still getting killed by one shot to the head from the enemy I’m suppressing. That shouldn’t be possible, he should be dead by my shower of bullets if he pops his head out to take aim.
    2. Aircraft spawn time should be reduced to increase the value of aircraft. It feels like aircrafts have a different battle from the main battle or objectives. In other words, everytime I kill both aircrafts I only have like one minute to concentrate on fighting in the main game battle. As soon as the other team’s aircraft spawn again, I have to stop whatever I’m doing to defend myself AGAIN from enemy airplanes. It just feels like airplanes are there, but in another dimension with a battle of their own. So, for every 5 minutes, I’m dogfighting 4 minutes and have like 1 minute to “bother” the enemy on the ground. Aircrafts feel marginated or purposely restricted from the main battle.

    So far this is my feedback. Thank you!

    • Darkaisa 04.04.12 at 14:42

      EDIT: I said “Aircraft spawn time should be reduced” What I meant was: Aircraft spawn time should be INCREASED. Thank you.

    • wildcardX6 04.04.12 at 17:07

      I completely agree with this. I feel like aircraft have taken over game like they are perks from CoD. And tanks have been marginalized. I thought the balance was pretty good in the game before with some unintended fixes that were needed (mav elevator, mav attacks, USAS spamming) but overall the balance between air-land-and foot was pretty good. With the new patch not so much.

      I get about 20 feet in a land vehicle before getting blown away helicopter or jet camping the base. And if I do make it out of the home base a guided shell picks me off before I even see the other tank. Try to repair, too slow now, tank assplodes.

  • MrMorpheus75 04.04.12 at 13:28

    You’ve destroyed the tank experience. They go the break just looking at them.
    Shame on u DICE!

  • MrMorpheus75 04.04.12 at 13:23

    How hard can it be to fix that one can play the same team on the servers. The new patch did not do any thing about it.

    Shame on u DICE!

  • Soryn23 04.04.12 at 11:20

    To all kids out there, shut up and enjoy the game.

    • wildcardX6 04.04.12 at 17:08

      I enjoyed it before the patch. I have rage quit 3 times since the patch has come out.

  • Been had lag 04.04.12 at 10:19

    Broken. All I have now is attachments that don’t work, sights that don’t even make sense….and most of all, still glitchy. Wow Microsoft, why did they do this knowing how lame it has made gameplay on PC and PS3?

  • BOOO316 04.04.12 at 10:04

    Battlefield 3 is garbage!! Its no where near as fun and enjoyable to play as Bad Company 2! BF3 stole to many elements from COD & I hate COD! The Battlefield series is on its way down! Unless the team that worked on BFBC2 is on the next BF im not buying the BS! SORRY TO THOSE THAT DISAGREE!!

  • ChefJake1 04.04.12 at 09:25

    Thank you DiCe for this update i for one have been ready to trash this game for months due to many of the fixed problems. HOWEVER!!! and i will post this elsewhere also i have a few issues with this. Try not to cater so much to the whining and the babies because that is the reason i stoped playing COD MW3 because they changed there game to help all the complainers do better. This is not a good way to update your game because we dont want all the noobs to be just as good as the vets. We dont want you to make your game less unique because unique is what we love ex: C4 detonation after death to me this is a smart move in combat C4 doesnt just disapear this make your C4 virtually useless and means no more suicide runs to take down a tank that is on a 39-0 kill streak. Also MAV elevator was pretty bad but it isnt necciary to take out the ability in every level maybe just some. OR MAKE MORE LADDERS nobody like to just look at buildings thats lame. Thanks those are my main complaints you guys are amazing with that update please consider what i have said.

  • ZombieXecutionR 04.04.12 at 08:37

    Lastly link a page where I can go to to see current weapon stats with and without attachments so I can see loadout capabilities before I start playing with a gun instead of experimenting within a match honestly id like to see something with charts including bullet spread reacool animations or even range capabilities with diff attachments and while ur at it throw it on battlelog for everyone.sorry for spammin I just remembered my login stuff lol

  • ZombieXecutionR 04.04.12 at 08:32

    Also when I go to quickmaych…stop putting me in a servee…ill join it by picking it..also when I leave a match for whatever reason (typically just don’t like the group)…don’t throw me right back in the same group of people…I want random…not server BS

  • FlightRecorder 04.04.12 at 08:29

    I love this patch. The only issue I have is that they downed the splash damage from smaws and rpgs on infantry.

    Other than that, great patch.

    Has DICE every entertained the idea of adding some sort of a weight system so that if a character carries a heavy gun they slow down, or if they have a light gun they can run, crouch, go to/from prone faster? I think having that sort of a system would make it more tactical.

    • ChefJake1 04.04.12 at 09:17

      this isnt an RPG

    • ChefJake1 04.04.12 at 09:18

      ? what are you saying? if you want to pick your server browse servers, quick match is quick match.

      • ZombieXecutionR 04.04.12 at 09:56

        What I’m saying is that when I go to quick match it throws me in a dice server or randoom serer and not a quick match like I am wanting to do in the first place..maybe its just me but its drivin me nuts when I keep switching between conquest deathmatch and rush every other game…I prefer deathmatch and any server in general i dont want.

  • ZombieXecutionR 04.04.12 at 08:26

    This sounds totally dreadful. Right when I find my groove with a weapon and attachment layout an update comes along and jacks it all backwards…stop with the recoill BS. I’m not much for playin in vehicles so the kit thing sounds nice but I’m not gonna get it b/c it sound like a blacks ops scam…3 months from now it will b something else that doesn’t really need that much fixing…don’t get me twisted you can’t release a perfect game right off the bat. Things are trial and error but I’m not liking the direction dice is going with this..lastly has anyone else had an issue with getting revived at the last second and accepted it to still have the deploy menu in the foreground as you are now revived and not technically dead…big distraction for me please fix asap…that’s the kind of things you need to fix…also smaller patches would b nice…don’t like sitting around for an hour wanting to play a game but can’t b/c I have to wait…still battlefield is better than COD so I am happier than santa on crack

  • King Ventura 04.04.12 at 08:21

    Only thing I dislike(a lot) about the patch is slightly weakening the jet cannons against other air vehicles, dogfighting feels tediously longer giving not much time to help teammates on ground especially in conquest because before you know it another enemy jet is already up in the air. I support moving the AA guns right next to jet/heli spawns to force enemy air vehicles away from spawnkilling but to also reduce the jet cannons’ damage is pushing it.

