Massive Battlefield 3 update on Xbox 360 goes live today, includes the possibility to rent your own server!

The Battlefield 3 update for Xbox 360 goes live today and includes plenty of fixes, balancing tweaks, and the possibility to rent your own server! Read on for the full details.

As you are reading this, the Battlefield 3 game update for Xbox 360 should be rolling out. This update is identical to the PlayStation 3 update that went live the other week. That means you get a lot of fixes, balancing tweaks, and some new functionality – including the addition of horns in all jeeps! You can find the change list in this previous blog post.

Below are some of the highlights in this massive game update. If you have studied the update on PS3 or PC previously, a lot of this information will be familiar to you.

Your server, your rules!
Like the PlayStation 3 update, this also marks the start of the Rent a Server functionality on Xbox 360. This means you can rent your own server and create your personal gaming experience. Check out the trailer below for an idea of the possibilities of this program. To ensure a robust experience, we are launching this feature at a limited capacity and ramping up in the coming days. If you are unable to rent a server, try again at a later date.

Beep beep! We have horns!
Yes! We have added horns to all jeeps in the game! Nothing says “Get in and man the machine gun so we can take back the airfield!” like three short beeps of the horn. Just press [LB] to make your presence known to friendly forces. Warning: Beeping also heard by opposition. Suggest limiting beeping when in enemy territory to keep vehicle in working order. This feature is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

Giving all players IR flares
To balance the battlefield and give budding pilots a fighting chance from day 1, we are now giving IR flares to all players. These will be automatically available to you in all air vehicles in the game. So if you’ve had a hard time staying up in the air previously, it should be easier to dodge incoming threats from now on. We hope this small but significant change will mean more players take to the skies and mix up their play style. This feature is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

More awards for skillful heli flying
One of the balancing items we have done in this game update is to better reward skillful heli pilots. To do this, we have increased the pilot’s score for transporting passengers who make kills from the heli. The assist score for heli pilots is now 50 points/kill. In a fully loaded transport, four passengers who make 1 kill each will give the pilot a sum total of 200 points. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

Making the SOFLAM a passive income gadget
The Recon gadget SOFLAM (laser target painter) has been given a new feature. Now, when a Recon player places it and then leaves it, it will continue to paint targets entering its area of control, continuously giving the Recon player a passive points income. This means a Recon player can place a SOFLAM in a strategic position, then leave it to find a good sniping spot. Combined with fixing a few scoring error in the SOFLAM, it should now be a much more viable source of experience points for Recons. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 update that are live.

Suppressing is team play, too!
Another balancing change that reflects how we want every player to be able to contribute to the overall effort is the lowered threshold for achieving the Suppression Ribbon. From a previous requirement of 7, players now only need to perform 3 suppressions in a game to be rewarded the Suppression Ribbon. This means the Support Kit player can rack up scores by skillful use of his LMG. We’ve always know suppression helps  – now we are more generously rewarding those team players who help disorient the enemy so we can move in for the kill. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 update that are live.

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  • IxAMxGENOCIDE 6 05.11.12 at 12:30

    Man this update is so bad like i cant play this game any more without stressing over which gun to use or what attachments to put on or if u even need a secondary like its all BS! i loved the way battlefield was bfor the update you guys fixed some things but mad alot of things wrose I really hope when the new map pack comes out theres another update to fix these issuses like all the classes n the aiming is harder way tooo much recoil on every singal gun like its stressful to play this game now i been playing battlefield since the beta and this feels like a completly different game please change it back not every thing but most of it………..

  • Patton316 05.09.12 at 03:35

    With this patch you have made hardcore to core. This patch has ruined the game for me, I chose bf3 over mw3 because your accuracy with the weapons was spot on to realism. you cant even use a lightmachine gun against the enemy because how badly the accuracy is. I see bullets travel ten feet high when my sights are not even kicking up to those points. People are noob tubing more than ever and hip fire accuracy is horrible… I give this patch an F in quality. Not to mention how you gave snipers a one shot kill, now lightmachine guns cant even strike fear into the sniper nest cause it takes 5 shots to drop him. Honestly you guys made this game a disappointment now. especially with hardly any dice servers. Why play a game that has no hardcore any more!

  • sfjmcPicket 05.07.12 at 01:29

    Give me a filter so i can find DICE or EA servers. I don’t want to play on private servers with people jacking up the ticket count 1000%

  • sfjmcPicket 05.04.12 at 03:50

    i do not like rent-a-servers. If i want to play on dice or ea server only, i got to manually use the search field rather than using the quick match feature.

