Battlefield 3: Close Quarters first trailer and new details

Last week, we went to San Francisco and the Game Developers Conference to demo our explosive expansion pack Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters to press. First gameplay trailer, first screenshot, and new details below.

With Close Quarters, we really wanted to take Battlefield 3 in a new direction, to offer players another style of gameplay while still retaining what is uniquely Battlefield. What journalists on site could play was a relentless infantry combat map called “Ziba Tower” (internally known simply as “Skybar”).

The clue for the theme in Close Quarters is in the title: The battlefield moves indoors, and we’re bringing HD Destruction! While the squad functionality and gunplay will feel instantly recognizable for any Battlefield player, moving the battle to tight maps means it’s instant action and even more frantic than normal.

Claiming new territory, Frostbite 2 style.

The tight level design and vertical gameplay means death can come from any angle, and the HD Destruction adds a new layer of mayhem to the game. Check out our first gameplay trailer from Battlefield 3: Close Quarters above, and stay tuned for an in-depth look at HD Destruction in our “Inside DICE” blog series soon.

This June expansion pack has the same scope and ambition as Back to Karkand. This means that besides new maps, the expansion pack also offers 10 new weapons that you can bring back to the base game, 10 new Assignments, 5 unique dog tags, new audio, new ways to play, and more.

Look for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters this June, and stay tuned for more news soon, as media hands-on impressions will start hitting the web today.

Read their impressions soon. Photo by Close Quarters Associate Producer Craig McLeod.

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  • mexican_oscar_99 05.26.12 at 20:22

    If your gonna make a great game like Battlefield 3, you have got to have a theatre mode where you can playback your previous games and record or watch in slow motion so you can capture those great moments. How many of you have had epic moments and wish you could watch it again? Battlefield 3 NEEDS a theatre mode, copy and paste in comment so we can let DICE know we want a theatre mode

  • MrPockets123 05.06.12 at 16:24

    If your gonna make a great game like Battlefield 3, you have got to have a theatre mode where you can playback your previous games and record or watch in slow motion so you can capture those great moments. How many of you have had epic moments and wish you could watch it again? Battlefield 3 NEEDS a theatre mode, copy and paste in comment so we can let DICE know we want a theatre mode

  • mrsponge678 04.17.12 at 22:35

    I can finally try some new tatics out and hopefully rack up my count of knife kills. Indoor maps should be really cool. Except for the usual noobs who use, ahh, it would take to long to type here.

  • giforce2 04.17.12 at 16:49

    I think the real question should be where did great ideas from battlefield special forces 2 the zip line the grapple to climb on the roof and snipe from towers that aren’t cranes go?????
    Please iron gator that map is the best for real strategy on a ship which is plain awesome. Can’t you please look at adding something similar to 2142 with capturing objectives that lead to a base??????????????????????

    I live battlefield

  • krazykatt 04.08.12 at 21:10

    when does close quarters comming out for ps3

  • SkeletAndy 03.28.12 at 02:45

    anyone have any ideas as to what the new guns will be?

    • ITwasYASER 03.29.12 at 10:05

      That i know its Acr, Tar 21, Scar L. and spas 12, Watch this for more

    • mexican_oscar_99 05.26.12 at 20:23

      AUG, and SPAS 12 are some of them

  • korey_27_ 03.27.12 at 19:24

    It’s turning into call of duty :(

    • JonxIzxHere 03.28.12 at 15:49

      How is it turning into cod, it’s only 4 infantry maps quit complaining it’s BF3!

      • mexican_oscar_99 05.26.12 at 20:24


  • awesomealex17 03.26.12 at 07:53

    wish it wasnt only for 16 players thats what sucks about it

  • Justinbro13 03.26.12 at 00:31

    This is going to be horribe your going to have assaults with m320 supports with usas and claymores all around engineer with rpgs

  • LeDuckman21 03.25.12 at 22:40

    Honestly though the new maps look amazing and the frantic gameplay is sweet.

  • LeDuckman21 03.25.12 at 22:38

    These maps look cool but BF3 players would welcome a large, vehicle loaded map also.

  • Stoppelfox 03.25.12 at 15:51

    On the roof should be an helicopter maybe with miniguns or a AH-64… or it has to stay on another bulding next to the mainbuilding!

  • j0s3phhdes 03.24.12 at 09:19

    Okay no we are going to see even more COD kids come and ruin this game. WHERE THE HECK DID U DICE LEFT SNIPERS …AGAIN

  • Justinbro13 03.23.12 at 14:08

    i want to play bfbc2 so much right now.Magnum ammo.

  • black-foxx 03.23.12 at 08:34

    yes, I am playing only as Engineer :-)

  • BloodBomb 03.23.12 at 08:25

    Whats the bet every choke point will be filled with RPG spammers and nade launchers within about five seconds. Fail.

  • valorheat 03.23.12 at 02:11

    ok, Go! Go! Go!

  • KnightsXB 03.22.12 at 22:16

    Way to go! How to turn BF into COD, the whole reason we play BF is its a Battlefield (clus is in the name) not CQB.

    We need more big maps not small maps.

    • MisterIceberg 03.23.12 at 01:54

      Oh shut up, just don’t buy that friggin dlc, they have like 3 more planned, ffs its only 4 maps theyre adding, and these maps dont make it like COD anyways. whats with everyone having some dumbass complaint about everything

    • tap rack bangit 03.23.12 at 19:12

      Like you know what a battlefield is!? Do the servers a favor and don’t log in. Whiners are not permitted. USMC COMBAT VET

  • Antagonist356 03.22.12 at 08:33

    full blown indoors* haha…

  • Antagonist356 03.22.12 at 08:32

    i think this is a great new area to cover in the battlefield series, operation metro was not bad, but with the beta it was played out real quick, and that wasnt even full blown outdoors, as long as there isnt TOO MUCH action around each corner i think this will be a great idea, i just hope this doesnt end up like cod, because i dont want to waste my money on any shit like that.

  • drumscarinbr 03.22.12 at 01:53

    The new hardcore map rotations and inconsistent game modes are horrible. I hope this was an unintended byproduct of the recent server maintenance.

    It wouldn’t bother me if you offered these variations……AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE OLD ONES THAT STAY IN YOUR GAME MODE OF CHOICE (conquest, rush, etc.).

    While you’re at it, you guys never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation either. WTF???????? IT’S BEEN 4.5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!

    Come on, guys, this CANNOT be that difficult to do.

    Please give us this configuration. I tried to alternate from larger maps to smaller ones.

    Kharg Island
    Operation Metro
    Gulf of Oman – 5 flag
    Grand Bazaar
    Operation Firestorm
    Strike at Karkand – 5 flag
    Caspian Border
    Seine Crossing
    Wake Island
    Damavand Peak
    Sharqui Penninsula – 5 flag
    Noshahr Canals
    Tehran Highway

  • AttackedGg2395 03.22.12 at 01:51

    hope they are not going to smaller maps like stupid cod corner camping maps.if so they are wrong about why people play this v/s other games.indoor maps do not feel like a battlefield.please more large maps in the caspian border.i feel like its going to be explosion madness on indoor maps with lots of spawn deaths.unless they take out m320 and rpg`s.oh yeah what are mortar users ever going to do now.well i guess we’ll just have to see???____?????

  • FYNE 03.22.12 at 01:05

    gonna be great

  • your3rdDonut 03.22.12 at 00:02

    Dice, you guys should add a few new assassinations with the next update. I have seen the original ones a few too many times.

  • drumscarinbr 03.21.12 at 03:33

    Can you guys please give us some info on why the hardcore server map and game type rotations have changed? I know there was some back end server maintenance that most likely caused it.
    When you choose Conquest, it changes to a different game mode on the next map. Also, the map rotation order has changed in hardcore.
    Can you guys update us on this? This is no good. I don’t mind so much if the order of the maps change, but it should stay in the same game mode (conquest, rush, etc.).

    • AttackedGg2395 03.22.12 at 01:39

      i agree. i don’t like conq.and i pick rush from server one match,then off to conquest.very annoying

  • MeatPete 03.20.12 at 11:07

    For everyone talking about USASs etc, if you check the next patch update, it looks like some balancing will occur on USAS and other weapons, so your assumptions are probably wrong. This DLC looks interesting to me. I hear everyone’s comments/complaints about it not being very battlefieldy, but really, put it in perspective, it’s only 4 maps and some game modes that fit those maps. I do like outdoor maps with vehicles etc too, but see no reason why 4 close quartered themed maps is any kind of big deal in terms of being a “departure” from what battlefield normally is. And for everyone whingeing about a certain type of weapon being “unfair” or whatever…adapt and survive! An arsenal of weapons are available to you as well. Find a creative, nasty way to get revenge on whoever is annoying you with their “overpowered” weapon…that’s part of the fun.

  • erohwtnec9 03.20.12 at 05:05

    So when did Michael Bay start directing their trailers? lol
    In saying that though this does look fun.
    Just hope there’s more room for tactical play than there is on metro.

  • xXx_Rosner_xXx 03.20.12 at 03:26

    you might see 1 or 2 USAS-12 (sarcasm)…

  • Naichi2 03.20.12 at 01:58

    Sweet, instant action. good for tweaking your brain

    And to all that complain, just don’t buy it.

  • Assassins_Grudge 03.20.12 at 01:29

    I wish BF3 can make a system where like if you get a specific amount of kills, you can get like this “Kill Streak” Its not really a kill streak but you can call in air support or what ever and you can ride the vehicle once you die and spawn into it, but only YOU can spawn into it because you earned the “Kill Streak” Feel free to disagree and feewl like its some COD stuff but I think Good players deserve a reward of some sort, not just ribbons and medals. I mean once you get colonel and all unlocks for your vehicles, your gonna eventually get bored. Sure you can unlock everything for all your guns but who would do that? Ya know what im trying to say?

  • Calagus1 03.20.12 at 00:33

    I hope we can blow holes in ANY floor, not just glass ones?!

  • Fraginator89 03.20.12 at 00:32

    If i wanted a piece of crap, no skill, run and gun game like C.O.D I would have bought C.O.D
    BUT I bought Battlefield to play a game that took a little more skill and strategy.
    Call of Duty players = the people who repeatedly pressed the PUNCH button in street fighter


    • Assassins_Grudge 03.20.12 at 01:26

      Calm your nipples, Im pretty sure BF3 is doing this to make more sales so COD players can buy bf3 and have their noobish fun. Looks like we are just gonna have to wait till Armor Kill Comes out >:D or End game, IDK the theme of End Game but im pretty sure it will be epic!

  • lllWARCHILDlll 03.19.12 at 18:31

    The cqc dlc looks like it would be fun. For a little while. Im sure it has had alot of work put into it. However Im only interested in the new weapons. I “want” to enjoy using the USAS like everyone else (but barely do), however I don’t get the impression these “close quarters” maps will be anything but the USASnFRAG, Famas, M320/RPGnSMAW. Im looking forward to armored kill more than anything else. HOPING that there is a remote chance for “Mobile AA” to be available since it barely exists on console versions. Its a shame theres no theatre mode. Was talked about, and NEVER happened. Still a loyal fan regardless, Just wondering about the motivation behind some of DICE’s decision making. ***still waiting for the patch***

  • Omentwo 03.19.12 at 16:51

    And another thing like battledh2012 stated bring some new equipment in–where is the Apache helicopterwhy cant we call in air strike from b 52 oh and by the way how about a armed conflict with our neighbors to the south the ones with the billion dollar armed cartels aka Ghost recon

  • Omentwo 03.19.12 at 16:44

    Reminds me of COD dont need another game like that just running around for hours shooting everybody with no purpose or goal only diff between this new map and COD is the destuctible envirorment

  • DeepDarkSea 03.19.12 at 13:04

    looks fucking awesome… too bad i cant fucking PLAY IT BECASUE THE GAME FREEZING FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!

  • battledh2012 03.18.12 at 21:06

    Hey everybody! The new expansion pack for June seems to be cool somehow but instead of new maps, I would prefer new vehicles (land, air, and water) and add naval combat to Wake Island. Close Quarters is COD stile; nothing related to BF. BF is more action with heavy equipment and lots of destruction. Anyways, the pack is coming and we’ll see what is all about.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.18.12 at 19:43 is a great place to get the latest details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! Even new photos of Close Quarters!

  • APE I Kuupo 03.18.12 at 16:06

    I’d say disable RPG’s on those close quarter maps, (maybe even noobtoobs). Nowdays when you go to play Metro its total RPG / M320 spam. It’s really annoying.

    • wickidsurfer 03.18.12 at 18:55

      Really and by RPGs you must mean USAS-12 with frag rounds? every 3rd person has that gun equipped. Especially in close quarter situations. If that weapon doesn’t get sorted out the Close quarter DLC is going to be terrible.

  • InfamousPlug 03.18.12 at 12:09

    More maps the better close quarters or not . and since I actually praised up the idea maybe Africa harbor can be on the upcoming patch . I never got tired of that map in BFBC2.

  • Chris_Waddl3 03.18.12 at 11:25

    They can shove this expansion pack up their big fat hairy arses. If they think this is suitable for a Battlefield game then they can go f**k themselves.

  • pocketrocket666 03.18.12 at 11:17

    leave the usas12 alone its a good gun. nerfing weapons is stupid anyway. if you start doing it you might as well do it with all explosive weapons which just makes it less realistic. don’t know why so many people are going on about it. it only makes sense to use that one in close quarters anyway and it sucks in the levels where you have to use your brain for tactics to survive. i prefer it tactical and don’t really need much of that cqb but if thats all we get for now i want at least the good old usas12 in effective condition to play with.

  • AznCommandoWL 03.18.12 at 07:38

    I think a lot of CoD players would actually enjoy this craziness that I’m dying to experience

  • Justinbro13 03.18.12 at 04:50

    how come games like gears of war 3 and cod realease multiple patches but bf3 takes fucking decades to get a patch

  • Joseph_hpesoJ 03.18.12 at 02:23

    omg, it’s like so frantic and close!

  • skyx700 03.17.12 at 20:16

    man i am exited for the new expansion pack just wish they showed the other maps too.

  • MikeMc69 03.16.12 at 20:34

    WE GET IT A WEEK EARLY! Haha. Suckers!

    • Rock NYer 03.17.12 at 10:51

      Yea that’s cool! Everyone else gets it after they find and fix the bugs. LOL!

    • Gr3nKutz 03.17.12 at 16:27

      you play on PS3! haha sucker !!

    • skyx700 03.17.12 at 20:14

      hey dude shut up we dont have to pay for online and we get more games that way unless u guys r really rich and love to brag about it have fun on ur crappy xbox

      • TurianAssassin 03.18.12 at 02:26

        I don’t pay for online so I will enjoy the better battlefield and the only true battlefield experiences on pc. So please stop your childish console wars thank you :)

    • serafini_gamer 03.18.12 at 01:44

      AND WE HAVE GRASS!! haha Suckers!

  • JediToby 03.16.12 at 20:16

    I myself will only buy this DLC to unlock the weapons, and so i wont be kicked out of a squad because my friends have it and i dont. But if the USAS and the squad system isnt fixed, im going back to BC2 until i here about a patch

  • Trooper JD279 03.16.12 at 20:15

    Win. Win! WIN!!!

  • dasky4eva 03.16.12 at 19:06

    Love the knifing screenshot

  • XxQuickillz44xX 03.16.12 at 19:00

    If only console graphics were as good as the PC.

  • AvengingRelic 03.16.12 at 18:49

    The AA guns especially on Kharg Island need be destructible so they can’t camp in it all the time impervious to fire.

