Beep beep! Battlefield 3 PC update live: Improved commo rose and minimap, lots of fixes, shortcut items live!

The PC Battlefield 3 update is now live. It includes a smattering of fixes, tweaks, and additions. Read on for the full details.

Today, we rolled out the big Spring game update for Battlefield 3 on PC! The focus of this massive package is to make the game more stable, fairer, and more balanced. You can find a comprehensive change list in this earlier post. The ~1.6GB update is available now. Below are some of the highlights.

New and improved commo rose

This update sees a number of improvements to the commo rose on PC, partially based on feedback from the community. Some of the tweaks we have made are detailed below:

New global call-outs
We have added a number of new commo rose call-outs that you can make to the entire team whenever you want. Where you previously had to look at a Support player to get the option to request ammo, you can now use the commo rose at any time to request ammo, health, or repairs. Using these requests will trigger appropriate icons on the minimap.

Moved orders to commo rose
We moved orders so that they are now exclusive to the commo rose. This means that you will no longer accidentally place an order when you in reality wanted to spot an enemy standing near a flag, for example.

Improved mouse handling
The mouse movement is now always tracked from the center of the commo rose, to make navigation more intuitive.

Quicker activation
You now activate a call-out simply by releasing Q, which should be snappier than the previous implementation. 

Improved readability
We tweaked the layout and design of the commo rose to improve readability and give clearer and quicker confirmation of which call-out is currently highlighted.

Look for these flashing icons on the mini map. They mean your team mates are trying to tell you something!

The available call-outs in the commo rose is context sensitive and will change depending on what you are currently doing in the game – for example, vehicles and infantry each have separate call-outs. Each function should trigger appropriate voice messages as well as icons on the minimap for increased team play possibilities. Players should keep an eye on the minimap for these icons. If you see them flashing, a team mate is requesting aid via the commo rose.

Improved minimap
After listening to community feedback, we have implemented alternative new ways to display the minimap. You can now choose between Map, Satellite or Hybrid view mode.

Map mode shows the most important tactical geometries such as buildings, objects, roads and water.

Satellite mode displays a top-down photograph of the level for increased terrain detail.

Hybrid mode combines the Satellite view with a Map overlay, offering a mix of quick tactical awareness and terrain detail.

You can change the minimap mode on the fly by pressing [B] (this key is mappable). You can set your preferred default map mode in the Options menu, where you can also alter the opacity level for the satellite textures. See below for an example of how these map displays compare.

Select the minimap display that suits your map and play style.

Beep beep! We have horns!
Yes! We have added horns to all jeeps in the game! Nothing says “Get in and man the machine gun so we can take back the airfield!” like three short beeps of the horn. Just press [SPACE] to make your presence known to friendly forces. Warning: Beeping also heard by opposition. Suggest limiting beeping when in enemy territory to keep vehicle in working order. This feature is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday (activated by L1).

Giving all players IR flares
To balance the battlefield and give budding pilots a fighting chance from day 1, we are now giving IR flares to all players. These will be automatically available to you in all air vehicles in the game. So if you’ve had a hard time staying up in the air previously, it should be easier to dodge incoming threats from now on. We hope this small but significant change will mean more players take to the skies and mix up their play style. This feature is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

More awards for skillful heli flying
One of the balancing items we have done in this game update is to better reward skillful heli pilots. To do this, we have increased the pilot’s score for transporting passengers who make kills from the heli. The assist score for heli pilots is now 50 points/kill. In a fully loaded transport, four passengers who make 1 kill each will give the pilot a sum total of 200 points. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

Making the SOFLAM a passive income gadget
The Recon gadget SOFLAM (laser target painter) has been given a new feature. Now, when a Recon player places it and then leaves it, it will continue to paint targets entering its area of control, continuously giving the Recon player a passive points income. This means a Recon player can place a SOFLAM in a strategic position, then leave it to find a good sniping spot. Combined with fixing a few scoring error in the SOFLAM, it should now be a much more viable source of experience points for Recons. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

Suppressing is team play, too!
Another balancing change that reflects how we want every player to be able to contribute to the overall effort is the lowered threshold for achieving the Suppression Ribbon. From a previous requirement of 7, players now only need to perform 3 suppressions in a game to be rewarded the Suppression Ribbon. This means the Support Kit player can rack up scores by skillful use of his LMG. We’ve always know suppression helps  – now we are more generously rewarding those team players who help disorient the enemy so we can move in for the kill. This balancing change is also present in the PlayStation 3 update that went live yesterday.

New to the game? Get a flying start with our new shortcut items

Today, we are also offering 10 different shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PC. If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online. Or if you’d love to get your hands on those AA missiles for jets instantly, this is for you.

The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:

Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
Vehicle Shortcut Bundle:
Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
The Ultimate Bundle:
Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs

We hope you enjoy the contents of this game update. As always , had to the Battlelog forums or discuss the update with us right here on the blog. See you on the battlefield!

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  • MO_Minuteman 06.02.12 at 04:53

    I bought the Limited Addition what the freak do I get and plus. This is not important what is is that. Are yo going to allow hackers too. Which platform is everyone on. Gosh Your Staff Looks like they need to drop a UA test. No wonder there is so many gliches and patches.

  • Sanjif 05.05.12 at 08:27

    Are the servers down tonight, I can’t connect at all?? :(

  • XO_Dominator 05.01.12 at 00:21

    Man, after reading so many invaluable posts, I am surprised that you all care enough to supply EA with such good, actionable feedback. In my opinion, when I dont like something that a company does, I dont say a word and just never do business with them again. That way they dont know what to fix because they dont know what they did wrong…. Its obvious that game sales arent blowing their skirts up anymore so they move on to paid DLC’s. Honestly, no big surprise there…..

  • voffknur 04.22.12 at 14:19

    Can we download the bf3 server and install it at home?
    Want to pratice with flying, so when I finally get a chopper or a plane I wont crash at right away.

  • H4YWlR3 04.20.12 at 03:52

    Are you guys going to do anything about the MASS/DART glitching? It’s getting way out of hand. It’s ridiculous that you can’t patch a small fix in there. Even a temporary one. Disable MASS on underslung barrels. Hell, disable underslung barrels. Everyone played without them while foregrips were king. It will not hurt to do without underslung barrels til a proper fix can be implemented.

  • HeadshotRJ 04.17.12 at 20:55
  • acmaniwillkillu 04.16.12 at 02:10

    i kill u

  • AppleTree4 04.15.12 at 19:42

    PLEASE GIVE PS3 commo rose

  • 200-bullets 04.13.12 at 17:55

    hit detection needs an update. HIT DETECTION NEEDS AN UPDATE. you dont have to unload a whole magazine to kill someone 3 ft. away. PLEASE FIX THE HIT DETECTION IN THIS GAME.

  • Glesgasyko 04.13.12 at 15:33

    Help! The Campaign option on PC for single player is causing problems. Missing Characters; Echo in audio; stuttering movement. I have the kit, HP Touchsmart et al. Anyone able to help? Uploading the update has not helped in any way. Thanks

    • BAZZA333 04.14.12 at 22:29

      i am having the same problem have you got a solution yet

  • Slimefriend 04.13.12 at 10:32

    Please fix the commorose to be a bindable key :( I hate when I try to spot someone while shooting and it cancels my shooting and aim…

  • Slapsta72 04.13.12 at 09:18

    has anyone else noticed that the bullet drop is now different on the L96? could be other rifles too. overall i find the patch to be frustrating but i spose in time we will learn to adapt to the changes, however, the suppression and size of the sniper tracers must be fixed in my opinion. also, i hope they change the l96 bullet drop back to how it was, seeing as such a change was never mentioned in the patch notes.

  • Foreverloco4 04.11.12 at 18:28

    Air vehicles are too powerful for ground units… therefore tanks are USELESS!!!! black loading bug is not fixed. honestly, this game is paperweight now, i paid good money and good amount of hours into this game, but since the patch… maybe one game a day

  • ALDEANMEZ 04.11.12 at 17:57

    There should be an update when you are parachuting out of the chopper/airplane (out of walking zone), the out of zone timer shouldn’t start counting until you land on the ground. It’s really frustrating when you die while parachuting towards the map…

  • WILL-DURC 04.10.12 at 15:21

    Do the New and improved commo rose for ps3 ?

    • AppleTree4 04.14.12 at 13:54

      YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. PS3 needs a communication system of some sort since we suffer from a lack of chat!

  • TheBattler 04.10.12 at 14:47

    And I still cant knife a enemy with a morter, Why? Is there some kind of magic knife shield around you when using a clumsy spawnraping weapon?
    And I still miss the opportunity to set my controller as I wish, the R3 button prone is about the most annoying thing ever (I for one allmost pushes it when shooting, maybe Im handicapped, but I have heard this to be a problem amongst many, and when you do, you stop shooting, your soldier jjust lies down nice and slow, while being slaughtered by the bewildered enemy). Actually I cannot for the life of me understand that the company who made the best games ever the last ten years, of which I have played all until my eyes started bleeding and my PC melted, has made this incredibly irritating game with clumsy soldiers, bad controller setup options (yes I switched to PS3 untill there is money enough for a Alienware) and very mysterious different reactions to bullits. I do appreciate (like so few) that there IS a difference in weapons, and sometimes a HK5 will be the better weapon against a G3, in urban warfare you need the fastfirring, easy reloading, quick aiming little sucker…but on a open dessert I will f….ng NOT tolerate to be killed with a pp19 from a 100 yards when I have put three aimed bursts of my 7.62 mm rifle into the enemy. When all is balanced out, then why should there beany motivation to get the next weapon.

    Lets stop focusing on making all weapons equal, and work on the gameplay, servers and the fact that its a bit unrealistic that a soldier would stop running and just hop on site when a little rock is on the ground.

  • DynastarSultan85 04.09.12 at 19:32

    man, mine still won’t work, when I got it at release it worked perfectly, since an old update it keeps white screening after 5 minutes, it’s disgraceful that after an update people who bought the game can no longer play it, and hardly anything’s being done to fix it. rubbish

  • Krujelikruj 04.09.12 at 15:59

    Honestly, if you don’t fix the HUGE BULLETS problem for all affected weapons, and fix for example the G3A3(+others), which now fires the bullets from ~ 30cm above the actual barrel(feels like you fire the bullets from your eyes), I wont be playing this piece of crap ever again. Can’t understand why, DICE. It’s so obvious that last patch broke this game. Jävla idioter

  • M0riar 04.09.12 at 03:46

    This patch screwed the game. Now you cant do anything when someone is shooting at you cause of the damn overpowered suppress fire that make your weapon fire in the sky. The MG’s should have been up but you cant shot anymore without aiming at shoulder. The only way it has been up its when you lie down with a bipod like a camper. We dont want a casual gamer game !

  • Slpuppet 04.08.12 at 07:10

    1.6GB update and it still didn’t fix the infinite loading screen bug that has been present since the November update…gonna need a patch to patch the patch that patched the patch.

  • teh_Helminth 04.06.12 at 12:25

    Read more comments.. Comment for those who complain about shortcuts… I don’t think it makes big difference.. Because basically all weapons are the same. And most of the good ones are unlocked even first. So I could only laugh at those people who buy those shortcuts because it is complete waste of money. You skip the fun unlocking them selves. The game is built in balance so that low lvl player could still pwn players with high levels easily with equipment what they have.

    • Violanderr 04.06.12 at 15:56

      well, not very true is it? For example the vehicle bundle – a lot of upgrades for tanks for example take a while to get your hands on. And you might want now, so you would buy it.
      Some might think that the fun of playing with those upgrades is better than the extra money you save and the time you spend unlocking it. It’s their opinion, seems a good choice for Dice to make the extra buck

      • teh_Helminth 04.06.12 at 19:26

        I had some thoughts about that vehicle shortcuts, because I havent still unlocked them but then again probably only low skill player will buy them and I will still have no problems pwning them :D And I doubt it that those last unlockes give you superhuman strength :D

      • teh_Helminth 04.06.12 at 19:31

        And don’t blame them that thay want to get money :D Everyone likes money :D If you would have extra opportunity to earn a bit more you would do the same… :D

      • Creeper_DE 04.11.12 at 20:09

        ….so? I dont like them packs, cause i spent hours in the tank, died a thousand deaths, and slaughtered hundrets of enemys to get these unlocks. Now someone who is too lazy for that, can pay for it simply.

        I see them unlocks as a kind of advance over new tank pilots. And there is nothin wrong about that. Its just normal a skilled tankdriver will kill more people than a newbie.

        And, dont forget, I had no IR Vision either, for exapmple, but i managed to get enough kills through skill to unlock it. Now, a noob can pay for it, and rape the infantry just like i do, but hasnt had to do smth about it, except asking daddy for money (worst case).

        THAT (and Tankdamage, Repairtoolspeed, TV Missile Bug) is what i hate about the patch.

        Everything else is quite okay, except the fact that there are just 5 weapons left overall. M16, M4, L85A2, Pecheneg and whatever Sniperrifle is mostly used.
        The PDW’s are okay, but they have no long range, so they suck too…kinda…. :)

        Whatever, ill keep playing….dont wanna miss the autumn expansion ^^

  • teh_Helminth 04.06.12 at 12:05

    Oh totally forget!
    Improved minimap – awesome! Now I know where I can get amo or medic :)

  • teh_Helminth 04.06.12 at 12:03

    I just read few comments and thought I needed to write something good :D Because usualy all people post only if they are angry but not when they like something :D
    Actually I didn’t see any big differences after this patch :D Only thing that I noticed horns(cool) and one shot kill for snipers (hell ye!). I didn’t noticed any changes in fall dmg. Don’t know why everyone is angry.. In my opinion there isn’t such big differences so I need to complain, contrary I only want to say good work :)
    P.s Ah sorry I have one complain but it’s not so big that I could say you guys ruined the game. Everything is still okey :D About that spawn protection! Now it’s like in BF:BC2 it was horrible :D I dont think that you need to make it longer. Spawn protection usually gets in place when you spawn on some one in your squad. But when you do that – you know the risk. Now it went worse because… I run into enemy, start to shoot at him and suddenly there spawns his squad member. I kill the first guy and start to shoot on the other one but he has spawn protection so I empty my mag into nothing and he kills me. Now I need to count 2 seconds and only then I can shoot. But because he can now look around without interupting spawn protection I dont know when he will start to shoot. That mean I need to wait until he starts to shoot at me so I dont empty my mag for nothing. I think this thing you need to roll back as it was before. If you spawn on squad member you should take some risk. All times which I have been killed after spawning on squad member was only my own fault.

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 08:02

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:43

    Alan Kertz is Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3. In this “Inside DICE” post, he explains how feedback from the community has a direct impact on the balancing we do on a number of items in our upcoming game update.

    He is the guy.. He killed the game!!

  • KaiserVII 04.06.12 at 07:30

    Why are we waiting??? Where the hell is the decison makers? EA / DICE should have a POLL of what we think about the recent patches : Do gamers want back the pre-patch?? YES or No

    Yes for me!!!!!

  • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:25

    Someone make a face book page against BF3 shortcuts, and if EA needed the money they can use advertisement banners instead. Although no one likes advertisements i prefer it over losing the games fairness. otherwise Dedicated time < Noobs W/ Money (just not right)

  • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:01

    If your about fairness and for Battlefields Respect and Honor, Get rid of shortcuts, Plain and simple.

    • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:02

      and if this is about gaining more money, put advertisements in the loading screens or on the sides of battlelog. Otherwise playing legitimately is worthless.

  • demiro_nr1 04.05.12 at 23:35

    you have ruined my life! now i dont have any purpose anymore… bring back the old patch!!

  • KaiserVII 04.05.12 at 14:10

    Dice, one man poison become one else poison… with your patches!!!!! Bring back pre-patch!!!!!!

  • OfficerNasty 04.05.12 at 10:01

    Love the shortcuts. I can only game couple of hours a week because I work and party too much. Now I can get all my weapons :) Nerds, no need to worry, you will still own me since I suck at video games. But I will own you when it comes to enjoying life.

    • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 00:57

      thats no excuse to not earn things but to buy them out, its not fair for those who cant afford it and its not right for those who play hard for their arms.

  • sKiLLzTx187 04.05.12 at 07:27

    so many ppl crying… jeezzz.. just go play cod and whine about some other shit. You dont like the game …. dont play it. Simple.

    • KiLLaZ87 04.07.12 at 10:55

      I paid this game because i have faith in dice but at least this game isn’t the real Bf2 successor and they left the idea that the Pc was the main platform for this game.I can’t refound my money now.I hope that in the future Dice left the retard EA.

  • robotkillboy 04.05.12 at 02:06

    only thing bad about this was the C4 dissapering after death, and the unpatched USAS, it wasnt patched/nerfed enough, and i agree with hidden demon there should be a tracer dart.

  • mindis19951011 04.04.12 at 15:59

    With this patch is you did very much damaged. Logically, think about we paid money for the original of the games we dont steal from the Internet, and what you do. What was very big and good choice weapons, and now a few mediocre weapons. Several children complained that they shot with the F2000, and FAMA or destroy weapons. The USAS is a good sports. BUT and other weapons after all, that the victim can use the same weapons. And FAMAS we paid additional money, but what you have done hang out of us. Would you return the machine and what was. The introduction of this and the next Battlefield s … Stop making. After all, we have provided in cash was a good game.

  • XHidden DemonX 04.04.12 at 07:39

    I hope this patch gets removed or fixed. 1 out of 10 people actually leave a good comment about it. Personally. I think every single thing except the horns was excessive, and unnecessary. Who the fuck asked for the m98b bullets to be the size of basketballs? Now I shoot a bullet, it eclipses the guys upper chest and head area and I miss. What a failure…hurry up with bad co 3. Bad co 2 was at least 3 times as more balanced as this crap. the only thing I hated about that game was circle strafing attack helis. But oh wait!!! There’s a tracer dart for that!!! Oh wait!!! There’s a at4 for that!!! Stop taking lessons from treyarch.

  • Kaputtski 04.04.12 at 06:22

    Shortcut Bundles = Corporate Greed. Congrats Dice, you have now alienated and insulted most of your “mature and intelligent” fan base by ruining BF3 with shortcut Bundles.

    Instead of focusing on quality game play refinements, you now to pander to children whose hands are in their parents wallet by homogenizing what once was a great team based, strategy driven game franchised and turned it into something akin to Mario’s kart. I have lost complete respect for your company and as a long time gamer in his 50′s I can confidently state, that as a result of your new revenue stream generating scheme, I will NEVER purchase another Dice product.

    • 6xSnake6x 04.04.12 at 11:20

      I have to agree that this scheem is very low. I don’t care what they’re making out of it, that’s not the point. It’s that, this is not a free to play game. What next, hats ? strap-ons ? we already have camo and dogtags. So no matter how many ways you cut it, it’s not a positive thing. Looking at the bright side, maybe they’ll put some of this in some proper patching.

    • Agouri 04.05.12 at 11:55

      Spoken like a true gentleman, you put into words what any of us with just a fucking OUNCE of intelligence feels.

      Gaming died the moment Marketing people started going in it.

  • Rahan9595 04.04.12 at 03:43

    Put back up my old clan together (started years ago with Tribes, Tribes 2, MOH, COD, Raven Shield, etc…) especially for what was the best shooter in a long time. Rented a server too, playing several hours a day.

    They all gave up within a week since last patch was deployed. I’m trying to keep up and even though I get pretty much the same kind of scores as pre_patch, the fun is gone.

    This game is now a huge camping party.

    The blur, I can handle. The recoil too. But this dumb random bullet spread has killed this game.

    The spawn points are also messed up, and not on Kharg only.

    Want to promote teamplay ? When you finally manage to find a decent squad working together on a public server and finally manage to push forward and clear an area, it’s just to see an ennemy spawning right behing you and kill every one, with little chance of firing back thanks to that great RBS effect.

    Want to promote teamplay ? Where is squad/team VOIP ?

    You have to do something, and quick. Not in June with the DLC. Everybody will be gone by then and all private servers not renewed.