  • EDDIEM0NSTA 05.03.12 at 04:08

    The only thing I wish about the maps which would be a huge update, but I would like to see more little birds and z11 , I think there one of the funniest and efficient vehicles on the game, you can transport faster, fight other help, and all ground vehicles, or just sit back and laser designate. I think it would be really sick if it was on wake island, Kharg, and caspian border.

  • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 00:38

    Glad you’re working hard to polish up your game and listening to your customers complaints (although you listen to the wrong ones sometimes). I’m still running into some issues with the parachute and fall damage from short distances. And I’ve seen jets crash into a patch of trees on caspian border, stopped in their tracks and then fly away unscathed. Also there are certain rooftops that are just high enough for you to suicide but not high enough to deploy a parachute, kind of annoying. Calm down on the gun fixes a bit or else we’ll be fighting with sticks and rocks eventually. Besides all that, the game is still playable after a few hours of adapting to the new gun fixes. The game was amazing before all the patches. Kind of tired of being kicked and banned from servers where admins get hurt that you have more skill then them. I would buy my own server but there are none :) so I spend the better part of my night looking for dice servers that are almost nonexistent nowadays (or full)

  • mike552 05.02.12 at 06:27

    I like some parts of the patch like not having mav kills and the USAS FRAG abuse. Its just they change to much of the game, so now i am deleting the update and just playing on the original game with no patch applied. I have played a couple of hours on original game and remember how fun it was i am not going back unless dice fixes the last patch.It sucks not having the new maps.

  • SailedDesert 05.01.12 at 00:52

    Playing with this update I found just a few things that concern me.
    Stationary AA
    The stationary AA guns are simply made for show now…or not for show being they are in the most horrible spot any one can put them.
    Their firepower does not make it an anti-air defense being it takes the whole game just to shoot down one enemy aircraft. It’s been nerfed so bad that the enemy fly’s overhead and lets us shoot at them so they can get a laugh.
    What I would have done was shortened the distance of those weapons but keep the firepower at reality. This will protect the base from those base trapping morons and at the same time not leave the enemy defenseless due to it being used not for its original reason.

    Underpowered and overpowered weapons are still an issue big time. I don’t care who you are if you’re running into my heavy machine gun bullets and not dying only to kill me with one shot with a hand gun, there is something really wrong.

    • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 00:55

      I’ve also had problems with being one-shotted by m9′s and G17 from 100% a really annoying problem.

  • Dohtee 04.30.12 at 14:37

    I’m gonna toss in my two cents. I’m currently downloading the update, and will judge it when I play, but coming from a player who is neither a “n00b” (idiots use the word noob) or a 20-1 player, I feel that while BF3 had its “annoying” parts to some people, I think these things are what made people to inclined to play. I fucking HATED the planes and helis at first, because I’d get shot down super quickly, and then I finally got my first few kills and got my flares. And it was worth something. Also, as far as MAV kills, or MAV riding, yeah, maybe not ENTIRELY realistic, still added to a challenge. I personally feel like the game was fine the way it was. Adding small tweaks would be fine, (the frag rounds really needed to go) but this sounds like it was complete overkill.

    I don’t have to download the update to tell you this: Charging (from what I’ve heard) $5 for a week is COMPLETELY outrageous for a server. Allowing people to rent servers and giving them responsibility over one, without assigning checks and balances to it, and punishments for unsportsmanlike conduct was completely moronic. (For example, if a 12 year old kid is banning people when he gets killed, enough players should be able to complain, and once a complaint limit is reached, they are banned from owning a server.)

    Anyone following EA knows their stock has dropped $10 a share over the last six months. EA started pissing people off, then went through a year or two where it seemed as if their heads and asses weren’t combined (i.e. Brutal Legend, Skate, Dead Space) but has since apparently abandoned ALL notions of caring for their customers (SWTOR, Mass Effect 3, and now BF3). I hate to say it, because Battlefield 3 was my favorite online game, but if this update is as bad as it is said to be, it truly will be the final nail in the coffin for me EVER purchasing another EA game.

  • PHLOYD 04.28.12 at 18:48

    The rent a server update has ruined multiplayer. End of story. I simply cannot get logged into a game and stay on for a full match without losing connection or getting kicked for no reason. I rolled back the update but then the game cannot find any servers at all. I have gone back to BC2 multiplayer. Was looking forward to the new CQB and future DLC, but will definately not be purchasing now. If EA / DICE want to make more money from this game by renting servers fair enough, but they have killed it for the rest of us. If this is the future of BF, then i will no longer be supporting it.