  • AvengingRelic 03.16.12 at 18:45

    In Multiplayer it’d be cool if we could actually dive under the water to a safe depth and swim 100 feet to avoid being shot when we have to bail out of our watercraft and also to be able to swim up to watercraft and plant charges on them or have the ability to patch them up, fire a weapon or perform hand to hand combat while swimming.

  • rap_sgv 03.16.12 at 17:24

    How about huge maps first?! No problem with a few extra close quarters maps, but what about maps like “Heavy Metal” from BC2? I want a multiplayer map that plays like “Thunder run” from the single player.

  • DaGuillotine 03.16.12 at 17:18

    close quarters makes call of duty fans come to us :D way to beat call of duty. bf3 is just pure a epic war game. 10 stars!

  • Justinbro13 03.16.12 at 16:24

    This dlc will maybe will be gay as hell with people using rpgs,frag rounds, or maybe not.Some people hate maps like metro and bazaar but i love them.Mostly every time i play metro i do good,others probably die 15+ deaths by frag rounds thats why they complain.I went 39-14 one game and 41-10 using the ak74m.On metro i usually be mvp.Close quarters is going to have some sweet ass guns mtar 21 spas 12 scar l aug acw r and etc

    • DaGuillotine 03.16.12 at 17:14

      i wonder if in real war people complain about being fraged LOL. you guys just need to live with the fact that these weapons were given from dice to us and this game is almost similiar to real life war. people in war frag those guys too. its just a way to keep you and possibly your own teamate alive.

      • RVE PRODIGY 03.16.12 at 17:58

        Like any game, its only after thousands of gamers play it that ‘errors’ or imbalances show up which people can exploit for their own purposes. They may have been given to us by Dice – that doesnt mean the weapons are behaving in a fair or proper way. I really like Metro but it only takes a couple of players using USAS frag to ruin it. Why cant you keep yourself and your teammates alive with assault rifles etc? Its much more fun, especially in the ticket hall. I played a server the other day where 4 guys on the other side were USAS, plus there was a recon mowing people down with his MAV. Many people left the server – I guess they were not having fun, Im guessing the only people smiling were the USAS guys. I think most people accept its overpowered.

    • AvengingRelic 03.16.12 at 19:34

      Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back there Justin…

    • grEEnMeaNy 03.19.12 at 15:57

      I wish you would tell us more about how good you are..

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.16.12 at 14:50

    Enabling extensive customization on ranked servers(Mod tools or extensive procon options) will solve most of the issues discussed here. This way, admins will be able to disable specific weapons/accessories/perks/or vehicles(in other DLC maps). This will also give public players more options to choose from a variety servers that will offer “fast paced Frantic” action or the “tactical realistic” approach. This game is really GREAT but it falls just a hair short of becoming the next EPIC title. We just have to wait and see…

  • growking 03.16.12 at 14:02

    where is this weeks inside dice. dont start slacking now dice you just started to get your shit together

  • RVE PRODIGY 03.16.12 at 09:46

    I am keeping an open mind on this first DLC. Any new content is welcome, it could be great fun indoors. I will wait and see how the upcoming patch balances out the overpowered USAS12 / frag combo. Its bad enough on Metro, Bazaar spoiling the enjoyment for those that want to actually PLAY the game. If the patch doesnt balance USAS then I will not be buying Close Quarters, which would be a shame cause I actually enjoy choke points.

    • Dynamix81 03.16.12 at 16:56

      Totally agree with you. I only enjoy Metro/Bazar when people use “normal” guns, but those games are rare. A lot of people switch to lamer/noobmode (for god sake, why?!?).

      As for frags: i still do not understand why they decided to put them into this game in the first place. There is enough explosive power available!

      Looking forward to the patch…

  • DeMBoNeZ 03.16.12 at 09:40

    USAS has to be tamed / it would completely ruin these new maps simply because everyone will use it……

  • cpt_duncan 03.16.12 at 09:14

    I agree with TakoBlaster..The USAS 12 is annoying to fight against in a regular Battlefield HATE to be on the opposite team of a Squad running around with USAS 12 frag rounds..on a side note i spend most of my Online time trying to get people’s dog tags..and me and a couple of friends were saying it would be awesome to get some kind of extra reward for taking someone’s tags..its not the easiest thing to do..But i do love Battlefield..and i will always support what ya’ll do as long as it doesnt turn into Call of Duty (a game requiring little to no skill…)

  • TakoBlaster 03.16.12 at 07:26

    I’m also concerned about the USAS 12… short or medium range with the frag rounds seems too overpowered for a close quarters map. Also I love the new combat stuff, but would love to see a return to WWII gameplay, prop planes and thompsons etc., simpler weapons for a simpler time. I miss 1942… Also, why are we limited to just a few vehicles in most maps? Why not some total tank warfare maps? Or just a map with a few carriers and let 20 people dogfight, that would be insane loads of fun. One more thing, I want to drive those little cars around! Let us rig some C4 to those shitty toyotas sitting around the map and make a break for it! And what about bicycles? Why can’t we ever ride bicycles around in these games, running around on foot in Caspin sucks. I reached rank 45 a few days ago and can feel my interest in the game waning… give us some room to be creative in our strategies. How about a compound bow for ultra silent kills? :)

  • Sycopath 14458 03.16.12 at 06:04

    Now i love the battlefield franchise and the sense of “realism” that is achieved through the games atmosphere. But this close qaurters shit looks a little to close for comfort. I mean we already die fairly quickly ,which is totally cool with me because it adds to that sense of realism, with the amount of space given. Also there are a few guns out there, cough cough … usas 12… cough cough, that make the mention of close quarters combat send shivers up my spine, seriously whos decision was it to put a full auto nube tube in bf? Anyways i guess my point is this, unless they decide to spread the map onto three or four floors have the floor plan about twice the size it seemed to be I dont think this dlc is going to be a very well recieved additions to bf3. Can’t wait to see whats in store next though, hope it goes a little more traditional bf style. Also ive been thinking that a flash back to Vietnam would be a sweet ass addition to the bf3 dlc, please comment if you have any opinions on this post or if you agree with the vietnam idea. thankyou.
    semper fi

  • Cambion70 03.16.12 at 05:09

    I’ve got wood!

  • blackarctic 03.16.12 at 04:51

    ok you all need to stop bitching. If you really think all that separates Battlefield and COD are bigger maps, then you clearly have not been playing the same game I have. I think taking it indoors for some close, dark corner combat will be an awesome way of changing things up. Keep it coming DICE.

  • Austen321 03.16.12 at 04:42

    I am a little concerned about this pack. I think some close quarters maps are without a doubt a sound addition to the game however i can’t help but feel they are going for a “CODFIELD 3″ in this DLC. I believe battlefield is a strong standalone game. The Call of Duty series is unmatched in its category for gaming. I play battlefield for its unique game play. Just try not to compromise what you have already have dice. Also, fix the damn USAS 12.

  • 1ms_Im3DIaT0 03.16.12 at 03:55

    CODFIELD 3 ! ridiculous…

    • IVII2CLUTCH 03.16.12 at 17:20

      LMFAO… CODFIELD…. so simple, so utterly redic!!

  • DannyTarpley 03.16.12 at 03:17

    I cant wait!!!

  • xXvader321Xx 03.16.12 at 02:58

    i think that bf3 is just showing (hate to say this crap) COD how to really make an infantry map how to have fun,teamwork and action/destruction at the same time even without vehicles. i actually saw in the trailer soldiers taking cover like sliding into cover. that’s cool. you guys should make em kick door too. this game is truly ABOVE AND BEYOND CALL OF DUTY! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!

    • blackarctic 03.16.12 at 04:54

      Thats a really good point. I think you’re right. Why should COD be the only game with close quarters action?

  • MarkPowell1996 03.16.12 at 02:56 is back! And still with amazing details of Battlefield 3! CHECK IT OUT

  • F1NG3RZ- 03.16.12 at 02:49

    OH MY DAYS! i know 1 thing for damn sure, some of these mans do nish but MOAN!!!! wtf mmaaaannnnnn, serious talk now, all of these dlc map packs TOGETHER will make bf3 one beast of a game, we’l be spoiled for choice n thats what i love, one week im all about big maps n vehicle’s BUT i might get bored n then im all over small maps, its the weapon im looking forward to most as they carry over but these maps on close quarters look fooookin AWSOME n how could bf3 EVER be like cod REALY!! u shoot a rpg @ a wall on cod n it leaves a mark, bf3……. theres no wall left to even check, these maps r gona get real messy! BTW it does suck when every1s using frag n usas but i jus rip out the old mk3a1 n buckshot n BEAST EM BK!!! ROLL ON JUNE!

  • TheConchofFury 03.16.12 at 02:15

    I like this pack, on console sometimes I just want to have a nice infantry battle and this will satisfy me. If you dont like close quarter, just get the armor kill pack instead.

  • igor22355 03.16.12 at 00:57

    NT!!! What made BF great was a more realistic experience of a non cluster fuck stuck in a room with no where to go. I may get it if there are new weapons no other reason. The rocket and grenade spam makes these type of maps unpleasant to say the least!!!! douche bags might like this and I hope they all stay on the servers that run this S***!

  • cip_cip_kurka 03.16.12 at 00:46

    I just watched “On Deadly Ground” with one and the only Steven Seagal, and he was using USAS there … now I can imagine how the game will look like in the “Close Quarters DLC” maps :P When everyone will use that weapon that belongs only to god of destruction :P

  • MarkPowell1996 03.16.12 at 00:26 is the new place to get your latest news on Battlefield 3 and MORE check it out!

  • D-Boy_CHAMPS 03.15.12 at 23:54

    I like the new dlc coming in june. There are times where I don’t feel like getting in any vehicles or sometimes I just get bored going 10 and 2 as the most kills cause my whole team is waiting for vehicles to spawn in it just gets boring sometimes. So, i’ll go to conquest on operation metro and I love it. I could do with out the shotguns and frag rounds cause that is getting really old with me. That’s really the only map I like to play when I get in the mood to run and gun and still get objectives of course. I think if you’re getting upset on operation metro, it’s most likely cause your team sucks. That happens to me occasionally and I get pretty upset, but if you work as a team, It’ so much fun to me. My best ever was 78 and 35 on conquest operation metro. I average a high of 50 to 15 when I kick ass.

  • TimboSliceeee 03.15.12 at 23:51

    In my opinion, TDM on Battlefield3 is just like COD style TDM. Random spawn points, small maps(really small maps) and teamwork is not needed to win. So they are just making maps to fit the TDM game type. So basically they always did have a game type with Small Maps & No Vehicles. I see it as a newer form of their TDM which is COD style. And I’m sure, even though it is still like COD, this map pack will be 10x more intense because the whole game itself is already 10x more intense than COD. Battlefield3 #1 FPS!!!!!!!

  • MarkPowell1996 03.15.12 at 23:48 Is the best place to find out everything about Battlefield 3

  • drumscarinbr 03.15.12 at 21:39

    Let’s see, what other game did DICE make that experimented with small maps and little to no vehicle gameplay? I think it just came out at the end of 2010 too…….hmm.


    How did that work out for ya?

    MOH = POS!

    • bigfundude 03.15.12 at 21:53

      Not only that, but isn’t this idea essentially taking away what makes Battlefield Battlefield? It sounds more like CALL OF DUTY to me. Just goes to show what EA really values…our money.

      • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 23:48

        not a justification … but its likely ea (ie shareholders) defining what the programmers (dice) can do… sad in public owned companies but a certain point the developers lose all control and start having to please the bean counters… the way the world is going…

        who knows maybe the board is demanding this release for $$ which will allow the developers to continue releasing DLC…

        i work for a large publicly owned company and some of the stuff makes perfect sense and some of the other stuff is beyond belief… Dice maybe on the hook for certain things..

        If i ever owned a business I would not let it go public for exactly this reason… you cede decision making control to people sitting in chairs in offices and at home who only care about the bottom line profit… not the integrity of the franchise

    • xFreaze_W3zZLe 03.15.12 at 22:00

      Dice didn’t even make MoH LoL FAIL

      • drumscarinbr 03.15.12 at 22:16

        DICE made the multiplayer. Danger Close made the single player.

        You fail, sir.

      • SilentShadowfox 03.16.12 at 00:03

        are you dumb?
        Frostbite was the mp engine , Designed by dice. Dice made the Multiplayer.
        now that is all MoH was was CQB. once again Its BattleField

  • ghost951852 03.15.12 at 21:37

    Guys lets not bash DICE too much.. i just saw a post that said after this release the next expansion will be “armored kill” or something like that.. its gonna be all out vehicle warfare (obviously), and its gonna have one of the “biggest maps in battlefield history” so thanks for atleast mixing it up DICE

  • Retnu16 03.15.12 at 21:33

    Person A:We’re out of ideas for dlc. Person B:Why don’t we ripoff a crappy game? Person A:Perfect, we’ll ripoff Modern Warfare and call the dlc Close quarters. Then we’ll say Battlefield 3 is still retaining is uniqueness. That’ll rake in the money. Person A and B:MUHAHAHAMUHAHAHA… Just kidding. Just wanting to get in on the bashing.

  • DARKSHERYL 03.15.12 at 21:03

    WOw…I am impressed!…This is the worst shit that I have seen in the battlefield franchise…you made it DICE! you guys managed to actually turn this game into a fucking piece of shit…congrats!

  • Larzo 03.15.12 at 19:32

    It’s looking good, but this is no Battlefield for me. This is what Medal of Honor needs and not Battlefield.

    Or give us the whole 50(?) floor building. That’s something new.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.15.12 at 18:04 is an AMAZING site to find out everything about battlefield 3, close quarters, and More! There is even new photos of Close Quarters that can’t even be found here! CHECK IT OUT!!

  • CommandoCoyote 03.15.12 at 17:21

    Oh… and whatever happened to Daniel Fagtros??? Wasn’t he supposed to be the “Inside DICE” guy like a year ago? Twitter too much to handle for one person nowadays???? H Brun is a BITCH

  • CommandoCoyote 03.15.12 at 17:18

    This looks terrible… This is truly the worst battlefield game ever made… bar none. But hey… it looks like your 100 million dollar marketing budget worked on some…

    • epiphone21 03.15.12 at 21:37

      Man guys you haven’t even seen the whole dlc yet and need to stop hating on dice there could be some awesome shit in this. and i thought it looked fun and a nice change up from all the open maps

  • kakipups 03.15.12 at 17:11

    hell yea!!!!!!
    can´t we get the dlc for ps3 next month? ;)

  • UkReconzz 03.15.12 at 17:04


  • UkReconzz 03.15.12 at 17:02

    MW3 VS BF3 I think we know wich one wins EVERY time BF3!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cranky 0ld Man 03.15.12 at 16:43

    I made my decision to focus on battlefield 3 over MW3 because it seemed so much deeper as well as so much newer and better than a rehashing an old game. Who knew that the support and new content would be as exciting as the launch game. You guys ….please take a bow because we are giving you a standing ovation. Watching the trailer made me laugh out loud and get a need to play it reaction. Your approach with map packs, new weapons, new dog tags and assignments combined as new content shows how well thought out you are as a company. BF3 is so far above and beyond the call. I will support all these packs. Thank you for supporting us!

    • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 23:14

      lol… i dont think they give out awards for sucking up

  • Reaper062289 03.15.12 at 16:30

    This is a good move for everyone, company and consumers alike. More level options across all modes, big or small, for more variety to all players and now a broader audience base. More money for EA/DICE, resulting in an even better product worth every penny. You think these new maps are too tight; are you mad there’s no vehicles? DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM. If you insist on downloading them for the guns, just use server browser to avoid the maps you don’t like. Progress doesn’t revolve around casual or hardcore fans, it revolves around the product and fan base as a whole…

    • CosmiC10R 03.16.12 at 00:13

      Do we really want to give the 12yr olds who play COD a reason to come over to BF… really… im not sure thats good for the mainstream battlefield consumer… teamplay is brutal enough without drawing in more people who think teamplay is mocking your teammate cuz he sucks…

  • Faith9891 03.15.12 at 16:08

    Can’t wait for ist!! This is the last damn thing I missed in BF! Close Combat an indoor action!

