Big Battlefield 3 PS3 day: Game update, Rent a Server functionality, and shortcut items now live!

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting our PlayStation 3 game update, and now it’s here! As you read this, the update should be live in all territories except Japan. Read on for the full details.

Today is a great day for Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3. First and foremost, we are rolling out our massive PlayStation 3 game update. Containing more tweaks, fixes, and additions than you can shake a stick at, the focus of this update is to make the game more stable, fairer, and more balanced. The update is live today in all territories except Japan (Japan will get this update on April 4th). Just start your game to get automatically prompted for this ~1GB update. You can read the change list here.

Wake Island alternative 5-flag layout on PS3

Included in today's update is a new 5-flag layout for Wake Island, based on community feedback. Enjoy!

After a lot of constructive feedback about how we can improve your Back to Karkand experience, we have added a 5-flag Conquest Assault variant for PS3 on Wake Island. This new flag layout will offer a more tactical gameplay where key bases can turn the tide of the battlefield! Another change in this variant is that the mobile Anti-air now spawns at the Beach base. This now makes the Beach base a very important tactical advantage to own, besides the close distance towards the airfield.

To find this new layout on PS3, search for Conquest Assault and Wake Island and look out for the “CQA Day 2” item in the server details.

Rent your own server on PS3!

Your server, your rules. Create a personal gaming experience by renting your own server.

Starting today, you can rent your own Battlefield 3 server on PS3! This option is available from the “RENT A SERVER” menu and gives you a lot of exciting new options that the community has been asking for.

Having your own server gives you the power to create your personal gaming experience. You can either tweak every setting or choose a preset configuration and publish your server in just a few seconds.

What maps and modes do you want to play? Do you want to show the mini map or not? Do you want to turn off HUD elements and tweak respawn times and tickets? You can rent your server for 1, 7, 30, or 90 days starting today. Customize your server by giving it a name, description and custom logo.

Please note that in order to provide a robust and stable experience, we will be rolling out this functionality incrementally throughout the following week. This means we will have limited availability today, ramping up towards maximum capability in about one week’s time. If you try and rent a server and the option is grayed out, it means we are currently at peak capacity. If so, please try again later, as we will ramp up capacity every day.

Pricing for renting your own server is $1.49 / $6.99 / $24.99 / $64.99 (for 1, 7, 30, and 90 days).

New to the game? Get a flying start with our shortcuts!

Today, we are also offering 10 different shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PS3. If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online. Or if you’d love to get some more air time in the jets but want to equip those AA missiles straight away, this is for you.

The 10 shortcut items are available now from the PlayStation Store and the in-game store and include these:
Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs

Don’t forget to re-download Back to Karkand on PS3
We hope you enjoy this massive game update with its many fixes and additions. One more thing: If you are a PS3 player and Back to Karkand owner and you have not re-downloaded Back to Karkand – please do so now. The new revision of Back to Karkand that went live March 13 contains a bug fix that fixes the weapon animation bug on Back to Karkand maps. It also has some critical fixes to our back end code that ensures a smooth compatibility with future expansion packs such as Close Quarters and Armored Kill.

See you on the Battlefield!

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  • bardiuras 09.02.12 at 16:34

    SERVER NAME : 300% All Welcome.







    SERVER RULES : One simple rule : NO STEALING OPPOSITE VEHICLES . TEAMS MAY BE BALANCED. Have fun , play fair add us to FAVOURITES . Server admin bardiuras if u looking of giving any suggestions please contact me. THANK YOU and ALL WELCOME HERE :) THERE IS NO KICK / BAN FOR BEING GOOD PLAYER !!

  • sfjmcPicket 05.13.12 at 05:55

    I don’t like being kicked if someone thinks i am too good or too bad or just wants to make room for one of their VIPs! bring back some dice servers!

  • y55ob 05.07.12 at 19:37

    Lol this is really funny. I used to play MW3 and evryone on the forums is yelling about how designers ruined that game. And its the same on BF3 forums . Personally i prefer BF3 atm because MW3 is a big joke it has horrible matchmaking or Lagcompensation. Havent had any lag problems with BF3 so far. And much less campers :) . But anyhow in the end its all about personal preference. And im preffering BF3 at this time

  • jackpar01 05.05.12 at 03:24

    R.I.P since 04-01-12
    Master Sergent Jackpar01 cause of dead the scandalous sales of bundles for the FNG’S resulting in a complet lost of interest. See you guys in C.O.D 3

  • buckeye1163 04.26.12 at 20:14

    Just go ahead and take the mortar out of the game. You completely f’d it up. Why am I going to bother with it if I have to place it so close to the enemy? STUPID!! There is no strategy or thought req in weapon choice either apart from which class you choose. Just call it MW3.5

  • bign69 04.21.12 at 23:37

    Hey, I’m lazy, so I bought the ultimate shortcut kit, but I didn’t get everything it seems. I still have to earn to get some items? Anyone else experience this?

    • MindRecon 05.04.12 at 20:14

      Same here… I get a few more weapons almost no new gadgets etc… I probably got 10% increase of weapons 0% gadgets. For $39.00 ??? what is the deal? I’m on xbox 360 which is idiot proof on purchasing and downloading. I did it a few more times just incase… no go. A few times when starting up the game it said “You unlocked”… Recon or Assault or whatever but nothing new.

      • MindRecon 05.04.12 at 20:16

        Update: Nothing new! There are WAY more locked items than unlocked… DON”T BUY IT!!!

    • AbrahamDinky 05.20.12 at 08:58

      Same here – just feel like I was ripped off. Fortunately I can make a complaint with my bank since I did not get 100% what I bought, they will refund my money.

  • Ryant601 04.19.12 at 06:07

    is there a pc mirror for the ps3 patch, I can’t get it to download on my playstation..thanks psn.

  • Major_Barf 04.18.12 at 20:43

    Understand the patch for the MOV. But the weapons should have been left alone. The LMG’s are useless on TDM. LMG’s with scopes. Why? The flash and the climb is too much. Since you modified the IRNV, get rid of the 12X sniper. Snipers increase like crazy with the change. If you want it more realistic, let my LMG rip someone apart with one shot. Not much fun anymore. F’d up my kits.

  • mjt767 04.18.12 at 05:29

    are we EVER going to be able to configure our own controls on ps3? the default controls are so terrible.

  • oif1_vet 04.17.12 at 05:53

    Despite all the “fixes” I am still a fan, but what happened to my 100rd. drum for the MG36! The weapon still shows a 100rd beta mag, but the round count is only 50. Only good thing about the rented servers is that you can rack up a lot of points during the hour and a half long games.

  • AppleTree4 04.15.12 at 19:42

    please please please GIVE PS3 commo rose

  • KillerKJP 04.14.12 at 22:04

    Hey I have BF3 server It’s setup like this. Hardcore CQ & Rush. 100% tickets Same As the DICE servers. Has new and old maps. The server name is [RBO] 2 Person Start 100% Tickets/Hardcore CQ & RUSH. You dont have to type all of that out just type RBO and you will see it. I agree with everyone on the fact that some people are making the tickets way to high and then the games take like an hour to even play. Thats why I have Mine setup at only 100% tickets. SO check it out. All I ask Is that you dont team kill anyone or revenge team kill. I can under stand if it didn’t mean to hey it does happen.

  • OsitoMio 04.13.12 at 22:42

    Indeed i agree with the gamers. Battlefield 3 was the first series for me,(donewithCODseries) great game btw. Great until this server crap came upon. I’m a gamer that can tolerate a few changes here and there but not when you fuq with a game I invested days into. If enjoyment was what you were trying to invest in..give us more maps, guns or storyline. I don’t need to spend time playing deathmatches that last an hour or more just to be killed by campers. I want to play matches that stay with normal time limit or kills, not some match that i have to reach 500 kills and not be able to use all my weapons. I’m fed up with investing time in a game that ends up ruining my experience. Summer is almost here and there’s a lot of great games upon us..don’t let me trade this game in for another AAA game.

  • kamipsx 04.13.12 at 01:50

    i hate the rent a server.damn you dice

    • sfjmcPicket 05.13.12 at 05:54

      I don’t like being kicked if someone thinks i am too good or too bad or just wants to make room or one of their VIPs! bring back some dice and ea servers!

  • RocCityKid10 04.12.12 at 23:24

    Dice and EA take out the rent a server everyone say the same thing and maybe they will change it. please change your pissing everyone off and the game aint fun anymore with people creating their own servers put back official servers.

  • E7-2521 04.12.12 at 23:00

    DICE, I’d like to be the one to say a big thank you for the updates. I like that vehicles aren’t freaking fortresses on wheels now, I am happy the mobile AA is now used for Air and not infantry, and I’m happy you fixed the bug where my gun is above my head. I love I can leave a server after a match. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry with all these people who complain about the new update. The ones who claim they will leave aren’t really going too. Just think the only people who come on here to voice their opinions are the ones who are hating on it. The ones that appreciate all you guys (and girls) have done are the ones playing right now. :p

  • SgtSlaughterr_88 04.12.12 at 21:41

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!! You guys suck for doing this to all of us.
    The game was bad a$$, and now its just boring.

    • Major_Barf 04.18.12 at 20:46

      Hard enough to see let alone having the damn gun jumping around. Sucks!

  • MidniteInMiami 04.12.12 at 21:30

    Rent-a-server? Really? I hate and I MEAN HATE this, trying to get on to a proper EA or dice server is like trying to find unicorn crap now, I get into a private server, I get banned cos I lase the host’s A-10 and blow him out the sky 5 times (like I’m supposed to with the soflam) or I get admin killed constantly. How is that fair? You’ve given 5 year olds the ability to throw tantrums and grown ups the ability to feel all big and important. I’ve had people join my squad and introduce themselves as the owner and that we’re being monitored for server compliance! What the hell is that? Come on, I just wanna play a fricken game, I work hard during the day, I come home and when the little terrorists that my wife keeps producing go to bed I jump on the computers and normally end up playing BF3, but with all these new additions and the removal of the fun stuff, I’m tempted to spend time with the wife, WHAT THE HELL!! thats not normal behavior

    • E7-2521 04.12.12 at 23:02

      Find a server you like. Not all of them are evil. I have a list of rented servers I go to now because they offer something like 500% tickets or something. It’s nice to have a long war-type match instead of a quick battle. DICE doesn’t offer servers that have such a high ticket count.

    • sfjmcPicket 05.13.12 at 05:56

      so true!!!!

  • koonze 04.12.12 at 18:49

    now it takes even MORE hits to kill someone! thanks for taking a great game and turning it into a c.o.d. wannbe!! this is B.S.!

  • koonze 04.12.12 at 17:36

    i haven’t been on since before the update. why am i being told to download back to karkand at no additional cost but the psn wants to charge me $14.99?!

    • koonze 04.12.12 at 18:33

      ok, i got EA to fix the mappack issue but now the dam game keeps freezing! i’ve only played for about 45 minutes so far and the game has frozen on me 3 times!!! this never happened before this so called patch! frustration is setting in!

  • KLF99 04.12.12 at 09:05

    With the update came the new server options (Epic battles, Rent-A-server etc)… which completely managed to ruin the game.

    Problems at the moment:
    * No official DICE/EA -servers with the original set ups available anymore
    * Now official servers have Rush&CQ on the same rotation – what if I dont want to play rush?
    * No official servers with all maps (B2K too!) rotation with single game mode (rush/CQ) available anymore
    * Rent-A-Servers: run by children/idiots who kick you out if are too good, lag, too many tickets etc

    The game is now unplayable. Please revert to the old server options ASAP.

    • E7-2521 04.12.12 at 23:05

      There are too official servers. They say DICE on them. Do you not pay any attention to the server browser? And those servers do have a single game-type. Hell, even rented servers have that. Not all the rented servers are run by idiots. A lot of them are very nice. Like any multi-player game, some servers suck, and some don’t. You complain too much.

  • VendettaLion 04.12.12 at 06:58

    Sidenote: Close quarters maps are not the Battlefield way! Good Luck.

  • VendettaLion 04.12.12 at 06:56

    The update to the gameplay is a great improvement, but the server changes are making the game very difficult to enjoy. I don’t like private servers on quick match cause I get kicked by admin every so often for no apparent reason (I’m a very good team player, In most of my matches I’m one of the top players in points and I always have a good team presence!). I liked the server match up the way it was, [DICE] Servers on quick match and you ran through all the maps in your favorite game mode (Conquest Only or Rush Only, etc.). Now I play the same 4 maps over and over again, and I have yet been able to play Wake Island (even in the old format) since the update and I’ve logged some serious hours playing. DICE please fix your server rotation. “EPIC BATTLES” and so forth are nice but I want to play every map at least once during a decent session in the game type I like. Aside from the server stuff I find it very annoying when joining a game with a friend or two the game pushes us to opposite teams or different squads. Attention to this aspect of joining a game will make the matches far more enjoyable. If I build a squad before joining a match they should stay with me once the match start, it only makes sense.

  • iimaz3_NiGhTmArE 04.11.12 at 22:19

    Instead of listening to wishlists, deranking boosters from the leaderboards, balancing shotguns, or allowing players on consoles to favorite servers, Dice decides were gnna make private matches, which were in BF2/1, but the catch is were gnna make em pay for it like total assholes. First of all the DAMN PRIVATE SERVERS SHOULD OF BEEN IN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE, SO WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE PAY FOR THEM. I ADVISE THAT NO ONE BUY THIS BULLSHIT, STRIKE UNTIL THEY MAkE IT FREE, CAUSE ANYWAYS IT WAS A STUPID IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE; ANYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN MAKING THESE RENT SERVERS SHOULD BE FIRED; ITS A TERRIBLE BUSINESS STRATEGY TO NOT LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMERS, AND MAKE EM HATE U WHILE YOUR AT IT!

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 23:42

      oh I’m sure dice will take in everything you just said and will start firing their staff right away. Your pretty ignorant. do you have any idea how much it would cost dice to buy new servers? What wrong you don’t have a good paying job? or is mommy and daddy telling you no they wont buy that for you?

    • E7-2521 04.12.12 at 23:09

      What are you, four? Almost ever MMORPG I know of has rented servers. I rent a Minecraft server. There are massive companies dealing with renting of servers. You can’t just demand your server be put on the game’s host. Or that you even get a server. You are an idiot.

  • m6099 04.11.12 at 21:22

    hey the rent a server is fun and all but cant we get a one time free trial to see if its fun. And another thing we should be allowed to have whatever vehicles we want on the map. Just saying that both of these options would be nice

  • KANGOLIAS 04.11.12 at 19:16

    I have to agree with 187Major_Bailey
    You guys at DICE took an amazing first person shooter and turned it into shit. I too use to play everyday with my squad and now we have switched over to COD. All you guys needed to do was fix the USAS, Rpg’s and add a way to exit the game while waiting to change maps and that’s it. Tsk Tsk.

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 21:04

      Have you played since the patch? and how is switching to COD a better choice? There was never anything wrong with the RPG’s. Do you remember the rock on MW2? it took COD a year to fix the glitch.

  • 187Major_Bailey 04.11.12 at 15:09

    I have logged close to 300 hours of playing time. I used to play everyday with my buddies but since the new update, I have stopped playing. It just isn’t fun anymore. I am not saying I’m done for good but this game is not “A” list for me anymore. DICE…… Shitty move.

    The new DLC maps sound Gay too. I thought Battlefield was all about map size and vehicles.

  • binod_gg2 04.11.12 at 12:26

    yo that is very nice games

  • TheBattler 04.11.12 at 09:09

    And I still cant knife a enemy with a morter, Why? Is there some kind of magic knife shield around you when using a clumsy spawnraping weapon?
    And I still miss the opportunity to set my controller as I wish, the R3 button prone is about the most annoying thing ever (I for one allmost pushes it when shooting, maybe Im handicapped, but I have heard this to be a problem amongst many, and when you do, you stop shooting, your soldier jjust lies down nice and slow, while being slaughtered by the bewildered enemy). Actually I cannot for the life of me understand that the company who made the best games ever the last ten years, of which I have played all until my eyes started bleeding and my PC melted, has made this incredibly irritating game with clumsy soldiers, bad controller setup options (yes I switched to PS3 untill there is money enough for a Alienware) and very mysterious different reactions to bullits. I do appreciate (like so few) that there IS a difference in weapons, and sometimes a HK5 will be the better weapon against a G3, in urban warfare you need the fastfirring, easy reloading, quick aiming little sucker…but on a open dessert I will f….ng NOT tolerate to be killed with a pp19 from a 100 yards when I have put three aimed bursts of my 7.62 mm rifle into the enemy. When all is balanced out, then why should there beany motivation to get the next weapon.

    Lets stop focusing on making all weapons equal, and work on the gameplay, servers and the fact that its a bit unrealistic that a soldier would stop running and just hop on site when a little rock is on the ground.

  • drumscarinbr 04.11.12 at 04:21


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    There are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way that you gave it to us in the first place!

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total Bullsh*t!!!!!

  • Dr LightFoot BD 04.11.12 at 00:27

    Wow amazing now every school boy in the land can have there own server and mess around with game how they please kick people for killing them or getting more kills etc this game has gotten so bad i can’t sell it to anyone wasted a fortune on hard back book razer onza bf3 controllers etc.Never again.What you did to all the weapons and tanks etc is a damn disgrace then to extract more cash with your pay through the nose servers.Personally i think this so called update made a lot of people leave the game for good.Enjoy your new mw3 fans dice :)

  • Acendric 04.10.12 at 15:35

    I’m sorry but this is dumb. I am glad the MAV and USAS is fixed for the most part but really? Having to play in servers, the dumb extreme nerfing of most weapons and all of that junk. It makes me feel like I have to re-learn everything which I am not about. DICE you guys need to petition this and see what we choose because it is getting to the point where a lot of gamers are quitting all together. FIX THIS BY THE POWER OF GRAY SKULL

  • drumscarinbr 04.10.12 at 11:21


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2K 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total Bullsh*t!!!!!

  • reoriginal3 04.10.12 at 01:02

    Who do I need to talk to about some ideas for the Battle Field 3

  • kjkb1980 04.09.12 at 22:30

    I apologise for my language but please sort this fu*@in game out!!!! I can’t play for anymore than a couple of minutes before I get booted because I’ve ‘lost connection to the session’. This has been going on for days now and I’ve pretty much had enough now and am just gonna give up on the game altogether.

    • J4ckOne1ll 04.09.12 at 23:13

      That will be the fault of your internet connection, try to not run any other internet aplications that may interfier with the connection of the game or think about upgrading to a better internet provider.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 04.09.12 at 03:00

    DICE thanks for the patch. (actually mean it) But when thats said then i think you when to far in your eager to change stuff.
    It was SO awesome that you got rid of most MAV ridders, USAS spamming and the laser famas. Plus most guns are post patch are really great. But again i think you went to far with some gun and the RPG/TANK/DAMAGE.
    RPG: You should be able to take out a soldier with one RPG hit, not like now where you almost can get a headshot, with the enemy die`ing.
    Tanks: Make then how they where, they where great.
    DAMAGE: It just takes to many hits to kill people. In all kinds of ways and with all kinds of weapons.

    BUGS: Bad hit detection, especially when people are jumping over stuff.
    Vaulting isssue is back, making people zoom across the map after the have jumped over a railing or something like that.
    More lag after patch.

  • xXHiredGunXx 04.08.12 at 21:40

    I have no clue what your problems are. They fixed a bunch of bugs and help nerf cheaters. If your pissed cause u cant kill anyone now, maybe the weapon u were using before was O.P. Ok, lets bitch about being able to rent servers and allow all of are friends to actually get in a match now. Yes i have been kicked from a match before because i was doing to good. So i never played on that server again. Also if u are actually a good player and use your headset. U should be able to gain enough friendships and thus coming across someone who has there own server, that wont kick u. They spent alot of time trying to make this game better for us, and all ive herd is ignorant crying. Keep up the hard work dice, and thanks for making a game that u have to use squad tactics to be elite.

  • gez13 04.08.12 at 20:45

    Rent a server sucks get kicked a lot

  • silver82s 04.08.12 at 19:16

    this update sucks

  • jacekclose 04.08.12 at 13:47

    aftera update it’s SHIT.

  • aww_sheit 04.08.12 at 09:00

    i swear if i get kicked 1 more time for doing too good im going to snap this game..

  • Shojimbo 04.07.12 at 20:50

    I was sure I’d get another 100hrs at least out of BF3 and it’d be my main multiplayer FPS until Bad Company 3. Not the case. The patch, amongst other things has ruined a lot of the fun and added a whole lot of new issues. Whilst the core of the game is still impressive, it now feels a whole lot more imbalanced and inconsistent. Major glitches still exist from release whilst you muck around with virtually every weapon that 90% of players have spent many, many hours getting comfortable with and perfecting/honing their technique. Now you have to adjust, but stupidly so, skill is out the window – luck and spray & pray is more common unless you’re using shotguns.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can still dominate games and regularly get MVP ribbons and healthy K/D and points totals. But it’s less fun, more frustrating, less balanced, less consistent and that makes for a major disappointment. It demonstrates just how intricate you have to be with a game that’s so in-depth – make so many little changes and you’ve got a totally different package. If your opinion on how the guns should feel/play changes post-release then too bad, accept your mistakes and implement the changes in your next release – not many months and many, many hours of gameplay after release.. unless of course they’re major issues or bugs that hamper a player using them or the balance of the game.

    I dislike the USAS with frag, or any shotgun with FRAG rounds. They’re annoying, especially when you’ve got squads of useless players getting massive scores and dominating maps with their random trigger spamming. But because they were a part of the game on release I learned to adapt to them. I don’t use shotguns and have never used the USAS once IIRC. So I used tactical positioning, smarter use of cover, suppression and distancing myself from the FRAG spammers and then pick them off with well placed chest/headshots with a rifle or LMG.

    As I said above, I was hoping BF3 would do me throughout the year as a multiplayer FPS. I now have no fun playing it. So I’ve actually started researching and window shopping for other forthcoming titles. Especially when you’ve got this rented server nonsense, purchasing kits, new maps that cost etc. Ripping every £. It’s sad. I guess that’s the industry. I thought DICE were different. BC2 impressed me majorly, the balance, simplicity and attention to detail was ideal. It shows that you can have all the features, all the graphics, all the destruction, all the vehicles & weapons and pretty smart gameplay – but without balance and consistency you just have a frustrating mess.

    Sort it out. Go back pre-patch. Retain bug fixes and simple improvements like adding a quit option to the award/load-up menu and the removal of important things like MAV riding. I understand the change to the FAMAS, it felt overpowered, lacked recoil and had too big of a mag.

  • fireblade2593 04.07.12 at 17:47

    Alrite so I’ve played battlefield for a long time starting from bad company one. The quick match when you click it sends you to usually a retarded match where the enemy has way more tickets to win or a match with stupid rules. I always browse through servers looking for a legit bf3 server from dice but I can never find any. You should make an option on quick match and server filter to only show actual bf3 servers. I’ve talked to a ton of people and they agree. Please change this and heed this comment as this will make the game immensely more enjoyable. I know for a fact that no bf3 player will find something wrong with that. – fireblade

  • aww_sheit 04.07.12 at 08:29

    idc about the buyable classes or renting a server but why did you guys f#ck with the guns if you werent going to make them better? u say our feedback has a direct impact on what u do, i don’t think ppl asked u to plz make make them worse.. where do u guys get these ideas? i had to download the update for hours then redownload the maps for more hours just so i could lose my cool trying play what i thought would be a better game? ive never ben so pissed off at a video game that ihad to blog about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UN UPDATE THIS BULLSHIT! reset EVERYTHING back to how it was and don’t try again……… shit hire me ill do your job for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 966curry 04.06.12 at 17:13

    WTF!? Still only in Japan, there’re no patch on PS3. So many players are angry because they are betrayed and ignored by EA.

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 08:02

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:41

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy… who killed the game..

    • Dr LightFoot BD 04.11.12 at 00:31

      It sure is dead as door nail for me anyway.Just waiting now for the next great multiplayer………………………………………………………………………………

  • Bernaserra 04.06.12 at 07:34

    You ruined the game guys. Rental servers killed it. Im done.

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 06:41

    Why are we waiting??? Where the hell is the decison makers? EA / DICE should have a POLL : Do gamers want back the pre-patch?? YES or No

    Yes for me!!!!!

  • BringBackBF3 04.06.12 at 03:57

    Thank you Battlefield for treating me so amazing over the years. However I must wonder if my purchasing of every game you have ever released is not enough to satisfy your greed. Must you take a game that worked very well out of the box, a game based on skill and teamwork and turn it into a game based on how much you want to pay after you have already bought the game at full retail price?

    I own and love battlefield 1942, battlefield vietnam, battlefield 2, battlefield 2142, battlefield bad company and battlefield bad company 2.

    I own battlefield 3 and i loved it when i got it. I would play it for hours every single day. I even bought it for several friends just to show them how awesome the game was.

    However this update has single handedly removed all love I have for battlefield. I now find it impossible to find a server that is running at official settings. There is an option in the server browser to filter for Official EA servers. I have this filter on and the first server in the results has the name of “we own your mom”. If this is an EA official server then EA has some serious personal issues they need to address with their psychologists.

    Because I bought this game for 2 of my friends I then had to go to each of my friends and apologize for the pile of crap that now infested their playstation. Thankfully they both agreed with me and did not blame me for the pain that was caused them.

    Thank you Battlefield creators for destroying my favorite game series of all time. Thank you for selling me a game I love, stealing that game from me and replacing it with a pile of crap that you clame is now Battlefield 3. I wish I could sue you for stealing BF3 from me, but I am sure nothing I do or think actually matters to you. Regardless I will not buy or play anything else in the battlefield series. I will also make sure to do all I can to warn other players about the travesty known as Battlefield 3.

    The person you stole Battlefield 3 from

  • I_Fcked_Zakhaev 04.06.12 at 03:17

    Thanks for the last update, Can I add, It ruined the whole game, … The fun of this game? I found that the guns Damage was really to the point and fair for everyone. The only flaw in the guns was the Usas-12 explosive rounds…. Even there, It didnt bother me, With flak jacket, or less running, more covering, its like any other gun, Now it takes 5 shots with a shotgun at 3 feet to get a kill…. ????? Rent servers??? I can’t find one server without boosting, getting kicked, or just crappy rules, But oh when I go in your server… I lag like shit…. This is so boring… I can’t enjoy it anymore… I recommended this game to all my friends, most of em bought it,… Now im going back to Call of Duty, Unless you repatch it….. Look at your community, The players, The people.. the people that buy from you……. They are all anoyed, not happy, Most feedbacks are bad, If you guys dont wanna see a crash in your players… Do something… I’m glad you fixed SOME of the bugs, like the MAV glitch, wasn’t it a bug fix? I hope it would of been that, Not an complete game make over, I like battlefield because of it’s originality… Now.. It just look like another messed up game…. This is not the battlefield 3 that I know… Thanks.. very much… This is bullshit…

  • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:33


  • tKd_OveRDozE 04.05.12 at 23:29

    ya fucking n0obs stop cryin about the patch and learn how to reajust to game play like every one else has done and you migth actually learn a skill or two

  • spoonatron 04.05.12 at 19:49

    I don’t get why so much had to be messed around with. The only things I thought needed adjustment was the extreme difficultly in shooting down aircraft from the ground. All that really needed was a longer reload time for chaff or slower self-fix rate. Well, aircraft shouldn’t be able to fix themselves but I can see why they do for gameplay reasons. Also, shooting down aircraft that are trying to take off is the work of massive benders.

    Other than that there really wasn’t anything else that caused much annoyance. Maybe c4 shouldn’t be so easy to place and infantry shouldn’t have such a steady aim when firing a rocket while being hit by heavy mg fire. And I really don’t like the way a jeep covered in c4 can blow up a tank, disable maybe but not destroy. Not massive annoyances though.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is shooting people at point blank range needs about the same amount of hits as at medium range. And if someone has 0% health they should be dead!! not bloody running around. You shouldn’t be able to run around firing and jumping like nothings happened if your health is below 50%. The amount of times I’ve been killed by someone with sub 10% health and they’re running around and jumping about like nothing has happened is ridiculous.

    The one thing that would be really good is if squads are kept together when finding a game. What’s the point in joining a friend only to be split up when a game is found. Bloody stupid.

    And just to cast my vote, I DO NOT want to play on rented servers!

    There should be an option to ignore rented servers or a separate browser for rented. I got kicked out of a game for…. capturing a conquest flag. And it was almost immediately after the capture so the admin was probably trying to do it before it got captured. And many of the games have way too many tickets or just one map type. It people want to do that then fine let them, but I should be able to ignore ALL rental servers.

    money grabbing b-tards

  • Pyroclism 04.05.12 at 16:02

    So now what, I have to rent a server to have fun! When i use quickplay I find myself in a server with 1200 tickets and have to play on the same map for like 2 hour. This new Patch is the Gayest thing since same sex marriage!

    • I_Fcked_Zakhaev 04.06.12 at 03:22

      I feel you man, They ruined this shit up

  • KaiserVII 04.05.12 at 14:22

    BF4ool is the new game with the patch!!!!!! now i dont shoot because can hardly kill, so i chase whoever is in my map n knife them, guess what i get 10 knives(tags) in a game in squad deathmatch, operation metro.. everyone is taking such long time to aim and shooting @ the oponents.. Knifing has no recoil, 100% kill.. thanks dice! “Battlefieldfool” not bf3 anymore with this junk patch.. Yawnz!! time to get a copy of MW3…

  • Lemon137 04.05.12 at 10:46

    I’m sorry but this “update” is beyond stupid. It ruined the fun of the entire game. I thought it was MUCH better when the servers all had the same rules and were’nt hosted privately. Ok and what up with the unrealistic damage? Its taken like FOUR 12G BUCKSHOT ROUNDS from like 10ft to kill. Really? THAT’S realistic to you? Nerf was UNNECESSARY. Everything was fine before. The frag rounds before didn’t really bother me to be honest. After all it was REALISTIC Like the game is supposed to be right? Cmon lets get a downgrade, the old BF3 rocked! The new one? Kinda thinking about playing MW3 again… This is really depressing because this WAS one of the best games I have ever played. Was. Please fix BF3!

  • Rking13 04.05.12 at 05:56

    Ok.. You fixed the frag rounds.. woopdi du good job..
    The recoil from the weapons is impossible to even get a kill.
    All of the weapons are nerfed with the new patch. From a clip (or magazine) of 35 it can easily take 30 to kill one player. The vehicles can now be disabled with one RPG making it impossible to drive anything in a server. In other words the patch didn’t fix anything it just made things worst..

  • DaSaint 04.05.12 at 04:27

    The game balance is now off. The update messed alot of stuff up. My anti air rock out wont lock on. Its sporadic. When it do the enemy have enought time to chaff after I shoot and reload especially skilled helo pilots. My guided tank missle does not lock on to lased targets and I have trouble lock onto lased target with my javelin. I just came from a map where we was dominated by air vehicles and i couldnt even get a shoot down not even dircetly under a helo. This updates need work

  • BSMOOVE2020 04.05.12 at 03:36

    Just rented a server and am trying to play wake island 5 flag. if anyones interested search for “TURF” server

  • FatalGunslinger 04.05.12 at 02:03

    this patch is the most worthless piece of crap i have ever downloaded in my life. you guys fixed nothing. you ruined almost every gun everything is NERFED to shit and i have to totally agree with the famas comment i used that gun alot and now its impossible to kill someone with it even with burst fire it doesnt do shit its recoil is absurd. now 9 out of 10 times someone cant run by ur claymore and not die its ridiculous pistols all got diesel for some reason. i think its funny that after all the complaints with this new patch on PS3 u guys clearly took that feedback and made a revised patch for the Xbox 360 cuz my friend has 360 and he had to download to new patches so fix the PS3 one this shit is beginning to become unplayable

  • acesces 04.05.12 at 01:15


  • Kenny-McGormic 04.04.12 at 22:08

    Uhm the patch is too big, I cant download it can someone please help Its gets stuck in loading and the time left meter always switches to numbers from 350 to 2000 minutes.Then its says error and stops the download, I got to 1% in ca 10 minutes!

