Welcome Inside DICE!

We are happy to present the brand new “Inside DICE” series! This is where all of our fans will get candid and personal reflections directly from the people working with Battlefield 3™ and our expansion packs and updates. First out is DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, revealing his thoughts on community transparency and on returning to GDC one year after the big Battlefield 3 presentation.

I’m very excited to open up our new “Inside DICE” section. Engaging in direct dialogue with our fans has been on my agenda for a while, and we will do that partly via the new blog series that you are now reading.

When it comes to upcoming game updates, tweaks, fixes, and new features, this is where the producers, programmers, and designers personally will tell you what they are doing, why they are doing it, and when you can expect to see their changes in the game. More than just information on dates and a change list, you will also get to meet the people behind the keyboards actually making it happen, how they go about designing these changes, what obstacles they stumble across, and how many semlor they had for fika. Besides keeping you better informed on upcoming updates, we hope this blog series will give you an insight into game development and post-launch game support itself, as well as into Swedish culture working at DICE, and working as a community manager.

Going Back to San Fran
So what’s on my mind right now? Well, I’m super psyched about putting the final pieces together for an exciting presentation we’re taking to GDC in San Francisco. For any fan, GDC will bring some very exciting news about the future of Battlefield 3.

Presenting Battlefield 3 at E3 2011, seconds before Patrick Bach plays the "Thunder Run" mission. Fond memories.

I love doing live presentations, but it’s also somewhat nerve-wracking at times. I’m up there on stage, representing the team at DICE and all their hard work. They spend blood, sweat and tears making our games, and that’s why I always strive for rock solid presentations. But sometimes I stumble on the language. English is my second language, and this can make for some interesting hiccups on stage. Like at E3 last year when I apparently coined a new meme. In Sweden we don’t say “fingers crossed” but rather we “hold our thumbs” to express the same wish. What came out on stage became the now famous “thumbs crossed”, which my colleagues at DICE refuse to let me forget. :) Anyway, I hope to see some of you in San Francisco, and you will definitely be able to read about the latest announcements after GDC.

I’ve also been swamped with other exciting work lately, which is the reason I’ve been pretty quiet on the Twitter front. I’ve worked hard with the DICE management team to plan the long term goals of DICE as a studio and our upcoming games, and I feel very good about where we are and where we are headed. We have so many great ideas for where to take DICE and Battlefield™ in the future! But that’s for another blog post another time.

The fast moving industry
Part of what I love about the games industry is that it moves so fast. We’re not making snap decisions at DICE or EA, but decisions can still change overnight. At one point in time, we were planning to announce our next expansion pack in February. Turned out it wasn’t feasible, but not before word got out that it was in the plans. That happens. And it will happen again. It’s just part of the big and elaborate puzzle where sometimes plans change at an amazing speed. As I’m writing this, we are still deciding on the final pieces of this puzzle, but consider GDC as the next info drop from us at DICE.

The ever changing nature of what we do is one of the reasons we will always be careful what we say and when we say it. Why? Because if we say “Next week we’ll announce a new expansion pack” and then change our minds (for whatever reason), the normal reaction is disappointment. Being unclear about future content could also raise more questions than answers. We’re doing X on format Y? What about format Z and W? If we don’t have those answers, we want to be able to say why. Going forward, we will work hard on being clearer and more regular in our communication, and explain the rationale behind some of our decisions.

Then again, some huge events just have to premiere on GDC. Why? Because, and this is maybe explaining the obvious, we want as many eyes as possible on what we do. It’s how we get attention, it’s how we grow, and it’s how we make sure we can keep delivering blockbuster games out of a studio that started as a small group of friends creating pinball games for the Amiga.

The next Battlefield 3 update: What is it? When is it?
So, in the interest of openness: The next client update for Battlefield 3 on all platforms is a big one. It’s been in the works for quite some time now, and the reason it’s taking its time is we want to make it a really great update. That and the fact that each client update on console is in part governed by first party and for technical reasons have some lead time. There is a reason that we can’t update the game every time we fix one small thing. Rather, we need to pile stuff up until we have a decent sized update that makes sense to push live (in extreme cases, we make exceptions, like when we pushed our VOIP chat fix live in a separate client update on PlayStation® 3).

For a while there, it looked like the next Battlefield 3 update would go live in February. So we messaged that. Guess what? It didn’t happen. We wanted to fill it with even more content, which takes extra time. We are now aiming to get this update out this spring, and will have a clear date closer to release.

This Battlelog News post details some of what is in the planned spring update, although please keep in mind that this update is still subject to change. More detail about what we are adding to the game will be revealed at GDC, and after that, we will start to go in-depth on specific features from the change list. All in all, you will pretty soon know why I think 2012 will be a great Battlefield year.

In our next post in the “Inside DICE” series, we will talk in more detail about some of the changes we are making in our next update, why we are making them, how we are making them, how we are basing them on community feedback, and why we think this makes the game better.

In the widget area to the right, you will also find some basic information about what we have done so far in terms of supporting Battlefield 3 after launch. As we continue this series, you will always be able to get the latest data at a glance about upcoming updates, any current change lists, and more. Looking at that data just now, I can honestly say we are one of the studios that take the greatest care of our game post-launch.

This is just the start of the “Inside DICE” series. Expect a mix of long, in-depth features on weapon balancing mixed with spur of the moment mobile photos of random events at the DICE office. I love coming in to work every day, and I want you to experience part of what makes being at DICE so rewarding.

Me with my first crush, Mine Storm on the Vectrex.

What do you want to read next?
Consider “Inside DICE” officially open. And consider it your chance to let us know what you want to read next. The comments section on our new blog is pretty neat, so just hop in and let us know what you think, or use the poll below to vote on some post ideas we are toying around with. My DICE colleagues will make sure to check in, so this is a chance for you to engage in dialogue with the people behind Battlefield 3.

I’m happy to have cut this ribbon. This is the place where we will delve deep into matters, so if you prefer your Battlefield info a bit more tweet-sized, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Battlelog forums, Battlelog News section, in-game tickers, standalone forums, or any of our other channels where we regularly communicate with our fans. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Karl Magnus Troedsson
General Manager, DICE
Follow Karl Magnus @L_Twin


These posts may contain information that is subject to change without notice. EA DICE assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these posts. Each post contains information that was current only as of the date of the post. EA DICE does not update or delete outdated information contained in these materials and it expressly disclaims any obligation to do so.

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  • MrCrazyAz 05.02.12 at 02:04

    This game turned into a HUGE piece of shit for me after the patch. I never knew that you guys could fuck up BF so fucking bad I don’t even want to play the fucking game anymore, but you all sure as shit did it. And you know what? If that’s your idea of what-the-fuck-ever-you-figured-you-were-doing-with-this-shitty-patch…then I’ll go turn in my copy of BF3 to my local video game store and never buy another piece of shit DICE product. I swore off COD because I thought BF was where it’s at, but I guess you guys have your heads up your asses about what fans want from a FPS. Fix the patch that ruined the game or myself and others will give up on you and your games.

  • coeur-de-fer 04.19.12 at 00:13

    Obviously some people are upset that they can’t dominate like they did. Nerfing is balancing. I think in general you did fine. But I have a complaint with the MAV. It seems to be much harder to deploy now, and spotting seems to have gone down the drain. I rarely play a game now where the enemy has been spotted. Maybe it’s just a glitch in my PS3, but I can’t seem to deploy it at all on some maps and only about 15 feet away from an MCOM on others. Since I rarely see it deployed at all, I think this must be a common experience. I used to spot a lot on caspian and the highway, as I am not a great shot, but spotting is a way I can contribute to my team with more than using up tickets rapidly. Can’t do that now. Mortars seem to be similarly nerfed. I know players used to sit at their spawn and just mortar, but now the deployment distance is so short that it is difficult to use them at all. Overall, I think the changes have been good. Haven’t helped or hindered me much either way. I do think the single shot sniper rifles should be a one-shot kill, as the cyclic rate of a bolt action is so long a second shot from a distance, for most players, is unlikely. Also the blast (kill) radius of tank rounds should be expanded a little to increase the anti-personnel affect. I agree with the previous post about shotguns. Increase the short-range damage to make them realistic, but drastically reduce the range. And for God’s sake, GET RID of the frag rounds altogether. They are absolutely not needed and do unbalance individual combat.

  • HOLLOWpntBLANK 04.17.12 at 19:14

    OH yea, Well ill tell you what, when you schedual your next patch. Do us all a favor and change some of this insane shit back to the way it was. For instance, MY FAMAS. put it back, their was nothing wrong with it. Its no different then all the other rifles out their. These noobs are just getting mad at the gun cause their ass gets killed with it alot, UMM DUH fire rate is one if the highest at 1000, GET OVER IT JACK ASSES.Also. sniper rifles are designed to kill from long distances. I expect to shoot some one in the face at 500+ meters and whatch him fall off a cliff, or building. Would you go to our marines and say, here take this shitty sniper rifle, dont bother shooting them in the head, they wont die. NO!!! The DAO-12, USAS, and all the other shotguns need to have a limited distance damage rate. I swear to god if i get shot= 75 to 100 meters, and die from one shot again, ima break this fuckin console. This latest patch has but everyone on the edge. You want to express your concerns and say ” O, Well i care what the people want.” Here is your chance to take action. You guys are changing shit and pushing all of your customers and experianced gamers away. What are you gonna do when no one wants to play this shit anymore? Your gonna lose sales and your gonna sit their and scratch your head wondering why. Well this is just one person pointing out the BS, be glad im voicing my opinion, id hate to hear the point of view on other Gamers who used to enjoy this game.

  • HOLLOWpntBLANK 04.17.12 at 18:54

    I agree with DRSmoke007. This is INSANE!!!! First of all, you messed up my famas. This gun now sux ass. You need to put it back. And since when does a M3 Tactial, out shout a M4A1 rifle. I tell you what, meet me in a street with any handgun, give me an M4A1, and we see who dies first, this is crazy. You guys need to fix this shit.

  • DRSmoke007 04.06.12 at 09:51

    I’m thinking might have to take a number for the chance to bitch out the douche-bag for this horrible patch that just killed the game. Seems are a number of players who feel the same way including myself.

  • Pyroclism 04.05.12 at 15:11

    Id like a chance to bitch out the douche-bag responsible for this horrible patch that has ruined the whole game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Targa Ray 03.23.12 at 04:42

    “A chance for you to engage in dialogue with the people behind Battlefield 3.”


    Core fan for years.. from start up on PC. Xbox 360 now, It “was” like playing a card game on Friday nights.. not much like that anymore, anyway..

    We need conquest only servers, for all maps.. So we can play for hours.. Not having this is a huge step away from core BF fan base.. Some BF players like Rush so on yes. But we all know “all of the new other game players love TDM, Close Quarters.. so on”… Give us core fans FULL BF Conquest and/or Rush only map servers, and Conquest with 5 flags, not these other smaller infantry trash maps mixed in.. and where is the, battlefield, map rotate , sides switch from RU x US then to US x RU??

    I think we can decide How WE want to play OUR Game, “as you put it”. STOP manipulating us, and telling us how to use this freakin product! Give us the selections…

    The only feedback we get is.. (“It’s better than playing other games” gee THANK YOU, or “Then don’t play it” umm OK.. or “Then don’t buy the DLC”.. OK ) What kind of smack attitude is that?? What kind of culture and Brand Loyalty with customers is that trying to build? Seems a shameful display by any measure to me.. I’m baffled by this ….

    You could also fix this mass juvenile Deployment Friendly Team Kill issue. Why would you allow this? Spending all that time and money making a game and just “allowing this”. Turning off and/or away… what, thousands of, what could be fans and players of this product.. just drop off, over it? Really, “Why would you do that?” Fight to get new players and not fight to keep them.. Why?

    Show “Deployment Team Kills” in a Players Stats…. a few I can see, but hundreds “in Deployment”.
    Do something about it.

    Ok well that’s my part to engage honestly in dialogue about this game..

  • GodIsAGun 03.22.12 at 01:30

    i really have no other complaints dont even care that people use fag rounds….i just want to play conquest……and maybe fix it so cant get team killed the first 20 secs of game so players quit killing for vehicles…….

    • Av8tor Ryan 03.22.12 at 08:25

      I hate being killed by a “bad luck” kill when trying to enter a helicopter, and getting hit by a a jeep that someone ghost rided into me to steal the vehicle. Please fix friendly roadkills. You should not be able to kill a teammate with a vehicle when trying to enter a tank or someone jumping out of it. Im all for running over an opponnet, but not a teammate.

  • GodIsAGun 03.22.12 at 01:16

    oh yeah for ps3 hardcore servers is what i am talking about… epic battle only ha change the name to epic engineer fest only…sorry for the anger but i was soooooooo mad when i went to play the only game i own…….i am not a fan of rush and if i wanted to play teamdeath match i would go buy call of duty! please fix this

  • GodIsAGun 03.22.12 at 00:47

    thanks for screwing up the hardcore servers now if i want to play conquest only server i have to play 6 big maps can you please make a conquest only server that has all the maps including the b2k maps please…..for hardcore

  • GodIsAGun 03.22.12 at 00:39

    thanks for screwing up the hardcore servers now if i want to play conquest only i have to play 6 big maps can you please make a conquest only server that has all the maps including the b2k maps please…..for hardcore

  • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:59

    dice you screwed us out of a very important weapon the was in bf2. the fixed machine guns. also why set up fixed AA guns at our airfield then block the guns with trees and boulders. the aa guns rounds can’t cut down the trees..lol our aa guns are suppose to help protect our base. the aa guns in the border map are useless.

  • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:44

    those of you at dice don’t know what a flack gun is, ask me. btw gamers, yes if you’ve played on my team, i am southern from georgia, usa. yes i’m a redneck. yes i am 58 soon to be 59, yes i play games, fps. i’m disabled, i spend most of my time either closed beta testing xbox and ps3 games, or just playing the games i love. i served 2 tours in army special forces 10th group 1971-1973, vietnam. spcs g-18 engineers/demo/recon-sniper. enough said. fps games helps relief of stress.

    • papaithurts 03.21.12 at 01:47

      thank you very much for your service, sir!! what’s your xbox gamertag?!

  • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:32

    btw, stinger tips. if some you fans know what team work is, have your friend or clan brother stand with you, take turns firing your stinger rockets, choppers and jets fire flars, you fire, flars, fire your friend fires, boom. then you fire. if the choppers has repair engineer, you need 3 engineers. of course if dice would allow an 8 man squad it would be more fun. set up 2 sloflams, have gunner with night vision lockon, main gunner has missiles for lockon, the sky’s would be clear.. jets need auto tracking since the jets has no gunner. if i put extra armor on a bmp or T-90 the abrams should one round should not kill the T-90. also give us flack guns, the AA fixed guns is for choppers, the flack is for jets, duh!

  • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:16

    we that love battlefield don’t want our game changed for the wimps. wimps should play pacman. if i run over you with a tank you can’t be revied. unless your a zombie from walking dead..lol idea!. firestorm map, battlships firing rounds at 10,000 zombies, turn map into a zombie map. zombies with guns..lol give us a flight training map for jets, and choppers single play, or 6 co-op can’t learn with the enemy locked on. some of love flying, give us big cities to fly over. you know after 9/11 microsoft pull their best game, flight simulator. dice could give it back to us. screw microsoft.

  • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:01

    first and foremost, redo your websites to accept our ps3 cheap browser, our cheap flash which don’t work right. some of use still uses our ps3 to access the internet. the game has bugs, glitches, and their are hackers out there that has hacked bf3 are cheating. changes are good but nerfing the power of all weapons and tanks an air vehicles is wrong. come to my house, stand in front of MY 12G with a frag round at 30 yards, if your still standing, you can nurf the 12g..lol we want snow maps. us that are clan leaders want free server access so we can have official matches in a server we can configure with password access only, this will help keep randoms, or cheaters out. also you haven’t told us how much we have to pay for the june map pack. i could tell you how to update the present maps. but i’d rather talk to your lead designer on the phone, if your in the usa, i can call you. open up the maps, remove the death ring. open up the doors on all buildings on all maps. sniper’s love high places, you kill the mav lift? give us stairs’ and roof access. also all sniper rifles should come with a bipod. to damn hard to stand snipe. try using a barrett .50cal standing up..lol more later.