    • 6xSnake6x 04.04.12 at 11:30

      I also see people in my friends list not logging on anymore. And you know a game has gone wrong when it drives people away from it. And yeah, you can manage with all the bad things, but it shouldn’t be like that. They say the community complains but they keep playing, and from here they draw the conclusion that the game isn’t broken enough to drive people away. In any case, never have I seen so much negativity surrounding a game.

  • SerbianBear 04.03.12 at 23:26

    great now im going to have to buy jet unlocks so i have a standing chance against spawn killers who have bought all the upgrades… question dice, do you enjoy pissing off your community or is it just an unintentional thing

  • DeadHell 04.03.12 at 18:06

    Shortcut bundles aye? Making extra money where you can then :/
    I thought the whole point of BF was to rank up with experience…

  • War_or_Peace 04.03.12 at 16:52

    The gun balancing is bad!!! All guns in real life are NOT equal. To change the mechanics of these weapons after months of players mastering their weapons of choice, is bad. Ive put many hours into this game. To (sell away) the weapons I put many hour to unlock is unfair, at the same time changing the mechanics and the accuracy of all guns only give a slight advantage to the newbie player, because now the veterans have to relearn these guns and newbies can have the same guns too??? I always thought you have to earn your stripes, not buy them. Stop trying to nerf things for new players. If you have certain whinny players complaining about certain guns being overpowering or vets just kicking their asses. Then find another server with rules against them or tailoring to your rank. I always bragged about the realism in Battlefield 3 to MW3 players. I may have to reassess that. I AM NOT GOING TO BE BUYING THE FUTURE EXPANSIONS IF THIS KEEPS UP!!!!! THIS PATCH SUCKS AND IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • standard_Zol 04.03.12 at 20:17

      I agree that War_or_Peace, i think they are going for many without of satisfying existing customers with A REAL patch, who already have payed for a product. On a top of that they have released a patch what more likely fits newbies players than an expert ones. It WAS a best game of 2012 until last patch, can’t call it a long term strategy.
      If they will keep it up i will spend my money somewhere else….HD map pack, how about fixing cheater issue??

    • 6xSnake6x 04.03.12 at 23:37

      I agree man. I kept putting hours into this game after the patch. Mostly playing rush or conquest on maps without attack helicopters (the one that has the missiles and shiet). And I keep trying to adjust to the guns, and find new strategies, new attachment combinations. But no matter how hard I try, whether I win or lose, kill or get killed, it ALWAYS FEELS WRONG ! This game just feels so bad now it’s so goddamn frustrating I can’t get over it ! (heck, that’s why I keep posting here). It’s just not the same, it’s like I’m playing another game, that is completely pathetic and unsatisfying; And I keep going back to it because I want it to be Battlefield 3 (like I remember it from, not so long ago). I mean it still looks like Battlefield 3, but is it ? really ? REALLY ? Cause from a game that was fun fun fun and had a few issues (BTW REVIVE IS STILL SO GODDAMN BROKEN !!! AARGH UBER RAGE) it turned into “oh we’re all anal probes and so we want to make the game shit cause that’s how hardcore we are ! we don’t believe in fun, fun is for pussies, we need stupid amounts of suppression and all sorts of other stupid stupid dumb dumb retard derp”. End of rant, I’m cool now, I’m chillin’, easy. Yeah so, see y’all on the battlefield 8-}

  • rpsx 04.03.12 at 07:05

    why do consoles not have a commo rose? so easy UX-wise. just select button tap = spot, hold = commo rose, then rotate a stick to select. would fit so easily. communication is key to this game, yet it’s missing for consoles. why?

  • air^Snake 04.03.12 at 05:05

    errrrr…I like the new map?

  • BH22 04.03.12 at 01:30

    To all the “professional developers” don’t get hurt patting yourself on the back quite yet have you happen to noticed that 41% of the people that have commented on the last Battlefield 3 patch disagree with it ! (these stats are from this forum by the way not something I have came up with on my own ). Here is an idea that developers should try some time, test the patch before launching it as to find out what improves the game and what hurts the game in general. So we do not have another complete an utter failure. We all know in this economy people need a source of income but do not justify your job by destroying something that has been called the best game of 2012 just to say see you have asked for a patch now receive it so we can tell you how much you will enjoy it as we professionals understand much better than you gamers what you really want, trust us we know you will eventually fall in love with it as we have! I respectfully call BS on this failure of a patch that EA/Dice has shoved down our throat!

  • Trillseeker82 04.02.12 at 22:36

    +1 for 6xsnake6x that’s the way it schould be done. And why changing weapons to ballance others.
    have played for 3 monts with this gun and now it’t shoots like if it’s the first time

  • Trillseeker82 04.02.12 at 22:27

    +1 for 6xSnake6x

  • Trillseeker82 04.02.12 at 22:25

    thanxs for nerving the Aek971 now it’s a bad weapon to shoot with :)

  • Piteros2 04.02.12 at 21:45

    DICE with there be a Console patch or should I buy a PC to play a multiplatform game?

  • Dubious 04.02.12 at 16:26

    Where is the commo rose for consoles? thanks

  • Tepac 04.02.12 at 15:35

    FFS,atleast make a response to the community!

  • illius_swe 04.02.12 at 15:33

    What about adding colors?

  • 6xSnake6x 04.02.12 at 14:54

    At this point I would also love a rollback. The game is that sad now, I mean before, you know, you had some issues with it, but it was playable even fun on so many occasions and epic, now it’s overall frustrating, it’s like the new features, actual fixes don’t even matter that much compared to how broken it is. I think things need to be straightened out in a more organized fashion.
    Here are a couple of SOLUTIONS I can think of:
    Number one: make a feedback format/formular and encourage CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, that way you don’t have a lot of clutter (“dis patch is bull****”). Heck I go for that myself when frustrated by the game, but we need to focus. People should detail on what they like/hate/what is broken/etc.
    Number two: things are how they are right now… but don’t let US (the players) be the playtesters; Hire some skilled people from the community to do this (I can think of a couple, this one’s not hard to figure out). PLAYTEST YOUR PATCH !
    Number three: don’t change the entire game, go incrementally with the fixes, this will allow you to focus on certain aspects at a time and do them well. Less is more. Then you have the community feedback (whether in an efficient form as I suggested or as it currently is). So you keep the pace right.
    That’s my three cents :D Good luck !

  • Zerberus_v 04.02.12 at 10:18

    It has literally been proven that giving elitist rewards to noobs kills online games.
    How do you not know this?

  • awesomedude6994 04.02.12 at 06:43


  • xyet_againx 04.02.12 at 06:38

    HAHAHA…and as I’m reading this blog, it seems like whoever wrote it genuinely believes that this is the best thing to EVER happen to this game. It’s like DICE truly believes they bent a knee for their community. This is pretty pathetic…38 pages of community are telling you that you just screwed the pooch…BIG TIME! What are you going to do about that. Is there some back office, short notice meeting being held till a solution is agreed to. Do we have to tell you that some of us ARE Share-Holders…and that you work for us? I think a collective head-out-of-ass party needs to happen at EA and DICE. Giving unlocks away for a few bucks just to raise a few points on stocks is pretty pathetic! A better strategy would be to make a WORTHY game, at least 95% issue free at launch (as advertised), let people fall in love with it, then EVERY month (or close to that) market new DLC…pretty sure we’d be willing to pay for that! By the way, I’m looking for a new job. If this post is enough to be considered my resume, I’d be happy to come school whatever retard is working there now on how to listen to community feedback!

  • d3rkad3rka 04.02.12 at 00:37

    I honestly believe that DICE needs to roll back this update until they can come up with something better. The re-balancing they did has made the game so incredibly frustrating for me and my friends that our BF3 experience has been tarnished terribly. They say they are trying to “give budding pilots a fighting chance”, yet they made the jet’s default gun so incredibly overpowered, not even veteran chopper/jet pilots can survive a half-second blast.

    On top of this, most of the most annoying bugs have not been fixed, or have been replaced by worse ones.

    Buying this game was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time, but now I am seriously considering dropping the game. Anyone want to petition/boycott?

    • Futtawuh 04.02.12 at 00:40

      Ayes, The Jets are really stong now. I used to SUCK flying the jet. But now im a f*cking God. 1 sec burst and the enemy is disabled.

      • d3rkad3rka 04.02.12 at 00:49

        I had 5 service stars for the helicopter, now I’m safer and more effective in a jeep, what the hell we’re they thinking?

    • Tachikoma333 04.02.12 at 00:45

      I can’t imagine what they where think when they made this update. They managed to turn a few minor bug fixes into a full game over haul. They took everything that worked and broke it. Well, not jets. Jets get a main cannon that can now kill just about anything. I have no complaints about shortcuts, except for money-grubbing, but how do you manage to make a update so bad that no one likes it? the petition idea is good and i think for the next week, until the eighth, that we should boycott BF3 and not play it. If enough people do it maybe DICE/EA will roll-back some of the things the update broke. I.E everything they ‘fixed’.

      • poeleloele 04.02.12 at 12:36

        I agree on the boycott. They made this game suck like monkeyballs..
        I even think about selling the game because it makes me aggresive and anoyed. I am not a player who is a bad looser or someone who curses behind the PS3 butt the past 3 days i have had my thoughts of throing my controller trough my LCD screen.

        After the update i encountered a shit load of trash:
        - Suddenly mines become invisible now and then. I played seine crossing, driving tank, and got killed by invisible AT mines in one game for like 14 times!! Whenever i drive a tank i always pay attention to my mini-map and i look on main screen for AT mines. Now the become invisble and i get killed instantly…

        - The rapid switching between targets is NOT fixed. When i select “guided shell” on my tank, and i have multiple targets in front, i get killed most of the time because that stupid crosshair keeps switching between the target, thus sellecting nothing…

        - Famas seems to have more recoil and horizontal muzzle drift than before… Sucks cause it was my favorite weapon as was the Usas-12.

        - Suddenly the maps are crowded with guys who have C4 and javelin missile. Because of the option to buy the unlocks, i now have no chance driving any vehicle on maps like Firestorm and Caspian Border.
        I played for like 80 hours to get my unlocks and now any noob can buy them because Dice has a hunger for money??! Shame on you…

        - Because lack of distance the stinger missile is completely useless.

        - Making weapons balance sucks and does no good to realism. I understand why they did it because when you can buy the unlocks all weapons should be equal, aint it Dice…..

        So far about the complaints i can remember right now…

        You make the game suck and i wont play or recommend the game to anyone anymore.
        I even thought of starting a “Boycott Battlefield” facebook fanpage…

        • nova_styler 04.02.12 at 14:55

          BOYCOTT……will be too tough on them…………….but we should definitely start FB for old update rollback……………………….

      • nova_styler 04.02.12 at 14:51

        I am with you…………..i already left BF3 the day new update game ………………because they changed & broke everything just for sake of bug fixing…………:):) they made BF3 as a business now ……..i have never seen such kind of massive game update in my life……………..but original BF3 was the legend of all ONLINE GAMES………………

  • ShartMyDiaper 04.01.12 at 21:03

    Where the hell is the update for xbox 360? Xbox 360 has the most bought copies of battlefield 3 and we are the ones who have to wait. What the hell is up with that?
    •Xbox 360: 2.2 million
    •PlayStation 3: 1.5 million
    •PC: 500,000
    Copies Sold per platform.

    • BlackSeptember 04.01.12 at 23:10

      They have sold over 10 million copies, not sure of where you get your numbers.

    • LordJuggernaut 04.02.12 at 00:38

      I agree… But where in the hell did you get your statisitics? There have been over 14 million copies sold. 2.2 + 1.5 + 500,000 = 4.2 million. You’re 10 million short…

  • Futtawuh 04.01.12 at 20:16

    Whaaaaat the heck happend to the M98B? I got about 3000 kills with the M98B, so im pretty familliar whit how it handles. And this is not even close to what it used to be.

    • Staffsarge 04.03.12 at 22:43

      Yeh man. Agree totally. M98b is fucked now. Aiming is fucking shit. The size of the tracer round coming out of it is the size of the goddamn sun!!! So much so that you can now no longer gauge if you should aim further up or down from your last shot. Absolutely want a roll back till they fix this shit.

  • SPAWN 04.01.12 at 18:05

    Shortcuts are a joke? This is ridiculous. BF is becoming more like Combat Arms.

  • Freezera 04.01.12 at 17:45

    L96 flash supressor is gone indeed why? did not stand in the patch notes.
    And also i have a feeling that the L96 is lost a lot of it’s sniping abilities can’t hit sh*t with it anymore.
    I had to switch to the M98B because i couldn’t get headshots with the L96.
    M98B popping heads like before and still works fine, so it’s not me, it’s DICE that messed up the L96

    MBT is useless now, common i main it’s a Tank right you don’t take that out with 2 shots!
    Now it’s a carton big spotting box!

    And repairing a tank now takes ages, i mean when somebody shooting a RPG at your *ass*
    when repairing you could hold out just yet. Now you just have to run because 2 shots and the tank is gone…….very realistic DICE nicely done!

    And what about those noob shortcut’s, i main we are playing +200 Hours for getting almost everything unlocked and then DICE and EA are just taking that away by giving it to newbies
    We had to work for it and so are the newbies.
    Didn’t you guys earned enough?
    Please make a big NOOB shortcut user dogtag they can’t change when bought a shortcut :-)

    And the recoil of the weapons, why increase it even more? wasn’t it good as it was????

    You guy’s screwed up that’s for sure! FIX IT

  • RumpelKlumpen 04.01.12 at 17:39

    1st April, i hope there are some News about the “Shortcuts”…

  • Bobo_Violent 04.01.12 at 14:05

    The M98B sniper was perfect before the patch came out. Please restore the M98B before the patch.

  • murphy8821 04.01.12 at 10:37

    Dont hate guys just be pacient…good things come to those who wait ha ha

  • Thy_PeaceMaker 04.01.12 at 04:18

    You guys don’t say anything about what happend to the L96 Flash Suppressor. What happend? I get most of my kills with that weapon and attachment. You guys are messing around with my weapons. I understand thresholds being raised and lowered, but taking away an attachment I used to get most of my kills with. What is that all about? I hope this is an oversight and gets fixed quick. I’ve been gaming online since 2005, and never once have had an update come anywhere this close to screwing with my weapons or basic gameplay. Over stepped the boundaries just a little here. Give me my flash suppressor back!!!!!!!

  • Threeheadedtoad 04.01.12 at 02:32

    When is the XBOX PATCH COMING?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    At least post an update, so people dont remain so pissed off…

  • Justinbro13 03.31.12 at 23:37

    Im going to use the famas and usas 12 until the patch comes out im going to have 100 service stars

  • Justinbro13 03.31.12 at 23:34

    fuck dice.All i know is that ps3 and pc has the patch and xbox 360 doesnt

    • 6xSnake6x 04.01.12 at 00:20

      Trust me, you are the lucky ones, the patch is simply miserable. A game of this caliber shouldn’t be this broken.

  • Tamokii 03.31.12 at 18:48

    Great job on the patch guys. It took me a bit to get used to but now that it’s here I can see how much good it’s doing. If anything I would like to see more guns, planes, helo’s, and vehicles now. Maybe some from the BF2 mods like Allied Intent.

  • Gio2vanni86 03.31.12 at 14:24

    As unrealistic as BF3 is for its not realistic gameplay but still intense battle sequences. Its a game, and for better or worse i sort of like this update. Its not perfect, but its a step in the right direction. Knowing the many patches that came out for BF2, i can rest assured that there will be more update. But i like this update so far, few things are off, but i believe that requires adjustment. Change is inevitable.

  • Phenonixx 03.31.12 at 12:11

    Guys you really need to start reading up more, you do realise that its not dices fault that where waiting for this patch for xbox360 its microsofts, they are taking the mess with the certification proccess. As soon as the certification is granted the patch will be put on the next day or same day. So guys in short don’t flame dice flame microsoft.

  • Lt.IIsidII 03.31.12 at 09:27

    BEEP BEEP!!! Air to air missiles and tanks do not work are cardboard.

  • Justinbro13 03.31.12 at 02:09

    Dice is a big fucking disappointment.Its so much shit wrong with this game.People say the patch is horrible,but i dont get to experience it because dice is so fucking gay.I been waiting all this time for a patch and still aint got one.But guess who does?PS3 and Pc.Other games have came out with way more patches than this shit.Bf3 could be a great game,but for right now its not.I will still be waiting for the patch and close quarters.Fuck dice and their frustrating ass game.

  • GhostTribe 03.31.12 at 02:04

    Could you at least give us a date for the 360 update?

    • Justinbro13 03.31.12 at 02:09

      Give us a 360 update fuck the date

      • Lucifer Eleison 03.31.12 at 03:08

        I know, I want the patch already too but its not Dice’s fault its taking forever. Its microsoft. Thry need to confirm the patch first!

  • Justinbro13 03.31.12 at 01:57

    fuck dice wheres the patch.I wish i so had bfbc2

  • cubeline82 03.31.12 at 01:38

    I CANT change Setting on My server?i rent server, iam owner this server and i cant change and choose my maps and my setting? FIX this or give back money for rent server!

  • 6xSnake6x 03.31.12 at 01:19

    After downloading the latest patch and checking it out, all I get is this: Battlefield 3 Play For Free Open Beta. Subtle I know. Not saying there aren’t improvements. I’ve said enough :D

  • GhostTribe 03.30.12 at 22:24


  • ChillBilly75 03.30.12 at 22:24

    So I doubt this will be answered. Is there a glitch or bug that does not allow c4 to detonate after a rifle shot?

  • harr0w 03.30.12 at 22:16

    Moot point because the new patch has killed the game. the assault class may as well not be there. The balancing is pathetic. Vehicles die so easily now its ridiculous 1to 2 rpgs to kill a tank no fucking way same goes for the rest. good to see damage improvements to sniper rifles that maybe one thing they did right this patch. so as of this moment i wont be supporting dice until the rectify the assault class and its weapons because they were fine before( dont fix what isnt broken). So its going to be a game full of snipers and engineers brilliant. the time and efforts thousands of players have put in to be repaid by fucking up the classes and weapons is an out rage you(dice) are basically telling me how you want me to play the game i paid for which is not fucking on. When you should of been putting efforts into changing the super unrealistic mortars and sniper glint. instead you fuck over a mass majority of vet playersplayers for the whingy little 15 year old codites. congratulations you just lost a fan.

  • darkstar4584 03.30.12 at 20:55

    so your telling me that a engineer can lay down 6 AT mines and when he dies they will stay there but when i place 2 claymores and i die the disappear how is that balanced PLEASE DICE change that back thats all i ask

    • Makszymalny 03.30.12 at 22:09


    • ChillBilly75 03.30.12 at 22:25

      Exactly.. In war time even then.. If I set down a claymore in RL and then go die does my claymore stay or does it magically disappear.. QUIT PUSSIFYING THE GAME!!

  • GSXR13K 03.30.12 at 16:40

    if a general shortcut kit comes available i will start playing again. i will pay another 40.00 for those. luckily i only paid 24.99 for the current ultimate pack but the general pack that releases everything else would be sweet.
    then we can open a new blog for that one.

    • Kaivtroll 03.30.12 at 17:42

      GSXR13K, since you bought the pack I have to ask …
      … are you a new player?
      … if you’re not a new player how are were you from getting the unlock you wanted or needed?
      … since you’ve unlocked everything do you still get a sense of accomplishment when finishing assignments or leveling?
      … Is the game still fun?

      I’m not not trying to be a dique I really want to know. Because of vehicle campers I rarely get a chance to fly and am 10pts from unlocking HEAT SEEKERS , but being so close I want to earn the unlock

  • DC DOGMA 03.30.12 at 16:30

    Any reason that xbox has been put to the end of the patch list? Xbox is the closest thing to serious games than you can get! I moved from PC to xbox I still think the PC games are at the top but PS3 really there like weekend warriors! PLEASE give us the patch!!!!!!

