Bringing Battlefield into Close Quarters

With Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters, we want to claim new territory and broaden the Battlefield 3 experience. In this episode of “Inside DICE”, Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus talks about the inspiration for going indoors, and what possibilities and challenges this presented.

Hi everyone. This is Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Above is an early test video we recorded during a play test to judge the effect of our new destruction. But first things first:

In 2001, while making games for the Sega Dreamcast, I began a career as a clan player in Counter-Strike. This eventually became a semiprofessional part time job, as I got a sponsor, won several LAN tournaments and competed in the Cyber athlete Professional League.

Now, in 2012, my competitive mouse is put on the shelf, but I consider the experiences from those days invaluable to my role as game designer making Battlefield games.

Counter-Strike is a very tactical and precise art of close quarters shooting, so I can comfortably say I know a little about how those tight shooter experiences play, and how they should play.

Battlefield on the other hand, is a huge game in more ways than one. Even we developers sometimes have a hard time realizing its breadth. You can go from clearing a house of enemy soldiers through careful squad tactics to soaring through the sky in a jet fighter, frantically evading enemy anti-air weaponry, all in the same round.

I can still recall the thrill of that scale and freedom I had when I first tried the game. It was the BF1942 demo on Wake Island (before I joined the crew here at DICE) and I was raging over those damn fighter planes that kept dropping bombs on my head! However, rage and confusion turned to evil grin as I found the AA-guns and used them to good effect!

Three years later, I landed my dream job working at DICE on Battlefield 2! Having worked as Animator and Designer on Battlefield 2, it was especially satisfying to be Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand and bring some of the most classic maps from Battlefield 2 into Battlefield 3.

When I finished up Back to Karkand, I already knew I needed to start on our next themed expansion pack for release in June. This time, I really wanted to expand Battlefield 3 and give players even more experiences to choose from. But I didn’t know how to approach it.

Then I remembered those nights at my sponsor’s Internet café, where I and my clan for hours on end practiced the best way to attack a well-defended room, using only a few grenades and the business end of our rifles.

There is something very unique about an indoor fire fight. You have to cover angles in new ways, use sound to track your enemies, navigate with much more careful precision and most importantly, you’re never safe. Danger is always no more than a few meters away. It’s a scenario that always makes me feel 100% in the fight. There is no dull moment, you’re always on your toes, on the edge.

The closest you come to this type of tight combat scenario in Battlefield 3 is on Operation Métro. We know this is one of our most popular maps, which tells us that our gameplay has what it takes to perform in such unique and frantic conditions.

I had an approach for our new expansion pack. Now, I just needed to refine it. I needed to find those elements that make the adrenaline levels go through the roof and keep you constantly on that edge. I want the player to feel like Hudson in Aliens, as he is watching the motion scanner bleep faster and faster, realizing that the safety he thought he had isn’t there anymore, and that death is already in the room.

I sat down and spoke with Jhony Ljungstedt, my art director, and had a discussion about how we could achieve this. After bouncing random ideas for a while, he told me that even though that explosive scene from “The Matrix” was rather old, seeing Neo and Trinity turn a lobby into rubble in slow motion did leave a huge impression, and hadn’t ever been properly done in a game. We both agreed and Jhony said he really wanted to be able to create that sensation.

“Imagine tearing a place down using only bullets, watching chunks being torn off the walls, littering the floors like a dropped bag of grey marbles” he said.


“I wanted everything to get shot to pieces.

Really, really small pieces”


And that’s when it occurred to me. We have a golden opportunity here. When removing large and process heavy elements like tanks, and scaling down Battlefield to a tighter scale, we are given some extra Frostbite 2 oomph at our disposal. The engine has fantastic destructive capabilities, and with more CPU overhead, we could put it to the ultimate test.

I wanted to see if we could destroy things in greater detail. I wanted everything to get shot to pieces. Really, really small pieces. In short, I wanted destruction to go High Definition.

After a series of prototypes and testing, we had a working model and immediately put it into practice. A grey and boring test level became the scene for a big floating stairway, with supporting pillars surrounded by temporary walls, just so we wouldn’t fall into oblivion.