    It is just f***ed up and I cant play :( I think you might need too split up the patch in 2 to 5 parts for us with bad internet or uses the god forsaken Glocalnet

  • Kostlivec1 04.04.12 at 18:41

    What happened to the tanks or any vehicle for that matter? It seems they cannot take any damage whatsoever. Often times I am bombarded by 1 or 2 RPG’s and that’s all it takes to blow the tank up. Before you had to land about 3 or so RPG’s to do complete damage. The Igla is another issue. It’s impossible to lock on now, the range is completely out of whack. The fact people can buy upgrades is a ploy to put more money in your pockets. The entire game seems completely out of whack after the patch. I don’t know what to think of it all.

  • O_B_E_Y_91 04.04.12 at 18:39

    good update overall, i wouldnt call it a complete bust or a complete fix, but it is definitely a step forward. my only big objection is the purchase of some kits, especially vehicles… don’t rule out the feature completely but only give them half of the unlocks, not all of them!

  • shadowness123 04.04.12 at 14:43


    • Massakre8492nd 04.04.12 at 18:57

      it’s supposed to have massive recoil… it’s rpm is 1000 FFS! burst fire and you will be fine

    • BLACKOUT_DsB 04.04.12 at 19:56

      get over it noob, it has one of the fastest fire rates in the game, higher than some of the lmgs, and even without the suppressor had next to NO recoil. no assault rifle on the planet is that good. learn to shoot like the rest of us.

  • aww_sheit 04.04.12 at 10:28

    whoa now,awful lag now and alot of guns it seems are messed up, idk if its just some bugs but they need to be ironed out and set back to how they were, and i cant ride the MAV anymore? cmon now.. that added more to the game if you ask me. idk but if this keeps up this way i might have to get modern warfare.

  • EinsteinTheCow 04.04.12 at 07:19

    Dice team, I’ve always appreciated how much you value players’ feedback. But you’ve ruined the game with this patch.

    Suppression was perfect the way it was – blurry screen, slightly decreased accuracy. For some reason you turned it way up. Now the tiniest bullet flies by and I’m under full suppression, and I get my grandma’s eyesight (RIP, she was awesome), and the muzzle drift is ridiculous. Fine, if you wanna make it harder, blur and shake my screen more, I can live with it. But when I’m calm enough to actually aim, and when I can clearly see that I hit the enemy, don’t tell me I didn’t do any damage. You’re making it so impossible to fight back that it boils down to who shoots first. Or that the only way to somewhat counteract the effect is to equip ourselves with heavy barrel, but we like choices for our secondary accessory.

    Before, I was addicted to playing jets because it requires tremendous amount of practice to ace the main cannons and that gave me an advantage over other pilots. But with the new patch, Guided Missiles have way more damage than it should be, which makes choppers all the more scarier; stingers now are one hit disable. On top of that, lock-on time is significantly shortened AND flares can’t lose the lock. Are you flipping kidding me? It’s like you don’t want jets to survive. That also allos inexperienced players with a couple of guided missiles to kill senior pilots with ease, not to mention advanced weapons are now being sold. This renders Extinguishers almost useless because missiles are too efficient, choppers can now easily lock and stay onto jets. The only way to survive in air now is to be equipped with flares, which is also insufficient. You’ve taken the time pilots spent and the experiences we’ve gain and thrown them out of the equation.
    Also, now there’s a glitch where if you shoot your jet straight up past the altitude limit, it just gets stuck there. Before, if you keep pulling up your jet, it’d eventually come down, but now, it would decrease at the beginning, and then it would increase, then decrease, increase and so on.

    Weapons are very difficult to handle now since seemingly the recoil of most weapons have been increased. The effects of many accessories now don’t have a global value, which makes things complicated and hard to get used to.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but C4 will now be gone after I get killed? So much fun is taken away!

    Overall I’m (and I think many of us are) disappointed with the highly anticipated new patch. I’m not nearly as addicted to the game as I used to be. If in your dictionary, “fair” means “noobs can own without practice”, then I’ve truly lost interest. Because you’ve taken away the factor I love the most about this game: Patience, Practice, Perfection.

    Thank you for listening to us and please keep this game awesome! We still love it!

  • KamiSori2 04.04.12 at 02:57

    The only thing that’s pissing me off with the game is the rent server BS and it’s so annoying. Everything else about the game I’m fine with, not much of a big problem but the rent servers have to go away seriously. The reason why I dislike these rent servers are because every time I join a server someone is renting it which THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING. They are ruining BF3 online gameplay, they set what they want to set, and I know that’s the point on renting a server. However, that is the main reason why BF3 is being ruined. Of course, I go to server browser to fine a “normal” server that NO ONE IS OWNING OR RENTING except DICE however, even DICE servers are not what they use to be. DICE servers switch game mode from conquest to rush and back to conquest, and the cycle continues. I fine it highly annoying. I am very close quitting on BF3 and it’s not just me but there are others who want these rent servers off. I know there are people that like it but there are also those who do not. I’m just sick of it.

    • AnArmyOfOne 04.04.12 at 04:04

      Agree 100%. I sent Dice a message stating the same problem with the rent a server.

  • drumscarinbr 04.03.12 at 18:40


    This is a major issue in the game. At launch, we were able to play all maps while staying in conquest, rush, etc. You never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotaion however.

    Look at this thread, there are many players that are pissed off about this. It is also a very shady business practice to do away with this initially offered feature, right around the time you offered server rentals, as to increase revenue by making players pay to play something the way you gave it to us in the first place!!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/1/

    The total number of official DICE HARDCORE servers should be comprised of the following:

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode

    15% – includes all maps (including B2k) that stay in your selected game mode

    20% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode

    10% – includes all vanilla maps that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    15% – includes all maps (including B2K) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    25% – includes all maps (including B2k 5-flag versions) that stay in your selected game mode – WITH NO MINI-MAP

    5% – made up of the currently implemented themed playlists (epic battles, urban warfare, soldier skirmishes, etc.)

    PS: I’ll be posting this as much as possible until ‘we’ get an official response that’s helpful, as this is total BS!!!!!

  • rvadrichem 04.03.12 at 17:36

    I like the changes, but I hate the “server rental”. There is nobody left in the original servers and everyone is playing the rental servers. Teamtickets 300%, shotguns only, the whole game is F*ckt-up!
    So thanks DICE for ruining my favorite game. Please set a maximum of rental servers!! Until I wont play BF anymore… Thanks alot

  • KaiserVII 04.03.12 at 16:02

    The game is lifeless and not filled with players.. not only that the game takes so long to end.. thanks to some smart dice genis. barely played for 2 days and just played for an hour makes me feel i have not miss anything.. until this patch is remove, guess its better to do something else than playing bf3.. xbox dudes, good luck on the patches! Sucks big time, feels like MOH..

  • flawnt 04.03.12 at 15:12

    The famas which use to be my favorite gun is a absolutely terrible gun to use, the recoil is insane.
    And whats with the lack of squad options, i like being able to be in a squad with just my friends. its bad enough when i join servers and cant be on a team with them for a while, but being stuck in a different squad too?
    Quick game is a useless function now, if i really want a PROPER quick game, i have to go into server browser and find a normal one
    And I don’t know if its only me, but it feels laggier, i feel like I’m getting terrible rego (AUS)

    • rvadrichem 04.03.12 at 17:39

      I used to play conquest, but no with all those rental servers I only got conquest games with 300% tickets which is a thing to hate! Now I also have to search for a normal game, which are no where to find. So it’s not only you who has the problem…

  • poeleloele 04.03.12 at 08:47

    I agree on the boycott. They made this game suck like monkeyballs..
    I even think about selling the game because it makes me aggresive and anoyed. I am not a player who is a bad looser or someone who curses behind the PS3 butt the past 3 days i have had my thoughts of throing my controller trough my LCD screen.

    After the update i encountered a shit load of trash:
    – Suddenly mines become invisible now and then. I played seine crossing, driving tank, and got killed by invisible AT mines in one game for like 14 times!! Whenever i drive a tank i always pay attention to my mini-map and i look on main screen for AT mines. Now the become invisble and i get killed instantly…

    - The rapid switching between targets is NOT fixed. When i select “guided shell” on my tank, and i have multiple targets in front, i get killed most of the time because that stupid crosshair keeps switching between the target, thus sellecting nothing…

    - Famas seems to have more recoil and horizontal muzzle drift than before… Sucks cause it was my favorite weapon as was the Usas-12.

    - Suddenly the maps are crowded with guys who have C4 and javelin missile. Because of the option to buy the unlocks, i now have no chance driving any vehicle on maps like Firestorm and Caspian Border.
    I played for like 80 hours to get my unlocks and now any noob can buy them because Dice has a hunger for money??! Shame on you…

    - Because lack of distance the stinger missile is completely useless.

    - Making weapons balance sucks and does no good to realism. I understand why they did it because when you can buy the unlocks all weapons should be equal, aint it Dice…..

    So far about the complaints i can remember right now…

    You make the game suck and i wont play or recommend the game to anyone anymore.
    I even thought of starting a “Boycott Battlefield” facebook fanpage…

    • Jose_R_17 04.03.12 at 09:41

      I agree with everything you pointed out its b/s you can’t play a normal game. Every quick game gabe already started n either guarantee going to lose or its an empty with no one playing. I would always say battlefield 3 was way better than modern war fare 3 because of multiplayer but not gets you think what game to switch to nite that battlefield 3 has died sad………

  • Scythe3777 04.03.12 at 04:10

    Way to go Dice and EA. You listened to the minority of whiners and screwed up a perfectly good game. The weapon tweaks are junk, the new “rent a server” makes trying to play just a normal game almost impossible! What a bunch of trash!

  • anarcho-nobody 04.03.12 at 03:03

    YES! Quick match NEEDS to default to EA/DICE-run servers ONLY! Too many times have I started a “quick match”, and wind up on a map with 1500 tickets, or I get kicked for using a shotgun when it was impossible to know the “rules” of the server since I use “quick match”… or simply get kicked for killing the admin. Let the rich kids play their way, let us poor kids enjoy the free online gaming the way it used to be.

  • A-Mach01 04.02.12 at 18:48

    They’ve taken what used to be the easy process of finding a game with normal rules, and made it so that I have to search to find games that do not have an insane amount of respawn tickets, and has room for players. I don’t have time to play those high ticket games, as I usually only have 20 minutes or so, when I can actually play.

    I like having the option to choose those higher ticket games, but I think that quick match should default to the normal servers.

    • sas75801 04.03.12 at 12:09

      high ticket game do get boring but the most annoying thing is if you are doing well ie capturing flags high kill rate etc you get kicked by admin. plus noshair needs tweeking in home base first carrier attackers use helos to keep you pinned down at spawn base the same aaplys for land base camping in hill and buildings

  • NIGHTDOLER 04.02.12 at 18:07

    last update sucks big time!!!!!
    Playen conquest and the nexts game is rush or deathmatch
    sorry but conquest is conquest and rush is rush.
    also no elevator on the MAV pfff.
    servers ?!
    i tink is time to find out oder games!!!
    give us back the time b4 the update

  • ps3chores 04.02.12 at 15:23

    Need to do some modifications for the servers.. VIP section needs another options to allow Platoons. VIP list isn’t big enough for the amount that we have in our clan.

    Also allow us to modify maps?

    Allow certain guns and attachments.

    Allow Vehicles placements and what type you want. Some maps would do good if there wasn’t so much tanks but add other vehicles into battle to enrich the experience. Such as 1 tank less for a mobile AA.

    Allow the option for admin to change maps instantly to the next and or cast votes. Sometimes our server freezes cause everyone has left so the server is stuck.

    That’s is all I got to say for now. I hope you can do this!

  • specter SE7EN 04.02.12 at 11:22

    Shortcut Bundles are an insult to everyone who earned their weapons, attachments and vehicle upgrades the hard way. But EA/DICE are looking for anything they can sell in order to make more $$. Rather than just letting everyone host their own private matches for Free, they try and sell us on the idea that “renting a server” is cool..when games since the beginning of online gaming have offered private match functions for no cost.

    Love this game, but all these little things that their doing to make some extra coin are just pathetic.

    • markpsu 04.02.12 at 14:30


    • A-Mach01 04.02.12 at 18:45

      I totally agree that it is bogus that many of us had to earn upgrades that can now be purchased. I could see allowing the purchase of the first 1-3 upgrades for some vehicles, so that people are not being slaughtered and have no chance to earn upgrades. (Although I think there’s value in making people work hard to earn these upgrades by flying or driving against better opponents so that they have to work hard to be rewarded). But allowing access to all upgrades is silly.

    • MDKGator75 04.02.12 at 19:27


    • A-Mach01 04.02.12 at 22:35

      In a future update, will we be able to purchase higher kill/death ratios? Perhaps if we pay enough, the game will play itself while we watch. And for even more money, it will win every time.

  • SK_DIABLO 04.02.12 at 10:46

    this is BULL!! yall mofos need to fix it on the PS3… made me do update ok then yall say sorry but u must reinstall B2K so i did and gues what its not working yall need to fix this Issue

  • thedragon700 04.02.12 at 00:46

    I can’t notice much difference with the patch. But more importantly I’m not pleased with the custom server options… You should be able to change all settings and it should remain a RANKED game… Bullet damage % and the other options you can’t change without making it an UNRANKED game is totally rediculous. I’m paying for the darn rental and I am unable to make it the way that I want.
    As well you should be able to block the weapons of your choice from being used.

    Totally disappointed with the SERVER RENTAL and I won’t be wasting anymore cash on them til they are changed.

  • pnovak2 04.01.12 at 23:11

    Please roll this patch back, I’ve been playing since the game came out, and I hate to say post-patch its just not fun.

  • KING OF DUBSTEP 04.01.12 at 16:22

    Battlefield 3 has killed the Battlefield series for me. BFBC, BFBC2 & BF2 all had amazing gameplay, a sence of community, a really team work experiance. It was fun, you would bump into other players u recognised regularly, people would provide ammo and health without a second thought, people would provide cover and you would work together. You would offten get squads set up with an engineer, recon, assult and medic all working in sync, as is meant to be. What we have now is undoubtedly a battlefield game, but it doesnt have soul or spirit, it doesnt have the community/teamwork mentality, no ones looks out for each other, its everyone for themself.
    Its Call Of Duty on a bigger map with vehicals

  • Shojimbo 04.01.12 at 15:39

    Yup, I’m experiencing a buggier/laggier BF3 post-patch. Don’t see why such a huge patch was necessary. It feels like a new game, and in many ways a lesser game. The gun “balancing” seems strange and in 90% of cases unnecessary. Some basic flaws that were put into the game from the start (like stupid visual indicators such as ‘flag-being-captured icon’ sitting in the middle of your screen) haven’t been changed, yet a lot of weapons that seemed finely tuned have been changed to a level where they feel awkward – maybe after another while of playing through them all and adapting your playing style to them will be fine but I didn’t see the need to change so much. The other little improvements like removing MAV riding etc. are welcomed but those are no-brainer decisions – MAV riding influenced cheating. Changing the recoil on a specific weapon doesn’t prevent cheating, it just calls for every single player to re-adapt their playing style and weapon usage.

    Inaccuracy under suppressive fire is wild at times and annoying. It also works badly when the game is lagging and glitching. The original effect was fine, I loved it as it was creative, added realism and put it above other shooters – the motion blur impaired your vision and sense of where the enemy was, that was enough of a handicap to recover from and defend yourself – add in the wild wobble and bobble of your accuracy in returning fire and you’ve got a messy gunfight – especially close-range where the enemy is dancing around 5metres in front of you yet he turns into a faded mist of colours and you seem to miss wildly just because he’s firing and missing you, making for some long, scrappy, confusing gunfights whereas normally it’d be the quickest and most accurate player would dump the other in a matter of 2-3 seconds.

    They’ve “fixed” far too many things that didn’t need fixing.

    I respect that they listen to their community feedback, but don’t forget that there are gazillions of other dedicated customers/players who don’t come on to every blog and forum to moan about the game and demand that it changes to a way that suits them. I agree that there were flaws worth patching, but not half as much. This is my second post on the blog complaining about the amount of “improvements”! Things like pointless visual indicators getting removed/improved, adding a ‘quit’ option to the loading screen, preventing cheating by removing MAV riding, improving/downgrading the mag on certain overpowered weapons to help balance etc. I approve of 100% honest, realistic and beneficial improvements like those.

    Also, anti-aliasing.. does it influence input lag or what? My HDTV ain’t got the greatest clarity, contrast or sharpness so Battlefield has always looked very grainy and sharp visually to me on PS3 but I got used to that. Anti-aliasing does make it smoother/better looking on my telly but if it influences input lag then what’s the point in adding it? Especially as default-on for every player that downloaded the patch.

    • Shojimbo 04.01.12 at 15:52

      Also just to add..

      Bad Company 2 was more simplified, better balanced, more fun and more consistent ‘a shooter. BF3 with a few improvements (learning from BC2) rather than trying to venture into new areas and constantly add new bits & pieces to impress and get one over on the competition could have been a solid shooter. It’s a good-looking, fairly realistic and fairly impressive game in comparison to the main competition. But it loses the fun factor that BC2 had mainly because it tries too hard and over-complicates so many things. Take those over-complicated additions/upgrades and re-patch them many months later changing how they worked initially and you’ve just over-complicated a lot of over-complicated features.

      Poor. I won’t be buying the new map packs. There are currently enough maps to keep most people happy. I haven’t and won’t play the game as much as I played BC2 and enjoyed that game. Go back to basics and accentuate the positive – don’t add hundreds of new elements and then edit them months later, it reeks of trying too hard and intending to outdo the competition – that simply isn’t necessary. Bad Company 2′s multiplayer was far and beyond the competition, Battlefield 3 just needed to move it on (graphically and gameplay-wise), polish it up a little and take influence from the original Battlefield games.

  • KaiserVII 04.01.12 at 15:33

    Hey Dice ? EA, bring back what it was before the patches, you can sell whatever you want.. With the current patches, the game is no long enjoyable, forget about selling anything!!!!!

  • Dave28k 04.01.12 at 12:47

    ermm Have Dice messed with player running speed/rates? only everyone seems to be running like 50% faster now and it’s impossible to aim on them, specially with sniper scopes.. Bullet reg has gone shite, pointblank range shooting someone and i kill them, but somehow they manage to kill me before they die, Like proper bad lag and no it’s not my connection, I was fine pre-patch, my kill ratio was fine pre-patch,, feels like I’m playing in the matrix half the time now, sucks ass

  • jasper1458 04.01.12 at 08:44

    Finally, COD needs to watch out. cars have horns! honking my way to happiness!

    I kinda miss ghillie suits. you know, the old wookies.(make a new skins pack)

    • trasher-05 04.01.12 at 08:53

      Agreed, i miss looking like a big walking bush…..

  • jasper1458 04.01.12 at 08:38

    Please make it so conquest assault and conquest are two different modes. sometimes I feel like playing conquest and not conquest assault. (DICE, please consider this. It would make my gameplay experience more enjoyable)

  • jasper1458 04.01.12 at 08:31

    Why cant we do simple free private matches. you could in badcompany 2, but you needed at least 7 players to start. DICE, please allow private matches like badco.2 or cod. and please make it so any match only needs 1 player to start. (private matches should be unranked)

  • jaikool-01 04.01.12 at 07:24

    DICE, DICE, DICE…. you really fucked up! IGLA only works (locks) 30% of the time, even if the enemy’s aircraft is close enough… When trying to deploy the mortar, the pre-deploy indicator is above my shoulder all the fucking time, not matter what Map… Helicopters are taking down way to easy, bad if you are the one flying it. Seriously what that fuck where you thinking?!!!! Did you actually think that creating a massive patch would make customers happy? Is changing the whole game experience after people playing it for almost 5 months without huge problems. Sorry DICE but you seriously Fucked it up!

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 21:19

      DICE DICE DICE I remember everyone complaining about the USAS frags and The MAV killing. Dice released the patch and fixed a lot of the big problems. Maybe the IGLA only works (some how you figured out) 30% of the time because people are using stealth, maybe they are out of range, or maybe you suck. I plenty of people who manage to stay in heli’s for most of the match. People who fail to communicate with their co-pilot and switch off between deploying flares will die easily. One rocket from a RPG should blow up a heli. Its realistic and that what Battlefield is about. Its hard to get heli kills with a single shot and usually only happens if you are hovering or suck at flying.

  • AmericanIcon86 04.01.12 at 05:55

    lame lame lame. this game is such a mess. its so much work to play this game sometimes.

  • sfjmcPicket 04.01.12 at 05:41

    thanks for the patch. but why not provide a filter button to weed out private servers? what if i only want to play on DICE and EA servers?

    • zZ eMeRgE x 04.01.12 at 06:51

      its says when your using server browser whether you want to select custom games(private servers) or not if you dont want a private server just dont select it

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 21:19


  • mh555 04.01.12 at 04:43

    Why whine about it? EA and DICE did us a service people. PS3 users get no love from multiplatform games. I downloaded the patch and B2K (again) today just to check this out and I love it. I played on someone’s rented server and it was nuts. 5 flag assault? These are the kinds of things we should be rejoicing about. If you want to play a private game there are plenty of unranked servers open for you that no one will join. If you’re pissy about paying for private ranked servers, then you’re probably just stat padding. Servers cost money, DICE needs money. EA needs money, for every one game that does well they probably have five that bomb. These games take millions of dollars to make. Bad Company 2 had shortcut packs too if you don’t remember… Short run of it all, if the game is cutting in on your weed money, then don’t play the game… Activision is charging $50 a year for memberships to a game that has been released half a dozen times, and for what? nothing more than early access to DLC and helping you save a couple bucks on the rushed DLCs that are nothing more but more of the same.

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 21:23

      Agree, Just wish they would add a like button to the forums.

  • HeyJoe420 04.01.12 at 04:32

    And I thought airplanes dropped bombs. Battlefield 2 the jets had bombs. Why no Bombs? cluster bombs? dumb bombs. I mean if you’re not going to allow us to carry the guided missile and air to air we should at least be able to carry a couple of dumb bombs…..

  • Jimmy_Mac10 04.01.12 at 04:17

    forced to agree with Kaiser…I primarily play support and all I can say is burst fire and CQC…ONLY

  • KaiserVII 03.31.12 at 22:01

    The patch is a failure and killer to the game!! Makes you want to puke with all the recoil after playing for sometime and not hitting anything.. there is no need to aim now esp for Support charactor, you aint killing anything from far distance.. Claymores are gone once you are dead!?

    • VincePhoSho 04.01.12 at 03:45

      Failure? Go back to Call of Duty.

    • zZ eMeRgE x 04.01.12 at 06:54

      well tbh it stops fags running out of area and putting claymores and c4 down and dying cos theyve gone into your spawn etc that way you dont spawn and get blown up by some **** that thinks its funny so its one less thing to rage about but nope you decide to rage about them patching it some people dont know whats good

    • HalfaChance88 04.11.12 at 21:38

      The patch fixed things. You don’t know how to shoot long range. You need to burst your weapon and come to the realization that this is not COD and COD does not set the standard for how to shoot long range. BF3 is about realism. Yes claymores disappear after 5 seconds. Why would they keep claymores after you die?

  • UK-Wayne 03.31.12 at 19:13

    Game over, was fun while it lasted but your update has killed this game for me. I tried but the weapons are now a joke, among other things. You have basicly taken a big fat stinking dump on all your loyal gamers, for the sake of a few quid. This game is back on the shelf, and i’m sure i wont be alone.

    does dice even read any of these comments ??

    • KaiserVII 03.31.12 at 21:48

      I had the same experience.. i had not been playing for afew days then came the update, then i felt so weird at first i thought i was losing my aiming?! Now i came here and find it wasn’t myself being sensitive, it is real that the guns esp M249 sucks! Killing nothing, and my claymores are gone when i die!! Gosh i thought i never get tired playing BF3.. Now is BF3 makes me sick and wasting time hitting nothing!

  • CyberJuno 03.31.12 at 15:34

    Thank you dice for giving more power to choppers and fucked the tanks and the engineer class, now with the stinger or the iglas i can’t lock the air vehicles at long distance and even worst at low altitude. Now you can call this game MW4 nice work dice!!!!

  • HeyJoe420 03.31.12 at 14:44

    You could also make the game not freeze up when I play on B2K.

  • sterling193 03.31.12 at 11:15

    BF3 was just fine before the patch. All the weapons were just fine, except for just a few. The ridiculous amount of recoil was definitely not needed either. Bf feels like a whole new game. it doesn’t feel the same and all the vehicles suck now.

  • Spacemarin37 03.31.12 at 10:13

    I find the shortcut kit kinda bullshit cause most of the battlefield 3 players worked hard to get all the stuff unlocked and now new players just buy the shortcut pack and just start shooting with the uses-12 shotgun with fragmentation rounds.

  • EKIM1070 03.31.12 at 06:19

    This was a awesome game……UNTILL! Used to spend hours on it what’s the trade value on it at gamestop?

  • RandyGuy 03.31.12 at 04:37

    Every round is completely one sided, both in conquest and rush. Playing less and less now because it’s so Fn boring to watch a round end at 200 to 0 or one mcom detonated. I played BF3 for three months and never saw a problem so bad that you had to make such drastic changes. You should offer a money back option if you make a new patch this bad. Whats up with the damn thing freezing all the time as well. This must be a government outfit where you do this kind of shitty work and we pay for it.

    • Mortal_Erick 03.31.12 at 05:16

      I’m also having that problem. There are many one sided servers now, its fustrating and boring

  • Mortal_Erick 03.31.12 at 04:28

    I dont like the patch, it freezes constantly, and some weapons have too much recoil

    • B-Rodr24 03.31.12 at 04:50

      yeahh brooo that’s too much, some weapons are just impossible to control… dice just deleted the weapons if you dont want anyone used it…

      • KaiserVII 03.31.12 at 21:51

        Do not change what is not broken!!?? Some dice developers are games yourself, you guys know you have XXXXed up with the patch!!!!!!!

  • darkstar4584 03.30.12 at 20:54

    so your telling me that a engineer can lay down 6 AT mines and when he dies they will stay there but when i place 2 claymores and i die the disappear how is that balanced PLEASE DICE change that back thats all i ask

  • trasher-05 03.30.12 at 19:56

    I love the new Wake Island layout it reminds me of the Wake Island from 1943 that i know and love…

  • trasher-05 03.30.12 at 18:46


  • YoYo-Pete 03.30.12 at 18:16

    Thank you for removing the MAV elevator. That was annoying to fight spawing recon in areas I couldnt get to.

    i hope you charge a LOT for the unlock shortcuts. I understand why you do it, but the players who earned the unlocks should somehow look different than the players who purchased.

    I hope the short cut unlock thing will show as an icon the same way the “B2K” thing does on player profiles. Or give us one that says we didnt use it.

  • BONGFISH 03.30.12 at 12:58

    Thank you so much for this wonderfull patch DICE …. But thank you even more for bringing the patch to ps3 first … this really makes my day … all pc users are so pissed :D …

  • takamori-s 03.30.12 at 10:08

    を待っています。  よろしくお願いします。

    • YoYo-Pete 03.30.12 at 18:13

      This guy said something like “You can unlock all 10 weaons early. This is what users in japan have been waiting for” Or something like that.

  • drumscarinbr 03.30.12 at 09:16

    DICE, I like the patch, but please, bring back some HARDCORE servers that stay in your selected game mode and cycle through all maps (including Karkand DLC).

    This is obviously a major issue with the people that play this game.!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654624942484201/

  • JDP42 03.30.12 at 07:24

    I bought this game for what it was based on, Team work, and also earning the unlocks as I played. Now you at EA & DICE say you dont have to put in the hours to earn the unlocks. I play BF3 every day and this disturbs me, I have enough trouble with other players that worked long and hard to get were they are in this game. Now anyone can get all unlocks for a price? How can yall even put a price on that? Please reconsider this, Battlefield is by far the best shooter I have ever played!! Dont ruin it, Im just saying, this is a little to much. I really didnt believe what I read until I read it on this site! I still dont want to believe it. It really wouldnt be very fair to everyone that has put in alot of time and effort for someone that has never played Battlefield to have the option to start with all the unlocks and have an edge over other players that put in the time to earn them. I have played for many hours and still dont have somethings unlocked. But I feel better knowing I can still earn them. Im sure there are plenty of players out there who feel the same way. Please, reconsider this and do the right thing, dont let this be the downfall of a great game..

    • puddlehopper2 03.30.12 at 11:48

      Yeah i got to agree with ya there, been putting in hours to unlock stuff and now just BUY it, its all wrong part of the game is unlocking stuff still havent got heat seekers for jets and its hard to get them but now i can get blown out of sky by a newbie with $10.00 c,mon that sucks E.A sure its about the money but its not ALL about the money some things at least should be about THE GAME thats why we PLAY …
      i wont be buying them it would feel like a girl getting BREAST IMPLANTS its CHEATING! ! ! sorry but i prefer the real deal saggy or not lol

  • guiofoda 03.30.12 at 06:53

    spoiled the ak please check back as it was before

  • jlsicard17 03.30.12 at 06:24

    WTF? Can I just get my back to karkand back? Why is it trying to make me pay for this feature?

  • tthomp230 03.30.12 at 06:00

    Thanks for ruining a great game DICE, every gun sucks a fat nut sack now. Sniper traces look like tank shells. Boycotting the game till it gets back to the way it should be.

    • KaiserVII 03.31.12 at 21:54

      Do not fix what is not broken!!?? Some dice developers are gamers yourself, you guys know you have XXXXed up with the patch!!!!!!! Crazy Recoils on the “Support” kills nothing!!!!!! Bring back what was then!!!! Else face a backlash from the current gamers!!

  • joostin 03.30.12 at 04:37

    Thank you DICE! I love the Game Queue. Jets feel really tight now. Renting a server? Love it! Keep it up.