  • Kaivtroll 03.30.12 at 16:23

    UPDATE: Electronic Arts issued the following statement to GameSpy in response to this editorial:

    Yesterday we released new content for Battlefield 3 that included the ability for players to purchase a shortcut that unlocks earnable content in the game. The shortcuts are meant to encourage players to brave new territory. We want to offer newcomers a chance to catch up with the veterans that have been playing the game for the last five months. These shortcuts do not create an unfair advantage for any players – new or veteran. In fact, withholding these shortcuts would actually put newcomers in a pretty steep uphill climb, splitting the community.

    We understand that everyone plays differently. Some gamers want to earn the unlocks, and they can continue to do so. Others have been wishing for a shortcut, which is now available. We’re happy to be able to serve both types of players.

    • DUTCH x K1LL3R 03.30.12 at 16:25

      yes you are right, me myself would prefer to unlock it myself. ok, ‘the veterans’ already have better weapons but that doesn’t make them better players.

    • Kaivtroll 03.30.12 at 16:38


      I’d like to earn the unlocks myself too.
      To EA/Dice … I understand you want to help/profit new players into this game but rather than selling unlocks how about since the game is 6 months old sell this ( With each new online pass created now (since people have been playing for 6 months) a new comer can unlock one gadget or weapon per class)

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 03.30.12 at 16:22


    • Kaivtroll 03.30.12 at 16:28

      I can wait for the patch if they are going to repair actual issues but the patch has some minor issues on PC that I’ve heard about…
      … lock on missile stop before hitting people (like the other person threw flares)
      … you still can’t cook grenades (that’s what I’ve heard so far)
      … the irnv display is fuzzy
      … recoil went up on everything to make the guns balanced

      We’ve waited this long for a fix I can wait longer if things actually get fixed

  • GSXR13K 03.30.12 at 14:04

    you bakehead no life bitches do realize there are still massive amounts of stuff that cant be unlocked with these shortcut kits right?
    get a grip!
    most of you ingrates that are whining are the ones that used that initial exploit to unlock everything in a few days anyway. you should all already be banned anyway, let alone be allowed to bitch in this blog.
    if origin releases a general shortcut kit that unlocks the remaining items then i will purchase that too. not to play because well, i just dont, but to get back at all you cheater scum and hopefully they do the shortcut kits from launch on the next game.

    • DrFurry 03.30.12 at 14:50

      and you do realize it’s not about the unlocks, it’s about drawing the line. people used to have the same argument when dlc first came out, and look how bad it’s gotten. day 1 dlc, on disc dlc, portions of the game intentionally left out to be resold as dlc, store exclusive dlc, today you can buy your unlocks, tomorrow you HAVE to buy your unlocks.

      • GSXR13K 03.30.12 at 15:05

        and thats fine, i would rather they kept track of unlocks with a purchase system so there is no chance that people can hack the game to achieve them then to have what happened with bf3 happen again. there are thousands and thousands of people that sat in one spot with a buddy and did that uav repair exploit to level up completely! screw all of them, and if you are one then screw you too.

        • TheTopMostDog 03.30.12 at 18:26

          He is a furry and a doctor, your argument is invalid.

        • eBunny7 03.30.12 at 20:32

          Wow I agree with TheTopMostDog, your argument is invalid…

        • Justinbro13 04.01.12 at 00:40

          you are a noob and some of the people who did the exploit probably got banned.All i can say is weapons dont make the players.I can beast with mostly ever gun in the game except for the gay ass p90

  • Kasama84 03.30.12 at 13:52

    I don’t understand why people are butt-hurt over the ‘pay for unlocks’ items. You have to understand: you can’t buy experience like map knowledge or accuracy. You have to actually play the game to be good at it.

    • Abakrooney 03.30.12 at 15:37

      i agree with you. selling unlock shortcuts will just allow people to be noobs. As no experience would be required to get the guns and all that stuff.

  • danielgamma 03.30.12 at 13:46

    what have u done ?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    making people pay for unlocks?
    u guys are ruining the fun in this game
    this is definitely not why ive choosen this game instead of COD

  • Alba_Sco 03.30.12 at 13:36

    Heres the cure for “pay for skills” scandal, lobby your server owner and coders of rcon plug-ins to pioneer one that auto-kicks these noobs until thier rank determines that thier unlocks were earned, if EA EVER pull a fatcat milking the cow stunt like this again im walking and i hope all you other serious games do likewise, this is a really dark chapter in Battlefields history, shame on the asshole that thought of this stupid idea, i hope someone from EA is reading all these comments as it says one thing ” your cash cow is flashing before your eyes!” and your playing with fire be warned.

  • BernieTheEvil 03.30.12 at 13:18

    Thats it – I’m out

    Not only are the existing crashes not fixed – but the pay to unlock bullshit just means the paid cheaters will have better weapons. to go with their auto aim.

    What a great way to steer a fantastic series into the rocks
    Clearly and decision by your typically misguided steering committee with no understanding of why the franchise was popular/making money in the first place.

    • Abakrooney 03.30.12 at 15:39

      you are right. making people pay for unlocks?
      Just ruining the game and making it too easy for noobs like cod fanboys.

  • HollaOjOj 03.30.12 at 12:27

    Let’s see.
    In this patch we should get a free 1-3 maps.
    When can i get a wallhack for weapon for $ ofc.
    Right now Aircraft are OP and it’s all for the COD kids ftw.

    ??????????????????????????????Where is battlerecord ????????????????????
    Rebulid basic maps so that we will be able to destroy it like it was in BC2 right now destruction is BC2>BF3
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When we are able to record gameplay (battlerecord)? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When we are able to go through deckchairs and curbs without jumping.
    When we are able to destroy the bridges and all the clone buildings (as im BC2)
    True night maps (like in ARAM2)
    Real time event not the script ones like radio tower, we should be able to destroy it in real time.

    I’m still getting DC after using alt+enter

  • RenardThatch 03.30.12 at 12:17

    So all that time I spent unlocking everything in game can now be unlocked for 39.99…. since I paid with Paypal I’m disputing the transaction with the reason “the quality of the item I purchased was not up to standard.” I’ve done it before and it works.

  • zin90 03.30.12 at 12:11

    You must be totally freaking out of your mind, introducing “Shortcut Bundles” destroys what this game is part about, it’s about having fun feeling rewarded for having stuff unlocked, HARD WORKED HARD TIME.

    I’m currently unlocking stuff by killing others, that is more skillful than paying to get it all. You now care more about people who want to pay to get the nice stuff than us who want to be legit and earn it. I lost respect for you today, this is a sad moment. More sad than the day i heard we wont get Steam instead of crap Origin, fudging nightmare.

    From Sweden.

  • puddlehopper2 03.30.12 at 12:03

    ps some of the other stuff is good though try again.


  • Hammerballz 03.30.12 at 11:01

    Still no VoIP available? Sad…

    Then I had to look twice, if I was dreaming or not… A Shortcut-Bundle? Are YOU SERIOUS?
    Why were people buying the game? It´s obvious that people wanted to WORK for their unlockable weapons and other items. People were PROUD to play with their new unlocked item! THAT´s Fun!

    And now its just “Buy once, get all stuff!” Pretty sad.. Decreases the motivation to play this game after only some weeks.
    That´s a NO-GO EA!

  • nutkase 03.30.12 at 10:27

    Shortcut Bundle – just wow. just lost a customer. its a shame how the game companys are now trying to find any way to make a dallor. sad thing is for every 2 people who think shortcut bundles are a cheap way to unlock things, there are 10 other people who think is the best ideal ever….sigh Dice is being run by employes who are now SELLING HACKS LEGAL.

  • WindChant 03.30.12 at 10:23

    Dice you can’t just say nothing about shift key and patch it in this way….this is ridiculous for all sharpshooters for 1~300m

  • BernieTheEvil 03.30.12 at 10:21

    Extremely disappointed about the $$$ shortcuts.
    I invested 90 hours because it was fun and there was a reward – but why did I bother?
    The only reason I respect players with unlock is because 90% of them are very good (Albeit 10% are cheaters) – now it will be 10% good – 90% cheaters and pay to unlock- so no respect.

    I’ll try the changes then start the new Shogun instead

  • PhunnyConflicts 03.30.12 at 10:21

    Apparently, I didn’t read all the way towards the very end about Shortcut kits – which i found out that its a big deal to a lot of people.

    Lol honestly, I don’t care at all, and neither should you. if your a vet player, chances are, you will have all or most weapons and attachment unlocked anyways right? And you will surely have more gun skills right? And then what of the “noob” who bough this stuff? sure, he’ll have the same guns and attachment yes? But will he have the same gun skill level? Certainly not.

    So whats the big deal? It ain’t like the noobs gonna have super big advantages over you and others. Last time I check, my m16a3 or whatever its called can still beat higher tier weapons like USAS frag rounds and the famas (pre-patch). or how my sv98 sniper rifle still best a m98b sniper rifle any day. If i can overcome those higher level weapons with one of the most basic weapons in the early game with gun skills, then im sure you “veterans” can too.

    Not saying that I support this Shortcut bundle, but i just can’t see any real reason to complain about these shortcuts other than people thinking they have to buy these bundles to win – which is false, because if you already unlocked the items, then your already ahead. or that you have a better gun skill level.

    And I know that some people feels threaten that all of their “hard work” is put in vain, but honestly, why? Why even be pissed off? It’s not like other people will go up to you and say, “Omg dude you suck! you had to level up just to gain your attachment and weapons. TROLOLOLO”. lol. No, I dont think anyone will say that. If you feel accomplish in unlocking weapons and attachment, then cool. But what then? Are you going to go to your friend and say, “Dude, i just unlocked the ak74-u!!!”. Lol. no chances are, you won’t. So no reason to pout or feel threaten at all. I mean, I unlocked a lot of crap, and i honestly don’t feel threaten by these shortcuts. I mean, why? They’ll eventually get these unlocks if they just spend time playing. all they’re doing is speeding up the process of inevitability. See what am saying?

    If it was new guns and new attachment in these bundles, then oh yeah, it is unfair. But come on, people are just buying weapons and attachment that we can get for free. I honestly cannot see any complaints about this, especially it doesn’t even affect the game. again, gunskills > high tier weapons.

    I think everyone needs to chill down and stop trying to make this worse than it sounds. Yeah, sure, EA is trying to milk every last penny from us (which I hate to the very core), but honestly, this is one of the few things that seems more fair from EA’s part in a long time. if you don’t believe me, compare other cash-grab tactics they have used which is 2x worse.

    Seriously, EA could of just went south and made these pack with new guns. Just be thankful that they didn’t go crazy and do that – knowing how money hungry they are…

  • RadiX.DIS 03.30.12 at 09:45

    “Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    If this will become like battlefield play4free i will sell my account and play another game.

    • DarthBullseye 03.30.12 at 09:55

      I would stop playing BF3 right now if i weren’t addicted to it ;-)

  • RadiX.DIS 03.30.12 at 09:42

    1,5 gb just for tweaks.. i cant beleabe it.. do it have more content that that?

  • DarthBullseye 03.30.12 at 09:23

    “Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    IMAO selling the unlocks is a shame.
    Sure, You can make a additional dollar by selling them, but You disrespect all the players who earned the unlocks.
    I am very disappointed.
    Money rules the world, as usual.

  • mb920906 03.30.12 at 07:44

    Played an hour, all I can say is: awesome! Game seems to be running smoother with less delay in black screens when revived, spawned etc. Giving jets flare is a great thing too. I remember how much I had to struggle in the beginning to get them, a jet is useless without flares. Great job DICE!

    For those whining about the shortcuts that are available: It’s an option, you can do it the way you want, unlock them one by one just like before. Some maybe don’t have time to play that much and prefer to speed up the unlocking part so let them buy it. It doesn’t hurt you does it?

    • DarthBullseye 03.30.12 at 10:12

      The unlock sellout is something like authorized cheating.
      If it were available right from the beginning – fine. But introducing this now is just unfair.
      Let’s have a look at EA/DICE’s goals by doing this:
      - earn additional money
      - recruit new players –> earn even more money

      And the next stage of milking the cow will be providing unlocks only by $$$

  • Fred-E-Fuego 03.30.12 at 07:40

    New Server suck so bad that I want personally tell you DICE to eat a dick from the owner of you suck & you suck long with a deep throat swallow type suck.

  • KlinkHammer 03.30.12 at 07:38

    Yep… patch pretty much ruined any chance of effective anti-aircraft… not that it was real great against a skilled pilot pre-patch, but now its just pointless to even try.

    • BearHandsAHHH 03.30.12 at 08:11

      All you have to do with the AA is lock-on and just fire 1 of your 2 missiles. Then shoot at them with your cannon until they deploy flares and then lock-on and fire again. You could also just get 2-3 people to fire off at different times.

  • 0_deamon_0 03.30.12 at 06:56

    i wont buy the shortcut items, i kinda love the way that you constantly count the remaining accessories for your weapon/vehicle. and using it to fully unlock your items. for the patch nice job. =D

  • guiofoda 03.30.12 at 06:53

    spoiled the ak please check back as it was before

  • wearl 03.30.12 at 06:03

    I did not crash before the patch. Now I seem to crash alot :(

  • IIIIIDUTCHIIIII 03.30.12 at 04:30

    Glad the patch is finally here. But the shortcuts are a a blatant sellout. What a shame.
    At 25c per upgrade (vehicle hit) everyone will now have everything. No more rewards for putting in more game time. DICE do want people to play the game right? Great way to piss off your fan base.
    Tell those greedy board members and shareholders they’re ruining the game.

  • othellorey 03.30.12 at 04:04

    Nice to know that the SOFLAM, a real flotsam gets useful.

  • PhunnyConflicts 03.30.12 at 04:01

    I found it kinda odd that commo-rose didn’t make its way to consoles as it would be a pretty damn good mechanic to have – especially when everyone has their mic off. at least, with this, you can manage your team some way.

    I’m excited that everyone gets flares for their aircraft now. i have had this game since release and i honestly never got past lvl 1 for my jets or helicopters because by the time i got to play it (1 week after release because i was busy), almost everyone had flares and heat seeking missiles. or, everyone was hogging the jets and helicopters. long story short, its been nearly 6 months or something, and i still haven’t gotten flares because everyone would just wiped me off of the sky easily, thus i never really got to enjoy that aspect of bf3 yet.

    I hope the developers are reading this too, as I wish they would fix xbox’s chat function. I notice that Dice did not split the chat and video game sound separately, instead, they just fused the two together. So for example, if I mute a person who had a static mic, they will still come up on my turtle beaches. Even if i turn off chat volume or turn off my turtle beach all together, i still can hear them because I have the game volume on. Thus, dice did not separate the two different audio tracks, causing annoyance, and sometimes, even tho the game is going perfectly well, i am force to leave because there’s a douche in my team who has the worst mic of all. So please, fix that Dice.

    overall, can’t wait for the patch. and any chance common-rose will be implemented onto consoles?

  • Slurmdrinker 03.30.12 at 03:56

    Is anybody else having trouble downloading the new patch? The connection speed keeps going down to KBs and it won’t advance.

  • glenbot 03.30.12 at 03:39

    All of the negative posts. Wow. I’m a developer by profession and I know how much work goes into making one of these games. Personally, I think they are doing a good job regardless of the bundles. I think the issue lies with the hardcore gamers that have invested hundreds of hours to unlock weapons and they feel they have been ripped off. Understandable. At the same time, how does it make this any different than every other FPS? Ex. Counter-strike. You could have all guns in that game but it didn’t matter. If you were a noob, you still got pwned into oblivion. I consider myself a moderate gamer and a pretty good FPS player and some of these guys on BF3 can snipe a pixel of my helmet from 900m away with the PDW-R. I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about. Skill is skill, and those players will win every time.

    • Nosfercho 03.30.12 at 05:59

      While I agree with you, generally speaking, re: skill is skill, it’s a little different with BF3 for a couple reasons. First, unlike CS, you don’t automatically start with access to all weapons, gaining access to, say, the .44 Scoped is a badge that you’ve put in some time and EARNED something. Second, some of the later unlocks make significant changes to the effectiveness of certain vehicles. I’m thinking of things like the AA heat-seekers for jets and helicopters or the extended magazine for LMGs. Being able to get these things without earning them cheapens their power. It also makes it so that ranking up now will be significantly easier than it was when I was doing it. For the most part I’m ok with this, don’t get me wrong, it’s just games/gaming/the gaming industry. But at the same time, it does feel like something of a betrayal from people who really seemed focused on their players up to this point. Granted, I know the guys doing the grunt work had nothing to do with this decision, but it sucks a bit nonetheless.

    • BH22 04.03.12 at 01:18

      A professional developer WOW is right don’t get hurt patting yourself on the back have you happen to noticed that 41% of the people that have commented on the last Battlefield 3 patch disagree with it ! (these stats are from this forum by the way not something I have came up with on my own ). Here is an idea that developers should try some time, test the patch before launching it as to not have another complete an utter failure as they have has this time. We all know in this economy people need a source of income but do not justify your job by destroying something that has been called the best game of 2012 just to say see you have asked for a patch now receive it so we can tell you how much you enjoy it as we professionals understand better than you gamers what you really want trust us we know you will eventually fall in love with it as we have! I respectfully call BS on this abortion of a patch that EA/Dice has shoved down our throat!

  • fauxhawkman 03.30.12 at 03:34

    They need to do something for recon the MAV ride was the only way as a sniper that I could get kills on some of the maps . This was not a advantage but a way to stay alive . As A recon player your suppose to bring the death from a far and I do 1112m so far . But this makes no way to get onto buldings that alow me the stelth I so have with this . This need to be fixed some way of getting into the places that allow recon class to do the job and still live .

    • PhunnyConflicts 03.30.12 at 04:32

      you gotta be kidding me. you need to exploit a map just so you can be an effective recon? seriously? essentially, what you are saying is that you should be allow to go on top of buildings where you get an view advantage and cover that no one can get too. come on, if i can get 20+ kills off of my recon with the SV96 + 12x Zoom Scope without exploiting the MAV or using it as a tool to get EZ kills, then im sure you and everyone can too.

      Honestly, you just need to practice your aiming and just know how to aim better. Hiding yourself in elevator position will do you no good. In-fact, looking at your scores, I’m pretty sure you have been depending on cheap tactics to win. Which ultimately hinders your ability to get better.

      Actually, there was a person who has scores that are just a bit higher than yours who complained about not being able to use the MAV anymore for exploits in another post, and in all honestly, I’m not surprise you two share similar scores and ideals. You two have become too dependent on cheap tactics to win. Play the game as it was intended to play, and you’ll not only improve yourself as a player, but you won’t have so many loosing games. Be active and be part of your team. I can’t stress on how many recons sit back during Rush mode and try to “epically” snipe peoples head from afar, only to watch the score screen and see that they only killed 4 people out of the 15-20 minute game. Tell me: HOW does that help your team in any way?

      I’m not claiming to be the BEST player out there buddy, but, I do play the game as it was intended to play, and i’ll be as bold to say that my score are pretty decent for an average player who plays the game the right way along with going for objectives.

      Next time you play, play a more active role. For instances, when I play recon, I’m usually 10-15 meter’s behind my squad mates. Whenever they get into a fight fight, I try to help out by getting into situational positions and snipe what heads I can see. In other cases, I switch to recon class to kill other recons. For example, in TDM, a lot of snipers likes to hide up in the rocks on Tehran Highway. If i see that there are 2-3 snipers up there, I’ll switch and take them out. Then move with my squad slowly behind and take out what I can from there on. Doing that usually lands me on the top scoreboard, and if not, top 3 the very least.

      Again, you do yourself no favor by sitting and waiting for your kills (that’s just like those unskilled players in CoD who babysits door ways). In the end, your just limiting yourself. I guarantee you, if you take the initiative to be a more active recon, your scores will only improve in the end.

