Post Launch Battlefield 3 Balancing: Turning “Our Game” into “Your Game”

Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

It’s always a challenge for me to balance a Battlefield game after it has launched. Before a game ships it’s Our Game, and we can generally do what we feel is right with the game, even if it means entirely redoing some part of the balance (we did this multiple times on Battlefield 3’s development before we arrived at today’s combat pacing). It can generally be said that once a game ships, it’s no longer Our Game, it’s Your Game. It belongs to the community; I’m just a care taker; A Game Warden if you will.

So it’s a lot of consideration that goes in to crafting an update with as many fixes and changes as we have prepped for our next update. Sometimes the community comes together and clearly demands a fix: “The USAS-12 and FRAG rounds are Over Powered!” or “MAV elevators have got to go!” It’s easy to make a quick reaction fix, though every “fix” for an issue can be essentially ruining another player’s fun.  What’s game breaking for balance to one player is the very thing that helps another enjoy the game. It’s my job to pick which issues to fix, how to fix them, and analyze their overall impact on the game.

Ultimately the community will make its opinions loud (though not always so clear) when an update lands, and many updates for many different games have come with unpleasant surprises for their respective communities. I really wanted to avoid that situation for Battlefield 3, so we’ve tried a series of different approaches. Various update change lists have been posted on Battlelog for all to see during the development of this update. And many changes and additions (and even deletions) have been made in response. As we went on in development, and after we had reached a feeling of equilibrium for balance in internal playtests, we released the specific data to a community site known for its in depth analysis of Battlefield 3’s weapons and vehicles: Players then were able to look directly at the numbers, and the process of changing, adding, and deleting was repeated.

To me, this process has been a huge success. The clearly unnecessary changes were removed based directly on community feedback, and some changes that may have swung the balance pendulum too far in the other direction have been moderated. I’m sure there’s still a strong set of opinions, and there’s clearly some hot button issues, so I’ve attached a poll for you to vote on: Tell me which change you want to know the reasoning behind. I’ll craft a blog post for each of them in time, and your vote will determine which order. If there’s something that’s missing from this poll list, please add it to the comments section. I’ll throw up another poll when my next blog post goes up with a revised list of hot topics.

I look forward to doing more of these blogs, and to your comments and questions below.

Alan “Demize99” Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer

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  • Robopimp-Homer 01.05.13 at 11:22

    Hello Alan.
    I want to give his opinion on not realestichnye in BF3 is that the head should be head shoot yes even three times to fully realestichnye balance and make the entire agnestrelnogo weapon damage is much higher. You are aiming to show realism in this game.(Sorry for my curve English)

  • TC4SPAZINOUT 05.12.12 at 01:39

    well guns were better with out the crazy recoil added.. that’s why so many left the game don’t ever give them the ability to have a great gun and take it away and im not talking about the famas that no one seem to use any more. i like the shot gun fix… jumping over wall is gay and aiming is affected while climbing over a 2 foot wall before patch jumping wasn’t so gay . tanks still take to many hits..have any of you tried playing on the ps3 what happened to my hk and why when i use acog scope i now see gun sight in the scope wasn’t like that before patch no one using scopes any more because recoil is to much they all use holo now… not the case before the patch… to many flare on jet and heli i shot 2 stinger into heli he just fly’s away like nothing happened. if you were smart you reset recoil on all guns except the famas o and everyone hates blur how do you have a epic battle if no one can see put back to where it was ground to air need more.. rpg dumb ed down put back to normal… in hardcore more option in ranked game like bullet % change higher and still be ranked i don’t play custom game because their not ranked ps i know what u did was to improve game play but changing guns across the board isn’t the answer if i never played from day one i wouldn’t notice these changes as being negative .great game but the changes can and will hurt the game play ps theirs nothing wrong with shooting a bullet straight its hard enough with moving targets now my gun move up because of recoil and the view of game change dont know if this was to fix imput lag game has more of a call of duty look if you fixed these items game would go back to epiccccc knife still has issue tooo. cooking grenades would be great mortar suk after patch…. smoke granades . bigger squads like 6 or 12 o yeah stinger should track at low air level .. i know how devs are they think they know what we want but you really don’t

  • DrMontyDK 04.27.12 at 12:01

    BF 3. Is a great game. But I have some improvements, that would make the game even better. It would be nice to have the opportunities to set up your weapons outside the game. Then it would be great to have chance to have place to test your weapon setup. It could be a shooting range where you also could pratice your skill with the grenade launcher and hand grenades.

  • {SA}StayAlive 04.17.12 at 16:27

    Let me start by saying that Battlefield 3 is a great game, but it has potential for much more. When playing the game there are many issues(too many to list but I’ll be glad to discuss upon request) that cause players to leave, some permanently. We’re trying to “stick with it” as long as we can but find the issues too frustrating and too often. We have lost 1/2 of our clan already and the other 1/2 is talking about moving on. It is unfortunate that the ingredients are all there and yet this game can’t seem to make a leap forward to perfection. If anyone at Dice is interested in listening I’ll be glad to break it down to very specific issues, otherwise this is going to be just another “lost feedback”. If that’s the case, some of us have no choice but to move on to something else.

  • AppleTree4 04.15.12 at 19:41


  • CyberSniper84 04.12.12 at 16:34

    hey allan “fuckface99″ kertz. thanks alot for ruining bf3. i wont be buying another dice or ea game. i was looking forward at the new medal of honor and other new battlefield or dice games, but since u cant create a game and not fuck with it any further, then u can suck it, cuz i wont be buying them.

  • DJ-RUOSS 04.10.12 at 20:49

    hi, from the latest patch applied to my BF3/PS3, i’m experiencing a problem: when i select the mortar and ready to place on the ground it seems like in a position taller by the ground than before installing the patch (the latest one) and it is red (not ready to be placed) and not yellow. can you explain me why i cannot use anymore the mortar? is a bug, or there is another kind of approach to use this weapon?
    thank you in advance and best regards.

  • APOLLO7373 04.10.12 at 07:22

    Hey Dice/EA, as you can see from the overwhelming majority of posts on this thread and many others, your patch didn’t go over so well. I realize you can’t fix it overnight, but where you claim to be influenced by what your users say, could you at least let us know that you’re listening and that you plan to fix some of the concerns in an upcoming patch? I sure havent seen anything like that from you guys with this issue, so either do it, or point us in the right direction and make or a headline Throw us a bone.

    • Foreverloco4 04.11.12 at 18:34

      there’s 10x more kids than adults playing the game therefore they listen to more whiners. If i really wanted to RUN AND GUN THE MAP i would just buy cod mw3. no i bought this game because i wanted to be tactical and sneaky, this game is more like COD since the patch. what a waste eh?

  • tnmphoenix 04.08.12 at 00:18

    NO weapon packs for the love of God. Unless it’s like Mass Effect 3. Where you aren’t guaranteed things. Dice really needs to diversify the battlefield. Make certain equipment load outs really work for special circumstances. Make people think. I want to think. That’s all I’m asking for. I want to not always use the same weapon and attachments for every engagement. The balance thing is all well and good, but every weapon has seemingly the same attachments and it’s silly. Make us really sacrifice something. If we want X we shouldn’t have Y. I feel like you get everything you want in the weapons now so there’s not much a difference. You should have a harder time if you choose poorly for the situation. That just doesn’t exist. You can use whatever weapon you want, most of them practically work the same. Just a different graphic/model.

  • aww_sheit 04.07.12 at 20:46

    screw balancing shit, make it REAL

  • lanman2k 04.06.12 at 23:13

    This upgrade has made the game even more frustrating to play. The jets and choppers seem to have even more of an unfair advantage. At least in BF2, we had AAs and mounted 50 cal weapons to balance things out.

    I keep hoping DICE will finally fix the damage issues. I get tired of shooting people at point blank range just to have them knife me. It doesn’t take a whole clip at close range to kill someone. Certain players seem to have god-like skills; you cannot kill them no matter how many times you shoot them. You shoot them first and they suffer absolutely no health damage and then they kill you. When manning the 50 cal on a tank, why does it take so many hits to kill someone when in reality one 50 cal round will virtually cut someone in half? These are very old issues and have been voiced by thousands so why haven’t the focus been on fixing these problems?

    Why can’t we buy a tutorial server so we can learn to fly jets and choppers without penalizing our team?

  • truskn 04.06.12 at 16:02

    Battlefield 3: Modern Warfare 4

    BF will be full of CoD kiddies. I wonder how many copies the next BF title will generate? Hope DICE doesn’t count on all the noobs to come back? Good going DICE at this rate you will lose your core fanbase\long time fans. I no longer have faith in buying DICE games anymore. All they will do is patch it to death instead of making “their” game and fixing actual problems. Hell I’ll take the OP FAMAS and the OP USAS frag rounds back over this new crappy ass patch.

    • devo229 04.06.12 at 20:50

      why would it be full of Cod kiddies they play that game because its unrealistic and no recoil which i suspect is most of the crying going on here cause people cant shoot anymore

  • lfc5times80 04.06.12 at 13:03

    i want my money back ,this game now sucks dick ,i got the mw3 xbox with mw3 included,played the campaign then forgot about it,guess what?im gettin it out again because its got to be better than this steaming pile of dogshit now.thanks for fuck all dickheads

  • ZOOLOG1C 04.06.12 at 08:23

    Why did you jerks ruin this awesome game?? WTF!!! 600 hrs of my life going this game rocks and a 15min download + 1 half hour of wtf this game sucks! Fix it now!!!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:54

    bring back pre patch else we are leaving this game

  • MaSoNxX 04.03.12 at 02:08

    I would like to reinforce the idea of realism, it would be more to the core what Battlefield is all about. team play.

  • RANGERZ____ 04.02.12 at 01:46

    AK — I find your team’s approach to “balancing” good for the players and the future of BF. However I would like to share some insight what I am now seeing as a player with several hundred hours of game play in Battlefield 3. As an analyst for one of the largest companies on the planet, I would like to think I’m pretty good at identifying trends. The server rental idea may be a good idea for rev generation, however allowing the renter full admin access to “kick the good players” off may have a negative impact on the community. I would think this would be reserved for private servers and not those available to the public. My point is this, those that play more than others build the foundation to the community. If random renters play admin and “kick off” the better players, I anticipate these players will eventually leave the BF franchise. Monitoring the number of admin kicks should support the above.

  • KinkySkull 03.27.12 at 20:13

    Hello, I’m a huge fan of the Famas which is a fair and very decent primary weapon. What is going on now with it????? It’s gone. No more. Please inform me…..

    • Danker9 03.28.12 at 00:42

      Wow…really it is not a fair and decent weapon it has a high as hell rate of fire and it has NO recoil what so ever and this is a fair gun? go use guns that take skill you noob.

      • Blambaby 03.31.12 at 01:10

        That’s balanced out with a really long reload speed. Usually the guys buddy gets you.

      • devo229 04.06.12 at 20:47

        really, i cant belive all this bitching i played for 5 hours last night and have nothing but positive things to say, alot of these jokers just need to go back to CoD and use ACR’s

  • THRASHER9876 03.27.12 at 04:12

    This is what’s missing from the poll list or rather should be added to one of them.
    Slug Rounds: The Tale of a Lion turned Mouse
    If you catch my drift, Slug rounds were amazing in the beta maybe to powerful, but now have been completely nerfed!! When is the last time you’ve been killed be a 870 slug? No one uses them anymore! if you keep them the way they are you might as well get rid of them completely, cause right now they’re useless!!!!!

  • kmoney5u5 03.27.12 at 01:58

    listen to us thats all you need. or at least watch my skills on console. my username is my live id on xbox. I hav potential and its like i am not getting to be thanked personaly by the producers. Just do the curtious responce reply every month to each one of the community or just at least do something in that order.

  • garychanning 03.23.12 at 19:06

    just been speaking to ch on twitter according to him it doesn’t matter what u say on this changes are made by in house testing but we all no this is a crook of shit battlefield what the hell are you playing at do u lot think people are really that thick we all post on the blog and on twitter to help u make the changes that the community want not the testers as the community buys yours game and plays it not the testers look we all love battlefield but plz treat us with some integrity and not like a bunch of dumb shits sorry for moaning so much but don’t like to be fobbed off with rubbish again great game but you need to listen and not reply with complete rubbish

  • garychanning 03.23.12 at 16:37

    iv just twitterd battlefield about the stationary AA about the power of it too weak there reply was they want to make it fun am i the only 1 thats thinks the stationary AA should be beefed up abit as the usas does more damage

    • jsykb 03.23.12 at 22:26

      I totally agree with gary the aa does needed to me a bit more powerful and im sure more people will agree

  • TheBeerMeistro 03.23.12 at 15:43

    the only thing different id like to see is a better portration of damaged cause by ammo and bullet drop. shotguns arent very effective at range. 50 cals dont take much to tear through unarmored helis or people. 40mm grenade launchers have a 5 meters(in the game it seams as if you have to hit within a foot of two of the individual). .308s are stronger than 5.56s ect ect ect. yet the scar being a 5.56 seams to do a ton more damage than the m240. not that im all that great at this game anyway but itd make it alot more enjoyable. couldnt tell you how many times ive hit someone with a .308 and got killed by someone with a shotgun at a distnance…

    • robrob1998 03.27.12 at 04:21

      the SCAR in the game is the SCAR-H or SCAR heavy, it fires 7.62-51 mm, the same as the m240

  • Persei of FED 03.23.12 at 04:24

    As a busy professional, I do not have the time to learn how to point crosshairs at a minute target in the shortest possible time. I have played to Colonel level, and ranked up extremely slowly. No amount of tactical variation stops my ‘old friends’ and I from being shot down repeatedly if we move from cover, or even try to shoot someone (which is what you have to do to get from one place to another). In other words, this game is about twitch reflex accuracy. There must be some way of making the whole process more thoughtful, so that it doesn’t depend on spending thousands of hours of repetition to define success. On paper, the game is deeper than MW3, but if you watch people playing it, you would find it hard to believe.
    There seems to be no way of compensating for this by joining games with people of similar dis – ability as me.

    • TheBeerMeistro 03.23.12 at 15:44

      right there with you boss. ive got over a 100 hours in the game and i still suck haha.

  • FiNchMisTEr420 03.22.12 at 23:22

    In the 360 (i don’t own a PS3 copy of BF3), we don’t have mobile AA. It seems to me from reading the update list that they are going to make conquest even more of a pain to play with planes and choppers dominating. This sucks.. bad. It takes forever to lock on to a plane/heli with a stinger, not enough ammo to get them, to many shots required and not to mention to many countermeasures available for the airplanes. I already hate it when we have two or 3 good airplane/heli operators in the other team and as soon as the game starts they fly to our side, bomb our tanks and planes.. and we have to walk to the objectives…. if we can make it there without getting killed by a chopper.

  • Kelthika 03.22.12 at 23:10

    I play on 360, and honestly my only complaint I have that wouldn’t mind addressed is the constant failures to join games some nights, and the difficulty I can sometimes have when joining a game just getting all 4 members of my squad on the same team together.

    • Kelthika 03.22.12 at 23:11

      Or sometimes just getting one other player I joined with on the same team as myself.

  • Enchilada Nacho 03.22.12 at 21:04

    Can we have new helicopters in the Armoured Kill expansion please? I would like to pilot a Pave Low or the latest Super Stallion model. They would be classified as heavy air transports. How about the new CH-53K Super Stallion with two minigun turrets for the door gunners and a .50 cal turret for the ramp gunner. In all, a pilot, two door gunners, one ramp gunner, and four passengers. Also, the .50 cal damage will have to be nerfed to balance out the gameplay. It will be slower the regular air transports, and can resist small arms fire up to .50 cal bullets.

  • Enchilada Nacho 03.22.12 at 20:51

    Definitely keep the MAV elevator trick. You have the ability to explore on top buildings you were never able to explore on top of before. As for the other issues, really those are issues?

  • Enchilada Nacho 03.22.12 at 20:48

    The issue that needs to be fixed in Battlefield 3 the damage of the FRAG rounds in the USAS-12 shotgun. All it needs is a nerf in damge, that’s all.

    • mach1kenny 03.23.12 at 14:57

      I agree withe the usas opinion and the addition of a heavy transport heli (badass idea) but the mav lifting is getting cmplains from people, like me, who’d rather use the other classes and constantly get shot at by a sniper that’s completely out of range. Also the fact that people do it on rush and don’t do a damn bit of objective play and continuously spawn on their beacon on top of a building. They want to balance it so, when you snipe someone of a diff class you can be killed if you don’t move from your position. And recon is getting close range bolt action kills to help being on the level of play of everyone else

  • FanFrikenTastic 03.22.12 at 18:37

    The MAV elevator is a unique and exciting element of BF3. The ability to summit a skyscraper makes a player feel powerful. I understand players angst when they are concentrating on an objective and suddenly a sniper rains death on them from 200 meters and ten stories away (can I say Karakand!). However, now that sniper has revealed his position, and unless they want to jump, they can’t get away. I’ve had a blast “sniping” with SMAWs at these fools, destroying their nest with a tank, sending gifts via mortar, or simply sniping them. They can easily be taken care of, balancing the game and making it fair. I strongly believe the MAV elevator should stay so that BF3 will mantain it’s intensive and fun gameplay.

  • MACH WON DOT 03.22.12 at 16:13

    Frag rounds are op on auto shotguns and the mav elevator is just stupid because the sniper never has to come down from his perch on the top of a random building thats inaccessible to everyone else on the map

  • GodIsAGun 03.22.12 at 03:12

    in response to taking out the mav elevator…. could you add a grappling hook the sniper is screwed against trying to find a tactical spot to snipe the elevator created away to hide from tanks and also opened up the entire map for sniping positions… also what is it with screwing up the hardcore servers on ps3 if i want to play conquest i get to choose from two servers that has a rotation of 6 maps!!! can you please make more hardcore conquest only servers that include all the maps even the b2k…i am not a fan of rush or teamdeath match i didn’t buy this game and also the patch to be limited to 6 engineer fest maps!!!!!

    • mach1kenny 03.22.12 at 14:51

      the reason people want it gone is because the people that use the other 3 classes can’t defend themselves against someone on top of the tallest building on the map or the highway on tehran, unless you hide. If you want to snipe find a spot, get some kills and move. And don’t say, just snipe too because if you don’t get hit in the head you just go prone and if you do get shot you just respawn on ur spawn beacon up there. He’s trying to BALANCE the game.

  • St4rgun 03.21.12 at 23:29

    Alan if you are serious about this “Turning-our-game-to-your-game” thing then please consider the next idea on changing the ammo handling and resupply logic a little as the following:

    1. The ammo box should be deployable like the SOFLAM, but if the support soldier switch to ammo box it should NOT drop it automatically, but just carry/handle it like a weapon (as it was in BF2 and BF2142). As long as I carry the ammo box I can’t shoot, so I explicitly have to switch back to a weapon to defend myself. If I decide to drop the box (by clicking FIRE button), then it will be “deployed” like a SOFLAM or a mortar, so I should have to explicitly PICK IT UP to further carry it with me. With this setting we could eliminate the “running and dropping the box then running to a different location and dropping another again” game style (slowing the pace a little bit).

    2. All of the weapons should have limited ammo whose limits can be set on a per server / per map (!) basis as a server variable. I.e. on a “Metro” map some server admin should want to change the maximum RPGs per soldier set to 2. If the limit set to 0 for a given weapon, then that weapon CAN’T BE SELECTED (greyed out) on the loadout selection UI. It’s much better then setting “server rules” for banning different weapons.

    3. The maximum ammo contained in an ammo box should be LIMITED also based on ammo type. Like the maximum number of the 5.56×45 NATO ammo should be 1000 per ammo box, the number of RPGs should be no more than 10, the number of M320 grenades should have a limit like 30 per box. Of course these limits should have be changed also on a per server / per map basis as a server variable. With these changes we would have a very flexible system which gives the admins the possibilities to set the right situation on their server (restricting or completely disabling any weapon). No more endless RPG/M320 fights at the Ticket Hall on Metro map and so on.

    With this system it could be possible to set the RPG limit to 2 per soldier, but imagine, that the ammo box restricted to contain 0 (ZERO) RPGs. Which means no reloading for RPGs, it this case you have to think twice before an RPG shot because the lack of reload possibility. No more “RPG-wars”.

    What do you think?

  • Mack Daddy 1 03.21.12 at 19:15

    What you guys need to fix is the unbelievably high splash damage from the 320s (at least on xbox). The fact someone can hit a wall on the opposite side of a room and kill EVERYONE in the room is ridiculous.

  • No_Leggs_J 03.20.12 at 17:22

    FRAG ROUNDS? Hell, I’d use nuclear bombs if I could! If you want to win, I suggest you do the same. As for MAV lifting, I think the real complaints come from those who just can’t perform this feat themselves.

    • DeFlandersMJF 03.22.12 at 00:56

      Leave the MAV lifts. I love being able to get to the tops of buildings and snipe. I live to snipe.