    • Escaldi 04.30.12 at 05:18

      I’m glad I’m not the only who feels the same. I get disconnected so frequently that it’s honestly infuriating. I love this game and it has completely gotten rid of CoD in my life, but I’m always paranoid now because I get anxious knowing that it will disconnect me at any second. It’s the worst when I have a great game going and then it disconnects. I don’t even know what to do anymore.

  • Melendski 04.27.12 at 21:04

    While I thought I was going to despise this update, I really haven’t seen a drop in my play at all. Yes, some guns I used took a hit with their stats, but overall I still kill more then I die and walk away from a match still in the top three as far as scores go. I usually get my shot off first when seeing enemies, so I have a pretty good chance to survive most run ins/fire fights. They did make the US-12 useless, so now everyone has gravitated to the Dart round that will no doubt be nerfed at some point. The one thing I have encountered that I find most annoying, is when searching to join a server, people have TONS of restrictions in place. I swear it had to be the first twenty I was browsing had messages posted like “NO SHOTGUN! YOU WILL BE BOOTED!!” or “NO RPG AGAINST INFANTRY!” I even saw one room that didn’t allow grenades, grenade launchers, RPG’s AND shotguns or you’d be booted and banned… Really? I can’t use anything is what you’re saying? I understand you rented the server, but in my opinion, it’s hella noob to tell people what they can and can’t use. How about this… Get some skills and shot me before I shoot you?? I can care less what gun people use.. By the time they even raise it to fire, I’m putting a clip in your chest. Yes, I’ve had rounds were I’ve been owned, but I never once thought it was unfair due to whatever weapon or anything. It’s WAR, you’re going to get shot. When you die, it’s all the same, why does it matter what I used to kill you, your dead..

  • GriNGoGaTo42o 04.27.12 at 01:30

    lol opportunity to be equal what a ”JOKE” i did not put 450hours of play to be equal with some noob who cant handle getting beat up on by a beast like me!!! and we all like bf3 MOC18 WE JUST DONT LIKE WHAT BF3 IS LIKE NOW AFTER THE ”PATCH OF DEATH” i have been playing bf from the first one that was realeased and i am a true bf fan but this patch is bullshit!!!! i used to play bf3 everyday. not now its not worth playin until they fix “Battlefield of Duty”

  • mOC18 04.26.12 at 17:05

    Booo boo boo i’m gunna cry because Dice when back and tweaked THEIR game so that all soldiers (both new and veteran alike) have an equal opportunity to get kills. Honestly nut up pussies. We get it Dice made the game fair for all and now you suddenly are out classes by everyone who uses skill all because Dice nerfed your favorite gun. Oh know how will you ever get an ungodly K/D ratio if can’t have an unfair advantage from playing longer than anyone else and unlocking guns that are unrealistically powerful. I have no problem with the update what so ever. Before the update i felt bad for noobs who just bought the game because i knew after have the game for a couple months that it’s impossible to level up when playing against veteran BF3 players. Now everyone have an equal opportunity which has increased the level of competition on games like conquest so there is less spawn trapping. I tip my hat Dice, you have mastered the modern war game. Keep up the good work! And to the rest of you keep typing up you sob stories about how you think the patch ruined your game play. Then erase your profile take BF3 in to gamestop or your local video game sore and trade it in for another game. There.. i just solved your problem. You don’t like BF3 don’t play it :)

    • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 01:09

      Let me guess, you either A) got killed by USAS too much. B) got killed by any of the 3 infamous assault rifles too much (AEK, F2000, FAMAS) or C) lack brain cells. I see where your coming from with everyone being put on the same level, but that only has to do with buying your kits out. And what fun is that? Best part about battlefield is killing your way to the top and unlocking all the guns and attachments and earning your wings. I honestly don’t understand why you’re complaining about other people complaining. That’s how the patch came to be in the first place. If YOU don’t like it, go find another website to rage on.

  • Dewmocratic 04.26.12 at 06:48

    This update…SUCKS!!! I built my own computer from scratch so i could finally have something to play pc shooters on (mainly bf3). When i got the game, this stupid update was set into motion two days later, and suddenly its gone from hundreds of servers to play on, to an average of three tdm servers a day. Just thinking about the fact that i wasted sixty dollars on this crap makes me want to break my computer…thanks a lot for making me waste sixty dollars on something that lasted me about two days. Why try to “fix” a game that millions of people have been enjoying, including myself on the xbox, and completely screw it up??? After the vast majority of players have complained and said they also hate the update, you’ve done absolutely NOTHING. I’m beginning to feel as if owning all but a few of the battlefield series’ games has been a complete waste now that you’ve ruined the best installment so far. I used to think that call of duty was nothing compared to this game, but im beginning to wonder if i should just go with the crowd and say goodbye to all time favorite line of shooters… THANKS A LOT EA AND DICE!

