“The most common misconception about QA work is that it means simply playing games”

In this episode of “Inside DICE”, QA Tester Zeke Lugmair shares his personal story about how he landed a job at DICE, what his job as QA Tester entails, and his tips for people who want to join the industry just like he did.

“As a kid of roughly eight years old, one of the most mind-blowing realizations I had was that you can actually make games for a living. Since that day, more or less all of my planning for the future was with game development in mind.

My experience as a Quality Assurance Tester (or just “QA Tester” or “QA” for short) here at DICE has really given me an understanding of what working in the games industry is really like. I got this job by a combination of luck and dedication, I guess. It all started with my high school through which I managed to get a three week internship at DICE where I got to do very basic QA stuff on Battlefield 1943.

During this time I got to know a couple of people, luckily also the man who is my boss today. Some time passed without any real connection to DICE, but after a while I started to contact them quite fiercely. I signed up for every focus test, I signed up for every video shoot and more or less did everything in my power to spend as much time as possible in the DICE office. After a while I also yet again on sheer luck started to run in to my current boss out in my free time and started to really bug him about giving me any job within my field of knowledge when I graduated.

In the end it turned that all those hours of free work and time spent yelling “I don’t care what it is, I can clean the office or whatever!” had paid off. About three months after my graduation I received a phone call telling me I had a job. And thus my time as a QA Tester had started, starting as a tester on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam.

A Hunter of Bugs
As a Quality Assurance Tester, my goal is basically to together with our team of testers make sure the game provides proper quality compared to our plans. This mostly comes down to hunting down and reporting bugs to the right people in order to keep the game functional. However, it also includes having a good view of our project plan and being able to provide feedback to the development team both when asked for specifics and on a whim. How does a recently added feature play? Or what’s simply my general experience playing the game as a whole? As such, QA are without a doubt the ones who spend the most time in our games pre-launch”.


“QA work is based around finding flaws

and reporting them to the right people

so they can fix it”


The general flow of functional QA work is based around finding flaws and then reporting them to the right people so they can fix it. When I just had been hired, I thought that being a QA
Tester would be considered the very bottom of the game dev food chain. Spending time here at DICE, I have however realized that QA truly is a vital part of the development process, even though there is no actual development going on.

The most general (and still very common) misconception is that testing a game is the same as playing it. Surely some of our work resembles actual play, but in order to be an effective tester one has to obtain a certain view and mindset and get an understanding of how the game actually is built.

When I launch a build (basically a version of the game) that I need to test I have a general idea of what may be broken. I would know this considering which state the project is currently in and what has been fixed or added since my last go at it. Early on in a project it might be a challenge to even be able to play the game for one minute without the game crashing or freezing. In this case it is our duty to gather all the data needed so that the programmers may analyze it, find the source of the problem, and fix it.

I think working with QA in general is a great way to get a better understanding for how games are built. Having constant interaction with all the different disciplines that make up a development team, as well as having access to the development tools means you learn new things almost on a daily basis. Over time, this helps you grow as a tester and can prepare you for other areas of game development.

A Juggler of Tasks
There are always a whole lot of different things to keep track of during one day, as we currently have three different main platforms (PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3) as well as multiple project branches to attend. An essential ability within QA is to be able to juggle several tasks. I need to organize and communicate properly within the team, as it can be quite challenging making sure that all the correct info gets sent to the right people. All the while, I need to test all the different fixes as soon as possible, and I also schedule and gather the people needed for those urgent play tests. Getting organized is a valuable skill I have developed entirely here on the job, and I am sure it will come in handy in any future employment.

A regular day for me could have one of the designers coming to QA saying ”Hey, I would like to try this new spawn layout for TDM on Kharg Island, could we try this out today?” (Diego asked this???), in which case it would be up to me to find a suitable build of the game containing the new layout, give it a test run to make sure it’s not broken in any way, and then send out an invite to the dev team and make sure that we get a full server so that we can test the new layout properly.

Another recent example would be the audio team trying out some potential tweaks in the way audio is streamed in the game. The way all the different sounds in the game stack are prioritized to create the right feel, and they wanted to try out some new ideas. In this case we organized a play testing session on Caspian Border where all fighting was to take place in one particular area (we picked the Checkpoint base for this purpose). With the server full and the team running around playing as if an actual match was going, this allowed for the audio team to check whether all their tweaks were properly in place or if they had to tweak it further. During development of a game, we run several hundred play tests.

