Re-download Back to Karkand on PS3 tomorrow to fix weapon animation bug

Starting tomorrow (March 13th), you can re-download a new, patched version of Battlefield 3™: Back to Karkand on PS3. This will fix the weapon animation bug that some of you have experienced. This download is free of charge if you have already bought Back to Karkand. Note that changes made on our back end will make this re-download mandatory in the near future. If you buy Back to Karkand for the first time after tomorrow, no additional action is necessary.

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  • xXCrOnIkBlUnTzXx 03.13.12 at 19:40

    an xbox? really? I made the great switch from xbox to ps3 for a more FPS fealing.. plus When will this content be available for U.S…?

  • UkReconzz 03.13.12 at 19:05

    ps3 if rubish buy a xbox

    • Waxrose 03.13.12 at 19:12

      or a spellchecker

    • BMW_E36_CSL 03.13.12 at 19:20

      ps3 kick ass Xbox SU CK A SS not even blu ray need to pay to play online overheated only bad things for xbox

    • waterman538 03.13.12 at 21:29

      Your rubish

  • Waxrose 03.13.12 at 18:55

    So, is it available yet? (UK). Cant find a definitive answer anywhere

    • impalor 03.13.12 at 19:08

      look on the battlelog…it says that europe is available now and US later on today, since PSN is updated in the evenings, thats when its going to be available…

  • JG4X4 03.13.12 at 18:45

    Agh! It didn’t work! I re-downloaded it, installed, re-started the game and it’s still happening!

    • impalor 03.13.12 at 19:06

      its not updated yet. its usually updating with the PSN update in the evenings. so your best bet is to get it late at night or better yet tomorrow…

  • Chuck_ido 03.13.12 at 16:36


  • flying moose02 03.13.12 at 10:43

    i have a problem where me and any of my friends cant connect to each other..this is stupid to say its a squad based game …. i expect the problem to be sorted asap and so do many other gamer’s as seen bellow

  • FalseCracMedEvac 03.13.12 at 05:45

    Nice! I just unlocked that gun last week and was thinking, WTF!?!.. Haha then I remembered by co worker telling me about it a while ago

  • Ghost_Shrimp 03.13.12 at 05:44

    So this is why my guy was holding the G36 lmg above his head?

  • JG4X4 03.13.12 at 05:27


  • acesces 03.13.12 at 04:42

    good work.better than nothing.

  • Doobie55 03.13.12 at 04:14

    When are you gonna fix the auto balance shit we can’t even play with are friends. Fucking horrible BC2 never had this problem all my friends and I were able to stay together fix the god damn issue!

    • LethalY-DoSeD 03.13.12 at 14:35

      i dunno which patform your playing through but yes. the autobalance is pretty retarded. the things me and my freinds do wen making sure we can play together. even when theirs more then 4 to a group. im on the PS3 and we just scroll through the servers and find a server that is in the low teens i.e. 13-18 players. join. and when the game splits us. we just join eachother through our freinds list and it brings us over to the team we want. make sure though who ever you joining on is not in full squad or it wont work

  • TheBlackOmen 03.12.12 at 23:49

    Does this re-install fix the no gun spawning issue? if not you can shove it

    • TwiztedMannix 03.13.12 at 03:31

      the no gun spawn happens with older/refurb PS3 models (that’s what I’ve seen), also where the server distance from you.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 03.12.12 at 22:51

    Nice deff. gonna do that. :0)

    Just a little side note: Is there any news on when the PS3 will get the Physical Warfare Pack if you aren’t from the UK and bought you game via gamestop and such….?

  • CommandoCoyote 03.12.12 at 22:30

    ummmm….. how about the PS3 Input Lag fix??? is that coming anytime soon? b/c otherwise the game is unplayable…

    • impalor 03.13.12 at 19:14

      dude, if you played the game all this time with lag, you should have gotten used to it. so the game is playable. i got used to it…

  • ThePandaMan80 03.12.12 at 21:18 best place to keep up-to-date on BF3 and MORE!

  • poqljsprinter 03.12.12 at 19:17

    does this fix every gun like the famas and the foregrip? of just the gun glitch where you hold it over your head???

    • doggiekiller137 03.12.12 at 19:57

      P.S. u ppl do know that the usas fragers can just use the b2k shot gun that thing can have up to 14 shells ive tried it aganst usas fragers and i usaully win because they run out of ammo

      • Dexodrill 03.12.12 at 21:00

        Yes but the USAS Has an Accuracy Boost compared to the MK Assignment Shot gun If you take the 2 side by side and test you will see the USAS has almost perfect accuracy with frags and the MK has really Crud Accuracy Compared. Thats why the Complaints and the use is primarily on the USAS and not the MK.

    • impalor 03.13.12 at 19:10

      it’ll just fix the over the head glich…the foregrip and weapons balance will come in a huge spring patch.

  • puRpLe H4y3s 03.12.12 at 18:47

    What about for the Xbox. I have had a problem recently were i will spawn without a weapon, its been happening quite frequently and im getting extremely aggravated… and when i suicide it doesnt fix it. and when i leave the game to join another game it just goes to the load menu and whont go any further. the only fix is to go to the xbox dashboard and restart all over… pain in the ass

  • mrlongdong83 03.12.12 at 17:23

    im experiencing multiplayer online play laggining will this patch fix this problem can anyone help me thanx

  • 101_GLiTcH_101 03.12.12 at 17:05

    Thank you for the continued game fixes, Looking forward to downloading this patch and the big one!

  • James-Parker 03.12.12 at 16:55

    thank you…

  • growking 03.12.12 at 16:54

    good work guys. now lets get the big update going so everyone can get back to the game we love

  • Mr_Jarto 03.12.12 at 16:23

    Wil this kind-of-patch fix the B2K glitched weapons? (MG36 i.e.)

  • Revektion 03.12.12 at 15:58

    Re-download Battlefield 3 on PS3 in the near future to fix input lag bug

  • Browny69 03.12.12 at 15:57

    Beside the fact that you have to tweak the game with balancing the weapons in it, there is one thing MORE important to it. It’s making the gameplay better by improving and making the controls more reponsive. Input-lag is still a very big issue on the Playstation 3. What can be done to fix this? Can it be fixed at all? I didn’t have any problems with the controls in BFBC1 and BFBC2. They were not so slugish. Setting the sensability to low made you slow. Putting it to high made you fast. I can’t find any setting that is satisfactory in BF3. There seems to be an excelleration in the movement when you have to turn, on the wrong moment, moving the stick to the left or right. It has to be a smooth action, but it isn’t. Same thing happens when you fly a plane or helicopter or driving a tank or a jeep. The excelleration in the movement has to be more to the outside where you push your stick to, depending on the settings you made with the sensebility. Always thrilled to hear some patches ARE coming out, finally.

    P.S.: make it possable to quit, when you like. Any time and everywhere.

    • sylentshooter 03.12.12 at 16:43

      I still have yet to see any input lag on my television and I play on 1080p with an HDMI cord (which is the apparent problem.) I had to buy a new cord though. If you are using these settings try changing the cord type from 10ms response time to 15ms response time. Seems like something that fixed my friends one as well.

      • Revektion 03.12.12 at 17:01

        Game doesn’t play in 1080p, only 720p and lower….

  • Tha Super Devil 03.12.12 at 15:29

    Glad to see you guys are still cohering to the whining ass cry baby’s of the PS3! Nah just playing their game is more fucked up than ours

    • Browny69 03.12.12 at 15:53

      Why don’t you just switch off your AIMBOT you’re using right now. PC-lover.

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