Massive Battlefield 3 update on Xbox 360 goes live today, includes the possibility to rent your own server!

The Battlefield 3 update for Xbox 360 goes live today and includes plenty of fixes, balancing tweaks, and the possibility to rent your own server! Read on for the full details.

As you are reading this, the Battlefield 3 game update for Xbox 360 should be rolling out. This update is identical to the PlayStation 3 update that went live the other week. That means you get a lot of fixes, balancing tweaks, and some new functionality – including the addition of horns in all jeeps! You can find the change list in this previous blog post.

Below are some of the highlights in this massive game update. If you have studied the update on PS3 or PC previously, a lot of this information will be familiar to you.

Your server, your rules!
Like the PlayStation 3 update, this also marks the start of the Rent a Server functionality on Xbox 360. This means you can rent your own server and create your personal gaming experience. Check out the trailer below for an idea of the possibilities of this program. To ensure a robust experience, we are launching this feature at a limited capacity and ramping up in the coming days. If you are unable to rent a server, try again at a later date.

Beep beep! We have horns!
Yes! We have added horns to all jeeps in the game! Nothing says “Get in and man the machine gun so we can take back the airfield!” like three short beeps of the horn. Just press [LB] to make your presence known to friendly forces. Warning: Beeping also heard by opposition. Suggest limiting beeping when in enemy territory to keep vehicle in working order. This feature is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

Giving all players IR flares
To balance the battlefield and give budding pilots a fighting chance from day 1, we are now giving IR flares to all players. These will be automatically available to you in all air vehicles in the game. So if you’ve had a hard time staying up in the air previously, it should be easier to dodge incoming threats from now on. We hope this small but significant change will mean more players take to the skies and mix up their play style. This feature is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

More awards for skillful heli flying
One of the balancing items we have done in this game update is to better reward skillful heli pilots. To do this, we have increased the pilot’s score for transporting passengers who make kills from the heli. The assist score for heli pilots is now 50 points/kill. In a fully loaded transport, four passengers who make 1 kill each will give the pilot a sum total of 200 points. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 updates that are live.

Making the SOFLAM a passive income gadget
The Recon gadget SOFLAM (laser target painter) has been given a new feature. Now, when a Recon player places it and then leaves it, it will continue to paint targets entering its area of control, continuously giving the Recon player a passive points income. This means a Recon player can place a SOFLAM in a strategic position, then leave it to find a good sniping spot. Combined with fixing a few scoring error in the SOFLAM, it should now be a much more viable source of experience points for Recons. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 update that are live.

Suppressing is team play, too!
Another balancing change that reflects how we want every player to be able to contribute to the overall effort is the lowered threshold for achieving the Suppression Ribbon. From a previous requirement of 7, players now only need to perform 3 suppressions in a game to be rewarded the Suppression Ribbon. This means the Support Kit player can rack up scores by skillful use of his LMG. We’ve always know suppression helps  – now we are more generously rewarding those team players who help disorient the enemy so we can move in for the kill. This balancing change is also present in the PC and PlayStation 3 update that are live.

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  • IxAMxGENOCIDE 6 05.11.12 at 12:30

    Man this update is so bad like i cant play this game any more without stressing over which gun to use or what attachments to put on or if u even need a secondary like its all BS! i loved the way battlefield was bfor the update you guys fixed some things but mad alot of things wrose I really hope when the new map pack comes out theres another update to fix these issuses like all the classes n the aiming is harder way tooo much recoil on every singal gun like its stressful to play this game now i been playing battlefield since the beta and this feels like a completly different game please change it back not every thing but most of it………..

  • Patton316 05.09.12 at 03:35

    With this patch you have made hardcore to core. This patch has ruined the game for me, I chose bf3 over mw3 because your accuracy with the weapons was spot on to realism. you cant even use a lightmachine gun against the enemy because how badly the accuracy is. I see bullets travel ten feet high when my sights are not even kicking up to those points. People are noob tubing more than ever and hip fire accuracy is horrible… I give this patch an F in quality. Not to mention how you gave snipers a one shot kill, now lightmachine guns cant even strike fear into the sniper nest cause it takes 5 shots to drop him. Honestly you guys made this game a disappointment now. especially with hardly any dice servers. Why play a game that has no hardcore any more!

  • sfjmcPicket 05.07.12 at 01:29

    Give me a filter so i can find DICE or EA servers. I don’t want to play on private servers with people jacking up the ticket count 1000%

  • sfjmcPicket 05.04.12 at 03:50

    i do not like rent-a-servers. If i want to play on dice or ea server only, i got to manually use the search field rather than using the quick match feature.

  • EDDIEM0NSTA 05.03.12 at 04:08

    The only thing I wish about the maps which would be a huge update, but I would like to see more little birds and z11 , I think there one of the funniest and efficient vehicles on the game, you can transport faster, fight other help, and all ground vehicles, or just sit back and laser designate. I think it would be really sick if it was on wake island, Kharg, and caspian border.

  • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 00:38

    Glad you’re working hard to polish up your game and listening to your customers complaints (although you listen to the wrong ones sometimes). I’m still running into some issues with the parachute and fall damage from short distances. And I’ve seen jets crash into a patch of trees on caspian border, stopped in their tracks and then fly away unscathed. Also there are certain rooftops that are just high enough for you to suicide but not high enough to deploy a parachute, kind of annoying. Calm down on the gun fixes a bit or else we’ll be fighting with sticks and rocks eventually. Besides all that, the game is still playable after a few hours of adapting to the new gun fixes. The game was amazing before all the patches. Kind of tired of being kicked and banned from servers where admins get hurt that you have more skill then them. I would buy my own server but there are none :) so I spend the better part of my night looking for dice servers that are almost nonexistent nowadays (or full)

  • mike552 05.02.12 at 06:27

    I like some parts of the patch like not having mav kills and the USAS FRAG abuse. Its just they change to much of the game, so now i am deleting the update and just playing on the original game with no patch applied. I have played a couple of hours on original game and remember how fun it was i am not going back unless dice fixes the last patch.It sucks not having the new maps.

  • SailedDesert 05.01.12 at 00:52

    Playing with this update I found just a few things that concern me.
    Stationary AA
    The stationary AA guns are simply made for show now…or not for show being they are in the most horrible spot any one can put them.
    Their firepower does not make it an anti-air defense being it takes the whole game just to shoot down one enemy aircraft. It’s been nerfed so bad that the enemy fly’s overhead and lets us shoot at them so they can get a laugh.
    What I would have done was shortened the distance of those weapons but keep the firepower at reality. This will protect the base from those base trapping morons and at the same time not leave the enemy defenseless due to it being used not for its original reason.

    Underpowered and overpowered weapons are still an issue big time. I don’t care who you are if you’re running into my heavy machine gun bullets and not dying only to kill me with one shot with a hand gun, there is something really wrong.

    • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 00:55

      I’ve also had problems with being one-shotted by m9′s and G17 from 100% a really annoying problem.

  • Dohtee 04.30.12 at 14:37

    I’m gonna toss in my two cents. I’m currently downloading the update, and will judge it when I play, but coming from a player who is neither a “n00b” (idiots use the word noob) or a 20-1 player, I feel that while BF3 had its “annoying” parts to some people, I think these things are what made people to inclined to play. I fucking HATED the planes and helis at first, because I’d get shot down super quickly, and then I finally got my first few kills and got my flares. And it was worth something. Also, as far as MAV kills, or MAV riding, yeah, maybe not ENTIRELY realistic, still added to a challenge. I personally feel like the game was fine the way it was. Adding small tweaks would be fine, (the frag rounds really needed to go) but this sounds like it was complete overkill.

    I don’t have to download the update to tell you this: Charging (from what I’ve heard) $5 for a week is COMPLETELY outrageous for a server. Allowing people to rent servers and giving them responsibility over one, without assigning checks and balances to it, and punishments for unsportsmanlike conduct was completely moronic. (For example, if a 12 year old kid is banning people when he gets killed, enough players should be able to complain, and once a complaint limit is reached, they are banned from owning a server.)

    Anyone following EA knows their stock has dropped $10 a share over the last six months. EA started pissing people off, then went through a year or two where it seemed as if their heads and asses weren’t combined (i.e. Brutal Legend, Skate, Dead Space) but has since apparently abandoned ALL notions of caring for their customers (SWTOR, Mass Effect 3, and now BF3). I hate to say it, because Battlefield 3 was my favorite online game, but if this update is as bad as it is said to be, it truly will be the final nail in the coffin for me EVER purchasing another EA game.

  • PHLOYD 04.28.12 at 18:48

    The rent a server update has ruined multiplayer. End of story. I simply cannot get logged into a game and stay on for a full match without losing connection or getting kicked for no reason. I rolled back the update but then the game cannot find any servers at all. I have gone back to BC2 multiplayer. Was looking forward to the new CQB and future DLC, but will definately not be purchasing now. If EA / DICE want to make more money from this game by renting servers fair enough, but they have killed it for the rest of us. If this is the future of BF, then i will no longer be supporting it.

    • Escaldi 04.30.12 at 05:18

      I’m glad I’m not the only who feels the same. I get disconnected so frequently that it’s honestly infuriating. I love this game and it has completely gotten rid of CoD in my life, but I’m always paranoid now because I get anxious knowing that it will disconnect me at any second. It’s the worst when I have a great game going and then it disconnects. I don’t even know what to do anymore.

  • Melendski 04.27.12 at 21:04

    While I thought I was going to despise this update, I really haven’t seen a drop in my play at all. Yes, some guns I used took a hit with their stats, but overall I still kill more then I die and walk away from a match still in the top three as far as scores go. I usually get my shot off first when seeing enemies, so I have a pretty good chance to survive most run ins/fire fights. They did make the US-12 useless, so now everyone has gravitated to the Dart round that will no doubt be nerfed at some point. The one thing I have encountered that I find most annoying, is when searching to join a server, people have TONS of restrictions in place. I swear it had to be the first twenty I was browsing had messages posted like “NO SHOTGUN! YOU WILL BE BOOTED!!” or “NO RPG AGAINST INFANTRY!” I even saw one room that didn’t allow grenades, grenade launchers, RPG’s AND shotguns or you’d be booted and banned… Really? I can’t use anything is what you’re saying? I understand you rented the server, but in my opinion, it’s hella noob to tell people what they can and can’t use. How about this… Get some skills and shot me before I shoot you?? I can care less what gun people use.. By the time they even raise it to fire, I’m putting a clip in your chest. Yes, I’ve had rounds were I’ve been owned, but I never once thought it was unfair due to whatever weapon or anything. It’s WAR, you’re going to get shot. When you die, it’s all the same, why does it matter what I used to kill you, your dead..

  • GriNGoGaTo42o 04.27.12 at 01:30

    lol opportunity to be equal what a ”JOKE” i did not put 450hours of play to be equal with some noob who cant handle getting beat up on by a beast like me!!! and we all like bf3 MOC18 WE JUST DONT LIKE WHAT BF3 IS LIKE NOW AFTER THE ”PATCH OF DEATH” i have been playing bf from the first one that was realeased and i am a true bf fan but this patch is bullshit!!!! i used to play bf3 everyday. not now its not worth playin until they fix “Battlefield of Duty”

  • mOC18 04.26.12 at 17:05

    Booo boo boo i’m gunna cry because Dice when back and tweaked THEIR game so that all soldiers (both new and veteran alike) have an equal opportunity to get kills. Honestly nut up pussies. We get it Dice made the game fair for all and now you suddenly are out classes by everyone who uses skill all because Dice nerfed your favorite gun. Oh know how will you ever get an ungodly K/D ratio if can’t have an unfair advantage from playing longer than anyone else and unlocking guns that are unrealistically powerful. I have no problem with the update what so ever. Before the update i felt bad for noobs who just bought the game because i knew after have the game for a couple months that it’s impossible to level up when playing against veteran BF3 players. Now everyone have an equal opportunity which has increased the level of competition on games like conquest so there is less spawn trapping. I tip my hat Dice, you have mastered the modern war game. Keep up the good work! And to the rest of you keep typing up you sob stories about how you think the patch ruined your game play. Then erase your profile take BF3 in to gamestop or your local video game sore and trade it in for another game. There.. i just solved your problem. You don’t like BF3 don’t play it :)

    • XHidden DemonX 05.03.12 at 01:09

      Let me guess, you either A) got killed by USAS too much. B) got killed by any of the 3 infamous assault rifles too much (AEK, F2000, FAMAS) or C) lack brain cells. I see where your coming from with everyone being put on the same level, but that only has to do with buying your kits out. And what fun is that? Best part about battlefield is killing your way to the top and unlocking all the guns and attachments and earning your wings. I honestly don’t understand why you’re complaining about other people complaining. That’s how the patch came to be in the first place. If YOU don’t like it, go find another website to rage on.

  • Dewmocratic 04.26.12 at 06:48

    This update…SUCKS!!! I built my own computer from scratch so i could finally have something to play pc shooters on (mainly bf3). When i got the game, this stupid update was set into motion two days later, and suddenly its gone from hundreds of servers to play on, to an average of three tdm servers a day. Just thinking about the fact that i wasted sixty dollars on this crap makes me want to break my computer…thanks a lot for making me waste sixty dollars on something that lasted me about two days. Why try to “fix” a game that millions of people have been enjoying, including myself on the xbox, and completely screw it up??? After the vast majority of players have complained and said they also hate the update, you’ve done absolutely NOTHING. I’m beginning to feel as if owning all but a few of the battlefield series’ games has been a complete waste now that you’ve ruined the best installment so far. I used to think that call of duty was nothing compared to this game, but im beginning to wonder if i should just go with the crowd and say goodbye to all time favorite line of shooters… THANKS A LOT EA AND DICE!

  • ObeyRacoon 04.26.12 at 06:03

    Dice and EA take away the patch plzz you cant even use the forgrip anymore its sucks everybody is having a problem about the patch. If you take it away thats good for everyone. But keep the horns and the rent your own sever thing. On the weapons you cant even kill anybody anymore its takes like 30 bullets to kill somebody.

  • ItsDaPhattsta 04.26.12 at 05:16

    Glad to see I am not the only one on here that has a problem with the new patch. This patch has ruined my BF3 experience. I won’t complain about everything because there isn’t a point to it, but I just wanted to say I once was an everyday player and now I think Im trading the game in or using it to prop something up in the basement. Either way would make better use of it then what I should be using it for. Thanks for ruining what I thought was one of the best shooters I’ve played in years. Guess I’ll have to wait for Rainbow Six before I get another decent shooter.

  • GriNGoGaTo42o 04.26.12 at 04:37


  • SillfoxBB 04.25.12 at 13:04

    I carnt watch the video becouse i put the wrong age! how do i fix this

  • isthatabear 04.25.12 at 11:13

    The patch has really enhanced my BF3 experience. I took a break from the game because of things like USAS frags, MAVs, and the general monotony of the game. With the latest update I have a new found appreciation for BF3. Thanks!

  • KaiserVII 04.25.12 at 06:00

    All the friends, i added in BF3, i have noticed, has 1 thing in common with me, 95% have left the game after the last patch.. That means i am not alone and i am not complaining for the sake of doing so. The games sucks big time and the developers have put down their pride to put things where they used to belong. Put them back and u will have our praises, and thumbs up. For now, let’s play something less frustrating.

  • dominorox71 04.25.12 at 04:44

    Please put the guns and supression back to their pre-patch form the only thing that was over powered was the usas12 with frag rounds you really didn’t need to screw with all the other guns.

  • cbrman74 04.24.12 at 22:06

    This is my second post for what it’s worth!! Why haven’t you given an explanation for the screw up that was the last update!! I used to play damn near every night, now it’s just once or twice a week. You ruined a perfectly good game and for what?? to keep little 12 year old’s happy!!( they shouldn’t even be bloody playing it, let alone able to rent a server and kick people just because their hormone levels are off). As of writing this there are 51 pages of comments and most of them are complaints.
    Well you’ve had my money once, but if this is the crap I can look forward to on any of your games, then do me a favour…go bankrupt! Everyone I know has all but stopped playing Battlefield 3.

    If it looks like your going to leave it as it is, then I guess the only option is to trade it in. If i’m lucky I might get £5 for it – at least it’ll cover the quarter pounder deluxe meal. That will put a smile on my face!

  • RGC_Sniper 04.24.12 at 07:56

    This is like buying a ferrari 430, and bring it to the dealership for an oil change, and when they call you to pick it up they say; we put a honda engine because we think that engine will save you gas.
    The same happend to BF3 dice screwed up us all.

  • deadman_1441 04.23.12 at 05:50

    Dice good job on makeing this game to crap with the update, the rent a server is bull i mean a little kid kicks me for spawning in a jet befor he does ? really…and i see people juest boosting,this is soo annoying please make a option if you want to play on a normal or rented server cus playing a 1500 ticket match is to long and i joind a rush match were the attakers have 500 tickets how the hell are you going to win that as a defender,at this point i kind of want my money back. Dice you really need to do something about this.

  • WINDTHORPE 04.23.12 at 03:26

    Look DICE, I’ve played every battlefield, most of which I played on the PC. The fact that consoles now have to PAY to start private servers is outrageous. Competitors like CoD allow for private games free of charge. Another thing that CoD does that you fucked up on was putting these servers into the normal rotation for online matchmaking. You have no idea how frustrating it is when I am forced in to a server ran by some angry 12 year old that booted me for taking his helicopter. Or, my personal ‘favorite’ was being put into a server that did not permit killing. I was banned for shooting someone in a war game.

    Long story short, unless you want to lose a significant fanbase, please remove private matches from the normal ‘quick match’ matchmaking list. If people want to join a private match, make that an option on the server browser. And make servers free for gods sakes.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.23.12 at 03:14

    Three words…..Class Action Lawsuit…..many of us bought this game under the pretenses that it was one thing and that the product we were buying would perform certain things, in certain ways, and react in ways that was advertised. Our gameplay experience was one thing then we are forced to comply to upgrades, additional purchases, and a completely different gameplay / product. So now if we want to play the original game asnit came out of the box when we bought as advertised we are screwed. That is illegal and if we the consumers band together and file a class action lawsuit and take legal action, get in the news media and outlets and rise awareness to this other than just blogging here we can and will make an impact. If people protested outside EA offices, Occupy EA, imagine hundreds of angry gamers camped out in front of EA headquarters….think that might get on the news, think a public relations fiasco on their hands is what they want? How long until OCCUPY EA starts and we see protesters on the news raising awareness of what a criminal act they have perpetrated on us the consumer. I saw we take this to the next level, hit them where it hurts. Servers can get hacked into EA…many gamers here have the smarts to do it…if it can happen to world governments what makes you think you are not such an easy target? The people can and will take action, we have seen it time and time again.

  • ChainFever91 04.22.12 at 19:43

    What the hell were yal even thinking dice. Rent a fucking server I can’t even get into a regular server because of your dumbass decision to put rent a server GET RID OF IT!!!!!! >:(

  • tHeKrAkEn92prf 04.22.12 at 14:22

    I played a conquest level twice for an hour each, only to get booted by the admin right before the battle ended.. I was pissed to say the least. I kicked my Xbox and scratched my game. Normally I would be upset but this game has done nothing but piss me off since the upgrade, now I have a reason not to play it any more.

    • RGC_Sniper 04.24.12 at 07:47

      I thought I was the only one to end up mad instead of having fun with the game.

  • DeathDealerCAxxx 04.22.12 at 06:45

    Bye Battlefield. It was nice while it lasted. I guess I can trade the game in for a copy of Halo 4. When it comes out.

  • vi66lucifix999 04.22.12 at 04:35

    EA are you listening? i am just loving all the negative feed back you are getting! your end is near just keep doing what you are doing and you will fall into the bargain bins with all the other crap games that do that so well. i really do want my money refunded for battlefield 3! what you are doing should be made illegal if it isn’t already!

  • vi66lucifix999 04.22.12 at 04:25

    EA,DICE, whatever you call it i want my money refunded for battlefield 3! this game is altered so much from the game i stood in line and purchased it isn’t the game i stood in line to buy. also all the updates you require me to do, you are out of your mind! i purchased that garbage medal of honor game you made a while back, it was so bad when i got it i took it back and got my full purchase price back. but you got slick and put out this game then started friggin it up ever since. look instead of listening to teenagers that think “everyone should get a trophy cause we are all winners.” make the game and guns and everything as real and true to life as possible and don’t change it. one example i will give you and this one is a clear example of just how stupid you really are. the M98B, is a bolt action 338 lapua magnum rifle able to get easy 1800 meter one shot kills on human targets all day. on your game less than 100 yards away i get hit markers. give me my money back! i am logged on and this is my gamer tag and you have my email address. refund my money. i will never buy another one of your EA games again i promise! i have learned my lesson. please others follow suit and send them this message. you have ruined a half ass good game and made it horrible! if i took my challenger in to get repaired and came back and it was a geo prism i wouldn’t accept that, so why do you get to change what i purchased into something i would have never got in the first place. there are too many things to begin to cover in an email or blog post, i hate this game now and i hate EA!

  • acesces 04.22.12 at 01:53

    please fix M26 bug immediately.I have never seen this horrible thing in this game entire my FPS game life.can’t compere MAVkill and USASfrag.this is worst.

  • bradysmart 04.21.12 at 20:07

    I still love battlefield but come on dice why add rent a sever I spend about 10 mins every time I get on battlefield just to find a rush match that has 75 tickets instead of 200 or a conquest match with normal ticket amount instead of a 1000 ticket game. At least make a way in server browser to show only dice regular servers so me and my friends don’t have to play all these rent a server games

  • truskn 04.21.12 at 19:19

    The Update made the game garbage. I can no longer play Battlefield. Since DICE loves to update their games and cater to those who can’t play the game…..I’m pretty much done with the Battlefield series in general. Even if I pay $59.99 + tax for a BF game I’m sure DICE will update and make it crap as they did with Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Nice going DICE. You ost another fan. Good luck making Call of Duty: Frostbite 2 – The CoD kids\ scrubs are loving this game now.

  • Voodoo d0lly 04.21.12 at 09:38

    Terrible update. Stopped playing.

    I could have dealt with the ridiculous ‘tweaks’ to my favorite guns. I could even have dealt with the unnecessary and frankly stupid changes to tanks, mortars, and claymores, as much as they suck. What I can’t get over is that there are many unplayable scenarios now, thanks to map rotation changes and the rented server situation. For example since the update I have not been able to play a single game of hardcore Conquest on Wake Island. Not one. Not by searching for key words, not by searching using the server browser parameters. And it was my favorite map/game combo. I bought the DLC and I can’t use it now. That doesn’t exactly sit all too well with me.

    Has your company never heard of the silent majority? Yeah, that was us – the ones who bought the game and loved it and persuaded our friends to buy it. We’re the ones who made your game a hit. And in response to a minority of whiners found on the forums (not playing) you ruined your award-winning piece of software. Nice going there.

    If you want to save it, at least give us a way to filter out rented servers, get more Dice-run servers back up and fix the map rotations. This would be the absolute bare minimum.

    Looking forward there appears to be interesting things in development at Dice/EA but I can assure you, if this is the precedent that has been set, if this is what I as a customer have to look forward to with your future releases, no matter how tempting, I will be staying far away from them.

    • vi66lucifix999 04.22.12 at 04:30

      i thank you for everything you said, these EA idiots are scam artists and are only concerned with how can we make more money. it will catch up with them just watch and see!

  • silenthunter555 04.21.12 at 04:13

    I hate this game now, it was my all time favorite. I want my freakin money back.

  • TigerFantom 04.21.12 at 00:23

    Well I haven’t played the game since 2 months ago and I was interested in in since there was this big update. Now I’m reading all of these hate comments and think that it may be a mistake to re-enter the game I found very compelling. The rent a server does seem like a waste since we have to purchase it. Is there like a create a room option so we can get all the perks of customizing for free instead of paying for it? DICE and EA please do not try to squeeze every penny we have out of us. You have dedicated fans to this game so please listen to them. Your greed will destroy the best shooter game out today. Do not be like those Call of Duty bastards!

  • RGC_Sniper 04.20.12 at 22:55

    The rent a server is the worst thing that happend to BF3 in playstation.
    The server managers (often losers) if you kill them more than once they will kick you out or will kill you without shoothing.
    Since the renting started I been “Killed by administrator” too many times, and it is not fair.
    Please!!!! do something against these losers.

  • Major_Barf 04.20.12 at 21:01

    Hip accuracy is down. Can’t shoot landmines! Enemy still starts on apponent side. Seen this many times. LMG is worthless. Just making it a snipers game for campers. A whole 50 cal clip to kill someone. Get real. MOV and some other feature did need changing. Guns were fine.

  • Utahchev 04.20.12 at 18:20

    I just don’t understand. With the new patch and “Rent a Server” going out three weeks ago and nothing from Dice, EA or anybody regarding all of the angry posts being wrote. Why has nobody commented on the patch? What does this show that nobody from DICE or EA cares to clear things up to their fans or customers? I’m not sure what the message is here, I would have to say nobody cares because it does not take much to post something on this blog if they really wanted to.

  • dominorox71 04.20.12 at 17:40

    Why are there only 3 squads in the squad menu? i see why you dont need like 8 different squads but 3 is kind of a drastic cut. I joined a team with my friend and it was difficult to be in the same squad because there was only one opening in each squad. Can we please bring back one or two more squads?

  • BTLHRDND5 04.20.12 at 08:45

    The rent a server was the worst idea in the world are you guys so desperate for money that you had to ruin a great game. I used to feel that BF3 was a shooter that rewarded people for being tactical and winning as a team. And now even if you follow the admin’s rules you get kicked for killing them, or beating there team. And also the fact that I go into quick match and get into 500+ ticket count TDM is fucking retarded. I play TDM for quick games if I wanted to play a longer match I would play CQ. I hope you fix what you have done or you will lose many die hard fans including myself.

  • Akihiro Hiyoshi 04.20.12 at 03:18

    The update is more disappointing then anything. There happen to be a few things I enjoyed about the update, however it has pissed people off to the point where nobody wants to play it. I have people telling me they are trading it in now, and MW3 haters saying they’d rather be on COD. Honestly, guns are powerful and kill very easily, why make any gun worse then what it was? should have just made the cheap ass guns more competitive and left the others alone. Why mess with hip fire? Yes its harder to be accurate but when someones right in front of you then they need to die. I wish there where servers for people to play without the update. Please listen to the fans, the update did a lot of damage true fans. Now you have a web page full of angry players, your losing customers/fans and so far it appears as if nobody cares. Hopefully that’s not the message you want to send. I think everyone should just all join together and stop playing bf3 for a given time and see how EA responds.

  • BOBO DUNKIN 04.19.12 at 07:41

    Yea am i able to play an EA server and not a rent server with this new update? you guys should make it to where you have the EA servers separated from the rent a servers. or you can just turn one or the other off under server browser so that way people can play a normal game with out 2000 kills for a tdm. its a good update but i like the stock stuff as well. keep the new improved updates just on your original servers.

    see you in my scope

  • PhunnyConflicts 04.19.12 at 06:44

    How do we get into official servers? Because every time I try to look for a regular match of rush of 75 tickets, I cant anymore. its all filled with 150+ ticket now for rush – and its not 24 hour rush as well. sometimes it switch to CQ or even TDM – which is 500 ticket.

    BTW, I am on 360.

  • CyberSniper84 04.18.12 at 22:07

    listen folks. delete the patch from you xbox and then play the game that way. its playes the way it was before the patch. its freaking awesome. that what i did. and when it prompts me if i wanna update i say now nd then i launch the game through quick match. if everyone who hates the patch does so then dice would not hve control over it. and we can all play the game to its former glory.

  • sketchycheif17 04.18.12 at 16:23

    i agree leafy88. on these new private servers i rarely get to finish a game due to admin kicking me out of the game just before it ends or even earlier just because im having a good game. Really DICE u need to have something in place to stop these guys from kicking us out of games just because we r better than they r. Also i always only play with friends or family members and these private servers also kill me and switch me out of my squad and onto the other team. like i said i squad up with my friends or family on purpose and dont appreciate getting killed by admin and switched out of my party. please fix it. in my opinion foul language or proof of cheating should be the only reason admin should be kicking players from their servers.

  • leafy88 04.18.12 at 15:40

    Patch is good only thing that pisses me off about it is the rent a server not some much of the idea i think its great if you wanna spend that money to do it but when you go to a quick match i fell it should go to a official server. It gets annoying and fusturating getting kicked out in the middle of the game for doing nothing wrong its a piss off and i can understand why so many people are hating it. If they had made it so that quick match went straight to a official server and you had to search for the “rent a server” instead of the other way around it would be the greatest thing sense slice bread. There’s always gonna be some critics no matter what they do. Good job DICE AND EA game play is great keep it up

  • Retrostoneman 04.18.12 at 14:38

    I would like to echo all of the comments that relate to this “rent a server” debacle. I paid for a game that included access to an adequate number of EA official servers, now there are far fewer, so much so that I cannot find one in the EU with an open spot. I did not pay for an experience that forces me to use a server where another member of the community “administers” the rules. This game is now not “fit for purpose” (based on the original features) and as as such should be investigated under the Sale of Goods and Services Act.

    I was looking forward to purchasing the DLC. Not any more. Goodbye Dice, I hope that your short sighted money grabbing ways are your downfall.

  • ThePhysicsGuy 04.18.12 at 10:51

    FIM-92 STINGER is a useless weapon now. I can be 100 feet away from a helicopter and all the helicopter has to do is deploy countermeasures, and the missile misses every time. It’s like the bad old days of Battlefield 2 when it was practically impossible to shoot down a helicopter. On a recent Noshahr Canals unbalanced match, the U.S. side had 3 attack helicopters lazily circling the RU base mowing us all down, and the stinger was useless. (Besides fixing the stinger so it will actually work some of the time, how about an AA gun on all air maps so you can protect your base and air assets. Since it is almost impossible for ground assets to shoot down the helicopter, at least if one can protect your air assets so they can go up against enemy air assets)

    Secondly, the mortar is now made useless with the patch. I can see making the mortar less accurate with the patch, but not being able to deploy it in ones base is rediculous, especially in an unbalanced match when your team is getting base raped. Maybe just reduce the range of the mortar so it cannot reach all capture points on a map.

  • Patton316 04.18.12 at 07:28

    Ok this patch is horrible! its pointless to run a forgrip when it does nothing fo your accuracy. Have any of you guys ever used a forgrip! They are extremely helpfull for vertical recoil. Not to mention the recoil tweak you did has made all light machine guns impossable to shoot at all! Seriously why do you guys have to make a good game and then make patches that screw everything up…. The usas12! Frag grenades would tear off limbs. Now it takes like 3 of them to drop a guy. Not to mention I have to unload half a magazine because of how in accurate you made the weapons. Im seriously done playing this game. Im goin back to Bad Company 2. Hopefully you haven’t screwed that up

  • WigglySniper24 04.18.12 at 05:13

    RW_Bear I saw your message but I find it a bit annoying how some times when me and so my friends are looking for a server we can only find custom servers and me and my friends feel like where not getting the same experience and I like your idea for a area in server browser special for official servers.

  • RW_Bear 04.18.12 at 02:26

    One more thing. People who complain about using custom servers and getting kicked and whatever elese. Just spend the extra 10 seconds it takes to look for an official server in the browser.

  • RW_Bear 04.18.12 at 02:21

    Reading these comments it feels like I’m the only one who actually likes the game MORE post patch. I like that it’s more balanced and less cheese happening in every match. The only thing I don’t particularly care for is defaulting you in a quick match to play in a custom server. I would like the option to sort for available official servers first, and only into custom as a last resort.

    More options for the people with custom servers would be great as well. I want to be able to turn off certain features at will, and maybe even lock players weapons when they’re in a certain match. I want to play in a Bad Company style room, where snipers don’t have glint, and vehicles health doesn’t regen, etc. Fine tuning options I think could definitely get more people to rent them out.

  • Rolis18 04.17.12 at 23:11

    DICE and EA You all sold out!

  • Rolis18 04.17.12 at 23:00

    As a long time fan of the battle field franchise I’m am considerably disappointed by the latest game BF3 and this latest patch. The patch is a little too late dice and by changing up the weapon stats which should have been figured the hell out in testing before the games actual release you’ve only seemed to frustrate us more. This rent a server is rife with unfairness and inequality, you’ve created tyrants in the fashion of those from the counter strike days. It is really laughable that you have a ranking system at all when the game is so easily manipulated by admins and players alike. Oh and the balancing of classes you’ve said would make the “classes more balanced” so that no one class could have more advantage, is an ass backwards statement. Your staff have proven you no longer care about the quality and playability of your games, only the profits you gain from mimicking the same call of duty bs all true bf fans hate. And nice of you to enjoy your vacations so long considering you knew the game was crap when you released it. Enjoy the money you corporate pigs. To fall so far from BAD COMPANY 2. We had great expectations but, maybe along with everything else in this world, EA and DICE go the way of crap these days. Stop making BF games, your run is done!

  • mach1kenny 04.17.12 at 17:25

    What happened to the regular servers that ea or dice ownwed? Also there are mny times that I’m kiced from a game or not allowed to selec multiplayer because I’ve “lost connecion to ea online” (xbox). Some things are ok about the patch but tanks seem useless now espsecially vs jets and the suppression really hinders people that like to “run and gun” almost to a point where its impossible to take out more than 1 guy w/ a clip because once ur suppressed its just dumb luck to hit anything. Why do I have to use my whole clip, side arm, and then knife someone to kill them??

  • ARandomDood 04.17.12 at 05:13

    The only problem I have with the patch is that now I’m getting thrown into servers where the admins are idiots. So far, I’ve been banned from at least a half dozen servers. I’m not a bad player, I don’t spawn camp, I don’t frag, I don’t pad, spam rockets, or grenade launchers. I play the hell out of the objective, and I’m good at it. So here is an open letter to the admins:

    Dear server admins,
    I understand that you’re quite proud of your server ownership, I like it. The map lineup is good, I like the high ticket counts, and you’ve tweaked a few things that make it perfect for my style. Kudos are due, indeed. BUT, just because you are getting your ass shot off by a player who may be better than you doesn’t mean that you have to ban the player. There are other players out there better than me, I know this. I welcome the challenge with open arms, and I stand to learn from the encounters. I do not run from these battles, I stand up and take it, like a man. So, I beg for you to do the same. Learn your lesson, take your bullets, and become a better player, rather than banning all of those who are better than you. This is no way to play with pride, these are the actions of a highly ranked noob. I can only assume that at some point your favorite loadout was the one with the USAS and frag rounds, and this is your way of getting even with the world. Please, do us all a favor and quit acting like a child.

    Everybody who has been banned from a server for no apparent reason other than having a higher K/D ratio than the server admin.

  • CLu7cH029 04.16.12 at 23:42

    I dont think ea thought when doing he patch i think they just were trying to make fans happy by saying a patch is coming out and everything is going to fixed but instead it is all worse.. but still it a lot better game the CoD

    • Utahchev 04.17.12 at 16:46

      I would have to disagree. There is no more teamplay only shoot or be killed. The rent a server has now made a 11 year old who’s mommy and daddy gave him microsoft points for his birthday “king of the server” who can no kick you off for being a better player then him. And if you look for another server there are none to be found to just play as we did before the patch. CoD is gaining from all the pissed off true blue BF3 players like myself. I have not played BF3 since the second day of the patch and really don’t care to. I know DICE/EA are trying to find another way to make a buck, but in the long run they are going to loose all of the hardcore BF3 players because of the patch and rent a server!

      Nice job DICE/EA you took a game that was one of a kind and made it equal to CoD. I wish somebody would design a game like BF3 before the patch!

  • STINGER 267 04.16.12 at 20:54

    This is a repost to spread the word. We are not stuck with this crap patch. Please share this with evereyone. I delated the patch and its back to the way it was before the patch. There are fewer people but if evereyone who is unahppy delets the patch we can play BF the way it was and the way we all knew it. The noobs and cry babies can keep thir damn patch. Hope to see you guys on and thanks for posting this Crash.

    CRASH OV3R R1D304.15.12 | 18:19

    hey i got this from the people from ea
    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for writing back to us.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding. I assure you my continual support in resolving this issue.

    Having reviewed your email, I gather that you are not able to play the Game after the Patch. I request you to refer below mentioned steps in order to delete patch and play Game as was before Patch.

    1. Start your console with the game disc out so it launches into the Xbox Dashboard.
    2. Select the System blade.
    3. Select Memory and press the A button.
    4. Select Games and press the A button.
    5. Select your game and press the A button.
    6. There will be a folder called Patch, delete all files listed under the Patch.
    7. After following these steps re-launch the game and try to go online.

    In case you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us again.

    It was wonderful assisting you. At Electronic Arts, we express gratitude for your interest and request the same in the future. To know more about our online Knowledge Base, please visit:

    Electronic Arts- World Wide Customer Experience
    someone said it works but not alot of players

  • Splat1258 04.16.12 at 19:59

    Dear Dice, you guys fixed the “bad things” like MAV and such, but you made mistakes with the SOFLAM. I used to be a “tank” guy, but now everyone is sniping (1 hit kill) and my tank blows up after 30 seconds of driving because a SOFLAM has found me and every Rocket from the other team is being launched at me. Thanks a lot. The “rented” servers suck too cause I go to join a random game and I am always put on a team that is spawn trapped, so I quit and find another game only to find the same result. My KD is dropping at an extreme level. Also, destroying SOFLAMS is really hard. Maybe making them bigger would help cause I usually have to spend at least 30 seconds trying to kill it and for people like me, that could be time killing the other team. PLZ fix the stupid update.

  • FLEXFIRE007 04.16.12 at 15:29

    Battlefield 3 has lost it’s fight…really it did rent servers…buy upgrades ,updates are f@ck up, map packs are spred out over months ..this is becoming a real trend over the years with your FPS games EA/Dice

  • si1verfox 04.16.12 at 12:42

    I think my BattleField days are over… when i walked into gamestation to pre-order bf3.. two months before its release and some new young ‘minimum wage’ manager informed me that dice were releasing bf3 early to compete with MW… my heart sank.. I had no idea why either.. at the time.. Gamestation in Warrington has since ‘closed down’ due to disagreements with guess who… ? yup… ea… There is no way I will ever pay ea a cent for any server on any platform for any game time.. who knows if enough of you grow some balls and complain to dice or ea things may get back to normal in BF4… if not its ‘other games’ for me.

