Bringing Battlefield into Close Quarters

With Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters, we want to claim new territory and broaden the Battlefield 3 experience. In this episode of “Inside DICE”, Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus talks about the inspiration for going indoors, and what possibilities and challenges this presented.

Hi everyone. This is Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Above is an early test video we recorded during a play test to judge the effect of our new destruction. But first things first:

In 2001, while making games for the Sega Dreamcast, I began a career as a clan player in Counter-Strike. This eventually became a semiprofessional part time job, as I got a sponsor, won several LAN tournaments and competed in the Cyber athlete Professional League.

Now, in 2012, my competitive mouse is put on the shelf, but I consider the experiences from those days invaluable to my role as game designer making Battlefield games.

Counter-Strike is a very tactical and precise art of close quarters shooting, so I can comfortably say I know a little about how those tight shooter experiences play, and how they should play.

Battlefield on the other hand, is a huge game in more ways than one. Even we developers sometimes have a hard time realizing its breadth. You can go from clearing a house of enemy soldiers through careful squad tactics to soaring through the sky in a jet fighter, frantically evading enemy anti-air weaponry, all in the same round.

I can still recall the thrill of that scale and freedom I had when I first tried the game. It was the BF1942 demo on Wake Island (before I joined the crew here at DICE) and I was raging over those damn fighter planes that kept dropping bombs on my head! However, rage and confusion turned to evil grin as I found the AA-guns and used them to good effect!

Three years later, I landed my dream job working at DICE on Battlefield 2! Having worked as Animator and Designer on Battlefield 2, it was especially satisfying to be Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand and bring some of the most classic maps from Battlefield 2 into Battlefield 3.

When I finished up Back to Karkand, I already knew I needed to start on our next themed expansion pack for release in June. This time, I really wanted to expand Battlefield 3 and give players even more experiences to choose from. But I didn’t know how to approach it.

Then I remembered those nights at my sponsor’s Internet café, where I and my clan for hours on end practiced the best way to attack a well-defended room, using only a few grenades and the business end of our rifles.

There is something very unique about an indoor fire fight. You have to cover angles in new ways, use sound to track your enemies, navigate with much more careful precision and most importantly, you’re never safe. Danger is always no more than a few meters away. It’s a scenario that always makes me feel 100% in the fight. There is no dull moment, you’re always on your toes, on the edge.

The closest you come to this type of tight combat scenario in Battlefield 3 is on Operation Métro. We know this is one of our most popular maps, which tells us that our gameplay has what it takes to perform in such unique and frantic conditions.

I had an approach for our new expansion pack. Now, I just needed to refine it. I needed to find those elements that make the adrenaline levels go through the roof and keep you constantly on that edge. I want the player to feel like Hudson in Aliens, as he is watching the motion scanner bleep faster and faster, realizing that the safety he thought he had isn’t there anymore, and that death is already in the room.

I sat down and spoke with Jhony Ljungstedt, my art director, and had a discussion about how we could achieve this. After bouncing random ideas for a while, he told me that even though that explosive scene from “The Matrix” was rather old, seeing Neo and Trinity turn a lobby into rubble in slow motion did leave a huge impression, and hadn’t ever been properly done in a game. We both agreed and Jhony said he really wanted to be able to create that sensation.

“Imagine tearing a place down using only bullets, watching chunks being torn off the walls, littering the floors like a dropped bag of grey marbles” he said.


“I wanted everything to get shot to pieces.

Really, really small pieces”


And that’s when it occurred to me. We have a golden opportunity here. When removing large and process heavy elements like tanks, and scaling down Battlefield to a tighter scale, we are given some extra Frostbite 2 oomph at our disposal. The engine has fantastic destructive capabilities, and with more CPU overhead, we could put it to the ultimate test.

I wanted to see if we could destroy things in greater detail. I wanted everything to get shot to pieces. Really, really small pieces. In short, I wanted destruction to go High Definition.

After a series of prototypes and testing, we had a working model and immediately put it into practice. A grey and boring test level became the scene for a big floating stairway, with supporting pillars surrounded by temporary walls, just so we wouldn’t fall into oblivion.

We had incorporated some early HD Destruction in this test level just for proof of concept. Then, we simply asked the testers: “Shoot at everything”. And they did. The place immediately got torn to pieces, as bullets ripped through the grey prototype materials, spreading chunks of it everywhere, literally creating a carpet of debris on the floor. Walls had big holes where there was once solid wood or plaster. You could create new angles and ways of attack, just by firing your normal gun. This was new to Battlefield, as you would normally need heavier hardware like RPG’s or tanks to blow up walls in the base game.

We immediately knew this was something really cool and would have a significant impact on both how you play and how you experience that play. HD Destruction immediately became a key factor in bringing the intensity of the Battlefield experience into close quarters combat, and looking at it now, in its complete implementation, it feels great to finally be able to show it to everyone.

While HD Destruction has a significant impact on how you experience the second-to-second gameplay, we also had to tackle the challenges of bringing our tried and tested game modes to the smaller scale. We understood quickly that Rush, being a large and progressive mode that takes you on a journey from M-COM to M-COM, simply wouldn’t fit physically. So instead, we turned our attention to Conquest. How could we tailor this essential Battlefield game mode to fit our new type of environment?

Welcome to Ziba Tower. We built it. We can destroy it.

I spoke to my Game Designer Gustav Halling who, like me, has a history of competitive FPS gaming. We remembered Unreal Tournament from way back in 1999. It was the first time the world saw the game mode “Domination”, which is very similar to Conquest. There are some differences though, and the Domination type gameplay usually takes place on smaller maps, much like the ones we were creating.

Inspired by these memories, we used the spawning systems from Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch and came up with a Conquest mode adapted for smaller spaces. We called it Conquest Domination, and it worked beautifully. In particular, flag defense is suddenly more important, and you get different tactical layers due to the subtle differences the new mode provides. It’s reminiscent of those tactics I practiced to perfection in my e-sports days. Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate. The experience grows with our tried and tested squad play mechanics, and the intensity and pure challenge of trying to dominate these close quarters is something I’m convinced will put even the best squads to the test.

Designing a new experience isn’t easy. Many things were created and tested, many things didn’t fit, and there are millions of fans whose wishes you want to fulfill. Ultimately, it’s about finding a meaningful core idea, and realizing it with relentless attention to detail.

We wanted the thrill of fighting in close quarters. We wanted the adrenaline rush that comes from always being one second from potential death. We wanted the world around you to be both your best friend and mortal enemy, by protecting you in one moment and in the next, completely failing you by opening up new ways for the enemy to attack.

Often when I remove my headphones from a playtests on Close Quarters, I’m shaking like a leaf from all of the adrenaline. So personally, I am very happy and proud of where we are with our next expansion pack. Most of all, I’m happy with how versatile our game is, and how my team has helped broaden it further.

Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

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  • Nyoro~n_Churuya 07.03.12 at 07:23

    elway, you have to wait for the expansion to finish downloading in origin. if you open origin you should see a download bar at the bottom for it.

  • Kallemassaker 06.22.12 at 06:47


  • elway2k 06.14.12 at 19:26

    I bought premium, and downloaded this, but still cant play it. It never loads up, save your $$$$$.

  • deathknight071 06.08.12 at 22:06

    Could you put heavy metal or harvest day into armored kill? Enjoyed the vehicle warfare in those as well as the long sight lines.

  • nEctMODE 05.25.12 at 23:01

    Whatever you do ….PUT A HELICOPTER ON THE TOP OF THE BUILDING so everyone can run and get it.

    It’ll be a nice factor added to the smal maps…2 opposing forces fighting for the control over one helicopter vehicle and raining down havoc adding another level of action to the battlefield…

  • superhornet757 05.08.12 at 09:38

    for armoured kill can you make a map where the attacking team has to get on to a floating island by using choppers. P.S Could you also make an osprey and blackhawk helicopters for it.

  • yoakim_larsson 05.08.12 at 03:48

    Hi, I have read alot of the replays here and… I must say that there seams alot of people here is complaining that this expansion is not the “real” Battlefield..and some other people is saying that this is more like CoD. BUT really!! who gives—- I am a big fan of battlefield, have logged over 400h in game time. I also likes Cod Big time..logged over 300h in MW3 as well. Most of regular players do not care what this coming expansion is more like…. I my self is really looking forward to se if maybe Dice can find somthing in between the two BIG games, that makes this expansion somthing special… I do not care at all if this is Cod, Battlefield or what ever, they are both GREAT games…as long as it´s fun and maybe bring somthing that we have not seen in 1st pers shooters before. Then GREAT!! So please stop this complaining on MW3 or Battlefield, they are both great game with millions of players enjoying both of them. If you are one of the player who doesn´t like one of them….DO NOT BUY IT! And that´s it.

  • xXHeNsXx 04.29.12 at 23:48

    Hi i know im like the 67th million peron to commet but i hope you read this. Lookin at what everyone else put has given me some good ideas for battlefield 4 or medal of honor or summat itll be better if the squads were 6 people instesd of 4 cos i often find this isnt enough to get the job done. Itll also b cool if u added some more wepons and actally told us what the attachments do because it only says something like “alters the damage slightly” because that isnt to helpful itll b nice if u added those wepon stats bar like on mw3 because that tells u speicicaly what ur gun dus i wud also like to see more vechels and i dont really like how u have certain guns for certain classes because i barely use my assult class but if i had a mg for it i wud use it a lot more. These are some of my ideas and i hope dice mite listen to them

    • WD Philbilly 06.05.12 at 14:42

      lol if you take out the class specific weapons…Its not battlefield. and you dont need a bar that tells you what the weapons stats are, the game shouldnt be dumbed down. and they ARE adding more vehicles its called armored kill…. if you dont like that it doesnt have these things then dont play it. and if i was a grammar nazi, you would be a prime target.

  • Curocko323 04.29.12 at 10:05

    Epic, I mean really,its epic.

  • NYY45 04.22.12 at 16:58

    I really don’t know why everybody is complaining about how this map pack will suck because of noob tubers and frag rounds. The way I see it, you need to just stratigize more, which is what Dice wants. If you don’t like that then go play COD and just run off in the game blindly kill one guy and then you die, respawn, and then start the cycle again. For me, I can’t wait for this map pack, it sounds awesome and so do the other two map packs coming out later for anyone who doesn’t know.

  • majinmax72 04.19.12 at 10:07

    I thought ppl would vote for last option which is compiled as Battlerecorder/spectate mode. But i feel noobs here coz they comment like dream boy

  • chucked4life 04.09.12 at 21:09

    I agree! I think adding the black hawk helicopter back into the Battlefield will bring back some nostalgia, and its also very tactical, imagine having multiple squads some breach the ground floor while others are airlifted to the roof and sneak in through the top and now you have ultimate team play tactics. Like on gulf of oman on conquest on the 360 me and my squad take a venom with me being the pilot airlift everybody to the back and drop them off on rooftops and watch them clear out room by room while i do sweeps with me and my gunner. It would be great to add the black hawk helicopter to the game and to add on to the maps with that kind of indoor and outdoor game play at once, similar to the movie black hawk down where you drop off guys in the black hawk they work on the ground while the pilot and gunner provide support and exfil when the base is destroyed/captured. If you guys could encourage that type of tactics based team play in lets say a new game mode it would attract even more attention i believe. I’ve done it with my squad of 3 on a small scale on gulf of oman but imagine having all 12 players work like that, oh and i love the black hawk helicopter, one of the my most favorite vehicles in the battlefield franchise and i do miss it a lot! i was disappointed when i saw the venom instead of the black hawk, perhaps you guys could add it in any upcoming add ons????

    • 777Irish777 04.10.12 at 03:15

      Yeah totally, but we need to look at the big picture, the map will have issues i can tell you that so much going down at once but DICE will do something, im really jittery about new side arms i think they should look into more H&K weapons and FN-Herstal weapons like the FN-five seven, the FNP-45 tac (has a mini red dot on it .45acp) and the 7.62 version of the M416 the M417, but nostalgia would be nice with returns of the styer aug, and old BF weapons that just diddnt make the cut for BF3

    • LVL 100 MR MAN 04.13.12 at 03:36

      The United States Marine Corps uses the UH-1Y Venom and the V-22 Osprey for most operations involving moving troops, supplies, etc. The United States Army on the other hand operates with many variants of the “Blackhawk” for the same purposes. DICE wanted Marine vehicles and weaponry to make it seem a lot more like the real deal. However I loved how in Bad Company 2 you could win a match with the Blackhawks air support and a good pilot, so yes I would love to have it back maybe in a way that it is a joint operation with the U.S. Army. Sadly now in Battlefield more and more people aren’t really doing shit and dicking around, nothing wrong with that but it gets rather old when 3 of the 12 people arent knifing each one another and driving our T-90’s into the lake…

  • ProF4nn9Hunter 04.09.12 at 14:28

    Where are the little birds shooting the glass on the side of the building,where is the blackhawks dropping men onto the roof,where is rush mode?????small maps fine,great i love them but where is the battlefield touch…first though great we will be assulting a taliban held tower or defending a american assult we are but from the lobby up????thats weak…..

  • xX MOM RU NO Xx 04.09.12 at 00:14

    sounds really cool, since you guys at dice read these i would like say something. Since this is an urban setting with this new expansion pack it would be great if with it came some new outfit cammo’s that fit the setting. This would be cool because i have unlocked all of them and dont really like them that much anymore, and only one or two of them would actually fit the new close quarters setting. Just thought people would like some new outfit unlocks

  • capadorxx 04.08.12 at 17:48

    If nickolas reads our blogs and comments then he should hear what we have to say after all thats what making games is all about making a game that everyone likes and that will make profit so imagine all the minds of all the bf players together…. together we give our ideas to dice and make one hell of a game that ultimately beat the cod franchise well that theve alredy done but any way just throw ideas at dice for example i was reading the bit that says wich would you prefer Blowing a hole in a wall and shooting enemies on the other side,Walking outside on the roof, shooting the glass in the ceiling and dropping down into the room below,Room sweeping with my shotgun or Creating my own HD Destruction timelapse video i chose breaking in through the window so give players a gadget that lets them abseil down floors silently it really would be awesome o and BTW keep inventing upgrades for jets and veichles etc……….cos after a while it gets boring PEACE OUT THIS IS capadorxx

  • BRFOCumLaude 04.08.12 at 12:47

    Innovation is crucial but I have the impression gameplay is moving towards COD. More people on this planet prefers so businesswise it s understandable. But don t sell your soul to the devil. BF is BF for it s gameplay and BF players start to play and buy it for this only reason. Stay original and don t copy or perhaps the guys who wants to push towards a COD copy should work for the cashcow called Infinity.
    To be short: it sux

  • xWTHx 2 COLD 04.08.12 at 02:49

    I’m open to new things so i have no problem with the next ex- pack. My request is more caliber options as far as pistols go. I’m a recon player ( I use bolt actions mostly) that moves around often so i use my side arm often. I use semi auto more then revolvers and I’m not a big 9mm fan but there’s 4-5 of them in the game, and only one 45. Option it would be cool if we could get a 40. Or even a 10mm pistol, a 45. With a double stack mag. Would be nice as well. Other then that i love the game good job and continue to make it even better

  • vA x SW33NEY 04.06.12 at 00:40

    Personally im looking forward to the expansion because i think the frostbite 2 engine is at its best in fast paced CQB with losts of explosions like operation metro for example. But i dont get how you say you want it to be focused on squad teamplay but then you say you will follow the team deathmatch spawning system and not allow squad members to spawn each other. This to me seems like a contradiction and hinders you in achieveing that goal.

  • Yumadbro471 04.03.12 at 12:16

    I hope it isn’t too fast paced as in you get one kill then die straight away. They should maybe implement stun and flash grenades as that would be awesome :D

  • SniperMan37 04.03.12 at 03:49

    i really hope they add new snipers! more bolt action with a little more power so that you can get a one hit kill in hardcore without a perfect head shot. suggestion a McMillan Tac .338? or tac .50? that would be a great gun to see added.

  • Bulldog6565 04.01.12 at 00:27

    i hope the guns have little recoil since high recoil sucks in CQC

  • rockjunky01 03.30.12 at 23:04

    I’m very excited about the new weapons but I feel that these maps could deffinently go either way depending on who your playing with or against.

  • TonierPrawn9 03.30.12 at 02:59

    looks great cant wait for them will have a lot of fun with the new guns. a little to call of duty like but still looks fun. just wish there was a dogfight map just over an ocean and fighting jets and helicopters. too bad xbox gets it a week late.

  • strikeracesteele 03.30.12 at 02:30

    Oh and just to let you know your graphics SUCK compared to JUST CAUSE 2 !!

    • NYY45 04.22.12 at 17:00

      Either you have poor eyesight, or a terrible, old tv.

  • strikeracesteele 03.30.12 at 02:20

    Didn’t like it AT ALL.
    Nothing more to be said other than….get some air warfare maps and or more aircraft on a few maps!!! Take it from a former MARINE. Air support is crucial and one helicopter and two jets just does not cut it!!!

  • Midhir 03.30.12 at 02:08

    “We wanted the thrill of fighting in close quarters.”
    Who did? It certainly wasn’t me. Anyway, I figure you guys will be doing some great work on these close quarters maps, I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of the core gameplay ideals that made Battlefield what it is. Every modern FPS has close quarters, Battlefield raises the bar by bringing the fight outside, I guess we need to lower the bar to get all the console players into the game. I greet this DLC with a resounding ‘Meh.’

    I’ll be buying it, but more out of brand loyalty than any interest in playing in close quarters maps.

    • NYY45 04.22.12 at 17:01

      atleast there’s someone else who is not crying and complaining

  • Dremora-Guardian 03.29.12 at 22:27

    I wish they would add 64-player conquest(like metro has)to the close quarters maps.

  • GtFoxbody 03.29.12 at 14:56

    haha.. meant to spell those dumb ass

  • GtFoxbody 03.29.12 at 14:51

    love anything that bf does. Good job guys, and dont pay attention to does dumb ass people that post stupid shit like, bf is trying to be like cod.

  • flydownballsout 03.29.12 at 11:25

    seriously this is rainbow six vegas meets cod, if we wanted that style we would play those games we chose bf for the large maps, team strategy, and patients it takes that those smack talkin, ridellin takin kids cant hang with. dont try to bite off cod, stick to the foundation u laid that we fell in love with. day to night time lapse would be a whole new world and add multiple dimensions to what we have instead of crossing into an already established platform that we chose not to participate in.change the geography snow, jungle, rural, urban, dense and sparse foliage.i love u bf, but i could always find a new girlfriend to play with. yours true for now balls out

  • your own shadow 03.29.12 at 02:37

    I agree, we need a long range night map, with some light areas from a building I suppose for those scopes. Shame they aren’t more useable!

  • ArchePerception 03.28.12 at 22:25

    Exactly, or just run that super lighting engine to actually have times of day on all the existing maps. Been waiting for a shooter to do that forever. It doesn’t have to be an MMO either like Planet Side 2, which will have that.
    Also, It would be nifty to be able to shoot out the lights then hide in the darkness especially as a recon fan.
    oh and perhaps a peek! On these smaller tactical COD swat style maps for sure. Even if its all military back to the wall. They do it in your trailers , take advantage of how Infinity Ward always takes the function out of its COD builds. Who cares if people find it hard! They lose!

    Don’t open your BF3 commentary with “Evolution” because that’s my line gangsters! Because peek leads to roll which leads to sprinting while prone which = EVOLUTION. Took ya long enough to get a prone and catch up to the EVOLUTION, anyways. This buggy game is just lucky I’m playing it. Only because COD doesn’t have peek either, so something fresh is all this game is.


  • X-CaptainAndrew 03.28.12 at 03:56

    I think this new DLC Line-up sounds great! However, we need some night maps! What’s the use of an IRNV scope if we can’t use it? The closest we have to a night map is Tehran Highway, which is very unpopular and is actually in the late evening. Sure, Bazaar gets dark in some places, but the visibility is still great. I remember playing BF2 Special Forces night maps and I loved them, try remaking those or something.

  • SkeletAndy 03.28.12 at 02:38

    even if the modes included on this dlc end up annoying thanks to nooby types, it’ll most likely be fun anyhow. plus we get new weapons!

  • MAZE818 03.27.12 at 19:27

    I am in total agreement with ryugen1337 below. It is an opportunity to access a variety of maps (not just large outdoor ones) to widen our gameplay experience. The big maps are not going anywhere; BF3 will still be BF3, but with the addition of smaller maps. I welcome the opportunity to play on these new indoor maps as they will provide a different gameplay style and will require new strategies.

    BF3 is not losing it’s flavour, it is refining it. If money is an issue, or you think BF3 is getting too much like the COD games then don’t buy it. I believe that Dice have a winning formula here and I am in total support of them expanding on it to take out the competition and win a larger audience. I play COD games as well as BF3, so I am far from being bias.

    Large maps are what made the Battlefield game, and are essential when you have playable vehicles involved. Although hugely enjoyable, not everybody wants to play with vehicles and large maps all of the time. I certainly find myself playing the Noshahr Canals and Operation Metro maps more often, simply because they provide more instant fast-paced action. Also, there are servers that run these games on a shorter timescale, which is perfect for somebody like me who has a busy work schedule.
    Don’t get me wrong; I love playing the big maps in conquest and rush modes when I have the day off or when I have friends over, but having the choice to play a quick game of team deathmatch on a small map when time is an issue is a great asset to the Battlefield game.

    In my eyes Close Quarters is a welcome addition to the BF3 game and I will certainly buy it on the day of release. I feel that BF3 has always had so much more to offer than the MW3, and now with the release of Close Quarters it has matched if not surpassed MW3 in terms of instant arcade action!

    All Dice need to do now is seriously consider including a split-screen mode by the time they release BF4. This will most certainly attract a wider audience, of whom many enjoy sharing their gameplay experience with family and friends. The reason MW3 had such huge sales was not just down to it’s fancy marketing campaign and media exposure; it was also because MW3 allowed gamers within the same household to share their experience simultaneously.

    I own both a PC (Alienware laptop) and PS3 console. I had tons of enjoyment playing MW3 on the PS3 in split-screen mode. Nevertheless, I think BF3 on the PC is the most amazing multiplayer game I’ve played. I only wish game developers would seriously consider providing split-screen modes on the PC. I connect my laptop to my large HDTV all the time and the BF3 display is visually stunning, but it seems such a waste that with the screen size and high resolution available a friend or relative is limited to spectating only, or in the very least sharing a mouse and keyboard between us.

    So, if Dice are reading this (and anyone else for that matter) please take into account that gaming is no longer the lonesome activity it once was; with its ever-growing popularity video gaming has developed into a common form of social entertainment for all ages (and genders), and provides a healthier alternative to a drunken night out with the boys, as well as a cheaper alternative to eating out with the girlfriend. Oh, on that note; where is the female character appearance for the BF3 kits? Female soldiers do exist, and so do female gamers! Why not beat COD to it and include a female soldier in the Battlefield game…

    • Morgatron 03.28.12 at 03:24

      I agree with everything except the female appearance kits. Well first of all, BF3 needs face changing kits. I don’t like the BF3 default characters that much. For instance, the american assault trooper. there are black soldiers but not every single assault trooper should be one, I think we should get to choose the race and face of our character. Not full face customization but at least a few different faces and races, And of course uniform customization. But the female appearance pack is a big no no. Yes there are female soldiers but very few, like my point with the black soldiers. Yes there are female gamers too, but very few. You know what will happen if females are an option, there will be female characters everywhere cause lots of men can’t resist playing a female. Think about MMOs, 95% of female characters are just men playing as females. And also, why would you really want to kill a female soldier anyway. Yeah we kill females in MMOs and certain other games but those games are no where near as intense as BF3. a female soldier in the intensity of BF3 would seem out of place, and killing females as instantly and relentlessly as done in BF3 just doesn’t seem right. not to mention they will be everywhere and make the game a lot less satisfying. People are complaining about BF3 turning into CoD but you seem to want to turn it into a korean MMO. That would be against everything BF3 stands for. And why would we need to be a female character anyway, we only would see her hands anyway. Which brings me to my next point. character Appearances in general are mainly for 3rd person games anyway, in BF3 we don’t need our character to look appealing to us because we don’t see it. And the characters we see on the enemy team we just shoot. Its mainly just for target identification. the camo is for tactical use, our character still looks the same but just harder to spot in the right environment with the right camo.