    And the faggots saying its like CoD – BF will never be like CoD cause CoD is shit and BF is gold – U can’t compare this!

  • Tha MeatShield 03.15.12 at 16:02

    Quit your bitching you dipshit trolls.

    Fact: War is not restricted to just indoor or just outdoor environments.

    Having indoor maps will make it a more well rounded experience.

    Also, quit saying shit like “They don’t care about hardcore fans” or “They are trying to be like COD” because it’s not true — you’re just mad because you don’t agree with their decisions. That is life, get over it, stop taking it personal when they do something you don’t think they should. And you could take COD maps and put the Battlefield engine on them and they would play differently because the gameplay is DIFFERENT. Battlefield will never be like COD, I bet a lot of these cry babies are the type of player who ONLY rocks a Tank or Helicopter because they suck on foot. GTFO.

    How about a little gratitude for the content?

    • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 23:15

      gratitude for paying for something… thats a new one

    • CosmiC10R 03.16.12 at 00:23

      and i love the fact comment…
      war is not restricted to indoor or outdoor environments…

      so what is this list of other environements… are we talking grassy environments… dry environments…
      reality is that gameplay… because its not a real war is actually quite defined by outdoor and indoor environments..

      you have the indoor environments… all the other games… (even if they take place “outdoors” they are tiny maps
      you have outdoor environments… BF3

      you will likely find most of the troll bitchiing as you call it is because if we wanted to play indoor small maps we could play EVERY OTHER FPS GAME IN THE WORLD…

      we choose battlefield because it was the opposite… now the release makes it seem like they are trying to turn the experience into what we were trying to avoid…

      The trolls have as much right to bitch as you do to not… we all paid for the game….

      • GrandAssassin 03.17.12 at 23:19

        WELL FUC*IN SAID COSMIC “”"”" RESPECT “”"”" to u brotha

      • evilblakdarknes 05.28.12 at 20:49

        speak for your self mate. i think the new maps look good. just checked out your battlelog. you do have a very good kill death ratio but you do have high quiet percentage(25%quiets!!!) . you have a good win lose ratio but obvious your one of those players that quiets as soon as the going gets tough ha ha. all you do is snipe so no wonder you don’t want these maps. and you haven’t played this game half as many hours as i have. now i’d respect you a lot more if you had low quiet ratio with a kill death ratio like yours but you don’t. i’d also respect you a lot more if you did something else rather then snipe all the time.

    • GrandAssassin 03.17.12 at 23:16


  • FinallyProne 03.15.12 at 15:11

    I decided that before I told you to stop spamming this thread, I’d go visit your blog first just to see what you were offering.
    Complete shit rip-off unoriginal garbage, that.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.15.12 at 15:02 is the best place to get the latest news on Battlefield 3!

  • rotten88 03.15.12 at 14:25

    wow that sucks they gota ruin bf like that vehicles are key to the game,what ever ill be passing on this one as well

    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 14:50

      I know, dice is trying to get a bigger fan base and not giving a fuck about hardcore fans. I just wish they would atleast make a search mode where it will only play dlc maps cause those are the only really good maps.

      • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 14:52

        not meaning this dlc, clearly im talking about back to karand or what ever its called

      • piiiQue 03.15.12 at 15:54

        Well… actually there is such a search mode. Have you ever even tried to find it on the battlelog server-filter? It’s on the left side above the regions filter.

  • EVE-Daniel 03.15.12 at 14:05

    i cant wait for this, hmm i wander how much they are gonna make us pay for this, 5 dollers like most dlc or 10 dollers?

  • OlDirtyBaztard 03.15.12 at 13:18

    Noooooooo! This should have been the last map pack to add. Vehicle maps first then the 12g frag noobie maps. I’m passing on this one.

  • I_HATE_B_OBAMA 03.15.12 at 04:27

    Oh hell yeah!!!!!! If it looks kinda like COD… then it looks what COD could never accomplish… awesomeness!

  • Big_Andy99 03.15.12 at 04:15

    It looked cool and everything but, it feels like a COD run-n-gun game and needs more and new vehicles.

  • czrk147 03.15.12 at 03:13

    new guns? for every expansion pack? that i can use for every map? i didnt get battlefield for cqb, but with all these new guns n hopefully the spas12 and aug then i love u dice!!!

  • DLexFactor22 03.15.12 at 02:53

    I’m not really feeling this CQB expansion pack. Especially with all the Usas-12 w/frags running around nowadays!!! It just seems like its going be a bunch of people in a tight-a@@ room blowing each other up. Just like Metro, once you got into the tunnels all you saw was usas12 frag rounds and engineer rpg/smaws. I can only imagine CQB with those guys!!!!!

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:40

    WOW.. U R A SNIPER!!!

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:38


    • ViciousJap 03.15.12 at 04:10

      Dude here are your stats …
      PC 211:HRS
      K/D Ratio 0.474
      XBOX 360 235:HRS
      K/D Ratio 0.544
      You are really a bad player, you said that you had all battlefields before and yet this is your scores ??? You should switch to another series ( COD ?? ) in your case i dont even think your opinion is worth sharing with us …

      • EVE-Daniel 03.15.12 at 14:04

        look dont beat down on someone based on there score, hell even i have a bad k/d ratio like that and even i own every bf game that ever came out + expansions for the PC only, but having that bad of a k/d ratio does not make you a bad player, some people dont care if they get killed, i personaly walk rigt in to people fire on purpse just so i can get a few quick kills and die at the same time its kinda funny

  • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 02:31

    lol.. its this weird love hate relationship…
    early on … wow… there were moments i thought i would never play the game again…

    the time i got out of my hummer and it proceeded to then run over me…
    the time i left the mav and somehow was 600 ft in the air falling to the ground…
    the time i left my RHIB and got stuck inside a rock and couldnt get out…

    but its kinda like skyrim… the larger the options the more random stuff that is really hard to program for and the more things people do you cant possibly program for…

    there is soo much promise here and they are trying to get it right… i keep thinking… in 2012 something will come out like BFBC2 vietnam… i just have to be patient… as i said… the fix list is massive and alot of strange things are being addressed… i like the choice of sacrificing the mav… it allows for it a kill if one can do it… but requires teamplay to consistently do as the person would need to be rearmed… no more mav elevator… these are things that just dont belong in a game built on realism…

    so there is hope…

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:23


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:17


  • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 02:13

    lol.. ure thinking uniforms i think… lol… i saw a guy running around in Navy blue camo on Kharg Island… soooo out of place..

    my two cents…
    the programmers have really nailed the whole battlefield experience the last few games…
    I think they had great plans but got a little overconfident (we all do it) and rushed it to beat the MW3 release…
    somewhat understandable

    I took a 15 minute break and drove to a store to get my copy on release day at 8 am…
    then sat for two days while i could not connect and could not get a game that i didnt get booted from

    so i think some mistakes were made… are still being made (ie a cqb release)

    BUT .. and its a big but the fix list does look promising and i think it does show a committment to the communities concerns… lets all hope for some good stuff cuz all thats left is COD

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:09


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:06


    • jardhead1 03.15.12 at 02:09


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 02:02


    • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 02:08

      lol… im having a stella now… im 250 some odd hours in and i hear you…. lets really hope they nail it with DLC 3 and 4… its still possible… biggest map ever sounds good to me…

  • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 02:02

    yeah… i miss my mortar strikes… and you could actually snipe on the BFBC2 vietnam maps… i loved phubai and hill 137… some actual foliage cover, thick wide long maps with lots of vehicles… the only time it got up close was on the last set usually but by then it was fun to try to hold them off….

    sigh… and ure right about two maps to snipe on… and even then caspian border is uphill on the last set

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:58


    • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:59


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:54


    • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:56

      Right (:

    • jardhead1 03.15.12 at 02:00


  • toxophile 03.15.12 at 01:51

    Quit your whining you babies! Does COD have the level of destruction that BF3 has? NO!! Even tho I won’t be buying the pack (I play sniper and support, don’t like “frantic” gameplay) I still love that they are putting a Frostbite touch on classic COD play. I’m buying the Fall DLC for sure tho!

    • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 01:53

      well techically, having played them both, bf3 doesnt have the destruction level bfbc2 had… but who is counting

  • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:50

    They are the ones who need us, not we them

  • jardhead1 03.15.12 at 01:49

    you all sound like a bunch of cry babies you don’t have to buy the dlc if it made you buy it i could understand all the complaining there trying to convert cod players thats there goal more consumers more with that being said i think i like there new direction when i get in the mood for some heart pounding non-stop action i’ll play these close quarters maps when i feel like taking it easy i’ll play on a bigger map and snipe they got the rite idea.thank you DICE and EA yall are the best BATTLEFIELD 3 OOOORAH!!!

  • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 01:49

    Definately should have been as Drumscarinbr said…

    Each DLC having a map of each size for all of us…

    You’re right MadmaxandMaco… but seriously man… Im worried about you… all this stress cant be good, Have a beer… relax… play something besides metro or Grand bazaar to relaxxxx… :)

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:46


  • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:45

    I never took money for maps or weapons
    This nerve has not been equaled

  • K1LLROY 03.15.12 at 01:44

    Don’t like it, won’t buy it.

  • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:43

    Much consumers are stupid and buy the DLC
    This content should be free

    And even certain that some of the content in the computer simply locked

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:41


  • aNv-Barakooda 03.15.12 at 01:38

    Battlefield 2 was the best show they had in terms of gameplay.
    BFBC2 was excellent just a shame that they completely commercialization
    For me Battlefield 3 I also think it’s the last I buy I’m pretty disappointed
    Trading and every little demand money, I think if Dice will continue
    This trend is losing customers and Members
    The hope that at least this DLC will be free because it’s too much

    And MadMaxandMACO you’re right

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:37


    • growking 03.15.12 at 12:13

      you sound like a 12 year old. and its pricks like you ruining the game not dice so shut ur dirty euro cock sucker

  • ViciousJap 03.15.12 at 01:33

    I feel deeply sad for my soon to be ex-”best fps game”.
    Ok so a new DLC after 8 months for this type of map ? DICE look carefully if we wanted this type of maps, COD MW3 is out since November we could have bought it …
    Here we are confined in tiny little cans (what you somehow wrongfully call maps, that took you 2 hours to program since its copy paste from the campaign) with a bunch of happy shotgun frenzies and claymores, spamming grenades all around …
    DICE i think you should stop playing COD at home and started playing your own game …

  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:30


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:26


  • MadMaxandMACO 03.15.12 at 01:21

    drumscarinbr just told u the plain truth…. people are fed up of this COD like gaming… we loved battlefield because it was so different from COD, but it looks like you people want their customers attention, spoiling and destroying a brand that had is best in the big difference from the COD game….
    On forums and blog we read only people’s anger for this DLC. We were expecting you to hear our request for a better game, closer than possible to Bad Company 2, that was a masterpiece. Instead of improving.. you just destroyed it….. Instead of hearing our wishes and suggestion you went forward with this stupid race against COD. You gave us a mediocre product, full of bugs, of irritating mistakes, betraying our loyalty for a tactical game, where you can interact with all objects found in the maps, to give us “close quarters”….. Who asked you for clos quarters??? Is months than i read forums and blogs… all went on opposite direction….. what is wrong withv you people??? Read sometimes instead of bullshitting us and yourselves….. Forums are asking everyone to stop playing bf3 and all together start playing back BFBC2… if you really want only 12 years old customers…beh!!! you will get it!!!! and after 2 months your servers would be empty…….. So you will finally be the responsible for a complete COD victory…. It really looks like someone is working against BF3 instead of for BF3.. I have wrote u dozens of messages on forums, email on EA web site, and like me thousands of people…. and now we feel like you really dont care… you just wanted our money, and after that…… nothing… a joke…. “close quarters”, for under 13 years old….. shame on you and EA that gave you the power to spoil the best shooting game ever….. we will go playing games like arma… or… just to spite you.. we’ll buy COD and start playing close quarters from the real inventors of that game style, and not from people that just copied it!!!! Excuse my english… but i know that my meaning is well clear………… Give us jungle maps, snow maps.. larger, tactical, where we can interact with anything, where team play is the key, where warfare is realistic and not just a bunch of idiots running like stupids, getting killed 100 times to kill hundred times… and then.. get fed up in no time… and please.. for pc users (i have pc and xbox versions), give us some official servers!!! we pay the same money than the consoles players……… (people are really trying to organize and stop playing BF3 to spite your useless and senseless work and ideas!!!!

  • drumscarinbr 03.15.12 at 00:59

    DICE, I think you could have used a better approach to themed DLC. Instead of all 4 maps being bound by a certain playstyle/map size, you could have used some other commonality. For example, DLC1: Frostbite (snow based maps), DLC2: Malaria (jungle based maps), DLC3: Danger Close (US/New York based maps).

    There are those that like close quarters action, but they are in the minority, there’s no denying that. So, each DLC would have 1 tighter/CQB map, 1 medium/large map, 1 large map and 1 extra large map. This way, everyone would have been happy and you wouldn’t have slapped those who like ‘traditional’ maps in the face by making them wait 9-10 months (post-release) for what we thought we were buying in the first place! The game came out in October, the ‘Armored Kill’ will come out @ a year later?????…..REALLY? You sold us on ‘aggressive DLC’ ‘at least 4-5x the amount of BFBC2′…….but if you would have told us that the ‘mostly preferred’ maps were going to be out in October 2012…..myself and many others, probably wouldn’t have bought the game. There is much shame to be placed on you for that, not cool.

    I will bet you anything that people will tire of the ‘Close Quarters’ maps in about a week, especially because most that like that style are younger and have attention spans shorter than their d**ks. Why do you think COD has to release maps so often? It’s because the maps are so small and shallow. Be sure that you guys set up polls and monitor them closely after release and you will see this.

    • CosmiC10R 03.15.12 at 01:26

      I completely agree with what was said here… isolating particular styles and taking away the vastness of the maps simply reduces what battlefield is… persistence, new weapons, dog tags… we dont play it for those reasons… we play because the game offers a more realistic game than COD (which i like to compare to paintball, small frenetic maps with zero stategy… ) where we are free to make choices on huge territories of land with multiple vehicles and strategies to accomplish the task…

      BFBC2 Vietnam was an instant classic… DLC 2 will not be so apparently… Lets hope they get it right on 2 and 3….

  • Arkast 03.15.12 at 00:37

    WTF is this? COD? Bring on the the Claymores and Shotguns, hope we can fit a tank in there too.

  • WireToxic 03.15.12 at 00:34


  • ISAF Mobius 18 03.15.12 at 00:33

    I actually don’t mind a close quarter gameplay map like this. The only one like it is Op Metro but pretty much a straight line, and Grand Bazaar is too large since it has IFVs and a major choke point. I think a more rounded and linear map will be a welcomed change.

    Second, i want to know how much this will cost. Will Limited Edition buyers get it free like in BC2, or will everyone be forced to pay. if so, how much. $15 like Karkand?

  • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:25

    And stop making the trailers for your games look all epic and shit and use the community for your matches. That way people will see how stupid this shit will be when every fag that plays bf 3 is running around the same small building using frag rounds five feet from them and taking no damage. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A FRAG ROUND IS DICE?! IT THROWS FRAGMENTATION IN ALL DIRECTIONS. If you used frag round in a shot gun in real life as close as you can in bf3 you would frag yourself to death.