A Slayer of Accidental Monsters
When testing early content hilarious stuff will occur. If you were in the Battlefield 3™ beta you might remember the “long-necks” — disturbing looking characters indeed. They were nothing compared to the first time I encountered something similar in Battlefield 3.

We killed it with fire.

It all happened pretty quickly. I was running fearlessly across the streets of Seine Crossing, turned around and saw a creature looking much like a praying mantis: About twice my size with a freakishly long neck, crooked back and distorted arms, and it came charging at me holding a knife! I was quite startled and quickly ended its miserable life with a panicky SV-98 bullet to the neck and saw it fall. Let’s just say that when we found out what triggered soldiers to take that shape, we had some good fun with that during the next play test before the fix for it had been checked in. ;)

My personal goal at work is that our games should be as enjoyable as possible with as few hiccups as possible. It’s probably impossible to ship a game with zero bugs, but I still silently curse myself when I hear about things that have slipped by during testing — even if it’s a real long-shot bug. I want to help bring our games to a state of near perfection in terms of functionality.

A lot of people ask me how to get into the industry. On a QA level it is sort of hard to give any straight-up tips in how to get here. Unlike programming, modeling or design, I don’t think there is a general line of education for the work. I do however think that the best way to go about it is to go for education that is generally required for the line of work you think you’d like to do after a few years in the business.

I know that one of my current colleagues simply saw that we were looking for new QA on Twitter and applied and got the job! I think the best way to go about is simply to push good and push hard when opportunities arise and show the company you want to work for that you are the one they would want, not necessarily by past QA knowledge but by a general interest for game development and an urge to learn. Again, there are few things other than QA that actually teaches you how to do QA. At any rate, it is a great way to take a first step into the industry.

I must however admit that my work has ruined my personal enjoyment of playing games just a bit. I now find myself challenging a lot of the games I play on my spare time. I want to see if I can  see if I can break them or trigger some funky issues.”

Zeke Lugmair
QA Tester

You can read other stories from people here at DICE on the official DICE site. Check it out at http://dice.se/about

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  • DolphinRage105 03.18.14 at 04:44

    In battlefield 4 there is only one thing that makes me not like about the game is THE FREEZING Glitch it freezes every three games while loading it’s my only game that freezes like crazy it’s ruining my skill.I have to shut off my xbox360 so much plz fix.

  • Barraza97 06.18.12 at 04:50

    hey guys, im trying to get DICE to put either the M95 Sniper Rifle off of Battlefield Bad Company 2 or the barett 50.cal Sniper Rifle into the new Battlefield 3 “Aftermath” or “End Game” DLC’s, i mean wouldnt you guys want to shoot a 50.cal in the new Bandar Desert Map from the upcoming “Armored Kill” DLC? i know i definitely would. Also you guys still have a chance to make suggestions of any gun you guys want into the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC’s since DICE and EA are still thinking of what they should put into the upcoming “Aftermath” and “End Game” DLC’s, and also if that little rumor that Dinosaurs are gonna be in the new “Aftermath” DLC, wouldnt you want to shoot a Dinosaur in the face with a Barett 50.cal? lol. Please help me make this possible by copying and pasting this message on every Battlefield 3 Blog. Also if you have any weapon suggestions that you think should be put into the upcoming DLC’s message me at battlelog.battlefield.com or by Playstation 3 Network, my PS3 name is Barraza97. PLEASE GUYS THIS MESSAGE CAN HELP PUT ANY GUN YOU WANT INTO THE UPCOMING DLC’S :D!!!

  • Absolute_Dvl 06.07.12 at 10:37

    Wow! Not QCing your games is really paying off!!!

    Glad to see that you guys have figured out how to QC! Thrust it on the public, let them freak out! Great job guys.

  • MO_Minuteman 06.02.12 at 04:49

    Are yo going to allow hackers too. Which platform is everyone on. Gosh Your Staff Looks like they need to drop a UA test. No wonder there is so many gliches and patches.

  • CG_recon 05.11.12 at 00:09

    Just shame, and you are posting some “how we tested the Battlefield3″ ? You have no shame guys… really……..

  • TG Endzone 05.07.12 at 23:17

    BE ADVISED! http://qkme.me/3635c5

  • EuroSkeptiC 05.06.12 at 22:51

    Believe it or not, I thought this thing was a woman… Anyway.