  • Ethan22009 03.30.12 at 02:45

    I hate battlefield 3 now me and my friends are not gonna play it any more toomany things bad in the update I liked thIs game because it never had patches I loved the Mav elevator there was no other good sniping spots that where accessible without the mav I would love it if the game was more like the beta (exept the ability to hide under the map that was the only good thing battlefield 3 patched) I also liked this game because it didn’t listen to every little complaint like call of duty did this game was good the way it was I have not seen one good thing about this patch rent a server seems like you are trying to make a few dollars off of everyone and shortcuts are just ways for people to get everything without the work everyone else had to do I got this game knowing it was gonna be the best first person shooter in history not a game trying to make every penny it can that is worse than call of duty it is not just battlefield that EA ruined either my favorite game series mass effect was ended by killing Shepard in mass effect 3 I know this isn’t a mass effect blog but still that game could have bigger than battlefield and call of duty combined but it is too late unless you have him brought back to life again (which would be very good) that is just the plain truth everything I stated in this comment would have been said by someone else if I didn’t so don’t kill the messenger don’t think that I’m the only one that thinks the battlefield 3 patch and killing sheperd was a bad idea any one who is a fan of either series will agree with me do not think everyone is just gonna think that no matter what is in an update that it has to make the game better Oh and also I liked the it when I could just be in a squad with my friend not with strangers that I will never see after either I leave or they leave if you want mine and everyone else to like the game again remove the patch I have yet to see one good thing from the update and I hope someone that made battlefield 3 reads this or I have wasted a lot of time and people that read this blog spread the word that the patch is terrible if they do not read my words they will have to read someone’s And never forget that almost all The battlefield and mass effect fans will agree with me

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 02:57

      Man, first of all breath, these commas might help you (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

    • x_Beats 03.30.12 at 03:28

      Honestly man, if there are “no other good sniping spots” without abusing the game’s faults, maybe you shouldn’t be sniping. Perhaps instead of complaining about a patch that benefits the majority, why don’t you adapt to the game. And if you don’t like the game anymore, sell it or trade it for a new game. You can express your opinions, but at least give constructive critisizm. Saying, “I would love it if the game was more like the beta” is so broad and vast that components from what you liked in the beta are not expressed in your comment, therefore, you just sound like a whiny 10-year-old.

  • standout5 03.30.12 at 02:36

    EA is so damn greedy and also why is it that whenever i play Rush it takes me to Conquest

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 02:40

      Because they love you.

    • x_Beats 03.30.12 at 03:29

      have you looked at the name of the server you get in to? Many of the “favorite” servers tend to hold more than one game mode.

  • CromStorm 03.30.12 at 02:26

    A few things I would like to say. Great that the frag round was reduced but it is now worthless. The Javelin is now overpowered just like the frag round was. It does no good to earn the vehicle upgrades if you can simply disable in 1 shot. Dice’s own words are we make the medals hard to get to show off tags, yet you let everyone buy what it has taken original players 5 months to earn. That is a bummer!
    Dice has proven BF3 is better than MW3 but money greed may hurt the game. Last but not least no time before the game starts to get weapons ready which is important depending upon load outs and maps. My comment on all weapons originally changed? excellent! They should have their own tweaks as all weapons do. Still faithful to game but really disapointed in buying what we have earned.

  • n00bTasTiCKraKa 03.30.12 at 00:34

    the game still kicks MW3′s ass. The only things that i dont like is the increased recoil especially with the foregrip and I hope that they inrease rented server capacity soon. I really want to check it out and haven’t been able to yet. Oh yea one more tihng…. I’m really tired of my ps3 freezing up when I play. please fix.

    • gameboy0895 03.30.12 at 01:22

      I had the same problem! I contacted EA support and they asked me to delete all BF3 Game data (just game data NOT save data) and re-run the game. It installed the latest update and now works perfectly.

  • AZ_Pythagorus 03.30.12 at 00:22

    My only real issue with the patch is now I freeze up on maps now I never had this problem before, also its kinda depressing to know all the unlocks I have worked for and spent alot of time gaining are now only a credit card away. And if you purchase the unlocks what happens when you hit the level in game that would have unlocked it for free? Do you still get the points you would have gotten without buying the unlocks?

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 04:23

      try to disable antialiasing from the video option menu, is going to be less sharp but more stable. Itworked for me, and also I found it more responsive.

  • EVILATOM 03.30.12 at 00:01

    This is depressing… whats up with charging for private servers? Soon they’ll charge you to upload they’re patch. Also, why are some things broken in game now? Why does alpha squad just freeze out of the game toward the end of the round? Paper tanks? I don’t know… lots of things that were said were going to be fixed are NOT fixed, and things that didn’t need any attention were nerfed. The MAV can still be used as an elevator for example, and i still die from a 2 foot fall. :/ Super.

  • FabLicioUs89 03.29.12 at 23:04

    IMHO: weapons are finally balanced to fit different playstyle (- the surgeon: M16 – the frenzy beast ASVAL)
    Accessories have a meaning e.g: no more nobrainer foregrip on every weapon
    etc, etc there’s an explanation about all the tweaks :

    The patch is fair, no worries and this game is thriving well, its alive, there’s plenty more to do. New gamestyle came and are coming in the next months, think about close quarter; how could we ever play in that mess????

  • Vulli_dk 03.29.12 at 21:47

    It’s the worst thing EA ever made ​​of the update call and people cheat still matter here as they did before, for some I showed that it had gone that way, I regretted that I bought this shit game

    • MaK-10teN 03.29.12 at 23:08

      HaHa i think your mad just because you suck at the best FPS game made. Dont be a Hater!!! Too many of you out there

  • carved_face 03.29.12 at 20:40

    don’t really think the guns have been nerfed that bad, i played 2 rounds post-patch and got mvp both times. sadly, those are the only 2 rounds i played when i wasn’t getting rubberbanded to shit/kicked out of every match. there’s no use complaining about the weapons, in fact i kind of love it considering i was once a famas whore and now i have to change my play style which makes the game more interesting to me. and i’m so glad usas and mav’s were changed.

    everyone complaining about the shortcuts are so lol. i unlocked absolutely all the guns right before the patch and i don’t really care if some lv. 1 guy kills me with the mk3a1. if you can’t play smart you really shouldn’t be playing at all. every game i play theres atleast 70% colonel ranks, so whatever. and i really dont miss getting destroyed every match while trying to figure out the guns when i first got the game, so if it saves some kid frustration then have at it. there’s always going to be stupid players, don’t matter what guns they have. more tags for me.

    instead of being a dumbass troll or some lame fanboy, i’m just gonna say that it’s a start but this game isn’t at the level it should be. seriously, if this game had some friendlier servers i would quit my job and live in squalor and play everyday all the time.

  • Avidus Mortis 03.29.12 at 20:29

    Looking forward to not dying from jumping off a stone. But really, really, really pissed off that everyone will just buy all the unlocks.

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 04:27

      Buying unlocks? That’s not gonna make them better players, there’s a big difference in getting something and earning something.

  • Soulraver187 03.29.12 at 20:11

    The guns are not bad, other changes i like but what they did to the FLARES and overall the helicopters, i can’t fly more then a min before getting shot down. Any tank with laser desg. can shoot down the heli, there is nothing you can do about it. Same with the stingers. Its frustrating as hell and im done playing until they fix it

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 02:43

      man its all about timing. you can’t fly around hoping that nobody would notice.

    • HardTarget357 04.04.12 at 15:07

      A tank with a laser designator should be able to one shot a helicopter. Shit, I rarely ever have anybody jump into that seat on my tank. Easily the most underutilized position in the whole game

  • kjx007 03.29.12 at 20:07

    well done DICE… Rent a Server is awesome. Now we can play with our mates :) Keep up the good work.

  • RudyRudeBoi 03.29.12 at 19:19

    It sucks they just ruined the game, my question is Why?

  • Regional_Emperor 03.29.12 at 18:36

    Dont care about rented servers or buying unlocks. Glad the usas and mav are nerfed. What you guys did to ALL the guns in the game is terrible. This is like playing a completely new game. Nothing was wrong with the guns. There is no such thing as “balance” in a first person shooter. Some people will suck, others will kick ass. I have continued to kick ass since the patch, but the way fire fights go down makes me not even want to play. Completely inconsistant fire. Rediculous idiotic recoil on EVERYTHING. Being better off hip firing in full auto than looking down the sights in full auto? How does that work? I personally will not be buying any dlc until a new patch that fixes the extreme nerf to the fore grip, and virtually every single gun in the game. This is a complete over-reaction to very simple issues in the gameplay. I would love nothing more than to throttle the people who came up with this idea.

  • fullybaked_420 03.29.12 at 18:35

    Haaaaaaa all you pussy snipers crying about the MAV. Oh no you might actually have to figure out how to shoot a real gun. Oh I bet you pussies are sad today.

  • MoTH_Le_Francois 03.29.12 at 17:43

    Can’t play with a paper tank, paper AA… Fucking update for pussies… Noob player will never be so happy. Fuck U Dice, we paid 70eu for this shit ?

  • stu-killer-mofo 03.29.12 at 17:27

    why dont get Rent a Server for free? i want a privite game!?

  • DedBodez 03.29.12 at 17:11

    for all you wanna be snipers: 1. MAVS are no way big enough to ride in reality. 2. A good Sniper doesnt need a roof top to make a kill. 3. STF! You obviously never served or used an actual firearm. Snipers are very useful! i guess MW is your game if you cant handle it.. I only have two issues with the updates. 1: purchased unlocks are bogus, this removes the need for ranks and the reason to play the game. 2: Since when are tanks made of aluminum foil? Modern tanks can handle RPGs and most other explosives. Abram tanks and the English Challenger tanks are notorious for withstanding several rpgs and other rocket attacks. Other wise i like the updates the game flows smoother and server disconnect is down, aside from each individual players equipment and service provider. Keep it DICE! Let the haters hate.

    • DJBLITZKRIEG 03.29.12 at 17:32

      don’t forget the Iron fist defence systems on tanks, they are virtually impossible to attack with rocket propelled grenades.

    • R3d_Oct0b3r 03.29.12 at 19:19

      there was actually a challenger2 in iraq around 2003-2004 from the scots dragoon guards that took something stupid like 13 rpgs, didnt destroy it, totally fucked up the sights so the crew couldnt see shit, and tracks got blew off, but the tank itself was sound, returned fire from main armour and coax chaingun. These tanks are beasts but in BF3 (supposedly realistic) 1 or 2 rpgs your dead, i lol’d

  • Aesalon 03.29.12 at 17:05

    Yes it’s awesome! No more MAV whores killing the team either. Good riddance! I love you Dice! X

  • Stuitertje 03.29.12 at 16:56

    Beetje een vreemde Patch……T spel is er zeker niet beter van geworden,
    Eerste spelletje was ik ineens al mijn assignments kwijt, sommige maatjes van me hebben de back to karkand maps alleen nog maar bij speltype Rush…….Voor de volgende update t advies aan Dice, probeer eerst een stabiele patch te maken voor je het op t net gooit……….!!!!

  • RVE PRODIGY 03.29.12 at 16:56

    LMAO @ all the whinging snipers who cant ride the MAV anymore, hAHAAAAAAAAA :D
    Been waiting for this day for soooo long.

  • OG_ILLFACE 03.29.12 at 16:30

    Not being able to use MAV for an elevator is the biggest bummer of this entire patch. I wont even log on to download this patch , as a matter of fact, I’m probably not even going to play this game again until they let us do it again. It’s not like being able to do that made anyone invincible by hiding on top of a otherwise unusable building. Sniper = useless now , rather have them take the entire class and replace it with use your bare hands to kill class.

    • EliteRifleman 03.29.12 at 16:33

      Wow, this one tiny aspect is gonna turn you away from one of the best fps multiplayer experience out there? LMAO

    • DedBodez 03.29.12 at 16:58

      if thats all you do with recon kits your are clearly missing the point. The Mav riding was a glitch not an actual intentional use of the item. Get over your self you probly need to hide where people cant get you. I bet youre not even a top rank sniper. Snipers in modern warfare dont use mavs to hide.. Silly

    • Aesalon 03.29.12 at 17:02

      Anyone with an amount of skill can PTFO aswell as use a sniper rifle, and not spend the entire game out of harms way picking people off and being a douchebag. It’s called RECON class for a reason, it wasn’t intended that aholes who need an advantage over others be able to reach parts of the map unobtainable by normal means. You’re the sort of douche who would sit in the spawn killing people with the MAV… no longer since the patch – great news. PTFO FTW I bet you haven’t a clue what that means! Good riddance to you and your camping buddies.

    • HardTarget357 04.04.12 at 15:11

      You my friend, aren’t a real sniper anyways. If you have to cheat and get on buildings that nobody else can, you’re worthless on the team. Yeah, let me, a 6 foot 200 lb. man, jump on top of this REMOTE CONTROLLED helicopter so it can fly me up! STFU and PTFO

  • leopidius 03.29.12 at 16:18

    Where is my assignment guns? I have to do it all again? And why I´m always being disconnected from EA? Thanks!

    • puking-cat 03.29.12 at 16:49

      Simply download the Back to Karkand expansion pack again and all your unlocks should be there I believe.

  • Pittsburgh-Kidd 03.29.12 at 15:42

    Let’s see I no longer have my assignment guns, the servers people rent are complete shit, and I’m having issues staying connected with EA it seems to me that the only thing fixed was the out of bounce color on the mini map.

  • koolie_23 03.29.12 at 15:40

    Buyable unlocks are COMPLETE BS! I didnt start playing till December and got raped by people with better weapons till I spent the time to get better ones now you can just buy the crap. Should have waited at LEAST a year for that. Pisses me off when I think of all the time I spent in choppers to get the best stuff now some friggin noob can get a lucky heatseeker off at me before he crashes shortly after takeoff. B L O W me DICE.

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 03:06

      so after a year you are still learning how to use weapons, flares and don’t know how to avoid a missile? If I were you I would worry myself in looking for better servers because there are too many noobs hanging around the map NOT playing at all.

  • Two-gun-toretto 03.29.12 at 15:35

    This Is what we needed!! Thanks Dice!! Some of y’all Below Need to learn How to spell be for you Comment.. If the game is so Annoying and Crappy.. Take your a** To The Cartoon Land On planet Call Of Duty And Become MW3 King until then Leave the real Hardware to the big Boys… Run along Now.. Go on. . :-)

  • Vulli_dk 03.29.12 at 14:29

    it’s something fucking sus it has made ​​us sniper, it may not be aware that you give so much money for the game and then destroys the only

  • Dave28k 03.29.12 at 14:22

    If I get one more connection to Ea was lost in the next hour I’m going to smash something, can’t even play a F*ckin full map..

  • Vulli_dk 03.29.12 at 14:18

    Hi, I found that it has made ​​with the new patch is crap some one is sniper (mini chopper), you can not get up rooftops more it is like when no carrier, it can damn well do over again, because now it is nothing of being a sniper more :-(

    • dsmboy92 03.29.12 at 16:06

      I agree its BS that we can’t be lifted by the MAV to get on top of bridges an buildings it just make you more prone to being knifed or shot by other players on the battlefield.

  • jrt1976 03.29.12 at 14:11

    Ok seriously, I am traditionially not a complainer but dont claim something is live and available if it is not functional. I tried for hours for the rent a server yesterday and think that with all the empty servers of multiple game types the lack of availabitlity sucks. We are usually 20 players strong and would make great use of our own server without jacked up rules or hacks. Nevermind good jod dice just got one! See you on my battlefield!

  • DreMan70 03.29.12 at 13:48

    All the weapons i unlocked by completing the assignments etc have all been removed from my inventory. Now i have to pay for the weapons again. NOT A CHANCE. That’s not very fair spending all that time working on unlocking the weapons now they have been taking away. Its not right….

    • AZ_Pythagorus 03.30.12 at 00:16

      You need to DL Back to karkand, You have to use the sony name that originally purchased it to go to the view downloads and redownload it and it will run and update all your sony names on that system, hope this helps.

  • NY1NE 03.29.12 at 13:23

    EA, listen to the masses, shortcuts suck.EPIC FAIL

  • rweener 03.29.12 at 13:16

    Damn the game is pretty fuckup after the update.. Can’t even play a server with conquest only?

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 03:12

      there are different names for DICE servers. In the server browser check the details of the server you’re entering, move around and you’ll see the map rotation.

  • Captain Zissou 03.29.12 at 11:23

    The “Unlock” Kits are the worst Idea a game company has ever come up with. You may line your pockets by bringing in all the CoD Kids, but you just put the nail in the coffin of the only REAL FPS thats been on the market. This one patch has ended my run at Battlefield 3 and ALL future Dice products. I will not have my wallet raped by greed and I switched to BF3 because the challenge of it kept the kids playing CoD. Dice just ruined their own community.

  • drumscarinbr 03.29.12 at 10:04

    DICE, please bring back some hardcore servers that stay in the player’s selected game type (conquest, rush, etc.) and that include ALL MAPS, even the Karkand ones.

    You have these servers available in non-hardcore mode, but you’ve overlooked us hardcore players. The Karkand maps have never been in the hardcore rotation since their release and that was over 4 months ago.

    I don’t mind having the newly configured servers as well, just as long as you include the original style servers as well.

    The game is awesome. Thanx.

  • drumscarinbr 03.29.12 at 09:56

    The patch is awesome. People that are whining about the tanks increased vulnerability need to think back. At the end of every round, you could always spot the player that was in a tank the whole round, because they had 4 or 5 times the number of kills and far fewer deaths than the rest of the whole team. No singular vehicle or weapon should be that dominant in this game. If you learn to use the tanks (and every vehicle for that matter) with a bit more stealth, then you’ll succeed. You’ll definately be able to get a better k/d ratio than if you were on foot……if that’s your goal.

    While I’m on the subject of tanks though, my only concern is that the mounted .50 cals on the tanks and other vehicles still need a buff against helicopters. It still seems like a heli can get too close to a tank and still just own them while getting hit with massive sustained fire for far too long.

    Overall though, you guys did a good job, DICE. Don’t let these whiny little pricks tell you otherwise.

  • Obliviumfdcvbggh 03.29.12 at 09:52

    Erm I see more stability issues than ever now, primarily massive kicks from the server, more hacking than i’ve seen in the past, a guy with 191 health after being shot by a buddy and I, and grenaded, helicopters that don’t sustain damage and can not be locked on at all without even a stealth upgrade, jets that are as buggy as ever, and more. Some of the updates were much needed, but some of the weapons seem to have been nerfed a bit much. Oh, and weapons manufactures list the rate of fire of their weapons, why not just set it as it actually is and leave it the #$%@ alone?

  • RaineMark06 03.29.12 at 09:24

    any commo rose for ps3?

  • meecca 03.29.12 at 09:23

    The patch sounds very good, and all the rich spoiled kids can now be noobs with all the equipment. I don’t see what all these bitches are complaining about. Go suck on your mommas titty you losers.

  • mnl1121 03.29.12 at 08:53

    Sooooooo many damn complainers. You guys are never satisfied. Personally I love the new patch!

  • abazulu 03.29.12 at 08:50


  • thedeciple 03.29.12 at 07:32

    I just read someones post that their glad that tanks are easy to destroy now, it’s a FUCKING tank you tools!!! It’s supposed to be hard to kill!!!! It’s supposed to take teamwork and skill to defeat it, not some fag with two shots from a RPG!! Weak sauce……. And as far as the usas goes, it’s a shotgun that shoots frag rounds!!! It’s supposed to own!!! Yes, way too much distance on them, but as far as damage goes very accurate, its designed to destroy at close range but they f’d that up too!!! Super Sucky update!!

    • Dr_DeathWOLF 03.29.12 at 07:44


    • EliteRifleman 03.29.12 at 09:25

      I don’t think nerfing the tank a little is gonna be that big of a deal. Some rules to go by- make sure you have the right perks set up for the right situation. Proximity Scanner, thermal/optics (ir smoke if you’re getting hit a lot by javelins), and LMG should do fine if you are having problems w/ infantry AT. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep MOVING don’t be a sitting duck. But most importantly use friggin’ TEAMWORK! An engineer riding w/ you, w/ repair tool equipped is the key to staying alive or even repairing yourself is viable. The whole reason the nerfed tanks is most likely b/c 9 times outta 10 there is a engineer w/ the tank operator almost make the tank invinsible. I know of a few instances were me and another squad mate equipped with RPG’s had hit a tank repeatedly only so that the engineer kept the tank alive and giving the tank operator enough time to get a bead on us and eventually killing us 10 rocket hits later. Mind you the whole time staying completely stationary. Team work is a part of killing tanks but it should take the whole resources of a whole squad to kill on tank considering how fast they respawn and being multiple tanks available on some maps. Btw after the patch I went a 14 kill steak mostly by myself (squad occasionally used me for a spawn point), before I was finally killed by a well placed C4 on the road, not to mention I’m pretty bad at using tanks… So tank aren’t that under powered as you claim.

      • EliteRifleman 03.29.12 at 09:28

        Shouldn’t * and the 10 rocket hits was before the patch. Just to be clear. Lol

      • thedeciple 03.29.12 at 16:28

        Wow good for you, I went 20 & 2 the 2 being some d bag shooting me 2 Times with a RPG, so ya they are weak as fuck, and your probably used to getting blown up and are happy with a 14 & whatever you had but I am not, they shouldn’t fuck with a near perfect game so far into it when everyone is already used to all the guns and equipment, it’s pretty much a brand new game now!!

        • EliteRifleman 04.06.12 at 17:13

          So what you are saying is that you want to dominate a game w/ the tank w/o the worry of being killed and that you want to rack up kills w/o having to use any kind of skill? Thats what im getting outta of your comment.

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 03:24

      I give you a tip: actually if an RPG hits a tank @ 90° degree in the back its gonna be a 1 hit vehicle disabled, this worked way before the patch release. But I think that “EliteRifleman” explained that properly, with a reactive armor and proximity scan tank is gonna own pretty bad.

  • thedeciple 03.29.12 at 07:22

    Worse update ever!!

  • vic5aaa 03.29.12 at 07:13

    Bring back the hardcore conquest only servers dice! what’s wrong with you people!

  • Dr_DeathWOLF 03.29.12 at 07:10

    Nice quit button between rounds, but stills cant change gun load outs. Games great but you guys over think shit and miss the easy shit. It feels like the guns are useless now and the knife is king.

  • Dr_DeathWOLF 03.29.12 at 06:38

    YO got a lot of glitches it looks great but when your shooting a hole clip at someone point blank and only one shots register it get.

  • jhood_121 03.29.12 at 06:37

    if karkand doesn’t download properly this time I’m going to break my foot off in the console!!!!!! Great patch guys now i can’t play the boards I earned in b2k just unbelievable

    EA sports = team turrible

  • Tonitiger 99 03.29.12 at 04:36

    kinda tired of earning all my unlocks the hard way then dice decides: oh lets make this all simpler. heres all the unlocks in packs. that makes us players who have worked our way thru all the unlocks become pi**** off because now all the new players have everything they shouldnt even have access to yet. -_- i mean really?

    • mnl1121 03.29.12 at 08:51

      they don’t get the unlocks for free dude. They gotta pay for that. If they seriously want to pay for it let them.

      • Tonitiger 99 03.29.12 at 12:42

        i know they dont get it for free. but still having every weapon and gadget unlocked for just a few dollars is still ridicoulous. theres hardly anyone anymore who seems to play games using hard work and putting time into nothing anymore. everyone always has to try to do things easier.

  • andalite_6 03.29.12 at 04:27

    now, i’ve played and earned my way into the support class, but now that the shortcuts available, i’ve downloaded it twice, and it doesn’t function! big surprise sadly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would love a fix so I could actually use the unlocks! it still has a locked icon by everything!

  • Chocolate--God 03.29.12 at 03:46

    its a f***ing TANK, its supposed to be intimidating, its heavily armored for a reason, and they werent hard to disable or destroy in the first place infantry already have an advantage because they can out manoeuvre it and hit it from multiple angles. this game is challenging thats why i play so much. i just want them to bring back the old hardcore servers, and all the maps on one server for conquest. i like how they’ve added more recoil but did they decrease bullet damage as well? lighter guns should be harder to control because they lack weight and weight absorbs recoil. all this negative feedback is pissing me off i just want the old servers back!! and stop complaing you noobs! GO AND PLAY CALL OF DUTY.

    • Chafachusets 03.29.12 at 04:09

      Asshole, we play BF3 because we dont like COD, and thats why we complain.

  • LALAKER11 03.29.12 at 02:41


  • Chafachusets 03.29.12 at 02:28

    Claymore should be like engineer mines, they dont dissapear after death

  • troyrg 03.29.12 at 02:25

    the worst update ever why change something that was once great

  • Ruze84 03.29.12 at 02:24

    Top Responses Summed Up:

    “Famas recoil is too extreme.”
    “Why do servers cost money?”
    “Unlocks for money cheapen the game.”

    Top Rebuttals Summed Up:
    “Famas recoil is great, especially since it had almost none beforehand. Learn to fire in bursts!”
    “There’s a huge difference between a server and a console host. It’s the difference between a having a roomate living in your room and having a spare house that someone is living in. And yes, BF3 is the first to offer servers.”
    “They did this in Bad Company, and proved that it doesn’t make a player better by any means.”

  • LALAKER11 03.29.12 at 02:23

    Short pack AKA ”noob pack” BF3 Y??? Dam it!!!

  • realitynh 03.29.12 at 02:12

    This is ridiculous! No one should ever be able to buy their way to the top! Get experienced and man-up! So lame!

  • BOGDANPREDA 03.29.12 at 02:07

    still cant choose location for rent a server!!! so function does not work for me..although i see about 25 private servers up and working??

  • Chafachusets 03.29.12 at 02:04

    Just a bunch of newbies using USAS-12 against an entire team without it, can win a round at Operation Metro.
    You only have to aim (no need of accuracy) at the enemy and fire, EXPLOTION will kill anyone near.

    No more Claymore and C4 after death? Then just wait some seconds and road is safe, unless its a vehicle.
    It was funny watch them die with claymore during the cam before spawn.

  • C2090Don 03.29.12 at 02:01

    Can someone tell me why I can’t Rent a server on ps3 in South US??

    Is something wrong with the server or what?

    • Cowdingle 03.29.12 at 02:03

      Apparantly they’ll only have a bare minimum amount of servers to rent out at the minute. They’ll have the rent-a-server service fully up and running sometime next week due to it only just coming out.

  • Cowdingle 03.29.12 at 01:31

    Will everyone stop crying their tits off, if you don’t like the patch then don’t play the game.
    The whole shortcuts thing is reasonable, to people who love to play this game, but have limited time to play due to work & such, it gives them a chance to experience all the weapons that they wouldn’t have had time to unlock before.
    Of course some noobs will buy it because they’re incredibley lazy, but if they want to blow $40 on unlocking everything (which i personally find adds half of the fun to the game) then thats their money wasted.. and they’ll still be noobs with shit aim so who cares? It also goes towards paying the salaries for the guys still working on the game who have families to feed and houses to pay for.

    I for one love the rented servers idea and am currently planning on renting one myself when this finally touches down on xbox, but still the rule applies, if you don’t want to rent a server then play ordinar servers hosted by dice and stop complaining. You arn’t forced to buy them.

    I’ve not yet seen the new recoil, but it’s a welcome addition. It’ll give the guns their own “personality” if you will, and you’ll actually have to practise with them to compensate for the recoil, that or use burst fire for once instead of bloody full auto spraying. It’ll fix all the famas whores out with their massively OP guns.

    And as for the whole tank vs javelins scenario, People will just have to use the tank wisely now, instead of driving straight in at 40mph. Get a gunner & someone in the citv station, make sure one has a repair tool, communicate together and bang. Problem solved.

    So i for one gladly welcome this patch with open arms & cannot think of many problems it actually causes. well done dice!

    • Echoohate 03.29.12 at 01:47

      Ok well you have not seen the patch yet so you do not have a valid opinion and if you have seen the recoil for the guns it annoys me i already got used to the recoil and then they change it

      • Cowdingle 03.29.12 at 01:58

        Most of the guns pre-patch had barely any recoil, even the ones that did were still incredibely easy to land shots on layers, and also could be controlled at mid ranges whilst using full auto. This new recoil hopefully teaches people to propperly aim & use burst fire, Rather than spraying wildly on full auto.

    • Maelstrom817 03.29.12 at 04:29

      Cowdingle, you haven’t seen the new recoil so i would hold your opinion on it. I have played with the new recoil and it renders every support LMG useless. With a foregrip or with a bi-pod, it just doesn’t matter what you use you won’t hit them. I’ve tried extended fire, burst, single shot…nothing seems to work. Close range is impossible, medium range is do-able but only if they don’t see you, and long range you get no hit marker…eventually they fall down dead or just run away. I never asked for these weapon tweaks and now they are here and now i am done with this game. They said they would “FIX IT” and boy they did…they fixed it so i won’t play it. THANKS a bunch DICE…this is prime example on how to REALLY FUCK yourself. Good Luck keeping up with COD now, Bobby Kotick was waiting for a mistake like this.

      • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 03:56

        Yo, I still get owned by LMG so I decided to start use them.
        Firstly, no-way firing in standing up; crouched is a spray and pray, only the bibop is the way to go.
        I quickly move in position, deploy and shoot about 30 rounds when I got the chicken in sight; First recoil is always a BANG then comes the second that its a laser. Its funny how, when I come across to enemies I go frenzy shooting from the hip like a rambo and Unless I’m using something smaller (M27-AKM47), foregrip is just pointless.

  • blizzard36 03.29.12 at 01:10

    I don’t know why everyone is so upset about selling unlocks. After the last update the weapons were supposed to be rebalanced so each has thier own role, instead of some weapons replacing earlier ones in the same role like at launch. Had they done this at launch I might have agreed with the arguments against it, but not now. And even at launch I’m not sure I would have, I miss being able to switch to any role on the battlefield as needed and be as effective as I need to be like I could in the first two games when you didn’t have to worry about unlocks.

  • Hydroxyn 03.29.12 at 00:53

    Buying shortcuts is STILL cheating period. Why ruin the game. WHY!? because all the noobs are getting butthurt EARN YOUR SH!T.

    • Dragonlear 03.29.12 at 01:01

      true story EA!!

      some weapon animations are lost 2, the Camerasight of the own exploding vehicle looks bad .. i want the old “my car goes boom and it still look good back!” stead an “the camera flys there and i see some yeah whatever”..

  • Regional_Emperor 03.29.12 at 00:51

    You guys really did completely screw this up.

  • LALAKER11 03.29.12 at 00:31

    I wont the old version back dam it!!!

  • LALAKER11 03.29.12 at 00:30

    We should all protest! whYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Did they do this!!!!

  • LALAKER11 03.29.12 at 00:25

    BF3 was arguably won of the best shooters I ever played & now because of this update u guys fkd everything up!!!! Man fuck!!!!

  • Go_Chewy_Go 03.29.12 at 00:17

    I played for about 2 hours yesterday and everytime I entered one of those rented servers it was against a team which were all using hacks. One game started both teams with 1500 tickets and ended in less than 10 minutes. No one on our team did more than 15 time yet the other team had anywhere between 120 to 200 kills. WTF?!?! All they did was made it easier for cheats. I work in IT at a software production company and hacks for the bnew patch have tripled since yestereday. Thanks a lot DICE YOUR A BUNCH OF F@GG@TS

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 04:12

      were you on ps3 or pc? cause on ps3 we don’t need Punkbuster or shit to sniff douchebags.

  • laughingbrah 03.29.12 at 00:11

    I liked it when I would pick conquest, all I played is conquest. So now the games are random. 1 game of conquest, then you play rush, or TDM. So is this to force us to rent a server?

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 04:12

      no man you should check the map rotation on DICE servers

  • Regional_Emperor 03.29.12 at 00:01

    Well I go on and go 34-11 and quit immediately due to rage from the changes. Multiple times I have someone dead to rights and my full auto bouncing around screws me over. Im talking people with their back to me within 10 feet surviving due to the rediculous recoil. Its not even like I’m doing bad score or k/d wise, but it still pisses me off. I threw the javelin on to see if people were right about it being overpowered. To put it bluntly, I disabled multiple tanks in 2 shots. When I had a tank and myself shooting at the same tank we basically instantly blew it up, it didn’t even have time to re-load after its first shit. The rpg is basically an anti-infantry/cover structure weapon now. Good job “balancing” that for us. Firing any weapon full auto makes you feel like you are playing while belligerently drunk. This is shit. Ive maintained a 2:1 k/d over multiple maps and I didn’t even have fun while doing so. Also, the lack of a countdown is making it too easy for the attacking teams. I have yet to see a single team on defense win a game on rush. But again, great job with that “balancing” job.