    • mach1kenny 03.22.12 at 14:58

      The problem witht the frag rounds is that you can’t even expose yourself to shoot the other person at any range, if you want to win do so with skill and tactics not cheap ass weapons.. I’ve won many game and only losing the ones where majority of the other team uses that gun. I’ve used it a couple times when I run out of ammo, but that’s the only reason. Yet again they’re trying to BALANCE the damn game. In my opinion they should completely remove the damn frag rounds and let a shotgun be a shotgun I.e. close quarters engagements not cross map spraying with a handheld lav turret

    • mach1kenny 03.22.12 at 15:01

      The problem witht the frag rounds is that you can’t even expose yourself to shoot the other person at any range, if you want to win do so with skill and tactics not cheap ass weapons.. I’ve won many game and only losing the ones where majority of the other team uses that gun. I’ve used it a couple times when I run out of ammo, but that’s the only reason. Yet again they’re trying to BALANCE the damn game. In my opinion they should completely remove the damn frag rounds and let a shotgun be a shotgun I.e. close quarters engagements not cross map spraying with a handheld lav turret. And before you say “its because you haven’t unlocked it” I’m level 15 colonel, and I have more respect for the game then to cheat someone out of a kill that I didn’t earn.

  • THRASHER9876 03.20.12 at 16:45

    I want on and i looked at the shotgun stats it says your increasing the damage and range for semi slugs but not pump? If it because you want to avoid shotgun sniping just get rid of the 6x scope for pump guns, you don’t have to make slugs completely useless. I mean have you ever been killed by someone using slugs on a 870? It only happens rarely, i know cause i use it for a while and then just scrap it cause i remember how horrible they are. It is not realistic its a slug, but it sure does not feel like it!!!

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.20.12 at 14:32

    Also, hardcore settings(on ranked servers) desperately need to be customizable for those of us who like the hardcore mode to be 1 shot 1 kill. Can’t tell you how many times it took 2 head shots(in hardcore settings). One of the reasons bolt action sniper rifles are rarely used.
    Extensive server tools will eliminate a lot of complaints and will allow players to customize their server to fit their own style…it’s a simple solution to a huge problem.

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.20.12 at 14:23

    Re:Turning “Our Game” into “Your Game”

    How many people think that we need customization tools giving the ability to remove/add any weapon/item/accessory/vehicle to any map?

    Just to be crystal clear, the game is AWESOME and I enjoy it very much…just some feedback to make it even better…much, much better…like EPIC better!

  • Kisj 03.20.12 at 14:13

    can’t wait for the patch to come up, wonder when it will be released :S

  • Pwnasaurous 03.20.12 at 01:34

    I would start enjoying this game alot more if they brought back a more aggressive recon class, especially if the new expansion is close quarters, snipers will be useless unless they have a similar 1 hit kill ratio at about 15m above the legs just like in bad company 2. Battlefield 3 recon class is very unbalanced compared to the other classes it has no anti vehicle capabilities and its ability to be in an aggressive roll are nerfed compared to the other classes forcing players to camp as a recon or pick up another class. Battlefield 3 will become a much more enjoyable game with the balance of the 4 classes

  • Rahvin74 03.19.12 at 22:57

    Possible changes I’d like to see:
    1) agree with having more ladders and stairs for snipers, instead of MAV-lifts.
    2) also agree with lowering the dps on frag rounds but upping the suppression.
    3) not cool with the game automatically pointing me out to opponents who wouldn’t be able to see me otherwise, due to smoke and/or low light.
    4) think the mini-map should show blips for exactly as long as blip is firing or someone has eyes-on.
    5) add flashbangs and smoke grenades

  • ZaitsevJr 03.19.12 at 03:11

    I think i like the guy … problem is, and this is subjective, that the hardcore Battlefield Fans go for the game as it grew since BF1942 through Desert Combat and BF2, with the touch of Realism to the mix and welcomed the obstacles … learning how to fly the choppers and jets etc.

    but they don’t believe in constantly complaining like sissies over every little frag mishap.

    So keep in mind, a lot of the feedback ur getting is from retards to lazy to put up an effort to learn or adapt. Like girls, they believe if they cry enough they will get what they want.

    But maybe that is the target customer … tweak your game to make it their game …
    Pearls to the Pigs …

    nerves of steel :)

  • HeinekenPDX 03.19.12 at 01:53

    There should be a poll response: “I think all changes make sense.” I’d vote for that one!

  • jsykb 03.18.12 at 15:54

    Yh i copied that huge paragraph as to something i read online i should have left the website underneath but was in a bit of a rush at the time but its something i agree with and io think it almost covers alot of what people are wanting but hey dont we all just want to know a definate date as to when the patch is coming out and whats in the patch.

    i must say fair play to them wanting to bring out the map packs but they seriously need to bring the patch or patches out first or instead of doing one large patch they should show us that they are working on it and send a patch out with what they have already done just to prove to the battlefield community that they are working with us and trying to make this game more enjoyable.

    Im from a clan (jsy) Platoon JERSEY KILLERS and i will admit there can be some really good games mainly alot of the time for me i will only notice some minor glitches.

    But as for one of the platoon/clan members ‘garychanning’ who has been commenting on here for the past few days seems to experience alot more than i do but why is this why do some people experience more in game glitches than others and i have personally played on garys ps3 on bf3 and i know there is nothing wrong with his internet connection or ps3 it just seems to be BF3 which has glitches hes commented on here read what he has to say and you will see what he is dealing with

    im sure everyone will agree though DICE NEED TO TELL US THE EXACT DATE WE WILL GET A PATCH to fix some or all of the in game glitches

    now dont think im moaning cause i know you cant fix glitches in the matter of minutes especially the amount they have and online gaming normally will always have a glitch or 2

    but fingers crossed dice get in touch soon or they send the patch out sharpish so the bf3 community will grow again and we can enjoy some awesome gaming


    P.S. my RANT is over

  • JASTA101 03.18.12 at 12:37

    The trouble with constantly nerfing the frag rounds mean the m320 is also affected (i think – makes sense though). Surely the best way is just to get rid of the frag rounds for shotguns (except maybe pump actions just to boost them up a bit) so you will never have frag rounds flying at you at a high rate of fire. Also the Usas should behave like an automatic shot gun – pump up the recoil so that it is incredibly difficult to control:if you can handle it you deserve to use it!

    MAVs should be a lot easier to destroy and shouldn’t be able to kill you to avoid constant MAV trolling. Perhaps add a zoom function so you can either stay up high and spot (like the UAV in bfbc2) or fly in close with motion sensors? I sort of agree with the one shot kill for very close range snipers as its quite frustrating to get jumped whilst sniping up close, spin round and put a no scope in them just to see them smile and empty a clip in you whilst you hurry to pull the bolt back… However to avoid run and gun sniping low powered optics should be taken of the bolt actions (not the semis, I like my SVD 4x :)

    I agree with jsykb repelling would be cool if DICE keep it simple and easy to use, it would be very useful getting down from the places to low to parachute from but to high to jump from – not sure how you would rope climb though… And as a final (sorry) note, more character models would be nice DICE to add some variety – pleeeaaase :)

    • JASTA101 03.18.12 at 13:14

      Oops sorry jsykb – I meant MrSmirkNMerc…

      • jsykb 03.18.12 at 14:21

        Yh i copied that huge paragraph as to something i read online i should have left the website underneath but was in a bit of a rush at the time but its something i agree with and io think it almost covers alot of what people are wanting but hey dont we all just want to know a definate date as to when the patch is coming out and whats in the patch.

        i must say fair play to them wanting to bring out the map packs but they seriously need to bring the patch or patches out first or instead of doing one large patch they should show us that they are working on it and send a patch out with what they have already done just to prove to the battlefield community that they are working with us and trying to make this game more enjoyable.

        Im from a clan (jsy) Platoon JERSEY KILLERS and i will admit there can be some really good games mainly alot of the time for me i will only notice some minor glitches.

        But as for one of the platoon/clan members ‘garychanning’ who has been commenting on here for the past few days seems to experience alot more than i do but why is this why do some people experience more in game glitches than others and i have personally played on garys ps3 on bf3 and i know there is nothing wrong with his internet connection or ps3 it just seems to be BF3 which has glitches hes commented on here read what he has to say and you will see what he is dealing with

        im sure everyone will agree though DICE NEED TO TELL US THE EXACT DATE WE WILL GET A PATCH to fix some or all of the in game glitches

        now dont think im moaning cause i know you cant fix glitches in the matter of minutes especially the amount they have and online gaming normally will always have a glitch or 2

        but fingers crossed dice get in touch soon or they send the patch out sharpish so the bf3 community will grow again and we can enjoy some awesome gaming


        P.S. my RANT is over

  • robzollo 03.18.12 at 00:43

    battlerecorder please !!!!

  • garychanning 03.17.12 at 23:43

    i agree with jsykb why bring another patch like close quaters when you can’t get the original game to work as there are more bugs in this game then in a roach motel if dice wanted to win best first person shooter then they should work on the game gliches and not work on making more addons to go wrong as for the cheaters in the game banning them is a joke as you can create a different user name and pay a tenner to get back on instead they should be given 1 warning and continued cheats should have have there ip address burned or is it just about the money for dice as why do they ask you which potential change do you want to know about? answer no one cares fix the game and stop asking stupid questions

  • jsykb 03.17.12 at 23:31

    Troedsson promises the next patch to be a major update. Many are still wondering, however, when will Battlefield players finally get to add it to their download queue? Troedsson couldn’t reveal a date but was able to give some reasons for the long wait, the first and most obvious being the content which should include these new, aforementioned features. In fact, he admits that the patch was originally planned for a February release. However, due to the addition of further content, it had to be pushed back. DICE is now planning for a Spring release. Second were issues on the technical side as well as with console manufacture regulations. Troedsson also claims these to be the reasons DICE’s has decided to release larger, spaced-out patches rather than smaller, more frequent patches. He did, however, mention that quick updates are more appropriate for immediate fixes, like the recent PS3 VoIP issues for example.

    I want to know if a spring release for the patch is gonna actually happen and if so dice should tell us now instead of making us wait

  • MrSmirkNMerc 03.17.12 at 20:09

    I can understand both side’s arguments concerning the MAV elevator issue. However I have a few ideas that I’d love to see implemented that I think everyone can agree with. When you get rid of the MAV elevator it would be great if the developers added a couple of features that would allow people to get into a few unexpected spots to fire from. First, add the ability to rope climb/repel. It would a whole new dimension to the game if Dice is skillful enough to pull it off. The other feature I’d love to see added is the ability for teammates to hoist one another to hard to reach places. I think this is a great idea because it would have the added benefit of promoting teamwork, which is sorely needed in this game. Think of all the situations that those features could be useful in. It would add a variety of tactics to the game.

    • MrSmirkNMerc 03.17.12 at 20:11

      I’d like to add that these benefits should be classless and wouldn’t be just for the wannabe sniper to use.

  • rpsx 03.17.12 at 16:31

    actually, i caught somewhere that the next update will concentrate more on weapon feel and handling differentiation. hopefully, to combat the BFBC2 nerf effect (eventually, most guns felt like they differed as just 3d cosmetic skins, not unique weapons with their own look, feel and character). would like to hear more about that. hopefully the field of variability has been expanded to allow this.

  • SION8907 03.17.12 at 07:20

    I just want to be a SNIPER again. The lens flare is ridiculous, particularly when facing away from the sun. I would also like to be able to put someone down with one shot without having to shoot at them 2 times hoping for a head shot. A lot of times we will watch our bullets hit someone in the face and it was like it hit the chest. A re-chambering option for a 30-06 round that acts like magnum ammo from bad company 2 would be nice, or just a new gun like a .50 cal. or an 8mm Mauser. The Recon class is completely unable to defend themselves when it comes to vehicles. Used to be able to take on a tank, hell we were the bane of all walkers in 2142. Even the Commander could take on vehicles with the Commander toys. Battlefield has lost a crucial tactical position after the removal of the Commander slot. Seeing as the MAV is a Mobile ARTILLERY Vehicle, should it not be able to call in a missile strike or an artillery strike instead of acting like a UAV? Just give us SOME way to fight off vehicles.

    As far as MAV elevation goes, we’ve been elevating ourselves with C4/RDX for years to get atop buildings that you can’t climb to and haven’t heard complaints from anyone who comes to a server that promotes it. It’s expected when you come to a place where people play in a hardcore fashion that there will be ‘roofers’.

    The aggressive bolt action sniping is a bit ridiculous though. Quick scoping with a 12 pound Barrett rifle is out of hand. Remove the low power scopes might fix this, but there’s still a lot of people out there doing it with the 12x and a straight pull bolt.

    • Ailfawka 03.17.12 at 11:31

      the glare stays, to counter the glare you as a sniper must regularly change spots so as to avoid the enemy. if your having a problem with glare then the bare truth is that you are having a problem not being able to camp for long periods of time in the same location. BUT, I should add that I do feel balancing on glare is in order and I feel that glare should not happen when someone is looking down the scope but glare should fluctuate in and out based on movement in position to light/s and or when a recon actually shoots there weapon.

      if a recon is not actually doing anything dramatic to give away there position I feel it is somewhat unfair that scope glare simply by looking down any high powered scope has the high potential of blowing there cover before they have even attempted to down the enemy. scenario: a recon travels to a good vantage point which took considerable time to venture to such a point only to give away there position almost instantly the first time they look through there scope?

    • rpsx 03.17.12 at 16:28

      actually, that is kind of a cool idea – if you are using a 6x scope and up, and your back is to the sun (not overhead noon sun), that could be a nicely strategic element. plus, then, players will learn that the good snipers will learn this, and will then also focus their view towards “glare safe” regions. interdasting….

    • Lumos 03.17.12 at 19:02

      Snipers are annoying as hell. They are balanced as it is, and the 1hk bolt-actions are a big boost already. No .50 cal guns, thanks.
      And MAV means “Micro Air Vehicle”, not “Mobile Artillery”… and why would you be engaging a tank anyway?
      I’d rather see the recon class get deleted, although playing agressively with it is fun, than having recons get even more powerful snipers or orbital bombardment shit. And I love scope glint. Kills dem buggers easily.
      If I were DICE, I’d leave in only the semi-autos (2 headshots, 3 body hits to kill) and one-two bolt-actions (one headshot, 2 body hits to kill) in the game. You’re a fucking RECON, read: Designated Marksman, not a goddamn SNIPER.
      You wannabe snipers are gonna start asking for quickscoping anytime now. Well, you can go shove your sniper rifle along with your beloved fucking Glock 18 up your ass. Hope it hurts.

      Lumos out.

  • TOLTUK 03.16.12 at 20:18

    I still do not see any fix for sniper glare, like i said before remove glare entirely or remove all sniper rifles altogether since that is essentially what the sniper glare was in my opinion meant to do kill off sniping. ive used frag rounds and they were utterly weak, me and my buddy tested that out they did not suppress and had little to no damage. if they constantly hit targets sure maybe but in the end we never used them in the game the mav elevator was originally my way of getting into buildings and spots for sniping and hopefully removing or diminishing the effects of glare which i did test out but to no avail sniping out a tiny window still makes you a miniature sun, the elevator mav is my way of getting into buildings for sniping now if you want you can put in that altitude limit so long as you remove glare and still allow me to get into apartments that i otherwise cant. besides using mav elevator in its own right basically makes you a blatant target for anyone whos bothering to look up or at the spot you want to be in. the only way i can think of to get rid of the running and gunning sniper rifle stupidity is to remove the option for hold to aim. which i enjoy for the rest of my classes but doesnt work real well for sniping. I dont snipe anymore because of glare. I’m also still waiting for co-op upgrades for tanks and apc’s. you can not tell me that its because of balance. because you have it for helicopters. I am also still waiting for a patch for singleplayer, extreme lag in the opening portions of levels and the jet level the dialogue is out of sync with the characters mouths. oh and the fact that i need the npcs to do a breach in order to progress but i have to wait a half hour for them to move to the door. also joystick support since when i plug it in it screws up the controls for everything else cant sprint or jump with keyboard cant shoot with mouse and so much more. this poll i see is the only information i can find about these possible changes to me its like saying hey take a look at this square tell me what you think and later instead we get a circle. As of right now from how things look Im wondering if 2143 is going to get the shaft too.

    • werty22212 03.17.12 at 04:02

      whats wrong with the glare? it lets other people know where you are for balance and besides if you’re badass enough it doesn’t matter. ALSO dafuq you playin campaign for?

  • REAPERSDlSClPLE 03.16.12 at 18:35

    Glitched needs to be looked into, Invited friend to my game, I was playing in a hardcore lobby, My friend still had core/reg settings on. Basically, he had core/reg setting in a hardcore lobby.

  • garychanning 03.16.12 at 15:48

    has any had game gliches not in karkand like gun want shoot and only noob players taking u out with single shoot to the head even though u come up behind them and off load and entire clip in there face this is very quite annoying iv had it done loads lately

  • XxCALLofBOOTYxX 03.16.12 at 13:57

    I don’t need to know the reasoning behind the USAS frag rounds its quite apparent. I don’t even need to know about the road-killing with the MAV b/c it is apparent too. What I really want to know is why take the MAV elevator out of the game. To me it is a huge success for the game and adds an exploration feature quite unique to it. The MAV elevator cannot be judged as Over-Powered b/c a player from the opposite team can go up wherever he wants to and counter his opponent. I just don’t see the reasoning for this. I however agree with all of the other updates in a whole. I don’t know why you would need a poll and the lucky pole winner will get it’s details explained when it might take an hour to explain all of them in a YouTube video.

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 14:51

      We asked if you wanted to hear how we are reasoning now that we are re-balancing some items in our spring update. And the poll is interesting to us since it gives us an idea what items are at the top of our readers’ minds. You have some interesting thoughts about the MAV elevator. Thanks for sharing!

    • REAPERSDlSClPLE 03.16.12 at 18:31

      I dont think the MAV was ever considered OP, It was always considered a glitch because you are getting into places you should be.

  • drumscarinbr 03.16.12 at 07:56

    Please remove thermal vision for the tanks. The tanks are already very powerful against infantry. It’s not right that you can be seen (even with spec ops camo) from so far away.

    I would also suggest getting rid of frag rounds entirey, or if they must be kept in the game, find a way to make them far less effective. It does sound like you guys are addressing that already though.

    The only other type of weapons adjustment that I can think of is that the mounted .50s and HMGs, especially on the tanks, need a major buff against helicopters and jets. Right now, the helicopters are too overpowered against tanks. They can just come at them at a higher speed and take them out too easy. The tanks need to be able to defend themselves. IF anything, just give those .50s and HMGs a limited range. I don’t think that you shoot be able to totally destroy a chopper from across the map, but just make it so the heli has to use some stealth and come up from behind, or engage at longer distances.

    • REAPERSDlSClPLE 03.16.12 at 18:26

      learn the game! its team based game, work as a team you conquer, choppers are not OP, chopper pilot and gunner working together with tactics versus opponent OP yes, Tank are not weak, Tank driver, gunner, commander working together with tactics, also OP. Sounds like you need more tactics or teammates.

  • KillSwitchSolid 03.16.12 at 04:41

    Just have a few pointers… Well, the famous 1st person 3rd person indifference, for instants, when you see a character’s sleeve or skin color in 1st person it’s different from the 3rd person model. example: use the assault class. In 3rd person he’s black but in 1st person he’s white. Come on dice! Those mistakes are the small details that make the game look bad. Oh and please add different character models. Because it really boring seeing the same character all the time, especially if everyone picks the same class.

  • Austen321 03.16.12 at 03:48

    I have been playing battlefield since it’s release date and the usas 12, specifically when frag rounds are equipped has been a nuisance for too long now. I am not surprised 42% of voters want reasoning behind its changes because majority of battlefield players are using it. I completely agree with the weapons update and would prefer it be left alone>

  • MarkPowell1996 03.16.12 at 00:52 is the New Place to find all the latest news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • AsianInvasian603 03.15.12 at 19:40

    usas-12 with frag rounds is really the only primary weapon that really needs to be fixed. Slower the fire rate or range when its paired with the frag rounds or something. When you do patch it 85% of us will be fine with it while the other 15% will bitch that they can’t play like a douche as much anymore.

  • DaveEC 03.15.12 at 19:30

    Personally, I think this game is really close to perfect. I have see the long list of confirmed fixes planned and it scares the hell out of me. Why are you changing so much? This will alter the game so massively that the outcome cannot even be predicted. My personal opinion: Start small, and just fix the most obvious unbalanced problems. My biggest issues:
    1. The MAV is so annoying when cowards use it as their personal flying killing machine. Take away this capability. I don’t care if people want to use it as an elevator. When you see a recon guy going 35-0 because of a MAV that is ridiculous.
    2. USAS frag rounds. Yeah, enough said.
    3. Stingers. Its really damn near impossible to shoot anything down with a Stinger, and the new updates seem to make them even weaker. What are you trying to do here?
    4. Stealing the other team’s chopper. Come on now.. this is another annoying part of the game. If you can get the enemy to land and jump out, that is one thing. But flying over their spawn and waiting for the helicopter to spawn and stealing it should be fixed.