    The only game that can compete with Battlefield 3 in which has the most bugs and glitches, is Skyrim. At least Bethesda has fixed a lot of actual bugs, not just adjustments. Of course, I don’t blame the guys at QA. I blame the greediness which forced DICE to focus on DLCs. No stuff and time to fix the semi-broken game.

  • coeur-de-fer 05.06.12 at 04:08

    The first four paragraphs tell it all. A kid can’t sit at home, not go to school, just play video games because he is “going to be a game programmer”. Just as in any other type of work, you have to sell yourself, sometimes aggressively, but there has to be more behind it than “I like to play video games.” Congratulations on your success. I hope your career continues up to levels you can’t imagine now. Every man deserves the rewards of his hard work. Some actually get them.

  • Verellay 05.05.12 at 06:41

    Mantis man..

  • WayneAustin 05.05.12 at 01:39

    Really? This blog is most contradictory piece of crap I have ever had the displeasure of reading. You had an AMAZING game at release DICE and it’s gone to shit. Agree with @Hitman1192and @LFCMatt7 get more play testers, listen to your community, fix the bugs because you know what? We customers vote with our wallets….

  • LFCMatt7 05.02.12 at 22:19

    I’ve never seen a game in a worse state 7 months after release than it is now. You are quite frankly inept at your job and should be ashamed of your work on Battlefield 3 so far.

    • Hitman1192 05.03.12 at 18:51

      I agree 100000000000000000%. This game is officially gone to hell. Last night I was “Playing” if you can even call it that and would shoot an individual 5+ times with a shotgun and they wouldn’t die. My ISP is cable usually suited for business needs but used at home so I know its not my connection. Time to call it quits on BF3. I think this game has met it’s end. They do a fantastic job at fixing problems. Congratulations to DICE/ EA you are officially losing your gaming audience. MOH is using the same engine good luck there with your QA the Frostbite engine is bugged badly.

  • rpsx 05.02.12 at 12:21

    cool. now hire like 50 more of him. and, sprinkle some around the world so you can have in-field testers that can give real-world performance feedback in different regions as well. this software needs QA very much.

  • Aussie Pixel 04.27.12 at 12:16

    Best job ever man. Sounds great, im about to go for work experience but I can’t find any good places around where I live :(

  • Regional_Emperor 04.26.12 at 01:06

    Oh good a tester. Hey tester I have a question. How do you let the game breaking DART glitch make its way into a live patch?

    • PHprof 04.27.12 at 17:16

      Yes, because you are so perfect it would have never happened under your watch.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.25.12 at 21:46

    drumscarinbr 04.25.12 | 02:47
    P.S. Don’t pay attention to the F**k-tards on this forum that feel the need to comment on your appearance.

    See you in the trenches.


  • DAROCK2300 04.25.12 at 18:23

    Miss for letting all those bugs get through QA your lucky to still still have a JOB!

  • drumscarinbr 04.25.12 at 02:47

    Zeke, I know this isn’t the proper forum for this feedback, but please ask the BF3 team to remove the mini map from hardcore games and/or allow that to be done in custom matches while keeping HC damage levels and the ‘RANKED’ status (50% health would be even better!).

    This aspect is kind of a game-breaker for most HC veterans. I can’t believe they left the mini map in HC in the first place.

    P.S. Don’t pay attention to the F**k-tards on this forum that feel the need to comment on your appearance.

    See you in the trenches.

  • H1N1_CRO 04.25.12 at 00:58

    Zeke Lugmair you should be fired immediately for doing such a bad job

    1) Could not join the server,reconnect
    2) You were disconnected from EA Online
    3) Game disconnected: your connection to the server timed out

    This is still present and is not fixed since BF3 beta

  • rtm00se 04.24.12 at 18:27

    cool story bro…
    doesnt really excuse the MASSIVE glitches that went unreported and STILL EXIST TO THIS DAY
    tv missile glitch where people from opposite teams can be in one attack chopper
    AA missile bug
    DART exploit?

    im assuming you dont have a quota for glitches…

    pretty fail, you should find another job

    • connos 04.27.12 at 09:23

      MASSIVE 3 glitches!!!!
      WOW you have to know that they may notice and report them but it doesn’t mean they will fix it.

  • PHprof 04.24.12 at 18:26

    Well, Zeke it’s unfortunate the lowest levels of the “community” have come out in some of the comments to cut on DICE, the devs, and QA. I’ve worked with some large physics simulations codes and have spent days tracking down one little issue. This game is even bigger and more complex than that so my hats off to you, the other QA personnel, and the developers and every level of DICE. Keep up the good work and push to have an even better 2012.

