The Official Battlelog Application for iOS – Now Available and Free!

Pondering that next unlock while you’re out and about? On the go and wondering if your friends are online and playing? Want to see who’s topping the leaderboards while you’re away from your computer? With the Battlelog application for iOS you can get all of this intel and more while you’re AFK and mobile.

The official Battlelog application ties directly into the Battlelog social platform bringing the best features and information to your phone.

Features in v1.0.0

Battle Feed: See what awards and weapons your friends are unlocking and get notification. Comment and “Hooah!” on their posts.

Com Center: Thinking about logging in to play? See which of your friends are online and playing. Plan for tonight’s session by leaving wall messages.

Stats & Unlocks: Keep track of your persona stats and progress. Everything from dog tags to weapons, gadgets, vehicle upgrades, and specializations is tracked and available for your perusal.

Leaderboards: View worldwide, global leaderboards or compare your standing among friends.

News: Get the latest information on Battlefield 3 direct from DICE, the developers of Battlefield 3.

And best of all? The app is free! There’s no excuse not to be connected to the Battlefield wherever you are. Download the Battlelog app for iPhone now:

North America

All Other Territories


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  • DUBWEISER 11.14.13 at 23:36

    Regarding BF4 Commander Mode: Why is there not an app for Windows phones and more importantly Windows Tablets? I keep hearing there isn’t much need to make one for these OS’s because not many people use them. Most gamers I know do not use iPhone. Either they are using Android (which got an app a year after BF3 released) or are using a Windows Phone. MS Surface is a powerful tablet. Why isn’t there atleast a Smartglass integration? I’m very sad and confused. Please make this happen Ladies and Gentlemen!!! sorry for the rant,


  • OzzyAlf 08.13.12 at 06:21

    We all know that US the real gamers, the guys the spend all we can on your products, most of us know about computers. As such, most of us, have phones which actually work and we don’t buy into the whole it looks pretty but it’s a crappy phone, we use android and windows so therefore i find it rude and just messed up that you guys didn’t make an app for such OS’ we would all like that you guys make an android and windows app because we actually play and are more or less very serious about gaming.

    Thank you very much,

    P.S. we would really appreciate it, really :)

  • scrapy750 08.09.12 at 04:20

    Stop complaining or they’ll do another update and ruin the game again.

  • Kastelo8 08.09.12 at 01:14

    When will there be an Android app for this?

  • UnDeadBullet 08.05.12 at 22:07

    What about an android app? can some official EA advisor help us?

  • Pwnie2012 08.02.12 at 22:19

    We want Android App! iOS and Apple sUxX!!!!!

  • ekimzaid 07.27.12 at 15:24

    C’mon! IOS? Are you serious? Were is the android app? Or Windows phone app? This is just horrible! When is the ANDROID app coming out? I Want It! Now!!! Do you have a deadline for the android app? is it on it’s way? Have you decided a release date yet?

    Vill ha appen till android nuuu!!! Hur f*n kan man göra en app till apple när det är bara fjortisar som har Iphones… och dom får ju inte ens spela det här spelet pga. åldern? Stort fan av serien och precis som Chief tycker jag att det är en skandal att ni släpper en app till Iphone men inte till android eller Windows lurar. Tråkigt… När får vi appen till Android? Har ni någon på gång? Snälla svara!


    Mike Diaz

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