Accessorize It: Finding the Perfect Setup to Fit Your Playstyle

In this episode of “Inside DICE”, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz returns with an in-depth look at how we balance and rebalance the game after launch. He will also help you realize some of the most significant changes in how the different accessories in Battlefield 3 are tweaked in the latest patch – and how you can experiment to find a new and perfect setup to fit your personal playstyle.

Seek and destroy on the Donya Fortress map from the upcoming Close Quarters expansion pack.

Battlefield™ is a big game. Balancing a game as diverse as Battlefield 3 requires constant attention, multiple iterations, and both a detailed approach as well as a broad vision. To start, we begin with the broad vision: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tank, Jet, Infantry, Boat, Helicopter. At the heart of “Battlefield Balance” is the idea that no single soldier can be all powerful. We believe this makes the choices presented in Battlefield more interesting, as the player is not simply advancing an ever steeper power curve, but rather the player is consistently presented with new choices. The choices a player makes, whether before spawn, at spawn, or when playing will determine which role he plays and what abilities he possesses.

No silver bullets
For example, on a vehicle level a jet can destroy a tank, but an AA vehicle can destroy a jet, but the tank can destroy the AA. Only through teamwork can the tank be protected from the AA and the AA protected from another tank. Each of the vehicles is powerful within its role, but no one vehicle can master everything. Teamwork though, trumps all. The attack helicopter is a great example of a situation where two players, cooperating in the same vehicle can greatly increase the power of the vehicle. With a gunner and a pilot the attack helicopter can engage both ground vehicles and infantry, as well as defend itself against other helicopters. However, even the attack helicopter is vulnerable to the jet, or an AA vehicle, or even infantry with a SAM launcher. It is when players find all powerful combinations that we need to do a balance update.

Battlefield 3 made some major additions to game balance: vehicle disable, suppression, and deeper weapon customization all have a major impact on how Battlefield 3 is balanced. Suppression is an addition generally unique to Battlefield, as we felt that shooters really didn’t represent the unnerving fear that comes from being truly shot at in an authentic way. Suppression allowed us to better represent this psychological effect of being shot, while also adding to the gameplay. Being able to pin down and suppress a player so he cannot accurately return fire opens up new tactics and strategies for dealing with threats. A player with an SMG might not be able to put effective lethal fire on a sniper, but he can put enough rounds near the sniper to suppress him and get into cover.

A Delicate Balancing Act
Of course all of this is a delicate balancing act, and based on community feedback in the last update we made some tweaks to how suppression is calculated. We increased the size of the suppression sphere (bullets going through or impacting in this sphere cause suppression) in order to allow better suppression of targets in windows or behind some kinds of cover. Previously players would have to shoot over the cover, and this change allows the bullets that hit the cover to provide some suppressive effect. Of course, the closer a bullet passes to the player the more suppression he receives, and some tweaks were made to how close a bullet must be to fully suppress. I’m generally happy with the larger sphere, as it makes suppression clearer (and was a small adjustment), though community sentiment is clear that while divided a significant number of players dislike the changes made to suppression. We look forward to continued community feedback on how these changes are affecting Battlefield 3. Based on that feedback we may make additional adjustments in the future.

Finding the Perfect Accessory Combo for YOU
For weapon customization, we did an in-depth analysis of how players were customizing their weapons and found that players, especially high level players who have many unlocks, were generally gravitating to a single combo: Foregrip and Suppressor. When we see many players gravitating towards a single setup, as game designers we can conclude that the other choices are not interesting enough to give players reason to try them out. We want players to experience the width of the game, and for this reason we concluded it was time to make a change. I think it’s been an overall improvement for the game. There’s some confusion that comes when a system wide change comes, as players find their go to combo suddenly is not as good as it was. It’s time to try out some new combinations! Which playstyle do you want to go for below?

Jack of All Trades
Primary accessory: Foregrip
Secondary accessory: Flash Suppressor

Kertz’ Comments: To be blunt, previously the Flash Suppressor was worthless. Post update it has received a huge buff: It now substantially reduces the muzzle climb of a weapon, making it much more controllable. Pairing the Foregrip and the Flash Suppressor together will give your weapon a huge boost in controllability, and this will especially help with high rate of fire weapons like the F2000, AEK-971, A-91 and FAMAS.

Short Range Stealth
Primary accessory: Foregrip
Secondary accessory: Suppressor

Kertz’ Comments: The Foregrip’s muzzle drift reduction works well at short range and pairs well with the Suppressor’s minor muzzle climb reduction. You’ll be invisible on the minimap, you’ll have a significantly reduced muzzle signature, and your weapon will be more controllable. Finally by pairing the Suppressor and the Foregrip together the Suppressor’s minor accuracy bonus fully offsets the accuracy penalty of the Foregrip — your gun will be just as accurate as if you had no accessories at all.

Hip Fire Run and Gun
Primary accessory: Foregrip
Secondary accessory: Laser Sight

Kertz’ Comments: The Laser Sight gives a massive bonus to accuracy from the hip and will allow you to be much more accurate while mobile. Since most of your fire will be from the hip, adding a Foregrip will reduce muzzle drift and make your fire more controllable without feeling any of the downsides of the Foregrip. You can also toggle your laser sight on and off to afford a bit more stealth if the situation requires. Remember, the laser sight only helps from the hip, so turn it off when you’re aiming down the sights to increase your stealth!

Medium Range Marksman
Primary accessory: Foregrip
Secondary accessory: Heavy Barrel

Kertz’ Comments: This has been a clear source of confusion in the community. Should I pair a Foregrip with my Heavy Barrel after the update? My answer is a definite yes. Although the Foregrip decreases Aimed Accuracy, the Heavy Barrel’s Aimed Accuracy bonus has been increased to offset the Foregrip’s penalty. Pairing the two will still give you much greater Aimed Accuracy than a stock weapon, as well as reducing your muzzle drift. You will see some increased muzzle climb, however you’ll also be getting increased range out of the Heavy Barrel so your hits will have more impact at Medium Range.

Long Range Marksman
Primary accessory: Bipod
Secondary accessory: Heavy Barrel

Kertz’ Comments: If you want to get the absolute best accuracy out of your weapon, this is the setup for you. The bipod has absolutely no downsides when undeployed, and when deployed it gives a huge boost to accuracy both aimed and from the hip as well as substantially reducing muzzle climb and drift. You’ll also get the increased range of the heavy barrel making you a threat to even snipers when using your deployed bipod and a high zoom optic.

These are my recommendations. There are several combinations that haven’t been covered here, so experiment to find your best post update accessory combo. There’s at least one combo that’s perfect for your unique playstyle, so try a few and you’ll likely find not just a new accessory combo, but a whole new playstyle. You can find a handy guide below so you always know what to expect when experimenting with the different accessories discussed above. Have fun, and let me know in the poll below how you like to play!

Alan Kertz
Core Gameplay Designer

Suppressor Reduces muzzle climb, increases aimed accuracy, hides muzzle flash Reduces range, reduces hip accuracy
Laser Sight Increases hip accuracy, can blind enemies Visible to enemies
Bipod Greatly increases accuracy, greatly reduces muzzle climb and sway Must be stationary with bipod deployed
Flash Suppressor Greatly reduces muzzle climb, reduces muzzle flash Slightly reduces hip accuracy
Foregrip Greatly reduces muzzle drift Slightly reduces aimed accuracy
Heavy Barrel Greatly increases aimed accuracy Increases muzzle climb, reduces hip accuracy


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  • MONTY_0311 10.13.13 at 05:29

    i have only one suggestion… the skill to snipe players across the map by judging bullet drop and range has always been a favorite feature to battlefield. i recently played the deta and that skill has been negated by a simple push of a button to automaticly range the target so that players dont need to judge bullet drop. my suggestion would be to make that option only available to a certain scope. barretee makes a scope that does that and you could use that as a weapon attatchment. i just dont think that all scopes should have the option to automaticly aim dead center of the crosshairs.

  • RogueGator 08.27.12 at 21:17

    what’s up with the battlefeed on the game it does’t want to connect.

  • RogueGator 08.27.12 at 21:16

    I don’t get it when the enemy tank can take me out in one shot and my tank takes 3 to 4 shots to disable it

  • SPARTAN 034 Sam 08.22.12 at 14:11

    I had to LOL when I read the bit about vehicles being balanced. An engineer makes UHs and Little Birds invulnerable. Same goes for Stealth + ECM…attack helos can’t be shot down. The AA missiles are completely useless. DICE needs to hire a real game designer to balance gameplay. Kertz doesn’t know the difference between game data and player experience.

    • jarhead3270 02.04.13 at 15:29

      LOL to that one, too. Yuh’ gotta’ remember…there are ‘professional’ gamers on both BF’s, ‘AND’, it’s ‘my’ belief some of them are DICE’s own designers, OR game-testers, who definitely know the game inside-out and up and down, as well as there being some ‘suspected’ BOTs in there. So, you’re not only up against human players, but bots..which, of course, are (NOT) NPC’s, but computer-controlled players ‘AND’ vehicles. But, then…that’s just my suspicion. WHO CARES? The designers are OUTSTANDING, anyway. OORAH to DICE!!! And, keep up the excellent work, Team DICE! Comrades…just be thankful your weapons aren’t always jamming, as they did in the ‘nam, especially, the 16′s. SPARTAN 034: HAVE YOU ARMORED-UP YOUR TANK?

      • jarhead3270 02.04.13 at 15:46

        And…keep ‘spotting’ the target tank, while blasting it. I ‘think’ tanks are more vulnerable, if you aim at the track-side or the rear. Spotting will allow you the chance to have your team to take out that tank…whether you get whacked or not.

  • TheAmericanNinja 08.02.12 at 14:53

    I disagree with the people who don’t like the 2-3 kill shots to the chest-stomach, think about it, if there always one-shots then you would have no chance to hide from recon, making it one shot to the head makes sure that you need skill to make kills as recon

  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 04:48

    hey guys, im trying to get DICE to put either the M95 Sniper Rifle off of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or the barett Sniper Rifle into the new Battlefield 3 “Aftermath” or “End Game” DLC’s, i mean wouldnt you guys want to shoot a in the new Bandar Desert Map from the upcoming “Armored Kill” DLC? i know i definitely would. Also you guys still have a chance to make suggestions of any gun you guys want into the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC’s since DICE and EA are still thinking of what they should put into the upcoming “Aftermath” and “End Game” DLC’s, and also if that little rumor that Dinosaurs are gonna be in the new “Aftermath” DLC, wouldnt you want to shoot a Dinosaur in the face with a Barett lol. Please help me make this possible by copying and pasting this message on every Battlefield 3 Blog. Also if you have any weapon suggestions that you think should be put into the upcoming DLC’s message me at or by Playstation 3 Network, my PS3 name is Barraza97. PLEASE GUYS THIS MESSAGE CAN HELP PUT ANY GUN YOU WANT INTO THE UPCOMING DLC’S :D!!!

    • SniperMan37 07.06.12 at 03:29

      either the Accuracy International AX50 or McMillan Tac. 50 those are two awesome weapons also it would be cool to see the Remington M24

  • YOUAINTSERIOUZ 05.30.12 at 13:26

    snipers dont take 3 to 4 shots. They take one shot to the head and two shots to the body. Also if you dont like having to shoot someone so many times with a gun then dont use or just go play hardcore. sNipers are a one shot kill so just learn how to get around the bugs

  • rivera11520 05.29.12 at 13:58

    I must agree with Primo_Roger I to think that a lot of the guns are under powered and that it takes sooo many bullets to kill a person ,but I mostly stick with the sub machine guns they seem to work a lot better when set up right ,snipers are kind of useless when it takes 3 to 4 shot to take a person down even when it’s a head shot , all in all I think that it’s a great game and that DICE has done an extremely good job with this game and it’s online play .

  • moodii_77 05.27.12 at 21:06


  • Mr.NiCoS 05.22.12 at 13:00

    I play with many different weapons but the lmg’s are messed up pkp less recoil as m249 that itsnt right & the servers suck 2 now or i start in the middle of a game or the end , on nion even teams where i have to play with a noob teams that cant push back or i get kicked out a servers because im better then the admin.. That irritates me allot

    • WHITE_FOX_WEBB 05.31.12 at 15:10

      I agree with Mr.NiCoS the servers are at best of words disappointing sometimes. I’m to his comment that when he plays in servers that have a lot of noobs the ly most likely end up kicking the higher ranked & better player. My opinion is that this action totally goes against the concept of playing online. The whole purpose of playing online is to get better and how are you supposed to do that if your afraid of playing against higher ranked or better players. I usually like playing against better players and higher ranked individuals because when I actually do get a kill feel like I accomplished something and that I’m starting to become a better player because I’ve been playing for awhile now and it’s taking me a long time to rank up and trust me when I say I need all the tips and advise I can get my hands on cause it helps me become a better player.

  • evilblakdarknes 05.20.12 at 23:12

    don’t agree with you about the shot guns and sniper rifles. i think some of the shot guns are under powered but the dao 12 seems fine. a bit useless at medium range though and takes forever to reload. the sniper rifles should all be one shot kills, well in hardcore anyway. in fact most of the guns in normal mode takes far to long to kill people with. its just to easy to side step, dancing around to avoid fire and simply returning fire. highly unrealistic. the same thing works even on a hardcore game which is ridiculous. playing normal mode is one thing but i think a couple bullets from any gun to the head or body should be enough to stop someone. well one shot to the head at close range should be a sure kill from any gun and the same for most guns at medium range.

    • PriMo_Roger 05.24.12 at 04:08

      I’m agree, most of times it take some many bullets to kill somebody……so I prefer hardcore servers although sometimes it’s also the same.

  • FriezReturns 05.20.12 at 12:44

    Some of these don’t fit my style accept for the Medium Range Marksman I use that for the G3A3 fucking beast gun! :D The AEK I use suppressor and foregrip for that sure the range went down but I can dominate with it at medium range. I am always stuck with medium range gun rights.

  • JittersO_X 05.20.12 at 10:36

    I would like to personally thank DICE for creating a first person shooter that is most likely going down in the books as one of the greatest multiplayer FPS gaming experiences of all time. The amount of detail put into the player progression, not centering around more powerful weapons, but rather better suited weapons for the player. This should set a standard for multiplayer FPS’s for years to come. And infinity ward should read these articles and realize that this is where gamers wanted to be the entire time. No golden AK-47′s, or shottys. Just good rounded war fun. Thank you to all the developers of this franchise, you’ve made your community proud to be a Battlefield fan. Keep up the marvelous work!!!!!

  • Ezykill5 05.17.12 at 18:52

    i think dice is doing a great job with these updates. at least dice listens to what there community says and doesn’t ignore use and leave us hanging with no say on what should change. what makes a game a good game is not just how it looks or how its plays, a game becomes a good game when its developers listen and react to what there community/ fans say about what changes make the game better.

    • DoveFras 05.18.12 at 00:53

      totaly agree, i notice they even put few official servers back up and ea so big thumbs up for that too :)

  • Ezykill5 05.17.12 at 18:38

    the people complains about this update are just sad because they don’t know how to adjust to a different weapon if you can only play good with a certain weapon your not a good overall player but if you can use any weapon no matter what changes to it your a good/better overall player. so if your one of the people complaining about this please stop your just making yourself look bad just stop complaining and learn to adapt like a true battlefield player should.

    • achlimed 05.19.12 at 10:45

      You’re absolutely right. I don’t think I could have said it better myself. The sad thing is, it’s the younger (21 and under) crowd that is complaining about this and that from the most recent patch. It’s because they get on Battlefield 3 after watching the guys on Youtube and try to mimic their setups. A game as large and balanced as Battlefield doesn’t have ONE GUN TO RULE THEM ALL!!! All of the guns have pros and cons as well as each player has their good attributes and bad ones. It’s about using what works best in your hands. If you can’t take the time to try out all of the attachments that you had to work so hard for, then go back to CoD where you belong. Very well put Mr. Ezykill5.

      • Sgt772 05.22.12 at 02:57

        I’m in that 21 and under crowd(not going to give my exact age) and i can’t complain about anything, in fact i greatly welcome all of the changes. Actually i had not played BF3 for almost a month now(i know sad) and i had started playing MW3(i know also sad) but i had not played COD since Black ops, it was fun for awhile but after about a day or so of playing i remembered why i didn’t play it before….. it gets old fast…. Almost every match seems to be about the same, fast in your face action, which is good for awhile but i’ve never been good at the twitchy shooters which is why it gets old sure the kill streaks are fun but the battles are too short. But as i said i played BF3 the other night with my buddy and we had a great only in BF moment where i just had to point it out and say COD ain’t got nothing on this, tanks going at it, soldiers flanking the tanks to try and take them out, jets dog fighting and helicopters making strafing runs. But as you stated in your comment no gun is the best in BF3, which is awesome, and honestly i find myself picking what gun to work with by how cool it looks lol. So to sum up my comment here after being a avid BF3 player since its release and trying MW3 after that, MW3 is good for a quick fix of fast action, in the long run BF3 will keep MY interest much longer than any other game(especially MW3, only reason i played black ops was because of zombies lol), BF3 just has the whole package in my opinion.

      • me3_08813BB57 05.25.12 at 18:42

        I totally agree. I’m a sniper and I hear alot of people complain about how there gun doesn’t kill people like it should. I tell them to just use a different one. I use the m98B. People say is over powered. But I get 1 shot compare to 30-75 shots. Adapt to survive. Its pretty much common sence isn’t it?

    • evilblakdarknes 05.26.12 at 03:06

      errr well lets see. i’m one of those people complaining about the new set up (patch) yet i have no problem using the weapons as they are now. i’m also capable of having successful kills with more then one weapon. so what do you have to say about that? are you one of those people that thinks because they’ve been playing bf for a while they no better then everyone else? what makes you think some of the people complaining aren’t time served battlefield fans? i think you talk a lot of crap to be honest.

      • Ezykill5 06.13.12 at 20:47

        I’ve been playing bf games for years. Out of all that time people always tells me this gun is the best or this gun is useless and it just irritates me. The gun isn’t useless its just you need to know its strength and weakness and use it to your advantage. Example using an mp7 yes it not the best at damage and range but its good close range. And people that uses one gun can really only do so much, if they like to use a shotgun beacause its got one hit kill frag rounds but there playing a big open map there’s a limit to what you can do. Especially in a squad lets say your playing conquest and all you want to do is snipe beacaunse that’s the gun that you like best. Sure you can snipe people like a pro but your squad is trying to capture flags while your across the map trying to raise your kd. My point is playnig bf takes team work and knowing witch weapon’s is the apropriate one that gets the job done. I’m a squad kind of person and nothing is better than team work…unless the person we fight is an admin and kicks us out LOL.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.26.12 at 03:07

      errr well lets see. i’m one of those people complaining about the new set up (patch) yet i have no problem using the weapons as they are now. i’m also capable of having successful kills with more then one weapon. so what do you have to say about that? are you one of those people that thinks because they’ve been playing bf for a while they no better then everyone else? what makes you think some of the people complaining aren’t time served battlefield fans? i think you talk a lot of crap to be honest.

  • haru1310 05.16.12 at 20:51

    My god… DICE IS JUST AS STUPID AS INFINITY WARD.. if not that then dumber. which we all know is hard to do. I always tell people whrn they first play “You’re going to hate Battlefield when you first start out but once you level up and get better weapons and attachments then you will most likely love it” But now.. I advise them to just stay away. I used Foregrip and Suppressor on my M4A1.. Now I have no clue what to use.

    • fang lyn 05.16.12 at 22:12

      true every developer is guilty of something, major difference is that no one else respects COD players; Don’t say friends or family either they are there or not. “COD player” name its self is an insult and used disparagingly by every other person including my self. it was cool was 14 bit of a camo wearing psychopath at the time of MW1. RULES of gaming always going to start off with shitty stuff when starting (unless you hack or mod)

    • Pork_on_a_Fork 05.17.12 at 07:47

      ummmm…..thats what this article is for :/

  • KaiserVII 05.16.12 at 16:35


    • fang lyn 05.16.12 at 22:00

      what if i told you BF3 is not for people who whines about every small detail and blames ALL problems on patches. honestly better than it was before, sucks for anyone overuses shotgun , uses a MAV as an elevator/killing tool or often do air control with stinger. old patch guns was bland had no sense of individuality especially the sniper rifles and some were useless due to inaccuracy like QBB-95 and MG-36 on bypod. now encouraged to think about what gun and attachments go together better fits play style. suppression is not a problem adds tension and realism in fire fights and assaults, from the distance i cannot imagine why a person would say in their line of sights. is it so difficult to think of an alternate method of attacking them or making use of the opportunity? only problem was not fixed is the ECM jammer for jets.

  • funkeemonkey22 05.16.12 at 00:58

    you guys probably won’t respond to this, but how would you suggest you find your favorite assault rifle. everytime i think i have one i really like i end up searching for another. i think it would help a lot of other players, so i think you should write a blog about that

    • Pork_on_a_Fork 05.17.12 at 07:58

      well it really comes down to your play style/ situation. CQB/ stealth would be a famas or f2000 with your choice of optics (mine being reflex rds) with a forgrip and a suppressor or laser sight. medium range would be m16a3/ak74m/l85a2 with forgrip and a flash supressor/supressor/heavybarrel (not respectivley). at long range any medium setup will require burst fire with ANY gun maybe even single shot. the kh2002/G3 with heavy barrel forgrip and x4 scope is an ideal long range setup. with the g3 remember to single shot or burst fire. now again personal preference will change even my suggestions. for example i like as little vertical recoil as possible so i would never use a heavy barrel.

  • Mr.NiCoS 05.16.12 at 00:24

    is m249 with sup better with or without grip ?

  • Joe_Dirt84 05.15.12 at 13:40

    what about flash supressor and underslug? no foregrip no problem with ads accuracy. small bursts its the best.

  • ftw2177 05.15.12 at 13:14

    fav loadouts: Assault- G3A3(PKA 3.4, Foregrip, Laser), Engineer- M4A1(PKA 3.4,foregrip, laser), Support- PKP(PKA-S,bipod,ext mag), Recon- 1) PP-19(PKA,Laser,Supp), 2) MP7(PKA,Laser,Ext Mag) 3) SKS(PKA,Foregrip,Laser), 4) M98B(PSO,Str Pull Bolt,Suppressor) 5) M98B(Ballistic,Bipod,NONE).and btw pls add flass supp for M98B. Gripes:1 tac lights are surreal pls nerf, 2 soflam locks on to all sorts of things while being operated, I would like it to designate what I point it at, auto is fine for unmanned operation. 3) why chaff with ecm? who is using radar guided armaments??? 4) a laser designated target should not require a lock on time. I would also love it if you could make it work like a TOW, for instance if you have a soflam you could paint anything (i.e. a building, tree, terrain and someone with a javalin or AGM could loose a Missle and it would follow to the track of said designator. And as a final request I doubt will ever happen. Would it be possible to make all enhancements available for any slot, instead of having thre slots with specific mods for that slot, make all mods available and just have three slots. Oh and automate base AA for a specific radius and provide Mobile AA for all maps. And just one last thought. You cannot steal an AMTRAC as it is an enemy spawn and thereby always occupied, would it be possible or wise to make all vehicles act this way as to prevent the enemy camping and stealing all your teams resources.

  • Werd2UrCorpse 05.15.12 at 11:43

    OK, so I like some things about the patch and hate others. But one problem remains…A laser should not blind you unless it’s being shined directly in your eyes. They aren’t floodlights. Frankly, the tac light in the brightly day-lit maps shouldn’t do a damned thing either. Also, I do agree that you shouldn’t be able to evade a laser guided javelin with flares. Only an ECM should work in that case.

  • FearedSoldier 05.15.12 at 00:20

    One of my biggest concerns for BF3 is “the knife” now i know most ppl who play BF3 knows what im talking about. First of all there was a time where i was behind someone and the knife signal showed when my character raised his arm and as soon as i pressed R2 on my ps3 controller the enemy player jumps and it didnt do the animation like it should and he heard me through the mike and turned around then shot me. Another concern is whenever someone tries knifing you from behind, you are able to slash them before they even stab you at times which is frustating. If you dont think this is true i want you to copy this youtube video link and watch this video :

  • GreasyBasturd 05.13.12 at 15:12

    This goes to show how much you care about/or lack thereof the people who buy the game. When people run a specific loadout, thats because they like it. You shouldnt feel the need to redo them because a lot of people are using it. That shows you’re purposly pissing off the people who play this game. No wonder the people are dropping out like flies and fleeing this game. I persoanlly know atleast a dozen who have stopped playing because of your “balancing”. You should set the weapons and their loadouts to real qorld stats and leave it at that. Let the people cry who can’t play the game and let the rest enjoy what this franchise should be.

    Another thing, you guys need to play the AIX2 mod for BF2, its everything BF2 and BF3 should have been.

    We’re talking about starting a server for that and say the hell with BF3…

  • MAXTOR00 05.11.12 at 10:02

    “Finding the perfect accessory combo for you” – I did!
    “When we see many players gravitating towards a single setup, as game designers we can conclude that the other choices are not interesting……..and for this reason we concluded it was time to make a change” – WHY??!! I found the combo that works for me.