  • holysonofahippo 04.04.12 at 08:11

    I’m very happy with this patch.

  • bakels 04.04.12 at 06:55

    dont understand this 2 things…

    1)-Laser Guided missiles can now be distracted by Flares.
    2)-Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.

    So if it only attack ground targets, what ground targets have flares??

  • Calabur1 04.04.12 at 06:51

    Wow,I really used to play battlefield,its my favorite game,But this updates ruined it =/ every gun has reduced it power and all of them have a very high recoil ):

    • Jesperato 04.04.12 at 07:24


    • MBQuental 04.11.12 at 19:47

      i agree 100% with you. i really loved batelefield but they screwed everything up with this new update

  • phenom235 04.04.12 at 06:08

    finally mines serve a damn purpose

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.04.12 at 04:47

    thank you EA and Dice for taking a super game {battlefield 3} and turning it to a fucking shit game .makes me want to play mw3 .and not buy anymore battlefield games .i was a huge battlefield fan but now it is gone .for all the little pussys who couldnot ride the mav you had to cr ,piss and moan so they took it out .why not just get ride of the fucking recon since there is no way to snipe in the city .so again EA and Dice thank you so very fucking much youguys fucked up this game hope you are happy ..someone should start a boycot from battlefield 3

    • BOOO316 04.04.12 at 10:48

      Yes YES let it all out… you give them a piece of your mind & know you are not alone!!! If you start a boycott I & many of my friends will stand with you!

    • RockingBean3 04.04.12 at 17:11


    • OutterControl 04.07.12 at 14:35


  • LURK FACE 561 04.04.12 at 01:46

    I totally agree with you can’t have my rights, thank you dice these poor pussy kids just gotta get used to it

  • CantHaveMyRights 04.04.12 at 01:28

    Hey DICE, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time and effort to patch your game. I know you’re gonna get a lot of Internet assholes saying it’s broken or that you didn’t fix anything, but ignore them. You took the time, effort, and cost to make changes based on our complaints. Keep up the good work guys, and a sincere thank your continued care and support.

    • RockingBean3 04.04.12 at 17:34

      How can you say “IGNORE THEM” ??? if they ignore them you’re gonna be stuck playing this bullshit ALL BY YOURSELF

  • DWGBinks 04.03.12 at 23:51

    Why won’t you add a feature to leave game during death or end of game.

    This is the key flaw with battlefield 3, I don’t want to dashboard in order to start a new game, nor do I see the point in waiting for the game to start and then quit…

    • Cosmic-Origins 04.04.12 at 02:08

      They added that with the patch.

    • Shadow Mozez 90 04.04.12 at 03:45

      Well man just to let you know if you haven’t found out yet. You can leave the game after it has finished without dashboarding anymore. If you just hit B when at the scoreboard it will say leave game.So they did listen to somethings we said.

  • DaNgEr AaRoN775 04.03.12 at 23:24

    People you suck at this game probably.. i like it.

  • GNARK1LL420 04.03.12 at 23:14

    To me the 870 doesn’t seem as effective as it was even though they said they didn’t change it and there are times when I jump off a 10 foot object and still take about 75% damage.

  • SerbianBear 04.03.12 at 23:12

    so attachments are basically useless now…thanks dice

  • Jesperato 04.03.12 at 22:48

    Is it just me or has this patch made bf3 bad?

    • LoR NiKoN 04.04.12 at 01:23

      I agree… thanks for spoiling the game…. i think for me, my main issue is the custom servers and the shortcuts for vehicles.
      my first game i played after loading the update and i got booted by a admin coz i killed them with a m320 as he killed me.

    • RxOxGxExR 04.04.12 at 02:51

      Is it just me or did they make some much needed fixes and tweaks?

    • BOOO316 04.04.12 at 10:40

      You are wrong… BF3 WAS ALWAYS BAD! LOL

  • x DeFineZ 04.03.12 at 22:47

    the MAV is still unfortunately an elevator, and road killer…

  • Sheeparefriends 04.03.12 at 22:33

    AA missles lock way too quickly, had to switch back to using flares rather than ecm making all the effort i went through to get it pointless

  • Tubbernut 04.03.12 at 21:05

    is it just me or is the 12X sniper scopes now impossible to see where your bullets hits cause is just a large glowing blob now?

  • Beaver5niffer 04.03.12 at 19:57

    Thank you for fixing the Mav. most annoying vehicle

    • Kaivtroll 04.03.12 at 20:53

      I heard people found away around the mav fix, is this true?

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 18:16

    Did anybody lose the Karkand weapons post patch?

  • rampageFackshun 04.03.12 at 17:12

    I still like battlefield 2 more, bf1 is not bad at all. Always thought bf3 if codish. just bring over half the maps from bf2 and 1 or 2 from bf1 and ill be happy with bf3. (good luck with that aye). good changes i suppose. like i said, still CODish. at least my scratched bf2 disc is fixed.

    • BOOO316 04.04.12 at 10:35

      Im glad to know that im not the only person that fells like BF3 is way to CODish for a Battlefied game! Theres hope for the gaming world yet LOL! THANK YOU

  • PizzaTheHutt81 04.03.12 at 16:23

    On another note, I fucking love the ability to customize my Russian loadout in the main menu now!! So happy about that, not happy that all my customizations got reset though lol. No worry, I can fix that.

    • PizzaTheHutt81 04.03.12 at 17:48

      I spoke too soon, the switch between russian and american is glitchy. For example, if I select my starting assault rifle as the m16 as an american and I switch to russian to switch my starting assault rifle to the ak-74, switching back to american i will find that my starting rifle is the ak-74, not the m16 as i had previously selected. Needs a fix.