  • ryugen1337 03.27.12 at 12:25

    Lmao – i really laugh hard when i see you guys shitting your pants about “ohmigosh its becomin liek cod ololo”.
    Seriously those developers are giving us the OPPORTUNITY to play many games with 1 game. It’s not like we’re being forced to play the DLC. Furthermore it’s not the last DLC BF3 has to offer.

    And if anybody thinks that RPGs, Claymores and whatnot are teh lame – Get your own server and disable the weapons.

    I’m looking forward to all the opportunities (not HAVE TOs) the devs are going to give us, because i think that playing the same three maps all the time is getting quite boring ;).

    Frag on.

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.27.12 at 15:47

      Re: “Get your own server and disable the weapons.”

      I did not realize we can disable any specific weapons?!? Can you enlighten me on how to do that on a Ranked Server…Thanks in advance!

      • LiIIebror 03.27.12 at 16:27

        There are scripts you can run on a server to, for example, make a player die out of bad luck when killing another player with a shotgun, m320 or whatever weapon you dont want on your server. I admin a server which is set to TDM where M320, claymore, snipers and shotguns are banned and if you kill anyone with the banned weapons you get killed yourself and get a warning, after 3 warnings you’re kicked from the server. We’ll for sure run a server on close quarters with certain weapon restrictions and I’m sure alot of other servers will too. I think you can setup this via procon or warcon.

  • pyromaster365 03.27.12 at 09:15

    I stopped playing COD because I was sick of their shitty maps well at least Karkand is good other than the weapon glitches I seriously doubt I’ll buy this

  • banzaii13 03.27.12 at 01:15

    call of duty HAS NOTHING ON THIS!!!!

  • Kellis 03.27.12 at 01:08

    So there will be footsteps in bf3?. Also RPGs, 40MM, claymores and other crap will make this game mode that of insta-death most likely. I hope you guys really do not think we love metro just because there are many servers running the map. The only reason people play metro is to unlock weapons/gadgets faster then move on to other maps. Metro, Bazaar and the other paris shit map is crap and in no way honoring the traditions of battlefield. We want big maps, lotsa vehicles, night time maps etc. Not CoD map packs.

    • swankballoon457 03.27.12 at 07:28

      Kellis is right, most players go on metro to deploy their ammo and health packs and rack up quick kills fast. But what I think most BF players like is the vehicle play and wide open maps. Just to be fair I think these developers are hardcore gamers and have a viable idea and I am sure it will be mostly bullet firing weapons because they don’t want a hugely destructable world to be torn away instantly with explosives. Maybe next expansion we can have a wide open tank battle map pack!? And speaking of hearing foot steps: I can never tell whether a jet or helicopter is in front of me or straight above me or right behind and above, it sounds the same.

      • swankballoon457 03.27.12 at 07:59

        Just want to add that in battlefield 1942 there were some huge maps like the English channel one where you would get in bombers and fighters and fly across. And some desert maps where you would drive for what seemed like miles and miles to get to the next capture point. It has been what? Ten years since then? I would play Bf 1942 on a Pentium II 64 mb video card with 384 mb sdram EMachines pc. And I thought it was the shiznit. Your games now might look a little prettier, but the programming I think is lazy because the old school guys sure wrote code that would make a dinosaur computer rock! You guys are relying too much on the hardware, me thinks. I am playing on an almost 2 thousand dollar system now and there are way too many glitches to justify the expensive hardware and programming excuses. Every time you add a feature to the game you say get the next thing like a six core processor and the nextgen video card. Write better code. And remember we used to play on dial up modems. So now we have over 100 times that speed on high speed internet and it still lags. Not where I thought we would be. As I write this I feel myself feeling angry and cheated. Maybe you should go back to your internet cafe and stick to playing the games instead of programming them. Maybe the frostbyte program can transform itself into frostbyte 3 and program us a perfect game since it seems to be doing all the work anyway.

    • lolzfuchismo 03.28.12 at 01:05

      Kellis i gonna let you know right now that not everyone plays Metro to power level. When I get in a game of Metro, my serious levels start peaking because i know this is where things get intense. I genuinely have fun playing in tight quarter areas. Wide open maps with tanks and helicopters are fun too, but every soldier has their own niche. This new map pack is reaching a hand out to those who love the adrenaline pumping goodness of a blazing cqc. What’s wrong with that? Are you mad that more people are going to enjoy the game? Why can’t DICE try to appeal to everyone? They’ve given you many open maps with tanks and jeeps and good stuff. People exist on the other end of the spectrum too you know.

      Don’t say “we” like you’re representing everyone. Your opinion is great, but not everybody shares it.

  • Justinbro13 03.26.12 at 23:40

    Whats going to make this dlc a piece of shit: frag rounds,m320s,claymores,and rpgs

    • [Nifty]-Mister 03.26.12 at 23:42

      Yes they should eliminate them from this game mode.

  • HULKMAN-AMK 03.26.12 at 23:10

    the thing is this is a good map pack and people need to get it into their heads that its difficult to make a game/DLC and that just because you don’t like the DLC trailer for close quarters doesn’t mean everyone will hate it and you shouldn’t say to people “don’t buy it” like you have played it already…

  • PBlack09 03.26.12 at 17:14

    Call of Duty: Modern Battlefield

  • boneymystic 03.26.12 at 15:29

    This would be great but there will be so much USAS-12 frag noobs! That is going to be so annoying!!!

    • [Nifty]-Mister 03.26.12 at 23:42

      Could not agree with you more, suppor suplying ammo and an arsehole bang bang bang with his USAS-12, fraggfest.

  • johnny_bravo6666 03.26.12 at 11:54

    This LookS gREAT !! Cs player here and “i love the fast game play it is going to offer” Great Work!!

    • johnny_bravo6666 03.26.12 at 11:58

      P.S (also, really? COD comparisons? I play MW3 and BF3 and find the experiences completely different.

      I Also play both and he is right i would like to think iam a good MW3 player winning Comp’s and taking money home for the win’s ! but i play BF3 and let me tell you i am by no means a good player with hunders of hours of FPS’s under my belt “they are so far apart in gameplay!”

  • giftrap 03.25.12 at 20:15

    most of you guys complain too much. I am one of the few really looking forward to this DLC and all the others announced. vehicles and long range fire fights are fun but close quarters battles can be just as, if not more, intense. they require a completely different play style. blown holes in walls in a tight space will require the ability to quickly adapt and find new cover while being aware of all your new vulnerable angles. (i could have worded that better, but i think it’s still understandable). I think the maps will provide challenges to players and teams in ways the larger maps can not.

    I do agree that frag rounds are a huge problem though and they need to do something to fix them, whether nerf or removal. maybe replace them with beanbag rounds that temporarily stun the player as well as do a minimal amount of damage. that would add another layer of strategy and teamwork if one player is able to slow individual targets that can be picked off by teammates

    anyway, props to DICE for trying something new. like i said, I can’t wait for these maps
    (also, really? COD comparisons? I play MW3 and BF3 and find the experiences completely different and entertaining in their own ways. none of which have to do with how large or small the maps are)

    • InSaNek12 03.27.12 at 10:37

      Thank you, thank you so much for putting into works what is already in my mind, +1000 and an agreement with you. I played Battlefield 2 and on that game was where I learned how to play an FPS on the Computer. I got an Xbox this year and can’t afford a gaming computer and I got BF3 as my first game, and have played 1942, 2142, and the free Battlefields, loved all of them. I picked up MW3 for Xbox and hated it, I dislike Call of Duty except for Zombies. So, I am a Battlefielder, but I am looking forward to this Pack because it adds to the experience of being a Battlefielder, not making it CoD like.

  • N10 Jaing 03.25.12 at 06:23

    I really like the end of the timelapse video, where there is just one corpse left lying face-down right under the fire sprinkler lol

  • pittsburgfan11 03.24.12 at 22:55

    It seems as though the only guns that are going to be added are COD guns, if you payed attention to the kill feed. @TheTweekMaster that would be nice.

    • jetfire119 03.25.12 at 04:38

      The M4 is a “cod gun” the M16 is a “cod gun” really stupid to call them “cod guns”

  • TheTweekMaster 03.24.12 at 22:09

    Will you have the ability to change between pump and semi-auto on the Spas-12?
    It can be seen on the kill feed at 0:54.

  • CompanionCrate 03.24.12 at 20:27

    Guys dont worry!

    Dice said people can now rent their own servers and in in all likelyhood there will be an option to ban the frag rounds! And if we are lucky then most dice servers will have them disabled also!

  • venomdk 03.24.12 at 18:58

    Funny, that u are talking about using ur sound, the sound is …. in bf3, u can run for like 10 min across a huge map with an E in ur tail, and the only time u hear him is when, u see his knife in ur face, sorry to say it, but BF3 looks great, gameplay is awsome, but very disapointing, when its comes to CQB where u need ur sound

  • GhostMan171 03.24.12 at 16:24

    Can we play any of these coop?

  • drumscarinbr 03.24.12 at 09:44

    DICE, I like the changes in the patch, but to be honest, many of them (more than 50%) are ‘trivial’, in my opinion.

    One of the most requested changes to the game has been ignored, yet again. That change involves a crucial, but very simple update on your part.

    Players that want the mini-map to show enemy positions when firing, have the option of playing non-hardcore, but those of us who play HC exclusively DON’T HAVE THAT OPTION.

    If the mini-map must be kept in the game for the purpose of 2D spotting…..DO NOT SHOW ENEMY POSITIONS WHEN THEY FIRE IN HARDCORE, silencer or not! ONLY show them on the mini map if they are spotted by a MAV. I would say to just axe the map altogether in hardcore, but I realize it’s necessity to the recon’s 2D spotting ability. Also, by doing this, you’d make the recon’s spotting much more important/exclusive. Right now, that’s not the case, because people are showing up all over the place when they fire anyways.

    For those of you who may respond to this by saying “just use the silencer/suppressor to stay hidden”………I shouldn’t have to! I love the sounds of the weapons without suppressors, they have that visceral ‘pop’. I also want the full range and damage of the gun as well and plus, I’m sure your sound designer wouldn’t be that happy if all the gun sounds that you brilliantly sampled for the game…..just went to waste! What is the point in that?

    THERE IS STILL A DISADVANTAGE IN USING A NON-SUPPRESSED WEAPON OF COURSE, and that is that my gun is loud and I can be HEARD by nearby enemies. So you see…. there is still a handicap/trade off in not using a suppressor, so this change wouldn’t make them useless or obsolete. You should only be able to be heard, not seen on the mini-map as well.

    Please, take a poll amongst hardcore players. I’m sure you’ll find that this opinion is of the majority.


  • runeasp 03.24.12 at 07:14

    I’ve read most of the comments now, and one thing I would like to see on this dlc would be a “staged” battle…
    First you take the ground around the building, when that’s secure your team moves on inside for the battle to wipe out ALL enemy resistance…
    Tanks, planes, Helis whatevs outside, when you come inside its over to CQ all the way…
    For longer game they could add second or third building…
    The building itself being the “flag” each floor the more you owned the flag… I would’t mind a bit of loading between, but if you only wanted to be outside with big maps you could choose that (defending the flag)… And if you preferred CQ, you on go ahead… (Capturing the flag) Could do the same for rush… Mcom at level 15 of 30 so you had to fight your way even if you landed on the roof…

  • thatguy2014 03.23.12 at 22:27

    Hey dumbass, if you are on this website and have, maybe i don’t know. Half a brain. You would see the huge fucking list of updates for vehicles, weapons, gadgets, etc….
    So next time before you go out running your mouth, looking to be humiliated. Do what you were taught in your Mentally handicapped class and try to think.

    • invrecon 03.24.12 at 08:56

      Well, probably you should try to think before you call people “mentally handicapped”. This comment doesn’t make you any better than the people you’re ranting about.

  • -Sgt-McCoy 03.23.12 at 21:21

    I’m laughing at all the comments hating on Close Quarters. My guess is this DLC is not going to be a hit with the recons LOL! Anyways, definitely looking forward to some intense firefights up close and personal, just the way I like it.

  • bf3-is-a-lie 03.23.12 at 19:53

    You may as well call this Modern Warfare:Close Quaters. The game has a ton of issues and you release this trash that is not wanted.

    The game is full of small linear close quaters maps and NO LARGE OPEN MAPS with flags laid out across the map. There all clustered in the middle of the maps. And only 4 maps per pack wtf is that??

    Not touching this or any of your dlc.

    Address the issues with the game!

  • H0PE 03.23.12 at 19:31

    -You didnt fix issues yet
    -You promissed full destruction on all previous maps too (didnt occure yet)
    -We already have 3close quarter maps, fix those up
    -We already have plenty of weeapons… that need fixing, fix them up.

    I’m not buying this dlc nor the next one, thank you very much.
    Sincerely yours,
    A not too satisfied customer that doesn’t care about your advertisements…

  • Justinbro13 03.23.12 at 18:11

    battlefield 3 sucks.Where is the patch?They didnt even fix when you earn something it appears on the screen like ribbons,ranks, and weapons in b2k.Other battlefield games where so much enjoyable than bf3.Bfbc 2 had epic maps, i hope armored kill will have some too because the original battlefield 3 maps sucks ass and has no meaning

    • Big_Andy99 03.23.12 at 19:32

      You just have no skill and your probably a 13 year old that likes COD!

  • Stripe1985 03.23.12 at 17:15

    sorry, everyone whines that PC a week later or that you are not 64 players on ps3 or xbox you ..

    if you really want battlefield with many players you had 2 years ago allowed the game to play with more than 256 players .. in 1 game and even vehicles in it, and parachuting out of planes .. that was really a battlefield feeling. but wherever it was you were the enemy ..

    I have enjoyed for 1 year until I played Battlefield 2 and now 3 came .. battlefield because you really can shoot and destroy everything but still looks like MAG ..

    it would be nice if sometime in the future battlefield, the battlefield techniques also once so that they can make as MAG had perhaps the game makers once again teamed up to create the ultimate game .. appearance and capabilities of Battlefield, everything can be broken and all boards and the amount of players that you could MAG I think if I lie 256 players ..

    each side that you (Americans or Russians) 4 platoons total of 128 man
    and you have in each platoon: 4 sqauds of 8 people.

    that would be cool

  • growking 03.23.12 at 16:56

    ok but both are coming today right

  • growking 03.23.12 at 16:44

    so is the patch announcement coming with this weeks inside dice

  • TinkBeller 03.23.12 at 11:44

    Spectator mode would be nice. No wait, it would be very necessary. VoIP wouldn’t hurt either. I understand this DLC is for the CS and CoD players, so I suppose it will be okay for them. I’m waiting for more tanks and bigger maps. I’ve given up on tactics though, this is no sequel to BF2.

    • invrecon 03.23.12 at 16:29

      Yeah, too bad. But why create a game that people can play for 7 years or longer when you can sell a new game every year, right?
      It really sucks that DICE has gotten into this kind of philosophy…

  • Cha6 03.23.12 at 08:25

    “What are you most looking forward to in this expansion pack?”

    Spectator mode like Counterstrike!?

  • MrWiggle420 03.23.12 at 07:40

    I can’t believe how many cry babies there are posting their complaints. I mean come on lets see how many of YOU can bust your ASS every day away from your friends and family trying to fix every complaint a player has. NOTHINGS perfect, so get your heads out of your asses and respect DICE and EA for everything they’ve done for all of you for years, and years to come. I mean go to college and try to design your own game you bunch of sissies.

  • kammerjagr 03.23.12 at 03:49

    i hope we get the other spectrum, openness and more front line. like want dresden-like destruction

  • ghostED36 03.23.12 at 03:31

    looks like they had a party on the gameplay

  • Reaper314 03.23.12 at 02:38

    This isent battlefield. Just another rip off of CoD now with this map pack. Even battlefield 3 is not even close to being as good as battlefield:bad company 2. Where is the destruction they said they put in bf3 most buildings dont even blow up of fall down! I dont care about having more little things to destroy you just get stuck on that stuff anyways when trying to run.

    • Targa Ray 03.23.12 at 02:51

      I agree.. from the start BF3 was off .. then this new run and gun server list.. clearly CQC, TDM, RUSH, style manipulation to win over CoD players.. It is destroying the base game as I see it..

  • Targa Ray 03.23.12 at 01:13

    Flat out, Developer manipulation forcing people to play Metro, tdm rush style crap,
    look only one or two “No B2K DLC Required”. Many do not have B2KDLC and they know that..

    This is clear manipulation to suppot for their “tnew found op rated COD maps and new style” agument. It’s called stacking the cards in favor of the new direction they want this game to go in..


    Developer manipulation forcing people to only play Metro crap maps, No B2K DLC Required.
    [DICE] BF3 Classic Only
    Features: Rush, Conquest, — No B2K DLC Required.
    Caspian Boarder – CQ
    Op. Metro – Rush
    Op. Firestorm – CQ
    Kharg Island – RUSH
    Grand Bazaar – RUSH
    Seine Crossing – RUSH
    Noshahr Canals – CQ
    Damavand Peak – RUSH
    Tehran Highway – CQ

    [DICE] Urban Warfare
    Features: Rush, Conquest, — B2K DLC Required
    Grand Bazar – CQ
    Seine Crossing – RUSH
    Sharqi Peninsula – CQ
    Damavand Peak – RUSH
    Tehran Highway – RUSH
    Strike and Karkand – CQ
    Grand Bazaar – RUSH
    Seine Crossing – CQ
    Sharqi Pen – RUSH
    Damavand Peak – CQ
    Tehran Highway – Conquest
    Strike and Karkand – RUSH

    [DICE] Back to Karkand Only
    Features: B2K DLC Only Maps, Conquest and Rush Modes, — B2K DLC Required
    Wake Island – CQ
    Strike and Karkand – RUSH
    Gulf of Oman – CQ
    Sharqi Peninsula – RUSH
    Wake Island – RUSH
    Strike and Karkand – CQ
    Gulf of Oman – RUSH
    Sharqi Pen – CQ

    Developer manipulation forcing people away from these maps by “B2K DLC Required”. Joke
    [DICE] Epic Battles
    Features: Conquest on large maps only – B2K DLC Required
    Wake Island – CQ
    Caspian Boarder – CQ
    Op. Firestorm – CQ
    Kharg Island – CQ
    Gulf of Oman – CQ
    Sharqi Peninsula – CQ

    Again same, Developer manipulation forcing people to play Metro, tdm rush style crap,
    “No B2K DLC Required”. Gee thanks
    [DICE] Most Popular
    Features: TDM, Rush, Conquest on Popular Maps, — No B2K DLC Required
    Noshahr Canals – TDM
    Op. Metro – RUSH
    Caspian Boarder – CQ
    Op. Firestorm – CQ
    Damavand Peak – RUSH
    Kharg Island – TDM

    [DICE] Soldier Skirmishes
    Features: TDM, Rush and Conquest urban maps, — B2K DLC Required
    Op. Metro – TDM
    Seine Crossing – CQ
    Grand Bazaar – TDM
    Noshahr Canals – TDM
    Strike and Karkand – RUSH
    Damavand Peak – CQ
    Op. Metro – RUSH
    Seine Crossing – TDM
    Grand Bazaar – CQ
    Strike and Karkand – CQ
    Damavand Peak – TDM

    [DICE] Deathmatch Action
    Features: TDM and SQDM on various maps [16-player limit] – B2K DLC Required
    Op. Metro- TDM
    Grand Bazaar – SQDM
    Strike and Karkand – TDM
    Sharqi Peninsula – SQFM
    Seine Crossing – SQDM
    Tehran Highway – TDM
    Noshahr Canals – SQDM
    Kharg Island – TDM
    Op. Firestorm – SQDM
    Seine Crossing – TDM
    Tehran Highway – SQDM
    Op. Metro Squad — SQDM

  • Justinbro13 03.22.12 at 22:33

    i wish consoles had at least 32 players.

  • MSC_Stockdale 03.22.12 at 18:18

    Ever hear of the Edsel? It was produced by Ford Motor Corp. It was the car the designers thought the public wanted, and ended up a total failure. I’m not criticizing this map as I’ve not played it yet, but based on the feed back I read, it should be a lesson in developing something that the public wants. Since you brought up Squads, I recommend you go back to Bad Company 2 and look at the success of that formula. Squad management in BF3 is total failure.

    I wish you luck in your idea, I’ll play it, even though it seems less of a Battlefield3 moment.

  • nonamesarefree 03.22.12 at 12:38

    Who honestly cares about who gets what, and yes Dice has to be fair. PC gets 64 man servers and overall more attention. The PS3 gets none of this so in return is given access to the map pack a week earlier. Xbox gets their CoD maps earlier. If it was to be even then consoles should get 64 man servers or no one gets 64 man servers and everyone gets the maps equally.Also did you know how much it costs to put out these patches that must be downloaded. Plus, I’d like to see you try being the community manager at Dice. Just give Dice a break, they’re doing their best to be innovative and offer to a large crowd. Finally, yes they’re in it for profits; why do they do this? For a living! They have to make money. What idiots would run a business and not try to make maximum profits. Dice are doing fine and how do you know that the new pack is bad, YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED IT!!!!!

    • St4rgun 03.22.12 at 13:31

      You wrote: “Plus, I’d like to see you try being the community manager at Dice.”. Where shall I send my CV? But to be serious: IMHO for a company being so important as DICE (don’t forget about the bunch of awards they got just for BF3!) it’s MANDATORY to have at least one-two or three full time employees directly responsible JUST for internet PR. They should be at the posts to read all the comments and response them according their best knowledge. How in the hell can it be, that the thread at Battlelog about the upcoming patch (“Confirmed fixes”) reached more than 9.500 comments (!!!) WITHOUT A SINGLE RESPONSE from a DICE employee upon the given ideas/questions posted by the community? That’s everything, but NOT PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE from a company like DICE. It1s a shame. If I would be a shareholder of DICE I would already asked the responsible people about this situation with some anger in my voice…

    • Stan920 03.22.12 at 16:53

      Give us a break with the innovation bull crap. They took the mod making abilities away from us so that they could force us to BUY new maps instead of a great modding community. Greed not innovation rules Dice. I will never buy a mappack from dice or anyone else christ they cant even fix the damb bugs because they are so busy making new map packs and that says alot about dice

  • Tulebawa 03.22.12 at 09:16

    Because it’s again about being fair. It should be released across all platforms at the same time.

  • Tulebawa 03.22.12 at 08:56

    Oh and by the way, why not stick a knife in all your PC players and release the game a week earlier on the Playstation. Sounds like a plan to me. Pfft. Idiots.

    • Sammonsotilas 03.22.12 at 09:03

      I play on playstation and I don’t see the big deal releasing it a week earlier. How I see it, PC players have got it all and more. 64 max players, more vehicles per map, much better controls etc. and when playstation players get to play an expansion pack a week earlier, everyone is whining. Don’t get me wrong. I respect PC players and I think the best bf players play with a PC and I’d change my playstation to a PC in a nanosecond. I just don’t get it why is a week such a big deal?

  • Tulebawa 03.22.12 at 08:51

    I hate to say it but you DICE developers have a very weird sense of fun. This new game mode looks totally frustrating to play and I feel like you guys are just pumping out new content to try and keep people playijng the game that’s alerady fading away in popularity at the expense of your reputation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that DICE is moving forward with new ideas but there are still many issues that currently plague the game that should be fully addressed before moving forward with new content. I don’t care if the walls explode by looking at them, the current gameplay issues absolutely need to be addressed or this game will NEVER reach it’s full potential which it is so close to achieveing.

    I’m a lvl6 Colonel in BF3 and I’ve logged about 150+ hours into the game.Yet I feel like I’m done with it already. The cheap crap that happens in the game on a regular basis is all I can think of whenever I even consider playing the game and it totally turns me off so I end up not playing it for days because I can’t muster up the nerve to deal with the frustration of it all. Games should be challenging yes, but not to the point of frustration. If I wanted more frustration I’d go play Medal of Honor. What a piece of garbage that game is.

    Everyone has their own opinion as to how a FPS game should be made and play but I have 9 close friends that bought this game and most stopped playing after lvl 20 because of all the the BS issues like the ULTRA poor spawn mechanics in Team Deathmatch or the super over powered semi-automatic long range rifles for Recon, or Recon players that seem to be able to land themselves in borderline un-reachable places such as the roof tops of sky scrapers or the cranes at the docks. They’ll just sit up there and pick people off all day and have a 58 -2 k/d ratio for the round. Or should I mention the issues with idiots everywhere using aimbots or playing with the utterly rediculous USAS shotgun. To make things fair, there shouldn’t be a single place on the map or any type of weapon that gives someone an unfair advantage because once you allow this to happen it no longer becomes a competitive game of skill. It becomes a game of who can make to and take advantage of un-reachable areas or have the most rediculously overpowered weapon.