    If your really want to make a change, limit the number of vehicle re-spawns. I play almost exclusively as an engineer and the amount of time I spend using my repair tool these days is almost nothing. It’s just too easy to sacrifice a vehicle in the heat of the moment because hey, if it doesn’t work out I’ll jet get another vehicle. Or remove the repair tool and replace it with with someone else.

    • MAXTOR00 05.11.12 at 10:03

      Oh and I will add that I’m by no means the best player the world has ever seen. In fact I suck pretty much most of the time but the why I see it – I paid for the game I will play it!

  • BlAnKii718 05.10.12 at 05:40

    When i first played bf3, sure i was a bit lousy, getting killed.. but i enjoyed it. Why? because it makes you think, and construct a idea that would benefit you and your team. For people to be writing on threads “this person is cheating” because you getting killed alot, is pointless. But when that same person who was whining gets the shotgun with explosive rounds.. he isnt whining. Just play the game. I enjoy helping my team, at the same time i pick off targets that are about to kill my team members.
    If you feel like whining all the time, maybe the game isnt for you. Try MW3, where everything is fake.. like really getting shot and dollar bills pop out? lol
    Learn. Adapt. Overcome. thats how i learned. Plus the players are great people to learn from.

  • unit_101010 05.10.12 at 01:14

    very good article – detailed, informative, gives the big picture and provides actionable information.

  • VeryStonedSloth 05.09.12 at 22:35

    Comment 420, packing the bong up. Gotta represent the Ganja Squad! Check out our server on Xbox 360.

  • RevisedEthics 05.09.12 at 12:50

    Sorry this might not be the place to post this but I was just having an idea for some interesting concepts of equipment you might be able to add. For instance for the Recon Class there has always been a huge debate with a lot of people I play with about the glint on the scopes when sniping. I was thinking about a Ghillie set up for the recon class. My first idea was adding two Ghillie suits a Woodland and a Desert. These two items could go in the Gadget 2 space so instead of them always carrying a Radio beacon people could go with that set up to make Recon players a little less visible. It would serve no other purpose than a physical addition and wouldn’t hide you from anything Infra Red. But, it would make you harder to see when sniping. The other thing is the Weapon attachment Ghillie for your rifle which could reduce glint from your scope so it’s not like you have a tac. light glaring at your opponent. That could be in place of your suppressor, Tac. Light, or Laser sight. That way if someone is within range of you then they would still see you on the mini map and also would not hide muzzel flash or the smoke let off by the discharge of your weapon. Don’t get me wrong I understand that many snipers or Recon players might sit up in the hills and snipe down at opponents but honestly at ranges longer than 400 meters it is going to be harder to hit moving targets or stationary targets in general simply because of the bullet drop effect. Also in Urban combat maps I don’t think a sniper is going to want to have the Ghillie attachment on because of the fact that everything is so close it is better to conceal your position with a suppressor than use that kind of attachment. Just things I have thought about and maybe you use them or maybe you don’t either way I think they would make a good improvement to the game itself.

    • Rub3z 05.10.12 at 00:59

      That is a horrible idea. It would only serve to promote and further encourage completely selfish gameplay that no team wants or needs. Replacing a tool as useful the radio beacon with a completely self-serving stealth add-on? No, no, and no again. Sure, you want to stick to your sniper rifle because it’s so cool and rewarding to nab a headshot on some unsuspecting fella from hundreds of meters away, fine. But ultimately playing that way is futile, worthless to the team effort, and bound to come to an end when someone better than you gets in a jet or other vehicle and blasts you into oblivion… unless you’re actually really damn good at it. Which few people can say they are, given the difficulty that comes with compensating for bullet drop and travel time, especially at long range. No, the best ways for a recon class to play are, as the name of their class implies, using all the tools at their disposal whether it’s the SOFLAM, T-UGS, or MAV to act as a tactical info tool for their squad and team. In fact, I’d say the best recon players are rarely, if ever, using their sniper rifles at all. They’re using motion sensing and spotting devices like the T-UGS and MAV to help other players flush out an area or capture point of campers and such, using soflam to aid engineers in taking down vehicles, and of course, when they’ve gained ground towards an objective, providing the rest of their squad with a spawn point via the radio beacon that they can all rely on, or even prefer if its placement allows them the jump on the enemy. But instead, we are left with a bunch of meat-headed, self-serving morons who ignore all the other infinitely useful tools available to them in their kit to focus on shooting dudes from really far away… who will inevitably respawn, and inevitably at least one of them will exact their revenge on said sniper, forcing him to move to a different nest if he isn’t a total jackass, repeating the cycle all over again. When I see a handful of snipers sitting up in the hills or atop some tall structure, even if I take it upon myself to send a helicopter packed with explosives sailing directly into their faces, or parachute down upon them from high above to riddle them full of shotgun pellets, or watch the life fade away from their surprised faces as I cover my hands in their filthy blood when I stab all of them while grinning gleefully; it makes me weep when I realize that in spite of the lesson I have taken it upon myself to teach them, that they will never learn. Soon enough, they will be back on the stupid fucking hill again in some other stupid fucking server, just silently begging like so many innocent puppies to be slashed, burned, shot, perforated, vaporized or cut open… over and over again. Such is the fate of so many idiots who play Battlefield 3 wrong.

      • aztigerr 05.10.12 at 02:14

        hmmm…..someone seems to have issues. That last part seemed a bit of a rant. RevisedEthics just had a few ideas, that’s all. sheeesh!

      • ftw2177 05.15.12 at 13:27

        I disagree, it is not a sniper class it is a recon class, recon is invaluable and i dont like the glint either. the primary purpose of a sniper is forward observation, and if he should be presented with a target of oppertunity he should blow its head off and lead angle and bullet drop aren’t hard to figure out it is instinctual. my furthest headshot is 756m and the person I shot was running. Maybe because I have hunted it makes more sense, but I didn’t have a slide rule to calculate time to target, bullet drop, and lead angle. It just takes practice. And I can’t count the times that I have personnaly helped turn aroun a losing match either running mav or tugs, or lasing pesky attack helis. so please don’t knock the class, and I know some people do suck, but they would suck in any class, they just aren’t team players.

  • Psyclosarin 05.09.12 at 09:49

    “, but no one vehicle can master everything. ”

    Clearly you haven’t flown a Jet yet.

  • Knife Saver 05.09.12 at 05:55

    Jack of Trades by far. I’ve been using the m16a3 for a while now. But just today I realized the L85A2 is a %&*$% BEAST.


    • Eterna-1995 05.10.12 at 13:23

      L85A2 is the best weapon in bf i think but its very underestimated.

  • zsahggs09 05.09.12 at 01:04

    if you made it that realistic then everyone would use sniper rifles and there wouldn’t be any ground troops so it would basically just be a sniper battle no matter what game mode you chose, but it does sound awesome in theory.

  • K01NS 05.08.12 at 22:52

    Dude stop whining, we don’t need limbs flying across the map. The leg shots hindering movement would be pretty kool though. If you don’t like EA’s choices, dont play the game!

  • Noshi X 05.08.12 at 10:30

    Oh and the suppression, great idea, as you say to give a more realistic effect to being shot at. Let’s talk about realism. So shooting near an enemy will “shock” them. What about if you actually hit somebody in the leg, in the arm or hand? They will keep running, shooting or stabbing. Not run slower, not fall to the ground, not be hindered in operating their weapon. The only thing that happens is “Saving Private Ryan” mode is enabled where you loose colour in your screen. So that is the effect of a gushing shot wound – you get to be colourblind?! If you really care about realism, let us shoot off the arm they use to carry the weapon, maybe even shoot the trigger finger, let them drop to the ground by shooting their kneecaps, make them limp across the map to a medic. The idea behind suppression is good, but the solution is just very lazy while you could have done more damage models. This game is 18+ audience anyways so realism should be no problem.

    • ProF4nn9Hunter 05.08.12 at 13:59

      Why not leave core to new people and go play hardcore….every weapon kills and air combat dosent last long enough to be putting a ecm on a few nicely placed bullets gets the job done.suppression now works lol if you play in a squad the squad suppression perk is now worth picking

      • Werd2UrCorpse 05.15.12 at 11:40

        Core to new people and hardcore to vets? ROFL. Hardcore is for the noobs. Everyone is spray and pray central because it takes so few rounds to kill anything. Sorry, but you’re fooling yourself with the hardcore title. Hardcore is as softcore as it gets….

    • gplayer36 05.08.12 at 19:47

      Hall ya the grafiks r rill but not the players

    • Nikko1017 05.08.12 at 21:55

      I agree with Noshi X. While the graphics are extremely realistic (WELL DONE), your constant tweaking of the game seems to be making it less and less realistic. Why not simply program each weapon according to manufacturer’s test results, including all combinations of add on. That done, players will develop a strategy based on realism. In other words: if it does it in real life, it does it in BF3, if not, it’s out.

  • Noshi X 05.08.12 at 10:18

    Hey DICE. Yeah, you! You went out of control with your Swedish ethics how this game should be fair and balanced, to the point of unrealistic (like your ethics). I mean : Flares work against laser designated targets? UNREALISTIC. Nearly disabling ECM jammer effects in jets? WHY. No more lock on to airborne laser designated targets with guided missiles from jets? AS IF THE FLARES AGAINST THEM ISN’T ENOUGH. Get a grip on reality, sure some weapons may be considered silver bullets in particular situations, that is why one makes the choice to equip them! They have counter-measures! What if I use a laser guided missile on a lased helicopter?! They should use ECM jammer, evade, use flares (really stupid “patch”), call in help from a jet, or come back as a jet! NOT complain on battlelog and force Swedish fantasyland ethics upon us.

    • aAmericanPerson 05.08.12 at 20:42

      why do you even bother to play the game?

  • MadMushroomMonk 05.08.12 at 06:30

    It feels like i only see Hip Fire Run and Gun,Spray and pray players with some fullauto rifle 1mag=1kill,
    AA=inf sucks super hard, fix it

  • Ferschke 05.07.12 at 21:23

    I was wondering about showing the weapon stats in game, and when you add an accessory it shows the change in whatever stats are affected. Like an RPG style points or just solid bars or something in the weapon loadout GUI to show the changes in your weapon system. That would help making a decision a little faster/simpler instead of trial and error/// just my 2 cents. I have noticed alot of people complaining about the dart/g3 glitch, I think you should just remove the m26 from the game as it was and is still worthless unless using the glitched dart ammo. No one ever used the m26 ever ever ever until it was glitched out.

    • MajorMess64 05.10.12 at 22:38

      I think the idea behind not showing weapon stats is to encourage players to experiment and find their ideal set-up. For example, each assault rifle behaves slightly differently, so whilst on paper one gun may be ‘better’ than another, as a player, I may find it hard to actually use. Personally, I prefer no stats and having to experiment.

  • Zythe333 05.07.12 at 19:42

    First off, i just want to say I’m not normally one to complain to gaming companies about games. I love this game and its incredably fun. I love being support and I have played it since the game was released (I have 8 support service stars).
    I’m happy for the M240b and M60E4 buffs. But the fact that now every LMG has the spread of an smg at medium range(unless a bipod is deployed) is really frustrating. Before the patch this was evident in some guns, but others the bullets consistantly went to the center of the reticle. Why do the LMGs suffer from this? The LMGs didnt feel broken before the patch.. they could contend in close range, midrange and fell to snipers at long range (which was fine). The point was, they could contend with other guns. Now? They contend poorly at close range, carbine users, assault users and shotgun users got their buffs and tear LMGs apart. midrange belongs to the assault class. While I’m frantically using “jack of all trades” attactchments, im still fumbling for the recoil EVEN knowing that if the retical is on them, the bullets arnt always hitting accurately. Meanwhile the assault guy suppressed or not looks points and shoots a few bursts and I’m gone. Long range is a toss in the air if I’m using the bipod. if I’m not then I will lose to assault and recon users. The recon I don’t blame. but my point is, the LMGs cant just stay as spraying, suppressing machines when every other class enjoys slight recoil, accurate and with the exception of engeneer class, better range. I think other people have noticed this as well because I’ve been seeing less and less support users as time goes on. I’m glad that the buffs were given to other classes, It feels good. But the LMGs feel nerfed for not much of a reason I can think of. yes, I know about the bipod. It’s good when you can be set up. But two problems with that: everyone sees you shooting and if one sniper sees you, you can expect a headshot. I’ll get a few kills but its short lived. Secondly, its not as fun. at the end of the day if anyone catches me offguard (depending on which gun) I will be at a serious disadvantage. And if I do get set up, I feel like im camping… it gets old quick. I hope you will consider this for the upcoming patch. I’d be a happy guy if the LMG barrels wouldnt all of a sudden turn into cones and not go where the reticle is pointing.

    • Ferschke 05.07.12 at 21:25

      I agree, the LMGs seem to have been thrashed a little bit. But I still get killed plenty of times by PKP and M240. I’m not a support player so I can’t really say I noticed the difference personally but I have noticed a slight decrease in support players.

    • Xplosyvyx 05.07.12 at 23:52

      That’s how an LMG functions in real life. You’ve got a weapon that weighs 30 lbs and kicks like a mule, if you try holding it up and firing you would be all over the place, even at short range. Hence the reason its assigned to the support class. You set it up and cover other players or positions. Try and use it like an assault rifle and you’ll be outclassed by assault rifles almost every time. You just gotta use it as it was intended.

      • NIGHTMARE28000 05.08.12 at 02:27

        You are a dumb ass, weight of and LMG makes it almost recoiless. You know nothing about guns.

    • NIGHTMARE28000 05.08.12 at 02:25

      Me to, i have 10 service stars for the M60E4, that i got before the patch, now i cant controll it. The thing bounces everywhere, and after 20 rounds or so recoil stops, but spread makes it imposible to kill with. I think there should always be recoil, small recoil after awhile, not none at all. And the spread/accuracy should improve.

    • MajorMess64 05.10.12 at 22:49

      I understand that in ‘real life’, machine guns are designed to spread a bit.

  • ELITE_CHICOMALO 05.07.12 at 08:38

    Hey Mr. Alan Kertz: Don’t you think it would be awesome to have a more realistic game mode in BF3?
    Having a mini map on screen makes players like me feel we are just playing another video game from the bunch. I’d like to have a more immersive experience like it was on BF:BC2 without a mini map. And a HUD reduction would be even better. Like objective locations, seeing friend location through walls? BF3 should be the more realistic and tactical game out there… Come on DICE!

    • MajorMess64 05.07.12 at 22:06

      There is a no mini-map mode – hardcore. Go into the ‘find a server’ page, and (if on console) press down one of the two mini-joystick things and that takes you to an options page. Select Hardcore mode from there.

    • drumscarinbr 05.07.12 at 23:44


      I wish DICE would respond to this. I’ve been saying/posting this since launch. The mini-map ruins the game.

      The HUD is also terrible, stick to BFBC2′s style of showing flags (while capping and otherwise), or better yet, just let the user customize the HUD a little, letting them remove the flag icons altogether. Um….after just a few rounds I know where all the flags are and I’m sure most of the other players out there do too.

  • HOVA2195 05.07.12 at 00:24

    Wtf did you guys do at DICE, why in the world does it take so much to take someone down?!!!! I found myself using a whole clip just to get a kill. Please change it back to the way it was. Some ppl on here just suck and they want things to be like COD, and your letting them ruin the game as a whole. There was notying wrong with any of the weapons except the FAMAS cuz it was a lil over powered but other then that the game was good. Don’t let COD fan come over and ruin the game

    • Arissona 05.07.12 at 05:21

      I agree with HOV. You let a bunch of crying whiners ruin a great game.

    • Xplosyvyx 05.07.12 at 23:55

      I agree…surviving 25 bullets from ten feet away is a little ridiculous.

    • MajorMess64 05.10.12 at 22:51

      Go to hardcore mode – it takes far less to take someone down (plus no mini-map etc)

  • Zeleni79 05.06.12 at 18:35

    AA vehicles need a buff vs AIR.

    Scenario, Jet vs AA.

    Jet lines up, and can fire up to 2 rounds of rockets. Fires, reloads, and fires again. AA spots Jet as its lining up, starts shooting. Problem one, range is crap, AA does not even start hitting before the first round of rockets are away. Down to 30% health, 2nd round of rockets incoming, and plane is barely down to 50% health. Buff the range, or reduce range on rockets. Nobody is afraid of AA gun anymore.

    How slow can a jet fly anyway. Even BF 1942 had plane stall feature. Jets in BF3 can fly slower than choppers, and still stay in the air. I am not looking for reality, but damn, u have to draw a line somewhere.

    • MattMantastic 05.06.12 at 23:36

      X2, AA is almost worthless against fixed wing. The only thing that is a threat to fixed wing is another fixed wing. SOFLAM doesn’t have the range to make javelins effective against jets, Stingers only work if the pilot is suicidal, AA guns don’t pack nearly enough punch. Might be different on the PC with more guys running around, but on console jets are almost untouchable.

      On big conquest maps with fixed wing they sort of exist in a world of their own basically just fighting each other and occasionally killing anyone dumb enough to get in a helicopter. When they do shoot down another jet it only takes about a minute to respawn and they’re right back to dog fighting again. As far as balance goes most big conquest maps don’t have mobile AA anyway, not that it would help.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love BF3, favorite game ever, but I prefer the dynamics of rotor wing to fixed wing any day.

    • JT-TBone 05.08.12 at 07:55

      BF3 is my first game and I have the same opinion of the AA. It is worthless before and after the patch. Exactly what was stated to be fixed with the patch has done the opposite by making the jets capable of raping the spawn point.

      I would like to see some stats on how the mortar fix has worked out. DICE really screwed the pooch on that one too!!!!!

  • Fr4nKsR3dH0t 05.06.12 at 16:09

    May be a little off topic, but why do you have to watch the guy that kills you lol!!! i wouldnt mind an option to disable kill cams and just have the camera stay on you till your spawn is ready. Some games u get killed multiple time by the same dude and it can kinda get on your nerves, and on top of that you gotta watch him run around after killing you lol. Just a thought.

    • Jammydodg3rUK 05.06.12 at 17:46

      You know there is already that option in the server settings right? Just no body uses it, only for HC or Clan matches.

    • XIII_GUN-HAVER 05.06.12 at 21:43

      The reason there’s a killcam is to give intel to you squad about where the guy who kills you is going, or what he’s about to do. Don’t look at it as a punishment, but rather a way to save your squad’s lives, and also as a way to prevent yourself from being killed by the same guy again.

      • JT-TBone 05.08.12 at 07:48

        Nice try but you are a NO-GO at this station. Too many times the guy that just killed you is already sitting at your next spawn point and you guessed it, you spawn with your back to them and they kill you again. This goes on until they reach nemesis bonus at which point you are pissed off wanting revenge but then you suddenly spawn on the other side of the map with no hope of ever finding or reaching them before they are killed or long gone. Great way to piss people off DICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • ObiCannabis 05.09.12 at 22:44

          Really? You know you can choose to respawn with your squad also?.
          Besides that solution, i know everybody here is willing to kill for more realism, but would it be better to have some “invulnerability time” i mean if you don’t move, don’t shoot don’t f***ing anything you are invulnerable for some time (i didn’t thought if your squad can choose you to respawn or not), so when some f***er is waiting you to respawn he would not be able to do it… it’s lees “real” but it’s a solution.

    • dddestro 05.07.12 at 07:29

      Use it to get revenge especially with snipers

  • SLOO-NSTONEY 05.06.12 at 13:45

    I’m afraid I can’t vote in your game style poll. For you see, at any given moment I will do any of those with whatever set-up. Thank you so much Dice for breaking me out of my cod spell. Bad Company made me stop playing MW. Bad Company 2 made me stop playing MW2. Battlefield three made me not even rent MW3. My only real complaint, besides that auto-shotty + frag rounds. Is that, no matter how amazing the destruction looks, Bad Company was WAY more destructible. I mean way more. A little frustrating to come across a concrete wall, one you’ve seen plenty of times in plenty of places. Yet this one is indestructible for some odd reason. I love the destruction. The Frostbite 2 engine was well worth the money in this humble gamers opinion. I just wish there was more of it. I can’t recall how often in the fore mentioned titles, that I might be having a shitty couple matches so I would go on rampages and just fuck the living shit out of the map. Leave utter wastelands in my wake. Am I going to have to look back and say, ah the good ole days?

  • HumanGunz 05.06.12 at 13:20

    Hey look at the desc. of the photo and it says it is from “Seek and Destroy on Donya Fortress” so that means we have 2 new gamemodes! Conquest Domination and Seek and Destroy

  • Crazy_Canadian24 05.06.12 at 04:25


  • coeur-de-fer 05.06.12 at 03:56

    Just a quick thought… A deployed bipod gives a boost in accuracy when fired from the hip? How do you deploy the bipod when you are firing from the hip? Also, suppression becomes more unliked as one ranks up and gets better. They hate to give up that feeling of superiority. But they are the ones that need it. This is a game for everyone, newbies as well as “vets”. It’s like getting rich. The richer you get, the more you are able to pay taxes, but the less you want to pay taxes. Greed is basic to human nature.

  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:23


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:23


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:21


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:20


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:18


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:18


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:17


  • ninjaDEMN206 05.06.12 at 02:14


  • Desolation117 05.05.12 at 05:12

    I have the Hip fire, run and gun. i wouldn’t have thought it would be the lowest

  • LAGRANDEESCUCA 05.04.12 at 22:06

    Im awesome and i only need a F2000 and desfibs and i pawned everyone

  • Splat1258 05.04.12 at 21:46

    Hey guys, I have BF3, but when I made my battlelog, I kinda forgot my email. I have since switched emails and I really want to get back to Battlelog. Is there anyway to access my Battlelog W/out buying the game again? I tried making a new EA account. But I cant figure how to link it with my battlelog/XBL name? Can someone help????

  • GTSGabriel 05.04.12 at 21:10

    I think DICE should find a way to MUTE knifed players,maybe till they spawn again, to keep stealthy aproach

  • psychokilla-PR01 05.04.12 at 18:10

    For a good player suppression it is NOT a problem,it’s unreal jaw droping rape from choppers that won’t drop down.Endless smok/flares comeon!!! Seems like RPG is the only weapone of choice and it sucks. I love this game it’s players with less skills over using frag ammo and snipping from outside the map and all sort off cheap cheating tactics that force developers to change r games.get me the tools I need to shot things down.

    • GTSGabriel 05.04.12 at 21:15

      well if you are shoting a stinger from a 500 meter distance, you’re just losing ammo. wait a close call

  • SirHurl 05.04.12 at 14:43

    Well…funny example with Tanks, AA and Jets at the begining of the blog. This is the real live on the Battlefield: Jet destroy tank. Jet destroy AA. Jet destroy Inf AA. Nothing destroy jet. Maybe another good pilot. It is nearly impossible to kill a jet with Inf AA. Hope, Dice will fix it.

    • GTSGabriel 05.04.12 at 21:18

      I don’t see a jet doing much on battle, seriously.

      • LAGRANDEESCUCA 05.04.12 at 22:08

        Yes there is, jet kills heli, heli kills everything on map, jet rocks… although jet only can kill heli and other jets (killing a tank with a jet is useless and a totally waste of the jet air to air capabilities)

      • zZ_Macca_Zz 05.05.12 at 02:22

        you clearly have never met me ingame before then

      • evilblakdarknes 05.24.12 at 01:59

        i good jet pilot with everything unlocked can basically destroy everything on the map. simple as.

  • MajorMess64 05.04.12 at 11:45

    There seem to be lots of complaints on-line about suppression, but I honestly cannot see the problem. If I’m being suppressed and can’t shoot back, slide out of the way and come at the problem from a different angle. What can be done to you can be done to others – so suppress the other side. Lots.

    Someone pointed out elsewhere that the suppressed person shows up on the mini-map (never noticed this myself). If so, this is another tactial tweak which makes suppression a tool worth learning to use (presumably emulating the suppressoer shouting to his mates “suppressing bloke behind the rock…”).

    Another problem folks seem to have is sniper sight lens flare (sniper sights showing up). Well, snipers need to shoot then move, and this ‘encourages’ them to do so. Again, where is the problem with that (stops near-invisible campers, for one thing)?

    The under-barrel dart gun is stupid and clearly an error. It will doubtless get sorted in June which is only a month away (not long in the big scheme of things). Sure, the big patch isn’t perfect and has bugs of its own, but, I denfinately see an improved overall game (not perfect, but much better IMO); since the patch I’ve played a lot more, which tells me something.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, my main issue at the moment is a lack of apparrent game balancing system on console (Xbox). For example, I don’t think I have ever seen a team re-shuffle between matches. This problem has been around since the Beta (hell, since BC2).

    • Amatious 05.04.12 at 22:14

      The only intelligent comment I’ve read so far. Bravo.

    • zTZz 05.05.12 at 05:13

      Definitely agree with you on the last part. Its pretty annoying when half the team ragequits during a match (especially rush) and leaves the other team to get base raped. Really should have an autobalance system

  • psychokilla-PR01 05.04.12 at 08:19

    Sell me new weapons,magnum ammo,gun skins,better anti-aircraft weapons choppers take forever to eliminate is ridiculous. Not servers :(

    • LAGRANDEESCUCA 05.04.12 at 22:10

      I dont need new weapons and diferent tipes of ammo to just cap your ass… im awesome

  • NubTastic17 05.04.12 at 08:06

    I find it funny how people think COD is gonna be a better game and say they are going to switch over there. Yet i know a lot of people fed up with COD’s BS and is moving over here. Guess what people…there is no such thing as the ultimate perfect game that will appease everyone. So I’m guessing these are your options: deal with it, create the ultimate game that appeases everyone, or quit gaming all together.