  • PizzaTheHutt81 04.03.12 at 16:20

    Can anybody answer this? Flares can distract laser guided missles now apparently (which, imho, is bullshit) but can they break laser locks? I hope not, i work hard to unlock guided shell and guided missle and the javelin, as I’m sure many of you have.

  • Mr Cr0wn 04.03.12 at 15:27

    Finally they fix some things, but theres still not an no flying zone above the helicopter and the jets at the spawn point. Hate the players thats camping with helicopter on the enemy spawn point, DIE!!

    • iNeed2p0op 04.03.12 at 16:11

      Hahhahahaha! Sorry dude, I’m one of those guys. At least I was in the beginning to rack up my unlocks quicker. I don’t do that much anymore.

    • Ch4osWe4veR 04.03.12 at 16:51

      That’s what the stationary and sometimes mobile AA guns at the airfields are for. They even moved some to better cover the area, and you can also spawn right into the stationary ones now.

  • AUSSIEPRIDESA 04.03.12 at 15:26

    There are only 2 hardcore severs now, will it take a day or so for the to be more?
    because i don’t play on normal, it takes to long to kill people

  • IBergman 04.03.12 at 15:16

    I’d say it makes you appreciate the fact that they are willing to fix and improve instead of waiting six months for another COD title that is crappy

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:51

    you now can get the supression ribbon much quicker

  • ghlow23 04.03.12 at 14:49

    goes to show how shitty the original game was.

    • K1ll3r5n0wM4n 04.03.12 at 15:55

      Goes to show you that you know shit. Go comment on your MW3 post.

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:49

    ok merlin i added u ;)

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:46

    DUTCH x K1LL3R (x= small letter , rest = capital letters) also space between x

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:43

    hell yeah merlin, first game rush on kharg island, i already am the first of my team :)

  • oo NADE oo 04.03.12 at 14:42

    any idea when rented servers will be available, they are greyed out at the moment?

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:42

    NICE ONE DICE!!!!! now without doubt best game ever (even tho it already was)

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:41

    OMG the m240b was beast i almost have 10 service stars with it, now it has a huge recoil :(

  • AUSSIEPRIDESA 04.03.12 at 14:39

    My javelin kills tanks in 2 shots without SOFLAM now, not 3, fucking yes!!

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:38

    l85 was sick now its godly!!!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:37

    i am glad you can destroy vechiles much better. so they dont dominate the battlefield

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:33


  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:29

    Be glad you can’t cook grenades, i wound’t want to eat one :)

    • iNeed2p0op 04.03.12 at 14:30

      Lol! Guess you better run far away as possible if you ever see my name pop up. Assuming I can ever cook them! hahaha

    • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:33

      loooool would be a sight at the dinner table, hey dutch, wanna hook up n play some bf3 hardcore?

  • Fliickkr 04.03.12 at 14:29

    i cant i do the fucking update i cant download it and i can only redeem code but i cant get code cause its fucking free

  • iNeed2p0op 04.03.12 at 14:25

    Why can’t we cook grenades yet?!?!??! I want to cook grenades!!!!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:23

    AAAHHHG they deleted the flash suppressor on the l96 :(

  • acesces 04.03.12 at 14:20

    we,JP PS3 users still waiting patch for a thousand years.WTF going on.please explain.everyone blames about it.

    • Ch4osWe4veR 04.03.12 at 16:55

      I believe you guys get it tomorrow (April 4th) :)

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:18

    ??? my assignements have been reset (back to karkand) but i have the weapons what the fuck man?

  • Fliickkr 04.03.12 at 14:17

    i cant buy the download but i can redeem code how do i get code?

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:17

    first game rush on operation metro :) lets test this new baby

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:13

    WHAT THE FUCK DUDE, when i customize my soldier, all my guns have been reset. though i have the same stats, service stars… while i haven’t got my attachements

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:11

    plus the laser on chopper glows red, and new smoke trails for rockets on attack helicotpers 10/10

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:09

    battlefield 3.5

    • Ch4osWe4veR 04.03.12 at 16:58

      Certainly not a bad thing. This patch evolved one game more than CoD has in 4.

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:08

    much luck guys downloading the patch i am going to play battlefield 305 ;)

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:08

    in fact the mini map is vastly improved

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:08

    this update took almost an half hour!!!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:07

    update = almost complete 93%

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:06

    yeah it is

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 14:06

    i’ve also seen on youtube the zone were you can’t come (counts from 10 to 0) is red on the map instead of blue/white

  • Fliickkr 04.03.12 at 14:05

    atleast you guys can do it

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:04

    and new sounds when hit in a jet by missile, plus what appears to be better explosion graphics

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:01

    start menu map has also been given a new look

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 14:00

    new icons for planes and conquest locations, looks pretty cool plus u can play while waiting for players( dunno if that is new)

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:57

    Yay update is on 57%

  • Fliickkr 04.03.12 at 13:57

    Why can’t i join my friends squads its really annoying the update isn’t working and last time i done an update it froze my xbox and made it lag so many times

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:55

    woah! talk about new options, the multiplayer now has rent a server, matches, and my servers

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:55

    Yes the 870 mcs still owns other shotgun. True skilled shotgun players (like me ^^) use buckshot or flechette. I hate the 12g fraground (espacially on the fucksas-12)

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:52

    at the end of the day, without being harsh, sure the mav, famas, and usas were a pain in the arse, and i bet we have all used them. but there are plenty of things already in the game that can beat them, ok so metro was a drag, but i have beat sooo many fraggers with good teamwork and cooperation, infact the real issues they are targeting is the glitches, unbalanced guns i can live with. but i have never enjoyed falling 2 feet and dying from achillees heel syndrome…. but its being fixed

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:50

    Yeah you are right merlin, show some respect fore DICE and EA. We can’t do it better ourselves. And one little thing: stop whining about “ohh no we can’t use the famas, mav or the usas-12 now” . We all have been ragequitting because of this. That’s what ruined the game (usas-12, mav, famas).