    You guys have many issues with the current game and you’re not listening to your player base about the issues. Is it arrogance? Or do you really care what people think about your game. Do you want others to be recommending it? Or do you want frustrated players like me telling people not to waste their time with it? I used to think that people complaining in the game were just bitchin, but after playing it for a while I totally see where they’re coming from and agree. Fix your game first. Then release well thought out content that people want. Take surveys. Ask your players what they’d like to see in the game. Let your player base come up with the ideas or you guys will sink this ship. And don’t let your experience with a game from 1999 depict what’s best for today’s players. In this day and age innovation is what’s going to get you places not copying the ideas of others. That would be the Microsoft mentality.

    • Curocko323 04.29.12 at 10:07

      I love them,and it supposed to be fustrating i think

  • drumscarinbr 03.22.12 at 01:52

    The new hardcore map rotations and inconsistent game modes are horrible. I hope this was an unintended byproduct of the recent server maintenance.

    It wouldn’t bother me if you offered these variations……AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE OLD ONES THAT STAY IN YOUR GAME MODE OF CHOICE (conquest, rush, etc.).

    While you’re at it, you guys never did include the Karkand maps in the hardcore rotation either. WTF???????? IT’S BEEN 4.5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!

    Come on, guys, this CANNOT be that difficult to do.

    Please give us this configuration. I tried to alternate from larger maps to smaller ones.

    Kharg Island
    Operation Metro
    Gulf of Oman – 5 flag
    Grand Bazaar
    Operation Firestorm
    Strike at Karkand – 5 flag
    Caspian Border
    Seine Crossing
    Wake Island
    Damavand Peak
    Sharqui Penninsula – 5 flag
    Noshahr Canals
    Tehran Highway

  • jareDrake13 03.22.12 at 00:24

    When I first saw this, I thought NOOO! This is not BF!. But then again it’s just 4 maps. You gotta admit, sqd DM is fun though. Still, I have one problem, I play PS3, but this will only have 16 to 12 players in a match. This seems unfair to PC players in my opion because they could brag about 64 players! So what’s the point of the getting this DLC. PLease respond aan

  • Throck58 03.21.12 at 23:00

    That wouldn’t make sense in my opinion. The reason being PC is a whole different ball game. Your console stats shouldn’t effect your PC stats because of the two different experiences.

  • the_condor9 03.21.12 at 22:50

    one of the biggest draws to the battlefield series for me and most people I talk to has always been the player count, vehicles,and teamplay (heal,repair,resupply) I feel robbed on consoles of the full experience because of the lower player count, it doesn’t feel like a massive battlefield full of excitement, it feels lonely, big maps and just a few people running around, it seems like a gameboy port compared to the pc version, I am aware of the limitations of the current generation consoles but is there a way to at least bring the player count up a little bit. I hope the console stats and unlocks will transfer to the pc version if someone can upgrade their pc to play so they don’t have to start all over again.

  • Marsh-Owl 03.21.12 at 22:00

    First off, I want to thank everyone involved in making the game and it’s dlc. I like reading articles like this because it allows me to see some of the thought process behind some design decisions. I think this dlc has potential to be amazing. That being said, I do have concerns.

    First off, I worry about the lower player count. There are many times I wish I had a PC that could play this game so I could experience the larger player count. I’m also hopefully that there will not be too much bullet penetration. I hated being killed from bullet penetration on spawn during the brief time I played MW2. Lastly, as many others have already stated, explosive spam is a concern on maps this size.

    As far as actually purchasing this dlc, I will expect to. That being said, my desire to continue to play this game will be largely affected by the upcoming patch.

    Finally, if it isn’t too much to ask, I am curious as to how each class will play in this dlc?

    Thank you for your time and effort,

  • Young-C12 03.21.12 at 20:28

    Also different types of grenades and more specialization

  • Young-C12 03.21.12 at 20:26

    DICE Please create more Game Modes!
    Also the grenades….you should be able to hold it until your ready to throw it. And 5 Grenades to carry plz! (It can be a Specilization) [2 Grenades=No Fun]

  • LurkingLabRat 03.21.12 at 19:24

    I think a new game type could be really fun on here too. I like to call it Squad Elimination. This game type would take out the people who just run into battle blind and fire, like everyone is complaining about.

    The game would be made up of the 4 squads much like squad deathmatch, but when you die, you are done. You could have the game set up so that matches are played till a squad reaches 10 round wins or whatever number. This game would take a lot of communication and tactics on the squads behalf and would “slow down” the game to make the suspense even higher. You never know who or what is around the next corner, making precision and tactics vital to survival. This would be an awesome game type for Tournaments to host as well. Plus it becomes…again…more realistic and builds Adrenaline even more because you will be out till a new round starts.

    And before this gets criticized and is compared to a CoD game type, it does have similarities, but I do believe this would be extremely more fun due to the new destruction.


    • St4rgun 03.21.12 at 23:08

      Eliminating the respawn entirely will lead us to the traditional Counter-Strike game style, which personally I like a lot. I also wrote in another comment that these close-quarter battles on the BF3 video are TOO RAPID and chaotic with high player count when respawn is possible. Every soldier will be “disposable” because no one takes cares about death, everybody just waits for the respawn and it’s ready for another run-and-gun fragfest. Plus when respawn is possible every tactics applied in sophisticated shooters like Couter-strike will eventually fail, because it does not matter if the friendly team cleaned a given portion of the map they can’t be sure that another enemy soldier won’t come from that region because he respawned there. In Counter-Strike when some rooms are cleared those can be treated as clean, period.

    • St4rgun 03.21.12 at 23:20

      As Niklaus wrote in the article: “…We wanted the thrill of fighting in close quarters. We wanted the adrenaline rush that comes from always being one second from potential death…”. I don’t want to disappoint you Niklaus, but when respawn is possible it’s nowhere the thrill like it was in Counter-Strike. When you knew you are the last man standing from your team, and the enemy are hunting you… Now THAT WAS thrilling. It’s impossible to get this feeling back if I have the opportunity to rejoin the battle 5-10 seconds after I die. In that case death are only matters in K/D ratio which is totally irrelevant for some players. Those players use CQ maps mainly as a level up possibility to have a lot of kills in a short period to get their weapons’ accessories fast.

      • St4rgun 03.21.12 at 23:23

        P.S. Niklas please sorry for the “Niklaus” typo I wrote in the previous comments. :)

  • LurkingLabRat 03.21.12 at 18:46

    Squad Voice is extremely necessary, couldn’t agree more!

  • Prisma01 03.21.12 at 17:05

    Quote “Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate.”
    communicate? U should give us Squad-Voice like in BF2.
    How to communicate without voice??

  • St4rgun 03.21.12 at 16:57

    I have and idea on changing the ammo handling and resupply logic a little as the following:

    1. The ammo box should be deployable like the SOFLAM, but if the support soldier switch to ammo box it should NOT drop it automatically, but just carry/handle it like a weapon (as it was in BF2 and BF2142). As long as I carry the ammo box I can’t shoot, so I explicitly have to switch back to a weapon to defend myself. If I decide to drop the box (by clicking FIRE button), then it will be “deployed” like a SOFLAM or a mortar, so I should have to explicitly PICK IT UP to further carry it with me. With this setting we could eliminate the “running and dropping the box then running to a different location and dropping another again” game style (slowing the pace a little bit).

    2. All of the weapons should have limited ammo whose limits can be set on a per server / per map (!) basis as a server variable. I.e. on a “Metro” map some server admin should want to change the maximum RPGs per soldier set to 2. If the limit set to 0 for a given weapon, then that weapon CAN’T BE SELECTED (greyed out) on the loadout selection UI. It’s much better then setting “server rules” for banning different weapons.

    3. The maximum ammo contained in an ammo box should be LIMITED also based on ammo type. Like the maximum number of the 5.56×45 NATO ammo should be 1000 per ammo box, the number of RPGs should be no more than 10, the number of M320 grenades should have a limit like 30 per box. Of course these limits should have be changed also on a per server / per map basis as a server variable. With these changes we would have a very flexible system which gives the admins the possibilities to set the right situation on their server (restricting or completely disabling any weapon). No more endless RPG/M320 fights at the Ticket Hall on Metro map and so on.

    With this system it could be possible to set the RPG limit to 2 per soldier, but imagine, that the ammo box restricted to contain 0 (ZERO) RPGs. Which means no reloading for RPGs, it this case you have to think twice before an RPG shot because the lack of reload possibility. No more “RPG-wars”.

    What do you think?

  • NuclearQuinn 03.21.12 at 16:29

    I am excited for this map pack I like a fast paced gamw without many good camping spots. I like some of the gun ideas but can anyone be sure what class they are for. The Micro Tar is a carbine. The scar-l will probablly be engineer. Were do this leave the Acr then? It says it is engieer but it is really just an adaptive rifle. IDK. Love to hear your responses though.

  • LurkingLabRat 03.21.12 at 16:28

    Everyone is complaining about this type of gameplay. I personally am looking forward to it. I miss the amazing destruction that was in previous BF games, as I think in BF3, there could be much more. Besides, this is just one game type, no one said you HAD to play it. I am looking forward to the new strategy that will be involved. It kills people just camping by a door way or planting a ton of claymores, since you can just blow through a wall and walk around. Besides, don’t we as BF fans praise our game and pride ourselves on being extremely realistic? This is just another aspect of war that is EXTREMELY realistic. Don’t understand all the fuss. I’m pumped!

  • Michoacano1028 03.21.12 at 14:46

    Hey guys we need battlerecorder how come call of duty players have it and we don’t if this game is waybetter and consoles needs the patch specialy ps3 and we need (battlerecorde)

  • Zitoons 03.21.12 at 13:28

    bon travail mais les petites cartes sans vehicules ces pas du bf pour moi c du CoD donc je pence pas acheter close quarters on verras le prochain a l automne s il y auras de nouveau vehicules

  • Punkmoses 03.21.12 at 08:43

    I would like to say that I appreciate your hard work by improving the gameplay, but obviously this expansion was sucks. It is nice to be more realistic, but It could be very very nice if you redesign BF2 maps such “Road To Jalalabad”, “Mashtuur City”, or even changing Russians into MEC again! Remember bro, Battlefield pwn3d CoD because of vehicles & 32 vs 32 CONQUEST GAMEPLAY.

  • Kober2875 03.21.12 at 08:19

    This is gonna be terrible =( It’ll be just like CoD… On CoD if you aren’t running around with the trigger down you aren’t getting kills. And in BF3 if you are doing that, you are dead. And that seems to be what they are pushing towards… I won’t buy this

  • Lomax57 03.21.12 at 07:47

    i hope there will be some Czech weapons in some of the expansions like vz.58, vz.61 Skorpion, CZ 75 or CZ 805 :D

  • EscSpareMaker 03.21.12 at 05:12

    way to go dice and ea way to make it like mw3 close quarter stupid. You need to make big maps with planes, heli, and tanks sniping spots and hurry up and fix shit

    • Monlstat7 03.21.12 at 05:22

      They are still there. Stop getting your panties in a bunch.

  • NetZombieNZ 03.21.12 at 04:44

    Can you please either a) widen the corridors, or b) give the helicopters shorter rotors.


  • AkimboMerc 03.21.12 at 03:47

    Niklas, please don’t give up on Rush mode so fast. Here’s an idea. Take a set piece like the TV station and just open up more floors with MCOMS on it. Better yet. Take a city highrise full of glass windows and like 40+ floors and place MCOMS on every 15 floors. There are multiple ways up such as the fire escape, elevator shaft (latters), two or three stairways. This would create some great close quarter battles.

  • drumscarinbr 03.21.12 at 03:25

    Can you guys please give us some info on why the hardcore server map and game type rotations have changed? I know there was some back end server maintenance that most likely caused it.

    When you choose Conquest, it changes to a different game mode on the next map. Also, the map rotation order has changed in hardcore.

    Can you guys update us on this? This is no good.

  • DjWyzo 03.21.12 at 02:36

    Okay Dice and EA if you see this it is march, june is 3 months away Now I have a weapon idea now since the new dlc is a close quarters theme I suggest putting in the TDI Kriss Vector Super V. Now i’ll give you some information on the Kriss it shoots the 45.ACP it has 3 fire modes automatic, 2 round burst, and semi-automatic the same as the Ump.45 it comes standard with a 45 round extended magazine 45+1 in the chamber. this gun would be sick and i would love to see it. Please consider

  • colonial_agent 03.21.12 at 01:23

    Nifty map feature idea: I see the building has unlimited water supply. Would it be possible to code them to stop spraying water after a time or maybe a particular ticket value or something? The concept being the map before is pristine, then destruction rains upon it, then amidst continuing combat the sprinklers stop… it would be trippy, unique, and would leave the map eerily quiet if suddenly no one was shooting and they stopped. xD Just an idea

  • RogueAssassin28 03.20.12 at 23:31

    I would like to see at least one big city map and heavy forest or jungle settings,but definitely big city.When i first purchased the game i played through story mode before going online as i do with any game.My first thought was man there gona have some sweet online maps,but ten when i started out online i was like maps are nothing like campaign maps.Still awsome but where are all the crumbling buildings.

  • RogueAssassin28 03.20.12 at 23:09

    I think it’s great there trying to bring new style to the game.but i allso feel that if they just slow down a bit and focus on fixing the problems with the original format they would have alot less angry fans and more of us would be more open to purchase the new content.For example i still haven’t purchased the first DLC.And i read another post saying they weren’t gona play anymore till it was fixed.You think he wants to spend $$ on more broken game content.

  • yamatan19436 03.20.12 at 22:58

    i do think this is a good idea because allot of map on bf3 are insanely large, don’t get me wrong that’s all perfectly good and all but on consoles 24 players over a large map like Caspian border is a little spread out so this provides a good alternative but with C.Q.B there may be a problem with the usas-12 and frag rounds may make it a run out get blasted scenario.

    also the people who say you say you should be able to topple the building you are fighting in that would be stupid because then you would destroy your map there should be a way to exit the building to a small parking lot to prevent a claustrophobia feeling. and point two think about it even if you had a rpg it would take quite a bit of ammo to topple a tower

  • nvidiati 03.20.12 at 22:45

    close quarter can be implanted inside an excisting map like back to karkand or even inside the map of Metro… the russian mainbase!

  • xLOCxMAFIAx 03.20.12 at 21:07

    ok first things first dice you guy did a bang up job with this game i love it as a battlefield vet of all battlefield game i have to say dont listin to these idiots oh the flashlights are to bright an blind me duh thats wat there for now as far as frag rounds go u shouldent hav added those there noob ready an i hav to say do not decrease tha power of the shotguns or the range jus knock dont the frag round damage a bit other than that i think you should add the desert eagle the m24 the ak47 and the FAL

    • YourMothersPink 03.20.12 at 21:17

      +1 -1… flashlights wouldn’t blind someone indoors or during the day. They would only work in the dark when your pupils are dilated.

      The flashlight gives away you position in the dark but also blinds your enemies, by the same token if the flashlight doesn’t give away your position in the light it shouldn’t blind your enemies either.

  • Leynadix 03.20.12 at 20:32

    Before the game released, I thougt that in BF3 all buildings in the game have this resolution, and destruction.

  • DEVILJIN2010 03.20.12 at 17:03

    The best Weapons USAS 12 , MK1 , M320

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.20.12 at 15:59

    Re: “What are you most looking forward to in this expansion pack?”…
    Answer: Customization tools(Mod tools or extensive Procon options)

    Although I will not be purchasing this DLC I think it’s a good idea for those who like “Frantic Infantry Combat”, they have rights too :)
    Mod tools will make it fun for EVERYONE and a lot more people will be purchasing it.

    • AlexThunder1989 03.20.12 at 17:01

      Sounds like a bad business plan. The most profitable is to have monopoly on the content.

      Although, of course gamers will be bored for 3 months, while DICE takes vacation. Guess they didn’t want to hire consultants.

      • {SA}StayAlive 03.20.12 at 17:42

        I disagree, Dice/EA can still keep full control with extensive procon tools(not mod tools). As far a s a business plan, it will bring a lot more players back. Dice can still create/sell new maps or even charge for procon tools. It will not only help the sales of this title but future titles also…happy customers are willing customers, willing to pay more to get more. Over time, the gaming industry has been charging a lot more while the gaming experience becomes less enjoyable.

  • cptwasabi 03.20.12 at 15:33

    can’t wait for the rpg noobs blasting away all the fun in the game. how about banning rpg indoors? there is no real reason to carray an anti tank weapon inside.

    • RogueAssassin28 03.20.12 at 23:44

      how about banning frag rouds allso they will use them right along with the rpg

  • Pertchenko 03.20.12 at 14:53


  • Kisj 03.20.12 at 14:11

    this is going to be schweeeeet!

  • growking 03.20.12 at 14:07

    hey yall need to get us some details on the update. alot of confusion on the console side

  • Mickey-ONeil-72 03.20.12 at 14:04

    Dice….I 100% agree with ProKiller09PR. Lets have Team Chat please.

  • BLaCk_x_HaL0 03.20.12 at 12:36

    well all that sounds fine to me…but something about the flashlights and lasers…i know that in this type of maps everyone is gonna use them and its gonna be a fail…everyones screen is going to be white all the time…dice please consider that..

    • YourMothersPink 03.20.12 at 21:10

      Tone down flashlight glare… should only blind somebody at night when there pupils are dilated. Give us option for sunglasses to help with exagerated lighting… Love your game or I wouldn’t bother criticizing it.

  • ProKiller09PR 03.20.12 at 10:03

    i like this idea, but i want with this DLC or and update, i want to use mi microphone with my team, or squad, I would like to use my microphone, not only with my friends, but with my team and squad. like a “Team Voice Chat” and / or “Squad Voice Chat”

    • melkor22 03.20.12 at 18:48

      What if only the squad leaders could communicate with the team via a team speak button like say, up on the D-pad for consoles? I don’t want the whole team talking the whole time. that would be chaos.

  • xXxDC kingxXx66 03.20.12 at 09:48


  • Ronin_GTDave 03.20.12 at 09:15

    I’ll be blunt, the current game is fast becoming a joke, it’s rare now to have a game against people not using a shotgun with frag rounds, your planned patch isn’t going to fix that by the looks of it and your “Close Quarters” DLC is just going to make things worse. What you need to do is add an option in the patch to select games/servers where shotguns and/or frag rounds are banned and you need to do that today, not June, but right now all your doing is losing fans because all you have done is made COD and given it a different name.
    Do yourselves at DICE a favour, read the battlelog forums more carefully and add things that fans would actually like to see rather then what you think will get more money, please the fans and you’ll get more people willing to pay for extra content.Battlefield 3 players don’t want to pay to play Cal of Duty, if they did, they would have bought Call of Duty and not Battlefield.
    This may just be words from my own opinion, but i know that it is a shared opinion from thousands of like minded fans.

  • mnkeyfrost23 03.20.12 at 08:35

    As much as I am looking forward to this upcoming DLC, I still think that there are still some tweaks that need to be taken care of to balance the game out. I would just love to see the recon class to have the ability to be more aggressive in close quarters and nerfing the frag rounds would make close quarters more enjoyable without having to rage quit due to everyone abusing them.

  • GhostMonkey004 03.20.12 at 07:19

    i think its a new look for Battlefield. Just showing what the game can really do. You got your large maps and now you got your small maps. Plus the next 2 DLCs will have more vehicles and tank warfare. If u don’t want to play on the maps at least download it for the guns and join the “normal server” with the old maps in it. When push comes to shove, your still getting your edgy, out of your seat experience when u play this game. No one can say that this game doesn’t have its share of “crazy shit” that goes down. More entertaining then the other franchises so far so i’m sticking with it.

    • ToonPatriot 03.20.12 at 07:24

      I’ll buy it for the weapons if you want to pay for it, I’m not paying for weapons… maybe if they want to have a seperate cheaper download I might.. But they are not silly, they would have hired economists which will tell them thet the amount of smaller amount of people DLing the DLC just for weapons will net them more income than a larger amount DLing a cheaper alternative. Thats how businesses work, Demand Supply and the Price equilibrium.

  • ToonPatriot 03.20.12 at 07:17

    And if the 3rd DLC is zombies or some crappy BF alternative after getting bumped of 2 DLCs I will snap my disc.

  • ToonPatriot 03.20.12 at 07:15

    It’s a shame that Me and many others will be also getting bumped of the extra weapons for not wanting to purchase this non-BF DLC… Us console players are the ones who are getting the short end…Contrary to popular PC gamer belief we don’t all like playing these horrible types of maps. and after this DLC there’s one with ‘the biggest map in BF history’ I mean just on caspian on PS3 we are running from flag to flag unopposed…. So that is the next 2 DLCs which i am very pessimistic about. What a shame, I had such high hopes for this game, and I love it… But the core Battlefield fanbase have been abandoned. How sad.

    Shame on you DICE for selling out to the wants of players of other franchises.

  • Smoke4308 03.20.12 at 05:26

    I didn’t buy bf3 for claustrophobic game play. Sorry DICE but to me this is a sh$t move… I dont care about some developers nostalgic feelings about his adolescent gaming days… If this is the way the bf series is heading then you’ll loose 1 of your customers. The metro map is great to play but that’s because it is balanced with the open gameplay of all the other maps. Anyways… One person’s point of view…. Just really disappointed in this first dlc… I wish you guys would have had a vote for what players wanted for dlc before doing this.

  • 1ncantation 03.20.12 at 03:39

    this move was solely intended to keep console players in the loop the same way as they scaled down bf3 to from bf2 to enable the low-resource consoles to run them. what would have been a logical progression 6ish years after the release of bf2, is 64vs64 player BIGGER maps, – IE larger than dragon valley and fushe pass, and that didn’t take place because xbox and ps3 would not have been included and therefore the developers would have lost a ton of potential revenue. had they made a dlc that would have gone in the right direction (not smaller, COD maps), again, no xbox inclusion. total bs for pc players.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.20.12 at 03:00 is the best place to find out everything on BF3 and even new details on the final DLC End Game!

  • MarkPowell1996 03.20.12 at 02:58 is the best place to find out everything on BF3 and even new details on the final DLC End Game!

  • JG4X4 03.20.12 at 02:35


  • JamesnChels 03.20.12 at 01:25

    Three words. USAS USAS USAS. Like This game type is going to suck if the USAS isn’t nerfed at least a little more than they’re going to already.

    I hope you realize that if the USAS isn’t being used, the Engineer class is going to be. Enough RPG or SMAW rounds to last a full life before getting shot so basically support class is out, too small for recon. Even assault will be pushing it because if you turn the corner you’re more than likely going to die, or you’re going to die, get the kill, and then get picked off two seconds later.

    Basically what this game mode will be doing is combining BF3’s engine with Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Stick to what you guys do best. CTF, Rush, and Conquest. Leave CoD to do game modes like this. People aren’t going to drop CoD and buy BF3 JUST for this game mode.

  • CUBAN_DUE1017 03.20.12 at 00:50

    Is just like call of duty.. Yea it would be fun for a while but then Is gonna get boring. More maps is wat we need. I like the snipers in dis game. They should make the 12x ballistic scope zoom in or increase its distance view. It is very hard to kill enemies wen u can’t see cause they are too far..

  • Calagus1 03.20.12 at 00:30

    I really hope you can blow holes in ANY floor, not just glass ones?!

  • djwille88 03.19.12 at 22:01

    I’m seriously pissed that RUSH is not included in the DLC..I’ve been very happy with the game up to this point. I’m not going to buy DLC modes I’ll never play. I WAS really looking forward to the CQC DLC, not any more.

  • Boatmurdurd 03.19.12 at 20:39

    The next expansion you guys should work on is the armoured warefare pack or something, work to your strengths, Call of duty is the corridor shooter, this game is the war simulator, make the game even larger scale than firestorm and kharg island, make it so there are 50 firefights going on rather than 1 hectic and ill defined one, in any close quartes combat, the idiot with the rocket launcher and the shotgun wins, make that a frowned upon gamestyle, where combat is selective, variable and unique, if i wanted to be locked into a tiny building getting shot at by everyone and their mother looking for the lonewolf kills I’d have bought MW3 over this.

    also change metro so the conquest is on the park beforehand, its not a popular map because its balanced, its popular because its one sided.