    • artiodz 05.05.12 at 02:22

      there is a perfect game its called Tom Clancy rainbow six, i have played all of them and the only gripe i had was chicken walking in num 3 on original Xbox. i played Vegas 2 for like 4 years and it never got old now i play on pc tho so i havent gotten a rainbow 6 game in a while but am looking forward to r6 patriots.

  • psychokilla-PR01 05.04.12 at 07:59

    Rent server is getting old,servers kick you out because you play better than theme ,long games no players…ect.sell m

    • LAGRANDEESCUCA 05.04.12 at 22:11

      Yeah, totally! theres one server where i pawned the admin and the c*cksuckker kicked me out… lame-os

  • sfjmcPicket 05.04.12 at 03:47

    i do not like rent-a-servers. If i want to play on dice or ea server only, i got to manually use the search field rather than using the quick match feature.

  • atx27 05.04.12 at 00:17

    Mr. Alan Kertz, this patch would be great if i had not gotten a white flashing screen on all but 3 maps, so for over a month, since the day it was released ive only been able to play 3 maps and before the patch i was doing great just got the game 2 weeks prior to the patch (as a birthday gift from my wife). I am a Battlefield game vet and i started off doing great until the patch came out. As I said up above, only being able to play 3 maps out of ALL maps(BF#, B2K). I don;t don’t normally want to complain about things that won’t be heard, but it has been over a month now that some guys have the video i took to get the issue fixed. I have NOT seen any effort nor been reassured that this issue is being resolved. Like i said before, and i will say it again so that you and everyone knows, It has been OVER 1 MONTH(note: since march 27th 2012, release of last patch) I’ve had this issue, and it is getting worse then before instead of a strobe light its strobing and a white screen. So im asking you personally, What can you and your team do to fix the game you broke?

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 05.03.12 at 21:19

    (MajorMess64 05.03.12 | 10:04
    It seems to me that there are two sides to this whole pre/post patch complaints/compliments thing.
    Perhaps those who are unhappy with the patch are players who had found their ‘niche’ – gear and roles which suited their playing style. Those who are happy with the patch (and I am among them) are those for whom re-balancing has enabled them to find a niche. Obviously, the apple cart has been upset for the former and they are unhappy about this. But, it simply means engagnig in re-locating another niche.
    Pre patch, I found the game hugely frustrating; there was no gear/role set-up that suited my playing style. Currently, it’s not perfect (lack of team balancing on Xbox being my major gripe), but it is lots better IMO.)

    Hmmm i think you are a bit of the mark…! Yes there maybe is some players there has had there play nice/style altered…..but for me is not this, that is the problem.

    For me is about the bugs like;
    -Not being able to hit people that are jumping over stuff.
    -Really appalling hit detection.
    -Grenades and RPG`s that disappears right after you have fired it, if you die right after.
    -Claymores that you can run right through without taking damage.
    -The added player health, meaning that you need to hit people way to much before they die. To the point that it seems insane.
    -Grenades that bounce of invisible walls in mid air, when you through high and long, like over a building.
    -Laggy gaming experince….that has gotten way worse since the patch.
    -The removal of DICE servers in quick match.
    and loads more.

    So if these things could be fixed then i would be a happy camper…..but for now…the game just frustrates me SO much. To the point where i really don’t want to play the game, since i always end up screaming at the screen. :0/

    • evilblakdarknes 05.24.12 at 01:46

      agree with you on the lagging. the lag is actually worse then call of duty! i mean seriously, i never knew bullets could go around corners!
      the claymore thing does need sorting asap. and your claymore disappearing after you die is lame. i’m sure in real life you claymore would still be where you put it even if someones just blown your head off.
      i’ve had the same problem trying to kill people whilst they’ve been jumping over stuff. in fact, i’ve started jumping whilst running from one place to another as i find people don’t seem to be hitting me as i jump ha.
      the health thing is ridicules! if you use one of the pathetic weak gun like the PP-2000 for example. your lucky to kill a guy using one clip! that depending on if he does a bit of side stepping or how far away he is. but seriously, how is it when i play call of duty world at war the gun balance seems better and its easier to kill people. i don’t feel the need to reload after killing just one guy on that game but on battlefield 3 i do. come on dice that really takes the piss! even in a hardcore match it can take far to much to kill one guy, depending on what gun you use. sometimes it feels like i’m firing a air rifle not a f’ing gun!
      the dice servers are back it seems but still when i put quick match i end up in some annoying rented server with over a thousand tickets.

      over all i still preferred it before the latest patch. especially the guns. its hard to find a gun a really like now. and no i wont shut up! i’ll just keep complaining until you fix what you’ve broken:)

  • Reminator 05.03.12 at 19:37

    So Dice 7 months after release, and still you didn’t balance rush tickets.

  • sneekiiiJew 05.03.12 at 19:09

    My favourite is short range stealth. slap on a foregrip and suppressor plus a pka-s holo sight on the aek, and you’ve got a damn good mid range stealth gun. i just like following my team around, and when they’re stuck in a long gunfight, i find an alternate route around and silently take out the enemies. ppl complain the suppressor is bad now, but i really never noticed a significant change, stealth is my preferred way just like pre patch.

  • x_KOR_x 05.03.12 at 17:02

    @EA_DICE A Message from Our Community, Please Respond @Zh1nt0 @Demize99 @crash7800

    • evilblakdarknes 05.24.12 at 02:42

      just watched you youtube link. i don’t agree with you on the usas 12 with frag rounds. it was a great gun before it got nurfed and now its not so great. the m26 underslung with darts is great! i love it! so check this out. how about you opt for asking dice to buff all the other guns so they can compete with the effective ones. its not gonna help make the game better if dice nerfs every gun people like. think about it.

      i strongly disagree with you on the flashlight. i think its cool. and there are some parts of the game that are dark so it does is handy for finding campers in dark places as well as dazzling people. so remove from the game? errrr no thats a bad idea.

      on a serious note. i think the biggest problem with this game are people like you. yes people like you, moaning and whining about what they want and what they don’t like. you mite be reeding this thinking well your one to talk. but my point being i had the game on release. i had no complaints about it then( no complaints about the game play), not until they started nerfing and buffing things. i brought the game i was happy with what i’d brought and what i now have isn’t what i paid for. so now i feel the need to moan and complain because of people like you.

      i do agree with you on one point though. the suppression is over the top.

      the type of things i’m not happy about are things like my bipod not deploying. not being able to step up a small curb and having to jump to get over it. lagging problems. no always being about to jump over a fence.

  • Jazman2k 05.03.12 at 10:07

    I play with Heavy barrel only. Bipod shoud get penalty as it increases weight to weapon.

  • MajorMess64 05.03.12 at 10:04

    It seems to me that there are two sides to this whole pre/post patch complaints/compliments thing.

    Perhaps those who are unhappy with the patch are players who had found their ‘niche’ – gear and roles which suited their playing style. Those who are happy with the patch (and I am among them) are those for whom re-balancing has enabled them to find a niche. Obviously, the apple cart has been upset for the former and they are unhappy about this. But, it simply means engagnig in re-locating another niche.

    Pre patch, I found the game hugely frustrating; there was no gear/role set-up that suited my playing style. Currently, it’s not perfect (lack of team balancing on Xbox being my major gripe), but it is lots better IMO.

  • Elessar111 05.03.12 at 09:51

    I would really like to see a weapon stats comparison graph or chart in BF3, similar to what’s shown in COD Black Ops, wherein when selecting any given weapon we can visibly see a comparison of stat details (accuracy, fire rate, range, damage, mobility, etc.) with other weapons in the same class. I find the weapon details in BF3 vague, particlarly with regards to comparisons between weapons. I imagine the game designers and those with military background know these details, but not everyone playing these games has knowledge of such things in their heads.

  • Col-_-SimpleJack 05.03.12 at 09:38

    It doesn’t matter who have the bigger stick, it matters hell a lot more who’s swinging it.

  • knightflyer23 05.03.12 at 04:29

    Listen, change it back.

  • knightflyer23 05.03.12 at 04:18

    Heres the truth, nothing but the truth… Since the patch was updated, alot of people quit playing the game… The guns are nothing like they used to be… The vehicles as well… Since this update has been in place, 24 of my friends that I know off hand quit playing. 9 of them traded the game. MW3 is taking control. I’m new on xbox “on line” playing since BF3 came out. Nothing used to compare to it. I was in a Big Box Electronics store, and people are not even recommending to play on line anymore. Also the rent your severs are fine. But since the changes… I do not even play no where close like I did. Today alone, I bought 5 new games…. I really perfer like eveyone else,change it back!!!!!

  • cypher561 05.03.12 at 03:09

    I think the guns (and the game in general) before the update was perfect. I never was overkilled with the USAS and even if i was whoever uses it DESERVES it imo. Theres a gun to take care of anybody. Now the guns are weak as $h!t. AA is ridiculously overpowered. ECM jammer doesn’t work (obviously). the performance update was great and the new features are awesome but please dont mess with the guns it ruins everything.

  • krenshaw 05.03.12 at 02:39

    I hope this is a great place to express my perspective on the ” FUN POLICE ” – As Dice states BF3 was their game and is now our game and this inturn brings out all the masses to voice whats OP and whats not OP. Example riding MAVS is fun – unlimited mines is fun ( youtube it ) – FAMAS OP was fun – USAS 12 rude but fun – my tanks amour pre update was FUN – now once again the masses of democratic bulls&^% complaining and raising the OP’s as issues slowly run the game down to where its not super anymore and DICE sub misses to the people and what they want – Let me put it this way you have sold the most amount of copies and now dribs and drabs will follow – Make it Fun again and this will keep your player base alive – DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE ZIPPER MADE WITH MAG – becoming bitches to the people. FPS’s are not a democratic environment they are a Dictation of WAR and combat. If you want make more real introduce platoon leaders above squad leaders. Anyway thats my rant – i love playing BF3 and i do agree to some extent with OPness but if you take away the unique stuff it becomes grey and boring.

    SOFLAM after death – Motor bike side cars – toyota hilux with rocket pods :)

    - P A T C H T H E F U N P O L I C E -

    • Magruber 05.03.12 at 04:06

      DICE should pay close attention to what’s being said here. There hasn’t been a game that didn’t quickly die once its future direction was handed over to the community. Biggest example was Star Wars Galaxies. People still talk about how SOE obviously hired a consulting firm to poll users for features and direction and the game died horribly. Game companies have good directors that know their business, stick with your gut for future direction. You are the people that made the game great in the first place. Sad fact is once game players get whatever they dream of they realize their ideas turn out to suck and they just leave.

      Shit if we were any good at creating games we’d probably work for you already.

  • StarTroop 05.03.12 at 02:30

    I appreciate all of the balancing that goes into such a large multiplayer game.
    Balancing is clearly the most difficult and most important part of designing a multiplayer mode, so I’m happy to say that DICE has done a good job so far.
    A single request I have is to allow us to be able to create and save multiple set-ups for each class, to allow us to quickly select a specific set-up instead of having to change it manually each time. This is especially a problem when we want to change accessories, since the only way to do that is through the customize menu, which displays static every time you change an accessory.
    The reason why I don’t change my accessories often is because it’s too time-consuming to do it in the middle of a round.
    I hope this has been considered, and that there’s at least a reasonable explanation why it isn’t already in the game. I’m okay if there were some memory problems or some other technical or labour issues that make this feature counter intuitive.

  • CRASH8991 05.03.12 at 01:55

    my setups very depending how the game is going i kind of just start with a class and as each issue comes up on the field i think about what i have in my class that could be effective against said target. certain setups do give me the best possibilities but its finding the so to speak “off the beaten path” setups that make a game more interesting…but far though if i have any complaints its the tact. flash light still WAY to bright and that in it self acts like suppression

  • eredi_13 05.03.12 at 01:08

    Mortars need to be unproved, they feel under powered. The speed on the next round or the total damage should increase a bit. I feel like a grenade has been more useful than all the time i had spend soften up the enemy with weak mortar rounds.

  • eredi_13 05.03.12 at 00:56

    I can agree with the sniper tracer rounds which sometimes looks like huge green orbs. This increases difficulty when you’re relying on those few precise shots for the recon. I also think the scope glare should be reduced slightly since it always looks like it has a flashlight equipped. Glare should depend on the position of the sniper and sun at the very least. besides that its all good

  • Coren2X4 05.03.12 at 00:10

    i like the updates but you really had to get rid of the mav elevator i liked it and if you took out anything it should have been the killing with it not the flying thats the only thing thats made me made on this game aside from how you cant kill jets and helis with infantry

  • XtremeClowny 05.02.12 at 23:30

    Two things:

    If the purpose of suppression is add to the realism of the game then why make it an option? I mean, if you trully believe that using suppression will help players know what is like to be shot at then why not make it an integral component of the game and not optional. Because the way things are right now some players get to feel the “realistic effects” that suppression brings to the table and others dont. What i’m trying to say is, that since suppression is here to stay then why not make it so that everyone can use it without having to waste an ability on it. The effects of getting shot at shouldn’t depend on whether the shooter decides to use suppressios…Also, this way, we can better utilize the ability option on samething more usefull like extra ammo or extra explosives.

    Lastly, chopper/jet whores. Yeah, we have the tools to bring them down but unlike them we have limits. The range on the Igla is pathetic. We can start locking on a target and he can sinply turn the other way and completely avoid being shot down. The same goes for the other antiair tools. For example, they can simply avoid the area where the fixed antiair vehicles are located and never be shot down. Back to the Igla’s, something needs to be done because with the way things are an experienced airwhore can simply use flares and and distance to keep us at bay. They can easily deflect an igla shot by correctly timing the flares and yeah I can reload faster than their flares can but they are not going to hang around and wait for me to reload. So, how are we supposed to bring them down? At this time planes have way too much firepower. Why not make it so that flares only effectively block the shot 66% of the times? Why not increase the range on the igla? Okay, say I got lucky and managed to land one shot on an experience jet whore. What are the chances that he will let me land another one? teamwork you say? Well, why should my team spend extra resources on a single plane? besides for something like this to go down the enemy pilot would have to be real good and annoying to the point that my teammates will be willing to change classes just to hunt him down.
    The gangbang needed to bring down a single pilot gives the enemy the advantage because it means that we have less men on the field working towards the flags. Also, even if we managed to get a nice gangbang team going what is to keep the plane from going far away from our range and avoid being brought down. As far as air repairs goes. I think that it needs to go. With air repairs all that a plance has to do to survive after being shot once is go outside of bound and fk around there until he is back to 100%…

    • Nohdin 05.14.12 at 01:08

      You also forgot how simple it is to land a jet after being disabled and just… repair. Then take off again. Especially on maps like caspian of firestorm i can land almost anywhere.

      I am a jet user and i will say i feel really sorry for those of you on ground. There have been countless times where i have been flying directly at the man trying to stinger me only to simply flare, shoot him down and have the missle fly past me. Pull up, then taunt him with a nice melody from my cannons.

      I only get shot down when both jets, or a jet and heli team up against me. Or i get greedy for a kill and don’t pull up in time. Rarely do i find someone who can take me one on one in a jet and as for AA? I am not very scared of them at all… Most times flying right in front of them only to be taken down to about 60%.

      I’m in no way bragging clowny I am completely agreeing with you Jets are completely overpowered. Why do you think I started using it?

  • BLAINEO 505 05.02.12 at 22:16

    lol I dont use any of the setups here. I use on my ak74m bipod and flash and kobra of corse. the reason being is I use bipod quite alot, bipod on most guns in this game make them a lazer, and I like lazers,But i choose flash over healy berrel because with flash it hides my bullet blast and this gives me just a few more seconds to take some fools out before I get put down.

  • SHEP_1981 05.02.12 at 21:28

    Its no good giving advise on the accessory`s your only going to change the way they work next month anyway !! dickhead

  • SirGinger76 05.02.12 at 19:37

    Thanks alot Alan for all of this advice and specs. I was just going to look all of these up and it seems you took the time to do it for me so to speak, much appreciated. See you guys on the battlefield!

  • buckeye1163 05.02.12 at 19:34

    I just can no longer tolerate being spawn raped by one helicopter. Regardless of the skill level of the enemy team, one decent pilot can just ruin the game because they CANNOT BE SHOT DOWN. Please fix this crap…so unrealistic to have endless supply of flares and ability to fix or heal while airbourne. Cmon ..get it done already…may need to jump ship to Bl ops2. Your servers are already half empty!

    • Y0uRs3If 05.02.12 at 21:59

      Get in a Jet. Problem solved. I’m assuming you’re talking about Wake Island, which is really the only map where chopper spawn rape is possible. Once RU loses Charlie Flag, that needs to be their main objective to recapture. I’ve been on both sides of a spawn-raping chopper and I know how you feel, but EA already nerfed the chopper. RPG is now OHKO and AA weapons lock in about 1.5 seconds. and do almost 150% more damage…
      If you don’t like that, then I’d recommend you avoid Wake Island.

  • MajorMess64 05.02.12 at 13:09

    Personally, I really like the game post the big update. The increased suppression effect seems to me to be a good thing, and adds to the tactical element of the game. Overall, but thumbs-up to the changes.

    My main gripes though are:
    a) Very difficult to deploy the mortar effectively. I know peole often complain about the mortar, but they are extremely vulnerable to mortar fire themselves (one hit to kill) so are easy to take out
    b) The shotgun slug/sabot thing seems to be a one-hit-one-kill long range woner weapon. Please tone down!
    c) Jets and helicopters are still too difficult to kill. A skilled flyer is a lot harder to take out than an equally skilled tank driver. A good flyer on one team will really kill the game and leads to a lot of rage quitting on the opposing side. No fun for anyone. Lock-on should be harder to block, and missiles should kill with a single hit IMO.
    d) Folks seem to be able to run around and shoot an LMG as if it were an assault rifle. The ‘heft’ of these needs to be increased: aim speed slowed, and running speed slowed.
    e) Last, but most importantly – GAME BALANCE!!! More often than not, teams are very unbalanced and one sided. This is a major issue, and has yet to be resolved properly. For example, one solution may be to introduce a mid-battle auto balance option for rented servers. This way players can coose whether to opt-into servers selecting this option.

    • MajorMess64 05.02.12 at 13:11

      … sorry, should have read ‘big thumbs-up to the changes’ :-)

    • Y0uRs3If 05.02.12 at 21:53

      To MajorMess64:

      Jets and Helicopters are too hard to kill? Helicopters are MADE to be counters to tanks… Equally skilled pilot/driver is not supposed to make the vehicles equal. Otherwise you would have 4 helicopters on each team as well… Same with Jets, they were made to counter helicopters. If you’re getting killed by a chopper, get in a Jet! Any GOOD Jet can take down a chopper, no matter how skilled the pilot/gunner. I agree that the TV needed nerfing, OHKO was not fair to tanks, but now, you throw on Reactive armor and you can take 3 TVs+ before you die.

      Gamebalance: You’re GOT to be kidding me. Imagine fighting half a round on one team and getting great teamwork and working to get the objectives. Then you get teamswitched and lose the round. Yeah, that sounds very attractive. There’s already a ‘Smart Autobalancer’ in Procon that Admins can set to automatically even up the teams at the end of the round. It looks at scores and teamswitches according to that. Some servers actually do have autobalancers that work in the middle of the round and unless it’s happend to you, you have NO idea how annoying it is. Three rounds in a row Our whole squad was switched when the tickets were 800-200 just because we were the top players on the server. Great, we lead the team to the win and get a loss for it.

      I do agree that many times, servers get stacked and it’s just annoying to play. I was just on a server yesterday where our team, on Metro, was capped back to RU deployment and could barely get out of the bank without dying. However, a midround autobalance is NOT the way to go. Stick it out for the round and then the server should even things up.

      • VollenFire2 05.03.12 at 00:51

        I agree with your thoughts on game balancing. It is not fair to a team to be broken up because they are effective on the battlefield. Would the Taliban,all of a sudden. welcome the US soldiers into their squads because the enemy was losing??…or vice versa. No adversary would want their squads broken up with members of the opposing force. Maybe at the end, but not during battle…and from the bottom, not from the top.

      • MajorMess64 05.03.12 at 01:10

        Well, I tried the whole jet/helicopter thing and I simply don’t get on with them (horses for courses, and all that). I’m good in a tank though, but tanks are mincemeat against a jet or helicopter. I can’t be alone with not enjoying using the aircraft because otherwise jets would be more commonly flying on both teams; my experinece is that, more often than not, this is not the case. Seemingly, one good flyer will swing the game on some maps, unless there is a squad on the other team coordinating SOFLAM an missiles (and SOFLAM lock seems quite easy to break). I can only speak from my experience, and I honestly think aircraft are too powerful.

        Re team balance, I understand the frustrations of mid-team switching (used to happen quite often when I played BF on PC; never experinced it in Xbox though). Call me old fashioned, but I’d much rather play a good, well balanced match and lose than play a one-sided match and win. Always. IMO mid match balance should be an option for folks running a server; players who don’t like the option can select a server with this feature switched off.

        I’ve noticed that there is some sort of team balance option but I’ve never seen it operate effectively. Frequenly, when a new match begins, sides have an unequal number players often with the team that won retaining more players. Again, this is simply my own experience – whatever team balance system is in place is invisible to me. I’m not alone in this; team balance complaints are common on the net.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.22.12 at 13:40

      don’t agree with you about the choppers being to hard to take down. but the jets a do agree. the stinger needs sorting out.

      don’t agree with you on LMG’s. if they nerf it in the way you’ve mentioned it will ruin the support class even more then its been ruined already.

  • stationBF 05.02.12 at 11:41

    Dear Alan Kertz,

    sorry to tell you but you re a liar,
    because …

    There’s absolutely no difference between all of thlose accessories,
    because in every single game you get perma jet rocket spammed by unkillable jets.

    End of story.

  • Gattobuono 05.02.12 at 10:31

    Well. the concept of the bi-pod is a good one … if only it would deploy! (xbox). Even on a perfectly flat surface such as a rooftop I can never get it deployed post patch. Strangely though, it often deploys itself when I’m on angled surfaces such as rocks, usually when I don’t want it to. Overall I find it more of a hindrance than a help. Please fix it, please give us a deploy bi-pod button (e.g. the d pad) on xbox.

    • MajorMess64 05.02.12 at 12:57

      To deploy, make sure you are crouching/prone/standing next to the flat surface and press aim (left trigger) twice. The first pull aims without deploying the bipod, but the seccond pull aims with the bipod. Once mastered, this is a really nifty device.

  • UH60L 05.02.12 at 10:20

    My perfect setup would be no internet requirement. Remember, you said if people still wanted it, you would add in LAN support. Well I still want it.

    I onyl play this game currently because my gaming group bought it for me. I refused to buy it and they really wanted me to start playing with them again, so they put up the cash. You’ll notice that I only play one night a week and only for a few hours. Beyond the gaming group I don’t touch this, because it still has no LAN support.

    I need a game I can play in every mode everywhere and anywhere I happen to be, regardless of internet connection. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc)

    • UpS_TiMDoG_da 05.02.12 at 17:33

      True indeed, my friend.
      I had a bit of bad luck the last few years and had to cut down my internet because i couldn’t afford internet anymore, but luckily I still had the LAN to set up my own server and put some bots in it so i could still play.
      If this shit should happen to me again, I wouldn’t be able to play a game i payed for !!!!!!!!
      So please, add the LAN support.
      We shouldn’t take internet for granted. There are millions of peeps out there who still can’t afford internet access but would like to play games ( believe me, after 6 years of playing the same games ).

  • VollenFire2 05.02.12 at 09:32

    if, you want to make it real, then stick to what is real. Just because someone creates an unlock that isn’t as good as another unlock, don’t penalize what works in real life. That’s like adding a musket to the game, then penalizing an M16 because it is more efficient. Is that real? If you want real, add a fatigue factor…add food….add an adrenaline rush…add pain meds….add bandages to prevent bleed out. Each one has a plus and a minus. Food sustains energy, but you have to take the time to eat it…a person can go without food when their adrenaline kicks in, but eventually you have to take rest to replenish it…pain meds can keep a wounded player going, but taken too often can become a distraction…or if you are shot seriously, you need to be patched up to go on living( there should be a bleed out level, say 25, that you slowly bleed out unless attended to by a medic). The suppression effect I think is a good idea. Having players show up on the mini map is a good idea, but only if you are within vocal range of the player being shot at.
    Also, please fix the camo identifier. You shouldn’t have to hit it 3-5x to identify someone or something you see. Also, the IRNV should work realistically…set an effective range, not have the whole thing fog over. That’s not realistic….or, have it effective only for so long(batteries wear down)…you can use the ammo pack to recharge it. I think players appreciate the realism of the game, but when you shoot someone at point blank range with a heavy mach.gun & they turn around and kill you with a pistol shot or knife slice…that’s not realistic( unless they come up behind you…that’s different). What is real?
    Vehicles need fuel…have fuel depots that can be destroyed but respawn. Modern day fighter jets do not have endless ammo.(but if you go that route, then their range needs to be extended somewht and airstrikes called in by infantry). The more real it is, I believe, the more people will appreciate playing the game.