  • Humbleness51 03.18.12 at 08:28

    Man I love this game and all but I really think you should spend more time working on bugs it seems like a third of the people who own this amazing game including me (and my computer isn’t that bad either) can’t play it due to bugs plus I would really love you guys if you made a main menu for the pc version

  • Cheatham_usmc 03.17.12 at 20:27

    I cant wait to read future articles. You guys always keep us in the loop and aware of what to expect in the future. I used to be all about COD, never again. BF is the real deal. Keep up the good work!

  • XxQuickillz44xX 03.16.12 at 19:05


    • ash101 03.16.12 at 21:15

      they CANT.. consoles only have a standerd graphics card like a (GT9800) but most PC gamer’s are running GTX cards now, even upto (2-3 GTX 590).

  • Cranky 0ld Man 03.15.12 at 16:58

    Great info, crossed thumbs made me laugh. As an adult gamer, I find the more I know about your company and plans, the more I want to support you. Keep it up. The way you support this game shows how well thought out your company and vision is.

  • ZDFODDER 03.15.12 at 15:38

    Could we not have demos of online matches recorded on the consoles? Halo has a Theater mode, Call of Duty does it, too. I’d like to see the ability in Battlefield, as well (Xbox 360). As a convert from PC to console, it’s things like this that I miss. How do I share a simple screenshot from Xbox?

    And, as far as the server browser (again, I’m talking Xbox), it would be nice if when you viewed a server from the menu, you could tell how far along the map is. Sometimes I feel like playing a favorite map, and get disappointed to join in at the end of it. If we could have a timer, or ticket counter show on the menu? ETQW on pc had a perfect server browser that would show you how much time left on a map, what players were on the map, etc. I know BF3 isn’t a “timed” map, per say, but, would hope to see something like this in the future.

  • evil-fahdksa1 03.15.12 at 03:52

    make jet in bf3 1 or more weapon like tv missile

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.15.12 at 01:43

    Just an idea, a simple solution…well, maybe not that simple, but poossible.

    Tools(If not mod tools, extensive procon options – on ranked servers) that:
    1. Allow servers to remove any SPECIFIC weapon/vehicle/Item/Accessory or Perks
    2. Allow to increased bullet damage(or reduce health) on Hardcoe mode
    3. Procon option to increase/decrease values at least by 30%
    4. Gives the ability to add/remove flags on conquest maps

    With such tools, Dice does not have to change(balance) the game over and over. This way servers can be tweaked to fit any specific game style and public players can choose from a variety of different servers that will offer fast paced matches and Tactical & ,more realistic settings.

    • mega-tf 03.19.12 at 19:49

      i agree, also give the ability to edit our own maps, or design new maps, we could share.

  • RAGEYSDAD 03.14.12 at 10:40

    [b][color=blue]In almost every aspect of any business, there is one goal that should be had by all, That is[/color] [u]CUSTOMER SERVICE[/u]. EA/Dice has Taken Orders for Millions of BF3 game and you can Google and see all that is being said.
    Or, anyone can go into Forums (of sorts) and submit or even read what is going on, having so many that talk about issues, more then Positive Feedback that you, EA/DICE just ignore!!!
    Your paying, Loyal Customers/Clients talk about issues and you just added another “POLL” and as it says the MAJORITY want what has already has already been purchased FIXED.
    I would say that trying to hide behind DLC is a “P” poor attitude, You know you have a problem, SO WHY NOT TAKE CARE OF IT, WHY NOT READ ABOUT THE COMPLAINTS OUT THERE, WHY NOT SHOW US YOU CARE (or maybe you really don’t) but you asked and the Numbers don’t lie you have PROBLEMS!!!!!

    • Big_Andy99 03.14.12 at 12:42

      there is no color, so if you tried to talk in that color, well its a fail!

    • Humbleness51 03.18.12 at 08:33

      Dice isn’t that big of a company you know it can’t read every single Post

  • JustHavnFun77 03.13.12 at 21:36

    “One game to rule them all”.

    Since I am playing both BF3 (on pc) and MW3 (on ps3), I find that there are features to like and dislike in both games. Yet if the best of both games could be brought together, that would be truly awesome. The space, graphics, vehicles and team orientation is great in BF3. I don’t care for the configuration of the classes in BF3, nor the number and complexity of the unlocks. In MW3 I like the spec ops, custom classes, perks, the battle-recorder and flexible game playback. I don’t care for the tight maps that make fast reaction time the only requirement for success. Because of the tight maps, there is no place for vehicles.

    I believe that what we are going to see in the future is a trend for BF3 to be more COD-like and in COD a trend to be more BF3 like. The coming CQB map in BF3 is a sign of this trend, while the Liberation map in MW3 shows a trend to more open spaces/larger maps in COD.

    In the end, it is just entertainment …..

  • Mex_6991 03.13.12 at 20:56

    DICE as u can see from the polls you asked, what we want is the update. So can u please make that your priority?

  • ThePandaMan80 03.11.12 at 17:44

    http://everythingentertainmentlife.blogspot.com/ is a great place to get details on battlefield and more!

  • cubeline82 03.09.12 at 16:45

    how long ps3 players must wait for options rent private servers?
    and why ps3 players must pay for rent servers if ps3 playres killzone2/3 have this option for free?

    • rtm00se 03.10.12 at 19:15

      kid stop griping you are playing on a CONSOLE… its not exactly an in depth gaming experience.. you want private servers get a PC like an adult

      • TOTALone 03.11.12 at 16:40

        Like an adult… lol. Don’t you feel sooo superior Mr. PC

      • makiethedog101 03.13.12 at 12:29

        Hey I will tell you right now console might be a bit stuffed up right now But I tell you that one the graphics are the same I do want to here any more shit about that they are the Sam egos I have play both and ps3 is better so you shut up little kid stop jizing in your pants about havering a server and get lost

        • Quintox 03.13.12 at 19:14

          Please, don’t make a fool out of yourself by saying the graphics on 6 year old hardware is comparible with present day computers.. that’s just being ignorant. And if you want to be taken seriously, atleast try to get the typos out of your comment before smashing “Post”. How hard can it be? One thing I do know, mouse/keyboard will always be superior to analog sticks when it comes to FPS games.

  • V1nt3r 03.08.12 at 16:53

    After waiting for such a long time after BF2, BF3 came and i´m very happy.
    Beside some design failures, like useless Camo (there is only Sand and grey concrete everywhere – for what should i ever choose jungle camo????? where is jungle?? and where for gods sake is snow??); too many weapons from beginning; too less maps and no real big area battlefield (OP Firestorm, huge area, but all flags in the middle!?) i´m currently enjoying my time in BF3.
    But to be honest, i don´t like the way it seems that you are heading.. CQ for example (aka statspadding-maps) – the other poll result is telling you.. or like in this poll: “fine tuning TDM Maps”?? who is bying BF3 for TDM?? yeah it´s fun sometime, but I want to be on a BattleField most of the time – and same here: the poll result is telling you!

    For me, much more important would be – and to quote yourself “When it comes to upcoming game updates, tweaks, fixes, [..]will tell you what they are doing, WHY they are doing it, and when [..]”
    So the WHY is important for me and second the WHAT!
    WHAT do you mean with “Adapting the Battlefield Gameplay to a New Environment”?
    And WHY does it seem that you are enjoying the CQ Combat so much and would prefer it over the big Battlefield Experience? (can´t be that there are so much Metro only servers out there.. for metro only there are two reasons a. statspadding (as mentioned before) and b. beeing pissed from having a bad day on the real battlefield so i want to smash some rounds of grans, smaws, tubes or frags in other peoples face without having to move more than 10 meters after spwan)

    To sum it up – the “WHAT” and the “WHY” are the things i want to hear from you!!

    Don´t forget i love the Battlefield Series, as long as it is Battlefield ;)

    PS: I don´t care about EA Decisions, nearly nobody likes them… but we love you, DICE. And you are the people who are bringing EA the money, so you should be the ones to tell EA what to do, and not vise versa. So you should also don´t care about EAs Decisions!



  • Borut_Greiner 03.08.12 at 12:35

    Since I am poor at English, a mistake may occur.
    Since I think that upgrade is not performed, the Japanese user does not expect.
    PS3 user is a small number,gives up.
    Thank you although I was the first FPS to participate.

  • Blaing 03.08.12 at 05:11

    Would love if u could have two players on the same console!!

  • TC4SPAZINOUT 03.07.12 at 23:20

    good news you have to wait 3 more month ps spring is in a few weeks not june wth

  • TC4SPAZINOUT 03.07.12 at 23:18

    why was everyone and dev and cm on twitter hinting that good news was coming soon . i thought maps were coming last month or at least a update wtf.. soon does not equal 3 fn months wth hell. lies lies after lies love the game hate the lies ……….changing values from 3 to 5 does need to take 6 month to figure out wth. to all you pansy that say we are ungrateful f off ..dlc was said to come every 3 months not 4 or 5 or 6 months o yeah here some great fn new your gonna wait 3 more fn months omggggggggggggggggggg leave us in the dark then act like your gonna start being a cm and listen to the players lol im so pissed this shit ruined my day and my 3 month wtf .a new ipad comes out every 3 months but a patch cant wth … by the time content comes we will have moved on is that your plan to lose cash well if you dont want my cash keep it up bf2 did same shit with Vietnam pak worthless waited for ever to not buy it lmao fools great job .if your love cash talk to me ill show you how to make cash not miss out on it.. you capitalize while the group is still interested not when the fall a sleep waiting for 4 maps wth this may have been good news if was to come next month f you dice for letting a great game die early

  • WindyCityKid13 03.07.12 at 20:27

    Oh yea and give console users 64 players! not this 24 crap.

    • C2090Don 03.10.12 at 22:02

      agreed with more vehicles!

    • Quintox 03.13.12 at 19:36

      Sorry bud, you reached your limit. Fps is already brought down to 30.. what do you expect? Consoles are running on 6 year old hardware. But perhaps they know magic and find a way to transform your console into a computer! Sadly, this is reallife and your console is still outdated ;)

  • eBunny7 03.07.12 at 20:03

    Okay guys, I understand that you want to give feedback, but some of you are just complaining about the game all the time, while the team is still working really hard on the game, even like 4 or 5 months post-launch. Why never give any positive feedback? And to be honest some comments are just plain stupid.

    Having said that, I still really like the game. Even though I sometimes, well, quite often get annoyed by for example pretty much an entire team with USAS-12 Frag-rounds or other bullsh*t. But the main features I just really want in the game are: 1. A Battlerecorder, 2. Private matches/servers, especially on consoles, 3. Maybe a spectator mode.

    I know these things have been asked for over 9000 times, but I never hear anything about them ever making it into the game or not.

    Other than that I’m liking most of the things on the patch list. And I can’t wait for the new DLC, even though it’s another 3/4 months till the first expansion pack will be released.

    Oh and one more thing, HORNS :D thanks DICE.

  • WindyCityKid13 03.07.12 at 19:36

    I def. think all class should at least have the ability to disable vehicles. What about an anti tank round for a sniper? like a .50 cal that could disable a vehicle with a shot to the engine, but not destroy it outright. or maybe armor piercing rounds to disable a tank in two or three shots? And give ps3 users private matches!!

  • lars121 03.07.12 at 19:26

    Will there be Battlefield game for the Playstation Vita? If so, how about making cross platform gameplay with Battlefield on the PS3. I’ll keep my thumbs crossed!

  • vackillers 03.07.12 at 07:09

    add bot support, lan support, and battle-recorder. Absolutely insane why these features were never added, unless this is a MMOFPS game?

  • ROBAX3R 03.07.12 at 04:44

    taking on EVERY possible subject…. but input lag … looks like they are scared to talk about that huh?

    sorry …. ps3 version is a joke!

    (fix the input lag)

  • sdnskldsuprman 03.06.12 at 23:34

    First off im looking forward to the next update it has alot of great fixes listed. Now i had a brilliant idea a new co op mode based on rush and bad company two co op. Picture a good outside map your best squad mates and your favorite loadout. only difference is the Mcoms spawn hundreds of zombies and you and your squad must shut them down. Of course there would have to be a way for zombies 2 hurt you in a tank or chopper because who wouldn’t want to take on a zombie horde in a t90. Anyhow just on my wishlist of awesomeness. I know COD has already done zombies but they also have done war and some things are best left to Dice. Keep up the good work.

  • G Aka hOLd ThaT 03.06.12 at 23:30

    One question, when will we have battle-theater with the ability to upload footage to battlelog? ,

  • CD0TCIZZLE 03.06.12 at 23:27

    ok so if this is my way of getting my problems out to DICE, heregoes the list. i really hope to see something done here though im skeptical.

    anti-vehicle role: EVERYONE should have SOMETHING in their class to be able to atleast attempt to destroy enemy vehicles. not just the engineers. it is so frustrating to spot enemy tanks, jeeps, lavs, choppers etc., and watch useless engineers do nothing about them.

    being able to customize your character: we get a very limited camo selection. i would like to be able to add a pouch here lose a bandana there, change pants, shirts etc. as i want or see fit per maps.

    private rooms: seriously DICE? COD is a garbage game now pumping out more crap every year and yet they have private matches. why after 4 years of developement can you not give us private matches? all i ever hear is “too complicated” or “will cause too much server strain” when i contact someone at EA/DICE. i play hardcore, everyday there are 100+ pages of hardcore servers of which about 80 pages are EMPTY! take some of these empty servers and replace them with private match servers (where i can set game mode, time or ticket limit anything that happens is for fun and does not go on my record).

    sniper rifles: why do you make the suppressor for SRs so terrible, thowing off a 500 meter shot by 1 1/2 mils? why did in the last patch did you completely mess up my baby the M40A5? it shoots at range a good 1/4-1/2 mil shorter then ANY othere SR on the game, it can be out shot by semis which would NEVER happen in life?

    patch NOW, THEN dlc: this game has so much potential to take over Call of Duty as the number 1 FPS game but not the way it is now, with the mav riding to on top of maps, this invincible soldier glitch, being team killed for vehicles in hardcore 5 times hence giving me 5 deaths while not even in combat with an enemy etc. it has been 3 months since the last patch and it is making the game old as is. fix the game to make it enjoyable again THEN focus on dlc please.

    launch maps/BTK maps: i only care to play conquest not rush not conquest assault. why is there no REGULAR conquest on the BTK maps? if i had not ordered the limited edition and got these maps free and had to pay for them i would have been asking for my money back as conquest assault is terrible.

    spawns: it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE that an enemy aircraft can just shoot our aircraft in our spawn and we NEVER get a chance to get in the fight. there should be NO line of sight to each teams spawn to prevent this…

    squads: why can i only have 4 people in a squad? makes it practically impossible to get all my friends on the same team in a manageable time. give us bigger even if its only up to 6 players per squad.

    scope glare: was NOT addressed as promised in last patch, it is still just as bright as before.

    recon class: why have you taken so much time and what seems to be pride in totally screwing up one of the most important roles on the battlefield? 24/7 scope glare (which has not exsisted in real life scope since like WWII) no ghillie suit to help blend in or counter scope glare for that matter, no way to take out enemy vehicles when i have worthless engineers on my team…this needs to be addressed.