    • Ch4osWe4veR 04.03.12 at 17:04

      Yes, MAV, FAMAS, and USAS/ Frag, BF3′s Axis Powers. Well, the Allies (Fans, DICE, and EA) have defeated it! At least on Xbox lol I think on PS3 if you prone on it you can still MAV ride.

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:48

    86% complete and really looking forward to rushing around in a jeep honking my horn!!!!

  • R1M0N79 04.03.12 at 13:47

    Just managed to get the patch downloading. But a few minutes ago i switched the console off after failed attempts to download the patch, switched it back on again and it had said the patch was installed. So i just put it on download again just to make sure that i see it downloading and it being installed. Would love to see everyone’s feedback to see if they have noticed any changes.

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:46

    i think it would be better to use less insults as none of us are paying for it and we probably cant do any better ourselves (or we would all be making games) but it would be nice for a lil official post, appreciate the effort dice is making though guys, this patch wouldnt have come out if we hadnt constantly bitched and moaned so obviously they do listen… just have to be patient

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:43


  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 13:37

    I left the xbox running and watched TV, checked back after a while and it had installed.
    Previously I had the ‘update downloaded’ message, repeating and it kept trying to redownload it and I couldnt cancel it or do anything.
    Stick with it people.

  • Supermattr87 04.03.12 at 13:36

    ha ha chill out you gimp

  • Vidvorun 04.03.12 at 13:33

    Ok. So here goes. I’ve been playing the Battelfield series since the start. I have always stuck up even when all the COD fanboys were ranting. I’ve converted so many of my friends off COD and on to Battelfield. But since Xbox 360 was the last to get the patch and it doesn’t even F*****g work, It’s hard to sit back and bite my lip. I’m getting restless now! All the bug and the glitches, ignored them all even the god damn MAV and the USAS with frag rounds. I really have given up and to be honest I bet it’s nothing to do with you DICE. It’s always the publisher. All the money and the highly skilled developers put all of their energy into this game and it turns out like this. You say you take all the feedback from the community, are you aware that most of the community that have the time to give you feeback are the sad motherf*****s that find the glitches and bugs. Stop listening and play game yourself and then you will see how irritating it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:30

    I can’t wait untill i can download the patch. Finally we get rid of the fucksas-12 frag round users, mav riders, famas fuckers and much more :)

    • Jesperato 04.03.12 at 23:10

      Famas isnt that big of a deal usas mav and f2000 is more shit

  • Supermattr87 04.03.12 at 13:29


  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 13:24

    Downloaded patch earlier. Hit ‘start’ button and nothing happened.
    Now the damn patch is trying to redownoad gets to 5% and restarts. I cant cancel it either or delete it.
    Annoying message all the time – The rent a server update has downloaded.
    My xbox is now useless for anything.

    • ThoracicTie602 04.03.12 at 13:29

      go to hard drive and delet it there it workd for me

      • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 13:35

        Didnt work for me dude.
        I just left the xbox going and watched tv, came back after a while and it installed.

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:21

    WTF i can play multiplayer while i haven’t downloaded the patch what the fuck?

  • ThoracicTie602 04.03.12 at 13:21

    help its coming oppp rent a server downloaded 24/7 here pleas help

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:19

    Ok DICE/EA i appreciate your work very much and we all (xbox 360 players) had to wait a bit longer. Can you please fix this so we all can download the patch? We know you are working on this, and you guys are (trying) to fix this.

  • Supermattr87 04.03.12 at 13:19

    be helpful if someone from DICE/EA posted an update here!!

  • ThoracicTie602 04.03.12 at 13:17

    i hate EA they fuckd up my downloades!

  • Juggernaught82 04.03.12 at 13:13

    yeah it works, but for those of us that managed to download it first thing then we are stuck with the popup!!

  • RadiatedRain 04.03.12 at 13:12

    I downloaded a 125mb update, but I am having trouble to download the server update. It keeps saying that the content is unavailable. What should I do is there any souloution?

  • ThoracicTie602 04.03.12 at 13:11

    help i me it comes opp rent a server oppdate downlowde all the freaking time and cant cancel it help pleas

  • Soryn23 04.03.12 at 13:11

    Seems they are working right now guys, I see menus how they are changing, so stay chill wait little.

  • Flintstone NL 04.03.12 at 13:08

    Nobody noticed that in the “store” the releasedate for the server patch still stands on TBA ?
    (To Be Announced)

    Just take a deep breath, and wait a few minutes, meaby an hour..
    We all know DICE/EA are hard working to release it as it should be, so be patient..

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:07

    i meant rate of fire not recoil, and mav still lifts :/

  • ThoracicTie602 04.03.12 at 13:06

    i downloaded the rent server oppdate but it coming opp all the time and i cant cancel it
    pleas help

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:06

    so was the 170mb the actual weapon and fix update? because i can still join games, but i just tried FRAG rounds and they seem just as quick when they should have a reduced recoil, will try MAV lift now…

  • Supermattr87 04.03.12 at 13:04

    get it sorted dickheads!!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 13:02

    Yes the same here, when i press purchase it says “can’t download THIS FUCKING PATCH right now”. I hope you fix this dice, we waited for like a week on the update!!!

  • XGC Merlin 04.03.12 at 13:00

    when i press confirm purchase, on the big d/l (rent a server) it comes up with an error code saying i cant download… any info on how long this will take to fix guys?

  • AUSSIEPRIDESA 04.03.12 at 12:59

    Can’t download the patch
    F**k you EA/DICE.

  • Juggernaught82 04.03.12 at 12:59

    they better fix it or some serious compensation will be at hand!

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 04.03.12 at 12:54


    • K1ll3r5n0wM4n 04.03.12 at 15:57

      Sounds like you need to take a break from video games you freak. Calm down man. Go play a board game or something.

  • kelfy8031 04.03.12 at 12:52

    omg its killing me, why!?!

  • PlatinumPuppy 04.03.12 at 12:52

    Great job EA you managed to make me want to not even turn on my xbox. Now I get to watch as I am reminded time after time that “rent a sever update downloaded”. Also why was there no update for your horrible matchmaking, believe it or not when I search for conquest, I want to play conquest not rush or team deathmatch and also not a game that cycles throughall the types. Just keep me in a damn server that I originally searched for. Oh and it is nice to join a game with someone and at least have them on the same team as me.