    • FabLicioUs89 03.30.12 at 04:17

      Public server are for newbie, don’t expect to win on defense if mostly what teammates do is wait for people to come or, in the worst case push themselves forward out of cover. I found it hard in public, but with my team we had good times in playing rush in both sides.

  • fsphantom 03.28.12 at 23:52

    Ohhhhh no, what have they done!!! Sometimes you can try to hard to fix somthing that is not really broken. Well i wont be purchasing the expansion pack for certain!!!! back to playing red dead redemption……gutted tgey ruined my favourate game

  • Bloodline98 03.28.12 at 23:47

    EA and DICE why did you RUIN this game. Before this patch I loved Battlefield 3, now it sucks CRAP. Why would you guys ruin it. The reactive armor doesn’t work, Heat seekers are cheap, and don’t get me started on the AA. What the heck happened to this game.

  • ahner87 03.28.12 at 23:38

    LET DOWN!!! That what sums up my game play, I’ve been playing for a total of an hour and the problems I’ve had is irritating. All my customized kits have not been saved, that is an account issue I don’t understand it but I’ll leave that one be. I have “lost connection” to EA while I’m still signed in PSN, 4 times now. On the sniper kit the mav does not work, remote spawn is flaky. The Engineer kit the lock on is screwy….your programmers created more problems so they could still have a job. Get it right the first time, didn’t you test this?

  • ExternalTooth 03.28.12 at 23:25

    I’m thinking that you overdid it with the updates. There were only a couple major issues that needed to be addressed, and it seems that you guys went a little too far. I was happy with the game for the most part, except for frag rounds.

    Now, on to the part that really pisses me off: the “shortcut packs” you’ll be selling now. I hate the fact that all my hard work to unlock my guns and equipment has now been for nothing, as new players can just pay you and get what I had to fight for. That was a bad move if you ask me.

    You’ll be losing players, aka MONEY, if you’re not careful.

    -A disgruntled gamer

  • ElloOnFire 03.28.12 at 23:21

    all i want is to get a morter, a javelin, a mav and a soflam, and yes i know they have changed. still though, quite a lot of fixes to a little game dont u think? i mean it actually isn’t dices problem that you get killed everytime by a usas with frag rounds or people getting somehow on weird places sniping u. yet again it was societys fault. the shortcuts are going to mess it all.

    but they did say that some of the patch was in response to communitys sayings. if we just keep saying we want this to go back or be better, then later on they probably will, with a new patch.
    we must have strong wills though if we are going to get through this “crisis”
    Those without strong wills though will not survive in the Battlefield…

  • BogleAtLarge 03.28.12 at 23:11

    not happy now. finished update and started re-downloading karkand and the fecker crashed! :(
    Sometimes living at work is a biatch but sometimes its not. I’m off downstairs for a beer in my bar and I’ll beat my PS up later!
    I hit download in background hoping to get a few games in while it was downloading and it crashed. Get it fixed!

  • kjkb1980 03.28.12 at 22:51

    Oh EA and DICE.. what have you done to my favourite ever Playstation game in it’s history and my 10yrs+ of PS gaming. :( Apart from the odd couple of glitches this game was near on perfect as far as I’m concerned. Tanks are stupidly vulnerable,even when you have the Reactive Armour,and don’t even get me started on the Z11W and how when flying it you get shot and killed with like one hit. :( I love my vehicles but it all feels so so wrong now,ruined it. Please please do something.

  • Regional_Emperor 03.28.12 at 22:38

    I honestly don’t care about the unlocks at all. They existed in bfbc2, that isnt anything new. What I don’t get is why you messed up every single gun in the game. Honestly, the fore grip is completely useless. I had better luck hitting targets mid range with hip fire than aiming down the sights (in full auto at least). This is such an over-reaction to three simple balance issue. 1- Frag rounds. All you had to do was nerf the frag rounds a little bit. That was IT. 2- Mav killing. All you had to do was make the mav have DRAMATICALLY less hp. Like one shot its dead type hp. Mav elevator- not even that big a deal. People will parachute to weird spots anyway. I can not for the life of me understand how making every single gun in the game completely different was the way you decided to “balance” this game. This honestly might be a deal breaker for me. If something is not done about this insane over-reaction to the fore grip/general gun recoil I’ll probably not be playing, or buying any dlc. This is just stupid. Its like playing an COMPLETELY different game. Why is everyone even complaining about the famas? I had less than 300 kills with it, barely used it, and I did not find I died to it any more than any other gun out there. It wasn’t overpowered at all. Nothing was really overpowered except the usas with frags. This is just such a baffling response by dice…It completely shatters my faith in them. I continually stuck up for this game on your facebook when people were complaining about things like mics not working. But this madness. I would rather have no voice chat and the old way guns fired than this garbage. Pistols are more accurate in single fire than rifles. Various LMG are virtually useless with a fore grip. I had to use some in single fire to even be able to get kills at ANY distance. And before anyone gripes at me, I say all of this having gone 44-16 in my first game after the patch. The entire game, despite getting mvp and kicking ass, I was enraged by the way the guns were behaving. I don’t even know what else I can say.

  • BogleAtLarge 03.28.12 at 22:33

    haven’t read all comments but some good points made. just waiting for my update to finish as I do this strange thing called work so don’t get much game time :(
    Loving how the cheats of the past have changed from codes to cash! I won’t be buying as I want the feeling of achievement. Never used cheats Never will!

  • 6Metal6Freak6 03.28.12 at 22:32

    its cool, i read the whole thing lol you forgot to talk about the awesomeness they changed about the repair tool.. it sucks when youre the only guy throwing javelins at one tank just to have two other jerks make an invincible tank or chopper…

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 22:40

      I can’t wait to try the repair tool, I’m still on “It Goes Boom”, and the closest I got was hitting a tank twice with an rpg and running up to it. Next thing I know I’m side by side next to my enemy fixing the tank. If the damage is faster, GOOD.

  • 6Metal6Freak6 03.28.12 at 22:27

    im glad they tweaked some things.. too many people always had to rely on certain weapons when they are getting pounded on.. either famas or auto shottys.. especially in TDM.. somethings i dont like though, they almost gave every gun an initial recoil bump.. and as for shortcuts, i think its ok seeing as how there are always like 5 people waiting for two jets just to get their unlocks, which means they are leaving the field very short handed.. noobs will be noobs, if they buy the shortcut they still wont have the experience to use what is at hand – hence them being NOOBS.. at least now dice made it to where they have to use the dogtags if someone wants to show off they’ve put in the hours

  • rockjunky01 03.28.12 at 22:24

    I haven’t played yet (wont be able to till Friday) but the kit things? Really DICE? The Kit one yea sure ill kill you with any weapon but the vehicals upgrades? No. Just no. Ive spent a lot of time in my tanks to get my CITV and to hone my skills as a tanker but now someone can get them for a few bucks? That really does upset me. But as one guy said heatseekers and flares should br standerd. At least on the jets.

  • SINY10304 03.28.12 at 22:20

    Yes the noobs can buy the upgrades …………. but reguardless they are still NOOB ! Just pistol em in the face. School em ! Show them that they wasted there money and that you can beat them with the base weapons in the game w/iron sights too !

  • xX_JUNEDOG310_Xx 03.28.12 at 22:18

    Having a hard time downloading the update! My sync bar increases in time as oppose to decreasing? WTH is going on? I’m getting really mad at this new update thus the perks that come with it.

  • EliteRifleman 03.28.12 at 22:16

    Wow my previous post is a conjolted mess. lol… Don’t know what happened on that.

  • NVerted 03.28.12 at 22:13

    I still want to have private games… Don’t see that coming in any time soon. There may be trouble running it on consoles, but they haven’t said anything on it.

  • StarCrew 03.28.12 at 22:12

    ive been working 100 hours to get my shit together and now some newbie can buy it!
    You guys fucked up a great game. Im going to switch back to MW and spread the news about BF3 shitty update!

  • EliteRifleman 03.28.12 at 22:09

    Gonna share some of my opinions, as if this matters to
    Weapon Kit Unlock- don’t see the harm in it, still comes down to skill.
    Vehicle Unlock- iffy on this to an extent. I think maybe a few upgrades should have been unlocked to begin w/, such as IR Flares and Heat Seeker AA. I mean I have unlocked them for jets on both Xbox and PS3 but geez it was a bitch w/ only having the main cannons. Cannons rarely kill ground vehicles (maybe if the were already damaged before you strafed ‘em), helicopters can take a full strafe and still be functional, and killing other jets w/ your cannons is probably the easier of them all but still require alot of skill (heatseakers would improve a chance of a kill so that it wouldn’t be so hard to get the unlocks rolling along). So you are trying to unlock heatseekers by using nothing by your cannons which is hard enough but on top of that you have no defense from others using any kind of AA on you. Seems a little unfair. Flares should definately be unlocked from the get go. I have just about all of the unlocks well, unlocked, so I won’t be buying the kits (waste of money now) but it would kind of piss me off to have someone that didn’t earn something like beam scanning, to take me out with such ease with something that is such a hard thing and time consuming thing to unlock and does give a pretty nice advantage to the player.
    Weapon “balancing”- should have left it alone imo, the exception being, YEP YOU GUESSED IT, the USAS w/ frag rounds. That and frag rounds in general were very OP. So many times have I died by a half a team carrying these things in Conquest/Rush on Metro, when i’m not even directly in their line of sight. (Safely behind a corner of a wall, only so that they shoot the ground next to where i’m standing and getting the kill) Good job on fixing that DICE. I still get killed w/ it plenty but atleast the person killing me is actually having to use some skill. Imagine if they didn’t patch this and think about all the noobs that would be able to have this w/o earning it by just buying the Kit, would have totally ruined the game with a dramatic increase of people using since it would normally available to just the people who at to put in all the time to get it. :/
    Rented Servers- this is optional folks… Don’t like it? Don’t rent it. I can see a problem if RANKED matches are still enabled, yes it could be exploited but hopefully DICE has put some safeguards in place. Maybe a certain percentage of RANDOM players must be in the match before it becomes a ranked match? IDK if that might solve the boosting problems?
    Other nagging things- Stingers seem to be having trouble getting a lock? Yes I know the range was shortened on infantry used AA and no the chopper did not have steath equipped, but this recon chopper was directly above me and I could not even get an attemped lock, sound or visual, more than a couple of times in the same match.
    Alot of weapons have seemed to have gotten weaker also, even though the patch notes said that some haven’t been changed at all. Such as the G36 and M4A1. I call bullshit on this. Even though they are considered short-mid ranged weapons, I would regularly get kills from longer ranges also (on semi auto), although yes assault rifles still have the e a few upgrades should have been unlocked to begin w/, such as IR Flares and Heat Seeker AA.
    Other nagging things- Stingers seem to be having trouble getting a lock? Yes I know the range was shortened on infantry used AA and no the chopper did not have steath equipped, but this recon chopper was directly above me and I could not even get an attemped lock, sound or visual, more than a couple of times in the same match.
    Alot of weapons have seemed to have gotten weaker also, even though the patch notes said that some haven’t been changed at all. Such as the G36 and M4A1. I call bullshit on this. Even though they are considered short-mid ranged weapons, I would regularly get kills from longer ranges also (on semi auto), although yes assault rifles still have the advantage at long ranges I know. They seemed to tone down the range way back and the damage they do especially at max range. I had a guy laying down about 150yds (guessing since it’s hard to tell distance in videogames lol), and he wasn’t moving. I could barely hit him but outta three clips I hit him about 8-10 times and when he killed me after what seemed like an eternity of shooting at each other he was still at 70% health when I died. He was Support just to clairfy not assault w/ a medkit. That was with the M4A1. Also, I would regularly get at least 3 kills w/ one clip w/ the M4A1, now 2 kills if i’m lucky and get a headshot in one of my kills.
    Last thing… I noticed people can come out of a sprint ALOT faster and go into ADS or hipfire. This just made it a little more run and gun which I don’t care for. I like the slower more tactical feel not this running around like rambo and getting dropped by someone seemly in a full sprint w/ a DAO 12 with one shot. The use of shotguns have risen in TDM substantially.
    People get over the MAV riding thing! Place you’re radio beacon close to a bulding/overpass (on the outside) and when you die just parachute over to it. The parachute is now way easier to controll, you should be able to just about land anywhere you like with enough w/ decent accuracy.

  • UnlitedOwns 03.28.12 at 21:55

    I really dont like this.. I cant fckng kill somebody with a MAV without getting destroyed – Cant aim with a Famas from 200 FT .. Jeez man, the foregrip doesnt do any good.. I really dont like it..

    • SINY10304 03.28.12 at 22:12

      and please stop trying to kill ppl with that shitty MAV , it is a waste of a SOLDIER to have someone spending the whole map messing around with that stupid MAV instead of capping points. tks

  • NeightDog 03.28.12 at 21:50

    Omg so you guys are saying that assault rifles are no longer godly and LMGs can actually compete? That’s actually good news, why not try going for the slower firing weapons with less recoil like the L85A2, AK-74M, AKS-74u, SG553, G3A3, and M60E4? “But OOOHHH NOEZ MY FAMAS/M16A3 HAZ RECOIL NAO!” Tough, try not choosing you weapon based on damage output alone!

    • SINY10304 03.28.12 at 22:09

      Totally agree, FAMAS is not meant to engage long range targets , hence the bullpup deisgn. so that the trigger mech are back near the stock of the rifle so that is can still have a fairly long barrel but be able to go into close quarters while still maintaining the stoping power of a rifle. But again its firing rate is off the chain. Nowonder you can control it … try the 2 round burst maybe ?

    • rockjunky01 03.28.12 at 22:29

      I use the FAMAS but not because of its ROF or low recoil but because it fits into my playstyle but even with recoil I wont complain. If I use it makes me look like a boss cud everyone else is QQ. But I do intend to use the L85A2 and the M560 is a beast

  • theobest97 03.28.12 at 21:49

    why the f*** do you let ppl fuc*** buy the fuc*** weapons that sucks horseshit O_O

  • kyomi7502 03.28.12 at 21:30

    Thought this was all pretty cool.. like they had taken a step back and re-evaluated everything in the game. Rent a server option seems really cool… almost like what Red Faction: Guerrilla allow you to do.. create a game and customize the hell out of it.

    I think it’s pretty funny how people get angry that DICE fixed bugs they were exploiting.
    “What? You mean I have to play fair now? No cheat codes? Screw this.”
    Please leave… you’re screwing up our experience. Personally I haven’t had any issues with this game since launch except for the Assignment unlock weapons being held above your head in the Back to Karkand maps. The USAS with frag was really annoying and should of been fixed, glad they did.

    I really think they are doing a top job on fixing things while keeping the rest of the game elements in mine. I’ll be one of the only millions of players to say thanks DICE.. keep going :)

    • kyomi7502 03.28.12 at 21:31

      Wow.. that didn’t make sense…

      “I’ll be one of the only players out of the million that play the game to say…”*

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 21:40

      I’m thankful for the update and I hope more updates come out (hint hint)
      – fix irnv (hint hint), — when joining a game show elapsed time (hint hint)

      My issue is “the Assignment unlock weapons being held above your head” forcing you to buy shortcuts
      I believe most of us play fair, we don’t like hackers. I’m cool with the elevator gone and the flying ball of death gone.
      We just want fair play across the board, fair assignments, good free servers, and fair weapons/vehicles. This may be a work in progress but as long as we get there before Bf4 I’m good

    • AJBOOMER1 03.28.12 at 22:08

      Your 110% right my friend i feel the same way if they don’t like it go away us true BF fans will keep gaming on.

      PS3 add me AJBOOMER1 lets kick ass

  • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 21:03

    Stepping aside from the shortcuts & renting rants…
    I’m on xbox so I want to know for ps3 players, how is the patch
    I heard recoil went up on other weapons for balancing
    What are opinons on the locking javelin,igla,& stinger ?
    – do you feel its faster? — is the range hurting it?
    What are the new options of the rpgs?
    Is the irnv image fixed?
    Is flash supp more viable?

    • Glotzhagen 03.28.12 at 21:09

      IRNV not fixed, flash is marginally better, guided shell is utterly broken. Javelins have been hacked, and way too powerful, repair is slower but fair, recoil on some weapons redonkulous. MG36 and other big guns are more realistic but whatever, its unplayable and this game is not realistic (I mean compared to COD, yeah but whatever).

      IGLA and Stinger seem better but helis are way too powerful now, but at least under radar works. People say that the tanks are too hard, thats bs, they can be knocked out in one hit from any direction, and given the guided shell can be spoofed by flares (or people that hack), its pointless to drive tanks on an open level. Hacks have not been addressed at all, and expect to see the same thing you were seeing last time.

      • Glotzhagen 03.28.12 at 21:12

        All shottys are completely worthless, unless you hack (I don’t). They were a way to keep hackers off yr ass, but considered them removed from the game.

  • Glotzhagen 03.28.12 at 21:02

    Done with this game. The updates are fine, except one thing. Helis are way too powerful and have no real equalizer with guided shell being spoofed by flares. Pointless, people that hack already with auto gunner, no reload time, etc, are now completely unstoppable. Done with DICE and EA forever. Selling game tonite.

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 21:06

      They want you to sell the game so they make money off online passes!!!

  • UK-Wayne 03.28.12 at 20:43

    Aim is perfect thanks, recoil however is a joke and makes it impossible to aim. i dont care that ppl can now buy all unlocks id rather earn them anyway, and already have most of them, but they dont make any difference to the weapon. read ppls comments b4 making smartarse replys.

  • jayk96lfc 03.28.12 at 20:34

    this is a joke you need to bring a new game update because before this game update nearly everything was perfect and you have fix it quick as possible its takes 5 seconds to deploy,tanks are too powerful, choppers easy to take out,proximty scan doesnt work it shows up mines and theres more there really need to take that update away also the bundles are shit so you put all effect then new people can buy everything joke!!!!!! the whole game doesnt feel right FIX IT NOW BATTLEFIELD 3

  • darkstar4584 03.28.12 at 20:01

    i can not understand all the bitching about the shortcuts. its not like its a new thing they had the shortcuts on bc2 so its not like DICE is selling out. the only thing that i hate about this update is the claymores being destroyed 5 sec after u die and to tell the truth i am a leave 51 and i still suck at jets and heli gameplay so i will buy the air shortcut so i can enjoy the game more so its not just noobs that will enjoy this option

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 20:11

      I understand giving the option to buy shortcuts. But “option” is the main word there, when/if assignments become too crazy (get 50 mvp metals) then people will be forced to buy shortcuts. I feel like the shortcuts are a gateway to extreme gaming where EA/Dice will respond “Well, you can always buy a shortcut”

      • Hypin25 03.28.12 at 20:24

        They people who wants to play the game for what its worth will not care about the shortcuts. You you realize playing the game awards you the guns along with the points wheich are required for lvling. For the people who just want the game to play with there friends will by the kits because they want everything. Giving that they will pay about $90 to do it all and that doesnt include the map packs that will cost and extra 15. So just leave talking about the short cut alone because the ones who need it will pay and extra 40 to get it all. and to look at it Dice is tryin to bring in as much money as they can because thats what MW did for all there stuff they generated $120 per person who brought every map pack. So why not try to do this and also they said that they will try to expand the server everyday its needed and how are they goting to be that without bringing in MONEY!!!!!!

        • Dave28k 03.28.12 at 20:33

          Thats what expansion packs are for dufus, they’ve already brought in enough money for the servers just selling copies of the game anyway so don’t talk shite.. short cutts shouldn’t exist in bf

        • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 20:52

          Millions were made of sales of this game, and “proper” dlc will make additional funds. I understand that online resources are costly but the game was created for online play. I personally and cool with people buying shortcuts but this looks like the future might be BAD FREE SERVERS and UNREAL ASSIGNMENTS. Forcing people to pay to play. It’s not there YET.

    • Glotzhagen 03.28.12 at 21:03

      Yes, DICE is selling out, both on the last game and this one… are you high? They dont ban hackers, so yeah, all they care about is the money.

  • Assault-DKz 03.28.12 at 19:54

    Shortcut packs? battlefield on ps3 sucks!!

  • Fishbutt 03.28.12 at 19:53

    So many of you are complaining about the server rates when their practically the same if you were to get a server for PC.

  • dXHATEBREEDERXb 03.28.12 at 19:21

    look all dice should have fixed was FRAG rounds and the MAV not increase recoil to guns and try to balance out everything if war was balanced no one would win. why not fix the annoying shit like frag rounds and the mav and simply leave everything be. I can deal with bypods and the stupid famas but when i get killed from 150 meters by a shot gun launching gernades then thats when i get aggravated. just cut down on the cheap shit and leave everything be.

    • DocHolidae178 03.28.12 at 19:26

      PREVIOUS PATCH + DECREASE RANGE ON FRAG + KAMIKAZE MAV (also no elevator) = this game would have been perfect.

    • Gatty31 03.28.12 at 19:58

      If you took the time to READ what was fixed you would already know that the MAV now gets destroyed on impact with whatever your trying to take out (ie; another soldier). This is just another example of how incompetent some people are when they don’t have (or in your case READ) all the facts.

  • F4IL43V3R 03.28.12 at 19:16

    Jackal: that was writen pre- patch duche

  • jackal91 03.28.12 at 19:14

    my honest thoughts about the new patch here with a few details

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 20:04

      That was before trying the patch, I think in bf3 official blog the article it stated 1gb. But your link does give thoughts post patch

  • F4IL43V3R 03.28.12 at 19:14

    learn to aim wayne, who cares if people unlock everything, I’m sure dice can use the money. It’s not going to make them good.

    • Thedonuthole69 03.28.12 at 19:16

      can u say everyone now owning a usas? it will kill the whole game experience its turning into cod slowly now close quarters is off my to get list

  • UK-Wayne 03.28.12 at 19:10

    Congratulation, the recent update has completly destroyed this game. Whats the deal with the recoil ????? its like im starting all over again with no weapon attachments because the attachments no longer have any effect. very disapointed here.

  • Thedonuthole69 03.28.12 at 19:03

    Way to “balance out things” dice you really nailed the pooch by selling out and saying you can unlock everything for a price of 40.00 now your pushing it i would expect this from cod games not you all the hardwork we put in to unlock our stuff so a rich noob can just purchase everything ? wow dice wow smfh

  • F4IL43V3R 03.28.12 at 18:54

    no you can leave at the after action report

  • Chaoticweasel 03.28.12 at 18:53

    So we still have to wait for the game to load and then leave and fk the team u’ve been playing?

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 18:55

      this is one of the needed things that I hope dice is working on

  • CR8Z 03.28.12 at 18:44

    For one thing, you bought a game, not a server. You might as well bitch that your console should be free as well.

    But really, how much are the unlocks?

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 18:54

      * Kit Shortcut Bundle ($24.99) Unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
      * Vehicle Shortcut Bundle ($17.99) Unlocks all vehicle upgrades
      * Assault Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Assault class
      * Engineer Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Engineer class
      * Support Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Support class
      * Recon Kit Shortcut ($6.99) Unlocks all items unique to the Recon class
      * Air Vehicle Shortcut ($9.99) Unlocks all items for all air vehicles
      * Ground Vehicle Shortcut ($9.99) Unlocks all items for all ground vehicles
      * Co-op Weapons Shortcut ($4.99) Unlocks all weapons otherwise unlocked via co-op play
      * The Ultimate Bundle ($39.99) Unlocks all items from all other shortcut packs

      The game is marketed to be an online game. If it stays free to play and still in good quality that’s cool with me. Bf3 was my first fps game I bought since outrigger in dreamcast and if I knew the game was going to be pay to play I would have gotten MW3. I know a lot of people say that but really if the game were pay to play that would change attitudes.

  • F4IL43V3R 03.28.12 at 18:43

    @chaoticweasel: i read on here somewhere that you can leave post game

  • Chaoticweasel 03.28.12 at 18:42

    Just a question for those of u on PS3,did Dice gave us the option on the pre game menu to leave??

  • Chaoticweasel 03.28.12 at 18:38

    Rent a server???Come on Dice,p**s off,is that all u guys think about,$$$$$$££££££!!!Money,money,money!!!!When are u guys gonna give any thing,I can wait to see what u guys have done to the game,and how u just manage to fk things up for us again!

    • Thedonuthole69 03.28.12 at 19:14

      i agree sellouts !!!! p@@ses me off you can purchase all the hardwork we all did now i have no pride in this game no longer promoting you guys

  • decogold 03.28.12 at 18:18

    What are DICE thinking us PS3 players dont want a mixed DICE server we liked it the way it was and yet you have to pay in order to rent a server?!And the shortcuts that just makes people not earn it themselves you need to change this DICE cause us PS3 players aint liking it!

  • F4IL43V3R 03.28.12 at 18:15

    DICE, I think it’s time to put up your middle fingers. You tried to do something great, you deserver credit for that… personally you can have my 60 bucks i’ve gotten more than my moneys worth already, I have yet to play post patch cause I’m on xbox, but I am ashamed of my fellows on here. Thats the real problem with BF3 the immaturity of it’s players…. If you could institute a very harsh player rating system that will just clump up all the duches and keep them away from people actually trying to enjoi themselves that would be great

  • ENZO-PLATYPUS 03.28.12 at 18:10

    YES! USAS Frag has been Nerfed!

  • Hydroxyn 03.28.12 at 17:58

    I want the old damn severs back i want to play CONQUEST!, Not a Mixed List. When i find an all Conquest Sever. Example the P240452 Servers are all Conquest but have the ad on. But there all full all the time. I HATE the shortcuts WHAT THE F–K WERE YOU THINKING DICE!

    • ENZO-PLATYPUS 03.28.12 at 18:10

      AGREE! I Like Rush an team deathmatch very mutch, but now suddenly i’m coming in to a conquest server. I like the game mode, but i SUCK at it!

  • Haltung 03.28.12 at 17:51


  • Haltung 03.28.12 at 17:47

    common!!! XBOX PLEASE!!!!

  • C2090Don 03.28.12 at 17:39

    When will the Rent A Server be available in South US?

  • Only GreenArrow 03.28.12 at 17:39

    I really dont like the idea of having to pay for a server or private matches when we’ve already paid for the game, thats messed up. It should be free judging that we ALREADY bought the game. This makes it too costly! and hard to set up clan battles etc. im disappointed

  • zito44 03.28.12 at 17:32

    thwy havent talked about everything they added

  • oSx__ 03.28.12 at 17:13

    On the whole, the patch has fixed a lot of balancing issues. However, DICE seem to have taken it upon themselves to fix things that didn’t need fixing. The scout helicopters have gone from being skilled vehicles to use to “whoever locks on first”. I used to run Laser Painter with flares and Guided Missiles and take out other scouts with the main guns. Now, you can’t even get close to other scouts because of the speed and distance of the lock on, and more often than not, flares don’t even work. It’s just completely taken the skill out of them, now it’s like attack helicopter dogfights; boring and skill-less. Also, the Famas is now unusable. I agree that it was over-powered but the changes that have been made to it are completely disproportionate. Good to see tanks being far easier to kill though (as they should be) and the USAS and MK3A1 nerfed.

    • PettyIV 03.28.12 at 18:00

      I have to agree with that. I liked that they shortened the lock on time cause it will make attack chopper fights less tedious, but I hadn’t thought about how/if that would affect scouts. I did prefer taking down other choppers with the main guns.

    • thedeciple 03.29.12 at 07:17

      I’ve read a lot of posts, and this has to be one of the dumbest ones I’ve seen, glad to see the tanks are eaiser to destroy (as they should be)?????? It’s a fucking tank you morron!! It’s supposed to be hard to kill!! They completely destroyed nearly all the weapons because babies like u cant handle getting owned by a shotgun or a famas!!!! Shoot first, then you won’t have to worry about it!!

  • UtanByxor1 03.28.12 at 16:56

    Wtf has happened to FAMAS? When you shoot the whole gun jumps like f*cking bunny without legs, And it only have 25 rounds in one mag… :(

  • MordecaiAMC 03.28.12 at 16:55

    Why… have kit short cuts?
    Does that not just ruin to point of leveling up?

  • UKJamez 03.28.12 at 16:38

    How can people complain about the patch? It fixes loads of bugs that were really annoying pre-patch. And im purely sold on it because of the Horns on jeeps finally got added :D

    (People that are pi$$ed are the ones who’s overpowered guns got nerfed)

  • Duck_of_Doom 03.28.12 at 16:17

    New patch = *Face Palm*

  • jpsweep 03.28.12 at 16:14

    BEST FEATURE: Separation of Conquest from Conquest Assault!! Now I can avoid all the Karkand crap, except for Gulf of Oman. I can live with that.

  • Lt Creggar 03.28.12 at 16:04

    I think the shortcuts for the jets is a great thing for those of us who didn’t get the chance to get into a jet on a regular basis and level it up before the skies got full of aces with missles. The rest of the shortcuts don’t matter. If noobs wanna buy the weapons, they still have to learn how to use them.

  • Spence937 03.28.12 at 15:47

    Awesome we get to re-download something for features that ruin the game? What a joke, this game was fun before now it sucks balls and what was the point of the beta… EA this will be the last nerf war of a game i buy from you guys. Turned a good game into garbage with one patch.

    • UtanByxor1 03.28.12 at 16:36

      I agree

    • gruettner420 03.28.12 at 17:02

      Go trade it in to Gamestop so that someone else may pick it up. And pick up COD while you are at it.

  • XXELYXX 03.28.12 at 15:47

    “The 10 shortcut items are available now from the PlayStation Store and the in-game store and include these:
    Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    NOT GOOD AT ALL .. LEVEL 1 player has all weapons same as LEVEL 100?
    seriously bf3?

  • RobertosCarlos 03.28.12 at 15:46

    Great !
    But why on earth give people the chance to BUY SHORTCUTS ??
    You greedy wolves , u have crossed a horrible line , why would a great company like DICE wich listens to us , do something so stupid?
    People have to EARN their guns in Battlefield , people who cant unlock weapons dont deserve them.
    Dont sell your soul DICE!

    • Cynn 03.28.12 at 15:49

      You guys not play the Bad Company series? It was there too. Private servers being ranked is a whole lot worse for noobs to boost in than weapons they didn’t earn.

    • UtanByxor1 03.28.12 at 16:38

      They get money , all this is about money

    • Dave28k 03.28.12 at 17:14

      I totally Agree, For me, 50% of the incentive to play the game was earning My hard earned unlocks, I could often tell how skilled a player was buy the unlocks he had achieved, E.G if he had unlocked a lot of vehical stuff, usually meant he was good at them.. The shortcutts and the crap new patch have seriously turned me off this game. Last night I had so many fights with guys 10 yards away, both of us using full clips on eachother and because they’ve upped the suppression to obsene levels neither of us could kill eachother.. Also the amount of heli pilots with stealth and all the gadgets went through the roof and are dominating the maps worse than the usas freaks.. So thanks Dice for being money greedy biatches, you’ve ruined a decent game… To all the xbox/pc users, Please make the most of your game pre-patch because a lot of you aint going to like the end result, so stop biatching and enjoy what you have, while you have it.. Wish i were you, I envy you lol

  • Cynn 03.28.12 at 15:14

    Why are private servers ranked? Are you guys not going to police boosting anymore?