  • sfscriv 03.06.12 at 22:27

    Where are they:
    - Spectate mode
    - LAN ability
    - Mod tools
    - Battle Recorder

  • sfscriv 03.06.12 at 22:25

    DICE: “PC is the lead platform for Battlefield 3″
    DICE: “A True battlefield 2 sequel!”
    DICE: “eSports are the focus of BF3″
    Demize99 (Alan Kertz, a DICE employee) on 12 FEB 2011
    “…alienating our core audience or transforming Battlefield into some generic shooter clone simply will not accomplish that. Have some bloody faith will you?”
    Demize99 on 14 FEB 2011
    “…I’m not ready to directly address your concerns this early, but I’m confident what Battlefield 3 has to offer will provide an innovative and deep Integrated Teamwork experience… It’s going to be a good year to be a hardcore Battlefield fan.”
    What happened??
    Where is the evidence of a “deep Integrated Teamwork experience” in BF3?
    Where is the in-game in-squad functioning VoIP?
    Where is the functioning Communication Rose?
    Where is the functioning order system?
    And, “we pretty much nailed it” is not the desired answer.

  • Col_Mustards_Gas 03.06.12 at 21:03

    ok … i get it. it’s more efficient to accumulate as much content as possible before pushing out an update … especially with having to deal with first party distribution. having said that your treating the entire patch as if it were all NEW content … when that is NOT the case. sure … the BF community is excited to see what you have planned for us in terms of DLC / added functionality but were also REALLY anxious to have the current issues fixed.

    the bottom line is this … BF3 is / was a watershed moment … what you have accomplished to date is amazing but the way this situation is being handled is tarnishing your accomplishments in the eyes of the BF community.

  • callmeM 03.06.12 at 19:28

    How about integrating the Battlefield Blog with the Battlelog, so that information like this actually gets to the active players without them having to search for it. Would also help reducing redundant information between Battlefield Blog and Battlelog News.

  • Philrow 03.06.12 at 14:32

    A good suggestion if you want the REAL clan scene (32v32) to grow, is by promoting the larger clans, focusing on the mentioned size of battles.
    My clan is struggling to get enough active members now a days, so we’d be able to actually play a big war.

    You could fix this by making a monthly Battlelog news post about some of the clans focusing on this, and some info about them.

    This would let people see, what Battlefield got to offer, rather than some shitty 4v4 CoD gameplay with destruction and epic graphics.

  • tel56101 03.06.12 at 13:29

    the thing that upset’s me most is you and other dev’s shipping broken games in the first place!! surely if a patch this big is needed then this show’s just how much contempt you you have for us gamer’s . and what was the beta for if not to iron out the bug’s do you honestly think any other company selling broken good’s would get away with this ? now more pre-orders for me fed up of being ripped off big time!!

  • B00ME 03.06.12 at 08:39

    It’s nice to see DICE trying to keep the community aware of what’s going on, hope this helps make BF a better game.

    You need to release the next patch asap. The MP feels like the community is getting smaller. While it’s nice you want to make a big patch, don’t forget it’s frustrating to play in matches where everyone’s using 12G Frag rounds, or the MAV lift and roadkill, or the TDM spawn system. Add it all up over 3 months and it just gets to the point where it’s too irritating to play BF3.

  • dallascowboy04 03.06.12 at 08:10

    We want PRIVATE MATCH!

  • xSovietx 317 03.06.12 at 06:03

    Ok honestly when this game first came out, I could not wait. Now the real game came out…I belive the thought was you play with your friends…wrong, squad is split up 80% , the servers are in a rotation witch means you can’t play the same map if you wanted 2. Flash light is way to bright, no dlc as promised, a lot of building windows that you should be able to jump in…you can’t and that is very frustrating, the list goes on and on. Recently I started playing the campaign on my mw3 cause I’m fed up with this game. My system is a 360 and I retired my bf for now.
    1 make a game you can play with your friends on the same team.
    2 must be able to jump out the window or in
    3 dlc where is it ? Same maps over and over
    4 why are we telling you these things for 5 month ?

  • fftunes 03.06.12 at 02:36

    how about the ps3 input lag issue… you guys left us in the dark for 4 months now (see getsatisfaction.com…)

  • FIGG764 03.06.12 at 00:53

    All this means nothing if I can’t play. I’m really hoping that they fix the no weapons at spawn glitch, cause this makes the game totally broken. I’ve been waiting for months now for a fix, because I can’t play my game and uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing it worked for me once at that was it.

    I also noticed when I did have it working for a little my game wouldn’t freeze, but once the no gun glitch came back the game starting freezing again. This game is so broken it’s not even funny. I don’t want to trade it in cause I have hopes that Dice will fix it, but if this next patch does nothing to fix my game and I wasted $60 dollars on a broken game I will be really made and my support for EA and Dice will be non-existent.

  • SNOOPZ91 03.05.12 at 22:55

    hmmmm. is dinosaurs really going to happen?

    • poqljsprinter 03.06.12 at 00:21

      This Wednesday of this WEEK!!! DICE is making the “BIG” announcement we have all been waiting for. At the GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE which is held 5th-9th.

      plus here is the source….


      click on all speakers.
      then click Wednesday.
      scroll down and youll see EA/DICE 3 or 4 times scheduled

      for their BIG announcement from
      Lead Animator-mikael hogstrom.
      Software Engineer Mattias Widmark.
      and Technical Artist Johan Ramstrom.

      CANT WAIT!!!!

  • ludovico-vico 03.05.12 at 22:41

    Ooooooooooohhhh,evvai.Non c’è bisogno che mi rivolga all’ufficio reclami!!!Oggi rigiocandoci mi sono divertito e non mi sono arrabbiato :) Continuate così se no,come detto prima,mi rivolgerò all’ufficio reclami. :D

  • N-Shifter 03.05.12 at 21:26

    “Titan Mode” implemented in either a 2143 DLC Expansion or implemented in some way into a modern day setting using an aircraft carrier as the “Titan” – keep up the good work!

  • arafats3rdeye 03.05.12 at 20:25

    One other thing that i forgot to mention earlier. windows & shadows are way to dark in this game. when playing sienne crossing I always have to turn up the brightness.

  • USNMA02744 03.05.12 at 19:20

    You all sound so fuckin pathetic.

    Console gamers go back to sucking on your moms tits and be patient. PC gamers your no better than us console players, so lock your basement door and go back to jerking off to xena. Dice game is great and I appreciate the attempt to communicate, if these people had some fucking skill these glitches and fixes wouldn’t bother them so much, but since they are borderline retards they feel entitled to bitch.

    I have 4 things I would like to see.

    1. Air to Air games like 1943, but have base line weapons (stand alone rockets and chain guns). Also have it so the points in that game go towards your vehicle upgrades, just cut the amount of points you get for kills and disables down to 5 and 10 points.

    2. Move it up to 8 man squads I play with a group of 6 and it sucks we always have to leave two on their own, plus 8 is the standard size of squads, 4 is a fireteam.

    3. Squad Conquest, if you up the squad size to 8 it would be perfect to have 2 squads going at it for 2 objectives.

    4. Give us the option to bring make a dog tag with our platoon emblem from battlelog that way we get more competition in our knife kills.

    Great game and ignore the fucking bitches, haters gonna hate. Looking forward to this update.

    P.S. retards, March starts spring so this patch could be out in a couple weeks, go drink some drain-o and chill.

    • GOLDFISHFACE 03.26.12 at 10:12

      Damn! Sounds like someone ate their Wheeties this morning!
      Dude, if you’re so fucking smart, go apply for a job at dice.
      I’m POSITIVE they would absolutely LOVE to have you…

      You’re incredibly pretentious.
      Go away.

  • tesus88 03.05.12 at 17:23

    When exactly do you mean when you say spring? You guys dont honestly mean to say that youll be dropping content 3 months later than you first announced, do you? that may not seem like a lot of time to you guys but I for one was happy to hear that wed be seeing more content this year, but to have to wait almost 6 months after only getting map remakes? feels kinda like a slap in the face…

  • sablos 03.05.12 at 16:35

    I don’t know if this is already here, but I want to ask everyone: Why do you try to change weapon option? Every weapon in real world has own option – power, range of bullet etc. But If I use AK and I want to kill someone I usualy use half of magazine but If I use M16, I can kill enemy by 3 bullets. Why? 7.62 and 5.56. What caliber is stronger?

    P.S. Sorry for my english, I am beginner

    • tesus88 03.05.12 at 17:27

      7.62 is clearly a stronger round but this stuff is all done for balancing reasons so that one gun isnt much better than the others. youll notice the caliber effect in the G3A3 though, that one’s a .308 win, which is a popular sniper rifle cartridge. kicks like one, too though.

  • Y0XINATOR 03.05.12 at 16:07

    Acknowledgement of the console eSports community? Would be nice. Looking at the numbers, the market isn’t huge, but the potential partners…don’t let Activision pull the rug.

  • arafats3rdeye 03.05.12 at 15:04

    Ignore all the negative comments Karl. When the patch is released & fixes the minor probs in the game everyone will be praising Dice. The top 3 things l’d like to see fixed are.

    In no particular order

    1. Weapon balancing
    2. exploits (mav riding)
    3. Audio & Graphic issues. (sound going out. Screen flashing green randomly ( I hardly hear this one talked about anymore). Animation suttering when walking crouched looking though a scope. Yestereday on Wake island I noticed that I could see enemys behind concrete barricades in the hangers from a long distance looking through my sniper scope)

  • SamRock 03.05.12 at 14:42

    I haven’t been playing the game for almost a month or two now. (brothers tries to connect sometimes). We are seriously missing the Multiple Solider feature! I cant keep track of my own Solider stats. this is very disappointing. More than 4600+ people have voted for this option (https://getsatisfaction.com/battlefield3/topics/can_not_create_a_soldier_with_the_name_we_want_or_have_multiple_soliders
    ). I am sure there are millions of others who have atleast one other family member who is also a big time BF fan! PLEASE CONSIDER AND IMPLEMENTING THE FEATURE IN BF3!

    • SamRock 03.05.12 at 14:49

      BTW, I love BF3 its an awesome game… I know few more patches and teh game with be next to perfect! Just missing the multiple solider feature…

      I am playing my all time fav BFBC2 for now ;-)
      Will get back when I get the game fully running (no disconnects) and of course and hopes of a adding my own solider ;)

  • Y0XINATOR 03.05.12 at 14:35

    Love the game, but I would play A LOT MORE if there were private severs for console

  • Y0XINATOR 03.05.12 at 14:34


  • ModernEpic13 03.05.12 at 11:25

    The old “Ill believe it when I see it” comes into play here. MICE have so far -
    1- Ignored the fans completely
    2- Had no communication with us to tell us at the very least why CoD fans are treated better than us.
    3- Why MICE released a game unworthy of anyones xbox disc tray i.e. unplayable.
    4- Why players who will not PTO get rewarded rather than punished and us real players suffer as a result.

    DICE have lost almost all faith from the users of Mordor and it will take something massive to win that back. Faithful fans have moved on already, but for some reason theres still a few of us stragglers who still have a glimmer of hope that one day, DICE will stop raining **** on our heads.

    • ShavedApe 03.06.12 at 17:12

      Faithful fans havent moved on already faithful fans are sticking around in the belief that just like previous games DICE will come through in the end. Should they communicate more with there fans absolutely. To say faithful fans have already moved on is a generalization that has no foundation at all just because a few have a loud complaining voice does not make them the majority. So so many players are content to do just that play.

      Personally I would like to know why battlelog isn’t being used for posts of this nature I thought battlelog was supposed to be the hub of it all but it would seem battlelog is the last place we should check for updates. Why force it upon us if you have no intentions of using it yourself’s.

  • okonsten 03.05.12 at 09:46

    All i ever see is this, when reading comments on a BF3 related topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6jT3Q3gyvs&feature=related

    • Raven Sharpless 03.05.12 at 11:16

      OMG me too. I have at least gotten used to the glitches i mean we had worse back in the day. In Half-Life 2 the npc’s refused to go into elevators and it still stutters here and there. At least the gameplay mechanics are good with the control key layout, animation optimization, control optimization, and just overall feel of the weapons are good. What my gripe against the bf fans is they don’t like the gameplay, they just want it to be crappy and sluggish apparently. There all like “WAAAAAA ITS CALL OF DUTY AND CONSOLY” srsly. I found a game the other day that i think was based after call of duty too. Skyrim. I mean every time i play that game i think to myself “dang these controls are exactally like call of duty. I press “W” and i go forward and there’s even voice acting like in call of duty OMG THEY R SOOO RIPPING CALL OF DUTY!!!!! OMG SNOW!!!!!! THAT WAS FROM COD TOO!!!!!!”.

  • IAMURPAPIDOM 03.05.12 at 08:51

    Dice can u guys make the running up from a crouch like in the campaign for multiplayer cuz i hate getting killed because i stay standing for like 2 seconds before starting to run

  • dallascowboy04 03.05.12 at 08:02

    We want PRIVATE MATCH! Make it happen.

  • Justinbro13 03.05.12 at 07:49

    I play on metro back to back.I will maybe play something like gulf of oman,caspain border,or wake after metro.Seine crossing is cool and also bazaar.I like mostly all maps but i just dont play them.Like noshar,terhan,strike,or any other that i didnt name.We need dlc.Lately i just started back playing gears of war 3 because i get frustrated mainly with BAD TEAMMATES,the overpowered weapons dont effect me that much because i usually end up with a great kd.All i need is a f2000,m320,and a m1911

  • ThundrH4wk_ 03.05.12 at 07:43

    On behalf of all console clans, WE NEED A PRIVATE MATCH FOR CONSOLES!. We want to compete with each other on clan ladders. the Battlefield series could provide some of the most unique matches of any other FPS genre. This is what Major League Gaming and Gamebattles had to say about BF3 for consoles:

    “Unfortunately, due to limitations within the game, Squad Rush is the only Battlefield 3 game mode that can be supported by GameBattles. Battlefield 3 does not offer the creation of private matches for any other modes. This has forced us to make some adjustments to Battlefield 3 Arena rules:” end quote

    This is embarrassing DICE. I can have a private match on a little flash internet browser game I’ve played. Yet, I can’t do the same thing on what is supposed to be one of the best FPS titles of the year?!?

  • GunSlingerAUS 03.05.12 at 07:37

    This looks like a promising first step. Here’s hoping Dice learns from the mistakes of the last 3 months, and starts regularly interacting with their fans.

  • Lashropa 03.05.12 at 06:32

    Ha, edit fail.
    Paragraph 3
    “We invest more than money into what you make for us and the idea of connecting with the devs in a way that will directly improve the game is more than just exciting, it’s satisfying!”

  • Lashropa 03.05.12 at 06:28

    Thanks for stepping out (and with such a good attitude!) of the ivory tower into the feral wilderness of the open forum. Some of us are more than just ‘customers’ or ‘users’. We’re patrons of the art of game making — of shooters — and believe me, in daily life and society in large we’re not very popular for it. I look at the image media reflects of us in advertizing alone and my palm instantly touches my face. How about how many relationships we’ve lost or missed out on because our other can’t even stand the thought of involving them self with a ‘gamer’? Chew on the telemetry of that stat!

    Still we love the art and BF3 is in most ways the best we’ve ever seen, though it would seem for anyone who’s paying attention, there’s something about it that spoils the fun.

    is we invest more than money into what you make for us and the idea of connecting with the devs in a way that will directly improve the game is more than just exciting, it’s satisfying!

    It would be nice if the game is ultimately tailored more to my personal taste, but just the notion that you’re interested in what I think those changes should be makes me (us?) grateful and validated in our loyalty to your work. The more information you disclose, the better informed I become. The better informed I am, the better my observations and their articulation become.

    Help me help you make the game all it can be! I don’t care if you keep all the money in the end.
    I just want the

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:44

      Thanks, Lashropa! We’re here to listen, for sure.