  • CLu7cH029 04.16.12 at 06:37

    The patch srewed up the game. first of all why can “laser guided missiles ” be thrown off by IR flares?
    second of all what was the point of downgrading things that wasn’t even broke or over powered like the suppressor,870 combat, and a couple of other automatic weapons? The fall damage isn’t that much better.why is grip pretty much useless?I like how they fixed the lmg’s to be a bit more useful.
    and how repair tool dose not repair as much. i just wish the would re patch everything to normal and only change thing that were broke like frag rounds, fall damage, repair tools, getting killed when you are around a wall, tanks and rpg’s instantly take out jets and helicopters, and snipers are 1 shot in hardcore like bbc2. My point is only patch things that are broke and over powered…

  • AustonsSister 04.16.12 at 02:09

    i agree with adventurous you ruined the game just so you get a few bucks id like to be able to play a full game with getting kicked for being better than someone-people who agree/sgt krunch/austonssister/blasturpwn/

  • ADVENTUROUS1 04.15.12 at 22:19

    Well I’m another unhappy fucken camper!! This rent a “way to cheat” is really a slap in the face to loyal BF players. I have always felt BF was for the true team based gamers, now it is for the mentally challenged that want to set the game up so they win!! Kill the Admin, get kicked, start to beat the Admins team, Get kicked.
    Here’s an idea, make the “Rent a server” separate from the base game, and for clan based challenges. Also, having this fuckdate Allows children to easily rank up and obtain unlocks without paying their fair dues, which is a crock of shit!!! if all you care about is making more money off the game, that’s great, i love capitalism, but to ruin the game just to make a few extra dollars, is a big mistake. I am hoping you put back bf the way it was, because I and many other die hards will no longer support this franchise. Don’t cut off the hand that feeds you!!!!!!

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.15.12 at 18:24

    i twitted to battlefield people they fu@#%# up the game

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.15.12 at 18:24

    i used a shotgun with fleshett and got banned for that when only rule was no frags

  • AsianInvasian603 04.15.12 at 18:22

    Admins on console custom servers are just bad. Get banned for killing the admin is basically the only rule.

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.15.12 at 18:19

    hey i got this from the people from ea
    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for writing back to us.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding. I assure you my continual support in resolving this issue.

    Having reviewed your email, I gather that you are not able to play the Game after the Patch. I request you to refer below mentioned steps in order to delete patch and play Game as was before Patch.

    1. Start your console with the game disc out so it launches into the Xbox Dashboard.
    2. Select the System blade.
    3. Select Memory and press the A button.
    4. Select Games and press the A button.
    5. Select your game and press the A button.
    6. There will be a folder called Patch, delete all files listed under the Patch.
    7. After following these steps re-launch the game and try to go online.

    In case you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us again.

    It was wonderful assisting you. At Electronic Arts, we express gratitude for your interest and request the same in the future. To know more about our online Knowledge Base, please visit:

    Electronic Arts- World Wide Customer Experience
    someone said it works but not alot of players

  • Machiazu 04.15.12 at 13:59

    R.I.P. Battlefield 3….hello again Halo 3!

  • RAMKROM40 04.15.12 at 10:57

    hello EA/DICE…
    what a nice sunday!… the sky is almost clear with some nice white clouds. the sunlight, with this gentle breeze, makes this morning so wonderful… the bright over the grass, the birds are singing, my xbox 360 is off and my battlefield 3 is stored in his site.
    why to ruin this feeling?
    goodbye ;)

  • Beaman4 04.15.12 at 07:22

    Hey Dice Ass Clowns, I blogged the other day and i just wanted to refresh your memory that i hate this FUCKING SERVER UPDATE and i cant say i have seen one blog post to this that says they like the server update. I am so sick and tired of getting pushed back to respawn having to resort to sniping and when i start pickin people off they kick me cause their pussies hurt cause i head shot them from 500 meters. FIX THIS SHIT. I think we should all just start playing COD. Friends and I would always argue about whats better BF3 or COD well BF3 always won until this bullshit server. You all can take this server update shine it up real nice, TURN IT SIDEWAYS AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!

  • Bobs903P 04.15.12 at 05:58


    • ninjawhiteboy 04.15.12 at 23:16

      this is what you have created dice! a dumb ass that can’t even spell losing.(well you AND the crappy education system.)

  • dudebtone 04.15.12 at 02:19

    Okay, listen DICE, because this is important. LOOK, do you think that we feel happy that you allow us to “rent” a server? YOU are just looking for more friggin MONEY!! Is that all you care about anymore? I just wanna play a simple rush match, and I’m put with 3 other people in a server called “EPIC battles”!!! I browse for DICE’s servers because I don’t wanna play with a bunch of 12-year-olds that finally earned enough money to buy a server, and half of your servers are full, while half of them are empty. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost a customer, I’m still a dedicated Battlefield player, but seriously! Just look at all the comments on this post for once and you will see what I mean. So please, just listen for once. PEACE

  • Braden1414 04.15.12 at 02:15

    I have to say, reading over this update i am very pleased. I wasn’t aware this update was even on it’s way but from what i can see, everything that frustrated me had been fixed! Thank you!!
    But i see a lot of complaints and i want to give my opinion on a few of them. First, snipers complaining about the MAV elevator and kill function. Take a step back and look at it from everyone else’s perspective. The MAV was not meant to lift a player onto an unreachable skyscraper where he can not be killed. It looks very unpolished seeing a teammate laying on the MAV while it lifts them into the air and takes away from the immersion you feel playing the game. You have to admit, on some levels using this function it just isn’t right and needed to be fixed.
    The kill function of the MAV again, is not the MAV’s intended use. The MAV flying around killing infantry with what? it’s propeller blades? and it doesn’t take any damage? while it takes two clips to be destroyed just doesn’t make sense. These were two of the biggest problems i had with the game so i’m very glad they were fixed.
    Skimming the comments, i seen players upset with the C4 re-spon. I must say that i just started to use the support class and i love the C4. Now, having it delete when i die is going to make it more difficult to use. but as with the MAV i tried to be unbiased and notice that if the recon class had to undergo changes then it would be only fair for the support class to have to do the same. After more thought i do have to admit that it makes sense to have the C4 respond after death because it made it far to easy to destroy tanks. All i had to do is sprint up behind a tank, plant it, then it was done. I did not have to worry about being killed because i knew when i was revived i could instantly destroy it. Having this change will push me to use more skill and be a better player as is the same with many of the other improvements.
    We should be happy that the guys at DICE and EA are actually taking the additional time to help improve the game for players FOR FREE that we all enjoy playing instead of just leaving it and making us deal with the frustrations that we initially experienced. It’s a game, just have fun.

  • Abelthywicked 04.14.12 at 20:59

    First off EA/Dice use your bloody brains. Rent a server is just asking for noobs with money to basically BUY thier levels through boosting, and you really need to make the quick-match have more options on where you want to go and play. You nerfed the assigment weapons, by taking of the 12x optics, that was about the only thing that was worth while about them! You nerfed the M95B to make it on parr with the other snipers! seriously! what made that gun good was the great bullet velocity and the hardly noticable bullet drop, but you went and nerfed it anyway, so now that sniper is actually worse than the L9! EA/DICE BF badco 2 was amazing and was worth playing, I am about done with online multiplayer games like COD and BF, if you keep nerfing everything on your new games they are gonna go to shit like BF3, MW3, Black ops, and what not. the last sniper was supposed to be a challenge to get to because it was worth it, now the class is worthless except within 300m, when you try to make all classes equal then the game goes down, they are supposed to have strengths and weakness, and when people complain maybe they just don’t think about trying a new strategy and your just making it harder for the guy with skill to play the game! For example Cod nerfed the noob tube and other explosives, this cause people to camp harder cause they dont have to worry as much, they made random spawning so they spawn right behind the sniper looking at him, making him have to have a buddy watch his back. you nerf snipers and then you cut back the people sniping, when you put reactive armor on a tank then that guy that goes up and puts C4 on it is about worthless, and when his C4 resets there is almost no point in even trying, because he usually gets shot before he has time to back up and when he blows it up and commits suicide then the tank just shrugs it off! So EA/Dice use your brains the next time you decide to patch the game, less patching what doesn’t need to be patched and more room for skill please. thank you

  • truskn 04.14.12 at 17:51

    I hope DICE is reading this. They have clearly upset some of their fanbase. I haven’t played BF3 in a few weeks now and have no reason to. No plans to play BF3. I have started playing BC2 again and it appears the game is still alive. Congrats DICE I hope you continue your anti-CoD hype crap. I’m no longer interested in BF. DICE is ignoring half of it’s community and clearly only listening to the whiners on the forum which caused the game to be updated twice within 6 months.

  • REWI-NL 04.14.12 at 16:23

    iemand NL? mischien niet of wel mrja

  • LENGTHIAN 04.14.12 at 16:07

    EA, DICE whoever is responsible for changing the game and REMOVING my option to choose how to play the game: you have basically made me choose to NEVER BUY ANOTHER EA GAME. In your chase for cash you’ve shown us that you do not care for the user experience. giving the people option to rent their own servers? ok! significianlty impacting on my experience of the game i paid for? not good at all. i hgope that when you move to prevent re-sale of games (through whatever means) you see that these kind of greedy actions will make the likes of me NOT buy anything you offer EVER as you;ll likely change the experience part way through in order to chase the money. rent a server? fine. REMOVE THE OPTION FOR ME TO USE QUICKMATCH TO FIND NON RENTED SERVERS HOSTED BY IDIOTS = VERY BAD LONG TERM BUSINESS DECISION. i’ll be returning my copy of BF3 this week. if i can get £3 for it i’ll be pleased. cos its worhtless to me now

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.14.12 at 11:11

    First off what constitutes a noob….and if I am not mistaken weren’t you all one at sometime so what the fuck makes you all so fucking cool now….uh see I am an adult, have a job, a wife, friends outside of online games and we do more than sit our parents basement sucking down mountain dew and eating chips playing games endlessly so we can rank up and be the bomb ass BF3 player…if that is what you hang your hat on and find your identity in that’s really fucking sad and you need to get a fucking life. I like to play games but it’s not the end all be all and with that making fun of people who don’t have your rank or skill level shows what an uneducated ass clown you really are. With that being said…..i bought FIFA 12 and MW3 last week just to take a break compare and see if I would like it better…..taking a break from BF3 did seem to help…still the recoil on some guns is crazy fucking retarded …just emptied 100 rounds from an M60 damn near point blank in some dick weed and he kills me with 1 shot with a G18, really….ok, and I still can’t use my mortar….some cum stain is spawn camping in a tank so the best way I know to clear him out would have been to mortar his ass off the map but nice again dice you fucked this up like a 13yr old boy trying to out on a rubber….sloppy, sloppy sloppy….how the fuck is that a better part of your patch….and what’s with getting booted for no reason what so fucking ever…shit ya think all these Col. Blow jobs who are so fucking good would want a noob like me so they can feel good about themselves gain more points easily and stroke their shallow and shattered egos….but none the less….you douch bags won’t read this nor will any other fuck nut who is on this site so ket just say that when I go to Gamestop I stop people from buying BF3. My brother in law works at one and he has allows his friends to hand out informAtion in the store, leaflets flyers, etc saying how bad this game has become, the deceptive practices on behalf of the game makers and manufacturers . At least at one Gamestop the word is getting out to wouldbe consumers and they are steering folks away from your game….it is a true grass roots thing. People feel lied to, cheated, mislead, and unhappy with your product and when enough people get pissed off watch out, that’s when shit escalates, that’s when things go to the next level and thats what brings about people organizing and working together to fight for something they want, believe in and or are passionate about. That’s the power of the people and it’s an amazing thing when it does happen.

  • xxDeathxReconxx 04.14.12 at 10:01

    im tired of relying on retarded game makers who think they can own the game business, battlefield 3 is dusting next to mw3, i got assassins creed 3 and ghost recon fully paid, medal of honor is gonna suck every call of duty after mw2 is gonna suck, ea wont make another bad company again maybe BF4 but on the next game console so bye EA and COD

  • Bobs903P 04.14.12 at 06:03


  • x6XPURE6EVILX6x 04.14.12 at 05:23


  • x6XPURE6EVILX6x 04.14.12 at 05:18

    Getting tired of your rent a server, now i get kicked from lobbies because i join into a boosting lobby. and you didnt even put restrictions on them either. what bussiness does a lvl 3 noob, have his own lobby for, and you can even supply enouph servers to the ppl who deserve one. shame on you dice, get off the pipe… HAIL TO CALL OF DUTY, at least there i dont have to worry about joining into a rent a server.

  • dominorox71 04.14.12 at 02:05

    Ok why is there no more extended mags on the DLC LMGs?! the clip is to small on them to begin with why would you cut extended mags it was required to bring the clip size up to a normal LMG any way.
    And why would you get rid of burst fire on some guns? that’s so stupid! and who decided that the medkits/ammo boxes needed to explode? CHANGE IT BACK!!!

  • Nowlax 04.14.12 at 00:03

    Does anyone have the problem post-patch where when you are switching guns in the menu between lives/spawns that if you try and change the attachments it resets you back to whatever gun you first had? The only way I can change attachments is to select the gun that I want, spawn, die, and then I can change the attachments. Never had this before the patch, wondering if there’s an easy fix.

  • Dmentae_Uay 04.13.12 at 22:37

    I’m not sure if this has only happened since the patch or I’ve only just noticed it but I seem to repeatedly being killed by what appears to be about four bullets after I start hitting them first. I mean – BF3 has always been terrible at room-clearing without a shotgun + frags (Which I boycott) but now it seems I can’t even kill one person without being mown down. I don’t know if they’ve changed damage, introduced and ‘Anti-Camping’ device to raise damage after you’ve been shot or what but it’s got to the point I actually hit myself with my controller. And I never get that annoyed at games, even COD.
    Also, I agree with ‘Tx Reaper xT’; I spent hours of game-time getting Jets and Helo’s and Tanks to a high level whilst my freind played on the ground and we both ranked up pretty much the same except I had all the Vehicle perks. Now, he is an admin of a boost server and got full everything in a day.
    It’s pathetic that DICE has allowed Boosting and I realise it’s hard to patrol but when you make custom servers, what do you expect?
    Now every other person has all the [overpowered] perks on every vehicle and you just get trashed by something regardless of your skill. I hate to see how newbies cope.
    Finnaly; I don’t know about other people (And this would probably cause alot of strife) But I would be fine with being demoted to rank one to re-start the lobbies to a fair level. I play the game for fun, not ‘to be the best’ and usually I end up pretty high if not Top 3.
    So stop giving power to noobs and make it a skilled game.

  • mach1kenny 04.13.12 at 19:34

    The m26 dart is not affected by suppression and the range is kinda rediculous seeing as how when you are suppressed now you can’t even hit things 2 feet in front of you.. I just went 38-21 and 13 of my deaths were from this one guy using the m26 dart.. if the undersung shotgun can do damage that far why can’t the flechette on the 870? Btw thank you for making a reason to rage quit all the time and not jus on a map where they spammed the usas/famas. If the patch doesn’t come before close quarters or soon anyway I know I won’t be playing this game anymore

  • Tx Reaper xT 04.13.12 at 18:54

    This new update is retarded i don’t understand why you can rent a ranked server. If you can do that why buy the shortcuts (because you can rent a 7 day server and boost for $5 and get everything top maxed out). It stupid now everyone has fully leved choppers and jets. Its insane. Now everyone with support has infinite grenades? Really? It is making big maps very un-fun and a waist of time if your not a veteran pilot. All flight experience just went out the window with this update. And now all air vehicles have 2 rockets now wtf so now even if i evade the first heat seaker im hit anyways. WHATS THE POINT IN AN IR FLARE THEN?! Dumb! There is no skill leveled games now everyone has everything and there is no balance. LAME! Best game ever ruined by the damn creators way to go DICE. Why fix what isnt broken wtf. And whats the deal with all the 0/24 servers. Do we not know how to quick match into a zero server? Oh wait thats because you have to designate how many to start the round. How can you start a server YOU ARE PAYING FOR, if the server is not seen because it cant be started. STUPID! What genius had this dumb@ss idea my god!? Now im spending 30-60 mins trying to find a server, or trying to start my server. What a waist. What brainiac had this idiotic idea of allowing people to rent severs they can’t populate, or allow the “option” of waisting money on the shortcuts? Also whats with renting a server and then having difficulty getting into it. BOOST PARTY!!! “Dumbass” -Red Foreman

  • Norch123 04.13.12 at 16:18

    Although this game still obliterates MW3 in every aspect (which ended 4 years of CoD fandom for me) I think Rent a Server needs to be scaled back. I think it should be a second option if you’re feeling adventurous rather than the main type of server available. Because I like knowing what to expect (from an official DICE server) rather than French and 500 ticket matches and uneven teams which almost always leads to snipers and spawn trapping… As for the miniature tweaks they’re good. I’ve got no complaints.

    And to anybody who “hates” thus game and is thinking of buying MW3. Don’t. Its awful. Noobs, campers hackers and 12 year olds. BF3 will always be better.

  • neuromancer93 04.13.12 at 15:35

    Seriously, DICE get your act together (like they say in the game). Before BF3 came out, we were “promised” more destruction and after seeing the trailer I was confident that this was true. In the trailer, you could see a building falling on top of a chopper and a soldier. Yes it happens in the solo missions but I’m convinced that 95% of the people who buys the game get it for the multi-player and were deceived by the fact the you couldn’t bring down building, like the trailer, in Seine Crossing or Operation Metro. Still, we continued playing even though we felt that we were betrayed by our beloved franchise. And now, the patch !!! The patch that brought hell to the Battlefield. The patch that gave power to the people. You know what ? The people wasn’t ready for this. I was killed by admins multiples times. I was kicked from servers even if I was respecting there rules. I event witnessed uneven ticket at the beginning of games. I was sniped with M26 Mass from at least 300 feets. I was killed by headshots even though the guys is looking at his feet or recharging is weapon. Now my claymore disappear when I die, what the hell ?!? So seeing these weird behavior by the game, I wanted to play on an official DICE server because I paid for this when I bought the game and used my Online Pass. BUT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOW !!! Either they are full or completely empty. This is totally unacceptable since we paid for a service that you don’t deliver anymore. Seriously, DICE get your act together.

  • neuromancer93 04.13.12 at 14:52

    Could somebody tell me where we fill complaints about games getting worse with patches ?!?

  • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 12:47
    sign this petition if you want battlefield 3 back to the way it was pre patch release.

  • xFrost Razor 04.13.12 at 03:54

    rent a server= shit

  • RAMKROM40 04.13.12 at 03:04

    i’ll go to say it in spanish…
    estoy pensando en dejar de jugar a este juego. antes de la actualización me parecía de lo mejorcito que había conocido desde los tiempos del sinclair zx spectrum y el commodore 64… lo cual es ya un gran elogio.
    pero desde la actualización el juego se ha vuelto insufrible. qué sentido tiene seguir jugándolo si ya no podré hacer némesis ni muchas otras puntuaciones por el estilo? matar a alguien es quasi imposible. y, al contrario, que te maten es bien fácil. el balance muertes/bajas se ha descompensado mucho… tanto que ya estoy aburrido y pensando en recuperar, al menos, parte del dinero invertido en la compra de battlefield 3. y me pensaré mucho el adquirir no sólo el próximo battlefield sino cualquier producto de ea o de dice… o de los dos a la vez. si esta es la forma en que escuchan a los fans de esta saga (por no decir otras), desde luego esta no es la compañía en la cual voy a gastar mi dinero.
    es urgente que ea/dice se pronuncien sobre los problemas que han creado con el último patch. muchas armas no son eficaces (algunas, como los igla y stingers, directamente son inútiles), hay muchos problemas gráficos (algunos que persisten desde antes del patch… y para más inri, ahora el juego empieza a colgarse a menudo. y todo ello sin entrar a hablar del desmadre de los servidores.
    hace cuestión de 2 semanas pensaba que nunca iba a llegar el momento en que me aburriría de jugar a battlefield 3.
    mi más sentido pésame.

    • CitingFrame56 04.13.12 at 15:04

      thats an idea maybe someone should say it Swedish. maybe thats the problem here..

  • RecklessDread 04.13.12 at 00:42

    If i rent a server, could a friend of mine get on my server even if im not online?

    • Booty Kicker 04.14.12 at 05:40

      Yes definitely. Just make sure he or she knows the name of it to find it faster (use the search option). You can also make it private, set a password and give the password to your friend. This gurantees no one will be playing in it when your friend tries to play on it.

  • dragonalucard23 04.12.12 at 21:52

    ya i loved the game more when i didnt have people spawn killing me every 2 seconds and the enemys couldnt get in to my base to spawn shoot me and steal are plane or heli

  • CitingFrame56 04.12.12 at 19:53

    they need to patch their website…
    take the reviews off coz its not the same game any more..
    stop saying its award winning coz its not the same game..
    well, they can put “THE WINNER FOR THE WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA” as stated by ChiefKeeferson
    who the fuck said it was unbalanced in the first place?? shit players??


    how can you change a game that much after selling millions of copies and expect people not to complain??

    I assume most the people that commented on this play hardcore, change that back and let the noobs keep their patch..

  • Beaman4 04.12.12 at 07:22

    I used to love playing BF3, since you all did this crappy server update you have ruined the gameplay. Not only does your game take up outrageous amounts of space on the hard drives but us solo players now have to battle against people who always play together. Im tellin ya i don’t enjoy being on a team that is constantly being pushed back to the respawn and having to work our asses off to get one flag just to be pushed back again. Please correct this mistake and bring back the online gaming we all used to enjoy playing or is your goal to make your gamers unhappy…you succeeded.

  • CHICKEN204 04.12.12 at 04:27

    I WANT MY DAO 12 SPECS BACK! its like not even 1 hit K.O. 3-5ft at times (feels different).
    I play both pc and 360 online and its not the same anymore… back to MOH or COD i guess.

  • LordRockinghamm 04.12.12 at 04:19

    I just read on the unofficial battlefield 3 blog that DICE is actively taking comments on battlelog, even though it’s ‘for PS3 and PC users’ only apparently. Is anyone going to read these hundreds of posts? Copy all your justified complaints and post them on battlelog.

  • ChiefKeeferson 04.12.12 at 04:18




  • AXEMurderer87 04.12.12 at 03:40

    THANKS FOR FUCKING UP BF3! Change it back and save part of your community. Then, once you change it don’t piss with it ever again!

  • keegansyl 04.12.12 at 03:08

    42 pages of complaints come on DICE you gotta change it back like today or something, you know you’ve ruined the game, step up and do what’s right.

  • CHAR0S 04.12.12 at 03:06

    i got banned from a server for killing the host who was on the opposite team may i add, sorry but being kicked from a game just cause i killed the noob is ridiculous, and it just allows people to take the piss

  • keegansyl 04.12.12 at 02:58

    Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it you dumb pieces of shit cunt faggots

  • keegansyl 04.12.12 at 02:50

    Alright I’m sorry but this is fucking rediculous, I’m sitting in server browser right now and there’s probably about 30 rented servers and they’re all empty because the host isn’t on yet, no one can play this anymore, honestly you guys should just kill whoever gave the order to make this patch because honesty you’ve fucked this game completely and it’s not playable or fun anymore, thanks fuckheads at dice you’re a real bunch of pricks.

  • kinglake1 04.12.12 at 01:02

    i cant even get the blog on my xbox 360 how do i do it sum1 help please

  • SeveredJynxx 04.11.12 at 20:17

    Further to what Utahchev has said, I was playing in one of the rented servers the other day I quickly noticed that the owner of the server was flying around in his untouchable helicopter getting a huge kill score, anyone else from the other team who jumped into a helicopter to fight against him got kicked from the game, when i walked into the game i was against his team and we were losing by 928 to 764. Members of my team who were doing well were quickly kicked.
    The game needs an option so you can choose if to play on rented servers.

  • Utahchev 04.11.12 at 19:57

    With all the problems with the new patch which is just annoying as hell! Now you have to put up with this “rented server”. I was playing yesterday and doing well, all of a sudden I was kicked! WTF!!?? I tried again to play and hopped into a helicopter only to get kicked again!

    I think the saddest of all is that? EA/DICE have not commented to us their customer. I have read thousands of posts about the game asking EA/DICE to comment and nothing!!??


  • hairtrigger4 04.11.12 at 19:16

    This trailer makes was a little miss leading, you can change things like HUD and health but then your server cant be ranked anymore. I wanted to make a real HC server with no map no HUD of and kind and 60% health. Once I did all that my game could no longer be ranked because it was a custom game type. I am not paying DICE so there can be more servers that is just silly.

  • snake-eyes-nl 04.11.12 at 18:39

    greetings to kraaitje1 ,petjevanhetpadje, and everyone

  • snake-eyes-nl 04.11.12 at 18:32

    i,m moved from holland to ecuador so i want to ask,, if i connect my play station here in ecuador can i still play on my name and everthing or do i have change everthing

  • SeveredJynxx 04.11.12 at 18:32

    Oh yeah i forgot to add I bought this game for both myself and my son (so two copies) who i had a hard time convincing to get away from COD, since the patch what game has he returned to? yeeeeaaah you guessed it… congrats in trying to make the game more like COD but all your doing is losing those gamers who were loyal to you in the first place AND the COD players.

  • SeveredJynxx 04.11.12 at 18:26

    Do EA/Dice actually read these comments? I hope they do as they will see a huge amount of very unhappy players since the so called “patch” which has severely buggered everything up.
    I love this game or ‘did’ until the patch, it’s the only thing i play (or once again did) I dislike the map operation metro as i prefer driving around in a tank, but was still going to purchase the new map pack for my xbox just for a little bit of difference but if EA/Dice honestly believe I’m going to fork out for a new map pack with how these new server rentals are working out they’re out of their minds as they can forget it.
    I won’t be buying the later on map packs either which is a shame as i was looking forward to a huge map based on land vehicles but with tanks being sliced through easier than butter with a hot knife, helicopters which are untouchable what’s the point?
    You have made a complete mess of this game, and what’s the point of putting “press X to pick up” when someone slaps some C4 on your tank and pressing X dosen’t bloody work?
    It would be nice for someone from EA/Dice to make some form of comment regarding players issues and what they plan to do about it?

  • battlestarr1986 04.11.12 at 18:03

    suppression is just ridiculous now – its no fun anymore!!! please make a normal mode, a hardcore mode and a hardcore mode with suppression!!! thank you

  • S U IB x 04.11.12 at 17:57

    Selling out the servers is ruinin the game play – players seem less competitive, games go on too long, game mye changes too often, ‘admin’ kick for childish reasons or unclear ones…
    … Just as the game was appearing to become a refugee for disheartened CoD players too, EA sees a quick buck :-/

    Add an option to avoid rented servers! Also has anyone else noticed how boosters are setting ranked lobbies then kicking anyone and everyone who joins to boost flags :-/

  • ChickenMoney 04.11.12 at 16:48

    Its starting to feel like EA and Dice are just trying to make more money, AND GUESS WHAT?? Its affecting the players, YOU MAKE US PAY FOR MAP PACKS AND EVERYTHING ELSE, THE STUPIDEST ONE IS THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY 800 MICROSOFT POINTS TO ACCESS THE ONLINE, SERIOUSLY???Thats not right at all….what happens to a person who wants to try it for the first time? Theyre not going to 800 microsoft points to play a game they havent played before, its actually hurting YOU GUYS, Stop trying to scam us, MAKE IT AN ACTUAL VIDEOGAME, I LOVE THIS GAME TO DEATH, BEFORE THE PATCH, BUT RECENT DIFFICULTIES ARE TURNING ME AWAY

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 04.11.12 at 16:37

    I actually found a couple ps3 servers that said battlefield 3: cod style……it had to be the saddest bf moment of my life.. A

  • keegansyl 04.11.12 at 12:11

    It’s not that like I’m having trouble staying connected to a game it’s just like, the old servers which were like SERVER 7020 and whatever which were rush had each map (including B2K) and you played normal rush, one team defends then next game they attack then it’s the next map, now it’s just like one asshole wants to play Metro 24/7 so he gets his own little server and one of our normal servers just gets taken off so we get no choice but to play their games, or like now you can’t stay in one rush 24/7 server, it’s all like you play rush then conquest then TDM, it’s just annoying, people put the filters on rush or conquest because that’s what we wanna play, we don’t wanna play rush then whatever else the host wants. Also the host can just kick someone out of a game if they’re doing too good, it’s stupid. You’ve left the game to be run by like 10 year olds that can’t handle competition, even if you don’t change the guns back at least make the servers filterable so we can play an official server or hosted server…..

  • mach1kenny 04.11.12 at 11:33

    I had 3 or 4 suppression ribbons pre patch, I now have 2 medals. That’s kinda stupid, all some1 has to do when getting shot is shoot back and all of a sudden nobody can aim. Why do I shoot out all of my ammo: main and side arm when I’m 3 feet away from someone for us both to be killed by somebody else? That just makes it seem like you all didn’t really test the suppression that well. And big maps are unplayable because the tanks get destroyed by everything within 2-3 hits.. they were fine before. I could understand tank v tank being knocked back a bit, but infantry can destroy a tank with 4 shots to the damn front.. rediculous

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.11.12 at 10:01

    If your having problems staying connected to a session postpatch or experiencing lag on your region servers, try this : its working so far for me on xbox in the UK.
    Delete the patch from your storage, re download it.
    Agree there need to be more official servers and a filter for that in the server browser, some of the rented servers are just ridiculous, also admin abuse………

  • keegansyl 04.11.12 at 09:35

    Alright well im back and this time I am gonna be a dick cause you fuckheads have completely ruined what once was such a good game. It’s impossible to stay in one fucking server because people play 1 game and the next the servers empty because fucking cockhead server hosters fuck up everything, the filter says RUSH not rush then conquest with 50000 tickets then TDM with 1000000 tickets, fix the fucking servers, haven’t played one server since the update where there’s every map and they’re all rush, impossible to find a SERVER 7021 type thing anymore, sort yourselves the fuck out, soon.

  • Loto_IV 04.11.12 at 06:56

    I completely agree that post-update BF3 sucks. I love this game and have played for over 130 hours, and ever since the update I rage-quit all the time. My guns don’t work and the servers are crap. I do not want to spend 1700 tickets worth on one map! Nor do I want to be in a rush map when I told it to find a conquest map. PLEASE undo the “balance” issue. When 4 rounds from an 870 shotgun do not kill an opponent, nor do 4 rounds from a magnum into the same opponent, you know there are issues with Battlefield 3. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in these “fixes” to a game that was not broke.

    • Dramarlo 04.11.12 at 15:19

      I would just like to say your post has no credibility, as the magnum got a BUFF, and the 870 ms didn’t change one bit. Magnum is now a 2 shot at max range, more than before. Yes, they NEED a better filter system, it should have come with the rent-a-server update, but don’t state things that aren’t true just because they feel that way

  • BASER 96 04.11.12 at 06:17

    Look BF3 peoples,
    I first played this game at my friends house and played it several times before i ended up liking it. I got the game for Christmas and have been playing it happily for the most part until April 3rd. I dont think we should have to pay a separate charge for a code to play, especially if you are also going to try to bend us over for the map packs too. Then you come out with this rent a server crap and i haven’t found a decent game since. it is always a team of player who r communicating and have experience together versus a random conglomerate of players. I wonder who wins every time. And forgive me for not having 11 friends who play this game. Therefore I can enjoy losing on conquest with no flags for my team and get spawn killed all day. Thank you for ruining something I looked forward to. The obvious fix to this would be to separate normal servers with ea/dice running it and let all the teams and modders or whatever play by themselves if they want. Im not going to buy one of your stupid servers and I won’t purchase another map pack unless I can enjoy myself. As a matter of fact you probably won’t see another dime from me ever if you leave this the way it is. I liked this game but I also used to love Call of Duty and was loyal to them for a while, this was my first Battlefield, and if this is how it stays it will be my last. I will be just fine playing COD MF3 hardcore (could buy it used and not even have to pay for an extra code)until i get far enough through school to make games that blow yours and most current games out of the water. You can ignore me today, you don’t have to read this at all but we both know I am only one voice for them many, many people who share my view. So as the rest of the players are starting to feel that oncomming hopelessness (from having to spend an hour to find a decent game) you can enjoy watching your numbers fall through the spring. I have already told a handfull of people about how they won’t want to buy it anymore and one concluded himself he would not be buying the game after playing the other day at my house. you have ruined the environment of this game and set yourself up for failure. good luck fixing this.
    -a disgruntled (paying) excessive spawnkill victim

  • LordRockinghamm 04.11.12 at 05:32

    HERE’S the thing. Dice claims that they changed the behavior of the guns (which are now largely useless) so that they could make this game ‘more realistic’. The problem is, how the hell would an average battlefield player have any knowledge or understanding of how the guns really feel when fired?
    The game is released. Everyone gets used to the guns, learns which ones are their favorite, which suit their playing style best. I learn and understand how the world of BF3 works and I get good at the game.

    Then Dice comes in and says, no, this is all wrong, this needs balanced because some people are bitching because they’re getting killed by people who figured out how to used the guns while they’re still struggling. So then Dice starts to get worried and says, ‘Well we’re not going to be able to steal more Call of Duty players if they hear that this game is too hard or too different from COD’. So they cater to the whims of the crying little kids and change all of the physics on all the weapons and reduce the damage of certain weapons down to extremely unrealistically low levels. Ok. So maybe now the guns fire the way they do in reality. But is it realistic when it takes over half a clip to kill one person? Is it realistic when you can unload on somebody, clearly hit them, and they turn around, shoot you twice, kill you, and have 100% health while you watch them run away on the kill cam? No. It’s not.

    I played this game because people used to die when you shot them. Not like Call of Duty when you can stand on someones back and shoot them six times dead on in the head with .44 and not hit them once simply because you’d just been hit with a stun grenade. Anyone who likes this new patch must not have been good at the game before the update. Anyone who really loved this game for what it was is deeply disappointed. I used look forward to playing this game. Now my interest in the game has been stifled by the update. THE GAME DIDN’T NEED TO BE FIXED. Put it back the way it was or damn close to it. Please. Or this will be the first and only Battlefield game I ever buy.

  • drumscarinbr 04.11.12 at 04:16


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    There are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way that you gave it to us in the first place!

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total Bullsh*t!!!!!

  • FADEvTOvBLACK 04.11.12 at 03:32

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to spread word of my Xbox 360 server. It is a UNRANKED Ultra Hardcore Server with 10% health and no HUD. If you are fan of true hardcore gameplay I think you’ll enjoy my server. The server is called “Realistic” Ultra Hardcore Server and m Gamertag is FADEvTOvBLACK and I’m looking forward to gaming with you! REMEMBER TO FAVORITE if you like the server!

    • drumscarinbr 04.11.12 at 04:18

      Too bad I’m on the PS3, otherwise I’d be there all day. There are not enough of these servers out there and the few that are out there, are always empty. Lame.

  • BlackHorse68 04.11.12 at 02:56

    I couldn’t be more disapointed with this last update. I hate being forced to play on player controlled servers. This should be an option. I did not pay good money to have to play the game the way another player sees fit. Your game “balancing” is a joke. Choppers, as always, are almost untouchable and your AA weapons are a joke. If you want to balance the game vehicles should only be able to be repaired once. As an added bonus my profile is now corrupt so I change to change my weapons and settings evertime I log in and I have yet to be able to set my motar. I’ve already left COD on the shelf, and if you keep rolling out updates that make the game worse BF will stay on the shelf too.

  • Anticrawl 04.11.12 at 01:40

    Where is the option on the Deathmatch poll for “None, deathmatch has no place in Battlefield.”

  • Anticrawl 04.11.12 at 01:35

    For the love of god give us a date on the close-quarters DLC.

  • CPT Amazing77 04.11.12 at 00:15

    I don’t know if DICE actually reads these comments, but I feel that BF3 is a great game and have enjoyed playing it since its release. I wasn’t even aware this patch was in the works and I haven’t noticed any drastic changes, aside from my tank getting smoked faster. I already try to play this game fairly tactically when on foot and this change makes it so I can not get complacent in my armored tub.

    I haven’t played COD since I picked up BFBC2 in the bargain bin and I don’t ever plan on going back, keep up the good work DICE!

  • murphy8821 04.10.12 at 23:36

    I hate this game now because every time im in a server gettin sick points i get kicked from the game with like 10 kills to go….how the fuck am i supose to rank up. this needs sorting …sum private dice servers were i wont get kicked

  • Blackhawk998 04.10.12 at 23:07

    I absolutely LOVE the new assist scores for helicopter pilots! I always hated how I never got any points when flying the helicopter even though my flying allowed my gunner to go like 50-2, I felt so under appreciated! Thank you DICE!!

  • drumscarinbr 04.10.12 at 21:30


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way that you gave it to us in the first place!

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total Bullsh*t!!!!!

  • Odetzz 04.10.12 at 21:27


  • SeveredJynxx 04.10.12 at 21:09

    Hello, this is the first time I have placed a post on something like this, firstly I play a lot of BF3 its the only game worth playing out there at the moment, my main weapon of choice is the battle tank, this is where my complaint comes…before the patch the game was pretty much well balanced in regards to vehicles with exceptions of the attack helicopter which was always a thorn in my side but i could live with it.
    Now the attack helicopters are virtually untouchable, the stinger and SA-18 are completley useless as they do not lock on unless the helicopter is right on top of you.
    Also when driving a tank you get some little nutters who run up and place C4 on your tank lol, which while annoying is quite skillful to get that close to one, but the C4 in my opinion is way over powered I could understand if it were to disable the tank but blow it up with a little bit of C4??
    While driving the tank if someone places C4 on it it tells you to press X to pick it up so you press X again and again, nothing happens then your tank blows up from this one piece of C4 :/
    maybe someone else can tell me if i’m doing something wrong and if this actually works to pick up the C4 but i can’t get it to work.
    The patch also removes the skill in driving a tank as when you come up against another tank the main gun has been increased in power or something, so now it’s near 3 shots death dependant on where you hit the tank, where before it was around 4.
    So thanks for the patch but you really could have done a lot more with it other than making helicopters untouchable in the skys and tanks now virtually useless against things like helicopters and C4.
    I just hope these things can be changed for the better when the next patch is released.
    Many thanks.