We had incorporated some early HD Destruction in this test level just for proof of concept. Then, we simply asked the testers: “Shoot at everything”. And they did. The place immediately got torn to pieces, as bullets ripped through the grey prototype materials, spreading chunks of it everywhere, literally creating a carpet of debris on the floor. Walls had big holes where there was once solid wood or plaster. You could create new angles and ways of attack, just by firing your normal gun. This was new to Battlefield, as you would normally need heavier hardware like RPG’s or tanks to blow up walls in the base game.

We immediately knew this was something really cool and would have a significant impact on both how you play and how you experience that play. HD Destruction immediately became a key factor in bringing the intensity of the Battlefield experience into close quarters combat, and looking at it now, in its complete implementation, it feels great to finally be able to show it to everyone.

While HD Destruction has a significant impact on how you experience the second-to-second gameplay, we also had to tackle the challenges of bringing our tried and tested game modes to the smaller scale. We understood quickly that Rush, being a large and progressive mode that takes you on a journey from M-COM to M-COM, simply wouldn’t fit physically. So instead, we turned our attention to Conquest. How could we tailor this essential Battlefield game mode to fit our new type of environment?

Welcome to Ziba Tower. We built it. We can destroy it.

I spoke to my Game Designer Gustav Halling who, like me, has a history of competitive FPS gaming. We remembered Unreal Tournament from way back in 1999. It was the first time the world saw the game mode “Domination”, which is very similar to Conquest. There are some differences though, and the Domination type gameplay usually takes place on smaller maps, much like the ones we were creating.

Inspired by these memories, we used the spawning systems from Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch and came up with a Conquest mode adapted for smaller spaces. We called it Conquest Domination, and it worked beautifully. In particular, flag defense is suddenly more important, and you get different tactical layers due to the subtle differences the new mode provides. It’s reminiscent of those tactics I practiced to perfection in my e-sports days. Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate. The experience grows with our tried and tested squad play mechanics, and the intensity and pure challenge of trying to dominate these close quarters is something I’m convinced will put even the best squads to the test.

Designing a new experience isn’t easy. Many things were created and tested, many things didn’t fit, and there are millions of fans whose wishes you want to fulfill. Ultimately, it’s about finding a meaningful core idea, and realizing it with relentless attention to detail.

We wanted the thrill of fighting in close quarters. We wanted the adrenaline rush that comes from always being one second from potential death. We wanted the world around you to be both your best friend and mortal enemy, by protecting you in one moment and in the next, completely failing you by opening up new ways for the enemy to attack.

Often when I remove my headphones from a playtests on Close Quarters, I’m shaking like a leaf from all of the adrenaline. So personally, I am very happy and proud of where we are with our next expansion pack. Most of all, I’m happy with how versatile our game is, and how my team has helped broaden it further.

Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

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  • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 17:50

    Nothing that Dice does is going to avoid flack. No matter what, whatever they do there will be a contingent that doesn’t like it. Take the expansion for what it is, DICE is lightyears ahead of Activision in support and customer care, they react to the community favorably and will continue to provide us with what they think is the best content they can come up with. I’m sure that future packs will move back to the realm we’re used to with larger maps and more vehicles.

  • SaroTheSnake 03.16.12 at 17:45

    Hope they nerf the USAS and frag rounds :(

  • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 17:44

    I can’t wait for this pack. CQB in BF3 sounds amazing to me. BF3 is always going to have the big maps and the vehicles ect. that make BF3 great and stand out from the competition. Why not cater to the CQB, Constant action seeking type player?

    This does not make BF3 COD, anyone who thinks that is misinformed or making lazy assumptions. I for one am very happy to have an alternative to Op Metro for when I want to just relax and shoot a whole lot of people.

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:45


    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:47

      “BF3 is always going to have the big maps…”

      BIG? The largest maps of BF3 pale in size comparison to the likes of El Alamein, Gazala or even the original Gulf of Oman. When they advertise Armored Kill as having the “largest Battlefield map ever”, what they truly mean, MIGHT be the largest BF3 map ever. Which ain’t too hard to accomplish, given that most current BF3 maps are smaller than the BF2 or BF1942 maps.

      • althomas39 03.16.12 at 17:48

        No, I believe the actual wording was “largest map in the history of the Battlefield series.” So yes, bigger than El Alamein, Gazala, and the original Gulf of Oman.

        • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:50


          • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:52

            Then I hope you’ll provide us (the community), with a comparison image between the largest maps of each and every past Battlefield game, once you are done designing the “largest map in the history of the Battlefield series.”

            I’m just stating what I know to be true with the CURRENT existing maps, in that none of them comes close to some of the larger maps of PAST games.

      • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 18:01

        Bigger isn’t always better. BF3 maps are big enough. Even 64 player Conquest on Caspian Border is too slow at times. In relation to any other game series the BF3 maps are very big. At this point you’re just trying to find something to complain about when you should be looking at the good parts of this pack. The improved distruction, faster gameplay, tighter matches ect.

  • Big A Hen 03.16.12 at 17:41

    If you don’t like the maps, just don’t buy them. I sure plan to. I think the concept is great and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • R-o-o-t-84 03.16.12 at 17:39

    “Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate.”

    Constantly communicate via what? Missing VIOP? And don’t tell me via Battlelog or TS3 ..etc … VIOP should be INCLUDED for PC platform, ….. you made my laugh with that.

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:40


      Not to mention, the fact that footsteps are rarely heard in this game, unless it’s near absolute silence around you. In a close quarters filled map, with constant grenade and rpg spam, who’s gonna hear any footsteps?

      • Edgecrusher 03.16.12 at 17:44

        Lol. That’s what was missing from the videos on this page – the RPG/M320 Spammers. Don’t get me wrong, the weapons are there to be used and we should expect them to be. It’s just these videos don’t show what the majority of servers will end up like – with the exception of the servers that insta-kill for that kind of weapon.

    • growking 03.16.12 at 17:42

      maybe yall should be a little more aware of your surroundings

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:48

        Not too difficult in a close quarters type map: Wall to the left, wall to the right. Corridor forward, corridor behind. (with the possibility of some variation depending on what “room” you might currently be in).

        Doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hear the footsteps over the sound of RPG and grenade spam :P

  • INC Cornflakes 03.16.12 at 17:38

    All I can think about is Frag rounds all the time. Dice please stop catering to Modern warfare and focus on your true fans that have been with you from the start. Thank you concerned customer.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:12

      FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters Ha!

  • Gabbehz 03.16.12 at 17:34

    Totally agree. Too bad most idiots can’t see that variety is always best, and that the CQC in BF3 will own COD. To those that don’t like this DLC then don’t fucking buy it. Simple as that.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:35

      did someone called you an idiot here? you prick! Learn to talk to ppl!

      • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:37

        I’m debating with myself which of “idiot” and “prick” is the most insulting way to talk to someone. While I figure it out, play nice. :)

        • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:40

          sry about that, I just don’t like when some one is calling others opinios stupid and so on.

          • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:46

            No worries. Just stay frosty. :)

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:37

      You want variety? Go check out the older BF games. Most of them have more variety than anything that can currently be found in BF3. When DICE says that they are adding “new and cool features”, most of the time, it’s just bringing back things that people are demanding. Sadly thou, they are making an entire DLC dedicated to one type of gamer: The “Infantry Only” type map lovers. Which essentially cuts out anyone who enjoys driving tanks, or flying planes. Great, so that’s about 66% of their consumer base. Good plan :P

      • FX II Beaver 03.23.12 at 18:38

        I love driving all those vehicles. But I want this DLC! OH MY GOD I MUST NOT BE CLOSED MINDED(like 66% of their fanbase)

  • SternLX 03.16.12 at 17:33

    At first I was a bit hesitant to give this CQC business a chance in BF3. I could always just log into a CS:S match if I wanted CQC right? Then it dawned on me. Why switch games when the one I like most will offer both styles. Just switch to a server serving up CQ. Dare I say I don’t think I will be buying a new FPS for quite some time? Yes I dare.

    P.S. I seriously hope Armored Kill has Highway Tampa included as one of the maps.

    • Edgecrusher 03.16.12 at 17:37

      Hadn’t heard that argument before – good stuff!

      And I agree about Highway Tampa – so long as the indestructible picket fences are missing I’d be happy.

  • C-H-I-E-F 03.16.12 at 17:33

    well guys i think it will be good to have some close quarters, and as for karg island, caspian border you don’t need to be flying to have a good game, and has most of you have said you don’t like it don’t buy it simple, for me it’s battlefield3

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:33

    I hope you will not ignore opinions which was crashed on your head right now, don’t try to think “nah… a bit later will come someone who like it”.