  • DikGoolies 03.30.12 at 02:56

    All the crying over having the option to buy unlocks. Why cry over ‘I’ve spent all my time unlocking these items now new players can get them at a price’. I have spent my time playing the game and getting the unlocks and have enjoyed every moment of it and wouldn’t do it any other way. People buying these unlocks will not affect your enjoyment of the game, it will most likely make theirs more dull as it will lack the enjoyment of unlocking your new weapon you’ve been wanting to play with. The reason these games are played so much is due to feeling a sense of achievement when you unlock your new gun or reach your next level. This is why people cheat to get the 99 rank, they can show off their massive e-peen, or are you guys crying because you think yours are being shortened? TMI always causes issues no matter how you work it out.

  • Maefyre 03.30.12 at 02:40

    Personally, I find the shortcuts a good thing. I recently came from console to PC, after completeing my Colonel, and unlocking all the two classes I wanted to play on console. This is a good way for my new fresh PC soldier to get a little bit of a leg up and remain competitive. Though I do see why others that did earn their stuff the hard way are angry, for me it is a good thing.

  • Trooper JD279 03.30.12 at 01:55

    It’s here! *tears of joy*

    …can we cook ‘nades, yet?

  • KaChing 03.30.12 at 01:25

    Campaign = black screen
    Co-op = black screen
    Multiplayer = black screen

    Thanks DICE, thanks EA… now I can throw that stupid DVD with BF3 to my trash can.

  • mo fa me 03.30.12 at 01:13

    Is it really that hard to roll out an Update on all 3 platforms?

    EA you make me sick.

  • Righthooks 03.30.12 at 01:08

    April fools joke on the unlocks? Please say it is so. One of the last things you folks at EA need is more negativity from the community. I think you did enough with Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise. Keep your hands out of the cookie jar for once. Don’t drag down every last title you publish.

  • Genera1_Chao5 03.30.12 at 01:03

    You guys are a bunch of money grubbing dumbasses
    Shortcut Bundle? At least let us see in game if someone bought it so admins can kick them from the server

  • LOLuDIE 03.30.12 at 00:32

    I think the shortcuts just ruined the game. Wasn’t the point of the game to put in all the game hours to unlock the guns? You just want more money for your useless company that can barely manage stat servers.

  • Fsmdf 03.30.12 at 00:07

    Shortcuts are for the play4free! What a bad idea. Give new players some kind of balance system.

  • rubicsphere 03.29.12 at 23:11

    Did this patch break Crossfire on any one elses computer?

    • xXB0bby L1ghtXx 03.30.12 at 01:05

      I haven’t tried yet, but I will tonight. I do know there were new drivers released yesterday. Have you installed them yet?

  • HemiHeart 03.29.12 at 22:59

    Ah shortcut kits, EA’s way to make money off the lazy.

  • Kaivtroll 03.29.12 at 22:49

    Questions about the patch…
    Can you cook grenades?
    What is the delay in run and crouch like?
    Are the games/servers options so rare that your almost inclined to rent one?

    • BassSlasher9000 03.29.12 at 23:36

      You’ve always been able to hold grenades. Click the grenade button (I play on 360 so I’m not sure what the PC buttons are) then click and hold the gun trigger button, which I’m guessing is left click.

      • hellvix 03.30.12 at 00:36

        He is talking about holding grenades until they almost explode in your hand, so you can throw it and have better odds to get an enemy.

        • Trooper JD279 03.30.12 at 01:51

          I want to know that, too. Was it included in the BF3 uber patch today? Did DICE FINALLY give us the ability to cook ‘nades in a Battlefield game?

  • Luckyboy2113 03.29.12 at 22:10

    I just bought BF3 today! Good timing to it seems.

  • GSXR13K 03.29.12 at 22:10

    i love it. fuck all you xp farmers and bug exploiters. the only thing i wish would change about this patch is that they create a bundled kit for the general items so i can have the p90. there is no way i will ever make it to level 40 and dont care too. i do however like listening to you punk all day gamers whine like little bitches.

  • LittleBoySVK 03.29.12 at 21:52

    Nice lovely bug, a friend joining on you may end up in enemy team but is still able to respawn on you. Consequences:
    1. He respawn on you an kill you
    2. He respawn on you in vehicle

    Well sound that your testing methodology need review, and more of TDD (for no programming people Test Driven Development)

  • V1tam1n_K 03.29.12 at 21:49

    nice work,nice patch! especially nice video:
    BRAVO DICE!!!!!

  • crackstar70 03.29.12 at 21:03

    they do shortcuts because there is too many noobs who will buy them 80% noobs on planet earth and 20% normals so they figured out they make more money hahahahahahaahhaha capitalism !!!!!!!!
    if EA DICE are cool they remove it very fast otherwise we have to continiue to kill noobs hahahahahaha

  • Athan Immortal 03.29.12 at 21:01

    Appreciate the updates to Battlefield, especially the horn which was a really weird ommission from the initial release considering it was there in previous games.

    Would still like the option to customize weapons and loadouts without having to be in game, and an in-game server browser please. Battlelog is just a massive step backwards.

  • sgtNoob65 03.29.12 at 20:42

    Question: Why we cannot play Wake Island conquest or Wake Island large conquest anymore? There are NO servers to be found !!!! Other maps are still available in conquest and large conquest.

    PSE look into this?

    Kind regards,


  • Frank76NL 03.29.12 at 20:30

    We really need (squad) VOIP!
    Now the squadmate needs to be a friend, that plays on the same server, on the same time. So this person that also owns BF3, must want to play the same game mode, on the same server, on the same team, on the same squad, at the same time to be a squad mate to communicate with: what are the odds ?!
    So nice new commo rose but,

  • qStandard 03.29.12 at 20:14

    Испортили игру. Дибилы.

  • Zerocoolgr 03.29.12 at 19:59

    I agree with fellow players arguing about buying unlocks. This is not a free to play game. But my main concern is about changes in some Ribbons. I was working really hard the last month to earn the MCOM Defender Medal so i can distinguish from other players and now everyone can win much more easily this freaking medal. Same thoughts about Suppression Medal. Maybe EA/DICE should give us more ribbons according to our stats before the update!

  • josefcederlof 03.29.12 at 19:51

    I hope this update include the possibility to see it’s own ping?!

  • 03.29.12 at 19:48

    Why is not this in the battlelog news??????????

  • FireAssHole 03.29.12 at 19:46

    ….My only concern is my tank is destroyed by a single guided missile. This is terrible.. I didn’t even have time to escape, the tank and me are gone!! Does this mean a tank should always equipped with smoke in rather than zoom in optics? Plus, since the new update, sometimes I don’t even hear any warning sound when my tank is locked by a guided missile. You all know what happened after that—-the tank and me are dead!!!!! I don’t think a tank is so easy to be destroyed…

    Plus,,same thing happened with the helicopter.. One AA missile just killed me and the heli.. It took the fun bit of driving a tank or flying a heli away, completely…

    • hoss_bob 03.31.12 at 03:10

      same thing here you took the words out of my mouth thought i was driving a tin can and its not just missils its everything i dont think i could have survived birdshot lol

  • BERRACO 03.29.12 at 19:22

    I think is buII$het that for paying you can unlock everything, I’m playing hours and hours with all type of weapons to unlock everything and now you say me that a noob with some money can have everything, stop kidding me!!!!. You are ruining the game and the fun!!!

    • BERRACO 03.29.12 at 19:28

      Oh I forget to speech about the sons of her mothers that use hacks, why don’t you make a patch to stop that or make a DLC with the hacks you will make a lot of money

  • [SU]Magikfingers 03.29.12 at 19:18

    At least make it so the people who run the servers can block those who buy these bundles. I mean, seriously – half the fun of playing Battlefield is earning the unlocks. I fall into the category of, “Someone who only plays a couple hours a week” – and I look forward to each and every unlock. I don’t gripe about other people using theirs – I just try to work and get mine unlocked so I can return fire. That’s how the game was designed, that’s how it should be played. So – for those of us who fall into my category – at least make it so the servers can restrict people to earned unlocks, and block those that have been purchased. If someone purchased the bundles, then let them play, just have the ability to have the server block the purchased items until they unlock them in-game.

    • BERRACO 03.29.12 at 19:22

      I agree with you

    • SoSketch 03.29.12 at 19:35

      Have to agree. I mean, I understand it to the slightest extent for those people who can barely play that have either work, school, or children to take care of.. But still, unlocking items and ranking up is the BIGGEST point of the game. EA you definitely need to make an option to block these type of players (people who BUY unlocks) from privately owned servers. Apparently I’m not the only one thinking this. I thought this patch was 10/10 until I got to the bottom.

    • FireAssHole 03.29.12 at 19:46

      I definitely agree with you…

  • AlexandER-i0_0i 03.29.12 at 19:02

    shortcut items

    Thanks DICE, you broke the fun and the point of playing the game….

    “Some days ago…”
    Friend: Why you play so many hours BF3 alex??
    Me: Because i want to unlock all the items and learn to play in the process….. Yessss, I unlocked the Guided Rocket and the TV Missile for the Air Helicopter Attack and already have the reactive armor for the MBT, I have the awesome G3A3 playing the coop missions… yahooooooo!!!!

    Friend: Look at this alex i now have all you have, i buy all the shortcut items, you took so many hours and now I have all in just a second…. lol….
    Me: moron *angry—– I stop playing this 5h1T…

    “CAREFUL- lots of noobs with javelins and automatic soflams in the way”…. The sky is a very dangerous place now

  • KimoSabbi 03.29.12 at 18:56

    Updates are great except…

    I think the whole idea of buying unlocks is pretty stupid, to be honest. Even with the unlocks, noobs will still be unexperienced using vehicles. Better to earn and learn than to buy and die!

    I can see why weapon unlocks could be useful, but at the same time it’s not the point of the game.

  • de_cantetoro 03.29.12 at 18:31

    If we could see on the profile of players who bought the Unlocks and who won it. It would change things.
    Personally, I prefer winning Unlocks and therefore deserve it.
    Noobs are always crying or insulting.

  • CRYOFRACTURE 03.29.12 at 18:18

    “The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:

    Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    ARE YOU *@#&ing KIDDING ME?!?!?!? YOU MONEY HUNGRY @#*&s! I worked my A$$ off for what I got! Now your going to allow every noob ass rich kid with a credit card to BUY their way in?!?!? WHAT IS THIS? THE US GOVERNMENT??!?!? I can’t believe you guys are screwing the hardcore fans with this. So if I bitch enough about things not being “fair” because I didn’t get the game at launch, and dont have what everyone else has at this point, you are going to pretty much give it to me for a small fee? Ok I want flying tanks with lazers….oh and lets throw in gay ass pets that follow us around to, you’d make a killing on that alone. Anyone else need anything ridiculous? Nows the time to jump on the bus.


  • GhunN4U 03.29.12 at 17:50

    HACKERS with the HAVKED RADAR are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! ………….Let me guess you have NO WAY of fixing the hackers. How about evening up the odds and just give us a patch that lets EVERYONE see who is where. EVEN UP THE ODDS. Or im done with this hacked game. Seriously your game SUCKS ASS. BFBC2 RuLZ!

  • SWIGGENS2 03.29.12 at 17:41

    NO ONE FORCES YOU TO BUY THE BUNDLES. Jesus fucking christ, people need to calm down and realize both that Dice and Ea are companies that wants to make money, and also, not everyone have the time to play 10 hours a day to unlock all the sweet stuff. Seriously, whiny bitches, CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

    I hate you all. Go to CoD. The BF community don’t like naggers and babies

    Mumfi add me to your friends list , i will make you uninstall this game . Your right no one makes anyone buy the packs but i wont and i dont need to play against people who do thats the point . I dont play 10 hours a day , but i did put some time in ranking up my weapons . You must be from cod because i dont know anyone who has been playing the bf series from 1942 to now who thinks buying your kits is a good idea . If you want to be treated like a smuck from a company that already got your money then thats great whats next pay for time online like xbox , you might like that too .

  • Anto64w 03.29.12 at 17:37

    everybody make sure to buy DICE’S newest shortcut pack its called rank up pack when you buy it you go instantly to level 100

  • Tavaro 03.29.12 at 17:37

    The Update is not available for Download. Always the Download paused.

  • SLAB_HARDABS 03.29.12 at 17:22

    I had BF3 on the PS3 because my PC couldn’t run it and unlocked all the infantry kit items. Took me forever. Then I got a PC that CAN run it and got BF3 for it.
    You can bet I’m buying the unlock kits. I unlocked them legitimately when I played it on PS3, I’m not about to grind Recon again.

  • roguetide 03.29.12 at 17:20

    Please don’t add comment boxes to your blogs, DICE. My mind hurts.

  • Skuller96 03.29.12 at 17:01

    The tanks are too weak now. You can’t win without being an engineer.

  • Mumfi 03.29.12 at 16:49

    NO ONE FORCES YOU TO BUY THE BUNDLES. Jesus fucking christ, people need to calm down and realize both that Dice and Ea are companies that wants to make money, and also, not everyone have the time to play 10 hours a day to unlock all the sweet stuff. Seriously, whiny bitches, CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

    I hate you all. Go to CoD. The BF community don’t like naggers and babies.

    • Arkkimonni 03.29.12 at 16:51

      The BF community don’t like fags who just buy every stuff for them rather than gain it truthfully by killing and supporting friends.

    • JG-Portugal 03.29.12 at 16:52

      I agree!!

    • JG-Portugal 03.29.12 at 16:54

      I agree with Mumfi

  • SWIGGENS2 03.29.12 at 16:38

    I am done with this cod crap . Today i cancelled my bf3 server ,i hope alot more people follow this . Pay to play i didnt buy a pay to play game i want my money back ea . I have every game in the bf series and this crap you pulled on our community is the last straw for me . I really didnt like the speed of ranking up already in this game but buy your weapons is bu115hit. Whats next call in a aimbot chopper when you kill 5 enemy noobs with your overpowered support gun while in full sprint . I really would like to know the amount of money you would have made if you just listened to the community and upgraded the maps and graphics or game engine but kept the gameplay like the best game ever BF2. I want a 20x scope for my pistol can you do that for me .

  • Sgt.Ramone 03.29.12 at 16:34

    Eletronic Arts: Not even once.

  • Zind 03.29.12 at 16:34

    Oh god I always wanted to blame EA for DICE’s lack of really good PC support, but it appears as if DICE really has lost touch with the needs of PC communities…

    But, consoles are where the money is, so who can really blame them?

    • JoyBoy507 03.29.12 at 18:16

      You’ve got to remember that EA got its big bucks from PC games..way before consoles were ever present. EA should remember that! It was us “PC” gamers who bank rolled all the console launches.

  • DiabolicKitten 03.29.12 at 16:22


  • =MPS= 03.29.12 at 16:20

    ‘Now try in hardcore mode’ ;)

  • Xtrem_Luka 03.29.12 at 16:17

    tried the new patch:
    jet sucks
    helicopters overpowered
    mav is immortal again anti air missles from AA Mobile
    soldiers take long time to die from AA mobile bullets and from tank machine gun

  • DUTCH x K1LL3R 03.29.12 at 16:15


  • eikkux 03.29.12 at 16:01

    ok what the fuck have you done to my ump-45?? can’t kill anyone with that gun anymore, always have to finish ‘em up with my pistol if I’m still alive… cmon seriously where the hell do you get the ideas about these “improvements” ? don’t like it

  • GSXR13K 03.29.12 at 16:00

    and again, you scum that can play 20 hours a day and farm xp get bent when us gamers that still love to game but dont have a big bag of weed and a 1000 hours to kill get to level up by buying unlocks.
    to all you scum no live gas pumpers, ahahahahahahahahah, screw off!

  • Oddball_bfi 03.29.12 at 16:00

    I was just talking with my friends last night about what unlocks we wanted to prioritise, what things we were going to focus on. We were comparing progress towards different items… it was fun.

    Fuck you.

  • AceKing77 03.29.12 at 15:47

    alright, now when are we going to get the update on xbox live?

  • alive2009 03.29.12 at 15:44

    “Today, we are also offering 10 different shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PC. If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online. Or if you’d love to get your hands on those AA missiles for jets instantly, this is for you.”

  • Kamov 03.29.12 at 15:41

    Hey folks, there’s nothing wrong about selling unlock, that’s how they monetize F2P games like this!

    Wait a minute…

  • MyEvilMonkeys 03.29.12 at 15:36

    I’m ok with the shortcut unlocks if you put a big flag on that player that says i’m a rich little brat that can’t level up like the rest of us and gives everyone a score bonus for killing the noob.

    • Byohzrd 03.29.12 at 15:42

      Agreed, let me see who didn’t earn their goodies so I can repeatedly roadkill them with anything that moves!

      I typically gauge someone’s overall skill based on the variety and number of medals they have but that’s just me

      • Vozone 03.29.12 at 15:48

        A short cut is a short cut, they might get everything in one go but they dont get the experience (actual experience not points) of progressively trying out their equipment for the unlocks. Giving them all the kit won’t make them any better at the game if they don’t know how to play it.

        I gauge how good a player is by how well he actually plays in a session…

    • mx200394 03.29.12 at 16:04

      Actually, I am not a rich brat that exploit my parents to have sweet things. I work a job 10 hours a day so I can spend my money on what ever I please. Personally I think kids should follow the age limit to the game. I hate little kids playing these games. I hate their parents more for subjecting them to this… BF3 should make an age login so I can play with my follow working class men though so I do not need to put up with little kids like you but old farts like me.

  • LegendaryMSN 03.29.12 at 15:27

    If people want to spend a fortune on the unlocks let them, it wont affect anyone. Giving a noob all the unlocks doesn’t change that he’s still a noob.

  • cerebrixx 03.29.12 at 15:24

    IDIOTS! why the hell u selling unlocks. wtf is the point in ranking up as a noob now. half the fun was unlocking kits! shame on you EA, SHAME!

  • Joxon11 03.29.12 at 15:22

    Don’t like the shortcut things though. Earn your stuff! No brat-packs!

  • Joxon11 03.29.12 at 15:16

    Great things. But I would also like a ticket limit option in the server browser 250-600-1000->1000.

  • Zind 03.29.12 at 15:11

    Actually, ranks are the only thing that matter now because (as far as I can tell) the rank unlocks are the only things people can’t buy.

  • I_HATE_B_OBAMA 03.29.12 at 15:11

    Are their bug fixes?!?!?! The crash bug in between rounds is affecting thousands of players. Many of whom have quit over it.

  • DBMACH1NE 03.29.12 at 15:05

    Everything seemed good until i got to the bottom.. Shortcut kits? really?
    Seems pretty stupid to me.

    • Bobkidbob 03.29.12 at 15:08

      I agree, what’s the point of ranks if I can just buy everything?

    • I_HATE_B_OBAMA 03.29.12 at 15:10

      Thought the same thing.

  • CBRN50calSPC 03.29.12 at 15:04

    Im glad this patch came out, but i still cant get this game to run on my brand new computer. EA your tech’s suck at troubleshooting. what is the point of giving a user a case number if the next tech you go to tells you to do the same troubleshooting steps. Get your crap together, BF3 has been out of 6 months or so, otherwise Im gonna go to COD

    • Y_U_ANGRY 03.29.12 at 15:35

      No offense buddy but you might wanna check your computer for errors. A new computer can often have a lot of issues. There is nothing wrong with that game. Install, customize your settings and play.
      If it doesn’t work you might want to check your graphics driver. If your game still doesn’t work then contact whomever you bought the PC from and get them to fix it. Don’t blame DICE for your screwed up hardware.

  • HELLnnan 03.29.12 at 15:00

    Dont know what is happening here.
    Before the update ends, the pc crash and shutdown O.O

  • deanpcmad 03.29.12 at 15:00

    Zajdalen 03.29.12 | 13:45
    Whoa, a new patch to give noobs even more power in this noob friendly game and make solid players only a history. Plus the start of a typical “buy anything you want even pink shorts as long as we get the $ for it” system, gg typical EA DICE heartless mammoth
    No it’s to stop you morons killing us noobs as we try to play and enjoy the game but just don’t have the time to play it 24/7 as we have jobs and a life. Perhaps if “solid players” like your self stop levelling up your toons us part time nubs. Perhaps its about time we had player level restrictions on servers hard coded so this kinda crap would not happen.