    • Y0uRs3If 05.02.12 at 22:06

      How REAL do you want the game to be? You really want real, then no respawn. One life is all you get in a round. You get shot in the leg, you can’t walk. You get shot in the arm, you can’t fire. You get shot anywhere and you fall over and bleed out.

      If you want real, check out Project Reality for BF2. See how much you like that.
      You can only take it to a certain level before it gets boring. War isn’t some exciting battlefield experience. Ask any REAL soldier.

      • VollenFire2 05.02.12 at 23:50

        the respawn seems to be the same as having re-inforcements, which is realistic. The ticket bleed out takes care of putting a limit on a teams resources…when there used up, the team is done.

      • VollenFire2 05.03.12 at 00:37

        A person wounded in battle, with a basic knowledge of first aid, can still fire back; but a person with 10% of their life is not going to turn around, going on some amazing killing spree. I’m not talking about realism to the point of being ridiculous. Maybe, someday, the type of wound, will come into play. It’s only a suggestion to take a first step to getting there. My question is the reason for balancing the gaming field by penalizing a foregrip( which should help stabilize a weapon) . I think there are may be other alternatives, like by adjusting the timers, controlled by software, in a way that reflects reality. So, someone with a 3-10k$ of computing power is put in check from dominating the battlefield. I am talking seconds, milliseconds(gaming time), not minutes and hours. I realize that anyone of these ideas we put forth requires a massive amount of programming code to incorporate. The game is basically good, but sometimes I think in trying to make the game fair and enjoyable to all, DICE gets away from what makes BF3 unique; its attention/reflection to reality.

  • JBModz 05.02.12 at 04:56

    what really matters is minimap time, range accuracy and bullet spread. heavy barrell should have a tighter spread but last longer on minimap. suppressor should have slightly less dmagge and range but not be on minimap. flash suppressor should lower muzzle climb but have a short time on minimap. front grip should reduce drift side to side but have no effect on accuracy. so a front grip, heavy barrell and flash suppressor should make the famas a lazer again. sights are just preference, lazers and lights are fine, maybe reduce muzzle climb a bit from added weight, same for bipod. ofcoures there can never be 1 combination for all guns, the attatchments help the guns be more manageable in all situations.

  • jarhead2007hall 05.02.12 at 03:42

    PLEASE for the the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY Fix what you know 2B wrong with the GAME, forgrip gives control, I have used them and supp. doesn’t effect short 2 medium range n real world action (COMBAT) .50cal. r 1/2in. should not take 5 to 10rds to kill someone 20 to 30yds u say how realistic the GAME is, do something soon MAKE THOSE CHANGES SOON for all of us that believe that u really listen 2 us little people, who love the GAME 4what it should&could B .ohh fix the d_________ M26mass thanks 4ur time hope u really do listen !!

    • WD Philbilly 05.02.12 at 18:50

      …..what .50 cal rifle is in the game??? and can you pls spell without numbers? no one understands the whole middle part of your message lol

    • Po1nt_Take3n 05.02.12 at 21:43

      Dice is probably scrambling around for a translator right now…

  • Crazy_Canadian24 05.02.12 at 03:21

    @kam1kaz3killer I agree with my heart and soul. I use the underbarrel grenade launcher with my assault rifles now because the foregrip fucks my accuracy over at medium- to long-range, WHEN IT SHOULD MAKE IT BETTER.
    @RaginMonkey93 I also agree with you. Not only is the M26 dart fucked up, but I would also would have some incentive to play as a sniper if I could one-shot people.
    Also I voted for jack of all trades because that’s the closest to what I use.

  • DRUNK3NxN1NJA 05.02.12 at 02:54

    SEEK AND DESTROY!? CONQUEST DOMINATION!? these names are way too familiar. whats next GROUND WARZONE.

  • kam1kaz3killer 05.02.12 at 02:36

    What I still don’t understand why does the foregrip make aimed accuracy worse when it would make it better, since you would have more control over the weapon. Would someone please shed some light on this for me.

  • Jfin716 05.02.12 at 00:14

    And that “you can’t use the shotgun stuff or you will get kicked” is dumb. I still get killed by them. Do it like Ghost Recon where the admin can literally take it out the game.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 14:37

      hate it when people cry about a shot gun.

  • EllisWhittyUK 05.01.12 at 18:42

    The game is still great, I don’t play as recon but don’t mind them their Job is to be hidden away watching the battlefield so people get over it. The as val is my new toy.

  • RaginMonkey93 05.01.12 at 15:12

    The worst thing that you could have done is what you have with the m26 dart. To have a weapon that most servers will not even allow you to use because of the way that it destroys is just ridiculous. The M26 Dart, with a heavy barrel, is like shooting a cannon at someone and expecting the wall behind them to catch the bullets, because that is what happens. One shot, one kill, no matter the distance. Try it, then fix it. Then, you need to go through and modify the effect of weapons on people. A sniper rifle is in fact a ONE SHOT KILL!, should be, could be, but isn’t. That is why people use sniper rifles, in the military and in other fields. The size of the round should determine the damage it does, and where it hits should also be taken into consideration. Just because I hit someone with a 9mm in the leg doesn’t mean that they should die from it instantly, however, if I hit you in the chest with a 50mm round, you better die when I hit you. Just a little advice from someone that plays the game, and has been shot at, shot, and enjoys the study of how impacts work.

    • Jfin716 05.02.12 at 00:10


    • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 14:43

      agree with you on sniping. but the underslung m26 dart with the heavy barrel does have its limits. i know cause i use it quite often;) it is amazingly rangy though but its not like you can snipe with the thing ha.

  • Kuiriel 05.01.12 at 06:07

    I use the heavy barrel or flash suppressor with a bipod. I no longer use the foregrip at all – I find it completely screws with my accuracy – the bullet spread is completely crazy. Even when using a giant gun like the M60E4, at close range, I find having a bipod (NOT DEPLOYED) and just blasting away is better than trying to use the foregrip.

  • xX ZyxxaN Xx 05.01.12 at 01:33

    SOMETHING THAT DICE NEEDS TO FIX ON CONSOLE: fix the quickmatch system only EA and DICE servers and server browser for rented servers! RUSH will have 140 tickets.
    CONQUEST will have 200 or 150. TDM will have 100 tickets again. Those settings will be in quick match servers made by DICE and EA! Thumbs up please.

    • ant_j_uk 05.01.12 at 11:22

      100% agree, getting thrown into a rent-a-server and getting kicked by some scumbag that doesnt like getting beat is a kick in the balls. Especially 75% into the game, ridiculous!

    • GOLDEN PWNYB0Y 05.02.12 at 01:49

      YES! EA and Dice only option!

  • bf3-is-a-lie 04.30.12 at 22:49

    Did not vote no option for “don’t play this trash anymore”

    And I lol’d hard at this “At the heart of “Battlefield Balance” is the idea that no single soldier can be all powerful.”

    Engineer…more trash from the disaster troller

  • ih8reconnubz 04.30.12 at 22:26

    I would vote in that nifty little poll you have down there Demize99, but “Stop Playing Altogether” was not included. But thanks anyway…I guess.

    • a Snack Machine 05.01.12 at 04:04

      I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!

    • a Snack Machine 05.01.12 at 04:05

      I AGREE ! ! !

      All sniper rifles.
      Sniper bullet tracers; the bullet tracer is now as big as a tank round… the current game update changed the sniper bullet tracer size to a huge sun ball, a giant orb that covers the target completely.

      I had no problem seeing the bullet when it was small (before the patch). I was able to see the bullet travel, and compensate for near misses. I was able to see if the bullet went over the head or over the shoulder, or next to the feet. Now you cannot see it at all, it covers the target completely, even at long range shooting.

      Now a sniper cannot judge bullet impact, to compensate for any aiming errors a sniper needs to adjust for.
      It use to take me 1 to 2 shots for a headshot kill at 800m out to 1200m. Now it takes 7 to 10 shots.

      Please fix as quickly as possible. Return the bullet tracer size back to what it was before, small.

      And get rid of the bright spot light you call scope glare… it is a joke. It is so bright, its now a light beacon saying “Here I am, shoot me!”. Just because EA DICE hates snipers….

      Put recon class the way it was before the patch.

      • ant_j_uk 05.01.12 at 11:26

        I agree i hardly use recon because of the difficulty in getting long range shots right (which is what recon is designed for), I think the lense glare is a good idea but you only be able to see it if the sniper is looking toward you, similar to the laser! not from all angles!

    • a Snack Machine 05.01.12 at 04:06

      Add “STOP PLAYING ALTOGETHER” to poll.

      All sniper rifles.
      Sniper bullet tracers; the bullet tracer is now as big as a tank round… the current game update changed the sniper bullet tracer size to a huge sun ball, a giant orb that covers the target completely.

      I had no problem seeing the bullet when it was small (before the patch). I was able to see the bullet travel, and compensate for near misses. I was able to see if the bullet went over the head or over the shoulder, or next to the feet. Now you cannot see it at all, it covers the target completely, even at long range shooting.

      Now a sniper cannot judge bullet impact, to compensate for any aiming errors a sniper needs to adjust for.
      It use to take me 1 to 2 shots for a headshot kill at 800m out to 1200m. Now it takes 7 to 10 shots.

      Please fix as quickly as possible. Return the bullet tracer size back to what it was before, small.

      And get rid of the bright spot light you call scope glare… it is a joke. It is so bright, its now a light beacon saying “Here I am, shoot me!”. Just because EA DICE hates snipers….

      Put recon class the way it was before the patch.

  • Evil_Black_Fox 04.30.12 at 22:19

    My preferred play style is silencer + bipod + holo sight (US) post IRNV nerf

  • Ridjeck 04.30.12 at 21:42

    I found the best weapon I’ve ever used is the G3A3 with PK-A (Holo), Nothing & Heavy barrel, as foregrip just penalizes the G3A3 as it has very, very little horizontal drift, and with heavy barrel your first shot is ALWAYS on target, so you can full auto at short-short med range and just single shot at med-long range.

  • lllWARCHILDlll 04.30.12 at 20:21

    For the love of all creatures great and small please remove the “accessory description window” in the weapon loadout screen, and replace it with a real-time horizontal bar graph that shows a weapons accuracy, damage over distance, and weapon range that all changes according to the accessories the players equip. That way that the players can SEE the actual benefits AND drawbacks for the weapon, and how those accessories effect that weapon respectively in combination. Saying “Slightly”, “greatly”, “increases” and “decreases” are all vague terminology. The only reason I could see this not happening is if you dont want the players to know the actual benefits/drawbacks. How could adding this type of feature NOT be beneficial for everyone who plays this game, to visually see and know what they are using and what its capabilities are? The way its designed now gives us nothing more than “This is the gun Im using with a slight increase to bullet drop, with a possible decrease in hip accuracy, but a possible slight decrease in bullet velocity, and supposedly no change in bullet damage”. Its ALL vague. And the players have to figure it all out blindly on vague terms.

    • Soldier-18X 04.30.12 at 21:06

      The point of their vagueness, is so that players go out and find their own set up, and spend to time to do so. So that way every gamer cannot simply read this and hop to the best one. If you want to know the actual benefits you have to test it. Although I do think it would be cool to see an actual graph

      • Gattobuono 05.02.12 at 10:42

        Yeah, how realistic is that eh!
        Here soldier, take this gun that might be more or less good at medium range but if you stick this attachment on it could also be good at long range, but there again … maybe not.
        I’ll tell you what, let’s just send you off into combat where you can test it out for yourself … then, if you live long enough, you can let us know, O.K.?

    • SuperGumbyBoy 04.30.12 at 21:06

      I agree completely. Why is everything so vague and secretive? I luv the game but it could be way more intuitive.

  • Vertigo345 04.30.12 at 17:39

    Does the suppressor hides you at the map when you fire?

  • Komuflage 04.30.12 at 17:19

    “Suppression is an addition generally unique to Battlefield, as we felt that shooters really didn’t represent the unnerving fear that comes from being truly shot at in an authentic way. Suppression allowed us to better represent this psychological effect of being shot, while also adding to the gameplay. Being able to pin down and suppress a player so he cannot accurately return fire opens up new tactics and strategies for dealing with threats.”

    Did u guys forget the part were my EXACT location shows up on the mini-map?
    As well as the fact that the they can sse EXACTLY were I’m aiming at?

    By suppressing your enemies, u more likely gives away your exact location, making it easier for them to just trow a nade at you.

    “so he cannot accurately return fire” More like
    So he knows your exact location, and can simply zoom down the score, stand up for a sec and fire three shoots and kill you, while you’re are spraying out bullets and your accuracy will be bad.

  • TNC D4M8U573R 04.30.12 at 14:32

    With the exception of the laser, and suppressor combo, these are what i tried using straight after BF3′s initial launch, even in alpha and beta they weren’t great , however after the update, my favourite combos are now useful,
    using a G3A3 or SCAR-H with the bipod, heavy barrel, and 6x optic is now an effective long range harassment tool
    albeit i’ve used the FA MAS for roughly 3 games, the flash suppressor means i can now actually see what im shooting at!

  • rpsx 04.30.12 at 11:26

    some comments on “no accessory” for a slot might be useful, as well. especially, for the under barrel slot – is that even useful?

  • ninjaboom 04.30.12 at 11:22

    lol as soon as i found my perfect combo (F200/PDW-R w/red dot sight, foregrip, holographic sight) this patch came out and i have to find my perfect loadout once again… talk about bad luck!

  • Fugstar 04.30.12 at 11:05

    We need either, as someone else has suggested, bar graphs showing aimed/hip accuracy (climb, drift, etc), damage, range so we can judge for ourselves how much we want to offset our configuration, or an extensive table such as above – but with more explanation of “slightly”, “greatly”, etc.

  • BG_Half-Crazy 04.30.12 at 10:30

    I feel DICE are going to ruin the game. If they keep making to many changes. I still do good in this patch,and i don’t have a problem with how the guns are now. The suppression is the biggest problem now. In my opinion. It succs when you run up on a guy,and he is missing his shots,but your guy gets under suppression,and he can’t shoot a guy 4 feet in front of him……

    I can understand your screen getting blurry,but if you the player is brave,and can see in past the blurriness. Where you aim your gun. Your bullets should go. Yea your guy my be scared,but your bullet are not scared,and go where you aim your gun. No matter what.

    Stop giving in to these cry babies. That can’t aim. So they can blur their targets. The only problem with this new patch is the suppression. Any noob that can’t aim. Will disagree with my post.

    • ninjaboom 04.30.12 at 11:25

      i dont dissagree with you, in fact i agree with you, but i find it hard to read your post with all of the full stops… but great point man, i see what you mean. Perhaps if they made it so that hip fire and sniper fire is less accurate we would be happy, no?

      • Kazz3r24 04.30.12 at 13:43

        I don’t believe that making sniper fire or hip fire less accurate will change anything other than making it less realistic, and easier for the person having issues to win! Sniper rifles, are meant to be most of the time 95% accturate… Snipers are the best marksman in the world, and I’m sure some of them are even online pegging you guys off! Hip fire unless with a laser sight is inaccurate from the get go, which is accurate to reality which is what DICE is aiming for…realism.
        You guys should really stop and think about which side your complaining about. Are you the guys that have good accuracy, yet the suppression is badly effecting that somehow? Or are you guys the cry babies that can’t aim that are bitching about the blurriness of the suppression effect which makes you REALLY bad at aiming… Sit there and think about it long and hard.

    • Kazz3r24 04.30.12 at 13:36

      I will disagree with you completely on this one, and if you look at my account, you’ll see I have absolutely no issues with accuracy, I am nothing special mind you… But enough to disagree with your post. For any unfortunate players that this does relate to I could see this as being rather offensive. I find that the suppression adds a whole new level of difficulty to the game. It is one of the big differences between COD and BF. COD you can easily just run and gun with no strategy behind it, meanwhile with BF every move you make can be the difference between whether you live another 5 minutes or die in 30 seconds. Being brave has nothing to do with how accurate your shots are, or how much everything around you is affecting you (these guys aren’t Master Chief…). If you can compensate for the blurriness, the jolting effect of when a round DOES hit you, your targets movement, your movement, the accuracy of whether you’re aiming down the sight or from the hip, and compensating for all of that within a split second then you will succeed. I have not once run into the issue you seem to be having. If I die, and suppression had something to do with it then I clearly didn’t react fast enough or pull the trigger quickly enough.
      I think you may be on the opposite side of the scale compared to what your complaint is about. What you’ve said here is completely contradictory, and makes you look like the cry baby who can’t aim. No offense.
      These guys may be soldiers, but bravery has nothing to do with where your bullets fly. I ask you… Have you ever been shot at? Or tried to shoot at someone while they’re shooting at you? I know I haven’t, but I can imagine that I’d be flinching and twitching to get away as much as the next person. And that doesn’t make my a crybaby, or chicken.. The longer I survive for, the longer I have an exit strategy, and kill the bugger whom is trying to kill me. This game is about strategy, and playing/working as a team.
      DICE is doing an amazing job, and I personally think that the latest patch improved a lot of glitches, and some other things that didn’t seem quite right!

      Take the time to get used to how something has changed, and learn to adapt. If everything stayed the same, then nothing would get better…only worse because everything loses it’s novelty over time…. even a video game. Thanks for keeping things good DICE!!!

      • MajorMess64 05.04.12 at 02:17

        I have to say I agree with you. Lots of complaints on-line about suppression, but I honestly cannot see the problem. If I’m being suppressed and can’t shoot back, slide out of the way and come at the problem from a different angle. What can be done to you can be done to others – so suppress the other side. Lots.

        As for sniper sights showing up – snipers need to shoot then move. Again, where is the problem with that (stops campers, for one thing).

        A major issue is the under barrel dart gun thing – very stupid and is probably a coding error.

        But, since the patch I’ve played this game a lot more, which tells me something. As I’ve said elsewhere, my main issue at the moment is a lack of apparrent game balancing system on console (Xbox). For example, I don’t think I have ever seen a team re-shuffle between matches. This problem has been around since the Beta (hell, since BC2).

      • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 13:42

        fear doesn’t actually prevent an individual from preforming an act. people do plenty of things everyday whilst experiencing fear. its down to the individual showing heart and strength of character. so if you define what suppressive fire actually is, its when someone is firing in your direction but bullets aren’t actually hitting you. i think if you manage to aim back accurately you should still be able to hit the target. i use suppressive fire now since the patch. i’ve been suppressed, returned fire, aiming bang on target, even though my screen is blurry and everything starts shaking. but still i don’t even hit them. to me thats just stupid.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 14:22

        another point i’d like to make is about your comment on have you ever been shot at. well i’ve never been shot at but honestly thats not the point here. its a game and its for fun. thats the bottom line. bf3 is meant to be a balance of realism and non realism. so you tell me this. i shoot at you and hit you clean in the thigh. you ever run away escaping from me or you either jump after i’ve hit you in the thigh! or you side step from side to side returning fire. you mite kill me i mite kill you but thing is in real life that wouldn’t be the case. you’d be down, plain and simple. another scenario is, i shoot you in the knee, thigh, groin and stomach before you even return fire. you have your hand gun and get a one shot kill by shooting me in the head. happens all the time in bf3 but would it work like that in real life? no of course not! 3D spotting is hardly real, its fun but not real. having a mini map that shows everyone who’s firing isn’t exactly real. its helpful but not real. have i made my point clear?

  • dyson74 04.30.12 at 10:12

    Quote “Finally by pairing the Suppressor and the Foregrip together the Suppressor’s minor accuracy bonus fully offsets the accuracy penalty of the Foregrip”?????? I don’t believe your Pro is accurate!

    I find ADS with Suppressor Terrible. It feels like a ADS penalty. From the forums that I have read general option would be that it is a penalty to ADS with Suppressor. I can figure out bullet drop but this is different. AR’s and carbines with Suppressor only good in very CQ’s may as well just use knife to stay hidden.

    Only SMG’s seem to getting ADS bonus.

  • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 09:08

    P.S. I love you DICE. Pre-patch I loved the game….except for auto shotguns and fag rounds. I feel like Post-patch I actually enjoy all the classes individually a lot more and they seem much more useful and I also love the game all the more, because there aren’t infants running around with pop rocks anymore. I also love the tweaks with vehicles. Much more balanced now. Kinda sucks cause you die a lot easier in vehicles now, but ultimately I like it, and its much more balanced.

  • Handsome-Bear- 04.30.12 at 08:05

    Yes, I have no idea why they made this change. It ruined long-range shots completely, now it’s just about luck in a sniper battle… /sadpanda

    • Handsome-Bear- 04.30.12 at 08:08

      Concerning the sniper tracer change. Go back to the way it was please.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 09:10

      what exactly are you even talking about? What ruined long range shots? Nothing’s changed. Luck in a sniper battle? Pretty sure its about aim still. Unless you are going against an LMG. They can ruin your long range shots…..but all you gotta do is get out of your bush.

  • AdSprad 04.30.12 at 07:08

    To be completely honest, the only reason I use suppressor is not to show up on the mini-map.

  • ADAM WEANER 04.30.12 at 05:42

    I have never understood the limit on attachments. In real a battlefield situation to be real you would use everything you needed. Why the limit? Code issues? It’s not that one player would have an advantage over another when it’s available to all. DO IT!!

  • zHighLander 04.30.12 at 02:24

    Why not just make a mode where you are in a shooting range and you could customize your weapons without being in actual combat?

  • lllWARCHILDlll 04.29.12 at 21:05

    What would be really beneficial for the players all around is specifically a visual horizontal bar graph with the weapon loadouts so everyone knows exactly the capabilities of their weapons. That way when I am equipping a “flash suppressor” the “accuracy bar” on the graph tells everyone just how much more accurate their gun becomes, and we all find what best works for us independantly. As it stands right now everything is trial/error with every combination. Descriptions like “decreases vertical recoil slightly” is vague. “Increases hip fire accuracy slightly” is vague. “Decreases bullet damage slightly”, “slightly this”, “slightly” that. How about giving the players some kind of window other than a vague description of what an accessory can do. That way every player has the ability to know what they are using… not go play with something slightly understood, but definitely understood. Just a thought.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 09:11

      I like that idea. It would be nice to see a “range, damage, accuracy” bar graph type thing. Or just something of that nature.

  • Ronin0ni 04.29.12 at 19:12

    #1: No TacLight combo lol. I agree, lets remove that obnoxious thing :D

    #2: “Jack of all Trades” (Foregrip+Flash Sup) should be renamed “Pray’n'Spray” lmao

    #3: Short Range Stealth = COD pr0z

    #4 Long Range Marksman = Dirt Humper

    #5 Hip fire run and gun = COD n00b

    FWIW: Just makin jokes. I actually use all of these combos.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 09:12

      Taclight is awesome. I almost never use it and still kill people fine when they use it but I think its an awesome little addition to the game.

  • tmdavies 04.29.12 at 19:09

    Please can we have a bipod for the .44 magnum

  • iiPROxDROPSHOT 04.29.12 at 13:27


  • Maveric24230 04.29.12 at 12:26

    as for accessorizing… i would like to see this game graduate on a more personal level. i’m talking about replacing stocks for your snipers to help with long shots or for your SAW gunner to reduce recoil, different kinds of silencers i would like to see it goes as far as bayonets! kinda like army of two or GRFS and be able to do personal characters and be able to get into cover like Vegas and Vegas 2. just sayin, BF3 is beast anyway but those were some ideas to make it INSANE!!!!!!

  • death462 04.29.12 at 06:04

    just a thought while we’re discussion custom load-outs. i’d really like to see an in-game option to do so, not only after you die. that way soon as you respawn it’ll go to your changed load-out instantly.

  • death462 04.29.12 at 06:01

    really surprised at the poll results for long range marksman. i don’t know, but i find it fun picking off targets from afar all the while the opponent is helpless with return fire

  • Catty32 04.29.12 at 05:54

    Fix the Sniper bullet tracers please!!

  • Danishpow 04.29.12 at 04:00

    underslung Heavy Barrel m26 dart

  • Z6B3D66 04.29.12 at 03:54

    I also would like to suggest custom load outs for different configs for each class depending on map. You do not get much time to change before next game starts. Please give this some thought DICE.

    Still the best game on the Planet !

  • a Snack Machine 04.29.12 at 02:03

    All sniper rifles.
    Sniper bullet tracers; the bullet tracer is now as big as a tank round… the current game update changed the sniper bullet tracer size to a huge sun ball, a giant orb that covers the target completely.

    I had no problem seeing the bullet when it was small (before the patch). I was able to see the bullet travel, and compensate for near misses. I was able to see if the bullet went over the head or over the shoulder, or next to the feet. Now you cannot see it at all, it covers the target completely, even at long range shooting.

    Now a sniper cannot judge bullet impact, to compensate for any aiming errors a sniper needs to adjust for.
    It use to take me 1 to 2 shots for a headshot kill at 800m out to 1200m. Now it takes 7 to 10 shots.

    Please fix as quickly as possible. Return the bullet tracer size back to what it was before, small.