  • Eagl3 0ne 03.05.12 at 06:21

    look i know a lot of people has posted this but BF3 needs a legit private match not the crapy one from Bad Company 2 but a legit one that allows the player to make a custom match the way they won’t to. MLG and Gamebattles will thank you for it. On Gamebattles website they said this and quote “Unfortunately, due to limitations within the game, Squad Rush is the only Battlefield 3 game mode that can be supported by GameBattles. Battlefield 3 does not offer the creation of private matches for any other modes. This has forced us to make some adjustments to Battlefield 3 Arena rules:” end quote

    When reading this it makes me sad cus my thinking is wow this game could be a lot better and more fun for a group of friends that just want to get in there own game and just mess around but we can’t do that….. So i think I’m speaking for practically everyone PLEASE ADD CUSTOM LOBBIES AND MATCHES Everyone will thank you

  • ppppigeon 03.05.12 at 06:09

    Yeah – its nice that you want to listen to the community – but please – moderate how much you plan to listen. You’ve made changes to the game based on the voices of the shouting people. “The IRNV needs to be nerfed” – Who shouted the most about that? presumably the snipers. It was really the only counter to snipers. Everybody had the chance to use it, and a lot of people did. Except the snipers. They couldnt use it, so they shouted about it. When you “adjusted it”, you made it utterly useless. I expect the usage stats “before and after the nerfing” would illustrate this pretty well. Im not really complaining – whatever. I just think its a pity that you make a change based on the complaints of this loudest shouting minority. Its a shame, because I thought your design was brilliant – original – unique. It was a cool idea, and was very popular. And you took it out. You need to have more confidence in your own product – more artistic integrity.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:45

      Sounds like a blog post for Alan Kertz! :)

    • h4nsm4ster 03.05.12 at 13:10

      No they did the right thing. IRNV just killed the beauty of the game. No seriously… everyone had to use it in some way to not stay behind in some way. Why would i want to play Green/Red to even out chances. That just sucked.

      You are the minority…

  • Commander ADAMA 03.05.12 at 05:56

    thank you for recognizing our frustrations and addressing them. That being said . . . one thought on the MAV elevator. On B2K boards, it truly feels like anything can happen when a sniper could be on top of ANY building. You give us this beautiful big board with big buildings, but then say hey you can only go on top of this building or that. The MAV gives us the freedom to choose where we go. While the MAV elevator should be considered an exploit (read not a cheat), I feel it only enhances the game. I would hope DICE just tweaks it slighlty. One example – block the MAV from being able to put you on the highway in Tehran, but you could still MAV onto the top of a building. Use height restrictions on certain boards, things like that. Tweak it please, but don’t eliminate it.

    • Eagl3 0ne 03.05.12 at 06:27

      NO its stupid as all get out…. i hate when snipers just hide on top of buildings like pussies…and they go like 11 and 0…. I’m like good job dude you should get the cunt award for camping on top of a building the whole damn game… i guess next time i will just get a road kill with my MAV just to get u off of the building… oh but wait i forgot u have a spawn becon so u can keep on doing the same shit over and over… people like u ruin the game experience. It is annoying and it is not how the game was originally suppose to be played. So do us all a favor and just don’t MAV elevate cus if i see u doing it on the battlefield i will make sure to rpk your ass every time

    • Justinbro13 03.05.12 at 07:36

      Im glad about the mav patch it actually can be use as intended.The mav is what made terhan highway a bad stage.Mav shouldnt be able to lift a human being anyway.You are probably one of the people who do it ever match.Thanks DICE

  • StormexDante 03.05.12 at 05:43

    Battlerecorder… NUFF SAID.

  • NEGATIVE NORMA 03.05.12 at 04:46

    None of your user base cares about anything save for when you will be fixing all the defects and the horrible UI.

    Waiting until spring to do this will only cause you to lose credibility and most of your user base.

    From this experience will I buy BF4 or BC3? Nope.

  • yol_BLIND 03.05.12 at 04:09

    Hello inside DICE. I live in Australia and trying to play battlefeild 3 on my PS3 console. We unfortunately are playing on DICE servers only with a one bar connection ( PING BAR ). I assume that those servers are in Sweden. Not many Australians play on those servers because of the constant LAGG & RUBBER BANDING. That’s why there’s only 40 servers online. I’ved asked EA a number of times, but I keep getting useless information.. I’ts like they don’t care about us here in Australia. I suppose they look after the majority, NOT the minority like little old Australia..

  • ysomad2 03.05.12 at 03:31

    whatever happened to the battlelog app? or the battlerecorder (that was only mentioned by name but never explained)?

  • WindyCityKid13 03.05.12 at 00:20

    Give PS3 users private matches!

  • RamtinApproves 03.04.12 at 23:44

    PLEASE put all your efforts into fixing the input lag on ps3….PLEEEASE. The game is damn near perfect other than that

    • Shahin-23 03.05.12 at 00:13

      thats right…
      and when i go with my squad in to a map thats not so good they are in the other team…
      and second and first… input lag… the solider in the solider…

  • Rendering Frame 03.04.12 at 22:44

    You guys are awesome I have never seen a company strive this much to connect with the players and users the game is awesome I was one of those guys sitting outside a gamestop waiting till midnight on launch night. I understand that you cant just make an update overnight and its sad to see these arrogant individuals thinking just bc they have a user name that they can sit here and talk trash such as @dutch_masta1 I mean really these guys take pride in the game they put out and instead of trying to do a quick fix they actually take time to make sure the problem is fixed. I mean I don’t see any other game take so much time out to please us by blogging and such. Yet these kids think that by being rude and inconsiderate will fix the problem quickly… -_- really guys grow up quit trolling express your wishes in a modest and mannered way…

  • RIDEBIRD 03.04.12 at 22:21

    I can understand why console patches take so much time – they’re very expensive. You still have absolutely zero explanations for why PC is not regularly updated. Just chuck it out and let us playtest it for the console players. Everyone wins.

    And for gods sake, you’re terrible at post release support, and you really, really, really need better communication – not just a new blog series.

  • dutch_masta1 03.04.12 at 22:07

    Spring?!?! You’ve got to be joking…Especially when the gameplay is being effected RIGHT NOW by stuff like Frag Rounds and MAV elevators. Don’t you understand this it is extrememly frustrating AT THE MOMENT. I’t rather you patch things up NOW and re-lease another patch in the summer than play through buggy, glitchy, and an unfair game. What a disappointment.

  • TheBlackOmen 03.04.12 at 22:01

    I have to agree with a lot of the comments I’m seeing here. You’ve really dropped the ball here DICE. Above you say, “In the widget area to the right, you will also find some basic information about what we have done so far in terms of supporting Battlefield 3 after launch.” In looking in this widget area I see this:
    PC client updates made 3
    PC server updates made 19
    PlayStation 3 client updates made 2
    Xbox 360® client updates made 2
    PlayStation 3 server updates made 8
    Xbox 360 server updates made 7

    Ok, so, Battlefield 3 released in North America Oct, 25, 2011. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released on Nov 11, 2011. In that time Bethseda has made 4 major patches on the PS3 while you have made 2 patches in a longer period of time. On the PS3 Skyrim had some huge bugs that were game breaking for some players. This issue is all but completely gone. Battlefield 3 however has had some players affected by a game breaking “No Gun Spawn” bug that has seemingly been around since day one and possibly even the beta. (Links below for reference)

    These links also show that this bug is affecting players on both PS3 and 360, but seemingly not on PC which has had 3 client updates compared to the console’s 2. You’ve also made more than double the number of server updates for PC while consoles are shafted.

    Players want fixes to bugs and glitches. Like stated somewhere in the comments, gun balancing can come over time, because its not game breaking.


  • Sineira 03.04.12 at 20:45

    BF3 is already dying, by “Spring” it will be dead. Patch needed now, and DLC.
    Just the absurdly bad spawning makes me want to puke. Spawn dying four times in a row is not fun.

  • Humphreys Beard 03.04.12 at 20:44

    Very glad to read this. I really like the more personal style this takes, rather than making it sound like it is an ‘official announcement’ that has to be approved by 5+ different people. Anyways, very nice to see this “Inside DICE” finally open; can’t wait to hear what the next couple weeks have in store!

  • h4nsm4ster 03.04.12 at 20:16

    Playing on public servers without a premade squad feels awkwardly silent(Pc ofc). Without commorose and Voip your only way to communicate is pointing at things, which feels unauthentic and doesnt work for all situations. Look what they did with pr mumble just recently… Amazing!

    You should make a blogpost about why you feel these features arent “core” Bf anymore, or how/if you gonna adress the issue of having less real teamplay than 5 years ago.

    teamplay!=rezzfarming on Metro

  • Larzo 03.04.12 at 19:54

    I voted for ‘Fixing It: Game Updates 101′, because I want to know why some elements from previous Battlefield games like Battlefield 2 not returned.

    These elements what I’m talking about is about communication and teamwork, between your squad and team.

    – A functional commo rose.
    – with noticeable given action in the chat what you want from your teammates(repairing/healing/ammo) or what you want to do with your squad. And it needs to be heard.

    – A functional minimap
    – There are boxes on the minimap represent a flag, but as a squadleader you can’t use the minimap to decide which flag is the best to capture or defend first. The boxes are empty, for example the box at flag A need an A in it.
    – Maybe more colour.

    – In game VOIP
    – For people with a mic (not me) an in game VOIP to communicate with every teammate, not only with your friends.

    Something else:
    – Map design for Conquest and Conquest Large.

    There is not much difference between them.
    When I want to play Conquest Large I expect to see the whole map to play on and not a small area. Like Damavand Peak, Tehran Highway and Operation Metro. These maps has much more potential for Conquest Large.

    If you can talk about one of these subjects, it would be great.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:54

      We are toying around with blog post ideas that would touch on one or more of these points.

    • SamRock 03.05.12 at 14:56

      Another feature missing is Multiple solider option. Me and my brothers could create our own soldiers and have separate stats for ourselves. Expecting us to buy a new copy of game JUST for a new solider is ridiculous and to be frank too $greedy$ on EA’s part.

      We should be able to create our own solider like every single BF game released in the past!

  • MrLOL 03.04.12 at 19:04

    One thing we really need, is for the Xbox / PS3 server browser to show whether a server is playing the larger or smaller B2K maps

    Far too often do you join a Sharqui / Gulf of Oman map hoping for the bigger version with more flags and choppers, only to find you’ve joined a server running the small map with only 3 flags.

    You don’t even have to differentiate between conquest and conquest assault (since i know Sharqui is conquest assault for both map sizes) just have Gulf Of Oman 1 or Gulf Of Oman 2 so we know which is larger and which is smaller.

  • Luggruff 03.04.12 at 17:23

    Wow, I’m amazed that there wasn’t an option in the vote for: Video segments instead of articles.

    Even though this stuff is interesting and all, video is better. Seing your office and guys at work would be cooler. You don’t get to “know” people in the same way at all by reading what they write /:

  • CrackleJackal 03.04.12 at 17:21

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr4BmxLnz7M .. Stay tooned Part 2.maybe soon.

  • Shiro22 03.04.12 at 17:17

    What new content are you planning on releasing? Or at least what concepts are you working with in the new content?

    Perhaps dinosaur survival mode?

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:54

      Inside DICE is not the place for major announcements. Stay tuned.

  • arthur1998 03.04.12 at 16:59

    Inside Dice would not exist unless there were patches. I am not saying thank you because I bought your product based on the functionality of the game as of current. The squad function in this game is broken. It’s been broken from release on consoles.

    I bought the game for enjoyment that current features would work properly. I pre-ordered this game in August and picked it up in October. Participated in the beta in September. This will be 7 months since the beta. Got the B2K patch in December that caused more problems including spawning on top of vehicles and auto spotting of explosives. The squad function still not fixed.

    I mean 7 months. Now you are telling us by the end April, May, or June. Because spring in Sweden starts April 22. Most of the players will be level 100 by then and put the game down if they already done so already. Your loyal player base who bought the game at $60 feel ripped off because by then the game may be worth $35 dollars. The players who paid less will get the better experience.
    We paid more to be your lab rats, and you do not understand why people are angry. Inside Dice does not makeup for the loss of time and money. We do not work for you, so we do not care about what you do in your office. We care about when you are going to do it.

    We want the most obvious problems fixed now. We have given you enough time and months.

  • SentineL-T 03.04.12 at 14:19

    I agree with kristijankovacic about Private servers

    And I have little tiny question. Does will be Visual updates in future for xbox? I mean Lightning and particles updates, just curiuos. Cuz ps3 have fantastic lightning and particle effects, when you shooting or using afterburner in jet explosions, but somehow xbox360 has different particle effects and lightning.

  • phred_666 03.04.12 at 14:11

  • BenneDoTb 03.04.12 at 13:40

    You’r in fact (for me) the best developer out there right now, with awsome attention to the community and a good soul “anda” within your team. It means mighty leaps, the way that you put that little extra effort into everything you do, even if it might not get noticed it creates the trust that the fans have to you. Use it well and take care of it wisely…and im just a normal fan like everyone else :)

  • Neverthehell 03.04.12 at 13:21

    I would like to hear about the people working at DICE. You know, like a walktrough tour with highlighting the departments of the company, their duties and people working there. It is connected with the title of the series and I think a lot of people would love that. Thanks for what you are doing, big thanks to the QA department! What I really like about DICE is that you can work fast and not afraid to bring new ideas.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:57

      Thanks! We are already planning something similar to your idea.

    • TIMov66 03.05.12 at 23:13

      I would love to see this happen.

  • manowar71 03.04.12 at 12:51

    Somewhere on spring???

  • Bproof13 03.04.12 at 12:32

    Battlerecorder is ESSENTIAL for the Battlefield franchise survival. That’s the only thing that I’m asking for now, but a big thanks anyways for the BIG patch. Hopefully you’ll announce something really innovative on the GDC.

    And don’t try to be like cod producers, it’s like trying to get your fans as alienated as possible.

    Good luck and keep it up guys,

  • teo1122 03.04.12 at 12:24

    In next week we will get new interesting announced :) NEW T-SHIRTS xDDDDDDD HOHOHOHHOHOHO

  • AngelZGhost 03.04.12 at 12:10

    I’m guessing Dino-mode was just a joke……..f**k!.

  • kristijankovacic 03.04.12 at 12:00

    and all of us realy want private servers please DICE make it hapen

  • kristijankovacic 03.04.12 at 11:58

    you guys are great,i dont know why people are complaining.I just want to say that you are making a great job at DICE and keep it up and i hope you get the patch online soon

  • J_A_S_O_N_123 03.04.12 at 11:56

    What language do you guys speak within the studio?

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 09:58

      We usually mail and talk English within the studio — except in the very rare cases when it turns out that all participants in a meeting are Swedish. :)

  • RecklTT 03.04.12 at 11:33

    yay, this is the best blog ever?

  • RecklTT 03.04.12 at 11:31

    You guys are deleting the bad stuff, and keeping only the good stuff?

  • RecklTT 03.04.12 at 11:28

    So many people are unhappy with this game that 80% of south africa atleast have issues that i know of. I know most of the top players from lots of clans inculding my own, as well as players taking part in the clan nations, and even they have issues. But its gotten to a point where everyone just plays the game because thats all they can do. There is no use to moan about any more. So many elements i dont use anymore cause its just plain boring. I myself as well as others run around shooting with the m16a3 all day everyday. Fun elements like the sraw are taken out. any reason why thats out of the game?. Why are you not giving a game that the people want and making stuff that you guys like only? More time wasted on blogs like this when its clear that a broken game is broken and it should have been fixed 5 months ago? almost a year is going to go on and so many wrong things in this game. Dice has got so many wrong “gameplay” features its unbelievable.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 10:31

      Tjena! If you have some concrete feedback, please send it to us!

  • DAROCK2300 03.04.12 at 09:08

    So you guys are delaying a much needed patch until “spring” just so you can advertise some fucking DLC at this GDC meeting or whatever. Thats some fucked up bullshit. First of all most of the players that play this game don’t even know what the GDC is and second when did patches and DLC get all mixed in with corporate greediness and all this secrecy & lying about when and what you guys are doing to fix the game that we already PAID for. Just the other day I read a twitter response from the community manager stating that he couldn’t say anything about the game which made me woder well isn’t that his job? I just don’t get all the secrecy when all I want to know is WHEN the game is going to be fixed. I don’t want to read blogs and to be honest I don’t really care about when new DLC is coming just fix & balance the multiplayer part of the game. All this nonsense with trying to compete with Call of Duty please let it go because as we already know they are winning. Just look at the player base…

  • BFO-PR3SIDENT 03.04.12 at 08:36

    On behalf of the little corner of the battlefield community in which I represent, thank you so much for this blog. I am very much looking forward to being as involved as I can.