  • notman 03.28.12 at 15:10

    I’ve been a pretty big supporter of the game, in defense of this patch coming, but wow, things were not good last night, after installing the patch.
    I had WAY more moments last night, where I was losing game audio. On top of that, I was having lag spikes. I tried 4 or 5 different servers last night, and every one of them had bad ‘rubber banding’.
    I also had problems spotting things, including enemy mines, which will no longer appear on the mini-map unless spotted. I had to literally stand on the mine, before it registered my ‘spot’.

    I hope the servers were just overloaded last night, and causing most of these issues. There were a few other issues bothering me last night, but I don’t want to make this a giant post. I just hope the game isn’t a loss to me now :(

    On the positive side, I like the way the squads appear now, and I like that they have FINALLY added a ‘quit’ button at the mission summary screen, so I no longer have to wait for the next map to load, after receiving my achievements.

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 16:01

      You should have rented a server

      • notman 03.28.12 at 17:09

        How would that have resolved anything? Renting my own server wouldn’t make the audio work properly, nor would spotting. The lag? Maybe, but if 4 servers had it, why would a rented server be any different?

  • acesces 03.28.12 at 15:06

    great DICE,MAVverter IS STILL THERE.

  • JasperFlorian 03.28.12 at 15:04

    I only want BATTLERECORDER FOR PS3!!!

    thats all i want!!!!!
    why shall i play if i cant record my good gameplay

  • GHEXPERT1 03.28.12 at 15:02

    This patch sucks the only thing that needed a Nerf was the Mobile AAs and the USAS12 With frags. The FAMAS didn’t need a Nerf and now it is unusable.

    • INIEIP 03.28.12 at 15:43

      your sooooooo right patch is garbage, they should just remove the famas its not even worth it, sooooo for all you people dont spend money on the famas, your going to get robbed, the guns doesnt shoot straight.

  • RVE PRODIGY 03.28.12 at 14:50

    Im an Xbox player, really happy to hear the patch has landed on PS3, that means its coming any day soon to me. I am keen to get it, but I dont mind waiting a bit longer – I lived without it this long already and it didnt stop me playing. Knowing the patch is imminent outweighs the problems.
    Personally I think the rent a server is well priced – if you dont like it, you dont have to rent one.
    I know I will for sure rent one.
    At first I thought the buyable unlocks was a bad idea, I mean I have not unlocked everything but everything I have I earned through gameplay. After thinking about it for a while, those that take this route will be missing out on an ienjoyable element of the game AND it will cost them, it doesnt mean either that they will suddenly become ace players.
    Looking forward to hearing how the USAS rebalance works out.
    A lot of dumb childish remarks aimed at DICE/EA :(
    Now the Tehran highway is out of bounds, where will those snipers go now lol, farewell MAV elevator / roadkill.
    Good job DICE :)

    • Kaivtroll 03.28.12 at 15:05

      Hello fellow Xbox player
      I totally agree, any update is better than not getting and update and rather than state what can be fix people are whining instead. But I have to reply that the rent a server open a door to lowering the quality and quantity of the free servers to make paying to more appealing. Also the pay to unlock opens the door to creating almost impossible assignments to make paying to unlock more appealing. For now all is ok, but this may change and we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Tha_Jaker 03.28.12 at 14:49

    I was reading through this patch update, and I was thinking it was going to be awesome…. then i saw the part about the short cut bundles… Personally, i think that this defeats the purpose of the whole game. i have enjoyed BF3 an amazing amout, because it is a great game, but also because i never knew what gun i was going to unlock next. I fear that people will just buy all of the short cut bundles andnot play the game as it was intended. An example of this is with helicopters. I have spent most of my time playing BF3 practising in helicopters and jets. As you unlock upgrades you also get better at flying. I think that the upgrades perfectly match the flying capabilities of the pilots at that upgrade.
    Thanks for reading :) please keep up the good work

  • Rels22 03.28.12 at 14:19

    After 1min of playing.. game crashed. So far noticed other problem too; in the weapons menu, i cant change the weapons’ accessories..

    • Rels22 03.28.12 at 14:22

      let’s see what else comes up after downloading b2k.

  • themicka 03.28.12 at 12:21

    Okay.. so im a long time battlefielder!! the one and only thing that needs to change is team killing… especially when it comes to vehicles… im sure everyone here has come across a fuckwit who kills you as soon as u get in a chopper! this is the only thing letting the game down for me.. it should be ricochet hardcore so if some fucker tries to kill u they die. im loving the patch! its heaps more balanced! but pls Dice pls! this team killing has to stop.. and turn the map off aswell as kill cams in hardcore mode… the only people who play hardcore are the ones who dont need these things!! anyone else who plays hardcore can just suck it up or go play COD…

    • xSpectrum128k x 03.28.12 at 12:53

      100% right. I love hardcore but won’t play it anymore as it just annoys me the amount of players that team kill for a vehicle. Also they should allow you to spawn into the anti-aircraft gun and move their placements to somewhere that acutually helps. They are fine on operation firestorm but they do nothing on Kharg Island. Sick of douche bags just sitting over the jets and helicopter spawn raping the whole round. By the time you make your way up there the round is pretty much over. Its the easiest thing in the world to do and its seems every second round has some loser doing it. One AA gun beside the vehicles spawns that you can spawn into would fix it permanently.

    • Phantom0288 03.28.12 at 13:01

      Honestly i agree with you but that would be dumb since its supposed to be realistic at the least give them take away points from them for team killing or somthing but killing them for team killing is just plain dumb.

      • notman 03.28.12 at 15:02

        Yes, it’s suppose to be realistic, but in real life, you wouldn’t shoot a pilot to take the helicopter either ;)

  • drumscarinbr 03.28.12 at 11:08

    I don’t mind the option to rent servers because I won’t pay for them anyways.

    I like the fact that other people rent them though and set up hardcore games with no mini-map, this game is way better that way.

    I just don’t understand how so many other games offer flexability in creating your own custom settings……..for free.
    Take Dirt3. I can set up series of races comprised of which tracks I want to play, weather conditions, driver assists, everything down to forcing manual gear shifts.

    Socom: Confrontation, you have total control over your own matches in that game too. You can set up your own map rotations, control whether or not frags and rpgs are allowed, etc.

    So you see, this feature isn’t something new, many others have offered it in the past AND IT’S FREE!

  • jrthom 03.28.12 at 10:57

    I’m sorry but I think I’m done. I loved this game alot. But it’s ruined now. It’s become some sort of a douchey COD/MW wannbe. Reminds me of when Sony changed Star Wars galaxies because of all the whiney douchers. Great game before the patch, now…I don’t see how it will be a good game again. Not to mention that post patch I not only have to redownload b2k again but its wanting me to pay for it again. Piss on that noise.

    • Chocolate--God 03.28.12 at 12:11

      bro no do not need to pay again for re downloading it. just go to your download list and download b2k from there.

    • Phantom0288 03.28.12 at 13:07

      Battlefield is better in every way than Cod will ever be i play both games and would never turn my back on Battlefield DICE at least cares about there fans unlike Infinity Ward does they spend the time they need to make sure the game is amazing for us and you turn around and badmouth them for making one of the most beautiful and realistic games ever made how dare you. Cod looks like crap and the guns look like toys i love all the detail that Dice puts into there games and for your information Battlefield was around first so if someones copying anyone it is Cod not Battlefield.

    • illegal-B 03.28.12 at 14:17

      This guy sure knows whats hes talking about being a cod player and all you must be butt hurt you must have been a frag user

  • AJBOOMER1 03.28.12 at 10:04

    I have said this before and ill say it again if you don’t like what DICE is trying to do for us to make Battlefield 3 the best FPS ever then stop playing it go play COD and let us real Battlefield fans play we don’t need you online and we really don’t need you on here crying.

  • Chafachusets 03.28.12 at 09:56

    Just a bunch of newbies using USAS-12 against an entire team without it, can win a round at Operation Metro.
    You only have to aim (no need of accuracy) at the enemy and fire, EXPLOTION will kill anyone near.

    No more Claymore and C4 after death? Just wait some seconds and road is safe, unless its a vehicle.

  • limitz666 03.28.12 at 09:41

    OK guys GOOD news i figured out how to fix the problem
    you have to exit the game and go to the psn store (NOT THE BF3 PSN STORE) and go to addons and download bf3 b2k expansion…it should work that’s how it did for me
    hope that helped

  • SgtArmstrong306 03.28.12 at 09:33

    I like the new patch especially the mods that was made to the shot guns and use of frag rounds. The only thing I do not like is 3 hits from an RPG or SMAW on an Abarams Tank and it is destroyed, that I can assure you would not happen in real life. Yall have done a good job and making the game more realistic. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the new map packs and weapons. OOH RAH!!

  • xliqmadiqx 03.28.12 at 08:58

    No B2K maps and my FAMAS is gone. Sweet. Can I have my 15 bucks back?

  • limitz666 03.28.12 at 08:51

    im i the only one who cant play any back to karkand maps???
    ive re downloaded them and still wont let me play them WTF??!!!

  • Gribs83 03.28.12 at 08:49

    solid effort guys, patch is awesome. very balanced.

    i hope you ignore the whingers who’ve played too much COD.

  • knighthawk530 03.28.12 at 08:45

    this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JavMontz 03.28.12 at 08:39

    WTF.. I already redownloaded Back to Karkand and still didnt get the maps. SUCKS!!!!

  • limitz666 03.28.12 at 08:39

    just downloaded new patch and re downloaded B2k maps and cant play them says i dont have that content but the funny thing is i have limited edtion so i get them free and it still says i cant play them

  • DonkeySlayer187 03.28.12 at 08:37

    This patch sucks wtf where they thinking if the game was ok tdm matches where good enough already now they go and expand it wtf now games take longer they should be looking at the weapons more like the rpg u have to hit them directly wtf i been a good fan since bf and bf2 on pc. Then purchase a server lol wtf i was looking foward to the expansion pack but F%*+ that

  • allcaponne35 03.28.12 at 08:26

    Server loactions and ping test posibility please!! I am not renting a server in Spain within 500ms ping…

  • allcaponne35 03.28.12 at 08:23


  • JavMontz 03.28.12 at 08:16

    All this just sucks. Spent hours, days, weeks to get all my weapons, vehicles, ranks etc and just from one day to the other have to redowload Back to Karkand and start all over again. I was looking forward on buying the expansion pack 6/22/12 but I don’t know if i will buy it.. What will they come up with by then, more bullshit??

  • CRAZYCOBRA 03.28.12 at 08:15

    Thanks for the patch dice. You just made the best fps even better. Awesome job

  • Ch4osWe4veR 03.28.12 at 08:08

    Name and password required to see the changelist? wtf???…..

  • rpsx 03.28.12 at 07:51

    “5-flag Conquest Assault variant for PS3 on Wake Island” – i think you did that wrong.
    “5-flag Conquest variant for PS3 on Wake Island” FTFY – now, you go.

  • rpsx 03.28.12 at 07:49

    there should be a co-op only shortcut. i have no friends!

  • clifton2 03.28.12 at 07:23

    Pay for private servers??? I remember Confrontation you didnt have to pay to rent notta. I cant wait for a smaller scale shooter worthy comes out

  • PingIsopure 03.28.12 at 07:21

    I like the idea of renting a server,will be alot of fun with friends. Dont ya think on the privite severs there will be alot of boosting going on? Well it probably dosen’t matter now that you can buy all your upgarades. Just saying…

  • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 07:20

    I swear BF3 is trying to relate more to COD with these new close combat maps! If I could recall BF was all about having range in there maps that’s what made them better than crappy ass COD!! But now who knows what they are trying to achieve?? $$$$$$$$ that’s what!!!

  • jonjon5150 03.28.12 at 07:17

    i dont think it really matters if you can buy the noob pack or not those that want to cheat themselves by buying the shortcut (a.k.a. noob pack ) i say fk em im gonna kill em all anyway some nights my game is on and some nights my game is off but i know for sure this game kicks the shit out of mw3

    • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 07:22

      Lol short cut pack aka ”noob pack ” nice one!

  • greatODINS_raven 03.28.12 at 07:11

    why cant i look at the full list of changes? WTF?!?!?!

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 07:07

    and do you work for ea dice or just have a hard on for them

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 07:05

    oh yeah I was just on one unless no noobs is a dice server

  • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 06:50

    That’s the whole thrill of the game playing countless hours to earn weapons u worked hard to achieve. Now fkn noobs will walk around with fkn M98′s thinking there all that when all they did was go to the PSN STORE!! & bought the fkn short cut pack while I worked my fkn ass for it!!. Doesnt make sense WTF!!

  • Albatorzor 03.28.12 at 06:49

    Seriously Dice? A shortcut pack to get EvERYTHING? WTF is wrong with you people! You are actively trying to fuck over your actual fanbase in order to get more money? Diablo 3 comes out may 15. thank god. Fuck this

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:51

      Please explain how this screws over the fanbase.

  • michael0882006 03.28.12 at 06:35

    they fkd bf3 up all the bull short cuts that suck the game moves slow and they didnt even fix the lagging or the booting .fix what needs to be fixed and leave the short cuts along all they did was help the cheaters

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:37

      Nice engrish, don’t complain when people don’t even know what you are saying. Fixing the lag is not as easy as you people think. You have no clue how difficult optimizing code is.

      • michael0882006 03.28.12 at 06:44

        well fixing things that need fixing is better than bullcrap we dont need

  • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 06:33

    BF3 shortcuts?? That’s not fair at all!! For the veteran gamer who put alot of time into BF3 to ulock everything!! This means noobs will be having all !! WTF BF3!!!

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:42

      How is it not fair? It does not give an advantage at all. All it does is prevent hundreds of hours of gaming to get the weapons you want. Noobs can still unlock everything it just takes longer. My roommate rarely has a positive KDR and he has the entire engineer class unlocked.

      • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 06:47

        That’s the whole thrill of the game playing countless hours to earn weapons u worked hard to achieve. Now fkn noobs will walk around with fkn M98′s thinking there all that when all they did was go to the PSN STORE!! & bought the fkn short cut pack while I worked my fkn for it!!. Doesnt make sense WTF!!

        • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:50

          To same people that is a grind and not a thrill. So what if noobs have it? That does not mean they are skilled with it. You have bragging rights that you have it and they do not.

          • LALAKER11 03.28.12 at 06:56

            I see where u coming from but ppl have different opinions .. But to me personally it just makes me mad that they would that. I can see them doing all kits for vehicles & aircrafts but weapons?? Come on now!

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 06:30

    what does I am missing one or more dlcs played on this server mean I have downloaded back to karkand

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 06:25

    wait one minute! they are just busy counting all the money they just made today they will get back to you in a couple days

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:31

      What money did they make today? The servers aren’t even fully available yet.

  • gfacekilla43 03.28.12 at 06:23

    stupidest idea ever! COD here i come Way to push loyal customers away b/c you are so money hungry you cant take the time to make sure your customers are going to get tech support

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:26

      Money hungry? There has been more free content for the last two battlefield games than there has in the entire COD series.

  • Tokyo_Panda 03.28.12 at 06:20

    I can’t read the changes because it asks me for authorization. WTH?

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 06:11

    same here trying to play for 2 hours guess I should have bought that server or some of the packs

  • Kobe81overLebron 03.28.12 at 06:09

    All I’m saying is the patch is cool and everything but the ea servers are still F’ed up, I cant even download my maps and I’m trying to play now and it wont even let me get on. Pretty lame if ya ask me

    • WNxB00Z3H0UND 03.28.12 at 06:13

      Have you re downloaded the B2K expansion?

      • Kobe81overLebron 03.28.12 at 06:14

        I tried 4 times and it froze.

        • WNxB00Z3H0UND 03.28.12 at 06:17

          Ummm sounds weird. Maybe you should contact EA they might have an answer?

        • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 06:21

          keep trying it took me seven times just got it

  • HotCupOfBEAST 03.28.12 at 06:06

    First time ever that Consoles get rent a server, NO OTHER GAME has offered it, NO OTHER title lets ya get your own independent ranked, un ranked, private, public, set it up as you will server. Yet every a-hole is complaining. It is not mandatory that you rent a server. But i bet most here will be seen in a custom server that someone has rented… With a bunch more independent servers out there finding the exact game will even be easier… Everyone was all over the forums wanting our own independent servers and when they get here ppl go “what u mean these things cost money?” its ridiculous…. im waiting patiently to rent a server now the minute one is available.

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:10

      Yes finally somebody who does not think they can boss game companies around and complain because things are not tapered perfectly for them! Thank you!

    • drumscarinbr 03.28.12 at 11:06

      I don’t mind the option to rent servers because I won’t pay for them anyways.

      I like the fact that other people rent them though and set up hardcore games with no mini-map, this game is way better that way.

      I just don’t understand how so many other games offer flexability in creating your own custom settings……..for free.

      Take Dirt3. I can set up series of races comprised of which tracks I want to play, weather conditions, driver assists, everything down to forcing manual gear shifts.

      Socom: Confrontation, you have total control over your own matches in that game too. You can set up your own map rotations, control whether or not frags and rpgs are allowed, etc.

      So you see, this feature isn’t something new, many others have offered it in the past AND IT’S FREE!

  • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:04

    Just give it a few hours and try again, it happens all the time.

  • x_Beats 03.28.12 at 06:04

    The rent a server idea is cool and all, but it isn’t really practical. I’d rather take a couple of losses/quits in order to avoid maps that i don’t like rather than paying money to give me a chance to avoid them completly. I say “give me a chance” because who guarantees that i will have high traffic in my server. Though there are people with money out there, these servers just don’t seem practical to the everyday gamers/Hardcore weekend soldiers.
    And as a suggestion, why not allow smaller servers (those with 0-2 people, the free servers too) start games without 6+ people? Some people want to practice tactics/vehicle techniques with their friends, why stop them?

    • Saintz Assasin 03.28.12 at 06:05

      great idea

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 06:09

      I think the servers are not quite meant for people to pay for everyday use. If I ever rented one it would be for a LAN party or something of that nature. I do agree with your idea of small free servers for practice only.

      • WNxB00Z3H0UND 03.28.12 at 06:21

        It makes me laugh that people want free things. You could always start a non- active server( servers that dont have anyone in it). Please please please everyone. Stop complaining about paying for servers. I bet this feature was made for clans.

  • qp_PROPHET_qp 03.28.12 at 05:56
  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 05:56

    okay so what do I do when trying to downlown back to karkand and my system keeps freezing at 48 percent happened 3 times so far

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 05:58

      That is your internet not DICE I got the patch and DLC in 2 hours with no problems.

      • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 06:00

        didnt say it was anyones fault just im able to post this but not download that so was curious if anyone else has experianced the same problem

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 05:49

    oh and almost forgot I have to pay for my internet usage for these crazy hugh updates. 2.4 gigs guess im paying for that too.

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 05:58

      Console players are so annoying when they complain about updates. Do you want the glitch unbalanced game or a good game? I am very thankful for the 1Gb patch and I saw it coming long ago.

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 05:45

    I dont know about console host or dedicated host but what I do know is that about 6 years ago ghost recon did free servers and cod does free severs now and I also know the fist guy to put more money into dice/ea you know what I feel bad these poor guys at dice/ea barely being able to eat and here we are the hard working people trying to pay for internet and the game and whatever cost they throw at us just to play a game we already bought shame on us we should all give dice/ea our paychecks

    • Ruze84 03.28.12 at 05:51

      A console host runs the game, processing all the necessary data and communicating to the other players in that game. It’s often mistakenly called a ‘server’, but is instead simply simulating a server through the players own console. The biggest issue is that the hosting player generally gets an unfair advantage, as they get almost zero lag. But it works, and it allows games to provide private matches easily. Many games do console hosting, including Rainbow Six and Halo.

      Dedicated Servers, on the other hand, are different. There are admins, but no specific console is the host, meaning none should have an advantage. This makes hacking, mods, and simple lag switching much more difficult, but requires outside space (thus the price). It also works very well for games with lots of processing needs, like … yep … the Battlefield series.

      PC users have understood the server process for awhile. It’s been this way for a long time, with Dice hosting a few, and players buying/renting their own. I’m just glad we console players now also have that option, but maybe a simple 4vs4 hosted match could have been added, too.

  • Chocolate--God 03.28.12 at 05:42

    where is conquest server where we can play all the maps including b2k maps? what you want us to do? after few times playing on some maps quit the game then look for another free server to play wake island on conquest assault mode? its a bad move.

  • Young-C12 03.28.12 at 05:41

    Can we atleast get our first server free?

  • Ruze84 03.28.12 at 05:35

    Anyone here complaining about the server pricing know the difference between a console host and an actual dedicated server? Didn’t think so.

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 05:38

      Total agreement. Its really pretty cheap anyways. What are people expecting, a quarter a day?

  • Chocolate--God 03.28.12 at 05:34

    why on earth you guys took other 4 squad list? its hard to get 4 or 3 friends on 1 squad? what you guys want us to do? surfing around another 30min to find a squad free server on same team?

  • Saintz Assasin 03.28.12 at 05:30

    I hope you dont make e dime off the rent a server .money whores!!!!!!!

  • J-A-L1982 03.28.12 at 05:26

    so does this mean I have to also pay just to see the change list? wow to bad Im not rich

  • budgybottom75 03.28.12 at 05:23

    imo shortcut items are fucking bullshit! they were bullshit in BFBC2 and are bullshit now! no respect for all of us wo have grinded away untold hours trying to unlock everything, now some cod noob can come along and have it all laid out for em from the go!!
    not cool man, not fucking cool!!

  • HeyJoe420 03.28.12 at 05:23

    Why not sell me max rank too? What happened to earning things?

    • Chocolate--God 03.28.12 at 05:38

      nice one lol. nice saying dude. btw guys i got the platinum trophy for battlefield 3. saying it loud just in case, near future they might sell the trophy too. anyways dice if you need money, make more good dlc. do not act like greedy activation(cod)

    • chickdan 03.28.12 at 05:40

      People are too lazy nowadays. And the rich kids think they deserve everything to be handed to them.

  • Zombie_Valhalla 03.28.12 at 05:13

    Seriously, what’s the change list password?

  • KingKep 03.28.12 at 05:10

    DISAPPOINTED. Charging to host a match. Then you charge to short cut people to unlock stuff in-game. So I can dump hours in multi-player matches to unlock stuff that I earned, then some noob can just buy the unlocks? REALLY? You are pretty much crapping on players who put in work. What is the incentive of continuing to play online matches if you can just buy the unlocks. Count me out on buying any more DLC’s. Its sad to see how you treat players/customers.

  • Saintz Assasin 03.28.12 at 05:08

    all im gunna say is DICE/EA pull your sh*t together realy quick or your customers and players are gunna start going else were to find better customer service for one and from all the other comments im shure you could find a few other reasons

  • Jackhole 03.28.12 at 05:07

    On the right of the screen there’s a link, for the list. I can’t believe we can’t ride the MAVs anymore, I thinks that’s bs. I like finding better sniper spots.

  • Zombie_Valhalla 03.28.12 at 04:59

    Why the hell do I need a password to look at the change list? Did I just get phished?

    • HeyJoe420 03.28.12 at 05:03

      I agree I want to see the change list too. I guess I just got phished EA/DICE wins again.

  • Saintz Assasin 03.28.12 at 04:56

    are u kidding me EA we buy the game we bought the DLC now we pay for private servers its this BS that keeps you from getting up there with COD i hate that game but atleast they offer private servers for free.the only way i would buy this private server BS is if you gave it a one time buy cost

  • simoesjunior 03.28.12 at 04:51

    money money money –why the ps3 stop when play bf3?????whyy kick on players when play in the servers on ea bf3?? no work on this projects??????? this is a new actuazlion?? dice go home

  • JBEE6589 03.28.12 at 04:50


  • palpinuk 03.28.12 at 04:47

    pay 4 the game pay 4 servers pay 4 the map packs pay 4 guns w.t.f EA

    • HeyJoe420 03.28.12 at 05:06

      I know I though I already bought the game. Instead of coming out with some new content for us they’re just trying to regurgitate the content we already paid for.

  • simoesjunior 03.28.12 at 04:46

    importante mens. portugues : isto e ridiculo desde esta nova actualização ao começo.
    ESTOU FARTO QUE O MEU PS3 ENCRAVE POR CAUSA DO BF3…FARTOOOOOOOO …nao e do ps3 nem do meu cd e sim mesmo do jogo sem duvida…isso mudar ta quieto….mexeram nas cores do jogo porque?? para parecer melhores graficos?? loool bf3 tanto erro atraz de erro ja me está a deixar com saudades do cod ..

  • Eside Duz It 03.28.12 at 04:42

    Wow!!! So they’re practically saying that we wasted our time ranking up our guns and vehicles while people now get the option of unlocking everything. This is bullshit! >:(

  • Reclusiarch_Hell 03.28.12 at 04:41

    so i redownloaded back to karkand and have none of assignment weapons. its not even a clickable selection. help. PLEASE.

    • palpinuk 03.28.12 at 04:44

      you still have 2 unlock them by compliting tasks

  • El_DiabloBlanco1 03.28.12 at 04:37

    Whats next? buy Kills?, buy ribbons?, buy medals? This just proves that making money is their top priority.

  • I Stuey I 03.28.12 at 04:32

    No i take back my previous post. Now i have thought about it, buying shortcuts is a really good way for people who can only play for a couple of hours a week due to work etc. to play the game to its full content.

  • PAULIEDEEZNUTZ 03.28.12 at 04:29

    i just want my karkand back

  • Dev1lman38 03.28.12 at 04:27

    Come on I have worked long and hard to get the weapons I have. Do you really think it is fair to give the little rich kids and the lazy a way to basically “CHEAT” the system. If you are smart you will take that option out or the game will go to Sh*t in no time. Granted just because they have these weapons doesn’t mean they have the skill to use them but earning them gives you an incentive to play the game and now you are taking that incentive away. Your call you are just killing your own master piece. DON”T BE GREEDYYYY

  • BAGZY13B 03.28.12 at 04:26

    guns 4 money ,,, WTF

  • BAGZY13B 03.28.12 at 04:25

    same yo

  • PAULIEDEEZNUTZ 03.28.12 at 04:24

    downloaded update but cant redownload karkand saying i have to buy it even though i have the limited edition

  • earlofsnoh 03.28.12 at 04:22 at Dice customer service.

  • I Stuey I 03.28.12 at 04:21

    Serious you can buy shortcuts to all unlocks. Cmon i know it’d be good profit for the boys and girls with spare change. But i still think you should earn your upgrades. Thats what helps you learn as you play through.

  • DarkFlame588 03.28.12 at 04:19

    Not the shorcut kits again…. DICE you gotta stop doing this.

  • gwyld2000 03.28.12 at 04:09

    Hmmm. Looking as if DICE is getting greedy, and that’s not a good sign, getting your fans against you. Letting anyone unlock everything at a price (and some fruitcake will probably do that) not a good idea, that would be like being able to buy the ending of God of War without even playing the game, what’s the fun in that ?

  • Litheum 03.28.12 at 03:40

    I worked my ASS off to get stuff for the Vehicles NOW some Jankwagon yeah Jankwagon can be like oh Kool I can get it for like 1.99+ micro transaction GRRRR. “Balance”, I hope so cause playing PS3 where there is Team 1 with ALL High Level Unemployed people VS Team 2 working Class. Gets really frikkin OLD. Thank You Come Again!

    • deathscythe1990 03.28.12 at 03:43

      FYI the kitshortcut is US $24.99

    • eko176 03.28.12 at 03:58

      totally ageed. Do you know how many times I got yelled at by my wife while playing this game just trying to get that last unlock before we went somewhere? Not fair.

  • bandos101 03.28.12 at 03:29

    lol the f2000, famas and AEK all shoot like the lmgs now! bullets are all over the place even ADS!

  • GeneralAVB 03.28.12 at 03:28

    fuck this shit this game used to be good but now you can’t snipe and you can be a homo and unlock anything you want this is really stupid

  • Istari1918 03.28.12 at 03:25

    Why did I lose all my weapons upgrades after the update????

  • Germeh 03.28.12 at 03:24

    So glad they fixed MAV hated playing people who would elevate to somewhere and smash into people with it. So cheap

  • lchan 03.28.12 at 03:24

    whinging bunch of sluts!…100% wont notice the differences the patch made after a few games. Why is this nerfed? why is this buffed? why mess with frag rounds? why mess with thermal scope? shortcuts? Pay to unlock? why? Why? why?…..fark sake….if you lot have some farking decent skills to start off with, you will easily accommadate to the updates.

    Real bunch of whinging sluts!

    • deathscythe1990 03.28.12 at 03:41

      Because that’s what they do… personally i like alot of the updates. all those shortcuts means is that more people will have the gear, but not the skills… it’s like nothing has changed lol

  • Corbin71 03.28.12 at 03:11

    This is really gay , how can you put up the servers but you cant rent one ???And you preetty much nerf every fucking thing in this game!Haha, hardley no fun …DICE you had a good game but know its stupid …

  • NoFuN04 03.28.12 at 03:02

    Honestly all of you crying about the kits to unlock guns are beating a dead horse this is at least the second time they have done this. So your complaints will fall on deaf ears just stfu and play the damn game.

  • mossad__ 03.28.12 at 02:56

    Now you’ve eliminated all the sniping spots w/out the MAV because of all the WINERS who claimed it wasn’t fair. NO MORE SNIPING on BF3.

  • robotkillboy 03.28.12 at 02:35

    now all the whiny little kids are gonna get the higher level items and act all pro. but in reality they suck and the only ones who like this are EA/DICE and the kids because they get oney and dont have to play.

  • anarcho-nobody 03.28.12 at 02:34

    so, some douche-bag EA CEO played this game and was like “Man, if only there was some way to buy better weapons, I wouldn’t suck so bad…. $$$ WAIT A MINUTE $$$, get the programer$ in here a$ap… Stocks are gonna soar tomorrow.”

  • simmocard 03.28.12 at 02:33

    The kits seem ridiculous. Can they only be purchased on one day? Its just saps the fun out of playing through and unlocking the items

  • Bigtuna1 03.28.12 at 02:31

    I think all the people that like the patch must be playing it instead of whining on here. That’s why there are all negatives on here.

  • Kurvel 03.28.12 at 02:27

    Shortcuts are not a big deal. It means they do not get the experience to level up and the combat experience to handle those options like the people who worked hard to get it. Also it’ll be nice for noobs to have stuff you wish they had already.

  • tx1215nr 03.28.12 at 02:20

    ok sorry its $25 for the kit shortcut bundle and that unlocks everything for every class and its $40 to unlock everything in the game

    • xX DrMcN1nja Xx 03.28.12 at 02:22

      … including BtK weapons and All-Kit weapons?

      • tx1215nr 03.28.12 at 02:27

        i’m not sure, but you’ll probably get them your paying $25 to $40 dollars for everything, so yeah you probably get the BTK weapons

  • earlofsnoh 03.28.12 at 02:20

    The only ones making positive remarks are EA/Dice employees…

  • KING--CHRONIC 03.28.12 at 02:17

    i have to agree, i cant believe they are trying to charge us for something that should have been in the game in the first place. Why DICE? WHY?!……EA thats why

    • MoxorTheOne 03.28.12 at 06:01

      Agree, EA’s business “Genius” are behind this kind of decisions

  • xX DrMcN1nja Xx 03.28.12 at 02:14

    So, not that I actually plan on buying the shortcuts (I prefer my weapons legit, thank you), but it says ALL items in the specific kit. Does that include BtK weapons? And is there an all-kit shortcut pack?