  • Fudwumper 03.16.12 at 17:32

    I agree with a lot of the other people. I’m VERY dissapointed that they are doing a close quarters… One of the best things about the Battlefield games is the BIG maps and NOT a lot of close quarter combat IMO. I hate small maps where you spawn, shoot a few people and die. There is no strategy involved when everyone runs and guns continuously! Everyone I talked to are NOT going to be purchasing this DLC. You have the best online shooter game out at the moment! Don’t screw it up by doing small maps… I know its too late for this DLC. But, PLEASE keep with the BIG maps! Guess we’ll have to wait until around September to see if there is going to be a GOOD DLC release… I’m sure there will be a lot of happy 10 year old kids or people with no skill that will buy this!

  • CommandoCoyote 03.16.12 at 17:27

    WALL O TEXT!!!!!!

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:29

      “Inside DICE” is for readers who want the longer story. The trailer and details about Close Quarters are already posted earlier in a shorter announcement post. :)

  • ELeIVIeNTz 03.16.12 at 17:27

    Theres nothing better then a good game on operation metro on console close quarter combat is one of the best features in the game maps like karg island and caspian border have the most boring ground action in the game if your not flying its boring im looking forward to this it looks fun if you dont like it dont fuckin buy it for complainers

    • Sandman1980ar 03.16.12 at 17:42

      Came on!!! you take the flags in caspian by aircraft??? The infantery is very important. THIS IS BATTLEFIELD!!!!! The scent of the game is HUGE MAPS. Not a cat/mouse game! The people of Dice are only preocupated about to make a game very similar to Call of Duty and don´t think about the fans of this series!!!! I hope that the expansion to came in September relly make honor to BATTLEFIELD!

  • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 17:26

    Look at some of these posts. All grammar and spelling aside, it’s like a room full of whiney children who can’t stop crying because mommy and daddy gave them juice instead of milk. C’mon guys. Battlefield 3 isn’t BC2. It isn’t BF2. It’s not CoD. Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 3. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. It’s that simple. Your whining is getting annoying. I can’t read forums or these posts without seeing a bunch of posts by “children” who can’t seem to stop complaining about a game they won’t stop playing. There are A LOT more players who actually want these changes. That want something “new” in their games. That is enjoying, for the most part, everything Dice has to offer this game. I don’t care about the SMALL amount of money they want for these expansions. It’s a whole $15. You can’t afford $15? Really? You can buy a $60 game but you can’t afford $15 dollars?

    Okay, I get it. You are a huge Battlefield fan from way back. What I don’t get is, you people keep wanting the same crap over and over again. You honestly think that borrowing ideas from other games is a bad thing. You really liked the way BF2 played? Go play BF2 then. You like the spawns in BC2 better? Then go play BC2. We are here for BF3. We don’t care about your whining. We don’t care that you think CoD players are idiots. We don’t care that you rage at Dice because you suck at a game and need someone to blame. If you are here to give constructive criticism then please, by all means, leave your criticism but stop posting your crying about how you think your ideas are the best, you could have done a much better job than Dice, and everything they are doing is wrong and stupid.

    In the end it’s YOUR choice whether to deal with what you consider is a bad game or not. Deal with the changes and additions Dice is making to the game or don’t but either way you people need to just stop with the complaining. I have 2 children under the age of 5 that don’t complain as much as some of you players do.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:29

      you suck a joke man, who said that you can write russian or ukrainian or german which I can? So what that my english is not perfect? You feel good about it? Good for you, glad you like it.

      • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 20:15

        My grammar post was the only not serious part of the post lol I don’t give a damn about your grammar. Calm down a little bit.

    • TheChosenRat 03.16.12 at 17:29

      Nice one dude :-)

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:33

      Ironically, most people who complain about “whiny little children”, tend to be children themselves. That’s why their grammar is full of holes :)

    • Hammertooth 03.16.12 at 18:06

      Totally agree, bunch of whinny bitches on every post. Dont like rpg, usas, nade spam then play on a server that doesnt allow it, quick fix. Don’t like cqc play on other server. Don’t like 4 new maps? Don’t buy them! Need VoIP then use ts or ventrillo most servers run with one or join a clan. They cannot make everything for everyone all the time, so keep your panty’s from bunching up too much. I will take all the BF games over the others any day.