  • growking 03.19.12 at 18:21

    hopefully we are going to get an announcement this week about the date of the patch to be released

  • [Zulu] ZZZZZZZOD 03.19.12 at 18:13

    Another expansion pak but STILL no VOIP? Are we to assume that it’s not coming? And please don’t bring up the party feature in Origin as an alternative. I think that rebuttal has been put out to pasteur long ago.

    • KCutajar 03.19.12 at 18:25

      You are playing on the PC, so start acting like it if you want voice chat use TS3 or ventrillo

  • KillerNinjaTokes 03.19.12 at 17:14

    I have to say I love Battlefield 3 from the moment I finish the campaign on hard before playing online. I was hooked and stopped playing Call Of Duty all together. Niklas Fegraeus keep up the great work! you are making the Battlefield experience that much better and more intense. Operation Metro is one of my favourite maps!

  • TACTICAL_WOLFF 03.19.12 at 16:03

    I think everybody is forgetting that the objecive of this game was to make a realistic experiance, most battles now are in cqb enviorments. And whats so bad about cqp anyway? We dont have the bad spawning and as overpowerd weapons as CoD. Sp stop complaining and enjoy a game and stop being fanboys.

    • Kaivtroll 03.19.12 at 17:17

      I’m cool with the smaller maps my main issue is now the loss of rush, one of the things I liked about BF3 compared to COD was the feel of an objective and that we were not just shooting each other for not any reason than to just get kills, in real life troops are sent out with an objective in mind and not just to score kills. I like the sense of purpose, but I am willing to give the new conquest system a try. Making a non-vehicle base dlc can be a great was to make BF3 separate it self from the other FPS games. By showing what other things it has to offer, the destructible environment is just one item. Conquest and rush added game play elements to the game and if more non-death match element were added that would be great. Homefront had a pretty good conquest-like system and the new conquest system in CQ sounds like that but for removing RUSH I’d expect something better to give the non-death match feel.

      • MurphSlion 03.19.12 at 17:45

        I definitely agree with you that the lack of rush is going to be a big disappointment in the new dlc. Rush is by far my favorite game mode by far in BF3 for pretty much all the reason you listed. On the other hand, I’m pretty psyched for the new “domination” style game mode being introduced. I own BF3 on both the console and pc and feel that conquest on the console is a real let down when compared to the pc version. This (imo only) is purely due to the lack of players on the consoles, leading to minutes of running from objective to objective seeing literally no-one. I find this issue to be much more prevalent on the larger maps, such as Caspian Border. I really feel that this new game mode offers huge potential, for console players particularly, to employ new tactics and have a proper blast at the same time. I really feel this will address my main issue with BF3. Thanks DICE. (You get an extra thanks if you manage to put rush mode in as well though :-p )

  • alive2009 03.19.12 at 15:53

    COD user say “Yes!” and BF user say “No!” and DICE say “Success!”

  • Kaivtroll 03.19.12 at 14:24

    This should be in here and not 1st found else where
    But enough of that. If the link does it work for you it means “Close Quarters devoid of Rush mode…”
    Dice, really, taking out rush and the objectives makes it even more like that other fps people are talking about. Sure if people want to play TDM that is a choice but removing rush. I understand the maps are smaller but how about 2 m-coms instead of 4. Or one m-com at the each of the starting points of each team so 4 m-coms total and when a teams m-com is destroyed that team is out the game.

    My point is that there are many different options and playing with a goal of not just shooting everyone is one of the reasons why I really like this game. And I’d really like it if any version rush stayed in close quarters.

  • xZealandishBlizz 03.19.12 at 12:46

    cant wait for the DLC to come im thrilled that we have got a “release date” so to speak. i have always loved the battlefield series and cant wait for more content to this awesome game :D by the way please make a DLC for the coop missions would love to get some more coop maps to play with my friends :D

  • Maya_online 03.19.12 at 11:51

    IMO as long as the frag ammo is still that overpowered (or even exists) this Close Quarter Combat thingie won’t work

  • PingIsopure 03.19.12 at 09:42

    I’ve had this game for two weeks and just got around to playing it this weekend,(work and responsabilites)and needless to say I am loving it. Downloaded the new maps I was so impressed. Looking forward to the one’s to come. Hit me up on the PS3 XxMERKOLOGISTxX.

  • DanteYoda 03.19.12 at 09:19

    I’d be so interested in these DLC if you had given us some info earlier and not made us wait for patches and support for 7+ months…
    Also the way you treat your long time PC customers over short term Console Fanboi’s is quite utterly disgusting, I’ve honestly never been looked down on and made to feel like utter crap by any other company like this one has as a PC player i expected much more from DICE….
    Then you have the gall to expect more money off us after all we’ve had to deal with from your companies EA / DICE…

  • DriedPooh 03.19.12 at 09:12

    bottom line your catering to COD boys for the money, come on DICE I like the diff between the two and now there is no real choice, way to sell out.

  • VultureX3 03.19.12 at 08:38

    um I’ll leave this pack for the kids…………

  • DanMEOW 03.19.12 at 06:40

    I think it looks awesome. :3

  • Emofezz 03.19.12 at 04:12

    you can take out rush cause i see how it can’t be put in the maps, but at least include squad rush. There may be someway you can make squad rush work

  • B00ME 03.19.12 at 03:18

    Also, your poll choices are crap, “room sweeping with my shotgun”, so basically you’re giving us 4 shotgun maps like Noshahr Canals? Sounds like BF to me. “Dropping in through a glass roof”, so they can shoot you with their shotguns? Creating HD destruction timelapse video? Ha, maybe if the game had a theatre mode like COD and Halo. Maybe you should add that to the game, you know, something that everyone wants instead of 4 CQ maps that don’t sound like BF, they sould like Unreal and COD. “Blowing a hole in the wall and shooting enemies on the other side”, lol, really, that’s the best you can come up with?

  • B00ME 03.19.12 at 03:12

    So it uses the TDM spawn system? GREAT choice, nothing like being spawn killed at least 5 times a match before you even take a step, can’t wait.

  • IanAugust 03.19.12 at 02:54

    Is the HD destruction going to work the same on the console versions of the game? And what do they mean by create your own timelapse video? Are we getting a video editor like COD! That would rock my world all night. Like the MJ song.

  • ZaitsevJr 03.18.12 at 22:50

    The reason i picked up gaming with BF1942 was the introduction of vehicles and the tactical aspects.
    When Trauma Studios released their Desert Combat Mod, i was hooked.

    What i observed is, that the original ideas that made the Battlefield Series popular are being more and more abandoned to present a CSS/COD clone, focused on infantry game play while the tactical aspects and vehicles are getting neglected and sacrificed.

    Look at the Models, the screwed up physics and controls, weird effects … sloppy stuff.
    Command Structure, Squad Setup and Voip Comms that came with BF2 are ruined and gone now.

    I do now see, why BF3 got so screwed up … because they gave the show to a CSS Pac-Man …

    Good Luck with that … :)

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 03.18.12 at 22:11

    Funny to see that the standard crosshair actually works in the videos DICE puts out, but when you play the game it dossent. Pretty lame if you ask me. :0/

  • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:20

    FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters as well

  • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:20

    FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters as well L

  • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:06

    FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters as well LMAO!

  • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:01

    What a bunch of overworded wwhiney complainers, just fussing to feel important on here lol.>You KNOW battlefield is the best shooter game out there it will continue and YOU WILL GET THIS expansion and you WILL play the heck out of it. Maybe some ppl in battlefield like to Assult iin close range like metro. Donnt start jumping the gun and PLEASE dont use COD n BATTLEFIELD in the same sentence or as comparison of ANY kind. they are WAY beyond trying to take 8 steps back and do ANYTHING to resemble cod. Maybe the just wanted to throw out an intense close quarter level. Do us ALL a favor if ur gonna be one of these whiney complainers…DONT get it wait for the other ones and SAVE OXYGEN FOR THE REST OF US AND STFU!! Lol…just saying ( Knowing dam well dudes are gonna be up till 3 am all over waiting to dwnload this….dam posers lol )

    • CosmiC10R 03.20.12 at 00:59

      LOL… something about overworded… and something about STFU… yup you covered it

  • Muske16 03.18.12 at 20:46

    Just wait when it comes out it’ll be just as glitchy and unfinished as the last add on. Not even gonna start on how bad this will be with the frag rounds and RPGs.

    Dice what happened to the core teamwork gameplay?

    P.S.-If i wanted to have close quarter combat I’d go play COD.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:08

      What a bunch of overworded wwhiney complainers, just fussing to feel important on here lol.>You KNOW battlefield is the best shooter game out there it will continue and YOU WILL GET THIS expansion and you WILL play the heck out of it. Maybe some ppl in battlefield like to Assult iin close range like metro. Donnt start jumping the gun and PLEASE dont use COD n BATTLEFIELD in the same sentence or as comparison of ANY kind. they are WAY beyond trying to take 8 steps back and do ANYTHING to resemble cod. Maybe the just wanted to throw out an intense close quarter level. Do us ALL a favor if ur gonna be one of these whiney complainers…DONT get it wait for the other ones and SAVE OXYGEN FOR THE REST OF US AND STFU!! Lol…just saying ( Knowing dam well dudes are gonna be up till 3 am all over waiting to dwnload this….dam posers lol )

      • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:08

        FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters as well LMAO!

  • PPNSteve 03.18.12 at 20:25

    It will be fun, something different for a while as long as this (and the others) Map pack is FREE

  • drvb2000 03.18.12 at 19:12

    What is the price of it?

  • AM-Zani 03.18.12 at 18:45

    Personally, I am going to be purchasing this pack. Not for the maps, 100%, but rather for the weaponry I can take back to karkand and the normal maps

  • InfiniteILM 03.18.12 at 17:56

    Fully understand all you guys concerns. And completely agree with the comments about the glitches and fixing them. But the others about “trying to steal MW3 fans” “this is not battlefield” needs to end. The question I have for everyone, is this not only a dlc map pack and not replacing the whole damn game? It’s called an add on for a reason. We still have our beloved BF3 with us, they’re just adding a new piece of the pie not taking away from it. So when people comment this is not battefield or true BF fans boycott it, what’s the big deal? It’s a DLC not an entire title. In regards to the dlc I think this really revolutionizes the game. I have not been a BF fan since the beginning but the important thing is I am now. This dlc adds to BF giving the players who enjoy games like CS and MW some added joy. We all want BF to rule and these maps will certainly help it. I’m personally not a fan of small maps myself but sometimes I wanna throw down face to face and this DLC and also TDM allows me to do so. It’s called adding value to the game. Great choice, great business decision.

    • A Holt 03.18.12 at 18:24

      I would agree with wanting to play it as well but I highly disagree with the lowered player count. Even with maps that are 1/20th the size of basic maps the lowered player count will make it more of a squad game than anything else and I don’t like that they are making an entire DLC revolve around only one game type. Let alone, a game type that removes most of the core features of Battlefield to emphasize one.

  • LucaBrasi74 03.18.12 at 17:33

    You have a great game! dont kill the game in order to compete whith MW. Hardcore BF fans like tha as i should be! About the squad, playing together whith friends, tactic and dont have to think about a 14 year old kid running around whith a shoutgun. DICE…BF 3 have lost some of the “felling” that for example BF 2 had. PLEASE dont destroy the game…….

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:17

      What a bunch of overworded wwhiney complainers, just fussing to feel important on here lol.>You KNOW battlefield is the best shooter game out there it will continue and YOU WILL GET THIS expansion and you WILL play the heck out of it. Maybe some ppl in battlefield like to Assult iin close range like metro. Donnt start jumping the gun and PLEASE dont use COD n BATTLEFIELD in the same sentence or as comparison of ANY kind. they are WAY beyond trying to take 8 steps back and do ANYTHING to resemble cod. Maybe the just wanted to throw out an intense close quarter level. Do us ALL a favor if ur gonna be one of these whiney complainers…DONT get it wait for the other ones and SAVE OXYGEN FOR THE REST OF US AND STFU!! Lol…just saying ( Knowing dam well dudes are gonna be up till 3 am all over waiting to dwnload this

  • Jl1223 X 03.18.12 at 17:08

    Great. A new DLC! But, DICE, don’t you think that you’re going a bit above your head in the money prospect? Sure, I’m happy about CQ combat in BF3. 12 v 12 on a normal map for me is pretty laggy due to where I live. With a smaller map, less vehicles, and more shooting, It would be much more ‘active’ with a lot of kills. However, there are so many problems with the game already, I think that you guys are getting addicted to the money. If you could fix most of the bugs right now, wouldn’t that be much better? I mean, utilization of the Frostbite 2.0 Engine to make destruction epic is great, but for now, instead of focusing on new DLC, I think it would be better to actually fix the games problems.

    New weapons. Great! When the DLC releases I’m betting money that in each game there will be a USAS-12 Frag Rounds user in the CQB map each time I play, unless you fix it in a way. Oh, you did.
    By reducing ammo, which doesn’t change anything other than the fact that he has 3 kills less before reloading.

    New maps! I guess you need a lot of running, diving, crouching, in close quarters? Well, when I run in a big map like Caspian Border across a plain, I am glitching around, teleporting backwards to where I was over and over. If I were in a small map like Ziba Tower, I would no doubt just stay in the spawn area.

    The DLC is great, but use it as an experimentation project and don’t focus on it until the bugs in the game are fixed. Fix up the game so that more people will play this instead of the horribly unfair – but non-glitchy – MW3. Then release the DLC. Not only will you lure out more players into BF3 with your DLC, you also get back a lot of players who would also buy the DLC.

    See, there you go. You gain more money in more time (Unless you can do the patches and fixes really fast), and gain a lot of information on what people think. Win Win situation, problem solved.

  • DaeN666 03.18.12 at 17:04

    Great, more chances for people to use USUCs with Frag rounds…

  • PSYLNZ 03.18.12 at 16:31

    This is EA and/or DICE going after Modern Warefare money, at the possible expense of thier core loyal BF fans. If you are a fan of the traditional Battlefield style gameplay, send them a message by Voting with your wallet on this one, and don’t buy the close quarters DLC. Also if you DO like the traditional Battlefield style gameplay, and you don’t already have it, I highly recommend buying the Back to Karkand DLC. It’s well worth it.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:19

      What a bunch of overworded wwhiney complainers, just fussing to feel important on here lol.>You KNOW battlefield is the best shooter game out there it will continue and YOU WILL GET THIS expansion and you WILL play the heck out of it. Maybe some ppl in battlefield like to Assult iin close range like metro. Donnt start jumping the gun and PLEASE dont use COD n BATTLEFIELD in the same sentence or as comparison of ANY kind. they are WAY beyond trying to take 8 steps back and do ANYTHING to resemble cod. Maybe the just wanted to throw out an intense close quarter level. Do us ALL a favor if ur gonna be one of these whiney complainers…DONT get it wait for the other ones and SAVE OXYGEN FOR THE REST OF US AND STFU!! Lol…just saying ( Knowing dam well dudes are gonna be up till 3 am all over waiting to dwnload

  • scalvin 03.18.12 at 16:08

    I think DICE is exploring a new consumer target. They should have release a couple of CQC maps along with more traditioal layouts.
    Some of the reviewers feel the same way as many of the BF core players do , but they already played one of the new maps:

  • A Holt 03.18.12 at 15:56

    More maps, thanks you. More animations and sounds, good. More weapons, aren’t the ones we have already unbalanced? More DLC, wait, isn’t your game imbalanced and dysfunctional from your last DLC/patch? From the simple facts of how things are going for you guys, maybe you shouldn’t wait for an expansion pack to get that update out. I’ve tried to give you guys a heads-up. You guys say you care about feedback and the community. Well I’ve contacted you all just about every way possible outside of talking to you in person. If I could I would. All I can do is hope you have the time away from trying to hit that market demographic you want to read this. You know, the people who never bought your game before Bad Company 2 because they like Call of Duty or Counterstrike or whatever. Well, I’ve done some research. They still don’t want to play Battlefield, and they won’t until you remove all content outside of this “new territory” you guys are stepping in to with Close Quarters(no vehicles, lower population, frantically small environments). If you want to be top dog on the sales charts, you have to be delivered from the cookie cutter. Now sure, you want everyone to buy/enjoy your product, but remember what makes battlefield what it is. Unconventionality. 1942, Vietnam, and Battlefield 2 didn’t meet the criteria, they broke the mold altogether. Frostbite is revolutionary, I’ve seen myself what it is capable of producing. I would be astounded if you all were doing with Close Quarters exactly what I think you are, and that’s finishing Frostbite 2.0. I have a feeling that DICE could use these maps as experiments looking in to how much destruction is actually executable on a map, starting with the smallest environment possible of course. Now, the goal in my eyes would be to take that data and learning experience, transfer it to everything in Armored Kill(or End Game if Armored Kill will be an experiment on sizing and vehicular combat), and finally give us the product you had the vision of giving us so many years ago. Things are grim for Battlefield 3 currently.To put it simply, people are leaving. While the sale for that copy of the game can still be accounted for, the continued activity of that singular player cannot. Even the casual gamer can see the flaws and imbalance, and more often than not, it’s enough to make them set the controller/mouse down. It’s not at all for nothing, however. The previous re-balancing in Back to Karkand can be taken in various strides. It was an example of what to do in some cases, and what not to in others. Please DICE, I’ve tried to tell you guys every way I can. Take what you’ve learned an use it. Put the DLC back a bit more if you have to, and focus getting the update and patch out as soon as humanly possible. Get people excited on the fact that your game is just down right fun to play, not the fact that there’s a waterfall of DLC on the horizon. We all love new content, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that mechanics come first. DICE, I purchase, enjoy and recommend nearly all of your titles to anyone who even thinks about video games. Not out of blind faith or fanboyism, but out of honest opinion of what I think sixty dollars is worth and what you should get for it. So in summary, get the lead out, DICE. Cut the red tape and get people wanting to play your game even if it never saw another bit of new content. Inside of Battlefield 3 is a picture of what a shooter can accomplish. However, that picture is currently hidden behind an eschewed vision of what you all or some of you believe the consumer basis wants. If everything you guys decided for balance in Back to Karkand was from feedback and community intel, then don’t listen. Some of us won’t be happy until we can unfairly beat everyone else, mainly to give ourselves the delusion of superiority. Well, that doesn’t sound fun to me. Do what you all do best, make Battlefield. Not anything else, no adaptations, no copies, no market cornering. It should be about your passion for making video games first, and making money second.

    Jacob Holt

  • scalvin 03.18.12 at 15:44

    I think that releasing a Dlc every 6 months is way too long, players that don’t like CQC have to wait a year between Karkand and Armored Kill?

  • ProF4nn9Hunter 03.18.12 at 14:28

    I thought the map was going to be a metro sized map not a small map im not paying 1200 points for call of duty maps……Destruction 2.0 boost funny because already seems that the wooden supports for the plaster walls are indestructable i would put money on call of duty upgrading to plaster falling from walls lol ,i love the small maps but these seem like there guna be watered down…what about pc ive seen metro 64p gameplay and its a joke!!!!the game was made for pc and yet its console style maps that are on the way

  • rockrock1296 03.18.12 at 14:01 is the best place to learn new things about battlefield 3 and MORE there is tons of Close Quarter Photos!

  • rockrock1296 03.18.12 at 14:00

    We are nearing the release of this DLC and if you want to get it for free start using the app junowallet. Its in the apple appstore! you can get free gift cards to xbox and playstation and more it works great and it is legal! If you download it to get a head start on your money making use the invite code MP764328 when you first start up the app. Have Fun!

  • Xacts 03.18.12 at 12:38

    Like the new idea for a small Battlefield, always a danger luring right beside you, a test of your reactions and sence of predicting the warfare, cant wait to make people rage quit! Tho i would also like to see some huge maps, i mean maps where only snipers have range enough to kill, with jets, heli’s, tanks and some kind of big airplane where the whole team can spawn and be flied to a location to be dropped… Could be awesome!

  • leaty 03.18.12 at 12:32

    Nice, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the patch more than this. Unless you’ll also include flashbangs and a REAL flashlight that actually lights up dark areas with this expansion pack. Think about it: taclight vs flashbang, I’d take the flashbang any day. Oh and smoke grenades asswoops tube smoke in awesomeness.

  • Frankzappa82 03.18.12 at 12:21

    Ser fram emot detta Dice, tack för många timmars glädje!

  • Paran01d_droid 03.18.12 at 11:56

    The only reason OP Metro is the most popular map is because of all the USAS Frag whores constantly playing it to pad their stats.

  • SaNyOg_Ss 03.18.12 at 10:07

    Why are all the expansion packs for multiplayer only? Why not for co-op or singleplayer too?

  • St4rgun 03.18.12 at 09:09

    That’s why it’s SO annoying to see in the gameplay video trailer a very interesting but short spot at 00:26 in slow motion: a guy with an RPG(!) is jumping from the 2nd floor to the lower floor to avoid the explosion. Two problems with this kind of gamestyle: that guy doesn’t care that he’ll die from the jump which means HE SURELY WON’T. And how in the hell someone tries to use an RPG INDOOR?! OMG! Now all we need more is a rocket jump and we’ll surely arrive not to Counter-Strike but QUAKE ARENA. The gameplay in this video has nothing common to the complicated tactics we used to apply in Counter-Strike. Period.

  • St4rgun 03.18.12 at 09:07

    By the way the author wrote about his Counter-Strike experience stating that in THAT game a tight indoor battle needs precision shooting. As I already mentioned it’s surely right according to CS, but there were some important factors to achieve this:
    1. NO respawn, every life counts. 2. LIMITED ammo, no more ammobags. If you forgot to buy grenades at the end of the round, you’ll miss them later! 3. NO 40mm grenade nor RPG, just frag grenate. 4. USABLE smoke and FLASH grenades. So if I combine these all it’s clear that the circumstances are TOTALLY different in CS than in BF3 or CoD.

    • Champion_Hero 03.18.12 at 11:06

      What this guy said. Also as a seasoned CS player, I see no relation to CS in these trailers as the game mechanics in BF3 simply do not cross over well enough. CS worked because of the reasons listed above – more-so, the spawn scenario. BF3’s current spawn system is laughable, and hugely flawed at best, often spawning in front, next to or behind an enemy – sometimes multiple times in a row. The action also looks far too fast paced often bordering on chaos – and chaos has no tactics.

      If DICE introduce some of the aspects that CS had (especially FB/Smoke, spawn and restrict RPG’s etc,) then MAYBE I’ll be interested in this – however, regardless of what people are saying about BF expanding to cover all aspects of warfare, which is great, the BF series belongs on the larger field. I fail to see why they cant implement these CQC’s within larger maps – I’m sure its easy enough to put a flag or two inside a few buildings whilst a much larger battle is still happening outside. I’m still waiting for Naval Warefare to make a return too…

    • CosmiC10R 03.20.12 at 01:27

      NO RESPAWNS … thank you..
      This also promotes teamplay in a way a gamemode with respawns cannot…
      I posted this in the wish thread… The old Army operations game released by the american army had some awesome gamemodes including VIP escort that had no respawns…

      Intense in a way that constant respawns will never be able to mirror…

  • tarentel 03.18.12 at 09:03

    “The closest you come to this type of tight combat scenario in Battlefield 3 is on Operation Métro. We know this is one of our most popular maps, which tells us that our gameplay has what it takes to perform in such unique and frantic conditions.”

    Oh wow, because you can spam explosives, med packs, anything, and boost your score. No shit. Obviously its popular because its an easy way to buff your stats. I don’t think too many people actually like playing this map. It’s just a really easy way to unlock things. If these maps are anything like metro I have no plans of purchasing this dlc.

  • Coreyweb 03.18.12 at 08:06

    COD has guns and close quarter action so any game that has guns and close quarters action is GAY and a COD wannabe!!

    You people are oblivious whiners and complainers. COD is dumb and stagnant, NOT because it has CQ intense gunplay…’s dumb and stagnant because it doesn’t have good squad/team dynamics, good gameplay dynamics, doesn’t take much skill, takes 0 strategy….and most of all….it doesn’t have destructible environments. Thus it gets retarded and boring almost instantly.