  • BradC34 03.04.12 at 08:22

    Ahhh… so we have several more weeks of the A-10 not registering stats correctly? Fantastic!

  • ThundrH4wk_ 03.04.12 at 08:01

    I cannot say it enough times. We absolutely NEED this option if the competitive side of the game is to survive. Clans will be a game’s most loyal users. We play our games for years and usually have every download content that comes out. BF3 PS3 clans are DYING to compete. We love the platform because it would make for some of the most unique clan matches in any FPS ever. As it is right now, we cannot compete. We have to find an empty server and fill it up before public players join. This is an unnecessary inconvenience. Most all FPS games today have a private match and it leads to serious competitive play. –> I AM CROSSING MY THUMBS<– and praying for a private match option for PS3.

  • jihadOnYourFace 03.04.12 at 07:26

    Don’t know if this is the place to ask but I would like to see some jets with two people as in the disk, also it would be sweet if the missile lock-on and flares were tweaked for ease of use in the Multiplayer maps as it is in the Campaign for a faster cleaner dogfight.

    Plus , why can’t I plant C4 on myself and blow up a room full of infidels? Not fair : (

  • NUMBxxNUTS 03.04.12 at 06:29

    Yes fix game alot of small issues that are really annoying like for one Objective Icons on Conquest staying in middle of screen when you are around them =S.Also something has to be done about all the team killing in HC severs way to much of it going on now.Why not make it 2 team kills of same person then kicked or 3 of any team mate and kicked would be much better to loose team damage all together in my opinion team killing has no purpose in game’s in my opinion.

  • NaffGutts 03.04.12 at 06:04

    Fix the game.

    Bringing commander mode back would be pretty cool too.

  • ImpureSoldier 03.04.12 at 04:32

    CLEARLY, Mr. Troedsson, as you can see in the poll, people want the game FIXED first.

    It’s sad really. DICE makes great games, but not great software. Ain’t that a bitch?

    I wonder, do you guys feel proud of the mess BF3 is? It is playable, but is complete in the “developing” sense? And by complete I don’t mean bug-free, let’s be realistic, but even professional devs must have standards. I ask, do you feel impotent that, perhaps, your publisher–while, sure, gave freedom to make your game–pushed you to release it so early?

    I mean, from every Battlelog forum post, to every Tweet demanding an explanation to a glitch, bug, or crash, don’t you ever feel your blood, sweat, and tears were kind of for nothing? You made a good game, but is it a good functioning product?

    I was once told: “If you are going to do something, do it right.”

    If you are going to make a game, do it right. Sadly, I know EA pushed BF3′s release date. With all the bugs and glitches, its a fact the game isn’t completely finished. It feels like a quality beta (which is not exactly a compliment if you think about it.)

    Truth is Mr. Troedsson, post-launch support doesn’t have to be a puzzle. I’m not developer or programmer, so don’t think am I trying to tell you how to do your job, but I’ve followed other dev blogs like these, where community communication is vital. From what I’ve gathered from years and years, if the game is DONE, as in complete, and I don’t mean rushed out the door just compete financially with MW3, then and only then adding CONTENT (note: NOT fixes) should be extremely easy.

    But it’s ok. You are not all perfect. No one expects you to be. I’m actually more than willing to keep playing BF3, because I enjoy it more than the competition.

    Although I still hate myself, DICE, because one time I actually tried (against every ounce of my will) to do was to play MW3 since BF3 just kept (well, keeps) crashing for no apparent reason, and I did! Went back to BF3 despite the problems, but I actually WENT TO MW3. If that doesn’t tell you there’s something wrong with your product (key word here), then I don’t know what else will.

  • MrFR0STBITE 03.04.12 at 03:10

    Add private servers to console!

    • ThundrH4wk_ 03.04.12 at 08:07

      I will second this, ADD PRIVATE SERVERS TO CONSOLE! Keep the competitive side of this game alive!

      • Gump647 03.04.12 at 22:41

        I will third this! I play on PS3, and I see so many videos of people having fun with their friends, and I can’t do that, because people play the game… please don’t hate, I really love the game AND I play the objective… but there are times when you want to just fly in jets and explore maps in helis etc. And I’ve seen some posts about getting an in game recorder, that would be amazing. I can’t really afford a nice recorder at the moment, and it would just make things so much easier, and with so many more community videos, your game would get even more credit. I love this game, and Don’t care about glitches, bugs, etc… except frag rounds, they bug me. thank you DICE and EA, I know you’ll release quality update material.

  • ludovico-vico 03.04.12 at 01:24

    Ieri ho scritto un post dove dicevo che venivo preso per il culo mentre giocavo online.Invece di migliorare,oggi,giocando alla play,ho notato addirittura dei peggioramenti.Se entro lunedì non vedo un minimo di miglioramento,sarò costretto a scrivere all’ufficio reclami del sito ufficiale della Playstation.Oggi ho già distrutto la custodia del gioco per quanto mi sono arrabbiato. Poi mi domando perchè ve la siete presa con me.

  • UnderToker 03.04.12 at 00:39

    could you possibly introduce a “clear all binds” button in the control options, you had one in BF2 and its a massive shame we dont now have it

    i miss the two seater planes as well personally

  • UnderToker 03.04.12 at 00:38

    nice to see some sort of dialogue at last, though in fairness its plainly obvious from looking thru the EA/BF3 forums what the community really want adressing

    6 man squads, or at least the server side option to set the squad numbers to 6
    its been asked for by the vast vast majority, a server side setting wouldnt hurt and isnt hard to implement, please look at this

    commander, its a fundemental battlefield feature, its was brilliant, youve dropped it, why ? because the massive majority want it in and again , its a massive downer not having it

    not really for me personally, but the people had it before and it does stifle the buildign of a community in a game not having it

    the squad death match for example cant be played properly on any server over 16 players, this is a major annoyance because it could well be one of the best modes in the game, if only it worked

  • NioXin 03.04.12 at 00:28

    FYI Mr Karl Magnus Troedsson, after reading this I remember, my dad and I used to play your pinball games on the Amiga, we had them all. He used to own a corner store that had all the popular pinball and arcade machines, I was very young but remember when “Frogger” was delivered to the shop. So Thank you, you have been in my life for far longer than I thought, proving you and your team are a winning combination.

  • DeadPixel 03.04.12 at 00:19

    @El_Cangro, not sure what you are playing on, but on PC holding Mouse 2 in cockpit allows you to look around.

    @DICE – How often are the “Inside Dice” articles supposed to drop? Weekly?

  • jmrspeedjunkey 03.03.12 at 23:58

    will the remington acr next dlc

  • subv3rts_rul3 03.03.12 at 23:54

    ALSO… Co-Op needs a mission for jets. It is unfair to your team that people have to learn how to fly at the sacrifice of their teams ability to win. Besides having a jet co-op mission would extend the replayability factor of the game, and because the flight mechanics are some of the best out there it might attract additional sales.

    You could give two jets to the players and dog fight with AI jets, or 1 person could fly and lase targets with SOFLAM, and/or use stationary anti-air gun. I am sure there are many ways to do this and make it one of the best co-op missions ever.


    • yol_BLIND 03.05.12 at 04:40

      That’s a very good idea.. But they still have to FIX the existing GAME FIRST

  • K1A-Kingsley 03.03.12 at 23:49

    Sure, this is what we’d ask for: yet another meaningless interview with the head of DICE.
    A very BIG F**K you guys. Game is crappy as hell, and sure enough the presentation on GDC will not be about how you plan to actually fix BF3, but will be about releasing another addon to a crappy working game. This long time BF veteran is lost to you. Never will I return to this shit. Got a very expensive coaster lying on my table here. thanks for nothing. dumbasses.

  • subv3rts_rul3 03.03.12 at 23:34


    The spawn glitches ABSOLUTELY need to be fixed in the next update. I am speaking specifically about air vehicle spawns. Often times when you spawn on a helicopter you can die if someone else beat you to it. This is particularly a problem on some maps in RUSH where if you spawn outside a helicopter or jet you are left in an otherwise out of bounds area and you die in 10 seconds. Often times the air vehicle spawn points are long distances away from infantry spawn points, which leaves you and your team at an unfair disadvantage. Besides the obvious stated above it is just downright annoying, especially since the fix should be relatively simple. Obviously you have code that doesn’t allow people to spawn into vehicles that are full one the game is underway. So you should be able to apply the same logic for air vehicle spawn points prior to the game starting.

    One other gripe is the jumping physics. They seem sporadic at best. I constantly get tripped up on curbs that appear to be 2″ tall. And there are railings that take 4 or more attempts to jump over. Same with MCOM stations, the area in which you can interact with MCOM, where the button appears to arm or disarm seems finicky and sporadic.

    I love the work so far, keep it up.

    Thanks, and happy coding!

  • fuzzbender 03.03.12 at 23:15

    Hi, when will I and other console gamers be able to have the same kind of experience (apart from graphics and map/team sizes) as the pc community, because this time around with BF3 I was hoping we on the console side would be worthy of the same ammount of support, time and dedication that you at DICE have put into the pc version of BF3, it seems that you still favour the pc over the console and that saddens me, because i feel the console community do deserve the same treatment as our fellow pc gaming community.

  • Budds_o_Tokin 03.03.12 at 23:09

    I would like to see more of this… You can’t believe how much support you can garner by being open. Most of the frustration by your fan-base was caused by this silence.

    Though hopefully now things will change, and this seems like a great step.

    I myself went from fan,to disgruntled fan, to angry fan, and back again due to the whole VOIP mess. While there are few who just want. Your true fan-base just wants this open-ness your showing.

  • Cptn Destructo 03.03.12 at 22:59

    Here’s a solution to the MAV and flying snipers. Ladders on every building.

  • TheDarkOnePL 03.03.12 at 22:54

    Simply i want my money back this is the worst bf series i ever play

  • TrEeMoNsTeR420 03.03.12 at 22:48

    Please dont change the MAV’s roadkills, its fine the way it is. its in the most underpowered class, you need to hit the opposing player in the head to kill, and you either need to be going full speed or very close to it. its NOT overpowered, although it could do with some small tweaks to how many bullets it can take. it can be hard to hit in general if your going against a good MAV driver, so making it slightly weaker to bullets would help in that situation, and i also believe that the stinger missle should get a pretty large lock-on time reduction whilst aiming at the MAV. these tweaks along with its spotting and roadkilling abilities would leave it nicely balanced. atleast, thats my opinion on that matter… but then again, your the devs and im not, so please do what you feel is best. oh and if you could push that QBU88 and MG36 fix out for the ps3 sooner than spring, that’d be great..

  • drumscarinbr 03.03.12 at 22:17

    Please consider reducing the amount of on-screen HUD clutter.

    1. Please use the conquest flag capturing indicator that is in BFBC2. Do not bring up ‘C – construction site’ right in the middle of the screen just above the gun’s sights, as it just obscures the player’s view even more. Just stick with BFBC2′s audible ‘ticking’ meter at the bottom left of the screen.

    2. Please reduce all icons and fonts by @25% for the console. Most people use larger screens these days and if you compare console to PC, it is noticeably smaller. This looks better and opens up the screen more. Can you mirror the sizes of the fonts/icons on PC over to the console and/or give the player two sizing options?

    3. Please remove the names of the conquest capture points/flags (warehouse, docks, construction site, etc.) and just stick with A, B, D, etc. This does NOTHING for the player and it just clutters up the screen even more. I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM IN COMMUNICATING TO MY SQUAD THAT “I’M CAPTURING B”, for example. IMO, this is just extra font that obscures your view of more important things…….LIKE THE ENEMY!

    4. Treat the way your squad’s (green) gamer tags/names show, just as the other (blue) team mates do, by that I mean don’t show their name unless you point your sights directly at them. Just show their green kit icon (wrench, cross-hair, medic symbol/cross) to distinguish them from the rest of your friendlies.

    5. Remove the on-screen squad leader icon (star) from the player, just leave it next to their name in the lower left squad list. You will still be able to quickly see who the leader is. This star should especially be removed from the other blue team member’s names……..there’s no point in knowing who the squad leader is in a squad that you’re not in. In many games, you may have 4 or 5 people that are in squads and some by themselves. Again, this just adds to the on-screen clutter because now you not only have the blue triangle, it’s paired with that extra ‘star’ icon.

    I realize some of these things may seem small and a bit ‘knit-picky’, but I think you’ll agree that COLLECTIVELY, they add up to a bunch of on screen clutter that obscures your view and detracts from the beauty of this game.

  • El_Cangro 03.03.12 at 22:09

    New Maps, new weapons, new vehicles(personal opinion: an Apache instead of a Viper) and new co-op missions…Also a little detail, in console version while you are in a jet you cant move the character head is always loking straight and in dogfights is a little hard(without using third person view)…

  • XD9mmFMJ 03.03.12 at 21:37

    So the story is that Dice promises the same things they’ve always promised, yet never delivered? I’m supposed to be happy to hear that? How about Dice promises to work on FIXING THEIR GAMES, for which they ALREADY HAVE OUR MONEY, before they worry about more content. If Dice does this, then we will start to believe they are supporting their games more than anyone else.

    Until then, this post will be seen as nothing more than the same old fluff. You have to actually change your behavior. You’re starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf. You say the same thing over and over again, and nobody believes it.

    I hope you take this as serious criticism, and don’t whine that I’m trolling you. I paid you good money for EVERY SINGLE BATTLEFIELD GAME EVER MADE, and you have slapped me in the face by making me wait for a patch, which will ONLY come when you can add something to squeeze me for more money. That is ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 10:40

      You are not trolling. Although I must admit I don’t understand what you mean by this:
      “you have slapped me in the face by making me wait for a patch, which will ONLY come when you can add something to squeeze me for more money”

      That is not a correct assessment of the current situation. There will be a game update this Spring. We will not squeeze you for more money in order to release this game update. Or maybe I just misunderstood what you meant?

  • PnPdollars 03.03.12 at 21:12

    all good, sounds promising. but one thing i’d like to see more is use of the anoucments page in battlelog.
    Knew the patch wouldn’t make the Feb date intended? no problem, you’re all busy people & i understand you want to make it good. All you had to do was post it in the annoucements as soon as you knew this and the community would be a lot happier. Lots of posts moan about stuff like this. Just keep us in the loop quicker using the already good tools you put in the original part of the game. twitter & dice blogs are all well & fresh but the core game should be the main place of any communication.

    • H Brun 03.05.12 at 10:41

      Makes sense. We’re looking at how Battlelog and all other channels could work more smoothly together.

  • MUSGRADA 03.03.12 at 21:06

    I continue to read the BF3 Forums at battlelogs and have also given input myself. Sometimes all the comments are very critical and negative, but I think this leads to a better game, but with that said, I am impressed with how much DICE desires to interact with fans, so KUDOS to all of you at DICE! This new blog series will be great, I will look forward to reading about the going ons behind the scenes at your studio. Tell us the personal stories of your programmers and the sacrifices they make to give us a quality gaming experience. Help us appreciate even more the hard work you guys put in just to please us needy gamers! BF3 for the win!

  • imad 03.03.12 at 21:06


    4 Month to make a patch ?? This is a joke ?? Go learn to make games DICE !!

    One update each week is the best but 4 Months it’s uncaptable !!!

    This game is always in beta !!

  • NorthernDemon 03.03.12 at 21:00

    Just the Frag Rounds, Jeep Horns, Uav Riding..thats all I really find wrong with this, perhaps a few more launchers cause..3 seems kinda Small..Improve Sloped Equipment laying…takes forever to find a spot on a Hill to lay my soflam.