  • RAMKROM40 04.10.12 at 21:08

    Battlefield 3 server update coming next week, will fix AA missiles
    but… what about supression, official servers, god-skill-level-enemy, etc…?

  • carpenoctis 04.10.12 at 20:46

    This patch release wasn’t well thought out IMO. for one, DICE servers should be separated from the Rent-A-Server’s. Nothing is more annoying than scrolling through a bunch of rent-a-servers and seeing names like “AFRICAN AMERICANS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS SERVER,” or coming across a server that looks decent until you read the rules – “KINFE ONLY OR YOU WILL BE BANNED.” (then you find out the admin is using guns to rack up insane kill amounts but if you shoot him you are banned.

    Separate DICE servers or at least allow us to filter them.

  • XxMOExFUGGAxX 04.10.12 at 15:42

    Game is wonderful. To Hell with all of these haters below this comment. However, the server list is irritating as all get out. I want DICE servers seperated from the Rent-A-Server. And Supression may be just a bit tad over-the-top. Ease it back down a bit will you? That is all.

    • RAMKROM40 04.10.12 at 20:16

      and what about igla and stingers threshold? and those butter-made tanks? and those graphic bugs? and those ‘one shot to die’? and those ‘a 3/4 clip to kill someone’?… respectfully, you must play a bit more. the game, after the update, is worse and now dissappoints every bf3 gamer.

      • REAPERSDlSClPLE 04.10.12 at 20:48

        not sure whats wrong with igla and stingers, tanks are fine with more realism, havent had a graphic bug yet?, always had a one shot die I assume from sniper rifle, and for 3/4 clip, try shooting burst like and not hold the finger down. Its a realism patched, I found 1 thing wrong in the patch so far, stealth unlock isnt working. Other than that its a well balanced game now

        • RAMKROM40 04.10.12 at 23:44

          the aa guns doesn’t work (in fact, ea/dice will fix it next week).
          graphic bugs: if you look to some soldiers, they have certain guns with their clips in the air. and what to say about if you run, your soldier will stop if he reach a little stone in the way?
          i’ve been playing bf3 since the launch (nov, 2011). i have about 300 hours of game. when i say that someone shots you 1 time (and when i said 1 time i mean 1 bullet or maybe 2) and kills you, believe that i know that the game experience has changed. at the same time, you need to empty a entire clip to kill someone… if you’re lucky to shot them in their head.
          some escenaries (it happens to me at ‘teheran highway’ and ‘caspian frontier’) dissappears for a second, and then returns… very amazing! it’s true that this happens only 1 or 2 times per round.
          the supression is too high.
          the ground vehicles… the tanks… are like butter-made. there is no reason to keep them now.
          some fixes in the guns are unreasonable. balanced game?… i don’t think so…
          and what to say about the servers and the god-mode of some gamers?
          sincerely, ea/dice must take side with this. they must bring back the official servers, at least as an option. the rented servers sucks.
          basically, this are the reasons why this awesome game has turned too disappointer.
          king cheers ;)

          • RAMKROM40 04.10.12 at 23:55

            (sorry with my poor english… i’m spanish :) )

      • LordRockinghamm 04.11.12 at 05:37


  • xxCarbon14xx 04.10.12 at 15:13

    WTF happened to BF3? I bought a great game that was “updated” to a pile of garbage. Servers are broken, gameplay is broken, this is NOT the game I purchased. I want my $60 back. Dice and EA should reverse the update or at the very least make it an optional update so that the people that are already paid up can have their game back. I am boycotting EA and their products indefinitely, and will encourage others to do so as well. Fix it or at least admit that you screwed up. This is my feedback. A little acknowledgement either way would be nice.

  • TheBattler 04.10.12 at 15:12

    And I still cant knife a enemy with a morter, Why? Is there some kind of magic knife shield around you when using a clumsy spawnraping weapon?
    And I still miss the opportunity to set my controller as I wish, the R3 button prone is about the most annoying thing ever (I for one allmost pushes it when shooting, maybe Im handicapped, but I have heard this to be a problem amongst many, and when you do, you stop shooting, your soldier jjust lies down nice and slow, while being slaughtered by the bewildered enemy). Actually I cannot for the life of me understand that the company who made the best games ever the last ten years, of which I have played all until my eyes started bleeding and my PC melted, has made this incredibly irritating game with clumsy soldiers, bad controller setup options (yes I switched to PS3 untill there is money enough for a Alienware) and very mysterious different reactions to bullits. I do appreciate (like so few) that there IS a difference in weapons, and sometimes a HK5 will be the better weapon against a G3, in urban warfare you need the fastfirring, easy reloading, quick aiming little sucker…but on a open dessert I will f….ng NOT tolerate to be killed with a pp19 from a 100 yards when I have put three aimed bursts of my 7.62 mm rifle into the enemy. When all is balanced out, then why should there beany motivation to get the next weapon.

    Lets stop focusing on making all weapons equal, and work on the gameplay, servers and the fact that its a bit unrealistic that a soldier would stop running and just hop on site when a little rock is on the ground.

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.10.12 at 12:41

    I am a Uk player with BT infinity(fast isp). I installed patch on release day, had minor connection issues where I am kicked off live within 2 mins of starting a BF3 round.
    This Easter Monday I have had horrendous connection problems, I am losing connection to the session EVERY couple of minutes and the servers are LAGGYYYYY.
    Weirdly I tried out some Australian servers rather than my normal UK ones and could stay connected and had little if any lag??
    Overall I am content with the patch, BUT please can you host your own official servers again !?
    A filter in the browser for results of ONLY official servers would be nice.
    There is a lot of admin abuse going on.

  • drumscarinbr 04.10.12 at 11:01


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total Bullsh*t!!!!!

  • DomAzz BUMBLE B 04.10.12 at 10:34

    i love how all these people are hating so bad right now on this patch, while i do agree that too much was changed, im still playing it and doing just as good as i did before. Some peeps arent good at adapting, some dont like change. and SOME people are a little pissy because their precious USAS’s and FAMAS’s were nerfed down to a little more “realism.” Even though they are still stupidly over powered. what they dont understand is that those are the “noob” weapons, and cant play with a little more challenge. but hey , relax, yall still have your pretty m320′s you can stuff down hallways and get ur easy kills. so shut up, hop on and just fucking play your game.

  • nativesatellite 04.10.12 at 09:49

    It’s almost impossible for me to play ever since the update. Almost every minute of the match i keep getting disconnected. Please undo this update it’s making me regret purchasing your wonderful game.

  • keegansyl 04.10.12 at 08:45

    I don’t wanna be a dick or anything but you guys have completely ruined battlefield 3 for me and basically everyone else that isn’t paying even more money to rent a server. I’ve got like well over 100 hours on battlefield but now I’m lucky to get 10 minutes a day. It’s just not fun anymore, people payed for a GAME not some try hard simulator bullshit, no one cares if jeeps have horns. All the guns people used are ruined and there’s like 5 guns left that haven’t been fucked up. The servers are shit aswell now, trying to find a normal server on rush where I can play each map once is impossible, every server is like 2 or 5 maps some random asshole likes and we have no choice but to play it because all other servers are missing. Put the guns back to the way they were, make a filter for the servers so we at least have an option and stop being money hungry assholes, we’ve already spent money on the game and we were planning on getting dlc but probably not now since the game is ruined completely, sort your shit out or you’ll have no one left and cod wins and I’m sure you don’t want that.

  • Justinbro13 04.10.12 at 08:05

    after the patch bf3 freezes sometimes and keeps losing connection to ea.My and 3 of my friends were playing and one person game froze then another and another after that,only one of my friends game didnt freeze.

  • REAPERSDlSClPLE 04.10.12 at 06:50

    I like what you did with the patch. It adds more skill to the game. The only mad people are the ones that lost there edge. One edge is weapons over powered that should have been tested in a test server, before being released to the public. Now you rebalanced it to the way it should and people don’t like change. As for the private servers, if you mess with the map ration settings other than default, it should automatically make the server custom and take it out of quick match rotation. Or maybe add an advanced search for quick match.

    Another thing, the vehicle stealth unlock dose not work anymore, seen on minimap and no longer increases lock time.

    To the community this is not bad company, its battlefield.

  • cettuf03 04.10.12 at 05:52

    What kind of drugs were you guys on when you decided to release this patch? I can’t believe anyone who is intelligent enough to create a game & run & maintain servers would believe that this was a good idea. F*ck bf3. You just lost a fan of several years. I just want to play a normal game of bf3. I am playing something else until this crap gets fixed.

  • Jefffuca 04.10.12 at 05:33

    The patch mess up Xbox bf3 as I expected. Are they stupid or not?

  • Jefffuca 04.10.12 at 05:31

    We have paid to EA so much. Game fee, online pass, now they want to charge us if we create our own server.. I really don’t see any point. It upsets me a lot….

  • Jefffuca 04.10.12 at 05:27

    I have stopped playing bf3 for now. Went back to play bfbc2……. At certain point, I will go back again.

  • toadape 04.10.12 at 04:14

    Like so many others already comment on it, so will I. This new update is horrendus in any way. It is impossible to find the Official none-altered servers anymore. If I chose quickplay I always end up in some stupid 5 billion-ticket game that goes on FOREVER. Altough I like the idea that you can rent servers, you really should fix so that is possible to just filter all this bullshit away so only official server can be shown.

    Hurry up and fix. This game is really pushing my patience and I am seriously considering stop playing.

  • paulwithano 04.10.12 at 04:01

    rent a server is the biggest mistake ever made on freaking gaming i cant fing one original dice lobby and all the rent a server lobbies have at least 300 tickets who wants to paly a 4 hour game needs to be patched stupidest idea ever

  • LosRoy 04.10.12 at 03:07

    I’m for custom games and renting servers, but it seems like now it’s 1000 tickets and Metro only. I want to play on official DICE servers but they are nearly impossible to find. Plus, I just want to click conquest and join a game, not spend time looking through servers only to have them be full. This is annoying and stupid. DICE, until you fix, I will be playing something else, and NOT buying DLC.

    • toadape 04.10.12 at 04:16

      I totaly agree with you. It’s a damn shore now, trying to find a good official server. Or ateast a rented one with normal settings on.

  • Justinbro13 04.10.12 at 01:13

    im literally getting a headache from bf3.Its not a tactical team based game its a lone wolf type.Because most of the players suck ass and dont help out.What did the patch actually fix?because im still seeing people elevate with a mav also i was getting shot with a mortar in a tank my teammate repair it to 100% i got hit with the mortar again and got destroyed one hit

  • vehicross 04.09.12 at 22:34

    FIX THE SERVERS!!! Lets see 5 million copies sold at $60.00 each = Why the f are we paying for servers? Dont you have enough?

  • Bumpiest Caesar 04.09.12 at 21:25

    Can live with the gun changes, vehicle changes… already getting used to it BUT I think most people would agree that we should have easy access to official servers. Have been playing on the private servers and got kicked twice when I was playing well… and I am not exactly insane with a gun. Also, please dont give the option to triple the head count in a game as an option, 1000 ticket games are just TOO boring! I will still play as I love this game but please fix the server crap.

  • Romeo One Zero 04.09.12 at 20:28

    Well done! You’ve really screwed up a good game!
    Since renting out servers, I keep loosing connection, even when hosting the server. Sadly I and my fellow friends are going to opt out of any more battlefield 3. Hopefully you will sort it. Back to dedicated servers!!!! Not private servers asking for ridiculous amounts of ms points to stay in the game?

  • Justinbro13 04.09.12 at 18:47

    We wont be getting a patch till maybe june.

  • Justinbro13 04.09.12 at 18:45

    I love bf so much,but bf3 is a fail.Its nothing compared to bfbc2.BC2 was a relax fun game where you can just get on and love to play.Bf3 is sometimes fun,frustating, and sometimes not playable.The weapons for bf3 are so garbage i am so sick of using the same gun,and the guns i try to use are horrible because of suppression.Aek for example it already has it fair amount of recoil and now with suppression its ridiculous.I dont think i want to play bf3 till close quarters come out.M16 is the only all around beast gun.Low recoil,High rof, and etc.But i get tired of using that gun.BC2 is way better than bf3.Better maps,vehicles,guns,destruction, and etc.

  • Erasmus4 04.09.12 at 18:38

    I’d also like to express my frustration with the rent-a-server update. I was under the impression that these personal servers were an optional feature for people who wanted to host their own games. I was not aware that they would take over BF3 completely.

    Now anytime I go to find a match I see nothing but custom games. What if I just want to play the regular modes and map rotations? This doesn’t seem to be possible since the official servers are extremely rare.

    I am a huge Battlefield fan. I got into the series with BC2 and have put countless hours into it. Sadly, I have to say that I can’t keep playing BF3 if this is the way things are going to be.

    EA and DICE, please fix this. I’m okay with rental serves existing, but players should still have the option of playing in a controlled environment on official servers. Until then, I’m going to have to get my online shooter fix elsewhere. This also means I don’t plan on buying anymore BF3 DLC anytime soon.

    • RUSTY SHERIFF 2 04.09.12 at 22:10

      This seems to be all about money. Since the upgrade i am suffering from really bad lag, I lose connection half way through a game. I won’t be purchasing any more battlefield add on or games until they return this game back to it’s former glory.

  • SINY10304 04.09.12 at 17:40

    NOOOOO DONT DO IT ! RENT A SERVER= not a good thing , Im on console PS3 and now that this rent a server BS has happened , it is just filled with punk kids who now have admin powers…… . Needless to say i only play on the DICE SERVERS now, because the game is being played how it is meant to be played and not 1 map on an endless loop with a rediculous amount of tickets….. it was a sad day in console history.

  • Rohtgar 04.09.12 at 14:29

    Well nice going!! I can’t get connected any more now… YOU SUCK!!

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.09.12 at 13:36

    Overall I like the patch.
    But… I am having connection problems now, never had it before patch:
    Getting disconnected from xboxlive after a couple of mins of first connecting game(this happens everytime I play). I am a UK player and I have a very fast internet connection – I dont have problems with any other games or streaming media through xbox, I didnt have this problem before the latest update.
    I love the rent a server idea BUT I wish I could find official EA/Dice servers too.
    I have so far been banned on entry, kicked several times and worse you can be really enjoying a round when for whatever reason the admin decides to take the server down. All this means I cant be sure of finishing a round anymore.
    It ok playing on rented servers but sometimes I want to play on reliable OFFICIAL conquest servers.
    Is it possible to make it so admins cant take a server down mid round?
    Can you control admin abuse?
    I would like to see some more filter options in the server browser too.

  • EliteRifleman 04.09.12 at 09:04

    Ugh… I loved this game so much. I bought it for xbox and ps3, I have colonel rank 1 on xbox and colonel rank 5 on ps3. (the eagle emblem) I played the hell outta this game and I never commented or complained or asked for anything to be changed. Yeah there had been times I got frustated at the amount of deaths I would get from the USAS 12g Frag and maybe dodging a MAV a whole match was a annoying but damn I’d take those two things back in a sec if it means the game would go back to it was before this last patch. I have put enough hours in since the patch now to know that how bad i’m now playing is not because I just need to get “used to it” again. I swear barely can get over a 1.0kd, when for awhile I was getting 3.0kd up to 10kd in matches before the patch. Just seems like it takes so much more time to line up shots (managing recoil) that if you run into more than one person you might as well just not even try and let them kill you. I remember TDM I would get combat efficiency pins is a matter of a few mins. Once got 8 killstreak in less than a min with g18. I don’t see thinks like this happening anymore…

    • 382009 04.09.12 at 09:11

      I figured it out man burst fire is key. I use to use the famas and just unload now i use the L85 and just tap the trigger. I still pull those K/D Ratios.

  • 382009 04.09.12 at 09:00

    But the server isuses do suck DICE what the fuck man i dont want to play on someones server where when I kill them too many times they kick me. WTF Fix it

  • 382009 04.09.12 at 08:58

    I’m tired of hearing everyone crying about this patch. They are all changes that make the game feel better. You shouldn’t be able to hold down the trigger with an assault rifle and kill somone a mile out. Running while shooting should effect your accuracy. I know how u guys feel so dont get me wrong. I miss my FAMAS its not the same but i got over it found something better. Start useing burst fire you little bitches. Also about the USAS. Who cares if they changed it if its all you could use to achieve 1st then you suck. This patch requires you to treat a gun well like a gun dumb ass’s so if it really does hurt your feelings that they made the game BETTER then go to MW3 where the babies and the bitches can play together with there got guns and shit maps. thank you and good day. Ha

  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:57


  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:50


  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:47


  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:44

    Assault rifles should be able to kill at farther distances, THEY AREN’T SUB MACHINE GUNS,THE DERVER IDEA WAS COMPLETLY HORRIBLE,

  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:42


  • nukelheadmp 04.09.12 at 08:39

    Fact: Dice is going to catch a lot of hell on this forum because they pissed off a lot of people. Anyone who was abusing any of the flaws like USAS 12 with frag rounds, MAV mowing, MAV elevating, etc are going to be all pissy because those things have been toned down or completely eliminated. Good.

    On the other hand, I do agree that some things might need a second look – like being able to play on official Dice servers instead of trolling through endless rented servers to try to find one that has sensible settings. Rented servers are not a bad idea, but it would be nice to be able to easily find non-customized servers if you choose to.

    This was and STILL IS a very good game. We appreciate the positive changes and I hopeful that CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from players can make it better.

  • ChickenMoney 04.09.12 at 08:24

    I HOPE THIS COMMENT IS READ : I’M SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF THOUSANDS OF BATTLEFIELD PLAYERS…..THIS RECENT UPDATE HAS DAMAGED ONLINE BATTLEFIELD’S GAMEPLAY…..Personally, 3 days ago, I was in a match and it required several clips to kill someone on team deathmatch, eveeryon in the match had the same result…wtf…that’s plain out ridiculous…and irritating, everything should’ve been left alone, I like the idea of having your own custoom matches, but te overall servers for everyone should’ve been left alone, EVER SO OFTEN I GET INTO A MATCH WHERE IT REQUIRES AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF BULLETS TO KILL AN ENEMY, THIS REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO PUT BATTLEFIELD DOWN….PLEASE READ THIS

  • xxJAYMAN20xx 04.09.12 at 07:35

    Is it just me or do javelins cause way more damage to tanks than they used to? It’s impossible to drive a tank anymore since anyone one with a javelin can hit you from basically anywhere and disable your tank. Before the update, a hit from a javelin would take my tank down to about 55% but it was still usable. Now if I get hit with one I’m instantly destroyed or damaged to about 30%.

  • Cheesegasket 04.09.12 at 07:03

    First off this update made this game go from being the best first person shooter I’ve ever played to the biggest fucking disappointment in the battlefield series. This game was amazing and those piece of shit dice members had to fuck it all up. They better put battlefield 3 back to normal or hundreds of thousands of players are going to leave. Fuck dice… They just had to ruin everything about this awesome game. Fuck all of them.

    • nukelheadmp 04.09.12 at 07:34

      How did they “fuck it all up”? I have been playing, have noticed some changes that I have had to adjust to, but overall I don’t have any problem with the updates. In fact, I feel like they have done a good job with the update overall. If you have a SPECIFIC complaint that might be more helpful than “Fuck all of them.”

  • Sparkzilla25 04.09.12 at 06:40

    WOW this update really really sucks balls. It destroyed this game and made it complete shit. They didnt even fix any of the real problems with the game they just made it way worse. I am extremely devastated.

  • REAPERSDlSClPLE 04.09.12 at 04:48

    messing around in our private server, stealth on scout choppers no longer working after patch. The locking time is not increased anymore. We tested it and stealth with and with out it, lock on is same, is this how stealth should be now?

  • Glotzhagen 04.09.12 at 03:50

    You fucking assholes.

    • nukelheadmp 04.09.12 at 07:38

      Short and to the point. Well, short at least.

  • Glotzhagen 04.09.12 at 03:45

    FUCK YOU EA. Get rid of the cheating bitches. I am tired of rocking every server only to have someone spawn behind me like a bitch. Rot in hell.

  • HoboRobo13 04.09.12 at 03:40

    superman 64 is now better than this piece of shit game

  • II UrSavior II 04.09.12 at 03:11

    I agree the rented servers need tweaked i cant find a true squadrush or a true rush game unless i rent my own server that parts a joke but even thou the god weapons got nerfed with recoil n iv spent the last 8 hours finding my new baby i think its an improvement i could spot a got clear cross map n three shots from my famas hed be dead it got boring after awhile so to all those dice members reading this i say ur on the right track just fix the d#”n servers

  • Bobs903P 04.09.12 at 02:30
  • RAMKROM40 04.09.12 at 00:50

    this comment deserves to be repeated.

    azncrack123lol 04.08.12 | 02:28
    I am completely fed up…

    - whats the point of using 6-12x scopes on any weapon if the recoil is too jumpy to hit anything?

    - whats the point of using any other perk when ‘suppression cover’ is essential for any situation now?

    - whats the point of playing hardcore mode if the hit damage is the same as normal mode?

    - whats the point of using server browsers if 98% of the servers are rented ones?

    - whats the point of repairing vehicles under fire if it takes too long to repair and you will lose it to tanks and rpgs quicker?

    - whats the point of managing a squad if you cant even kick anyone from it anymore?

    - whats the point of placing mines if they appear as icons both on the mini-map AND on screen?

    - whats the point of getting in a tank if it takes 2-3 hits to be completely destroyed now?

    - whats the point of shooting infantry with the mobile AA’s if they can just walk away from loads of bullets up their asses?

    - whats the point of DICE releasing the game 5 months ago if it was so ‘broken’ to begin with?

    - whats the point of adapting to the new patch if you already spent hundreds of hours adapting to EVERYTHING before?

    - whats the point of playing BF3 anymore…

    DICE doesnt care about its hardcore, passionate fanbase anymore. they only care about pleasing the COD people now.

    instead of standing their ground and focusing on fixing real problems the majority of us felt needed to be fixed, DICE caved in to EVERY single complaint about EVERY little thing that wasnt even wrong with the game in the first place.

    they have bit off more than they could chew on the behalf of the COD crowd who dont understand the game’s mechanics and formulas. they have strayed away from their original vision of what the game should be on the behalf of the casual audience, just like COD did.

    and now you got rented servers, which take up 98% of the server browser, forcing you to think to yourself “Hmm, maybe I should rent one, so I could make my own rules and emulate the game to how it used to be…WAIT, NO! THATS JUST WHAT THEY WANT FROM ME, MONEY MONEY MONEY!”

    Close Quarters DLC coming up, you know more than half the rented servers are gonna be playing those maps ’24/7 with 1700 tickets!’, just like Operation Metro…

    whats the point. if it took them months to release this patch, I dont even want to think how long it would take for them to fix the game again; that is, if they even care to.

    BF3 is a joke now. DICE is a joke now.

    I was a loyal Battlefield fan. I enjoyed and defended this series for many years, through all its faults. I loved the blend of cinematic realism with good old fashioned videogame FUN. i loved getting on and playing with a team full of friends and having fun together and playing the objectives and winning against all odds.

    those days feel like theyre coming to an end, as DICE seems to be heading in a new direction now, at the expense of their integrity, their vision and their fanbase…

    no matter how many times i complained before, i always held out hope that things will get better. but this is the last straw. for the first time ever, i DREAD getting on BF3.

    sadface :-(

    • Justinbro13 04.09.12 at 02:20

      i buying bc2 because it is the best bf game i ever played in my opinion.
      Whats the point in playing in a rented server if you keep getting killed by admin.
      Im just running along and i die.
      Im just flying a scout and i die.
      Im just in a tank battle and i die.
      I dont see how this game is broken shouldnt you know what should be done and what should not,couldnt you just use some of the things that was in previous bf instead of fucking ever thing up

    • XXCrimson7XX 04.09.12 at 02:35

      Hey cheer up Rockstar games loves their community and actually makes great games!
      I know I’m getting Max Payne 3 for one! :D

    • jezumcrow 04.09.12 at 02:46

      I think DICE needs only to fix the ability to check the box next to NORMAL in the server browser and then have regular DICE/EA servers show up. If you want to try some crazy rented servers you should check the box CUSTOM. This part of the server browser is not functioning. I think the fixes are great and some will take a little getting used to.

    • Glotzhagen 04.09.12 at 03:47

      Do you really think they gave a shit in the first place. Get real, dumbass. They allow all hackers and cheaters to fuck up their servers for years now. BF2BC, and now BF3. Save yr wasted breath.

  • SlavicWonder 04.09.12 at 00:32

    I wish people would stop crying… The patch improved the game by far… I can name a bunch of guns that are improved… The game looks cleaner, feels better… Only complaint is we need more dedicated hardcore servers so i dont have to deal with these baby clan owners who team kill and kick cuz im much better than them….

    • RAMKROM40 04.09.12 at 00:33

      too many bugs to be an update… don’t you think so?

    • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 13:00

      fuck u, slavic bitch. shut ur mouth. this game is shit now.

  • RAMKROM40 04.09.12 at 00:31


  • BOUNTYKILLA73 04.08.12 at 23:44

    The game has changed for the worse. It went from fun to very stressfull for me and my 16 year old son. For instance, im in a game and I kill a guy and he kicks you from his server… Thats sad. Also the game just really needs to be changed back. A server to practice flying would be nice but thats it….

  • Abledark 04.08.12 at 22:49

    Sign the petition to show dice we are not pleased with the update here

    • Abledark 04.08.12 at 22:50

      Im guessing im not the first one to try and make a change but wtf somethings gotta be done about this crap.

    • BOUNTYKILLA73 04.08.12 at 23:47

      I signed bro….

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 04.08.12 at 21:55

    Gosh they ruin my favorite weapon. My baby is weak. Have to release the whole magazine and hope they wont turn around and kill me. That is sad. I used to kill people with max of 5 shots. Grrrrr my poor poor gun. :(
    Remove rent-a- servers and mixed game mode servers from the quick match Dice.
    Lessen the recoil!
    My poor gun :(

  • thel69 04.08.12 at 21:33

    I’m not even up to pace with everything I played this game for the first time in weeks. I get an update and now I can’t find one server for multiplayer.

  • deuce coupon 04.08.12 at 20:19

    I will have to agree with 99% of the people posting that this patch is crap!!! I remeber being able to kill a person in under 3 clips with an assault rilfe. I think it is so funny have to pump so many bullets into one person in order to kill them. I have a played about 6 hours post patch and they have completely ruined this game. They need to put the game back the way it was. Before the patch I would get killed by grenade rounds from an shotgun or a FAMAS and I would just keep playing. Instead of fixing the crap that is broken they have tried to fix too much and completely jacked up the game.

    P.S. The rent a server idea is retarded. I hate playing a game of RUSH where the attackers have over 150 tickets, it is so stupid. Thanks again EA and Dice for breaking such a great game!!!

    • wuggis1972 04.09.12 at 01:29

      Worst battlefield game ever! By trying to capture more of the market they have sucked everything that made the previous games great out of this one. Ffs be one thing or the other . And rented servers says we dont care anymore,here you are,do whatever you want with it. Even bf1942 has better suport than that. Says it all as far as I am concerned. Game of bfbc2 anyone?

  • truskn 04.08.12 at 19:56

    We should take our complaints to their DICE\EA and EA TWITTER accounts as well the blogs. Let the world see how crappy this damn game has become. I could only take about 2 hours of this Rent Server patch. I’m back to playing BC2 until something better comes out [Future Soldier will be better hopefully].

  • CitingFrame56 04.08.12 at 19:41

    yep the new patch isnt good..
    its terrible.. really..
    i cant play the game anymore..
    I brought the game and hated it after playing bf2.. but got use it and love it.. now the game has changed so much its shit again.. so i thought ill just get use to it.. ive played about 10 hours now with the patch. even when i get top player im still not happy with the changes.. the changes i really dont understand is that i cant kill people with assault rifles in the head from a distance other than 2 inches. Ive also noticed that sniper rifles are getting used alot more now as close range weapons.. sniper rifles with 1x scopes its stupid. but i guess the assault rifles are shit now so its the only way to make sure you kill something..

    its shit, you have messed up a very good game.. making the game more balanced??? how have you actually done that?? made all the good players that have unlocked everything and had a high rank shit and made noobs BUY!!!! the kits.. (really?.. you wasnt satisfied with the money you got from the 3 million copy s you sold before it was released)..

    i now cant play levels i want to play.. say i wanted to play karkand i have to either find a server just playing that level or hope that i randomly find it. and then I get half a game on it before it switches to some other level.. im not paying more money to have a server.. how much money are they making from fucking up servers and YOU having the pay for levels you want to play.. Ive been kicked from a few games for no fucking reason coz you get little shits controlling them.. you kill them more than once then they kick you out.

    i dont even care if i get killed by the USAS frag rounds, change it back.. I never wanted this patch in the first place…

    DICE…. just reading some of the comments on this page you can tell how much frustration you have caused. I guess players didnt appreciated the game the way it was now you answered their comments and ideas they hate it.. the game only needed 2 or 3 changes but you changed everything with a 1.2g patch….
    if i want 100% realism i’ll join the marines but this is a game… I shouldnt have to put up with so much recoil im firing at the sky..

    I can go on but this is enough..

  • WR4ITH66 04.08.12 at 19:14

    can someone tell me how and where to find setup a server to start on only 2 players…
    i have one setup on my 360 but hell can i find in setting to make it start on players !

    • Booty Kicker 04.09.12 at 05:44

      Pretty sure I set that up when I was picking which maps would be in the rotation.

  • RocCityKid10 04.08.12 at 18:56

    EA needs to change this your own server because now i cant play a game hosted by EA their all made by these kids that make the supidest rules. Also when i join a match my classes are all screwed up and i cant play conquest on all of the karkand maps except for Gulf of Oman. So DICE and EA please fix this problem because playing battlefield 3 is not much fun anymore and I used to love playing because I am not a fan of MW3.

  • marc9600 04.08.12 at 17:49

    Patch is ok (apart from the useless stingers and overpowered heli/jet gunners) but the way they have implemented this rented sever thing is a complete mess. Why they did not add a filter that allows you to search for only official servers is beyond me. Also, where have all the official conquest servers that had all of the maps gone ? Now. if I want to play on a conquest only server I have to search for DICE epic battles (which also brings up all of the admins who have given their rented server a similar name) and settle for the limited map rotation or play on a rented server.

  • I PityDaFoolzz 04.08.12 at 16:28

    Nice job completely RUINING this game. I spent months perfecting this game and then blam lets let the noobs get everything I worked my a** off for for free. Now I use a 31 round mag from my primary, 21 from my G18 and some mother F-ing noob kills me with minimal effort. Hey at least I got him down to 3% before he took me out. At least I get to see his dog tag that has nothing on it while he runs around like a dip SH*T!

  • Justinbro13 04.08.12 at 12:29

    I was playing on caspian and it was epic.Best match ever.I killed so many people with the a-91.I blew up so many jeeps and tanks with the javelin.I destroyed a helicopter and a tank with the kornet.I tried to lock on to a buggy that had c4 on it.It blew up my teammate,i drove to where they were at and i tried to shoot them with the buggy i jumped out because i realize he was trying to blow me up i shot at him and he almost killed me and out of nowhere my teammate drives him over in a buggy i turn around and the person who was driving the c4 buggy was trying to run me over i lock on with the javelin and destroyed him.All that epic shit and one game

  • dyls79 04.08.12 at 11:53

    a few points…
    - we spend hundreds of hours learning the game and unlocking various kit upgrades and now you can just purchase them all off the bat? not happy.
    - weapons are behaving differently (so much more recoil!!) so much so that previous favourites (again that we spend hours perfecting) are no longer effective.
    - am I the only one that seems to be unloading whole clips into people to have them turn around and two shots I’m dead? wtf?!
    - not going to rent a server.
    - I loved the game pre ‘fix’. Dont fix it if it aint broke…

    • LordRockinghamm 04.08.12 at 18:53

      I completely agree with you. I find the fact that it takes twice as many bullets to take someone down very aggrevating. Its like im playing halo or something. I try all these different weapons and none of them make a difference because they all feel unfamiliar and underpowered. Thinkin about buying the new ghost recon. . .

    • CitingFrame56 04.08.12 at 19:55

      I agree..
      But just think we played the game before the patch, the new kids will never know how good it was…

      • LordRockinghamm 04.11.12 at 05:41

        I know. That’s depressing. Because it was damn good. Now . . . I don’t really look forward to playing the game anymore.

  • murphy8821 04.08.12 at 11:42

    Looks like bf2 is comung back out no 3 is absolute fucking shit u set off pricks

  • nurupoooo 04.08.12 at 10:55

    PS3PS3PS3PS3PS3hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hurry hurry upppppppppppp

  • Unholy DrDeath 04.08.12 at 10:40

    Having enjoyed BF3 95% pre patch I find these weapon tweaks OTT!
    1) So in accurate that you’d think it was a sim not a game.
    2) Why not add these tweaks to a sim mode instead where they reward players for playing this mode?
    3) I can’t believe they added a feature to distract laser guided missile with flares! Chopper whores are now going 30-40 kills around and NO deaths thus makes any air map no fun for the infantry :(
    4) Who thinks the tanks are weak? I’ve seen Seine Crossing on a private server 1200 ticket game give a tank whore 130-8 that is not because his tank was weak we hit the thing multiple times the bitch rarely died NO fun!
    5) Mortaring in base was never a problem for me I dropped a mortar on their heads. I don’t see why you moved the zone rules as now our mortaring team can’t kill those tanks either :(
    6) Add a filter to choose between private and public servers! I hate searching for a normal game! I don’t have an hour to through at a single game! It’s nice for s change but not a rule!
    7) Fix the Claymores to last in death plus 5 seconds and not in the instance you’re dropped! If I am revived I hate the fact my strategy has been removed! Makes no sense!
    9) The mines rule is fine. The IR sights are much better than pre patch.
    10) Hit detection is not consistent enough I’ve experienced too many headshots with the sniper rifle not killing the target only for him to return a 1 shit kill :(
    11) Multiple shit to the head of snipers is very frustrating!

    I know Dice tried to show they listened to ALL their fans. This is the biggest problem. Focus on product and it’s origins should if been key and not the whining community that never liked BF in the first place! Please Dice give us back the fun action packed team play we do love about your games! Return the weapons to their original glory with maybe a few range tweaks to the over powered few. Make them lethal to 20-50 meters then drastically drop their accuracy and hit points there after! That’s all they needed! Give us back the claymore lives or at least keep them until not revived until next spawn! This’ll give the user better use of these valuable resources! Let the mortar folk back in to their supporting roles, strategy is key to victory and your game! Cancel the flares breaking the laser lock that us plain stupid and frustrating. Let the ECM be the only choice of breaking or increase the recharge time to 2 x that of the laser targeter!

    Please here our pain and address these things A.S.A.P. I really losing my enthusiasm to play this once epic game……

  • Justinbro13 04.08.12 at 10:25

    One big thing they should have fix was the ribbons and dogtags and things of that nature should always pop up.

  • Justinbro13 04.08.12 at 09:33

    My friend was about to kick a dude from his server for being 32-1 on metro.WTF.In armored kill they need to have maps similar to the epic bfbc2 maps with the houses and destructible buillding instead of these square buildings in bf3 that noone goes in

  • deadman_1441 04.08.12 at 09:18

    I agree, i been geting kicked and or banned for no reasons.I fine it really anoying when are team is working together (owning them) and some player(s) get kick for no reasens. so i ask please fix this admin abues.

  • PA107th 04.08.12 at 05:38

    Please get rid of this rent-a-server BS, I’m tired if getting kicked because the moron who is renting the server is a sore loser. I got kicked tonight because I was using a night vision scope on a support weapon. No where in his description did it say ” Night Vision” scopes are not allowed. I don’t mind getting kicked from one side to the other.

  • LordRockinghamm 04.08.12 at 04:35

    THE PATCH WAS UNNECESSARY. THIS GAME WAS NOT BROKEN. It’s been out for almost 6 months. That’s 6 months of time people have spent learning the laws of the environment of Battlefield 3 and now those laws have been completely rewritten for no apparent reason. I wasn’t aware that there were so many problems that needed to be fixed. The game was perfectly fine. Perfectly completely fair for the most part and enjoyable. Now I feel like I’m playing Call of Duty or Halo every time I put it in. It takes over half a clip to kill one person while they can shoot you with two bullets and you instantly drop. My favorite guns are now useless to me because they behave so differently from the way they used to it’s like I’m firing a completely different weapon. Explosives are now practically useless against infantry. I’m a new convert to the Battlefield series and before this patch came out I praised this game to the skies to all who play video games. I quit playing Call of Duty because the laws of the world were unreliable and unfailingly enraging. It’s been a terrible thing to be getting pissed at BF for the same reasons I used to get pissed at COD.

    Dice needs to revoke many aspects of the patch. Some of the changes are nice. But the weapons need to be returned to their former physics and effectiveness. You need to be able to choose whether to search among private servers or dice public servers. The most disturbing thing to me was the fact that the weapons seem to be doing significantly less damage than they used to across the board. I don’t know if this is because the speed of the servers is compromised due to the processing power it requires to maintain all of the new rentable servers or if it’s because the physics of the guns and damage system have been too drastically changed. Either way it needs to be returned to the way it was. This game was not broken. It did not need to be fixed. It’s Battlefield. Not Call of Duty. Keep it that way.

  • dominorox71 04.08.12 at 04:09

    “oh just use the server browser to find a playlist you like”
    Hey F*** you randy I don’t want to use a crappy server browser with now useless filters for 15 minutes to find a decent server i want to play the game that I bought on some normal F***ing servers with ALL of the maps in a random playlist and what the f*** is with everything coming out on PS3 before 360? the whole point of having an xbox is getting the DLC on time.