    I used to play daily, but now I play maybe one day out of the week, for only 30 minutes. I hate the game now.

    Very respectfully,

  • EggyMIKEY 2000 04.29.12 at 01:05

    i wouldlike the suppression effect to be only with the support class. i love, for instance, useing the saw w/ extended mags laying down over fire on grand bazzar in the alley on the way to the second set of mcoms on rush mode. i dont know how many time ive helped my team move forward by spray and pray while moveing forward. which helps my team move forward with me. now that sounds like a perfect example where only the support class would benefit in having the suppession effect exclusivley for ythat class. cause really thats part of the role of the support class. whos with me???

    • Dragonhugger454 04.29.12 at 07:30

      i think it should be for all the classes so if a sniper misses you can tell you are being shot. if the support class only had surpression then everyone would use it and then the game will be boring.

  • Snake Eyes 5 04.28.12 at 23:25

    I think it would be cool if there was even more attachments and more weapons. The more attachments and weapons the better overall variation you can have in this game.

  • drumscarinbr 04.28.12 at 23:01

    DICE, you guys could really improve your reputation in the community (as far as customer interaction goes) by creating a seperate forum for suggestions and then responding to them directly.

    In this forum, you could limit the number of posts per day, or per week. You then have someone on the BF3 team address those suggestions, either acknowledging them as feasible, good ideas…..or otherwise. This way, ‘we’ would know that our feedback was at least considered and or heard and wasn’t falling on deaf ears.

    I have seen this particular subject over and over in all of the forums since launch and have posted threads on it as well, on many occasions. So here it is:

    Please remove mini map from hardcore. Also, let players do so in custom matches as well as increasing bullet damage (within reason), while keeping the game’s RANKED status. Then there would be much more people that would play this style of server.


    • konichiwa8e 04.28.12 at 23:55

      I feel like this could be also be accomplished by instituting a better weekly/bi-weekly polling system. While the current one is mostly just fan service (what’s your fav class, what are you looking forward to, etc.), DICE can retool the poll to reflect what we want improved in the game. DICE can control what the poll entries are (since they probably know what is feasible both economically and technologically) while satisfying the community by increasing interaction. Also, they would need to take steps to address these issues or else the polls would be moot.

      This system is very convenient for DICE and players because it is a very hassle-free 2-click process. Nevertheless, the forums can be used to cull ideas for the polls or to alert DICE of hot issues and exploits.

  • XxAvEngEdX666xX 04.28.12 at 21:10

    Just 1 more point is about the IRNV sight, i dont think anyone uses that at all now, after it was nerfed which yess it did needed nerfing however it wud have been best to have kept it the same so that it cud be used in the dark but made it so when you go into the light it wud be how it is now, which is not very good at all and pretty unusable. Afterall IRNV sights are meant for the dark but if you make really good for the dark and not very good in the light then you wont get the situation were by people use them ALL the time in the light or dark like before.

    • GlassPenguin 04.28.12 at 21:14

      Yes that would be great!!!

    • evilblakdarknes 05.20.12 at 23:17

      agree with that comment. there IRNV scope is useless now.

  • Kibax 04.28.12 at 21:09

    I thought you wanted to reduce the effectiveness of the foregrip, yet three playstyles use it?

  • XxAvEngEdX666xX 04.28.12 at 20:28

    Why does the forgrip increase your cone of fire ? surely it wud be decreased if your holding the weapon more steadily and i think with the effects of being under suppression were by the screen goes blurry and shakey it doesnt need you to decrease accuracy by up to 300% it shud stay the same because your already taking a risk trying to fire back without having no chance of hitting them when under fire, it also becomes the 1st person to suppress will get the kill and it shudnt be like that. Ive also found hip fireing is not very successful now and the hit detection is really bad too were you have clearly hit sumone cus uve hitmarkers but when they kill you it shows 100%, Apart from those and a few other points like ecm on jets not working and below radar not consistent i think youve done a brilliant job at creating the best game by far ever. and i do appreiciate how difficult it must be to get everything right so keep it up. you’l never please everyone all the time anyway.

  • C4PT41N SL0W 04.28.12 at 18:08

    I try to use as many accessories (except the laser and flashlight) and guns as I can. It all really depends on the situation but most of my classes are set up for close to medium range

  • JihadJoey 04.28.12 at 17:40

    Which of the following Battlefield 3 playstyles do you prefer?
    -m26 dart ?

    dart is cool

    • XxAvEngEdX666xX 04.28.12 at 20:31

      yehh they need to fix it with the HB on the g3a3 but its always been good but only at short distances as intended, just now with that set up you can hit sumone from the other side of the map lol.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 06:02

      yeah i’d agree its cool.

  • growking 04.28.12 at 16:29

    awesome great post keep up the good work guys

  • CarDMB 04.28.12 at 16:04

    BF3 is not the first game to use supression effect. A BF2 mod named Project Reality did this way before BF3 came out. But I do appreciate the implementation of it. It truly gets you scared. ;)

    • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 22:58

      I think what they meant was that it is the first offical game to use it. Since you are talking about a mod, that may be why they are saying it’s the first. I can’t think of another game that uses it. It is one of the best additions to the game though IMHO.

  • blueyes77 04.28.12 at 15:21

    Foregrip – “Slightly reduces aimed accuracy” this is very stupid!!!
    When you are going to fix DART + Suppression effect, people are banning on their servers if someone uses dart.

    I paid use for every gun, not only selected!

    • SAKFACE52 04.28.12 at 16:09

      People should ban on their servers if someone uses the dart. Its extremely unfair. plus its noobs like you who make us mad when we had to work for every gun and you just bought them.

      • jasonater1983 04.28.12 at 17:47

        I agree !!! With the whole gun buying crap. I dont no what dart is tho

      • evilblakdarknes 05.21.12 at 06:05

        whats the difference in using the underslung m26 dart to running around with a sniper rifle using a iron scope?

    • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 23:00

      When people pay to rent servers, they have a right to kick people out of the server they pay for if someone isn’t following the rules of the server. There are some offical DICE servers you can play on that you can use those along with the noob tubes if that’s how you like to play.

  • Talus 04.28.12 at 14:42

    Don’t let the whiners bring you down. Stay true to your art and vision. The rest of us don’t say this often enough: you guys rock! There is a silent majority out there that appreciates all of the changes. Just because we don’t find the time to make a positive post (because we’re too busy playing and enjoying the game) doesn’t mean that we don’t like the changes (that and we fear it’ll be drowned in the cacophony of negativity). Please don’t forget that. If you focus and create the perfect game that YOU would love to play (passed through a professional QA test team of course), THAT’s the game I want to play. I don’t want to play the game that a the result of a collection of complaints from the Internet.

    • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 23:03

      Totally agree with you on this Talus. These guys are in the profession for a reason. DICE is an exceptionally talented group of gaming visionaries. If it wasn’t for DICE and Battlefield 2, chances are I would have never given first person shooters a chance.

    • Fuzzymon 04.28.12 at 23:47

      I thought that’s why the changes happened was people whining about the usas and famas now the famas sucks and all the guns feel off to me.But I love this game to much to let all of this get me down

    • EliteRifleman 04.29.12 at 23:03

      I do agree most of what you say but people who RESPECTFULLY voice their opinions, even if it does sound negative, should be taken into account. I have posted more than a few issues that I and many others have been unhappy about but that doesn’t mean we are BF/DICE/EA hater that most people seem to want to label us as. I think Battlefield IS the best multiplayer FPS experience out there and the patch does not make the game unplayable by any means but a little constuctive criticism can make this near perfect game into the “perfect game”. Thanks DICE for all you do!!!

  • WUNDER8AR 04.28.12 at 13:46

    From my pov, you did excellent work with the latest update. Especially the attachement adjustments made the game more enjoyable, more exciting again. Same counts for weapon tweaks (except RPK). I for one have no problem with suppression post-patch. Pre-patch it literally used to be unusable, more or less eye candy, simple as that.

    Aerial combat/ ground vs. air and vice versa used to be pretty unbalanced first (Heatseekers, TV missile, Flares), but fortunately you turned the corner. Next thing to do is fixing the ECM Jammer.

    Frankly, there´s is still some stuff in the game which needs to be taken care of. But I believe that from a balancing point of view, the game is almost about to being finished. Just keep on polishing and listen to your community (but actually not to the BL community).

  • ThorPool 04.28.12 at 12:13

    Now, speaking of improvements to the game, and not just to whine about what’s killing people. I’ve been using the RPK, and it’s clearly unfair. The MG36 no longer having extended mags with a drum magazine, and the RPK with a clip mag, and reloads in seconds? That needs to be fixed. As well as the Dart is far too effective. It’s outshooting everything on the battlefield to the point of everyone spams it and makes the game not fun to play. Thank god, the AS Val got extended mags. and thank you so much for un-nerfing the 7.62 round. The MAV doesn’t always give you the kill now, as it doesn’t count as an MAV kill when you sacrifice it on a soldier. Great job on the patch Dice. Just a few more quick fixes.

  • ReighnOfDeath 04.28.12 at 09:15

    I for one welcome this patch ! I love the new challenges it brings. At first i thought nooo, now i cant shoot suppressed anymore, but adoped my playstyle to mach and now its amazing , So far I only have one problem, and thats the new tracer for snipers, Its HUGE, can’t see how close my shots come to the target becouse the tracer is almosts covering the whole target, could you guys please put it back to the way it was, or at least reduce the size a bit.

    But ya, all in all pretty good job.
    Thumbs up Dice !

  • Eledium1 04.28.12 at 07:57

    You guys really screwed the pooch on this latest patch and now you are claiming we are too stubborn to change. BS. You are trying to force this f-ed up patch on us. The fans hate the hell out of this patch. Get it into your heads. The troubles of the pre-patch are much better than the crap of the patch. Come on DICE, pull your heads out and listen to the fans.

    • ThorPool 04.28.12 at 11:59

      Heres an idea. Stop whining. A good battlefielder overcomes any patch they come up with. I infact like the new patch. I enjoy the chance of a one shot sniper kill within 15 meters. I like that they made the 7.62 round useful again. They upped suppression to up the effectiveness of cover. Instead of bitching on the forums, why not try to improve your playstyle.

  • FlaxxBread 04.28.12 at 07:35

    The new suppression is terrible. i don’t mind the visual aspect and think that it does add somthing differn’t and interesting to the game, and the incresed recoil while i don’t agree with it and think it should be removed i can live with.
    But the INCREASED BULLET SPREAD, Aweful, terrible decision. just rewards players that are not good enough to kill you before you have a chance to shoot back. now the first player to fire almost always wins and the Recon class is almost un-playable. please remove the random bullet spread increase and remove/reduce the recoil increase.

    Also Spawn protection times in game modes where you can select your spawn are FAR too long. i understand the need for it in TDM and at your teams Deployment, but it should be reduced for other spawn types.

    I selected the “Long range Marksman” option, but you should have also included an option without foregrip/bipod for players that don’t want the foregrips accuracy penalty without the inconveniance of the Non-Manually deployable Bipod.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.20.12 at 18:03

      i think there should be no spawn protection

  • ChopChopLewis 04.28.12 at 07:14

    They say, ”Jack of All Trades will especially help with high rate of fire weapons like the famas” But on PC version a least, you cannot put a flash supressor on the famas -_-

    • ChopChopLewis 04.28.12 at 08:32

      And the AEK-971

      • ChopChopLewis 04.28.12 at 08:36

        OOOOPS, never mind what i ve said! I can t put them on because I did not unlocked them yet.. my bad hahaha

  • THE EAGLE EYE 04.28.12 at 06:01

    stay happy with ur new toy sniper jng 90 with such miserable range.wanna sell ur dlcs?…..give us something good.

  • THE EAGLE EYE 04.28.12 at 05:59

    so once again nothing good for the recons…..good job dice….neways most of us r moving to ghost recon future soldier for the cloak n awesome gunsmith.

    • vitoka79 04.28.12 at 07:19

      I think DICE should remove the Marksman Headshot Bonus.Or add it for ewery class and gun.Whats your opinion mister super SNIPER?

  • a Snack Machine 04.28.12 at 05:10

    All sniper rifles.
    Sniper bullet tracers; the bullet tracer is now as big as a tank round… the current game update changed the sniper bullet tracer size to a huge sun ball, a giant orb that covers the target completely.

    I had no problem seeing the bullet when it was small (before the patch). I was able to see the bullet travel, and compensate for near misses. I was able to see if the bullet went over the head or over the shoulder, or next to the feet. Now you cannot see it at all, it covers the target completely, even at long range shooting.

    Now a sniper cannot judge bullet impact, to compensate for any aiming errors a sniper needs to adjust for.
    It use to take me 1 to 2 shots for a headshot kill at 800m out to 1200m. Now it takes 7 to 10 shots.

    Please fix as quickly as possible. Return the bullet tracer size back to what it was before, small.

    Very respectfully,

  • charlyshaw4215 04.28.12 at 02:06

    The guns never came again as it was in BF3 beta!! there is not balance in this guns today and never the less the American guns have more punch.
    Some guns must be more power full than others people complain about over power but guns are over power in these dimension so keep it like that. (there is not balance) and if the complain well work in your game and get the F2000 today is not even close like in the Beta. The Famas same
    -MK11 MOD 0
    these two are pretty much exactly the same, lets keep this fix simple and bump them up to 3 shot body kills, they are way too accurate to be two shot kills especially considering their fire rate, just bump them up to three shot kills. (The two shot bolt actions are perfect as is)

    -Dao 12 shotgun
    this semi-auto shotgun has an equally fast fire rate as all the semi-auto shotguns unlocked before it which is fine but this issue is it has almost no recoil making it as accurate as the 870 and as fast as a saiga or m1014, it needs either a damage reduction or a recoil bump
    here is my view about the weapons

    This M16 assault rifle variant is the default assault rifle for USMC. It can later be unlocked for Russian Ground Force. It is considered a balanced assault rifle. Moderate power, high accuracy, fast reload and fire rate, also manageable recoil. It has 2 fire modes, full-auto and semi-automatic. Good for shooting mid-long range target. This weapon is very reliable and recommended.

    M16A4 is the cousin of M16A3. Has the same specification and feel. The difference is just the fire mode. M16A4 can only be 3-round burst fired. Highly recommended for mid-long range shootouts, but it is not suitable for close quarter battles and will be easily beaten by F2000 and FAMAS. Attach suppressor and foregrip to boost the accuracy.

    Russian Ground Force’s default assault rifle. It has slower fire rate compared to M16A3 and harder recoil handling when burst also lower accuracy. But, the firepower is monster. AK-74M recommended to equip with the underslung rail and heavy barrel. This weapon is deadly if you can master the recoil handling. It has 2 fire modes just like its counterpart, M16A3.

    M416 is the first unlock able assault rifle in the medic class. It has high accuracy and low recoil. Bursting with M416 is recommended because it reduces the bullet spread greatly. You can choose from 3 fire modes. This weapon is ideal to use in Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, and Grand Bazaar.

    AN-94 Abakan was my favorite weapon in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It returns again among Battlefield 3 weapons with the same characteristics. 2-round burst fire mode, very powerful, slow fire rate, extremely high accuracy, and troublesome recoil. This weapon is hard to use due to its recoil and muzzle flash. This weapon is the best long-range assault rifle, even possible to counter snipers. At close range, this weapon is outclassed by others except if the target is wounded. Don’t use heavy barrel attachment because it is useless. Attach foregrip and laser sight instead.

    F2000 was my killing machine before FAMAS came. Even though it is not as powerful as other Battlefield 3 weapons, the high accuracy, low recoil, and rapid fire rate make this weapon deadly at any range. I used to equip this weapon with silencer, foregrip, and IRNV scope. It has 2 fire mode, automatic and semi-automatic. Spray the bullets at close range to mid range, burst or use the semi-automatic fire mode at long range. The only downside is that F2000 cannot be attached with under slung rail.

    This Russian-made assault rifle has higher fire rate than F2000, making it the most deadly assault rifle of Battlefield 3 weapons in close range. Due to its recoil caused by high fire rate, long range targets are hard to hit. To compensate that, AEK-971 has 3 fire modes. Attach the under slung rail with this weapon.

    KH-2002 is moderately strong assault rifle. To unlock this weapon, you have to reach a certain amount of points in the co-op mode. It cannot be shot in automatic mode, only burst and semi-automatic mode are available. Great for mid and long range targets, but loses to other assault rifles at close range. Equipping the fore grip and heavy barrel greatly increase the accuracy, it is optional if you want to equip the suppressor. Under slung rail is attachable.

    G3A3 is unlocked via co-op mode. Its ability is similar to the one in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Only 20 rounds per magazine, slow fire rate, and extremely powerful for an assault rifle. G3A3 is very poor at close range battle because of its low rate of fire. But, G3A3 is proven to excel at longer range because it can maintain the accuracy and the damage output. You can attach the under slung rail although only the M26 MASS shotgun is attachable to the under slung rail. The under slung shotgun is useful for close quarter combats. This weapon is best used in larger maps like Sharqi Peninsula, Tehran Highway, or Damavand Peak.

    My favorite weapon that is included in Back to Karkand DLC. FAMAS has 3 fire modes and considered a decent assault rifle. The good things are the power, fire rate, and accuracy. The downsides are bulky iron sight and crazy muzzle flash that blinds the user. Make sure to attach a scope and suppressor or muzzle suppressor. FAMAS kills at all ranges but sniper range.

    This one is famous because of its versatility and reliability. Very low recoil, decent fire rate, great accuracy, and moderate power. Attaching fore grip to this weapon makes it recoil less. Formidable at any ranges, but slightly out powered by other assault rifles at close range. Equip this in small maps and you will pawn for sure. It is the second Battlefield 3 weapons in the Back to Karkand DLC pack.

    Battlefield 3 weapons – Carbines

    Carbines can only be used with engineer class. Carbines exchange range and power for high fire rate to combat enemies at close to mid range. Most of them have 3 fire modes. There are 8 of this Battlefield 3 weapons.

    M4A1 is USMC’s default engineer Battlefield 3 weapons. Small recoil and high fire rate to support close range battles. For longer range, you can switch it to semi-automatic mode. It is later unlock able to the Russian Ground Forces. Preferably attach foregrip and heavy barrel.

    It is the same variant as M4A1. Just like M16A3 and M16A4, the difference is slight. M4 can be burst-fired for better accuracy. They both have the same specification and attachments.

    This weapon is the Russian Ground Forces’ counterpart to M4A1. It is also unlock able to USMC later. Comparison of AKS-74u and M4A1 is generally the same comparison of AK-74M and M16A3. This one has greater recoil and more effective at close range. AKS-74u is very comfortable to use and I prefer the suppressor and fore grip as the attachments.

    SCAR-H is American-made carbine. It has high power and fire rate compared to other carbines. It takes time to adjust to the recoil and bullet spread. This weapon is preferred by pros. I suggest that you bring it with foregrip and laser sight. Can be fired automatically or semi-automatically.

    My preferred carbine after SG553. A-91 has low recoil and decent power. It has longer fire range compared to other carbines. An all-around carbine, I suppose. Supports automatic and semi-automatic mode. Equip the fore grip and silencer to make this weapon greater than ever.

    A powerful carbine that matches the assault rifles strength. The recoil is manageable. G36C is popular now because of its reliability. The bullet spread is not that wide, a decent hip fire weapon. It even has the unique 2-round burst mode. Like always, attach the fore grip and silencer or heavy barrel for better performance.

    This is my favorite carbine. Unlock this weapon by reaching 120,000 points in co-op mode. Has a low recoil and moderate power, easy to use. This weapon can perform better at mid range compared to other carbines. I usually use this with holographic scope, fore grip, and laser sight.

    A decent carbine among the nine Battlefield 3 weapons from the Back to Karkand DLC pack. Moderate recoil and fire rate, good performance at mid range. The initial 12x scope is very disturbing since it is poor at long range. Using the iron sight is better. My usual attachment for this weapon is PK-A scope with fore grip and tactical light.

    This Chinese carbine is an unlock able weapon and the second carbine among the other 7 Battlefield 3 weapons from Back to Karkand DLC pack. It has 3 fire modes that make it versatile. Equip ACOG or other 3-4x zoom scope with this weapon since it is quite deadly at mid range and loses to other carbines at close range. Attaching fore grip and laser sight is recommended.

    M27 IAR
    M27 IAR is the initial Battlefield 3 weapons for USMC’s support class. This LMG is more like an assault rifle with higher ammo count, but lower compared to other LMGs. The recoil, accuracy, and handling is similar to assault rifles. Reload time is faster than other LMGs, at par with RPK-74M. High fire rate and lower power than RPK. Suitable for front line supports. Has 2 fire modes, which are automatic and semi-automatic.

    Russian Ground Forces’ counterpart to USMC’s M27 IAR. Better power in exchange for lower fire rate. Serve the sole purpose of offensive support and aggressive defender. RPK and M27 are the only LMG without the extended magazine attachment. Very reliable, can be unlocked for USMC.

    M249 is back again in Battlefield 3 weapons. It has high fire rate, big magazine size, and decent recoil. Just like M249 of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with worse recoil. Can only be fired automatically. If you know how to control the long burst, this weapon is formidable. Be careful not to wildly spray the bullets because the bullet spread is just nasty.

    PKP Pecheneg
    This LMG is crazily powerful and also a massive recoil weapon. If you equip this with ACOG, you can feel the upward recoil. Don’t pull the trigger for long because the wild recoil can render your aim upward. Because of its relatively low fire rate, you can control the burst for better accuracy. Even better if you can deploy the bi pod.

    M240B makes an unbelievably effective LMG for defending and back line support. When you deploy the bipod with this weapon, it becomes insanely decimating. But don’t think use this weapon for run-and-gun assaults. It suffers greatly when shot while standing, very poor accuracy and performance. Remember to go prone when you are going to shoot with M240B.

    Considerably weak power but manageable recoil. M60 is better for supportive and defensive play. Equipping M60 with an extended mag proven to be quite useful so that you seldom reload. Don’t full-automatically shoot this weapon at mid range and beyond, you won’t hit your target. M60 is good for bursting from the back line and poor for offensive front line play style.

    Type 88 LMG
    This LMG was actually an exclusive LMG only available through the Physical Warfare Pack per-order. Now, you can freely download it from the PSN store. I think, T88 LMG is your average LMG. Nothing really catch my eye. Just equip the biped and heavy barrel.

    One of Battlefield 3 weapons from Back to Karkand DLC pack. Offers reliability at mid range and beyond. Well-balanced LMG, good for both defensive and offensive means. I recommend this weapon to be equipped with fore grip and suppressor.

    The second LMG of Battlefield 3 weapons that comes from the Back to Karkand DLC. It has all fire modes, a noticeable feature. The extended mag attachment don’t do well on this LMG, use laser sight or muzzle suppressor instead. Bi pod deployment greatly increases performance.

    Mk11 Mod 0
    Default sniper rifle for USMC’s recon. It is a semi-automatic sniper with 10-round magazine. Has high damage and capable of killing enemy with 2 shots to the head or 3 direct shots to the body. Recommended to shoot moving targets and suitable to be attached with ACOG for mid-range combat.

    SVD is at the same level as Mk11. Has similar specification. The difference is only the initial scope. SVD uses 7x zoom scope as the first available scope. I personally prefer Mk11 than SVD because I think the scope’s crosshairs is more comfortable (at least for me). Use foregrip and laser sight to improve the overall performance.

    This bolt-action sniper rifle is capable of dropping enemies just by 2 shots. Headshot is of course instant kill. It has a 10-round magazine and slightly faster than other bolt-action sniper rifles. The downside is that SV-98 has high recoil, making quick snipes hard.

    This semi-automatic sniper rifle has a big magazine size that can fit 20 rounds. However, in trade of the big magazine size and high rate of fire, SKS sacrifices its power. This sniper is suitable for mid range sniping. Equip the 7x or 8x zoom scope along with foregrip and laser sight for close combat.

    Similar to SV-98, with a slightly faster fire rate and higher bullet velocity. This one is better than SV-98 because it has lower and more controllable recoil, making it a good weapon for quick snipe sessions. Laser sight is essential for a backup and self-defense plan.

    I oftenly use this rifle. This one is a true beast of extreme range sniping. It has a very high bullet velocity that causes lower bullet drop. The power is also extreme, instant kill when shot at close range. But, the downside is that M98B only has 5-round magazine and slow rate of fire, rendering it next to useless in close-mid range battles.

    M39 EMR
    It is an accurate semi-automatic rifle compared to SVD and Mk11. Even though they are at equal in strength, and has the same magazine size, M39 EMR has a slightly higher recoil. M93 EMR is unlocked through co-op mode.

    Included among the nine Battlefield 3 weapons of Back to Karkand DLC. Has the same power as SV-98 with faster reload and slower fire rate. But, this rifle has higher bullet velocity. Attached with Ballistic zoom scope, L96A1 is an ideal choice for advanced extreme range snipers.

    This rifle is similar with T88 sniper rifle in BF:BC2. It has similar specification with other semi-automatic sniper rifles. It has more ammo count though.

    Battlefield 3 weapons – Handgun

    Handguns are the main sidearms in Battlefield 3 weapons. It is used when the main Battlefield 3 weapons are out of ammo, meeting enemy while reloading, or charging the frontlines as recon. Eight handguns are available and some has tactical and suppressed version. The tactical version has a tactical light mounted underneath it. Suppressed version adds a suppressor.