    • cmazza 03.16.12 at 18:36

      Or hey, how about this. Us little babies are crying that we got juice over milk because we waited months for the milk and paid 60 dollars for the milk. There are a lot of incredibly stupid points in your post. “You really liked the way BF2 played?. Go play BF2 then.” Yea well I guess we were all just kinda assuming since Bf3 is a sequel, it might just play a bit like the game it follows? Call me crazy, i guess i was stupid to assume that. And don’t call people whiners for voicing their opinion. If the community wants something changed, you think DICE is gonna change it in the future if people just keep their mouths shut since some egotistical douche is calling them babies? This is how things work. People don’t like something, they do something about it. And if we wanted a close quarters game btw, don’t you think we would be playing COD instead? We all love the battlefield series because of the large scale warfare it has to offer. That’s what has always set it aside from games like cod and made it different. So why in god’s name would we want to pay $15 dollars for the exact kind of thing we’re trying to get away from? Instead of coming on here and calling people immature whiners, you need to mature enough to understand everyone else’s opinion and realize that the people who loved BF2 actually make up the majority of this community. So unless you have something a bit more productive to say in the future, i suggest you keep your “juice and milk” analogies to yourself.

      • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 20:24

        First of all lol this game is bigger than that. There are A LOT of players and not all of them want your big maps. I love all maps. I just love the game in general. I like conquest, rush, assault, TDM, etc. I want to see new things encompassing these different ways to play. new maps will be a breath of fresh air. Secondly, this IS a new game. Battlefield has morphed into something for today’s gaming society. What worked 10 years ago isn’t going to work now. Third, I wasn’t calling every single person who voiced out against the new content a whiner. I was talking, what I thougth was obviously, about the wah wah wah I hate you Dice cuz you don’t do what I want you to do people. I have no issues with people voicing opinions. Are you kidding? That is how devs can help build the game around what the community wants but coming on here and raging does nobody any good. I liked Battlefield 2 as well but if I REALLY wanted something exactly like BF2 I would play, wait for it, Battlefield 2. I want Battlefield 3 and I want BF3 to be different than anything that came before it. Playing some of the old maps is fun but I didn’t buy BF3 so I could play the same recycled shit. I understand that you, personally, want something else. I get it. In the end, like I already stated, it’s up to you whether you play the game and enjoy it or don’t. I don’t care. What I DO care about is reading this posts of baddies who come on here and cry. They rage at devs and other players. Talk shit about other games and the people playing them. They think what THEY want is what everyone else wants. THAT is what I have a problem with. If you want to be a productive member of the BF community don’t come on here and bitch about things in a childish manner. Everyone’s opinion means something to the devs but come across as an adult that truly cares about the future of this game. Now, get over the fact that I called people whiney and move on with your life.

      • Squishyblanket 03.16.12 at 23:35

        This. This guy is a voice of reason.

  • CommandoCoyote 03.16.12 at 17:25

    PS3 Input Lag???? It’s there… you know it’s there… i know you know it’s there… you know we know that you know it’s there…

    • WD Philbilly 06.05.12 at 15:08

      are you a conspiracy theorist by any chance? xD

  • growking 03.16.12 at 17:25

    and what game modes will actually be present because the way it sounds its only gonna be domination and tdm which is not good

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:35

      We’ll have more details on game modes later.

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:38

        I hear you guys are cutting out the 64 player Conquest. Don’t want a repeat of the Operation Meatgrinder, I suppose?

        • TheCouchColonel 03.17.12 at 10:07

          If you read the article you would see they needed to lower the player count and map size to be able to have the HD destruction. Also, brush up on your reading comprehension cheif.

  • TheChosenRat 03.16.12 at 17:24

    Its gotta be miles diff to COD to avoid getting any flak. Personally, the destruction looks pretty but isn’t the reason why I play. If say, there were points in the map you could shoot a man sized hole down through the floor/up through the ceiling, or if a team could strategically place c4 below to drop whole room floors down, enemies included, now THAT would be impressive destruction.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:25

      Yeah, destruction is not the reason why we are playing BF, we are playing it because of coop \ teamplay \ and talking to strangers (bf2) who is friendly to you because you are same as he under fire.