  • dominorox71 04.08.12 at 04:00

    Yeah what the F*** I definately don’t want to play “Spartan12345′s boothappy 24/7 FUN” server. I just want to play rush that’s why I went into quick match and picked RUSH not rush and then 5 hours of TDM.
    I can see nerfing the frag rounds, adding horns, giving more points for pilots getting driver assists and giving new players IR flares. Those were all good ideas, but what part of making the minimap all awkward and ruining the servers seemed like a good idea? I don’t care if people are making private servers… what I do care about is that they’re flooding the regular game and making it impossible to find any normal servers and even those suck. What was wrong with the original server setup the game shipped with? You picked the game mode YOU WANTED TO PLAY and then played on a different map each time, not 5 maps in a row over and over. This patch sucks. If DICE doesn’t fix all the bulls*** in this stupid patch I definately won’t be playing any of the Add-ons.

  • azncrack123lol 04.08.12 at 02:28

    I am completely fed up…

    - whats the point of using 6-12x scopes on any weapon if the recoil is too jumpy to hit anything?

    - whats the point of using any other perk when ‘suppression cover’ is essential for any situation now?

    - whats the point of playing hardcore mode if the hit damage is the same as normal mode?

    - whats the point of using server browsers if 98% of the servers are rented ones?

    - whats the point of repairing vehicles under fire if it takes too long to repair and you will lose it to tanks and rpgs quicker?

    - whats the point of managing a squad if you cant even kick anyone from it anymore?

    - whats the point of placing mines if they appear as icons both on the mini-map AND on screen?

    - whats the point of getting in a tank if it takes 2-3 hits to be completely destroyed now?

    - whats the point of shooting infantry with the mobile AA’s if they can just walk away from loads of bullets up their asses?

    - whats the point of DICE releasing the game 5 months ago if it was so ‘broken’ to begin with?

    - whats the point of adapting to the new patch if you already spent hundreds of hours adapting to EVERYTHING before?

    - whats the point of playing BF3 anymore…

    DICE doesnt care about its hardcore, passionate fanbase anymore. they only care about pleasing the COD people now.

    instead of standing their ground and focusing on fixing real problems the majority of us felt needed to be fixed, DICE caved in to EVERY single complaint about EVERY little thing that wasnt even wrong with the game in the first place.

    they have bit off more than they could chew on the behalf of the COD crowd who dont understand the game’s mechanics and formulas. they have strayed away from their original vision of what the game should be on the behalf of the casual audience, just like COD did.

    and now you got rented servers, which take up 98% of the server browser, forcing you to think to yourself “Hmm, maybe I should rent one, so I could make my own rules and emulate the game to how it used to be…WAIT, NO! THATS JUST WHAT THEY WANT FROM ME, MONEY MONEY MONEY!”

    Close Quarters DLC coming up, you know more than half the rented servers are gonna be playing those maps ’24/7 with 1700 tickets!’, just like Operation Metro…

    whats the point. if it took them months to release this patch, I dont even want to think how long it would take for them to fix the game again; that is, if they even care to.

    BF3 is a joke now. DICE is a joke now.

    I was a loyal Battlefield fan. I enjoyed and defended this series for many years, through all its faults. I loved the blend of cinematic realism with good old fashioned videogame FUN. i loved getting on and playing with a team full of friends and having fun together and playing the objectives and winning against all odds.

    those days feel like theyre coming to an end, as DICE seems to be heading in a new direction now, at the expense of their integrity, their vision and their fanbase…

    no matter how many times i complained before, i always held out hope that things will get better. but this is the last straw. for the first time ever, i DREAD getting on BF3.

    sadface :-(

    • LordRockinghamm 04.08.12 at 04:22

      Well said. I completely agree with you. This game has been out for almost 6 months. Thats 6 months of time people have spend learning the laws of the environment of Battlefield 3 and now those laws have been completely rewritten for no apparent reason. I wasn’t aware that there were so many problems that needed to be fixed. The game was perfectly fine. Perfectly completely fair for the most part and enjoyable. Now I feel like I’m playing Call of Duty or Halo every time I put it in. It takes over half a clip to kill one person while they can shoot you with two bullets and you instantly drop. My favorite guns are now useless to me because they behave so differently from the way they used to its like I’m firing a completely different weapon. Explosives are now practically useless against infantry. I’m a new convert to the Battlefield series and before this patch came out I praised this game to the skies to all who play video games. I quite playing Call of Duty because the laws of the world were unreliable and unfailingly enraging. It’s been a terrible thing to be getting pissed at BF for the same reasons I used to get pissed at COD.

    • RAMKROM40 04.09.12 at 00:47

      i totally agree…

  • dethby zacattk 04.08.12 at 02:21

    Dice. Please change back the servers to EA run servers as default in quick search. I am tired of being kicked becuase i am winning. I loved the usas 12 but can understand the nerfing. I also understand the elevator patch but i don’t think that was a big issue. If they could snipe me i could snipe them back. Please stop catering to the whiners.

  • FollowMe91 04.08.12 at 02:14

    ARE YOU READING THIS DICE?! FIX THE FUCKIN PRIVATE SERVER CRAP! I goto play and i get kicked off. Everytime now,never fails. Why you might ask? Cuz i score points! I freakin start killin shit and all these little punks kick me off their servers. Why did you have to go and change something good. I have recommended this game so much. I have been its biggest fan since it came out! Now what? Im going back to cod and telling every person i recommended it to, not to buy it. Maybe my voice doesnt matter but less cash in your pockets will get the point across. And then maybe you will learn the hard way to make a beta before you release such a big update! Cmon man!

  • newguy20 04.08.12 at 02:09

    since the update came out the game freezes up at least 3 time a day, every day! on the xbox360. i never had my xbox360 freeze so many times. every day! it happens now. this needs to be fixed.

  • mosquito67 04.07.12 at 21:47

    Just an Off Note. Hopefully Dice and EA will see this. Anyone know when BF3 will come out on MAC???? I have been playing BF since 1942 came out. AWESOME. Need a better fix now. Done with 2142

  • giacomo1956 04.07.12 at 20:20

    Caos, Caos and Caos.

  • ArmpitOyster 04.07.12 at 19:58

    Attn: Alan Kertz & Dice

    Thank you for creating a fantastic and amazing game!! There are so many moments when I play this game and I feel like a BOSS and can’t help but smile. You have a winning recipe with a mix of fun accessible gaming that is easy to start up but hard to master. I have been playing for around 100 hrs and still learning new tricks and techniques, this game is massive. With that said why did you feel that the ENTIRE GAME needed an overhaul?

    Quick Match into private servers is frustrating. I enjoy playing the regular servers with regular options, what can I say I’m boring I guess. I shouldn’t need to put individual Dice servers into my favorites…. Yes I am that lazy!

    Armour is ineffective right now, and the vehicles are what make your franchise. 2 hits and it is destroyed, even less with a Javelin!

    Igla and Stingers are ineffective with this new reduced range. It’s even harder than ever to shoot anything down. “This should allow Stingers to mount an effective close range point defense…” Air support by its very nature is attacking from distance; all I can manage is to either scare/annoy enemy pilots before they turbo out of range.

    Claymores should not disappear after death for the same reasons that AT mines don’t disappear… I have no real argument for this one except I need all the kills I can get :P

    The suppression setting is too high, WAY too high. I can’t tell if I am getting shot or going into a seizure. And with the new CQB maps its gonna be a blurry chaos of pain

    All the tweaks for the guns I can get used too, despite my cry fest. I just don’t understand why it was done… at all. Did I miss some huge imbalance in the game (other than USAS/FAMAS)? It kinda feels like your team just went onto random BF3 forums and arbitrarily picked things to “fix” to look busy. Like this gem “Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough)” REALLY??? Oh well at least I can spot with the EOD bot now…

    Despite my rant I love this game, its amazing but perhaps start simpler with your patches and fix the obvious and take it from there. This way you will have more time to create more maps with more vehicles :D

    Thanks for listening~

  • DaRuze 04.07.12 at 18:24

    I don’t have anything against the new updates and the server rental but EA should also make it possible for us to add their servers to our favorites. Right now they are greyed out and I can’t add them to my favorites. I don’t want to join someone’s rented server and have to abide by their rules, I want to play on an EA server like before, and I don’t want to always scroll down on the servers page to look for an EA server… it’d be much easier if they are on my favorites list. Please change it and make it an option.

  • stevenson05 04.07.12 at 17:57

    CHANGE IT BACK NOW. I honestly used to LOVE bf3 but these new updates have fucked up Everything! I hate how people now control all the games. Change it back now. If not you’ve deffinetly lost me as a fan EA and Dice. How could you do this? people loved it before hand why change it now…? Battlefield just isnt as fun anymore and I hardly play it now. Congrats. Im sure my Opinion is the same for thousands of people. If you dont change it back, your honestly going to loose alot of fans.

  • growking 04.07.12 at 17:31


    • mosquito67 04.07.12 at 21:46

      A little off note. I have been playing battlefield sine 1942. Anyone know when BF3 will come out on MAC? I am jonesing for the rush??????

  • DaChozen01 04.07.12 at 17:10

    The gameplay updates are great. The rent a server option is great. What’s not great is that the official servers are gone! This is a mess! There should be a place to join official servers. Anyone who can offer more info on how to get to the official servers are welcome to help.

    • HENNY VENOM 04.07.12 at 17:17

      Type dice into search browser ,favourite the official servers and there ya go noobzilla ha

  • RustProofFetus 04.07.12 at 16:33

    This updates a joke there’s no hardcore official servers just these snobby kids serevers. I’ve been a battlefield fan for a long time. But dice and ea if u don’t fix this not only will u lose me as a fan but I’m sure you’ll be losing many other ones as well

  • Justinbro13 04.07.12 at 15:01

    Im having problems.My game froze during a match i got back into the match with my friends and when the game ended both of their games froze.I was in a match and people where running in place and i was getting kills and late into the match my game froze.I also had a problem when i went to oman it kept saying i lost connection.WTF.

  • xWARHOUNDx 04.07.12 at 14:28

    Fixing stuff on the patch was good but loosing all the EA servers…sucks. I don’t need or want kids rules…I’m 40. Bring back some EA servers and I’ll stop bitching.

  • OutterControl 04.07.12 at 14:08

    DICE FUCKING HELL, this patch absolutely sucks, one problem that stood out to me was the quick match option, do you think we would like to play on fucked up servers? Also what happened to the official servers? I enjoyed my time on normal servers.. now they are replaced by customized servers.. the quick match option should only be for official ea servers NOT FUCKING PRIVATE CUSTOMIZED SERVERS

  • flydownballsout 04.07.12 at 13:49

    ya its really nice playing on private servers, i was kicking the living shit out of the other team and right in the middle of mowing these guys down i was kicked and banned from his server. u know what his server motto was ” one rule- have fun”, what a frickin joke. oh ya EA/Dice that was the third time in two days i got bumped for layin waste on these childish fools- do yourself and everyone in the community a big favor and go back to giving us a choise between public and private. i dont know how much longer im gonna play this game when i put so much into just losing everything because of some poorsport. REDUNDANT!

  • Avidus Mortis 04.07.12 at 13:18

    Appreciate that many bugs have been fixed. Some critical issues that now exist:

    - Inability to filter servers by either Official EA or Self-Hosted
    - Inability to see how many tickets in a game (1000 tickets is very boring)
    - Many servers are now half empty all the time
    - It’s harder to survive in a Tank than on foot
    - Attack helicopters get hit and blow up without warning

    Best patches that I love:

    - Sniper rifle is realistically more powerful
    - You don’t die when you fall off a pebble

  • SnorVis 04.07.12 at 12:38

    I just wanted the usas and the mav fixed, not this….
    I like the rent the server, the horns and the 50 points for the heli pilots. But most of the other changes killed the game in my opinion

    • SnorVis 04.07.12 at 12:40

      Btw, i agree also with the people wo complain abaut rent a server, you shouldn’t be put in a non official server if you select quick match

    • Bobs903P 04.08.12 at 02:23

      hope your happy faggot your one of the crybabies who cried to ea so they did this to us all

  • PrinzEugan 04.07.12 at 11:21

    rent more servers soon! agree with
    Rottencorpse…seems to coddle to spawncampers/boosters who hover over spawns and boost scores without skill

  • ROTTENCORPSE 04.07.12 at 08:31

    FAIL…all these changes have made the game worse. Glad they calmed down the auto shotty/frag noob combo. When can we get a patch to remove the ability to hover/fly over oppenents spawn. NOW the choppers/planes are harder to shoot down do to the range limits placed on the stinger. Heres an idea, why dont they limit the amount of flares per air vehicle spawn. 3 spawns per vehicle spawn, 1 extra for passengers carrying the perk. This way these vehicles cant sit over the spawn and just rack up skilless kills. Rush mode – again, choppers are allowed to sit in oppenents spawn points. Why not make all destroyed MCOMM stations an instant death zone for opposing teams. Mortars are now useless well. you have to position yourself right in the line of fire to use them, and unless you have a 60″ TV or larger, you can barely see the enemies on the mini map. Mortars were a good way of clearing out spawn campers, but it seems this update was made to encourage the spawn camping idiots to do it more…epic fail

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.07.12 at 07:32

    1 who was the fucking retard who suggested to do this update ?-they should be fired
    2 who was the fucking retard who thought of rent-a -server ?-you should be fired
    3 who’s idea was to soften all the guns and vehicles ? -you should be fired
    Dice /EA next time you do something like this have the customers vote on if they want the upgrade .
    I wish for the ceo /president of EA would have a live forum to listen to all these complaints .

    Dear EA/ Dice it really looks like the upgrade you threw at all your battlefield fans/soldiers was a total washout /bomb or like everyone is saying a piece of shit !well to make thing right with all the fans of battlefield you should do the following
    1 fire the whole team who implemented this atrocitie
    2 undo this upgrade and place everything like it was ( if you do i garentee you will have happy soldiers once again )
    3 when you have a upgrade let us know what the changes are going to be and let us try it out for a week and let us decide if the upgrade should stay or be flushed down the toilet

    because dice you are loosing alot of loyal fans on account of this shit storm you caused so do us all a favor and put battlefield back to the way it was
    thank you

  • S0FLUFFY 04.07.12 at 06:54

    B3 has been my favorite game of all time…I prefer this game over COD. After the update…this game has been destroyed.

    Number one…allowing players to rent and control their own servers was the dumbest the creators can can do. It allows them to kick other players if one is dominating the game (even if they are playing fairly). Another…it allows players to make the game extra long by increasing the amount of tickets…its annoying. We don’t want to sit in a game that takes forever. It allows admins to create a playlist consisting of one map over and over. I would like to have it back the way is was with official EA servers without mumbo jumbo. I would like to select Quick Match and actually get a LEGIT server without entering these ridiculous server that people make.

    Anyway, the game is completely destroyed. Honestly, it is not worth playing anymore. I want my money back for this piece of crap game. With some exceptions (such as using the MAV to get on buildings and USAS 12), PUT EVERYTHING BACK THE WAY IT WAS.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.07.12 at 06:49

    Oh man I had more fun ttonight playing my Wii fit with my wife then playing BF3, seriously my wife said shed give me a blow job every time I didn’t play BF3, guess who’s so going to never have a reason to play it now on top of this new shitty patch….off to get some now enjoy your game suckers.

    • Jesperato 04.07.12 at 09:59

      HAHAH enjoy your blowjobs because DICE is stupid and can’t switch back patch.

  • AggresiveGunner 04.07.12 at 06:23


    As a loyal BF fan for years I have enjoyed countless hours of gameplay… However, because of this last update I am extremely disappointed at the quality of Battlefield 3.

    Biggest problem is servers… It SHOULD BE that selecting quick match should only place me into an official EA server with normal map rotation (and by normal map rotation I mean only one game type…NOT switching between Rush and Conquest). As it is right now I cannot find ANY official EA servers… this results in custom servers that have WAY to many tickets, lame weapon restrictions, and really bad admins… Fix this first! We need to be able to play on OFFICIAL EA SERVERS, AND it should ALWAYS place me into them on when I select quick match!!!

    My other problems are with some of the weapon changes you made during this patch… To be honest, you didn’t completely ruin the game with them, however, you did make it a lot less enjoyable. The feel of some of the weapons that you changed make them far less fun to shoot… if you were trying to make them more realistic, don’t! Fun > Realism hands down!

    I used to play this game with pretty much every second of free time that I had… Now I just don’t. I find other things to keep me occupied… The game post patch has just become a frustration and no longer makes me happy to play. I really hope you do your fans the service of fixing this problems SOON and addressing our concerns in the meantime.

    P.S. You did do a couple things right… Fixing the MAV and balancing the USAS and shotguns was a big help… But again, these do NOTHING when the game is truly no longer fun to play… If I had to vote, my vote would be to go revert back to the game we knew BEFORE this VERY BAD patch!

    • guss1966 04.07.12 at 10:51

      in the search type p242 or p243 its ea severs

  • zreyn5 04.07.12 at 06:06

    This game was great, needed a few tweaks but not this many. Two major complaints SERVERS and vehicles. If your gonna make a rent a server feature KEEP the DEFAULT SERVERS ACVTIVE! how come i have to jump into jo shmoes sniper only outraegeous tickets match to play? Vehicles if your gonna make a realistic game a 120mm cannon should not leave a hit marker, also a gatling gun on an AA shouldnt be set to take a full burst and a half to kill an individual. Lost interest in the game after this update.

  • Redback88 04.07.12 at 05:41

    STINGERS – what’s the story – they NEVER lock since the update.

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 05:26

    estoy totalmente de acuerdo:

    arafats3rdeye 04.06.12 | 14:37


    I believe most of the community would agree that when we do a quick match search for our preferred gametype, we dont want to get put into a mixed gametype or rented server. If we wanted to play a special mixed or rented server with other gametypes & rules we can do a browser search for them.


    When admins are able to do this it creates an unfriendly atmosphere that promotes boosting & jeporardizes the integrity of the game, leaderboards, & player stats.


    When DICE first introduced mixed gametype servers you guys converted all DICE servers to this mixed variation. I believe this is where you guys started to go wrong. I was a little annoyed at first, but the community was able to find single gametype EA servers by browser searching. My buddys & I are CQ fans. As of today, there is only one official EA CQ server. That one pure EA CQ server only has classic maps in rotation. We all have B2K, and at this point in time we’re not able to enjoy it while playing CQ. There isn’t a CQ server that i’ve been able to find that has all the maps in rotation. I’ve even gone as far as to do a browser search with the first three characters that EA uses on its servers, P24.

    As consumers, we always love new features & gametypes to be added to our favorite product. The problem is when you remove core features to do this. Any change like this will always alienate your BF3 community.

  • rodgco 04.07.12 at 05:04

    this is terrible . ive been a battlefield fan since the begining playing every series and the rent a server is terrible . now i know you have to please everyone so i cant complain to much . but by all means keep the rent a server but if you hit the quick match it should put you in a DICE server and not a rented one . dont like when i have limited time to play to jump into a game with a 1000 tickets , or kill the host to many times and he boots you after all that time playing its pissing me off 3 games in a row hour in and get booted sucks all that work and rewards down the drain . i hope you guys are looking at this and will improve on this new patch

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 05:04

    ahora me doy cuenta de un nuevo problema. si quiero buscar un servidor de dice, escribo la palabra ‘dice’. pero ahora quienes alquilan servidores están llamando a estos [dice] ‘loquesea’… o sea, que ahora es muy difícil jugar en servidores oficiales. con lo que, si alguien tiene estómago para aguantar este juego a partir de ahora, tendrá también que soportar que te expulsen del servidor por matar al cliente, o que no puedas matar más que él/ellos, etc…
    dice, ea… habéis convertido una obra de arte de la historia de los juegos en una auténtica basura.

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:57

    it’s the game more real now??… fuck! i want to play A GAME. like that one before the bullshit update.
    cod it’s now better.

  • RickRude1 04.07.12 at 04:49

    Fix the god damn patch. Its complete trash and you ruined all of the weapons. The game sucks now. All the adjustments made are horrible. What good is having ECM jammer if flares can block guided missles. You made all the russian weapons better and shit on all the others. Those weapons are terrible in real life they should be bad in the game

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:47

    media de relación M/B: 1/9… el juego ha perdido todo el atractivo que tenía por culpa de la actualización.

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:31

    igla no funciona.
    el jugador sigue haciéndose -mucho- daño en caídas pequeñas (en una desde un contenedor me quedé al 27% de vida)

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:16

    cómo puede ser que después de más de 4 meses jugando a este juego, justo después de la actualización, juegue sólo para que me maten????… en 5 rondas habré matado a 2 o 3 despistados. en la que menos me han matado han sido 8 veces. en la que más 15. en la última, maté a 0 oponentes y me mataron 10 veces.
    es para pisotear el puto juego este. creo que se acabó.

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:11

    que le den por el culo al problema de los servidores… este juego tiene ahora problemas muchísimo más serios.

  • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 04:10

    THE FUCKING IGLA DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XXL Danny 04.07.12 at 03:27

    they made the best game in a long time the worst game in a long time with that crap

  • XXL Danny 04.07.12 at 03:26

    dice need to fix the servers , after the rent your own server everything have been shit

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.07.12 at 03:08

    Ya know who really loves this new fucking patch… WIFE, cuz now she gets her husband back from countless wasted hours of playing that fucking game as she says…..way to go EA Dice….you made my wife more happy than a box of fucking chocolates a bottle of wine and a foot massage.

    • RickRude1 04.07.12 at 04:51

      Yeah my wife’s happeir to now. Thanks Dice for making me miserable. You ruined the game so bad that now I would rather spend time with my wife. I played after the update for about 2 hours and haven’t touched it since. Horrible work

  • Project_K-2 04.07.12 at 02:56

    I like the fact that now exists servers with 500 tickets or more, and 24/7 servers on certain maps.
    But on the side, I hate the fact that until now, we can’t create “free” private servers to play alone (and without gaining XP) with our friends. Just like Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
    Do you guys want to force us to waste 120 points (for a 24h server), to play alone with our friends? Shame on you DICE!

    Also, why the hell the AT-Mines stay on the field after we die, over and over, and the same doesn’t happen with claymores?

  • BLINDKITTY185 04.07.12 at 01:56


  • Been had lag 04.07.12 at 01:54

    Server douches, why the long tickets, admin privileges kicking and switching teams, oh yeah and your fucking lame server names that don’t make sense? They must be all the bithcy people that wanted this crap. Poop on you DICE/EA…..skeet with poop mixed. Fucks

  • vehicross 04.07.12 at 01:33

    Did you test any of the patches before you releases them?
    - Tanks are worthless
    - Most gun are worthless (when i say most mean all)
    - Rent a server is great (when i say great i mean shit)
    I just want to be able to quick match rush or conquest and play all maps!!!
    I’ve been a die hard battlefielder since day 1 with thousands of hours but now i just dont even want to play!

    • Booty Kicker 04.07.12 at 01:43

      I just looked at your stats and it seems like you are a solid player. You got 900+ kills with the PP-19? That’s one of the worst guns in the game I thought and it was supposedly improved with this patch. Tanks are certainly weaker but I’m not sure why you think they are worthless. It still takes at least 2 rockets to take one out and you can have a machine gunner and a powerful cannon on your side for as long as the tank is rolling! How can that be more worthless than a dude just running around with a machine gun? I agree that there are issues with the quickmatch if you want to play just one type of match. Me personally, I’m a conquest guy so it takes time to find a server that is conquest only. I have to go to server browser and take 2-5 minutes looking at individual servers until I find one that only has conquest maps (and for God’s sake hope it’s not 24/7 Op Metro). The quickmatch issue is something that is probably fixable via a server patch, so I’m guess we will see a resolution to that problem in the coming weeks. It’s too easy not to fix and it would make a lot of people happier.

  • Justinbro13 04.07.12 at 01:22

    I hate rent a server some things are good about it but most things are not.I hate getting killed by admin,that shit didnt happen in dice servers.I hate getting switch to the oppisite team when you were doing great,if you going to switch me do it at the start of the match.Dice have really fucked up with this one.Everybody wants to play with so many fucking tickets,the game last like a fucking hour.Its so hard to fucking get into a good normal game without outrageous tickets,admin killing u,switching from team to team in the middle of the game,and etc.

    • PaulioHulio 04.07.12 at 01:28

      Alot of servers run by consumers have always had team switching / “auto balancing”

  • Justinbro13 04.07.12 at 01:04

    who is up for a post post patch.Im playing with support and people just walk by my claymores,they dont even be like 2 feet away.I died and somebody walk past my claymore and in the killcam i see that my fucking claymore is inside the fucking ground.WTF.

  • Justinbro13 04.07.12 at 00:35

    If you play mw3 over bf3 your crazy.Im thinking about selling my copy.If i aint playing bf3 im playing gears.Cant go back to a game thats far worse than bf3.BF3 needs new weapons and fast the support guns are horrible and have to much recoil i hope that l86a1 actually be good so i can use support.The only goodweapons for assault is m16 and m416.Im just not one of those people who can get a hundred service stars with one weapon.Support i only use it because i enjoy c4

  • Im an Exploiter 04.07.12 at 00:27

    No one gives a flying fuck about what anyone has to say. I would be pissed the PS3 kids even get a weeks head start on OUR DLC. If anyone should even have a fucking head start, its the PC kids, who probably now play xbox mind you, that have been with the franchise since 2002 or beyond!

    DICE can suck a fat cock as far as I’m concerned on anything they release. I actually play my Call of Duty MW3 over Battlefield 3 just because I left MW3 due to all their shenanigans that they pull. Now it seems BF3 is going to head down the exact same path. Might as well stick with someone pulling veteran shenanigans than the ones pulling newbie shenanigans. Case in point: PS3 Early DLC.

    • Im an Exploiter 04.07.12 at 00:28

      p.s. The update sucked donkey balls. See ya in Domination matches on MW3!

  • Yar Rehcsuar 04.07.12 at 00:18

    Oh man. I guess I need to chime in too. Yeah I’ve played numerous rounds since the patch came out. I don’t like it. It’s not fun. I played on a rented server and the admin switched me from one team to the other no less than 4 times. And then when there was about 300 tickets left out of the 1500 that we started with; he booted me from the game. Not fun at all. Today I managed to find some DICE servers. Still not much fun. The game doesn’t feel the same. I’m not going to complain about a long list of things that other people have already mentioned, but simply the game just doesn’t feel fun anymore. I wish you would just roll back the patch; maybe fix the USAS and MAV and call it good. I miss the dynamics of Bad Company 2. BF3 was real close to that but now it feels too much like Modern Warfare. And note, I’m 44 years old; been playing FPS since DOOM on the PC and Battlefield since Battlefield 2 on the PC. Many many hours of BFBC2 on the XBOX and over 100 hours on XBOX BF3. I’m giving you guys honest feedback. The game was better before the patch.

  • philski11 04.07.12 at 00:05

    I’m totally gutted!! Why fix something that really wasn’t broken!!!! Since this silly change I’m lagging and “losing connection” more than ever!!! Please get rid of this stupid rent a server and put back what was working absolutely fine!!!!!!

  • MetalLabrador 04.06.12 at 23:32

    I see SOOOO many people saying to search Dice servers to find non-rented servers to play. You can’t do that because people are now starting to name their rented servers starting with the word [DICE]. My friends and I tried for 2 1/2 hours the other night to find a non-rented server playing conquest only. In 2 hours we found 2 and one of them turned out to be rotated maps with Rush a DM. It’s just a miserable experience trying to even get into a game. The rented servers suck as you have pinhead admins. who boot you if you knife them or get too may (or not enough) kills. We tried playing again last night and ran into the same problems plus another long running problem where 2 of us were on one team and 1 was on the enemy team and we couldn’t switch. We aren’t playing it again until the servers are fixed and the suppression and recoil is fixed. That suppression sucks… half the game with a blurry screen.

  • Justinbro13 04.06.12 at 23:15

    I thought that we would have custom servers and normal servers.I cant even get into a game that just started.You get into a server and it has these outrageous amount of tickets you team is getting spawn camped its like 1000 tickets left.I hate getting killed by admins i just be running along and i die wtf.

    • Justinbro13 04.06.12 at 23:16

      Oh and why put close quarters in bf3 this is not medal of honor this is bf3

  • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 23:03

    wow just got a msg duplicate comment?so i can t agree any more,fuck dice fuck ea.

  • Kaivtroll 04.06.12 at 22:32

    Is someone from dice listening in here?

    You don’t have to respond it you don want the constant “@ (dice member) gripe, gripe ,gripe”
    But can you Add a bullet point in the article just to let people know that they are being heard.

    I haven’t had any issues yet (knock on wood) but a bunch of people are

  • Infektous 04.06.12 at 22:24

    Xbox keeps freezing playing bf3 now… Didn’t happen before the update

  • dr nathe ddns 04.06.12 at 22:17

    THE HD TEXTURES/GRAPHICS ARE GONE!!! After I installed the patch, my game plays with non-hd graphics. I deleted everthing – the patch and the HD texture pack – and then reinstalled. Still looks like shit. I can’t play the game like this. Anyone else have this bug? Anyone else know how to fix it? And no, I have not installed the game on my HDD, I’m running off of the disc. PLEASE, I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE IT DID PRE-PATCH!

  • arafats3rdeye 04.06.12 at 21:23

    (360) Anyone interested in playing on a normal Conquest server with both classic & B2K maps in its rotation ? I just rented a server & will not be kicking players for any reason. Might be a minute before server gets busy. Keeping my fingers crossed. Server name is P2421007. Use browser search to find it. Hope to see you on !

  • Zanforz 04.06.12 at 21:15

    my ONLY complaint is a bit of a huge one. i’m not here to complain about the weapons or the vehicles or any of that, i think that’s all perfect, but rather this new Server system. as many have already posted, this whole “rent-a-server” thing has made quickmatch entirely useless. instead of just setting my game search to “Rush” and clicking away to play Rush on all the maps, i’m now instead subject to games of Rush with 500 tickets, or Conquest/Rush, or Rush just on Metro or “the good maps” that the host likes the best. Please, PLEASE fix this issue. let us have some standard servers left to just play the game as it is, with just a single game type with all the maps on a normal server.

    Would it really be that hard to have a “do not join custom servers” option when matchmaking? I, and many other players, are tired of trying to scroll through the Server Browser just to find a “Rush 24/7, All Maps” Server. I’ve seen barely any [DICE] servers left, and what of them are left are simple B2K only or Normal Maps only or something like that. Please just let us play just what we search for, and let those who want to play custom games go search for them on their own.

  • tHeKrAkEn92prf 04.06.12 at 19:40

    The new servers are pissing me off to say the least. For one, if you go into Quick Match, you are put on a server that has “Certain Rules” the you must abide by ( Knives only…etc.) What happened to the servers where you could use Quick Match and be able to play a real match??? It seems that I might be missing something here or this game went from awesome to total crap in rapid fashion. I understand how the user servers operate, but everytime I use the Quick Match I’m put into what seems to be a user generated server with stupid ass rules and if I don’t follow them the power hungry ADMIN boots you. Another problem that I’ve noticed is when you are playing a Conquest server you may be switched to a Rush or Deathmatch in your next round….If I wanted to play either one I would choose to, I don’t like to be put out of rhythm when I’ve been playing Conquest.

    • Booty Kicker 04.06.12 at 21:00

      I agree that using quickmatch is no long a viable option if you want to get into a particular gametype with normal rules and not worry about being kicked. My advice to you is to use server browser from now on and use the servers that have [DICE] in the server name. You can select the particular server you are interested in and look and see what map rotation and gametypes it has. I think the [DICE] epic battles are mostly conquest. Once you find a server you like you can “favorite” it and when using server browser find it much quicker. There are also plenty of rented servers that have a particular gametype only, but on rented servers you just have to hope that the administrator isn’t a douche bag that kicks people he doesn’t like. Hope this helps.

  • BurnThatFace 04.06.12 at 18:32

    the lag is becoming worse and the frame rate seems to have been ruined….i like the overall patch but something has been done that has ruined the smoothness of the game…also i believe there should be a server browser feature to filter out the rented servers if you want to play on a official/ea server….also i think rented servers should all be unranked…people are abusing the tickets and just boosting to there hearts content….stats mean absolutely nothing now

  • Booty Kicker 04.06.12 at 18:24

    After about 5 hours of play I am happy with the patch (and I had 160 hrs. of play pre-patch). The only negative issue I had was the spotty lock-on ability of the stingers and IGLAs on helicopters that are right over my head. Other than that no one was using USAS with frags, only a few people were using the FAMAS (which I did get killed with twice, so you twats complaining that it is useless may want to STFU) and there were no recons in unreachable places. Tanks were still deadly (whether I was in one or having one blow me to pieces) but were less likely to rule the maps than before…this is a good thing. Before the patch I had at least 100 kills with every gun, so since I’m not a pussy and don’t use the same gun for 30 service stars in a row I haven’t noticed any of the recoil changes to be detrimental. For God’s sake if you hate this game because the patch ruined the “feel” of your favorite gun then you need to put your big boy pants on and try out some of the other guns in the game.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 22:51

      you are a pussy you prick

      • Booty Kicker 04.07.12 at 01:17

        Me a prick? Yes, definitely. A pussy? Maybe. I know why you don’t like my post because I looked at your stats on Battlelog. I see that the FAMAS is your top gun. Tell me, now that your favorite gun isn’t overpowered, how’s that working out for you?

  • A Holt 04.06.12 at 17:49

    Well Dice, I gotta say it. Maybe you guys are reading these comments on the blog, because you guys did essentially exactly as I suggested earlier. As you can obviously see below me, plenty of people are complaining, claiming that you guys broke what didn’t need to be fixed. You guys tackled the obvious problems well, in my opinion. The re-balancing of all weapons in this game have brought back that magical feeling of pseudo-realism that I fell in love with that time I stayed up all night to play the beta. It seems to me that you guys when with the logical and originally intended route of basing damages off of round fired and leaving the rest of the balance to the control of the weapon. The defining characteristic in combat in Battlefield 2 was not who had the most powerful weapon or highest rate of fire, but who knew the secret to getting the correct function out of the weapon in their hand. While I am slightly biased against the decrease of damage in the jet main weapon, I have to say, It’s not enough to make me stop enjoying what you guys have created. Back to Karkand definitely had enough problems to make me stop enjoying the game. I can’t really identify any game ruining decisions on Dice’s part, much less things that I’m just generally upset about. It seems you all taking your time to get it right with this one was worth it. Even a touch of new content thrown in for free. The largest community complaint is over the peoples individual inability to use the server browser to find single game-type servers. Apparently they can’t read, write or spell, because it’s little more than entering a word or two in the search bar.
    Bravo, Dice.
    I’m proud to give my money to you.

    • arafats3rdeye 04.06.12 at 18:55

      Its not as easy as typing a word or two in the server browser. If you type Dice in the server browser it doesn’t bring up single game servers. It brings up Dices mixed servers & none of them have all the maps in the server rotation. If you type P242 which is what all the EA servers start with , there is only one CQ server that comes up & it only has the classic maps on it. That really is my biggest complaint at this point.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 22:53

      pseudo realism? i empty half a mag into someones skull an they spin round an shotgun me?your fuckin deluded

  • Caza UK 04.06.12 at 17:43

    This is my first ever complaint about a battfield game. Im upset that the patch i thought was going to fix the minor bugs has basically re-wrote an amazing online experience. I’m sure there’s no complaints about people no longer able to ride MAV’s to the top of that overpass on Tehran Highway or from no longer taking damage from 3ft falls, but when the mechanics and content are completly re-writen for the worst in my opinion and clearly in the opinion of many others it begs the question ‘was the game so bad in the first place?’.
    I was once a CoD player who escaped to BF in order to show my skill as a gamer because if your a good player in BF it shows. Now post-patch i’m unsure. I hope this is not an attempt to reel in the pick up and play gamers like we’ve seen so evidently in the CoD franchise because that’s simply poor. The more i look at EA as a publisher and it’s affects it has on games and their developers, i can’t help but wonder if they are primarly in this buisness for as much profit at they can squeeze out of us with the additions of many downloadable items that offer gamer’s the ability to be better at a game if they can afford it. The ‘rent a server’ is testiment to this which i could rant about long after the universe has ended. The amount of time I have been kicked for getting in a chopper or C4ing the admins tank is hilarious. Operation metro with 1750 tickets? I have a job not an infinate life span to play one match. At the very least don’t add these servers to my quick match search and allow me to filter this turd from the server browser.
    Not really happy with the gun changes in general. I would have been happy with just a nerf to FRAG rounds seen as guns such as the FAMAS are now laughable and completly over nerfed. I find that most of the guns i felt were unique and memorable have now become very simalar fitting a pattern of high fire rate = good at close range, slow fire rate = good at long range. Not really played enough to comment extensivly on vehicals only that the addition of the horn to jeeps seems to be the only possitive i can pull from it. The change to suppression is a bit drastic as it stops players from having any chance to win a fight after having being shot at first as bullets now have to ability to travel at 90 degree angles from the straight barrel of a gun. These changes only seem to help equal the playing field between the bad and the skilled which is a tactic employed by the CoD franchise.
    All in all im so dissapointed by this patch i would forgive DICE if they just removed it and this entire ordeal was never spoke of again. Unfortunatly this is extreamly unlikely at best so i’m about to remove the patch, play for as long as i can with out it before all pre-patch servers go down and then hope to god that enough people have voiced their opinions to get this changed.
    It’s funny how the slightly annoying death by the USAS already seems like a happy memory when you can’t find a server and everything else is terrible. Nice one DICE.

    • A Holt 04.06.12 at 18:13

      Your complaints about suppression are unwarranted. If you are shot at first, your lack of situational awareness has already assured that you deserve to lose the firefight. Unless, of course, you maneuver to cover and reassess the enemy, which they have made easier to do now that average recoil has increased on all weapons. Now, it has become about planning your attack. Not just shooting at whatever shoots at you first. You know where the enemy comes from, you know their spawn direction. Now play smart and be ready when they get to you. I love that if I get the first shot on an unaware enemy, I have immediate advantage. He shouldn’t be able to spin in a circle with an automatic weapon and accurately shoot what two and a half seconds ago he had no idea existed. You shouldn’t be rewarded for holding your trigger down and getting a free vertical recoil head shot because someone started shooting you, with nothing more to blame than luck. It should be basically impossible in a balanced game. So stop complaining that you can’t hang with suppression and start suppressing.