    M9 (Tactical, Suppressed)
    The first available handgun. Very useful for any class, intended for backup. The tactical version includes tactical light, while the suppressed version has a suppressor attached to its muzzle.

    MP443 (Tactical, Suppressed)
    Just like its appearances in previous Bad Company titles, it has high fire rate, moderate damage, and 17-round magazine. Two bullet to the head is enough to bring the enemy down in close range.

    G17C (Suppressed)
    The specification is similar to MP443. G17C is the one and only among Battlefield 3 weapons that can equip suppressor and laser sight at the same time. The regular version gets laser sight while the suppressed version gets both suppressor and laser sight.

    M1911 (Tactical, Suppressed)
    M1911 is exclusive sidearm only for EA Gun Club members or Battlefield Veterans. It has 8-round magazine and slower fire rate. But, it has the stopping power capable of killing by 3 shots at its effective range.

    .44 Magnum (Scoped)
    This magnum is extremely powerful. It only takes 2 shot to the body and 1 shot to the head to kill. However, it is only capable of firing a round per 1.5 seconds, making it not that useful if you are not a head shot maestro. The scoped version attaches a 3x zoom scope on top of the magnum.

    MP412 REX
    Only unlock able via co-op mode. It is slightly weaker than .44 and has similar performance with .44 at close range. Long range shootout and zooming the REX is not recommended because it seems to harden the user.

    G18 (Suppressed)
    This handgun has an extreme fire rates of 18 rounds per second when fully sprayed. G18 is very poor to use at distance, only use this sidearm at very close range, switch to burst fire mode for mid-range encounters.

    The overly underleveled gun of BF:BC2 strikes back, this time with better performance. It has 2 fire modes, 3-round burst and semi-automatic. Only use the burst at close range and use the semi-automatic mode at mid range

    PP2000 in Battlefield 3 weapons has lower fire rates than its predecessor in previous Battlefield titles. However, the power is increased to match the nerfed fire rates. Deadly at close range and it gets worse the further the target is.

    This PDW is unstoppable and powerful. It has 25-round magazine and has the same fire rate as PP2000. This PDW is capable of dropping enemies in less than 9 direct shots. But, it is not compatible with extended magazine. It also has 3 fire modes.

    PDW-R is indeed deadly at close range because of its power and fire rate. Due to its recoil and accuracy, PDW-R is useless for long range shootouts. Equip the foregrip to stabilize it.

    P90 has 50-round magazine with very high rate of fire. This PDW is weaker compared to others, but it is quite menacing at close quarter battles because of its low hipfire bullet spread combined with other features of the gun.

    MP7 is the most rapid PDW of all. Very high hipfire accuracy combined with extended mag and laser sight will make this weapon the ultimate run-and-gun weapon. But, because of its feeble power, a few missed bullets can leave the targets alive and kill you instead.

    AS Val
    The best all-around PDW. Has flat bullet trajectory and the most effective PDW for long range encounter. Equipping this weapon with a zoom scope and tactical light is very recommended.

    PDW that comes from Back to Karkand DLC pack. PP-19 is very effective at close range and good-for-nothing at long range. The reload animation is stylish too.

    The longest range and strongest shotgun in the game. One shot kill upclose and 2-3 hits kill at mid range. It has 4-round magazine and considered the fastest pump-action shotgun. Attaching the tactical light along with foregrip is recommended.

    Similar to 870MCS without the pump-action thing. It is semi-automatic shotgun with 4-round magazine and high recoil. Don’t use this weapon on longer encounter because of the small magazine size and heavy recoil.

    Saiga 12K
    This shotgun is often abused by players using the FRAG rounds. Similar to USAS with slower fire rate, higher recoil, and stronger.

    Known as Striker Riot shotgun. It is a semi-automatic shotgun with 8-round revolver-like barrel. I personally don’t really like this weapon, the M1014 is simply better.

    Close relative of SAIGA. It has faster fire rate and can be fired automatically and semi-automatically. Abusing the FRAG rounds with this shotgun is popular. Making it very dangerous for enemies at mid-long range and harmful for both enemy and user at close range.

    MK3A1 Jackhammer
    A shotgun included in the Back to Karkand DLC pack. The only shotgun that can be attached with suppressor. This automatic shotgun has problems with FRAG rounds and it eats ammo like crazy.

    • dweldin 04.28.12 at 04:41

      Charly, Thanks for a very complete posting of the weapons. I suck at this game but I’m always looking to improve and your insight is very helpful. Thanks again. Great job!

    • ThorPool 04.28.12 at 12:06

      I disagree fully on the DAO-12 and the MK11 and SVD points. Keep them as they are. The DAO takes forever to reload, which is why it’s more powerful than the USAS or the MK3, or Saiga even. It’s more powerful to balance it’s reload, making it more difficult to use. MK11, and SVD should be the same. Think of it, run aggressive with one sometime, and when someone rushes you, you’ll be happy that second chest shot was actually a kill. If it’s a 3 shot kill, you’ll have more camper snipers than snipers to push a charge.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.20.12 at 23:14

      don’t agree with you about the shot guns and sniper rifles. i think some of the shot guns are under powered but the dao 12 seems fine. a bit useless at medium range though and takes forever to reload. the sniper rifles should all be one shot kills, well in hardcore anyway. in fact most of the guns in normal mode takes far to long to kill people with. its just to easy to side step, dancing around to avoid fire and simply returning fire. highly unrealistic. the same thing works even on a hardcore game which is ridiculous. playing normal mode is one thing but i think a couple bullets from any gun to the head or body should be enough to stop someone. well one shot to the head at close range should be a sure kill from any gun and the same for most guns at medium range…

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.28.12 at 01:16

    I like what you guys have down to the weapons…..except, what you have done to Claymores, RPG`s, Grenades, witch has gotten totally buggy.
    Other than that, then the suppression is a little strong……when a single player can completely suppress a whole team just by spaying bullets in there general direction, this should not be the case.
    Then there is also the problem with vaulting over railings, witch has gotten very bad again….to the point where people fly across the map when jumping over stuff.

  • drumscarinbr 04.28.12 at 01:10

    DICE, you guys could really improve the feel and your reputation in the community (as far as customer interaction) by creating a seperate forum for suggestions and responding to them directly.

    In this forum, you could limit the number of posts per day, or per week. You then have someone on the BF3 team address those suggestions, either acknowledging them as feasible, good ideas…..or otherwise. This way, ‘we’ would know that our feedback was at least considered and or heard and wasn’t falling on deaf ears.

    I have seen this particular subject over and over in all of the forums since launch and have posted threads on it as well, on many occasions. So here it is:

    Please remove mini map from hardcore. Also, let players do so in custom matches as well as increasing bullet damage (within reason), while keeping the game’s RANKED status. Then there would be much more people that would play this style of server.


  • zzzz2011 04.27.12 at 23:01

    on this i like Hip Fire and Gun
    P.S. i woud love if you let use LAM and Heavy Barell on same time with regards

  • wildcardX6 04.27.12 at 22:38

    I like how you use the example of the AA vehicle to balance maps… which isn’t included in most maps. BTW I hate getting owned by helos, the stinger is still useless.

  • sfscriv 04.27.12 at 22:26

    The current poll:
    Which of the following Battlefield 3 playstyles do you prefer?
    1) Jack of All Trades
    2) Short Range Stealth
    3) Hip Fire Run and Gun
    4) Medium Range Marksman
    5) Long Range Marksman
    Option #6: Battlefield TEAMPLAY
    I choose option #6.

    • Joustaments 04.27.12 at 22:34

      I don’t know what you’re talking about? With such’a overbearing amount of SOFLAM and proximity scan, I’m usually spawn camped/insta’dead, or i’m on the team that can see the entire map and I’m trying to decide to kill them with the Defib, or the torch. I don’t think I’ve really experienced a battle yet, more like being beaten with a 8-iron by Ray Parks.


      • sfscriv 04.27.12 at 23:52

        Standard Battlefield integrated TEAMPLAY tools/systems:
        – Functional in-game in-squad VoIP
        – Functional, full-featured Communication Rose
        – Functional Leader positions
        – Functional in-game leader VoIP channel
        – Functional BF2 order system
        – Funcitonal mini-map
        – Functional interactive “M” key map with orders displayed

  • sfscriv 04.27.12 at 22:21

    “Finding the Perfect Setup to Fit Your Playstyle”
    The perfect setup for my playing style has been eradicated from the Battlefield series.
    Standard Battlefield features have been REMOVED:
    - Functional in-game in-squad VoIP
    - Functional, full-featured Communication Rose
    - Functional Leader positions
    - Functional in-game leader VoIP channel
    - Functional BF2 order system
    - Funcitonal mini-map
    - Functional interactive “M” key map with orders displayed
    - Maps with a large playable area and at least 8 flags spread apart
    Where is the deep innovative teamplay experience Alan Kertz stated would be in BF3?

  • ChilliOil 04.27.12 at 22:00

    Alan, thanks for the informative post.

    Really loving what you guys have done with the patch (M26 bug excepted).

    Suppression is great now. Please don’t change it. I love the fact that you can now use covering fire to help your squad mates advance on a dug in enemy positions. It’s a real boost to coordinated tactical play. When I find myself heavily suppressed I now switch to my side arm which remains unaffected – nice touch!

    The tweaks to accessories and guns has really switched things up for me. I was one of the many dedicated foregrip and supressor users. Now I’m using all sorts of different guns and combinations. For instance the AK74M (which i hated before) really shines on the bigger maps when paired with the bipod and heavy barrel.

    I’m also switching up my vehicle perks and finding new and interesting combinations.

    Everyone is going to find changes that don’t suit them so well. I feel the mortar was nerfed to heavily and the 44 magnum is probably to powerful now. However I, and the friends I play with regularly, feel that there are way more positives than negatives. It’s an even better game now!

    But… please, please, please sort out the M26 glitch ASAP. I see more and more people using it and it won’t take long before it reaches USAS frags proportions and starts clearing the servers of people who have too much dignity to stoop so low themselves.

  • GTSGabriel 04.27.12 at 19:34

    I don’t know why but I can’t get Bellow Radar working on Jets!!! In helicopters it works, But on jets Nope =/

    • Kaossilator-US- 04.27.12 at 22:04

      I wish I could find you in game lol :)

      From what I can see, jets are darn near un-killable now by SAM. If you’ve got one coming in for a strafe, sure the lock time is only a few seconds, but after you launch your rocket, it’s really easy for a good jet pilot to do the following: flare out, drop below radar, get out of range, rinse, repeat. Better if they had not reduced the range on the infantry-borne SAM.

      • GTSGabriel 04.28.12 at 12:48

        Lol , I play on Ps3, my PC sucks for games =[, the fact is… how low the jet have to go to activate bellow radar?

  • Lovesync 04.27.12 at 19:31

    Hip Firing with the PKP is the best~

  • Joao611 04.27.12 at 19:18

    I still don’t like how u fucked up the foregrip. U shouldn’t have done that.

    But anyways, Suppression is now TOTTALY fine! Don’t listen to the crybabies, don’t ruin the game even further!

  • Owl_Eyes_Alpha 04.27.12 at 18:19

    “Suppression is an addition generally unique to Battlefield…” You guys this was in A mod for BF2 a long time ago called “Project Reality” please don’t claim something that you really didn’t come up with. Thank you

    • Anamatronic 04.27.12 at 19:46

      unique to Battlefield
      unique to Battlefield
      unique to Battlefield
      unique to Battlefield
      unique to Battlefield

      Battlefield is a series, it’s unique to Battlefield because of the BF2 Mod, hence why it’s in BF3…

      • IRONFIRE13 04.28.12 at 00:50

        Suppression isn’t entirely UNIQUE to battlefield, Arma has included it for years as well. they’re just relatively different genres, and they do it in slightly different ways.

    • War_Pig_s 04.27.12 at 20:31

      i thought bf2 was part of the bf series? and they said unique to Battlefield not Battlefield 3

  • pa-starlight 04.27.12 at 17:22

    Thanks for a masterpiece DICE, just ignore the haters…

  • RobooL 04.27.12 at 16:11

    I also noticed some BUGS… I hope EA/DICE staff will read this…
    1) When you are in chopper as gunner… flares don’t work at all…
    2) When using SOFLAM and someone drop ammo box near you, it gives you another SOFLAM.. so if you place it far from you and quit manual aim then you can’t return to manual target mode.. instead you must deploy another SOFLAM… that is quite annoying…
    Just fix this for example… when you rearm SOFLAM make it under LMB to deploy new one and RMB to enter manual mode for aim old one

  • Josefff 04.27.12 at 16:04

    Urgent question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I dont understand it lol.

  • HemperFidelis 04.27.12 at 15:59

    I still dislike suppression. I can understand how enemy fire would pin a person down,but when standing,I wouldnt just stand there and let them shoot me- i’d run my ass off.

  • Blackadder 04.27.12 at 13:44

    Nice piece, but there is a disadvantage to the bipod – if you are prone and aim to an area above you, it still tries to deploy the bipod and this limits your field of fire. Bipod use needs to be on a key-binding and not automatic when aiming.

    Also regarding the comments about players gravitating towards a single setup – I’d be interested to know what the figures are for M16A3 usage compared to other assault rifles, because I’m pretty sure that must dominate the AR rifles by a long shot (if you’ll pardon the pun).

    • xHellCatx 04.27.12 at 14:19

      the post patch has a new binding for bipod deploy, bind it other key instead of right mouse.

    • RobooL 04.27.12 at 16:10

      You have right.. I also noticed some BUGS… I hope EA/DICE staff will read this…
      1) When you are in chopper as gunner… flares don’t work at all…
      2) When using SOFLAM and someone drop ammo box near you, it gives you another SOFLAM.. so if you place it far from you and quit manual aim then you can’t return to manual target mode.. instead you must deploy another SOFLAM… that is quite annoying…
      Just fix this for example… when you rearm SOFLAM make it under LMB to deploy new one and RMB to enter manual mode for aim old one

    • GTSGabriel 04.27.12 at 19:29

      yeah, But i think theres is way better Assault rifles, like AN94 G3A3, but since they are HARD to control people stick with the easy one, the M16A3 ;)

    • EliteRifleman 04.29.12 at 22:12

      I think that m16a3 was my favorite AR but it seems that I don’t get as many kills with it post patch and I don’t like it as much as I used to. (close to 1000 kills w/ it btw) I don’t see it being used that much anyway, besides lower lvl players that don’t have as many options of AR’s. The main AR’s in use now, imo, are the AEK-971 and the F2000. AEK-971 was supposed to be nerfed but I think its one of the best weapons in the game. I use it for longer ranges too, even though it’s not really meant for it. I use Kobra/Foregrip/Heavy Barrel and it covers all situations. Hipfire is off alittle but the rate of fire more than makes up for it. I really think that the AEK-971 will become the “new prepatch FAMAS”

    • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 23:53

      on the xbox why not just use the red B button to deploy the bipod as it has no other function. it isn’t used while aiming down your scope. it is very annoying trying to get the thing to deploy. sometimes you need to deploy it fast and end up getting killed because it never seems to work first time.

  • Gaycob 04.27.12 at 13:13

    i’m sure most people just roll heavy on a 16A3

  • RobottiRuttunen 04.27.12 at 13:02

    I also like to use bipod + flash suppression

  • ThaRaas 04.27.12 at 12:53

    It would be very nice to be able to save different configs for each class..

    So you can quickly change your ideal setup for the game!

    And of course we should be able to manage the individual configs over battlelog (not only in game).

    Have a great day !

    • Wolfskin_2K 04.27.12 at 15:17

      that is also my wish, cause that would save alot of time, when i want to change my setups because of some situation, otherwise you have to change weapon, moduls, camouflage etc. manualy

  • TwojRzeznik 04.27.12 at 12:06

    Well done. Please allow players to use more weapon modules – laser + flashlight + silencer or foregrip + heavy barrel + flash suppressor. Cant wait for the new DLC CQ ! Thanks for awsome game Dice and please ignore haters :)

  • RenzR_39 04.27.12 at 11:46

    i choose none of the above. i use only heavy barrel, because the weapons’ spread is far too high to increase it with a foregrip

  • klscott5 04.27.12 at 11:26

    Accessories should be more flexable, I want to use Flash supr. with a Heavy barrel…

  • DoctorG47 04.27.12 at 10:58

    I agree DICE, don’t change the suppression anymore. And please stop trying TOO hard to make any adjustments to “balance” the game. Don’t force us to change what we enjoy, especially because in real life you don’t “tweak” the stats of a gun and constantly change what works. Keep it the way it is now please. Maybe curb the range penalty on suppressors a little so they can be used for medium ranges as well (but they still don’t curb recoil as much as the flash suppressor). And yeah, fix the buggy bipods. I play support a LOT and when I deploy my LMG, I want it to stay that way. Same for the sniper rifles. Thanks DICE.

  • Nashums 04.27.12 at 10:33

    Some of you may not have thought of this but its as good a reason as any. What if the accuracy of your gun is off because at the time of you hitting the trigger, that one supressive hit that missed you clipped your weapon and ricochet (cant spell that without checking) off causing the suppression?

  • MaxStaceyAydan 04.27.12 at 10:25

    I honestly didn’t like the new patch the pre patch was really good, the only thing they should have changed honestly was the main issues, like Frags and the mav, which they did thank god. I had trouble playing with the style I was using, but after a couple hours of playing an switching attachments, I found how to enjoy this game again, was thinking about giving it up, especially with using the fore grip/heavy barrel isn’t very affective with most weapons, I especially felt this in Squad rush as I play for competitive as well an just felt like i lost skill in weapons, please don’t make in future major upgrades as this affect big competitions, as it takes some time for members to get used to the new patches, mostly ones affecting weapons & attachments.

    End I know Dice/Virgin Gaming are going to hold a massive event worldwide for Conquest Squad, so for players to be able to play there best, they need time to build there skills, especially when they just built them up, an the hole game style plus new strats can be made to the new post patch.

    But all in general the patch has equaled the plain field along with the air.
    But there is some issue with the L8, and the Dart with some combos which is a cheat within battlefield petty much, but I want go in detail what they are as I do not want to publish these combos, but I would expect dice to be aware of these by now so hopefully they can fix these issue to make a final fix, but please don’t make any major fix’s like last post patch.

    Cheers & regards Max [SAS].

    • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 19:17

      i’ll publish it for you. using the m26 with darts underslung with a heavy barrel is what people are complaining about. is it really a glitch? i’m not sure but it is a lot of fun to use. its part of the game so why not accept it. unless of course dice didn’t intend to have such an effective set up like this. really they should of finalised the game before realising it. i’m sure here in the uk its illegal to sell a unfinished product.

  • FULLMET4LJ4CKET 04.27.12 at 08:25

    PLEASE keep suppression how it is: thanks to this I can deploy LMG and hold against snipers wich wasn’t possible before

    • Logikalfury 04.27.12 at 11:01

      i also have to reply to this.
      Any LMG deployed with a bipod should be used for suppressive fire to hold a choke point…. i completely agree with this. However, the late march patch increased the general accuracy of most LMG’s which has become an annoyance to the assault class which by default should have a significant “on the move” (walking aimed, or hip firing) advantage. The LMG’s advantage is having more ammunition without reloading as often but they should have a significant recoil/accuracy effect when not deployed with a bipod to counter balance with the assault class.

  • Hot-Wire 04.27.12 at 07:54

    The problem with foregrip and flash suppressor is that you get a double whammy towards accuracy. Both your hip and aimed accuracy takes a hit. … but of course that is still better then how it was before… where the flash suppressor would just kill both accuracies without the hip fire bonus.

    • Hot-Wire 04.27.12 at 07:55

      Correction, not hipfire I mean vertical recoil reduction.

  • La Mort l13l 04.27.12 at 07:35

    I want to begin by saying that this is a nice blog post. Informative and to the point. I find myself trying out new accessory combos a lot since the latest patch, and it’s nice that the Foregrip + Suppressor are no longer the ‘no-brainer’ they used to be. However, I see a couple of misconceptions in the post, so I wanted to point those out:

    “…an AA vehicle can destroy a jet” is a very misleading statement. To begin with, the mobile AA only exists on two (console) maps, and only interacts with jets on Wake Island. Setting aside the fact that the vehicle is rarely seen, it is horridly ineffetive against jets, whether it uses its main guns or AA missiles. Now that Stingers/IGLAs have significantly reduced range, jets are rarely killed by anything other than helicopters–or other jets. Don’t get me wrong, the latest patch was a step in the right direction, but this ‘balance of power’ you’re implying simply does not exist.

    On a different note: the Bipod is still horribly buggy (at least on the consoles.) Even a cursory read of the latest threads in the Official Forums tells me I’m not alone in having trouble getting the Bipod to deploy consistently, to say nothing of it staying deployed or working properly. I have hundreds of hours of play time, and I can confidently say that I have tested, and discarded, and tested, and discarded the Bipod hundreds of times. It is simply unreliable. Given the choice between a Foregrip/Slide Bolt that always works as advertised, and a Bipod which might do nothing, I will take the Foregrip/Slide Bolt every time.

    • tonfisk1337 04.27.12 at 09:55

      Bout the jets.
      But if you compare to reality this make scense doesnt it? I mean how fun would it be to fly jets if the aa:s can easily take them down? I think its greats the jets are little op cuz thats how it is in real life.

    • Logikalfury 04.27.12 at 11:07

      The rate of fire on the AA guns is just absolutely absurd and is being abused by AA drivers to take out infantry players. AA’s need to have their Y axis restricted so they cannot shoot ground infantry players. Install a secondary LMG they have to switch to in order to shoot infantry.
      Another issue is the perk of reactive armor being used on most vehicles. players are simply getting out of their vehicle and then getting back in to restore this perk.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 19:39

        the aa gun is no way near powerful enough against infantry. its already been nerfed on the latest patch. doing it again would just be stupid. you sound like you don’t like war games.

    • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 19:26

      agree with you on the bipod issues.

  • Soma_Hiru 04.27.12 at 05:39

    I think you guys should Nerf the Dart+Heavy Barrel Combo.

  • DarkTiger29 04.27.12 at 05:12

    RoIand_of_Eld…wow reading all your posts you act like some bad ass player but your stats say otherwise. Barely suppress players putting them down with 5 rounds huh. Yea probably one of those players that hides in the random corner and lets them run by and you shoot them in the back. Lots of skill there.

    How about this little piece of advice….why don’t you get good at this game instead of commenting on everybody’s comments who are here actually stating actual facts not just giving their opinions thinking they are God to everybody else.

    Get some skills..then you can talk

    • EliteRifleman 04.29.12 at 21:51

      Thank you for saying what I was thinking… I really can’t stand people that think that their opinion outweighs everybody else’s. Have a liitle respect for other peoples opinions w/o criticizing them b/c they don’t see it as exactly as you do. I personally dislike suppression, but that doesn’t mean that I should “stop playing BF and go play CoD”. I swear he has commented on every post on supression… lol

  • RoboMar 04.27.12 at 04:46

    High suppression is great for realism and rewarding skilled players who can compensate for the high recoil from full suppression during an intense firefight. Also gives snipers a chance to be helpful to the squad. The only downside is that noobs whine. A skilled player would adapt. Please don’t change it DICE.

    • BloodieDemize 04.27.12 at 07:49

      I dont mind high suppression, but getting shot at doesn’t mean your bullets go what feels like 10 feet off where your reticle is pointing, id rather them have just the guns recoil jump wayyyyy up instead of making it so where we cant even shoot even with aimed fire.

      • Logikalfury 04.27.12 at 10:54

        Forced accuracy loss should be removed. IF a player is using the suppression perk…by all means blur the hell out of my screen, even make the “spotted” orange enemy markers disappear so its harder to see where the person shooting at you is. But by forcing accuracy loss, you are penalizing a skilled player from having the chance to maintain his skill in concentrating, and making the shot through the suppression.

    • anttiskate 04.28.12 at 13:41

      In some ways I like the “new” suppression, but then again, some sniper in the antenna on Caspian casually shooting away across the map having a heavy suppressive effect is not very rewarding if you’re the one on the ground trying to capture flags. In some sense it rewards those who absolutely have no aiming skills or plain ‘ol camping, and those who just get the first shot, and you have no way of countering other than just crawl behind a rock and wait.

      Anyway, I enjoy the fact that most guns are more balanced compared to each other, and now I’m more tempted to use different weapon and attachment combinations for the situation at hand. That has brought new dimensions to the game, for me at least. The M26 bug is just spoiling the fun on too many occasions.

  • PuFFtheMagicBoy 04.27.12 at 04:24

    We didnt pay 60 dollars for people like you to run around usas-12 with frag rounds. Let me tell you how many peoples favorite gun that is. We DID pay 60 bucks for dice to make an even game, and im grateful they are still half year later patching the game to make it fair.

  • dmla32 04.27.12 at 03:09

    F that. You ruined the game. Don’t give us that grap about people are using one weapon. People already tried other weapons and decided which ones we’re our favorites. We didn’t pay 60.00 to be forced to, just because a bunch of noobs cried that they didn’t get the weapon yet. Fix the patch already and stop giving us a bunch of bs excuses. I use to play all the time and now it’s once in awhile. The suppression is rediculouse. You can’t even play tdm, as soon as people start firing everyone gets blinded so everyone is pot luck shooting. Stop f ing with our game and fix the real issues.