    • PrivateJson 03.29.12 at 15:06

      > Perhaps its about time we had player level restrictions on servers hard coded so this kinda crap would not happen.

      Or let level be a calculated value based on how good you perform against other players (like ranking in tennis etc.).
      Prestige level 58 only means one thing in this game – a LOT of time playing the game! That’s it! Nothing to do with skills, nothing to do with being a “vet”.

  • LGUK 03.29.12 at 14:58

    I really don’t get all this QQ about unlocks making the game “unbalanced” How can someone buying the unlock you have already earned make the game unbalanced, if anything it balances the game.

    Unlocks especially weapons were always described as “different but not superior” – so no bid deal.

    There’s some great new stuff in this patch – the minimap is awesome, and finally you can point and shoot your IGLA etc – the amount of times im staring face to face with something but can’t free-fire at it because I have to wait for a lock.

    BEEP BEEEP I’m a jeep

  • zondernaam 03.29.12 at 14:55

    Nice improvements of MINIMAP :) But level of TRANSPARENCY seems still not customizable?!
    Strange why Dice is always economic when adding features ;-)

  • Iamed8 03.29.12 at 14:53

    shortcut items is a rip off!! play the game and unlock great stuff!!

  • GlueReg 03.29.12 at 14:52

    No mention of fixes to prevent glitchers, hackers and other kinds of cheaters from ruining games.

  • GSXR13K 03.29.12 at 14:42

    you people that have no lives, kids that have massive amounts of time, and the die hard point cheaters that infested this game from the minute it came out might not like to new shortcut kits. i however, dont cheat the system, only play a few hours a week, and love it. now i can compete evenly and will only be beaten by skill instead of some ahole that unlocked everything in one day with all the bugs early on to get all the weapons.
    it what 99% of all you jerks deserve!

  • IrishxHooligan 03.29.12 at 14:39

    Honestly, who cares about the shortcuts? Do you people really have that little of lives to bitch about something that just helps new players get into the game? Or are you all those annoying pricks who hate new players for whatever reason? I support the shortcut packages, and even if I didn’t it wouldnt stop me from playing an awesome game.

  • xl2i5 03.29.12 at 14:31

    I agree with everyone on the short cuts bundles. I’ve played this game for quite a while now, trying to unlock all the “better” weapons. It really is a slap in the face to see news of a short cuts bundle. Are you guys really that hard up for profit that you need to sabotage a great game? Stick to expansions or add new weapon packs, dont undermine all our time and effort with short cuts bundles.

  • Albatrion 03.29.12 at 14:26

    I love the game, and I love that you guys are listening to the community, but BF3 still feels like a step backwards gameplay wise. I love winning as much as the next guy but I just run around like a ninja hip firing with an LMG or any other weapon with much better results than any kind of strategy or team play. Doesn’t seem right.

    Also, 3 $15 dollar expansions and purchasable gear and loadouts? Congrats on separating the community, who’s gonna pay for $45 worth of expansions if they don’t buy them one by one? About 2/5 of the community wont. These guys are fucked and this effectively splits the community. On top of all this, most servers will eventually support 1 or 2 expansions and boot these players every other map or they wont be able to join them at all.

  • PrivateJson 03.29.12 at 14:24

    Whine whine whine!

    Why don’t you just stop playing the game if it sucks so much?? I would if I felt like you guys do!

    It’s not like the new guys can buy anything to get better than the “vets”, they might just get there quicker, so what? It’s not like it takes skills to reach level whatever, it just takes time!

  • Flashman57 03.29.12 at 14:16

    Was quite happy until I read about the short cuts bundle. EA you have got to be kidding me. Why bother with the perks system at all if you can completely circumvent it. As Yoda might say, ‘stupid this is.’

    • RazrWolf 03.29.12 at 14:20

      They’ve done the same thing in other games, its not like It gives an advantage to players. If anything it helps those who don’t have time to worry about unlocking everything or those who have only picked up the game recently.

  • TheSkera 03.29.12 at 14:10

    So you’ve just made it Pay2Win, and not only that, you’ve nerfed everything except just about assault class.. I loved bf3… REALLY loved… Now im uninstalling it, in deep sadness. And im definetly not gona waste cash in buying the 3 expansions…

    • RazrWolf 03.29.12 at 14:17

      You obviously have no idea what your talking about, I’m sure the community just got a little bit better.

  • MaiN9r 03.29.12 at 14:09

    ich want no more error 114 is it because to much downloaders or? fuckin orgin

  • Hadchet 03.29.12 at 14:06


  • Zind 03.29.12 at 14:05

    Y’know I might have actually bought the co-op “shortcut” since co-op was still kind of a clusterfuck the last time I tried to play it, if it weren’t for the fact that EA isn’t getting another cent out of me (guess I’ll miss out on all the ‘fantastic’ map packs, oh noes) unless I see a patch drop that includes things like built-in squad voip, reserved slots, and battlerecorder and/or spectate mode.

    Shit, if they let DICE drop mod tools to give the community the ability to make some maps and mod the servers they could even start gaining back some respect.

  • longshank 03.29.12 at 13:57

    why wont the patch start downloading? tried it from origin,battlelog even reinstalling the game W.T.F? anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

    • coloneltreavy 03.29.12 at 14:07

      The same problem is happening with me :(

  • Tha MeatShield 03.29.12 at 13:47

    Give us the 360 patch already!

  • Zajdalen 03.29.12 at 13:45

    Whoa, a new patch to give noobs even more power in this noob friendly game and make solid players only a history. Plus the start of a typical “buy anything you want even pink shorts as long as we get the $ for it” system, gg typical EA DICE heartless mammoth

    • H Brun 03.29.12 at 13:48

      We’re seeing a lot of newcomers to the game. We want to give them a fighting chance against the vets. :)

      • stept0e 03.29.12 at 13:53

        i was a newcomer no one gave me a fighting chance i had to work for it….

      • Zajdalen 03.29.12 at 13:56

        Then fix the engine first so it’s less about spray and pray, and after vets stop dying under the rockets and lucky shots of newcomers, they can get even a flame thrower for 20 eur, I wont complain.

      • ZeJap 03.29.12 at 13:56

        if you do that they will never get good they will just use the bitchy tactics given to them over and over because it works for them. When you are new you should suck that’s what getting better meant i was bad now i’m good

      • Ocelot-Germany 03.29.12 at 14:01

        by giving newcomers an advantage for the fight, they won´t learn very much about the huge depth of the battlefield, i am not complaining about the flares, thats reasonable but giving them the oportunity to buy all perks for vehicles is just redicules. The way to become a pro in BF3 is very hard and to have all the perks in the beginning is zero advantage for newcomers who have no idea what to use, and they will be even more lost. What you do is just making money. I do not support this, and if any newcomer reads this, do yourself a favour, and don´t buy shit unless the game. Rank up, learn to play, be happy to gain more power and become a pro by skill. It is the only way, money won´t do a thing against skillfull players.

    • djharbinger 03.29.12 at 14:01

      I don’t understand what issues will these patch issue for the so called “Hardcore” gamers if they truly are hardcore… The patches aid, that is all.. And I’m no hardcore nor am I a noob. I just don’t see an issue with it to make a big deal out off.. sheesh…

  • stept0e 03.29.12 at 13:40

    downloading now , i hope this fixes my problems :)

  • Strikerassault 03.29.12 at 13:40

    They fucked up the guided rockets on the Heli’s big time :-( They don’t track vehicles anymore or it seem they don’t. Also the new smoke “trail” of heli rockets and RPG are very ugly and too thin. You can’t see the path of the rockets as a heli pilot when you shoot something further away….

  • Y_U_ANGRY 03.29.12 at 13:33

    I’m not really that happy about people being able to buy their ranks/unlocks. But of course, it’s their loss if they choose to do so instead of actually enjoying the game.
    Other than that, what I really think is a bad idea is what you guys have done to the Stinger/Igla. The range is so small that you have a better chance of hitting your target with an RPG/SMAW… Heck, even no-scoping the pilot with your sniper rifle could be a better chance of succeeding.
    Anywho… Thank you DICE.

  • mishax1 03.29.12 at 13:29

    Unable to add: Strike at Karkand/Sharqi Peninsula/Wake Island on CQ mode to the maplist rotation.. what now ?

  • PRO_LAP_SE1337 03.29.12 at 12:57

    Recon has LITERALLY no reason to exist now… the last game had C4, BF3 had a roadkilling, elevator MAV. There is no offensive or defensive capability for a recon anymore. There are 2 things a recon can do against vehicles, 1. Shoot it with ode to joy playing in the background, and if it has no windscreen, option 2. Kiss your arse goodbye.

    (what is this I hear? soflam? play console, and count to me the times you managed to avoid dying from a tank with your puny laser designator)

    • 3v0Blaze 03.29.12 at 13:24

      good thing this is a team based game

    • BillyBatman 03.29.12 at 13:28

      Good. Snipers shouldn’t be playing anyway I WANA BE DA COOL SN1PER GUY

    • Muskottah 03.29.12 at 13:29

      Now that SOFLAM actually does some real locking work, those Javelin carrying teammates can do some real damage. Recon is not a rambo, he is a tactical, information-centric unit.

    • PrivateJson 03.29.12 at 14:30

      Why on earth are you lying around near your soflam? put it down and move away, far away!

  • DrBrainhacker 03.29.12 at 12:56

    just in battlelog I go to game manager and click update game, then it redirects me to origin but nothing happens there, while in game manager it sais im installing the game and it’s waiting for the game to be installed. reinstalling game now hope that works otherwise I try fucking battlefield 3 out of window and go back to 2 fuck that shit

    • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 13:17

      gp directly to origin, right click on BF3 icon and push the “fin upgrades”- button!

  • DoNKaNaLi3 03.29.12 at 12:55

    No Spectator mode or Battle recorder. Guess that playing this game have to wait a little longer !

  • bonjurkes 03.29.12 at 12:38

    1.5 gigs of update. Ouch !

  • DrBrainhacker 03.29.12 at 12:30

    have the same problem as doc-blood. I click update game but then nothing happens. It sais im “installing the game” but nothing happens. Thx so much for this updat ea love u, now i can re-install my game without even knowing if it’s gonna help, awesome.

    • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 12:39

      Have you done it in Origin or in battlelog? Origin is the right….

  • MaiN9r 03.29.12 at 12:29

    fehler 114 GG

  • HolyDonkey 03.29.12 at 12:12

    DOC-Blood: run origin, right click on BF3 and select update game…

  • DOC-Blood 03.29.12 at 12:09

    läuft bei irgend jemanden in deutschland bereits der patch? (PC!)
    das browser plugin konnte ich bereits installieren jedoch das update für das game will nicht starten. der browser öffnet mir origin.. mehr geschieht aber auch nicht.

  • King_Homie_claus 03.29.12 at 12:03

    Hate the idea of being able to buy your ranks. Anyway the true players wont be buying that crap and noobs with everything will be easily spotted for what they are. They really need to be fixing the ‘bugs’ more than making a fighting game more appealing to 5 year olds….

  • EVOLUTION 03.29.12 at 11:58

    This kind of Marketing Plan kinda works on a Free MMORPG to get cash to maintain servers,bring new content and stuff….but NOT on a game you pay 50€ plus 15€for DLC plus whatever newer DLC’s might cost…its just a complete scam.

  • swankballoon457 03.29.12 at 11:57

    Hey Electronic Arts And Dice. Do you idiots read these comments? Pay for upgrades? You all are not gamers.. You all are a bunch of greedy SOB’s looking for a way to milk more money out of this game. Where are you all located? China? You dumbass bastards! I started out playing this game on pc 3 weeks ago and have been playing on XBOX 360 since December. A better way to go at it is to have servers with rank under 30 for noobs paid for by you, for those that can’t compete with higher levels. The whole point of investing time is to rank up and gear up. You ban players for boosting but if they pay you to boost up, that is OK COOL with you? And how long does this take? You shit head morons act like you never played online games. You know what is expected of you. Sure you can take the time to advertise your new merchandise for sale but not to let us know how long your shit takes to update? Stupid Tards!

    • Topzhans 03.29.12 at 12:04

      I kind of meditated on that one – well spoken comrade

      • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 12:08

        Using words like “stupids tards”, “dumbass” and” idiots” in a grown-up agrument….. yeah well spoken…

    • Herbie 03.29.12 at 13:04

      This is true! People invest hours and hours to upgrade and be a little bit better and more skilled then others. There there comes 1st time players that just can buy the upgrade and have fun with it…. not fair at all. If you are gonna do it like this then give players above level 30 or 40 something extra that cant be bought for money but with time!!

  • crazy-aussie75 03.29.12 at 11:48

    And why was there no warning in battlelog of this happening today? I was having a good game. Anyone know how long servers are down for?

  • Madzinkaiser 03.29.12 at 11:40

    And about the 360?? When is the path?

  • Topzhans 03.29.12 at 11:39

    OMG! That will mean that it will no longer be a benefit, that you have played for hours in this game, to unlock the weapons and accessories so you could be a more deadly player than those who have not – Now its also a matter of all these 10-year-old boys that have rich parents! That is so lame. I am so disappointed with you EA

    • 90Malmberg 03.29.12 at 11:44

      If you can´t take out a 10 year old kid who is new to the game and has all weapons then maybe you should just stop playing.. and stop bitching..

      • qu4dc0r31337 03.29.12 at 11:45

        so true :D

      • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:56

        Good/bra comment Malmberg! :)

      • Topzhans 03.29.12 at 11:56

        Which is like the worst argument ever!? My point is that it is taking a more commercial path, which is nothing like the battlefield era at all…

      • swankballoon457 03.29.12 at 11:59

        Says the ten year old waiting in line to buy the upgrades that others have sacrificed time for.

        • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 12:09

          Damn, how did you know how old I am?! :)

  • 90Malmberg 03.29.12 at 11:37

    batttlelog is now online!

  • Lasergurka 03.29.12 at 11:28

    Sooo, when are you gonna make the game playable for people with gfx-cards from the 7xxx-series, as in fixing the mistake you made in the last patch?

  • stonersbliss 03.29.12 at 11:26

    it would have been nice to know how long it is going to take for your update dice!

    • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:30

      Its now 1030 CET. they were to roll it out 11 CET

      • 90Malmberg 03.29.12 at 11:36

        False! It´s now 11:35 CEST!

        • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:56

          Is it not a diffrence between CET and CEST?

          • 90Malmberg 03.29.12 at 12:10

            The differene is that CEST is summertime so you add one hour. CEST is used instead of CET at this time of the year :)

          • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 12:14

            Okey, so what is the current CEST now?:)

          • 90Malmberg 03.29.12 at 12:39

            right now it´s 12:38 ^^

  • bevan_6297 03.29.12 at 11:24

    How long until I can at least access the battlelog website?

  • Adzomatic 03.29.12 at 11:22

    How long is this update going to take?

    • qu4dc0r31337 03.29.12 at 11:46

      if its done … take a beer and enjoy the sun ;)

  • EVOLUTION 03.29.12 at 11:19

    Well well,it turns out that Eventhought you Pay to buy a game,you also have to Pay for the Extras…Does anyone remember the good old Battlefield 1942 days?You payed to buy it,and then you’d just forget about anything as the game already had it all in it,and there was no need to worry that someone already had X weapon cause of p2win stuff.
    Today’s Game market is going to hell really.
    Anyways,Dice : The shortcut things arent a good idea,you’ll get money now,but many players wont even bother buying Battlefield 4 or w/e is gonna be next cause they will know you’ll just screw it for those who work hard for those weps.
    In anyhow,your decision.


    • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:23

      EVO, you dont have to buy more, Its up to you man! Do you want to choose the best gameexperience or do you want to have less fun by purchasing the shortcuts?

  • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:18

    I must have come to another PLANET, people dont play for FUN anymore they play for… I dont really know!

    Is’nt it more fun to level up and work ur way up and get better skills and earn ur rank, rather than buy it?

    Why so pissed-off?! Cant you guys just let the people who dont want that gameexperience and dont want that thrill of earning ur ranks and awards by hard work, to do so?! Fuck them!

    It is we who have the fun of the game, it is we who have played so many hours and getting the skills by doing so, NOT the people who buy their ranks, they will not experince the thrill and exitement of the whole game as we have!

    Fuck them, let them be! Lets have FUN and enjoy the new patch guys!

  • Awesomedeep 03.29.12 at 11:15

    like others said more weapons does not equal more skills, as much as I hate stuff like this but what can you do, I would really like VOIP and battlerecorder DICE please make that happen, besides this shortcut thing, AWESOME JOB :)

  • rogersmithbigo 03.29.12 at 11:14

    here we go

  • Snufkinn415 03.29.12 at 11:09

    My guess is that the people who are against these shortcuts are the ones who are old enough to remember such things as cheats, usually accomplished by cheats codes in the old days. New gamers will probably not mind these as they have grown up with DLC weapon packs on console shooters.

    In my eyes it’s a bad move but I can see why they are doing this.

  • blink1n 03.29.12 at 11:05

    i bet that next patch you can by medals as well

  • COOJO253 03.29.12 at 11:04

    Xbox? Tuesday at least?

  • H0W42D 03.29.12 at 10:58

    OK so they HAVE been listening and sorting out all the little niggles that spoil a awesome game… BUT WTF allow peeps to beat the persistence system buy allowing them to fast track and buy the kits ! EPIC FAIL on dices part there BUT saying that I am sure my bullets wont care :P they will die the same haha… so anyone know for defo the ETA as ive waited up to get this patch as ive been on all night and i look like a zombie

  • blink1n 03.29.12 at 10:57

    and wher is battlelog 4 smatphones? i want to browse what i wasted my time on, i a EA app, the one that is shown @ login screen!!!!

    • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 11:06

      I use my smart for battlelog, cant u get by using ur internet?

      • blink1n 03.29.12 at 12:41

        no i want the app who is clearly shown, its a principle

  • blink1n 03.29.12 at 10:55

    why did i waste 200+ hours of my kids life if i just can buy ALL unlocks??? FUCK YOU GUYS!!!!!

    • qu4dc0r31337 03.29.12 at 11:08

      tough luck :)

      But hey .. if you invested 200+ hours .. i think it was fun .. so it was it worth :)

    • DoktorFaustus666 03.29.12 at 11:19

      Isn’t this just a cruddy early April Fool’s joke? Must be ;)

    • ersatz123 03.29.12 at 11:41

      Just like in WoW when they allowed pvers buy pvp stuff. give me a fucking break, this is ridiculous

  • MoCoow 03.29.12 at 10:36

    i don’t understand why everyone is so pissed on the shortcuts, because the m16a3 or the aek 971 are probably the best guns in assault and you get the m16 instantly for the marines and the aek you also unlock pretty fast, and in almost any kit you have the best weapons from the start like the m249 and the m4a1. the only kit that i think that the best unlock is last is the recon with the m98b. i got all the unlocks so i won’t use it obviously

    • Esmer 03.29.12 at 10:56

      AEK will be nerfed in the update. Anyway, that’s not the point. Everyone is pissed because it’s cheap to sell useful stuff in p2p game.

  • Martinioalcatraz 03.29.12 at 10:34


  • Devildoll 03.29.12 at 10:29

    great stuff.

    i think there should be some kind of differentiation between people who earn their unlocks, and those who buy them.

    guys who buy unlocks should have like a “sucker badge” over their head at all times.

    • H0W42D 03.29.12 at 10:58

      Ha Dog tag of a dummy with a baby sucking it :P

  • BenchAndGames 03.29.12 at 10:24

    Do you will be next?

    Buy medals and deaths, or maybe subtract deaths! Battlefield 3 everything is possible!

  • REAPERSDlSClPLE 03.29.12 at 10:15

    i think i am going to like the minimap displays

  • stept0e 03.29.12 at 10:12

    so am i right in thinking we should have this update in an hour or so in the uk ???