  • Juggernaught82 04.03.12 at 12:46

    OMG it stopped for 3 minutes and is now back :(

  • AUSSIEPRIDESA 04.03.12 at 12:46

    This update just comes up as i’m loading up bf3 for the xbox right?

  • Juggernaught82 04.03.12 at 12:45

    Yeah log in and play now it should be ok, download worked for me. and i took a look at the rent a server options and it stopped flashing! good marketing technique maybe lol

  • Michathebutcher 04.03.12 at 12:44

    I once had a dream, it was about a update,wake up this morning and i coule not believe What i saw! The update was not a dream it was there,i kicked my bed to see if i was tottaly awake! Yes i was press on download whaatttt only 172 mb?? Oke Dont worry it will be oke so i press again to see a rent a server update!!! 1.02G yesssss it was there as fast as i could click i press on download! ERROR COULD NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ITEM TRY AGAIN LATER CODE 8051050 BLA BLA you crushed my soul with that nonsense please fix it fast!!

  • snoopdog89 04.03.12 at 12:36

    @Pandapowerjamie I have been having the same problem, the ‘rent a server’ update icon continues to flash whenever i turn my xbox on now about every 3 seconds. Congratulations DICE you created a patch that intended to make more people play battlefield 3 and all you have succeed in doing is making sure that they’re not even going to turn their xbox on for the foreseeable future. Thanks.

    • Pandapowerjamie 04.03.12 at 12:42

      Hey, thanks for the reply. The more of us that write, the quicker the problem will be addressed. I’ve finally made it past the start screen after about 20 minutes. Stupid, right? The notification is still there. If you’re notification is still flashing, try playing a game because the Xbox 360 has a setting that switches off the notification (In case you didn’t know).

      Peace out.

  • Pandapowerjamie 04.03.12 at 12:33

    EA would it kill you to listen to your fanbase? It seems you’re pretty crap at that. I’ve downloaded the update on my Xbox 360 only to have my game not make it past “press start” with a constant Xbox reminder of “Rent a server update downloaded” message constantly pop-up every 3 seconds (I counted).

    Now, I go to my downloads in an attempt to cancel it only to have a error come up saying it can’t.


    If you invested half as much money into servers as you do in your sound quality (which I love by the way) then maybe you wouldn’t have these problems. (Not that I’m suggesting everything is server related).

  • 20173holo 04.03.12 at 12:29

    why cant i download this update..?

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 12:27

    ….. this explains SVG VENOM doing multiple roadkills with his MAV this morning on Bazaar Rush. Hope you enjoyed it…..

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 12:24

    Wow, finally. Exactly 1 week after PS3. I thought so.
    Downloading now, been waiting for ever for this.
    I just hope it has improved the game and not made it worse.
    I keep an open mind but concerned by what others are saying on other platforms.
    Think this will need some time to adjust to.
    I will give it a fair chance.

  • DrDL 04.03.12 at 12:13

    Arghh.. update loading this minute…The problem is not all the little bits about the MAV etc, it is that by making it possible to buy upgrades EA have thrown away the game. I’m surprised that their marketing guys are so weak as not to realise that it was going to what is called the ‘stickiness’ gof making players earn upgrades that they finally worried COD. Players were less likely to stop playing if they had invested time in the game. But now, why bother, a few dollars buys everything and if you get bored then just forget it.
    Not clever, and all the fuss about muzzle recoil etc can’t hide you’ve thrown away something called Gameplay.

  • Hansen_LaMoose 04.03.12 at 11:51

    Why are the PC and PS3 servers going down for an Xbox 360 update? it doesn’t affect us PC/PS3 gamers at all, so why take down the servers?

  • Bazt3rd 04.03.12 at 11:19

    finally, no more cheating jacka**es! i can finally snipe with less problems to worry about! mav and the frag is finally getting the downgrade it deserves!

  • MrHabMan 04.03.12 at 10:23

    hopefully will also time!
    Why did it take so long?
    Well no matter, I hope in the future the patches come faster!

  • pompeyboyz316 04.03.12 at 09:41

    Also, I think I might enjoy the patch as I have just started using the PDW heavily and it looks like it has been made better

  • pompeyboyz316 04.03.12 at 09:40

    Having read all about the issues still persisting or new one coming out like air to air and ground to air missiles not exploding on the target but before hitting, I hope the delay was to make small tweaks to make sure we Xbox users don’t suffer the same.

  • murphy8821 04.03.12 at 09:38

    About fucking time avnt played bf3 for over a week waiting for this shit

  • Ash2X 04.03.12 at 09:33

    Actually on the other Systems the MAVs are NOT fixed – thanks,Dice!It´s one of the biggest Problems,it´s clearly a bug and it obviously destroys the gameplay making some maps like Teheran almost unplayable.How can a Developer expect Players to pay for DLCs if it seems impossible for them to fix bugs?As long as some Weapon-tweaking seems more important then fixing bugs I choose to play other games.Not because I don´t like BF3 at all,but after 30 Minutes I´m so annoyed by some glitchers and Explosive Ammo-Shotguns that I usually stop playing – and I don´t want to ruin my evening.

  • xxxxxCronoxxxxx 04.03.12 at 08:25

    finally announced the date although still didnt explane why it took so long to announce the date much less release the patch

    also what the hell is UTC and how does it compair to pacific standard time?

    • Zeldr 04.03.12 at 08:31

      Well, we would’ve had it sooner.
      But the reason it was delayed, was because when they sent it into Microsoft to test it they found a problem with it.
      Which resulted in them sending it back to be reworked.

      Just got approved recently.
      Hopefully the problems that were created post-patch were fixed as well, if not.
      Oh well.

    • pompeyboyz316 04.03.12 at 09:37

      UTC = GMT

  • Madkruser 04.03.12 at 08:00

    -The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator.


    That barely qualified as a glitch anymore, it was a viable tactical option, and most maps had several ways to counter rooftop fighters. It changed the gameplay into something more realistic as well. In real life, some combatants WILL be on the roof.