      • Abledark 04.06.12 at 20:06

        Unwarranted my ass!some like it but the majority of players ive seen and heard agrees its too much suppression effect,id rather see that the amount of suppression experienced when shot is based on how many seconds you are suppressed not just a couple of shots.

      • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 22:50


    • KILPERS 04.06.12 at 19:08

      Completely agree. It’s so far the worst experience I’ve had with Battlefield 3 – and right now the worst online experience I can remember in a long time. Epic fail Dice – I know you had good intentions – but a big part fell flat.

    • flores1171156 04.06.12 at 21:26

      yes to everything about this comment. first off, hilarious recap of the lame attempt DICE has come up with to ‘improve’ the game. I agree 100%. I just hope DICE is listening, because I know for a fact that I no longer look forward to playing this game. I used to come home after a long day of school and work and say, its time to play my favorite game!! I no longer say this. Its become a depressing night cap as I come home, no longer looking forward to playing this horribly renovated POS…

      In closing, totes agree, lets just pray that DICE goes the route of Mass effect 3 and listens to their fans.

  • growking 04.06.12 at 17:26

    so inside dice where is it wtf

  • truskn 04.06.12 at 15:50

    I normally wouldn’t post here, but I guess I should let my thoughts be heard as well. Anyone with a opinion should speak and let DICE know that their game is becoming trash. DICE want’s to take down CoD so badly that they would sacrifice their own game and core fanbase. Long time BF fans outraged with DICE including myself. Keep catering to the CoD fanbase and noobs DICE….I guarantee that those people that whined and complained from the last patch WILL be playing Black Ops 2. This is the 3 time players have to “adapt” in this game [Initial release, B2K patch, now this crap patch\rent a server]. That’s Bulls*** DICE. Instead of fixing well known glitches and exploits, you guys ignored most of them….then decided to tweak every damn thing in the game. Where all of the guns making everyone upset? I don’t think so. Just the FAMAS and the USAS with frag rounds needed to be tweaked and nerfed a little bit. Instead you guys made the stingers worthless, IRNV worthless, FAMAS and the USAS are garbage from what I hear. Vehicles are garbage. People are still MAV riding. Don’t even get me started on suppression. Even CoD doesn’t have dumb s*** like that in it and I don’t even like CoD.

    This would be the first game I have been thinking about trading in to GameStop. I’m seriously not recommending this game to anyone. After DICE ruined BC2 they are doing the samething with BF3. I no longer have faith in DICE ability to make competitive and fair games. Spray and pray is the game now. All of the DICE fanboys and noobs blind. That’s fine because this is what DICE \EA wanted. I doubt if I purchase another BF game at this rate. There’s no way to play a good BF game because DICE always listens to the whiners in the community instead of polling. Lazy as hell. Don’t read topic titles and simply think thats the problem. DICE should start playing their own game and decide the problem. Not listen to every person that complains. Sorry DICE I was a long time fan of yours, but the “new” DICE is utter crap. I hope people are taking their opinions to your twitter page.

    “Battlefield 3: Modern Warfare 4″
    The game all CoD fans have been wanted to play since Call of Duty 4 DICE has unknowingly made a Call of Duty title better than Activision with the patch. Congrats DICE. F*** off.

    • HammerBeatsRock 04.06.12 at 16:38

      agreed, however this is ea demanding updates and fixes top problems that THEY want fixed. you lay the problem on dice, when they are probably only 35-40% of the prblem. dice could most likely care less… its ea that loses money if they lose to cod. beyond that i agree.

      what ever happend to free servers right off your desktop. im willing to bet we wont see this update on pc for 2-3 months after xbox if things have been going the way they have been.

      between ea and dice, they want to fix the game so badly they are breaking it. 1 step forwards and two steps back. i love ya dice, but your fixes would only be nice if they worked.

      my guns have been nerfed to shit.
      my maps have been altered.
      its harder to kill people.
      defibing is now harder.
      they altered my ability to aggressive snipe.

      im not mad at any company in particular, im just pissed with the results.

  • Abledark 04.06.12 at 15:19

    Ive done my fair share of complaining myself in a logical manner and understand peoples frustration to 80% but COME ON!!!anyone complaining about the famas being fine as it was IS a total noob pure fact,it was so op it was ridicolus!right along with usas 12.If those guns where your weapons of choice i can understand you feeling bad now but those weapons were never bout skill and only pissed people trying to play fair of,so cram it.

  • Goldietox 04.06.12 at 14:38

    This update messed up so much stuff that the game doesn’t even feel like battlefield anymore the only way you can possibly recover your game from huge disappointment is to take it off and try again. A week ago if anyone asked me if they should get this game i would have gladly told them to go out and get it, now i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  • arafats3rdeye 04.06.12 at 14:37



    I believe most of the community would agree that when we do a quick match search for our preferred gametype, we dont want to get put into a mixed gametype or rented server. If we wanted to play a special mixed or rented server with other gametypes & rules we can do a browser search for them.


    When admins are able to do this it creates an unfriendly atmosphere that promotes boosting & jeporardizes the integrity of the game, leaderboards, & player stats.


    When DICE first introduced mixed gametype servers you guys converted all DICE servers to this mixed variation. I believe this is where you guys started to go wrong. I was a little annoyed at first, but the community was able to find single gametype EA servers by browser searching. My buddys & I are CQ fans. As of today, there is only one official EA CQ server. That one pure EA CQ server only has classic maps in rotation. We all have B2K, and at this point in time we’re not able to enjoy it while playing CQ. There isn’t a CQ server that i’ve been able to find that has all the maps in rotation. I’ve even gone as far as to do a browser search with the first three characters that EA uses on its servers, P24.

    As consumers, we always love new features & gametypes to be added to our favorite product. The problem is when you remove core features to do this. Any change like this will always alienate your BF3 community.

    • Jofferd 04.06.12 at 14:52

      This guy got it all right!

    • EliteRifleman 04.06.12 at 16:43

      Well I think they made the playlist into random gametypes just for the reason of players wanting to rent a server just to be able to play your preferred gametype. Think about it! Cha Ching $$$

  • Alexanderbb-1994 04.06.12 at 14:25

    DICE i hope you gonna reboult 2142 i cant get a new acount. then im using my old acount i cant play one server without lossing connectien in 2 min.
    you need in general rebult bf 2142 before none want to play it anymore path 1,51 SUCKS balls ;(

  • Dark Redslayer 04.06.12 at 14:22

    Honestly, just remove the accuracy decrease suppression gives (you can leave the blur and recoil increase, but first shot accuracy should NOT be effected) and I’ll be content, yeah tanks are a bit underwhelming now, but my biggest issue is the preposterous accuracy effect suppression has. While realism doesn’t always = fun, unrealistic doesn’t = fun either, and this is a case of unrealistic crap going too far. My rounds should not come out at random angles because I’m being fired at, its just ridiculous, no way around it.

    Sure, people with average accuracy on their guns around 16-18% or lower will like it, because it means they wont get owned in fire fights while they are spraying about by people with good accuracy. This just artificially levels the playing field, and removes skill from the game. Which 100% a bad thing. Stop trying to noob out the game to get CoD players.

  • Jofferd 04.06.12 at 14:12

    Best game in years just got ass raped. Some updates did improve the game, but most of them just made it worse. So I thought lets make a list off all the rape. Here is what I got;

    - You can still kill a guy with a plastic MAV
    - Used vehicles explode after 30sec, I cant park my car and cap a flag, I have to stay in
    - Basketball ammo for the sniper rifle
    - One shot one kill sniper rifle (it is realistic, we don’t want a 100% realistic game we want fun)
    - Private servers are horrible
    – You get kicked, banned for the most stupid reasons (searching for a good server for 30min, get kicked out after 1min because I spawned near the chopper)
    – 500% tickets….why just tell me why
    – 24/7 metro and shit, that’s just nooby xp farm
    – Can’t find any DICE servers, when I do, I have to wait in line
    – No decent server search function
    – Overload of servers
    – Population is the servers is horrible, first 5min 12 vs. 12, 1min later 7 vs 5
    - Nerf all the guns, I just got used to them (others say this is a good way to try out new weapons, I already did that shit)
    - What is the use of a tank, 2 hit down. At least speed up the rotation of my kick ass barrel
    – Tank armor is worse then my Tupperware box, and my reapair tool is nerfed (so now what?)
    - You can now buy any unlock for the game, challenging in what way?
    - Recoil is to damn high, I got enough skills to dominate this game, but now the enemy can run a marathon before my bullets kill them
    - Stinger got less range, it was possible to shoot an aircraft down with a stinger the first days of the release, nowadays most off the players have enough skill to dodge them without using flares.

    I love the Bf games, but this patch made me doubt if the game was worth playing. Unlocks made possible with MS points can be useful, but I got the idea DICE and EA are only out for our money. I did like the nerf on the asus, famas, MAV lifting and the mini map upgrade. But a.t.m. I had enough if this money stealing game.
    I know it’s almost impossible to listen to everyone ideas and opinions but at least try. I got the idea the people responsible for this patch don’t play BF3 themselves.

    RIP Bf3

  • XCHRIS IS MLGXx 04.06.12 at 10:25

    why cant i rent a sever it wont let me…i have 3334 ms points
    and keeps saying try again later cant connect to severs…can any one help me please……..and explain to my why i cant rent one… connection is full bars…please need help

  • in00bpwns 04.06.12 at 09:52

    While some of the complaints like the Air-to-Air missiles not working , tank shells being underpowered and attachments having some problems bear truth to a certain degree. Most people are just butthurt because “OH NO MY OP GUN IS NOT OP ANYMORE , B’AWWW NOW I CAN’T USE THE FAMAS AND HOLD DOWN THE TRIGGER , 5 ROUNDS LESS? HERESY!” (The FAMAS correctly should have 25 rounds , its rate of fire should mean higher recoil , not to mention if you learn to aim 5 rounds less is not the end of the fucking world. Those who also claim the fact that they “paid” for the expansions means they should have better guns is retarded, Want to pay to win? Go play APB , The new guns just meant you would have more choices for different play styles in the game anyways.) Javelins are supposed to be powerful and AT weapons in general were a bit underpowered to begin with , especially with an engineer repairing the vehicle in question at the same time. (The Javelin’s weakness is it’s dependence on lock-on , learn to use cover smartly as well as IR smoke.) Pre-patch, people were just ramming armor up objective’s asses and we could do fuck-all about it without losing something vital like a flag or an M-com, armor should have to work with infantry to be effective , learn to use teamwork.
    All in all , it was the players who were complaining about most of the stuff that was patched anyways so you brought it upon your fucking self. (Go look at fucking Reddit). Most of this OP stuff started because of players who abused the fuck out of it (M320 , USAS-12, playing METRO 24/7 and sitting in a corner and spamming) These “former” Call of duty players should just stick to goddamn COD because they still have the same mentality , just while playing a different game.
    I’ve been playing Battlefield since 1942 and honestly just because DICE/EA decided cater more to you “mainstream” idiots doesn’t mean you should be fucking self-entitled that everything has to go your way. Don’t like it? Play another goddamn game, the rest of us can do without your bullshit anyways. It’s not like anything is broken , things are changed sure , just adapt and change and become a better player, focus on fixing more important things like the AA missile bug.
    P.S. voice out your opinions in a calm , logical manner with good reasoning instead of being “DUR FUCK YOU EA , IMMA BOYCOTT EVERYTHING AND SHIT IN AN ENVELOPE AND SEND IT TO YOU , DERP YEAH YOU RUINED THE GAME MONEY-GRUBBING JEWS” It’s hard to agree with you and take you seriously , so stop being retarded and learn to present your points carefully and think it over instead of typing whatever shit boils to idiotic perfection in your brain.

    • Jesperato 04.06.12 at 10:48


  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.06.12 at 08:36

    Keep making noise tell your friends post videos to YouTube about how unhappy you are…we the people have a voice and we can be heard….if enough people make enough noise and say something it will get changed….post post post freedom of speech and consumer rights we have them don’t be afraid to use them gamers of the world unite!

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.06.12 at 08:31

    After a bit of a break playing BF3 or Buttfucked 3 as I now call it cuz that’s what happened to me buying all their shit and what they have done to the game….I played some COD today just to take a break and I had more fun….never thought I would say that…I told by two friends about BF3 one went out and bought it off my word of mouth and the other was going to…guess what we stopped him and had a gamers intervention at Gamestop today…..all the staff was talking about was how all of a sudden a massive in flux of used BF3 they have seen….tons of folks coming in and trading or selling it because they are no longer happy with the game play experience…that’s says something….Gamestop said more copies of MW3 had been sold and there was one last used copy the 14yr old in front of us bought today…..punk but who can blame him…..EA you and Dice sure pissed slot of people off remember what Coke did in the 80s and messed with their cola came out with new coke and nobody wanted it….same thing with you..and if is just about money and IF you do listen to your customers whom pay your salaries here is a brilliant idea sell us the damn patch to go back to the old version we so desperately want…and bingo you can rape us for more money….brilliant huh…I fucking know I have a collage education and a masters in business and marketing….

    • GodderDam 04.06.12 at 08:33

      Brilliant idea hahaa

    • Im Rock Lee 04.06.12 at 11:01

      t’s official… All of these people that are complaining about the new recoil and their guns changing suck. Adapt and overcome you wanna-be bf players. You must really suck more then you know for y’all to get on here and cry so much about a game that requires more skill now that ever before to play. If you are really good (lmao yea right), any just shut the hell up and adapt to your weapons again. I have. And you can too.

      • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 12:54

        it fuckin sucks when noobs can buy all the FUCKING GUNS IVE WORKED HARD FOR !wheres the skill in that you fuckwit?

      • RAMKROM40 04.07.12 at 05:31

        300 hours of bf3 online… what are you talking about? i have to rise my skill level??? now???
        dice ruined bf3 with that update.

      • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 22:54

        fawk u. fuck lee

    • Im Rock Lee 04.06.12 at 11:05

      Sad…All of these people that are complaining about the new recoil and their guns changing suck. Adapt and overcome you wanna-be bf players. You must really suck more then you know for y’all to get on here and cry so much about a game that requires more skill now that ever before to play. If you are really good (lmao yea right), any just shut the hell up and adapt to your weapons again. I have. And you can too.

  • GodderDam 04.06.12 at 08:31

    Thanks EA, this game became shit after this patch! Wanna my money back!!! I BOUGHT SOMETHING COMPLETELY AWESOME FOR SOME DUMB ASS HOLE COME AND FUCK IT UP!!!!! damn

  • stinklovitch 04.06.12 at 07:59

    So, here’s what I think. This patch has also done some pretty horrific things, including nerfing the tanks (making them weaker than my grandmother’s farts), making the javelin the equivalent of sending Achilles to murder a 4-week premature baby via a guided rocket, made the tracers for the sniper rifle so huge I that I feel like I just shot a tank shell, making it impossible to see where it hits if I’m out beyond 1 inch of the target, and made repairing vehicles so impossibly slow, I’d have better luck just dying and waiting for it to respawn. I used to enjoy driving tanks, but now I just get utterly massacred by any idiot with a javelin. And if I try to shoot them, I might as well be, referring to the earlier statement, be aiming my grandmother’s buttocks in their direction and feeding her beans. Unless I get a direct hit, it takes me two or three near-hits (like 2 feet away) to finally do them in. This game is based on realism, right? Well, I’m pretty sure that when a 120mm shell fired from a tank lands a yard away from my feet, I will most assuredly die, regardless of shell type. If a person tries to directly confront a tank, it would be suicide. But now, a guy can just run up to the front of the tank and fire a javelin at it while doing a little dance and my grandma-fart shells can’t do anything about it. I remember back when that weapon’s guidance system was balanced with a little less damage… now it can disable your tank (reactive armor? pff, javelin don’t care! javelin just takes what it wants.) and shag your mother at the same time. I liked this game because it gave you the ability to choose what kind of things you want, giving you advantages, and also taking some advantages away, such is the tradeoff, but now DICE has done the absolutely wondrous deed of turning into CoD. Every person now is an engineer with a Javelin. I was playing a game, and every time I got in the tank, I got killed with a javelin, so I switched games, thinking that it was just that game. I got in a tank, and lo and behold, a javelin eviscerates my tank. Notice how this one issue can cause trouble? Now, let me get started on how matchmaking is stupid. Matchmaking is stupid because it tries to join any server with basic specs (map, game type) and that’s okay. But, with the new server rental thing, I get thrown into games with 999 tickets on either side, and I’m not a big fan of playing a match for an hour. I hope DICE realizes that they’ve made this game unmarketable. Yay, you put flares on everybody! too bad they don’t work half of the time (unless you have the reflexes of a ninja who drank 90 red bulls). That doesn’t make the game magically more fair. If I were new to this game and joined a server, after 13 minutes, I would rage-quit and return the game. There you have it. I’ve played every battlefield game and loved every one, including this one. Until this patch, that is. Now I liken it to a bicycle that I’ve taken into the shop, only to have it returned with a wheel bent in half with the guy who did it saying “We’re doing this because it’s fair and will be more fun for you. We know what you enjoy, so we’re going to stuff it down your craw with a soft sell”. This was a really good game and I enjoyed the heck out of it. But, notice how much present-tense I’m using with these verbs and you’ll realize why I just spouted a college essay’s worth of crap.

    • ZOOLOG1C 04.06.12 at 08:18

      Very well put! Fuck You EA! You listen to wieners who couldn’t play then come out with this crap!? You ruined the SICKEST GAME EVER! Congratz! Is your wallet fat with our money yet!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:59

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:42

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

    • Abledark 04.06.12 at 07:45

      Lets mail poo to him alongside a copy of the game?

  • Bobs903P 04.06.12 at 07:17!/groups/307275809346245/
    for anyone who wants to joins send me a message

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:07

    Why are we waiting??? Where the hell is the decison makers? EA / DICE should have a POLL : Do gamers want back the pre-patch?? YES or No

    Yes for me!!!!!

    • ZOOLOG1C 04.06.12 at 08:19

      Some of its great but most of its shit!

    • Im Rock Lee 04.06.12 at 11:02

      No…it’s official… All of these people that are complaining about the new recoil and their guns changing suck. Adapt and overcome you wanna-be bf players. You must really suck more then you know for y’all to get on here and cry so much about a game that requires more skill now that ever before to play. If you are really good (lmao yea right), any just shut the hell up and adapt to your weapons again. I have. And you can too.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 23:01

      agreed will they listen?will they fuck!

  • Bobs903P 04.06.12 at 05:26
  • Blackfox1313 04.06.12 at 05:18

    EA/DICE this patch was truly awful. I just tried to play it, and you ruined a great game. I am now on amazon looking for something to replace it.

    This rent a server idea was ridiculously dumb. Ya, you might get more money initially but in the long run people are not going to buy your products. People are getting booted for no reason, its easy to hack, and you can no longer access the original servers that provided you your current fan base. The only things people wanted changed was the MAV elevator and the USAS-12. That’s all. You claim to listen to your fan base in your forums, but with this patch you are clearly saying something else. Go back to the way it was and maybe save your product. Until then I’m done with this game.

    • joefitzy 04.06.12 at 05:40

      Right there with you blackfox. Those were the only two complaints I ever had and heard of. Not any more!!!!

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 23:01


  • WolfOfSolace 04.06.12 at 04:59

    okay, why is my data corrupted???? really? i still have all my guns but now every time i put in the game i have to redo my classes? this is going to get frustrating quickly… :’(

  • Bobs903P 04.06.12 at 04:56

    lets boycott ea games

  • Rickosaurus Rex 04.06.12 at 04:53

    The xbox bf3 patch is really bad. I keep running in the same place, cant move anywhere, i threw multiples of health packs like 8 at the very same time. It’s just really bad. Its need a fix pronto. This didnt happened until today. I even disconnected everything and reconnected it back. Interenet, ect, everything. I cant believe i’m saying this and i never thought i would but i hate battlefield now it made me mad. I gave up.

  • joefitzy 04.06.12 at 04:47

    Just kicked from a lovely rent-a-server by the host for using a javlin and destroying all of the other teams tanks, jeeps, and choppers. After I shot the second laser tagged chopper out of the sky, I got a message telling me I was kicked from the server by admin. My hat goes off to EA and Dice for turning a great game over to a bunch of people that get to decide if I kill them too many times I get booted. Itoo, used to tell everyone about battlefield3 and how it was the best thing going. Think I will keep that opinion to myself from now on. Pimping your game out for a few extra dollars, come on now. There was nothing wrong with the original setup, you need to bring it back. I was hate call of duty and quit buying the sodomy games when they wanted to screw their product up trying to get more people playing. I have bought almost Evert battlefield game there is and correct me if I’m wrong but this is a first with the whole pimp-a-dice for 90the days and we will let you call all the shots. I doubt that I am alone on this matter but thought I had to put my feelings out there and give EA and Dice a chance to hear my concerns and others, and see if they care to protect the people that buy all of their games before I decide if I am done with them

    or not.

    • joefitzy 04.06.12 at 04:54

      That is socom games not sodomy games. Lol. Stupid smart phone.

    • Jesperato 04.06.12 at 09:24

      Agree if they dont liten to us they are gonna lose all their customers. Before the patch i loved the game and i bought it for like 2 weeks ago and before that i loved CoD but if i want to say the truth now CoD is alot better now and thats really sad. And i bought the DLC for like 5 days ago and what happens now FAMAS gets shit and M16A3 is better WTF is that i bought the famas for money it wasn’t that overpowered wasn’t it?

  • Mcbonas 04.06.12 at 04:09

    In my humble opinion, the newest update/patch on Xbox 360 has brought too much change at one time. Here is an example. I have had two lucky RPG kills on attack helicopters, and another on a jet. I believe a single RPG could and should disable an aircraft, but not utterly destroy it. I still enjoy the game, but the overall quality has slightly suffered.
    You can’t please everyone, and any change will receive some negative response. This game is one of few in the niche of “realistic” military shooters. Realism is a big shoe to fill, but if common sense is applied to future updates, the quality will return.
    On a side note, what about the addition of a soldier carried IR strobe or colored smoke grenade, that once tossed, would be a point that could be laser designated?

    • Im Rock Lee 04.06.12 at 10:42

      You think what? One shot should not take out a helicopter? Really? Really?…..Really? If i hit a unguided rocket, at a freakin helicopter, and it hits the helicopter, that person deserved to die. So body should get hit with a unguided RPG. Nobody. Unless you are a complete dum ++++. And if you happen to hit the with a (lucky) unguided RPG, you deserved that kill more then anything. I wish some helicopter would fly away after i shot it with a RPG. I would say… O hell nah…then proceed to go outside and flick somebody off.

  • Bobs903P 04.06.12 at 04:05

    boycott ea

  • Bobs903P 04.06.12 at 04:04


  • BigHarleySG 04.06.12 at 04:02

    14 Million people played. See who’s playing tomorrow.

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.06.12 at 03:40

    lets all boycott ea games and battlefield 3 games

  • BigHarleySG 04.06.12 at 03:36

    I agree with Drome17 you guys really dicked up a good game with that last update. I am also getting pretty tired of getting booted from everybodies servers and I sure as hell ain’t going to pay to rent one. You guys sure did manage to fuck up a good game over night. I won’t play this game anymore until it is fixe either. Time to break out Halo or Call of Duty.

  • Noobsicle 04.06.12 at 03:32

    O and of course one of the biggest eff ups would be the rent servers taking over. I think its a good idea in general, but it should be a completely separate group of servers from the normal ones. This game update is by far the biggest screw up in video game history to a number 1 game like this. I will not be playing or buying anymore battlefield games until the update is fixed. Hello Halo series again!!

  • Noobsicle 04.06.12 at 03:30

    This went from my absolute all time favorite game… to a game I can’t stand to play with this new update. What a crock of shit. You cant just go and change the way weapons fire and the number of rounds they hold in a clip 6 months after the game release. I just get done mastering the game with 30+ service stars with the famas and med kit and now I gotta learn how to play the game with a different gun all over again. FUCK OFF DICE AND EA YOU SUCK!!!!

  • Drome17 04.06.12 at 03:01

    Im done playing this game untill I can choose not to have to play on a custom server. Im tired of getting kicked from a server by the admin just because I kill them or they start to lose. I refuse to play a game where I get kicked because a little kid cant play like everyone else and has to make up ridiculous rules in order for them to not suck.

    • Jesperato 04.06.12 at 09:27

      Yea what is Battlefield going to be? The best fucking game in history or a shit game like CoD that just cares about money.

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.06.12 at 02:46

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.06.12 at 02:12

    Undo all the weapon, C4, claymore, etc and vehicle updates, add a quick match option for choosing between DICE an custom servers, and lets get all of these players complaining here get back to playing! The vast majority of comments here (and in other forums) are against the changes the update implemented. It’s pretty obvious a mistake was made, and that things were not totally thought thru. Fine. OK. Put it back the way it was before, and I believe that your loyal fans can let this one slide. The game is about unplayable now. This “initial recoil” crap makes keeping on target nearly impossible. Nerfing the USAS-12 was a waste of time. DICE should have dropped the ROF on the FAMAS. 900-1000 RPM! That’s the weapon causing the majority of frustration among players. Not Frag Rounds @ 300 RPM from a shotgun. DICE, you’ve really alienated a large portion of your loyal fan-base with this move. I would suggest correcting this issue in a timely manner before GameStop gets overloaded with used copies of this game to the point that they couldn’t even give them away.

  • Teddly372 04.06.12 at 01:48

    Any chance for an option to change your squad color? my colorblind issue is bad with squad and enemy colors being close.

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.06.12 at 01:21

    To all the EA abd Dice team who work so dillagently on this new patch/upgrade .You people took this once number 1 game and turned it to a work of shit !it makes me want to play MW3 alot more and i was not even thinking of buying GHOST RECON but today i put money down to reserve my copy and I WILL NOT be buying battlefield games ever again .you had to listen to all the little crybabies outthere and change all th weapons .and now with a rent a server well they say the rich get richer all you are into this is for the money you people are nothing but money grubbing bitches .WHAT the millions you made off of bf3 was not enough for you man i pity you .so what is next ? gonna take away all the weapons and give us sticks and stones ? i hope and pray that there is a god and someone starts a boycott against ea games i would join it instantly

  • VIGOR MORTIVORE 04.06.12 at 01:11

    I’d like to rent a 90 day European server [X360] but there are none available, work on that.

  • CRASH OV3R R1D3 04.06.12 at 01:11


  • KillSwitchSolid 04.06.12 at 00:27

    The weapons are balanced… And almost every error has been fixed. But why make aircraft unstoppable. I believe that there should be a rock-paper-scissors Game balance.

    • Drayven08 04.06.12 at 01:32

      Not to mention they made tanks about useless. 2 hits and there done….it’s ridiculous.

    • Abledark 04.06.12 at 07:43

      The weapons are balanced but in a bad way and new errors has arisen.

  • lfc5times80 04.05.12 at 22:33

    hey dice you bang on bout listening to feedback right?well hows this,put a little box on the blog an ask 360 users wether or not this update fucking sucks an then act on it.fuckin genius eh?

  • POWHELLRAISER 04.05.12 at 22:22

    I can live with all the changes except the suppression change, i thought it was going to be “tweaked” with certain guns that had to much and some that had little to none at all but when one bullet fly’s past my head and my vision is blurred for 10 seconds, that ridiculous. I’ve done 3 combat tours over seas been shot at and id like you to know that when i was shot at, my vision didn’t blur if anything everything becomes real clear real fast. but other than the suppression issue i can adjust to the rest.

  • acefalcon556 04.05.12 at 22:05

    They need 2 lower the suppression or take it out becase u cant kill any 1 when ur suppressed

  • Drayven08 04.05.12 at 21:37

    This rent-a-server on PS3 is ruining the gaming experience. I always use quick match to find a game and now all I get is someone’s server with some terrible rules. I was banned from a server the other day within 3 mins of playing and I broke no rules they had posted. I use an M60 or Famas 99% of the time so what’s the problem with that? Just today I was kicked within 2 mins of starting a match after killing 1 guy with my M60. Letting others decide how and when I play my game is ridiculous to say the least. If they are to determine that then maybe they should have paid for my copy of the game. The rented servers need to be taken out of the random quick match feature and left in the search for a server feature. I have no problem with this feature for those who want to make their own rules but to force those of us who just want to play some good ole BF3 without worrying about someone kicking me because they don’t like my name or what weapon I use is ridiculous. Some may say that I should use the search for server feature and find a normal server but why do I have to go through the hassle of that when I simply want to play. If you’re looking for a particular experience or set of rules then you should have to search for that. I’m tired of my fate being placed in the hands of some kid who can kick just because they feel like it.

    • acefalcon556 04.05.12 at 22:03

      I know and u cant even find a dice sever any more

      • Bullitt6137 04.05.12 at 23:43

        Go to “Servers” in the menu, then go to “Search” on the far right, then type in “DICE”. I just had 30 or so dedicated servers come up.

    • lfc5times80 04.05.12 at 22:12

      totally agree,why cant i just find a quick regular match,this update fucking sucks,oh wait we get horns on jeeps!wow fucking great.

  • RAMKROM40 04.05.12 at 20:52

    esta actualización no solo permite alquilar servidores… es que dan ganas de alquilar el juego. o revenderlo…

  • badboynadza 04.05.12 at 20:50

    Being kicked out by admin killed by admin, a picture of some cock comes up as someones server picture this is stupid

  • WolfOfSolace 04.05.12 at 20:08

    So i was playing last night and found out that the ak-47u is now a sniper rifle? didn’t realized that an assault riffle can shoot father than 1000 yards but this beast can. just saying who ever programmed that gun has done goofed not that i’m complaining hahaha fully auto sniper that can take down a chopper for my medic thanks fellas. :D

  • Bullitt6137 04.05.12 at 19:54

    So far, so good. Been playing every night since the Tuesday launch and it’s a bit of an adjustment but I have no complaints. Thanks for putting in the hard work DICE. See ya on the Battlefield!

  • SHAKYL 04.05.12 at 19:09

    This game was so good but then this patch screwed it up big time, I loved playing this game prior to this patch now its just awful. Change it back when it was pretty much perfect.

  • enemyace 04.05.12 at 18:41

    Great where the #$@^ are the official servers i just got banned for no reason from some faggots server, so stupid ea ,any thing for a buck. You all at ea should be shot with a ball of your own shit. Anybody renting a server must be a complete moron F U EA MORONS

    • WolfOfSolace 04.05.12 at 20:09

      go to sever browser all the way to the left there is a search option just type in dice

      • Drayven08 04.05.12 at 21:39

        We shouldn’t have to search for a server. If you want a particular set of rules or experience then you should have to search for it. I’ve been using quick match since release date to play.

        • WolfOfSolace 04.06.12 at 06:07

          I agree completely just trying to be helpful. not to mention it takes a good 10 to 20 mins to sort out a good match that isn’t all mixed up with different game types.

  • sappe911 04.05.12 at 18:36

    ok just played a game, in that game i was killed in a tank by an lav in about 4 hits. in that very same game it took 4 javelin rockets for me to knock out a tank, and there was not an engineer repairing it. WWWWWTTTTTTFFFFFFFF. Also WTF happened to HARD CORE? 15+ rifle rounds to kill someone!!!!!! How does that make any sense to you guys? This game is so EFFED now!

  • Abledark 04.05.12 at 18:29

    Hit detection has gotten worse thats for sure,waaaay worse in some playing on 100mb line so wtf.Curvy bullets in a fps blows bigtime

  • sappe911 04.05.12 at 18:27

    Wow you guys realy screwed the weapons up. You took a game that i enjoy playing and made it in to a game that frustrates the hell out of me. It was almost perfect before this patch, now its complete crap. change the weapons back. If the patch stays the way it is, i wont be playing any more.

  • x2xFKNxAmaZINGx 04.05.12 at 17:24

    Stop hating on the best game ever… if u dont like it im pretty sure call of duty has room for u on thier servers for u.. that u cant rent haha dueces crybaby pu c’s

    • Utahchev 04.05.12 at 19:20

      I don’t want to play COD I want to play the game I spent $59.99 on. The game did not have that many faults before the patch, now it has so many you can’t play without calling ‘bullshit” every 2 seconds! If your trying to be different then be different somewhere else. We want the game back the way it was before the patch!

    • loozern00b 04.05.12 at 20:43

      They have all the room, they don’t use dedicated servers, each player has the potential to be a server

  • x2xFKNxAmaZINGx 04.05.12 at 17:17

    Patch was a good add.. allowing u to get up from prone quicker good job.. disabling mav elevator.. good.. but it was fun for getting good sniper spots… rent a servers are a blast now being able to rack nore kills because of the boosted tickets being able to stay in a game longer is extremely enjoyable especially with vehicles… and yeah i also felt like HC BECAME SOFT.. but i got used to it.. stop complaining and enjoy the benefits that overcome the cons.. i dont feel like its softcore anymore eithee i got used to it or it waslag and glitchs BEST GAME EVER.. THEY NEED TO ADD A MELEE COUNTER…

  • Michathebutcher 04.05.12 at 17:13

    played again for 1 hour to see if i can look furter then the suppresion and weapon problems,
    Not possible this has been the worst mistake ever DICE and i hope u realize soon because i will not recommend this game to anyone and will stop playing after all the hours i put in…
    I feel so screwed by you guys it just hurts…and dice ofcourse no comment
    I was Always positief and found it the best game ever But you needed to destroy it!
    So make it or the fans will destroy DICE…

  • Pudds 04.05.12 at 17:12

    This patch had a ton of potential and there are some changes that will turn out to be good changes once we get used to them. I am glad they reduced the effectiveness of the repair torch, but I think reducing it and making vehicles 2 shot-able is a little bit of overkill. I think the weapons needed to have changes done to them, but I am not sure if what they did was what was needed, only time will tell.

    My biggest issue so far is the server rental. Yes it has potential to be awesome, but it also has the potential to just frustrate the crap out of people. Maybe I am dumb, but I don’t see a way of filtering a server that will allow for all maps and only play conquest. I can filter current map and current game mode, but from my limited time with the current patch I have found that unless I get into a rented server it now tends to bounce between game modes.

    • Naberios 04.05.12 at 17:34

      In the Server Browser, instead of pressing “Y” to join the server, press “A” and bring up the server info. Press right on the Left Stick and it will show you what maps and their game modes that particular server is set up for.

      • Pudds 04.05.12 at 21:29

        Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it. Granted it would still be nice for them to make a filter so one could just filter the mode of the server not just the particular game.

  • Psynapse5 04.05.12 at 16:52

    WTF… my first comment ever on here after playing BF for years… and it’s WTF!!!!

    Hardcore mode plays like softcore now? WTF?!?!?! A shat tonne of rounds in someones back at close range may not kill them in hardcore mode now? WTF?!?!?!? You can get half a dozen hit markers on someone but they STILL survive? WTF?!?!?! A T90 can be taken out by ONE round from a frikin LAV now? WTF?!?!?!?

    I’m REALLY hoping the accuracy and rounds to kill are just glitches or lag!!! I couldn’t flippin belive it when I fired up the game. I actually logged out because I didn’t think I was in hardcore mode. “Hey… I just pummeled that guy in the back with half a mag at close range and he turned around and shoots me once and I’m down” WTF WTF WTF. If this is what hardcore mode is now… I’m done.

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 18:25

      Its just as bad on normal mode,ive emptied almost a whole mag into someone lots of times and they still wont die.

  • Surfsmacker 04.05.12 at 16:34

    I haven’t had much time to check out the game after the new patch, but the little bit I did, I found the server issue frustrating. I know how to filter and select an appropriate server, but it seems to be a rather inconvenient/negative feature. I enjoyed the game more when I could pick a game mode and go into a quick match (that wasn’t lopsided with customizations) and stay in that game mode until I felt like leaving. I don’t feel that the kits needed to be messed with at all. What’s with having to re-select all your set ups; doesn’t seem like there was anything to mess with there. Still one of the best games out there but I hope much of the community feedback is taken into consideration.

  • Mr Buckeyes 93 04.05.12 at 16:24

    I love this patch. The tanks are too weak though. I miss the MAV elevator.

    • Jesperato 04.05.12 at 16:24

      fuck off go play CoD

      • Mr Buckeyes 93 04.05.12 at 16:52

        I don’t even play COD. I prefer this game it’s so much better. The guns don’t feel like lasers and there’s vehicles. Why are you mad? Are you not getting as many kills as before? If you’re mad that I liked the MAV elevator, I hardly even used recon. I use Engineer 90% of the time. If you don’t believe me look me up.

        • Naberios 04.05.12 at 17:21

          Of course. Spawn in on your buddy who just MAVed up to an over pass or the tallest building so that you can mercilessly rocket or javelin without much fear of return fire. Sound about right, engineer?

          • Mr Buckeyes 93 04.05.12 at 17:30

            Nope I have never done that. Thats actually pretty smart. But if i ever to be in a high up area i would use a sniper rifle. Let’s see on battlelog I have 79 kills with rpg’s 12 with javelins, and 10 with stingers. So I play fair.

  • MichkaAa 04.05.12 at 16:20

    This patch is crap. the assault rifles are shit and the recoil to high, even the PDW weapons are better now. Realy DICE!!!!!!.WHY putting changes on a game that was already good. I AM DISAPPOINTED DICE!!!!!!!!

    • Jesperato 04.05.12 at 16:21

      TRue fucking story why make a patch it was the best game now im going back to like MW2 and MW3

  • Pyroclism 04.05.12 at 14:57

    If I wanted to get molested this bad on xbox live I would just start playing Halo again.

  • Pyroclism 04.05.12 at 14:52

    Wow this game just went to crap! Not to mention I worked for weeks to get the USAS12 and now its a useless piece of JUNK! I put 5 rounds in someones back yesterday from 6 feet away and they turned around and killed me, WTF! Thanks DICE for taking a big fat dump on my multiplayer experience!