    By the way, I love the game and it’s in very good shape.

    • micleg 05.02.12 at 13:51

      +1. The game kicks ass and has less bugs than BC2 had after a year.

  • CovertOpsKawliga 04.24.12 at 18:02

    That’s a dude? I thought DICE hired Bjork.

    BF3 is garbage. DICE… sell your company and retire. You are finished… at least finished making quality games…. so just stop using the name Battlefield to sell people this trash. STOP.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.23.12 at 23:06

    Zeke don’t mind the haters…..they are just insecure about there own sexsuality…nothing else and therefor feels the need to bash others to feel good about them self.

  • CommandoCoyote 04.23.12 at 18:35


    • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.23.12 at 23:04

      It just amazing how stupid people can be the the year 2012……!

  • popsicle622 04.23.12 at 18:21

    When the game was released there were already bugs known. It was managements decision to release the game with those outstanding bugs. It was not the dev or QAs fault.

  • directoppostie 04.23.12 at 14:38

    No offense but it takes an eternity for your team to fix major problems when it comes to competitive play . Fix suppression, fix the weapons stuck bug, fix the hit box, fix the spawn (spawn at beginning near enemy), fix the 2 seconds spawn thing, 0.5 sec tops. And so on… . I will care more about the “story” of how you guys “work” when you actually do something to repair and/or make this game more competitive

    • MaximusBiPYC 04.23.12 at 19:47

      If you don’t like how the do they work. I would say go to DICE and start to work as a QA tester. those people try there to make the game playable, and I can say as a player of the game on PC and PS3 they did alot of good things but the there is 1 thing that bugs me and that is the phrone only that issue I don’t like. But the rest of the game is great. I would say keep up the good work and thanks for this game DICE !!

  • meshcarver 04.22.12 at 23:17

    ..,.you couldn’t pay me to work at DICE. They are not what they once were…

  • NoseKills 04.22.12 at 19:03

    Saying that game A’s QA sucks since there’s more bugs in game A than game B, is about as narrow sighted as saying US cops suck compared to Swedish cops since there was more homicide in the US last year compared to Sweden.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.22.12 at 13:38

    BTW Zeke like your looks, nice to see people that does what they feel like. :0)

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.22.12 at 13:33

    Just wanna say that the sound in this game is the best EVER. Nothing better than to have a RPG fly right by your ear, making you duck at home in your sofa. :0) Or the insanely funny soldier comments, like; “Here is a grenade for you fuckers” and many more. :0)

  • GigglePox 04.22.12 at 06:49

    Thanks DICE for continually posting information about game development and the studio!

  • sHuRuLuNi 04.21.12 at 19:57

    WTF?! That’s a guy?

    • MatiasOC-S 04.21.12 at 21:49

      shit, I think I’ll puke

      • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.22.12 at 13:35

        OMG how fucking ignorant/lame/stupid can you get….!

        • :Nemo: 04.23.12 at 16:10

          chill out retard, the photo clearly says “Lars Martensson”!

          • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.23.12 at 23:02

            Yaa thats the guy that have taken the pic, not the one in the pic.

        • MatiasOC-S 04.25.12 at 00:59

          ohh sorry if I insult your boyfriend. So do you suck like him? i mean testing games of course.

    • Hot-Wire 04.21.12 at 21:58

      He made me very confused.

  • Humphreys Beard 04.21.12 at 19:22

    Nice work Zeke. The “Mantis Dude” bug looks hilarious!

  • New_Anarchy 04.21.12 at 17:05

    They have QA testers ??? You could have fooled me. This last patch has numerous bugs I found in less than a week …
    1. Out of bounds will kill you in a air vehicle if flying too low (Kharg & Damavand (CQ)).
    2. Suppression.
    3. L96 and laser pointer is still off.
    4. Guided still works as ground to air.

    at least you fixed MAV riding as far as I can tell … whoo hoo … now fix the other 99 problems?

    • DeadPixel 04.21.12 at 18:16

      Bugs and game balance are different. You assume that they didn’t find numerous other bugs.

      BTW- Guided ground to air was never removed, they fixed guided air to air.

    • Vortuminius 04.22.12 at 20:11

      QA can’t find them all. Who is to say there weren’t even worse game-breaking bugs that they did find and the bugs we have in the current build weren’t found because they were busy making sure the game-breakers were fixed?

      You know, that is what a community is for… if the community is actually helpful and willing to work with the developer to improve the game instead of screaming and whining like most do.