  • VeikkoSe 03.16.12 at 17:20

    HD destruction is here only because the map size is so tiny.
    Too bad the destruction will be far less in anything bigger than a single room environment.

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:17

    I don’t want to spam… but god damn… you guys (DICE) making it extremely SAD! I can’t and don’t want to realize that BF is gone you and you choose this direction\way to do bussiness for the future.

    shit, I wasn’t expecting it, noway, nohow…

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:20

      If Close Quarters infantry combat is not your thing, we have announced two more themed expansion packs:

      • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:22

        I know, thnx for link. But I’m not talking about which DLC is for me or not, I’m talking about “there is shouldn’t be DLC like this for Battlefield” DICE spent time for this when we were expecting something huge and like “sure guys, we got it – here is what you want”. And pls.. don’t tell me about metro map statistics.

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:21


      I became a fan of Battlefield because of Battlefield 1942. And not necessarily for it’s “intense close quarters infantry battles”, but because of the huge sprawling maps, the varied modes of transportation (boats, jeeps, subs, destroyers, battleships, carriers, attack planes, bomb planes), and ofcourse the mixture of having each facet of combat, come to life all at once.

      Focusing on ONE or the other, is never a good plan. But neither is making maps that cater to “all types” all at once. One of the greatest maps in Battlefield history, is El Alamein. Consider that for a moment, DICE.

      • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:52

        Who says battlefield is focused on one play type ? He’s made it obvious they have room for every type of player in the battlefield franchise, no one game type has more focus than another.

    • althomas39 03.16.12 at 17:24

      You guys make it seem like they’re tearing away the rest of the game and only giving us the option of CQC. Let’s face it. If BF wants to make a full combat experience, then it has to include CQC. It’s a very important aspect of today’s warfare. Ask SEAL Team 6. After this comes the most wide open map in BF history so stop crying about adding 4 small maps. The beauty of Battlefield is that it is expanding to every combat experience one can wish for. They’re releasing a patch, I’m sick of the “fix the bugs” demands because it’s coming. They’re planning 3 new DLC packs each vastly different than the first and all anyone can say is OMG BF is becoming COD. No, BF is expanding far beyond COD. CQC can be very tactical and as I can attest to many matches in Metro and Damavand CQ, one well organized squad can change the match against a bunch of USAS fraggers. BF is gone? Please. BF has outgrown all the purists that are whining now.

      • growking 03.16.12 at 17:26


      • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:27

        If BF wants to make a full combat experience – then DICE should just make it like it was in bf2 to cut same map for 64\32\16 players, and you know, even on 64 gulf of oman where is place for Close Combats every time when you will clear buildings. It should be part of BF not whole therem – close fights.

      • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:30

        WOW.. now this is the first comment I’ve seen that addresses everything I’ve been thinking. Everyone please read it and quit your whinning.

        Thank you sir

      • RogueAssassin28 03.21.12 at 00:07

        Well said soldier i agree 100%

      • mister brookins 03.22.12 at 23:14

        Internet gold, I’m very pleased I was here to read this today.

  • BoomGOStheC4 03.16.12 at 17:16

    riggins44, sounds like you are mad you can get in a chopper with 2 people fixing it. You have to get in and fight.

    • riggins44 03.16.12 at 17:18

      No idea what this means. Let me guess. You love the USAS and Op. Metro?

  • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:16

    Really wish there was a few additional poll options:

    “Not interested. Rather wait for Armored Kill”
    “Not interested in more DLC. Fix the bugs first.”

    Besides which, the destruction timelapse video says nothing really… In 2001, a little known game called “Red Faction” had equal amounts of destruction, if not greater. Now it’s 2012. Certainly you should be able to destroy entire walls, and collapse entire buildings by now.

    In any case, i’ll be passing on any future DLC until DICE sorts out the current issues with the game (infamous February patch comes to mind). Would also love it, if DICE would stop “nickle-and-diming” it’s community. In BFBC2, eventhough they were all rehashed maps, the so-called “VIP Map Packs” were atleast FREE. I hear next Battlefield will likely have a subscription fee attached to it. Count me out.