    • tx1215nr 03.28.12 at 02:18

      yeah you can unlock everything at once,but its like $25,so yeah dont waste your money on that just work for your guns.

    • xX DrMcN1nja Xx 03.28.12 at 02:21

      Actually, I’ll probably end up getting the Vehicle shortcut… I apologize, but I am a pretty shitty Jet pilot, so when I go up against vets who have everything, and I only have… Flares and AA missiles, what am I supposed to do to be at least on par? However, I’ll NEVER get the weapon shortcuts…

      • l TR0UBLE l 03.28.12 at 04:01

        Everytime you get up in the air, test out your skills alone before a jet is coming after you. Meaning get used to “Braking” and Banking hard right or left. Try to think like the enemy, understand where he will fly next or do next. Air Radar is for noobs. all you need is Flares and AA Missles. I was and still am able to take down some of the best pilots, even if they are using Air Radar. Sure now I have Beam Scanning and now Helicopters go down like butter, but truely I say screw the shortcut, and Practice Practice Practice, and then more Practice. Ohh and what is with all these kids using Air Radar, ECM Jammer, and Guided Missles in there Jet?? In the A10 or FROGFOOT Sort of understandable. But WTF. hahahhaa Later (Xbox 360 User [ l TR0UBLE l ])

  • tx1215nr 03.28.12 at 02:14

    i dont really like the patch,you fixed to many things they should have just patched the shotguns and the frag ammo because those were the things that were messing up the game,but overall this patch is by far the worst patch ever, and why the hell did you add short-cut packs really how are going to get better if your given it. the battlefield franchise is going down. :( hope you unpatch a lot of shit that you though were good at this game DICE.

  • REpTaR_TheHUngrY 03.28.12 at 02:13

    well im trading this game in and getting MW3. this patch was only for people who couldnt play this game now they screw over everyone for some $$ for shame DICE for shame you lost a lot more people then you kept.

  • drumscarinbr 03.28.12 at 02:11

    You…..are retarded, SIR!

  • Lustifer 03.28.12 at 02:11

    Pray they realize their mistake and don’t add the shortcut feature to the PC or xbox version!

    • xX DrMcN1nja Xx 03.28.12 at 02:17

      Um, you do realize that the same patch is coming out for PC and Xbox along with the Close Quarters DLC…

  • earlofsnoh 03.28.12 at 02:07

    some one from MW3 sent you this idea, right?

  • Lustifer 03.28.12 at 02:07

    Shortcuts are retarded. Having to unlock everything was a bonus! Now some noob can buy everything the day they buy the game? C’mon guys, nobody is happy with this! Sad to know it’s all about money in the end…next you guys will add a feature to buy experience, or buy kills.

  • earlofsnoh 03.28.12 at 02:05

    typical….as with so many have a really good item and for some unknown have to change it….when it works ..why break it????? This happens to all tech things in the name of validating a person’s job…no validation when you ruin a product that had few problems….Dice and EA are among the ignorant ..IMHO.

  • I broke you 03.28.12 at 02:03

    Is anyone happy with this update? I see a lot of people who have crappy stats praising it and vets raging so I’m beginning to think maybe this patch may have been a little bit one sided. Also, what is the point of even having a leveling system in the game if you can just buy your level? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of ranking up? Did someone in a boardroom meeting say that this would be a great way to increase your revenue stream? And I love how excited you all are to let us know we can rent our own servers. Yeah, that’s right everyone. For only $70 you can have your own custom server for 90 days! Sure, every other major FPS has this option for free, but you know what? You’re all stupid enough to keep coming back to this game, so why not blow more money on it? Seriously, we are stupid. We keep playing this game that they keep ruining with each and every patch. Honestly, do you alpha and beta test these things or do you people just fly by the seat of your pants? It’s almost like they’re trying to alienate their fans and destroy this franchise. As much as I hate Call of Duty, I have to say Activision knows more about what it’s doing than the morons at EA. The fun of Battlefield is using vehicles and working with your friends and teammates to over come the enemy. Because of so many crappy players who aren’t intelligent enough to figure out how to work together to take out a tank or a chopper they just weaken everything and over power the rockets, they ruin the accuracy of weapons and nullify the point of certain attachments. Activision is aware they’re pumping out the same thing over and over, but understands what its fans want. They want fast, stupid, lone wolf fighting. They cater to that. If I want that, I’ll go play Call of Duty. We’re playing Battlefield for a reason that apparently EA is unaware of. If there isn’t a more absurd and asinine case of a company shooting themselves in the foot, look no further than EA/DICE. This is by far the worst game development company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I won’t buy any DLC for this game… In fact, I might even just get rid of this game. It was fine, then it was broken, and now it’s completely shattered.

  • earlofsnoh 03.28.12 at 02:01

    messing with the a big mistake…

  • drumscarinbr 03.28.12 at 01:50

    I don’t know why there are some people that don’t like the patch. The changes are all good, IMO…..but they are very subtle (in most cases).

    You guys did a good job, DICE. The game is so huge and the patch had so many facets, and I haven’t really found an incidental detraction from the game yet.

    5 flags on Wake……..awesome! Please, offer the same on some of the other maps, like Noshahr, Grand Bazaar, Seine and Firestorm, etc.

    The custom servers are the best thing to happen to the game. I played a hardcore-style one last night with no mini-map, higher ticket counts, etc……..I COULDN’T STOP PLAYING! Seriously, you guys should remove the mini-map on some (half) of your own HC servers. IT TOTALLY CHANGES THE FEEL OF THE GAME. You can actually kill someone and not get shot 2 seconds later cause some noober-goober saw your red dorito on the MM. AWESOME!

    I like the toned down frag rounds (I never used them myself) and the grenade launchers (which I do use). They are much more fair now with the reduced splash damage and slower reload times.

    Good job guys!

  • Bmxracer073 03.28.12 at 01:47

    “Console Exclusives” What are you thinking DICE. I play on Xbox and I still think PC should be getting it now more than PS3. As for the rental servers I knew we would have to pay for them and I have been pooling money with my platoon looking to rent for a year but than the max number of days is 90. Seriously? Please think about a subscription and yearly pricing.

  • banzaii13 03.28.12 at 01:39

    everyone is a HATER

  • rbnhd76 03.28.12 at 01:38

    has anyone tried the change list link- ” read the change list here.” in the first paragraph? I can’t open it, it leads to an admin page, please fix or re-link thanks

    ____ADMIN PLEASE READ___________

  • Evil_Never_Dies1 03.28.12 at 01:35

    This update is poc why would you guys do bad job on that $%#@ update put everything back to $#@@ to the old version is better then that poc new version return the game how it’s was!! And those SHORTCUTS are retarded

  • caroliro 03.28.12 at 01:30

    Shortcuts a huge disappointment!

  • IDunc 03.28.12 at 01:30

    Shortcuts are ridiculously stupid…

  • FlyingDadBomb 03.28.12 at 01:27

    What the hell? Nobody asked for shortcuts… If you guys wanna fix something.. put back thermal scopes the way they were and ruduce the damage on frag rounds. I read that little part on a loading screen where it states frag rounds do little damage. Full on lies, those things kill me in like 2 shots and 3 if i am lucky. (Note: This is when i have i have the squad perk to reduce explosion damage so should it be taking like a full clip since these frag rounds do “Little damage”? -_-)

  • rnovak88 03.28.12 at 01:26

    Just took out the fun in playing the game to unlock shit! Player prestige gone to shit. Fucking sucks

  • Volv000 03.28.12 at 01:25

    Remember when they said maps were gonna be free? Yeah. Can’t wait till we started getting billed per reload. Also, anybody still having input lag in BF3, just disable Origin Interface in-game.

  • donkeyshot3 03.28.12 at 01:23

    shortcuts??? wtf -why???

  • Kobalt_Gx 03.28.12 at 01:22

    Shortcuts for new players really sucks! THEY HAVE TO IMPROVE their skills by themselves! No one asked for it! Stop it please, you’re kiddin’!

  • DGH8361 03.28.12 at 01:21

    the update is real bad. I’d rather play the old version, and die 40 times in each match is USAS than I would play this shit. apology but it is a prejudices. It is mega ugly made ​​that one can pay to have all things. mega fail!

  • anarcho-nobody 03.28.12 at 01:14

    wow… shortcut items? Congratulations on just losing a dedicated fan base. Not only is it it like 1 or 2 powerful, purchase-only weapons…no EVERY SINGLE UNLOCKABLE!?!?!? You gotta be kiddin me. Putting a monetary value on gamer prestige is a very VERY bad idea. If you’re gonna do something like that then it has to be available at the get-go, because all of us with 100+hours of game time feel really f-ing gyped. You’re a bunch of idiots.

  • WawaHoagie 03.28.12 at 01:09

    terrible terrible terrible update. wtf happened to the maps, you made some smaller?!? why? you may as well have just removed sniper rifles from the game. not very good at all

  • KYD302 03.28.12 at 01:08

    If MOH 2 is anything like BF3 i’m filing lawsuit against EA and Dice for selling Faulty Products an anal Rape, All they do is promise fix’s and good products they make billions of dollars ripping there consumers off EA should stick to sports games and the NFS series that they ruined they dont care or listen to there consumers they make games to intentionally rip people off

  • nordicskier123 03.28.12 at 01:00

    It says I have to login for the change list!! I don’t know the pw or username!!

  • swale 03.28.12 at 00:58

    Congrats!!!! this is not probably this worst game upgrade/update I have ever suffered, IT IS THE WORST BAR NONE!!!!! Where is the WAKE ISLAND – CONQUEST, It is not even a choice now, where is it? Come on, you can’t be this lame!!!

  • Regional_Emperor 03.28.12 at 00:49

    Also, I noticed while playing that pistols were more accurate than most assault rifles now. How is that making the game balanced? One guy on the other team was just running around using the REX and doing half decent with it.

  • KYD302 03.28.12 at 00:47

    This UPdate is a major FAIL the game has more issues then it did before does dice even test anything anymore because if they do they should fire there staff and sell to zipper Dice and EA have really gotten lazy bring in the crew that did BFBC2 and add more maps at least that game was good BF3 sucks dick it’s been one problem after another then they “FIX” it and it’s worse then before

  • Regional_Emperor 03.28.12 at 00:42

    I don’t usually complain like this, but this patch is a big disappointment. You have pretty much made the foregrip useless. What you did was a completely over doing it. I just went 48-16 and I was still pissed off by the way my guns were behaving the entire map. Firing ANY gun in full auto using a grip is just idiotic. I had multiple instances where I had more accurate and consistant fire at a medium range HIP FIRING. Firing from right to left is noticably more inaccurate. The only grief I had with this game before was the usas, the mav roadkilling/laddering, and that was IT. But now…..just wow….if I knew you were planning to “balance” the game by making guns suck, I would have rather just kept usas whores and left the guns the way they were. You can tell noobs are having a hard time with the changes judging on the firefights my squad was having. And has anyone else noticed it seems attackers now have a big advantage? We just played like 6 maps and nobody won a single game on defense.

    • KYD302 03.28.12 at 00:50

      I noticed that to this update made things worse then they were before they should stop working on this game and add new maps BFBC2 at least that game was fun and it was always even attacking or defending BF3 biggest let down yet gunna stick to BFBC2 an KZ3

  • JJ-Slick_33 03.28.12 at 00:32

    I update the patch and re-downloaded the B2K and I still can’t get on any of the B2K maps. I’m trying it a 3rd time, but its taking up a good two hours of my time to be able to get on B2K.

  • foxxyluna 03.28.12 at 00:29

    it wont show me the patch list it want a username and fing password why? cant it b public knowledge what it is they fixed

  • iSub-lime 03.28.12 at 00:16

    Meh, people who buy shortcuts won’t have the skills I learned from unlocking mine. I don’t see why people are whining. Seems to me they’re just afraid that they’re going to have more competition and more people killing them. I say bring that shit on, it will make it even more fun. I will easily take down a level 3 piloting a chopper with everything unlocked that only just started to get the hang of it.

  • z0mgahax4or 03.28.12 at 00:13

    This is so freaking stupid now even with a grip i get more recoil then without one. THIS PATCH NEEDS TO BE RE-DONE or Better yet, just undo the patch? make the whole world better.

  • Bgcntry6 03.28.12 at 00:10

    I used to pay for server time on 2142, and have no problem paying, I just wish it was a little less,I would gladly put in $10 a month for a server, but in today’s economy a little more than $20 a month is just a little high for me

  • mo fa me 03.28.12 at 00:06

    Why would any company care more about Sony? than Microsoft?

    you guys are hella backwards, I like how you wanted long just for Sony to OK things and now the other (2) 360, PC dont even get a release date? Thanks?

    to all that cant afford servers. Tough. 25$/Month is more a reasonable if the quality is ok.

    • JJ-Slick_33 03.28.12 at 00:34

      Xbox is cleary a waste of their time, so they dont care about it as much as PS3

      • Lucifer Eleison 03.28.12 at 00:39

        Sony paid ea/Dice so they can get stuff a week earlier than xbox and pc the same way microsoft paid infinity ward with cod

  • DealsOnWeals 03.28.12 at 00:04

    I do think the server ownership is a good idea but would rather it be a free trial to see how it works then they start charging. No offense to Bf3 I think it is a amazing game but doing all this is starting to make this a bit rubbish in my opinion!

  • Bgcntry6 03.28.12 at 00:01

    I think all in all the patch was a success, I only have 2 small gripes within all of this. I’m diss appointed about the mortar fix and in all honesty the price for server rental is wayyyy to high, even as a clan we can’t afford $65 dollars to have our own server for more that just a day….the server cost seems to be the only thing I am truly disappointed about, I hope they consider making this a little more affordable in the future since our clan would like to be a host to future tournaments.

    • DCeighty8 03.28.12 at 00:09

      What? The server cost is $65 for 90 days! That’s hella cheap unless your clan is based in Uganda. One day for a server is $1.50. I spend more than this in gas driving to work everyday.

    • RavenMayCry 03.28.12 at 04:13

      oh you’re one of those fag boys who like to drop mortars from a place where the enemy can’t fairly blow your head off, that’s cheating stop crying and play fare.

  • DealsOnWeals 03.27.12 at 23:59

    I think that to be able to rent a server will be good but letting people buy shortcuts takes all the fun out of the game and basically the people that have worked and tried to level up the proper way, for them it will be a waist of time and will be overpowered if people buy the game they should level up the proper way and not cheat it!!!

  • HotCupOfBEAST 03.27.12 at 23:58

    Servers = Money… To Run , Maintain, Operate, all cost money. Unless you have found a magical world where these massive servers are handed out like soup to the poor. If they were just free , there would be millions of random free private servers. Costing thousands of dollars. Price for games go up because well companies need to make more money to run these free private servers. So why not just let the customer choose if they want a PRIVATE or Their own server by renting? You just want it for a day?? Thats fine its a 1.49 we toss more away on energy drinks that last 20 minutes.

  • TheMorgster1 03.27.12 at 23:56

    I know what you mean it is actually quite annoying :(

  • richardBruceB 03.27.12 at 23:54

    I like the tweaks and fixes in the update but server renting?cant we just have private matches?I kinda wanna help my friends get used to the game in a private match,let him learn to fly and what not,not pay for a server that ill keep for a day?

  • Perfect_Form 03.27.12 at 23:51

    Agreed, but you have to admit that paying for unlock “Shortcuts” is garbage.

    • HotCupOfBEAST 03.27.12 at 23:53

      If someone has to buy the unlocks they are super garbage at the game anyway lol so ill own them with the a handgun and call it a day

    • Manic211 03.27.12 at 23:56

      Yeah, that is pretty stupid because I thought half the fun was to unlock all the stuff so it’s really their loss for cheating their way through it. I enjoyed killing someone with a repair tool to unlock a gun lol

  • iC Wangy 03.27.12 at 23:51

    I agree with Manic….seriously quit crying. Its not about making all the games the same but rather make them unique. I am glad they are updating a lot of stuff, I am disappointed that Xbox 360 is taking longer but for the most part, shut the heck up. EA has made a great game that requires teamwork and just because most of you do not use teamwork is not their fault.

  • HotCupOfBEAST 03.27.12 at 23:51

    I agree love the patch… Glad the fixes are done. Will be renting a server for my gaming community as well.. The Gun Circus.. Those that want a free private game??? WTF … what do you think computer players have been doing for YEARS… Renting servers to control and play on. Be happy this is the first Shooter EVER to offer us the option. GOOD JOB DICE AND EA!!!!

  • Manic211 03.27.12 at 23:48

    OMG stop all this damn complaining. when a game has as many facets as this one does you can’t satisfy EVERY SINGLE PERSON. I don’t necessarily like everything they did but they’re fixing all the major issues and are actually listening to all of it’s whining community while most companies could care less about your feelings. Of course they want to make more money (wouldn’t you?) so stop playing the victim card because it’s always about money in a for-profit company (especially with EA). The rent-a-server is optional and fairly priced so if it doesn’t apply to you, stfu about it. If you want to argue over subjective shit, go follow politics. Just be grateful for the game as is.

  • bananaoctopus 03.27.12 at 23:42

    Why the fuck isn’t my user name and password working for the update list? And why the hell do we need one anyway? Stoopid dice!

    • KYD302 03.27.12 at 23:43

      its an administrative link go to the post before this one the update list is there

  • growking 03.27.12 at 23:34

    thanks dice its much appreciated

  • Maxetto1997 03.27.12 at 23:30

    Thanks DICE for this Fucking Update, you can’t patch some bugs and detach USAS only?! NOOOOOOO! You can’t do this! You need to add fucking recoil to already recoiled guns!, you need to overpower SMAW and RPG so can destroy a tank with 2 shots! I only 1 word for you: BITCH! 3 Hours of update for this shit, Back to Black Ops, it’s better guys! DICE YOU RUINED THIS GAME! Ah, why i don’t kill with a Tank a guy?! No hitmarkers and before i was killing with it!!!!! -.- Bye DICE (i’ll never buy Battlefield 4)

    • Maxetto1997 03.27.12 at 23:31

      And another thing, DO ANOTHER PATCH NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • growking 03.27.12 at 23:33

      small children like you shouldnt be allowed on battlefield so please by all means go back to back ops

      • Maxetto1997 03.27.12 at 23:37

        Oh well, just compare old and new results
        Before (playing also in Tanks): 15-6
        Now: 6-15
        There’s something wrong in this update! I found guys invincible (or is it Lag?)

    • x iMuppetzZz 03.27.12 at 23:35

      Bla Bla Bla Bla noob

    • JJ-Slick_33 03.27.12 at 23:41

      It took me 13 min for the update, and 30 for the maps to re download. 13+30=43, not 180. the launchers were underpowered anyways, so go cry to mommy and shut up!

    • Diego Salas1 03.27.12 at 23:55

      good another whiny kid out of battlefield u guys embarress us

    • HajimotoX 03.27.12 at 23:58

      Whaaaaaaaaa! Baby!

    • RavenMayCry 03.28.12 at 04:18

      Stop thinking you’re a one man army BF3 is a team game so when you’re driving the tank you should have a gunner who keeps his head on a swivel (good gunner) and identifies the anti tank enemy with the RPG and take him out. In real life do people drive a tank by themselves with no help???

  • AJBOOMER1 03.27.12 at 23:26

    Was there going to be 16 vs 16 or am i missing something????????

  • Dj_DavidH 03.27.12 at 23:20

    This patch is not that good. Now I die easily, deploy time at the begining of a new map is instant (that means no time to choose your soldier and/or weapon while everybody else is getting their flags faster the you), the respawn timelimit is longer, (on the field) now i have to select the weapon i want to customize first instead of doing it at once at the customize screen? How ridiculous is that?

  • KYD302 03.27.12 at 23:20

    Holy Sheit have you guys seen how much there charging for the upgrades kits i could buy a whole new game for that EA hurting for money??? Wow that’s pathetic almost as bad as COD’s 15 bucks for two maps definetly can’t wait for Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Patriots Screw BF and Cod TCRS and KZ are the best shooter’s available Cod and Battlefield screw you over and only give you a half ass product

  • swale 03.27.12 at 23:13

    I wish when you force these updates that you gave us a selection to choose so if we are having problems or issues we can just select the choice. You have no way for people to report problems other coming on here and complaining. It bad enough that no one can call you to get an immediate answer from a real person, at least give us a direct conduit to you without having to grab the computer and dig around. 2 out of 10 of customer experience.

  • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 23:09

    If EA was actually bothered about fairness, then why not just make certain servers with rank limits? so anyone with rank 1-20 for instance are only allowed, not buy your way to the top, but all they really care about is money making, not their gamers..

  • swale 03.27.12 at 23:08

    Its trying to make me pay for the Karkland map pack even though I already had it because I purchased the limited edition and had already downloaded it. Booooo!!!! Why are you doing this that sucks!!!!

  • Omar1298 03.27.12 at 23:08

    GREAT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

  • Genera1_Chao5 03.27.12 at 23:05

    They better not add shortcut packs to PC, otherwise shit is gonna hit the fan like never before.

  • acesces 03.27.12 at 23:04

    “except Japan” I have never see such a beautiful word.great, very great.

  • Elizabethh 03.27.12 at 23:04

    the patch have so many errors that u need to fix first is when im in a helicopter when someone is lock on me and fire my flares dont work , the tank can shot a elicopter with the guided shell alone dont need the guided laser to shot

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 23:03

    bf2000ie just wait, they will sell body armor next and upgraded rounds like battlefield play for free. Have you tried hardcore? Thats all i play, takes care of alot of issues and demands teamwork.

  • bf2000ie 03.27.12 at 23:01

    I started the game months after other people so I have always been getting killed by unlocks i dont have, so now that will just happen more. OK thats fine, ill just have to kill more people too.
    My question is, has anybody else noticed stupid glitches in the game now? Ive been getting problems with hit markers, needing 30+ rounds to kill somebody, recoil on most guns with or with out a foregrip is exactly the same.
    I would prefer a patch for the server balancing and if I join a game in a squad with friends, I would like to stay in the squad with them when the game starts, not end up on the opposite team.

  • TrimexH 03.27.12 at 22:59

    in a few BF is gonna be payed, if you have the money you’re the best, that kind of Sh!t, for us who wasted our time unloking all the stuffs, rest the skills that lacks on the “payers”.
    and what about the recon? is useless now, if is near impossible to go on a roof of a building without falling in it using a chopper or an jet. sad changes indeed. lol

  • katch_xxii 03.27.12 at 22:58

    Please just fix the link to the change list.

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:57

    Im not a vehicle whore, thats where your wrong. however when i get into a vehicle i dont want to be instant killed. If you dont like vehicles go play an infantry server at the least. The only supporters of this is the users, im sick of you young kids that want to be spoon fed through life thinking you can buy everything. The world is not fair, get over it, we shouldnt be making a balance.

    • shocker88 03.27.12 at 22:59

      Wow, thanks for the young kid remark, that made my day since I’m a OLD FART (40yrs old). I concede to you my friend since you made my day.

  • Paytrick_PSN 03.27.12 at 22:56

    Shortcuts? Ok that shouldn’t bother anyone because it doesn’t matter on the weapon you have, if I am an experienced battlefield player I’m still going to knife you, c4 ur tank, and shoot down your helicopter before you figure out what button pops the flares. Money don’t buy you skill.

    • shocker88 03.27.12 at 22:57

      I agree with you.. Money can’t by skill. But it helps with unlocks now :-)

    • Diego Salas1 03.27.12 at 23:49

      tottaly agree

  • shocker88 03.27.12 at 22:55

    Dave28k I do agree it is a money making scheme for sure. But that is EA for you nothing we gamers don’t already know about them. But you want shot down a chopper with assault rifle or sniper rifle as a level 3 player. Not unless your in a chopper or Jet. from the ground its near impossible (unless pilot is a idiot and you get a lucky tank shot).
    xMCSx -sorry I hit your never Vehicle WHORE, LOL. Keep your panties on. Vehicles aren’t my complaint just the whores who never get out of them but when they are shot down and spawn and wait for the next vehicle spawn which does nothing to help the team out.

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:51

    Your points are invalid, Vehicle whores are good because they couldnt start out with any unlocks. Jets with no upgrades took alot of getting shot down before you stood a chance. Now someone can just get in a vehicle for the first time and be a whore. Its battlefield not call of duty, battlefield has always beena vehicle warfare game, dont like it go back to call of duty. Unless you started out on battlefield 1942 and played every single one since, your points to me mean nothing.

  • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 22:50

    noobs don’t even need the unlocks, when I was new some guys had already a few gun unlocks in the 1st day, so what if they killed me a few time’s, made me more determined to unlock stuff myself.. I could kill pretty decently with the starting weapons without unlocks anyway, so saying it makes thing’s fairer is complete Tosh, just a money making, baddly thought out scheme From EA..

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 22:57

      At the End of the day, these short cutts are going to put off more people currently playing the game, than they are going to help attract new players, so EA are only shooting themselves in the foot anyway..

  • shocker88 03.27.12 at 22:48

    Why are you complaining about the shortcuts? Because you wasted days of your life playing BF3 being a chopper whore or tank whore to unlock something that now someone with less time but money can get instantly? Cry me a river!!! WTF!! Is right. Who cares about shortcuts only fools with more money then sense will buy it, and only complainers will be the typical vehicle WHORES who do nothing but wait for a chopper, Jet, Tank, etc. and spend the entire gaming flying around dominating noobs who don’t have the weapons or unlocks to take you out. Well now you have to actually play on even ground sucks to be you doesn’t it, cry baby. Deal with it!!!! Game isn’t the greatest anyway but its good I’m glad to see the patch and don’t care one way or the other about the shortcuts.

    • Status-Black 03.27.12 at 23:30

      Ehm.. correct me if I’m wrong.. but isnt Battlefield about vehicles and big maps?
      Hasn’t it been always? That’s what makes it different from games like Call of Duty..
      I guess you are a CoD player that gets shot down by other jets and tanks and thats why you say such rubbish about ppl driving a tank or flying jets.. calling them whores… I got an even better update for you.. BRAKE YOUR DISC and go play CoD again.. WITHOUT VEHICLES!! whaha
      And by the way.. I dont wait for any vehicles.. When I die and I see one.. I’ll take it.. otherwise I’ll just spawn on the battlefield and go kill suckaz like you with even just my knife whaha.. Yeah.. go ahead.. call me a KNIFE-WHORE!! whaha

  • Status-Black 03.27.12 at 22:46

    Yeah.. the shortcut shit is kinda bullshit.. I’ve worked -and with me a lot of other players too- very hard to obtain al unlocks.. Damn.. it even had driven me mad at some moments.. and now you can buy your way up?

  • lizithekitty 03.27.12 at 22:45

    wow… now i can be fucking shot down by a level 3 in a jet…. this is wonderful… i worked my damn ass off for all my vehicle unlocks… jesus…. such bs

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:44

    Looks to me like they gave an admin link?

  • zorro1582 03.27.12 at 22:43

    Why do I need to enter a password to look at the full list of changes? Any one else having this problem?

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:39

    Noone is complaining about a patch. Take the time to READ. Allowing players to buy unlocks is not a patch, it was never ever in patch notes, and still is not.

  • Dlegendaryray 03.27.12 at 22:36

    You know you guys are OD ungrateful. You cry for months give us a patch fix this fix that and now that its here do is.complain. patches always have problems. Let’s not.get started on the numerous cod shinanigans. just.enjoy it for what it is they’ll fine tune it soon

  • Xx0-W-7VxX 03.27.12 at 22:31

    WTF IS THIS BS about shortcuts. WTF are you doing dice if they suck they suck not your fault that you have to make shortcuts for noobs that dont even know how to play the game thats there fault. Im really disappointed that the people that worked hard to unlock there stuff dont get nothing out of this. This game is starting to become just like COD

    • benb200952 03.27.12 at 22:35

      hell ya it is bs everyone had to work hard to there stuff and it should stay that way

    • KYD302 03.27.12 at 22:48

      I agree with what your saying but in the same sense i get it there are alot of people who play the game once or twice a month and starting out with the crap you get right away sucks you dont really improve until you hit lvl 8 i dont mind that people will be buying the upgrades imo you should have everything available from the start like you would in real life you dont go to the middle east and get better equipment based on how many kills you have i’ve unlocked everything i wanted except for the rockets on the jets but im only like 2 kills from that so to me i could care less i’m just glad there not letting the game go to hell i wish the damage system would go back to how it was on the beta or atleast back to BFBC2 spec’s everything is so underpowered on this game especially on hardcore a bolt action sniper rifle should be a one shot kill Tom Clancy and Killzone do a much better job as far as damage goes battlefield dropped the ball big time

  • benb200952 03.27.12 at 22:30

    wtf maps are messed up got to back threw all my guns and change them back to what i had them as same with outfit and now u cant use the mav as a elevator so now u pretty much cant do any good sniping this is some bullshit

  • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 22:29

    what they should do if the money grabbing sobs are insistant on the crap short cutts, is let player rented servers have the option of not allowing players with short cutts to join in the server settings.. I know which servers will be more popular, and I bet you a golden flute it won’t be the official, noob buying their sh*t offical dice servers that’s for sure..

  • markiedotmp3 03.27.12 at 22:21

    Paying to rent a server? LOL it took you guys a long ass time to fix your game and you want us to pay to create a simple server lol if you let us pay a minimum price to own a server then why not, but renting for that kind of price is not worth it.

    • AmerikanRejekt 03.27.12 at 22:23

      It’s for clans and other shit like that that want to organize private events and matches. If you don’t fucking like it, then you don’t need to rent one! Server renting has been a thing since forever, you just don’t usually see the service provided in-game, so the whole ordeal is a non-issue!

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:21

    kinghouse51 03.27.12 | 22:12
    lol you people are really surprised with unlocks. bfbc2 had unlocks, and they dont need or want your respect your going to bitch for awhile and then go back and play.

    Thats what you think, just because some are weak minded and have nothing better to do, doesn’t mean we all are. Arma 3 will out do all these arcade shooters now, many will just go to that. bad company 2 had unlocks, who cares. In my opinion bad company 2 started this mess. Sure, lazy people will support this option, and if their was cheat codes you would use them too. Wait, i bet you have modded controllers as well? You can’t buy skill so im not really mad, what im mad about is you can just go buy a javalin or stinger without even touching engi class. You can have ecm jam without flying a jet… these things us skilled players had to go without until we unlocked.

  • RedRum331 03.27.12 at 22:20

    lmao at the shortcuts, thanks for your work and effort.

  • dfnap 03.27.12 at 22:18

    wow, so many complaints.. maybe its good us PC players haven’t gotten our patch yet -_-

  • juicebox85 03.27.12 at 22:16

    i like the shortcuts, i will prolly buy them… i like what ur doing dice. keep it up!

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 22:16


  • kinghouse51 03.27.12 at 22:12

    lol you people are really surprised with unlocks. bfbc2 had unlocks, and they dont need or want your respect your going to bitch for awhile and then go back and play.

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 22:19

      actually I’m considering not buying the next expansion, the short cutts have put me off the game, played the updated game for only 10 minutes earlier today, If i had known they would release said short cutts, I wouldn’t have bought the game in the first place.. Now every noob will have laser guided missiles and that’s going to suck monkey’s balls.. I’ve played the game since launch and still haven’t unlocked a lot of vehical stuff.. I Don’t mind getting killed by a guy that has a better weapon than me if he’s hard earned it, it made me even more determined to better myself and achieve unlocks to beat him, but not to some muppet that’s only been playing 5 minutes..