  • Slopcicle 03.29.12 at 09:44

    Oh my god! You assholes are fucking retarded. Everybody is bitching about the shortcut packs and hearkening back to the “good ol’ days” of BFBC2 when that game had the exact same thing. And to all those who say they they money grub because you have to pay for servers, you are also retarded; It’s because they are real public servers, not private servers with map rotation and all that stuff. Do you tards know how much it costs to release a patch on one platform alone… 30,000+ dollars! It takes money to maintain games and keep them up to date. The only thing this game was guilty of was being rushed to release. Some of you people piss me off.

    • Esmer 03.29.12 at 10:59

      The patch costs a lot more that $30k. But there’re 3 map packs on the way, and if EA wants to sell those, they have to also create free updates and balancing patches for the game. If they want easy money, let them sell hats, not the items that used to take hours to unlock.

    • KiNETiK 03.30.12 at 20:24

      I agree, there are to many whiners and complainers. I don’t care if they rushed the game, I was happy that they did, I’d rather have a chance to play then not at all..even if it had some bugs

  • AUTh0rity 03.29.12 at 09:42

    Why on earth do you have to make everything BLUE in this game?
    Even the sat image map…..

    And that ComRose….
    Why do you add “GoGoGo” and “Follow me” on the left and right side? Rather than “up” and “down” which works so nicely in BF2 and 2142 and makes it much faster to reach?

  • Kilmannan 03.29.12 at 09:25

    Bwahaha… I’m a tard. Never mind. :)

  • Alterianspartan 03.29.12 at 09:23

    GMT~ UTC so what u fusing about Kilmannan

  • Kilmannan 03.29.12 at 09:21

    Does the entire world run off of American timezones?

    No, so how about a GMT on your post to make life that tiny, tiny, tiny bit easier for all your European players after the shit we’ve had to put up with from this game?

  • poqljsprinter 03.29.12 at 09:07

    jeep horns are not working in every map

  • BloodyPwns 03.29.12 at 08:57

    Seriously, what the FUCK EA? I hope this entire past month has been a giant April Fool’s Joke. ME3, one of the most anticipated games of the year, got absolutely shafted with poor writing and sloppy corner-cutting. Not to mention the ending absolutely BLEW. Now this bullshit? We pay 60 bucks for a game that feels like it’s still in beta, and even though your LOYAL fanbase tolerated your obvious shitstorm of a money grab with immediate DLC, you slap it back in our faces with this fuckery? It’s like your entire empire is run by Mitt Romney, jesus christ.

  • xXBEMHOXx 03.29.12 at 08:43

    Cant wait for this update for XboX, thank you for finally taking all the feedback into account. This buying of unlocks though is total PISS. ASPARAGUS HOMO STINK PISS ! We all have had to work hard and learn the weapons and unlocks one by one. This gives new players and LAZY players nothing to strive for and makes the experience for the rest of us who have had to put the hours in. I Swear for every good thing you guys at DICE do to your games, there is 8 retarded little things that just piss people off. PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Out MY A$$$$

  • MistaTorture 03.29.12 at 08:31


    Just like buying cheat software. Shame on you ! enjoy your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • IDArKNiGhT 03.29.12 at 08:12

    WHERE is the spectator mode!?

    • MoCoow 03.29.12 at 10:41

      I think that they said that they said it will come with close quarters or armored kill.

  • Arbu11 03.29.12 at 07:55

    I love those updates but BUYING UNLOCKS… Hell no! That’s just worthless guys! Why?!

  • DetPakHore 03.29.12 at 06:27

    Well 2 things!!

    1. Hope you guys tested this patch before you release it!!
    2. It will be a cold day in hell before I “PAY” for any unlocks! That’s Bullshit!!!!!

    Hell you should be paying for all the bullshit we had to put up with since the release of this game!!!

  • Pyroblade290 03.29.12 at 06:09

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. unlock packs? You do realize that this just completely defeats the purpose of unlocks at this point right? Everyone is going to buy them because they won’t stand a fucking chance against everyone else. You balanced one thing to make the rest of it unbalanced unless you pay more.

    • TsR-RareAir23 03.29.12 at 06:53

      Firstly, I’d like to point out to Pyroblade290 that I for one will never buy an unlock pack. I earn everything I get period. Secondly, I’m only lvl 13 right now having limited time with the game in multiplayer but I’ve taken out plenty of opponents and all ranks and weapon combos with just mainly an M416, M249 and M1911 so honestly to all of you…I don’t feel disadvantaged by my rank or by what weapons I have/don’t have. That is all. Out!

  • mr.ZAPODLO 03.29.12 at 06:08
  • Makwa 03.29.12 at 06:07

    EA wants to ruin the PC version with this bundle crap if they did it for X-Box 360 or PS3 all H— would break lose.

  • Justinbro13 03.29.12 at 05:46

    bf3 is horrible frag rounds is horrible and mavs are horrible.How the hell can you allow people to get kills and you them as elevators.Bf3 is a piece of shit compared to bf2 and bfbc2 if more people still played bfbc2 i wouldnt even never play my bf3

    • Slopcicle 03.29.12 at 09:35

      Are you retarded? They fixed these things in the patch.

  • mikerroni 03.29.12 at 05:40

    Great, great. So, now? All the ‘modern warfail’ nubs that can afford to pay for extra content can pay for skills that should be earned? …………. Is it just me here, or does this seem like a pretty terrible idea.. ??

    What’s the point of learning to operate equipment when I can now pay to unlock weapons? wow..

    EA, I swear. Whoever idea this was should be fired for their incompetence! If I wanted to ‘pay-to-play’ I would have got ‘modern warfail’ franchise. I expect more from EA and not the Battlefield series to be subjected to selling itself out to make a few extra bucks..

    Keep in mind; we are powerful, more powerful that you think. Heed the warnings ahead of gamers discontent. Or risk losing the valued players who make EA’s Battlefield series what it is.. Money isn’t everything and providing ridiculous advantages to ‘nubs’ that lack skill does nothing to make them better players. We all took our turns learning to fly and still are; but you took that away from gamers just to make a few bucks… Pretty sad state of affairs..

    Again, one more incompetent mistake like this and I will ‘rally the troops’ for boycotting ridiculously mundane ideas to generate more money at the corporate level and I am sure it won’t be that difficult to get a petition of 10,000 players on board to ‘rock the vote’. We gamers stand united and may not always agree with our follow players; but, will not tolerate ignorance during our leisure time while playing video games that are supposed to offer challenge, reward and encourage game play.

    Not segregate players in two factions: 1. the ones who pay for DLC to make there gaming experience easier. Or, 2. Those of us who wont tolerate paying for making game play easier. This is counter productive to what it means to be a dedicated gamer to the Battlefield franchise.

    I think whoever decided it was a good idea to sell this DLC, that gives an unfair advantage, should be fired (Where did you find this person? From the modern warfail series??) and this mundane, ridiculous idea revoked immediately..

    Guaranteed: This choice of implementing, pay to play, downloads will have recourse from the gaming community. And, I, for one, am willing to ‘rally the troops’ for a motion of loss of confidence in EA and the Battlefield franchise.

    • Herbie 03.29.12 at 13:15

      the only thing your comment was missing is, “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us – always” :P

  • mob2k5 03.29.12 at 05:20

    *Bitch bitch bitch and more bitching* <—— Thats what most you guys do nowadays.
    Of course I hate these "shortcut" bundles to.

    "It's going to ruin the game!"= how? most of the people who've been playing this game has most if not all of the stuff. Having all of the stuff does NOT mean they're going to be dominating in matches. Using the weapons and being good still requires "SKILL".

    "0mg! 1 w0rk3d h@rd t0 rank up and get unlocks" = GOOD! Thats what BF player is supposed to do. You earned that stuff, feel proud about it.

    " noobs can buy everything and ruin the experience"= A "noob" is still a "noob". Having all of the unlocks doesn't mean that "noob" is going to be killing and dominating everyone. If that player wants to ruin the experience of ranking up and unlocking everything, then let him. It wont affect you.

    "this is pay to win" = Are you stupid? The person still needs to know how to play if he wants to win. Unless you guys suck, he isn't going to be winning a lot yet.

    AGAIN, i HATE these shortcuts but in the end it wont affect me or you (unless you suck). Why do you care if some no skilled chump wastes his money on these bundles? It still doesn't make him good.

    Nowadays it seems like the once proud and respectable Battlefield community has been reduced to complaining bitches.

    • Organik-Chronic 03.29.12 at 06:12

      couldnt have sed it better…..i for one dont intend on buying shit i wrather earn it, and lately alls i hear is battlefield 3 players bitching, seems like theirs allot of soar ass losers out there….and people useing the exuse of people “hacking” sure, i bet 15% out of 100 people are hacking if not less %…..just dumb what do they need to fix for those bitches to stop crying every time they get killed, these updates are pretty good….if peeps are just buying the game i can see how they would want to catch up to other peeps with buying bundles, but i thought the point was to earn that shit, i remember the days when i use to be low level, and i would kill higher level fools and take their weapons and be like damn this weapon is bad ass, and thats how i would use that weapon untill i died, and eventually got it when i got to that Lvl….

    • BloodyPwns 03.29.12 at 09:01

      The community is spot on. We buy the games. We decide what is good, and what isn’t. EA has seemed to of forgotten that. If they continue to pull this greedy bullshit on almost every game they market out, then people are going to just stop paying for them.

    • Magicmotta 03.29.12 at 09:13

      It’s no secret that EA has people, I’m looking at you mob2k5, working on these forums trying to make EAs clumsy business steps look good. The secret is out and it’s not making EA look better. One think you would have learned after the ME3 shit storm, but no. Moving on to the players of the next franchise to piss off and alienate. Suddenly paying for new maps doesn’t feel so good.

    • MoCoow 03.29.12 at 10:46


  • Super_Cereal 03.29.12 at 05:17

    I like fairer, fairer is gooder.

  • Scarman63 03.29.12 at 05:05

    All money noobs can buy in now, djeesus what a shame.
    Can i get a refund for my time played for ranking up.
    Or a free BF3 Close Quarter DLC will do fine, thx
    Scarman, a loyal BF costumer.

  • DChinu 03.29.12 at 04:50

    Now can i pay to capture a flag for me pls pls pls

  • andalite_6 03.29.12 at 04:26

    now, i’ve played and earned my way into the support class, but now that the shortcuts available, i’ve downloaded it twice, and it doesn’t function! big surprise sadly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would love a fix so I could actually use the unlocks! it still has a locked icon by everything!

  • tonythepir4t3 03.29.12 at 04:22

    Everything looks good ’til the “bundles for sale,” part! EA says “If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online .. yada yada.” But, if you’re new to the game and can’t afford the bundle, then sorry, it’s very unfair for you. But I guess EA didn’t think about that. Now they give unfair advantage to those with money!

  • Gamerzworld 03.29.12 at 04:10

    Great now we have pay to win with a few new features that should have been in the game to begin with. Thanks EA.

  • TRU BumFight00 03.29.12 at 03:29

    correct me if im wrong but why in the world are ppl complaining about the pay to unlock the classes or vehicles.. its nothing new is it.. i recall BF2 u could do the samething… im not familiar with any of the other BFs.. but anyone and everyone who plays BF shouldnt be surprised so quit the crying already…..

  • Nameless Sniper 03.29.12 at 02:54

    Awesome, I love you guys <3

  • AlphaZuluMI 03.29.12 at 02:44

    “you can now use the commo rose at any time to request ammo, health, or repairs.”


  • Iraqi93man 03.29.12 at 02:29

    Awesome. Love guys!

  • Diego Salas1 03.29.12 at 02:29

    who cares about shortcuts if a lv 1 kills u with a g36c then who cares even if they have the best sht in the game then u can still kill them….or u r just bad my people

  • Insouciant32 03.29.12 at 02:17

    And still there’s no way to click on the map to choose where we want to spawn… As they were on previous Battlefield… WAY easier to decide where to spawn then asking yourself is this B or G or was it A… Just click on the dot that is on the map and that’s it! Just saying :P
    Otherwise, everything’s just fine! Keep on good working!
    From a day-1 fan of battlefield 1942.

    • ShiftyWesty 03.29.12 at 02:23

      ^^^^^^^^ This
      Being able to spawn where you actually want to, the BF3 way of spawning is just F#$ked so many good things done in BC2 that where dropped for the crap we know and hate in BF3.

  • alekswine 03.29.12 at 02:10

    Seriously, is the whole BF3 community dyslexic? The shortcuts unlock class weapons, not weapons earned ranking up (USAS, camo patterns etc.) not to mention that they DON’T unlcock the attachments. Read the effin’ text before whining. Also if you’re getting owned by C4′s, M320 or Claymores, don’t claim they’re owerpowered, learn to fucking play. Besides, the list of fixes in the next patch is overwhelming, quit your bitching.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell the guys at DICE to ignore the mass of the retards, so I’ll just tell you to keep up the good work. Loving the game. <3

  • kaoseldiablo77 03.29.12 at 02:05

    And still there is no way to customize your Russian loadout in the lobby……. Just Saying!!!!! Other than that everything is great……..

  • jabberwockxeno 03.29.12 at 01:14

    The kit shortcuts are great!

    A lot of players (myself included) started out on console, and always have or recently wanted to play on PC.

    It’s a huge pain to re-unlock everything. It makes the game feel like a grind. For me at least, the games a lot more fun when I don’t have to worry about points and I can focus on helping my team.

  • KingSteve032 03.29.12 at 01:06

    The people who buy everything is going to get bored of the game since there won’t be anything else to unlock.

    • Sjupp 03.29.12 at 01:59

      To each his own. I’d rather someone spend a few extra bucks and have fun with the game than not having fun at all.

      And to all “Pay2win” haters: This is more a matter of convenience than p2w. You can make do with most of the standard weapons just fine.

      This new patch is going to be amazing! Can’t wait <3

  • COBRA.COMMANDER 03.29.12 at 01:05

    I am wondering why instead of getting rid of the Minimap for Hardcore Multiplayer, they made it even easier to use? RAAAAAAGE!

  • Flaps 03.29.12 at 01:02

    Shortcut items…. this is just showing how greedy EA is.
    They did the same with ME3.

    This sort of model is used for FREE TO PLAY games… not bloody pay to play, like Battlefield.
    If you are going to do anything like this, then release the game’s multiplayer free to the public and make money using micro transactions.

    Don’t sell the game, then use micro transactions too… this is just bad practice EA… you know it.

    If this is going to be the case for upcoming titles from EA, then consider yourself one less customer… I do hope others follow suit, as this is just ridiculous for a multi-million dollar company to do.

    • F1leUrC0mplaint 03.29.12 at 03:01

      omg idiot….. its just the items not the weapons……

    • lchan 03.29.12 at 03:23

      Dumb fark….you can still play the game and get all the weapons without paying. So what the fark are you whinging about whinging slut?

  • navybrat18 03.29.12 at 00:24

    As long as they are fixing the problems I am happy.

  • FIST-milkyDG 03.29.12 at 00:22

    *Quote* “Today, we are also offering 10 different shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PC. If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to gain some ground on the veterans online. Or if you’d love to get your hands on those AA missiles for jets instantly, this is for you.

    The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:
    Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes
    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles
    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!!!!!!!… I can’t believe that stupid crap. of course all the noob players are just gonna buy there way through the game. Half the fun is trying to unlock everything and now you can just pay for unlocks which the rest of us have worked our asses of to get in the game. this seems to me like it’s just another way for DICE to bring in more cash because of course stupid noob players are going to instantly want everything in the game. This is really clever of DICE to do to make those extra dollars but it really is serious BULLS*@T!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rtm00se 03.29.12 at 00:30

      shut up milky.. how does it hurt YOU if someone who doesnt have hundreds of hours to unlock everything pays for the privilege to enjoy the full game from the get-go? Obviously if this was available form the beginning it would be a problem as some couldnt afford it.. but for those who can.. all power to em

    • Lawzen 03.29.12 at 00:42

      Oh wow, cry more. And seriously, it doesnt hurt you.. or does it? Then who’s the noob?

    • CGFGSAYYEAH1 03.29.12 at 01:01

      why do you care if other people waste their money and not have fun with the game, its their decision, plus if you think about it this will give dice more money to improve the game even more. This feature should separate the Veterans from COD noobs.

    • lchan 03.29.12 at 03:34

      Thats the stupidest statement you just made aka a dumb slut!
      1. what makes you think everyone will pay for shortcuts.
      2. So what if they do, its their money they wish to spend. If they dont want to pay, they can do it like the rest of us by unlocking it through kills.
      3. What makes you thing everyone enjoys going through game slowing unlocking weapons/attachments? Making assumptions makes you a stupid fool!
      4. you most probably have not the slightest skill because you are afraid of what??? getting raped by noobs using the same weapons as you?
      5. Or you are someone who just enjoys raping noobs cause you cant do the same shit with people of better ranking.
      6. Are you going to pay the salaries of DICE/EA employees? What is your farking economic risk? Zero. No investors to hound your hairy back…maybe only your mother telling you to farking clean up your room!

  • y3c0_Cr 03.29.12 at 00:22


  • IlDecano 03.29.12 at 00:14

    I think to be the only one person who take suppression medal 2 times? everybody say it’s impossible take it. I’ve hearned MCOM defender medal too: this is very hard to take

  • darktmac 03.29.12 at 00:13

    All changes are cool, but i want u make some patches that fix all of bugs in the game and improve the performance like you did with bad company 2. i hope u consider this.


  • 6xSnake6x 03.29.12 at 00:11

    I just wrote a page of text but decided I’ll sum it up: HELL YEAH ! PATCH ! :))

  • Lawzen 03.28.12 at 23:55

    The new shortcut items is an AWESOME idea. Now people can play fairly against seasoned players, and DICE can phat lewt.

  • KiNETiK 03.28.12 at 23:49

    jeez all I ever hear is complaining from you people. Kinda embarrassed to be part of this community honestly. Seems like some of you will never be satisfied. If you really think that DICE is trying to screw you over by allowing unlocks and you feel that strongly about it then stop playing the damn game simple as that, maybe MW3 will suit you better. Personally, I don’t see the purchased unlocks as a good thing or bad. Simple fact is that some people have a life and would also like to enjoy this game in all its glory, is it so wrong for them to spend there hard earn money on something that is going to give them a little more enjoyment out of the game? So what if we had to work for our stuff, I enjoyed getting my unlocks and some people will miss out on that but thats on them so why should you care. If some noob has enough money to buy the unlocks and it makes him truly better then that just makes the game all that much more challenging, so quit whining and just play the damn game! RANT over

    • Fabrii100 03.28.12 at 23:51


    • Dannyb026 03.28.12 at 23:54

      Quit whining about other people whining, your doubling the whining

    • Siway 03.29.12 at 00:05

      Well said! Totally agree! What’s wrong with hard working people spending hard earned money to get a bit more fun out of the game!

    • aceventuraCZE 03.29.12 at 00:38

      On one side, we work hard to unlock all what we got. But another side.. its only business how Dice can make money… who can afford to pay, than he can pay. I am concern about fixing bugs and get out players using glitches who annoying me more than “noob” with all equipment from packs. May be this is a way to get new players to this community.

  • 3eeny 03.28.12 at 23:45

    “You can find a comprehensive change list in this earlier post.”

    Which one would that be then?

  • toshineon 03.28.12 at 23:44

    Looks like a great update, it seems you really *do* listen to the community after all :)

  • Ozzyman_2004 03.28.12 at 23:41

    The shortcut items need to be like half. Why get a game and cheat on unlock all the items? You take the fun out of the game that way.

    • Dannyb026 03.28.12 at 23:53

      Totally agree. Same old EA always money grabbing!
      Otherwise updates look good.