    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:26

      people dont play the way you make it look like they do in your trailers is what im saying

    • ThaFallen5oulja 03.15.12 at 00:29

      Thats why (be prepared for the word of the day) its a “game”

  • KingChino16 03.15.12 at 00:15

    That is going to be a blast! Literally!!!!!!@

  • JG4X4 03.15.12 at 00:00


    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:03

      not for long cause they are patcing that piece of shit, sry noob. the patch comes out before the dlc

      • JG4X4 03.15.12 at 02:40

        Dude it was a joke chill the fuck out. sheesh…

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 23:56 is the best place to find out more on Battlefield 3!

  • Sobieski12 03.14.12 at 23:45

    From DICE: “Claiming new territory, Frostbite 2 style.”
    Let me fix that for you.
    “Claiming new territory, Call of duty style.”

  • Justinbro13 03.14.12 at 23:27

    Above the video dice says our explosive expansion pack which means its going to be filled with rpgs,frag rounds,and grenades.They could of at least had maps that were big and had vechicle but had alot of close quarter sections.

  • Hellwiss 03.14.12 at 23:17

    SpacedoutHippy: Disagree about all that whinning… I am sad of haters, after more than 200 playtime hours i look on the forums and its crazy how many people are whinning, instead of happy ones are playing… Forum is will of whinners, people that are happy are playing, not camping at forum trolling bulshitas

    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:00

      im not a hater, i have been a fan of bf for years. i just feel betrayed by dice so they can get a bigger fan base and cod fags will switch

    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:01

      and im not camping at forum or what ever u said. this is the first time i have ever posted a comment of the bf forum

  • SpacedoutHippy 03.14.12 at 22:56

    FUCK DICE IN THE BUT WHOLE. I have been a fan of bf since bf 2 on pc and now im not buying another game made by dice ever. I hate bf3 and moh. Not because i suck, im positive in moh by 1500 and positive in bf 3 by 2800. I just hate both games. Bf3 is the ultimate troller game. 1 third the people that play bf 3 lack skill and just use noob weapons like frag round auto shoties and troll vehicles. Vehicles where so much more balanced in bad company 1 and 2 and in previous battlefields. In bf 3 u put like 4 or 5 rpgs into a vehicle and before it blows up everyone jumps out and you just waste all your rockets. If your going to make a game realistic you cant make one aspect of something realistic and not another. For instance if your going to make a vehicle catch on fire before it blows up and give everyone time to jump out than you should make it to where if you hit the ammo storage it should instantly blow up. Its just stupid. The maps are the worst part of bf3. They are ok on pc but on console they blow. Operation metro is the worst map in bf history. Not because its cqb but because it has poor design. When you get to the point of the map when there is stairs and shit its always a stale mate. There is no flanking and people just end up throwing nades and shooting rpgs up and down the stairs. Another thing i hate is that rush still sucks. In bad company 1 rush was perfectly balanced and now you give one team like 3 tanks and 2 helos and a jet. While the other team sits there with no infantry to fight and no vehicles. I love and respect dice but due to the fucked up design team they have i will no longer be buying dice games. I know some people disagree with alot of the things i just said but since i spent 60 dollars on this game and prob a total of 2 or 3 hundred on all dice games i have the rite to rant about bullshit like this. PS before you make a cqb dlc you might want to fix the noob auto shoty

    • SpacedoutHippy 03.15.12 at 00:08

      since i posted one of the biggest comments on this forum page i feel i should give some input on things i do like too… just so everyone doesnt think im a huge hater. I love the graphics of bf3 and the weapons. Bf 3 has more realistic guns than any other game ever made. I love the movement in bf 3, its smooth and not as clunky as bad company. I love that jets are now on console. I love the campaign more than any other fps campaign. The audio is amazing, best in dice history.

    • ThaFallen5oulja 03.15.12 at 00:38

      dont tell us. we don’t care for trollers like you. why is your life more important than ours?

  • cyrus29 03.14.12 at 22:54

    nope disagree just cos its destructable doesnt mean its bf i understand that ea wanna make money so they release the best last but bf has always been about the more open maps than a frag fest.just like bfbc2 the game will get a new perspective when they put in really big maps

  • PE3RLESS 03.14.12 at 22:38

    calm down gents since when does anything close quarters have to be cod it did not event cqb just because bf3 has cqb doesn’t mean its cod it has destruction and suppression and will be far better then cod stop being retards and if everytime you see something different you think omg its cod you have a problem so stfu

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 22:33 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of new screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • FoxJackal 03.14.12 at 21:46

    This really is just pure COD. The whole video? shotguns, rockets, shotguns, p90s, shotguns, more explosives. shotguns…..shotguns… explosives. We dont wanna be COD, but our next DLC is going to be COD, instead of Armored Kill. That whole video was just lame, nothing but COD all over it. Seriously, what the **** is wrong with our video game industry these days? You have a perfect formula, and yet you still copy someone else’s 12 year old garbage?

  • XxWiiNzxX 03.14.12 at 21:43

    So is this going to be free for VIP’s/ Limited Edition owners??

  • Noelix 03.14.12 at 21:42

    Trailer, as always, is awesome. I love the soundtrack to this – it’s of course not in the Battlefield 3 OST on Amazon though. Where can I pick it up?

  • ThaFallen5oulja 03.14.12 at 21:33

    oh and i want the soundtrack!!!!

  • ThaFallen5oulja 03.14.12 at 21:30

    theres gonna be a patch. calm down. And this looks as great as mirrors edge

  • Jarhead31ooora 03.14.12 at 21:27

    You guys are so gullible. You say (sweet I can’t wait to get this )
    When you should say fix what’s wrong with the game first.
    They will bring out new game play and have the same problems,
    Once again we all will complain like we all normally do!!!

  • ThaFallen5oulja 03.14.12 at 21:15

    looks great.. cant wait to buy it

  • kiwifa 03.14.12 at 21:02

    Can people stop comparing this to CoD because, quite frankly there is no resemblance, even with this DLC :

    While CoD is nothing more than a fast-paced, noob-tubing, 12 year old gore-fest, Close quarters is a more strategic approach on frantic gameplay. It seems to resemble the ridiculous pace of CoD but it actually is more a quick time approach to teamwork. Where actions are to be made quickly and efficiently, while still retaining Bf3′s teamwork and thoughtful approach to modern fps gaming. To compare it to CoD would be to compare wet mash potato in a bowl and chicken noodle soup !

  • contenderSuomi 03.14.12 at 20:58

    I dont think this is bad. I think it’s a chance. Chance to play something new and cool. This pack is very good along real batllefield 3. Don,t worry guys it might get to same way as CoD, but it’s BF and that is something that CoD could never be.

  • ORIONrsrSTARZ 03.14.12 at 20:44

    If we wanted maps without vehicles, we all would be playing COD. But since you millionaires don’t care anymore about game play and these saps using explosive rounds and rocket launchers.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.14.12 at 20:41 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • hector2670 03.14.12 at 20:37

    looks icyy n i play on ps3

  • YourMothersPink 03.14.12 at 20:18

    Looks sick!

  • CR8Z 03.14.12 at 20:14

    Looks like fun for the CoD fans. I’ll take a pass on this one and wait for the next!

  • HindSyte2020 03.14.12 at 19:57

    Not one of us cares if this game has potential or not. Thats not the point. The game had potential before it was released. When it came out is when it should have realized it’s potential. This is Dice’s only title so it should not be this busted. Especially this far after launch and being the what, 6th entry. Yeah this is turning into CoD which is a shame cause I traded that crap in for the bigger maps and ability to drive vehicles. Now they are bringing in the small maps and for what the dlc will cost I could have paid a few more bucks and had a complete new shooter. Plus not have lost money on my trade. Very Disappointing with what we as consumers received thus far. What good is this DLC going to be if they couldn’t fix the bugs and over balances of the original maps. I’d rather the DLC be nothing more than the rest of the patches that have plagued this entry.

  • samuDC 03.14.12 at 19:28

    If they bring out this maps first, all the COD players will play those maps and the big maps will be fun again.

  • JayP123 03.14.12 at 18:38

    not a fan of cq maps because reminds me of that shi*y game COD and i love vehicles but since its BF its going to be fun no matter what, as long as destruction and realism is still in the game im in.

  • BloatedMonkey 03.14.12 at 18:33

    Unless they make the USAS 12 a USELAS pea shooter in the next patch this is going to be unplayable. They look like the sort of maps where you die as soon as you spawn. There’s already too much urban CQC in BF3, we need more bigger, open maps in June not silly little arcade shooters to attract the COD crowd. Disappointed DICE…

    • Tardyjay 03.14.12 at 18:36

      and there are a lot of players that want more closeR quarters maps. It does seem like it will be a shotgun fest but at the same time I’m sure Dice is going to build the map so it is small but not CoD small. the multiple levels of the buildings will make shotguns harder to use. Also, don’t blame dice because your favorite type of game’s patch isn’t coming out first. Just be patient.

    • SharkBearsUnite 03.14.12 at 18:40

      Hey its not all about you its the big picture. and dice is nerfing frag rounds and the
      USAS and all the new maps will be max 16p so dont worry the map pack after it will have the biggest bf3 map in history!

      • BloatedMonkey 03.14.12 at 18:45

        Yea, i know, I hate to bitch but I just think there are already too many smallish maps in BF3, I’d prefer bigger ones now not in fricken 8 months time :/ But i guess I can’t totally condemn it without seeing proper gameplay, just bit bored of all the small urban combat atm

  • ectopicstu 03.14.12 at 18:15

    I feel its just another dimension within the game. Thats what make BF3 soo good. With the expansion the game will offer another dimension to it. Will give those gamers who like close combat something, and there is no doubt, other future expansions will offer those traditional BF players something.

  • HerbHunter 03.14.12 at 17:36

    They should call this the C.O.D expansion.Another reason why BF3 is a failure.Or should I say,why BC3 is a failure.Get off the consoles and make the real BF3.

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 17:55

      LOL, listen, I’m not a fan of “Frantic Infantry Combat” either, but I don’t think BF3 is a failure. It’s a great game with great potential, the developers are working VERY hard to make everyone happy. Let’s just give them feedback and hope for the best…the rest is up to Dice.

    • Tylergube616 03.14.12 at 18:28

      Last time I checked COD did not create the concept of Close Quarters Combat. Close Quarters is not new to Battlefield, therefore you have no reason to be so negative about it.

    • Tardyjay 03.14.12 at 18:40

      Your rage is amusing. Battlefield 3 is a fantastic game. In fact, many people would agree when I say it is the best PvP FPS on the market. Others would say the same about CoD. Point is, if you don’t like it, don’t play it. Your cries for attention do your argument no justice. You haven’t even played the new maps and you area already bashing the game and Devs like you could have done better. If you want my advice it is this: Be patient. Withhold judgement until you see for yourself. Again, if you really do not like the game then just don’t play. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t be on here whining and hoping someone will talk to you…..

      • HerbHunter 03.20.12 at 04:24

        I have no rage,or need for attention.Its called disappointment.That said,”BF3″ is the best shooter on the market.I expected a little bit more from the Devs at Dice.This game has so many issues, its clear they rushed it out against the CoD franchise (proof being the squad bugs on release).Another thing,why dont they release mod tools?I think they are scared the community will destroy them in making a better game.Its called “greed”.

  • xEL1TExH1ghEmox 03.14.12 at 17:18

    Bar fight with guns? I think so. MEET THA WRATH OF MAH AK.

  • antijoseph 03.14.12 at 16:48

    \(^_^)/ \õ/

  • D34DLYrang3R 03.14.12 at 16:40

    Of course this isn’t what you think of when you think Battlefield, that is the whole point to bring something different and new to the battlefield…I think it is going to be AWESOME!!!

  • KFC_TEAM 03.14.12 at 16:02

    This Map looks like it could be alot of fun. Just a new look on the BF series that is only getting better. All the haters are gonna hate and glad I will not have to play with them

  • Nerfffy 03.14.12 at 15:56

    This isn’t what I think of when I think of a “Battlefield” game. I will give it a miss.

  • nixx0r 03.14.12 at 15:46

    I laugh at the people saying there’s no “tactical” play in a close quarters combat map. The people that complain about the lack of strategy and teamplay have probably never played any other FPS’s in their lives. This doesn’t look like COD to me, it looks like CS or Quake. Believe it or not, there is plenty of strategy, tactics and teamplay in those games, even in small maps. You don’t need tanks to have strategic gameplay.

  • DaRkNeSsKiD809 03.14.12 at 15:43

    ok, look i understand the most of you people have being complaining about this DLC…..let start by saying nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you don’t like it don’t buy it because just because you not going to buy it there are millions of people out there that don’t care and they will buy it. I think is time to step up and realize the no matter how much you complain this DLC will still be release. in my opinion im super excited about this cant wait to get my hands on. (Don’t think COD player will be noobing all over this maps just because is close quarters…remember no matter what game type you play in this game team work is necessary or otherwise you will end up loosing so COD players still might not like this.) People this is something fresh and new you can’t compare this to COD. wait till you play it and then give opinions and thoughts.

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 17:50

      Not really complaining, just giving feedback to developers to help with future plans. If there is a way to satisfy more players, why not do it? In the end, it is beneficial to the game developers bringing more money in. When you advertise “Frantic Infantry Combat” is screams running and gunning, bunny hopping action, fun for some, a deterrent to others. Now, if Admins can have the tools to customize the servers, that would be a whole different story…Players/teams will be given an alternative to make these maps work to fit any specific game style. Overall I think BF3 is an amazing game, it has a lot to offer, but polish it even more and you have an epic game that will really leave a mark….and as a result will generate more money even for future BF titles.

  • Hitman0341 03.14.12 at 14:08

    So itll be like COD except yawl will go through and nerf crap till we are playing paintball extreem instead of BF

  • brettyboy01 03.14.12 at 13:39

    This is the first of a few expansions, so if you don’t like it, dont buy it? Ive only seen the trailer and I think people fail to realise the finer points such as running down dark corridors, blind spots, just frantic, so it should be fun. Reminds me of the night map/s in the old BF2 Special Forces expansion years ago.

    But like I said, don’t like, then save your pennies, I won’t be missing the haters.

  • MurdaForFun 03.14.12 at 13:20

    Untill they fix the weapons that need to be fixed. This will be “several maps” just like “Metro”. So everybody breakout theyer USAS12/MK3A1!! (OH and of course, dont forget those fag.. Err excuse me “Frag rounds”.

  • DirtbagOi 03.14.12 at 13:16

    I could have bought COD if I would like this shit, and who like it should have bought COD. fuck this, I’m really not looking forward for beeing on servers with great maps and then have a mapchange and it turns to one of this Counterstrike crap

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.14.12 at 13:13

    Not a fan of “FRANTIC INFANTRY COMBAT” and will NOT purchase the close quarters DLC. Would be nice to see a large map with an objective inside a (close quarters) building, this way you bring “frantic” players and “tactical” players into the same map and work together as a team. Also, Mod tools(or at least extensive customization on procon – on ranked servers) will help. Admins will be able to tweak server settings which means more close quarters DLC’s will be sold. Let’s NEVER forget that COD was never a great game, it’s the Mods that brought COD4 the glory, after that every COD without Mods failed miserably.

    • nixx0r 03.14.12 at 15:43

      So don’t buy it and stop complaining. Not everything they make has to be for you specifically. There are other gamers who are psyched for this.

  • walktexranga 03.14.12 at 13:10

    The hanging lights didnt move, they should be swinging around. Bit CoD-ish but it looks fun regardless a nice change. stop whinging PC boys, we already know BF3 creators are sell outs (I would to, money is awesome!) Still best FPS out by far as it is.

