Re-download Back to Karkand on PS3 tomorrow to fix weapon animation bug

Starting tomorrow (March 13th), you can re-download a new, patched version of Battlefield 3™: Back to Karkand on PS3. This will fix the weapon animation bug that some of you have experienced. This download is free of charge if you have already bought Back to Karkand. Note that changes made on our back end will make this re-download mandatory in the near future. If you buy Back to Karkand for the first time after tomorrow, no additional action is necessary.

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  • DarkFear 07.12.12 at 02:48

    It is now july and i cannot get it to work? Any help? I dwnload it and install but when i go to play i do not have it…

  • Sammy12000 04.09.12 at 21:17

    its the 10th of April 2012 and im having problems with this re download Back to Karkand and iv re downloaded it twice now, but all it says is “unable to re download try another time” im so close to losing it and im just going to go back to COD because i had no problems with them please fix this so or help me so i can go back to driving jeeps and flying jets

    • Valdeingruo 04.11.12 at 17:33

      Its the same thing for me, the only thing keeping me playing is the fact that i can still fly and use tanks, the ea chat while the employee was nice could not provide me with anything new, and linked me to the troubleshooting page, you dont think i would have tried that along with any other fix on the net? I have played this franchise since bf1942 and it has been my favorite, but the lack of attention and service to this glitch is making me seriously consider buying my first ever cod game.

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:38

    Why are we waiting??? Where the hell is the decison makers? EA / DICE should have a POLL of what we think about the recent patches : Do gamers want back the pre-patch?? YES or No

    Yes for me!!!!!

  • steven_maloney 03.18.12 at 16:47

    Does anyone know if you have PlayStation Plus is this on the list of patches automatically downloaded?

  • CanadainOZ 03.16.12 at 13:35

    It looks like EA/DICE gave a nice present to those that had to endure re-downloading this DLC.

    Both the MG36 & the QBB-95 have had mid range scopes(6x & 7x) added to their attachments in the customise menu in the ‘My Soldier’ section in-game.

    For some reason the attachments don’t show up on the Battlelog.

    It looks like the progression bar has been reactivated on my QBB-95, it only has 237 kills on it, the 7x is currently available but the 6x is locked.

    I’m guessing that if I get 270 kills it will then unlock the second of the mid-range scopes.

    With the MG36 the unlocked scopes are the opposite, obviously because of each gun’s faction origin.

  • OneMadSquid 03.16.12 at 00:29

    STILL FREEZING AND CRASHING MY SYSTEM. Can’t you guys ever get ANYTHING right?

  • SINY10304 03.15.12 at 15:38

    It did fix the unwanted over the head pot shot deal, but what i do notice is that when you look through the HOLO sight on the MG36 and strafe while looking through the sight it laggs while you walk, the sight inches over , its not a smooth movment like all the other weapons. Sucks cause i like that machine gun. Wonder if they will fix it in the next patch. Anyone know any reason why that would be ?

  • OneMadSquid 03.15.12 at 14:38

    I’ve tried to re-download this twice now, and my system has frozen at 18% and at 52%. Twice I’ve had to restart and go through the file system check and restore process. WTF?!?

    • WHIFFER2 03.16.12 at 20:20

      Maybe your PS3 is going bad? I am personally on my 2nd ps3.

    • blazeviper 03.25.12 at 12:48

      that never happens to me bro maybe your internet is glitching when it downloads so it stops in the middle wait a couple of minutes and it should go back to normal if not then i don’t know

    • Raydee 03.27.12 at 04:32

      Disconnect from your Wifi and then reconnect, should be smoother.

  • JC-JEFF 03.14.12 at 21:17

    Whats the weapon animation bug??

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 20:41 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • venkatsaij 03.14.12 at 11:24

    hey add me on psn will u play battlefield 3 id is “venkatsai” please

  • AJBOOMER1 03.14.12 at 08:30

    Works great thank you DICE now back to gaming see you on the Battlefield add me on PS3 AJBOOMER1

  • RedRum331 03.14.12 at 07:05

    Nice will go and get it either soon or when required

  • Skater_Ricky 03.14.12 at 04:48

    Hope this file is new I’m downloading right now.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.14.12 at 02:34 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • grimmr1946 03.14.12 at 00:46

    I downloaded this AM, still had a 2011 date.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 22:38 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • JG4X4 03.13.12 at 22:17

    @impalor Thanks!

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