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 15:24

      I have not had any problems getting kills with it using buckshots thats for sure

  • Abledark 04.05.12 at 14:51

    Seriously,am i the only one getting freezed all the time at last m-com station on metro?.its now the seventh time at the exact same place.And the revive is still broken maaaany times btw.

  • MDKGator75 04.05.12 at 14:15

    Where do begin: Many players have hit on the things that should not have been changed. First, it doesnt make sense that a mortar can’t delopyed in a base. When somone did this it was pretty easy to spot them and snipe or mortar them back. However, now if a team gets pushed back to their spawn in a map, lets say in Bazaar the mortar was effective in helping move attackers forward. Now you can forget it. I can’t imagine that this wasn’t even tought of?
    Second, ok the mav wasn’t made for an elevator. But it did bring an element to the game for the sniper and for other players to get that sniper. So oh well. Most can agree that limiting the mav kills to one is fine, it makes sense that in real life a piece of plastic should be destroyed after running into a person. But maybe give the recon guy something else to do? Mortar Strike? Make the solfam a better waepon that can’t be seen across the entire map?
    Third, the foregrip and supressor is useless now but the flash suppressor is actually better for reducing recoil? Most weapons I have tried to use supressor with foregrip have huge recoil up and to the right? Really?
    Fourth, anyone that buys the kits is just plain lazy.
    Fifth, why does it take an entire clip from an assualt rifle to kill an enemy from across the street when aiming and hitting the chest. The push to hit the head is too big.
    Sixth, game still crashes during inital loads, in the game, in the spawn, everywhere.
    Seventh, Ok USAS with frag rounds was ridiculous, but it was also a weapon at the top of the unlock tree. Now it is pretty musch useless. The Jackhammer and the DAO-12 are better? The FAMAS was a stable weapon, maybe a bit strong, but its also useless. Seems like the PDWs are taking over a bit now and that’s just not BATTLEFIELD.
    Eighth, supression is way high. Not only do you get supression assists like candy and ribbons too, the supression from a single sniper shot last forever let alone other rifles. Doesnt make any sense and the cover option doesnt work very well

    ALSO CANT PLAY CONQUEST ON SHARQI OR WAKE?? They are not on the server browers?

    I think some players like the new server options, but my team sticks to the DICE servers to play the ENTIRE mix of the maps, the way the game was designed. But if you want to play metro for 40 mintues with 750 + tickets fine. We also like the sounds, that was certainly an upgrade and I have noticed some more defintiion in the colors. I know there are other problems but these are the biggest I have seen after a week of game play. I am still trying too find a reliable rifle to use as an engineer or assualt.

    • Jesperato 04.05.12 at 16:18

      Yea your right if u get weapons like famas and usas u deserve them famas was my favorite weapon now weapons like M16A4 is better. WTF i payed for that shit im not gonna play until they fix this

      • Abledark 04.05.12 at 20:21

        Well,the famas and the usas 12 were the most overpowered weapons in the game so not strange they fixed them.

  • cubeline82 04.05.12 at 12:59

    I’m sick of this crap, im wait for dust514

  • cubeline82 04.05.12 at 12:56

    real shit… shit options rental servers…. no any help from ea with problems.
    this game is over.
    I rented it server and I could not manage it. good work dice/ea next shit beta.

  • Michathebutcher 04.05.12 at 12:51

    HEY DICE,i put 250 hours in the game to find out after a patch you changed the gameplay
    Because people were not to get a ribbon the suppresion had to be put up like this?
    This is horrible i Cannot see a thing during a fire fight?only tunnelvision!and then all weapons lost there can U expect this to work on close qaurters DLC?if you already read stuff like this then fire the guy that made these changes and change it back the rest of the game is perfect but for the first time i dont feel like playing anymore and that sucks bigg time!!

    • Jesperato 04.05.12 at 16:19

      Agree hope they change back or they will lose all their fans

    • Naberios 04.05.12 at 17:29

      Put your fucking Cover Specialization on or toss some grenades towards their little hidey-hole. Or better yet, play as a team and rush them with everyone giving cover fire.

  • TardyCHAOSXIII 04.05.12 at 12:43

    Shooting through windows has been so frustrating for me and I’m sure for others. Having to shoot through it more times then usual to kill your target can quickly turn the tables making you the victim. Not only does it take more shots to kill an enemy through an unbroken window but it’ll also give the enemy the chance to take cover and get away or retaliate. Having to break the window for a better shot will expose you to any near threat making you completely unaware that your position has been compromised.

  • Redback88 04.05.12 at 12:29

    BTW – The RENT-A-SERVERS could possibly ruin the game. The official EA Servers offer stability and an even playing field. Being able to set the tickets now is appalling – I know GEARS OF WAR offer custom gameplay, but theirs is match specific and not server set so the parameters of gameplay remain consistent.

    I traded in MW3 and will probably trade in BF3 if they don’t address this diabolical turn of events.

    On the bright side GHOST RECON – FUTURE SOLDIER is released next month.

  • TardyCHAOSXIII 04.05.12 at 12:22

    Suppression Fire is one of the best features for a not so accurate weapon. To me the MG36 and the M27 IAR LMG’s are the most accurate in it’s class. But I feel that most LMG’S are not as powerful as they should be. In a close range shoot-out between the Assault Kit ant the Support Kit, the Assault weapon would win 7 out of 10 do to it’s deadly accuracy and most LMG holders at hte end feel robbed. As the LMG weapons feel far more powerful and superior, your chances of survival are cut to half when it turns into a run n’ gun game. The odds of killing an unaware enemy without being killed is slim. Walking around corners zoom’d in will actually take your awareness and responsiveness away from all other things other than what your looking at through the scope, allowing enemies to come in for your Dog Tag.

  • Redback88 04.05.12 at 12:06

    I HATE the rented servers. I HATE the inconsistent Battle Modes. I LOVE the game.

    Fix it EA or leave it at your peril.

  • steve4360 04.05.12 at 12:01

    Dont like it fellas! im a veteran of BC1 And 2 and i expected this game to be at least as good,if not better! It was ok to start with, and i worked hard to get all the weapons and add ons, but now after all the work i find youve sold out to the moany, lazy brigade!!! who cant be bothered to put in the work to get all the gucci kit, you let them take over the servers and kick anyone who beats the pants off them! and you mess up all the weapon lethality! Finally to add insult to injury you sell off all the upgrade packs in one go! meaning that no work is now required to get weapons and vehicles!!!
    Stop trying to compete with COD and MW you dont have too! BF is a class above them! let the whiners play them and keep BF hardcore for serious players!!!
    Rant over

  • TardyCHAOSXIII 04.05.12 at 11:47

    For future updates I would really like to see the Ballistic Scope glare gone and Ghillie Suits added. I would also like to see taller grass that can be used with the suit without interfering. The Recon position is so valuable to any team that most times you see our Marksman killing at close range because of the lack of concealment. The Happy Campers term cannot be used because of position exposure, but I think it’s only fare to make it much more real then it already is. I personally don’t really use the Recon kit because of that reason. Tho it’s one of the most lethal weapons at close range, it shouldn’t have to be.

  • Naberios 04.05.12 at 11:21

    So far, my only real issue with the update is that my SCAR seems to be worthless for some reason. I thought it was the silencer, but even with that off I have to empty at least a half a clip into an enemy (even with some going in what appears to be their head, on Normal) just to kill them. Of course I usually get spun on and killed before I can pump enough ammo into them for the kill. Not real happy about that, I was really starting to like that gun for my engineer class.

  • xACEx Redsmrf 04.05.12 at 10:08

    all in all i would rather have the old patch back everything was fine just keep the jet (f-35) and famas and fragrounds thats the only thing that needed to be fixed

    • Naberios 04.05.12 at 11:17

      Why? So you can go back to exploiting gadgets to gain any advantage to help your k/d and not play the objectives?

  • xACEx Redsmrf 04.05.12 at 09:56

    great job on the patch there is only one complaint… the suprrison need to go back the way it was earlier today i got suppressed by a guy that was to my right there was another in front of me about 3 feet away i was unable to kill him because of the sway of my gun but if some is in front of me i should be able to hit the guy no matter how much supresed i am… i say when we are suppressed make it like we can see (blur like it is) but still be able to shot the blur itself i hard enough to see through let alone trying to kill some one while your gun all over the place. its pretty much like jumping up and down for the guy saying i am here shoot me

  • notdanorm 04.05.12 at 08:53

    Finally I get to get up quicker from grenades being thrown but were is the C4 glitch patch. I set my 3 c4′s, wait, get ready to blow the heck out of something and now both triggers start throwing out more c4 even if the amount shows 0 until it blows in my face.

  • RAMKROM40 04.05.12 at 08:35

    es posible que al instalar la actualización no se haya respetado los settings -la personalización- del juego. a mí, personalmente, se me han cambiado todos los visores y todos los complementos de mis armas… supongo que al criterio de algún imbécil de dice (si lo han hecho para ayudar, la próxima vez espero que no ayuden tanto). está por ver que me hayan cambiado los controles de las aeronaves, la sensibilidad del mando, etc…
    realmente no sé qué pasa con la actualización. el juego, lejos de mejorar, ahora es insufrible y aburre muchísimo… y yo que pensaba que nunca me iba a aburrir de jugar al battlefield 3 online…

  • TexasToast712 04.05.12 at 08:26

    I love this patch. Everything is perfect now. The only gripe I have is the Extended Mags being removed from the MG36. It is supposed to have 100 rounds by default in real life. Now I can’t even make the gun realistic. Also, give us some more pistols in the new dlc’s. GIVE US A DESERT EAGLE .50

  • kunaka 04.05.12 at 07:28

    never thought i would say this, but I’m highly disappointed. dice fucked up big time with this update i use to love battlefield 3 now i hate it, i would rather play call of duty then this Shit now and i absolutely hate call of duty. I’m definitely taking battlefield back to gamestop for another game that is worth playing.

  • sKiLLzTx187 04.05.12 at 07:22

    The patch rocks. Good 2 know some1 is hard at work .

  • CutThroat5 04.05.12 at 06:22

    DICE, I hope you’re reading these comments and planning on doing something. What the hell possessed you to do it? Look how unhappy people are.

  • theMaestrooo 04.05.12 at 05:52

    Thanks a lot bf3!!!! Now I can’t play your game and never will!!! Not enough space on my Xbox to play one game with this stupid update. That’s ridiculous. Well, you can say I’m stupid and I should’ve purchased a bigger Xbox. That’s not the point. I’ve never had a game need so much space before. You should be able to play any game with any Xbox off the shelf. Not sure why u need so much space. I can’t really tell between bf3 and cod when it comes to graphics. Cod uses hardly any space and the reaction time is soooo much better. Back to Cod. Never will play your money sucking game again.

  • SINNER MASSS 04.05.12 at 04:40

    Just when I get used to what my favorite guns are they change them. I have a 1.7 k/d ratio now I struggle to break even. They “fixed” a bunch of things that I didn’t even know were broken but didn’t fix the big issues. Like the t90 spinning out like a redneck in a truck doing donuts in your yard! Plus the sound drop outs. The tanks now are death traps. I understand that it is a little more realistic but the in real battles the tanks are not in tight battle like they are in the game. Plus an rpg wouldn’t even leave a black mark on an m1 but now two shots tops and you are toast! Helicopters laugh at tanks…

    When you snipe you can’t see where the bullet hits now, it’s just a big white blob.

    And my biggest issue with this game has been there from the beginning but seems worse now. It seems like i’m using rubber bullets, rps, etc. and that I am playing at least a second behind other players. I can’t tell you how many times I will be shooting a guy dead in the face from 10 yards away just to watch him switch from his sniper rifle to his pistol and bust my ass with one shot! I seem to have to hit tanks with twice as much as other people blow mine up with. I can be behind someone and start to shoot them just to have them turn and shoot me once and I die! I had to buy a new controller because of that shit! I won’t bother to even try and kill someone head on even when I have the drop on them. 8 out of 10 times I lose.

    Oh, and where the hell are the regular servers? I’m sick of going into a custom server to play with johny dickhead and his girlfriends only to get ass raped. Let me filter that out. Also, can I please mute someone!?!? The feedback from their mic makes all of the other sound drop out. I can’t hear anything!

    So close to the perfect game…

    • dirty banjo 04.05.12 at 04:51

      Its called the server browser. It may seem like black magic at first, but it’s actually a useful tool that lets you set filters so that one may more easily find the type of game they want. Your also right about how a RPG won’t touch an M1; however an RPG7 will, and those are what we use in the game. Helicopters do laugh at tanks, that is one of the primary roles of an attack helicopter.

  • zcandler14 04.05.12 at 04:31

    Huh so does this mean I don’t get killed 500 times by pretty much everybody with a usas 12 with frag rounds, because that stuff is extremely annoying.

  • WolfOfSolace 04.05.12 at 04:16

    Time wasted is time wasted i guess. this goes for the time i play xbox and this patch. hate it but battlefield is the best FPS out there right now soooo i’ll just have to tolerate it. hey dice could you look into balancing teams a bit going against 12 black eagles with a bunch of squids, low level noobs who are just good cannon fodder, on your team gets rough. btw kudos dice scam as much money off the suckers who buy there own severs hahaha. make money money money, HEY! also Noobs and little girls just search for dice it takes 5 secs. sever browser then all the way to the left can’t miss it. oh lol if your having trouble with getting suppressed try the cover perk…. DUH

  • xFLHCx 04.05.12 at 03:45

    This patch is horrible. You guys made it perfect but ruined it at the same time. You listed to MAVs, USAS, and minor glitches.. but you went and ‘balanced’ all the guns? They were balanced! Yeah sure the famas was a bit overpowered, but all the guns are horrible now. Tanks have cardboard armor, basically no point in using those. Repair tool during a tank battle is absolutely worthless. Why even have teamwork with an engineer on your team? This is a small list. Revert back to the old patch. I prefer dealing with frag rounds all day long vs this patch. I am considering not even buying the new maps due to how horrible thi spatch is.

  • nitsugua23 04.05.12 at 03:37

    PATCH = Gamedealbreaker!!!! I waz in love with battlefield 3 until this patch dropped!!! Its almost a game dealbreaker and that says a lot coming from someone where battlefield 3 is almost the only thing they play! This game came out back in October. This whole time gamers have been honing their skills with specific guns with the games old settings but now that every guns has too much recoil, players who once were good now look crappy cuz the recoil screws up their accuracy. at least if they were gonna come out with an update like this that screws with the settings and mechanics of the game they should’ve done so a long time ago! the rent a server feature is the only thing thats a positive addition to the game. My word of advice, put the gun recoil settings as well as the player movement sensitivity back where it used to be!!!!!!!!!

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 03:51

      Totally agree with the recoil dude,im used to being on top of the board endgame,but now my 600 hours of practice are down the drain almost and now im happy if im in the top 5 max.

      • SINNER MASSS 04.05.12 at 04:46

        I second that, I would rather deal with the other issues that I have spent months getting used to. I too struggle to do well now. I have a k/d ratio of 1.7 now I have to really play just to go even. wtf

    • xACEx Redsmrf 04.05.12 at 10:11


  • FRANKtheLEVEL 04.05.12 at 03:33

    I’m really disappointed in this “Patch”. A lot of the guns have been ruined for no good reason. Why take out the freedom of using the MAV to reach new heights? No one had a problem with it. Why remove explosives after death, ex. C4, Claymore, and Anti-Tank mines? There are a few good things, maybe to attract more of a “bubble gum pop” genre of players, like the graphics and the “noob rifles”, just being able to pay for un-lockables and rank ups, because that’s really awesome, now if a kid wants to take a break from Cod he can just pop in his friends borrowed/discarded BF3 disc and buy everything, great idea. That helps out the BF3 committed greatly, way to keep it real. I guess these days cheat codes cost money, way to be those guys. Shotguns are now all completely worthless, as if they were used by so many players to begin with, which they weren’t, besides the USAS-12/Frags, none of the others needed tuning. Is EA behind this patch? Are they trying to turn the franchise in Call of Duty’s direction? Success!! Call of Duty had one thing right, “If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.” This has been a very huge disappointment. I just backed out of a match with over 10,000 points because it had another hour and a half to go. And another thing, ever since I created an Origin account, the email I created has been sending and receiving nothing but spam, random emails, to random people. Is this a third party spam emailer? Did I sign up for a virus? It was fun while it lasted, so much for a competitive FPS. Successful FAIL.

    • Booty Kicker 04.07.12 at 01:35

      Hey Frank you seem like a reasonable guy, so I thought I’d make a few comments. I’m not sure why you thought no one had a problem with the MAV riding because lots of people did based on forum posts and tweets that I saw. I know I personally did not like getting shot out of the blue from the highway on Tehran. In regards to the shotguns, which based on your Battlelog profile you enjoy using, I agree that they are slightly weakened when using buck or flechette. They are still very deadly upclose though, so maybe you should consider that you just had a few bad games with them post-patch. I wouldn’t give up on them just yet. Just as an example, in my private server I shot at my buddy in the chest from exactly 10m with the USAS with buck and it killed him in one shot (this is with lowered damage per pellet and 9 pellets instead of 12). You might even want to try the slug rounds in them, because those were really beefed up with this patch and it may be right up your alley.

  • Abledark 04.05.12 at 03:28

    After playing like 40 matches with this new update here is my updated opinion-After fiddling with all available setups for the guns i still think the recoil is too much and cant imagine im gonna get used to and like it as much as pre-patch.A little lower recoil across all guns is a must in my opinion.

    The suppression is toooo much but according to rumors is gonna get fixed a bit.

    The decrease in range for aa missiles wasnt too good either as it was already quite hard taking down skilled pilots.and many times they dont lock on even when they should.some fixing there would be nice too.

    The tanks feel great except they are a little too weak now even with reactive armor.

    Although i dont snipe much i gotta say i was schocked by the size of the shots from the guns ive used,l96,m98.shots look like tennisballs now and although it made me laugh the first time i saw it,its disturbing.also you have to aim lower now to headshot which isnt a big deal.

    Aircraft feels more fluid to control but the main guns are a little weaker now?

    Jeeps have horns,wheeeee

    serverbrowsing can be a pain in the ass but just adding favorites help.

    Metro in the last base (xbox) almost always freezes game for me.

    mavkillers still run free and annoying the shit out of everyone,they just stand next to an ammo box now to get mavrefill.

    And that irnv has gotten slightly better but i think you shouldnt have nerfed it to begin with.

    In my opinion the most important fix is the recoil otherwise your little more than halfway there :)

  • StUmpy45451 04.05.12 at 02:55

    Screw it I’m done with bf..constantly messing with the settings,just got used to a few of my fav guns and now their shooting at the stars,the recoils f’ING ridiculous.

  • johnny87 04.05.12 at 02:52

    Great job on the patch!! The suppresion system works great! I also like the adjustments made to the
    weapons! Minimap is also great! One problem I noticed was you can’t play strike at karkand on or sharqui penninsula on conquest! Great job on the patch though!! Another comment is I would like to see some new russian missle launchers for the enginer! and also some jungle, swamp, and snow maps! Maybe for the DLC!

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 02:54

      Cant agree on the patch being good for most part but yeah some jungle and snow maps would rock.

  • Lerue1 04.05.12 at 02:31

    I am not a fan of this update at all. All if have been able to play are tank games. And when I do get down to real play there are tanks everywhere. Reverse it please

  • shua2355 04.05.12 at 02:14

    Well, I guess I will have to go to game stop and buy some new games ! I am a 5 time BF Vet and am completely unhappy. The USA-12 is a good change I must admit, but there should be a more advanced game selection menu when you do a quick match and get put in someones pipe dream of ware fare. I should be able to choose a normal dice server if I want without having to search the actual server page. Hey Dice if it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it !!!

  • dhoov72 04.05.12 at 02:06

    ok…. well first off this is stupid.. strait up ..i jumped into a game wit only jets.. if i wanted to be in a match like that i woulda choose to be in it. 2nd y would the people be allowed to rent they own server.. umm how u think call of duty got so f’d up cuz of hackers… thats wats gonna happen to this game too.. plus i think its kinda ridiculous to be able to kick neone out the server.. if they beatin u so bad dnt kickem from the game.. be a man play it out take that beatin once in awhile….. nd now 3rd shout out to all the haters out there that talk smack bout the USAS-12. i use that gun nd got almost 9300 kills nd im tired of people sendin me hate mail about it… suck it up son

  • SpacyEmu 04.05.12 at 01:57

    Hey, it’s all about adapting and moving on. Haven’t you thought about the fact that under powering a single weapon -in the case being, the USAS-12-, makes the rest of them overpowered somehow?.. its just plain logics. What I don’t really find proper is the VICIOUS recoil given to some weapons, for example the FAMAS. Okay, this rifle was somewhat a bit more powerful than others, but fixing the issue giving it such a minus is just plain unfair with some players; while the USAS-12 only gets a MILD range reduction. Also, it seems that the issue regarding the overpowerness of some weapons and certain attachment combination was addressed and fixed through a series of penalties in the form of inaccuracy and muzzle flash amplification. So far, these changes are bearable IMO. In the end, we play a game made by a dev team and I doubt we’ll stop playing it from one day to another because of this. If it hasn’t happened with such a shitty game that is COD, I highly doubt it’ll happen to Battlefield.

    Regarding the Rent-a-Server option: WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU DONE?!!!
    Mixing the flaw and sick ruled plagued servers with the scarce leftover DICE ones is fending off loyal fair players and people seeking to enjoy, -as it name clearly states- a QUICKMATCH with normal rules under normal playing circumstances without having to dig up on the endless server browser list for a DICE server, and to wait up on a long queue of fellow players. This, and the fact that you no longer have the ability to stay in a single-game mode server, has severely damaged a lot of people’s gaming experience.

    My personal opinion for a possible fix regarding this issue, is the making of two different matchmaking “lobbies”, one being a lobby formed by community-made servers and another one made up of DICE servers. If not, just simply add the option on the server-searching filters to pick wether you’d like to play on DICE-based servers or Community ones.

    DICE, this was and still is an EXCELLENT game and you’re right on time to save it. Don’t let it go down the drain as COD did.

    If you love Battlefield with your heart, please make objective feedback and help repost this review. We really need to make ourselves heard for the sake of such good game.

    • Bullitt6137 04.05.12 at 19:45


    • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.06.12 at 08:49

      We the consumer have a voice…keep posting…make videos and post to YouTube encourage others to do the same. Consumers and gamers of the world unite and let your voice be heard. Enough people complain and if enough people make noise they will have no choice but to listen.

  • One Badd Wolfe 04.05.12 at 01:17

    Hey, just here to throw my two pence in. Gotta say, the update has been a real learning experience and I’ve really enjoyed it. I like things being kept fresh and having the guns and equipment stats being jiggled with was cool for me because it meant I could fiddle more and relearn how to use old guns or new ones. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the patch so far and I’ve a lot more playing and fiddling about to do to find what works best for me with the new changes.

    Finding suppression to be a very powerful tool all of a sudden which I don’t recall it being and while it may frustrate me a little at the time when I miss a carefully aimed sniper shot because someone decided to rapidly fire Assault Rifle rounds at me, I’m in no way complaining and must say I like the boost to supression over all, especially because I know; “If they can do it to me, I can do it back to them!” :)

    Was confused to find out just how narrow the window of opportunity with Stinger’s and IGLA’s has become. The reduced max range makes sense, a soldier shouldn’t be a walking SAM Site, but I think the minumum range is somewhat crippling for taking out helicopters, particularly Scout Heli’s on Noshar for example. The almost instant lock and 1 hit disable is really nice when you get lucky enough to find the right range and don’t get Flared/ECMed, but the jury is out for me on this one. Need more practice methinks.

    Another thing, and this one I can understand perfectly the reasoning for, but I think there has been an unintended side-effect based in Psychology. With the reduction in repair speed of the Repair Tool, it makes looking after your vehicle a full-time job and really dangerous in the field, which is good! I’ve must reiterate that I like this change on the whole and it is a change from tanks being almost invincible if they had an engineer repairing them. The unintended side-effect that I am talking about is that since people know that their repair tools aren’t going to patch their tank up in 3 seconds anymore, people have stopped bothering to repair vehicles at all. I have found that being the machine gunner in a tank, if the vehicle takes a Guided Missle/Shell or strafing run from an air vehicle and get’s disabled, the driver just legs it even if he is an Engineer with a Repair Tool. No attempt is made at all to try and save the vehicle, it is just ditched like it is nothing because they think their Repair Tool is “Inadequate”. This sadly doesn’t promote team work and while I have yet to try Squad Deathmatch since the patch, I am slightly disheartened at the thought of a team working so hard to gain control of the BMP2M only to bail on it in 2 seconds flat and make no attempt to save it when a rocket hits it in the ass.

    That’s it from me. Looks and sounds like a lot, but really it’s just Repair Tool, Stinger/IGLA and Suppression (and Suppression I actually like, I just wanted to comment on it). I’m still trying to get my head around searching the servers for regular DICE servers, I liked the ones like [Soldier Skirmishes] / [Most Popular] and [Deathmatch Action] but find 1750 ticket games of conquest… a little rediculous. Spending one and a half to two hours on the same match only to have my X-Box freeze on me and cause me to loose all ribbons and medals earned in that time is soul destroying. I know the X-Box freezing is my own issue, but if I was more easily able to find normal games then I wouldn’t be risking losing so much progress. Maybe a way to filter out Rented Servers? Or Filter in only DICE servers in the multiplayer browser? Other than that I’ll just keep looking and hope you guys decide to reopen more of your old Servers.

    Keep rolling guys and keep making this game even better, I have faith in you and lot’s of patience to learn about new changes. Can’t wait for the new map / content packs, roll on June for Close Quarters!!

  • XXCrimson7XX 04.05.12 at 01:08

    Why does everyone hate this…

    The first time I’ve played this with the new update was great! I believe the weapons are actually better off now than they were before actually.

    However one thing I don’t like is how they decreased some damage on the planes main gun though;
    it’s pretty gay since you have to put at least 100 rounds from a jet like that to kill another jet.

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.05.12 at 00:48

    Just tried playing it again to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Sure nuff, same shit. Done with Battlefield until the update is rolled back. Been a fan from BF2 on, really the only games I play. Now it’s time to move on to something else. This was not just an update, it is a completely different game than was released last year. DICE should have consulted with more players before moving forward with a move like this. Who knows how many loyal fans DICE has now alienated? Really really really hope that DICE reconsiders this move. Shame really when you think about it.

  • Rootin2tin 04.05.12 at 00:37

    Well, I like the update. ;3

  • motomike03 04.05.12 at 00:33

    i have been having a seriuos problem with game admins kicking me from there servers becuase i was dominating them and also having them switch me to there team…i believe they shouldnt be able to do this becuase i cant find and populated ea servers on the xbox 360 system.

    • dhoov72 04.05.12 at 02:08

      yo i feel u it aint fair that ur spankin em nd u dnt get credit for ne of it

    • Helen Kellerrr 04.05.12 at 06:37

      You play on 360? I Think I’ve played you. I feel the same way. I know what I do for my sever is balance it out if its completely unfair. I wouldn’t dare kick someone unless they used frag rounds (which i have as my welcome message not to).

  • Skyhighatrist88 04.05.12 at 00:09

    Have played every single battlefield game that there has been specifically for the multiplayer, had this one pre-ordered over 6 months in advance, and have been thoroughly enjoying playing it up until now! The gun changes I can adapt to, not that I particularly like so much change SO long after an initial release date but hey makes it almost like a new game.

    Hell I can even kind of understand you giving all the dickheads out there their own chance to make servers with ridiculous rules! What I cannot abide, though, is taking away all your own standard, uniformed servers where I can just pick a game type and go, not having to worry about what twisted version of this game I am going to be exposed to!

    Thanks DICE for making me spend 4 hours this evening server hopping between stupid rules or clan servers with the entire clan all squadded up and well-practiced on one team. I dont think I lasted one entire round, got a half decent score or anywhere near to a 1:1 KD ratio.

    Looks like its back to join the pre-teen idiot gamers on MW3 for me!

    • drumscarinbr 04.05.12 at 00:25

      They are fixing the servers. Someone from EA posted this yesterday:

      EA_AgentX 04.03.12 | 23:32 Hello everyone,
      I’ve posted this on the Battlelog forums and wanted to ensure you’re all aware as well.
      During a recent meeting with DICE, we discussed the HC Game MODE rotation. They are aware of the feedback from the community.
      Currently, I don’t have any further information, but I guarantee when we have more information, I will post on the Battlelog forums as well as here.
      See you on the battlefield,
      EA Community Administrator

  • CyberSniper84 04.04.12 at 23:57

    let me start off by saying that loved bf3 when i first got it after pre-ordering it 6 months in advance. i really enjoyed the graphics and i really enjoyed the mechanics of the game. i loved how u could put an infrared scope on ur weapon an u could see clearly as day as to when the fuck the enemy was holed. but then u brought out the first patch and nerfed the ir scopes so my that now the battlefield like like an area coverd but some freakish green fog. i loved how the assholes in helicopters could be brought down with an igle or stinger and u didnt have to be close to them so they would shoot u down. i loved how i could use my suoressed m4a1 as a multipurpose weapon. guning people quick for up close and personal CQB, but i could also use it for personel that may be a bit far. i love how i cold hop on top of the mav and gain access to the high buildings. i loved the size of some maps like devamant peak teamdeath match where i could be stationed in the rocks and pick of enemy soldiers one by one. and now patch after patch u r fucking with the one game i genuinely in my whole life ever since the super mario games. i would come home and really look forward to this game. u have ruined the game now. i cant believe that the one game that appealed to the true players who needed to actuall use their brain the succeed u like those noobs playing. istead of leavin the way which u had created it and sticking with it by trusting ur gut feeling. u go and listen tothose cry babies. i m disappointed in you dice. u ruined a perfectly good game. i wish u were like infinity ward sometimes and u didnt listen to the players so much. i have had other other battlefield games and though i liked many of them, i loved battlefield 3. y, y di u have to go and change it. bring the guns back to its former glory. bring the mav elevation bring the incredible infrared, ring back the ability to use the suppressor on targets that r further that 20 meters. stop fucking with the game and leave it the way u created it. i swear i will stop buying another dice or ea game if u dont fix this. dont forget that ea has the new medal of honor coming out in october and if this is not fixed i wont be buying it at all. and as god be my witness that is my word.

  • Deadlydragon89 04.04.12 at 23:42

    Ok i like everything including the rent a server but one thing pisses me off. I rented a server and it expired, not even 2 hours later i go to extend it with more points and all of a sudden there are no open slots even tho i already had a server rented.

  • areallygoodshoe 04.04.12 at 23:31

    This update absolutely ruined the game. I have not been able to play ONE normal match since the update, only fucked up player servers. Also, all the weapons have been weakened and given so much recoil that not one of my original weapons can be used. You really fucked up Dice, I used to love this game and brag how its so much better than Call of Duty, now I cant.

  • drumscarinbr 04.04.12 at 23:29


    You XBOX guys are the biggest group of pussies that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you make the PS3 and PC guys look eternally grateful by comparison.

    Really…..really, you F-ing little cry babies???

    The game is not perfect (pre or post patch)…..but guess what, it’s the best military based combat game there is, so zip it. No game dev team can make every player happy. Quit bashing them and try to be more constructive, without them and this game, what other FPS you gonna play? Call of Dookie? Please. That game may be fun/interesting….for about 3-4 minutes.

    Seriously though, half of you F**k-tards are just reacting emotionally….rather then logically (like most little girls do) and over time, you’ll simmer and come to realize that the game is just a bit different now and overall, better than it was pre-patch. It’s not drastically better, not drastically worse, just slightly better IMO, all things considered.

    Don’t like the custom servers? Don’t play them. Use the search tab in the server browser and type ‘DICE’, those official servers will come up.

    Whining about the gun’s added recoil….ever shot a real gun on full auto? They are very difficult to control and you should only really use full auto if your the support class and are suppressing, or at extremely close ranges (inside of 100 ft. or so).

    Everyone has to adapt to these changes and EVERYONE is on the same equal playing field. It’s your job to now figure out how to out smart them, out shoot them, or out manuever them.

    • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 23:43

      Dude. Just shut up. I didn’t even finish reading the first sentence of your comment. Go be an immature brat on some other website. It doesn’t matter what console it’s all the same game.

      • drumscarinbr 04.04.12 at 23:54

        It is the same game/patch, but there are three different groups. I’m just pointing out the obvious fact that the XBOX crowd are whining far more than any other about the patch. I’m not a console war guy either, as there’s very little difference between the two.

        Maybe you should have kept reading?

    • Helen Kellerrr 04.04.12 at 23:44


    • dhoov72 04.05.12 at 02:11

      brah fuk that u was probably one of them people to get they ass beat all the time …

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 02:48

      Hey mr smartass,why do you give a shit about people expressing their anger over things in a game they paid for and apparently like or love.Are you the bf3 blog police?some people are happy with the game now and some people are unhappy with it.Where the hell else than the blog of the developer would they voice their discontent?Turd

    • Abledark 04.05.12 at 02:51

      And oh i forgot,ITS A FUCKING GAME!the guns dont need to be as in real life,they need to be fun for the people using them ingame.More recoil,less fun obviously.

    • Jesperato 04.05.12 at 16:42


  • Sir Drac0 04.04.12 at 23:29

    no me puedo conectar en multijugador despues de actualizar el juego de battlefield 3 para xbox 360

  • RAMKROM40 04.04.12 at 23:28

    desde que actualicé el juego, todo ha sido una mierda. no se trata ya de acostumbrarse a unas nuevas reglas… es que me matan con un disparo y yo necesito vaciar 1 cargador completo en la cabeza del adversario para eliminarlo… y si lo cojo de espaldas, porque si lo cojo de frente y me dispara una vez, estoy jodido.
    no se han solucionado muchos de los problemas del juego, y no hay mejoras. la experiencia de juego ha descendido mucho y ahora me aburro de jugar a los 5 minutos. no tengo ningún motivo para jugar siempre a perder, y menos ahora que tengo algo de nivel…

  • J011YJ0EL 04.04.12 at 23:04

    The update is fucking retarded i have no clue why you chose to do this. I thought this was a great game until this update occurred. You completely ruined a great game and you should have left it the same. I probably won’t play this game ever again unless the update is turned off and the game is back to normal. FUCK THE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SerbianBear 04.04.12 at 22:56

    You can get used to all changes (including the illogical ones) except a few:
    Rent a servers… most of the servers are now owned and people have put their own random rules on them, ruining my gaming experience, and if i want to play on a dice server its either empty or full (because people only use 3 of them). The solutions… pay money for my own server, wait for an unknown amount of time for a dice server to free up, or play in people random servers…great.

    • APOLLO7373 04.04.12 at 23:18

      I agree. There are some changes here and there that you just roll with. Hell, I may be one of the few that likes the fact that I could purchase some weapons upgrades, instead of giving the 12 year old kids with tons of time on their hands to play and unlock weapons even more of an advantage over me lol. What I DON’T like, is the fact that I keep getting booted by admins apparently because I must be doing well at the game. That’s not right. There are legitimate reasons for an admin to boot you. Booting you for playing well should not be one of them….

      And, yes I know I can try to find a Dice server without these issues, but it is taking a while to do that. When I want to play, I want to quickly be able to find a server as I did before, and I certainly shouldn’t have to worry that if I actually do well, some douche will boot me from the game. Fix this EA

  • I AM LS 04.04.12 at 22:37

    Everyone who claims that the whiners are mad, are the mad whiners themselves. Everyone who is moaning and complaining about the patch are simply doing so because the one little weapon they use every game has had a small change to it. GUYS IT IS CALLED ADJUSTING!!!!! For goodness sake, why cant you all grow up. There is nothing wrong with this patch at all. The idea of a patch is to fix certain issues and inbalances of gameplay to make the experience more REALISTIC. Do you really think a soldier could use a MAV as an elevator IRL? Nope. Stop being a bunch of spoilt brats and enjoy the game.

    • lfc5times80 04.05.12 at 22:15


    • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 14:17

      u r ls? u r a faggot thats what u r. when i bought the game, i bought it for what it was. the most amazing game on the market. y they fuck would i have bought it if i knew these dice fuck heads would go and chenge it less than 4 months later. fuck u ls(loser Shit-head)

  • ColombianThunda 04.04.12 at 22:34

    Holy shit there are so many pussies the patch is fine you just need to get use to it, you only bitch because all you fags dont like change. The reason why they made the patch because you fucking pussies wont stop bitchin the game isnt going to be perfect there are always going to be fags complaining about stupid shit if you didnt bitch so much maybe they wouldnt of made the patch in the first place.

  • murphy8821 04.04.12 at 22:22

    Ground to air misiles are absoloutley shocking wtf!!!!!!!!!

  • GANSETT MIKE 04.04.12 at 22:16

    if your tampax got a lil loose don’t worry. you just put it in the wrong hole.
    Now i know you just got off the short bus and your helmet is still on but you can do it!!!!

    Now very carefully ……..
    take your power rangers helmet off.
    have your late night sneaky uncle “give you a helping hand” and

    Go to multiplayer, server brower, then under search type in


    Thanks to arafats3rdeye for that info….

  • dahlstadt 04.04.12 at 22:15

    First off, I’m not addressing everybody here. I’m only talking to the whiny, upset, overly dramatic people; you know who you are(or aren’t). Dude, what the fuck is with you guys? I thought I might check out the comments today to see what people were saying about the patch. While some of your beefs are legit, most of the comments I’ve read are pure drama-queen bullshit: “…battle field seems to be going right down the drain”???. Really? Get the fuck out of here with that melodramatic shit. Here’s another extremely useful bit of feedback for the developers to use: “…You DICE/EA you fucking suck!”???. Are you fucking serious dude? I played all night last night, and I fucking loved every second of it. Can’t wait to get home to play it again tonight. I think the suppression is a little much, but is that enough for me to start publicly disrespecting the people who pour their heart and soul into this game? Not even close. This game fucking rules and you fuckers know it. I didn’t experience any problems with getting kicked from servers, finding servers to play on, etc., but I know that doesn’t mean problems don’t exist. Everybody’s experience might be a little different based on their hardware, network, etc. If you have a problem with the game, fine. Post it so the dev team can actually use the feedback, you silly fucks. That’s how the development process works. They make changes, we give them feedback, they make more changes, more feedback. It’s a constant, never-ending loop. In the meantime, grow a pair and don’t sweat the small shit if at all possible.