  • Hammersmith357 03.14.12 at 13:03

    looks ok i guess i play a metro map that doesnt allow rpg/m320/shotguns and limits nade kills to 28 so if the same happens for this im in

  • HeinHoek 03.14.12 at 13:03

    This is the day that Battlefield dies, I really am disappointed in the whole facade behind all this crap.
    I believed in them whilst everyone already had given up on them. With me saying on the forum that they will come through they always did. But I have to believe now that the good battlefield it once was will for ever be gone. Hopes up to a company that wants to give PC gamers a good teambased game, and not a dumbed down port of a game that’s designed to conquer a particular market share.

    The only good thing I can think of with this close quarter dlc is, that the COD styled players will hopefully separate from the squad based players.And then maybe things will turn around for the better in the end.

    • IUM4dBr0I 03.14.12 at 13:25


  • DBD I KILL HAJI 03.14.12 at 12:28

    CANNOT WAIT… Not a big fan of the back to Karkand maps but realllllly anxious for these ones and the armored kill pack!!!

  • bcexopowo 03.14.12 at 12:26


  • .=ACE=. 03.14.12 at 12:11

    Great work guys, looking forward to this DLC.!

  • Arrragon 03.14.12 at 11:58

    What’s this? Battlefield? Jesus DICE! Amazing how money can change point of view …

  • allcaponne35 03.14.12 at 11:48

    Forget COD fanboys camping on corners…imagin 8 FRAG USAS vs 8 FRAG USAS…Because that is exsacley how it is going to “feel and play”…just like Metro today can be… give me a servers without frags and you got me for another 700h and all the DLC you can offer…

    • DBD I KILL HAJI 03.14.12 at 12:30

      if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen dude…. headshot the USAS fragers and bam match won!!!

  • dagashiro 03.14.12 at 11:21

    I think this will be a great DLC. A nice change of pace. Thanks DICE for all your hard work!!!

  • Balay123 03.14.12 at 10:53

    It would be awesome with out COD fanboys camping in every corner of the damn map.

  • zaelu 03.14.12 at 09:19

    If they remove completely the RPGs (they are not for indoors antipersonnel weapons ffs), limit the grenades (they are antipersonnel but thousands in a building would bring it down) and put flash bangs… I think it would be playable… Otherwise it would be No Go for me. I’ll take it for the new guns maybe.

    They should add ways to restrict weapons on servers so admins don’t need to police all the time with chat/server commands.

    Oh… AND CLEAN THE HUD PLS!!! My eyes hurt. Put the capturing clock AWAY!

  • anthmcgo 03.14.12 at 08:15

    in a way i like this but if you stop and thing about it, its going to be people using RPG and frags rounds the whole time just like Operation Metro. ands thw worse part is that the “Vets” will be using them mostly.

    • Yagyu_Jubei 03.14.12 at 10:51

      Yep. Think this DLC would be nice without all the explosive stuff. I´m getting already getting really bored playing metro with all those skilless nadespamers, AT-noobs and frag round users. At some point it only sucks.

  • Em0_BoY_Zagreb 03.14.12 at 08:10

    hmm enebody have link from real gameplay?

    • H Brun 03.14.12 at 11:03

      The gameplay trailer is recorded from our play tests, ergo it is real gameplay.

  • Calvus_X 03.14.12 at 07:37

    I can’t wait to get my ass handed to me by hackers in this new map pack!

  • RedRum331 03.14.12 at 07:04

    Think I’ll enjoy these more than the larger boring maps, (capsidian and firestorm)

  • FSLK200 03.14.12 at 06:21

    The smells of noob-tubing and RPG spam…

    • Nykona 03.14.12 at 06:51

      you know you get more Vets that do that than the noobs.

  • Big_Neuf 03.14.12 at 05:30

    This looks like great fun! Close in spaces are fun. There is no doubt that there won’t be intense battles and the need for quick thinking and awesome strategy to plan bombs and capture objectives. I think it will be a unique BF3 experience and can’t wait for the PS3 early release.

  • Coreyweb 03.14.12 at 05:00

    This looks like it could be really really fun as long as the patch balances out frag rounds and famas. I understand the people sayin’ “fix the game first”……it does have a lot of issue that need fixed and it is taking quite some time to roll out the fixes it seems (so that’s annoying). But even with all the issues I still am having TONS of fun playing the game… its just gonna get better when they patch the stuff that needs it and release these expansions. I’m quite excited.

    F.Y.I. Anyone who says that this CQ expansion is “COD” is naive. Fast – paced gunplay is not a “COD” thing…its something that should be in every FPS (as well as the vast open battles)….this is gonna be what fast paced gunplay should be like. (destructible environments is what makes it SO good). As long as the environments are very much destructible it’ll be a blast.

    I’m also just as excited about the big map, vehicle stuff they’re doing. It all looks awesome. I love DICE. Even with all the issues with the game and unbalanced stuff they still make a game that is 3 times more fun than any other shooter I’ve played. (I’ll always have a soft spot for Halo though, I love that game too)

  • crome44caliber 03.14.12 at 04:34

    why the hell are you all complaing? this game is seriously the best game i have EVER played – clitches & bug happen (in EVERY GAME) this add looks great – cant wait ————- break out them claymores on your asses! lol

  • Suck_My_Tank 03.14.12 at 04:23

    honestly…. if i wanted to play cod I’d play it. here’s a tip for you, just remake bf2 with the current unlock system so you can stop trying and failing… thanks new dice team.

  • Stiingz 03.14.12 at 04:22

    No kidding pigeon! Like fix the game some of us are suffering lockups, errors etc.. just to play! BEFORE you make addons please. I would be twice my level if I never lost all those points locking up near the end of the game.. ALOT .. of the time :<

  • ppppigeon 03.14.12 at 03:49

    Its hard to get excited as your latest browser plugin update rendered the game completely broken for me. Its awesome. thanks for that.

  • mc2w 03.14.12 at 03:45

    “Claiming new territory, Frostbite 2 style.”

    More like “Trodding old territory that the game we’re trying to be has already been.”

    • Coreyweb 03.14.12 at 05:21

      You are naive. (and I’m not just trying to attack you and say you’re dumb). You’re just oblivious if you think that fast-paced gunplay (indoor, or outdoor) doesn’t belong in a shooter. It IS old territory. It was old territory even in COD’s infant years. Doesn’t mean it should never be walked on again. It was in BF2, it was in BFBC1&2, it’s part of/should be part of every shooter. The great thing is that DICE looks like they’re gonna do it right ((as long as the patch balances out the guns more (AKA frag rounds and famas)) Not only are DICE’s maps on a completely different level of awesomeness than other shooters (even the maps they make that I don’t like that much), but destructible environments blow all other shooters completely out of the water.

      To say that this CQ expansion is COD or that DICE is trying to “be COD” is hilarious…. AGAIN……for the billionth time…its the standard “COD has guns… every other shooter is dumb and trying to be like COD if they have guns” argument. Its so childish and naive…..and frankly just retarded.

      • s3kShUn8. 03.14.12 at 06:27

        personally I see this as a giant FINGER to COD saying “Hey, we can do what you do but 10x better”
        also from a economical market view its just smart. There IS a demand for this type of gameplay so why not add it as an OPTION in BF3? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. simple as that. Why pay for ELITE membership to just get content early? and a few minor perks that really don’t enhance or add to gameplay? COD instead of broadening their market are catering to the same clientele with the same product allowing you to get something one month in advance (technically they are holding out on the majority for those that cant afford an extra $60 payment. While DICE give a good majority of First day buyers free DLC down the road. In any case the complexity of this game is INSANE the amount of things going on the player might not even be aware of as far as both the graphics and the sound coding goes. I mean I’ve seen the Frostbite 2 logic node tree and there is literally over 100 things going on to the sound before a player hears it. That’s just an insane amount of coding for a sound. In the mean time COD is using 1 gun sound with changed pitch for every gun, OH and lets not forget, I you think USAS-12 is bad in BF3 go find a video of the MW3 AA12 cyclical ROF and compare it to USAS, AND THANK GOD it nowhere resembles that POS.

  • _JacKenLy_ 03.14.12 at 02:50

    i think EA and DICE want to entice COD fan follow them! yes it good for thier business! i hope they don’t forget thier fan!

  • ThePandaMan80 03.14.12 at 02:33 is where to get more details on Battlefield 3 and MORE! You can find tons of screen shots of Close Quarters too!

  • KILLxBILL_1 03.14.12 at 02:32

    You realize they showed 2 new weapons just in the trailer, right? the acw and the L86A1 not the similar L85A2 the was in b2k
    We need a combo i like getting in jets just as much as the next guy

    anyone who says i am not a battlefield fan
    I own bf 1942, 1943, 2142, bad co. 1, bad co.2, bf3, bf Vietnam, bf2, and both bf heros and bf play4free, so all of them
    and never owned a single COD
    I also bought the 10th anniversary pack for MOH but it was a dark time. I couldn’t help it.

  • Armand86 03.14.12 at 02:28

    Looks awesome but i hope they deactivate m320 and rocketlauncher on that maps else it will just end like metro crowded with fags …

  • RangerEcho 03.14.12 at 02:23

    I tried this and I was astonished on how detailed and refined this was.

  • Anonumiss 03.14.12 at 02:09

    I’m actually excited for Close Quarters. Though I am an avid fan of large scale vehicular warfare (especially air warfare, I’ve got several service stars with both jets and scout helicopters and am currently working on attack choppers) I do like to change it up every now and again. On consoles, BF3 simply doesn’t have enough players in each match to fill some of the maps. The result is slower gameplay and less action. Close Quarters will add a mix to the bag of awesome that is BF3. Keep it up EA and DICE

  • ICEMAN47X 03.14.12 at 02:04

    New skinns yes that’s what we need and new guns

  • Expice 03.14.12 at 01:58

    I dont see something else than a new map… Not even new Player skins!
    I mean realy… Not every US assault is black…
    Is it a problem to implement some new skinns?

  • wolfpaws 03.14.12 at 01:58

    I agree with everyone , TRUE BF fans are the ones asking for larger maps , not smaller maps. TRUE BF are the ones that have never played death match. The reason we play any BF game is because of tanks, jeeps , planes, 4 wheelers, jet skis, choppers, and huge maps to attack bases on. And squad/ team based HUGE games,That,s what makes BF stand out, not trying to be like that other crap(MW3). Operation metro should be made Rush only, REMOVE all DM type game play , please
    I did not buy MW3 ,and will not buy this expansion. I did buy BF3 for PC and xbox, that,s how much I support BF, Please don,t conform to the lame……

  • {CZS}Dedbiker_1 03.14.12 at 01:20

    Close Quarters, can we get some squad based comms? The game isnt complete without it. It is just so fricking frustrating to not be able to talk with random squad members. Was game advertised to try to be lifelike? Update that, and you’ve got something.. We really cannot stand having coms based in a browser outside of game. If your going through all of the fun of putting together new expansions. Why not fix this issue.

    • crackers25 03.14.12 at 03:11

      Couldnt agree with you more. I find its the most important thing missing from this game… Its reason why i play cs source over bf3 these days… WE NEED VOICE CHAT with randoms for teamwork! cs has more team work than bf3… thats just wrong

  • zach-212218 03.14.12 at 01:12

    looks great can’t wait!

  • poqljsprinter 03.14.12 at 00:47

    spawn trap
    spawn trap
    what you gonna do?
    im gonna shotgun
    the shit out of you!

  • KillSwitchSolid 03.14.12 at 00:34

    This is a great chance for the people who think the big vehicles maps are unbalance. just plain”o”soldier tactics. Sounds good to me.

    • poqljsprinter 03.14.12 at 00:45

      yeah it def get ride of the noob cod players for when fall comes out and we dominate

  • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:21

    You guys have never heard of Rainbow Six, have you? These maps aren’t like CoD at ALL. More like Rainbow Six. Look up some gameplay and go out and buy it.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.14.12 at 00:14 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • ROBO_pigg 03.14.12 at 00:14

    Oh god. I can see it now. Two words: USAS noobs.

  • poqljsprinter 03.14.12 at 00:04

    i can see that dice and EA are making a difference on the community Excellent Job! Keep it up!

    once this new huge patch is released and they get this dlc see out this game will have a huge impact on the community. I’m predicting towards the positive side; as long has the keep the news coming.

    horns in jeeps!!!!

    think about 1 Air Superiority Map

  • ikbensuperieur 03.13.12 at 23:50

    Cod producers looking at the video: Oh my god, they are trying to be like us? Oh wait, they got graphics!

    Awesome video, is has it all.

  • sandman211 03.13.12 at 23:50

    I hope they include the MP5k and the K.R.I.S.S. for the SMG weapons… also they said all current game modes would be on the maps plus a new one coming with the June dlc. “Bach says all four maps support every pre-existing gameplay mode, plus a brand new one the studio isn’t revealing just yet. To keep these more intimate encounters from feeling overcrowded, DICE is also dropping the player count”

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 03.13.12 at 23:44

    “Sgt-No0ne 03.13.12 | 22:34
    You guys are idiots, if I wanted to play Cod guess what I would buy Cod, you can take close quarters and shove it up your ass !”

    ??? what… you seriously compare BF3 and COD just because there is a TDM mode. Whoes really the idiot now….? So what you actually are saying is that every game that have a TDM game mode is just like COD. How fucking lame can you get……its not like COD was the onse that invented TDM, so……..hmmmmm…..well it properly dossent help explaining it to you, since you properly wount understand it anyway, with the VERY small about of braincells you have. ;0)

    • KillSwitchSolid 03.14.12 at 00:14

      Dude… all I want to say is… your ignorant ! And that how can you dislike something you never made… Just appreciate what people give you. (fact) you want people to understand you…just be brief and proper about it…don’t go using foul language, trust me… Your not going to be herd.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 23:24 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • yzark2 03.13.12 at 22:41

    If it’s right what i saw is that you can duck and hide behind walls and stuff? would be awesome!:D

  • LeBronJames50 03.13.12 at 22:39

    in the trailer it looked like the guy had a new animation where you ‘hug the wall’

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 22:38 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • Sgt-No0ne 03.13.12 at 22:34

    You guys are idiots, if I wanted to play Cod guess what I would buy Cod, you can take close quarters and shove it up your ass !

    • Cpt. fl0W 03.13.12 at 22:49

      Indeed! I´m looking foreward for all this shotgun spamming fools on this little maps -.-

      • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:22

        I think there’ll be servers that kick/ban people for using shotguns, much like many Metro servers do for explosions.

    • production_11 03.13.12 at 23:43

      You can take COD and shove it up your ass!!! Go away you troll!!!

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 03.13.12 at 22:31

    Looks very cool. Great you guys at DICE made some more TDM maps, plus it also sounds great with the upcoming enlargements of existing maps in the coming patch. :0)

  • harbin-1 03.13.12 at 22:21

    It seems lot of fun, I pretty sure my friend Eric and Ted would like jump from here to there in the “skybar”, we will see…..

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 22:11 Is the best place to get news on Battlefield 3 and MORE!

  • growking 03.13.12 at 22:01

    ? when should we redownload b2k for the fix

  • Benjammin75 03.13.12 at 21:53

    My main question concerning this “close quarters” dlc….. is it only TDM or will there be conquest and rush modes?? The trailer only shows TDM.

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:23

      They said all the modes + a new one.

      • Benjammin75 03.14.12 at 02:31

        Awesome, thanks for that info. In that case I think personally this dlc will rock, just cause it’s small maps does not mean it’s anything other than battlefield. I personally don’t see how you could possibly compare to COD.

  • Sebber925 03.13.12 at 21:48

    All those friggin’ people whining about smaller maps, starting to be Modern Warfare. First, comparing it to that game is utter bullshit, as Battlefield stands FAAAAAAAAAAAR above that piece of crap. Second, if you like this, you buy it, if not, then NOT. Logical, nay? Stop whining! DLC =More fun!