    You people seem to think the only thing that differentiates COD from Battlefield is sandbox maps and vehicles. That’s NOT the difference in the “BF experience.” There’s a LOT more reasons why I like BF so much more than just sandbox maps and vehicles. BF3 is awesome because of the gameplay dynamics, squad dynamics, the ability to make more strategic decisions most the time and yes, awesome vehicles/vehicle combat and bigger sandbox maps…..oh and DEFINITELY because of destructible environments. (that’s probably the BEST and biggest awesome feature for me) Thus it has a ridiculously bigger replay value because there’s so much more variance and ways to counter stuff. To say the only thing that makes battlefield battlefield is the vehicles and open sandbox maps is ridiculous. CQ isn’t a Call of Duty thing. Its a FPS thing, and I think it will be awesome to see DICE’s take on some CQ action.

    I understand people being rather bummed that DLC like this comes out first and they have to wait for the big maps/vehicle stuff….(but you can still play the main game?) I kind of agree that I wish the other DLC was coming out first (cause that sounds awesome too), but this looks like its gonna be really cool and intense and fun. I like it when it gets intense like this just as much as I like non-chalantly wondering around a vast open map in a jeep or tank. Or getting in an intense dog-fight or tank battle.

    They DO need to hurry up and get this patch out though.

    • CosmiC10R 03.20.12 at 01:21

      Im not sure if you have played the games including BFBC2 but the destruction in BF3 is a generation behind BFBC2… I dont agree with getting an objective by leveling a building because this was way too easy BUT if you have ever seen Oasis on the first set defending with 5 tickets left on rush… there wasnt a building left standing for the defending team…u were firing thru rubble

      I have repeatedly watched A10s and AH12s make rocket and gun runs on buildings and some concrete disappears…this isnt even close to dropping the building even by ticket 5 with the helicopter never dying… im not sure if its a balance issue with a lack of AA so you cant take out a building but it seems like its been reduced.. in the coop in BCBC2 you leveled buildings so the ai couldnt fire rockets at you from the rooftops.. i havent seen that yet… the odd wall sure… nothing more
      I love BF as much as the next but lets call a spade a spade… the bitching is because there are some issues that need to be addressed as evidenced by all the LONG TERM BF players voicing there concerns…

      I originally started playing BF 1942 when it came out all those years ago… I love BF as a series but …..

  • XD9mmFMJ 03.18.12 at 07:48

    WTF Dice?!?!?! You’re supposed to sell people on the BATTLEFIELD game play, not closet quarters bull like this. I’m not buying this piece of crap DLC. You need to fix the game, and worry about your core audience.

  • AHH_DOHH 03.18.12 at 07:04

    if i wanted to play a COD style id purchase COD . this is ****ing stupid . am not purchasing this expansion

  • Phr33Dumb 03.18.12 at 06:52

    As long as the m320, usas-12 and rpg’s are banned. I think they will spoil the maps, like in Metro…

  • Purgingomen 03.18.12 at 05:49

    I hope the guns offered in this xpac don’t sport a particular advantage, because I plan on skipping it. This is not what I purchased BF3 for.

  • greensunggwa 03.18.12 at 05:26

    i’m a battlefield noob who started to play since battlefield 3 came out
    but even i know that “We know this is one of our most popular maps,” this quote is wrong.
    i thought bf3 was all about the teamwork, veichles, and destruction.
    i have no idea why bf3 is trying to be like mw3.
    why is DICE giving away all the benefit of bf3?

    ik this is a new try for bf series and DICE, but still a DLC or a map with the balanced vechile + infantry would have emphasized the strong part of bf3.

    sry for my bad english dudes.

    from, South Korea

    • YourMothersPink 03.18.12 at 06:23


    • CavemanKanoa 03.18.12 at 06:24

      This is my first BF game too, and while I understand the rage, I also understand the DLC. MW3 is shit. BF3 is awesome. Now I have an opportunity to play CoD-pace in BF3. I’m okay with that. I’ll never want to play MW3 again.

    • FatMike47 03.18.12 at 06:27

      Guess DICE wants to face rape Activision a little more by taking away its last 23 players ;)

  • WillKiIl 03.18.12 at 05:18

    This DLC is complete and utter shit. It goes against everything Battlefield is known for. I play Battlefield to enjoy large scale wars, not cluster fucks in hallways. If I wanted that I would play the 90% of other shooters out there. It seems EA just wants to make a wider audience of children happy to get more money. And why the fuck is it coming out in June when they promised February DLC in December? Lazy fucks. go back to CoD.

    • CavemanKanoa 03.18.12 at 06:25

      But COD sucks ass. This will give that type of game play in a superior engine, with better balance.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:24

      FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters

    • LPGhatguy 03.19.12 at 05:22

      If you’re so pissed off about it, then *don’t buy the DLC!*
      Why do people have such a tough time comprehending this? You’re not being forced out of your large scale battles. The next patch is coming, too.
      Simmer. The. Fuck. Down.

  • YouAr3TheOneNeo 03.18.12 at 04:45

    This is proof that there is a Demo Mode built into this game. DICE LET US USE IT!

  • IStreetI 03.18.12 at 03:50

    True team play is essential and I know Dice will do it very well.

  • Kynan1 03.18.12 at 01:51

    How are you gonna stop it being like metro, where everyone just fires rpgs and m320s

  • robzollo 03.18.12 at 00:39

    let me make my own cinematics with battlerecorder :’x

  • YourMothersPink 03.18.12 at 00:32


  • MarkPowell1996 03.18.12 at 00:24

    We are nearing the release of this DLC and if you want to get it for free start using the app junowallet. Its in the apple appstore! you can get free gift cards to xbox and playstation and more it works great and it is legal! If you download it to get a head start on your money making use the invite code MP764328 when you first start up the app. Have a Good Time

  • MarkPowell1996 03.18.12 at 00:24 is the best place to learn new things about battlefield 3 and MORE there is tons of Close Quarter Photos

  • CDAWWGG 03.18.12 at 00:21

    This is exactly what makes that frostbite engine come to life. I love the big open maps but at times they just lack the “tension” that tight spaces in Metro have. This is going to be a great direction for the series as the big maps just get repetitive and this will provide an escape from the vast expanses of Karkland where it feels like it takes an hour to just run to the fight let alone get up close and get in it. From the standpoint of a thorough gaming experience BF3 delivers and including CQB maps for those who don’t always want to play the giant maps is only a good move. It will increase the appeal to those who play a wide gamut of FPS games and will additionally draw in those who don’t have time for a long map. I see this as a great move and will DEFINITELY be buying this. Keep up the AWESOME WORK!

  • Roamcel 03.17.12 at 22:44

    Conquest is already shit as it is, and rush being dumbed down like fuck to cater the attention deficit console players, this trash was just what battlefield needed. More counter strike. Shove this garbage up your CC playing ass.
    The best game of this genre was and is Battlefield Bad Company 2.
    Rush is the only thing that made the game stand out, with its AWESOME, ENORMOUS maps where you could literally play a different game each time.
    Rush maps for BF3 are GARBAGE, in comparison, because they’re so NARROW, and don’t even get me talking about the ticket count.

    I’m quite certain that BFBC2’s awesome rush maps and rush mode are NOT your ideas, because you definitely look like one player that can’t recognize ‘good game’ even if it were to give him free pussy.
    counter strike… go to hell.
    This ‘addon’ is just another hit on the nail of dumbification and retardation of the bf3 series, with even narrower maps, and even less skill (spawn camping and spawn kills anyone?)

    • TheConchofFury 03.18.12 at 01:49

      How about you just leave then? Go back and play your precious BF2. Nobody wants asshats like you running around attacking the developers for a generally good idea.

      I for one really am psyched for this map pack, just as Im excited for the armor kill coming later in the year. I just wish it was planned for a few months sooner!

    • JaySquared 03.18.12 at 03:53

      Wow, so angry. Like you could do any better. Just let them make the game they want to make. If you like it, cool. Play it. If not, beat it. Such a big toughguy cursing out people who create things you don’t have the intelligence or imagination to create. I’m sure the devs there could drop a deuce in the commode, put it in a console/pc and it would STILL play better than anything you could put together.

      Here’s to hoping you go back to CoD because it’s people like you that completely ruin any and all gaming communities.

  • Harbik 03.17.12 at 22:30

    Hello and thank you for sharing your point of view with us mr. Fegraeus.

    Please let me express my disappointment with the Close Quarters DLC being the first one to deploy (although I understand you certainly have your reasons to do so).

    I’m not looking forward to this DLC and I most certainly won’t purchase it. Close quarter engagements isn’t what I seek in a Battlefield game. I.e. If I go to a restaurant and order a steak, I would expect a meaty steak to be delivered, not salad. Battlefield series has been (in my eyes at least) always about large scale fights with a variety of vehicles and aircrafts. The Close Quarters DLC provides neither and so far looks generic and very similar to Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

    You mentioned that Operation Métro is a very popular map. If I may suggest, please look at your data who of those players participating on those maps has fully unlocked kit he plays with. I would assume many of them is simply trying to hunt down unlocks and don’t play the map because it’s good, but rather because it provides highest density of enemy targets.

    I can only hope this is the last of “Battlehouse” DLCs and we will in future experience more large scale combats and maps (with objectives further away from each other). Things that made this series so popular and great.
    Please note that I’m not typing this with any kind of anger or hatred, if you feel offended, I apologize.

    Good luck,

    • JaySquared 03.18.12 at 03:56

      Well said. There are a number of people on this thread that could learn a thing or two about expressing disappointment with WORDS instead of some long winded, expletive laden diatribe about how “BF3 is now CoD!” and “CounterStrike?!…go to hell”

    • Purgingomen 03.18.12 at 05:52


  • BLUNTNORMAN 420 03.17.12 at 22:09

    Everybody shut up about this being like cod it has nothing on this game and we all know that, Just because they brought indoor close quarters doesnt mean shit, Its not Battlefields fault that cod makes small ass shitty maps for their games EA gives you your moneys worth without making you buy some shitty premium service/ripoff/suckers !!! They are switching it up so people dont complain about big maps for one, Second this is gonna have more of a realistic tactical swat kinda feel clearing rooms and giving you diiferant secnarios. Its nice they change up the enviorment to challenge the gamers and also keep the action flowing. Cant wait, Looks sweet!!!!!!!

  • MN_Waterfowler 03.17.12 at 21:59

    Thanks for sharing a little bit more information regarding this new DLC. I am truely a vehicle man, and was very mad when I first heard about it. After reading this and the time you put into it, makes me want to play it now. I do like operation metro, and I do like my shotguns. I think everyone is stating hateful comments because of the way it is now. I’m sure things will change when we have the next patch, and current things will be fixed such as the FRAG issue. Keep up the good work DICE, despite your boss *EA* being such a greedy money hound and being watch by BBC watchdog. Lets hope they dont get sued.

  • C13INTZ 03.17.12 at 21:38

    great, so now bf3 is like cod, awesome…

  • sup3rswany 03.17.12 at 21:35

    Thought this was Battlefield not CoD. If i wanted azzholes and elbows to stumble over I would play CoD. Metro is the worst map on battlefield….why make more like it? Oh yeah,I forgot….$$$$. The huge maps and actual squad gameplay is what brought me to Battlefield games. Any fool can play “spray and pray” type games(like CoD). I for one will not pay for any small map,non skill type DLC. I’m not sure where Devs. get their info about people liking this type of play. I have played alot of BF3(a real and no one i have played with is looking forward to this DLC.

  • supaflyryguy 03.17.12 at 20:44

    I’m so incredibly disappointed that you haven’t found a way to make Rush work in these maps. There must be a way, really. Have the next sets of mcoms on another floor or across the street in a new building. Rush is by far my favorite battlefield game mode and it’s a supreme disappointment that this signature battlefield game mode is being put aside here.

  • MarkPowell1996 03.17.12 at 20:33 is the best place to learn new things about battlefield 3 and MORE there is tons of Close Quarter Photos too!

  • MarkPowell1996 03.17.12 at 20:32

    We are nearing the release of this DLC and if you want to get it for free start using the app junowallet. Its in the apple appstore! you can get free gift cards to xbox and playstation and more it works great and it is legal! If you download it to get a head start on your money making use the invite code MP764328 when you first start up the app. Have Fun!

  • figgeDICE 03.17.12 at 19:59

    Thanks for all your comments guys! The whole idea for this blog series is to let you know what we do and why, and I’m glad to see so much feedback and comments!

    I see many of you are concerned with the upcoming patch, so let me just say it is on its way, and with it comes tons of fixes and tweaks, so stay tuned.

    For those of you who feel that a close combat experience is not what you are looking for, keep your eyes on the Armored Kill expansion we have in the making. I can confidently say you’ll get your epic scale vehicle fix with that expansion pack!

    I hope you like this closer look at what we do, I know I liked sharing it! Take care guys, and watch this space as more insights are coming!

  • rockrock1296 03.17.12 at 19:29 is the best place to get information about Battlefield 3 and MORE! even new photos of CLOSE QUARTERS that can’t even be found here! Also find out how to get free gift cards to xbox psn iTunes and MORE!

  • growking 03.17.12 at 18:54

    hopefully somebody will see this but the b2k trophy on ps3 gunslinger is not working properly i checked on battlelog and i have ten kills with all the weapons but trophy is not unlocked .

    • madkillermiller 03.17.12 at 19:04

      i had the same problem. after getting 10 kills with each weapon, you must go on team deathmatch and get 10 kills with the famas. the trophy should pop up then.

    • aH3RDofTURTL3S 03.17.12 at 19:04

      i have the same problem on xbox

  • chynaseth 03.17.12 at 18:48

    deff shouldent have the map on hardcore

  • SeverePsychosis 03.17.12 at 17:26

    oh yeah! ALMOST forgot… TAKE DAT ONSCREEN MAP OFF OF HARDCORE ALREADY!!!! they want it, let’em earn it!!!

  • SeverePsychosis 03.17.12 at 17:21

    i wonder if that mechanical killer nat (MAV) will still b killing me or scoop down on me while in the heat of battle… will the knife game b improved? hmmm… how bout more points for those that spot? silent tanks rollin up bcuz it wasn’t spotted, probably some gel cushioned belt shoes kit is being added as an xtra perk 4 that tank, my mistake…

  • leolarry 03.17.12 at 17:05

    Looks like it’s all about raking in more $$$ and entice the MW players who don’t know how to act when a map is bigger than 20 sq yards. I have no interest. There’s still a lot a work that needs to be done in regular BF3.

    • wtrmlnjuc 03.17.12 at 17:08

      you mean like what the Special Forces pack did with BF2?

      Infantry focused expansion packs aren’t new to Battlefield.

      This is just introducing a new game mode, a new feel, more variety for us gamers. Isn’t that what we want?

      • waldo15 03.17.12 at 18:43

        If I remember correctly (and I do, I have the old pack sitting on my desk right now) Special forces had smaller maps, true, but they brought up new vehicles (Apache FTW), and the maps would play exactly the same as BF2 in a decidedly smaller scale but yet remain true to the core BF2 gameplay. It was not exclusive to Infantry only.

        Just check a recent IGN review:

        All editors agree this is not Battlefield in the traditional sense, but yet they did have some fun moments while playing. Remains to be seen how good this pack really is after we all see the full map list, weapon list and so on.

  • KingMagicMan 03.17.12 at 16:56

    All I’m asking for on Ziba Tower is for a chopper with a minigun to spray a whole level of the building down and then I will be satified for the Close Quarters DLC. Oh and also DICE if you read this please consider adding in the AT4 Rocket Launcher that is used on the campaign mission: Operation Swordfish and I’d also like you to add the Barett .50 CALIBER sniper rifle that is semi-automatic just like the same weapon used on the campaign level: Kafarov. These to guns being added to his map would pack a punch on the Battlefield!

    • ChiefALeef 03.17.12 at 17:07

      A) NO vehicles will be in the close quarters DLC it was alread announced that its all infantry only
      B) AT4… i agree
      C) lol’d at the “operation swordfish” its swordbreaker hahaha :)
      D) the will not be added because…how the hell are you going to balance that in the game? it will have the same damage as the last sniper rifle but semi-automatic it will be hogged by all recons and will be considered OP, if it was made under powered then people would complain that its not realistic because in real life a would rip an arm off. if this weapon were to be added then because of semi automatic reasons; it would take 3 shots to kill a person with, if it was 2 then every recon would use it.

  • XxMiseryxX2 03.17.12 at 16:54

    June???? Im sure I read an artical that said, you learned your lesson. Your rep did and iterview with Game Informer. Thats said maps will come out faster this time. Why does it takes 6 months for a map?

    And for the love of all good in this world. Add the dam horn sound to jeeps. That sound has its place in combat as well as getting someones attention so other players can jump in. Major oversite to game play

  • ChiefALeef 03.17.12 at 16:52

    why are people voting for the “shooting a hole in the wall”?
    vote for creating my own HD destruction timelapse video!
    HINT battlecorder HINT

  • rpsx 03.17.12 at 16:48

    isn’t operation metro popular with the lazy players who just want a fast point earning level? you gotta look beyond the obvious when it comes to statistics on human behavior.

    • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:49

      Why are you more important than those payers ?

      Why can’t battlefield cater to everybody ?

  • epic_assasin91Xx 03.17.12 at 16:32

    i love battlefield its the most epic game ever love bf3 and bc2 is not to bad but cant w8 for dlc yes YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! battlefield is sick

  • epic_assasin91Xx 03.17.12 at 16:28

    battlefield is the best fucking game ever and cant w8 for the dlc pout more out YES cant w8

  • Infe88Serbia 03.17.12 at 15:34

    Maiby u should first pick up some patch 2 fix these bugs in the game?Then u can let it new DLC.

    • wtrmlnjuc 03.17.12 at 17:09

      They are patching it up a lot. Check the forums?

    • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:47

      Have you not read the forums ? The patch is finished and ready to go. It’s just waiting on Sony / Microsoft to approve it so all the platforms can be patched at once. And not to mention its a completely different department of DICE who make te DLC. They have another department working on patches so both can be worked on at once

  • Gimpoo 03.17.12 at 15:13

    This is indeed a wall of text. People who are afraid of reading should jump to another comment.

    I didn’t buy Back to Karkand and am not planing to buy Close Quarters either. Not because of this BF is becoming COD crap. I actually welcome this expansion because I know that’s what some players want. It makes BF3 more diversified. Big maps, small maps, everyone is happy. We must not forget that some big maps expansions are coming also. Sure we’ll have to wait longer then the small ones, but still.

    No, the fact is that I didn’t buy B2K and won’t buy CQ or any other expansions for the simple fact that I feel cheated. I haven’t played beta, but I do know some issues have been present since the release. Real game issues that haven’t been fixed or even adressed and should have been by now. I’m well aware of the “Confirmed Fixes and tweaks so far” post as I’ve read it from start to finish. I may not agree with all the upcoming changes, but I do welcome them as there’s changes I did wish for. It mainly talks about balancing for the most part anyway. The wrong decision was to wait and to fix everything all at once. It now looks like a snowball that has fallen from a mountain, meaning a big monstrosity of a patch. I do hope it won’t bring more issues then it’s fixing.

    I can’t speak for PC and XBOX players as I’m playing this on PS3, but as an example of the many real game issues that should have been adressed back in 2011 is the Squad split issue. What’s the point of creating a squad before deploying online if you get split up when the game starts. I mean, if I invite friends to play and start a match only to find out we got split up into different squads and even worse different teams, it’s kind of lame and useless. It’s a bit sad to reinvite and deploy 5+ times to get it right. It just makes you wonder how this game was tested and sent into production. Even more so when this problem is still occuring 5 months after realease. It’s not like if hasn’t been reported before. It’s been spoken of in the fourth and fifth posts of a pinned topic : “Bug Reports thread”, started by a moderator on the BF3 forum back in October.

    So this is were I get the feeling of being cheated. Game compagnies these days don’t take their communities seriously and into account that much. The sad part is that we’re the ones responsible for their jobs. No fans, no players, means no game. While waiting for all those expansions, we’re actually playing the game. Game which doesn’t allow proper playthrough. I’m not saying the game is unplayable. I’ve been doing so for months and I do enjoy it! What I’m saying is rather then fixing the mains issues they are spending much time on creating these expansions to the expense of the main game. The game was bought, they made their money, patches are free which is time consuming and doesn’t involve income, so expansions are worked on to get more money. I do understand the concept of a viable compagny and developpers with salary. Money isn’t a problem and I would gladly buy those expansions if I didn’t feel like laught at. The fact remains, if the community doesn’t speak up and keep playing like there’s nothing wrong, patches will be delayed and issues forgotten. The next game will be worked on and the vicious circle will continue.

    • CG_recon 03.17.12 at 19:22

      Agree. Besides, look, it’s been almost half year after release, and DICE is only “planing to fix” the game, really? Well, I would say when someone is buying some game he is not planing to wait a year before playing and he not interested to stuck to this game for years – patches it’s about few weeks after release – NOT years.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:15

      FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters as too

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 20:23

      absolutly +1 .. fuck corporate greed .. to the point where the game is suffering bigtime under it .. i mean it was bad enough dice cut corners to get the game out b4 mw3 .. but to bring the game out far-from-finished.. bitching at the community for seeing that.. and the community complaining about them being ripped off while dice is startin on the dlc’s allready is just outright criminal ,, .. THE PATCH SHOULD HAVE CAME OUT MAX 1 MINUTE AFTER THE SALE OF THE GAME STARTED..THATS HOW BROKEN THE GAME WAS WHEN IT CAME OUT.. THATS why people are so upset with dice .. they feel stabbed in the back for buying a game far from finished clearly in a beta state .. and a big greedy company like ea saying yes it will be fixed MAYBE this CENTURY.. and all we can do is wait and hope the game gets fixed .. sorry if DICE AND EA people dont understand this but people generally like the product they bought to WORK!!! and be FINISHED when they buy it ,, people are really dislike-ing the growing trend where crap is being sold on the market and u as consumer have to hope it will be updated or fixed or tweaked or banananized in ur lifetime to have it actually perform what was being promised at the sale of that product.. like a car or a dishwasher or a friggin tv .. or just about every goddamned mobile phone that leaves the factory broken .. to only get updated the second it hits the stores and 6 more updates will come out in the next month .. it should work at the moment of PURCHASE not nearly hmmz lets calculate .. 27th of october 2011 this game came out its 22-03-2012
      NEARLY 5! months later and still no patch ,, maybe the monkey in ur DICE shaped heads should start hammering a bell by now .. and give dice their eureka moment .. but .. forgive me for hoping for a last grain of common sence there at dice ..

  • CG_recon 03.17.12 at 15:12

    Btw, what about guns? You guys want to add some more unbalanced stuff into the game right? B2K was with 4? guns, and now it’s 10 guns, you do understand that it will ruin guns balance which is NOT good at all at this moment also. Or you hope I will buy this DLC just for guns even if I don’t like maps?
    No way!…

  • koster98 03.17.12 at 14:49

    All I see coming out of this is people running around with their 12 Gauge shotguns with frag rounds and LMGs with extended mags. at least you guys will be able to keep the noobs of the main maps for awhile until they get bored with the frag party. so thanks

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 20:46

      lol yes that about the only positive thing i can see from the upcoming dlc .. thats why i allready mostly join HC servers with just about every shotgun and explosive BANNED on it .. otherwise people simply cant handle themselves and go f*cking around like little kids ,, its always the same .. so yes maybe they can all be distracted toward the CQC maps for a while .. but for most of em only untill they ranked up and they wont care about the maps anymore ..

  • UnderToker 03.17.12 at 14:27

    It all looks very pretty
    But as pc platform players we DONT want a 16 player game
    It that simple.
    Make 64 player versions of these maps and scale them down for console.

    This is utter betrayal for everyone who’s rented a 64 player server
    They must feel mortified
    You really have let down the pc platform with this frankly

  • Gaycob 03.17.12 at 14:11

    This all makes sense now we will be getting spectator mode :D

    Thanks for the hints mate!

  • I Stuey I 03.17.12 at 12:36

    H Brun, you seem to be the guy answering the questions, i have a couple of ones if you are currently able to answer them.

    You say these maps are based around the operation metro concept of close combat (and other maps).

    Q1- On these maps, are the complexity of one or more maps great enough that it is much more difficult to trap a team to one section of the map? eg. on metro if your on the RU side i think, you can trap the US in 3 corridors in the subway, the left middle and right corridor. Also the corridors have a good 50-100 meters on them so you are shot within 10 meters down the corridor. And if your on the US side you can all camp in the building and snip/noob tube/rpg anyone crossing the road from the building (which is actually fun cause you have multiple ways around and lots of cover).