  • Assassin0fLove 04.04.12 at 22:03

    did it ever occur to you whiny bitches that if you don’t like how the new servers are set, you can CREATE YOUR OWN? Or is $1.50 too much for ya?
    You sound like a bunch of fags.

    • Toxic Comatose 04.04.12 at 22:10

      or maybe, just maybe, $60 for the game + the $15 for the maps, was just fine with me. WHY THE HELL would we want to spend more then we had to? the game was fine how it was.

    • APOLLO7373 04.05.12 at 00:45

      Yeah, it’s $1.50, but that’s $1.50 PER DAY. Either that, or you can buy monthly subscriptions or longer, which just gets to be way too much money to pay every month to play one video game. No thanks

  • Toxic Comatose 04.04.12 at 22:00

    sad part : bought the game because of the Hype it was gettin from friends who owned it, loved it for 2 months and now its gone to crap.. well done! want my money back.

  • St4rks 04.04.12 at 21:57

    You have just lost another customer, well done.
    Servers suck
    Planes suck
    Tanks suck
    You DICE/EA you fucking suck!

    This is the only game i ever played online and on xbox and you have totally ruined it now.

  • RHBellJr 04.04.12 at 21:47

    1. Can only find one or two DICE servers now and then have to wait forever to get in? 2. If you only like to play Rush, you are now made to play Conquest along with it. 3. Now get kicked if you start kicking the owners butt. 4. Not able to play Rush on some maps…only Conquest.

    Would love for BF3 to go back to the what made it such a great game not a HASSLE just to try to play. GIVE US BACK THE DICE SERVERS!!!!!!!

    • Toxic Comatose 04.04.12 at 21:53

      deffinatly agree with this, need to remove the ability to lock and/or boot plays from a sever, battle field seems to be going right down the drain..

  • CherryGhost5 04.04.12 at 21:46

    Dear DICE,

    This whole mess with servers truly has ruined the game. I just spent 45 minutes trying to play a simple, non-goofed up multiplayer match only to keep being thrown into Admin-ed games with endless tickets and unnecessary booting. This just makes no sense. Are you guys lazy or something? Why on earth would you allow the main component of your game to be essentially taken over by the masses of jerks and idiots who just want to boost their stats? It shouldn’t take me half an hour to find a normal, regular EA server that allows me to play the game I purchased. This truly is the first time I’ve been ticked off enough at a video game developer/company to actively not purchase their products in the future. You have lost a customer.

    A Frustrated Gamer

  • That 1rish Guy 04.04.12 at 21:37

    before april i used to be an avid battlefield 3 fan. played everyday loved it way over call of duty and any other popular shooter on the 360. but now i would have more fun using my cupy as a skeet or a frisbee

    • GANSETT MIKE 04.04.12 at 21:42

      “but now i would have more fun using my cupy as a skeet or a frisbee”

      THAT IRISH GUY……maybe that cupy can fit up your arce!!!! Very carefully that is !!!!

      U must be one of those cool guys using USAS with fag rounds while you fly around on your mav

  • arafats3rdeye 04.04.12 at 21:20

    (360) I spent some time searching servers today. I only found like 2 pages worth of pure servers. Best way to do it is to search


    this will bring up the pure servers EA has up. Unfortunatly, there are none with all maps in rotation.

    For anyone willing to set up a private server, my suggestion would be to name it as close as you can to what EA had theres named & do full map rotations. Let me know so i can add to my favorites & hopefully others will be able to find as well.

    Server type i would like to play on would be all CQ with Normal rules with all maps in the rotation. I’m sure a Team Deathmatch will default rules with all maps would be popular as well.

    P.s. If anyone finds any P servers with different starting numbers other then 242 & 243, please post them.

  • Slappytuna 04.04.12 at 21:17

    DICE you broke this game, i cant find a single match where people actually play fair or i dont get kicked, I can assure you i will not be spending anymore money then i already have in this game until it is fixed

  • dodoodaa 04.04.12 at 21:16

    Nice one with ruining Reactive Armor against rpgs…It just doesn’t work anymore -.-

  • GANSETT MIKE 04.04.12 at 21:08


    1) FAG ROUNDS …..ooops i mean FRAG rounds (if you use fag rounds then you have no skill)
    2) MAV SURFERS (aka cheaters) (aka flying faggots)

    CAN I GET A OMAN…..I MEAN AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  • CQC-SF 04.04.12 at 20:58

    Yup i agree. After trying the patch ice went for the first time 1 week without playing. Go g to give it a go today but as u said things like changes to taking out helicopters, foregrip and other things that didn’t need to be touched have ruined the game for me. But IM just one person right so whatever.

    • Jesperato 04.04.12 at 21:24

      No i agree its good all things without attachment and famas its sucks now

  • GANSETT MIKE 04.04.12 at 20:55

    AN-94 (2 round burst) w/ 8x rifle scope and suppressor!!!


    401 I<illaZ

  • guss1966 04.04.12 at 20:33

    dice you have destroyed the game. what was you thinking when you came up with rent a server .££££££££££££££ . because i can play people dont like it and kick you whats all that about . you need to make a few public games where people like me can enjoy the game again if not im selling this game and going back to CALL OF DUTY where you dont get kicked

    • LHChronicle 04.04.12 at 20:50

      You cry like a COD player so go ahead and go back to that glitchfest.

      • guss1966 04.04.12 at 21:16

        you sound like i give a fuck what you think . but ps im not going to sell the game im going to give it away

  • arafats3rdeye 04.04.12 at 20:22

    p.s. Please ask EA to allow player to save there servers as favorites. The option is not currently avail & is shaded out. Im on (360) by the way.

  • OnB SMLPKG 04.04.12 at 20:03

    I completely agree that some fixes were needed. Too many times I was killed by someone running round with an m249 using like a pistol or sniper rifle. Love the MAV fix even though I did have a lot of fun running people down with it. I have 3 main gripes about this update. Te M26 MASS is quite over powered. It was being used as a medium-long range weapon even out shooting an IAR from one side of Metro upstairs (conquest B) to the other. Second complaint is every single time that I parachuted, whether by plane, helicopter or off a building it would take 26% health from me every time. How does a soft parachute to the ground knock that much health away? Last complaint is the server selection. I got into a game only to be randomly killed by server owner and booted to the other team. I understand the reasoning but if you are going to give a server owner this much control then have more DICE Servers. I’d be willing to swap from rush to conquest if I could find a game that wasn’t Caspian Border… Seemed that was all people wanted to play last night. It can be a fun map but I can’t carry an entire team on conquest when they just want to fly around in jets all night. 4 different servers with the same result.

  • Utahchev 04.04.12 at 19:54

    What I look for in a good FPS. I have a hard day at work, and no I have to work then find time to play and kick all my frustration for the day off on somebody that I want to put 5-10 bullets in them. I think a good game is one that you can sit down and have fun whether you are just starting or have played the series from the beginning.
    You should not build up more frustration playing the game because the point is you want to relieve your frustration not make it worse. The game changed 24 hours ago, in my opinion it is worse and I think you will find this more than not. After the patch I put 5-10 bullets into a person standing in front of me with the LMG and yet he killed me with a single shot from the hip. I have played the board many times and all of a sudden there are 70% snipers in the game, I thought this was odd but continued to play. After being killed 10-2 times again with a single shot……THE GAME CHANGED!
    You will find the good players switching to what rank is killing more people. You will find average or below average players like myself trying to stick with their rank and continue through the game. I built more frustration playing the game then I wanted to relieve! This has never happened before and I had to shut tf off before I threw my XBOX in the garbage.
    I am pissed, ticked; frustrated that now my way to remove frustration is causing more frustration. Why would I continue to cause myself heartburn? I won’t play the game the way it is….I won’t. If that means anything to you or not I will find another game, agreed worse than the game I loved 24 hours ago. You lost a customer now and one in the future, you don’t” ‘tweak a game” and loose customers!

  • arafats3rdeye 04.04.12 at 19:33

    Dice I have no problems with the patch, which I think is great. I understand BF3 is a work in progress & that Dice will continue to make it better.

    I do have a problem with EA removing P servers that had single game modes with all maps in rotation. A simple solution would be for Dice to take some of the unused Epic/Classic/Deathmatch servers & create the pure servers that alot of the community is hoping for.

    Custom/rented servers need to be kept seperate from official servers. I dont think they should be showing up when using the quickmatch option. I’m sure this will be fixed in the future ! I also dont like the idea of server admins being able to kick a player if the game is ranked. I believe this leaves to much room for cheating & stat boosting.

    If you look at the Battlefield 3 forums & other comments on this blog, I’m sure you’ll see alot of the same complaints. Please reply back to your community & let us know what you guys are going to do about our concerns.

  • NiekoScorpio 04.04.12 at 19:20

    Thanks Dice! I am still adjusting to the changes. I appreciate that you guys are adding things to this great game, whether people like them or not. There are a few things that I might have missed -although I thought I did pretty good research before down loading and purchasing items from the “store”. The one thing that confused me was the weapons unlock. I think my rank is 12 or 13 colonel, so I had all but 3 weapons to unlock. I purchased the weapons package assuming that the weapons unlocks would be well, unlocked. (bi pods, scopes, suppressors etc. I was really wanting a bi pod on one of my sniper rifles because I always play an assault recon (UMP w/holo-tugs-and beacon). To be honest Im not good at sniping and would rather help my squad with recon instead of sitting back 3 miles from the front-line. Anyhoo, no unlocks for weapons. No biggie I will just have to earn it like I have on all my weapons and unlocks. Unless I missed something (and I could have) I wish you guys would have stated that no unlocks come with the weapons unlock package.
    I also noticed that tanks are a lot more easy to blow up. I have 8 or 9 silver stars on my main battle tank (neither impressive nor shabby- Id say a wee better than average) but I got my ass handed to me this morning. I think I was aware of this noting all the other changes Ive read, but actually playing in a few rounds I feel the tanks are not the powerhouses they are or should be anymore.
    Like all things in life or war or whatever challenges we all face-I will have to readjust my strategies (maybe use reactive armor now, even tho I loved my previous set up).
    I have been a long time fan of the Battlefield series and I will continue to be a fan. Thank you for making adjustments, I hope you will continue to survey our concerns and make changes accordingly.
    I grew up on the original atari and colecovision gaming units. A lot of people whine about games and complain about this and that. I will say that this is one of the most amazing games I have ever played, but hey this coming from a guy who used to play Pong for fun. What do I know…
    Really looking forward to the new maps and weapons coming soon-ish. Thanks Dice!

  • lawrencesullivan 04.04.12 at 19:05

    Remove the ability to kick if it’s a public ranked server atleast.

  • lawrencesullivan 04.04.12 at 19:02

    Truly fucked the entire game. Been kicked off 3 servers and banned because I was doing well. Let me play on normal dice servers not ones ran by some fucking cunt who rages when I kill him and kicks me for it. Also played a game of rush where the attackers had 500 respawn tickets. WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT. I just want to play battlefield you useless wankers. Let me opt out of being put into privately run servers or scrap the update all together. Pc players are mature enough not to fuck around as admin but xbox’ers are all cunts. FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • lawrencesullivan 04.04.12 at 19:02

    Truly fucked the entire game. Been kicked off 3 servers and banned because I was doing well. Let me play on normal dice servers not ones ran by some fucking cunt who rages when I kill him and kicks me for it. Also played a game of rush where the attackers had 500 respawn tickets. WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT. I just want to play battlefield you useless wankers. Let me opt out of being put into privately run servers or scrap the update all together. Pc players are mature enough not to fuck around as admin but xbox’ers are all cunts.

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 18:55

    AGREED! X10

  • lawrencesullivan 04.04.12 at 18:51

    Truly fucked the entire game. Been kicked off 3 servers and banned because I was doing well. Let me play on normal dice servers not ones ran by some fucking cunt who rages when I kill him and kicks me for it. Also played a game of rush where the attackers had 500 respawn tickets. WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT. I just want to play battlefield you useless wankers. Let me opt out of being put into privately run servers or scrap the update all together. Pc players are mature enough not to fuck around as admin but xbox’ers are all cunts.

  • MRXO718 04.04.12 at 18:37

    for real whos in charge they fucked up the whole game play this shit is whack

  • Doobie122 04.04.12 at 18:26

    Electronic Arts Inc.
    209 Redwood Shores Parkway
    Redwood City, CA 94065

    I’m just going to mail them my copy and hope that maybe they’ll at least be descent enough to reimburse me for shipping, seeing as how I spent money on this game and actually loved it until yesterday’s patch

    • Utahchev 04.04.12 at 18:37

      Will they reimburse me for my time? Are you listening DICE? Do you read the posts? Come on make this right! Put the game back the way it was before! As the day goes on there is going to post after post telling you that the patch made the game worse! If you don’t make the game playable are you going to reimburse all of us?

    • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 18:37


      I’ll do the same. If I wanted to play COD, then I would have purchased it instead. This game is now unplayable. What the hell?

      • Naberios 04.05.12 at 16:46

        “Unplayable”? What in the hell are you talking about? Seeing how me and several of my friends have found the game quite playable of the last couple of days, I’d have to say that either you don’t know the meaning of unplayable, you’re “touched” in the head, or you’re a whiney little glitching-exploiting-d-bag-bitch. Just my 2 cents though.

    • Doobie122 04.04.12 at 18:39

      i doubt they will reimburse me. probably send me a nice “thank you for your concern, but we feel…….” letter and try to kiss my a$$ a little. maybe they will get the message eventually

      • Utahchev 04.04.12 at 18:44

        I don’t know, if you play the game you will understand in the first 15 minutes. I can’t understand how anybody would be happy with the patch??? If they want to sell they will listen, if they don’t care they will be one of the worst games on the market my opinion.

  • Po1nt Tak3n 04.04.12 at 18:23

    Thanks for the patch DICE! So glad you’re adding so much to the game and really taking care of it and tweaking things to make the best experience we can get, instead of just letting it sit down and doing nothing! YOU ROCK!

    • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 18:34

      You’re joking right? Okay some of the assault rifles and shotguns were overpowered, but they didn’t have to go and muck around with all the things that we already balanced. Like the sniper rifles. I love sniping in bf3, but this new patch increased the bullet size to where it’s literally the size of a basketball. I can’t gauge my shots correctly for a skilled marksman headshot anymore. The m98b used to be my favorite gun, now it’s broken. Oh yeah, and now can get 1 shot kills to the chest at 15m or less. Who asked for these changes?? I can deal with the downgrading of the MAV. But the guns were fine pre-patch.

  • EGC x Wolf 04.04.12 at 18:10

    I’m done with DICE, done with EA and most importantly, done with Battlefield 3. This patch ruined the game. A lot of what was listed in the fixes seemed like good ideas, but implemented they are horrible. Why is it now that my sub machine gun has the recoil of an LMG with the accuracy of a shotgun? I can’t use it at all anymore. And as for this rent a server crap.. why not separate player-owned servers from official DICE servers?! I’m tired of being insta-killed or banned by the server owner because they don’t like to lose. Most likely these messages we are all writing will go unanswered, in true DICE fashion. I’m going to throw out my Battlefield copy if this isn’t fix, and I’m never buying another DICE/EA game again.

    • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 18:27


      Roll-back the patch/update! Or at least allow players to purchase weapons that behave in the same way they did B4 the update. I’d gladly part with $20.00 to have my M27 IAR back the way it was pre-patch.

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 18:07

    What’s the difference between 2 guys with USAS-12′s, firing FRAG ROUNDS (PRE UPDATE), and 3 guys standing over an ammo crate throwing 2 grenades each every 2 seconds? The guys throwing grenades will never run out of ammo. I held down C-Flag on Seine Crossing with 2 other players for an entire game without losing it once. All 3 routes to the flag blocked off by never ending grenades form the second floor trio of death. Pre-update our opponents may have actually made it at least once. Looks like it’s time to update the update?

  • willjR0k5 04.04.12 at 18:01


    I played this update the first time last night and I did notice some issues with some of the weapons I’m used to. The recoil on the Famas was much larger than I expected. But…that’s all to be understood. My assumption is that after a few months I’ll be used to the differences.

    I would like to suggest two small future tweaks:
    -Ability to modify your class loadout between matches would be very advantageous. I really appreciate that you inserted the “leave match” option between matches.
    -Rent a Server’s show up when you go to the “Server Browser” mixed in with official Dice/EA servers. This can be a bit daunting…because you don’t know what is what. It would be nice to filter that out….or to be able to search for specific types of games like maps with air battles, vehicles or close battle scenarios.

    I do really like the rent a server features. I spent last night playing matches on Metro and Bazaar that took 45 minutes because the guy hosting the server set the tickets to 500. A lot of fun when the top player has 90 kills in a single round!!!!

  • Utahchev 04.04.12 at 17:56

    WOW! I played for the first hour after updating the patch and all I could say was WOW! Do you at DICE and EA actually play the game at all? It seems your think you are fixing it but instead you are making it worse! For the first time I shut off my Xbox with total disgust. If I could have thrown it through my $3,000 HD flatscreen I would of, but the only one who would have been out was me.
    You have now made the sniper the most powerful person in the game! If he has the sprint on he can take 15 shots to the body and head then run away only to heal himself, what the freak is he Superman? He then can shoot you with only one shot and your dead. Are you guys serious? Do you think this is the way you fix the game? I am so pissed that I have invested so much time to a game that I totally hate and don’t know if I can turn it on again! If you spent any time playing this game before the patch and now after and say that it is better you are absolutely “STUPID”.
    I could rant and rave for another hour on the things that are wrong but one thing is for sure, I will not “rent your server” I will not play BF3 until you can make the game PLAYABLE again. I am still sitting here thinking that DICE/EA are either joking or you are out of touch with your customers! You are too worried about making a buck then making the game fun and enjoyable to play.
    I will not purchase I will not buy another DICE/EA product until you guys get in touch with your customers, if you spent as much time on making the game better then worried about how to suck every penny out of us this would again be the best game on the market!

  • SupaKev10 04.04.12 at 17:36

    This patch is an absolute joke!

    We all pay good money for a game that is released and plays a certain way. If we are all happy with the way the game plays, then we continue to play it. If not then we play something else.

    I loved the game until yesterday. Why change something that so many people were happy with, just because some players are not skillful enough and moan like little kids. It makes me laugh, because you say the game has been improved to reflect what people have suggested, so why are so many people unhappy with the update? I myself found the game very enjoyable and became quite a skillful player, but now you have gone and changed so many aspects of the game, its like having to start playing a completely new game, and learn everything from scratch. I can understand changing a few things to make the game more balanced, but why change so much in one hit. Plus everyone had the same advantage before the patch and were in the same boat really, just you have to be clever and pick your weapons and accessories wisely.

    I really am frustrated, and will play this a lot less with this new update. I also think you should be issuing refunds to unhappy customers until you return the game to its previous state. I mean if i were to buy a fridge/freezer that worked exactly how i wanted it too, then some schmuck complained to the manufacturers that it didn’t work to their liking, so the manufacturer did a recall and changed the model to suit this one petty person. Then I’d now have a freezer that I was happy with but am not happy with now. Why not the person that wasn’t happy, return the product and get one that suited them. Do you get where i’m going with this? The people that moaned about the game, should have just stopped playing it, because one way or another you are going to upset the people that want to play it or the people that were playing it and were happy with the way it was.

    Get it changed back to keep the original players, who enjoyed the game as it was, happy!

    • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 17:46


      If the game was (to some people) unfair or unbalanced, then they should have moved on to something a little more simple. Say like any COD title. Pick one at random. All this update did is take away what makes this game unique , and make it more COD like. DICE/EA just lost a lot of respect by bending to the will of the moaning complaining masses!

  • flores1171156 04.04.12 at 17:13

    Honestly DICE? wow.. after I loved playing BF3 so much, you come into my home, and break my heart, as you metaphorically came in and broke my gamedisk in half… (because you might as well have. the game is now a steaming pile) no longer fun to play.
    There really is no reason to specify why I no longer love this game. I looked forward to its release, loved the demo, and had many a orgasm over the original gameplay. Then ya’ll went ahead and screwed it all up. Literally, everything you made worse.
    If DICE has any heart left in its soulless corpse, DICE will return the game to its former glory and only fix the bugs it was supposed to fix, not tear down every weapon and weapon system making the game insanely frustrating and not worth the time to play.

  • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 16:48

    I knew that the USAS-12 was going to get nerfed, but WTF? DICE, you should have just removed the weapon from the game. I mean if this is suppose to be a realistic FPS then keep it that way. Don’t make one of the most power assault shotguns in the world a joke just because a small percentage of your players are crybabies. I can fire my Mossberg 930SPX faster than the USAS-12 after this patch. I only get to play this game maybe 8 hours a week, so I just unlocked the bastard 4 days ago. Now it’s not even worth my time. Dropping the ROF the way you did is like throwing a 4 cylinder in a Lamborghini. Please put the ROF, recoil, and accuracy back to pre-patch. Leave the splash damage (FRAG) decrease where its at, and let this amazing weapon continue to be a worthy reward for gaining level 43 status. I hardly ever got top-kick while using it, and took as many kills as I dished out. There’s always an answer to any question, and if your a good enough player you’ll figure out how to counter someone using this weapon to it’s full potential.

  • REALSTYLES 04.04.12 at 16:31

    The update is horrible!!!!!! I if whined about ammo would you make a update for unlimited ammo? or better yet if I don’t like dying will you give me infinite life? and what is up with the AA gun not giving any points? Yesterday after update I destroyed 2 jets and 1 heli with enemey kill and got nada.

  • Abledark 04.04.12 at 16:18

    THE NEW SERVERS WTF!!!!as if im not angry enough with this damn update,the server screen is so fucking cluttered now with rented servers its hard to find decent games at all.Have been kicked for killing the admin now a dozen times.A filter function separating ea servers from rented is really a must.Im amazed how my favorite game just got turned into a big piece of battlefail 3.

    • LIV 4 COMBAT 04.04.12 at 16:29

      Totally agree! While there are some hosted games that I enjoyed, the majority ( so far ) are a waste of time. And hunting thru the servers for DICE games is so damn time consuming. Filter function is a must.

  • Rally Cap 5000 04.04.12 at 15:33

    Day 1. The Good…MAV fix, AA guns actually do damage, USAS scrubs have to learn how to shoot. The bad…the new sounds effects, the Famas seems to have too much recoil now and now other guns seem to becoming weapons fo choice but isn’t real world spec. The ugly…tanks have become so weak that everyone camps them as engineers and blows then to bits with 2 RPG’s, that’s with reactionary armor. I was in a game where literally 6 guys were running after a tank. I never saw that on any field of battle, so in terms of realistic game play that took a direct hit. I’m playing in games with no recon or support class, everyone has shifted to engineer class. One element I really liked about the game was the balance in classes and how you had a variety of specialties and you could find what fit your style best. In the games I played (6 hours) that seems to have changed. For me, some good, some bad…seems like it went too far messing with stuff that could have just been left alone. As they say, don’t screw up a good thing…I think the patches came dangerously close to doing just that. And what’s with these wimps on private servers telling you what gun you can and can’t use, if the damn patches work you shouldn’t have to prescribe what weapon I can/can’t use….getting stupid.

    • Naberios 04.05.12 at 16:53

      “Real world spec”? Have you ever shot a FAMAS? Piece of shit gun. Sorry if it was your very favorite gun, but it wasn’t anything close to realistic.

      I agree with your “goods”, but disagree with most of your “bads” and all of your “uglies”.

  • guslarsen 04.04.12 at 15:25

    I want more servers official DICE! Servers created by other players are very boring. With settings too bad!

  • AJBOOMER1 04.04.12 at 15:08

    I still think it’s funny that all you little MAV riding damn asses that think it sucks because now you can’t the only thing that sucks is you the MAV is to spot and always has been to spot you dumb asses not to ride and stop crying over the USAS 12 who gives a shit it was always over powered and still is in some way HELLO try to use a GUN you know to shoot dumb shits this coming from a true fan of Battlefield from the day’s of 1942 till NOW all you little fake ass Battlefield fans stop crying and just stop playing it go play COD we don’t need you playing at all and trust me you wont be messed at all.

    • Kurvel 04.04.12 at 16:14

      I’m glad MAV riding is out…but honestly…Why don’t you “true fans” tell the community what gun(s) are ok to use so when everybody gets great with those weapons you can start complaining about those guns. I swear if everybody in the game used an M16 people would cry about how that gun is over powered. Use squad flack and get headshots. Or use a faster rate of fire gun in close quarters to counter shotguns. Overall…stop complaining about weapons that are a part of the gat damn game.

  • ashkun1 04.04.12 at 12:54

    Superb…. first PS3 and then everything else…. WOAHHHH WAIT A MIN….. JAPAN! you forgot all about Japan… you said we were getting the ps3 update on the 4th April… where is it??? You forgot about us…. super unhappy

  • EvonyStalker 04.04.12 at 12:31

    fuk u its froze about 7 times since this patch this time just now i had over 7000 points in this match… im going back to cod this blows

    • Kurvel 04.04.12 at 13:38

      I guess it doesn’t matter now but…you don’t lose points you gain in a match even if you freeze up or get kicked out…

  • aww_sheit 04.04.12 at 10:10

    whoa whoa whoa, being able to customize your own matches is nice and all but youve screwed up alot of things here, idk if its just me but i have an awful lag now, the M98b is all screwed up the tracer rounds are big fat blobs that i cant tell where the hell theyre goin and they drop way past the first tick mark now, G18 wont put anyone down unless you absolutly shoot them in the face, and ive ben killed by so many people with 0% health, this isnt a zombie game.. i just got the update and played a few games and about broke my controller over these couple things and had to get on here to bitch about it, idk if this is just a few bugs or what other things are messed up( i didnt play much longer to find out) but if it keeps on i might have to go buy modern warfare. hope you guys fix all this crap

    • aww_sheit 04.04.12 at 10:18

      except i have ps3, failed to read entire title of this blog whoops

  • Justinbro13 04.04.12 at 09:13

    i like custom servers i had a knife and repair tool match it was epic.I like the new icons.Dice screwed up the vehicules and whats that nasty sound when you get hit in a jet or heli.Dice screwed up on some things.The guns are cool to me.The ones i use were highly unaffected.

    • Kurvel 04.04.12 at 13:40

      Enhanced damage audio. I love it. Sounds more realistic and scary. Great thrill factor.

  • EvonyStalker 04.04.12 at 08:59

    oh ya an one more before i go… a suppressor improves a bullets trajectory, reduces muzzle flash, increases the bullet speed,and all while decreasing recoil (when vented properly). this all happens because it removes the extra gasses following the bullet so they dont throw it out of balance, and vents them back toward shooter reducing recoil and climb.
    common example: barret .50 or even that funny looking thing on tip of new ak47.

    • SilverCannibal 04.04.12 at 13:38

      After reading your previous posts, I can conclude you are a woman suffering from PMS. Everyone hase a gripe or two with this beautiful mistress we call BF3, but you are a bleeding <unt my friend…

  • EvonyStalker 04.04.12 at 08:45

    i enjoy real life sniper rifles capable of shooting half a mile. fact… snipers shoot .223… not black powder iron balls.

  • EvonyStalker 04.04.12 at 08:36

    oh great all anti spawn camping weapons have been weakened and the only usefull tool to stop entire teams being trapped in spawn an slaughtered… the mortar… has been changed so that it cannot be deployed in a spawn area… what a bunch of idiots… forget objectives the race is on to see which team traps the other team in there spawn area first. the answer… yet another patch in the near future when most quit playing. and no mention of why theres still a slot to upgrade mobile aa that doesnt exhist anymore? or how last week some found a way to run into enemy spawn(out of bounds) and get behind players, shooting them, as they spawn facing other way.

    • EvonyStalker 04.04.12 at 08:39

      that is, they are able to be in out of bounds area entire match and never die unless killed by an enemy. my assumption was that is entire reason for patch and yet it wasnt even addressed?

  • NativeStar89 04.04.12 at 08:24

    I’m NOT able to view my assignments, can’t use Back to Karkand …. AND I bought the limited edition Battlefield 3 with Back to Karkand, SO I figured maybe something went wrong, WELL SURPRISE SURPRISE ! I bought microsoft points, spent 1200 to get Back to Karkand and WHAT DO YOU KNOW – - – STILL NO BACK TO KARKAND ! I want my points refunded !

  • Fin1andia 04.04.12 at 08:21

    As soon as I downloaded this patch, my game has frozen 5 times now. Figure it out and fix it

  • King Ventura 04.04.12 at 08:18

    Only thing I dislike(a lot) about the patch is slightly weakening the jet cannons against other air vehicles, dogfighting feels tediously longer giving not much time to help teammates on ground especially in conquest because before you know it another enemy jet is already up in the air. I support moving the AA guns right next to jet/heli spawns to force enemy air vehicles away from spawnkilling but to also reduce the jet cannons’ damage is pushing it.

  • PostalTwo 04.04.12 at 07:29

    a few tweaks was all that was needed recon is ruined i really pissed off actually thought about playing mw3 today and i haven’t even done that since i bought this game.Give me back my mav sniper was hard enough now it’s even harder.snipers are meant to be on rooftops and other high places now i cant get anywhere even para shooting on spawn beacon is impossible to get to a high spot. wtf i dont understand

    • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 07:59

      I agree. Sniping is broken now. The MAV blows. The snipers blow. The bullet is 5x larger. BUT WAIT I can quick scope somebody from 15m. Is it me? The recon always gets the shit end of the stick.

      • Shiro22 04.04.12 at 08:01

        I’m glad. I’m sick of snipers.

        • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 08:10

          Half of the snipers I come across have little to no skill. So I’m guessing you’re the kind of guy who goes for revenge kills and gets killed repeatedly by mediocre players. I’m sick of a lot of things too, like the famas, like the usas, like fags who mortar in the spawn all match long. And you complain about getting shot once in the head or twice to the chest by a bolt action???? yeah that’s so OP.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 07:14

    I can’t believe this shit….for fucks sake, you roll out this game day 1 it fucking rocks hands down, now ya all gotta go and fuck shit up, why, why what for….were you so damned bored and needed to do some creative type shit one day? I mean fuck, in was fucking addicted I mean like I need motherfucking rehab addicted to this game in multiplayer and now you have turned it into this colossal but fuck-a-thon. You fucked with the guns and tweaked shit so much damn…and all these fucking blow hard retards who are spewing forth deal with it and stop your bitching comments can lick my hairy sweat stained shit hole and choke on my nut sack cuz ya know what ya ain’t all that bitch. Do you or did you take into for one fucking moment the consumer and their opinion when you decided to douche it up and fuck this game up…..just Mark fucking Zuckerberg and the cum stains at Facebook we have to use the shot you feed us if we want to play, I for one say a big hard fuck off and b,ow me duche, dice, or what ever the fuck you call your self. EA what the fuck back in the day you had your shit on point nothing beat An EA title I go way back to one on one for com 64 with bird vs. Dr.j that’s some fucking old school shit most you code writers ain’t fucking heard of cuz ya werent around…..can ya tell I am pissed…and in conclusion I ain’t no troll from mother fucking COD so stuff that line of bullshit right back in your damn pie hole where it came from, i am out, fawk off…..

    • Whytock5 04.04.12 at 07:52

      Your an idiot they do updates like this to balance and fix the game. Yes snipers have been worsened but thats because dice probably doesnt want lobby where half the team sits on a hill sniping, it would be boring as fuck they want you playing the objective and team play so they increase points and effectiveness for team play ( like passenger heli) and nerf things that are unfair, say a gun thay was far better than all other guns in its class meaning all others were a pointless waste of space like frag rounds on usas theres Plenty of them but extremely few other shotguns

      • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 08:05

        If being on a hill and doing what the class is made to do is so popular for the recon, then shouldn’t they bring the other classes up to par with the recon? Instead of raping and pillaging all that’s fun and good about it? It seems to me that they are working backwards. I remember a time where the recon was more involved with the battle. Motion mines, spotting, and calling in mortar strikes. If people love to snipe then Let them snipe. And no, I’m not a recon only die hard. I like all the classes a decent amou before you judge.

      • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 14:02

        fuck you, u white fuck. the game is shit now.

    • SilverCannibal 04.04.12 at 13:42

      I think you need a bottle of Tylenol and a 26 of Vodka to end your misery… and thereby effectively ending ours

  • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 07:12

    What….the fuck….did you do to the sniper rifles?!?!? The damn bullet for the m98b is bigger than a tank shell!! Seriously??? As if sniping didn’t blow already but now I can’t gauge my shots when I shoot basketballs out of my gun.

  • Sintinall 04.04.12 at 06:59

    I lost 1.5 hours of gameplay because some buttsore decided to ban me and others for no good reason resulting in NO points, didn’t even register as a played game on Battlelog! Please fix as soon as possible! I’m sure I speak for many people when I say “I don’t want to play a ridiculously long match and come out of it with nothing…

  • JZKaften 04.04.12 at 06:34

    What can i say, i think this is mostly a great update!
    -Customs Servers are awesome!Its really fun being on just a map or in a vehicle based game.
    -Everyone is screwed up by things like the atachments, but i really dont use attachments.
    -I dont think it was a nice idea to increase the rate of fire of the .44 Magnum, neither its aiming speed. I can’t use this gun properly.
    -Vehicle horns…….good XD.
    But this update got some bad things as well:
    -Playing on others people servers are not serious Objective games, i liked the quickmatch thing.
    -I can’t use my freakin revolver again, it feels different.

    Those are the points i have seen so far.
    DICE didn’t messed it up, but neither it was to good.

  • swavemanjohnny 04.04.12 at 06:33

    dear dice; how in gods name did you manage to turn the shotguns into cap guns? its unbelievable how weak they are, especially in close quarters. i have over 2,000 kills with the 870mcs, and since your “patch” i can’t manage to get over 5 kills in a simple deathmatch. i bought this game to get a feel of realistic war, and for someone to get shot in the chest from 5 feet out with a shotgun is beyond unrealistic. i love this game, but for all this i might as well go buy modern warfare 3.

  • MynameisJakShen 04.04.12 at 06:23

    Hello everyone, I don’t usually complain or even comment on anything in Dice, but this new update has completely failed and I’m disappointed about almost everything with it. I understand you had good intentions on this update and worked hard on it but you didn’t need to change damn near every gun in the game, it was just 4-5 things that ever got me pissed off, Usas w/ frag rounds, and being killed by MAVs, the only 2 things that were either overpowered or just overpowering, everything else was just dumb mistakes, now their are so many things that piss me off, mostly having to do with these new guns. You guys really ruined a game I loved almost everything about, and had tons of fun memories that involve getting behind a group of guys and murdering them all, because I thought, now I try that and I only get one kill and then run off and get killed. Please, for the love of god undo everything you did with guns and put them back to their original power (except the USAS and MAV)

    from, a disappointed and long time battlefield fan

    • MynameisJakShen 04.04.12 at 06:27

      I agree that the accuracy is realistic and everything, but in real life guns do a shit load more damage and sadly, these new guns don’t really pack the punch of a real gun so, being a video game and all, it doesn’t balance out and quite frankly, irritating as shit

  • Gho5tLady 04.04.12 at 06:05

    Why don’t you just learn how to play the game again and stop whinging.

    Adapt to the changes or go play skyrim.

    The patch is good but….. Where are the new minimaps for xbox? Hmmm

    • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 13:46

      fuck u bitch lady. i bought the game for what it was, not so it would be fucked up over and over again by the fuckfaces at the game development department. imagine all the game companies did that? we as players would have no voice, thus we would not be pushed to by games and have to live in a life where if u need escape from reality there would be none because they have gone and fucked the virtual world as well.

  • Damm Celtic 04.04.12 at 05:03

    Well, all was fine and just for me. This update was a little indifferent: I do understand I can change the HUD Map but the current standardized one is pretty bulky and way too detailed from the shading to the bulky, large letters inside the squares that somehow represent the checkpoint. The gamer created servers are edgy but some are just messed up, added health, tweaked squads, friendly fire is on and off all the time, way too large or too little checkpoints/map space on the server… I am just adding a comment; you should add a “Player created” or “DICE Standard” selectors/tabs on the quick match. I truly do love Battlefield 3, but the update is a little screwy… Not trying to cry it out like a freaking baby, just making suggestions.

    P.S.: The damn quick upgrade kits just completely f-ed up the entire game for everyone, you can just buy your way up! Thanks DICE for the marvelous freakin’ idea, can’t drive a jeep through the map without being traced by a missile coming from a level 4 in a damn helicopter, the kit packs screwed the fun of the whole game… No point in trying to be level 45 anymore…

  • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 04:59

    Dear dice. Once again you’ve managed to completely fuck up a perfectly good game. Your servers are shit, I can’t just play conquest. I gotta play every damn game type. Weapon patches? Fine, spawn balancing? Fine. But somehow…you managed to screw up every damn server. I just wanna play my motherfucking conquest. And I’m not paying for a damn server either, why should I pay for something that’s standard for every fps out except this one.

  • ScreenedObject 04.04.12 at 04:53

    I don’t think the planes all need flares it’s already hard to take down a plane.

  • DirtyFingers83 04.04.12 at 04:43

    welp…just renewed my xbox live membership,….walked in from work, took a quick shower, fired up good ole’ BF3 and realized that $350 for an xbox 360, $60 battlefield 3, and $50 gold membership is just not good enough no more to get my fix of gaming. YES* I am the moron who only purchased the 4g xbox not knowing that BF3 would eventually fuck me up into spending MORE money on dumbshit. I CANT EVEN GET INTO A SERVER WITHOUT DOWNLOADING THIS NEW UPDATE !!!!! UNNNNNREAL!!!!! I am on to call of duty now peeps. :) I will spend the money I would have on a bigger hard drive on gas for my suburban to run straight to gamestop to make a trade in for the new COD.

  • GYPSYNUTZ 04.04.12 at 04:41

    Only gripe is getting kicked from the fudging custom servers because some dude gets all ragey and kicks me.