  • H4YWlR3 03.13.12 at 21:48

    Not going to bother with this one. This one is more for the kids. It’ll be like most Metro servers. Nothing but Rocket and Grenade spam. If I find that there are enough east coast servers rulesets that exclude the use of these weapons, I may reconsider buying this one. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the other expansions.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.13.12 at 21:46 is the best place to find out about Battlefield 3 and MORE! There is 4 new screen shots of Close Quarters so you should check them out!

  • EscJimBo 03.13.12 at 21:44

    About time people wake up…….. I’ve played them all, Desert Combat was awsome..But after that they keep cutting down the map size, because some ones kid cried about it took to lone to find someone to kill them. There game plan is to put out DLC and charge to make money. If they have to spend little time to make it well hey that’s ok more money for them. I have ranted and ranted on WHY? You have a great game why are you trying to ruin it by making smaller and smaller maps. Remember El Al You had to use your head and plan a attack Now you spawn and kill or get killed. Come on people if your not going to expand on a great game sell it to someone who will. Why ruin it?

    What happened to the AC130 the A10 the Scud, mobile artillery, SAM come on we don’t have little mines here, we use out heads why don’t you use yours? I’m not going to buy the Inf maps up that crap. If I wanted to play Inf I would be playing COD or MW get a clue !

  • heritage1015 03.13.12 at 21:40

    When can we preorder??!!??

  • joey1995456 03.13.12 at 21:33

    i think dice is trying to have moar diversity in there maps most are open world maps with 2 “indoor” maps and i think will have fans want the (what i think) 10 more assignments for even more guns. i am a good cod player and a good BF3 player and when i want fast paced gameplay i go with COD slower gameplay BF3 and i think this will be worth all of MW3 in (hopefully) a 15$ package

  • Atolos 03.13.12 at 21:18

    the target is COD and AVA players to catch them too…. if you dont like the DLC dont buy it wait for the next 2 after CQ.

  • Madgamer81 03.13.12 at 21:00

    EA and Dice, Remember now the ACR has a gas piston system. Please don’t screw up the gun play for this weapon. A 5.56x45mm with a gas piston system should be fairly controllable. Even with no compensator, the ACR should experience very little if no muzzle climb at all. Even full auto. Can’t wait to finger bang an ACR.

  • sniper4102 03.13.12 at 20:47

    a return of the thompson and the uzi would be nice

  • TIMov66 03.13.12 at 20:46

    I want to try at the LSAT LMG,Looks like it could send everyone crawling on the floor.

  • Durex_Cro 03.13.12 at 20:33

    M1 Garand plizzz

  • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 20:28

    OH YEAS THX Rendering Frame

    THX ALL EA AND BF cant wit buy it

    • Madgamer81 03.13.12 at 20:43

      It about time they bring the ACR to Battlefield. I’m tired of seeing just the POS Scar.

  • chemicalbliss 03.13.12 at 20:27

    Mixed feelings, this could be awesome, or be really crap. “The tight level design and vertical gameplay means death can come from any angle” – I die enough on metro ffs. There _will_ be choke points, and since most times teams are fairly uneven I cannot imagine how bad one side will get spawn raped. Interested to see what they have done to try to prevent this….

  • LarryLouisFacer 03.13.12 at 20:16

    2 b honest i thnk ur all lookin at ths tha wrong way, there are very few maps that dont hav tanks or sum sort of vehicle durin rush and cq, 2 me (and im sure im not tha only 1) ths will b a breath of fresh air, strictly infantry battle, cuz im tired of runnin sumwhere nd get wrecked by a tank round, i personally cant wait, nd 2 make these suitable for rush nd cq which they will theyll have 2 b fairly large, either large areas per floor or multiple floors (more than 3, prob more than 4 or 5)

    • BLINDKITTY185 03.13.12 at 20:46

      I know I’m not the only one who thinks this X ) but u r stupid. There is an “infantry mode” in the server browser, duh! I’ve personally never played it, but I’ve been told there is only jeeps at the most.

  • TIMov66 03.13.12 at 20:14

    hope I get my MG3 back,Because it looks lik im going to need it.

  • TIMov66 03.13.12 at 20:12

    Looks like NoN-Stop Action to me,Looking forward to playing the DLC.

  • Sadsand 03.13.12 at 20:10

    The expansion looks amazing, I can’t wait. I do have a few comments though that I think could add a great aspect to the game.

    The first was a map that didn’t always take place in a town or city or somewhere with buildings. There are a lot of battles that take place in mountainous regions or areas that are completely dominated with natural features and wildlife. I think it would be cool to have a small mountain range as a map that is heavily wooded and has other features. Having different ridges and valleys and just natural features would create a great aspect to this already amazing game.

    This second comment I wanted to post was about game modes. I have seen that many other people have similar comments. I think that a new game mode would really create a whole new feel to the battlefield franchise. One mode that I would like to see would be a hardcore no re-spawn mode. I know that many people would not play this mode, but there have been games in the past (SOCOM) that were really successful and were predominantly no re-spawn. I think this game mode would help solidify the team based play and grab many fans that the recent SOCOM game abandoned.

    In the end I still enjoy Battlefield how it is and know that DICE has made an amazing game and incredible franchise.

    • Rendering Frame 03.13.12 at 20:13


    • Sadsand 03.13.12 at 20:13

      From my earlier post I would also like to add that if there was a hardcore no-respawn mode the vehicles would have to be removed or restricted because of their power or they would have to be much easier to destroy.

    • BLINDKITTY185 03.13.12 at 20:52

      Wouldn’t it be cool to have a map in the rainforest, or a heavily wooded temporate forest. Have like 50 times the vegetation as on Caspian Border! They really need to bring back SNOW maps too. I know we’re fighting in the middle east somewhere and a few of the mountains have snow on them. Or we could “stealthily” invade RUSSIA.

    • growking 03.13.12 at 22:05

      it better have conquest and rush

  • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 20:10

    MAPS : Ice RAINING ….

    very cool !

  • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 19:57


    EA – BF – DICE

    • Rendering Frame 03.13.12 at 20:09

      I think there will be an ACR I just watched a youtube video where they broke down the trailer and pointed out the weapons

      • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 20:20

        yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx u lol i.m soooooooooo happy

        cant wittttttt buy

      • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 20:26

        yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa thxxxx u very thx

        and thx u Rendering Frame^^

        cant wit buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        special THX TO all (EA – BF – ) THX U

  • xXCrOnIkBlUnTzXx 03.13.12 at 19:56

    I had a idea for a new DLC on top of all of this.. I was thinking of like a CAPTURE THE HOSTAGE kind of game-mode where as the defenders/ defend the hostage and the attackers try to capture the hostage, I think it would lead to a more tatical gameplay experince for shure!! (just an idea)!! what does everyone think??

    • leatherm0nkey 03.13.12 at 20:06

      I’m up for that, as a HC-version would make people really think their movement and tactics.

    • Rendering Frame 03.13.12 at 20:09

      Sounds GOOD really make things “tactical” +1

    • growking 03.13.12 at 22:07

      yea like extraction on socom. that shit made for some epic showdowns

  • JJSADIQ 03.13.12 at 19:50

    I think some of you need to calm down and just wait for the patch. This dlc Looks incredible! I love the indoor levels on BF3 because it is so realistic. Keep up the incredible work DICE! COD is gathering dust on my shelf as we speak because of this game.

  • ALBERTWESKER075 03.13.12 at 19:49

    thx u EA AND ALL Battlefield
    PLZZ -( ACR- GUN ) PLZZ EA!!!

  • xXCrOnIkBlUnTzXx 03.13.12 at 19:46

    hmmm…. You guys are all braindamged I think… this is going to be a verry competive dlc, a complete imersive experince, and finally the sound scape i bet is going to un-F-N real. I can’t wait for this experince.. I am a battlefield fan and I think you guys really just need to wind down your jets.. jeez you all sound like jacked up call of duty fans anyway… ROFL :-D

  • Hypno85 03.13.12 at 19:41

    p.s I more excited for the patch!

  • Hypno85 03.13.12 at 19:36

    Dice I normally have nothing but praise for you but….sorry to say I ain’t paying for this. Even if you gave it to me, I would mark these maps off in the server browser. Its pandering to the COD kiddies and not staying true to Battlefield unfortunately.

    Battlefield should be big maps with jets,heli’s,boat, cars, tanks and apc’s. Like BF1942, BF2, BF2142 they were all played for years and are still exciting to play. I will probably buy Battlefield 3: Armored Kill as it stay true to the battlefield experience.

  • Ghostrider00769 03.13.12 at 19:23

    Looks like a DAO Meets FUBAR Party! Oohrah!

  • Boats_N_Hose13 03.13.12 at 19:21

    Jesus this board is full of the same bunch of cry babies that go into metro and whine. Tell me what fun it is to run around for 20 minutes and some camping tool sniper pick you off. More action = more fun. For the cry babies you might want to check out the most commonly played map right now in BF3.

  • UkReconzz 03.13.12 at 19:09

    looks cool but people going to be running around with the usas frag rounds

    • Bossmangeo 03.13.12 at 19:20

      Do u know that the server host can add restrictions on what weapons to be used in each map? Maybe not lol… You can make this map a straight pisto map. Oh how i miss raibow six 3.. years ago. I use to play that game all night

    • Kay1 03.13.12 at 19:20

      an easy solution: play servers with no usas, nor rpg, no m320 and this noob stuff :D

  • m_a_m_b_a--- 03.13.12 at 18:52


    what are the other six ?

    i want a honey badger with selectable loadout and of course, a SIG 226

    • Madgamer81 03.13.12 at 19:15

      I would like to see a Taurus Judge. With the ability to choose 410 or 45 Colt Long

  • GREXisanig 03.13.12 at 18:52

    this looks like its going to be really intense. everybody chill out this is probably something dice is just doing to get more time to finish fall dlc which will definitely bring back the original battlefield feel. also i bet End Game is going to be epic

  • METALMACHINE 75 03.13.12 at 18:51

    I’m a little skeptical about it but it does look pretty fun mostly because the HD destruction. And i do miss some close quarters some times so ill will probably get it.

  • vitoka79 03.13.12 at 18:36

    I got a bad feeling about thiss DLC.How its gona work on Conquest?One flag on first floor,second flag on second floor etc.?Or are these maps only for Team Deathmatch?

  • LoneGunmanWASD 03.13.12 at 18:26

    Nice to get some close quarters maps. Just hope they took some advantage of destruction beyond the obvious walls you can shoot out…a couple of platforms or bridges that can be blown out to drop peeps or to drop on peeps would be awesome.

  • sylentshooter 03.13.12 at 18:21

    The L85A1 has three versions. One is a normal rifle, another is a marksman, and the one you see is the LMG version simply known as the L85A1 LMG. The gun you are referring to is completely different. But I could be wrong, because they have similar features. Don’t hold me too it! :P

  • Shiro22 03.13.12 at 18:19

    From what I understand DICE got a promotional offer from sony (playstation). Unfortunately, PC runs through many many many companies, (i.e. Dell, Alienware, homemade, even MACs running bootcamp like me). It makes it very difficult to promote PC unless they collectively agree on something. Consoles, on the other hand, have an opportunity to soponsor BF3 because their platform is a unitary company. I suppose Microsoft could do so as well if they wanted to.

    But don’t worry too much, just be excited for the DLC and patches coming out! It takes time to develop, code, and fix issues. I can’t imagine the coding that comes along with a game that has so much happening in it. =]

    • Asdflvr 03.13.12 at 18:22

      I still don’t get it,”Hey guys PS3 gets the DLC one week early!” Oh my my! I have to go buy me a PS3 and battlefield now! I never understood why one platform gets one thing such as DLC first seems a very pointless and irritating. But i guess thats just me :/

  • sylentshooter 03.13.12 at 18:17

    One thing that I want to ask. Will the weapons be able to be brought over to the old maps as well? just like B2K?

  • pablodiablo316 03.13.12 at 18:16

    Uh not entirely convinced here, not whining just confused, the 2 new guns I saw in the vid ACW-R was in COD MW2, it sucked and the L85A1, why do we need an older version of a gun we already have from back to karkand? Or is it just a naming error and we are getting the L86LSW instead? that would be pretty cool, but it would also be another CODMW2 gun.

    4 maps, supposedly 10 new guns according to battlelog, hmmm
    Like the way the maps tear apart and it could be fun, but I am not totally convinced by this is all. Hope it works tho as I love BF:) As long as the price is right, it wont annoy too much I guess, but if its 4 maps It better not be some stupid price for it!

    • Madgamer81 03.13.12 at 18:22

      I would take an ACR over a POS Scar anyday.

      • pablodiablo316 03.13.12 at 18:24

        There is that i suppose, only used the scar for about 3 mins i think lol didnt like it

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:28

      1. There’s no such thing as “a gun from CoD”.
      2. The maps are more like Rainbow Six.
      3. There are several versions of the L85.

  • Asdflvr 03.13.12 at 18:15

    I seriously don’t understand why PS3 is getting all the expansions 1 week early, sorry for being/sounding butthurt but didn’t they say BF3 was for the PC and not the fucking PS3?

    • sylentshooter 03.13.12 at 18:17

      It was something that Sony and DICE/EA made a deal for :P If you recall, they released the first footage of the game at E3 on the PS3

    • pablodiablo316 03.13.12 at 18:18

      PC has the least volume of sale overall, I may play on PS3 but I hear you on this, the packs should all be at the same damn time for eve1

    • llKR470Sll 03.13.12 at 18:54

      Yes man, you’re right, you’re being/sounding butthurt… Battlefield 3 is way way way waaaaay better on PC (Xbox gamer here that have no shame or are not stupid to point otherway), BUT Battlefield 3 was made for the 3 platforms so you’re right too when you say that you can’t understand why PS3 gets the DLCs before any PC/Xbox player can put their hands on it. You bought it, I bought it and the lucky bastard PS3 gamer bought it too, so, even if the game is better on PC, that doesn’t means that you have to got all the contents first if I or the PS3 player will pay the same goddamn price (if it was free for me and not for you or the PS3 gamer then I wouldn’t mind to wait a month to get this). This is happening because of that damn Battlefield 1943 that didn’t came out with the PS3 copy of Battlefield 3… Wait and see it happening on the next DLCs too….

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:26

      It’s called sponsorship, sweety :)

  • sylentshooter 03.13.12 at 18:15

    Reminds me of securing the bank in the campaign mode… should be really interesting. :P But for the love of god I hope that people don’t use frag rounds like it’s the holy grail :D

    • pablodiablo316 03.13.12 at 18:19

      According to battlelog we can do this:)

      • pablodiablo316 03.13.12 at 18:20

        that wasnt what I typed lol! in the vid someoen was using the jackhammer shotty, but hopefully it wont be frag city, that crap got old real quick

  • GEKKO74 03.13.12 at 18:06

    {SA}StayAlive you have it right. Proper Hardcore gameplay needed. BF3 is Simulation where as COD is Arcade. Question to DICE. Why no smoke grenades? Also feel the lack of customisation of my player limits the game’s appeal.

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.13.12 at 18:13

      GEKKO74, look me up “StayAlive1″ on battle log. We’re looking to improve the gameplay and promote tactical and realistic experience.

      • GEKKO74 03.13.12 at 19:05

        I;m on XBOX, think you’re on PC ;{
        DICE couldn’t expect anyone to pay more than $12-$18 for these new maps.