    Q2- On these maps is it at least big enough/ or the specific spawn areas small enough that if you and your squad spawn and re-group/ plan an attack/defence while the enemy team is running around? or is it gonna be as soon as your team gets split up once, it is almost impossibl to re-group without being shot to shit. Either way im just curious cause both will just change the gameplay both for the better.

    Q3- After watchin the HD destruction, is there “blocks of destruction” or complete uniqueness in the destruction. Eg. if i shoot a certain section of the wall, will that “piece” fall out OR if i shoot that same section of wall it can blow different areas/shapes out of the wall area?

    If I didnt explain myself right just gimme a reply and ill try and explain it a little better haha.
    Thanks for reading looking forward to all the DLC. Change is always for the better. Change of maps, map sizes, gameplay styles, change of teamplay. FTW


  • Jul0s 03.17.12 at 11:56

    I don’t like the idea of this Close Quarters map pack, especially not in the BF franchise (it’s not CS or COD). Well that’s my opinion, I won’t buy it and it’s ok, because I respect some other players might like it. But what I think is a shame, is to advertise 10 new weapons that will be unlocked and available on all maps for those buyers. That’s not fair at all, it should only be a “map pack” and not “a map pack with even more weapons because half of the default ones are useless or not fun”.
    The only advantage I see, is that with the close quarters players away from the vanilla maps, we’ll may meet more real BF players on the vanilla maps ;-)

    • DeadPixel 03.17.12 at 12:47

      It’s an Expansion Pack, not a Map Pack.

      Looking at BF3:CQ on its own doesn’t sound very appealing. But pepper the maps through a full rotation and it will be nice to get a break from the large levels and play something different.

  • Balay123 03.17.12 at 11:47

    If you will ban USAS-12, M320s, and RPGs on this map. I’ll gladly buy this DLC.

    • 2Clever4U 03.17.12 at 12:17

      some servers do that.

    • dangermouseBETA 03.17.12 at 13:31

      Amen on that, USAS-12 with frags would be hell in such a small environment.
      That weapon is the epitome of cheapness and unsportsmanlike gaming.

      As far as M320s and RPGs, those are fair game because if they miss, they PAY……

  • mamkem6 03.17.12 at 11:24

    I like that and will get that DLC. But I wonder how small or big those maps will be compared to COD.
    I would like them to be bigger

  • GaRcHoW 03.17.12 at 11:06

    Everyone is going to be Engineer/Assualt and launch RGPs M320 everywhere. This map pack will suck purely cause of that. Not buying it for that, and I’m not waiting till June.

  • ProfChaos54 03.17.12 at 10:40

    Yay new maps…

    but please, patch. You put out a 4 page document of thought about changes, then nothing…. patch us please. Make the rest of the game better first…

  • -Shadow-MasonMei 03.17.12 at 10:19

    Ok here’s the thing… DICE isnt saying that if you dont get this map pack, your account will be banned until you make the purchase. It’s optional, so why keep complaining? You want ‘real’ Battlefield, fine, go play Noshahr or B2K or simply wait for Armored Kill. Instead I want this to show how BF3 can f@@@ COD by playing in COD style. This direct comparison will show you, more clearly, how better BF3 is, i believe. Do you know that DICE release map packs every 3 months and instead of the connection issues and some stability fixes everything else are working fine? what about CODMW3 then? PC players got jack s@it of Elite and these maps are released almost every week. So Battlefield is still Battlefield, it’s quality will not be changed by indoor maps. It only gets better.
    Stop crying and dont buy it, if you don’t like it then.

  • eyedentify 03.17.12 at 10:16

    I am really getting sick and tired of all these negative people out there bashing this game and the developers. Stop acting like children and for one little moment just try to enjoy yourselfs instead of bitching about every little detail.

    Times change, and so does games, i personally are thrilled about the upcomming DLCs and what they can bring to make the game fun for many players, not just you “Leet” players who think nobody should mess with how you want things to be and play.

    On topic:

    Good Work DICE and i look forward to this CQ mayhem :)

  • TheCouchColonel 03.17.12 at 10:11

    Why are so many people complaining about this? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I will be buying it, personally, because I love CQC and many others do too. Metro is currently my favorite map. In closing, no one is forcing you to buy the expansion so shut your yaps. Theres huge open vehicle riddled maps coming next.

  • SAGEMODERAUL1 03.17.12 at 08:57

    dear DICE im not buying that close quarters crap instead ill just play MW3 since it seems thats what you want us to play too bad your loss….

    • jayjayinator 03.17.12 at 09:16

      lol does mw3 have the distruction i know bf3 sucked the distruction but only breaking windows is lame

  • alive2009 03.17.12 at 07:40

    “The closest you come to this type of tight combat scenario in Battlefield 3 is on Operation Métro. We know this is one of our most popular maps” DAFUQ DID I JUST READ?

    • danne 03.17.12 at 07:41

      And yes that is infact true :P

    • DeadPixel 03.17.12 at 12:48

      They are the ones with all the stats. I’d wager it is probably true.

  • alive2009 03.17.12 at 07:36

    Plz plz stop it now, we just want BATTLEFIELD, not CS or Unreal or COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • danne 03.17.12 at 07:41

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy the map-pack.
      I don’t 100% approve of their choice to make this type of expansion, but i trust them and i also know that the next one is super large maps with vehicles :D

      • GaRcHoW 03.17.12 at 11:10

        Problem is the real BF style expansion is WAAAAAAAY far off. This game will be dead by than. Their DLC plan is moronic. June is too long to wait for this waste of time DLC, and Fall is WAY too long to wait for something good. Their marketing team is retarded.

  • Suck_My_Tank 03.17.12 at 07:25

    First of all I really respect this H Brun guy for defending the game to the death. rock n roll. But I do have to say, something it seems that the DICE devs need to learn is that “cool points” do not translate into “fun points”. The whole HD destruction thing is pretty freakin awesome, but you really think it adds anything to the fun-ness of the game? Not really, only coolness. Arguably less fun for many. Believe me, I think the destruction is sick, but it adds nothing more than prettiness and an evolving map that may force you to have make some tactical changes… (or force you to just run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off a little more often) Anyway, cool factor does not always mean fun factor, and in the long run people play games that are FUN a lot longer than games that make you say “wow this is sooo next gen…” Just remember that.

    One more thing and I’ll stop. I get the whole frantic close quarter adrenaline pumping action thing. I really do. But keep in mind whether designing a big map or small map: chaos does not always equal fun either. You don’t necessarily need chaos to get the adrenaline pumping action effect. To get that you need suspense. Moments where you and your homeboys are holdin down a room tryin to figure out what the other team is doin, you hear some bullets, silence, some footsteps, more silence, and then you come up with a plan and THEN boom goes the chaos.

    That’s all I got for now. As far as close quarters goes, I’ll probably play it to see what it’s like, but I get the vibe that it’ll be less of what BF needs, strategy and tactics, and more in-your-face chaos. Which isn’t a bad thing, just not what BF is. Or so I thought.


  • UnleashSonic 03.17.12 at 05:32

    It is as if you guys don’t have all played Ziba Tower and know how it is. If the map turns to shit with RPGS and Nades and all that, they will do something about it. They aren’t just gonna release the expansion pack with some crap maps that haven’t been thought through. Jeez, I shouldn’t even have to tell you this. Have faith.

    Anyways, I actually AM looking forward to shotguns actually having a purpose in BF3. Sick of them in maps like Caspian Border where, even at pointblank, you can still be killed faster with a rifle. Plus, if your ping is higher then there’s even by a really small amount, you will do no damage to them, because logically that is how shotgun mechanics work in BF3.

    • NeoPierce 03.17.12 at 10:06

      Hey mate your user name sounds familiar. Did i play a lot of b comp 2 with you?

  • scalvin 03.17.12 at 03:44

    Any map can be fun with SQUAD VOIP(pc), and don’t even mention the crappy party system on battlelog

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 19:54

      as ive been saying aswell a bunch of times .. YESS COMMUNICATION OPTIONS .. the CHAIN OF COMMAND is missing on BF3 ..

  • nixx0r 03.17.12 at 03:31

    Niklas, if you’re an ex-CS player, where is the CS style round based DM game mode? I don’t want people spawning every 2 seconds. If I kill them, they should be dead for the round. This is especially important for CQ maps, because with kill cam you can basically get the drop on the guy who killed you in a few seconds tops.

    • DeadPixel 03.17.12 at 12:49

      It is still BF…And CQ isn’t really the type of map to camp in anyway. Keep moving.

      For the record though…I hate killcams.

  • Kasama84 03.17.12 at 02:45

    “seeing Neo and Trinity turn a lobby into rubble in slow motion did leave a huge impression”

    Neo and Trinity didn’t have RPGs. If you removed all explosives in this game mode, it could be a lot of fun. But as long as there is RPGs and grenade launchers, I just don’t see this being fun.

  • fausto412 03.17.12 at 02:42

    tbh i look at this expansion as an opportunity to add another flavour to Battlefield and also an excuse for people like me to finally use shotguns and other close quarter weapons. I do worry that it will be too much like COD. This game mode has the potential to get spammy. Please remove rpg, smaw, m320 etc, it will be like metro all over, it just isn´t fun to play anymore. Make it tactical please! I don’t want to spawn and take a step to die.

  • groznic 03.17.12 at 02:20

    I haven’t played battlefield1942 but what i always hear about it it was good.
    Maybe on a expansion pack in BF3 they could redo it in frosbite2 as well and as i have just started to play battlefield bc2 as well i would love to see that all in frosbite2 as well even the single player mode.

  • Dukiiiii 03.17.12 at 02:19

    Please remove rpg, smaw, m320 etc, it will be like metro all over, it just isn´t fun to play anymore.

  • phred_666 03.17.12 at 02:16

    Well, time to move on to another game. Goodbye Battlefield, it was fun for awhile. Not liking close quarter combat maps and extremely slow response time on patches. Disappointed that I will have to wait almost a year from release to get a decent DLC pack. I loved BFBC, BF1943 and BFBC2.

  • KDLao 03.17.12 at 02:15

    I agree with you Drumscarinbr.
    Before I saw your post I have thought that only me looking for a better gameplay experience.
    A good example for this is WWII Online (, which you only make points and rank if you come back to your respawn/checkpoint after your mission… so, there is no place to Rambos or kill-and-killed players.

    Dice at least could add this option of gameplay and let the players choose which kind they want.

  • drumscarinbr 03.17.12 at 01:07

    I don’t like the direction of this DLC and like others have said, you’re right, “I don’t have to buy it”, so I won’t. It’s just too bad that it will be nearly a year after the game’s release to get the bigger, more typical Battlefield maps. Afterall, that’s why I bought this game in the first place.

    All FPSs suffer from one simple problem…..there are no consequences in dying. This new DLC will really expose that problem even more. You have a few games that have no respawn but that may be a bit too penal. I think that a good idea would be to have a limited number or respawns, let’s say…..5. This would not promote camping, but a bit more cautious and realistic style of gameplay. You wouldn’t have the Rambo/run and gun antics that result in getting a kill andd being killed in rapid succession….over and over. It’s much more rewarding to me to go like 12-4, than 30-20.

    Rush works a bit better, because if you die, you usually have to go back to your team’s current checkpoint and sometimes, it’s quite a ways from the M-Comms. This places a bit more importance in staying alive.

    • FINEST 03.17.12 at 01:26

      Stop crying like a lil baby there another DLC coming for people who like the big maps ,I myself like this alot thanks dice for given people options .. Now please wasup with that update cmon!!!!!!!!!

  • aLphaN3RD 03.17.12 at 00:52

    Please for the love of rpg’s – patch this game…….. I am really tired of the slow re-loading as well as getting up when I get owned by somebody. DICE says it has a long fix-list but we have yet to see it. Please

  • HardcoreMang0 03.17.12 at 00:50

    My question is why does DICE seem to keep dancing about the patch question? That’s the biggest issue on peoples minds and all we’ve gotten from it was a list of changes that aren’t set in stone and a pretty big window for a release date. I want to hear more about the patch and not trying to sell me the idea of a DLC that doesn’t fit into the Battlefield franchise (Not just Battlefield 3, but the whole Battlefield series).

  • Bruno..PT 03.17.12 at 00:44

    I Niklas Fegraeus, what would like to see in battlefield3 was a kind of map of assault helicopter aproach to a compound, (example) like they do in the capture of bin laden. Imagine 2 or 3 air transported squads arriving at the compound from 2 helis, droped at the rooftop ou outside, inside the house the defending team hearing the helis aproach, day or night scenario, if this map that you make have this type off aproach from the atacking team, from an outside to inside, man this is would be the most epic thing to see in battlefield game.

    But keep the good work
    And sorry for my english

    Greetings from Portugal

  • oias_heeda 03.17.12 at 00:43


  • joe564338 03.17.12 at 00:38

    as long as spring patch gets here within a week or 2 ill be happy and probably end up buying this as i do enjoy owning nubs that think theyre cool because they can kill someone with a sniper rifle from 2 ft away

  • KyuubisSlave 03.17.12 at 00:36

    The DLC looks fantastic guys, I can’t wait for the close quarters action and HD destruction that this will bring.

  • StormexDante 03.17.12 at 00:15


  • Superbigel 03.17.12 at 00:04

    HD Destruction?? is this guy fucking retarded? what a shithead

  • jacki3678 03.16.12 at 23:55

    miss-hooter your not using common sense you agree that they don’t care about PC well look at the facts BATTLEFIELD WAS MADE FOR THE PC, there is only 2 close quarter maps on battlefield operation metro and grad bazaar you cant blame them for making more there is 10+ other maps that you can play on if you want a large play area, you really shouldn’t be complaining there probably going to come out with large maps in the next expansion pack so be patient

    GJ battlefield i like how your trying new thing to cover a larger player base don’t listen to the ones that criticize you without using common sense. :)

    (and for the record i am a die hard bf3 fan check out my channel at )

    • misshooter 03.17.12 at 00:08

      You’re some kind of right jacki3678, but BF IS all about open area battlefields, that’s what makes this a good game. Dozen of games that can be played in close quarters and BF should not be one of those. BF should be all about teamplay, and there’s NO teamplay on CQ maps.

      • RubberBoots 03.17.12 at 00:12

        No teamplay on CQ maps? I’m glad you’re not on my team when I have to push out on Metro or Grand Bazaar… Yeesh. I think even *more* teamplay is required when the defending team can lock an area down more easily. I don’t understand what would motivate someone to post so much in a thread about DLC he doesn’t want! Wait for the one you do want, and forget about the one you don’t. Sheesh.

        • misshooter 03.17.12 at 00:16

          Ok, thanks for your opion. I want teamplay with people unknown to me. So, being able to communicate with ingame voip.

          • scalvin 03.17.12 at 03:39

            Yes! Please PC IN GAME SQAD VOIP, that can make any map a lot better!

    • joe564338 03.17.12 at 00:35

      that is true but they should fix all bugs before expanding the player base ex. black loading screen of death and disappearing crosshairs in non hardcore modes. I totally agree bf3 should be have something for everyone but what pisses me off is that they make it look like dice is focusing on making more money than making their customers happy (with patches and fixes).

  • Corypheaus 03.16.12 at 23:43

    I really think they need to go all the way back to BF1942 and bring back that large El Alamein map with a new game play, CAPTURE THE FLAG !!!!!

    • pumpedwax 03.16.12 at 23:45

      Mabey their saving it for the next BF game, mabey in a WW2 setting.

  • pumpedwax 03.16.12 at 23:42

    If you jump off the edge of the building will it be like mirrors edge, nnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn! SPLAT!

  • GOODTIMES AHOY 03.16.12 at 23:36

    DICE – We want more epic BATTLEFIELDS, not buildings! Forests, jungles, etc.

    You should really consider releasing some surprise re-works of BFBC1 or BFBC2 maps, to keep the faithful excited until Armored Kill.

    Sad to see you guys going this route with CQ…

    And, since I’m taking the time to comment, I might as well plea, on behalf of the community, to PLEASE FIX THE SQUAD SYSTEM and stop splitting our squads up onto different teams!

    Thanks for listening.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 03.16.12 at 23:28

    (PC) Your thinking that people like Metro because it is “close quarters” gameplay is flawed. Noobs like Metro because they have a low chance of getting shot in the back. Noobs don’t like to think about where the next bullet will come from. They like to squat in one place, and shoot other players trying to advance. Furthermore, nobody really likes the full Battlefield gameplay that was created. This is why most prefer playing maps like Metro, and modes like TDM. We truely do want good large map gameplay, but it does not exist. (flags are too close together in my opinion)

    What I think the deal really is, is that EA wants to milk more money from the console crowd. BF3 didn’t work well with only 24 players, and the only thing that would work better is smaller maps. Larger maps like those found in BF1942 would not sell well with the consoles. I can’t really blame EA, consoles out-number PCs 4 to 1, but doing this DLC when everyone is saying ‘NO!’, angers us.

    • misshooter 03.16.12 at 23:31

      Yep you’re right, all for console’s! Don’t care about pc players.

    • Squishyblanket 03.16.12 at 23:49

      I agree 100%

    • scalvin 03.17.12 at 03:40

      That’s why they took VoIP from them pc game, consoles have it!

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 19:52

      i totally agree with u on the part where the thinking metro is so great is flawed .. since its a real meatgrinder fast statpad map for most noobs
      THATS why they like it to what u said they dont wanna ask themselves where did i get shot from .. thats just soo true .. their idea of blindly looking at the metro stats and taking it to be populair .. its indeed mostly the only playable map ..since its nearly the only map where you actually get revived or medicpacks or ammo packs .. or what ever.. and u DO SEE PEOPLE SQD up in here .. but the sqds have been messed up to much and the commander has been thrown in the trash and the sqdvoice chat is missing as does sqdleader chat thats missing .. that why real TEAMPLAY on the other maps is nearly un-do-able .. metro the meatgrinding map is so small it doesnt matter the commmunication options suck as much as they do now .. since all u have to do is point forward and shoot .. like any monkey can do .. tactical TEAMPLAY thats where u need brains .. and u at dice shouldnt be brainwashed into thinking to create battlefield but WITH-IN the “very much outdated console” limitation just out of greed.. its just knowing in advance ur gonna sell the potential of the game short.. especially if u put so much priority just to the consolifie-ing of this awsome game ..(if it aint possible on a shitstation 3 or shitbox360 then lets not put it on the PC version either other wise people will know how much our console version sucks epicly..) dice get real ..

  • BuddahMastah 03.16.12 at 23:26

    Its going to be awesome no doubt but it feels like overpower but shotguns, frag rounds(m320), and rpgs pretty much used mostly in the game

  • TaskForce_One 03.16.12 at 23:17

    Hey DICE. first of all keep up the good work. Don’t listen to all those gamers that are complaining. They are not the real Battlefield-players. If you look at this DLC you really can say that it won’t turn out in a CoD game. Can you blow everything in pieces in CoD? No. Do you have teamwork in CoD? No. Do you get the adrenalinerush after playing a match in CoD? No. Come on people, this is BATTLEFIELD and not CALL OF DUTY!!!!!! These guys at DICE know precisely what they’re doing. Shame on everyone whose complaining. DICE isn’t ruining the game. The players that are complaining about this DLC are ruining the game!!!!!!! DICE delivers always good quality games and this will be good too. Don’t think: ”Oohh this is close quarters combat. It will be the same as CoD. You can nothing to do about it” Come on players. I thought I was playing with good gamers and not CoD type of players. OK, I’m done with talking right now!!

    • misshooter 03.16.12 at 23:25

      Are you serious Taskforce_one?
      Quote: Don’t listen to all those gamers that are complaining. They are not the real Battlefield-players.
      Quote(again): Come on people, this is BATTLEFIELD and not CALL OF DUTY!!!!!! These guys at DICE know precisely what they’re doing. Shame on everyone whose complaining.

      I think I know what you mean, most of the complaining people are new kiddies playing BF. But calling me, a BF veteran, not a real BF player is not what I like to hear. Yes, I do complain about this game. I love to play it but compared to the other BF games (not mentioning the bc series) this one really sucks. So DICE don’t keep up the good work but please return to your roots.

  • DimeSach 03.16.12 at 23:16

    Ok kids calm down and apply a little logic. The close Quarters is being released in June right? Well that gives Dice lots of time to create the other expansions. More of the open maps you guys love are on the way. Dice even said that it will include some of the biggest Battlefield maps to date. You just have to take a breather and wait for them. This is just one more chapter in the Battlefield saga. Calm down with the whining. I for one have been waiting for some good close quarters maps. Been playing open BF maps for years. Few people have the skills to even play as an effective team The close quarters will bring everyone together, no long range sniping, no vehicle whores. Just your skill on the gun. A lot of these kiddies are mad because their shit gun skills are going to be put on display for the world to see. Just admit it. Because nothing is changing with BF’s core game play. So what you arguing and whining about? Does a little change scare the hell out of you? All hail DICE, by the end of the Battlefield 3 project this game will cover every type of human ground combat imaginable. All with beautiful graphics, insane destruction, and an eye popping array of weapons and vehicles. But hey if you don’t like it several other Batllefield games still have a loyal following, so go play one of them. Oh yeah almost forgot… is your USAS, please take it with you…we don’t need it here.

    • misshooter 03.16.12 at 23:30

      You where waiting for some close quarter maps? Why don’t you play unreal or Cod then instead of waiting for CQ maps. A little waste of time don’t you think?

  • Lakota Gray Wolf 03.16.12 at 23:05

    First off thank’s for taking the time to give us your insight into what went into the making of this CQC.
    Now some other fact’s when BF3 was advertised there was a lot of talk about how cool the FB2 engine was and how everthing was going to be destructable,well the FACT is there is a lot that you cannot destroy in BF3,there are parked cars a tank in real life would roll over and flaten that just plain stop a tank dead in it’s tracks.There are trees that a tank would knock down and roll over or if hit with a shot from it’s main gun would obliterate it,the FACT is most tree’s just rock back and forth in this game.
    Let’s talk building’s now you for example place a small amount of C4 properly you in real life would bring some of these buildings down,in game not so.Now after reading this article you say because the maps are small so small infact that the max player size is 8v8 or 16 total.Lets look at the FB engine that was used for BFBC2,Arrica Harbour,you could destroy every standing structure in the town topple whole buildings and after spending how many millions to design the new engine it wont do the same???
    Sounds odd seems odd. Big exspansive maps vs small maps,lets talk about that,I purchased this
    game because of it’s use of Squad’s and Team’s, I belong to a Clan who plays and scrim’s together
    you did finally get the squading up bugs fixed well almost,seem’s to me Squad Death Match should be 4v4v4v4v4not 12v12 with no way to get into a squad with your buddy’s unless you have a server and are running SDM and are there to admin who is with who.How about fixing that then a lot of folks will play SDM. Big maps seems everyone can get squaded up small maps equal luck of the draw.
    I dont care for COD multiplayer,I like the TEAM PLAY of BF series.I guess we will find out in June if
    it is a crossover to COD style,if it is you can bet you wont get my cash for it I’ll move on to something else.

    • misshooter 03.16.12 at 23:11

      Your’re so right!

    • KyuubisSlave 03.17.12 at 00:33

      If you watched or read any of the previous commentary or behind the scenes for BF3 you’d know that they purposefully left indestructible building in the game to prevent and entirely leveled map like in BC2. The main purpose of these indestructible building is to leave an area to defend from and have cover at.

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 19:27

      simply +1

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 23:00

    You’ve seen the Close Quarters trailer and HD Destruction Timelapse video. What are you most looking forward to in this expansion pack?

    O Blowing a hole in a wall and shooting enemies on the other side
    O Walking outside on the roof, shooting the glass in the ceiling and dropping down into the room below
    O Room sweeping with my shotgun
    O Creating my own HD Destruction timelapse video
    O A really large map, where squad voip is possible, so you can really work together and play this game as the battlefield gameseries was ment to be

  • RandyZie 03.16.12 at 22:55

    What I look forward to the most? Not spending my money on CoD DLC shit.

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:55

    So, now I’m tired. I love playing BF3, just played metro tonight to get some ribbons. Got my ribbons and left. It as all about who has the most grenades and resuplliers, just like cod is all about.
    Throwing a frag is mapped to you left mouse button.