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:18

      Fixing bugs vs building new themed expansion packs are not mutually exclusive prospects. Have you read our partial spring change list?

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:26

        Read it. Doesn’t mean I agree with all the changes…

        Besides which, now you refer to it as “partial spring change list”. Last I checked, we are well past “February”, and February isn’t even a part of spring. I rest my case with: I’m tired of this nickle-and-dime stuff, until things actually get fixed in the base game. Should also consider making these maps available FOR FREE, like the so-called “VIP Mappacks” of BFBC2.

        Nothing splits a community better, than to start charging money for accessing maps. If it were something aesthetic like new weapons, I might possibly agree. But said weapons should neither be “better” or “worse” than existing weapons. Just balanced differently. I.e sacrificing accuracy, for increased damage, or sacrificing reload time for reduced recoil. That sort of thing…

        • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:34

          This is more than maps. The amount of content is the same as in B2K, i.e. 4 maps, 10 new weapons, 5 new dog tags, new persistence, and more. It’s a proper themed expansion pack. And the change list is not 100% complete. We’ll add more detail to it later. And you not liking us missing February is exactly the reason we are careful when talking about game update dates. :)

          • growking 03.16.12 at 17:41


          • GeneralTechnique 03.16.12 at 22:01

            So, now it’s our fault that you both missed YOUR February release date AND are stubborn to keep us updated on the update timeline/details??? Are you guys serious? How did you come to be so out of touch with your fanbase?
            You guys really need to take a queue from what went down between Zipper/Sony and the SOCOM vet playerbase last year (2011). Zipper condescended to us and dismissed our complaints and suggestions up until things had gone too far (the noticeably low preorder sales figures and bad review talk industry-wide), and even then all they did was invite a few of us community member to come test the new game before anyone else (as if smoking and joking with us for a bit would undo their deeds). Oddly enough, the game flopped (or as EA puts it, “had satisfactory showing”), and the lead designer cut-n-ran immediately after release.
            LISTEN TO THE VETS WHO SUPPORTED THIS FRANCHISE SINCE 1942!! Stop walking all over us, please. What did we do to you to deserve this kind of treatment?

          • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:56

            General technique what are you blathering on about ? The patch is finished and ready and just awaiting Sony and Microsoft to approve so they can all be patched together. They spent considerable time consulting the community over what needed patching. What concerns are they dismissing exactly ?

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:19

      You are right, it’s not some HD destruction, it’s just puzzle wall, and parts are going down if you hit them – it’s not true polygonal destruction or something, those “HD destruction” its just dust in eyes.

    • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:40

      now maybe I’m missing something, but i do believe the last time I played i found that they had fixed a considerable amount of bugs and lag. my game runs nice and smooth. the only problem i have is with the UMAD-12 and ive learned to deal with it by outsmarting them and giving them a personal demonstration of what the pointy end of my knife is used for.

  • growking 03.16.12 at 17:13

    ok so im not sure the new game mode is going to work with the spawning system because it sucks even in regular conquest. also yall kinda failed with the conquest assault because you cant seperate it from regular conquest (ie. yesterday i was tryin to get my last few kills in the btr90 to unlock the mk3a1 and evey time i would go to gulf of oman it would put me in conquest assault) so we need to be able to chose which one we want to play be it through the quick match options or the server browser options or both

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:13

    Don’t want to show no respect, but you know, it’s a JOKE!

    It’s not CS, and Bf was always unique, now you made it like another fps shooter, like MW, because someone told you “hey – we need to get $ from Activision”?

    It’s NOT BF, totaly loosing respect and interest to serie… same about my 6 friends.

    • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:49

      if you really think that this looks anything like cod…well i can only congratulate MW on their improvement because last time i checked it looked the same as the one from 2007

  • kelpoice 03.16.12 at 17:12

    Nice to see you are adding the close up gameplay without losing that classic battlefield “wow” factor that COD has still been unable to capture.Good workl

  • riggins44 03.16.12 at 17:11

    BFC: COD is a terrible idea. Watch everyone dial up the USAS with frag and have the time of your life walking 5 feet and getting blown to bits. Time SHOULD have been spent generating new maps for the people who purchased the game for the BF experience. This is not broadening the experience, it is a cheap money grab to lure COD players. Count me out.

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