      Also, suppression at this level is intentional, and Guided Missiles are supposed to work as they do from Ground to Air.

  • LittleBoySVK 04.21.12 at 13:10

    Unfortunately I think you talked more about testing from the side of game play. Would have been better if you provided little more of technical inside. That was something I was sort of looking for, but then I’m developer so it more of professional deformation >:)

  • Tankceo 04.21.12 at 07:05

    I have only one thing to say and it’s from the PC Community… YOU SUCK!

  • XD9mmFMJ 04.21.12 at 05:56

    You get paid to be a failure. Must be nice, because QA for Dice sucks really, really bad. I wouldn’t be posting my picture telling everyone you are supposed to find bugs, because you totally blew it.

    • GigglePox 04.22.12 at 06:49

      Man, it’s too bad you don’t get paid to sit at your computer and bitch about other people…

    • PHprof 04.24.12 at 18:28

      Get off the internet. You are wasting valuable bits.

  • T4NG0ed 04.21.12 at 02:52

    lol Q&A in BF3 u must be joking, no1 even bothered to test the binding of keys in the settings menus lol

  • {SA}StayAlive 04.20.12 at 21:22

    ARMA3 is coming out this fall for those who are interested in a more realistic FPS. and with FULL SUPPORT based on player input, including mods and mission editor.

    I had high hopes when BF3 was advertised using these exact words…”is it real?”. Unfortunately it is far from it, mainly the bullet damage is very weak, even with head shots. This issue was discussed many times in the QA and still remains a major issue?!?

  • drumscarinbr 04.20.12 at 21:15

    To H Brun: I know this isn’t the forum for this, but please remove the mini-map from hardcore mode.

    Also, please allow it to be removed in custom matches with lower health/higher damage, while keeping the match ‘ranked’.


  • growking 04.20.12 at 21:07

    so if the last two weeks are any indication of what the inside dice series is gonna be yall just need to scratch it because it sucks.

  • Majnu 04.20.12 at 21:01

    Maybe the BF sun blinded him so much that he couldn’t see any more flaws, hence why something as obvious as the MAV glitch was neglected for 6 months.

  • SlvRBEAST 04.20.12 at 20:58

    i dont think this QA actually exists if you’ve managed to make the game SO biased that only a few weapons will actually kill the enemy with an sks, m16a3, m26 dart. if QA was done properly or even AT ALL this would not have happened.

  • Utahchev 04.20.12 at 20:36

    “QA work is based around finding flaws
    and reporting them to the right people
    so they can fix it”
    So based on this statement what have they done about the new patch? I don’t really think they understand the definition of QA based on their track record so far. I don’t get this; they make a patch that turns battlefield 3 on it’s head then they make a blog about QA. Where is the blog telling us what they are going to do about the patch and “rent a server? Then of course the statement,
    “My personal goal at work is that our games should
    be as enjoyable as possible with
    as few hiccups as possible.”
    The patch!!! Here let me scream it! THE PATCH!
    What are you going to do about the patch? You need to fix what you have done with the patch! I don’t think until you have fixed what you broke you have no right to make statements like you have above.

  • bf3-is-a-lie 04.20.12 at 20:14

    “QA work is based around finding flaws
    and reporting them to the right people
    so they can fix it”

    based on that as a previous QA I can say you have failed miserably and should hang your head in shame.

    Wonders if the consumerist has a competition for the worst QA in the Software industry.

    I’d vote for ya’s :)

  • LCAlucard 04.20.12 at 20:02

    “I don’t care what it is, I can clean the office or whatever!”

    still want someone to do that? I apply for it :D

    Well, nice work, keep on going!
    Best of luck

  • f0urg 04.20.12 at 19:58

    There is no question from a consumer standpoint the true value of having good quality assurance in a product. Unfortunately it seems to be one of the first roles to get cut. Developers can lean on getting a game out fast and hope for a bunch of immediate buyers, but it’s a solid game that gets people recommending the game to others driving up sales. I’m not really sure where DICE stands in their commitment to QA, but please make it a high priority. There are DLC’s coming and if time isn’t spent to fix existing issues (M26 DART) it’s hard to want to spend more money on the product. Aside from those needed fixes this game is fantastic and I have no doubt the QA team played a significant part.

  • drumscarinbr 04.20.12 at 19:45

    To H Brun: I know this isn’t the forum for this, but please remove the mini-map from hardcore mode.

    Also, please allow it to be removed in custom matches while keeping the match ‘ranked’.