    • Naberios 04.27.12 at 03:21

      Then use your f’ing cover specialization and stop whining. I love the game post-patch.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:40

      Dude….the fag rounds were ruining the game. “Don’t give us crap about people using one weapon?” %80 of the servers I went into (in the few weeks pre-patch) had like %50 of the people in the game using auto shotguns with fag rounds. At least 4 to 6 people on both teams. I’m fine with the auto shotguns but auto shotguns with fag rounds was the dumbest shit I have ever seen. Little children with pop rocks running about giggling. Only little children would do such things. Were you one of them?

      The suppression is only ridiculous if you put yourself in retarded situations or miss your shots. It’s as simple as that.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 06:14

        would seem like a lot of old men are little children then huh ha. we know what we enjoy and the usas12 with frags before the patch was a lot of fun. you contradict you self by saying must of the people in a game would be using the usas12 with frags. you know why? because its what people want, like and enjoy. its like a vote and the mass has already spoken. most people got better things to do then post comments on here ( unlike you and i ). but actions speak louder then words.

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:55

      how about you stop bitching about TDM and play a game that actually NEEDS teamwork. which is ironic considering the word TEAM is in the game name. try conquest or rush, and then maybe you’ll stop bitching about suppression. and why would u want overpowering weapons? is that the only way u can win? i got a service star with every weapon and i didnt bitch the whole way thru complaining about how certain weapons suck. you learn to use what u got, and change ur tactics where necessary. stop trying to be a 5 year old bitch and grow a pair

    • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 06:02

      well said:-)

  • Psychox93 04.27.12 at 02:42

    I, for a change, have something good to say: this game is great and incredibly innovative. I can’t beleive the ammount of complaints and hate.
    I pla it a lot and enjoy it very much. Love BF3, keep the great work!

  • KillerBear20 04.27.12 at 02:36

    we did an in-depth analysis of how players were customizing their weapons and found that players, especially high level players who have many unlocks, were generally gravitating to a single combo: Foregrip and Suppressor. When we see many players gravitating towards a single setup, as game designers we can conclude that the other choices are not interesting enough to give players reason to try them out. We want players to experience the width of the game, and for this reason we concluded it was time to make a change.

    so you say this that the suppressor and foregrip combo where becoming a favorite duh we like this setup specialty when we become high ranks bc we either want to win or be able to be behind enemy lines without been spotted. now suppression i get that your trying to make feel like its we are been shot at in real life but i think you did it to much it use to be about who had the better loadout and best accuracy. now its about who gets suppress first or sprayed at while praying(spray&pray) not cool. i use to play eveyday battlefield with a four man squad of my friends now we prefer to play other games or watch netflix or not even get it on if you do a research not alot players play as much before the patch i appreciate that you fix frag rounds THANKS on that but why punish the suppressor and foregrip so much to where it only use full when your straight cqb like where i can smell the other players breath. the suppressor and foregrip where not the super class or the strongest bc we would get out by a shotgun or submachine gun unless we had shots first on sometimes by lmgs but it was not the strongest setup. now what your gonna punish every combination till we run around with just a gun optic with not attachments. trust me you made the suppressor for each gun a 70 kill unlock i pretty sure everyone use at least the long barrel or flash before we had the suppressors. if you want to add the real feel of the suppression then add back the way a foregrip works it help make recoil lower and really you said that aimed accuracy would be less accurate i pretty sure its suppose to be the other way where you have a bit greater accuracy since your weapon moves less come DICE dont brake your game like IF and SH broke COD.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:45

      um…more people play post-update. and every person i play with likes the game more after the update. and the suppressor foregrip combo was noob pre-patch, it was literally too easy for me so I had to go to iron sights, with a laser just so that enemies might see me first. dont get on here responding to DICE as if you speak for the public or something. and if the suppression bothers you now, you really must be a scrub because one, it’s not even that bad and two, it’s still so far from realism. it sounds like youre mad that you cant use your favorite loadout on your favorite class the entire match and win. the update is actually making players think because it completely leveled the playing field and made every weapon combo efficient.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 06:38

        what on gods earth are you talking about? you think that people who preferred the old patch stick to one weapon and set up ha. you’re deluded. i preferred the old patch and i try out different weapons and specs. check out my battle log. you’ll see the only thing i don’t do much of is snipe. and before you guess wrong i still love the game. its just not as fun as it used to be.

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:58

      it was MENTIONED EVERYWHERE that suppressors only lower accuracy when firing from the hip. look down ur sights thats why they’re there

  • x_KOR_x 04.27.12 at 02:21

    Suppression? OK… i can understand the blur on the screen and i agree with it BUT having the enemy on my crossairs and my bullet doesn’t hit him because you invented something called “Bullet Deviation”!!!! What? Do we have some sort of rubber barrel or something? that makes our bullets go all over the place!!
    Well at least the CoD noobs that buy the game will feel that they are the best at this game just because if they start spraying arround no one will be able to hit them… NICE ONE DICE!

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:47

      it’s called accuracy

      • Ultimatum2012 04.27.12 at 03:37

        You can stop your smart aleck come-back right there. What x_KOR_x speaks of is VERY true. It isn’t called “accuracy” when you take perfect aim at an enemy, and the suppression from his weapon makes your incoming rounds take a 30 degree turn.

        It’s as if DICE added automatic-anti-aim-assist!

        • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:59

          roland has said it several times already. have someone shoot at you. TRY taking perfect aim, and firing back. seriously. do it. i wanna see what u think about it

    • InsideAspartame 04.27.12 at 17:29

      its ment to represent fear, making you less accurate because your to busy filling your pants and thinking about getting to cover,

  • Skopos 04.27.12 at 02:02

    Do you take all platforms into account when you balance vehicles? With a higher player count I’m sure there are more players with SAM launchers focusing on Air vehicles on PC than on PS3, there’s only one map on Conquest (PS3) with a mobile AA so the only thing that kills a skilled Jet pilot is an even more skilful Jet pilot. As for suppression; it is a nice idea and was pretty cool for the first five minutes, and you’re right it’s not something you find in other games but holy crap it needs to go. If I’m behind cover with an enemy player watching my position it’s a risk for me to pop up and fire back: it comes down to who is more accurate and has the right loadout for the situation, that retains the skill element. Sometimes it’s worth the risk, sometimes it isn’t. Having the screen go a little blurry is fine, it adds immersion, but it should be limited to “a little blurry” – losing the ability to shoot anywhere near where you want to is idiotic, and removes the entire skill element from fire-fights. It’s gone from taking a risk and trusting your own ability to return fire rather than finding cover to it being completely suicidal to do anything but cower in a corner. The concept of suppressive fire was enough without it becoming an in-game effect, and a dominating one at that. It’s also impossible to find a new “perfect setup” when one minute your weapon is firing nicely then the next minute someone shoots vaguely in your direction and your weapon is worthless, it makes the task of experimenting incredibly hard. Please stop trying to over-compensate with the technical stuff and concentrate on getting the basics right, no-one’s handing out anymore awards for your unique technical conceptual show-pieces, keep it simple – make it fun.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:50

      lol..i keep scrolling and continue to see all of you crying about this. it seriously is not bad at all. if suppression is bothering you this much post-update you honestly werent that good in the first place. it immerses you more than ever now, you obviously need to choose a different place to take cover if your accuracy is nonexistent.

      • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 08:02

        @skopos if someone is shooting NEAR you, they aren’t that good. u should be dead. so in other words, take the damn luck and find some cover until you recover. until you learn, i’ll just wait for you to pop up ok? :)

        • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 17:02

          errr i think his point was, people are using suppression as a tactic now. i do it all the time since the new patch. for example, if a snipers giving some of my team mates a hard time i’ll just suppress him to death so he can’t return fire on my team. i don’t care about hitting him i just wanna give him a hard time. maybe its a rush game and using suppression can help us move from one position to the next. one thing a lot of you don’t seem to understand is, its not just about racking up kills but more about winning the match. it has changed the game and i honestly preferred it how it was before. still enjoy it though, it does add a different twist to the game play.

    • Naberios 04.27.12 at 03:33

      Once again, use your Cover specialization if you are unable to avoid or overcome the suppression. The suppression doesn’t take away the skill element. It adds to it, because now you have to find a way to eliminate your target while dealing with incoming fire. I haven’t noticed any round I’ve played in post-patch where it was completely ruined because of suppressive fire. That’s probably been somewhere between 70 and 100 full rounds of gameplay. I can’t believe some players are so whiny about it. I hope to God (in this case D.I.C.E.) that the vocal minority are not appeased on this suppression issue. Before, the Cover specialization was pretty much useless. Now, if you find that you’re in a round where you’re being suppressed quite a bit, you can make sure someone in your squad puts on their Squad Cover to try and counter it. It adds yet another layer of strategy to game. I love it.

  • Pypmatz 04.27.12 at 01:33

    and where is my combination? Its flash suppressor and bipod…works perfectly on ranged targets even if the pod isnt deployed

  • TeeBRAD 04.27.12 at 01:00

    AS VAL is the ultimate jack of all trades gun. doesnt seem to master any of the range categories, but is capable in all. the only shortfall is running targets like to get away due to slow bullet speed

  • malhiphop 04.27.12 at 00:49

    suppression is retarded tho. i was getting suppressed, i turned around a corner and ran up a flight of indoor stairs and my vision was still blurry. i get it if he’s on u but how the hell is my vision blurred if i’m running in the opposite direction??? Glad u beefed up my flash suppressor. was my go to secondary anyway.

    • That Buck Shot 04.27.12 at 00:54

      i noticed that when ur suppressed you cant even get a straight shot off to fight back. Have you noticed this too?

      • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:59

        Actually I’ve killed quite a few players that were suppressing me. I win the firefight probably over %60 percent of the time. You just have to not freak out and spray back like a moron. You also have to not be dumb enough to pop your head back up the same exact spot that he was just shooting in an attempt to “out-shoot” him. ESPECIALLY if he is bipodded. Oh and you have to not be dumb enough to go prone and slowly crawl out in a desperate attempt to outshoot him (this applies even when its not against suppression) Why does everyone think its a good idea to go prone…..then slowly crawl out from behind your rock (or around the corner). If you’re that dumb you deserve to get merked by LMG’s and snipers. Makes me laugh so hard when people do that.

        It’s quite simple. Take cover for a second (you don’t have to wait for the whole suppression affect to go away)….and pop out from a slightly different position to shoot him. You’ll be able to kill him unless you are COMPLETELY suppressed and standing directly within his “sphere” of suppressive fire. I’ve used a rock as cover…..gotten suppressed….covered for just a second then freakin’ praire dogged the ho suppressing me. All it takes is using your brain and not making stupid decisions in game.

      • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 08:06

        i agree that suppression should go away once u are out of the immediate danger, although i like the suppression in general. at buckshot. THATS THE POINT OF BEING SUPPRESSED. its specifically to incopacitate you, but it is possible to fight back if you’re smart as corey mentioned. make a run to cover nearby. if you KNOW a sniper suppressed u and ur out in the open, try this. DONT RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE.

  • PvillePiper 04.27.12 at 00:38

    I don’t mind the suppression.. Just tone down the in-accuracy when suppressed a bit. And make attack helicopters more vulnerable to ground fire when hovering below 30 meters. Other than that I’m waiting on close quarters!

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:53

      yes piper, thats ingenuous, i’ve been saying the same exact thing. birds are too potent when flying below radar, too many skilled pilots for my primary to not be able to hurt the chopper.

      • Ultimatum2012 04.27.12 at 03:43

        Would you stop with YOUR bitching about others bitching, and be civil!?

  • SpOOjY GLooB 04.27.12 at 00:32

    One thing i would like to see is adding camouflage selection to character customization during a game and not just within my soldier as an afterthought. it would allow players to change camo based on each maps needs.

  • LEFTIE_86 04.27.12 at 00:29

    it’s nice to have a dev take a little time to clarify the specifics of the accessories. While the suppression is a tad bit overdone it’s close to a good balance. My problem with the foregrip is it kinda follows the how the hvy barrel worked prepatch. While it removes a lot of muzzle drift, it adds an accuracy penalty, so why even use it. Plus on some weapons it is a lot worse than others for no apparent reason. The kh2002 is drastically impaired with a foregrip while the carbines go virtually unaffected.

  • Rev0verDrive 04.27.12 at 00:23

    I agree with the visual blur effect of suppression, but crippling an individuals weapon accuracy is outright BS! M98B w/acog scoped @ 8 meters(26.2 feet) center mass on static target should be a kill 100% of the time, or minimal a hit reg. Suppression as it stands now is essentially a hack that negates the aiming ability of the suppressed. It is in essence on par with hacks that manipulate hitboxes.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:55

      you’re dumb. go buy a gun. find a friend with another gun. go outside and tell him to open fire on you, full auto, with almost perfect accuracy but not quite. then return fire and hit him with every shot. good luck.

  • Unitarded 04.27.12 at 00:16

    For a while I was a bit concerened about the increased suppression, but really, it just adds to the tactical layer of battlefield 3. If you are being suppressed, you are better of re-positioning and return fire from else where, end of story. I really like that playing smart pays of.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:56

      Most definitely. if you’re on here crying about suppression you must be a COD vet

      • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 00:03

        there are other first person shooters apart from cod and bf you know;)

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:23

      agreed. You win a cookie.

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:49

      wow. a comment that actually mirrors my own thoughts. how rare that seems to be now and days o.O

  • Kasama84 04.26.12 at 23:45

    Oh, almost forgot; M16A4 with foregrip = next to zero recoil. Seems ridiculous to me.

  • Kasama84 04.26.12 at 23:41

    Suppression on a recon with a rifle feels way to powerful right now. As soon as you are suppressed, it’s impossible to hit anything at all, making it really hard to be a mid ranged recon with a rifle. Please look into it Dice.

    Also; stealth all the way!

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:57

      stealth all the way yet you’re complaining about the suppression for a mid ranged sniper? you must not be very sneaky…

      • Kasama84 04.27.12 at 14:04

        You’re thinking of a camping sniper. I’m playing mobile recon with a silenced, 4x scope, rifle. Meaning I don’t sit in a bush all game long, but actually take objectives.

  • malhiphop 04.26.12 at 23:38

    I been in combat. I appreciate the effort dice has made to make this realistic but i’m glad they are keeping it fun. Real combat isn’t fun. its stressful dangerous and when u get shot in the face theres no respawn. The game is balanced between fun and realism. not realistic enough then go enlist. too realistic go play cod with the rest of the fanboys. bf3 greatest shooter of all time

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 02:58


    • connos 04.27.12 at 08:52

      Thats exactly how I feel about the game. The game its great, it needs some minor adjustments and with the DLC’s coming it will be the first time I will play a game for more than a year.

      • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:28

        I agree. This is the only game I continuously enjoy. It’s just so much fun playing with friends. Like you said, it needs some minor tweaks still but ya. Halo is the only other game I enjoy continuously. But its on a different plain than BF.

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:50

      never saw combat but trained for it. I respect everything you have done sir. I agree that DICE has found the perfect balance

    • evilblakdarknes 05.19.12 at 00:13

      would have to agree its the greatest shooter of all time.

      everyone on here seems so black and white when it comes to shooters. you all say if you don’t like it go back to cod. my favourite first person was golden eye on the n64. old skool baby! i still play it from time to time. some of us like playing halo to. you ever thought of that? o o what about ghost recon? i don’t play it but someone out there does;)

  • malhiphop 04.26.12 at 23:33

    you missed the in real life part. nobody runs at bullets rambo

  • PuFFtheMagicBoy 04.26.12 at 23:33

    Keep up the amazing work, I cannot wait for the new expansion, Rush will be that much more intense with close quarter maps. Great work on keeping the game fresh and up to date.

  • sweatwire 04.26.12 at 23:20

    nice to have some concrete info on some of the changes. I feel like the game has improved since the last patch, everything has a use now. While the suppression can be annoying, it’s certainly not game breaking as many make it out to be in my opinion.
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh yeah, fix the m26 dart and don’t add any more auto or semi auto shotguns, more pump actions.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:30

      What’s the problem with the m26dart? I haven’t run into it being any kind of problem. I even used it I once or twice….still took 2 or 3 shots to kill unless you were really accurate. (is it only a problem if you use it with the underslung rail? Cause I haven’t used it with that….and I’ve seen a few people using it that way.)

  • b00ch 04.26.12 at 23:11

    Thx 4 info. helps a lot. A lot of the tweaks dont make real life sense, but i understand what yall are tryin gto do with the game. the changes are starting to grow on me. But if the other tweaks are designed to make it more fun why make the supression on the basis of real life? If having your cake and eating it to makes the game more fun then Im in. but the logic is lost on me.
    Thx for the hard work.

  • Pr0xImA ViReS 04.26.12 at 23:05

    About the suppression I’m not feared if I’m suppressed I am actually just annoyed but I still run toward the enemy and give them nice headshots

  • tyde90 04.26.12 at 23:00

    Helpful information, thanks

  • TFBisquit 04.26.12 at 22:52

    Suppressor is the least used attachement now, it’s wrecked.
    Further more, I most definitely do NOT like the latest patch.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:00


    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:36

      helpful hint there, suppressor is most effective on LMG. doesn’t seem like it but actually drastically increases accuracy when firing in long bursts since the main problem with LMG’s usually consist in their vertical recoil. dont put an ACOG on that tho, use iron sights, RDS or KOBRA

  • twistedbydesign 04.26.12 at 22:30

    “For example, on a vehicle level a jet can destroy a tank, but an AA vehicle can destroy a jet, but the tank can destroy the AA. Only through teamwork can the tank be protected from the AA and the AA protected from another tank.”

    Ok, however for all of us poor saps playing on the console there isn’t an AA vehicle….? Suppressors in real life don’t decrease accuracy or range (hence why they are used in long distance shooting in real life), Heavy barrels will have the same accuracy whether I am looking down a sight or not, A laser sight does not have a magical effect on bullet accuracy, and like really a foregrip decreasing aimed accuracy? I know you are trying to balance a game, but like lets not make up a magical world of bullet physics.

    Also, one of these days I would love to figure out how you folks figured out “range” in your maps, a target 300m away does not look like a little dot through a 10x scope (you know the scopes REAL military snipers use) let alone a 12x. If the longest record kill with a rifle is just shy of 2500m away, how are people in this game killing people at 3000m+? AND! I think you folks should read up on mildots. A man named John Plaster wrote the book on sniping, I suggest you read it.

    • soren121 04.26.12 at 22:42

      Because the only major factor in calculating sniper shots is bullet drop. If the enemy stands still, and you get the bullet drop offset correct, then you can very well achieve a 3000m headshot. There are a LOT more factors and forces influencing bullets in the real world, but introducing them all into Battlefield would make it less fun, and would likely be a HIGHLY unpopular change.

    • LukasDave 04.26.12 at 22:43

      … I think somebody forgot the fact that this is just a game & not ‘real’ your the kind of person that the news headlines are aimed at when they try to ban games like GTA…

    • J_A_S_O_N_123 04.26.12 at 22:56

      If you so obsessed with that shit then play ARMA 3

    • Damaskus27 04.26.12 at 23:13

      Though I agree with your statements, for some reason most people seem to forget, this is a game. If i wanted 100% accuracy and realism, I’d go join up in the service and see what goes down. If thats what your looking for, then go do it, otherwise enjoy whats given to you. The fact that you THINK you can have a 100% real to life accurate combat simulator through Battlefield 3 is a little bogus. Although not completely balanced, its a balance of fun and realism, because I’m pretty sure if this was 100% accurate to what you want, you’d be here complaining that the game is way too hard.

    • malhiphop 04.26.12 at 23:34

      i suggest you stop crying and realize its a game

    • Bock89 04.26.12 at 23:38

      1. Assuming you are using a suppressor you are probably also using subsonic ammunition which means lower round velocity, hence less range and less accuracy as well as less damage to the target. Getting hit by a bullet at any range at any normal velocity will usually incapacitate someone in real life suppressor or not… But this isn’t real life. 2. I’m not a ballistics expert but I know that the majority of long range rifles use heavier barrels to increase accuracy and if it didn’t do something why would they carry all that extra weight? 3. Have you ever fired a rifle with a foregrip? Foregrips are designed for quick target acquisition at short range, under 150m. Obviously they cut this down because its a game and they want to emphasis CQC. For someone who pretends to know a lot you don’t really make sense. At the end of the day it’s a video game and not real life. If you want a real life video game with 200+ meter engagements I would suggest you look into ArmA 2. And I hope you have fun doing more math when you are using a sniper rifle than you do trigger squeeze.

      • kungfudoc 04.27.12 at 01:34

        1. actually using a long range precision rifle you do not use subsonic ammo. The “whip crack” of the sonic boom does not give directional input and at the longer ranges the .50 bmg, and .338 Lapua go subsonic as they lose velocity. Less velocity does not mean less accuracy, unless you are going to tell me a 9mm is more accurate than a .45. It is the gun and the shooter who is accurate not the speed of the round. There is some loss in penetration but larger bullet mass can counter act this please check the .300 whisper or the .468 Socom out. Not to mention the .45 ACP is a subsonic round.
        2. Your definitely not an expert, it has to do with retention of inertial forces to aid in penetration and kinetic energy. AKA bigger bullet more damage.
        3. A fore-grip is there for control and should not impact accuracy. The point is not to make disadvantages that are completely against physics, like suddenly making the drawback of using a M26 Dart be that you have a glowing red strobe light over your character. If they wanted a drawback to the fore-grip they could increase the aim down the sight transition time. Also suppressors on belt fed weapons is really hinky, suppressors get hot, very hot with handguns. A suppressor tends to slow the cyclic rate of a weapon due the build up of carbon that goes back into weapon mainly seen on sub-gun and intregally suppressed weapons aka AS-Val. If you have ever fired a suppressed weapon you will know that recoil is massively reduced and the weapon tends to be more barrel heavy which could lead to slower ADS speed.

    • malhiphop 04.26.12 at 23:46

      There is AA on the console. I’ve never seen anyone look like a dot through 12x unless you are hilltop sniping on firestorm. The game needed balanced and is better for the patch. You sound like one of those usas/fag round chumps.

    • KillerBear20 04.27.12 at 02:18

      You Sir are very correct like many other ppl who think before suppression it took skill for a gunfight from mid range to long range no matter what gun was each carrying. some ppl on here say that we are bitching about it but thats how we feel the game just to be enjoyable but not we can play it dat well bc we just get suppress by under ranks or super high ranks that just spray and pray with extended mags or wit bipoded weapons

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:02

      maybe you shouldn’t read your book for the hundredth time and just get better at the game

  • karthikinweb 04.26.12 at 22:15
  • Carcaju 04.26.12 at 22:11

    Much appreciation to you all for a great game and your continuing work on it. Complaining about suppression from a machine gun is ridiculous considering that is its purpose.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:02

      THANK YOU (not even an lmg user)

      • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 07:59

        I think the only people that whine about it are the people who think they’re god and ALWAYS come back out after they’ve been shot at….or make other similar retarded decisions. If you’re smart….you won’t really ever have a problem with suppression.

  • X BeadleHands X 04.26.12 at 21:59

    Good lord, where are your manners playerz!? I’d actually just like to say *THANK YOU* to all the makers, designers, devs, and Alan Kertz for trying to make the game the best it can be for as many people as possible.
    I am surprised at the poor QA, it is a bit galling to still see UI glitches months after release, but every night I find new ways to enjoy playing battlefield.

    I apologise if some of the comments posted make you feel like your work isn’t appreciated. Because it is. SHOW SOME LOVE PEOPLE! x

    • DarkTiger29 04.26.12 at 22:18

      Sorry but I think some of comments are spot on. I’m tired of the game being controlled by a bunch of COD babies….and I don’t mean the DEVs either. I’m talking about the whiners that complain “I got killed by the MAV…nerf it…I got killed by the USAS12…nerf it….I got killed by a gun with a silencer and foregrip…waaaaaa”. And it’s unfortunate that the DEVs want to cater to that crowd instead of everybody as a whole.

      • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:05

        The USA12 really was a game breaker. Actually I take that back….it was just the fag rounds. I could have dealt with it….and if they didn’t change it I would still be playing the game. But it was getting pretty ridiculously gay dude. When %50 of everyone playing is using the dang gun with fag rounds its like watching 6 year olds run around with pop rocks. It just was mindless and wasn’t fun to play. But other than that I agree with you…..too many whiners.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.18.12 at 23:44

        agree with you there. the usas12 with from rounds was really good fun and now its not. in my opinion having to use almost a whole clip to kill one gay is a little lame if you ask me. especially if they do the side step dance move to dodge your bullets ha. highly unrealistic if you ask me. one guy did that to me, i hit him with at least ten rounds and after emptying my clip i had to finish him off with my hand gun! i mean i do play a lot of hard core as well as normal, but even that seems to take to many rounds to kill people. what they should of done is boosted all the weak guns so there about equal with they usas12 rather then making all the effective guns gay.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:03


  • ZkullKrusher 04.26.12 at 21:49

    Thanks for the tip on the combos! Do wish there was a numeric or percentage system to better know how each weapon pans out in real game play.