  • tHawkstone 03.03.12 at 20:59

    i think they should release a prestige-esque type of thing. only instead of erasing your rank and all that, just make it so you have to unlock all the guns again and it takes more each time. i get a little bored after a while knowing i have nothing to unlock

  • Nevil909 03.03.12 at 20:18

    All is great guys but I must insist that the jeep horns must come out now,separate update,small,it’s 1 sound file for the love of god…what do you think?

  • redpolska 03.03.12 at 19:57

    *Sigh* Just like the film awards. No interest in the audio design…Make something special for us? Stephen needs to share his secrets :)

  • Radiant Toast 03.03.12 at 19:56

    Good to hear! I’m excited for future updates. I just wish the rest of the community didn’t have so many entitled, cantankerous people. :-\

  • JG4X4 03.03.12 at 19:53

    1 day and 10 hours from GDC. I will be watching coverage of you guys. Hope your game testers notice all of the stuff we reported and keep testing the updates thoroughly.

  • CommandoCoyote 03.03.12 at 19:41

    HAHAHAHA…. just noticed the ‘DISCLAIMER’ at the bottom of the post… HAHAHAHAHAHA



  • CommandoCoyote 03.03.12 at 19:36

    wow… ive never seen so much bullshit on one page.

    go fuck yourself Karl

  • Toftman 03.03.12 at 19:15

    Hi all is there any plans for real world locations, are we Lilkley to see a battelfield / medel of honor cross over in the future and what about battlefield4 is that still on the cards

  • SeXySnYpErZ 03.03.12 at 19:06

    I want the 3D SPOTTING OF IMFANTRY/GROUND VEHICLES to still be able to work when I’m in a jet!! >..<

  • Oxide9mm 03.03.12 at 18:48

    Having the “same experience ” on PC isn’t possible. Please give more specific love to the PC players. Consoles are 7 years old, my video card costs more than a console, yet you want them to be the same? Support e-sports and forget trying to dumb down PC’s to ancient technology. We are not the same communities . Thanks for your hard work.

    • DyNaMitE_TwiiNZ 03.03.12 at 19:31

      is Just Stupid Spending money for new pc hardware , when u know they should make a dumbed down version for the console support.

  • A Holt 03.03.12 at 18:46

    DICE, if you all think we want to wait for spring (March or May, which is it? Because, there’s a big difference.) for you to fix the the things you broke with the last update, your sadly mistaken. Your weapon and vehicle balancing fixes are ready. I suggest you release them and worry about the bug fixes and new content later, before you lose more audience than you realize. I’m sure you know a noticeable amount has already walked away.

  • RedRum331 03.03.12 at 18:46

    Sounds great to me to address what you guys have in store for the future. I wasn’t surprised when the poll results had UPDATES 101 in the lead, I’d really like to know more about them as well.

  • eTheBlack 03.03.12 at 18:44

    Nice blog post! We want more! :)

  • Houston10106306 03.03.12 at 18:43

    Please fix the the disappearing bullet problem on consoles do. Make it so that the bullet goes until it hits the ground, nit until it hits 1000m

    • Ethereal-Ponx 03.03.12 at 19:00

      So what if the bullet is fired vertically upwards (suicide) ?
      Also, imagine how much processing power is required to measure each bullet beyond 1000m, you would get unnecessary lag. I recommend this is limited to rifles (e.g. sniper rifles) that have the range.

  • incon54 03.03.12 at 18:38

    I’m happy to see you guys making a more concerted effort at transparency–this is good and while a little after the fact, a marked improvement. I’ll hold my long-form criticism until your announcement @ GDC but PLEASE make it worth the wait.

  • FPSSIZ 03.03.12 at 18:36

    Lets not make the game too much bigger and just reiterate on what we have already. Night maps snow rain dust storms fog anything like that would be an awesome random throw in for plays and would make the game a bit more balanced.

  • Drop_iT_ 03.03.12 at 17:59

    by the time any update or any of the DCL info promised months ago get put out live, there wont be many of us left :S

  • YourMothersPink 03.03.12 at 17:58

    Also the glare, and lighting effects from bright to dark looking into and out of buildings is over done, beauty is in the subtleties! Please tone down at least 10% I’m losing my eye sight with this auto adjust!

  • YourMothersPink 03.03.12 at 17:54

    Give me a pair of Oakley’s because the suns to bright, it’s burning my retinas, my eyes are literally bleeding! Also bring back the AT4 so I can take down these choppas LIKE A BOSSPIMP!

  • MrLOL 03.03.12 at 17:44

    My biggest concerns that hasn’t been mentioned are the sound loss bugs in vehicles where it just disappears and reappears if you get out and back into the vehicle.

    That and the poor net code. It’s so frustrating getting shot round corners !!!

  • ThatGuuuy 03.03.12 at 17:42

    I want to swim under water. Gimme a rebreather!

    In-game VOIP on PC. PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Civilian_Pr0ject 03.03.12 at 17:33

    input lag is not a common issue with PS3 for BF3. If you are using a large flatscreen TV (most people are) check all of your TV settings for a “game mode.” Flat screen TVs have an innate delay of 100ms or more, which makes no difference for watching shows and movies, but greatly impacts games. Another way you can identify it as a TV issue is if your remote has a slight delay navigating the options, or if your cable/sattelite box remote has a delay.

  • Civilian_Pr0ject 03.03.12 at 17:28

    I understand the difficulty of interacting with the community. There is thousands upon thousands of comments including complaints, bugs, suggestions, requests, etc. These comments are on countless bulletin boards, forums, social networks.
    I suggest taking a comment vote approach, similar to reddit.
    This allows us (the community) to vote on the comments that we all agree must be prioritized by you, in this case OUR reader.
    I know that an AMAA (I am [your name here] Ask me almost anything) would be challenging before the spring update, but I would recommend concidering one shortly thereafter. If you have information you are not required to withhold, an AMAA would be a great way to communicate with the community on the biggest issues, and satisfy to the best of your ability the most important or demanded questions.
    Did I also mention the INCREDIBLE PR reddit AMAAs are capable of generating? You could be certain that this form of communication would show BATTLEFIELD 3 and DICE to literally millions of people who otherwise would not care, once the post inevitably lands on the front page of reddit, also known as the front page of the internet.
    Good luck, Karl! I have always been on your side and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.
    -Tim aka Civilian_Pr0ject

  • Bush_Killa-73 03.03.12 at 17:27

    “how many semlor they had for fika?” lol

    Honestly guys, all PS3 fans want to know is : How’s the Input- Lag fix coming along?

    “Thumbs crossed” that it’s going to be finally dealt with in this patch..

  • medic200300 03.03.12 at 17:21

    snow maps and battlerecorder would make this make EPIC! i hpoe you put this on the new upcoming update. well at least battlerecorder?

  • KodY 03.03.12 at 16:49

    How about you tell us why the most requested feature on getsetasfictation (and a big one in general) gets ignored? The ability to create multiple soldiers on one account (possible since the days of BF2 and even in the BF3 alpha/beta).

    • Berkman 03.03.12 at 17:00

      Back in BF2 and 2142, unlocks and equipments were hard to get. You simply could not unlock the next think in a flash. So new soldiers were easy ways to unlock stuff for a different kit. I see no reason to have multiple soldiers on a single platform.

      • MrLOL 03.03.12 at 17:32

        What about people who want to start again and reset their stats ? What about people who share their account with family members and only have the 1 copy of the game ? Those are just some of the valid arguments for wanting multiple soldiers.

      • SamRock 03.05.12 at 15:06

        Dude, you certainly are not thinking wide. What about multiple BF fans within a family? Husband/Wife, Brothers, Sister, Father and Son… I could go on. EA cant expect us to buy a new copy of game for every BF playing family member! Multiple Soldier is a must! EA will lose atleast one BF gamer in every family.. by putting up this restriction on solider!

    • JUNKSHOT1 03.03.12 at 19:55

      Getsatisfaction – We are monitoring, when the monitor is on.

    • SamRock 03.05.12 at 15:07
  • Megagoth1702 03.03.12 at 16:49

    Oh, also. F TDM, this aint CoD. And The metro conquest 64 player map pretty much takes care of all the brain dead “lets hop in have some quick fun” people… ;)

  • Megagoth1702 03.03.12 at 16:47


    BF3 is a great game folks, thanks.

  • NO_FEAR 03.03.12 at 16:34

    Thank you for posting and commenting.

    This all sounds good and I do appreciate everyones hard work at DICE. Some of your efforts are helping many Gamers, but not me which is why I sent this tweet to you. “Balance and content are useless to me with PS3 input lag, PSN server lag and a weak browser/squad support.”

    You can balance a weapon all you want but if my controler is not registering that I shot for half a second, and I see I’m getting shot 300mls after the fact than it doesn’t really help…I’m still at an extreme disadvantage. I have no control over the quality of game play or who I can game with because of the weak browser support. All I can do is choose a random server with other random people and hope. It’s not working, every game I play still lags on the PS3 playing from the US NORTH EAST COAST.

    If this can’t be addressed properly in the very near future than I’m afraid you have lost my faith and support for this game.

  • Crazyglues 03.03.12 at 16:29

    Yeah Snow Maps would be so cool… I mean their in need for speed so the frostbite engine can do them…. I just don’t understand why they didn’t do one.. would be Awesome, especially if it was actually snowing during the battle…

  • TOKEO 03.03.12 at 16:24

    Inshallah, please DICE stay original, do not even try to compete with Call of Duty, it is not worth it, looking at the voting above, there was a TDM vote, please no. Battlefield has loyal fans, keep them happy. We know updates takes a bunch of time but Pray to God that you all get it done with ease and quickly. There is a lot to be said but I am just one guy, who knows if you are reading this or not, I have no way of knowing. Good luck and Good job.

  • MSC_Stockdale 03.03.12 at 16:22

    Your sort of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But I get it Karl, and others do too, even it it’s buried in a sea of discontent. I’ve been gaming for a very long time now, and if there is one thing I can tell you that focuses on the most important aspect of any project, it would be Quality over Quantity. Although I have no issues, I see so many others that do. Simply put, the product needs to work in order for players to enjoy it.

    I appreciated hearing your opinion regarding why you bundle patches, but the problem I’ve seen over the years is that if you bundle too much in one patch, it typically breaks something else, and makes it more difficult to fix the problem. Considering there won’t be another patch to fix those problems for months, you can be sure there will be a lot of unhappiness.

    I would suggest that two of the most important features to any FPS would be A battlerecorder and Spectator mode. I understand there are other programs that can handle the battlerecorder, but I ask you … what other feature in any game would do more to promote the sale of a game then the ability to record game play, and post those videos. Not forgetting to mention how important that feature is to competitive game play. With that said, a spectator mode is absolutely essential. Beyond the obvious reasons you need it for competitive play and recording, it’s such an important aspect for server providers. I ask if you can imagine what it must be like for a very good player to be accused of cheating and booted from the game simply because there isn’t a proper way to clear him. Help US, help YOU by installing a spectator mode so we can allow good players to continue to play.

    For future Inside Dice Articles, It would be nice to hear about why you make the decisions you do sometimes. Why wasn’t there a battle recorder and spectate mode after alpha? What was the reason you Nerfed or Buffed a weapon. What was the designers idea on how a particular map should be played?

    Lastly, please stop using the word “Soon” Soon is so subjective it actually has no real meaning. And don’t be so afraid to give an approximate preliminary release date. Just remember to update that date BEFORE the day arrives to announce that it will be pushed back due to (what ever). Most gamers will understand (those of us over 14 years old of course). That’s the transparency people are talking about. Just something that lets the customer know, you know somethings broke, and your working on the fix.


  • Eagl3 0ne 03.03.12 at 16:21

    Just take your time DICE… no need to rush things for your update. We understand.. Always been told, do it right the first time even though it may take more time to accomplish. Im glad to see a company take there time with things, piece things together, and not rush through (cough cough COD) just to put something out there that may or may not work. So make daddy proud :D

  • sirafasi 03.03.12 at 16:21

    battlerecorder and snow maps

    • medic200300 03.03.12 at 17:19

      dude that would make this game more sick! as in AWESOME! snow maps is the way to go and also battlerecorder

  • oxide[NL] 03.03.12 at 16:20

    Hope DICE doesn’t feel like beating MW3/Other FPS anymore
    And just focus on what made BF series so great.
    never ever forget the fundamentals of battlefield series !

    And recently i have gotten the feeling,.. that DICE is letting that thought flood

  • vamproy 03.03.12 at 16:09

    I would just like to play the game for again for once… Havent played since an update at the end of november 2011…. Whyyou ask?!??!!? Well can login to battlelog.. but thats it.. i cant log in to any server.. i only get those frikkin error thingys or just nothing at all.. Then there is the coop.. I can play it.. for about 30 SECONDS.. yeeey.. love this game so much.. think I have to throw it away and ask my money back.. damnit.. I preordered your game on the very first day it was preorderable.. it was a long wait.. especially to only be able to play it for a couple of weeks. FIX IT FIRST.. Then do all the other stuff.. please… thank you… Oh.. Im on the PC btw..

    • oxide[NL] 03.03.12 at 16:24

      Most be something wrong with your configration ?
      since most of the ppl on PC dont expierence that

      run manual pbsetup and check your firewall settings
      update graphic and chipset drivers
      run ccleaner, check your memory with memtest86+

      If all fails reinstall your OS

  • TheClassified 03.03.12 at 16:07

    just stay cool DICE.. after some patches and dlc those people will stfu.. i know the long awaited patches and dlc will worth the wait.:).. this series is good. looking forward for the next inside DICE

  • A-Bettik 03.03.12 at 16:05

    “The next Battlefield 3 update: What is it? When is it?” First paragraph. What does that have to do with PC? You know, your “lead platform”…

  • Connxtion 03.03.12 at 16:00

    I’m guessing this update will be like BFBC updates where there classed as DLC downloads instead of update updates.

    So your wanting to finish the DLC that will be included within this patch, like BFBC’s ones.

    I’m all for that but would prefer a patch first then let me buy your DLC, as right now the famas & usas with frags are killing the game. (on console)

  • Nakamp 03.03.12 at 15:47

    It’s easy to have “huge” after release support if you release unfinished products :)

  • Trull De Full 03.03.12 at 15:44

    Battlerecorder. Nuff said.

  • EuroSkeptiC 03.03.12 at 15:44

    Fix bugs/glitches. You have a so beautiful game that it’s totally unacceptable to be so unpolished.

    Fix everything firstly and then you/we can look for all other options.

  • SniperDead 03.03.12 at 15:36

    No more senseless weapon balance !!!
    Properties of weapons shouldn’t be changed in any game after game release. No one wants to try over and over again after every patch how you changed attributes of weapons and look for another one which fits better to player’s requirements and play style.
    Who cares that M416 is better than AK-74M. Everyone has the chance to pick the weapon in the beginning and not wait for some balance. In reality are also all weapons the same or accurately balanced.
    Please think about it in next Battlefiled.

    • DeadPixel 03.04.12 at 00:32

      You obviously don’t understand game design.

  • arthur1998 03.03.12 at 15:36

    GDC really! You holding off important updates because you want to go and pat yourselves on the back in front of your GDC peers. Do you think that is arrogance?

    Your GDC peers already read about you online, and you are showing them the weakness in development is timely patches. Your GDC peers are saying, “Holy crap! Look at that long laundry list of fixes and there is more.” If you are trying to beat the Genus World Record of a title update, please let the committee know, so they can add a category for it. It took me almost up two hours to download B2K with the patch. Chop up this so call big patch, and give it to us in portions, and prioritize the immediate fixes.

    I am a fan, but Dice, you are starting to sing a great song off key, and it is hurting my ears.

    • DK_Dusty_82 03.03.12 at 16:37

      I don’t have this problem, it usually only takes me around 20 min to download. B2K also.

  • mmmgilly 03.03.12 at 15:17

    mute specific player function. Fix the australian servers for PS3.

  • dfk_7677 03.03.12 at 14:57

    Battlerecorder/Record function should be a top priortiy. Free publicity for the game, as player wouldn’t have to rely on external tools while in live gaming to record.