    Things you should definitely NOT do:

    1. Laser Guided missiles should NOT be distracted by Flares

    Just my thoughts…

    Thanks for the great game, its a blast to play.

  • SHOTAZ GUNSUP 03.15.12 at 15:43

    i also want the team play aspect of bf back thats what i fell in love with and i miss it

  • DrShelby 03.15.12 at 15:38

    This is going to be great!! But has anyone mentioned anything about mortars being used from inside buildings? Or is it just me who has seen this? Thans for a great game.. i’m completely hooked..

  • SHOTAZ GUNSUP 03.15.12 at 15:30

    all i want is the battle field i fell in love with not this other crap

  • SHOTAZ GUNSUP 03.15.12 at 15:23

    exactly i’m tired of MWf thats why i changed to battlefield because i’m tired of the mwf bs. where it doesn’t take any type of skill in MWF, all you need to do is camp or have the best internet connection and your the best in MWF. with battle field as of late i feel like the same internet connection plays a big part of battle field. so even if you are a general 40 0r 50 and you skills is great a level one is going to beat 7 times out 10 because his connection is better and thats no good, it should take a player’s skill not connection like MWF. also why is battle field implementing MWf tactics like frag rounds mavs and guns like the famas the are really over powered. why is it that we can’t go into all the buildings like in Battle field bad company, why is it that not all of the buildings are not fully destructible especially the ones where players use the mav to get on top of,and just why is battle field slowly turning into MWf. why? dice don’t you guyies realize that the reason why your fan base grew was because of bad company, as soon as i played bad company mwf was in the garbage. yet for some reason you guyies want to copy mwf idk why. but i can’t wait for the day when people get tired of mwf and every other game that has the mwf smell to it

  • fekalia_pl 03.15.12 at 14:13

    “balancing the game” means that they are ruining the good game. Balancing transforms “BF3″ into boring game where whatever weapon you choose it gives the same performance, which is in my opinion wrong way to do it. The game designers should at least try to create a simulation of the real weapons, in reality every rifle or machine gun is different and this should be reflected in BF3. As I understand EA stating that they have created a warfare simulator, which in my opinions is a massive misunderstanding. The idea of BF of being combat simulator has been lost in BF3.

    By the way have they ever going to fix, the PROBLEM WITH INPUT LAG. I am really tired playing in SD.

  • Gunner_1st 03.15.12 at 09:36

    What you have here with CQB is EA still feeding us CoD MW $hit! Why doesn’t EA get smart, and just make there own MW clone with their own twist, and leave MW emulation totally out of BF.

  • tosun01 03.15.12 at 06:19

    By the way, Close Quarters is proof enough that DICE is focused mainly on CoD bitches instead of long time BF fans…. Bad move DICE… shame on you.
    Armored Kill first, then CQ….

    • ChunkierCaesar 03.15.12 at 19:46

      you really need to go play Cod and leave the bf3 playing field as someone said it’s as close to a warfare simulation “simulation” LIKE forza4 if all the car preformed the same it wouldn’t be a simulator and close quarters will give us a chance to use the shotguns, sub machine guns and the like. and should make an option to remove RPG’s, frag rounds just for the close quarters map’s.

    • KyuubisSlave 03.17.12 at 00:48

      So you can complain about it then instead of now?

  • tosun01 03.15.12 at 06:17

    “The USAS-12 and FRAG rounds are Over Powered!” or “MAV elevators have got to go!” It’s easy to make a quick reaction fix, though every “fix” for an issue can be essentially ruining another player’s fun.

    So, for the sake of a few players that can’t play fair or can’t be a team player, you just prefer to ruin everybody’s fun?
    Yes, USAS+FRAGs are overpowered…Remove it from the game and a few will be pissed… 90% will thank you. Nerf it and 99% will still thank you. Of course some people will complain when their unbalanced weapons gets nerfed.
    About MAV elevators you just need to think as a team player playing a team based game. What does MAV elevator is good for? A few morons camps on places where they shouldn’t be in the first place instead of PTFO… yeah, great idea. Who come up with MAV elevator idea anyway? The guy should be fired.
    Anyway, BF3 just feels like you guys wanted to put a huge amount of different things in the game, and they just don’t work well.
    BC2 was much better, except for sniper shotguns, which could be fixed by adding bullet drop to slugs rounds, like any other gun in the game.
    Listen to your fans, not CoD bitches.

    • ChunkierCaesar 03.15.12 at 19:32

      Why O WHY do these people think that being on a roof top as a sniper(mav elevator) or frag rounds are over powered (even though it takes 5-6 shot to kill unless its a head shot) its warfare get a grip if you want balanced gameplay and weapons go play call of duty ffs??? these are features that the COD or MW3 crowd can only dream of. i was an avid fan of the first 3-4 Cod games but they never evolved into proper warfare game like BC+BC2 and BF3! yes the building all should be able to be flattened even if there like skyscrapers as it was in BC2. And as for 90% would thank you. i think you’v got that the wrong way round 90% would be looking for a new game as you would be taking away the core game play that make’s battlefield the number 1 shooter!! the other 10 percent that keep whining about balance are the people that keep getting splattered about 30 times a match!! well all i can say is go back to cod/mw3 if you want balance and leave WHAT IS the number one game alone!!

      anyway i like the look of the new close quarters pack that looks like it’ll be hectic bring it on and keep up the good work!

    • KyuubisSlave 03.17.12 at 00:51

      So any person who thinks differently than you is a cod bitch? Wow that’s some good thinking right there?!

      To be truthful I think this is DICE’s Best game yet and I’ve been with them sense 1942….

    • KyuubisSlave 03.17.12 at 00:51

      So any person who thinks differently than you is a cod bitch? Wow that’s some good thinking right there?!

      To be truthful I think this is DICE’s Best game yet and I’ve been with them sense 1942….

  • CG_recon 03.15.12 at 04:04

    Dear Alan and dev’s team,

    you are talking about you are trying to make bf3 into “our” game from “your”. Ok.

    I will tell you how I was waiting for BF3 and what I was feeling after release. It would be great if you will read this.

    First when I saw ingame trailers, I was thinking about map (it was caspian border), I was looking at stoped frame and I thought “there will be flag and there, and may be after river some more – wow what a huge map!”.
    I was wrong and caspian border is very tight bunch of flags. If you will ask me how I was expecting CB to be – “hilltop + forest + gastation” this area should be for ONE SINGLE flag, and players should have ability to attack from gasstation or from the hill or from the forest, AND those places (forest \ gasstation) must be bigger x2, more trees, more distance. And flag “outpost” should be made like x3 in size and with administrations buildings, there should be tonns of left cars on the road etc. And distance between forests area and outpost have to be 600m at least. Third flag far away, can be the village after river (or even village in fire! after artilery strike – there where you made forests burning), there players can blow some buildings with tanks and to have some close combats + in fire, where is a lot of smoke – there IRNV can be used like they have to be used.

    Can you imagine how I was frustrated when I realized that Caspian Border is about 20-30 trees and flags with distance ~70m between each of them?…

    And can you imagine how dissapointed I was when you came with huge smile and CloseQuarters DLC? Please, don’t tell me “but DLC for this fall will be largest map ever! you will like !this! one for sure”, I don’t have any hope about it.

    I would be happy to find out that I’m wrong after patches and new huge maps. But I have doubts about it.

    Your fan, CG_recon

  • THRASHER9876 03.15.12 at 03:38

    In my opinion the mp7 should be able to have extended mags and a silencer, cause if it’s loud you might as well use a different gun thats better. The sole reason the mp7 should be used is as a hidden flanking gun not an assault rifle! Cause let’s face it if you suppress it you can only kill one person per clip. Oh and the spas 12 should be pump action in BF3 CQ cause we need another pump gun not just the 870 and if it’s semi action the beneli does it’s job better than it already. What would be awesome but hard to do would be put the fire rate pump and semi as options like the assault rifles, so that you can switch between but when you switch you get either the stats of the pump action in pump mode and the semi gun stats in semi mode. That’s how you’d balance it and it would be realistic! It would be awesome, but hard to do on your part.

  • rumrunsred 03.15.12 at 01:28

    We need white phosphorous mortar rounds! lol

  • rumrunsred 03.15.12 at 01:05

    Just going to state that a 12 gauge frag round in real situations has a minimum arm distance of 3 meters so there goes the close range in the same room kill, but have a possible effective range of 200 m. So what I’m saying is more armor damage and no ridiculous scopes on shotguns that’s outta control and with a kill radius of 2 m its just so overpowers let alone on a fully automatic capability. Basically step down the power turn up the suppression and for Christs sake remove telescopic sights from shotguns. Also turn the lethality of the flachette rounds up after penetration too much drop off in power.

  • GUNSLNGERofZION 03.15.12 at 00:26

    I want to know why DLC (new maps, vehicles, weapons) is released so spread out? 6 months between B2K and CQ? Even if the DLC is just a few new weapons or one map, it still keeps me and other players interested in the game. Gears of War 3 has done an amazing job releasing DLC in a timely manner and it has kept me engaged in that game. However, B3 has not done this and frankly I’m getting bored of playing it. Releasing updates/patches/changes is fine but it doesn’t have the same effect on level of interest in a game that new content does. This is the same thing that happened for Bad Company 2, it took months to release new maps and by the time they did most players had already traded-in their copies. Sad thing was the maps were fantastic but released far too late. It’s much better to throw a med pack down than defib. So please, throw us a med pack of DLC so we don’t have to wait and respawn our interest in a great game.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 23:58 is the best place to find out more on Battlefield 3!

  • UrAbortedTwin85 03.14.12 at 23:12

    I love bf3! The only thing i would like to see improved is when i invite friends to my squad before entering a match once we enter the match the squad gets split up and were stumbling around trying to get on the same team. sometimes we all gotta backout and re-try. Other than that I love this game and look forward to more map packs!! Thank you DICE!

  • G Aka hOLd ThaT 03.14.12 at 22:43

    In the MAV patch you should also disable the killing ability it has. The MAV is for identifying enemies and for destroying enemy equipment. It is NOT for scared, timid, and even pathetic players to camp where you can’t access them and fly the MAV into you and be awarded kills. If the ability to kill with the MAV goes unchanged then in the interest of “balance” the player using the MAV should be displayed on the mini-map AT ALL TIMES as soon as they highlight their first opposing target, the same way a player using the mortar is displayed after firing the first mortar shell. PLEASE GIVE THIS SERIOUS CONSIDERATION!!!

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 20:42 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 19:07

    Simple solution….well maybe not that simple :)
    TOOLS(if not with MOD tools than with extensive procon control) :
    1. Give admins the ability to enable/disable any weapon/item/perk/vehicle.
    2. The ability to increase damage on Hardcore Mode.
    3. The ability to limit “conquest” match to one flag.
    4. Allow procon values to increase or decrease at least 30%
    5. Match timer.

    This will save a lot of time on your end, while giving everyone(on ranked servers) the option and the choice to play any style they want. It will make the game more inviting to more players, stay true to the Battlefield experience. There’s a lot more to say but for now, these are some great ideas that were brought up by fellow gamers.

  • Mortentard 03.14.12 at 18:44

    Since this game is OUR game doesn’t WE deserve to know when the update is coming out? I think thats fair, don’t you? Love the game though. Nerf the freaking USAS and its perfect!

  • Freedom_Myth 03.14.12 at 17:22

    The mav elevator is the most annoying to me. I hate when people spam the USAS but in reality it would be a powerfull weapon so i can get over that. You could not however lay on top of a mav and fly yourself around. Those guys get on top of a bridge or building on the edge of the map and just camp there the whole time. Next thing you know you have 5 snipers up there and if they are good it really makes the round no fun.

  • DJIce 03.14.12 at 15:35

    DICE – I would appreciate realism over “balance”. Could there be an option to play in a relism mode. Meaning: If you really did your home owrk when making this game and if the physics and weapon stats are in true relation to the real weapon, then it is not broke. People hate to team play so they want all weapons to be “equal” (aka balanced) so that they can just get points and a high k/d ratio. A RPG is indeed more deadly than a hand tossed grenade. A sniper rifle has longer range and a more powerful round, that is why it is a sniper rifle. Instead of complaining about snipers, or tanks (damn it is a tank) play as a team and spot (target) snipers and use team work to kill em.

    I feel like for millitary and veterans you are taking away the very reason why Battlefield 3 is so awesome. Let the weapons perform “real” and make players learn to respect and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the weapons.

    But because you also make games to make money, add the balance for those that want it, but leave an option for those of us that want realism.


    • DJIce 03.14.12 at 15:37

      Please excuse the typos, I noticed after I clicked post…

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 19:13

      If making a “realism” mode involves money there are a lot of us that will be more than glad to pay for it. I agree that the game needs to move in that direction, maybe not for everyone, I understand that, a realism Mode is a great idea. Or as I stated before tools that allow servers to be tweaked to “real hardcore” mode would be nice.

      • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 19:16

        Just a quick note….”Is it real?” was one on the lines used to market this product.
        So, Is it? Will it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 19:20

      Just a quick note….”Is it real?” was one on the lines used to market this product.
      So, Is it? Will it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

    • PEYN_PL 03.14.12 at 23:02


  • RedRum331 03.14.12 at 07:08

    lmao havent even heard of the AS VAL being an issue. Kill the frag rounds altogether or make them ineffective to infantry.

  • KoreXKondA 03.14.12 at 06:36

    Dear Owner of Bf3 , people will always cry, you can not make everyone happy

  • KenneBellGT 03.14.12 at 05:45

    Wow, I can’t believe how many of you are complaining about this and that, that and this, I think you people don’t understand “realism” The BF3 series are realistic, So if you think something is “over powered” why don’t you look up these weapons in real life because usually it correlates with the weapons in the game, STOP complaining and get better at your class, I do think the frags need to be changed but things like the 50 CAL sniper you people complained about it because it was a one shot deal, could take choppers, and trucks out, Well do you understand the 50 cal barrett in real life? seriously! I was looking forward to the 50 cal, The sniping community highly suggests dice to bring them back, We agree that it needs to be at mid-long range to be a one shot stopper, for infantry, air craft and trucks, It amazes us when were trying so hard to find someone (long range) and we finally do, finally get the scope doped in, fire, it hit’s then the soldier runs off and we start all over, bring the 50 cal barrett back, make it most effective at long ranges with 8X and 12X scope only, this would solve the barrett issue, and if neTed be only in hardcore mode, or maybe even the barrett like it was in the beta but only in hardcore mode. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE WITH THE BARRETT ISSUE, Battlefield- Oh why did you ruin the game for the sniper community :(

    P.s- The dice team, You guys are doing a fantastic job on this series, Everything still amazes me in this game, I love the realism please stick to the realism of bf3, Thats what your series is all about Realism! Keep up the mind boggling work with every step you guys take, This game is years ahead of its time! You guys have made the best game in the world with every aspect,

    Thank You for this great game, I am a very happy customer.

    - KenneBellGT

    • YRD9000 03.14.12 at 08:54

      Except there aren’t any rifles in BF3 that fire .50 calibre ammunition. The M98B fires .338 Lapua Magnum rounds which have a lower kinetic energy compared to the .50 BMG. So in essence they don’t have the same anti-materiel properties as the M95 that was used in Bad Company 2 (which *is* chambered in .50 BMG). So cool your jets when talking about a particular rifle getting “nerfed”, it was actually made a little *more* realistic which, considering your opening argument, is a good thing.

      • Hitman0341 03.14.12 at 14:31

        There was a .50 cal sniper rifle in the Beta. If you read it carefully he explains that. The devs took out the 50 due to balance issues. If the 50 was in the game then it would be the only sniper rifle anyone used. I actually dont mind the bew system. Some idiot blasting off 20 rounds at my with their sniper rifle and then finally getting lucky and getting a ine shot kill from across the map with a leg shot would be retarded. It takes more skill to snipe now. I personally like the challenge. Sniping was too easy on BC2

    • rdowg 03.14.12 at 14:30

      do you understand that it ruins the game for a lot of people when 2-3 people in a non vehicular map run around and all they hafto do to kill you is look at you? (FAMAS and frag rounds)

      • rdowg 03.14.12 at 14:31

        and they are in a giant glitch on top of a building that should be climbable with an MAV

  • harleyboy022 03.14.12 at 05:08

    If u are still fixing the famous don’t make it Teri lie because it’s not that OP on ps3 make it balanced

  • TunsieNo1 03.14.12 at 00:09

    Please make hardcore servers without the minimap like in bfbc2. And reduct points for teamkilling. like in bfbc2. Now they do it just to get to a chopper or tank earlyer then you. Or they kill you on purpose to revive you and get the points for that. I know they can only do it for five times but that doesnt seem to stop m. Reduct points for it and they will think twice before doing that.

    • TunsieNo1 03.14.12 at 01:11

      And let us spawn on all of our squadmembers instead of just the squadleader.

    • AlphaBravo1986 03.14.12 at 05:27

      I Agree with this, Points should be deducted, and even loss of Rank if it continues to happen. Such as the more team mates you kill the more points you lose. Maybe some people will learn how to aim too, instead of firing a m320 around a blind corner.

    • REAPERSDlSClPLE 03.14.12 at 09:04

      I like this point, but instead of points reduction, how about hardcore ricochet, they shoot you, them kill them self.

      • DirtbagOi 03.14.12 at 13:47

        No, just a points penalty. When u kill a teammate accidently it just sucks if get also killed emmidietly. I just miss BF2, there wasn’t any hardcore, just every server was with tk and everyone acted like it.

        But these times are gone, and they should just bring back the hardcore mode like in BFBC2 at least. I only played this one, and in BF3, i hate the HC mode.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 23:40 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • Eliteguardians 03.13.12 at 23:21

    it would be nice if they could put in the Buschmaster ACR.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 22:11 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • H4YWlR3 03.13.12 at 22:06

    For the most part, I’m in favor of this update. My problem is that, good updates aside, it could be seen as a “Super Jets, Worthless Engineers” update. Maybe it works different with organized play, but most play isn’t organized. As it is, stingers are practically useless. Ammo is limited, countermeasures aren’t. First shot is practically a guaranteed miss. And by the time you reload, lock, and the missile approaches the target, the target’s countermeasures are ready again. And that’s assuming the target isn’t now out of ranger or found cover. And then there’s the fact that it takes multiple hits to destroy them in the first place. Now you want to cut engineer ammo and beef up countermeasures by making them better, and reload faster. That’s just a load of crap, and I’d like to know why OP is becoming more OP.

    • Eliteguardians 03.13.12 at 23:23

      I agree with you 100%. they ether need to put a limit on it or extend the time on the flares

  • SaiNTsfj 03.13.12 at 21:47

    i want to know the reasoning behind flares distracting laser designated targets, it is the worst decision you could have ever made, not only is it completely unrealistic because flares distract heat not guided shells with lasers but it will turn the game into an unbalanced shambles in the favor of skilled pilots, i love conquest and hope you will reconsider your decision otherwise this lovely game will imo be tainted beyond repair, and if the decision to take away tank capabilities against choppers (citv laser designation and guided shells) then it will be a sad day in the time and life of bf3, leave it as it is, no one complained, no one thought it was wrong, ecm jammer is fine let that distract laser designation but not flares please dice please!!!

    • TunsieNo1 03.13.12 at 23:54

      I agree. Its laserdesignated and not heatseeking. What are the ecm jammers for then? Its up to the pilot to choose between them. Do you want to play dogfights and use the flares or do you want to rip up tanks and use the jammer? If you do change that, im afraid it the airvehicles wil completly dominate the game.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 21:46 is the best place to find out about Battlefield 3 and MORE! There is 4 new screen shots of Close Quarters so you should check them out!

  • Shadow_527 03.13.12 at 21:30

    Also, can we get more mobile AA. Conquest only has it on one map, wake island. More IFV also. Caspian border and Karg island perhaps?

    • SaiNTsfj 03.13.12 at 21:49

      what game have you been playing theres mobile aa on all conquest maps

      • ShadowStrider 7 03.14.12 at 01:03

        Only for PC. Consoles only have Mobile AA on Wake (Conquest) and Canals (Rush)

  • hairy-kneecap 03.13.12 at 21:29

    add the mute feature, also make it so that if your squad member is in a vehicle it shows up as the squad color and not the friendly blue.

  • hairy-kneecap 03.13.12 at 21:26

    fix the automatic american/russian weapon swap

  • Shadow_527 03.13.12 at 21:23

    There should be a way to leave a server between rounds without loading the next map on ps3. People have to wait for the next map to load, then leave the server. This is a major problem because they leave after the team balance has already happened so the teams can easily get way off balance. I also second the previous post about flares distracting laser guided missiles. They shouldn’t.

    • stickler4dakilz 03.13.12 at 23:20

      I totally agree with Shadow_527 – balancing is TOTALLY effected when you can’t leave a game until after next map loads!! Between rounds, you should be able to leave once the stats have been shown (and you should still be able to hit “A” – on xbox 360 controller – to skip the awards & such if you want, too). Many times new map starts, people leave, and next thing you know you’re on a team with with no officers while other team has 8 Captains! Your team gets rolled back like a rug!!