    • SilverCannibal 04.03.12 at 08:12

      I may be speaking for many here, but it’s not the “tactical” part of seeing a foe on a rooftop. To me, it is seeing two or three, even four douchebags trying to do it the whole game. Furthermore, the sight of a fully loaded soldier flying on a fu<king R/C surveillance thingamajig disgusts me

    • Zeldr 04.03.12 at 08:21


      So, what you’re saying is that standing on military equipment is what the military actually does to reach roofs?

      It was an exploit that got out of hand.
      Being places where you’re not supposed to have access to is a glitch, saying it was a tactical option is just asinine.

    • PhunnyConflicts 04.03.12 at 11:14

      Check out Fauxhawkman’s profile on battlelog. he, like you, likes to use the MAV “tactically” (using it very loosely). yes, his stats is horrible, considering how much time he spent playing the game. why? i assume that he relied too heavily on the MAV elevator trick (which he admits the game “sucks” because they are taking it out). I try looking up your stats, but i couldnt find it in battle log. no matter, I’m fairly positive that your stats are just as poor because everyone else who complained about MAV not being able to elevate has piss poor stats (can’t believe how many people likes MAV+elevator). So, instead of using cheap tactics, try to play the game? I mean, my stats ISNT the best of the best, but hell, at least i play the game the right way – which isnt hard at all. and look, my stats are pretty good for playing the game the right way without exploiting anything.

      anyways, people like you who exploits the game just to have an “advantage”, or be more “tactical” in your view, are embarrassing. because the way i see it is, if I and others can play the game the right way and still have better scores than you exploiters, then yeah, that is embarrassing….

  • XeroCreator 04.03.12 at 07:26

    I just wanted to mention, to any Dev’s that read comments. I’ve constantly had a glitch? where after I die. with full ammo in a clip (from sniper shots) and get revived. I instead have no ammo in my clip upon accepting the revive and standing up. this is both in pistol and main weapon.

  • eBunny7 04.03.12 at 07:16

    Just’d like to know if this is different than the PS3 update? ‘Cause I’m not going to read that entire list again for the 3rd or 4th time.

    • XeroCreator 04.03.12 at 07:24

      It isn’t. I think the only different one is for the PC.

      • Zeldr 04.03.12 at 08:22

        I asked @Battlefield last night, and they said it was slightly different.

        If it wasn’t, I don’t see why they would’ve released a new set of patch notes.
        You know?

  • XeroCreator 04.03.12 at 07:14

    Dont mind the updates and fixes… well gonna miss playing with the MAV. Getting up on the highway and jumping, parachuting down to get knife kills was one of me and my friends favorite things. Now we have to find ways to jump onto tall buildings…
    Anyway, I got into battlefield because i thought it would be a different experience from mw3. It was, it still is, but after this patch. Regardless of the obvious fact i’m not buying anything on the ‘shortcut kit’ list. I enjoy the game because of the way you unlock things by using the weapon. like in cod:mw2. sadly… mw3 nor do the other games have any type of cash shop for getting instant prestige, or all weapons unlocked. I completely agree with giving everyone flares (got my flares by being original and crashing my jet into another one….) But along with half the player base the cash shop really takes away from the game. I am aware it was in bf:bc2. but apparently noone got the message about how cheap it is to actually buy one of these ‘shortcuts’ giving players the instant upper hand in some cases.
    All in all… players should earn weapons. just like you earn ranks. that system is perfect.
    Upon first playing battlefield in the beta i loved unlocking weapons and…sometimes flying across the map from the glitch.. but mostly the feel it gave. earning new weapons and attachments as I used a gun. so. just for my two cents. patch = good(cough mav was fun cough) cash shop= still bad idea just like all the rpg games nowadays.

    • Kurvel 04.03.12 at 07:28

      As a dedicated sniper I do not support elevator usage with the MAV anyway. The map wasn’t designed well enough to give people on the ground a balanced way to counter those tactics. If that highway was destructible and didn’t have an invisible lip that blocks everything it would be cool. I’m trying to ask them directly if it has the fixed bugs from the PS3 patch on twitter…they’re beating around the bush big-time. I can only assume sense they’re updating ALL the systems that those bugs have been fixed too. They did at one point before today said the goal was to fix all those problems before the xbox release. As I had predicted they waited for xbox to be last to iron out all the issues for all the systems.

  • KingOfHearts81 04.03.12 at 06:56

    No 5 flag Wake Island? Wtf?

  • SpUdmonkey1322 04.03.12 at 06:15

    So pumped to try this out!

  • mAs7uR cHe3f 04.03.12 at 06:13

    The biggest problem, on 360 at least, is when a player is able to back their feet up into a building or wall when prone. In COD, when your prone you can only back up as far as your feet and your turn radius is limited because of body sway.. What’s up Dice? Don’t scrub up and dumb this game down either, if anything, it need to be more real.. Don’t mess up EA’s contract, you know they make simulation games..

  • Texas Fatality 04.03.12 at 05:29

    My conquest game mode keeps changing to rush on the next map…. WHY????? i dont want to play Rush!!!

  • yrulaughing418 04.03.12 at 05:22

    Most of the changes are welcome, except 1: flares distracting laser designated targets. The Javelin-SOFLAM combo won’t work anymore, and the SOFLAM will have very little reason to exist.

    • SevereArtisans 04.03.12 at 06:34

      Not true. When an incoming laser designated missile is headed your way, you do not have a tone warning you that a missile is incoming.

  • Lt Creggar 04.03.12 at 05:16

    I think alot of the stuff shouldn’t have been messed with. BF3 is/was alot more fun because of the fun stuff you could do than MW3. I hope this series doesn’t get dummed down like COD because of the babies.

  • Grimicyn 04.03.12 at 04:57

    I don’t see anything about them fixing the squad issues. Has this seriously not been addressed yet?!?

    What about weapons or unlocks being marked as new yet you have nothing new?!