  • Col l Hannibal 04.04.12 at 04:39

    I’ll start with saying that I absolutley love the patch it has been well over due and I’m enjoying listening to all of the scrubs complain about how they can no longer equip a foregrip/suppressor combo and shoot a straight line of bullets at any range and get a quick COD kill. For all of you complaining about DICE making the game more realistic you have obviously never fired a fully-automatic weapon and have any understanding about recoil and how hard it is to control. When I was in the Marines i was an assistant gunner in a M240G team, this being a different version of the M240B that is seen in the game, and my role was to setup the tripod for the gunner while he laid suppresive fire from the bipod. After I was ready he mounted the weapon into the tripod and together we operated the gun, he would shoot and I would have to watch his rounds for him because the recoil is so intense even in a mounted tripod that he can’t tell where he is hitting so I would relay the adjustments to get him on target. As for my own weapon I carried an M16A2 which only had single and three shot burst because anything more is just a waste of ammo for an assault rifle, its better to get a few accurate shots that hit the target than to get fifty all around a target in a few seconds thats why we carry the machine guns like the M240 and the M249. So stop whinning and just go play COD because from listening to all of you complaing about the new game mechanics you make yourselves sound like a bunch of 12 yr olds that don’t really belong in the Battlefield community.

    • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 07:26

      I understand where you’re coming from. But this is a game. In real life marines don’t rush around and spray and pray. I’ve been playing battlefield for years now, and this game since release. And I’m noticing that everytime a patch comes out for this game it gets worse and less enjoyable. I think that they should have just kept all the weapons and stats the same as launch. I’ve already noticed some new bugs and balancing issues that werent present in the game before the patch. Needless to say dice has a bad habit of going a bit overboard with their updates.

      • willjR0k5 04.04.12 at 17:45

        I think what we’re seeing is that people have spent months playing the game one way…and then they change things and it feels different. I think if we all play for a few months we won’t notice the different and will probably actually prefer the new setup. Just a thought.

    • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 07:36

      Whooptiie fucking tits, you and your this and that real life shit…..guess the fuck what….this is a fucking video game if I wanted to shoot my fucking custom AR 15 guess what I fucking do….go to the gun range blast the shit away or go camping in the woods with my buddies but after all we are talking about a fucking video game Col douchebag. So me and my 12 yr old friends are gonna whine scream bitch and moan cuz ya know the fuck what…we can….and if enough people do so guess the fuck what Col Blow Me shit gets changed….history time. Way back in the 80s you might not recall that but there was a company called Coke a fucking cola and guess what the fuck happened they got all smart Nd shit and started to fuck with the greatest cola ever made and came with some crap called “new coke” well all Fucking he’ll broke loose, people were all up in arms and demanding they change it back…and guess what the fuck happened there Col Dickweed the fucking geniuses at Coke changed their shit back cuz enough voice their displeasure and ex eroded their fucking freedom of mutherfucking speech and Coke didn’t want to loose market share so bingo you guessed it jar head the people got what they wanted and now you can sit there enjoy the best damn cola ever all because fuck holes like me bitched enough….but hey, I bet your a diet fucking mountain dew kinda guy huh?

      • SilverCannibal 04.04.12 at 13:53

        You are one of the most irrational and disrespectful pieces of shit on the planet. Slip in the tub you asshole

      • CyberSniper84 04.13.12 at 13:54

        hell to the fuawking yes. i loved ur reply buddy. good job.

    • Doobie122 04.04.12 at 14:52

      you are full of crap. the 240 on its bipod is pretty accurate when firing it the way you are supposed to. If you know what “die motherF***er Die” means, then you know how to shoot the gun properly and since they put tracers in the belts in real life it makes it easiy to track your rounds. in NSWC we didn’t have “assistant gunners” and we used to hit stuff quite fine buddy. Fact of the matter is, this update sucks, they took the realism away from most of the guns, and made the game a big piece of crap.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 00:12

      any soldier firing a weapon must have the ability to see his target,thats bullshit he cant see were hes hitting,your man must be mr magoo!oh an before you start,yeah i was in the forces.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 04:28

    Way to go douchers, screen images look jagged and not smooth, my kits are all fawked up, all my custom shit is jacked now I got ta go back and in the middle of game play it takes too much fawkin time. I want to play conquest and then the server starts playing rush or lick my nut sack mode or what the fawk ever mode I didn’t want to play….geesh. I would pay to rent a server but guess the fawk what…can’t do that shit cuz the slap nuts writing code ain’t got that shit straight yet, false advertising EA…..I smell legal action….just saying…

  • CarnalAssault 04.04.12 at 04:26

    You guys should probably cry some more. I mean, seriously? It’s a game. If you don’t like it, turn it off, take it out of your X-Box, and sell it. LESS QQ MORE PEW PEW! SERIOUSLY! I’m so tired of hearing people bitch and moan about what someone else does with THEIR GAME! You didn’t make it, you didn’t even help! Stop crying about what the development team decides to do with THEIR GAME!

    • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 04:35

      I will cry more and if you don’t like it fawk off, see asnthe consumer we don’t have to and we have a voice and we will exercise it, in case you don’t understand the free marketplace the customer is always right well at least that was until now. Secondly if enough people do bitch they make changes maybe you are to fawning young so I will give you a little history lesson their you puke faced ass clown, way back in the 80 s befor your your even a sperm in your daddy’s nut sack a company called cocacola changed their formula to this thing called “new coke”….well enough people cried and whinned and bitched and moaned and guess the fawk what…..low and behold coke changed their shit back because they didn’t want to lose what’s called Marekt share to pepsi, so the coke you have nownis what it is because of old fawkers like me, you are welcome but I guess your a fawning dr. Pepper man ain’t ya….fawk off

    • Abledark 04.04.12 at 19:45

      Why dont you stfu in the future.You know there arent many games like bf3 on the market,fixing things that werent broken is for people like me who sees this game as kind of a sport really sad and boring.And yeah it is a game but so the fuck what,ill bitch and moan til someone corrects the issues cause i love bf.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 00:13

      i fuckin bought it so it is MY game,you prick.

  • N Tact X 04.04.12 at 04:14

    I have no clue what everyone’s talk in about this patch worked pretty awesome. The server thing changed it up and keeps it from bein the same ole bs all the time it adds a challenge, but it won’t let me rent a server for some reason though :/ wish they’d get some tourneys goin already.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 04:12

    Well this is one big butfawk a thon, can’t rent a server, fawkin lame, can’t use my mortar, fawkin lame, all my soldier customs are fawk’ed up, nice real fawkin nice, I take two days off and the whole thing turns to a big sweaty shit show, c’mon ass clowns fix the bugs and get with it, I am buyin resident evil or some other game. I don’t mind the othe shit but fawk just when I was getting good and figuring shit out ya up change shit, just like those fawkers at Facebook…

  • deadbilly666 04.04.12 at 03:55

    This update ruin the game! and damn it I earned my flare now every douch got one ;) and is it me or the nightmare of the BF2 comeback with the indestructible airfield. and wow now we have paid for a server?Ok not necessery but strangly I’m kick of every server for no reason…. I already paid each month to access to online gaming and now I have to paid AGAIN…

  • Abledark 04.04.12 at 03:47

    To all that are are okay with the new suppression effect and overnerfed guns,did you suck at the game before the patch?i mean it really DOES fuck up the game so you not thinking the same is just stupid.

    • CutThroat5 04.04.12 at 03:49

      Exactly, have you used the FAMAS since the update?…. Terrible!

  • MontyKilla 04.04.12 at 03:32

    Hey fuckface, I’m talking about Custom Games you sorry excuse for a shitty turd. Grow some brains and stop playing with your balls for once.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 03:22

    Nope take it back, shit ain’t working wtf ….ya all best get to fixing this shit!

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 03:21

    Thanks I finally got them….

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 03:15

    Sweat fancy Moses are you telling me this update just turned my favorite game into one big butt fawk-a-thon? Great , nice , way to go, thanks just when I was loving me some bf3 ya had to go and screw it all up, thanks for conning me out of money too ya really hosed us on this one…

  • CutThroat5 04.04.12 at 03:11

    You absolute bunch of cretins. You have completely ruined the game! Assault rifles have become useless at any distance.

    • CGFGSAYYEAH1 04.04.12 at 03:18

      what i find is that its useless with the attachements you might have liked before but its not impossible with other attachements, you just have to experiment.

  • FAWKxUxBUDDY 04.04.12 at 03:02

    Where are my updates!? I bought every damn one and I can’t see them or use them and you tea baggin douchebags got my $! I want to play my game it says they are downloaded but shit ain’t shown up! WTF?

  • lemieux 04.04.12 at 02:33

    **The Good**
    Fixing the MAV as kill machine and elevator is awesome news!!! This part of game was sooo broken.

    **The Bad**
    Wow. Where to begin there is so much bad now that I do not look forward and crave playing the game as I use to.

    Very surprised at just how NOT enjoyable the game is now. Fact I just can not set Quick Match, pick a server with Conquest and roll nonstop is bad idea. I really do NOT want to play in other people’s servers. Lack of playing nonstop Conquest on ALL maps is not fun for me. Spend more time tryng to find a game then playing now. Not fun.

    I hardly ever use vehicles but the changes kind of make them die too fast and not much point to them. Which is puzzling since people are flocking to drive them like never before. No idea whats going on.

    **Final Thoughts**
    Not sure how much longer will play this game or next Battlefields (DLC is a doubtful purchase for me at this point). If the MAV was fixed and that was all that was done I would have been ok with that. Hoping this rent a server thing fades fast. It is annoying to kill the server and they boot you in act of poor sportsmanship.

    DICE stop trying to make Battlefield play like Call of Duty. They are two VERY DIFFERENT games! This is why I play Battlefield — I dispise COD way too much. Everything feels so cheap in that game. Also stop trying to make this a PC game on Xbox. PC gamers and console gamers are not quite the same.

    I’m very disappointed with the game now :( It may just be me. But after a month if the Xbox Live charts show BF3 dropping off in play time, I think the answer is this very bad update.

    • letsplaybf3son 04.04.12 at 02:40

      1) An aircraft can never take a missle off the chest so that fix was awesome.
      2) A tank can only take like 2 or 3 armor piercing rounds before it dies so that update is awesome.
      3) Quit bitching about DICE okay i want to see you make a game better then they can cuz i bet you cant so shut the fuck up they are doing the best they can and never ever compare BF3 to COD that is low

    • IMA BEAST191 04.04.12 at 03:26

      You can still kill people with the mav

  • texasmedrano 04.04.12 at 02:32

    A very simple but yet still overlooked add is the ability to play different soldiers, like with previous BF titles. A lot of these changes sound great, finally, but whats the use if I’m maxed out with every attachment;weapon and vehicle. Give us the chance to get the feel for the changes from level 1 again instead of making a Service Star 30 learn new techniques. Not complaining just thought if we get new toys let us start from scratch,

  • 3Suns 04.04.12 at 02:15

    On the update:

    Critical code break: Until you join a game, the “Download Rental Server” notification never stops popping up! We had to turn notifications off! The software obviously has an infinite loop going, as the main menu becomes less responsive while processing the endless pop-up notification. Please patch asap.

    General Feedback: Suppression was perfect before, with the only necessary change being to drop the required number from 7 to 4 or 3 for the ribbon. As it is now, the first person to *miss* wins the gunfight.

    Game speed, including all actions from movement to arming and disarming, has been considerably increased. I will probably get used to it, but it sure doesn’t feel like “Battlefield” anymore. It feels like “Call of Duty”, for better or for worse. Personally, I like “Battlefield” better, in all its design choices, including speed.

  • SH3NKU 04.04.12 at 02:13

    Thanks for the update DICE! My only issue is that the Stinger type ground to air range has been reduced a bit too much. I definitely get the move, but the range is so short that there is no way to defend your airstrip from enemy aircraft camping over it. The problem is quite simple. The IR flares easily reload by the time the aircraft is back in range. So every shot just gets flared off with each pass the jets make. I just spent an entire round unable to get off the ground in Caspian Border because the jets were doing this and easily staying out of the line of sight of the AA gun which is too far from the airfield to be effective.

    At least give us mobile AA or just make the range of ground to air rockets a smidge longer!

  • cjffly 04.04.12 at 02:11


  • letsplaybf3son 04.04.12 at 02:04

    Great update DICE! love the new kick on the guns and love the new accuracy now people cant run around with the M249 SAW and rape everybody on the map :) and for those who think that suppressors reduce recoil…your wrong they dont in real life this isnt COD its realistic…..Thank You DICE for frostbite 2 and all of the updates to the best FPS i have ever played!

  • TimedBloodmaker 04.04.12 at 01:59

    YEAH !!! AWESOME update…! like it sooo much… and for those haters *&&????&. you know what ist mean… LOVERS = play the game, have fun… HATERS = adjust to the new update, adjust to guns or STOP TROLLING THIS GAME AND GO PLAY ANOTHER ONE ! ( like COD ) .

    i like the change, like this game so much… best shooter of all time ! tanks !

  • LURK FACE 561 04.04.12 at 01:42

    Bf3 don’t listen to the haters, thank you for this update, thank you for caring enough to listen to the Players. The update is awesome, you did a great job the idiot below me doesn’t know what he’s talking about. the scar kicks ass now try using that grumpy dude

  • XxIIIDonnyIIIxX 04.04.12 at 01:22

    BF3 went from being awesome and hella better then CoD, to crapy and unable to play at all. non of the guns are the same, cant even use them in 1v1s let alone even being able to shoot them. AEK-971 used to be my best gun now it just strait up sucks, can hit anything with it outside of about 15 feet anymore, used to could use the 6x scope and basically snipe with it. Tanks are paper, and the best one yet i died for a 20 foot drop on caspian boarder droping from hilltop to go to the forrest flag on conquest. wtf is that crappy stuff? and how is a flash suppressor heavier then a reg suppressor? non of te weapon attachements really even go together anymore… bf3 has to be one of the worst games now all cause of a patch that wasnt thought through enough and boned most players.

    • LordJuggernaut 04.04.12 at 01:31

      Ahh, you poor pussy. Adjust to it.

      • IMA BEAST191 04.04.12 at 03:23

        Why didn’t you faggets adjust to it the way it used to be instead of crying like little fucken bitches

    • TimedBloodmaker 04.04.12 at 02:06

      looks like a hater…

    • IMA BEAST191 04.04.12 at 03:19


      • HemiHeart 04.04.12 at 15:20

        I suggest some sort of grammar and spelling educational game if you’re leaving BF3 and looking for something new.

      • Im Rock Lee 04.06.12 at 10:59

        It’s official… All of these people that are complaining about the new recoil and their guns changing suck. Adapt and overcome you wanna-be bf players. You must really suck more then you know for y’all to get on here and cry so much about a game that requires more skill now that ever before to play. If you are really good (lmao yea right), any just shut the hell up and adapt to your weapons again. I have. And you can too.

  • Doobie122 04.04.12 at 01:02

    This update has caused me to stop playing BF3. Last night, I loved this game; today, I went back to playing damn Halo and BF2, and am tempted to buy MW3 just so I can have something to play online. All the little tweaks to the game play have really ruined my experience, and the server update has done nothing but cause even more trouble. I’ve been kicked from so many games because I guess I killed the host too many times and they got pissy. The rotation of the hardcore games suck, all these little “improvements” to helicopters and the Stingers and such is garbage. Its harder than ever to get in to a game if you’re in a party, none of the servers are actually full so games are lop-sided. Thanks a lot EA and DICE. I’ll probably be sending BF3 back to you as soon as I can find an address for you, and hope that you will some how make up for this atrocity.


    Someone who used to love BF3

    • Abledark 04.04.12 at 01:15

      Dont quit yet,cause they will make these problems go away very soon…RIGHT DICE? :)

    • Rally Cap 5000 04.04.12 at 15:43

      They screwed up a good thing, where a few tweeks were needed they killed a fly with a sledgehammer.

    • flores1171156 04.04.12 at 17:23

      same boat, very tempted to purchase MW3 and send this now steaming pile of what used to be a good game back to DICE HQ.. ill put it in a brown paper bag and light it on fire on their doorstep. when they stomp it out.. hehe, that’ll show em..

  • Michathebutcher 04.04.12 at 00:56

    Dear Mr DICE, did u test the patch?because in a gunfight i just see tunnel vision?and my weapons i use to use Dont react anymore im shooting every Where But on a target!i know there was a problem with the suppersion ribbons! But to push it 200% ruins a gunfight i think and i am a 200% sure thats What we all want.this makes the game not better aldo i love your input.
    Also change the recoil back to orgin on M16a3 M4A1, Saw M249 change the accuratie back to his orgin.
    M249 is not usable in this state and as for the others there not my favorite anymore.
    Minor details can change a hole game for the person that played from day one!
    And please if u read and agree cause im a hardcore fan and i am happy with 80% of the update But there has been made a huge mistake with add on’s 4 guns and recoil and suppresion and if u would have tested you would have noticed it to.

  • mercdank420 04.04.12 at 00:42

    I have no room for this update and i was playing this afternoon now it says there are no servers available and i see none in the server browser. If you don’t install this update can you still play bf3 wtf????

  • Th3MightyWorm 04.04.12 at 00:09

    AWESOME!!!!!!Wait……….I’ll have to pay for it????????????????? why not do games on our connection just like CoD? i know that EA servers are the best alternative but now we will have to pay a game to play in private. This fuckn sucks. The update is awesome if we remove that bullshit. Well, BF3 still beats MW3

  • gruntmaster54 04.03.12 at 23:58

    I’m still waiting for a classic hard core server, just like on bad company 2, where there is not a mini map and you could spawn on anyone in the squad. This is of coarse for consoles because i believe the PC already has this function. From what i know it was quite popular so why not give us a game mode like that? or are you trying to make us rent servers so you can take the profits?

  • Ibadassmoth3r 04.03.12 at 23:36

    I just got a message saying restart for the update to have an effect is this the sign of the server back online?

  • Ibadassmoth3r 04.03.12 at 23:33

    Thank you EA Agent

  • EA_AgentX 04.03.12 at 23:32

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve posted this on the Battlelog forums and wanted to ensure you’re all aware as well.

    During a recent meeting with DICE, we discussed the HC Game MODE rotation. They are aware of the feedback from the community.

    Currently, I don’t have any further information, but I guarantee when we have more information, I will post on the Battlelog forums as well as here.

    See you on the battlefield,

    EA Community Administrator

    • soccereaz 04.04.12 at 00:45

      I have a question I was hoping you could help with. Why can I not find any servers in the server browser right now?

    • drumscarinbr 04.04.12 at 01:51

      Thank you for the reply. I hope you guys can fix it soon.

    • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 00:21

      are they aware the majority of people hate this fucking piece of shit patch?biding my time for ghost recon fs,nice one muppets ,you killed my game.

    • Blackfox1313 04.06.12 at 05:23

      Can you guys fix your stupid patch. Namely get rid of it. All we wanted was the MAV elevator fixed and the USAS-12 fixed. You claim to listen to your fan base, but this patch is just a clear cry that you just want the money. You might get a spike in money now, but in the long run this is going to hurt. I was a huge fan of the series until this. Looks like another genre will have to fill the void of the great game you just destroyed.

  • Ibadassmoth3r 04.03.12 at 23:32

    It’s all good updating the game and adding servers but if we was to actually be able to get on to them it would be much better?

    So as I said XBOX 360 users having trouble getting on any ideas on whether you guys are going to sort it? It’s been about 3-5 hours now…

  • soccereaz 04.03.12 at 23:28

    hey DICE great job with the update! love it. However, I’m having trouble finding servers in the server browser. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • italianp0w3r 04.03.12 at 23:27

    This is the worst update ive ever downloaded for any game. First you dont let us have split screen now we have to pay to play privately??wtf. AND the famas now has the power of the pp2000 and recoil of an m60…dice seriously eff off. I lost all interest in this game

    • flores1171156 04.04.12 at 17:19

      RIGHT!? DICE dun F-ed up.. the game is now a steaming pile.. not worth the time to play anymore..

  • Giannini88 04.03.12 at 23:21

    WHOA WHOA WHOA. I was stoked until i learned I CANT FLY ON THE MAV ANYMORE! Dammit! That was the best thing in any game, EVER.

    • Eagl3 0ne 04.03.12 at 23:23

      and ur were the type people that ruined the game for everybody to good job u should have been given the cunt award for mav elevating

  • Eagl3 0ne 04.03.12 at 23:18

    UMMM WHY the FUCK does everyone keep complaining dear GOD….everyone is jumping all over DICE of screwing up a game….umm they didn’t they made the game 10x better. And if there is anyone to get made at get made at EA cus there the villain behind DICE’s fails to begin with…EA is the reason for paying for online servers not DICE all the sever crap and stuff is EA…so don’t be getting in DICE’s face about it…wanna complain then talk to EA about it. DICE is doing an awesome job and ought ti be given some thanks for the things they have already accomplished..and I DO so before u go passing judgement why don’t u look into the real cause of the situation…DICE needs to leave EA and be there own company. EA just keeps screwing them over..

  • docktor1982 04.03.12 at 23:15

    Privete Servers its a TOTAL MISTAKE. Its to many and one game you have to play few hours because somebody set up 2000 tickets per team. That is cmoplete kill for this game.

    • Bu11etChucker 04.04.12 at 08:52

      I had a couple of games on one of these servers yesterday and loved it. I’m still working my way through the updates, and so far am pretty happy. I think Dice have done a very good job. Especially when you consider that people will complain about everything.

      I’m pleased that the MAV has now been reined in, as it made it extremely difficult to attack against groups of snipers, especially in Rush.

      I think the private servers are a great idea, but can see why not everyone will like them.

  • EA_AgentX 04.03.12 at 23:14

    Regarding the new map/mode rotation feature, check out this FAQ:

  • DOGROCKERS 04.03.12 at 23:10

    This game just went from amazing to horrible

    • DOGROCKERS 04.04.12 at 00:06

      jk i mean the patch isnt that great more or less worse guns have way to much recoil now and i dont like how the suppressor doesnt counter kick

  • Abledark 04.03.12 at 23:03

    Hello dice and congrats on nerfing the shit out of the whole game.This new update of yours have screwed up more than a few things.ive never complained before and ive been playing since the first bf on xbox 360 but now you really hit a nerve.The new patch stinks in too many ways!first the suppression is toooo much and deserves to get fixed asap.Recoil is too high across all guns now,and heavy barrel feels kinda useless now.Also i get freeze issues more times than before.i can understand wanting to balance the guns and game more,but all that needed fixing with the guns was the usas frags and the famas in my opinion.

    Mvh ett grinigt bf3 fan

    • flores1171156 04.04.12 at 17:20

      yes to everything about this post. DICE dun F-ed up big time. the game is no longer fun to play

  • Kyles55 04.03.12 at 22:25

    Think there would ever be a chance that bots could be added to servers? (Obviously non-ranked) would be fun to play like the old battlefields with friends

  • GRINDINGMACHETE 04.03.12 at 22:21

    why was my update only 712mb or so, i thought it was supposed to be around 1 gb? did some stuff not make it in this update that was originally stated a couple weeks ago on here? can anyone get back to me with any info on the question, or an updated list of what got fixed?

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 21:54


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however (for some unknown reason).

    Look at this thread from the Battlelog forums, you’ll see that there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!

    • Assassin0fLove 04.03.12 at 22:38

      Here’s an idea….go produce your own effing game. Then you can control it anyway you want. (since you’re such an expert)

  • Rolferson 04.03.12 at 21:41

    Exactly how big is it? Had a 175 mb update, but there is no way thats all of it.

    • UHF three 04.04.12 at 00:38

      That’s what she said.

      A little over a Gig is the answer

  • Trueresults 04.03.12 at 21:00

    When will this patch be rolled out today???

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 20:37

    Do I have your attention yet?


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however (for some unknown reason).

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!

  • dc6clk 04.03.12 at 20:33

    I didn’t see any fix for weapons kits not saving. It’s a pain in the ass to have to reset my weapons every time I enter a new match. Really discouraging to continue playing this game. I have seen many complain about this and I actually sent several emails to EA/DICE without any resolve. Way too many problems with this game from the beginning and 6 months later the same S–T.

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 20:21


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!

  • yayaiknow 04.03.12 at 20:19

    Don’t listen to the guy below! He’s a freak!

    • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 20:25

      Why am I a ‘freak’? Do you not agree with what it is that I’m saying? If you don’t, do you have a logical response as to why?

  • yayaiknow 04.03.12 at 20:18

    Hey DICE Bros
    Have you ever thought about a “TIPPING-SYSTEM” at the ends of the rounds? I mean it would be great if I could “donate” 100 points to a player that was a great help to me during the actual round. So people who repair a lot and risk their life can be “pointed up”. Or a sniper who does a lot of recon work… or some one who give’s me a ride when i need it… what ever. It could make your great game even more “social”. As a incentive to give tips you could penalize those who do not tip with minus 100 points at the end of the rounds…
    Think about it.

    • CRISTHIANONE 04.03.12 at 21:21

      great idea!!

    • lemieux 04.04.12 at 02:39

      Very nice idea. Something to promote teamwork I am all for. This game lives and dies on teamwork, this game is not the Rambo poo that is COD.

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:51


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!

    • Ser Tandur 04.03.12 at 19:11

      Can we ban this troll? Take it to the forums.

      Thanks for the updates DICE, although I never read anything about reducing frag round damage. It’s still too powerful if you ask me, it’s still a semi/full auto M320 at what, 30% damage? Considering you can fire 3 rounds in the time it’d take to load one M320 round, i’d say it’s too powerful.

      • BLINDKITTY185 04.03.12 at 19:18

        HEY! They’re lowering the fire rate of the USAS-12 when it has frags, OMG! HEY! Use the flakjacket perk you imbiscile. I hate reading all the damn posts about fucking frag rounds! Just ignore the fucker that has them, blow him up, run him over, hate mail him so he wastes time to read it! If all fails leave the game or stay out of his fucking way. Whatever you do please, shut up.

      • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 19:48

        It is posted in the forums as well, by myself and many others. It hasn’t gotten much attention from DICE/EA there either.

        The more times and places it’s posted, the odds that it will be seen are increased that much more. Therefore, you can piss off you little fairy.

  • TC Marcharius 04.03.12 at 18:50

    Thank you so much for the update. This fixes every issue I had with the game such as the Dreaded Killer-MAVs, Heli-MAVs and the USAS-12 Autocannon Special with Frag Rounds of DOOOM…

    You are doing a wonderful job Dice. Battlefield 3 is great. All we need is more maps. If you can move forward the Close Quarters DLC all the better. I’ll be playing this game for some time like I did with Battlefield 2, 2142, Bad Company & Bad Company 2… Keep doing the good work guys and girls!

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:46


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!!!

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:38


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotaion however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature, right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2k) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!

  • tangodown1991 04.03.12 at 18:36

    decent update, would be nice for the servers to be better though. also, certain guns in the game myself and i am sure many others perceive to be OP weapons that really take the piss tbh. especially the UMP.
    just my opinion on it, but either make it harder to get these guns (rank wise) or lower the stats or have less points received for using them.

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:34


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotaion however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature, right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2k) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!!!

  • soren121 04.03.12 at 18:33

    This is how excited I am:

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:19


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!!!

  • xxHouse82xx 04.03.12 at 18:18

    I’m liking the patch as well…but it’s just great now I can warn someone right before I run them over with my jeep lol. So does the who “rent” a server thing cost MP? or $? Never heard of such a thing. Any info? Thanks.

  • RVE PRODIGY 04.03.12 at 18:12

    Im liking the patch ! Great job.
    Thanks. :)

  • xXMARKELINXx 04.03.12 at 18:08

    WTF I LOST ALL HARDCORE MATCHES -_- Fuck you dice your just money grabbing now.
    This game is going to shit.

    • Kaivtroll 04.03.12 at 18:14

      For you to loose all hardcore matches someone else will have to win that match. Therefore it might not be the game…

  • arafats3rdeye 04.03.12 at 17:51

    Awesome patch Dice ! I dont know if its just me but gameplay seems quicker & more fluid. Supression felt good, not to much like alot of other gamers are saying. Keep up the good work & pay no attention to the haters.

    • PizzaTheHutt81 04.03.12 at 17:59

      I agree, much more fluid and quick. On conquest, objectives being capped by the enemy blink much more clearly so that it is definitely noticable out of the corner of your eye, if you don’t happen to be looking straight at it. Also, the suppression that ps3/pc users raged about does not appear to exist. Everything seems normal and if you find that the suppression is too much for you might I suggest using the Newly Buffed up Suppression Resist (COVER) Specialization.

  • Sandrock118 04.03.12 at 17:24

    very nice update. + amazing game = no sun for the rest of my spring break.

  • FalseProphet650 04.03.12 at 17:15

    Until the servers stop auto-switching into other game modes I am not going to happy. It is extremely annoying to be playing Conquest and then be switched to Rush. (In some cases it will switch to Squad-Death Match randomly)

    • Semislow 04.03.12 at 17:22

      You must either be an idiot or don’t know how to use the server browser, find a server that does your mode 24/7…….

      • FalseProphet650 04.03.12 at 18:44

        actually every time I am looking through the browser that has not been an option. Maybe I am just overlooking it, that does not however make me an idiot. I’ve heard other people complaining about this, especially with the hardcore servers. This is also a problem when it comes to quick matches. I will however, go back through my server browser later. Thanks for the advice.

        • gruntmaster54 04.04.12 at 00:06

          your eyes are not fooling you, EA and Dice really seemed to do that carelessly, i love playing some rush and strong squad modes, i think it was just irresponsible to just “toss in” conquest and the occasional squad and team death matches it’s pretty much telling every one ” oh you really like rush? well guess what better start liking conquest and TDM cause there’s allot of it on the way”

          • FalseProphet650 04.04.12 at 04:59

            Thank you! Now I feel a little better about whether I’m losing my mind or not.

      • Noobsicle 04.06.12 at 03:33

        just about every server with that title or not switches game modes jackass

    • badboynadza 04.05.12 at 20:58

      Yes I agree

  • Jesperato 04.03.12 at 17:09

    GOOD i love BF3 but its one thing i really hate and thats when u play with a friend on xbox you never get in the same thing =( Is it because its hard to find game with 2 empty slots in a team or?

    • Sandrock118 04.03.12 at 17:17

      lol dude you just gotta go to server brows and pic one with less than 21 ppl in it. to be safe just go over a few pages there at 17 ish players and join one of them. you can also change what kind of servers you wanna see. dice/ea have done an amazing job of having a lot of servers of for any combo of the choices.

  • Ey3camp4u 04.03.12 at 16:52

    Do i have to re install BTK map pack for this

  • eiri123 04.03.12 at 16:45

    EA your brilliant , job well done on the update, I could not have asked for anything more, it’s not perfect but close enough. Keep those dlc’s coming I’ll download every last one, because I understand it takes a lot of money to keep things going, you guys really listen to the people and for that you win.

    • Jesperato 04.03.12 at 17:05

      True fucking story

    • Sandrock118 04.03.12 at 17:18

      extremely agree ^^^^

    • Kaivtroll 04.03.12 at 17:54

      Yes, Dice, keep up the good work. We look forward to the longevity of this game.

    • dominorox71 04.08.12 at 04:22

      wrong this patch sucks they overlooked most of their players so they could squeeze an extra couple bucks out of the pricks that would be stupid enough to waste money on a server.

      • LENGTHIAN 04.14.12 at 16:11

        damn right. EA are cunts and i will NEVER buy another of their titles as result

    • SEMPYR Fii 04.08.12 at 17:54

      Agreed! I took some time reading the patch notes and I must say, DICE has really payed attention to detail. I know many people are upset because the guns are behaving differently, but consider this: regarding the SCAR, I read that the maximum damage and range was increased due to it firing the heaviest round of all the SMGs, therefore it adds a bonus to ranged fire, but suffers at CQB because of its slower rate of fire, for example. Being a former Marine, I can absolutely appreciate this. Many players, me included, are frustrated because we’ve been used to playing our weapon rotations for the last several months, and now we have to re-learn a little. With some time, we will be used to the new behaviors of our weapons and the “old way” will be a distant memory. There are so many positive fixes in this update, such as the bipod, reviving, the infamous MAV cheat… the list is exhaustive! You simply can’t find another game with this level of realism. To prove my point, I challenge everyone to throw Blackhawk Down in the player, skip to a good scene, and tell me BF3 isn’t yanked right out of the TV and placed in your XBOX.

      I’m not sure about the rent-a-server yet. Part of me thinks its part cash cow, and part user friendly. It depends how frustrated I get taking tome looking for a server with the specifics I like, so we’ll see. If I do, my clan mates have considered the idea of taking turns renting a server so we only have to pay every 4 weeks or so.

  • armageddonxbox 04.03.12 at 16:18

    Major fail in kitting out guns. Have one gun selected and when you try and kit it out with the addons it defaults back to another gun every time so you have to search for it again. Pain in the ass if you are trying to re kit mid game.

    • YAHHHMMMS 04.03.12 at 16:40

      no it doesnt?

    • Sandrock118 04.03.12 at 17:20

      lol maybe you just do not know how… never happens to me.

      • SierraBravoSix 04.03.12 at 17:26

        It does it to kits with an Assault M4A1 or Engineer M4A3 equipped

      • armageddonxbox 04.04.12 at 00:05

        Lucky for you. Mine is doing it since the upgrade. I checked again this morning and still defaulting to another gun when trying to kit it out. It gives me the chosen gun I’m game but when I try and change scope or something it defaults to another gun.

    • dyls79 04.08.12 at 11:56


  • KingLineman79 04.03.12 at 15:55

    So were catering to the Noobs in the air now? Come on ea! and your practically eliminating the tank with the soflam auto designating too. What happened to the days when gaming was challenging ?

    • Joe Boxhead 04.03.12 at 16:41

      SOFLAM already auto-designated the tanks even when left there, they are just now giving points for the auto designation.

    • Sandrock118 04.03.12 at 17:20

      lol you have no idea what your talking about

  • MontyKilla 04.03.12 at 15:37

    So I have to pay to play with the maps, weapons, and vehicles I already purchased? You got some real balls EA. This is unacceptable. Paying for DLC for new maps etc… is one thing. Paying to use the stuff I already own is truly gouging your customer/fan-base. Guess this is the last BF game I’m going to buy. EA needs to understand they can’t do this and get away with it.

    • Lord Erecticus 04.03.12 at 15:40

      Hey dumbass, the rent a server feature is just to pay extra to completely customize your own game lobby. you can still play quickmatch and pick from server browser. Its just an extra feature for people who want to create a custom game that can be played by anyone. Derp.

      • acefalcon556 04.05.12 at 22:14

        but in quickmach it put u in a rent a server

      • EliteRifleman 04.06.12 at 16:56

        Quick match is not the same as it used to be, you cannot choose to play one gametype anymore. It’s totally random now, which kinda sucks if you not a fan of certain gametypes *cough sqd dm cough*. Rented servers are cool and all if you wanna spend time reading through all the options to see if you are about to join a match that lasts 2 hours long or whatnot.

    • TurianAssassin 04.03.12 at 15:42

      OMG your an idiot

    • DWIToker 04.03.12 at 15:56

      Dude, companies have been charging customers for private servers since the beginning of gaming. Servers cost money, PC players have been doing this for a couple of decades now… get a clue.

    • IllusiveParadox 04.03.12 at 15:57

      Jeez people, CHILL!! I don’t disagree with you completely MontyKilla. I am not a fan of EA’s business moves to suck every dime out of it’s customers, and yes, that is TRUE you rage-replyers. Such as there being no offline co-op. But I agree that Rent-A-Server is intriguing, I just think that it shouldn’t be so expensive for the extended times because it isn’t much skin of EA’s back to open those servers and certainly not worth $90

    • Assassin0fLove 04.03.12 at 22:41

      Idiot, go to sleep.

    • EA_AgentX 04.03.12 at 23:17

      Hey MontyKilla,

      You actually don’t have to pay to play maps, weapons and vehicles already entitled to your account. The Server Rental program is to allow gamers to “own” their own battlefield, as it were. The Shortcut Kits are for those gamers who want to get unlocks quicker.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      EA Community Administrator

      • MontyKilla 04.04.12 at 03:35

        OK. Well thanks for the reponse, but you’re really going to piss people off for making them pay to play (actually rent) custom games. This functionality should be there right out of the box.

      • RAMKROM40 04.09.12 at 11:06

        hi EA_AgentX…
        do you have in EA/DICE some fix for the last update? the game has turned too frustrating. hundred of thousand players thinks that the online experience in BF3 has gone. now, BF3 is worse.
        sorry… and cheers.

      • AXEMurderer87 04.12.12 at 03:49

        You should go HEADBUTT everyone at EA for making the most worthless, shitty patch yet. Youve already ruined the game; you’re just humiliating yourselves now.

  • ShadiestBWATTS 04.03.12 at 15:33

    This is why I love this game. It actually has updates. This is almost as good as brand new DLC. Bet MW3 won’t have an update till the next game comes out -__-…BF3 FTW :)

  • dkerzman 04.03.12 at 15:13

    I like lowering the suppression amount needed for the ribbon … how about lowering the m-com defender ribbon as well … or lengthen the area to kill a person like in conquest flag defender vs killing them while they arm … too small of a window

    • bulgar thug 04.03.12 at 15:29

      Totally agree!! I’ve managed to get up to 3 M-Com defenses in a game, when I’m actively camping… Not to mention this is my last ribbon before the “Decorated” achievement.

      • dkerzman 04.03.12 at 15:55

        I have got it once and it was a pain in the ass. Placing C4 and hiding nearby, wait for the arming noise … even if they lowered to 2 for a ribbon it would be better … or include disarming.

      • Helen Kellerrr 04.03.12 at 16:30

        Ive been trying this for about a month on and off and I finally just got. Use C4 and camp near some where near the m-com so you can here when they are setting it

    • Hawkeye ZAR 04.03.12 at 17:00

      Dude, did you bother reading the patch fix and changes list? It clearly states that the M-COM attacker and M-COM defender amount was made less.