  • dpg70 03.13.12 at 21:03

    Thanks for the post. My primary concern with the proposed changes isn’t listed, so if you make it to page 15 of the comment section maybe you could address choppers and laser designation versus heat. It was stated that flares will distract laser targeting, which makes absolutely no sense IMO.

    I believe flares distract a heat locked projectile, which is why it’s so funny to lock onto a chopper with a T-90 guided shell and watch them deploy flares in vein. Laser designated targets would use ECM to break lock. This forces the pilot to make a decision on which specialty they deploy, which is what BF is all about really. You makes choices and go into battle with that equipment. Sometimes you run into situations where it hurts you, and others you’re just the man for the job. Allowing flares to distract laser targeting is just a mistake and will hurt this game.

  • Gobx 03.13.12 at 17:50

    For PC: PLEASE FIX THROTTLE CONTROLS FOR JETS. There is no air brake and you can not use the slider to turn down throttle. For landing you must turn down the slider AND hold the S key (which can not be remapped) When someone came out with a fix for this the slider was way to sensitive and it messed up all my other land controls.

    I also think it would be very cool to add a DAY/NIGHT timeline like Crysis has. Add a nightvision key as well. Wouldn’t feel as must like the SAME exact map over and over. There are NO night maps with vehicles and this is very unrealistic.

  • Neo2450 03.13.12 at 16:42

    So, jets on conquest, can those get a small gun damage increase against tanks? After shooting an AGM, (which could use a small damage buff and increased accuracy against laser-designated choppers and jeeps, jeeps just get disabled and most of the time the people inside don’t die unless they’re completely immobile) I go in with the guns and all I get is a mere “disable”. When I come back for the kill, guess what? I can’t lock on to the damn thing because the guy jumped out and is repairing. I usually go for the guy and 85% of the time I kill him while repairing, and after a while, while the tank is burning from being disable, I “might” get the vehicle destroyed bonus. Can you please look into this?
    Oh, and, what is up with reducing jet gun damage against other jets? Just how long do you want a dog-fight to last and delay me from supporting my friends?I keep telling them that I need to take down this jet in front of me and when I do I’m usually on time or just a tad late ( if the guy was maneuvering well) from getting the final blow on that MBT or IFV.

  • strYker555 03.13.12 at 16:26

    Even though the majority voted for a USAS-12 frag fix, my problem is snipers using the MAV to go unto unreachable places. The MAV isnt made to carry a 180+lbs soldier anywhere, its very annoying when they are far on top of places they shouldnt be on a infantry only map. As for the USAS-12 abusers I counter them easily with the same weapon or the M320 GL.

  • Big1dawg22 03.13.12 at 16:24

    So if you are going to kill then MAV elevator, how about making some of the maps more vertical for all classes of players?

  • HI_IM_CRAZZY-_- 03.13.12 at 16:11

    Dice,is there any chance you might put in a mp demo? If not,can you please try to make one?

  • JG4X4 03.13.12 at 15:52

    I’ve got a good fix. Leave all mines and claymores alone and enstead of dissapearing the C4. Make them where when you get close to them you can actually use them. Just make an invisible circle around them which is the area you can detonate the device. The best would be leaving it alone but if not, can you consider?

  • shocker88 03.13.12 at 14:49

    Almost forgot this one:

    1. Stinger lock on faster, and do more damage (1-2 hit to destroy aircraft, no bail out time).

  • sheriff1990 03.13.12 at 14:48

    Make it our game you say.

    well in that case, give us Dev tools, You say that the engine is too complex for modders. the truth is though, the majority of devs started off making Mods for games. If you can use it, then we sure as hell can.

    2 months for the new DLC aswell, just hope that it wont be another 6 month gap for the DLC after that, Although im not a fan of the CBQ, i cant say i wont like it because i might actually love it. But i love the Idea of Armoured kill, and seeing as this is a Battlefield game, dont keep us waiting to get Battlefield quality content.

    and one thing that i know alot of people want, (aside from private servers for console) But some form of battle recorder. Even it was in the form of a one game buffer which we could download from the server after the game is finished to our computers and then edit from their using some 3rd party program seperate from BF3, but still apart of it so that the complete footage could be editied, hell im sure people would be willing to pay for that aswell. tell EA that, im sure they will jump at the idea of making more money.
    its like teasing a jew with a penny………..

    • HammerBeatsRock 03.13.12 at 17:59

      I want to see that too, i had done some stuff with the unreal engine which im sure isnt the same. however, i would like to see some developer queries, web services, using the battlelog servers for developers to impliment stats of theirs into things like gamersbages at the base of forum posts etc.

      i like mav riding myself but i have to agree, its kinda cheating, and would not be supprised, dissapointed, or unhappy if you gotriddof it, its probably for the best.

      PLEASE O PLEASE TONE DOWN THAT DAMN USAS-12 i can Fin WAIT! i dont want it gone, i wont lie, i like it too, but its such a noob gun,just make it so it take some skill to use, where you have a remote chance of dieing if ur seen with one!

      i dont want anything to happen to aggressive sniping, it takes skill unlike the usas12, you have LARGE crosshairs so you HAVE to zoom in, if you can get close enough to not have to, you cant call it cheating cuz they where clearly AFK. its a skill most snipers do not have and takes time to achieve, unlike the rest of these problems which are over powered weapons or glitches.

  • shocker88 03.13.12 at 14:27

    4. The aircraft must be able to charge the i flares lot faster. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! They need to only have 1-3 sets of IR Flares and then they are done. It is almost impossible to shot down any aircraft when they use IR flares unless more then a single player is putting constant stinger after stinger in the air.

    1. Fix the USAS-12 like everyone says it is way over powered compared to DAO-12 with frags and others.
    2. Do not allow enemy players to jump out of a damaged chopper at your home base to get into your chopper that just spawned, WTF?
    3. Fix the teams friends with friends, join your friend to play with them not against them all the time?
    4. Make the Javelin able to lock on to aircraft without SOFLAM from another team mate?
    5. MAV just fix it so it can’t kill anyone and then people will stop using it so much. I don’t care if they can ride it all day long.
    6. Get rid of the armor in squad death match (NO vehicles please).
    7. Only allow limited number of vehicle spawns per game (2 each), with engineers they shouldn’t need endless spawns.
    8. FIX the stupid flash light and laser, it is impossible to blind someone with either in the open sunlight at high noon from 50′ away much less 50-100 yards away. Lasers should never blind, flash light only if with in 10 feet on a shaded area or dark location (us common sense please).

    • Hex547 03.13.12 at 21:03

      Please stop playing Battlefield 3… Immediately.

      BF3 is designed to be a team game. If 1 soldier could take down a jet by themselves it’d ruin the game. If they limited vehicle spawns to 2 per round, how would people learn to use them properly? 2 crashes and you could have to wait 20 minutes, and you’ve ruined your teams chance.

      If you think either of these things would improve the game you should go back to playing as if you have no team in CoD.

      Also, just on a personal note to your stupidity rather than your poor judgement; You could find a £50-£100 laser online that could blind someone, permanently, from hundreds of meters if you could aim it properly. So yeah, that’s a really, really ridiculously stupid thing to say. Use some common sense, perhaps in the form of Google if you’ve not come to posses any of your own.

  • Madman2273 03.13.12 at 14:11

    The Emplaced weapons are at the spawn locations for the purpose of keep the skies clear. I have made a habit of watching for spawn killing like you are talking about, and when I see it, I take over the AA. Sometimes being in the heat of the battle isnt always where EVERYONE needs to be. I have actually turned the tide of some games by remaining in the emplaced weapon for the round, so our aircraft and armor can get away from the base. BUT, I do beleive there needs to by more reward and recognition In Game for this effort, more points also. It would encourage more people to use the teamwork.

  • PEYN_PL 03.13.12 at 11:32

    My list of things to fix:
    - faster AA rocket lock or more damage from that rocket – currently before I lock I get killed or chopper with an engineer is indestructible
    - C4/mines/claymores stay after death but there is a limited number of these to put
    - RPG should not disappear after soldier’s death – this bug was in BC2 already, fix it please (even if you have to make RPG a separate object instead of Decorator pattern ;))
    - faster knife action
    - Tunguska should be less powerful or spawn after more time – currently docks on conquest are unplayable, either one team rules the skies with chopper or the other the whole map with tunguska
    - MOST IMPORTANT – do not let enemy team over the spawn area!!! This is a major issue which is constantly exploited. If you want to allow choppers/jets over enemy spawn area put automatic AA guns there, so that they are attacked automatically.
    - get rid of the auto balancing – it is okay for PC (where you have admins) but it is not good for consoles and makes playing with friends a nightmare. Especially when you get split after a game and you cannot rejoin to your mates. This is suppose to be a team play, then let us play in the teams we want!
    - Soflam should not disappear after player’s death – same issue and solution as with C4/claymore/mines

    • iPhotoN 03.13.12 at 13:59


    • TunsieNo1 03.14.12 at 00:05

      I agree. Especially your MOST IMPORTANT section! Its sooooooooo annoying when you spawn in a jet or chopper and you instantly get killed bacause someone on the othet team is hovering in your base waiting for me to TRY and take off.
      Knifing takes way to long to. i mean in between. When you miss the first time it takes forever before you can try again.

  • ROSSCO 03.13.12 at 11:25

    In the real world once you set a claymore it stays till a cow or a person trips it. Its a set and forget They should stay after the death of the provider. C4 should go when the detonator and provider die. If you want to be the more realistic game. It stays! You could increase the set up time to represent the wire and increase the risk of getting killed.

  • x__Supas__x 03.13.12 at 10:42

    Forgot about MAV’s – but this was mentioned earlier

  • x__Supas__x 03.13.12 at 10:41

    You wanted questions and comments, so here I am:
    1. INPUT LAG on the PS3 – this is by far most important thing right now(Since the VOIP is finally working). Why don’t you comment on that problem? If it won’t ever be fixed then let us (the community you care about so much) know.
    2. Connecting to the servers while being in a squad always ends up with dividing the the squad into 2 teams. And this is “playing with friends has never been so easy” Please… I’m experiencing problems with connecting to servers every now and then.
    3. Fragmentation rounds for automatic and Semi automatic Shoty’s. This makes metro on Conquest unplayable at all.
    4. Javelins while guided by SOFLAM are useless for tracked down heli’s. They just spin around and explode giving no damage. Only the guided missiles on tanks can be a serious threat for a good pilot.
    5. “Bad Luck” – I think that you all know what I mean.
    6. C4, claymores should disappear from the battlefield after a death from the provider.

    Now don’t take me as a frustrated gamer. I only want to make things clear here. This is why the blog was made. I want to be constructive.

    One more thing. Please give us some kind of patch date. It doesn’t have to be precise but some kind of estimated time would be great. Thanks in advance.

    • PEYN_PL 03.13.12 at 11:13

      I agree with everything Supas said, EXCEPT for the C4/mines/claymores. What is the point of this weapon if it will disappear after “owner’s” death? It becomes useless!

      I put mines so that I am defended from one side and I do not need to worry about it. Same goes for claymores and C4. If after every death I have to go to the same spot and put mines/claymore/c4 again it is not a gut game experience. Because I will spend most of the time running and placing these things instead of really fighting.

      There should be a limit of number of mines/claymore/c4 available to be put down. But they should not disappear unless blown up other player.

  • NewEngineXP 03.13.12 at 03:09

    Dice. Please. Make This Game Not Like Call Of Duty. Have More Destruction. If Bad Company 2 Was A 10 Battlefield 3 would me a 2 in Destruction. Please More Open Maps. I Was Really Exited To Get This On My B-Day. And What Do I Get. A Huge COD Dissapointment. Sorry Dice I Have Been With You Guys Since Battlefield 1942. Dice Help Me Out. Make This The Best Game Ever.

  • LukeStayc 03.13.12 at 02:23

    I would like to see create-a-game on xbox 360/PS3, and a fix of the spawning on top of the vehicle from the start of gameplay. I don’t think you could possibly get complaints about these two topics…

  • mikesizemore 03.13.12 at 02:06

    Let us not confuse unfair with challenge !!!!

  • mikesizemore 03.13.12 at 02:04

    People say the 12 gram frag this or that which are powerfull weapons are unfair. THERE IS NO SINGLE WEAPON THAT MORE POWERFULL THAN A TEAM OF SQUADS WORKING TOGETHER. All these post are single person minded game play !!!!!

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 00:31 is the new place to find out everything about battlefield 3 other video games and movies

  • TheBlackOmen 03.12.12 at 23:46

    You know, I find it really crappy of DICE and EA to make no comment whatsoever on the No Gun Spawning issue on consoles. I’m at wits end with you people not helping me or anyone else who suffers this issue on console. EA Help has done nothing but screw me around. Its impossible to contact DICE and get feedback to or from them about this. I keep hearing from EA that you regularly patrol the forums and read about issues and suggestions. Well, I’ve scoured the forums about the no gun spawning and DICE has never made a single post that I can find either admitting this bug exists, or any kind of time frame in getting it fixed.

    Like if you’re trying to make this “Our Game” as in the consumers, then wouldn’t supporting the consumers, the people who pay to play your art be a good business model?

    I’m so incredibely worried about MAV’s and USAS Frag rounds when I can’t even see my gun, lemmie tell you.

    • mikesizemore 03.13.12 at 01:28

      Yes , having no gun when you spawn and the 12g frag rounds are unfair for fair game play.

      • TheBlackOmen 03.13.12 at 01:45

        Fair game play? I haven’t had that in a month now… at least.

  • Tha MeatShield 03.12.12 at 23:44

    The MAV road kill also needs to be addressed — I know they are going to make it so that it explodes — however, have you checked the battlelog forums? There are guys with 3.0 KDR and thousands of MAV kills who are confident they will just get an ammo pack thrown down next to them, now that they are infinite, and continue their MAVing ways. The developers have to take action against this sort of cheap play style. The other day on Tehran highway, the enemy had four different MAVs at once. I was constantly being run over but of course we still won. The fact of the matter is that it takes the fun out of combat. Turd players who do nothing but MAV wont stop.

  • SSOwiD 03.12.12 at 21:51

    These are some of my notes.

    1. The USAS – 12 should have less firepower. It is practically invincible.
    2. It should not be eliminated the option of reaching high points with the MAV as it is the only advantage that the sniper has over the long-range view of all other rifles and his little firepower at long distances.
    3. The power of the sniper rifles should be improved. All the shots in the torso and up should kill. Please understand that is a sniper rifle. Was made for that.
    Tanks and other ground vehicles (jeeps exceptos and others) must be much more resistant or at least his machinegun much more powerful to achieve a better balance against RPG attacks.
    4. The aircraft must be able to charge the i flares lot faster.
    5. Review the default burst type of AN-94. It should be in full from the start.
    6. Very important. Lowering the brightness of telescopic sniper. Reducing it by half at least.

    • Tha MeatShield 03.12.12 at 23:41

      Why should the flares recharge faster? It is already impossible to take out a good pilot with stingers, and now that they are going to make it so flares affect laser guided missiles coming from javolins, they need to tweak it in the other direction. We need some sort of anti-air method that works.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.12.12 at 21:17 best place to keep up-to-date on BF3 and MORE!

  • FidelinFidel 03.12.12 at 21:12

    The only one of these changes I feel needs to be priority is the frag rounds. The damage much too high making the gun unable to be countered except by using one yourself. I think even if it is hit by the nerf bat that the people who use it would agree it was a much needed change.

    as far as any recon changes including mavs, recon is very easily countered and mavs are easily killed by engineers. Just fix the jav and stinger when locking on. I hate seeing my jav spiral out of control and explode prematurely when I’m only trying to kill a little hunk of metal that only gives 20 points.

  • NfLfaN88 03.12.12 at 20:46

    These observations and opinions for possible changes are solely mine.
    1) The USAS-12 should be turned down a substantial amount. It requires very little skill to use and is plaguing every server I have been on.
    2) The FAMAS could use a toning down due to it’s high fire rate, power, and accuracy.
    3) Don’t retract the players ability to use the MAV to reach taller buildings. Recon will become almost totally useless due to its lack of anti-vehicle capabilities. The most a sniper would be able to do is place spawn beacons, spot infantry and vehicles, use the T-UGS or MAV as a small area UAV, and laser designate targets (few to no other soldiers utilize the benefits of laser painting). The scope reflection gives away position and snipers can easily be countered. Should leave as is.
    4) I believe that there should be a damage multiplier for hitting the vital upper chest area with a sniper round. I, however, don’t believe that the M98B be toned down because it’s a much larger caliber round than the other rifles.
    5) Perhaps make a few guns more balanced: the L85A2 and G3A3 are the first to come to mind.
    These few minor changes would make the game perfect in my eyes. Everyone at DICE has done an amazing job of creating this game, it’s honestly the best game that I have ever played.

  • rjbaptist 03.12.12 at 20:01

    as at now, your main priority should be finding a solution for the input lag. its simply impossible to play the usual game with it and also is quite a hard hit to us console users.(PS3) so please end all this controversy and make us all happy for once and for all dice.

  • reifensammler55 03.12.12 at 18:08

    interesting read, thanks for posting this! looking forward to all the upcoming balance-blog posts, would be great if you could also talk about the balance changes for air combat (ie choppers/jets/stingers).

  • ThePandaMan80 03.12.12 at 17:40 is where to find all the latest news on battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:58

    If you spawn ontop of a jet and you stay still; the jet can hurl you 1000mph backwards if they use afterburners. It kills you on core and hardcore instantly :/

  • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:39

    Why do so many people complain about snipers using MAV’s to get high up on roof tops? Am I the only one thats watched the movie “Shooter?” In the beginning the sniper starts sniping a militia convoy. Then the militia realize the snipers location and start launching motars. If you hate people sniping high up on building rooftops then launch motars and make them jump off -_-

    • SOLIDSNAKE1217 03.12.12 at 15:51

      I totally agree with you i like that aspect with the MAV the only thing i sayy they need to take away is the MAV killing people that crap becomes annoying after a while because you cant find the damn thing use the mortars and its easy kills especially if there on top of roofs and what not

  • Simplex 03.12.12 at 15:13

    You fixed PS3 VOIP issue 3 months after release – better late tha never, I guess.
    Now for the love of god, please fix PS3 controller lag!

    139 days without a fix for lag, and counting.

  • Tearzyo 03.12.12 at 14:44

    Now* xD

  • Tearzyo 03.12.12 at 14:43

    Why people whine about game balance nowadays is WoW, since there were alot of tuning in that game, people are used to get their voices heard.
    I don’t see why its such a big thing nowadays.. people didnt complain at all when we played Super Mario back in the 80′s, we adepted or stopped playing.

    Of course some things need to be changed, but it’s not really super duper needed,- that you can’t play without the change. Let DICE do their thing, Im sure they know about all problems, and I just want to thank them for creating one of the best games I’ve played in a long time.
    Battlefield 3 made me quit WoW and why is WoW so boring know? Cuz everything is super balanced and there is nothing to explore! That’s why alot of players miss vanilla/TBC in that game.

    BF3 is awesome!

  • Browny69 03.12.12 at 14:17

    Beside the fact that you have to tweak the game with balancing the weapons in it, there is one thing MORE important to it. It’s making the gameplay better by improving and making the controls more reponsive. Input-lag is still a very big issue on the Playstation 3. What can be done to fix this? Can it be fixed at all? I didn’t have any problems with the controls in BFBC1 and BFBC2. They were not so slugish. Setting the sensability to low made you slow. Putting it to high made you fast. I can’t find any setting that is satisfactory in BF3. There’s seems to be an excelleration in the movement when you have to turn, on the wrong moment, moving the stick to the left or right. It has to be a smooth action, but it isn’t. Same thing happens when you fly a plane or helicopter or driving a tank or a jeep. The excelleration in the movement has to be more to the outside where you push your stick to, depending on the settings you made with the sensebility.

    P.S.: make it possable to quit, when you like. Any time and everywhere.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.12.12 at 13:21 is a great place to learn about battlefield 3 and more even new details on the upcoming DLCs!

  • mc2w 03.12.12 at 12:58

    >Users vote for FIXING it
    >Post about balancing and nothing about actually fixing anything

  • ITZZZWEST 03.12.12 at 09:29

    well its quite obvious that the frag rounds are an issue. i personally would like to see snipes able to have a 1 hit kill. only in the chest and head. playing aggressive recon in bfbc2 felt rewarding and sure gave me plenty of reasons to keep on playing.

  • InFabios 03.12.12 at 08:06

    i forgot something, just the USAS-12 problem and the squad manager, it doesn’t matter how you balance the team, that real matters its to be always with our friends in one squad!! leave manage the squads in our own way please! no more balanced squads!!

  • Mincemeat63 03.12.12 at 05:23

    After wasting my money on this game, the only time I would believe ANYTHING from EA or DICE would be when I could see it and experience for myself. This is just more talk and no delivery. FAIL.