      • AmerikanRejekt 03.27.12 at 22:22

        Cry us a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

  • xMCSx Sabotage 03.27.12 at 22:11

    So now anyone on well-fare can use their money to unlock everything in the game? What about us who had to earn it? whats the point …..

  • x_Snake_Doctor 03.27.12 at 22:10

    The game freezes even more now they need to fix this

  • FiniteParadoxes 03.27.12 at 22:08

    What happened, EA? I was told that DLC for BF3 would be free. Now, everything costs money. People will no longer be able to earn unlocks; they’ll just buy them. The easy way.

    I began this game 3 months late. This was the first FPS I have ever played. I learned quickly, and was soon rising in the ranks, getting MVP often (I’ve got 157 MVP, 108 MVP 2, and 74 MVP ribbons). I could not wait to unlock the Spec Ops black camo, because that was a milestone for me. I would always get killed by a higher-skilled enemy with black camo. Then I got it, because I felt like I had earned it.

    But selling unlocks? I can understand things like flares for the aircraft, since I have yet to unlock that, but I don’t understand why you would charge real money for it. Actually, I do understand. Because it’s greed. It’s greed, it’s all this entire thing is. I was told DLC would be free, but now, pay to win from an early point in the game.

    EA, implement a system that gives some form of credits in-game. Here’s an example: have a “bounty” each day that comes up in the news feed. Day one, get 10 knife kills. Day two, 10 sniper headshots. Day three, 5 jet kills. These “bounties” can give in-game credits that can THEN be used to perhaps purchase unlocks, since I know that the aircraft unlocks can be a pain in the ass.

    Oh, and what “Fensmarken” said:

    “Fensmarken 03.27.12 | 22:06
    The spawns and balancing of servers is even WORSE than before DICE! You can now spawn IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET in Grand Bazar… I just got slaughtered 4 times before i could get to safty”

    Seine Crossing at the Narrow Passage point is a prime example of bad spawning. In the room with the van, an enemy can spot right on top of you. In fact, there are many examples of bad spawns all over this game.

    Fix the game before adding to it.

  • Fensmarken 03.27.12 at 22:06

    The spawns and balancing of servers is even WORSE than before DICE! You can now spawn IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET in Grand Bazar… I just got slaughtered 4 times before i could get to safty

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 22:08

      they don’t care, there just bothered about noobs buying their short cutts, that’s all the patch is about to them

  • mugoldeneagle03 03.27.12 at 22:02

    Ah EA, never ceases to amaze me. UCRR’s (User Created Ranked Rooms) were available in SOCOM 1/II way back in 2002ish with all of these options + Weapon slots too. They were free (obviously) & they shipped built into the game on day 1.

    I can’t hate on Publishers/Developers milking every possible cent out of a franchise these days (Like the “skill” packs haha), but some of this stuff is so stupid while at the same time pretty sad that consumers don’t remember how much more they’re paying for less features. A lot less features….

    Gotta love this “next generation”

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:58

    for the people going on and on about shortcut kits or just bitching about the game go and play mw3 and leave the skilled players to play bf3

  • mortalkombtmastr 03.27.12 at 21:55

    People seem to forget this is a business if you can’t afford their new products/offerings then do not buy them or better yet maybe you should get a job so you can.

  • Kemi_83 03.27.12 at 21:54

    Now everyone will buy the shortcuts and everyone will use USAS with frags from level 1 to 145

  • taurus651 03.27.12 at 21:54

    Great now everyone who didn’t have the usas with frags yet can join the rest of the little bitches who do right away.I hated the shortcuts on BC2 . Looks like I’ll be dropping out of more matches than ever now. Thanks EA for not listening to anyone and just doing your own thing , and what a surprise it has to do with more money.

  • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 21:53

    Today they charge you for vehicle unlocks, tomorrow they charge you fro ammunition. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:52

    whats the big deal about shortcut guys im the same i had to play the game to unlock things. u gain skills by playing the game not shortcut so let them buy shoutcut they will never gain the skills to play bf3

  • KD345 03.27.12 at 21:51


  • g0t2skate2 03.27.12 at 21:46

    WOW. Shortcut packs? I work my ass off for the time i have been playing this game, unlock everything myself…

    Shortcuts are an insult. The whole point of unlocks is that you earn new upgrades.

    BAD MOVE EA. I’m really disappointed in you guys

    • kriDsreblA 03.27.12 at 21:49

      God damm!! Now U can buy it?? fucking EA!!

    • doreato 03.27.12 at 21:50

      If you had to work your ass off….I think your doing it wrong. Its not THAT hard to level up man, chill out.

  • IronLobo 03.27.12 at 21:44

    If you can’t turn off 12 gauge frags for shotguns, not worth it to rent a server……….

  • Camponuevo 03.27.12 at 21:41

    What BS! That’s expensive as hell! Fu*k “Rent a server”… Lets go “private servers”!

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:35

    if u have a ps3 start the game start the update for the game when done start game again and it will come up saying u will have to re download back to karkand it will take u there where u need to download it again. and if u already had it. its free to download again

  • Fensmarken 03.27.12 at 21:34

    Oh and one other thing… the more advanced weapons is often balanced by increased recoil and sometimes lesser accuracy xD so they wouldnt even have learned to deal with that xD

  • romansi 03.27.12 at 21:34

    1 month- 25€

    pathetic… FREE PRIVATE MATCH
    Fuck you EA/DICE

  • SphincterCe11 03.27.12 at 21:31

    have fun with the update PS3 people, us xbox and PC players will just have to wait :(

  • Reclusiarch_Hell 03.27.12 at 21:30

    so wait. i started the game to start the download. article says i have to re-download the back to karkand exp. does that mean i have to go through the in game store menu and download it again or…..? any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

    • Reclusiarch_Hell 03.27.12 at 21:33

      hahaha nvm. i got it

    • Emulous 03.27.12 at 21:34

      yep, just go to the store, download again, job done

    • Emulous 03.27.12 at 21:39

      yep, download again from the store, dont delete anything, load up game, job done.

  • Reclusiarch_Hell 03.27.12 at 21:29

    article says i have to re-download the back to karkand exp. does that mean i have to go through the in game store menu and download it again or…..? any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

  • SphincterCe11 03.27.12 at 21:29

    I cant

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:28


  • yorknasty 03.27.12 at 21:28

    can anybody access the link to view the list of updates?

  • UtanByxor1 03.27.12 at 21:25

    You cant fly on your MAV -.-

    • AmerikanRejekt 03.27.12 at 21:27

      No shit, it says they fixed MAV elevators in the patch notes. LRN2READ.

      • UtanByxor1 03.27.12 at 21:29

        Fuck this shit , I start playing Mw3 Bye guys

  • Moe-Jaffar 03.27.12 at 21:20

    It asks for a username and password to see the list on the link above ! where can we read the changes ?

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:17

    it takes u there when u start the game all u have to do is download it again and when its done restart the game and it should be all there again

    • UtanByxor1 03.27.12 at 21:19

      but can i still change it if i already purchased it again?

      • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:27

        if u have purchased it before the update then its free to download again. once u have purchased the maps u can download the same maps for free all the time. u could delete ur hard drive and it would still be free they go off ur email and password

  • UtanByxor1 03.27.12 at 21:12

    I had back to karkand and now when i tried to Re download it i purchased it again WTF.
    And now all my fucking unlocks are gone!!!

    • NeightDog 03.27.12 at 21:14

      Don’t delete your hard drive, just go to Karkand and download it again

      • UtanByxor1 03.27.12 at 21:16

        But if i aldready have purchased it 2 times?

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 21:11

    i agree with ajboomer1. great job dice

  • IIXtremeHansen 03.27.12 at 21:10

    You only have to re-download Back to Karkland on if you own it? so if i own the origina and downloaded it when back to karkland came out,l i don’t have to?

  • AJBOOMER1 03.27.12 at 21:06

    DICE I really hope you guys read this Blog I want to say THANK YOU for making a great game keep up the great work your PS3 player BOOMER.

  • tylerbman 03.27.12 at 21:04

    This is all well and good… if you play PS3. But I also paid for this game and have been waiting for an update!

  • AJBOOMER1 03.27.12 at 21:04

    WHAT IN THE F@#$ING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE look if you don’t like the game and all you want to do is talk about stuff thats wrong 24/7 then don’t play it all i here is this is wrong and this is wrong and that’s is wrong REALLY REALLY REALLY ……………………Coming from a “TRUE” from the days of 1942 to today’s BF3 get lost we don’t need you online am sick of you fake ass Battlefield fans taking and talking and talking FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX just go away THANK YOU.

  • erief0g 03.27.12 at 21:00

    I’m estatic! Excellent job on this 1st for console!!! Being an older gamer (OTD clan- older than dirt) I’ve always wished for a server rental for numerous reasons. Now we can have a flying school, strategy sessions, and any custom we wish or require.

    I’m also very excited about the schedules clan matches. My real hopes are that this catches on and could make BF a true “game changer” for the long haul of console games. I hope EA/Dice make a killing on this model so that it continues to generate revenue for them and allows me to game my way with MY SERVER. Thanks guys.

    • DocHolidae178 03.27.12 at 21:10

      Precisely!! I’m interested in joining a clan myself and this does seem like the perfect opportunity for clans to build their squad or team to perfection! At the same time, rent a server seems like a gateway to tournaments.. wink wink. Just sayin.

      Psn: Ply4keeps

  • camwhy 03.27.12 at 21:00

    Glad to see you guys actually doing something with the gaming community, unlike FOURZEROTWO/Robert Bowling who couldnt handle his own game and resigned just the other day.
    Again GREAT WORK YOU GUYS, You will be seeing my server up soon!

  • Bueno619 03.27.12 at 20:58

    glad not just me

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 20:57

    im having the same problem

  • Bueno619 03.27.12 at 20:56

    why wont it let me click on the link to see the changes

  • PERSON_2 03.27.12 at 20:55

    The game does not feel right and the hit detection is not good at all. I know you’re probably going to say its because you’re rubbish but i was not before the update.

  • lilgoss 03.27.12 at 20:52

    this is great news indeed but when are the servers gonna stablize ever since yesterday me and my friends have been losein connection to EA every 3 matches are so and i ve lost conection to EA 5 times today and ive only been online for an hour

  • glennsolo 03.27.12 at 20:49

    lmfao a true bf fan would know whats going to happen nexts on bf3. i new that bf3 was going to do the unlock shoutcuts before they came out because they did the same on bfbc2. so stop going on and on

  • BSC-AmEhT 03.27.12 at 20:47

    the shortcuts are NOT live. If its not one thing its another and I do have to point out its been 5 months since I initially purchase the game and a massive re work patch is just redundant. sorry but money talks and next bf game i will not purchase.

    • IIBlackoutII 03.27.12 at 20:55

      You have to wait for the PS store to update, Dice has no control over that. Take it up with Playstation if you’re unable to wait just a few short hours.

  • JoseArilson 03.27.12 at 20:45

    THANK YOU DICE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GAMEPLAY IS NOW BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COME NEW DLCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Right Time 99 03.27.12 at 20:44

    They need to change and not count as a loss if you CAN NOT spawn. Talking about when you go and join a game. If you join a loosing team not by choice. With only 5 seconds left in the game. Also, of they are going to keep track of quits. They need to have an option to leave at the end of game without it counting. Maybe I don’t want to play that next map!!

  • Mehran_fannan 03.27.12 at 20:44

    I want to know why did the update cancel my “assignments” unlocks, I have most kills with Famas now it’s gone along with the other weapons I don’t know why, and before the update, I had an animation problem with QBU-88 sniper, whenever I equip it the cross hairs disappear and my soldier raises the weapon high, it was my best use sniper rifle until this happened, and it only happens to me!!!!!

    • AmerikanRejekt 03.27.12 at 21:24

      No, the QBU-88 glitch is not “only you.” My friend had that bug for the longest time. Re-download B2K, moron.

  • gussetpianist 03.27.12 at 20:42

    I literally had to create a log in just because I was laughing so much. The people bitching are still playing the game now and will be next month. If it’s that bad stop playing and free up the servers for me and my mates. If I started playing now and purchased all the add ons i’d still be shit. There are also going to be people who are going to dick all over you and your mates, regardless of their rank. (I always get shot by low level players) If A person can buy all the shit for a tank that took me 20 plus hours to achieve I can safely say i’ve got 20 hours more experience than him. I know the level better, what weapons set up work’s well for me and my squad. If he is better than me (more than likely) he is still going to beat me. Deal with it, or play COD!

  • Leejin 03.27.12 at 20:35

    You utterly love the word utterly… EA is a giant Coorporation.. Quit buying their games if they piss you of so bad. I for one, love BF3 and will still play and destroy peeps.

  • samphn 03.27.12 at 20:34

    Why is everyone bitching about this? You don’t like the rent-a-server aspect? Then DON’T rent a server. No one is forcing you to pay money to them to rent something you don’t want. Some people will want to rent so they can have their clan battles and shit and that’s cool. Whatever floats their boat.

    Yes, you can buy the unlocks, but again, no one is forcing you to. I for one will not be buying the unlocks. Why? I get my enjoyment from this game by playing it and trying to unlock everything with my own ability, not money. Some people will want to buy all the unlocks and try everything in order to enjoy the game. Just because you can buy everything doesn’t mean you HAVE to nor does it make you a “good” player.

    What’s the bitching on this blog going to get you? You don’t like it, don’t play it. You’re a small fish in a big pond. No one cares that you bitch and whine because if YOU stop playing it, there will be many others that will be playing it.

    As for the people who are complaining about paying again to RE-download the B2K expansion, that’s the only valid argument on this thread. If you’ve paid before, and then they update it, it only makes sense that you don’t have to pay to re-download it. Otherwise, quit your whining, and just play the game. Or not. Your choice.

    • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 20:59

      I’ve been looking forward and anticipating the patch for weeks now and EA goes and does this. I feel like I’ve wasted my money. If I had known EA was planning to do this, to charge people for unlocks that have an affect on multiplayer gameplay, I would have never bought the game.

      Nothing that affects gameplay should be allowed to be purchased with real life money. THE UNLOCKS HAVE AN AFFECT ON GAMEPLAY. $60 for a game is a lot of money. And if this was the plan they should have been upfront about it when I made my initial purchase decision.

      As for the private servers, I’m fine with that.

      • samphn 03.27.12 at 21:40

        The unlocks don’t have an effect on gameplay. You’re just freaking out for no reason. Yes, the new guy now has rocket pods on his jet, so what? The level 1 noob probably couldn’t fly the jet properly anyway to do anything with it. That said, oh wow, some guy now has a sight for his gun or a foregrip, so what? You get killed and bitch about it? Does it matter that his gun has a foregrip or a sight on it? NO. Stop bitching and play the game. Or not. Your call.

  • BigHoop65 03.27.12 at 20:28

    I’m gonna be one of those people that tells the whiners to grow up! You dont like what they have as paid DLC… Try this one… DONT BUY IT. Just play and quit crying. It doesn’t matter who buys the shortcuts because you still have to earn Colonel and honestly own your skill. Game recognize game. The real bugs and glitches they have their ears open for so speak up. Otherwise stop acting like every brand owes you every piece of product.

  • GreyFoxAlias 03.27.12 at 20:27

    Waaaaaaa. At first I was like everyone else about the shortcut kits you can buy. But it Doesn’t matter though, because true tests never end. Bring it on lvl 1 noobs, your purchase will not make your skill better.

  • UnderToker 03.27.12 at 20:27

    So now EA sell an unlock hack .
    How utterly disgraceful, they ought to be ashamed of themselves

    They have utterly ruined the battlefield franchise and I’m frankly disgusted with them
    How utterly greedy and disrespectful to players who put the hours in

    EA sicken me the once decent guys that founded the company have completely discredited themselves

    • Raven0123 03.27.12 at 20:34

      Battlefield games before Bad company did not have that. If you look at Bad company they did it there.

  • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 20:21

    Nothing that has an affect on gameplay should be bought with real money. I did not know EA was going to do this when I made my initial purchase, I would not have bought the game had I known this to be the case.

    • SolidSnake1284 03.27.12 at 20:25

      you mean because of this? “It also has some critical fixes to our back end code that ensures a smooth compatibility with future expansion packs such as Close Quarters and Armored Kill.”

      • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 20:27

        I’m talking about paying for unlocks in the game that have an affect on gameplay.

  • atomaweapon 03.27.12 at 20:19

    Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work dice!

    • atimeforglory 03.27.12 at 20:20

      Do you have any grasp of reality whatsoever? They left a crapton of problems intact and created a whole new slew of them. Don’t fucking THANK them.

  • marcomarco96 03.27.12 at 20:16

    why I have to spend a lot of money to rent a server to play with my friends! I’ve never seen anything like this in other games…I can not understand why this choice..I think that Battlefield 3 is a great game, is amazing, I think it’s much better than other games like call of duty, but this thing is very bad for the game and the success of the game. This is my opinion I hope you understand what I mean

    • SolidSnake1284 03.27.12 at 20:23

      what are you talking about? then dont rent 1, just play on the normal servers…..this is for the people who want to play together in peace and quiet

  • Ir0nShad0w 03.27.12 at 20:02

    Your patch for the JAVELINS have made them complete JUNK!! Range so short they can only shoot aircraft DIRECTLY over you and at LOW altitude. 2-3 second delay once target in sights BEFORE it even begins the lock process… doesn’t that COMPLETELY DEFEAT reducing the lock time?

    There were two choppers flying over Airfield on Wake Island wasting EVERYTHING, and I wasn’t able to get off a SINGLE SHOT with the Javelin. Pilot of the last one that killed me was 28-0 when I gave up.

  • Blue-Ultimate 03.27.12 at 19:54

    You need to fix your link to, where you can read the change list, it DOES NOT WORK, and when entering my account name IT DOES NOT WORK, despite being ALREADY SIGNED IN.

    don’t troll us. fix the link.

    • SolidSnake1284 03.27.12 at 20:27

      yeah i just noticed damn i wanted to read it pffffff

  • DJ_Garboot 03.27.12 at 19:48

    Great now everyone can get the usas at level one this going to so much fun(not)

    • SolidSnake1284 03.27.12 at 20:28

      i dont get those shortcuts anyways….. the challenge is to unlock it all… unluck the shit for vehicles is hard if you dogfight an high ranked player. but the weapons is a different story

  • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 19:47

    If I had known EA and DICE where going to start charging for unlocks that have an affect on the multiplayer gameplay, I would never have purchased the game to begin with. I feel I’ve wasted $60 now. Thanks for nothing. Last EA title I will buy.

    • atimeforglory 03.27.12 at 19:49

      This. This all the fucking way. I just spent a month EARNING all my unlocks, and now some rich bastard can unlock it all. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. The damn article says this patch is aimed at making the game more “fair”. BULLSHIT

  • SilentKillJon 03.27.12 at 19:44

    If your trying to say that I need to read to see the part to re-download the B2K content, I have done so and I still can’t play on the servers running those maps. And I fail more? At least I can properly spell out words and use correct punctuation ;-)

  • SilentKillJon 03.27.12 at 19:38

    I’ve now come to the issue as others have about not being able to play on the B2K maps…I paid to download this and I’m not paying for it again. PLEASE fix it to where I can re-download it for FREE because it was this update that screwed this up. Thank you.

    • wetmango3067 03.27.12 at 19:40

      you idiot l2read, ea may fail , but you fail more atm

  • Ruze84 03.27.12 at 19:35

    Thankfully PS3 gets to sort through all the bugs first before it comes to XBox. That said, I’m up for the Wake change, the server rental seems far more streamlined than it was on BF2, and I could care less for the shortcuts. Props to Dice, though, if USAS Frags and Famas F_gs get nerfed.

  • SuperKill15 03.27.12 at 19:31

    for some reason I still don’t exist on battle log and it say I need to buy the game WTF am I going to do run to EA and show them my game and I hope the USAS gets fixed and WTF rent a server so COD gives you it for free but now I have to pay for a private server EA are ass holes we sold 11million of BF3 and you can afford to patch it but charge for servers nice move with power comes corruption and EA just made DICE corrupt because they know that rich kids can afford £64 for a 90 day server im no WOW fan but even that piece of shit more worth it the reason I play COD is because of this but I enjoy BF3 more if EA weren’t dicks

    • Cris_HC 03.27.12 at 19:35

      Are you sure that you are not trying to connect to Battlelog with the wrong account?

    • RNP_Ghost 03.27.12 at 20:16

      The ‘rental servers’ aren’t just peer-to-peer servers (ie they don’t run off of your ps3), they run off of independent servers, which will have SO MUCH more power than your ps3. The ps3 does not have enough power to host 24 player servers AND allow you to play it all at the same time. This system will give you admin rights (more than most ‘private match’ scenarios) to a proffesional server, and you won’t have to put up with stupid ‘host migration’ everytime the host leaves. It will run through the day and night, so if you’re using the server as a community ie building up a clan, then people will still be able to join and play even when the one individual renting the server isn’t online. This system makes so much more sense than the pathetic ‘private match’ system on many other games, but also requires powerful, proffesional hardware, which comes at a price. If you don’t want to pay for it, you don’t have to, and you can still play for free with your friends if you find an empty server etc. But if you want to take BF to the next level, and start interacting with the rest of the community in a more indepth way, no other game that i’ve heard of allows you to do something this powerful on consoles…

  • alive2009 03.27.12 at 19:28

    Really DICE, U MAD BRO?

  • Gon97x 03.27.12 at 19:28

    thats such a scam 65pounds dor 90 days that sucks

    • SolidSnake1284 03.27.12 at 20:33

      could be fun to rent but not for a 90 days nonstop bro

  • Zeronox353 03.27.12 at 19:26

    Hey Dice It’s an Admin Panel. Is there anyway you can link us to another site?

  • CrescentEdge 03.27.12 at 19:26

    I don’t think purchasable shortcuts unbalance the game since:

    1. People do attain all those unlocks eventually anyway, so you have to be able to play against someone who does have those unlocks in any case.
    2. Not everyone is willing to dish out that cash for the unlocks. You probably will only run in to a minority of players who did and you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and other players who earned the unlocks through play.

    Personally I wouldn’t buy unlocks even if I had the money, since I wouldn’t feel like I earned them and deserve them, and I wouldn’t feel I have the skill to use them effectively unless I actually played the game. Someone who starts off the bat with all unlocks does not mean they’re effective at using them.

    • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 19:30

      You’re absolutely right, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a slap in the face. If you wanna tell me you don’t mind people being able to pay for something that you’ve earned then you’re full of sh*t. That goes for everything, not just video games.

      • CrescentEdge 03.27.12 at 20:09

        I was speaking about this from a pure balance point of view.

        I did say that I wouldn’t purchase the unlocks since I wouldn’t deserve them and would enjoy them better when I earn them. I guess you missed that part…

  • Tw1nty 03.27.12 at 19:23

    The B2K download freezes my PS3. I tried 6 times already what gives?

  • Nameless Sniper 03.27.12 at 19:21

    Those shortcuts are just plain stupid. But a good business move, I guess.

  • ariaandkia 03.27.12 at 19:19 ” Ummm…. I don’t think you meant to link us to an admin page

  • gotbeer4444 03.27.12 at 19:18

    not so much ive been pissed since the first update when they “nerfed” the inrv and turned it to shit i dont understand the point really if everybody has the same things then its balanced if i keep getting killed by the same weapon i bust out that weapon as simple as that fight fire with fire

    • PapaDragonX 03.27.12 at 19:21

      I know what you mean. DICE is trying to use the “Fair and Balanced” model that Fox News “uses” but I just do not understand why they change it because of some whiners.

      • Ruze84 03.27.12 at 19:32

        Being killed repeatedly by the same weapon, where your only option is to use that same weapon, isn’t what many consider good gameplay. We could all be running around with Famas’ and IRNV scopes right now, but what about the guys who prefer different?

        It’s not like there is really an ounce of difference between these weapons IRL, anyhow ;?j

  • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 19:06

    I heared that Ea/dice were planning to add a Rail gun that you can’t unlock, only purchase for $50 that 1 hits you from 5000 metres, even if it only hits your big toe… Money grabbing skanks

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 19:06

      I was being sarcastic, but i Better not give their marketing people any idea’s hey :)

  • Hazmat 50Cal 03.27.12 at 19:03

    so what do u PS3 guys think of the patch? me and my dude are on 360 but we are worried about this patch changing it to much in a bad way . how much has changed good and bad so far? just want opinions to know what to expect. anyways thank you for your thoughts

  • profiler32 03.27.12 at 18:58

    Yo Dice, this link is pointing to your admin panel: where can I see the changelist?

  • ACK_MINDSEYE 03.27.12 at 18:57

    I’m frigging terrified to even try this patch!! DICE has screwed the pooch on almost everything they’ve done so far, I’m afraid they’ll brick my PS3 on top of all the rest of their bonehead moves. Oh, well……here goes……(please let it work, please let it work, please let it work, please let it work………)

  • NeightDog 03.27.12 at 18:53

    OMG so many crybabies.
    Thank you for the patch Dice, looking forward to receiving it on Xbox =)

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 18:55

      no doubt you’re a damn noob that’s going to buy all the unlocks, that I’m still going to wtf own and make you cry

    • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 18:56

      The only thing people are crying about is EA letting people buy unlocks, I personally was raving about DICE’s communication with the community lately and how they were working hard on the patch to BALANCE the game. And then they do this and UNBALANCE the game.

      • CrescentEdge 03.27.12 at 19:20

        I don’t think it unbalances the game since:

        1. People do attain all those unlocks eventually anyway, so you have to be able to play against someone who does have those unlocks in any case.
        2. Not everyone is willing to dish out that cash for the unlocks. You probably will only run in to a minority of players who did and you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and other players who earned the unlocks through play.

        Personally I wouldn’t buy unlocks even if I had the money, since I wouldn’t feel like I earned them and deserve them, and I wouldn’t feel I have the skill to use them effectively unless I actually played the game. Someone who starts off the bat with all unlocks does not mean they’re effective at using them.

    • gotbeer4444 03.27.12 at 18:56

      you just cant play well apparently

  • dimitri58 03.27.12 at 18:50

    Please EA, everything was great for this update but “Shortcuts” just ruined it…… Those unlocks must be earned not bought!

    • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 18:53

      I was all really excited about the patch. Now I’m hating it. One step forward TWO STEPS BACK. This is REALLY, REALLY disappointing.

      What was it that Bill Hicks said about marketing people again? Oh, yeah, that’s right, you should all go hang yourselves.

  • gotbeer4444 03.27.12 at 18:47

    the hell with bf3 im so over their crap it used to be a great game and i understand wanting to change things like getting killed repeatedly from where the computer spawns you in but do they NO instead they change all the weapons so it doesnt really matter what weapon you use you will be using a whole clip just so you can kill each other anyway with that being said its almost like theres no point in going up in levels therefore no point in playing the game its ridiculous if i had known that they would cater to a bunch of whinners i wouldnt have even purchased the game in the first place the other thing that bugs me is they keep changing things based on what statistics of the 5 million plus copies theyve sold how many of those people have complained alot of people claim its more like COD and ITS NOT the biggest reason is that COD created a product and they leave it that way so next week when i feel like playing its going to be the same game i played when i purchased it i didnt pay 60 dollars for the lameness that is now battlefield 3

  • leekabean78 03.27.12 at 18:45

    You boys do know complaining about the add-on’s are not going to get them to change their minds…. right! I really don’t care, I am happy with all but one small thing please please put the PKP back to the way it was. It’s worthless!!! :( Maybe even add a few female soldiers in too. Thanks Dice

    • RO4DK1LL 03.27.12 at 18:51

      PKP was O/P. They’ve changed it for a reason.

      Adding female soldiers would be fun. I imagine they would have nice lines. :))

      • leekabean78 03.27.12 at 20:02

        I bet I killed you with it at one time with having almost 10,000 kills with it. LOL It’s not O/P not everyone knew how to handle that kind of gun! HAHA

  • xxMolsonxx 03.27.12 at 18:45

    I can already see the posts

    “don’t think you can own me with your purchase weapons noob”

  • jvz_the_barber 03.27.12 at 18:45

    What f*cking joke. So a level 2 with little to no experience in the field is gonna get the upper hand with all weapons and vehicle unlocks I don’t even have yet? It feels good to earn your own stuff after a tough match.

    • NeightDog 03.27.12 at 18:49

      So you’re mad that a new player will have access to the same guns as you? Cry me a river. If you’ve been playing game since release then it doesnt affect you. Shut up.

      • RO4DK1LL 03.27.12 at 18:53

        He’s complaining because he is a n00b. If he would have been playing since launch-day he should have had everything unlocked by now. Even if he doesn’t have all the weapons with all their upgrades he would still have no reason to complain since the best weapons are the first weapons in each class. :))

        • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 19:03

          It’s more about the vehicle unlocks than anything else. People should not be able to pay for anything in MP that has an affect on gameplay; it UNBALANCES the game.

          The other thing is today they have you idiots paying for unlocks, tomorrow you’ll be paying for your ammunition.

  • BSC-AmEhT 03.27.12 at 18:43

    shortcuts are NOT live. Wtf , and to all you talking about its a cheap way since you have been playing so long and hard to get your shit , Well Most of us have a damn life , job , and family , I and most people don’t play this game non stop like some of you freaks who sponge off the government or are just kids who play video games til their eyes hurt. And If you can’t dish out a few bucks to do the same then I really feel sorry for your broke ass .

    • duhL337ed 03.27.12 at 18:46

      i work 72 hours a week and can afford the short cuts and still think its a poor decision.

    • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 18:47

      STFU. They can sell anything they want to that does not have an affect on the game. Selling vehicle unlocks creates an uneven playing field. IT UNBALANCES THE GAME.

      I feel sorry for your dense ass that’s stupid enough to pay for idiotic crap like this WHEN YOU ALREADY PAID FOR THE GAME.

    • gotbeer4444 03.27.12 at 18:51

      your a dumb ass talking shit on the gamers on a gamers site what the hell are you doing here anyway get back to your life with your “family” ….some people

  • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:38

    If anyone from EA is actually paying attention to this, don’t think we’re talking sh*t about your game. No one here is, in fact everyone here loves the sh*t out of your game. It just really sucks seeing something you love getting sh*t all over.

  • jlsicard17 03.27.12 at 18:36

    So I get a message saying that I have to re-download the Karkand expansion pack free of charge. No big deal untill it decides it wants to charge me $14.99 and wont let me down load till I add $ to my wallet

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 18:38

      don’t download from the ingame store, go to playstation store and look at your downloads history and just re-download the expansion from there.. see if that works…

  • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:33

    It kind of reminds me of MW3…

  • Eperrino 03.27.12 at 18:32

    Money talks, and Battlefield walks!
    The shortcuts are an insult to those of us who have worked so hard for our unlocks, which of course are the rewards we used to receive for our efforts. Now they are just meaningless rewards for the noobies! Bad move EA.

    • Biggus_Dlccus 03.27.12 at 18:33


    • AsianInvasian603 03.27.12 at 18:34

      yeah exactly my thoughts on that. I wouldn’t of minded if the shortcut kits came out maybe after 11-13 months after the game was released though

    • JBEE6589 03.28.12 at 04:28


  • Aj b33m3R 03.27.12 at 18:29


    I already paid for your game. I’m willing to pay for private servers. Now you are forcing me to pay for VEHICLE UNLOCKS? So the brat with a boat load more disposable income gets to pay for a boost while the schmucks who have had the game since release have had to work for it.