    • GingerBoy360 04.26.12 at 22:22
    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:45

      i appreciate all the people who actually REPLIED TO THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS ARTICLE instead of bitching about the suppression. it’s a game, if you suck, turn it off and stick ur thumb up ur ass

  • V13tMoNst3R 04.26.12 at 21:38

    great…! now any random machine gun scrub can randomly spray at my general direction and hope to kill me within his first 50 shots. i’ll be so suppressed by his first 2 missed shot that i cant counter aim? so i have to run for cover until he finish throwing 200 rounds at me? higher suppression totally took the fun of out aiming a enemy first. i thought first person shooters usually consist of the guy with the best aim usually wins.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:04

      call of duty sounds like your game. if a support guy wins a gunfight with you with his first two MISSED bullets you have no hope.

      • evilblakdarknes 05.18.12 at 23:37

        mmmm i actually prefer golden eye to call of duty. why is it everyone compares battlefield to the next biggest game???? there are other first person shooters out there you know;) i am yet to hear another person mention any other game apart from cod ha. what is it with you people.

        i’d have to agree though. the suppression is a bit over the top but i have been using it to my advantage. although a preferred the game was it was before the latest patch.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 08:21

      The only time its annoying is when you fire first….then he starts spraying and decreases your accuracy so you have to waste a whole clip on him to kill him. (this generally only happens if you miss your first one or two shots though.) But even that is EASILY countered by NOT making stupid decisions. If he’s missing and spraying in your general direction, then you should….1. be able to figure out where he’s shooting at you from almost immediately, 2. Flank, or pop out at a DIFFERENT location and “out aim him” or 3. Rape him.

      Its very easy to outplay a person suppressing you….wanna know why? Because they’re either stationary or can’t aim. Here’s how it will play out….he’ll suppress you….and (if he’s smart) continue firing for a second after you get to cover….then do one of two things…..either attempt to throw a grenade at you or rush you……there’s your easy window.

  • n00exec 04.26.12 at 21:33

    definitivamente Stealth short Range!!!

    it’s for sure! my gameplay it’s infiltrate to attack… i hate campers…
    for this i use C4 on snipers xD put some charges on his back then run in his front and blow it up!
    for this P90 Suppresed or Foregrip+Suppresor to M27 Jar!
    my support style infiltrate need bullets to survive!

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:05

      LMAO dude that is f’ing awesome. I DO THE SAME THING TO SNIPERS..thought i might be alone in the world.

  • Stunl3y 04.26.12 at 21:27

    What a shame all of the above counts for absolutely nothing when Suppression change has killed the game dead not to mention the mess up with the DART

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:05

      you suck. end of story.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 07:46

      Haven’t really noticed M26dart yet. I’ve used the M26mass though and it takes like two or more shots to get a kill with it. Your comment on suppression is laughable. It’s fine. Adapt. Don’t make stupid decisions. Run from a few gun battles…..or flank instead of slowly poking your head back up and attempting to snipe the guy suppressing you. Use your freakin’ brain and adjust. Its only a problem if you make dumb decisions.

  • STL-BIRDMAN 04.26.12 at 21:25

    How about you tell us ( in meters) what is the difference between medium and long range. Further, TURN DOWN SUPPRESSION, the bubble should be SLIGHTLY smaller (heard you speak before about how YOU feel its fine), but we don’t. Turn down the % increase in how close bullet is to this bubble, as well as the DURATION of suppressive effects. AGAIN, I still feel that the suppressive effect should ONLY make the screen go blurry, and NOT effect a GUNS ACCURACY. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW A BULLET LEAVES A BARREL AND WHERE IT WILL GO!! If you want to have it effect ME, FINE, BUT NOT MY WEAPONS!!!! Inanimate objects SHOULD NOT be effected by objects coming to close to them. What, is my gun getting scared too? Please.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:07

      YOU SUCK! GET GOOD! i hardly ever suppress people, i put em down dead with the first 5 rounds. so don’t think i’m cheering for my own good.

    • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 23:07

      I’m sorry to tell you this birdman, but when you are affected, the accuracy of your weapon is going to be effected to. The gun is only as accurate as the person shooting it. If you are being shot at, your aim is going to be off, in turn, your accuracy is going to suffer.

    • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 07:48

      I sort of agree with you. Its rather annoying that it affects accuracy…..but again….it really isn’t that big a problem if you make smart decisions in game.

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:27

      if you have a bipod i agree with you. point and shoot should NOT be affected. but you try aiming a gun right when you’re getting shot at, the kicks start getting to you. trust me it’s as close to realistic as a game can get

  • Lynx30 04.26.12 at 20:57

    us not Use**

  • Lynx30 04.26.12 at 20:57

    Please fix the suppression, they way it bounces around your gun is just ridiculous and don’t put it back to what it was because that won’t fix the original problem of use saying what suppression. I think 75%, 65% revert back to what it was will be fine. That way you notices it, you can also shoot a few shots back and get out of there. Or you can at least hit the guy in the arm and chest to do some damage.

    Another option, go back to what it was where you didn’t notice it and Make it stack by 20-25%% per shot you receive in the bubble.

    • Tsuujin 04.26.12 at 21:09

      Frankly, I think that suppression as it is doesn’t do enough. Even with a LMG on a bipod and pumping out rounds like crazy right at my target, my target is able to _frequently_ simply turn around and land a headshot. Being directly suppressed should make it nearly impossible to just turn around in the open and kill your attacker.

      That said, I think much of the problem comes with the horrible hit detection.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:08

      a third option would be to look in your pants and find your balls. it’s not that bad, adapt and overcome or trade it in at gamestop. my mind is literally blown by you people whining about suppression.

      • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:29

        HEY HEY found my balls!!! sweeet now i can adapt :D

  • Rascal Monkey 04.26.12 at 20:49

    I like the suppression effect, but I feel it should create a more tunnel vision effect and not just blur the whole screen.

  • Kangaroo2525 04.26.12 at 20:47

    I miss the old Battlefield days. You were given a gun and a class, that’s it. Now, you have to make all these complicated weapon attachments with a large array of weapons than we don’t really need. That sounds like another game whose name I’m not gonna bother to mention. I guess it’s alright for players who like that stuff, but please at least make it so we can customize within Battlelog, instead of having to customize in the middle of a game. I honestly think you are dealing with things that don’t need to be touched instead of looking at the REAL issues in BF3. I guess you gotta cater to the new players so they’ll stay and give you their money…

    • Tsuujin 04.26.12 at 21:11

      Being able to customize your loadouts via battlelog would be awesome, especially if it translated to the console versions as well.

      • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 23:10

        I totally agree….you should be able to have classes set for different game types instead of having to set your class during the game. I hope DICE will consider this for the next title update.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:09

      last time i checked, battlefield 2, bad company 2, and 1943 servers are all still up and running waiting for people like you….

  • InfamousHoole 04.26.12 at 20:42

    What are you guys thinking? Seriously guys? Why do you think we want this suppression sphere increased?? You guys are single handedly destroying the competitive scene for this game as well as taking all of the fun out of it. If I wanted to do something realistic I’d pack my ruck and go out into the field for a week. But guess what? YOU CANT IMPLEMENT REAL WORLD SITUATIONS ON SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO DIE AND JUST RESPAWN AS FAST AS THEY DIE. Please for the love of god, dial back suppression saturation about 200% keep the hitbox for it the same size and call it a day. QUIT RUINING THE GAME I PAYED $60 FOR ALREADY.

    • Tsuujin 04.26.12 at 21:13

      The problem with this argument is that you intentionally picked a game who made avid claims of customization and realism. Coming back and arguing that it’s too realistic and there are too many options is not reasonable. If you want to run and gun, there are lots of games that are great at that. People come to Battlefield to avoid run and gun.

      • dweldin 04.28.12 at 04:45

        It seems to me that there are an ungodly amount of people playing this game in run and gun fashion. It’s rare that I get to play where there is some strategy and team tactics being used.

      • azzhole3599 04.28.12 at 23:12

        You are absolutely right. If you want a game that is about running and gunning, go play COD. This is a game of realistic tactical warfare, not playing RAMBO!

      • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:32

        i agree 100% this is what makes BF3 UNIQUE people. i can get COD online gameplay in about 80 different game cases

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:11

      GO PLAY CALL OF DUTY. Its still incredibly competitive, it’s just no longer a game where who has better reflexes and higher sensitivity settings wins the gunfight. you actually have to use your BRAIN now, regardless of what you think of spray and prayers. i get killed by it sometimes, but i can honestly say i sprint more than 99% of bf3 players and have no problems with the suppression sphere. they can make it even larger as far as im concerned. and you can quote me on that Mr. Kertz

  • Squatter Eggs 04.26.12 at 20:21

    why would a lmg ever be less accurate the longer you fire it from a fixed (by-pod deployed) position. I assure you from real experience that dice’s programming on that are polar opposite from the truth. please bring my saw back to the killing machine it really is. but i do love what you guys have done with suppression, and almost every other post patch tweak, except for messing with my saw. you guys screw it in every game you make.

    • Tsuujin 04.26.12 at 21:14

      I agree. I’ve had the pleasure of firing a SAW, and to be honest it isn’t all that difficult to handle, even when firing off-hand. You just lean into it and lay down the fire. Being prone with a bipod means that this gun will be supremely accurate at longer ranges… which is exactly what the SAW was designed for.

    • Tsuujin 04.26.12 at 21:16

      Sometimes I honestly believe that the game would improve as a whole if DICE could convince their local military base to let them come on and test fire these weapons, so they could understand how they react in real life.

      • Tyjuji 05.04.12 at 04:10

        I don’t think there are a whole lot of millitary bases in Sweden, to be honest.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:12

      the saw was overpowered since the beta tbh

  • ForOneNiteOnly 04.26.12 at 20:18

    Smashing :) …i’m a below average player (…i still have fun though), so the patch didn’t make to much of a difference for me, i appreciate the job must be hard for developers to keep everyone happy, so good luck with that too!!, looking forward to trying a few of these combos and if i make it to ‘average’ i’d be impressed, also agree with

    ENORLIN’s comment 04.26.12 | 19:41
    ….Speaking of accessorizing… how about letting players create loadouts i Battlelog? The ingame interface is, well, rather clunky.

    • MOPSTERuk 04.26.12 at 21:34

      Agreed, being able to set up ‘loadouts’ in battlelog would make things a lot more easier for the end user. Additionally, being able to save different ‘loadouts’ for each class would be an even bigger help. I find that generally the map and game mode can drastically alter the gun, and/or accessories, I choose. Therefore, being able to save 3 or 5 different ‘loadouts’ per class would save a lot of hassle (especially if this can be done in battlelog).

      Oh and does anybody really ever change the camo for the’r kits anymore? I find it always defaults back to the generic one and those to much of a bother to keep changing.

      • sTGe46T 04.26.12 at 22:00

        I would love to have multiple setups. At the moment I am working on multiple guns for that reason alone so like with my sniper rifles I have the SKS for really short range, Mk11 for short to medium range, the M40 for medium to long range, SV98 and L98 for long range, and then the M98B and really long range (my sniper rifles so far are the only guns I have completed that with). With the camo I liked the idea but then when I saw the choices I was very disappointed plus on the consoles it is useless at long range since no textures load properly.

  • NecessaryEvil 04.26.12 at 20:16

    Alan Kertz’s comment: “…players find their go to combo suddenly is not as good as it was. It’s time to try out some new combinations!” In other words, “we saw what weapons and attachments you liked and completely nerfed them to force you to use other attachments that you dont like.”

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:18

      wrong. the way it’s worded makes it sound remotely like that. but foregrip suppresor was an unbeatable combo and if youve ever played battlefield you know that’s not at all what the series is about. it’s all about balance. foregrips most pertinent use is still in tact – hipfire. suppressor – stealth. the month before the patch came out, more than 75% of the players i saw were using the FAMAS or frag rounds. aside from that was foregrip and suppressor which was almost as bad as the other two.

      • YBH8TN7H38OSS 05.14.12 at 20:51

        they should of left the famas how it was they keep making the guns worst by touching them

    • alekswine 04.27.12 at 12:57

      I think the foregrip/suppressor combo nerfing is a lot like it was with the IRNV.

  • NecessaryEvil 04.26.12 at 20:04

    We the players don’t think it adds any element of fun to the game when your screen is completely blurred. Only gameplay designer Alan Kertz thought it would be a good change and his opinion is more important that the game’s dedicated players. It is clear this is how all changes are made to the game.

    • Deadpool wkilya 04.26.12 at 20:12

      NO NO NO NO NO!!!

      You certainly don’t represent my opinion! I use suppression to my advantage. Sorry you are on the other end of my barrel so often. Actually, no, I’m not sorry.

    • enorlin 04.26.12 at 20:18

      Suppression is great as it is now, post-patch. One just has to learn how to use it to their advantage.

    • MOPSTERuk 04.26.12 at 21:28

      Like Deadpool I have to say Necessary Evil’s view is not shared by everyone, or me at least. I think that the strategy element of BF3 make the game more fun and also unique; separating it from the competitors like MW3. In particular I personal think that accessorizing, suppression, and generally tactics (like team work and squad work), are more noticeable when playing on intense ‘hardcore servers.

    • alekswine 04.26.12 at 23:16

      “We the players don’t think it adds any element of fun to the game when your screen is completely blurred. Only gameplay designer Alan Kertz thought it would be a good change and his opinion is more important that the game’s dedicated players. It is clear this is how all changes are made to the game.”

      Yeah, he made that decision, because he is, as you said, the gameplay designer. He probably knows the cogs and wheels a lot better than “dedicated players”, as in he’s payed to do that.

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:19

      dedicated players….how many battlefields have you purchased? do you own it for multiple platforms? do you even know what country dice is based out of?

      • Indignant Yeti 04.27.12 at 03:50

        None of that negates him being a dedicated Battlefield 3 player.

    • Friendsfromafar 04.27.12 at 06:47

      Im ABSOLUTELY GOOD with the suppression even though its about fun they added some realism in it and thats what makes this game completely unique from Call of Duty. If you take out the suppression, vehicles, Big Maps and Bullet Drop then this game will become Call of Duty. Probably Most of the Battlefield Community are Older Gamers, War Vets, and other people like that. I think that they absolutely value a game thats really realistc (No game can simulate a real combat zone) but really fun and playable at the same time.

    • blackwolf108 04.27.12 at 20:49

      actually i love the new suppression system in the game… i feel it gives me a more tactical advantage when playing with my buddies online.

  • DarkTiger29 04.26.12 at 20:02

    I want to start off by saying that my post is not meant to be rude or filled with hatred. I am posting from another stand point.. I feel I’m one of the intense players who’s still not happy with the focus of the patches.

    Since the get go of BF3, it’s been obvious that the game was rushed and not fully finished. Regardless I enjoyed working through the weapons and learning what worked well and what didn’t. Everybody had a strength and a weakness…but why give the weaker players bigger advantages to be equal to the good players? Is it because they whined and whined? Here is an example.Player A will represent the new players and unskilled. Player B represents the loyal BF players. Player A gets killed alot night after night and starts crying to anybody who will listen because he’s claiming Player B is cheating/glitching/hacking just because the guy has been playing longer and knows the game. Player A has piss poor complaints just beacuse he’s not up to speed with the other players.gets DICE’s attention..Player B who has real complaints gets ignored. Hmmm

    Doesn’t seem right to me. If you’re going to listen to the cry babies then you should listen to the Vets too.

    I’m curious on your physics of some of the weapons. How does a foregrip and silencer used together act as if it’s a weapon that is bare? A foregrip would not in any way reduce accuracy? How is it that an 870 shotgun can kill you from half way across the map in one shot, but the M26 (regardless of ammo) can’t kill within 3 feet with one shot? Why do weapons constantly change their killing ability night to night? Where is the destructable environment that we were promised? BC1 had more destruction. Legs sticking through solid walls?

    Some of the items you care to worry about…MAV, grenade launcher, USAS12 are so small scale on some of the other items. Fix the jumping….I don’t need to see my soliders legs constantly swinging up infront of me when you cant jump over a small railing. Fix the BAD LUCK for all the weird deaths…sorry skinning my knee when stepping off a pebble would not kill me. That is ridiculous…How did you die? I got shot by a sniper across the map…how about you…I stubbed my toe!

    Now I do like the weapon customization and the graphics are a big step up. I’ve logged countless hours on previous installments ..even MOH but come on guys. You guys had/have a opportunity to destroy the competition on war games. Fix what matters and think about all the players, not just the whiners please.

    Thank you

    • Kangaroo2525 04.26.12 at 20:38

      Awesome comment, I completely agree.

    • alekswine 04.26.12 at 23:11

      Points for not bashing the devs and a few good arguments. But what’s common to negative feedback nowadays are vague reports of map, player or weapon bugs. Every glitch is oversimplified and looking from a dev standpoint (or at least trying to) I couldn’t figure shit about what happened. I mean yeah, you get bad luck now and then, and it pisses me off too, but complaining that you died “from a street pebble” doesn’t really help that much. Where was it that you died? What did you do? I don’t think any developer can magically see into the past, in your point of view and figure out where the glitch is. Sure, if they just run around maps all day looking for glitches they’re bound to find them all some time, but that would cost money and man power, and something else would not get the attention it deserves. Reporting bugs to the appropriate thread is constructive feedback. But all in all you raised a good point about low skilled player haters whining about every single weapon, gadget or weather condition when dying.

      • DarkTiger29 04.27.12 at 04:59

        However I can’t say exactly where and when the pebbles got me because it has happened on every map in multiple spots. The DEVs know that it happens and it’s a rolling thing. Bad Luck happens whenever and wherever it wants without cause alot of times.

        • alekswine 04.27.12 at 12:48

          Yeah, they know that it happens, but I imagine it’s hard to pin point where exactly at any given time. Besides, a gameplay designer focuses more on how the flow of the game progresses, where as level designers root out the glitches (correct me if I’m wrong). They’re only human too, albeit Swedes. ; D

    • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:20

      it’s called a patch. i still own all the noobs and all the good players. this is my ID if you want to come get your ass kicked personally, you whiner.

      • DarkTiger29 04.27.12 at 05:00

        Kid ….Please….don’t ask for trouble because you’ll get it and you’ll be crying like all the other COD guys

        • DarkTiger29 04.27.12 at 05:02

          Ohhh RoIand_of_Eld, you’re on wonder you have problems..and nice stats…HAHAHAHA

    • felt5570 04.27.12 at 06:09

      Well said my friend…..

    • blackwolf108 04.27.12 at 20:51

      great comment

    • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:15

      Great comment. As a player who originally got his ass handed to him every night, I can only say this. This game is the type of game thats fun to play even when you’re losing BECAUSE of that since of balance. Even when your team has a few precious tickets remaining you can at least have some hope of pulling off a victory (mostly rush but you get the idea) so yeah i can understand the frustration of not understanding but this is a game that you gotta learn what works best, and if you’re playing with the vets, deal with it, there’s always gonna be somebody to knock you around a bit. it’s what keeps me dedicated to this game, it’s not COD and thats because it gives even fresh meat the oppurtunity to feel badass or like a bitch. You cannot claim every other person is cheating/hacking as darktiger stated because A. it’s not true, and then B. it just starts unnecessary drama when the Admins have to read your complaints. We need more people to give positive feedback because the only people who usually take the time out of their day to give that feedback are doing it because they are upset about every little flaw. I thank you Darktiger for writing a considerate and wellthought out comment that convinced me to do the same

    • Eterna-1995 05.10.12 at 13:32

      i completely agree
      Why would the foregrip actually take ur accuracy, it should make it better, because u get hold of the gun better

  • WarCriminal 04.26.12 at 19:55

    This was awesome, thanks!.

  • waldo15 04.26.12 at 19:48

    This is a great guide! Wish I had this at the time of the patch release, but heck! thanks a lot for putting this together.

    A Question still: are these values generic? I ask since it was stated that each weapon gets affected by each attachment differently. So if I couple Heavy barrel with Foregrip, can the offset values of both be maintained among weapons, i.e. if I have that combo with a G3A3 I can expect similar results in level of control with, say, an AEK-971? Or do I have to work out the math (via Symthic) for each combo I want?

    • WD Philbilly 05.02.12 at 19:02 check out the charts it helped me allot lol and the site is still being worked on. he is adding the heat maps for bullet spread with each gun.

  • denjoga 04.26.12 at 19:47

    When the bipod is deployed, it’s very difficult for me to press the select button, to spot, with my left thumb without bumping the left stick, which makes the bipod un-deploy.
    I wish dice could make the bipod less sensitive to a bump of the left stick.

    • G_J_S_S 04.26.12 at 20:43

      If you add the official PS wireless keypad to your controller, it raises the select (spot) button up quite a large amount, meaning you don’t have to reach over the analog stick to spot. Was worth the £10 !

  • enorlin 04.26.12 at 19:41

    Speaking of accessorizing… how about letting players create loadouts i Battlelog? The ingame interface is, well, rather clunky.

  • GARRETT61375637 04.26.12 at 19:36

    I can see seek and destroy being a definite possibility, as with the last update they released conquest assault. Also looking at other franchises like COD and the like, the amount of players who regularly play this game mode is noteworthy and dice would be silly to dismiss such a thing.

  • roguezink01 04.26.12 at 19:26

    Odd choice of caption on the image – are we talking new game type?? ‘Seek and destroy’? Probably not…

  • Kaivtroll 04.26.12 at 19:16

    I really like the table for pros and cons for the accessories, you should have a general table for all of them like this some where on the site

    • H Brun 04.26.12 at 19:20

      That’s a great idea. I’ll see if I can poke Kertz into making the definitive guide like that. :)

      • H Brun 04.26.12 at 19:22

        I mean I know the info is in the game as well, but still! :)

      • FateEntity 04.26.12 at 19:27

        @H Brun, I agree with Kaivtroll, a table for as much stuff as possible would be AWESOME. I’m a #’s/statistics kind of guy when it comes to my fighting ;). Also, is all the info you read in game when customizing your kit Up-To-Date?

        • H Brun 04.26.12 at 19:39

          That’s a good point. I’ll have to double check with some of the devs. GUESSING that they might not have been updated lately and that they were hard coded onto the disc, but right now that’s only my guess. Will chase down truth. I know the flash suppressor for example has undergone some changes since launch (as have many items).

    • MegahUrts 04.26.12 at 19:37

      Hell yes, this gets my vote : )

    • WD Philbilly 05.02.12 at 19:04
  • Dahrl 04.26.12 at 21:32

    To quote the article “a significant number of players dislike the changes made to suppression. We look forward to continued community feedback on how these changes are affecting Battlefield 3. Based on that feedback we may make additional adjustments in the future”

    You seem to ignoring our feedback, because if you read our feedback you would not be making it worse. I am not even that skilled of a player, and I hate what you have done to the game. I am programmer myself (25+ years) and really have lost a large amount of respect for DICE, I feel no need to be a FANBOY anymore… I have been in the BF series a long time… with this I truly will consider leaving the series and consider other products in the future when I truly abandon BF3.

    A very unhappy former fan of BF series

  • RoIand_of_Eld 04.27.12 at 03:30

    what game did you develop, call of duty? former bf fan? getting butthurt about a little suppression and your foregrip suppressor combo being thwarted? it is a damn update. if you were a good player before the update, you should still be one after. nothing was tweaked as much as you guys try to make it out to have been. i stayed in the top 1000 on bf2, stayed in the top 1000 on bfbc2. i dont have as much time as i did then to play bf3 but still own every time i get on, pre-patch and post-patch. and i am not even a killer so much as a team player. i also played mag which is the most difficult and tactical console shooter out, especially in the high player count games. all that said, battlefield 3 was one of the greatest war games of all time prepatch. definitely the greatest after it. I love you DICE even if these jackoffs dont :-#

  • Dahrl 04.27.12 at 21:02

    LOL boy do you have a narrow mind, to think that programmers only make games. LOL I am not even going to waste my time to discuss something with a console player … keep making those fast judgments your going to get real far with those. I have already wasted more time in this reply then your worth.

  • Coreyweb 04.30.12 at 07:40

    Agreed. Suppression is fine. It IS annoying sometimes…..but YOU HAVE TO ADAPT. Adapting is really not that hard guys. Hmmm…..what I’m doing isn’t working…..perhaps I’ll try something else. Its that simple. Whiners. There’s a few things they still need to tweak, but the guns are pretty much fine post-patch.

    Post-patch I was really annoyed for like 2 days….then I adapted. Like he said….they really didn’t change much. The ONLY few changes that were actually noticeable were suppression and recoil. There was quite a bit more recoil, suppression would make you miss shots even though you were aiming better. So…..I decided to not let myself be suppressed, and not make stupid decisions, and correct for the more recoil. It’s really NOT THAT HARD children.

    Another thing I have noticed is that the M240B seems ridiculously powerful but its not to the point I’m gonna whine and complain and scream at DICE to nerf it.

  • Former_SoF_Sokad 05.03.12 at 07:22

    true enough lol. i think it is mostly out of convenience a person will blame the developers that after making one little patch a game has drastically lost it’s play value. that means one of two things: 1. They made an overpowering combo slightly less effective. Or 2: there’s a glitch they knew about that doesn’t work anymore.