  • iambluewolf 03.12.12 at 03:08

    I would appreciate the ability to join with my friends, stay on the same side as my friends, and not have the server pull me over to the other side because of “balancing” issues. It would be nice to have a feature that notices, ‘these four people joined in the same game together as a unit.’ Other than that I have a BLAST playing this game!

  • armeno_jakue 03.12.12 at 01:30

    the frag should be removed from the usas mk3a1 if they still keep thier lethal effect.. anyways the frag rounds, only brings with them a hole lot abuse of its overwhelming powers.. entire teams use frag rounds in some maps, making maps as grand bazar & metro for the most time useless for a gamer ho wanna play as the game was intended.. the frag rounds give an egde at the ranges. qcb, long , very long….., i think it would give a healthy decline of unskilled players ho is on thier way down the leaderboards if it was removed…. the same goes for the Famas is way to strong, tried it, and its simply to easy pick of people a all ranges!! i think it would be very important to get this fixed before all else;)

  • acesces 03.12.12 at 00:11

    can you fix ConquestAssault’s plain feeling..? and It’s categorized Conquest somehow.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.11.12 at 23:50 is a great place to find out all the latest news on battlefield and more!

  • Justinbro13 03.11.12 at 23:32

    fucked dice and their bullshit.I was playing on operation metro and guess what someone got on top of a building of cafe with a mav and was up there with frag rounds that is some bullshit.dice knew what they were doing with this gay ass mav how come if you try to get on a building of grand bazaar you die but if you get on another building its ok

  • Col l Hannibal 03.11.12 at 22:25

    While the USAS-12 is definately overpowered and needs to be discussed I feel the Famas is just as bad and in more wide spread use right now than any other weapon. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen someone jump across a doorway or alleyway and get cut down in a split-second by this weapon. All players are doing is equiping a foregrip and suppressor, and with this combo they can then hold down the trigger and get the vast majority of rounds on target from nearly any distance. Combine that with the ability to revive your teamates an unlimited number of times and this is how everyone plays a clan match now. I was disappointed to see nothing from DICE or players about the defib paddles which have needed tuning since before this game. Ask yourself these questions, would you be able to revive a player that was killed by a headshot? And how long does it take to charge the paddles? There should be a loading bar present when a medic approaches your corpse and he should have to stay with your body in crouch or prone (so he can actually touch you) for at least 5 seconds until the bar fills and your revived, not just sprint by never even stopping to see if your okay. Point being you need to actually eleminate the threat before attempting the revive. Instead most people run out shock em’ and then they both get away all while being unloaded into by the enemy player. I guess all I’m asking for is a little bit of realism which most of the older players should appreciate because thats why we choose Battlefield over COD.

    • ShadowStrider 7 03.11.12 at 22:57

      I’ll agree with you on the defibs. What you are talking about has been done before in ARMA II, but never in a battlefield title. I do think that it would benefit the Battlefield title, though. Too often have I been revived with the enemy who killed me standing less than 3 feet away because my teammates are too eager to get the revive points, rather than eliminate the present threat.

    • DeadPixel 03.12.12 at 02:39

      I remember in the original closed public alpha the defibs weren’t instant, it was a nice change in pace from what we have now (the BC2 way). This made the players have to clear the threat before they could revive, rather than just zap as they ran by.

    • Aj b33m3R 03.12.12 at 02:52

      I think the changes they are making to the attachments will help balance out the FAMAS. I don’t have a problem with the FAMAS really but I understand what people hate about it. I can’t use it for s–t, I run out of ammo too fast. I seem to do better with guns that have a lower rate of fire.

    • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 16:05

      Yeah i agree. The defib should definately need a charge and recharging time. You cant just rub two paddles together and shock 50 guys that have been shot in the face back to life

  • FauxPiano2 03.11.12 at 21:41

    in the RUSH GAMES,

    in the end defending ship sinks (after the last M-COM destroys). like in the pearl harbor movie…

    attackers ships also can be destroyed. then they can only spawn on their PLANES :)

  • FauxPiano2 03.11.12 at 21:32

    I really don’t like:

    * BAD LUCK
    * falling from 5-10 feets and die?
    * getting killed by MAV
    * riding on MAV
    * USAS frag (feels like a chopper gunner shooting)


    give us a SEA map please.. that will be a huge and game changing experience for sure…


    * Boat Fights!!
    * Jet Ski
    * people gong under water (sorry I don’t know the name of it, that thing they use in COD: MW3)
    * Battle Ships
    * people parachuting from Planes to enemy base (SHIP is the base)

    stuff like that… will be EPIC!!

    • DeadPixel 03.12.12 at 02:41

      Wouldn’t really go well in a MP game. Possibly kill servers if it switched to such a map. Too much of a departure from the rest of the game.

    • nixx0r 03.12.12 at 06:08

      An ocean map would make me quit the server. I’m an infantry player, I have no interest in vehicles. I like that BF3 maps are designed for all 3 roles. If you take out infantry, the game becomes one-dimensional. Also, in a 64 player server there would never be enough vehicles for everybody, and most people wouldn’t be interested in sitting in the passenger seat all map.

      I completely agree with the 5ft falling death too. I’ve seen worse. I’ve literally died jumping UP onto things.

    • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 16:08

      Yeah i agree with pretty much everything. For a sea map they should make one spawn have a bunch of jets and maybe 2 attack heli’s while the other base has multiple AA’s and tanks. It could be like an onslaught/survival mode.

  • JK47NT 03.11.12 at 21:12

    So in the new patch I heard you guys are effectively going to kill the Claymore. I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.

    • ShadowStrider 7 03.11.12 at 23:01

      Same goes for me. Claymores are rarely used (Xbox 360) and rarely complained about. It’s just another example of DICE removing an effective war tool just because the children can’t figure out how to get around them. I went 33-1 the other day on Strike at Karkand with 29 kills being from Claymores. The same guy decided to continually try to breach my building and died by a Claymore in the same spot, every single time. Please don’t nerf Clays DICE. It’s too much fun to watch the ignorance of players in real time.

      • nixx0r 03.12.12 at 06:13

        Rarely complained about? From the guy who goes 33-1 in a game with only clay kills? My guess is lots of people were complaining in that game. You don’t think getting 29 kills without firing a single shot is abusing an item and the map? This is *exactly* why they should be nerfed. Congratulations, you got your laughs at someone’s expense, but if you think that’s a balanced/fair way to play the game, you’re basically only playing to stroke your own ego. The point is they should be designing a game that relies on skill to win. There is little skill in laying down clays, especially around spawns and in buildings.

        • ShadowStrider 7 03.12.12 at 13:49

          I consider strategic defense skill enough. It’s not my fault that people are moronic. Clays definitely are not OP due to the fact that if they are not concealed properly, they are always visible on the minimap, even in hardcore.

    • Aj b33m3R 03.12.12 at 03:12

      I agree. Claymores sticking around after you die is not a problem. It’s not like you can plant more of them without the previous 2 disappearing.

      The C-4 thing I can see pissing people off though it never bothered me, either when it was my C-4 blowing up a tank when I respawned or their C-4 blowing me up.

      A better fix for the C-4 would be a dead man’s trigger. All the C-4 you planted blows up when you die.

  • DAROCK2300 03.11.12 at 20:19

    Don’t know if you actually read these things but here goes. First of all I really like playing battlefield whenever I have the chance. It’s the only game(FPS) where a player can win a match without having to kill anyone by just PTFO. Right now though my experience has not been very good with all the glitches and bugs but hopefully the next patch will fix the issues that BF3 has and we can look forward to the new dlc you guys have planned. Nevertheless I’m looking for the patch & dlc to put some life back into the game because right now whenever I check out the forums there is alot of griping and unhappy players wondering what happened to the Battlefield brand? Only you developer guys can answer that so until then keep up the good work and please return BF3 to the game everyone wants to play! P.S.-Every time I try to use the MG36 B2K weapon on regular maps it is always glitched up in the air. Please fix one of my favorite weapon because I don’t see it on the confirmed upcoming fix list? Thanks

  • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:49

    BF Veteran here(Ps3) … 6yrs, My M1911 is so awesome in the whole battlefield series, only that i feel like its been underpowered on BF3, WHAT HAPPENED! , now i feel like it lets me down when it comes down to bring somebody down even when i have gotten more than 3 shots on the upper part of the body … (i go for headshots mainly and trust me my accuracy dont lye) so please fix this for the VETERAN … M1911 fans please speak up! – post comment agreeing

  • SizzleMyWizzle 03.11.12 at 18:34

    Does anyone think there should be a separate playlist of conquest assault and conquest? I know they are very similar but they are also different and for some reason I cannot experience my full battlefield experience because mostly all the serverse on the maps I love are mostly conquest assault. Dice, I really hope you make conquest assault and conquest two different playlists.

    • SizzleMyWizzle 03.11.12 at 18:35

      That would be outstanding to me.

    • Rawb0Ss 03.11.12 at 20:06

      I totally agree… and I hate that they are blending both modes together. It would be similar to combining squad dm and squad rush into one game mode. Seperate CA from standard Conq. mode, and then allow all of the original maps to play as CA as well. Then in the server browser you can pick either Conq. or CA.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.11.12 at 17:43 is a great place to get details on battlefield and more!

  • [TE5]xFlash-UK 03.11.12 at 15:39

    nice insight. i cant wait for the rented servers on consoles

  • CTpeJok 03.11.12 at 15:07

    Please add VOIP to the squads on PC. COM center no one uses it.

  • Ungar1 03.11.12 at 13:58

    I find helicopters have become overpowered against infantry stingers will no longer hit a helicopter due to flares or jamming. And if you do manage to hit one it has repaired itself before the next missile can get a lock on. I have used up my entire stock of SAMS and the helicopter is still killing everything in our base
    The chopper pilot then camps over the spawn point for the opposition helicopter and the gunner or passenger then grabs it when it respawns. This was an issue in BF2 BC2. Perhaps American helicopters can only be piloted out of the American base by American soldiers and vice versa.
    In addition bases should be demilitarized zones, no firing into or out of them.

    • superfig 03.11.12 at 15:07

      Very true, stingers surppose to knock down these helicopters, I find them useless.

    • MrNinjaKitteh 03.11.12 at 15:44

      I don’t think they should change the Helicopters at all. There are loads of things that can take them down (Javelin is a 1 hit kill even with Engineers since they have no time to react) even the tanks are lethal, oh and don’t for get the AA’s, those things are brutal on a Helicopter. I understand what you mean with the spawn camping though. I think they should do what they did on 1943, you get no points or XP for killing in base, also I think they should have an option to spawn directly in the AA and they should have an AA in EVERY base on EVERY map with Aircraft/ Helicopters in.

    • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:54

      Agreed. Its amazing how US soldiers know how to read RU controls & Vise versa

  • nixx0r 03.11.12 at 13:13

    By the way, I don’t want to throw all these new issues at you guys, but in my opinion, there are 2 things that are more important than MAV lifting and frag rounds that need fixing:

    1. You NEED to make claymores more visible. It’s almost ridiculous how hard it is to spot them. I can’t confirm, but it seems as though they don’t get rendered until you’re a few feet away, which is pretty ridiculous if that’s the case. I can’t even count how many times I’ve *run* across a clay without it going off, killed a guy, then I’m strolling back down out of the building seeing nothing and bam it explodes. I might be one of the few who thinks this, but claymores often ruin the game much more than MAVlifting or frag rounds do, just because how impossible it is to spot them.

    2. You NEED to change how damage falloff & point blank bullets work. This goes double for sniper rifles, but applies to all guns too, in my opinion. When you snipe someone point blank in the chest, they should be dead. Period. There seems to be a lot of other users posting about this, so I feel like if put to a vote people would agree on at least this part. I would take it one step further and say all gun damage should be increased at point blank (< ~8ft), and, especially if the damage is on your back. It really should NOT take 3 bullets from an assault rifle to a player's back at a few feet away to kill them. I've also been in a lot of ridiculous up close fire fights where we just go around in a stupid dance for 5 seconds shooting each other doing no damage just out of knife's reach apart. Finally, one lucky guy wins, but we've both unloaded 2 entire clips and probably hit each other 5-7 times each (conservatively). 2-3 bullets of any type of gun at 2 feet away should pretty much be death. I really wish FPS's started doing proper arm damage in affecting aiming abilities or had realistic knockback effects for bullets, but I guess that's a completely different issue, I'm not really expecting that… but without that kind of realistic physics, we can at least rely on damage to roughly emulate being knocked off your feet by bullets fired only a few feet away.

    • superfig 03.11.12 at 15:16

      Claymore surppose to be conceal, hidden in real life. I use it to protect my back. I was 12-B went I was the Army, set-up a lot of claymore. I made sure it was conceal,hidden.

      • nixx0r 03.12.12 at 06:03

        I don’t disagree with this. But clays are “concealed” in real life because of skillful placement, not because the game isn’t showing them to you on purpose.

      • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 16:01

        True but claymores are manually detonated with a clicker. They have a 50m kill zone but they’re not detonated by a lazer being disrupted like in BF3 and COD

    • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:24

      Na claymores are just perfect dude .. its just a type of weapon that its meant to surprise the enemy, here as a tip … always crouch around corners or go really slow when going up stairs …. Cause i hate to tell you but i use the claymores to get me at least 2-3 extra kills in close quarter maps. Thank you.

      • nixx0r 03.12.12 at 06:17

        That’s easier said than done when you’re playing TDM on a 32+ player server. You can’t just crouch and stop everytime you turn a corner. I already take it slow when I go up stairs, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re heading for cover and someone clays every entrance to the nearest building (middle building on gulf of oman TDM, for instance)

    • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:26

      on the 2nd thing u said i totally agreed

    • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:56

      I agree with the claymores. When they’re on the staircases on any map they’re impossible to see. You turn a corner and it suddenly renders and boom you’re dead

  • nixx0r 03.11.12 at 12:56

    Hey, I just thought of a good idea for you guys DICE. If MAV lifting (and any other “feature”) is so controversial, why not just make it toggle-able in options? Then you don’t have to make any paternalistic decision about who the game is for, and you can let server admins decide how to run their games. Some servers like it, some servers don’t. I’ve seen “No MAV lifting” in the rules on many servers, and I’ve seen others where admins themselves take part in the lifting. Let people decide their own rules rather than imposing a default. Everyone wins in that situation, I think.

    As for USAS-12, perhaps you can also make different ammo types scalable in dmg. There’s an all-or-nothing damage % setting, so it’s not inconceivable to have them for different weapon types. Perhaps this is asking for too much, but it follows in the vein of, “when put in a tough situation, give Your Users the option”, which is always better than deciding for us.

  • Ateszmadman 03.11.12 at 08:47

    I agree with you, you need to fix:
    You can plant c4 near your team mates then swap team and blow it up… thats a pretty big problem of OP metro, im not playing it, but many do.

    Jet can’t die when running into tree.

    Cars can slingshot peoples, also tanks.

    And the biggest problem of the game are the players, almost 60% of the players are camping whole match at a corner, just sitting there with Bipod Lightmachine gun or just shooting RPG to everywhere and almost kills everyone or M320 .. shooting somewhere and get 5-6 kills / shot, and peoples are crying for nerf, and when they nerf it they will cry why is it so underpowered? Listen to big community sites etc, where not many “troll posts”, also USAS-12 Frag grounds are ok, i dont even see any using it, but the buckshot and flechette are freakin OP, peoples just running around with it in TDM, just bunny hopping everywhere and 1 sec and u’re dead, i’m not saying this as a noob player, i got all Battlefield for PC, but i need to say Battlefield 3 is great game, the players are the problems and some balance problems too, but you can fix it :).

  • Rabid_Tapeworm 03.11.12 at 06:21

    If your going to take away the mav elevator at the same time ,why don,t you correct the mav completely and make it so people can,t just sit back and fly around and kill you with it all day is it not just for recon anyway??? and one more thing the placement of the AA batteries is ridiculous if you can,t place them where they will do some good and clear some of the cover around them why don,t you just take them out of the game because as it stands their useless.

  • InFabios 03.11.12 at 04:56

    everything its ok, just the USAS-12 its the problem, MAV its important to get higher, its not a SNIPER if you are always on the ground, tactical way its to be on the top you know that, greetings from MEXICO!

  • SizzleMyWizzle 03.11.12 at 03:18

    I believe there should be less of the Tehran Highway map. Mostly everyone hates that map and I do too. Dice, you should seriously do a pole on the most dissliked maps on Battlefield 3.

  • Chukonoku 03.11.12 at 02:51

    -Battlerecorder ?? Why we still dont have any info about this. Competitive play will boost and also will help detect cheaters.
    -Why does the havoc have to suck so much comparing it to the viper?? Also why the little difference between the Hornet vs Flanker??
    -I agree completely to the decision of taking the elevator mav… BUT please add more ladders and stairs to the map. I hope it wont happen like on the BETA were snipers (not worth to call them recons) use air vehicles to get to high places.

    • micahl88 03.11.12 at 03:04

      I completely agree Chukonoku…EA PLEASE LISTEN, sure limit or get rid of the MAV, but definitely ADD ladders! The recon/sniper class is definitely a little under-powered when considering the second weapons the other classes can have. Why not let the sniper class carry a pdw in addition to the pistol or something or provide a rifle, like a .50 cal to actually do some damage to light vehicles?

  • RecklTT 03.11.12 at 01:46

    We want most of the battlefield 2 weapons, control options, features., flight movement(no reason why we cant roll in a chopper? and what is up with automatic missiles shooting for us? we want to aim our skill by using it. i was very good in a chopper once ,just skip to the chopper part. but now its just plain boring i have no time to spend even learning it.) Why could’nt you have just added the same bf2 style+ the new battlefield 3 stuff. That would have been battlefield 3. its so dissapointing that we were so happy to play battlefield 3. And we just have to make use of this battlefield 3 cause its the only thing to play. it makes a person feel so frustrated as we cant change it.

  • Houston10106306 03.11.12 at 01:16

    Fix the disappearing bullet problem on consoles. I should have acrecord headshot over 1000m but guess what, the bullet disappears.FIX THISSSSSSS.

    • l Frothy Chimp 03.11.12 at 06:06

      Sniper’s bullets go over 3000 meters. You just missed.

      • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:49

        lol its funny seeing your bullet absolutely missing a target but getting a kill a second later

  • StormexDante 03.11.12 at 00:03

    Add this to the Poll please: What was the reasoning behind it when you decided not to include battlerecorder in the game at launch. I mean, seriously, when it was a great feature in the last main Battlefield title, why did you decide not to continue with it? Why would you not include it in the sequel? PLEASE TELL US!

  • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 23:39

    If Close Quarters is only Team Death Match, I won’t be purchasing it.

    • SizzleMyWizzle 03.11.12 at 03:20

      I bet it’s just the maps, not just a specific game type. They are all mostly like that:

  • KiLLaZ87 03.10.12 at 23:14

    I want a Bf2 veichles controls.On pc the jets and outhers veichles are more better if you have a controller…Pls do anithings about.i’m stopped to play this game because isn’t a real Bf2 successor.

  • ShadowStrider 7 03.10.12 at 22:43

    While I agree with the “nerfing” of Frag Rounds on the USAS-12 AUTO, I disagree with taking away the MAV “elevators.” While I, myself, do not use the MAV to abuse it in this way, it does present a rather fun aspect to the game. Part of the “Battlefield Experience”, if you will, is knowing that at any time you can be flanked / out-positioned. Taking out the MAV “elevators” will essentially hurt this key feature of the game. I rather enjoy knowing that the Recon class can not only spot using the MAV, but can also get into a key position to cover my squad mates and myself by using the “elevator.” I also enjoy knowing that in Strike At Karkand, when I am moving down the street, a sniper could be on any building waiting for me. Taking out the “MAVelators” will not stop players from getting to places they shouldn’t be in. Spawn Beacons allow players (on some maps) to spawn in via parachute, thus allowing them to get on otherwise inaccessible buildings. On another note, I would suggest maybe “nerfing” the ability for a MAV to roadkill. There are way more people flying MAVs just for roadkills, rather than using it’s gravity defying functions. As for the poll, I don’t really see a need to know about any of the topics listed. A better poll might ask us what we absolutely prefer to be removed.
    Thanks for the time and consideration, DICE and keep up the excellent work.

  • UofAZCat 03.10.12 at 22:03

    I would enjoy knowing the kill statistics for each of the individual weapons. To me that is one of the best indicators of weapons that are overpowered. In COD-BO (I’m a converted COD player. The B3 demo won me over.) they give the statistics for all the weapons you have used and all the weapons that have killed you, both through the game and the website. It made it clear to the average user what weapons were overpowered. Many will say that just because a weapon is popular doesn’t make it overpowered, and I would agree. However when people people use the same weapon with the same combination of attachments, I would strongly argue it is overpowered.

  • MrWiggle420 03.10.12 at 21:51

    why do i have to jump over every little block of cement, curb and bump in the map! It’s just a distraction causes players to die and turn the game off. I think dice needs to fix that more than anything. Make it where its auto, and u can walk over it and not have to jump over stuff u should easily be able to walk over, I mean come on dice please fix this its some real bs

    • UofAZCat 03.10.12 at 22:21

      AMEN! Absolutely one of two biggest issues with the game.