  • InfidelsGoneWild 04.03.12 at 04:25

    Using MAV as a elevator has not been fixed!! At least on the PC, I’ve seen people go prone on top of the mav and be lifted to a elevated position onto the highway overpass or building roof.

    USAS whoring has definitely gone down a bit.

    • Octane33 04.03.12 at 05:36

      MAV is used like that on the xbox 360 too, I hate that!

    • PhunnyConflicts 04.03.12 at 06:53

      aw thats lame. to my surprise, a lot of people depends on evaluator -__- gee…

  • bigJ7678 04.03.12 at 04:20

    Besides the heat seekers not working properly and the over done suppression, hopefully it gets ironed out soon, I think the patch sounds great. No more of the goto universal suppressor + foregrip combo on hardcore! Overall it sounds *borats voice* very nice!! Kodos DICE keep up the good work.

  • XxMOExFUGGAxX 04.03.12 at 03:18


  • anarcho-nobody 04.03.12 at 03:13

    feel sorry for the 360 owners. Play it now while it’s still enjoyable.

  • AJBOOMER1 04.03.12 at 02:55

    hahahahahahahahaha…………… i can’t wait to see the Blog when it comes out and see all the fake ass Battlefield players talking S@#T LMAO fix this fix that thats wrong this is wrong hahahahahah some people will never be happy.

  • Desperado 14 04.03.12 at 01:48

    So, rent the server…

  • Zandax 04.03.12 at 01:44

    What about the G17 Supp? How come when I get 500+ kills with the suppressed version i don’t get the G17 dog tag? How come no dogtage exists for this gun, while the M9 Supp has a dog tag???

  • o CliiCkZ o 04.03.12 at 01:33

    Leave my M240 Alone!

  • DeathSlayer8711 04.03.12 at 01:24

    Well it’s about damn time……

  • Chwaee 04.03.12 at 01:14

    I like most these patches, especially the MAV elevator, C4 going away after death, cap on AT mines, and others. Amazing job Dice, this will REALLY improve the game.
    Would like to see some general stuff changed though, like:
    -Joining a game in a squad and not being on the same team (happens 90% of the time)
    -Audio: Split the mic and game tracks, so muted players are actually muted
    -Be able to leave a game lobby between games (takes an extremely long time to wait for everything to load when all you want to do is leave the game as soon as it starts. Big hassle).

    These changes, I believe, are not too much to ask for and will drastically change the game’s logistics and improve the happiness of players. Feedback on these suggestions would always be nice too!

    Thanks Dice!

  • mrheadbangerSWE 04.03.12 at 00:46

    Finally! Thank you sooooooo much DICE. It’s going to be great!

  • HiHunterBaby 04.03.12 at 00:40

    Please fix the IGLA and Stinger because this patch is going to make them totally useless.

  • xXx H2K xXx 04.03.12 at 00:38

    What about the problem on the creation of a squad before lauching map and the squad is split in two different teams? Please fix this so we can play with our squad without any problem or losing time waiting for our friends to come in our team. Thanks

  • Freedom4Ev3r 04.03.12 at 00:34

    When will the Kit Shortcuts be available on the XBOX 360?

  • PhunnyConflicts 04.03.12 at 00:28

    damn. dont see any fix on mic. Its so annoying to hear people even when you MUTED them in BF3. please fix the audio. I know u have both chat and game audio on the same track. fix it and split them to different audio tracks!!! so annoying how disabling my chat audio does noting, but doing it to my game audio mutes both game and chat. i just what chat to go away! ppl with crappy fuzzy mic kills the game! -_-

    and please make it so its EASIER to play with ur friends -_-. last time, it took me and my friend 15 minutes to just be in the same team. took longer to get into the same squad. before i know it, 30 minutes pass, and we just gave up.

    the technology to play with our friends has been around for a very very long time. so why what makes it so hard for BF3 and EA to do this right? not bashing, just asking an honestly question.

    • BfbcBrochacho 04.03.12 at 00:49

      They didn’t fix that issue, at least not on the PC. They did imporve the ambient sound a lot though. Its scary getting hit by an rpg at close range now lol

  • thrixar 04.03.12 at 00:27

    I happily fly jets but when my teammates kill me to get it i think it should back fire and kill them

  • Tenacious Jon 04.03.12 at 00:22

    Alot of fixes, but you missed one. Whenever I join with friends we never end up together in the same squad!Most times we are not even on the same side!!, so frustrating cuz we spend half the game trying to switch side when the game permits of course and it takes several attempts to get this right. Please address it Dice

  • Fonzar74 04.02.12 at 23:57

    Really hope they have restored some single mode hardcore servers as well as these mixed servers that took all the best maps away when they changed everything without telling anyone please god let them be fixed after this update :)

  • Souless Delight 04.02.12 at 23:47

    MAV elevators are out of service…. YES!

    • BfbcBrochacho 04.03.12 at 00:12

      Negative, I play on pc and xbox. Mav elevators are still in the game. One of the many things DICE claimed to have fixed but did not. Heat seeking missles dont work either. I was so excited by MAV elevators gone, and disappointed when I saw them being used repeatedly. :(

    • ElJefeConTuGutz 04.03.12 at 00:15

      they can go back to cod finally

  • The_Jewel 04.02.12 at 23:46

    Everything seems great. Except for one thing. C4 and Claymore will no longer work after you die. Now that’s a pain. And I reeeeally hope the IRNV hasn’t been weakened with these changes.

  • Craeque 04.02.12 at 23:46

    About fucking time….

  • Ey3camp4u 04.02.12 at 23:32

    Yah i wish they would fix it so i could play with my friends on this game. No matter what I’v done, every problem solve i been given from ppl on here and EA themselves, none of them worked. Maybe thats one of the unspoken fixes that dice has.

    If anybody else has the same problem with so said ” bad internet connection ” or ” unable to join ” when trying to play with friends let me know if you know how to fix it for real.
    things I’v done
    : port forwarding
    : restarting every damn thing
    : uninstalling updates and the back to karkand map pack and reinstalling
    : and other stupid stuff

    • never2nv 04.02.12 at 23:48

      Yeah I’ve had similar problems in the past with other games and Bad Company 2. I messed with router so much but what worked for me then was setting up the console internal/lan ip address up as the DMZ server. Which allows every port/connection.