  • WarTornRemnant 04.20.12 at 18:34

    I’m currently doing a course in QA Games Testing. When I pass, if I do, I hope for a developer to take me on.

  • LueeFour 04.20.12 at 18:31

    I never understood why people have so many complaints about the game. It takes team work to the top of the priority chain and yet people still want to solo it up? My own problem is the rubberband effect you get when you run around the corner but I’ve played enough games to understand how to play with it. When me and my friends play (none of use play excessively) we win almost every match simply because we move as a unit. It doesn’t matter what gun the other guy has or if their ranks are a lot higher.

  • DanielWW2 04.20.12 at 18:17

    So, how exactly did you miss the M26 bug since it currently is ruining BF3?

    • Vortuminius 04.20.12 at 18:20

      Did you find out about it yourself or did someone tell you about it?

      QA has to find everything themselves… no outside support is available. The chances of QA being able to determine that an underslung M26 DART with Heavy barrel while ADS can hit people at range with high accuracy is pretty low IMO.

      Those are already strict requirements that was found by luck.

      • TheLetterZ 04.20.12 at 18:23

        This, pretty much, yet again imagine the amount of man-hours(MANLY!) put in by the players just 1 hour after release, it covers more than the entire QA-teams time throughout the entire project more or less. And we still do 8 hours a day + occasional overtime!

    • Blovese 04.20.12 at 18:24

      People will always keep complaining about things even after they ‘fixed’ the issue. Just learn and live with the fact that those weapons are made to use, it’s not only you or me or anyone else that has a problem with a specific weapon,… on this game.

  • Medium0Rare 04.20.12 at 18:15

    Funny… I was under the impression that we were all QA testers for dice. But instead of them paying us, we pay them.

    • Vortuminius 04.20.12 at 18:23

      Funny… I think every single game has a community that does the exact same thing. Do you realize how important a supportive community is to a developer? QA can only do so much in the time they have… a community of millions of players collectively gets more time playing around with the patched build of the game in an hour than the total man/woman hours that QA gets testing it.

      • EuroSkeptiC 05.06.12 at 23:00

        Yes, we, the community give our support and it’s important. What 7 months afterwards we’ve received? A totally unpolished game with no plans to be ( polished ) in the near future. The DLCs are priority which will bring more money and thus, no time and stuff to fix the countless bugs/glitches.

  • oXAmbitionXo 04.20.12 at 18:10

    You should hire mochajesus. All that guy does is find exploits and bugs. I don’t think he’s ever played a legit match.

  • Bliz 04.20.12 at 18:07

    Oh… well you just tested the alpha right?

  • AK7007 04.20.12 at 18:06

    Thank you for illustrating your job and showing us that the march patch might as well have never been sent to you for testing, since very obvious/simple bugs came through that really should not have.

    • TheLetterZ 04.20.12 at 18:11

      Stuff drop in and out all the time and naturally some stuff slip through :)
      If you think about it. One hour after release the public has spent MULTIPLE times the amount of hours we have in the game!

      • SuperLeGod 04.20.12 at 18:29

        I wonder did you believe that before they paid your wages? I not attacking Dice or disagreeing with you “naturally some stuff slip through” but money has an amazing was of changing ones opinion. Would you have excepted that when you were an idealistic kid?

    • Vortuminius 04.20.12 at 18:17

      DICE has like 280 employees according to Wikipedia. That is more than likely split up between Programmers, Quality Assurance, Community Management/Customer Service, Management, and so on. I’m sure QA did their very best to report all the bugs, but when the community is breathing down their necks, they knew they had to get the patch out sometime soon… and even with all the effort they put in, bugs slipped through.

      It happens.

  • JohnMirra 04.20.12 at 18:04

    So, after all these patches we clearly see why womens’ place is in the kitchen.

    • JohnMirra 04.20.12 at 18:06

      oh, wait, he is a dude.

      • H Brun 04.20.12 at 18:14

        Hi JohnMirra! Welcome to the Battlefield Blog! We hope you will like it here — please keep any offending comments to yourself.


        • drumscarinbr 04.20.12 at 20:31

          To H Brun: I know this isn’t the forum for this, but please remove the mini-map from hardcore mode.

          Also, please allow it to be removed in custom matches while keeping the match ‘ranked’.


      • TheLetterZ 04.20.12 at 18:18

        This was bound to happen :(

      • Zero Day Virus 04.20.12 at 19:25

        Not cool man!