    • Shadowxeno 03.12.12 at 15:51

      Why do i have to hurdle myself over a stair when i sprint and press A on the xbox :/

  • SHATTER SNIPE 03.10.12 at 21:08

    FRAG rounds aren’t even that bad. Stay away from walls and the shooter has to shoot you like any other gun (direct impact you or shoot very close to your feet while they’re in your line of sight as well). I find the M320 MUCH more overpowered than the FRAG rounds.

    MAV elevator is something that should stay. There’s a reason of ‘Leaving the Battlefield’ countdown/warning. If they’re still in the intended playing area then that’s fair. Battlefield is about freedom, which the ‘Leaving the Battlefield’ countdown/warning ruins a lot of, and now you’re taking away the ability to access unique areas. If I wanted to play in the obvious mainland like a Jarhead, I’d go and play CoD.

    Why are rockets that are locked onto an air-vehicle by a SOFLAM designation now evaded by the use of flares? The rocket is locked onto a laser point, not a heat source. Flares should still be useless against a laser-guided missile. I find great pride in shooting down a spawn-camper who’s using a Helicopter to spawn-camp my base by using a SOFLAM and Javelin. It’s just hilarious seeing them deploy flares thinking they’re still safe to unfairly kill me, friends, teammates, or vehicles in my base. There’s a reason why you have ECM Jammer as a counter-measure – don’t make it useless and give the spawn-campers even more protection.

    What needs to be fixed from what I’ve experienced unfortunately; (Xbox 360)
    1) Guided Missile doesn’t register damage on enemy vehicles at least half the time. When it does register damage it’s very minimal. On Conquest, the guided missile needs to do more damage to enemy armor. I try and help a teammate out on the ground, who’s facing a tank that he has no ability to take care of himself, and putting myself at risk by making myself an easy target to enemy jets for the lock-on/bomb-run just to not even disable the tank.

    2) TV Missiles controls are delayed. I command it to move to the left, it doesn’t move to the left until a second after hitting the command which makes it useless.

    What I’d like to see added:
    Jets having better CAS effectiveness. Why give infantry the ability to harass and kill pilots with a heat-seeking launcher when the jets can’t defend themselves? At least give the infantry a good reason to want to shoot jets down.
    -Better ordinance like a JDAM, Cluster bombs, Air-burst. You can easily balance these to have a minute ‘reload’ spawn; 1 minute in the game is a VERY long time.

    -The A-10 has a Vulcan cannon – Make the bursts much shorter (only a maximum of 2 seconds before having to ‘reload’) and give it much more damage as well as a good 5ft. splash damage radius around each round that hits the ground or object. If you want to make it even more ‘real’ then have the bursts from the Vulcan slow the jet down.
    -A zoom on the view to better get a view of the Battlefield and for a more accurate burst. It’s an Attack jet whose primary role is CAS but I experience air-to-air combat much more often than CAS. Right now many things don’t render on my screen until it’s too late and I have to make another pass and by then it’s already moved.

    That’s my 2 cents. Hope you take it into consideration and understand my point of view.

  • ScurveyDog 03.10.12 at 20:30

    I would like to see the ability of the MAV to ram and kill players to be removed, pushing is ok. I would like to see a 50 cal sniper rifle for taking out vehicles or at least damaging their optics or perk gear. The 338 mag sniper rifle should be more powerful with less bullet drop. I have no problem with frag rounds or MAV elevators. Im most excited about the Armored Kill vehicle pack, especially the mobile artillery pieces! The close quarters pack would be extra cool if it included a variety of slums, like trailer parks, red light district, and project housing slum hoods with the type of everyday vehicles you might find there like pimp cars on big rims, mini vans, and motorcycles. A mobile crane with recking ball and a bulldozer would be cool. It would like to be able to choose some prefab, or make my own comedic statements for your player to say while getting whipped or whipping ass, as vehicles are spotted, out of ammo or you pull off some feat of c4 devastation. Not but not least, gillie suits please. BF3 is the best game ever! keep up the good work!

  • Anth0nyMan 03.10.12 at 19:28

    Why would anyone want to know the reasoning behind the balancing of the usas frag rounds and the mav. I would imagine it’s pretty obvious that the frag rounds are over powered and that you shouldn’t be able to fly on/run over people on the mav. Personally I think the option of the m16 is much more interesting considering I don’t quite agree with the many people that say the m16 is the best assault rifle in the game.

  • stubby01 03.10.12 at 19:00

    Fix the bending around the corner of a building bullet. Tell me how a person has a rpg round hit at their feet, take a couple of rounds point blank, and still manage to have 100% health. Why do the TV missiles explode on the rail when launched. Why does the mobile AA hit an invisible wall and stop when entering water? Why can’t the server admins have the option of what equipment can be used in the maps i.e. option of not having the F’n jets and allow one more helo. F’n jets ruin the game.

    • Tardyjay 03.10.12 at 19:58

      You sound like you’ve been racked by planes many times lol I don’t understand how you think planes ruin the game but heli’s are fine.

      • ICrack The SkyI 03.10.12 at 20:28

        Because the Jets can be impossible to shoot down if the pilots are good enough, while the helicopters are pretty vulnerable. Look at the patch notes. Dice agrees.

  • Br4ndi 03.10.12 at 18:09

    I would really like to see multiple soldiers beeing implented as it was in bf2 and bfbc2.
    I do not understand why set this feature asked by many people to not planned on
    Hope you will reconsider it.

  • CD0TCIZZLE 03.10.12 at 17:43

    This was obviously decided before the game released, but me and a friend of mine would like to know why you messed up the recon class sooo bad? 247 (unrealistic) scope glare, no ghillie suites, no way whatsoever to take out enemy tanks and such (we had it in BC2, why not here), why the M40A5 was nerfed to have more bullet drop then ANY other SR in the game (even semis, which is unrealistic also). I mean the M40A% and the MK11 MOD O shoot the exact same round but the MK11 shoots a flatter trjectory then the M40?…. would never really happen.

  • selim-999 03.10.12 at 17:07

    i love BF3 more than any other game ever made. i just have one question.
    is it possible to make splitscreen mode, splitscreen co-op and multiplayer?
    i’m telling you guys this because i used to play some games with my father(lol), but now i simply can’t.
    that would be soooooooooooooooooooo nice, DICE.

    Best Game Ever!!!

  • jharowicz 03.10.12 at 16:48

    I agree with SamCFBC on his post. Also I know that the flashlight blinding in broad daylight has been patched but I don’t think it was done very well. I still get blinded by a flashlight in broad day light. Another thing that could be address is trying to factor in some sort of wind, or a breeze. You have taken in the account for bullet drop for snipers, but also they take into account wind which will affect shots as well, which would make sniping a lot harder in the game. Also the portable SAM units i.e. Stinger Missile are terribly under powered. If this is based off real world weapons and physics, then “if” you do land a hit with a stinger then the aerial vehicle you are aiming for should either be disabled or destroyed depending on where it hits the vehicle. I love this game and the fact that you take into consideration of what the community has to say is what makes this game even better. I actually traded in all my MW s&%t because I could not break myself away from this game. I for one am fully excited for the Armored Warfare expansion pack.

  • SamCFBC 03.10.12 at 16:16

    please explain the decision to allow FLARES to distract LASER designated targets. which basically swings balance towards already overpowered choppers and really hurts the impact of the SOFLAM and the CITV station. i agree with flares distracting heat seeking and other locking weapons but not something laser painted. i’m talking about consoles as well. this is less of a balance issue on PC since you have a lot more people able to lock on to air vehicles.

    • spaceman10765 03.10.12 at 16:54

      ECM is to break a laser lock! listen to samCFBC

    • Tardyjay 03.10.12 at 19:59

      Flairs are for distracting missiles already on their way. ECM jammer is for breaking the lock or attempted lock on you. It’s that simple. Use which you like more and play better with. If you are mad about planes or heli’s being “overpowered” by flairs and/or ECM then figure out a way around it. Start using Engineer with SA rockets.

    • ICrack The SkyI 03.10.12 at 20:39

      Helicopters are OP? You can sit in a corner of the map with a laser designator and Javelin/Guided Shell and insta-kill them the whole game. I have way better games as infantry than I ever do in a chopper. The Stinger is getting a buff, they’re making the Air-Support more about skill rather than “I have a teammate running Soflam so we win.”

  • Alpine2296 03.10.12 at 16:13

    Hello dear Alan Kurtz!
    I would like to offer you to make changes to the voice communication that would be possible to use voice communication in the units, in addition to “com center.”

  • Yang_Cilang 03.10.12 at 11:47

    In console, now we cannot exit between rounds. That is quite inconvenient.

  • Eishun 03.10.12 at 11:36


    about Dino mode?

    i would pay 20$ for that

  • QQHEX 03.10.12 at 10:49

    I forgot this:
    -Allow mods on PC and if posible console
    -Bring back all the battlefield 2 maps cause the wake island conversion was SHIT ( NO BLACK HAWK only 2 CHOPPERS PER TEAM)
    -Make the game according to the most used battlefield 2 mods (FOR EXAMPLE 10 choppers per map and more planes)

  • S3MP4TIK-4YI 03.10.12 at 10:26

    Demize An article about USAS will be worthless. Please, make one about aggr. bolt snipers, that is the biggest one

  • WkdSounds 03.10.12 at 09:19

    i mean the irnv scope in my eyes was great i used it and loved it (i dont need to use it iv proved to loads of people i dont i just like it) but u ruined it by nerfing it cos sum whiny lil git didnt like getting killed n spotted by it, instead its now become absolutely useless

    • DJ_Cas 03.10.12 at 09:47

      Cause many bots like u like to camp with that thing. Straight to fight and get up from ur knees, bot!

      • WkdSounds 03.10.12 at 09:51

        excuse me check my stats u fool before you comment.. its useles twats like you who whiny about every weapon that needs to be nerfed

  • WkdSounds 03.10.12 at 09:16

    getting kinda sick and tired of people whiny n crying for fixes on this fixes on that, oooo look i got kill by a tank so lets nerf the f**ker so that no1 can use it,.. ooo look at this i got blasted to sh*t with a usas (not a usas user my self) but still lets nerf it cos they cant play the game.. i mean its pathetic, yeah some things need fixes like mortar in deployment areas should be banished and mav elevator yeh should be banished but in replace of that why dont you add ladders or a way and means of getting on high buildings instead of spoiling the full all together for those snipers who think there doing good up there when they aint doing anything….

    • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 15:23

      i agree with alot of what your saying. the MAV riding is popular because snipers need more god sniping places.

      and people complain when they get killed. its like get over it. its war. war is not fair. lol

      i personal like explosive shotgun rounds myself. fun to use, again since they made the regular shotgun nerfed you need these highpower rounds for the shotgun to be relevant in the way it was relevant in BF 2

  • kronox9 03.10.12 at 08:27

    I think people have become sensitive about everything nowdays and things are being done as the user wants it to be .But all of those people that complain about something in the game they have to take it for what it is a game and at the same time be serious about things if we were behind enemy lines in real life with people complaining like that we would be finished off quick i mean do you think soldiers complain about the enemys’ arsenal no they dont and everything kill everything in this game is like rock paper scissors . i think the game is great and if you feel like you dont win even when you lose that means youre not doing things right i do admire people when i get killed it looks awesome how some of them do it sure it stresses me out sometimes but its a game and ive noticed that when you play with people you can communicate well even loses feel right.

  • EvilDoRuk 03.10.12 at 08:19

    Okay, if it’s our game;
    -Put the networking back to completely server sided calculation
    -Bring back commander mode and the squad orders interface
    -Put all 6 BF2 roles back in the game so certain weapons such as the RPG aren’t pathetic
    -Bring back the dual-pilot jet with only the gunner getting the lock on rockets and give the pilot bombs instead
    -Make mines/claymores only removable by engineer and don’t allow them to be destroyed by other means
    -Make flashlights/lasers variable in strength based on the level of lighting present
    -Give the EOD more realistic physics. You shouldn’t be able to drive it off the top of the roof, do a 720 spin and then land soundly. It also has caterpillar tracks for traversing rough terrain and sudden inclines known as stairs… make that happen, thanks.
    -Aesthetic changes, blue filter toggle, ability to modify kits immediately after death
    -Don’t lock people in place before the round starts. Reload terrain and respawn when it does.
    -Tweak weapons when all of that is done

    • QQHEX 03.10.12 at 10:45

      And i think they should :
      -Allow PC players to host there own private servers on there own pc’s ( NO EXCUSES THEY CAN BE PRIVATE AND BE CONNECT TO IP ONLY IF THEY HAVE TO)
      -stop the tank being able to take out planes with guided shells ( SINCE WHEN IN REAL LIFE COULD THEY DO THAT)

      • Tardyjay 03.10.12 at 19:55

        When it comes to servers I agree that people should be able to host their own private games. When it comes to tanks though, ROFL, the plane is already locked on. When it is painted why shouldn’t a guided tank shell be able to hit the plane? Why just planes? You think heli’s shouldn’t be able to be hit as well? Let me guess, you like to fly planes and you get angry that you can’t stay flying for very long because the players you are up against aren’t stupid?

    • jharowicz 03.10.12 at 17:01

      -Make mines/claymores only removable by engineer and don’t allow them to be destroyed by other means

      for real dude? the only way i’ve seen a mine/claymore destroyed is by using a m67, c4, shooting it with a HEAT tank round, and an EOD bot. all legit ways to destroy them. you have probably been on the receiving end of a claymore/mine one too many times. I do agree though that only the engineer should be allowed to remove them.

    • Tardyjay 03.10.12 at 19:56

      Sounds to me like you want BF3 to be a game it is not. A couple of your ideas I agree with. The rest, though, just sounds like whining because you want BF3 to be a game it is not. If you want to play BF2 then play BF2. The devs are not going to tailor make BF3 into a game they have already made because YOU miss it too much.

  • poqljsprinter 03.10.12 at 07:37

    the patch is great! and cant wait. the game reallly just need servers that wont keep kicking you out every day on a daily bases. i really like battlefield 3 and wanted to get it ever since bf2(but didnt have a pc) so i really look forward to play on the ps3 but the game freezes everyday and keep losing connection everyday. i know its not my connection nor my ps3 bc cod never fails… please fix ps3 servers!!! i didnt buy modern warfare 3 bc i wanna support this game!

  • C2090Don 03.10.12 at 05:25

    Also The ability to disable the entire HUD and Gun/Arms for Console users(ps3), so we too can make Cinematic Battlefield Movies.

    That would be the sh**.

  • r0br0y8219 03.10.12 at 05:13

    oh and a “field-recorder” would be awesome…..
    keep up the good work dice…i may bitch but its only cause im passionate about the game…OUR game =D

  • C2090Don 03.10.12 at 05:04

    C2090Don: PS3 User

    2 Seater Jets would be good.

    I agree with Kicker92. Keep the squad together.

    Thank You Dice and EA for making the best game to date. Couldn’t have done much better. And Really looking forward to the new exspansion packs.
    also I’ve noticed a C4 glitch that happens often. After deploying all the C4, I click the Detonate Button and it continues throwing C4 even thou I have zero left and won’t detonate until I respawn.

  • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 04:33

    DICE, you’re doing a great job and the extra communication is well appreciated. I really enjoy playing BF3 even with the griefers.

    We’ll see how the up close sniper one shot one kill thing works out. A halfway decent sniper can destroy you at any range, now they may have the ability to run and gun as well. I’ll have to pump 4-10 bullets into them while they only need to get one on my upper body for the kill. Normally I wouldn’t begrudge them this little advantage, it’s just that they’re a whiny bunch of Johnny Douchebags half the time and it’s really hard to like them!

    • r0br0y8219 03.10.12 at 05:02

      lol…..still complaining…..u are the “whiny Johnny Douchebag”

  • r0br0y8219 03.10.12 at 03:35

    “Also upper torso shots with a high calliber round sniper rifel should be a one shot kill”
    you all know hopefully that will lead to quickscoping like no other……

    anyways back to my little problem with the patch…..

    Please PLEASE don’t nerf the Mav so much….i understand the kill and its killed idea…im fine with that
    but im lost that it got the most nerfs it seems to me in this patch…was it really that OP?
    now since im a recon i can only do so much as it is…i can not attack ANY armor…..
    yes yes im recon i spot..and shoot for the team..but how are those 2 things gonna get me to the top of the room for the MVP??????

    i understand the elevator deal…i never used it like that…but nerfing the range?
    who complained about that? never heard one person say that the mav has to long of a range…..
    nerfing it where it blows up magically now when i get out of the view? why? WHY???????

    i understand you all need to work with the needs of the many and not the one…but..i had fun with my mav…the way it is…

    i cant do much on the field as a recon…spot and shoot…kinda boring..yes tell me to change class into something i don’t enjoy…. then whats the point?
    i played alot of Bad company 1 …ALOT….and recon had a nice way of taking out tanks and armor….why did that not work now in BF3

    i don’t enjoy running and gunning…i don’t like fixing tanks…i don’t like driving’em..that’s all run and gun to me…i like not dying …and i do that by defending flags and by hiding to defending them..that’s my play style…i know i will get ripped for it by people that don’t know me…but i know it helps the team knowing that they have one less flag to worry about….

    but i will end with this…u guys do a great job making the field come alive mor than ANY other shooter that even tries to do what dice has done for years now….

    Here’s my stats….proof of what i do….

    • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 04:17

      Snipers are just a whiny bunch of gits.

      No one bought BF3 so they could spend half the game shooting toy f—ing helicopters. The range of the MAV needs to be nerfed because in certain game modes the Recon class can remain safely behind the line of engagement. The bravery of being out of range.

      “but how are those 2 things gonna get me to the top of the room for the MVP??????” Dude, that statement right there means CoD is more your game.

      RECON: short for reconnaissance. The act of scouting or exploring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy)

      “i do that by defending flags and by hiding to defending them” No one is going to rip you if this is what you are doing in a game. By doing that you are helping the team. But you need to be in the fight as well and part of being in the fight means taking as much risk as the guy capping the flag. Even so it would be completely unfair if the Recon class was completely invisible all the time. Learn the map, learn to play you class and if you’re any good you’ll help your team just fine. It’s not about being at the top of the leaderboard, IT IS ABOUT THE WIN. Seriously, if that is your main concern, the you should be playing CoD.

      You really need to learn to play the other classes as well. It’s part and parcel of the strategy.

      • r0br0y8219 03.10.12 at 04:59

        well glad i dont have to listen to ya more than just here…your the guy that hates anything recon cause u don’t have the patience to get the kill u like running and gunning i bet
        i like doing what i do…i don’t cheat, glitch or take advantage of anything by staying 500 miles away at the base spawn…
        i use the tools they gave us…and now they are taking those tools away…

        recon’s complain cause we don’t have alot to do compared to previous bf games….let alone compared to what the other classes can do in this game….

        and no COD is not for me….just cause i want to be number 1 means i need to play cod? nice logic there
        let me guess u like to be on the bottom of the winning team…really? i think your a liar…

        “RECON: short for reconnaissance. The act of scouting or exploring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy)” …….ok like no1 knows already that smart ass

        ok then well real life recon teams have the ability to call in artillery strikes BECAUSE they are RECON they are able to see the front line…..

        and don’t give me this is video game not real life crap they(dice) brag about how realistic it is…

        let me guess your the type that thinks i should be a recon running around with a single shot rifle taking flags and spotting and while im doing that… i go against shotguns, 900rpm guns and tanks? how is that fun for me to go up against that? i will loose every time if don’t pull off the headshot let alone the tank that’s always around since this is a battlefield game…
        so if they force u to use ALL other classes besides recon why put it in the game?

        listen u seem to like what i hate and hate what i like…but i wont judge u for being the guy in the tank the whole game or the guy using a m320 or that guy FAMASing around… but don’t judge me cause i want more to do than just spot and shoot….AS A RECON!!!!!

        recon can only do this cause they are recon bla bla…
        i want the ability to do more as a recon…whats wrong with that?

        and no i don’t want to use the other classes…i don’t like running and gunning..all the other classes are made for running and gunning…
        i know u wont agree with a single thing on my post….so im done

        • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 20:23

          yes and actually i think if more people played the game a little more stealth like it would be LESS LIKE COD. which is more run and gun. BF 2 BC was amazing because you could use strategy and tactical planning and not just running and shooting.

          So actually RECON is more like BF and less like COD play in that way.

          • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 20:25

            p.s. I bet these guys that demonize RECON are just not very good at using the sniper rile and probably gave up trying and decided to just hate sniping and complain and call it unfair etc …

  • Kicker92-_- 03.10.12 at 03:29

    For us PS3 users it is really anoying when your in together in the loby and when you join a game we get seperated. Also upper torso shots with a high calliber round sniper rifel should be a one shot kill.