  • thebirdplane 03.13.12 at 18:00

    dice please answer me why is it 1 week earlier on ps3? thought bf3 was for the pc players :/

    • Shiro22 03.13.12 at 18:09

      I know =\ I think it’s just because they got a promotional offer from sony (playstation). Unfortunately, PC runs through many many many companies, (i.e. Dell, Alienware, homemade even MACs running bootcamp like me). It makes it very difficult to promote PC unless they collectively agree on something. Consoles, on the other hand, have an opportunity to essentially soponsor BF3 because their platform is a unitary company. I suppose Microsoft could do so as well if they wanted to.

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.13.12 at 17:58

    Bunch of us left COD because of the small crowded maps & ridicules game play. We moved to Battlefield 3 just because of the bigger maps & vehicles(still lacking true hardcore mode BTW, current hardcore settings, on ranked servers, are still too weak). Changing the True Battlefield experience will result in changing players, 1/2 of our clan has already left BF3. The question is: What is the real motives behind these decisions? To draw more and more COD fans or to stay true to Battlefield fans…I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • CREEPIN_DEATH86 03.13.12 at 18:05

      theres 3 expansions coming not just this one, and its option, nobody is forcing people to play in close quarters all the time, its more maps and weapons, more choice i like choice, i am a bf player and really dont like cod, its weak at everything, bf3 is so damn different, armored kill will be great and we know nothing about the last 1, could be amazing, but anyways just play the best fps ever or dont. thats your CHOICE

  • Madgamer81 03.13.12 at 17:47

    I play BF3 on PS3. I don’t know how things are on PC but Close Quarters does not seem logical for Battlefield to release. Granted it will keep those pesky Snipers away but then you have another problem. If EA and Dice’s intentions are to gain more newcomers to transition from COD to BF3 it will fail. Most players with the highest ranking will ruin a newcomers experience since most of these players carry around USAS12′s with Frag rounds. Battlefield 3 has recently become invested with players taking advantage of this weapon. Operation Metro is bad enough with this on going issue. Which is why I now avoid that map. Close Quarters will just be worse.

    • CREEPIN_DEATH86 03.13.12 at 17:55

      rent a servers, or whatever they are called coming for ps3 will hopefully stop players using it, i am a pc players which means every single server has rules and admins, which is handy, i hate frag rounds i dont use them anymore cheap kills are for shit players, i hope it doesnt ruins console players experoience

    • Bossmangeo 03.13.12 at 19:31

      OOOOmg lol … Sever host can add restrictions on this map so it can be only pstol’s duhhhhh..

  • GEKKO74 03.13.12 at 17:47

    Love BF3 emigrated from COD. This type of map will appeal to the COD crowd and also introduce the BF players to the new close quarters and will most likely stop camping because of the close proximity of the players and small rooms. Still prefer large maps. But the main issue I have with this is the release date. It makes not sense. It’s miles away and if Ghost Recon turns out to be any use I can see a lot of people going for that game and forgetting about BF3. Surely it would make more sense to release these maps a week before the release fo Ghost Recon. I would have thought Friday May 16th would be an ideal date.

  • CREEPIN_DEATH86 03.13.12 at 17:45

    The expansion looks great, really cant wait, and people calm down it will get patched and and servers will ban usas/jackhammer and most if not all explosves so you can fight with weapons and not just blow everything up.
    the 2 new weapons shown are – ACW-R which is like a scar :(, and wait for it ………..L85A 1 the original british assault rifle, minus the jamming lol

    • TrackpadUser 03.13.12 at 17:51

      Its ACR, not ACW-R and the L85 is already in the game, its the second unlockable AR from B2K.

      • CREEPIN_DEATH86 03.13.12 at 17:59

        eeerrrrm no its the L85A 1, the one currently in the game is the A2 version, this new one is the original british made beast and it is ACW-R it says it in the kill you nobhead lol

  • kHRYSTIK 03.13.12 at 17:45


    Hey DICE you really need to read this!
    Iam an competitive bf3 player, if you guys want bf3 to be really bigger than it is now you guys need to fix spectator mode for bf3, it’is the first big step if you guys want bf3 to be big in E-SPORT.
    I have all my trust for you guys.

  • TriForceElf 03.13.12 at 17:32

    People do complain about everything don’t they?
    The Spring patch coming up nerfs and adjusts a lot of things.
    Weapons, Maps, and Vehicle wise, pretty much everything.
    Don’t you people read anything on the Battlelog?
    Not everybody likes large maps, just like not everybody likes small maps.
    Get over it, as long as people are playing Battlefield over the competition, it’s a Win in my book and their pockets.
    That and not every game is perfected when it comes out.
    Stop complaining about things wrong with the game and just wait it out and enjoy it while you do so.
    Sole reason a lot of developers hate gamers is because they are never happy.
    You demand so much from these people, yet you aren’t doing the work.
    You act and talk like fixing a bug or adjusting some modifiers just involves a quick second click and things are fixed.
    Grow the hell up and realize that there is much more going on than your damn wants.

    • NX-1079 03.13.12 at 17:33

      Too right mate. I completely agree with you.

    • Tha Super Devil 03.13.12 at 17:50

      They absolutely do I am so tired of hearing the complainers get the fuck over yourselves if you don’t wan’t to play the game don’t play the damn game. ANyways looks awesome I can’t wait to shoot out a wall to get somebody out from behind this is going to be fun and anybody thinking this is like COD are just plain dumb I have never been able to rip out an entire much less a whole building.

    • Jethro_Spurn 03.13.12 at 17:55

      Damn right man

    • Boats_N_Hose13 03.13.12 at 19:37

      Agree 100%

  • dap88 03.13.12 at 17:29

    Looks great. For me I love the closer combat and I’ve never even played MW2 or 3, I’m straight from CS 1.6. I really like to play competitively and we need features like a recorder and spectator mode for this game to succeed in the E-sports community. Please just give us those 2 features in this upcoming patch and I will be happy.

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:35

      But then ghosting becomes a problem. Of course, there are other uses, but you have to think.

  • Khysmet 03.13.12 at 17:24

    you guys really just need to stop whining. its a great game.

    • St4rgun 03.13.12 at 18:30

      It’s true, BF3 is a great game. But gameplay-wise BF2 (and BF2142 of course) was MUCH better, and this is really a shame. CoD always had much simpler gameplay than any Battlefield game, and it is so sad to see that this “mainstream” simplicity became the poison of the original BF style. That’s why we have now unlimited fuel and ammo for vehicles and auto repairing (!), which is nonsense. But surely the gameplay is simpler, yes. The vehicles now became disposable, a newcomer player in a jet can surely take off but will never try to land (!) because ammo and fuel are unlimited and it’s easier to jump out when the damage level is high than land and repair. This is NOT the proper attitude a “soldier” should apply.

      Now we should miss so important features like a usable commo-rose, commander mode and Battlerecorder. And I am not whining for new, ultra modern features, but those which were ALREADY IMPLEMENTED in a Battlefield-franchise game several years ago! That’s the truth, the original Battlefield veterans are missing those features and they feel the new BF gameplay “cheaper” or “more arcade-like”.

  • ASF_Mith 03.13.12 at 17:20

    Gonna pass on the first one, “Close Quarters”. Reminds me too much of playing on a console. I play PC to have large maps and avoid the consoles becasue of the repetitive “Spawn, Shoot, Die, repeat” gameplay. “Armored Kill” looks promising.

  • Elderkruegger 03.13.12 at 17:10

    +1000 : first you decided to make this horrible battlelog which avoid me join correctly my friends and wich forced me to launch this insipid storymode to be able to modify the resolution of the game. All this to hide the long time it takes to load this game. And now you sell maps little by little as if it was a plus whereas we bought an unfinished game !!! Continue this way and you will loose your community. I’ve played every battlefield games until today, but your game developpement marketing makes me reconsider my confidence and my fidelity. Would you buy a car without a working motoor neither wheels because you hope it will work someday ? We are definitly taken for milk cows as we say in France. Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin maurice, t’as bouffé tous les choco-suisses !!! :(

    • waka4321 03.13.12 at 17:19

      true example of a call of duty player right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Khysmet 03.13.12 at 17:20

      i dont know whats up this guys butt, but i am a huge fan of Battlefield. I love the weapon choices and how they have thier own sound just like in real life. Finally a game that takes bullet drop and kick and makes it real! Seriously what is wrong with this game? nothing that i can complain about!

  • Roksup 03.13.12 at 17:09

    At 0:37 you can see the gun he’s using is the ACW-R

  • Chocolate--God 03.13.12 at 17:08

    nice trailer :D soundtrack was awesome. but please release the patch asap. i know you guys are working on massive patch. but you know patch is impotent for us. thank you. see you on battlefield.

  • strYker555 03.13.12 at 16:58

    Ok DICE listen up. If you want to get massive respect from the BF3 community you should do these two things:

    1. Release the patch FIRST. People have serious issues with this game. BF3 is a great game that can be greater, fix the problems and tweak the balancing properly. Also stop doing huge patches please, do smaller patches with more frequency.

    2. Sorry but the Close Quarters DLC should be free to all. Many of those who are cussing about DLC now will play the CQ maps as it is free. You can charge for the Armored Kill and End Game DLCs but give us a break with the CQ DLC, DICE.

    Please consider these things DICE, the BF3 community will respond favourably.

    • King_Killya 03.14.12 at 00:36

      1) A big patch is better. Most people hate having to constantly upgrade every time they want to play, and then wonder if the patch will be stable on top of that. Some changes will have the chance to be tested for longer or reconsidered if the nerf or tweak goes too far.

      2) I want to pay for upgrades…WHY?? … well it gives EA/DICE an incentive to keep adding content and improving the game rather than doing a few 1/2 way tweaks and moving on to the next game development. We all want MOAR and $ talks.

      MOAR Vehicle Maps!!!!
      Extreeme Hardcore Mode (aka. reality) 1 shot = down and crawling and/or dead

  • aro52 03.13.12 at 16:55

    This could be fun… as long as auto shotties, rockets, and nade launchers are banned on ALL servers! Also hope that these maps have actual flanking opportunities, instead of a single pinch point. (see: Op Metro)

    • hardpbandj 03.13.12 at 16:59

      if they banned auto shoties launchers and nade launchers it wouldnt be the bf3 experience. im 100% sure u cant bann weapons in the military for certian fights. get over it

  • Sergioh91 03.13.12 at 16:41


  • Mcb0lt 03.13.12 at 16:38

    Ohh nooo. New shotguns -.-

  • SenorFresco5321 03.13.12 at 16:37

    Who is making your product decisions? Look at your own “Which are you most excited about?” poll results … your patch is taking so long that people want it more than your next DLC – people never prefer fixes to content! 15% want your next scheduled DLC, whereas 36% want the one after that!

    Players I’ve friended since BF2 have stopped playing. Hell, folks have even gone back to playing BFBC2.

    Get it together. Thank you

  • RandyZie 03.13.12 at 16:34

    I can’t wait…for a bf DLc. Guess I have to wait 6 months for a decent patch (that should have been broken up into smaller patches) and another 6 for decent dlc.

  • dattatele 03.13.12 at 16:24

    Awesome , can’t wait to play
    But first give us patch for bugs, lag, etc. So we can enjoy this awesome game

  • M535D 03.13.12 at 16:20

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play it.
    Well done DICE!
    From the small minority of people that enjoy playing your games, instead of complaining…

  • bibiboggs 03.13.12 at 16:19

    So The Guys Playing There, Is The One Who`s Playing the Battlefield 3 Trailers?

  • insomnatech 03.13.12 at 16:00

    WoW, I did not think i was going to like this DLC but after that video i cant wait. It looks amazing, a hole new aspect of the game. Close Quarters sounds like it would’t fit BF3 but that video says otherwise. good job DICE.

  • cleanslate508 03.13.12 at 15:52

    please tell me there’s some form of Conquest on these CQ maps. If this is Team/Squad Deathmatch only I’ll just have to pass on this one.

  • Delavonboy12 03.13.12 at 15:42

    Same old story, but… Paaaaatch!
    I realy dont care for info on the next DLC, when im still awaiting the patch. In my oppinion, you should focus on getting thet out a bit earlier, instead of telling us details on the DLC…

  • brickkwall 03.13.12 at 15:12

    i love the battlefield franchise from day one. i’ve never played COD. i love how this DLC looks, it will definitely change the pace of the game, just like Operation Metro does. I am looking forward to it, I just hope that the Conquest mode will still be present.

    • Coppers15 03.13.12 at 15:29

      I think they’ll keep QC, Op Metro is a QCB map but it’s not that small so i guess the maps will be big enough for QC.

  • Be_eM_aRe 03.13.12 at 15:00

    Smh only the GAME NERDS are bitching! This game is thee best war game out yet! The only DLC I actually care for is the RANDOM NIGHT & WEATHER CHANGES! DICE/FROSTBITE U CAN DO IT!!!

    • Be_eM_aRe 03.13.12 at 15:04

      Oh & putting frag shells in a shotgun?? I kill every last one of those guys from a distance! #FRAGKILLER

  • Ohd4mn 03.13.12 at 14:57

    Was that an L86 LSW in the vid? I’m stoked. As a player who likes to use every gun at least a little bit I can’t wait for this, and who cares if it’s close quarters maps, they’ll still be fun 10 new guns. And to those who are complaining that its only CQB maps, there will be vehicle only maps coming out later too.

  • sandman211 03.13.12 at 14:51

    also can someone tell me why it takes 6 months to make 4 small TDM maps? 6 months for a small map pack, this is not a expansion pack? this is nothing like back to karkland expansion pack so why is it taking so long for TDM maps? June come on!!!

    • WcDeckel 03.13.12 at 16:06

      are you fucking kidding me? if you have no idea of game design & programming just stfu

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:38

      lol u mad. They’re also making new weapons, they have to test it, and programming takes a while. So does map making. Not only that, but they have to deal with jackasses like you AND work on a huge patch.

  • Tankceo 03.13.12 at 14:48

    I won’t be buying this DLC. What a fail DLC release. This isn’t COD. Stick to battlefield maps, not COD.

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:39

      Actually, it’s more like Rainbow Six. And it’s not like there are no small fields in a war. From breaching into a house/building/whatever, to naval battles that go across hundreds of miles. So stfu.

  • tKd_OveRDozE 03.13.12 at 14:44

    COPPERS15 makes a lot off sense we still dont know whats coming for the 3 other maps

  • xcession 03.13.12 at 14:44

    Do hope this isn’t another Metro, where 3 flags are completely redundant and all the action occurs within a single point about 20 yards across.

  • Coppers15 03.13.12 at 14:42

    I know it’s QCB, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be vehicles, it’s QCB not INDOORS ONLY. That trailer could have easily had a helicopter flying around the out side of the building, but they’ve decided to leave it out of the trailer. So far we’ve only been shown one map, for all we know one of the other maps could be set in a multistory car park with a few jeeps as the only vehicles. Even if this ends up being QCB with no vehicles DLC, there’s the next DLC anyway. For anybody saying it’s going to be rubbish, go and play the CO-OP and you can see that DICE can make good QCB maps.

  • Brocass 03.13.12 at 14:42


  • tKd_OveRDozE 03.13.12 at 14:41

    i think it will be a good DLC for all ya crying about fag rounds and fagmas learn how to play and maybe it will not affect you as much and as far for CQC DLC im all up for it there is always team tactics and technics no matter what size or shape the maps are

  • sandman211 03.13.12 at 14:41

    My question is if these are only small team death match maps and don’t support the current game modes what are they charging for the 10 new weapons? because all 4 of those small maps wouldn’t equal one map from back to karkland? maybe 5.00 dollars US for 10 weapons and 4 maps that might equal one normal maps size? back to karkland was new vehicles, new weapons and 4 large maps for 15.00 dollars US! Plus i thought Dice said from the beginning that all maps would support all game modes because they made that mistake in BFBC2? If the maps offer some what bigger playing field with all game modes then it would be worth it… but you can’t charge the same thing for small maps that would equal one large map. I am I wrong?

  • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:41

    +1 my thoughts too.

  • Brocass 03.13.12 at 14:40

    Look again Dusty_DiK_82. There’s 4474 vs 925 votes and that’s not including the 4303 that would prefer to see a patch, lets split that 50/50 and we have 6625 vs 3076. 50% more people would prefer ArmoUred Kill.

  • Tankceo 03.13.12 at 14:40

    This DLC should be $5… and if its not, this will be the biggest rip off ever! lol.

    Every map Battlefield 3 supports has 6 game modes to it. Conquest Large or Conquest Assault, Conquest Small, Rush, Team Death match, Squad Death match, and Squad Rush.

    CQC will most likely only support TDM, SQDM, and maybe SQRUSH.

    I don’t get you dice… why didn’t you just design 4 Conquest Large maps each with a big building in it, and just use that for your TDM area?

  • NICKTHEHUTT 03.13.12 at 14:36

    Nice to see them rounding out the experience, Karkand was Epic…this will be the same…

  • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:34

    This looks like Rogue Spear, which would be good but it is ruined with the worst parts of Metro 32+ player “gameplay”… everyone point your gun and start shooting!!! We’ll do this for 30 minutes and then do it all over again!! YAY!… err… no thanks.

  • alive2009 03.13.12 at 14:28

    Close COD

  • Alchemist_LT 03.13.12 at 14:15


  • TrashyTim 03.13.12 at 14:13

    DON’T CARE AT ALL, Gimme the damm patch !! If I wanted close quarters I’d play Cod with the 12 yr olds!! PATCH NOW !!!

  • Sheep_Shagger_24 03.13.12 at 13:48

    close quarters sounds like carnage! cant wait for it to come out, only 1 thing that worries me is A-holes running round wiv frag rounds, in close combat they would be impossible to play against and i would end up puttin my head through my tele. ive already smashed up 2 controllers because of frag rounds on operation metro and i cant afford to keep buying them lol
    and i might sound stupid but what does DLC mean, im not into technology or computer language, just killing people and blowing stuff up lol

  • P1NK P4NZ3R 03.13.12 at 12:41

    0:21 and 0:31 Is that some sort of new cover system? Its probably just animated, but that would be really cool if they implemented a good cover system.

    • 6xSnake6x 03.13.12 at 14:37

      Good question, the cover system in Crysis2 was really awesome, and that’s the only one I’ve seen in a FPS (on pc at least). Not sure if it’s really necessary tho, would be cool nevertheless :D. I would love more of a map navigation fix tho, so many time’s while running across the map I just get stuck in a small pebble lol. And tanks being able to move smoother over obstacles, like over a car maybe, it’s pretty funny how they can go through walls no problem but those cars don’t move an inch when you crash into them, they don’t flatten out just 100% stopping power :)) Ridiculous, anyways, I’ve probably gone too far off topic. Still looking forward to more content of this DLC after all.

  • DOGGOFWAR83 03.13.12 at 12:31

    would all complainer give it a rest if you dont like it dont buy it fools. i thinks its going to kick ass. as far as i see it takes bf3 to another level change is good gives us more of a choice and gives us a chance to sharpen up on the close quarters warfare room to room slaughter love it

  • 71Dana 03.13.12 at 12:24

    It is just a flashier version of Metro, yawn, and without the patch fixes, half of those dog-tags kills would fail the first attempt. The Famas would win every face to face encounter, assuming you made it past the spammed shotgun frag rounds at all, just like in the current instance of the BF3 game.
    I bought this game because it was claimed that it was designed from the ground up for the PC, and yet at the end of the trailer, the PS3 console get it a week earlier. Like we say in Australia, “Are you taking the piss?”

    • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:27

      Well then it is good the patch will come out before the DLC aint it!? hopefully that will make people want to use other weapons on these types of maps other then USAS/Famas/320/RPG. I think there will be a lot that will go for the pdw weapons.

    • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:43


  • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:21

    Oh damn my mistake I look wrong myself LOL haha. But any have i still think people cry to much. and I am not a CoD gamer I do play it from time to time, but I have all ways bin a BF gamer first, but I still personally like both small close combat maps as well as big maps with vehicles. I want it all. variety is good if you ask me, and I done care that it is set up like this with 4 maps all close combat style and then the next 4 big maps, only thing is the time frame they have set to release them within. starting in June is a bid to long to wait.

    • Mainfold 03.13.12 at 12:24

      Would be better if they’d split it up a bit, adding CQB-maps all the DLC’s, and big maps to all etc.

      • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:57

        They’d have a chance of people actually buying all four packs that way. :) Sure they’ll sell them anyway… but I don’t think they’ll sell them to me.

  • Mainfold 03.13.12 at 12:16

    @DK_Dusty_82, that’s because it’s not a properly balanced poll, since the majority voted for “upcoming patch”, rather than DLC, if it wasn’t a part of the poll, it’d be very different results.

  • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:14

    If people would look closer, the votes on the DLC close Quarters compared to the Armored kill DLC is not far behind.

    • M0Nk4y 03.13.12 at 13:46

      Im looking closley at the poll and i still see that Armourd kill and the patch still have twice as many votes % wise over close quarters and nealry 3 times the ammount of people. So please why dont YOU look closely and give it a rest. You must be a DICE/EA emplyee fanboy or your looking at i different poll

  • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:12

    I must say people cry to much! there will be 1 DLC for the people that likes close Quarter and 1 DLC for the ones that likes BIG maps and all out warfare, and then we have to wait and see what the end game brings. Also the 1 DLC had classic big/medium maps, so that is 2 DLC’s with BIG/MEDIUM maps. Stop crying ffs.

  • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:11

    I must say people cry to much! there will be 1 DLC for the people that likes close Quarter and 1 DLC for the ones that likes BIG maps and all out veichel warfare, and then we have to wait and see what the end game brings. Also the 1 DLC had classic big/medium maps, so that is 2 DLC’s with BIG/MEDIUM maps. Stop crying ffs.

  • Mainfold 03.13.12 at 12:07

    Hate to be the one to say it, but.. WE WANT VEHICLES, not some CoD-type of warfare.
    CQB is nice in small portions, NOT in a “only”-based DLC-form, where you’re stuck with a choice of (probably) 4 maps, which are all indoor-maps that contain no vehicle warfare what-so-ever.

    If it’d been 1 or 2 maps, it would have been ok, not saying that all the maps can’t be CQB, but we can’t have indoor-only-maps, that’s a game-breaker for so many players, who play the Battlefield franchise for it’s large scale, all out, vehicle based, warfare.

    Most people who play BF3, don’t come for TDM (but, sure.. a lot of people play TDM), they come for the team and squad-based action, where there’s vehicles, MCOM’s, flags to capture.. and more role-specific gameplay.

    By releasing an indoor-only DLC, you’re making the game to ‘generic shooter’. Even though you’re doing it with the best of intentions, it’s not benefiting the majority of players, by making it a more casual-friendly game than it already is!

    I really hope I’m wrong when I say, that it looks like this DLC will only benefit small-map types of game modes, and not rush and conquest. If this is the case, this DLC will be the least selling of the bunch.

    It would be much better to release one map, each month via monthly DLC’s, rather than going all out on such specific DLC’s like this.

    A poll of “what types of maps and game modes do you like the most”, would show this.

    Please, DICE, as just a small voice of the community, please listen to what we say. We don’t want you to turn this in to yet another twitch-shooter game, like the CoD-series. Keep it original.
    Keep it Battlefield.

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:44

      Another ignorant retard…le sigh.

    • xISolid_SnakeIx 03.14.12 at 00:46

      1. Again, this isn’t CoD type. It’s more like Rainbow 6.
      2. You don’t have to buy the DLC.
      3. All the maps will support all the modes.
      4. This is still very original.

  • MDDRDOAK 03.13.12 at 12:04

    Also take note of the poll, it s the BF peoples voice right there

    • DK_Dusty_82 03.13.12 at 12:11

      If you look on it in another way, veil there are more votes on the armored kill DLC the votes on the close Quarters DLC is not far behind.

  • MDDRDOAK 03.13.12 at 12:01

    Look at the comms, we dont want to see BF turn in to COD ffs! DICE and EA must love using the USAS with FAG rounds no?

  • MDDRDOAK 03.13.12 at 11:43

    Whats ‘new direction’ about turning it in to COD??? I sincerely hope there is something else up their sleeves with this dlc because it feels like they have gone for the ole get the dolla off the fan boys before actually addressing the problems that persist now. Your losing original fans and replacing them with COD players, so much for loyalty!

  • _JacKenLy_ 03.13.12 at 11:34

    i think this map same metro with RPG, m320,… ! yes! if 4 map like that i won’t buy! it.
    no srategy! why no one think about “water war” or some thing look like “battlefield”

  • Crimson Engage 03.13.12 at 11:31

    This looks like complete shit. I won’t be buying this garbage. Call me when you pull your fat Swedish heads from your ASSHOLES.

    • H Brun 03.13.12 at 11:35

      Will do!

      • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:55

        LOL good that you’re keeping a sense of humor. I think you guys dropped the ball here big-time but I still love your series. Keep your head up!!! Oh and patch the freaking game would you? I’m a BF addict but have only played once this week.

  • sfscriv 03.13.12 at 11:29

    Demize99 (Alan Kertz, a DICE employee) on 12 FEB 2011
    “…alienating our core audience or transforming Battlefield into some generic shooter clone simply will not accomplish that. Have some bloody faith will you?”
    Demize99 on 14 FEB 2011
    “…I’m not ready to directly address your concerns this early, but I’m confident what Battlefield 3 has to offer will provide an innovative and deep Integrated Teamwork experience… It’s going to be a good year to be a hardcore Battlefield fan.”
    What happened??
    Where is the evidence of a “deep Integrated Teamwork experience” in BF3?

    • paulinacio1991 03.13.12 at 13:52

      The teamwork experience is there if you know how to use it. most of you BF players only know COD and have know idea how to do teamwork. Me and my buddys get on BF 3 and dominate the battlefield with teamwork. Battlefield 3 is only going to get better and if you don’t like what DICE has done with Battlefield 3 there is always the lame same *** COD games that are the same every dang year..

  • vector0 03.13.12 at 11:29

    Looks like Dice is trying to convert some MW fans with this one… I agree with Drumscarinbr, it’s not fun spawning, killing someone, getting killed then repeating steps 1-3 30 times in a match. But you never know, there might be a few surprises to mitigate this… *fingers crossed*

  • sfscriv 03.13.12 at 11:27

    Battlefield Evolved and Dark Knight Rises appear in retail list
    by Ben Barfitt
    9 MAR 2012
    “Also on the list is a game called ‘Battlefield Evolved’. No further details are known.
    With EA planning a big push for Medal of Honor: Warfighter this Q4, a fully-fledged Battlefield release seems unlikely. It may be that the SKU includes Battlefield 3 and all of its DLC.
    Both games are supposedly scheduled for the autumn.”
    I believe it is the part highlighted in orange and will be the final lawn dart to the head for many Battlefield fans.
    Thanks, II_PANTERA_II. Same video. Close Quarters -> Battlefield Evolved
    Nailed it COD-clone “Play it your way” – YouTube

  • drumscarinbr 03.13.12 at 11:01

    Well, the destruction looks cool, but honestly, that’s about it. It may be fun to play this style of map if it’s a huge building, but it doesn’t look that way from the trailer. I’m seeing many shots of the same rooms/areas.

    I don’t understand why people want to play a game where you get a kill and die one second later and then repeat the same process in rapid succession. Who likes that? Is it fun to get 40 kills and die 25-30 times per round (for an avg. player)??? What is wrong with getting 10-15 kills and only dying 5 times?

    Seriously people, don’t buy this crap…..UNLESS these buildings are huge and have many floors. Right now I’m only seeing about 2, maybe 3 levels of ‘vertical warfare’. There would need about 6-7 of them to make it interesting. There are going to be constant explosions from RPGs, frag rounds and grenades and when I say ‘constant’, I mean @ every 1-2 seconds. How is this fun, tactical, or strategic in any way?

    If you buy this type of DLC, you’ll only encourage DICE to make more of them in the future. If that happens, at least 75-80% of the franchise’s fanbase will leave, TRUST ME. That will leave very few players, meaning less profit for DICE and EA and thus, the Battlefield games will surely be dead very soon. and they simply won’t be cost effective to make anymore.

    • RaTzo90 03.13.12 at 14:50

      The only interesting way to play what this DLC seems to be would be with TEAM DAMAGE TURNED ON. That would stop spamming to some extent.

      • DirtbagOi 03.14.12 at 13:26

        I don’t understand what happened to teamdamage anyway. As long is remembered in BF there was teamdamage. Now who have to search for such a server for hours and don’t find anyone at all. Are gamers nowadays turning into stupids who just want to shoot explosives around without looking for consequences, or are the developers thinking that the gamers are just kiddies at all today. In my opinion, it really sucks, having a shootout with enemies in the same house, and a jerk just shoots in a rpg or a cobra its machinegun and just me and my mates die and the others don’t get a scatch. I don’t know, in my BF2 times it was clear that this wasn’t possible because you’ll get a heavy point penalty. And no one was unhappy with this. I want this old battlefield back!

    • DEWALT_01 03.13.12 at 20:02

      I agree 100%, why is DICE lowering itself to this kind of game play ( a COD CLONE ? ). i will not purchase this map pack, when i can buy a used copy of rainbow six or borrow my 12 year olds COD games , what was DICE thinking ? they should call this map-pack, ( shotgun-shananigans )…….

  • CPU_UK 03.13.12 at 10:47

    my hopes are high as this reminds me of the building battles we used to enjoy so much in Vietnam, but the risk is that this turns into [Doom] Arena. Still, let’s not pre-judge ^^

  • HishametsU1 03.13.12 at 10:41

    Maps like BFBC2 will be Amazing !

  • phred_666 03.13.12 at 10:39

    No thanks… worst maps in BF3 are the close quarters maps ( Operation Metro, Grand Bazar and Damavand Peak).

    • DJxOCEANx 03.23.12 at 07:09

      funny… operation metro and damavand peak are my favorite TDM maps… i get some pretty sick positive k/d ratios on those maps.. and usually get mvp award..

      IOW I’m saying u just suck like a whore with bills to pay when it comes to cqb.. I’m excited about this dlc.

  • GothicLez 03.13.12 at 10:35

    Footage needs more frag rounds for it to appear like actual BF3 gameplay. maybe the patch will actually decrease that.. one can hope right?

    BTW.. freakin awesome to see the SPAS and AUG.

  • Viber10 03.13.12 at 10:30

    Imagine how many times you’d die in this… It’d be like 150 times…

  • MCP-511 03.13.12 at 10:19

    It looks like co-op Hit & Run, but with live enemies as opposed to AI ones.

  • YouAreOutOfMy5 03.13.12 at 10:16

    I still have faith in you guys at DICE! I don’t care if everyone says this new DLC is too much like COD. What they don’t understand is that this will still feel like Battlefield. I know it!

    • H Brun 03.13.12 at 11:42


    • ilikea-ofsalt 03.14.12 at 01:39

      I absolutly agree with him i mean at least try the maps plus you get more guns

    • DBD I KILL HAJI 03.14.12 at 12:43

      AGREED I see it as try the maps and if you dont like them then leave them at the start of the round… they could be awsome they could not be either way it goes you shouldnt judge it by a video before playing yourself… thats what 8 year olds do adults like most of us are usually just try it and if we dont like it then so be it. NOW WE KNOW. Sont be 8 be adult