  • TIMov66 03.03.12 at 14:44

    Sounds good DICE

  • Pumpedwax 03.03.12 at 14:39

    Thank you DICE for all the effort you are putting into the Battlefield community, it’s really great to see a developer backing their game 100% after launch. Can’t wait to see what the next expansion is going to be :)

  • cowboys98 03.03.12 at 14:37

    why dont you work on fixing this game,its been 2 months that i have not been able to play,becouse i keep getting pb errors,listen to all these people that are complaining,here the link in case you dont believe me.
    all these people are having the same problem,fix this before you patch the game,or it will be worst trying to play it.

  • |K.O.S.H. 03.03.12 at 14:36

    stop this blog and fix the game!

  • thePure1 03.03.12 at 14:27

    Rather see the game fixed then getting more content first, besides adding the much needed missing features. You can only keep playing with bugs for so long.

  • dwg115 03.03.12 at 14:01

    I can’t speak for the console gamers but as far as PC goes the game is pretty solid now. We just did a 200man lan and had BF3 as a major tourney and everything went smooth. No crashes, lockups or kicks. As for those crying about VOip for PC, why oh why would you want that? Use TS and just talk to the peeps that you give the TS address to. I can’t imagine having to listen to every A-hole in the game.

  • Sumoki136 03.03.12 at 13:51

    No one really gives a shit. How about you fix the F*cking game instead of counting our money.

  • Robby_Burns 03.03.12 at 13:48

    All I ask is that you fix input lag for all the ps3 players.

  • matrex_a1990 03.03.12 at 13:25

    hope fix player ping in game tap
    and add VOIP for pc

  • TacticalPheonix 03.03.12 at 12:49

    Really Spring?! Your not going to fix the issues known since the beta till spring? For a game that promotes itself as a “squad” based game this is the area that you have failed in consistently in all three BF. Sure you can squad up but when you start a match…..you end up on opposing teams and if you get lucky enough to be on the same team your in different squads! BF3 HAS the potential to be the best FPS but I believe you rushed to get it out on the shelves to beat the MW3 release and as a result put out a faulty product. I would have gladly waited another year and have a fully functional glich free game than what we have now, a game that has to be patched to death. I believe that a company should be more concerned with putting out a superior quality product than sales margins over a competitor. For if the product is superior in quality and functionality the sales will follow. You wouldn’t buy a product that has missing parts or works some of the time but yet that is what you are asking your customers to do. If there is a BF4 I will not hesitate to return it for a full refund if it doesn’t deliver what it promises right out of the box. As a consumer you don’t purchase a product hoping it will be fully functional in six months.

  • Neali 03.03.12 at 12:49

    *I love your game!
    *Visuals are beautiful!
    *Sounds are good!

    Improvement needed:
    *PC should get hitregistration from ALPHA, integrated to game ASAP (maybe this clientside works on consoles, but PC, it does not!)
    *You could tune down contrast, light some of those pitch black shadows (game looks good, but all suffers from further away being black, or just pure white) and give option to remove blue grading, it messes your beautiful graphics worse :/
    *Surround sound fix would be nice doh :)

    Fixing these things, just changing hitreg (i know, its not just one little setting, it takes some time to do it) to what it was on ALPHA your game would be EXCELLENT! And if adding those other fixes also, it would be perfect! <3

    • DK_Dusty_82 03.03.12 at 16:41

      no client side on consoles just as bad, well at least in my experience. they should never had done it this way.

  • LinusNeuman 03.03.12 at 12:33

    My gaming mouse Mionix Naos 3200 doesnt work properly with Battlefield 3. I’m 110% Sure it works everywhere else, but in BF3 it lags, it hacks, it acts jus as if it were in 1 fps. I have tested to turn off Mouse raw input and shit like that, but it still acts weird. Please fix, ii want to be able to play with my new mouse!

  • phred_666 03.03.12 at 12:32

    Sorry, sounds like nothing more than a propaganda stall tactic. I probably have purchased my last DICE game. The game has been out for several MONTHS and there are still major game issues that need addressed and have not been. All of the core issues should be fixed ASAP with extra content to follow. I have other games from the Battlefield series and BF3 is the worst simply because of all of the unaddressed glitches.

  • Baskerballe 03.03.12 at 12:22


    • JUNKSHOT1 03.03.12 at 19:51

      If they worked on this for the past 6 months only, I wouldn’t even care about anything else in the game still glitching.

  • Kaughan 03.03.12 at 12:10

    I understand the need to wait until there are a worthwhile number of changes before you push a patch live but if the big patch is still weeks or months away please, please, PLEASE deal with the USAS/Frag issue NOW. It’s ruining the game, especially on certain maps, and it deserves an urgent fix.

  • Zloteusz 03.03.12 at 12:01

    1. Give us a free maps in this new epic patch, we deserve it.
    2. Rebulid maps so that we can destroy everything like paper cloned houses, bridges, radio tower(not script a real time destruction), make them larger.
    3. New playing mods.
    4. Balance
    5. New map – try night like it is in ARMA 2, not night like it is in COD.
    6. make new serwer browser like it was in BF2 BC2.
    7. Battlerecorder
    Remove all COD featuers.

  • MIKE89X 03.03.12 at 11:37

    I think this is great. The one thing I have noticed that hasn’t shown up in update talk is the squads being formed in the menus with your friends, but yet when you get into the server, you end up on opposite teams and different squads. Can we fix this? I just want it to find a server that can accommodate the squad.

    • TacticalPheonix 03.03.12 at 11:47

      I was told by Dice that they had rolled out a “patch” to fix that prob on 360 but it didn’t so I’m not holding my breath for this spring patch.

  • RZ-Mazi 03.03.12 at 11:34

    Hi DICE:
    thanks for your all effort for pushing the new patch to balance the gameplay, which is really awesome and exciting for all level of players.

    but please, could you please release some info about the specter mode in near future? the esports scene of BF3 is dying rapidly than all we imagined. No major event or LAN and big organizations wanna pick up this game due to they even cannot stream this game.

    We, competitive gaming players simple need your specter mode to push this game.


  • oV GOAT Vo 03.03.12 at 11:27

    Great step forward. All we want to hear about is the updates like Private Servers for Consoles and battle recorder. Thats the main thing right now but an insight into game-play development and general studio business would be awesome to. Hopefully the info we seek will be announced soon.

  • Unitarded 03.03.12 at 11:24

    I look forward to reading these articles :) And to GDC of course!

  • vitoka79 03.03.12 at 11:23

    Private match on consoles please.A FPS multiplayer game without private match,wery rare.

  • xboxhooah 03.03.12 at 11:20

    please let the MAV do his elevator work

    • Eagl3 0ne 03.05.12 at 05:59

      NO its stupid as all get out…. i hate when snipers just hide on top of buildings like pussies…and they go like 11 and 0…. I’m like good job dude you should get the cunt award for camping on top of a building the whole damn game… i guess next time i will just get a road kill with my MAV just to get u off of the building… oh but wait i forgot u have a spawn becon so u can keep on doing the same shit over and over… people like u ruin the game experience. It is annoying and it is not how the game was originally suppose to be played. So do us all a favor and just don’t MAV elevate cus if i see u doing it on the battlefield i will make sure to rpk your ass every time

  • drumscarinbr 03.03.12 at 11:06

    Hmm….not exactly the news I was hoping to hear. This is kind of a let down….again. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until GDC.

    I hope someone from the BF3 dev team looks at some of these changes that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes.

    Here’s a link to the Battlelog forum itself. If it doesn’t work, please just copy and paste it.


  • Subodai 03.03.12 at 11:05

    I’d actually like to know how it feels when something like ME3 comes along and takes the attention of your publisher away (EA) does this hurt your development schedule/income etc ?

  • Subodai 03.03.12 at 11:04

    I’ll put a pound to a piece of Chinese shit, as soon as ME3 is out, EA will lose interest in this (like when star wars was released and they crashed origin) and this game will continue to fall deeper into the ‘it could have been so good’ vault. Never to be seen again.

  • veleno86 03.03.12 at 10:39

    I’m glad this step for you but I hope DICE in a not too distant future the addition of popular console of private rooms.
    because it is possible that the game has a certain level that you can play clan war.
    Thanks for your attention and sorry if I was off topic

  • SecretAgentMan 03.03.12 at 10:28

    Great post, this is exactly the kind of communication I was hoping we would see from DICE. Having a great time as is, and looking forward to future updates..keep up the great work! I as well am curious about the flares/guided missiles question!

  • sgtOddball 03.03.12 at 10:22

    +1 :-)

  • sgtOddball 03.03.12 at 10:21

    @DICE: Nice to see and hear your human face and positive marketing move with this “Inside DICE”. I hope you can keep up with our expectations and deliver at minimum a new post every week – if you have to make them smaller then just do it, but keep the information comming!

    As for your release strategy I think you’re doing it wrong. Again make smaller stints with less content. You are fare to vulnerable to external things when you wait to long. Have you ever heard of Agile Development?
    If possible I think you should be working with two roads of release: 1. for fixing errors and critical gameplay and 2. with new content and non critical gameplay. The 1. should release from 14 days to 30 days and the 2. from 3 – 6 month’s. Then you can do the one or both synchronous or not on all platforms – just keep them comming!
    Maybee you could do a poll on your forum to hear what fans expect? I think you’re way offroad with the release strategy and if you don’t do anything about it, this could be your Waterloo.

    What I hear you’re saying is that we can expect a major patch before summerholiday and a DLC-pack in fall. If that is’nt the case then please tell –
    there are many other great games out there and summer is comming with other things to do…

    For 4 month you have got my money, my time and my attention – now all you got is my attention!

    PS: If I did’nt care for you and you’re great Battlefield gameseries I would’nt even bother to write this!

  • Blackadder 03.03.12 at 10:18

    Thank you for doing this, it appears to be exactly what the community have been asking for since BC2 was released.

    However I am a bit disappointed by some of the decisions you have chosen to make – not because you have been forced to delay the patch and announcements, but because the reason for the patch delay is given as partly to add additional “neat” features and partly because the consoles have more restrictions or standards that have to be met before they can be updated.
    As someone that plays BF3 on the PC, I would rather separate patches that are fixing existing problems (i.e. problems that are affecting the way people are experiencing the game right now) and patches that are adding additional content and improvements. I also don’t see why delays to consoles based upon their platform-specific standards should also cause delays to other platforms.

  • tafkin 03.03.12 at 10:04

    Will the realtek soundchip crash issue will be fixed with the new patch?

  • Faartz 03.03.12 at 10:02

    An obscure time frame for your next patch like “sometime this Spring” isn’t a good way to start your blog about a more open line of communication

  • Justinbro13 03.03.12 at 10:01

    i thought it was going to be a video

  • getcarter4dynamo 03.03.12 at 10:00

    So the short of it all is:


    Nailed it!

  • Subodai 03.03.12 at 09:54

    I’ve just read that massive disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. You might as well have just put “take everything we say, do or hint at on here with a pinch of salt because it’s probably bullshit and we’ll never admit it and you can’t prove anything because we’ll deny it before the words leave your mouth”
    Pathetic arse covering bullshit. Sorry but it is

  • Subodai 03.03.12 at 09:51

    this is all well and good but you are still saying there might be more Information at a future date we might be releasing the update in this very open and unspecific timeframe.
    Perhaps we would feel better if your well known developers who are all over twitter weren’t posting about what a fantastic time they are having all the time. And actually give us some quicker feedback. Stop bundling all that stuff together and release the damn thing, using the console verification process as an out and out excuse is unacceptable. Period. You should push the updates to pc immediately and react on the feedback from the platform this should have been intended for in the first place. You have insisted that we all install this origin crap, so at least utilise it to send out quicker updates. Once they are solid with the community and actual players (which are getting fed up more by the day) you can bundle it togethor and send it to the consoles…
    Your internal testers don’t seem to be able to pickup on things fast enough so I think you should take the approach of more openness with us and then update it quicker. Saying spring is just going to piss more people off who have been waiting for so long to get game breaking mistakes fixed.
    You’re post-launch efforts cannot always be “look at us look at us” you need to sort this rubbish out before every one leaves and doesn come back. It’s a great title but your pace of updates is truly pathetic for such a game. Stop faffing and lookig for shmpathy on how hard your jobs are or how much work or put into it, your community is not full of love for you right now! Just get that patch live!

    • sgtOddball 03.03.12 at 10:35


    • Eagl3 0ne 03.05.12 at 05:50

      dude i completely agree with e everything u just said!!!!!!! took the words and thoughts out of my mouth. these updates should have already been done forever ago. it makes no since on why it takes so long especially for the PC. my brother has it for the PC and Origin….. well don’t even get me started with origin….well anyway enough said

  • Ich_Baboulen 03.03.12 at 09:51

    Regarding the confirmed patch fixes noticed that flare will now distract Laser guided missiles. Flare are used to distract heat seeking missiles how does this apply in Laser?

    • Demize99 03.03.12 at 10:07

      I plan to address this in a future blog post. It’s a popular question.

      • Subodai 03.03.12 at 11:01

        Define “future” with a more definitive Date…

        in summary, be less VAGUE

  • Mr.Banana 03.03.12 at 09:34

    I have 1 question: Why no Mod tools/Serverfiles? Just answer this and i´m happy :)

  • guv.. 03.03.12 at 09:31

    It’s very positive to hear you recognise that being more open and responsive to your community is now your goal.

    I have however one specific question with regards to the battlerecorder / spectator functionality that may or may not be in development.

    Why can’t you just clearly and concisely tell us, your community, if it is or isn’t being developed?

    I’m not going to hate you if for technical or other reasons later down the track it never get’s released or is delayed. It won’t affect my decision to purchase future DICE products, but it sure as hell does completely frustrate myself and others and seems contrary to your statement about ‘community transparency’ in this article?

  • 1Bryce1 03.03.12 at 09:31

    How hard was that? You may be listening but I dont think you really hear us.

  • GVIDO 03.03.12 at 09:20

    Please ad MOD support!!!!!!!

  • ChefK 03.03.12 at 09:14

    Inside dice is a good idea that i will follow with big intrest.
    But,,U guys made some big promises to the Esport community that still hasnt been forfilled. Such as spectator view and battlerecorder. The BF clans are struggling to keep up intrest. Latest to fall was battle.no ,a grand community in norway with over 50servers. I cant say that I know what will happen with the battlefield series in the future to come. But it hasnt been a good start for dice with all the problems ingame aswell with the choise to use a thirdparty program (origin) thats far from perfect to control the game. Battlelog is a fine feature but the game would have benefited from a stand alone disc or dlc.
    It would see fit to adress the many questions thats been lifted on battlelog forums with grater haste,,especially since its YOUR WORDS thats been broken, not the communitys.
    SO plaese get crossed thumbs out of ars and give us what we PAYED for.
    Battlerecorder and spectatorview beats all promises of more maps and weapons.
    Who cares about 5 new rifles when youre playing the game on a seriuos level,, we need the game to be reliable and streaming friendly. That should have been youre first priority from the start ,.

  • waldo15 03.03.12 at 09:07

    Thanks for the info. However, nothing in there is really new. Perhaps the only news is that there is no news and not even a solid timeframe. Why don’t you want to tell us EXACTLY when the patch is coming out? I am sure you have it all figured out. I cannot believe that a Studio of your caliber does not have the software development mapped out already. Spring is a very long time in the future and by industry standards i probably bet you are not releasing it on the very first day of Spring.

    We all know you have not delivered consistent support post-launch. That is a fact that you have finally acknowledged, if at anything partially. Even the communication that was so fluid and consistent before launch came to a sudden stop and the communication channel dropped. I do applaud that this new series is coming out, but I’d love more specifics regarding gameplay fixes and solid timeframes. As a paid customer, I guess I do demand solid information on the product I hold dear to me. Once the game is fixed and at a level we all agree is decent, then I’d love to hear about the ins and outs of the Studio. Take a closer look at Bungie for ways on how to engage and communicate with the community for both the technical and the non-technical.