  • Dexodrill 03.10.12 at 02:37

    I must say the Expansions should be intresting, but Im not very happy with some changes of course, Alot of this is starting to feel like a CoD game… like Claymores disappearing after u die… how is it fare that the Engineers get to place mines and they stay???? But to be fully honest im addicted to Battlefield and what ever changes you put through ill probably play with. If the changes make the game impossible for regular players like myself however I wont stick around. Im sick of getting killed after iv left the line of fire only to die from the bullet shot 5 seconds before. Im also sick of the Matchmaking throwing me into matchs with players that are dam near Impossible to kill without being cheap and using a Usas or other means ppl consider to be Game breaking. In short and to stop myself from going on about stuff im sure you have heard, Id just like you to stop making it “our” game. if you bend to players complaining about a high level weapon or complaints about ppl using the weapon to its fullest then we will just have to keep everything the same just like CoD to show people that its the player more then the weapon that makes who you are. Im worried BF3 will just become another Generic Shooter where the weapons feel the same and the experience is always that of a strait forward shooter.

  • TheMinty0ne 03.10.12 at 02:27

    The sniper glare needs to be toned down, there really is no point sniping. The only reason I used to snipe in previous Dice games was because you done what a sniper actually does. You was deadly and remained hidden. But now, you take one shot and you have bullets and rockets flying at you because you’re lit up like a lighthouse.

    • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 03:17

      Why are snipers so bloody whiny?

      You get an up close one shot one kill guarantee in the next patch and that’s not good enough for you? There really is no point in sniping? Really? You get to rain pain on the enemy with the bravery of being out of range and you’re not happy because you’re not completely ninja?

      Why don’t they just give you a special perk that lets you glitch inside of the map and then you can kill everyone on the opposing team without taking any fire at all. Would that make you happy?

      It takes a real “special” person to play a sniper these days.

      • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 15:35

        I hear a lot of guys telling snipers that they have to play the other classes … I wonder does this mean that you guys ” have to ” play as the recon class more often too ?

        seems like guys who never snipe telling snipers that they dont play all the classes enough. lol but they never play sniper lol – seems hypocritical and very egocentric

        seems that some players would all be much much more happy if you could remove recon all together from the game.

        but news flash RECON is part of BF it was in BF2 and will be in BF 3 . makes the game what it is.

  • Mogatai338 03.10.12 at 02:00

    All these new expansion packs sound cool, but I hope Dice reads this comment so they can think about and idea I had to have for the support class, a .50 caliber machine gun that the support can put down, like how support has the mortar, it would be cool to have a deployable .50 cal.

  • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 01:11


    the thing is that i Believe that most of these changes are reactionary and that there is a silent majority situation where there is a much larger group of players that are happy with certain things the way that they are but they just go along happily playing while a few disgruntled but loud spoken minority lodges all kinds of complaints and negative comments and then DICE makes changes to appease them. This unfortunately creates a situation where the majority of players are not being represented. Therefore these changes reflect a few and leave the many unhappy.

    I appreciate DICE working extra hard to communicate and interact with players but I think the scale needs to be re calibrated as it is my opinion that the few whiny negative gamers are making decisions for the whole community. Often it seems to be players that have a very ego centric view or agenda that is only specific to the way hey play BF. not good.

    my two cents.

    • xTheEndOfTimex 03.10.12 at 03:13

      I COMEPLETELY agree. Alot of it has to do with srub players complaining about things that don’t need to be fixed! MAV lifting for instance… Taking the ability to lift each other into the air with the MAV is not the solution. I understand getting out of the map and exploiting things like this have to be fixed, but this is a map issue. Fix the maps before you ruin what ALOT of players enjoy doing. Getting to awesome sniper/camping spots to help protect MCOMs has always been an amazing part of battlefield. Using my MAV to get on top of a building that you can see on top of if you go to another taller building (which there is a staircase) is not a problem. That and getting people off of places like that is NOT hard. It’s a minor pain at most and is only game changing if you’re playing against/with horrible team mates.

      The silent majority thing has alot to do with laziness. The majority of players who enjoy the game as it is are going to continue playing round after round instead of hitting the forums to defend the issues that DON’T need to be fixed. What DICE has to do and hopefully Alan Kertz reads this, is take the top issues that the players on the forums are addressing and do something similar to what VALVE does in their games; put an in game poll/blog gadget on the main menu of the game (eg. like in Left 4 Dead games) where everyone who plays the game (including the ones not trolling to forums because they are getting owned in game and instantly whine about balance issues) can vote on the most popular topics address in the forums. This would not only take 2 seconds for people to do, but they don’t have to go out of their way to do it. Also, it would give DICE a WAY BETTER idea of the amount of people who are ACTUALLY having issues/balance suggestions then simply those trolling the forums!

      • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 04:26

        Pretty much EVERY popular YouTube BF3 gaming commentator and their fan base has complained about MAV riding. From DCRU Colin to Windshear to Shibby. They’ve all complained about MAV riding, MAV roadkill and USAS frags.

        You’re not the silent majority, you’re the whiny minority.

        • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 15:19

          i dont like MAV road Kill its kind of lame.

          MAV riding is pretty cool. it seems to me there are less spots to snipe from in BF 3 than in BF 2. again i dont even use this but think it should be allowed.

          sniping has been handicapped enough with lens glare and holding of breath …

      • cdanzi 03.10.12 at 15:13

        dude well said.

        the MAV is a great example . i have not been sniping alot in BF 3 BUT i still appreciate a gamer wanting to get to hidden roof tops and secluded sniping spots like actual combat. it seems this silent minority complains because they dont like getting sniped at. NO ONE LIKES GETTING SNIPED. but that does not mean we need to remove it from the game completely. It is part of the game and part of what makes the game challenging and fun. competition. deal with it and force yourself to up your game … dont complain to DICE “thats not fair”. wahh

        I am just worried that they will let this small part of the community take away some of the things that are inherently BF and what make the game better than other games.

        it is a very fine line between involving the players and letting the players make the game. DICE we have confidence in your staff of developers … the same team that made BF 2 BC ? AMAZING GAME

        let the professionals do what they do best and let teh gamers do what they do best.

  • kleanupkrew 03.10.12 at 00:34

    It disturbs me that the FAMAS isn’t even on the poll. Am I the only one that thinks it’s a problem?

    • Eric32018 03.10.12 at 01:06

      No you’re not alone. I Think the Giat FAMAS is overpowered. But a lot of people like it.
      I personally do not like using an overpowered weapon because it hinders my skill as a player. But as a quick solution I will use the overpowered weapons when so many of the opposing players are using them that using those weapons becomes necessary to balance the odds in a match. A very easy solution to the FAMAS is to lower the damage it deals per round in order to balance out that fire rate, or to make the dispersion on the rounds so horrible over long periods of fire that it requires timed trigger pulls (I play on XBOX) to hit the target. That and i personally think the G3a3 needs to do more damage per round, not so much that it is as powerful as the recon’s battle rifles, but enough so that there is a pay off for that high recoil. Plus another 7.62×51 NATO select fire Battle rifle to balance the G3A3 out, Something like a MK14 MOD1 or a FN FAL (DS Arms SA58), or maybe even a more modern rifle like the LWRC REPR.

  • iAuroni 03.10.12 at 00:34

    i think we all know WHY the usas with fag, ”er” frag rounds is being balanced, what i want to know is why are they touching the m16?
    also to the guy complaining about pc not getting any patches, console hasn’t recieved a patch since the irnv/scar-h nerf stop bitching,
    don’t nerf the javelin on console, fix it, it may be OP on PC due to the player count, but hardly anyone ever uses soflam on console, and when someone does the javelin misses most of the time, i’ve seen 5 javelins going after 1 helicopter and all of them missed(ps3btw)
    and if there’s anything to fix, fix this list of over 100 bugs/glitches that have been found on ps3

  • Tankceo 03.10.12 at 00:30

    Quiet frankly, the game felt the most balanced at retail launch. Then, you released a patch, and it messed up the game, terribly. Please, stick to ‘Your way’. Sure, take some feedback on the community, but don’t balance the game based on ‘Their way’.

    P.S. You’re taking WAY to long to release the patch. I play the PC, and the game is broken especially for air vehicles such as the TV missile, the overpowered jet cannon against helicopters, the overpowered javelin against air targets, the broken, jamming of burst fire weapons, the completely messed up hit box for the SOFLAM, and the half a$$ F35 that is a complete joke and a death trap, and ect.. ect…

    DICE, you need to erase COD from your mind. BF3 could be great, and it has so much potential, but as long as you continue to alienate the devoted BF community, you will continue to fall and be a side kick of COD.

    I am utterly disappointed with the next DLC that has taken way to long to release. Four 16 players maps that are in a building just disgusts me. This is a map pack totally directed for Call of Duty players and console players. What about us, the PC players with 64 players? What about your devoted BF players? The CQC DLC is a slap in the face to your BF player base, and all you’re doing is making Battlefield a side kick to Call of Duty, and alienating your BF players.

    I won’t be buying the CQC. IF you would have included two normal battlefield maps, then I might of considered buying it. You have a terrible business plan, and I think and hope you flop on CQC DLC, so you will learn to steer away from Call of Duty and realize that you’re a battlefield developer, not COD.

  • ROBAX3R 03.10.12 at 00:14

    i totally agree!

  • ROBAX3R 03.10.12 at 00:10



  • sfscriv 03.09.12 at 23:50

    Demize99 (Alan Kertz, a DICE employee) on 12 FEB 2011
    “…alienating our core audience or transforming Battlefield into some generic shooter clone simply will not accomplish that. Have some bloody faith will you?”
    Demize99 on 14 FEB 2011
    “…I’m not ready to directly address your concerns this early, but I’m confident what Battlefield 3 has to offer will provide an innovative and deep Integrated Teamwork experience… It’s going to be a good year to be a hardcore Battlefield fan.”
    What happened??
    Where is the evidence of a “deep Integrated Teamwork experience” in BF3?
    Man up, Alan. Respond to your false claims of FEB 2011.

  • ELITE_CHICOMALO 03.09.12 at 23:44

    Repairing armored vehicles should take longer, at least twice as long. A lot of players just like to sit behind a tank repairing it and it is really difficult to destroy them that way.

    They real challenge should be to confront other players tactics, not just camping tanks.

  • zapnyou 03.09.12 at 23:19

    every time I try to duck to go prone I do but then my character gets back up its annoying you should change the buttons so all you have to do is double tap the stick instead of holding it. Plus the time it takes to STAND BACK UP and to VAULT OVER objects should be faster I always get caught trying to get over a hurdle of some sort. Some FALL distances are UNREASONABLE. where I get a bad luck suicide tag and it’s like really? The OUT OF BOUNDS timer should be 5 seconds longer. Id like to be able to CHOOSE WHICH SIDE I want to GET OUT OF THE TANK in case all the positions are filled up AND The direction you face when you SPAWN from a BEACON. Id also like to be able to SPAWN on any one of my team mates and sometimes I can’t. Dont know if that’s just the rules of that particular game but Im assuming it is…Also for BEACONS Id like to choose whether or not I want to CHUTE IN or just APPEAR at the BEACON spot. A problem I have heard others say they would play BATTLEFIELD 3 more if they could set up THEIR CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION to match CODS… When I shoot an RPG and it goes right next to someone blows up and doesnt kills them there is something wrong with that. just sayin’ Ill think of some more tweak and complain later but Im sure this is enough for right now ENJOY!

  • SuperMido 03.09.12 at 23:00

    I don’t think the community feedback has ANY effect on you. And the best thing that proves my point is the “Close Quarters” DLC…Really?? Close Quarters in Battlefield?? Where is the “BATTLEFIELD” essence in such a thing?? Battlefield’s signature was the combination of infantry and vehicles on HUGE maps. Now you come and give us “Close Quarters”? As if BF3 needed more of that CQC stuff. You’ve got Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar, Damavand Peek, Tehran Highway, and Canals. All those are CQC in BF3, the only true BATTLEFIELD maps in BF3 are Caspian Border and Kharg Island, and maybe Operation Firestorm. Then obviously the old BF2 maps in B2K. You’ve added TDM in BF3, even though it DOES NOT belong to BATTLEFIELD…But ok, you want to appeal to more audience. That was ENOUGH, the people who want CQC can play TDM on any of the maps. But why kill Conquest with maps like Op. Metro, and 4 others I mentioned above?? And to add more, you release a “Close Quarters” DLC…BF3 was my MOST ANTICIPATED game of ALL time, I followed it EVERY SINGLE day since February 4th 2011 when the teaser trailer was released. And I’ve not been let down by ANYTHING as much as I’ve been let down by BF3. FB2 is a GREAT engine, but you killed it with your design choices. BF2142 was the LAST true BATTLEFIELD game. And BFBC2 was the last game that had a BATTLEFIELD feeling. BF3 should not even be called BATTLEFIELD…

    • hairtrigger4 03.11.12 at 07:17

      You realize the BATTLEFIELD is always changing all of WW2 was not in open fields, there was house to house city fighting. Same in Vietnam and you even find the same thing happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is funny you already hate something you know almost nothing about. I think as along as they let us go in every house on the map and knock them all down it will be crazy.

  • blizzard36 03.09.12 at 22:56

    Is there any chance we can get a blog post on all of the options up there? Or at least some brief reasons in the patch notes. Personally I’m curious about the thought process behind almost all of them.

    • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:23

      I think we will keep running the poll and writing posts based on the most popular each time.

  • RogueRedneck 03.09.12 at 22:52

    How about more frequent patches for PC as we do NOT have the lead time that you have to deal with for consoles.

    I love this game but a little more respect for the PC community would go a long way toward creating some goodwill amongst PC gamers.

    I see no reason why we (PC users) have to wait months between fixes when smaller incremental patches could be released in a timely fashion instead of waiting months between fixes for a HUGE patch. PC users already got a bit of the shaft with consol sized combat areas and closely knit control points so how about throwing us a bone here?

    As a side benefit to you, smaller patches should be easier for you to code as well.

    • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:27

      We only update a specific platform if we have an issue on that specific platform. For example, ps3 VoIP updates. The core gameplay and feature list needs to remain as close to identical as is humanly possible. We simply do not want to be perceived as having a favorite platform, nor do we want any one set of players to feel second class. Xbox players have already asked where their colorblind support is, making further PC only updates would simply make that valid complaint even more valid.

  • odditory 03.09.12 at 22:36

    The only part conveniently left out of the blog here is Mr. Kertz was already pulled off BF3 months ago to go work on other games, it’s underlings handling balance changes now.

    • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:40

      Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. Can EA comment on this? This seems like a fairly important omission. Did Alan even write this post?

      • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:19

        I did write this post, and I made the balance changes before I moved my focus to other projects. I continue to direct the balance changes with the team.

  • glennsolo 03.09.12 at 22:22

    if you are going to stop MAV lifting you should put ladders on the high building or a way to get up there

  • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:18

    My question is this: if you’re going to nerf MAV lifting, are you going to nerf beacon spawning too? Because MAV lifting is just one way to get up to a high building– but you can also just parachute in. And in many cases, parachuting in is actually easier. So will nuking MAV lifting actually solve anything?

    • Zind 03.09.12 at 22:21

      Yes. There are some maps that have exploits available via MAV lifting, where a player can get underneath or on top of the map geometry and be impossible to kill but still be able to kill others.

      That said, I would rather just have had those exploits fixed than actually being able to ride a MAV, because other than straight up exploits, MAV riding was pretty much never any more tactically gainful than spawn beacon parachutes, but it WAS fun and a bit silly, which some people actually like (believe it or not, DICE).

    • blizzard36 03.09.12 at 22:51

      Using the spawn beacon to reach those places at least requires the cost of a death. MAVs could reach such places without that cost. The MAV is also has far superior options for retry if you missed your first attempt, both time wise and by not requiring another death.

  • glennsolo 03.09.12 at 22:08

    all that bf3 needs as well is a good jungle map like bf2 but bigger

  • uncleP00P 03.09.12 at 22:07

    it’s not just the usas that is the problem… it’s really just the frag rounds… the distance those things have is crazy… i know i’ve killed plenty of snipers at the 400m+ range with frag rounds… it is a tiny grenade that gets fired so it is going to cause all kinds of damage… but for balancing i think the distance and some splash damage needs to go…

    i have one problem with the mav and it’s the fact it is almost indesctructable… it hits buildings, helicopters and players and just keeps on buzzing around like nothing happened… the thing only takes damage when you shoot at it not for anything else… i can hit a poll at a slow speed in a hummv and blow up… take away it’s ability to kill and let it take damage for hitting things and it’s a great tool that makes recon a viable class… as much as i like sniping there is not a lot of places especially high spots that you can get to without an mav… i guess it’s helicoptor trolling for me…

    who is worried about recon under 100m let alone 15m? if your dumb enough to assault with a sniper rifle than you deserve to be killed in game… this isn’t cod with quick scoping… it’s meant to be a type of simulation, gaurantee you go ask a sniper if his gun kills within 15m and he’ll say probably but i never want to find out…

  • Leto-DK 03.09.12 at 22:02

    As a choppper pilot (and as a jet pilot) I’m concerned about “Jet Ramming” where jets manage to take out a chopper by ramming into it. The jet survives and the chopper explodes. I have read the post on the recent change list (as it looks at this moment) and have seen that you are planning to change this so the jet pilot will also die.
    My point here is that it is already hard to stay up for very long in the chopper, and I just think it’s to easy to just ram. I know it may be considered unrealistic, but I think only the jet pilot should die from this. And as a experienced jet pilot I think this would be fair. Reason: When I’m flying the jet, I can easily take out a chopper on a good run using the minigun. Jets have very good means for taking out choppers, and not being able to ram choppers to death would ecourage players to get good at using the jets weapon system instead.

    • micahl88 03.11.12 at 03:20

      Very true Leto. They need to eliminate that as well as increase the speed of the helo’s rockets to make it more balanced fight between the two…perhaps increase the rate at which the plane’s mini gun heats to reduce the amount of one strafe run helo kills.

    • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:21

      We will continue to monitor the situation, if the fix doesn’t have the intended effect I can see altering the game in the way you mention.

  • glennsolo 03.09.12 at 22:00

    im a big fan of bf you should make it as really as u can if i shoot u with a sniper gun in really life u will die if a rpg hits ur jeep or car u will die i could go on and on and on. make the guns and other things real statistics as u can. and is it me one day the maps are ok and one day the maps are dark and one day the maps are to light lol

  • growking 03.09.12 at 21:59

    frag rounds need to be axed especially if your going to to this cqc.

    aggressive bolt snipers: you cant even kill anyone from fifteen meters away with any of the sniper rifles on this game. why did yall stray so from what yall were best at?

    great sniping=bfbc2

  • Wicksy 03.09.12 at 21:57

    I know this isn’t the place but… How about putting one shotgun in each class only. Assault gets the USAS, Recon gets the DAO etc.. Or even, only one class gets a shotgun option…

    • Tardyjay 03.10.12 at 05:44

      That wouldn’t work. Giving everyone the ability to use shotguns keeps the weapon balanced. If it was only one class then anyone who wanted to use shotguns would use that class and you would have a decent imbalance. Making sure that anyone can choose any of the shotguns adds a level to all classes giving a deeper feeling of uniqueness to your soldier. Having a few major differences then giving a lot of free range on weapons is not only logical but gives a big pot to choose from when building your soldier and what you prefer to use.

  • glennsolo 03.09.12 at 21:43

    i know how u feel AViolentReacti0n im in the same boat and ur right its a joke.

  • LT_FRAZIER_USA 03.09.12 at 21:43

    I personally think that bolt snipers should have one hit kills from about 50 meters away for still decent balancing. Even though it should be a one hit kill in nearly all situations. Would it be possible to do a project reality for BF3? Eliminate all weapon balancing and have the weapons perform based on their real statistics. That would make strategy and tactical gameplay the most important aspect.

    • growking 03.09.12 at 22:02

      i agree

    • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 03:25

      So when your toon dies on the battlefield you want to spend a week not playing while the toon heals at the MASH unit? It’s a game not real life. Real life does not translate well into a game. (Hence why most people play games instead of going out into real life…)

    • xIAMDAVEx-NZ 03.11.12 at 02:15

      No that would be stupid. Balance>realism.
      if it was just 1shot kill with snipers then it will be like cod, quickscopers galore, everyone would put a red dot sight on their snipers and get piss easy 1 shot kills with it..

      • hairtrigger4 03.11.12 at 07:10

        You say that like it is easy to kill someone just because you have to hit them once. It is actually way harder because you only have one shot. With an AK you have 30 rounds to spray out ,they don’t all have to hit the target. With a m98B you have one chance if you miss in a face to face fight your almost always screwed.
        It is not balanced ,when at a distance the sniper rifle is only weapon you have to hit head shots for it to be effective. Bolt action rifles are almost useless because they are too slow on the follow up even with the straight pull. I really think it should be two shots in normal and one in hardcore. Normal is meant to be balanced but I think maybe hardcore should focus on more elements of realism.