  • ObeyRacoon 04.26.12 at 06:03

    Dice and EA take away the patch plzz you cant even use the forgrip anymore its sucks everybody is having a problem about the patch. If you take it away thats good for everyone. But keep the horns and the rent your own sever thing. On the weapons you cant even kill anybody anymore its takes like 30 bullets to kill somebody.

  • ItsDaPhattsta 04.26.12 at 05:16

    Glad to see I am not the only one on here that has a problem with the new patch. This patch has ruined my BF3 experience. I won’t complain about everything because there isn’t a point to it, but I just wanted to say I once was an everyday player and now I think Im trading the game in or using it to prop something up in the basement. Either way would make better use of it then what I should be using it for. Thanks for ruining what I thought was one of the best shooters I’ve played in years. Guess I’ll have to wait for Rainbow Six before I get another decent shooter.

  • GriNGoGaTo42o 04.26.12 at 04:37


  • SillfoxBB 04.25.12 at 13:04

    I carnt watch the video becouse i put the wrong age! how do i fix this

  • isthatabear 04.25.12 at 11:13

    The patch has really enhanced my BF3 experience. I took a break from the game because of things like USAS frags, MAVs, and the general monotony of the game. With the latest update I have a new found appreciation for BF3. Thanks!

  • KaiserVII 04.25.12 at 06:00

    All the friends, i added in BF3, i have noticed, has 1 thing in common with me, 95% have left the game after the last patch.. That means i am not alone and i am not complaining for the sake of doing so. The games sucks big time and the developers have put down their pride to put things where they used to belong. Put them back and u will have our praises, and thumbs up. For now, let’s play something less frustrating.

  • dominorox71 04.25.12 at 04:44

    Please put the guns and supression back to their pre-patch form the only thing that was over powered was the usas12 with frag rounds you really didn’t need to screw with all the other guns.

  • cbrman74 04.24.12 at 22:06

    This is my second post for what it’s worth!! Why haven’t you given an explanation for the screw up that was the last update!! I used to play damn near every night, now it’s just once or twice a week. You ruined a perfectly good game and for what?? to keep little 12 year old’s happy!!( they shouldn’t even be bloody playing it, let alone able to rent a server and kick people just because their hormone levels are off). As of writing this there are 51 pages of comments and most of them are complaints.
    Well you’ve had my money once, but if this is the crap I can look forward to on any of your games, then do me a favour…go bankrupt! Everyone I know has all but stopped playing Battlefield 3.

    If it looks like your going to leave it as it is, then I guess the only option is to trade it in. If i’m lucky I might get £5 for it – at least it’ll cover the quarter pounder deluxe meal. That will put a smile on my face!

  • RGC_Sniper 04.24.12 at 07:56

    This is like buying a ferrari 430, and bring it to the dealership for an oil change, and when they call you to pick it up they say; we put a honda engine because we think that engine will save you gas.
    The same happend to BF3 dice screwed up us all.

  • deadman_1441 04.23.12 at 05:50

    Dice good job on makeing this game to crap with the update, the rent a server is bull i mean a little kid kicks me for spawning in a jet befor he does ? really…and i see people juest boosting,this is soo annoying please make a option if you want to play on a normal or rented server cus playing a 1500 ticket match is to long and i joind a rush match were the attakers have 500 tickets how the hell are you going to win that as a defender,at this point i kind of want my money back. Dice you really need to do something about this.

  • WINDTHORPE 04.23.12 at 03:26

    Look DICE, I’ve played every battlefield, most of which I played on the PC. The fact that consoles now have to PAY to start private servers is outrageous. Competitors like CoD allow for private games free of charge. Another thing that CoD does that you fucked up on was putting these servers into the normal rotation for online matchmaking. You have no idea how frustrating it is when I am forced in to a server ran by some angry 12 year old that booted me for taking his helicopter. Or, my personal ‘favorite’ was being put into a server that did not permit killing. I was banned for shooting someone in a war game.

    Long story short, unless you want to lose a significant fanbase, please remove private matches from the normal ‘quick match’ matchmaking list. If people want to join a private match, make that an option on the server browser. And make servers free for gods sakes.

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