  • EnialisBlack 03.28.12 at 23:41

    On several occasions I have locked onto a heli, waited for them to shoot their flares without sending the missle after them. Then relock on afterwards, all the while the heli is flying right at me. I launched the missle when the heli was only about 200 or 300 yards(not very far in the grand scope of things) out or so and he was still able to fire off his flares before the missle reached him. I don’t think it should be easy as pie to blast helicopters out of the sky left and right. They are an essential component for BF3. I just don’t think they should be damn near invincible without a soflam. Perhaps you guys could eliminate the option for the gunner of a helicopter to take on flares. Lengthen the time for flares to reload(again), or shorten the time to lock on with stinger AND weaken the effects of the stealth perk. Please consider this. Thank you!

  • Quantti 03.28.12 at 23:40

    Update sounds good, but paying you guys to get all the unlocks? Meh, you are a bunch of greedy bastards – it’s not enough that millions of people buy your game – AND that you make a Day1 DLC + you’re going to release another 3 DLC’s anyway – no, you just must get the money from the noobs who can’t unlock all the items by themselves or are too lazy to. Btw. callkthulu nobody gives a shit what you think because this is outright ridiculous.

  • atr0phy 03.28.12 at 23:39

    Love you!

  • callkthulu 03.28.12 at 23:37

    Like i said in a previous post, any of you cunt who are complaining about the game and the new short cuts FUCK OFF and go play “WOW” if you dont like it and stop complaining

    • MajorThorn 03.28.12 at 23:42

      The thing about complaining about shortcuts is legitimate because shortcuts just ruin the game. This game is all about lvli9ng up your gear and getting better with it. but if we can just go out and have someone that is a lvl1 buying the gear with real money. this game is going to be ruined. Its people like you that ruin progression in gaming. because you accept everything. So its you that needs to shut the fuck up.

      • Kadaiyen 03.28.12 at 23:45

        The system for unlocks they’re putting in isn’t all bad, I for one would like to see the price. If it’s a premium to unlock everything, then I’d be fine with it – it keeps the problem minimized to a small subset of the population of BF3 players, and the unlocks can be bought one or two at a time if we really want ‘em for the rest of us. In that sense, I don’t think it’d break the game, as long as they’re not dirt cheap (I’d say 20 bucks for the ultimate is too cheap, I think.)

      • lchan 03.29.12 at 03:40

        Why would the game be ruined? you think a LVL 1 going out to buy a full shortcut of assault weapon is going to play like a LVL50? Or even a 15 for that matter?…stupid idiot!

    • Mortentard 03.28.12 at 23:44

      I agree. I play on Xbox now, but thinking of buying it on PC. I think its OK to buy the short cuts because spent a looong time unlocking everything. So why do it all over again?

  • KiLLaZ87 03.28.12 at 23:32

    I left to play it because Dice release a CoD like game not a real successor of Bf2.
    GG at all

  • CMRA 03.28.12 at 23:30

    I would like to spend few minutes of my time to thank DICE for the continuous updates. Only a few gaming companies nowadays still bother to patch their games according to community’s wishes. I must believe it’s not easy to pick the real problems from the oversaturated “OMG REMUV USAS IT SUX” (Seriously, what’s the big deal? It’s already being nerfed in this update…). Especially great thanks for piloting a helicopter – it adds a great enforcement of teamwork for pilots to escort players around with scout and transport helicopters.

    DICE has managed to keep the game well-balanced even though some (read: most) community members have decided to make their life goal to whine about every single thing that manages to kill them. I’ve been called as almost every single noob around. Pistol noob, LMB noob, shotgun noob, sniper noob, assault rifle noob, smg noob, c4 noob, knife noob… What’s there left to play that is not “noob”, blowtorches? Still awaiting that one though.

    Only thing I disagree on this update are the shortcuts, but you’ve got to make your salary working on the updates too. Can’t really blame you guys for that. It’s also handy for e-sports and clans.

    As a feedback for the future, it’d be wonderful if the server hosting would be freed or at least more providers would be let to host ranked servers. It’s quite frustrating to be forced to rent a ranked server when you own dozens of efficent servers on a 1 GBps connection. In example, there’s only one server provider here in Finland, which seems to be more expensive than any other server hosts around the world.

    Freeing non-ranked servers for the modding community would keep the game alive for many years further. In example Desert Combat for BF1942 extended the game’s playablity for me for years beyond (and dear god those helicopters were difficult, but satisfying to master).

    tl;dr: Great update, great balancing, free the servers; good job DICE.

    • Kadaiyen 03.28.12 at 23:39

      This guy gets all the awards. Basically my sentiments expressed more eloquently than I’m currently able. Well done.

    • ChillBroSwaggins 03.28.12 at 23:45

      Bud, you hit all fours nails on the head (one for each paragraph).

      This really is a special game, in that the developers have a strong voice in the community and an even stronger ear. For instance, the Facebook updates. LOVE it. Not only do they keep us updated on server down-time/updates, but they also share the same appreciation for crazy Battlefield moments with their constant stream of user Youtube videos.

      I can only ask everyone on here to take every update with a grain of salt, because they are working their asses off to please ALL of us– and that is obviously not an easy task judging from some of these comments.

      Thank you DICE, for creating yet another blockbuster. I’ll be playing the franchise ’till I’m too withered to move! (of course my mouse hand will still have to work…)

      And I cannot urge you guys enough,


      • CMRA 03.28.12 at 23:51

        This one I forgot to mention, in DICE’s favour: good job on the Facebook updates and featured videos. First, it’s a great and a free way of advertising the game, but secondly it lets the new and promising video editors show their skills and abilities and bring themselves to everyone’s computers. In example birgirpall; great humoristic videos which are funny even by the eyes of people who don’t play any kind of first person shooters.

  • UnderToker 03.28.12 at 23:26

    *mav fix
    What do they continually lie so much

  • UnderToker 03.28.12 at 23:25

    Ea now sell unlock hacks…..
    How greedy and what utter rubbish

    What’s next, self guiding bullets, a chopper that flies itself . All for three quid a month
    Greedy and sad

    Also, so much for mac fix, utter liars, it made the fix list as “done” but clearly wasn’t done
    Liars, greedy liars

    • callkthulu 03.28.12 at 23:32

      For fuck sake stop whinging, im so sick of people complaining about the game, if ya dont like it go play “WOW”

      • MajorThorn 03.28.12 at 23:39

        Its people like you that allow games to go down the hole. You are so negative but you dont think about what the game devs are doing. Being able to buy all your unlocks defeats the purpose of the game.

        I mean come on look at the bigger picture and stop being such a prick. if you dont have anything nice ot say in a comment dont say anything at all.

  • Larzo 03.28.12 at 23:24

    Thanks to update us about the update.

  • Justinbro13 03.28.12 at 23:22

    xbox 360 update better come out on the 30th or 31st

  • Dr_rigOr_mOrtis 03.28.12 at 23:22

    dumbest is Shortcut Bundle Kit

  • ColbyHawkins 03.28.12 at 23:20

    It’$ good that Battlefield Veterans are playing BF2 in$tead of BF3. Because if they would $ee what i$ happening here… they would take the real gun$ and fix your fucked up idea$.

    • MajorThorn 03.28.12 at 23:44

      what is up with replacing your S with $? seems a little stupid.

  • pablodevadder 03.28.12 at 23:19

    Thanks EA :)
    This are good news!! Now I´ll have all the items, I´m not good at all playing…always suffering, with poor weapons, equipement for vehicules, etc…Now I´ll be rocking!

    (ironic mode on)

  • RippedXFuel 03.28.12 at 23:17

    Why not simply a shortcut to the leaderboards? This way your “customers” won’t have to bother playing BF3 anymore for showing off! And leave the rest of us playing ….

  • EightShadows 03.28.12 at 23:16

    NUUB´S will buy it.

    EA loves money!!

    DICE= Slave.

    …true story.

  • MegaBlast 03.28.12 at 23:15

    All those complaining about Shortcut bundles….Cash is never going to replace talent…just cos you can buy all weaps/unlocks doesnt mean people are going to know how to use them well…..its not substitute for experience!!!!!!!

  • Huracan Juan 03.28.12 at 23:15

    Shortcut bundles….seriously?? 90% of players could play for 150 hours and still not have half the vehicle unlocks, but some guy can come along and dominate the sky now? wow battlefield…wow

    • MegaBlast 03.28.12 at 23:16

      They aren’t going to “dominate the sky” just cos they have all the unlocks….

  • D-TI 03.28.12 at 23:14

    Fuck this shit with the shortcuts!!!!!!!!!! Pay to play sucks -.- Sorry, but you really knew how to do a good game, but that is just bullshit!!!

  • Felipe_C_Seixas 03.28.12 at 23:12

    Shortcut in a battlefield game. Who knew… This is way too bad.

  • RUKUSnijer 03.28.12 at 23:10

    shortcuts? fuck this game now

  • alekloko 03.28.12 at 23:10


    INSTEEDgamecode fixing bugs, improving performace and shit …..BUT….. GAME BUNDLES?!?!?


  • ColbyHawkins 03.28.12 at 23:07

    Item shop with overpowered weapons. We really need item shop in this game. Please make one.

    • Felipe_C_Seixas 03.28.12 at 23:11

      Because the advantage on a game should based on money and not skill. Producers and devs should never listen to this.

  • :Nemo: 03.28.12 at 23:07

    well thanks for the .txt config file tweaks, after all those months I expected huge changes in gamecode fixing bugs, improving performace and shit …..BUT….. GAME BUNDLES?!?!?


    srsly?!? can’t you keep this crap on consoles? you so desperate of every bit of coin that you need to bring that to pc?? Poor!!!

  • alekloko 03.28.12 at 23:06

    Wanna buy then a NUCLEAR BOMB and u will know for whut!!!!!!!!!

  • ARMoRHYPE 03.28.12 at 23:05

    So when will these shortcuts be available on Origin?

  • DANE-Zaren 03.28.12 at 23:04

    REALLY poor with the shorcuts.
    So lame.

  • PandaroboG0 03.28.12 at 23:04

    My thinking goes something like this: If you’re getting outplayed by someone with zero experience in the game, with or without all of the weapon unlocks available to them, you probably need to practice a little bit more yourself. A bad kid with a “Super Kill Everything Laser Bomber 5000″ is still a bad kid. Additionally, I’m excited to see all of the patch improvements for myself on the 360.

    • MegaBlast 03.28.12 at 23:19

      Spot On!!!!!

    • liquidf 03.29.12 at 20:09

      precisely. what does it prove, other than a player bought the items? it doesn’t give service stars, attachments, or experience. the guns have been tweaked to be much, much more unique and individual, simply having the gun unlocked doesn’t mean that player is at all proficient or knows how to make effective use of said gun. now the vehicle unlocks, maybe, but hell after this update i am getting used to the vehicle mechanics all over again anyway

  • ColbyHawkins 03.28.12 at 23:04


  • LePedobear 03.28.12 at 23:03

    You MUST be kidding me about fucking shortcut bundles?!!! Really?! This is not a fucking facebook game, play to improve not pay to improve! GTFO with your money whoring!

  • RNP_Ghost 03.28.12 at 23:03

    50 points for heli pilots. THANK YOU!! This was the main thing that was missing from the patch list that i really wanted to see!! THANK YOU!! Now if you could fix the ‘heli hours’ dog tag and ‘vehicle service stars’ displaying incorrectly in the kill cam, then i can play BF3 for the rest of time! Thank you guys!!

  • AHH_DOHH 03.28.12 at 23:02

    Why do we not have the option to VoIP .. Stupid we cannot talk to our team verbally

  • alekloko 03.28.12 at 23:00

    Ya!!!!!!!!!!u guys jokin rite?????? Insteed of making more $$$, start think about who plays for have a good time, not just for make easy for nb, but make more realistic and more playable..

  • Savage-JCR 03.28.12 at 23:00

    I like the horns, i really do because i miss that since the old battlefields and sometimes i get myself trying to horn at somebody, but this fucking bull@#$ of shortcut bundles are stupid. why that? why did i pay for a limited edition or whatever, to have the game with some adds, play the beta one single day earlier than the rest of the world and now people that wants to start half year later can just pay a bit more and have the same things i took very long to conquer myself? im not a hardcore player, but that is not fair to me and to the others players that paid a lot of time to this game, has a very big level and now can be killed by someone that is lvl 1, even in the air. i still have problems with jets, because are not my favorites and people have a lot of things and i have only missiles and ir flares. now someone that is just beggining gonna have more than me? u guys should kill urselves, FOR REAL, NOT IN THIS HORRIBLE GAME! to give an exemple, the maps that has more players are the old bf2 maps…
    this game should be a remake from bf2 in a new engine

  • Lizano 03.28.12 at 22:59

    Shortcuts??? Worst idea ever!!!! You have no idea how hard i worked to get all itens unlocked, both weapons and vehicles, now some freakin spoiled kid is gonna just pay and have all the unlocks that we all worked hard fot it. CMON GUYS!!!!! YOU SHOULD LISTEN US, WE ALL HATED THIS, JUST CANCEL IT!!!

  • BlackRainX7 03.28.12 at 22:53

    Why isn’t this posted on oh thats because you still can’t get any communications out correctly, everything is a pieced mealed joke.. thanks for providing the news to us…

    then again thank you for actually giving us some more details!

  • ColbyHawkins 03.28.12 at 22:53


  • Batslav 03.28.12 at 22:52

    overall good changes

  • androidpk1 03.28.12 at 22:52

    k-vuohi: Most likely because of all the new additional commo-rose voicovers, audio takes up a lot of memory.

  • Rofldofldoo 03.28.12 at 22:51

    Remove the shortcut kits..

  • Palanysamy 03.28.12 at 22:50

    K-vuohi, 1.6 gigas because they are hiding inside a new expansion kit (like Vietnam in Bad Company 2)

  • k-vuohi 03.28.12 at 22:48

    I’m kind of puzzled how this thing takes 1.6 gigabytes… Not that bandwidth is a problem, just seems a tad wasteful.

  • Charlesraye 03.28.12 at 22:43

    Sure, the shortcuts are not my favorite, but it will lead to better content in the end as they are making more money, and the you guys who are commenting here most likely play the game pretty much and have no need to buy these shortcuts. They are intended for new players so even more people buy the game.

    A grenade is pretty damn dangerous, all that razor sharp shrapnel flying out in all directions, no wonder that you die from them. Thanks for a great game!

  • tintin223 03.28.12 at 22:42

    very impressed with dice over the years but dissapointment rains down on me tonight

  • Humphreys Beard 03.28.12 at 22:42

    Sounds good! Can’t wait for the Xbox 360 patch to drop!!

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 22:40

    dice dont let your BATTLEFIELD 3 end up like a browser game or a smartphone app!

  • Sneakdeath 03.28.12 at 22:39

    I will most certainly not buy their next Game when they continue this kind of Business, fuck this.

    • EvilToaster0ven 03.28.12 at 22:42

      Your $70 will unquestionably be the breaking point for Dice/EA’s financial success or failure. Please, oh please, don’t go. Please. Please. Please. What? No one gives a f*@k? Oh, nevermind… feel free to GTFO.

      • Sneakdeath 03.28.12 at 23:01

        I express my dissatisfaction by not stuffing even more money up their asses, that has nothing to do with the shit you are spouting.

  • Sneakdeath 03.28.12 at 22:38

    “The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:

    Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes

    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles

    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    It is such an obvious cashgrab, so fucking rediculous.

  • Sile119 03.28.12 at 22:38

    Damn people what kind of idiots are you!! This is improvements. The FIXES ARE ALSO PART OF THE UPDATE. DAMN USE YOUR BRAINS

  • tintin223 03.28.12 at 22:35

    ok, ok i get it dice wants to make the game a lvl playing field, i mean thats gd news if im just starting and dont have much time to rank up and get unlocks, and i understand that as a buisness dice needs to make money, yes even though they made millions on the game already, but what i dont get is that even with this update there are no significant changes to current bugs/problems in the game, for example, i was prone at the bottom of some steps and a granade landed over the horizon of the stairs at the top and it killed me….meant to be the most realistic shooter ever made, not being funny but if granades could kill through 7 tonnes of concrete steps why the F*** would they ever have invented C4

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 22:34

    I think u shoud listen to community a bit more. keeping this game alive paying for servers ads a.s.o.
    I really became a loyal player made many friends buy this game to play with them for hours and hours and this really stressed my wife :D
    I have a 50 hours week and still some time to play this game, because i really like it!!
    So keep me up with updates which are necessary. Like all ur other stuff no question, but option to buy unlocks really seems to be waaaayyy too greedy to me.
    So think about these options:
    - remove shortcuts!!!
    - another soldier should be creatable!
    - BUG FIXING ( Metro MAV Bug with C4, Jumpin like an idiot over a ledge which is 2cm high
    and many many many many more! )
    - Jet unlocks unfair ok IR Flares are in now BUT which US / RU Aircraft would be going up with a cannon only?
    - Remove USAS
    - Remove NADE Spamming
    - Better Anti Cheat
    - FUCK ORIGIN ( go over to Steam or sth like that ;))
    - Smoother Movements of soldiers ( when in KillCam i always have to puke ^^ )

    I could do this the whole day Guys keep me playing your HARD WORK!!

  • Jack-Crysallis 03.28.12 at 22:34

    No,dont make any diference,i just gonna get killed by a level 5 using USAS frag???,if you dont have to play,why you gonna buy the shortcuts??,you arent going to use all weapons…

  • Defte 03.28.12 at 22:33

    FIX THE GAME !!! who cares ” horns to all jeeps ” ?!?!?!?! and shortcut items ?!?!?!?! FIX THE GAME some players still kick from the game in full details !!! morons

  • Marcelo43 03.28.12 at 22:32

    DICE is best to check the bugs soon because the next version may not sell as many units.

  • Baconator 8492 03.28.12 at 22:32

    keep that Shortcut Bundle shit on Origin…worst idea ever guys

  • HeroGunz 03.28.12 at 22:32

    shortcut is the wrost idea ever. its like dice telling us WE DONT CARE IF YOU WORKED HARD ,GET THE FUCK OUT…… got it ?..

    for the patch , i see only good things. good job on that.

    but honnestly the patch for sure will not make any change on the player amount.

    there too much hackers and only like 2% get banned. not talking about admin licking hacker ass !

    im about to leave BF3. totaly unplayable. i dont care having a 2-20 score because of hackers , but i do care about FAIR PLAY !

    for the black screen bug , it is not related to the game but computer related. but yes they could fix that.

    the game still have much bug to fix. but as i see how much they love hackers doing nothing , those unfixed bug will stay forever.

  • SWVADERS 03.28.12 at 22:31

    “The 10 shortcut items are available now from Origin and include:

    Kit Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes

    Vehicle Shortcut Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items for all vehicles

    The Ultimate Bundle: Immediately unlocks all items from all other available shortcut packs”

    THAT PISSES ME OFF. i have been working for hours apon hours apon days upon days of fighting and working my way up and you guys do this shit so some little kid with daddys CC can just get buffed up. Go build a game and make it like that LEAVE MY BF ALONE Just FIX THE SQUADS, FIX THE WAY HELIS FLY, AND FIX THE DAMN BUDDY SYSTEM

  • MacDaddyBalzy 03.28.12 at 22:31


  • Maximus_theSaint 03.28.12 at 22:31

    Thanks for the patch! We’ll see how it turns out. Only thing that I would still like to see is VOIP. You want to encourage teamwork, having VOIP is the best way to acheive that. This is something that would make the game a lot more competitive and fun. Plus, it will be easier for people to make friends and battle buddies in-game, prolonging the life of bf3. I don’t understand why VOIP hasn’t been addressed yet.

    Also, I don’t agree with the shortcuts, but I won’t be buying them, that’s for sure.

  • MagicHat666 03.28.12 at 22:30

    I have to agree the SHORTCUTS feature might just be the dumbest and disappointing feature for this game. Like everyone else has said its just a slap in the face to the most loyal gamers. What’s new though, anything to make a few extra $$$$ is the new normal standard in today’s gaming industry. What about all of us who don’t want/can’t afford to buy all these shortcuts and have to resort to the normal way of unlocking them. Now you are simply turning the tables on this group of people because now we turn into the ‘Disadvantaged’ because new/lower ranking people now have better weapons, gadgets, and perks than us because WE don’t have the money/don’t want to purchase these shortcuts.