  • AIM2KILL666 03.09.12 at 21:39

    Is there any word on a tactical light fix for the consoles. Damn things like a fuckin solar flare on the end of a weapon

  • AViolentReacti0n 03.09.12 at 21:31

    I’m sick and tired of having a 40 ping to a server…and every time I get killed from guys around corners not even on my screen, they have 150+ pings. Switch back to server hit detection, client hit detection is absolute garbage and the guy with a higher ping SHOULD NOT win every head to head battle. It happens to me all day. If this patch does not address some actual needs other than NERFING guns..pff..I’ll be done with BF3 .

    • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:33

      hit detection isn’t the problem. Hit detection is already hybrid anyway (do your research!/Demize99/status/124215428351406080). The issue is that they use projectile scan, not hit scan, to detect hits. That adds latency to detection, and makes it *seem* like the higher ping guy is winning, because the effect is multiplied. Read which explains the *exact same problem* in other netcodes. Again, it’s the same problem, it’s just exaggerated more due to the way hit registration is done. If you turn down interpolation in options, you get better results though.

  • devildawg1973 03.09.12 at 21:29

    “Flairs Distracting Guided Shells: The Target Wasn’t Really Designated” should be a topic to vote on. Makes absolutely no sense how flairs can un-designate a target.

    • odditory 03.09.12 at 22:32

      It also “makes absolutely no sense” that JAVs and guided shells keep magically following a target long after the laser designation is gone – projectiles that are by their nature supposed to depend on that laser staying painted on the target UNTIL, but hurr it keeps following anyway so QQ and adapt.

      • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:35

        You could argue that this is only broken when you do manual laser painting with the laser. The “semi-automated” targeting should be able to keep the target locked the whole time (but shouldn’t be able to target anything else in the meantime).

  • GIRTH83 03.09.12 at 20:56

    I wish less attention would be paid to changing the game and more attention paid to FIXING it. I get it, you listen to the loudest people, those who whine about stuff because someone is a better player than them. Rather than nerfing things like the MAV, 12ga FRAG etc, I would MUCH rather see you concentrate on fixing stability issues and actual glitches in the game.

    Don’t get me wrong, the range on those 12ga frags is CRAZY, but they are NOT too powerful. Its damn grenade! What about GRENADE do people not understand? I haven’t unlocked the USAS-12 yet…but my other shotguns have frags, and then theres always the trusty RPG. When I run up against someone exploiting a powerful weapon or some trick/exploit they found, I DO NOT complain about it. After they’ve killed me for the 3rd or 4th time, Im generally committed to finding a way to destroy them. Same goes for MAV riding and other exploits. So what, they found a little edge. Every game has them, YOU can use them too so its not like it creates an unfair advantage. I’ve tried it myself, and while its fun some other player always finds me and shoots me. That damn scope glint. lol

    Its a GAME, its supposed to be a CHALLENGE. Some players WILL be better than you, and they may have better weapons than you or have played enough to know about some exploit you do to not. Deal with it! Thats the great thing about Battlefield, there are SO MANY ways to kill someone.

    PLEASE stop changing the game because of whiners. Its OK for the game to be unbalanced a little bit. It creates a challenge. If everything is perfectly balanced, then players skill is the only determining factor. There are always going to be better players, or more aggressive players. FIX IT but don’t change it…..a fine line I know.

    • l Frothy Chimp 03.09.12 at 21:07

      I have to disagree, the game is supposed to be fair, and if someone with less skill is running around a mini automatic grenade launcher, it should be changed. But things like mav riding, that should stay. Those are the kinds of things that makes MP fun. And besides, I’m not the only one who’s just going to waste helicopters to get on a tower. It was a bad idea to remove the mav riding. Sniping isn’t that cool as it used to be.

      • hairtrigger4 03.09.12 at 21:43

        Ok there are a few issues I have with what you think is fair and what is not. One is your issue with the frag rounds. It is a grenade it should act like one, you would be screaming to the gods if the hand held grenades got weaker so why just because they come from a gun should they be weaker? Maybe you need to adjust your play style. Any weapon can kill the holder of a USAS the gun dose not give you more health or make you invisable. Do not say that weapon takes no skill. You do not unlock it until the much later levels of the game, and even then, You need a lot of kilsl to earn those rounds. Try using them at distance, and tell me it requires no skill. If you got some kind of boost using the gun I would agree with you it makes the game unfair but you don’t so it’s perfectly fair. The second thing is how do you expect a 2 pound MAV to lift a 200+ pound person? That makes zero sence if they want ladders to the roof they would of built them or put in a grappling hook. I bet you think the M320,smaw/rpg , c4 and. Claymores are unfair and require no skill. They are called explosives my son they have blast a radius adapt and over come or get off the battle field.

        • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 03:45

          Using that ASININE line of logic then why not just let everyone run around the battlefield with unlimited supplies of grenades instead of just one or two?

          The USAS with frags takes ZERO skill. You point. You pull the trigger ONCE. And everyone dies from splash damage. You don’t even have to be on target. ZERO SKILL.

      • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:37

        A) people disagree with you too. I think MAVs aren’t fair, but nerfing grenades will ruin the fun. Frankly, nades are already underpowered. B) you don’t need a heli, you can use a spawn beacon to chute in.

    • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:09

      In my opinion these ARE fixes. Knowing that you are most likely talking about bugs and other problems I’m sure, if you read the upcoming patch notes, you will see that they are going to be fixing some bugs and other issues as well. This patch isn’t just for “changing the game”. This patch is about making an overall better experience for all BF3 players.

    • Bruhmis Napton 03.09.12 at 21:17

      that was honestly the most braineless comment I’ve ever encountered in all my days.
      ”If everything is perfectly balanced, then players skill is the only determining factor” REALLY? what a tragedy! you mean living or dieing doesn’t COMPLETELY rely on what over powered weapon you abuse? well that would just be terrible. because people with half a brain cell should definitely be destroying the opposition with an automatic rocket launcher.
      ”YOU can use them too so its not like it creates an unfair advantage” I love it when people pull this concept out of their ass. yeah I can use it, and so can everybody else. and if everybody wanted to use the exact same kit with the same specifications this wouldn’t be a problem. but I don’t want to use the same shit as everyone else all of the time, and if you punish somebody for not conforming to other players you’re just a bad game developer. do you really want to play a game where EVERYONE uses the same shit and if you don’t use it you can’t play? because if you do, call of duty: world at war is pretty cheap these days.

    • HULKMAN-AMK 03.09.12 at 21:46

      you say that they should leave a bit of the game unbalanced i disagree cause well some times that makes the game impossible to play and if u are good then it shouldn’t matter if the game gets balanced lool

    • growking 03.09.12 at 22:06

      you should not be able to walk around with an automatic grenade launcher

    • Aj b33m3R 03.10.12 at 03:31

      WOW, just pad your stats with USuckAtShooting and ride your MAV while you can and expect to return to your normal suckage after the patch.

      This is the same type of maroon that glitches inside the map on Metro and claims he’s not cheating even though the enemy has no way of seeing or shooting him.

  • CommandoCoyote 03.09.12 at 20:55

    Oh… and Alan Kertz is a fucking douche bag

  • CommandoCoyote 03.09.12 at 20:52

    I play starcraft 2 now… yeah… starcraft 2…… thanks ButtFuck 3

    • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:11

      Cry more? If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want you here. Your post is just looking for attention. Which, obviously, you got some but only because I think you are just mad because you know you are bad. Good players evolve with the game. Figure things out. Work around problems and fixes. If you want to rage quit go right ahead. None of us will miss you while we are having a shit ton of fun playing a game we love and mature with.

  • Riot_Sammich 03.09.12 at 20:21

    what about color-blind mode on the consoles?? been waiting patiently since PC got colorblind mode… coolest thing i have ever heard of being colorblind myself, but what is taking you guys so long?! why does PC get more? stop turning your back on the console community. (less players, less patches, less support in general.)

    • Stonecoldsidious 03.09.12 at 21:03

      I agree with this also as i suffer from colour blindness also!
      Plus can you now be more sensible with the mortar…first you nerfed its power, now you are nerfing where you can place it, which it basically making it useless…the mortar is not meant to be on the front line and you’ve made it weaker than a peashooter!

      • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:12

        I think their reasoning behind the nerfs, not only to balance the poewr behind it’s damaging shells for smaller maps but, is to push players using the mortars to use it for more than spamming damage shells. Rock some smoke once and awhile. Is it when necessary. Not every time you spawn trying to rack up easy kills.

    • AViolentReacti0n 03.09.12 at 21:29

      Because your POS console is not powerful enough to run the colorblind option. Nor can it run true 1080p. Build or buy a PC dude…all I can say.

    • AViolentReacti0n 03.09.12 at 21:41

      Because your POS console is not powerful enough to run the colorblind option. Nor can it run true 1080p. Build or buy a PC dude…all I can say. SORRY STONECOLD lol

  • CeeSc-Full 03.09.12 at 20:14

    not stuck on loading the game that happens to almost everyone at times, sorry my English

  • xWARDOGG08x 03.09.12 at 20:14

    This may be less of a gameplay thing, and more of a player satisfaction thing, but i think you guys should do equpment loadout modifications, like the ability to choose your own vest/helmet ect. and also if you could change the way your guys face looks, that would be pretty cool too.

    • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:14

      I would love to see something like that though the amount of time and programming behind a feat of this magnitude is extensive. I doubt EA wants to spend a lot of money for aesthetics.

  • NO_FEAR 03.09.12 at 20:13

    I know you guys have looked into it but I have to ask. will there be a PS3 input lag fix, or should I just give up hope. Will anyone address the US North East server lag issue I am seeing. I’m tired of it being ignored.

    • ROBAX3R 03.10.12 at 00:14


    • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:09

      We are always looking to improve the input experience. I don’t have any news at this time.

    • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:32

      agreed ! with big capital letters !AGREED!

  • S3MP4TIK-4YI 03.09.12 at 20:08

    If youre balancing the gameplay of armored kill, do NOT forget this. MORTAR system CANNOT be used on artillery. There are so many better options out there! It has to be hard but awarding teamwork!

  • PowerBaked420 03.09.12 at 20:04

    The biggest ‘bug’ or issue I have with the game comes in the form of jets and heli’s.
    - When you fly the scout heli’s and have guided rockets equipped, when you switch back and forth from your guns to the rockets the redical goes off balance. The only way to fix it in game is to quickly go from first person to third and back again and it goes back to normal.
    - This same thing happens with the big heli’s when you have guided rockets equipped.
    - I also noticed it happening more and more with the jets when rocket pods are equipped.
    - also when in a big heli, and you have laser painter equipped it takes away your rocket count. So you can’t tell if you need to reload or not.

    - Something that I think should be changed is when a jet is disabled you shouldn’t be able to eject. (so many times if the jet has ECM or flares, the jet pilot will eject as soon as he sees or feels he is disabled. and then they just suicide) you can’t land a jet when disable like in a heli to fix it.


    All the other fixes look great, can’t wait, Thanks for sharing.

    • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:16

      Not eject from a jet when disabled? So let’s just take away one of the basic features of an airplane. It’s ejection seat. I’m sorry but I’m not down with the idea that you are stuck in a burning plane all to satisfy someone’s rage from not getting that extra 100 points on a kill because the pilot WASN’T A DUMBASS and ejected out of the plane…..

      • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:34

        dude ! u are so right! tell them!

      • Madman2273 03.13.12 at 14:14

        and you can land a plane to fix it, it takes practice

    • Zind 03.09.12 at 21:41

      Just want to point out that you can actually land a plane and jump out and repair. If you’re disabled and at single-digit health then you’re probably not going to be able to in time either, but the same goes for helicopters. It just takes a bit of skill to find a good place.

  • Kaminazee 03.09.12 at 20:02

    Nice blog with a lot of “inside” information. As for the topic of BF3′s weapons balance, I agree with what Alan Kertz pointed out at some point. Some BF3 players sound like they just wish for their favorite weapon to be buffed. It, certainly, doesn’t work this way. Especially for a game of BF3′s size. But despite that, there are few things in BF3 which are unbalanced in a, dare I say, “novice” way. Some things even come as a surprise because they basic gameplay elements. I tested few weapons with my clan and some of them aren’t just “unbalanced”, they’re “unfair”. Such as the shotgun (and slug rounds). We game to a conclusion that even pistols have higher TTK (time to kill) than the 870mcs slugs in CQC. When I said “basic gameplay elements” I meant what a player has to do to earn a kill. In this case a “slower firing rate weapon to a narrow projectile shot” vs. “A faster firing rate single bullet shot” (ex: 870mcs+slugs Vs. any pistols). Which player need to do a bigger effort to earn the kill? Same goes for sniper bolt action rifles. I don’t play the sniper class, but I know that some skilled snipers know they should have earned the kill when they got sprayed with a machine gun.. and so on.

    • rumrunsred 03.15.12 at 01:27

      of course its going to down someone in one shot its a rifled 12g slug it weights an ounce even a bulletproof jacket wont even stop that that’s 300ft-lbs out of the barrel and 1600 at a hundred yards and that’s unrifled i mean obviously your going to lose accuracy at 50yrds but its gonna end you in a shot.

  • waldo15 03.09.12 at 19:59


    Thanks for sharing this with us. It is an interesting glimpse on the process of tweaking the game. However, I feel you could have touched more on the timeframes that have to take place for these changes to be implemented. What is a reasonable time from your team point of view to collect feedback, test and then implementing the changes? We know it does not take a day to make them (as it is obvious with the very long-in-the-process Spring update)

    Also, as we all have opinions and can be very loud without being very communicative, what is the best way for a player to voice concerns regarding balancing and/or suggesting changes? It feels as though the reasonable voices get swamped in the million comments in the forums. Is there a more direct way? twitter? this blog? Fly to Sweden and ring the doorbell of the studio?

    One more, how or when you or your team decide enough is enough and call that a patch is now complete. Who makes that decision? What is it based on?

    Anyhow, hope to hear from you soon regarding these and other issues. Please take care of my game and also, if EA does not twist your arms too strong, can you switch the DLC releases to have Armored Kill first, and Close Quarters last? I believe the numbers from the community back me up on this.

    • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:14

      Given that Armored Kill is going to include the “largest map in BF history”, they are probably waiting until the Fall because they need more time to finish it. Obviously they’re not yet finished development, or it would be out by now, so switching up the schedule 2 months before probably won’t fly. That’s probably why they put CQ first, because it requires the least amount of work, and they can use it to beta test “HD destruction” and tweak it for AK/EG. Just because the community wants X more than Y, doesn’t mean X necessarily has to come first. Sometimes you save the best for last. On a sidenote, as an infantry only player, I’m much more psyched about CQ than AK, so maybe I’m biased.

  • paulinacio1991 03.09.12 at 19:58

    why does the USAS-12 with 12g frag rounds have the most votes when its is obviously being change because it is to powerful. I’m glad that’s being fixed, now i don’t think the MAV is all that big of a deal

    • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:10

      Isn’t this where the whole point about opinion comes in? You think MAVs are fine, but you think it’s “obvious” that USAS-12 is busted. There clearly are people who disagree with you. Some might say USAS-12 is fine but MAVs are broken. Given that these are the most controversial features, they should be explained. I think USAS-12 is getting more votes because people want to know exactly how much more powerful it is, and how much they will nerf it. Who knows if they will tell us, though. As for MAV, everyone knows *what* will happen if they nerf MAV lifting, so there isn’t much to explain.

    • goldenray24 03.11.12 at 19:36

      agreed dude! agreed!

  • MiamiBlue 03.09.12 at 19:58

    BF is about FREEDOM, Open Battlefield, and an almost limitless field of play! I agree with patching the MAV flying, but give us grappling gun or ladders…
    I hate snipers, but giving them the ability to recon on building tops is what they’re suppose to do. Shocked that BF devs are strapping us down.

    • nixx0r 03.09.12 at 22:16

      You can still parachute in. Disabling MAV lifting alone doesn’t really fix the issue. Beacons are easier anyway.

      • Demize99 03.11.12 at 10:12

        Parachuting doesn’t work on most urban maps, like highway or Karkand.

        • MACH WON DOT 03.23.12 at 14:33

          it shouldnt work, its annoying having an assault rifle and you are constantly getting shot at by some guy up on the highway or the tallest buildings on karkand. its very annoying having to dodge sniper bullets, then getting shot by someone else who you wouldve seen otherwise. i know when i get sniped id like to get my revenge but you cant if only snipers can reach him

        • MACH WON DOT 03.23.12 at 14:42

          and if you have a problem with people coming after you, that means you’ve done a good job sniping. move to another location before the converge on your position and continue to snipe away. that makes it more fun/tactful for everyone, instead of you staying in the same spot sniping shot after shot and going prone every time you get hit or suppressed alot. hell the change to the mav lifting will mean there is a SLIGHT possibility that more recon will actually be helpful to the objective, but will probably just go back to sniping out of the spawn as usual. just saying

  • S3MP4TIK-4YI 03.09.12 at 19:55

    The extent of listening ends at tweaking a spreadsheet.

    Where is VoIP?
    Where is the big maps we asked for?
    Where is the integrated teamwork tools?
    Where is the commo-rose everybody asked for?
    Why is CQ DLC being made first?
    What makes the art design and the supernova unchangeable?
    Where is spectator tools alongside with battle recorder?

    Core game barely changed since release.
    No idea where this so called “Community” is that you are apparently listening to, I’ve never seen it.
    Give us answers, give answers to the top question of getsatisfaction and the whole first page of popular ideas.

    I could care less about any of these changes. They don’t affect me nor will the changes impact me(non metro player). I want them to tackle the bigger issues in the game and provide the same open feedback about them.

    Battlefield 3: Armored Kill in the fall (38%, 2,563 Votes)
    The upcoming game update this spring (33%, 2,206 Votes)
    Battlefield 3: Close Quarters in June (15%, 1,038 Votes)
    The upcoming rent-a-server program on console (7%, 484 Votes)
    Battlefield 3: End Game in the winter (7%, 469 Votes)

    This is the answer to your telemetry Alan! You can block me on twitter but that has no meaning for me!

    • Tardyjay 03.09.12 at 21:22

      I want players like you to stop being so selfish and think of the bigger picture. YOU are not the only player out there and you are NOT special. You mean nothing more than the rest of us. This “community” he is referring to is a lot bigger than you claim it is. You pretty much would have to not go to forums and other sites to stay away from the BF3 community. As far as I’ve seen, it’s pretty ragin’. In a good way. So, please, stop thinking that your opinion means more than everyone else’s. When Dice does these things they work very VERY hard to make sure the experience is top notch. I think they’ve done a fantastic job. I have my complaints but I still play the game because this is the BEST PvP FPS I’ve ever played. When I want something fixed I go to the forums, log my complaint, then move on with my life. They may listen to me, they may not. If they DO listen to me it’s because my complaint was the same as many other players. If they did not, well, that’s a sign that my complaint was most likely stupid and I should just get over it or not play anymore. Those are really your two choices. Either deal with how the game is or don’t play.

      • S3MP4TIK-4YI 03.10.12 at 00:53

        The extent of listening ends at tweaking a spreadsheet.


    • Zind 03.09.12 at 22:01

      Thank god, I thought our community were the only people who actually wanted the missing features of the game instead of just weapon tweaks.

      I bet that having squad-level VOIP built in would do a hell of a lot to make the game more competitive than just changing numbers around.
      Spectator mode and/or Battlerecorder functionality would actually let server admins make bona fide calls when it comes to catching hackers that PB doesn’t see yet.
      Additionally, reserved slots would be one of the easiest ways to allow communities to actually build around your game. As is, the people chipping in for the server bills have to queue to join up and then just sort of hope that they end up on the right team.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying to make the game more fun, but I’d love for it to actually stick around for a while as well (because it’s already a hell of a lot of fun), and unless it has some features that allow a community to gel around it and fully support it, I don’t see that happening.
      So far the only thing that PC gamers have gotten from this game, which was supposedly going to make PCs a focus, is the ability to run 64-player servers. You have the chance on PC to make small incremental updates to do tweaks like these without being a slave to the console manufacturers’ PITA update policies, but instead we see patches being pushed back for months at a time because of Sony and Microsoft. I’d rather have the PC audience get community-centric features and be used as a testing ground for the eventual console patches than just be continually pretty much ignored.
      Currently my community is planning on dropping our four servers at the end of the month, and probably not picking them up again until we see some patch notes that include some of the basic features we’ve come to expect from any multiplayer FPS game on the PC.

      (Yes, I’m aware that console gamers at large don’t care about PC features, and console gamers are probably the majority. That said, if you’re going to force dedicated servers to be rented through an approved agency and then slap a surcharge on top of that, we’re going to expect some love in return every once in a while.)

      • Zind 03.09.12 at 22:06

        Also, I’m sure a lot of this is because of EA, who have a history of taking primo developers such as DICE and then slowly strangling the life out of their PC offerings, if not their whole studio.

        You don’t have to say anything, but if EA is holding you hostage on being able to truly build a rapport with your would-be PC community, blink twice.

  • bf-kahuna 03.09.12 at 19:48

    Battlefield rox!

  • xaviray 03.09.12 at 19:46

    Still no mention of input lag on ps3 *****fix it **** and you wonder why your only no 10 in the us sales charts for feb…and mw3 no 1….you lost this battle