    This creates an UNBALANCED PLAYING FIELD. It’s the reason I never played NHL 10 on line and the reason I NEVER BOUGHT ANOTHER NHL TITLE SINCE.

    I don’t care if you charge for stupid dog tags, I can see you needing to charge for private servers, but charging for vehicle unlocks, when vehicles are very powerful items to control in the game CREATES AN UNBALANCED MP. You’re just being greedy at the sake of what has been, until now, a pretty balanced game.

    If this is the route you are taking, I have to seriously reconsider whether or not I will be purchasing any DLC for this game. The MP should even keel for everyone, it should not be about who can afford to buy the latest digital weapon to make them uber.

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 18:35

      I totally agree, This is just another developer trying to make a quick buck and totally dismissing what it’s game players actually want.. DAOC I will use as example, noone wanted trials of atlantis expansion, and the developers were warned should they release it, it would make people leave, they didn’t listen = killed the damn game completely.. I play the game for the progression, I take pride in my unlocks, I don’t just play to log on and kill sh*t although that’s part of it…

    • duhL337ed 03.27.12 at 18:42

      Bravo on this post

    • yorknasty 03.27.12 at 21:41

      great post ***EA PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POST AND OTHERS ABOUT THIS SAME THREAD***…BAD BAD BAD MOVE. You just destroyed the games progression. There are many gamers like myself who have over 150 hrs into the game and still have lots of more powerful weapons and vehicle upgrades to unlock but would not think twice about spending more money just to obtain them. That’s for NOOB’S ONLY but at the expense of ALL OTHER’S who have played religiously for months to maintain an advantage in the game.

  • AsianInvasian603 03.27.12 at 18:29

    not really a fan of the shortcut kits coming out moderately early

  • aro52 03.27.12 at 18:27

    Rent-A-Server is neat (hope to set one up tonight), 5-Flag Wake Island was much needed, but you can tell EA to get their money grubbing shortcut kits out of Battlefield!

  • PERSON_2 03.27.12 at 18:25

    You have to remember the short-cut kits even though i don’ think they are good. They are £20 which is not that cheap for an add-on, so i believe that it will not be too bad and they have patched the USAS so life good in my opinion.

    • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:26

      until your chopper gets shot down by a guided shell from a level 2..

  • salvucci91 03.27.12 at 18:23

    Shortcuts are a matter of developers taking advantage of turd-burgers, who want instant gratification. Developers shouldn’t create these until a good two or three years after release, for those, perhaps, who are joining the fun late- really late. But gahhh, this is so defeating of purpose !

  • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:22

    Do you (DICE) not realize that you’re taking away the one thing about this game that keeps people playing nonstop for hours and days on end… If there’s is nothing to work for then what’s the f*cking point.

  • Biggus_Dlccus 03.27.12 at 18:21

    so you can now basically BUY advancement rather than EARN it?
    well fucking brilliant – how to totally screw a game in one easy step – you’re idiots

  • SilentKillJon 03.27.12 at 18:21

    I’ve seen some posts about how people are saying they have to re-pay for the Back to Karkand expansion. This is not so. I just got done downloading and installing the initial update, then it prompted me (after getting to the main menu) that I would need to re-download the expansion due to the updates. It SAYS that it is 14.99, but go ahead and select it as if you were buying it and it will immediately take you to the download screen. No extra payment :-)

  • AwesumDude 03.27.12 at 18:21

    Awesome update, but i have to say all those guns didn’t need to be nerfed or powered up. They were fine except for famas and usas. But now it is almost impossible to use some of the lmgs, like m240b and mg36. Did they really need some much more recoil? What happened to mg36′s extended mag. And why is there a suppressor attachment for the saiga? You should have left all those weapons like they were Dice.(except famas and usas :D)

  • humbaa 03.27.12 at 18:18

    yeah those shortcuts suck for the people like us that have been unlocking them the right way at least they should give us a little extra damage or some sort of reward for the effort and the hours spent on the game seriously i guess money do buys everything huh? even power in videogames, lame so lame EA

  • CommandoCoyote 03.27.12 at 18:18

    PS3 Input Lag STILL THERE!!!! AA off doesn’t do shit

  • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 18:17

    shortcutts suck ass, what’s the point in having a leveling/assignment unlock progression system if you can just buy all the unlocks in 5 minutes.. what’s more you’re doing the same with vehicals and they are really hard to unlock which is the reward for effort.. This Kind of thing reminds me of mmorpgs where the wealthy just buy all the best gear in the game = spoils the game, what’s the point?

    • Dave28k 03.27.12 at 18:23

      really pissed at these so called short cutts, I’ve worked hard for my unlocks, spent time and effort getting them which is why i play the damn game in the first place, if everyone has every vehical unlock there is what’s the point? This is like Playing CS with infinity money on every starting round no matter the outcome of the battle.. totally f*king stupid decision and the guy that came up with it should be sacked..

  • THATDEADGUY99 03.27.12 at 18:12


    • humbaa 03.27.12 at 18:14

      actually no if you read the weapon twaks they made youll see they reduced the usas damage down to only 15% so dont even think about it usas are useless now and so are all the shotguns

  • KyuubiToadSage 03.27.12 at 18:12

    Noobie Hunting Time!!!

  • SOLIDSNAKE1217 03.27.12 at 18:11

    I have the LE BF3 and it says i have to pay for the B2K download please fix this DICE I’d really appreciate it =]

  • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:10

    I don’t care at all about the weapons, but the vehicles… really?

  • L_astic 03.27.12 at 18:10

    yeahhhhh thx biiiiiig thx to all of you devs that made this update possible :)

    one could say “hooo it’s been 5 month till we bought the game it’s been a long time …blabla ” , don’t pay attention to those ones !! :) (Indeed, do pay attention because that’s still right but … no matter).

    This seems like an awesome update !!!! those of us who are playing quite a lot are really pleased especially with the new servers, possibility to organise teams matches, tournaments and may be more soon … (leagues ? organised along players skill …etc)
    this announces a great future to this game !!! :D

    I will only regret the quite high renting price, why don’t you at least allow a 6 or 12 months rent for a cheaper price ? (hopefully we’re not on the xbox platform ;) , but still !..). I will also point that selling every classes and vehicles upgrades discredits the whole progression process of the game …. that’s a shame to sell those kind of elements ! What’s the interest in having the “Colonnel100″ dog tag whithout having played the whole ? I’m not sure of what will be the consequences ingame but ranks are no more an indicator of players skills or “age” in the game …. why don’t you also sell a quantity of kills huu ? “I’ve been playin since 5 minutes and am colonel 100 and reachin 50 000 kills huhuhh ”
    well that was my intervention ^^ …

    But i’m still glad awaiting future upGRades :) with other kinds of flag layouts for the other maps, may be higher definition at the cost of some destruction or persistence details maybe ? it could be great to allow setting the definition on a rented server for example…

  • KyuubiToadSage 03.27.12 at 18:08

    I bought BF3 at the midnight release and have only taken it out of my PS3 twice. I’ve been working my butt off to unlock every tool, weapon, and attachment but now some noobie can waltz-in with everything I am still working at. LAME…

  • duhL337ed 03.27.12 at 18:07

    I’m little skeptical about the short cuts. Doesn’t that kind of ruin persistence, something you constantly aim for in your dlc releases, and down play the achievements of others that have been plugging away since 10.25.11 to unlock all the equipment?

    • box-art 03.27.12 at 18:11

      The shortcut items aren’t cheap you know. If someone’s desperate enough to spend 40€ (or $) on the ultimate shortcut kit, that’s their decision, I personally think it’s idiocity to pay that much instead of just playing the game.

  • The_SundanceKicl 03.27.12 at 18:00

    So now any p*ss ass dork nerd can just just buy every upgrade in the game… thanks. Everyone that’s going to buy that sh*t are the same 9 year old tools that were running around with shotty frags ruining the game. You’ve got the best game out there at the moment, don’t ruin it by being greedy.

  • KonGavros7th 03.27.12 at 17:45

    Is that an aircraft carrier in the center of the lagoon?

  • Hazy101 03.27.12 at 17:40

    Where can I buy the upgrades…the store doesn’t show them? I work 60 hours a week and have more money than time…lol

  • charged900 03.27.12 at 17:37

    Does anybody know if you can password protect ps3 rented servers

  • SilentKillJon 03.27.12 at 17:33

    For those of you, like me, who can’t read the list of changes up there, here is a link to the list of changes they announced before they put the patch out.

  • mrixx 03.27.12 at 17:30

    We were told many times over the net that the PC would predominately be the main focus of BF3!!!!
    This is very disappointing for the PC gamer!

    • the_funisher 03.27.12 at 17:36

      stfu you can play with 64 players in one battle until that happens for ps3 you can go f a d up yur a!

      • Fide 03.27.12 at 17:44

        PS3 and XBOX are not able to handle 64 players at one battlefield, thats why you never will get that feature.

      • YaBoyISo 03.27.12 at 17:46

        haha 64 >.< nice one

  • rohanpdalli 03.27.12 at 17:26

    someone knows why after the update i lost the weapons unlocked from the assignments? and why the assignments are not accessible anymore?

    • YaBoyISo 03.27.12 at 17:44

      i got the same facking problem…i didnt had the limted so i just bought it
      and now i cant download it for free…

    • rohanpdalli 03.27.12 at 18:27

      problem solved as soon as you i downloaded the back to karkand again the assignments are back

    • JBEE6589 03.28.12 at 04:11


  • Dirtyhands 03.27.12 at 17:25

    Hey XBOX fans quit your crying you still have MODERN WARFARE….LMAO@U!!!!!

  • UPGRAYEDD_813 03.27.12 at 17:22

    the full list of changes doesnt work for me :(

  • venom1950 03.27.12 at 17:20

    1943 wake island! awwww yeah!! :D this patch is great! bye bye USAS and FAMAS f*gs

  • pOLisH2683 03.27.12 at 17:16

    Finally !!!!!!! I’m at work and all I want to do is go home & download the patch so I can see the fixes (only way I’ll believe it’s true) , took long enough dice, also can’t u guys just make a small patch for back 2 karkland? I don’t think I should have to redownload 2GBs for a fix so small, please roll out small patch for it !!

  • WickedManZA 03.27.12 at 17:15

    OMFG… it’s like a sellout. PS3 gets the DLC Packs a week early because Sony offer money and free blowjobs to staff, AND they get the patch early, must be for money and lapdances. Patches should not be a timed exclusive. EVERYBODY has the same issues and EVERYBODY wants to play a fixed game, others should not be able to play a fixed game first. Its like Sony are trying to kill the game on other platforms. AND players can buy shortcuts ?? It will be quite something to see a Rank 10 running around with the AS VAL he is only supposed to get at 45. Hey DICE, why don’t you offer a paid leveling service too, and the guys can buy their way to Colonel 100. sigh….

    Epic fail, epicly.

    • TH3CHIMAIRA 03.27.12 at 17:18

      LOLOLOL!!!! excellent (Wicked & pOLisH). you guys are awesome. totally agree. you would think they are getting full from all that salty protein. LOLOL!!! ill never stop playing BF3 no matter how ridiculous they act. LATER GENTS!

  • Tardyjay 03.27.12 at 17:05

    Way to make the rest of the community wait, Dice. While you are sucking PS3 players dicks, everyone else on XboX and, where you fucking started, PC, have to wait for your damned patch. I don’t know what made you guys want to drop it on PS3 first, frankly I don’t care, but you should be releasing all at once. I will keep playing and this is not a “rage”. I’m more disappointed that you would do something like this. So what if the PS3 players had more troubles with the game. Shit happens. They shouldn’t get special treatment over everyone else. Just my opinion.

    • Tardyjay 03.27.12 at 17:07

      Also, you guys need to stop letting EA fuck you in the ass with a profit dildo. Again, I’m not angry and I’m not talking bad about you Dice. I’m just disappointed. It’s pretty ridiculous how obvious it is that EA keeps pushing you guys to, not only charge for EVERY damn thing you put out, but allow people to purchase weapon and vehicle packs you can easily unlock in the game? Greedy and sad, Dice. I thought you guys were better than this.

      • srybob 03.27.12 at 17:20

        Surely your attitude implies double standards. If it was the PC/XboX update which came out earlier you wouldn’t have got any problem with it. Please chill. DICE/EA is doing an amazing job. They even try to release the updates as fast as possible, and as soon as they can. I guess it is just a COINCIDENCE it was the PS3 update which came first.

        • Tardyjay 03.28.12 at 18:55

          Actually, I would have a problem with it. When ti comes to small patches and game updates Im not too worried. When it comes to a patch like this? This is a big game changing event and it should have been released on all three platforms at once.

    • DisturbedYeti 03.27.12 at 17:09

      It’s on the PS3 first for the same reason COD hits the 360 first. Timed exclusive. Seems to me you really just need to relax a bit. I haven’t even had time to play BF3 in the last 2+ weeks due to my wife having a baby.

    • iDrummer123 03.27.12 at 17:13

      “So what if the PS3 players had more troubles with the game. Shit happens. They shouldn’t get special treatment over everyone else”.

      Uhh. . .YEAH, If we had more troubles with the game, it kinda DOES mean we deserve special treatment. That’s exactly what it means. Because when your a huge developer that promises an equal experience on every platform (even though we all know that’s not true cause the PC version far surpasses everything, so they even be complaining about this) then you kinda have to go through with it. Shit happens? Yeah, it does, but when people PAY you for what your doing, your not allowed to let “shit happen”. It doesn’t work that way.

      • Tardyjay 03.28.12 at 18:58

        Okay, so what about everyone else that payed for the game? What about all the problems the PC version has had? Game locks. Crashes. Disconnects. Just to name a few. You don’t think everyone else deserves the patch as well? I’m not saying PS3 players don’t deserve SOMETHING for the problems they went through but everyone else has and had issues as well. PS3 players are not the only players that have had issues. There is no reason that the patch could not have been released on all three platforms at once. It just saddens me that Dice hasn’t given more consideration to everyone else. Gotta keep the PS3 players happy I guess. You idiots will be spending money on weapon unlocks so EA can’t afford to make you guys angry…..

    • Tha MeatShield 03.27.12 at 17:14

      From what I understand the reason PS3 got the patch first was due to bugs still in the 360 and PC versions. That is what I read, however, as a 360 owner I agree this does suck.

  • GunSlingerAUS 03.27.12 at 17:04

    ZOMG How dare you let players use their own money to buy gadgets that only unemployed people and students have time to unlock? That’s like totally communist man! And why can’t we get free 24/7 private servers, where Dice foots the bill for hardware upgrades/repairs, data costs and admin fees? Again, all the games in Mystery Land allow this, so why can’t BF3?

    • Tardyjay 03.27.12 at 17:05

      Those bastards!

    • Tha MeatShield 03.27.12 at 17:13

      Only unemployed people and students have time to unlock? Get real. Sounds like you could use some education yourself.

    • duhL337ed 03.27.12 at 18:19

      I work 72 hours a week and managed to unlock all the weapons and vehicle upgrades, this kind of makes my efforts pointless though.

    • INFIDEL_JIHAD 05.05.12 at 14:06

      friggin LoL ( Totally agree with your sarcasm )

    • INFIDEL_JIHAD 05.05.12 at 14:09

      with the private servers deal anyway … though i’m not hating them for letting people buy it even though personally i would rather unlock everything myself like i’ve always done

  • IcedPrime 03.27.12 at 16:53

    I have big hopes for this patch! I just wish they wouldn’t have taken away the MAV elevation. They can get ride of the MAV kills for all I care but at least keep the elevation.

  • bobtherock26 03.27.12 at 16:52

    Thanks dice, so my 13 hours of aircraft work to get maintainence on jet and heli, now means I receive beam scanned AA up my backside from some noob 10 mins into buying the game. Dice you are far to greedy!

    • BF3_Super_Six_8 03.27.12 at 17:19

      EXACTLY!!! F-U DICE!!!!! Screw the COD Kids, let em earn the unlocks like they’re supposed to!!! gggrrrrrrrr!!!

  • sateprikker 03.27.12 at 16:50

    You’ve go to be shitting me. Are you seriously giving people the chance to but their way to succes. You’re about to destroy battlefield. You schould put an option in the game for a server or a game mode special for noobs, not this buy shortcut shit YOU PISSED ME OFF.

    • O_Alois 03.27.12 at 16:52

      Are you communist? Well, they’re not! (EA/DICE) Money talks man!

      • Geekboy78 03.27.12 at 17:15

        take your schoolboy understanding of politics home with you. there is nothing communist about suggesting that things need to be earned instead of bought. it’s fucktards like you suggesting anything not based purely on profit is a communist idea that should take some of that money and buy an education.

        • O_Alois 03.28.12 at 21:09

          I didn’t say that he was a communist because he suggest something. It was because he forgot that all they want is to find new ways to earn more money!

        • INFIDEL_JIHAD 05.05.12 at 14:11

          LoL anger management issues

    • wjuniorr 03.27.12 at 16:55

      I agree.

    • Tardyjay 03.27.12 at 17:09

      I would say mostly EA but yes, money talks. Not sure what the hell has gotten into Dice but I’ve never seen Dice roll this way. Like I said, I’m pretty sure this is mostly EA’s doing. They are one of the most greedy companies in the world. Yes, the world. The bastards at EA would sell their wives if it meant profit for the company.

    • Tha MeatShield 03.27.12 at 17:18

      Does anyone remember that you could also buy weapon packs in BFBC2??? These are the same fucking thing! Being able to buy the unlocks. Who gives a fuck! A noob is still a noob! Get the fuck over it you god damn cry baby bitches!

  • LegendaryMSN 03.27.12 at 16:48

    HAHHAHA have you seen the price of the shortcuts LMAO Let the noobs buy them

  • zanychelly 03.27.12 at 16:45

    WAINTING… PC and 360, WHEN?

    • III RACOON III 03.27.12 at 17:19

      Waiting for such a long long time….simply ridiculous the time of making this patch…
      I’m curious how it works…maybe we have wait again a half year…for the fixes of the fixes…

  • JJackdaniels666 03.27.12 at 16:31

    Shortcuts suck.. and why this is taking so f***ing long to download it….

  • HailToDeKingBaby 03.27.12 at 16:30

    really DICE? ur going to charge from us for rent a server? WTF i mean 24.99$ for a month! oh my god what tha hell were u thinking! awesome. really awesome, great jobs guys congratulations.

    • Sheldor Baz1nga 03.27.12 at 16:32

      What are you mad about? Renting your own server is optional – you can still play for free.

  • Kasama84 03.27.12 at 16:28

    You need to add normal conquest to the Back to Karkand maps, Dice. Conquest assault is a horrible game mode, when there’s only one flag left, and you don’t have a base to spawn from. I’ve completely stop playing the Back to Karkand maps because of this. So please put normal conquest in as well.

  • Emilio_507 03.27.12 at 16:24

    thanks fot the update guys…but that shortcut stuff….is not fair whit people that spent hours playing…unlock 2 or 3 weapons for every class and some upgrade for the vehicles….NOT ALL THE STUFF!!!

  • Kicker92-_- 03.27.12 at 16:20

    What all did they fix. It wont let me log in to read the list??

  • Numure 03.27.12 at 15:58

    Awsome job guys! I love the new Rent-A-Server feature (Will let me and my Clan mates setup Clan Battles more easily). Fixing all does annoying bugs is also very appreciated :D

    Overall, very satisfied PS3 Gamer today :)

  • N3v3rMind_ITA 03.27.12 at 15:57

    ahahahah i have to pay for the servers ? WOW Dice, great job -.- Why someone would pay for a stupid private server where there are a lot of games where i can create a Private Match for free ?? I don’t think that you needs more money from us. Xbox players also have to pay 60$ a Year for the Xbox Live… we’re not reach…money don’t grown on trees men!

    • xboxhooah 03.27.12 at 16:12

      rich you mean^^
      but I agree with you
      I also dont see the point PS3 gets it one week earlier

    • Rosoboron 03.27.12 at 16:13

      It’s not creating a private match that’s hosted peer-to-peer, it’s renting an actual dedicated server running with settings that you or your friend prefer, like servers on the PC ever since BF1942.

      This is actually a Good Thing.

      • INFIDEL_JIHAD 05.05.12 at 14:01

        yay someone who actually knows what he’s talking about instead of a no knowledge person blabbering about shiz he has no knowledge of… ty rosoboron

    • WOrLdWAr2 03.27.12 at 16:42

      You’re pretty stupid and ignorant. The reason you are paying for a “RENTED” server is because you are actually gaining ADMIN access to ONE of the 24/7 ONLINE ALL THE TIME servers you see publicly on the server list, something “WE” call a, “Dedicated Game Server”.

      This is different from the noob Private Match/Private Servers some of you console noobs think are real servers. It’s free with this method because the server is hosted on the person’s machine who created the “Private Match” and when the creator leaves the game/turns off/internet cuts off for him, the server dies, (This is partially remedied in CoD with it’s “Host Migration”) and everyone is kicked out of the match/server, since it no longer exists.

      With a Dedicated Game Server, which DICE, for the first time I’ve seen, allow console owners to rent, you have the benefits of obtaining any one of these “24/7 on-always servers” and applying whatever global settings you see fit for you, your clan, and your prospective server population who are bound to join your server (thus prospective online friends and possible recruits to your clan) and guess what? When all of you go to sleep or doing the homework you’re supposed to do for school, your server is still up, and if your server is popular enough, it will be filled with people still playing, again, all possible recruits/free endorsement for your clan. When you and your clan wants to join, you’ll be able to kick the lowest scoring players to make room for clan members when joining the server. You also won’t have to worry so much about griefers/trolls/idiots since the server owner or ADMINS prolly will have tools of control to remediate/mute/kick them globally on your server.

      For clan matches, you can prolly make the server private as well. The options are right at your fingertips. Now for those of you cheap nubs that just wanna do 360 quickscope and/or fag sausage fest contest practice in a “Private Match”, you’re shit outta luck.

      In other words, Renting a Server, means renting a community that you can manage and run for family/friends and other public players within an environment you all can enjoy whether or not your machine is on or not.

  • Tomer9 03.27.12 at 15:52

    lol took me 20 minutes only to download..

  • Spanky3600 03.27.12 at 15:49

    i want to see the change list!! Username and passwoord :-s

  • yeahxD97 03.27.12 at 15:45

    Change list does not work^^

  • KPAC420 03.27.12 at 15:40

    Wut about weapon tweaks plz tell me u fixed that dumb usas12

  • AJBOOMER1 03.27.12 at 15:36

    Unlike some people on here who always B@#H about things i want to say thank you DICE for making BF3 even better then it already was i think the game looks much better now that you can put ANTI-ALIASING OFF and thank you for the RENT A SERVERS works great now if only you guys can put settings for the JETS and TANKS to move faster i play with a mouse on PS3 they move slow as hell THANK YOU.

  • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:35

    did a price check on rent a servers, “not avail at this time”
    no new items to buy @ store “same spec kit, b2k and phys warfare pack.

  • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:33

    wow, just realized, rent a server “play by your rules” , lag switch heaven..
    on the store now, and nothing to buy but the same before the patch and the rent a server, or “rent a lag”

  • Fabrii100 03.27.12 at 15:27

    Shortcuts? Really dice? Are you that money hungry? Hopefully that shit won’t come to pc.

    • Atheist4Jee-zuhs 03.27.12 at 15:28

      They did the same thing in BF3, after the game has been out awhile they sell the packs to unlock some stuff. Unlocks =/= skill.

  • ndm250 03.27.12 at 15:26

    It’s a sad day when platforms get exclusive rights to a patch before everyone else, if this is the case.

    • Atheist4Jee-zuhs 03.27.12 at 15:29

      Crash7800 said that isn’t the case, but if the patch comes out for xbox and PC next week that is what everyone is going to think.

    • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:30

      its been sad,past couple years sad, this is not the 1st time or last, thank ea and activision as well as other publishing co.’s..
      this business practice should be done away with..

    • rtm00se 03.27.12 at 15:37

      sigh… the xbox and PC versions were delayed because they are implementing a spectator mode/battlerecorder and there were technical issues with the Server backend on XBL and PC… stop being a reactionary fanboy and learn to read between the lines

    • fullybaked_420 03.29.12 at 18:44

      Booooo hooo. You mad?

  • XeroCreator 03.27.12 at 15:16

    Not a thing wrong with waiting for this update because quite frankly. while i’d like the patch, to fix frag rounds and the sniper tweaks etc. I as well as plenty other actual gamers do not want this cash shop store crap. It’s going to introduce a new level of crap to the game and give noobs frag rounds, and snipers and guns we all had to work for. That is why i liked battlefield. This is going to ruin it for me when i see a level 1 with damn near everything unlocked in the game especially on tanks and bmp’s etc. not to mention jets…. please.. leave out the cash shop on 360. It’s a bad move.

    • Pzychoo 03.27.12 at 15:21

      I agree with you, also, the unlocks are atleast for me great motivators, It’s my guess that the people that will purchase all their equipment will have fun for a while, but it wont be like dice intended. But more however they are falling for EA’s marketing scheme.

    • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:26

      leave it out period,lol.. actually even to those who buy such items doesnt mean they will become an elite soldier overnight.. but i agree, the shop isnt a great idea, for EA its a great idea.. wasnt aware of it to this extent, i will only buy a crate of frag rounds,lol.. jk.. just imagine how many people were up late last night and the next few days spamming and saying goodbye to their old buddy, the frag splash.

  • Pzychoo 03.27.12 at 15:15

    3% Downloaded, 1103 minutes left with
    Meh, anyway I think it’s good that they are finally adding some possibilities for one-map-only servers and such, I don’t appreciate EA’s bloodsucking scheme and none of these offers tempt me into buying anything. However, I know I’ll enjoy being able to search for heli-only or atleast any heli-related servers from here on. If this download ever ceases… *note* 3% estimate started at 920 minutes left when I started writing this.

  • hviteost 03.27.12 at 15:10

    the dlc is taking too long time to download. 780 minutes!

    • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:12

      a few have flew to the forum this morning i see, but i guess they got nerfed so we are safe,lol

  • li_mogirl29 03.27.12 at 15:10

    BOSTONJOHN32 lol.. yeah i know its sounds weird but the first time i ever saw one of thoses things i just blurted out “oh crap.. duck.. its a flying cabbage wtf”.. its just stuck with me now.. lol.. ;P

  • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:06

    this is the work of the rEApers, EA EA EA,lol.. not me or you, not some conspiricy. activision/microsoft locked down dlc content for a good solid month before anyone else got it, but do i go to my friends house and throw a fit cus he owns an xbox?
    im not thrilled the patch isnt day 1 for all, but its a matter of 4 days, a matter of dice actually patching a game and even when they do they cant win, they suck if they do and suck if they dont.. i dont get it? then why spend over 200 hours on such a game made by such people? ookiller123 about to cheeck out this patch, add me if u wish.. ttyl

  • 00killer123 03.27.12 at 14:59

    I agree with BostonJohn32. U have all of these pc and 360 players that are butt hurt and being like there on their period because they don’t get the patch the same time and it’s not dices fault don’t blame it on them!

    • Destintone 03.27.12 at 15:04

      Well timed exclusive is of course all nice and dandy when it comes down to DLC or other optional stuff, but this is a patch!
      Something to make the game run good, and playable.
      It is not : “hey were Sony here is a bag of money, now give us the patch”, but more:
      “hey were Dice and need to test out Patch, so please offer us money” and sony is like “okay”, so I am okay with it really. (but 4 days is f*****- ing long)

      Good luck playstation tester :)

    • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 15:08

      see you online, you playing now?

    • RNP_Ghost 03.27.12 at 15:12

      We‘re not ‘but hurt‘ or even blaming DICE, we‘re just wondering why the PC patch is so far behind the PS 3 one when PS3 needs certification from Sony and PC doesn‘t need any certification at all. I think there are really only 3 things PC gamers want to know: what is the reason for the delay, will we get anything else with the patch that we don‘t know about yet, and when will we get the patch. If DICE can answer all these i‘m sure PC gamers will be happy to wait, as PC gamers tend to be less whiney… just saying.

      • Fensmarken 03.27.12 at 21:22

        I actually think i read a comment from a leading designer stating that they need aproval from Microsoft

      • fullybaked_420 03.29.12 at 18:39

        Because PC players are gay. Sorry just how the world works. I’m sure World of Warcraft is waiting for you though.

  • 03.27.12 at 14:55

    PC patch, me need, please at least ETA.

  • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 14:51

    wow, just scrolling back and just cant get over the fact of how much anger can develop over a patch etc.. well ps3 has always been last in mw3 dlc etc and i mean like a month back, its unfair but it isnt 360 consumers fault or their consoles either,lol. i was never big for the “timed exclusives” idea.. because it feels good when its timed to benefit but sour to those who get stuck in limbo.. i agree that because this is a patch it should be for everybody day 27th march, but because of exclusive rights 2 sony aka a marketing ploy 2 say “hey we are w/ you sony, unlike activision, well its just b.s. and wow a full 4 days of exclusive.. if it were up to me everybody would be getting this now. and to those being hateful toward dice, sony and ps3 owners, well maybe join a gym for 4 days or something, its not a year , its 4 days.. and to act like one wont play eva eva again under fake screen names, well dont be foolish, its because you are so wrapped up in battlefield that you are so angry, your not going anywhere.

  • li_mogirl29 03.27.12 at 14:50

    @DarkHill… stop the whinging.. and just play whatever game pleases you.. noone is MAKING you play BF3. Hundreds lets say THOUSANDS of other games exist.. NOTHING COMES UP TO BF3′S KNEES! .. The tweakin ‘n’ bettering is only making this game YET MAYBE THE MOST INSANELY COOL ‘n’ STUNNING GAME … YET.. EVERRRRRRRR..!
    I do want to bitch about the MAV aka ‘cabbage’ killling.. I saw this ‘person’ called ” ZUBBAN” or something who had over 5000 MAV Kills. WTF..! The elevating of those things is ‘fair enough’.. accessable to everyone.. its just a skill..& it shouldnt be taken off.. Also,anyone ‘whinging’ about the USAS should just learn to shut up. From what i’ve learnt, the USAS was a gun designed FOR WAR ONLY. this is a WAR GAME right?? pft.. ppl rambling on saying “oh got killed by that Effing USAS ‘n’ FAG rounds blah blah boo hoo blah”.. i just hate getting killed.. no matter how.. think abt it..
    Wow..! good job at mixing up server type @ DICE .. I ALSOOOOOOO hope you have put a Box to tick off in ‘SERVER OPTIONS’ to be able to locate ORIGINAL ONLY CONQUEST MAP server, as this have become a freaking pain in the butt to filter thru n find..
    CHEERS.. Thx for fixing stuff.. hope this all works..

    • BOSTONJOHN32 03.27.12 at 14:55

      “cabbage kills” lol, god way of putting it

  • KingKenny7_ 03.27.12 at 14:49

    Its a fooking game not a cure for cancer they are delaying, get over yourself FFS

  • SOOPERGOOMAN187 03.27.12 at 14:49

    got a pain in your side? no? then its not up your ass. pc players can suck it.

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 03.27.12 at 14:49

    I encourage all of my fellow gamers NOT to buy this rent a server functionality. Spread the word! Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends.

    Am still getting Armored Dlc >:)

  • RNP_Ghost 03.27.12 at 14:48