    There are many critical issues at hand that affect core gameplay (i.e. MAV riding) and some of the existing weapon imbalances also affect negatively. Many of the existing issues could have been solved earlier, with smaller SW drops every month. You guys need to prioritize and focus on fixing those errors and release them. Stop adding items! Work down the list and move forward. Yes, weapon tweaks are always needed but those can come at a steady pace over time. I remember it took BF:BC2 about 6 patches to be up to par.

    To put it in perspective, your major competition is at Patch 7 or 8. And they’ve had 4 DLC releases so far, with one more coming. And they used to be the ones who would release fixes about 3-4 months after the fact, and they have now taken a 180 and have become more consistent and open.

    Anyhow, GDC cannot come any sooner if anything just to get a better morsel of info.

    Believe me guys, it is very hard to keep being a fan of yours when you pull stuff like this.

    • TheClassified 03.03.12 at 09:17

      very agree.. hope DICE will hear you.. the most common complain should be fixed first and released immediately and not bundle it up with the less important things

    • sgtOddball 03.03.12 at 10:21


  • Demon3611 03.03.12 at 09:03

    I am ready for the update and DLC just hurry up please!!!

  • xXMARKELINXx 03.03.12 at 08:54

    I hope you guys can make a private match capabilities it would be great to just run around with some friends without having to duck from fire.

    Dinosaurs. :)

    • TDAREALDEAL 03.03.12 at 09:17

      I agree totaly. My clan and many of the clans I know on the xbox 360 cant play clan matches because there is no private match. Your game is great and I know you listen to your customers feedback. Please DICE make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • streetkid203 03.03.12 at 08:40

    come on with the update and new dlc we been waiting for a couple of months and still no results

  • Kaughan 03.03.12 at 08:30

    I’m really pleased that you have kicked this blog series off – please keep them regular!

    • H Brun 03.03.12 at 09:08

      Thanks! And that’s absolutely what we intend to do!

  • Oshrilkal 03.03.12 at 08:28


    Not acceptable. I’m a ‘console gamer’ and you think these patching schedules are normal? I’ve hardly ever had to wait 3 or 4 months for something that needed to be fixed or changed. Want to know the last time I had to wait that long? Modern Warfare 2, and turns out the development studio fell apart after launch and that’s why there was no patching.

    This though, is unacceptable in my eyes, you cannot bundle patches like this with issues that have been problems for MONTHS and expect me to stick around for MONTHS waiting for you to fix it because you just keep adding more and more! That patch is way to large and it isn’t because you’ve been hard at work it’s because you’ve sat on it for MONTHS.

    DLC is another thing. Content is important and half a decade old maps re-imagined and announced a YEAR ago was great and everything but where was the DLC in February, or even January? You’re hinting at a GDC announcement in this post but I don’t understand what you mean by getting a big audience to announce these things? You know very well all you have to do is put it over Twitter in 140 letters and it will be all over the internet in seconds on every major gaming blog and all over Youtube. Multiplayer titles like these need NEW content constantly.

    Your post launch support has been as disastrous as IW/MW2 and that’s saying something where your team is going, I’m just trying to be as real and open as you say you’re trying to be.

    So here’s my suggestions for your next Inside DICE: Tell me why you expect people to sit around for months while you do nothing about game breaking input lag on the PS3, mav and map exploits, no original DLC content and PC being treated like a console?

    I’d really love to know, or you should just tell me how you recorded a M4A1 shooting and how impressive your sound engineers are. Not, derp.

    • TheClassified 03.03.12 at 08:32

      chill bro… they are working on it i believe

    • Ragnar.Kon 03.03.12 at 09:03

      Chill dude. It is just a game. Yes it has issues but there are games out there that have been out forever that still have issues. Black Ops on PC, for example, was unplayable for me due to a bug that wasn’t fixed until AFTER the first two DLCs were released.

      And personally, I would rather have GOOD content rather than content that is half-done and buggy because they were trying to reach a release date.

      What I would like is more transparency about what goes on behind the doors at DICE, and that is what this series looks like it will do.

      • Oshrilkal 03.03.12 at 09:28

        Not to get into any sort of fanboy war (I’ve done my time with Call of Duty) but you bought a CoD game on PC, it’s your own fault. My point being, DICE knows better.

        And as for good content rather than half done content. Why was there a two week “beta” with limited guns and one map? Promotional demo, that’s why. Why is there still glitches from the “beta” in the game? Promotional demo, that’s why. Why was BTK released with new weapons without looking at the current ones and balanced then instead of…this spring?

        Maybe it’s because everything DICE has released HAS been rushed, and it’s really almost to little to late to be completely re-balancing the game and trying to get my sympathy with a blog post full of EXCUSES.

        • TheClassified 03.03.12 at 09:45

          how about this.. you stop buying DICE game next time and go back to cod.. this series is good and fans want to know what happen inside DICE. if you dont like it dont read it.. as simple as that.

      • ICrack The SkyI 03.03.12 at 09:39

        We’re aware it’s a game, and other games having unfixed problems doesn’t have any relevance to this game.

        I understand you’re trying to be optimistic, but Dice has turned their backs on the community for months. It wasn’t until some big guys in the community publicly complained that they released the patch notes. The new emphasis on communication sounds good, but they’re still being vague (Spring? Couldn’t have said March?). After seeing COD get destroyed by commercialism, I’m skeptical when it comes to promises made by developers.

    • sgtOddball 03.03.12 at 10:23

      +1 :-)

  • MukkyPuppy 03.03.12 at 08:28

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the status widget. Can’t wait to hear what’s planned.

  • IStreetI 03.03.12 at 08:18

    Realistic Characters,weapons and equipment,gaming environment,texture,a true game play,a true and precise teamwork which make me feel like a solider,that all I always aspect from a game;that’s why I love BF3 and DICE.
    Always curious ’bout to know how things goes from developer during designing,programming and from all aspects.
    Hope this new section will provide a touch of internal affairs of DICE.

  • _nders 03.03.12 at 08:17

    Great blog and information channel to the community, nice job!! Although it would be nice to see the show stoppers fixed before anything else. Input lag on ps3 is just a crazy crazy “feature” and the ability to split up squads in different teams on ever single game join, do we really need it?

  • curb47 03.03.12 at 08:08

    Hi there. Nice first blog, you paint a very sympathetic picture of the hard work you guys do.
    Anyway, me and my ps3 friends stopped playing BF3 over 2 months ago because of the INPUT LAG, and have gone back to BC2 (great game). I’d really I’ve to read an open and honest account of what Dice is doing to fix it. Or, if you can”t fix it, just be open and honest and say so. Thanks.

  • elmemo1chunt 03.03.12 at 08:01

    just keep your “thumbs crossed” and hope they fix it…jajaja

  • shimme01 03.03.12 at 07:58

    I want the ps3 input lag to be taken care of. It is unacceptable and I am boycotting any dlc til it is remedied.

  • xIAMDAVEx-NZ 03.03.12 at 07:57

    Nice, I’d like to read a blog about how you recorded all the sounds, I saw one on MOH and it was amazing, using 100 Mics to record gun sounds at different distances to get the realistic echo etc.
    also, I hope you guys havn’t abanded the INPUT LAG issue on ps3. Because since launch I have been playing at 576p resolution to reduce it because it is simply unplayable at full reso with the input lag. it’s a game breaker. Thank you

  • PIRATE or NINJA 03.03.12 at 07:55

    ok what interests me most is “We’re Going In: Adapting the Battlefield Gameplay to a New Environment”
    To me this sounds like possible hint at future content

  • shintopig 03.03.12 at 07:53

    Well there’s another reason to look forward to GDC.

  • Cynn 03.03.12 at 07:49

    Great to see this finally up! I am excited to learn more about DICE.

  • simplychalky 03.03.12 at 07:45

    Excellent start to the series “Inside DICE”

    Excited about the announcement at GDC, major exposure there for you guys to announce your plans.

    I hope private servers are on the next update for consoles it would transform the game to new heights.

    Im part of a gaming community ps3coffindodgers.com and we play various games on different nights and private servers would make it easier for us as we have nearly a full server everytime and get people in and out who arrive late to the event can be a nightmare.

    Keep the good work DICE.

  • 1DaX 03.03.12 at 07:43

    I humbly suggest DICE/EA to support the E-sport community with Battlerecorder/Spectator mode. Look at Blizzard and their SC2 success. The battlefield E-sport community is dying if not already dead.

  • k-k-knoxville 03.03.12 at 07:42

    seriously? spring?!

  • AekaGSR 03.03.12 at 07:39

    Why is the PC held to these draconian console patch schedules?

    • forkless 03.03.12 at 07:43

      The lead times on certification on consoles are usually 2-3 weeks, it’s more about bundling as much stuff as they can. Not that I agree, but it is what it is apparently.

    • Demize99 03.03.12 at 10:14

      We want to ensure parity between platforms for features and game play. First it lets us better understand community feed back (since its not clear what platforms a player is on always). Second we do not want to appear to favor a single platform, it’s a common feedback from Xbox users wondering why they don’t have colorblind support.

      That said we do ship exceptions for issues that are specific to a single platform, like the above mentioned VOIP update on PS3.

      -Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer

      • Squeaky4all 03.03.12 at 13:07

        I can understand the idea behind not making one platform greater than the other, but seriously the consoles are 7 years old at least, and their patches go through 2-3 weeks of approval by microsoft or sony. Why do the pc players have to wait for those 2-3 weeks when the patch is already ready.

        • MrLOL 03.03.12 at 17:35

          Why should the PC gamers despit being in the minority to console players have the patches earlier ? You PC gamers are full of this supremeist BS. You’re no more important than console gamers. Get over it

          • :Nemo: 03.03.12 at 22:12


          • Squeaky4all 03.05.12 at 00:15

            I am just saying that the update for all platforms are usually finished 2-3 weeks before they are released and only wait on microsoft or sony’s approval to implement it, why should pc gamers have to wait for this delay when there is no reason to?

      • Karmicthorn 03.04.12 at 10:03

        I have both the xbox and pc version and they are NOT the same game. I don’t prefer short matches with less bases and less people. 32 vs 32 with full map utilization (more bases) and the option for high ticket, fast respawn of players (no opponent cut scenes) and vehicles would make me want to play the xbox version as much as the pc. I feel like I’m just getting settled into the fight when the server switches. Vehicles on the same spawn delay as the pc version in a very shortened round is just ridiculous. I can perhaps understand the system limitation on amount of players, but the respawn and low ticket thing seems more a decision not to give the option than a limitation you had to cater to.

        On a side note, I’d prefer a patch create more destructables and fix glitches than anything. Minimum arming distance or nerfed heli rockets is bs. If it’s a giant piece of metal (regardless of explosive potential) and it hits you in the face or body… you should die. If a mounted vehicle gun rips your arm off, or hits you dead on, instant death first shot! Please don’t nerf anything for whiners, bullets should tear you the heck apart not just slow you down while you continue to blast your opponent in the face. If I hit somebody once in the face or body with a bullet, shotgun, etc at 10 yards they should be on their back trying to get back up at the very least. I want more realism not nerfs for whiny kids. Lets say you have body armor (should be an option you can earn) and your slow ass (weight) gets blasted to the chest with a shotgun point blank. You should be on your back and I should then have the option to knife you.

        Insta death by most weapons may irk some but that will teach you to utilize tactics, team play, and situation awareness instead of the chicken with your head cut off point hound that CoD makes of people.

        For the love of all that is please please please stop making me rez with my back to the fregin enemy!

      • sfscriv 03.06.12 at 22:00

        Demize99 (Alan Kertz, a DICE employee) on 12 FEB 2011
        “…alienating our core audience or transforming Battlefield into some generic shooter clone simply will not accomplish that. Have some bloody faith will you?”
        Demize99 on 14 FEB 2011
        “…I’m not ready to directly address your concerns this early, but I’m confident what Battlefield 3 has to offer will provide an innovative and deep Integrated Teamwork experience… It’s going to be a good year to be a hardcore Battlefield fan.”
        What happened??
        Where is the evidence of a “deep Integrated Teamwork experience” in BF3?

  • Peetry 03.03.12 at 07:32

    ‘Spring’, so concievably thats up to mid june until we see anything. DICE don’t me write an angry letter and then not send it!

  • Nuggetrey 03.03.12 at 07:31

    Nice, cant wait for some quality feedback from you guys. btw I’d prefer more updates than larger ones.

    Awesome game!!!..aside from some major flaws.

    • Demize99 03.03.12 at 10:17

      Generally I prefer more smaller updates as well, it’s not always possible due to the scale of the updates we want to deliver, needing to work with first party (MS, Sony) to schedule patches, and wanting to ensure players on all platforms are playing the same game with the same features.

      -Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer

      • SamRock 03.05.12 at 15:26

        Hi Alan!
        Thanks for responding to our queries! Really nice to see you interacting with us! :)

        Since we are talking about huge updates here, I would like to bring to your notice one major pain most had to go thru with the last 3.99GB patch. Origin. It just doesnt know how to finish a download. Download would get corrupted, continue after 100%, or just restart from 0%! This very frustrating for people with limited bandwidth and monthly cap. Can we please have an alternative download option like you did with BFBC2? This will really help us download the patch without having to worry about Origin screwing things up!

        Second, I would really appreciate if you reconsider the current “One account, One Solider” policy. We really need to have more than one solider per account. Most of us have multiple gamers within a family who are also big time BF fans! Expecting us to buy a new copy +all the DLC for just a solider is not fair. I hope you think it from a gamer/customer point of view and consider implementing the multiple soldier feature in future! Thanks!

      • GOLDFISHFACE 03.26.12 at 10:20

        Awe shucks, you already know somebodys gonna swoop in complaining about 64 man servers on consoles. (referencing your same game across all platforms comment)… It’s inevitable. Lol

      • HOLLOWpntBLANK 04.17.12 at 19:07

        Well ill tell you what, when you schedual your next patch. Do us all a favor and change some of this insane shit back to the way it was. For instance, MY FAMAS. put it back, their was nothing wrong with it. Its no different then all the other rifles out their. These noobs are just getting mad at the gun cause their ass gets killed with it alot, UMM DUH fire rate is one if the highest at 1000, GET OVER IT JACK ASSES.Also. sniper rifles are designed to kill from long distances. I expect to shoot some one in the face at 500+ meters and whatch him fall off a cliff, or building. Would you go to our marines and say, here take this shitty sniper rifle, dont bother shooting them in the head, they wont die. NO!!! The DAO-12, USAS, and all the other shotguns need to have a limited distance damage rate. I swear to god if i get shot= 75 to 100 meters, and die from one shot again, ima break this fuckin console. This latest patch has but everyone on the edge. You want to express your concerns and say ” O, Well i care what the people want.” Here is your chance to take action. You guys are changing shit and pushing all of your customers and experianced gamers away. What are you gonna do when no one wants to play this shit anymore? Your gonna lose sales and your gonna sit their and scratch your head wondering why. Well this is just one person pointing out the BS, be glad im voicing my opinion, id hate to hear the point of view on other Gamers who used to enjoy this game.

  • notman 03.03.12 at 07:29

    Thanks for sharing, and I understand why you haven’t released more, smaller patches, but please; stop adding to this patch and get it out there. You can do a second one this summer. We all know, you won’t fix everything with this patch.

  • ShadowMak3r 03.03.12 at 07:27

    Very Intersting, i think that all battlefield fans want is a more constant update about the game and with this series (if this series fulfill all the promises) gonna be a incredible channel to inform. Thumbs Up DICE!

  • Veselka 03.03.12 at 07:26

    This is awesome DICE. I think it’s a great way to strengthen our community. So looking forward to the future of Battlefield 3.

  • ArSj68 03.03.12 at 07:26

    finally !!! but we want news for more patches @ DLCs >>>> BF3 = best FPS ever

  • Joltthecoat 03.03.12 at 07:26

    Great read!

    I very much look forward to any articles regarding vehicle dynamics; or just general update information.