      Later when I reset router everything started working perfectly without DMZ but I know for sure it fixed my problem. The party system has always been a downer on BF3, it’s so simple in other games but is beyond irritating at times especially with the more you add to the mix. I hear PC is way better, not too sure though. Good luck.

    • TG Endzone 04.02.12 at 23:53

      Try enabling UPnP. They can’t play with you NYC either you or your friends NAT type may be moderate or worse, strict when yours or your friends is open or moderate it affects chat as well as matchmaking ability

  • ruquiro79xbox 04.02.12 at 23:23

    “…The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed. It is still possible to strategically sacrifice your MAV on a soldier; it will be destroyed in the process…”
    “…The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator…”

    Yeahhhhh, thanks for fix that….

    • PmpDaddyLaFlare 04.03.12 at 00:30

      you can still MAV ride, you just have to go prone on it

  • DeathbyWookiee 04.02.12 at 23:23

    what the hell happened to private unranked matches being added??

  • Southern Inbred 04.02.12 at 23:10

    Thank god…

  • MSgtEchevar 04.02.12 at 23:10

    They should also fix the game matchs. I want to play hardcore conquest Nd it has mixed games. They should put it back the way it was and just make a different game mode for people that want to play that way. Please fix that problem dice

  • Dr Ardtagon 04.02.12 at 23:10

    Still no fix for the ‘No Weapon Spawn Glitch” I see. It’s been 6 months. Fix it.

  • WNxB00Z3H0UND 04.02.12 at 23:06

    So this will be release 1AM PST?

  • fireteam101 04.02.12 at 23:02

    I find it interesting that all of the things that I wanted to see fixed (as a firearms enthusiast) are being changed.

    • stonedhumor 04.02.12 at 23:48

      what does being a “firearms enthusiast” have to do with the game. you sound like a douche

      • fireteam101 04.03.12 at 05:22

        It means that I care as much about the weapons handling realistically as I do about weapon balance. I appreciate the fact that some weapons are still in use because they are effective and like games that reflect that, hence I dislike the weapons handling in COD. No reason to get aggressive.

  • Laughing Psycho 04.02.12 at 23:01

    I see no mention of the Squad Deathmatch bug being fixed on Metro, where you can’t respawn if you die whilst using the mortar.

    • stonedhumor 04.02.12 at 23:47

      you dont deserve to respawn let alone live for using mortars in deathmatch you noob

  • Nietha 04.02.12 at 23:01


  • damaddrunkirishm 04.02.12 at 23:00 here’s what you get to look forward to. happens on pc and ps3 since patch.

    • WNxB00Z3H0UND 04.02.12 at 23:06

      they might have fixed it so we dont have to suffer?

    • simon200430 04.25.12 at 17:51

      yep got that last night and thought it was me but after looking in to it turns out not me but the game ;-( not happy ps this was on the xbox

  • marine12324 04.02.12 at 22:58

    i wish that you can leave the game after you die or have a option where you can watch the player that killed you after death or not and they need more game types and have a vietnam pack like for BFBC2 i wish there to be an infection type of gameplay

  • Natetendo83 04.02.12 at 22:55

    Just a heads up guys, you can quit between rounds from the menu now. It’s one of the “unmentioned” updates. PS3 users have confirmed :)

  • Mulder 04.02.12 at 22:53

    I think this update will be good, but as codyjoe2450 said, i wish they would make an exception so we could quit out of the lobby and not have to wait till next match starts to get out!!! Also, what about the balancing of the teams???? This has been a bigger issue than all of these tweaks!!!!!!!!

    • Gamms323 04.02.12 at 22:54

      They did, you can now exit before the next match, at least on PS3 u can.

    • WNxB00Z3H0UND 04.02.12 at 22:55

      I agree the teams do get uneven which can cause a loss unwanted. Though i think the rent a servers will fix that issue.

      • pshea86 04.14.12 at 07:22

        Ha the rent a servers dont fix shit, except the ability to fix the game! It retarded how they still cant figure out how to keep a squad together and always have people on seperate teams that created a squad before they joined a match, Patch was a total fail.

    • deepsouth06 04.02.12 at 22:56

      well from the videos i have seen they have added the option to quit between games.

  • RockingBean3 04.02.12 at 22:49

    I’m not looking forward to this update. All the horror stories I’ve been reading from the PS3 update. looks like 9/10 people hate it

    • WNxB00Z3H0UND 04.02.12 at 22:53

      Of course they are going to hate it because now they cant use the mav elevator or the USAS-12 as they used to.

      • pshea86 04.14.12 at 07:25

        You must be one of the little bitches that complained about it! LOL JK. I’m just mad cuzI never got to use them like that and the MAVS are useless now. I didnt like it either but I didnt fuss about it. The patch came out right before I got my mav. Seriously 2 matches before I got it, I was so pissed I never got to use the MAV they way it was used against me. Overall the patch blows dick! They game is so shitty now, and everyone hacks everything its sooooooo fucking retarded!

    • BfbcBrochacho 04.03.12 at 00:18

      The patch has a bunch of major issues that DICE broke, but some good points as well. We can quit between matches but you will still get split up from your friends when joining games

  • Codyjoe2450 04.02.12 at 22:48

    What about the ability to quit/leave a server after a round has ended instead of having to wait roughly 60-seconds?

  • SiXsTrInGsLaYeR 04.02.12 at 22:46

    Yea it took long enough i hope this patch helps the game and dont destroy it^.^ Sixth.

  • PaulRoss6075 04.02.12 at 22:43

    Please release a patch quicker than every 4 months!!!!

  • Rickosaurus Rex 04.02.12 at 22:42

    This is going to be good. Hope everything goes well. Cant wait for tomorrow :)

  • PaulRoss6075 04.02.12 at 22:42

    Hell yes!!!!

  • YueKito 04.02.12 at 22:42


  • WNxB00Z3H0UND 04.02.12 at 22:42

    Its about time. First