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:52

    So Niklas, tell me, how the F*** can you keep your team motivated, making such a piece of s***? You must be a very good manager… Respect! Serious, how big is your team? 2? perhaps 3? Anyone who wants to make this kind of gameplay certainly doesn’t choose to work at the BF series…

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:49

    Everybody can tell me: if you don’t like it, don’t play it. But I’m so dissapointed right now I could go on for ever with telling them what is wrong about this, and I know it won’t bother them, but it’s some kind of relief just screaming it out here.

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:45

    QUOTE: Often when I remove my headphones from a playtests on Close Quarters, I’m shaking like a leaf from all of the adrenaline. So personally, I am very happy and proud of where we are with our next expansion pack. Most of all, I’m happy with how versatile our game is, and how my team has helped broaden it further.

    I’m glad someone is happy ;)

    How does it feel? being happy all by your self on a multiplayer game?

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:43

    Quote: Designing a new experience isn’t easy. Many things were created and tested, many things didn’t fit, and there are millions of fans whose wishes you want to fulfill. Ultimately, it’s about finding a meaningful core idea, and realizing it with relentless attention to detail.


  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:36

    Or go and play Unreal! What are you doing here?
    Playing a game: How to ruin Battlefield?

  • RubberBoots 03.16.12 at 22:35

    I don’t understand the hostility to this. This adds a new way to play and enjoy battlefield. It takes nothing away. This is adding to BF3, not taking away from it. Nobody who doesn’t enjoy close quarters infantry fighting will be required to play this. Gamers can be so angry and irrational. :\

    I love driving tanks, and flying choppers and jets. I also love close quarters infantry maps. I love the fact Battlefield has expanded to include this, and that I can get that style of gameplay from a better game–and am not required to play a stupid, arcadey game in order to get it. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

    • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:40

      How rational! I love you!
      But gaming is about emotion, leaving real world and being irrational. Battlefield series always had what it took to enjoy me. I really loved the commander and the teamwork. This type is of gameplay is not NEW it’s been done a 1000 times in Call of Duty, unreal… etc. etc. BF was special, but it’s not anymore

    • Stan920 03.16.12 at 22:56

      If i want to play COD i would buy it. And i have and do play COD but when i want to play an epic game i like to play Battlefield. indoor room to room is not what the Battlefield series is about. Get COD or Metal Of Honor series. BTW i will not buy ANYTHING else untill there is a major patch to fix whats busted sence day one.

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 18:54

      well this seems a slam dunk .. since most players probably are outraged by the fact people have been asking for a patch to the beta version of this game (finalrelease my ass .. its a full out BETA we bought for 60 eur) so they might actually be able to play the game it was meant to be and not the pile of shit thats called BF3 atm.. and above that.. that dice had the f*cking nerve to put up a poll on wheter people would like the patch first or the dlc .. for the people understanding what this meant (dice clearly puttin same priority in both patch as DLC’s.. while this so obviously should have been PATCH FIRTST ALWAYS.. then maybe add to the misery once its fixed.. so it would be an addition of game and not an addition of more shit) and for the people clearly new to online fps .. its like asking monkeys would u like to have a treat or cure the world of hunger and decease .. while dangling a banana in front of them ..

  • misshooter 03.16.12 at 22:34

    Go find a job with the Call of duty developers, you idiot

  • GeneralTechnique 03.16.12 at 22:03

    “H Brun 03.16.12 | 17:34
    This is more than maps. The amount of content is the same as in B2K, i.e. 4 maps, 10 new weapons, 5 new dog tags, new persistence, and more. It’s a proper themed expansion pack. And the change list is not 100% complete. We’ll add more detail to it later. And you not liking us missing February is exactly the reason we are careful when talking about game update dates. :)”

    So, now it’s our fault that you both missed YOUR February release date AND are stubborn to keep us updated on the update timeline/details??? Are you guys serious? How did you come to be so out of touch with your fanbase?
    You guys really need to take a queue from what went down between Zipper/Sony and the SOCOM vet playerbase last year (2011). Zipper condescended to us and dismissed our complaints and suggestions up until things had gone too far (the noticeably low preorder sales figures and bad review talk industry-wide), and even then all they did was invite a few of us community member to come test the new game before anyone else (as if smoking and joking with us for a bit would undo their deeds). Oddly enough, the game flopped (or as EA puts it, “had satisfactory showing”), and the lead designer cut-n-ran immediately after release.
    LISTEN TO THE VETS WHO SUPPORTED THIS FRANCHISE SINCE 1942!! Stop walking all over us, please. What did we do to you to deserve this kind of treatment?

  • polloloco81 03.16.12 at 21:56

    I look forward to rocket spamming these tight maps on servers that bump the player limit from 16 to 64.

  • RealmOfChaos 03.16.12 at 21:55

    I want my six shot rocket launcher and a pulse rifle ! :)

  • warbelly888 03.16.12 at 21:41

    I learned fom this game .people just like to complain. I have not had major problems like some people think. Like some people say the games broken , I say no it just your P.C maybe some game freezes but what game out there doesn’t have glotches when playing with people all around the world . These year 2012 for Bf3 will be awsome with new maps can,t wait ! I,ve been playing bF3 since it came out never once could i not play cause the game was broken .

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 19:24

      warbelly888 i only have this to say .. look at the following address and tell me that those are all made up,.. right .. >>?? and that while the list clearly is far from finished .. but hey .. i know some people are completely oblivious to some things even when they are slammed in the face with it .. its not ur fault.. im just saying .. (the confirmed fixes and tweaks page)

  • HiHunterBaby 03.16.12 at 21:36

    as long as it keeps true to the battlefield name with big maps and vehicles.
    I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO SEE a big map with big buildings that has lots of close quarter descrutable terrain with vehicles like jeeps/humvies maybe & scout/transport hellicopers.

    this looks just like call of duty/counter strike and it should not look like them at all. if i wanted that experience i would have gone out and bought those games. BRING BACK THE FIELD IN BATTLEFIELD!

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.16.12 at 21:38

      Great idea! Transport helicopters dropping troops on rooftops…now that sounds like Battlefield.

  • moho-foe 03.16.12 at 21:35

    No one wants new game modes… You want to make money and sell DLC sell the extra guns by themselves because I don’t want to buy maps with game modes I don’t want to play. If I could keep B2K guns and delete the maps I would. You fragment the game when you add new modes…

  • PleasureMaster 03.16.12 at 21:34

    Will it be possible to shoot out all the lighting inside to create dark areas?

  • moho-foe 03.16.12 at 21:28

    Changing the game modes like this is garbage… Conquest assault introduced in B2K was garbage on the consuls and now CQA has poisoned CQ servers. So now you mess with the modes again no rush and a new conquest game mode Garbage….

    And no info on input lag or the full patch notes? You submitted the patch why don’t you tell us what is in it, not an incomplete list?

  • JC-JEFF 03.16.12 at 21:28

    I just want to play Rush in this maps with everything blowing up in pieces!

  • {SA}StayAlive 03.16.12 at 21:19

    There is no doubt the Close Quarters DLC is a great idea, but you have to be very careful when you change the game concept for your fans. Of course it’s impossible to judge it before seeing the finished product but I would recommend the following:
    1. Don’t make the maps too small – it leads to spawn killing.
    2. Keep a decent area around the building to allow players to move(or even snipe from outside building) and attack from any direction.
    3. Keep the objective inside buildings – this way players are forced to go in at some point, but still have options to recon the building from outside which will improve teamwork and communication.

    The CQB DLC success will depend, in my opinion, on the ability to introduce a new experience while keeping it true to the Battlefield game style, and yes, you can do both. You can have big maps or small maps, vehicles or no vehicles, but always keep the options open for players to approach the objectives any way they like. Creating a “Frantic Infantry Combat” ONLY is the exact opposite reason why many gamers bought this game. All I’m saying is that you can make the CQB maps work for both “frantic” players and “non-frantic” players. I hope you do.

    Oh, one more thing, extensive server tools(Mod tools or through procon) are desperately needed, allowing server customization. It will eliminate a lot of complaints while at the same time giving players the options to choose from a variety of servers that fit their game style on any map. We have lost 1/2 of our BF3 clan already because of the inability to customize our server.

    Overall, AMAZING work with this game, it is truly fun to play but sometimes players just quit due to very limited server customization settings which I will be happy to discuss on another blog.

  • Roykee090 03.16.12 at 21:17

    you guys really sucked the nut on this one.

  • cjffly 03.16.12 at 21:13

    I just want the camera in the 1st video, so we can create movies! It is not that hard for DICE to give the server owner that kind of permission, right?

  • weedbegone88 03.16.12 at 21:04

    why do I have to enter my birthdate if I’m logged in?? Fuck you BF

    • x-pot51e-x 03.16.12 at 21:14

      Cos the video is hosted on youtube dumbass.

      • Dyscombobulated 03.16.12 at 21:33

        Dumbass? excuse me, but he was talking about entering his birth date when he first entered this article…. who’s the dumbass.

  • Boats_N_Hose13 03.16.12 at 21:03

    good times can’t wait

  • sfscriv 03.16.12 at 21:00

    Bring back Battlefield!!!
    Being a generic COD-clone is not the path to be taken.

    • Boats_N_Hose13 03.16.12 at 21:01

      you think one map makes them COD? How many others are there to choose from where you can camp, snipe, and not see anyone for 20 minutes?

  • impalor 03.16.12 at 20:46

    i just hope they fix that damn usas with frags already…nurf the heck out of it. i was laughing my ass off yesterday, i got killed by usas with frags by a guy that had 102 stars with it…i couldnt believe that, he had 102 stars using usas with frags…

  • ZEUS310 03.16.12 at 20:36

    I actually have no problem with Bf3. Simple patches, new weapons, new maps that is all we need. & if you are getting own in Op. Metro every-time u play in it u need to find yourself a squad! Your squad just sucks. Frags will be patch don’t worry.

  • I broke you 03.16.12 at 19:51

    Too bad you cannot use sound properly to track movement, as you hear your own character moving before you actually hear another player. I hear the equipment jangling on my buddy, the ruffle of the fabric of my clothes, my footsteps, but barely hear the footsteps of those around me. I’m using turtle beaches, the sound works on every other game, but not this one. The sound design is pretty terrible for this game. It goes in and out, which I am sure is meant to be realistic, yet I’m almost certain that a bullet whizzing by your head IRL doesn’t cause you to go deaf for five minutes.

    • Bisquick 03.16.12 at 19:59

      Sound design pretty terrible? It’s the most immersive and amazing sound experience in any game ever I would say. I’ll also add I can hear all of the subtleties you’re claiming aren’t there. Throw away those headphones and get some real surround sound to see how wrong you are. If you need more evidence, just google it…pretty sure you’re the only one with a complaint on the sound.

      • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 18:43

        ur post is just hillarious ,, the only one with sound problems .. play pc play 64 player play in verhicles and on foot .. sounds drops out continously .. but i bet half the community isnt even aware of this mayor flaw jet .. .. i do gotta admint the sound samples and the sounds used sound incredibly nice as sound has always been taken seriously in bf series .. but seriously IT HAS TO WORK PROPERLY ABOVE ALL.. and hes defenitly not the only one .. nearly everyone i spoke has had it at times ..

    • impalor 03.16.12 at 20:42

      bf3 has amazing sounds, DICE is undisputed #1 in sound design, no one can argue with that, and i play with turtle beach px5 on ps3…it is true that the footsteps are not as loud as in bc2, but u can definitely hear them…just listen closely enough, i can hear knife swipes and foot steps of people approaching… sound going in and out that is just a bug which should be fixed in the upcoming patch…

    • iKony 03.16.12 at 21:00

      I must agree with you! !DICE CHECK THIS!
      I have a 7.1 sound system headset and i got problem with the sound. Theres no option for that either. When a chopper arrives i can’t tell if its right next to me or 100 meters up in the air you know, cant tell the difference. Same as you with footstepps, i really can’t hear the enemy footsteppes. Getting knifed all the time when i play recon or something, even if i really are listening. Some known problem?

  • St4rgun 03.16.12 at 19:50

    As Niklas wrote in the article: “In 2001, while making games for the Sega Dreamcast, I began a career as a clan player in Counter-Strike.” and “Counter-Strike is a very tactical and precise art of close quarters shooting’. Yes, indeed. But the fragfest in the video is from another universe. It’s everything but “precise shooting”. But WHY?! The answer is simple: in Counter Strike there was NO RESPAWN GUYS! So every one’s life counted. No player wanted to die, you could feel the panic if you were the only player left from your team. But this massively changed in Battlefield because of the respawn system. Now NOBODY TAKES CARE of death, it’s just a 10 seconds stop then everything continues. This is the biggest problem. As long as we play on huge maps and the respawn points are only at the main base a death will have great penalty. But in CQC things are totally different.

  • Flying0strich 03.16.12 at 19:33

    To all the players dreading the Close Quarters DLC, relax. In the fall and winter we got some enormous maps coming with all the vehicular destruction one could want. I’m happy for a greater diversity in BF3. And a chance to have some CQ battles that hopefully don’t bottleneck like metro. I’m on the xbox so metro has never been a huge problem, with only 12 players the Russian team can’t effectively guard all three staircases so capping A by Americans is frequent. Personally i dread the new larger maps because I fell some of the maps are already too large for the consoles, every time I play operation firestorm the game turns in World of Tanks, with only a few scattered infantry frantically capping points while the bulk of the team is trading tank blows.

  • Z6B3D66 03.16.12 at 19:14

    COD with destruction = tell EA to do 1

  • waldo15 03.16.12 at 19:12

    Thanks for providing insights into the rationale behind the DLC.

    I totally understand that BF3, by being the first game running under Frostbite 2.0 is also the means to demo and evaluate the capabilities of the engine. It now makes sense why the amount destruction grew from BF3 “vanilla” maps to B2K maps and now to CQ. What I wonder is, however, if the engine can render better destruction when it handles less elements (i.e. no vehicles, small map areas) why can’t we have similar levels of destruction when playing any of the existing maps in TDM, for example? The conditions are met if we follow Niklas’ post rationale.

    Also, now that you bring a “new” game mode to BF3 (Domination) I am hard pressed to ask how does DICE plan to fix the problems inherent to Domination in other games/platforms, i.e. Spawn camping, trapping? With the current BF3 spawn system in TDM the spawns rarely flip sides, and I find myself reappearing in the same spot quite a few times while the op. forces remain in their better half of the map. There are matches where mobility is limited because of this. Any comments on how the TDM spawn system has been tweaked, if at all, to avoid massive spawn traps in such tight quarters?

    Lastly, let me make a point about the oddity I see in driving BF3 into the CQ FPS arena. You see, those games who make a dent in the gamer’s collective memory defined the gamplay by the title. Let me explain: when I tell you a new CoD game is coming, you know exactly what type of gameplay you will be expecting. Same applies to others, i.e. Starcraft, Diablo, WoW… so the Battlefield series was somewhat defined already as gameplay in large open spaces full of vehicular mayhem in all anvironments (land, air, sea), constant infantry firefights concentrated around a capture point (or as of recent, M-com) and heavy on relying on your team/squad (even the point system invites you to be part of a squad for extra points). So this DLC does not fit that traditional BF footprint. True, it could be that now the BF series moving forward is re-defined as the grand, all-inclusive FPS but there is something not quite right about that. The gameplay may be fun and all, but is it honestly worthy of the Battlefield legacy and mantle? Remember, Alan Kertz said so (and I am paraphrasing here) but if you copy others that’s not the way to make BF great. And it is really, really hard to not feel that way right now.

    Anyhow, we just have one data point to go about. I am truly hoping to see all 4 maps fully disclosed and all pertaining info regarding the DLC soon to make a better informed decision.

    • Sir Whirly 03.16.12 at 20:18

      What are you trying to say? If whether or not this would fit into the BF world, rationale, etc.? Why wouldn’t it? It’s an interesting concept to throw on top the already solid core along with the excellent B2K expansion. I think you are putting far too much thought in this. Take a breath, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Uncle_Dolan_Duck 03.16.12 at 19:10

    Ha , expecting a ban.For expressing my opinion.

  • Uncle_Dolan_Duck 03.16.12 at 19:05

    That is the most ———– thing ive ever read.Welllll. Where to begin. Okay.

    FIRST: “”You have to cover angles in new ways, use sound to track your enemies, navigate with much more careful precision and most importantly, you’re never safe. “”
    That is COMPLETE ——. There is no footstep , so ( you can’t hear them UNLESS the guy is right next to you/front of you , so PLEASE…)
    Cover angle? Ah you mean , camping.Yes , it will be camping , camping , camping , and more camping.Don’t be blind. Navigate with ” careful precision ” ? What? It’s just Run’n’gun.COD style.
    Sprint : Enemy spotted: Stop sprint : Aim : shoot : next target.
    That’s the dumbest gameplay ever and you know it.

    Second: Operation Métro. We know this is one of our most popular maps

    It’s the most digusting map in the world.
    Bottle neck map , meat grinder in staircase.That’s it , the map is actually 2m². Staircases.
    How GOOD can this map be? seriously?

    Third : “”he told me that even though that explosive scene from “The Matrix” ”

    Wait , you are inspied from ……Matrix…for designing a BF map.
    BF. Matrix.


    Okay , nevermind.

    “”engine has fantastic destructive capabilities””
    You can ” just ” break wall. Floor and ceiling ? nope.Indestructible.

    ” we used the spawning systems from Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch”

    ” Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall ”

    Ah , btw , your “new mode “. It strangely look like COD. Ah , didI say it?

    You? e sport? then you know. where is the skill in ” spray all over the place ” and spam rpg?

    For all users. I can resume the map.

    RPG RPG RPG RPG M320 M320 USAS .
    Only High RPM rifle , it decrease the balance between low and high RPM weapons ( already unbalanced ).


    And yes I censore my text. Yes I very mad.
    you succesfully destroy the game.

    • Everade 03.16.12 at 19:31

      – There’s no footstep? Of course there is, buy some proper headphones.
      – Operation Métro is one of the most played maps, simply check the servers. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. There are enough people who love it.
      – There’s tons of desctruction, simply check the video. Compared to all other games on this world, bf3 has the best destruction seen so far. Come over it.
      All in all…. why are you so mad? It’s an expansion pack, if you hate close combat, don’t buy it and shut up. “Destroyed BF3” lol dude, grow up. Buy the next expansion pack if you love the open wide maps with your tanks n’ stuff.

      There are people who love close combat.
      If you don’t like this expansion, don’t buy it and stop talking bullshit.

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 19:36

        Operation Métro is the played, because it’s the easiest to stat padd. Imagine why the popularity.

      • SJAMPANSEE 03.16.12 at 19:38

        Well said. It’s : You like it you buy it, you don’t like it, i bet there are still hunderds of servers that run Large Conquest maps with thanks copters jets and all bf3 mayhem you already loved….

    • xXEnr4gedHoboXx 03.16.12 at 20:16

      Nice opinions, next time keep them to yourself. If you don’t like the way the game is changing, shut the fuck up and get off it. That simple, your bitch ass won’t be missed.

  • CPTPEACEkiller 03.16.12 at 19:04

    hmm with a couple of my friends on teamspeak I could turn this into rainbow six.

  • scalvin 03.16.12 at 19:03

    I think that the most needed feature is SQUAD voip (I’m PC player). It’s the only way to achieve the teamwork you’re talking about. The browser based party system is not enough and not even good, you need to ecourage teamwork amog strangers. Users should be ablet to setup voip IN game … without VOIP, you get the COD like experience that people complains about, no matter the map size or the destruction system.

  • RANDOMSIGKILL 03.16.12 at 19:03

    I want a golden desert eagle to complete my usas-12 frag + m320 for close quarters !

  • lMICl 03.16.12 at 18:52

    Counter Strike? This is Battlefield you are making we don’t need those small close quarters maps. Put that close quarter stuff in the new medal of honor.

  • iAuroni 03.16.12 at 18:39

    as soon as i read ”we used the spawning systems from Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch” I /facepalmed

  • Pig Pooker 03.16.12 at 18:38

    Looks great! Looking forward more to the large maps but this should be a lot of fun.
    Please add a menu in between games so I can either “Quit” or customize load outs. Keep up the good work.

    • Zerstorer23 03.16.12 at 18:45

      If you’re on a PC, Alt-F4 is your friend.

      My suggestion would be to put a feature on the PC version where if you right-click on your primary weapon it instantly goes to the weapon load out editor.

  • evilizlan 03.16.12 at 18:27

    a sweep with an mg at the start of the game will kill a squad?

  • NICKTHEHUTT 03.16.12 at 18:23

    CAN’T WAIT…gonna be epic…

  • USNMA02744 03.16.12 at 18:18

    Can you faggots ever be happy about anything? You all just need to quit playing BF3, go buy CoD, and quit trolling this fuckin blog so us real players who love the game for what it is can get our big boy voices heard over your bitchy whiny ones. I’m stoked for this expansion DICE, but do you guys have an email or something I can use to contact you other than on here, if it needs to be private here is my email…, is really love to throw some ideas at you guys from a large portion of the us military players.

    Thanks and keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Cod3z 03.16.12 at 18:08

    Or instead of catering to all the fans needs yourself you could spend all this time, effort and money creating mod tools.. and I don’t even care if you sell them as a DLC. Just give us some damn mod tools already. It’s a little ridiculous the BS you throw at us claiming that they would be too difficult to create, that’s total BS and you all know it. MAKE MOD TOOLS FOR US, I REALLY DON’T CARE IF WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM, STOP WASTING TIME ON THESE EXPANSIONS AND GIVE US MOD TOOLS



    • R-o-o-t-84 03.16.12 at 18:12

      I’m with you Cod3z, but who would by their DLC if they would release mod tools? No one, and then they would loose their cash cow.
      I don’t see this happening, not until EA is BF3 publisher.

      • Cod3z 03.16.12 at 18:17

        That’s the other half of my point, you can tell they care way more about their money than the actual creativity of their fans. They claim they care about their fans and playerbase but it really doesn’t seem so when they don’t even mention the word “mod”. I think it’s really sad because that’s one of the top 3 things I look forward to when a new game comes out. It’s not like I wouldn’t buy their DLC’s because I do have faith in DICE and their game design, but it’s just really frustrating that they care more for their money than their fans(in the modding community’s respect).

  • R-o-o-t-84 03.16.12 at 18:05

    “Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate.”

    Constantly communicate via what? Missing VIOP? And don’t tell me via Battlelog or TS3 ..etc … VIOP should be INCLUDED for PC platform, ….. you made my laugh with that.

    • SheezL 03.16.12 at 18:06

      And not to mention the lack of footstep audio ! ;)

      • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 18:38

        SHeezl U SIMPLY CANT BE MORE RIGHT .. the way the audio FAILS continiously in this game seriously makes it feel like some cheap made in china ripoff of a game .. its only that the older community of bf isnt so active anymore that i dont stick to those games anymore .. but if those were more active id give up on this game immeadiatly ..if only cause of the condicending way the developers are talking back at the community .. cause if i know ONE thing all a game has to be is PLAYABLE.. and bf3 lacks in that totally .. since were missing the most vital part to make it playable .. its a team game so maybe there should be a TEAM-COMMUNICATION option in game .. a SQD communication .. seems so incredible DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH for the entire community .. so why is it so hard for dice to understand ..

    • Viperiffic 03.22.12 at 18:23

      root ur absolutly right .. where the hell are the communication options .. its seriously messing up all bf ever stood for .. the Q button is a joke .. and where is the sqdleader T button .. how about sqd voice chat or sqdleader voice chat ,, and where the hell is the commander .. ?? wich was in virtually all bf games b4 BF3 since when in the past 10 years did the machine called the navy or the marines changed their line of command and way of handing out orders .. u think today people are just let loose on the bf so they can run around aimlessly like headless chickens (like is the case now on bf3 cause of the lack of communication).. btw u know WHY metro is so populair .. since the ranking /unlocking system inveites for cqc since they can rank up fast (since they need to cause the game is so unfair that new players simply cant take it up against the expierienced players cause SKILLZ DONT MATTER the unlocks allready make their chances ZERO).. or learn to play without getting shot from 16million snipers while the new players dont even see the outside of the base even.. b4 getting shot .. Or laserlocked for that matter .. (the all famous BASE LASERING)

  • SheezL 03.16.12 at 18:05

    Nothing interesting . This has nothing to do with battlefield other than some guy from Dice created it .. It’s not even art … BF is Large Conquest – nothing els .. A few years back when someone said CoD is better than BF I always told them: “A day at the pawn fishing is a nightmare and what a battlefield it is . We catch cod’s all day and we always have the upperhand.” Today I say: “What’s the difference?”

    • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 18:12

      “BF is Large Conquest – nothing els”

      I’m sorry you feel that way and I pity you for missing out on more than half the game. Conquest is a staple yes, but so is Rush, and Squad Rush, and Squad TDM. I don’t care for TDM much but it’s amusing to play from time to time.

      If you’re so set in your ways that all you play is Conquest and all there is in Conquest then nothing DICE does will ever make you happy, you may as well prepare yourself for a bitter and disappointing life, or you can change your expectations and appreciate the work for what it is. BF is so much more than just Conquest.

      • SheezL 03.16.12 at 18:21

        Bf is nothing more .. Make another game for that other shit .. CoD is doing a great job at that, well an okay job .. Why ruin a franchise with a lot of shit that has nothing to do with the game .. It’s like Need For Speed began to make a Tour de France DLC wtf ?

  • Eishun 03.16.12 at 17:56

    cant find anything interesting in that video tbh

    i was expecting that you can blow the floor and jump into the floor below you [since its 2 – 3 level afaik]

  • JG4X4 03.16.12 at 17:53

    Now that the update is complete and awaiting to be pushed out. I am really excited for the expansions. Hooah!

  • bjarnet3 03.16.12 at 17:51

    When you make custom servers available, just make it possible to mix the different types. “Rush on Damavand Peak”, then “Conquest on Kharg Island”, Then “TMDM on Noshahr Canals”…

  • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 17:50

    Nothing that Dice does is going to avoid flack. No matter what, whatever they do there will be a contingent that doesn’t like it. Take the expansion for what it is, DICE is lightyears ahead of Activision in support and customer care, they react to the community favorably and will continue to provide us with what they think is the best content they can come up with. I’m sure that future packs will move back to the realm we’re used to with larger maps and more vehicles.

  • SaroTheSnake 03.16.12 at 17:45

    Hope they nerf the USAS and frag rounds :(

  • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 17:44

    I can’t wait for this pack. CQB in BF3 sounds amazing to me. BF3 is always going to have the big maps and the vehicles ect. that make BF3 great and stand out from the competition. Why not cater to the CQB, Constant action seeking type player?

    This does not make BF3 COD, anyone who thinks that is misinformed or making lazy assumptions. I for one am very happy to have an alternative to Op Metro for when I want to just relax and shoot a whole lot of people.

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:45


    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:47

      “BF3 is always going to have the big maps…”

      BIG? The largest maps of BF3 pale in size comparison to the likes of El Alamein, Gazala or even the original Gulf of Oman. When they advertise Armored Kill as having the “largest Battlefield map ever”, what they truly mean, MIGHT be the largest BF3 map ever. Which ain’t too hard to accomplish, given that most current BF3 maps are smaller than the BF2 or BF1942 maps.

      • althomas39 03.16.12 at 17:48

        No, I believe the actual wording was “largest map in the history of the Battlefield series.” So yes, bigger than El Alamein, Gazala, and the original Gulf of Oman.

        • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:50


          • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:52

            Then I hope you’ll provide us (the community), with a comparison image between the largest maps of each and every past Battlefield game, once you are done designing the “largest map in the history of the Battlefield series.”

            I’m just stating what I know to be true with the CURRENT existing maps, in that none of them comes close to some of the larger maps of PAST games.

      • TGxGamerByt3 03.16.12 at 18:01

        Bigger isn’t always better. BF3 maps are big enough. Even 64 player Conquest on Caspian Border is too slow at times. In relation to any other game series the BF3 maps are very big. At this point you’re just trying to find something to complain about when you should be looking at the good parts of this pack. The improved distruction, faster gameplay, tighter matches ect.

  • Big A Hen 03.16.12 at 17:41

    If you don’t like the maps, just don’t buy them. I sure plan to. I think the concept is great and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • R-o-o-t-84 03.16.12 at 17:39

    “Listen for the footsteps, spray the wall, throw your grenade, cover one angle each and constantly communicate.”

    Constantly communicate via what? Missing VIOP? And don’t tell me via Battlelog or TS3 ..etc … VIOP should be INCLUDED for PC platform, ….. you made my laugh with that.

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:40


      Not to mention, the fact that footsteps are rarely heard in this game, unless it’s near absolute silence around you. In a close quarters filled map, with constant grenade and rpg spam, who’s gonna hear any footsteps?

      • Edgecrusher 03.16.12 at 17:44

        Lol. That’s what was missing from the videos on this page – the RPG/M320 Spammers. Don’t get me wrong, the weapons are there to be used and we should expect them to be. It’s just these videos don’t show what the majority of servers will end up like – with the exception of the servers that insta-kill for that kind of weapon.

    • growking 03.16.12 at 17:42

      maybe yall should be a little more aware of your surroundings

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:48

        Not too difficult in a close quarters type map: Wall to the left, wall to the right. Corridor forward, corridor behind. (with the possibility of some variation depending on what “room” you might currently be in).

        Doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hear the footsteps over the sound of RPG and grenade spam :P

  • INC Cornflakes 03.16.12 at 17:38

    All I can think about is Frag rounds all the time. Dice please stop catering to Modern warfare and focus on your true fans that have been with you from the start. Thank you concerned customer.

    • Gnostiko 03.18.12 at 21:12

      FYI the talks of all ur complaints are being implimented and changed for the most part, i mean there is news about it duh. And if ur senile enough to think that they werent working on this pretty much from the release of BF3 and that it wasnt a project started after the complaints. They will be fixing the probs but didnt put this project on hold…so get over it and be a good boy and play the game like you know you will. If this expansion pack just destroys ur life…you should go lay dwn on a couch and talk to some one about it. Though they will prob be playing close quarters Ha!

  • Gabbehz 03.16.12 at 17:34

    Totally agree. Too bad most idiots can’t see that variety is always best, and that the CQC in BF3 will own COD. To those that don’t like this DLC then don’t fucking buy it. Simple as that.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:35

      did someone called you an idiot here? you prick! Learn to talk to ppl!

      • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:37

        I’m debating with myself which of “idiot” and “prick” is the most insulting way to talk to someone. While I figure it out, play nice. :)

        • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:40

          sry about that, I just don’t like when some one is calling others opinios stupid and so on.

          • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:46

            No worries. Just stay frosty. :)

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:37

      You want variety? Go check out the older BF games. Most of them have more variety than anything that can currently be found in BF3. When DICE says that they are adding “new and cool features”, most of the time, it’s just bringing back things that people are demanding. Sadly thou, they are making an entire DLC dedicated to one type of gamer: The “Infantry Only” type map lovers. Which essentially cuts out anyone who enjoys driving tanks, or flying planes. Great, so that’s about 66% of their consumer base. Good plan :P

      • FX II Beaver 03.23.12 at 18:38

        I love driving all those vehicles. But I want this DLC! OH MY GOD I MUST NOT BE CLOSED MINDED(like 66% of their fanbase)

  • SternLX 03.16.12 at 17:33

    At first I was a bit hesitant to give this CQC business a chance in BF3. I could always just log into a CS:S match if I wanted CQC right? Then it dawned on me. Why switch games when the one I like most will offer both styles. Just switch to a server serving up CQ. Dare I say I don’t think I will be buying a new FPS for quite some time? Yes I dare.

    P.S. I seriously hope Armored Kill has Highway Tampa included as one of the maps.

    • Edgecrusher 03.16.12 at 17:37

      Hadn’t heard that argument before – good stuff!

      And I agree about Highway Tampa – so long as the indestructible picket fences are missing I’d be happy.

  • C-H-I-E-F 03.16.12 at 17:33

    well guys i think it will be good to have some close quarters, and as for karg island, caspian border you don’t need to be flying to have a good game, and has most of you have said you don’t like it don’t buy it simple, for me it’s battlefield3

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:33

    I hope you will not ignore opinions which was crashed on your head right now, don’t try to think “nah… a bit later will come someone who like it”.

  • Fudwumper 03.16.12 at 17:32

    I agree with a lot of the other people. I’m VERY dissapointed that they are doing a close quarters… One of the best things about the Battlefield games is the BIG maps and NOT a lot of close quarter combat IMO. I hate small maps where you spawn, shoot a few people and die. There is no strategy involved when everyone runs and guns continuously! Everyone I talked to are NOT going to be purchasing this DLC. You have the best online shooter game out at the moment! Don’t screw it up by doing small maps… I know its too late for this DLC. But, PLEASE keep with the BIG maps! Guess we’ll have to wait until around September to see if there is going to be a GOOD DLC release… I’m sure there will be a lot of happy 10 year old kids or people with no skill that will buy this!

  • CommandoCoyote 03.16.12 at 17:27

    WALL O TEXT!!!!!!

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:29

      “Inside DICE” is for readers who want the longer story. The trailer and details about Close Quarters are already posted earlier in a shorter announcement post. :)

  • ELeIVIeNTz 03.16.12 at 17:27

    Theres nothing better then a good game on operation metro on console close quarter combat is one of the best features in the game maps like karg island and caspian border have the most boring ground action in the game if your not flying its boring im looking forward to this it looks fun if you dont like it dont fuckin buy it for complainers

    • Sandman1980ar 03.16.12 at 17:42

      Came on!!! you take the flags in caspian by aircraft??? The infantery is very important. THIS IS BATTLEFIELD!!!!! The scent of the game is HUGE MAPS. Not a cat/mouse game! The people of Dice are only preocupated about to make a game very similar to Call of Duty and don´t think about the fans of this series!!!! I hope that the expansion to came in September relly make honor to BATTLEFIELD!

  • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 17:26

    Look at some of these posts. All grammar and spelling aside, it’s like a room full of whiney children who can’t stop crying because mommy and daddy gave them juice instead of milk. C’mon guys. Battlefield 3 isn’t BC2. It isn’t BF2. It’s not CoD. Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 3. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. It’s that simple. Your whining is getting annoying. I can’t read forums or these posts without seeing a bunch of posts by “children” who can’t seem to stop complaining about a game they won’t stop playing. There are A LOT more players who actually want these changes. That want something “new” in their games. That is enjoying, for the most part, everything Dice has to offer this game. I don’t care about the SMALL amount of money they want for these expansions. It’s a whole $15. You can’t afford $15? Really? You can buy a $60 game but you can’t afford $15 dollars?

    Okay, I get it. You are a huge Battlefield fan from way back. What I don’t get is, you people keep wanting the same crap over and over again. You honestly think that borrowing ideas from other games is a bad thing. You really liked the way BF2 played? Go play BF2 then. You like the spawns in BC2 better? Then go play BC2. We are here for BF3. We don’t care about your whining. We don’t care that you think CoD players are idiots. We don’t care that you rage at Dice because you suck at a game and need someone to blame. If you are here to give constructive criticism then please, by all means, leave your criticism but stop posting your crying about how you think your ideas are the best, you could have done a much better job than Dice, and everything they are doing is wrong and stupid.

    In the end it’s YOUR choice whether to deal with what you consider is a bad game or not. Deal with the changes and additions Dice is making to the game or don’t but either way you people need to just stop with the complaining. I have 2 children under the age of 5 that don’t complain as much as some of you players do.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:29

      you suck a joke man, who said that you can write russian or ukrainian or german which I can? So what that my english is not perfect? You feel good about it? Good for you, glad you like it.

      • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 20:15

        My grammar post was the only not serious part of the post lol I don’t give a damn about your grammar. Calm down a little bit.

    • TheChosenRat 03.16.12 at 17:29

      Nice one dude :-)

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:33

      Ironically, most people who complain about “whiny little children”, tend to be children themselves. That’s why their grammar is full of holes :)

    • Hammertooth 03.16.12 at 18:06

      Totally agree, bunch of whinny bitches on every post. Dont like rpg, usas, nade spam then play on a server that doesnt allow it, quick fix. Don’t like cqc play on other server. Don’t like 4 new maps? Don’t buy them! Need VoIP then use ts or ventrillo most servers run with one or join a clan. They cannot make everything for everyone all the time, so keep your panty’s from bunching up too much. I will take all the BF games over the others any day.

    • cmazza 03.16.12 at 18:36

      Or hey, how about this. Us little babies are crying that we got juice over milk because we waited months for the milk and paid 60 dollars for the milk. There are a lot of incredibly stupid points in your post. “You really liked the way BF2 played?. Go play BF2 then.” Yea well I guess we were all just kinda assuming since Bf3 is a sequel, it might just play a bit like the game it follows? Call me crazy, i guess i was stupid to assume that. And don’t call people whiners for voicing their opinion. If the community wants something changed, you think DICE is gonna change it in the future if people just keep their mouths shut since some egotistical douche is calling them babies? This is how things work. People don’t like something, they do something about it. And if we wanted a close quarters game btw, don’t you think we would be playing COD instead? We all love the battlefield series because of the large scale warfare it has to offer. That’s what has always set it aside from games like cod and made it different. So why in god’s name would we want to pay $15 dollars for the exact kind of thing we’re trying to get away from? Instead of coming on here and calling people immature whiners, you need to mature enough to understand everyone else’s opinion and realize that the people who loved BF2 actually make up the majority of this community. So unless you have something a bit more productive to say in the future, i suggest you keep your “juice and milk” analogies to yourself.

      • Tardyjay 03.16.12 at 20:24

        First of all lol this game is bigger than that. There are A LOT of players and not all of them want your big maps. I love all maps. I just love the game in general. I like conquest, rush, assault, TDM, etc. I want to see new things encompassing these different ways to play. new maps will be a breath of fresh air. Secondly, this IS a new game. Battlefield has morphed into something for today’s gaming society. What worked 10 years ago isn’t going to work now. Third, I wasn’t calling every single person who voiced out against the new content a whiner. I was talking, what I thougth was obviously, about the wah wah wah I hate you Dice cuz you don’t do what I want you to do people. I have no issues with people voicing opinions. Are you kidding? That is how devs can help build the game around what the community wants but coming on here and raging does nobody any good. I liked Battlefield 2 as well but if I REALLY wanted something exactly like BF2 I would play, wait for it, Battlefield 2. I want Battlefield 3 and I want BF3 to be different than anything that came before it. Playing some of the old maps is fun but I didn’t buy BF3 so I could play the same recycled shit. I understand that you, personally, want something else. I get it. In the end, like I already stated, it’s up to you whether you play the game and enjoy it or don’t. I don’t care. What I DO care about is reading this posts of baddies who come on here and cry. They rage at devs and other players. Talk shit about other games and the people playing them. They think what THEY want is what everyone else wants. THAT is what I have a problem with. If you want to be a productive member of the BF community don’t come on here and bitch about things in a childish manner. Everyone’s opinion means something to the devs but come across as an adult that truly cares about the future of this game. Now, get over the fact that I called people whiney and move on with your life.

      • Squishyblanket 03.16.12 at 23:35

        This. This guy is a voice of reason.

  • CommandoCoyote 03.16.12 at 17:25

    PS3 Input Lag???? It’s there… you know it’s there… i know you know it’s there… you know we know that you know it’s there…

    • WD Philbilly 06.05.12 at 15:08

      are you a conspiracy theorist by any chance? xD

  • growking 03.16.12 at 17:25

    and what game modes will actually be present because the way it sounds its only gonna be domination and tdm which is not good

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:35

      We’ll have more details on game modes later.

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:38

        I hear you guys are cutting out the 64 player Conquest. Don’t want a repeat of the Operation Meatgrinder, I suppose?

        • TheCouchColonel 03.17.12 at 10:07

          If you read the article you would see they needed to lower the player count and map size to be able to have the HD destruction. Also, brush up on your reading comprehension cheif.

  • TheChosenRat 03.16.12 at 17:24

    Its gotta be miles diff to COD to avoid getting any flak. Personally, the destruction looks pretty but isn’t the reason why I play. If say, there were points in the map you could shoot a man sized hole down through the floor/up through the ceiling, or if a team could strategically place c4 below to drop whole room floors down, enemies included, now THAT would be impressive destruction.

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:25

      Yeah, destruction is not the reason why we are playing BF, we are playing it because of coop \ teamplay \ and talking to strangers (bf2) who is friendly to you because you are same as he under fire.

  • VeikkoSe 03.16.12 at 17:20

    HD destruction is here only because the map size is so tiny.
    Too bad the destruction will be far less in anything bigger than a single room environment.

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:17

    I don’t want to spam… but god damn… you guys (DICE) making it extremely SAD! I can’t and don’t want to realize that BF is gone you and you choose this direction\way to do bussiness for the future.

    shit, I wasn’t expecting it, noway, nohow…

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:20

      If Close Quarters infantry combat is not your thing, we have announced two more themed expansion packs:

      • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:22

        I know, thnx for link. But I’m not talking about which DLC is for me or not, I’m talking about “there is shouldn’t be DLC like this for Battlefield” DICE spent time for this when we were expecting something huge and like “sure guys, we got it – here is what you want”. And pls.. don’t tell me about metro map statistics.

    • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:21


      I became a fan of Battlefield because of Battlefield 1942. And not necessarily for it’s “intense close quarters infantry battles”, but because of the huge sprawling maps, the varied modes of transportation (boats, jeeps, subs, destroyers, battleships, carriers, attack planes, bomb planes), and ofcourse the mixture of having each facet of combat, come to life all at once.

      Focusing on ONE or the other, is never a good plan. But neither is making maps that cater to “all types” all at once. One of the greatest maps in Battlefield history, is El Alamein. Consider that for a moment, DICE.

      • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:52

        Who says battlefield is focused on one play type ? He’s made it obvious they have room for every type of player in the battlefield franchise, no one game type has more focus than another.

    • althomas39 03.16.12 at 17:24

      You guys make it seem like they’re tearing away the rest of the game and only giving us the option of CQC. Let’s face it. If BF wants to make a full combat experience, then it has to include CQC. It’s a very important aspect of today’s warfare. Ask SEAL Team 6. After this comes the most wide open map in BF history so stop crying about adding 4 small maps. The beauty of Battlefield is that it is expanding to every combat experience one can wish for. They’re releasing a patch, I’m sick of the “fix the bugs” demands because it’s coming. They’re planning 3 new DLC packs each vastly different than the first and all anyone can say is OMG BF is becoming COD. No, BF is expanding far beyond COD. CQC can be very tactical and as I can attest to many matches in Metro and Damavand CQ, one well organized squad can change the match against a bunch of USAS fraggers. BF is gone? Please. BF has outgrown all the purists that are whining now.

      • growking 03.16.12 at 17:26


      • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:27

        If BF wants to make a full combat experience – then DICE should just make it like it was in bf2 to cut same map for 64\32\16 players, and you know, even on 64 gulf of oman where is place for Close Combats every time when you will clear buildings. It should be part of BF not whole therem – close fights.

      • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:30

        WOW.. now this is the first comment I’ve seen that addresses everything I’ve been thinking. Everyone please read it and quit your whinning.

        Thank you sir

      • RogueAssassin28 03.21.12 at 00:07

        Well said soldier i agree 100%

      • mister brookins 03.22.12 at 23:14

        Internet gold, I’m very pleased I was here to read this today.

  • BoomGOStheC4 03.16.12 at 17:16

    riggins44, sounds like you are mad you can get in a chopper with 2 people fixing it. You have to get in and fight.

    • riggins44 03.16.12 at 17:18

      No idea what this means. Let me guess. You love the USAS and Op. Metro?

  • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:16

    Really wish there was a few additional poll options:

    “Not interested. Rather wait for Armored Kill”
    “Not interested in more DLC. Fix the bugs first.”

    Besides which, the destruction timelapse video says nothing really… In 2001, a little known game called “Red Faction” had equal amounts of destruction, if not greater. Now it’s 2012. Certainly you should be able to destroy entire walls, and collapse entire buildings by now.

    In any case, i’ll be passing on any future DLC until DICE sorts out the current issues with the game (infamous February patch comes to mind). Would also love it, if DICE would stop “nickle-and-diming” it’s community. In BFBC2, eventhough they were all rehashed maps, the so-called “VIP Map Packs” were atleast FREE. I hear next Battlefield will likely have a subscription fee attached to it. Count me out.

    • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:18

      Fixing bugs vs building new themed expansion packs are not mutually exclusive prospects. Have you read our partial spring change list?

      • Meurik 03.16.12 at 17:26

        Read it. Doesn’t mean I agree with all the changes…

        Besides which, now you refer to it as “partial spring change list”. Last I checked, we are well past “February”, and February isn’t even a part of spring. I rest my case with: I’m tired of this nickle-and-dime stuff, until things actually get fixed in the base game. Should also consider making these maps available FOR FREE, like the so-called “VIP Mappacks” of BFBC2.

        Nothing splits a community better, than to start charging money for accessing maps. If it were something aesthetic like new weapons, I might possibly agree. But said weapons should neither be “better” or “worse” than existing weapons. Just balanced differently. I.e sacrificing accuracy, for increased damage, or sacrificing reload time for reduced recoil. That sort of thing…

        • H Brun 03.16.12 at 17:34

          This is more than maps. The amount of content is the same as in B2K, i.e. 4 maps, 10 new weapons, 5 new dog tags, new persistence, and more. It’s a proper themed expansion pack. And the change list is not 100% complete. We’ll add more detail to it later. And you not liking us missing February is exactly the reason we are careful when talking about game update dates. :)

          • growking 03.16.12 at 17:41


          • GeneralTechnique 03.16.12 at 22:01

            So, now it’s our fault that you both missed YOUR February release date AND are stubborn to keep us updated on the update timeline/details??? Are you guys serious? How did you come to be so out of touch with your fanbase?
            You guys really need to take a queue from what went down between Zipper/Sony and the SOCOM vet playerbase last year (2011). Zipper condescended to us and dismissed our complaints and suggestions up until things had gone too far (the noticeably low preorder sales figures and bad review talk industry-wide), and even then all they did was invite a few of us community member to come test the new game before anyone else (as if smoking and joking with us for a bit would undo their deeds). Oddly enough, the game flopped (or as EA puts it, “had satisfactory showing”), and the lead designer cut-n-ran immediately after release.
            LISTEN TO THE VETS WHO SUPPORTED THIS FRANCHISE SINCE 1942!! Stop walking all over us, please. What did we do to you to deserve this kind of treatment?

          • MrLOL 03.17.12 at 17:56

            General technique what are you blathering on about ? The patch is finished and ready and just awaiting Sony and Microsoft to approve so they can all be patched together. They spent considerable time consulting the community over what needed patching. What concerns are they dismissing exactly ?

    • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:19

      You are right, it’s not some HD destruction, it’s just puzzle wall, and parts are going down if you hit them – it’s not true polygonal destruction or something, those “HD destruction” its just dust in eyes.

    • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:40

      now maybe I’m missing something, but i do believe the last time I played i found that they had fixed a considerable amount of bugs and lag. my game runs nice and smooth. the only problem i have is with the UMAD-12 and ive learned to deal with it by outsmarting them and giving them a personal demonstration of what the pointy end of my knife is used for.

  • growking 03.16.12 at 17:13

    ok so im not sure the new game mode is going to work with the spawning system because it sucks even in regular conquest. also yall kinda failed with the conquest assault because you cant seperate it from regular conquest (ie. yesterday i was tryin to get my last few kills in the btr90 to unlock the mk3a1 and evey time i would go to gulf of oman it would put me in conquest assault) so we need to be able to chose which one we want to play be it through the quick match options or the server browser options or both

  • CG_recon 03.16.12 at 17:13

    Don’t want to show no respect, but you know, it’s a JOKE!

    It’s not CS, and Bf was always unique, now you made it like another fps shooter, like MW, because someone told you “hey – we need to get $ from Activision”?

    It’s NOT BF, totaly loosing respect and interest to serie… same about my 6 friends.

    • MR-LEWIS777 03.17.12 at 01:49

      if you really think that this looks anything like cod…well i can only congratulate MW on their improvement because last time i checked it looked the same as the one from 2007

  • kelpoice 03.16.12 at 17:12

    Nice to see you are adding the close up gameplay without losing that classic battlefield “wow” factor that COD has still been unable to capture.Good workl

  • riggins44 03.16.12 at 17:11

    BFC: COD is a terrible idea. Watch everyone dial up the USAS with frag and have the time of your life walking 5 feet and getting blown to bits. Time SHOULD have been spent generating new maps for the people who purchased the game for the BF experience. This is not broadening the experience, it is a cheap money grab to lure COD players. Count me out.