    Such a disappointment already and I haven’t even gotten to the long list yet with the weapon tweaks and other modifications.

  • Marcelo43 03.28.12 at 22:30

    I found the Bad Company 2 when it came out pretty good, I thought the 3 Battefield’ll be better, but there are many bugs, that scenario is not destroyed, camera images showing the guy carrying the gun and she’s still shooting, trees that are swaying with nothing move the animation of the soldier who disappears, the helicopter shakes much seems to be always in turmoil, and that DICE will have no one to play to see where are the bugs, and if I were the boss or owner of the DICE would be the first thing I would do before launching a game.
    Thank you.

  • PinetreeRoad930 03.28.12 at 22:28

    So this is why it had to go through marketing…. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah lets just come up with excuses for why buying ALL the attachments to ALL of the weapons is ok.
    So why do i have these challenges for these weapons if i can just buy them?
    Am i going to get the XP for all the unlocks too?
    Can I just buy Service star 100?
    BF3P4F Already huh?
    Lets buy Bullets too! That’s what John Riccitiello wants anyway!

    So instead of trying to make more millions, how bout you fix the fucking game first ass holes.
    WHERE THE FUCK IS VIOP FOR THE PC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! STILL!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!
    I hope somebody gets kicked in the teeth.

  • PKMmaniac 03.28.12 at 22:25

    Fuck the shortcuts who cares……just FIX THE GOD DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do u i need 2-3 headshots with assault rifle in hardcore to kill someone??? Why do I die from a nade behind a solid cover???? FIX THE GAME PROPERLY!

    • Diego Salas1 03.29.12 at 02:32

      u mite be lagging with the headshots but i agree that dying by a nade behind a wall is really annoying….

  • aventura54 03.28.12 at 22:25

    I agree, give them the weapons but not the unlocks – that’s just ridiculous and not balanced. Hope the shortcuts don’t include CO-OP or assignment earned weapons though…

  • Jack-Crysallis 03.28.12 at 22:23

    So they gonna sell all the kits weapons to noobs??,serysouly EA/DICE,you dont need more money than the millions you got from the game,now you gonna sell everything for a noob??,so who played like 20 hours HARD to get a Service star to a an veichle,or even more,give a service star to the class??,you gonna give it to any noob??…..

    • EvilToaster0ven 03.28.12 at 22:34

      So you apparently have no confidence in your skill level, just the perks of your weapon or your vehicle unlocks, eh? Relax and re-read people: “Immediately unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes” does not necessarily mean unlocks every weapon in the game. There are rank-specific unlocks (so all you USAS spammers are safe… except, oh yeah, your gun got nerfed), and unlocking items doesn’t necessarily mean unlocking weapon add-ons (scopes, foregrips, suppressors, etc.). If you’ve spent all this time working on your gameplay and developing your skill rating then you should be fine (unless you’ve been boosting). A particular gun doesn’t make or break the player. So let’s just see what the patch brings before condemning it. Hell, I’m an xbox player so I don’t even have a patch date yet, but you don’t hear me b!tc#!ng and moaning!

  • aKaSloth 03.28.12 at 22:22

    People grow up. All this talking about “earning” your unlocks, some people have real lives including jobs, family, studies, etc. and don’t have time to spend 20+ hours a week playing games. So don’t think too highly of yourselves, if someone wants to buy all their unlocks it makes no difference to you.

    Only think to complain about is that there’s still no mention of VOIP, typing “Behind you” to your squad mates just doesn’t work.

    • DroppingReeko 03.28.12 at 22:37

      ^This. Seriously. One of the reasons some of my buddies don’t play online is because they just don’t have the time to put in the man hours in a video game to unlock the appropriate weapons to be a useful player (i.e. no stingers, no defibrillator, etc.). They have full-time jobs, school, and lives of their own.

      It’s not like EA/DICE are forcing you to buy these shortcuts. And, hey, honestly, I guarantee you guys will still be able to dominate the people who buy all the unlocks. Just because they have the unlocks doesn’t mean they’re a good player or know how to use them. The same goes for my buddies as well. Think first, guys.

  • MaxKDanielsson 03.28.12 at 22:21

    OMG ! shortcuts ?? -.- I don’t want to be Swedish anymore -.- I go play Skyrim instead, good buy DICE !

  • GGS I MaFiA I 03.28.12 at 22:20

    I don’t mind the bundle yah know i only have 100+ hours to get the guns i use now. I think that okay give them the weapons but don’t unlock all the attachments for them. Force them to play that gun to get all the sights. I still am dissapointed with this game. I still want private matches, the knifing fixed, fall damage corrected. This game is still broken…. fix it

    • aventura54 03.28.12 at 22:25

      I agree, give them the weapons but not the unlocks – that’s just ridiculous and not balanced. Hope the shortcuts don’t include CO-OP or assignment earned weapons though…

  • M4tix 03.28.12 at 22:20

    Stop these Bundles please, the n00bs have to play for it

  • Marcelo43 03.28.12 at 22:19

    Correct the bug when changing the map loading screen and stays for a long time without loading the next map?

  • MacDaddyBalzy 03.28.12 at 22:19

    Look EA and Dice like any other company out there have to make money and the only people who miss out on fun in this are those noobs that want a good starting point against us that have been playing since release. But i will say this COMPUTER GAMING HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER SINCE BF3 RELEASED FULLY MODABLE SERVERS AS WELL AS DEICATED SERVERS FOR US TO PLAY ON MAKE THE GAME ALL THAT MUCH MORE WORTH IT TO ME. AND FYI IF YOUR BUYING THOSE UPDATES YOUR ON A CONSOLE LIKE PS3 OR XBOX 360 AND YOU CAN GO TO HELL IN MY BOOK EITHER WAY

  • CaptEngland 03.28.12 at 22:18

    This has got to be an April Fools joke? After the ME3 stich-up, Now EA wants to unbalance the on-line BF3 with a stupid idea of giving people who pay, full un-locks! EA, if you do this, you may end up as dead in the water as GAME shop which some people think you shafted here in Europe. A VERY BAD MOVE!

  • Grim686 03.28.12 at 22:18

    reallly? no xbox patch yet?

  • CCGothy 03.28.12 at 22:16

    Fakie and Zulu everyone has their own Opinion. look at it this way what if you played a game where you already had everything and there was nothing new to get…..what would drive you to reach the next rank?

  • Suomiporsas 03.28.12 at 22:15

    What does it matter if some new player decides to use some MONEY to buy these bundles, it’s their loss. Overall I’m happy with this patch. Remember dudes, there’s still CoD if you hate this game so much.

  • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:14

    Faith in EA/DICE lost.

  • THELASTEXILE11 03.28.12 at 22:14

    Wow EA, really?! I am with everyone else on this one. The shortcuts are a huge, money-hungry mistake and they completely defeat the purpose of the ranking system in BF3. Having the guns that all of us veteran players had to play dozens of hours for just handed to all the rookies out there is not cool at all and it is a huge slap in the face to your most loyal players! I was so happy that this feature was cut from BF3 after having to deal with it in BC2 but I guess I spoke to soon, I should have know this was coming because in the end, it is all about money with you, isn’t it EA?

  • GabrielKN 03.28.12 at 22:13

    2050 – aimbot for additional 15$

  • Zulu Three Zero 03.28.12 at 22:13

    DICE, your ‘fanbase’ may largely be a bunch of whining miserable fucknuggets, but rest assured, some of us still think you’re doing a great job. And I guarantee that most of those bitching below will still be playing the game weeks from now.

  • FakieFTW 03.28.12 at 22:12

    Oh my God people. Bitch and moan some more please! Shortcuts are there for people who want to pay for them. More than half of the idiots here who are complaining about them will purchase them and continue playing the game because no one here can keep what they say EVER. They were in BF:BC2, didn’t ruin anything. You buy them, you ruin the fun for yourself. They don’t affect anyone. Let the kiddy flame fest continue!

  • CCGothy 03.28.12 at 22:12

    yeah the Shortcuts are Pointless whats the point of Playing a game spending all that time If your not going to be rewarded for all your good work

  • MiIler 03.28.12 at 22:11

    Good call DICE, as not everyone buying those bundles are going to be “noobs”. I’m sure there are some BF1942 and BF2 vets who are just joining and want to be on the same level as their team-mates.

  • Phulish 03.28.12 at 22:11

    Correct, I agree wit URunderFire completely, the second soldier option is a good one also from -Azkavirii-. Way to figure out what the community would like rather than your wallets.

  • BellEnd420 03.28.12 at 22:11

    Totally agree with jacob3097.

    I can personally see the point of the shortcuts, for new players hitting the battlefield it can be very daunting to constantly get battered out of the sky in planes without any way of defending yourself or fighting back… So what if they want to pay to open up all the unlocks? It doesn’t mean they’ll instantly have the skill or knowledge to use them properly. I don’t see that many new people playing either, so I think it’ll be relatively limited in uptake as it is.

    My only worry is using space to use the horn, I’m pretty sure it’s also the handbrake, so I suppose I’ll have to get used to beep-drifting .

  • Nostapherus 03.28.12 at 22:10

    Shortcuts prevails cheaters, boosters and padders. If unlocked weapons are the only way you people can differentiate from yourself from noobs you fail.

  • Kraszim 03.28.12 at 22:10

    You are kidding me dice? This is not real right?

  • URunderFire 03.28.12 at 22:10

    we were all noobs, nobody needs them to kill. just another way of making cash.

  • Penitent 03.28.12 at 22:09

    The URL to the earlier post doesn’t friggin work.

  • Delta9E 03.28.12 at 22:09

    At least give the noobs who bought unlocks a tag that tels everyone they are noobs who had to buy unlocks to get them.

  • ZZCOOL 03.28.12 at 22:09

    soooo technically this is like buying cheats just that ea won’t get the money suddenly i see no guilt in cheating even if i didn’t want to

  • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:08

    Whoever came up with these shortcut bundles idea SHOULD be FIRED FROM EA/DICE.

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 22:08

    instead of this shortcut shit, make an option to create a second soldier or sth like that

  • URunderFire 03.28.12 at 22:08

    what a waste of time. why do noobs get their shit for free. earn like the rest of us. why dont u fix the obvious issues, like i dont know, the knife working consistantly, or legs hangin out the sides of building when ur prone, bad luck (falling to ur death from 5 ft), sound bugs (sound going out), having to hop over 3″ curbs, not being able to jump over trees, the repair to damage ratio in armor (like how an engineer can repair faster than u can damage the vehicle). these are obvious and simple fixes, but again, moeny is more important than keeping ur current clients intrested in the game. listen to the forums for once, and not the bitchy noobs.

    • Eyadish 03.28.12 at 22:55

      I can see that you havn’t read the patch notes

      1. As I understand, the shortcuts are not for free, you can buy them “shortcut items for sale for Battlefield 3 on PC.” – Therefor, they are not giving away things for free to new players
      2. Alot of the bugs you have mentioned are acctauly beeing FIXED in this patch.

  • Ferious417 03.28.12 at 22:07

    People that are bitching are the baddies that can only get kills from noob players stop bitching cause they are trying to make things fair

  • U.S.G.M 03.28.12 at 22:06

    jacob3097 is damn right !

  • Huoshini 03.28.12 at 22:06

    Shortcuts? No thank you. Take this crap to an MMORPG…not a shooter

  • Geniux19 03.28.12 at 22:06

    shortcuts are for nooobs

  • Sv3n 03.28.12 at 22:06

    DICE i really hope this is some kind of April Fool, else all my weaponunlocks this far would be for nothing !?

  • RememberBldg7 03.28.12 at 22:06

    Yeah this is retarded, it’s bad enough the game has to play through an internet browser. This isn’t a Free2Play game from Steam, if you’re paying 60 dollars to play a game online it should at least be a complete game with you know, that thing called a MENU?

    • KALLEBOIII 03.28.12 at 22:15

      Bro, theres a “Battlelog Standalone” program avaible for download. Nothing DICE or EA worked out (i think) but it works in the same way. The good thing with this is that you dont need to have your internet browser running in background while you play, saving some processor-power for the game. I use this, and my game runs smoother with it. Dunno if it’s OK with DICE/EA to use this, but it’s really just a program that only contains Battlelog, nothing else. You should try it out.

      • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:21

        you can close your browser after launching game…no need to keep it running in the background.

    • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:20

      For others it’s a simple way of launching your game from your browser and also keeping an eye on your stats.So don’t complain about it.

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 22:05

    someone wants to buy my acc? im greedy as dice

  • Tacmaster 03.28.12 at 22:05

    money hungry EA selling BS. shortcuts are for idiots, gtfo.

  • hammod89 03.28.12 at 22:05

    They are just hungrey for money …. Please refund me

  • jacob3097 03.28.12 at 22:04

    Get over it, If someone wants to pay for something they can get for free that’s their decision. Quit bitching DICE is doing fine.

  • Ferious417 03.28.12 at 22:04

    You guys talking about these shortcut packs, its not the first time they did this. They also have them for BC2.

    • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:07

      this is battlefield main series not bad company series….know the difference

  • Chubbykins 675 03.28.12 at 22:04

    Wow really? Shortcuts? I really hope they arent released on the 360, its going to kill the entire point of leveling up. Great way to lose tons of loyal gamers. you can bet I wont be buying another EA game any time soon.

  • Hasskasper187 03.28.12 at 22:03

    JUST SUCK MY HAIRY BALLS EA/DICE and YOUR retarded 3rd-party dev-teams who fucked up a whole franchise can SUCK MY HAIRY BALLS too!
    FUCK YOU FOR lettin us wait for 6 month for a PATCH WHICH FIXES NOTHING BESIDE WEAPONBULLSHIT NOon NEEEEDS!…bunch of retarded hippsters..go and fuck xyou!

  • MalapertAxiom 03.28.12 at 22:03

    XBox 360 players = getting the D :(

  • DarkISO25 03.28.12 at 22:03

    WTH is people getting pissy over? they arent making you buy the damm shortcuts, dont like it? you can always just unlock them. and on the bright side, people who use it will probably suck which means free kills. jesus guys, calm down.

  • TiXTaX 03.28.12 at 22:03

    DICE/EA wtf worst thing to do remove the shortcuts this isent bf heroes or play4free omg dont ruin this game which that pice of shit you will lose more players and earn less money which that shit.
    srry for my bad english

  • ChupacabraIII 03.28.12 at 22:02

    lmao look at all the angry nerds. bu-bu-bu-bu shortcutz? ruining da gaem i hate u dice im gonna play mw3 now ;(. Short-cuts are optional square-bears. Just because someone doesnt have 60 hours to unlock something they want doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to use it. Buying short-cuts does take the fun (and points) out of leveling, but its the buyer prerogative, not yours. Shut up and enjoy the game.

    • Legolaa 03.29.12 at 17:07

      If you don’t have 60 hours go play faceebook games. Or continue on with your life. We don’t like rich people paying foe cheats.

  • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:02

    maybe in a few hours….. but I hope they REMOVE THESE BUNDLES.

  • Knight_of_Vigil 03.28.12 at 22:02

    BF3 has just been ruined. This game is dead to me.

  • Mainfold 03.28.12 at 22:02

    Mind my words, but.. DICE, what the fuck is wrong with you? The reason some people don’t have the same weapons and unlocks as other players, is because they haven’t earned them yet! In the sense of logics, they do not have the skill to use them yet, therefore they should not be able to use them yet.

    I have friends who just started playing, and they’re doing fine without having to get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

    It should be fair and equal for EVERYONE, no one should be able to take a easier route to get something someones else has worked countless hours to get, it’s just not right! It’s just plain and simple, messed up!

    I would be OK with it being a “buy your first unlock for a weapons-system” type of thing. Like the sights on the Famas, they’re horrible, and any optic is better than the iron sights.
    That sort of thing is doable, but complete class progression-unlocks is just plain freaking wrong to give out, no matter how money greedy you guys, EA, or anyone involved are, it’s still messed up beyond belief.

    Remove this heresy!

  • xSykoPRx 03.28.12 at 22:01

    Why shortcuts? come on dice :( wrong move, dissapointing

  • Nostapherus 03.28.12 at 22:01

    MY GAWD STOP WHINING ABOUT THIS STUPID SHORTCUTS. Played trough all classes on Xbox and had to do it again after switching to PC. It is nothing new they did the same with BC2. YOU CAN’T BUY SKILL. Let the casuals have some fun too.

  • GabrielKN 03.28.12 at 22:01

    Can I get a refund?

  • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 22:00

    For God’s sake,,, OK no, for Battlefield’s sake don’t ruin the game by these shortcuts…… Battlefield valued ranking up and getting unlocks…….please DON’T RUIN THE GAME !!!

  • A Urinal Puck 03.28.12 at 22:00


  • Delta9E 03.28.12 at 22:00

    Seriously, all those good updates and you ruin the whole thing with releasing shortcuts?? The whole point of the game is totally gone if you release shortcuts, what’s the fun of playing if you can’t achieve something by fighting for it? I give up, the whole point is just gone.

  • Palanysamy 03.28.12 at 21:59

    shortcuts… THAT´s cheap. For a few bucks DICE is just going to ruin it´s fanbase and credibility.

  • BonesJackson28 03.28.12 at 21:59

    the article says they are available right now but i cant find them on Origin. I can only find a BF3 that gives you 8 new in-game skins and 10 new dog tags. thats it. I tried searching for those bundles but origin doesnt have them available.

    • bAShyyy 03.28.12 at 22:05

      What is wrong with you? Do you seriously wanna buy this? FFS why would you do that?

  • santtut 03.28.12 at 21:58

    Oh come on! Those shortcuts got to be a joke! You greedy bastards!

  • PatOBrien420 03.28.12 at 21:58

    Seriously DICE??? I can go from NOOB to VET with $$$$. So thats what its really all about isnt it?? Why did you decide to do this. This will RUIN the FUN OF UNLOCKING ITEMS. This is shit.

    • schrombomb 03.28.12 at 22:00

      It will ruin the fun of it if you decide to buy the kit. This is for non-hardcore gamers, ones that might want a good gun but be hours away from getting it. If you only have time to play an hour or two a week, unlocking them os not fun. It was in BC2 and created no balance issues.

    • Larsffs 03.28.12 at 22:02

      Eventhough I think the concept of paying money to get unlocks is ridiculous, I think to say a player goes from “noob to vet” with all unlocks is even more ridiculous. Unlocks doesn’t equal skill.

    • MegaBlast 03.29.12 at 00:55

      You cant get from “NOOB to VET”…you can get from noob to noob-with-lots-of-weapons….no credidibility .. no skills….just got more guns…..

  • Defladamouse 03.28.12 at 21:58

    liked it right till the end, half the fun is working through the classes and finding what works for you, what’s the point in just forking out and gaining the upper hand?! I’m half way through the unlocks and now someone lvl 1 can have the advantage in every class and vehicle???

    • MegaBlast 03.29.12 at 00:56

      But you’ve already said what the point is….you will no how to use the kit…buying the unlocks still doesnt give you the know how of what works well!

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 21:57

    what next? Aimbots and Wallhacks for 20$ ?

  • Mr Maniac 03.28.12 at 21:57

    Nice patch
    Those short cuts was a bit overpowered though. To be able to pay to unlock everything is a bit unfair for those who wish to play theire way.
    Should cut them down to unlock half or something like that

  • w0lfsbane 03.28.12 at 21:57

    whoa….shortcuts???? what is EA/Dice becoming now, another greedy company?
    Please remove these shortcuts ASAP !!!!!

  • Kamov 03.28.12 at 21:56

    Ah, cheats for money. Must love modern day gaming!

  • Phulish 03.28.12 at 21:56

    This is a MAJOR affront to players who have been working hard to level up, gear up and get their rewards. Instead of doing this kind of crap, figure out a better way to preserve the gameplay with no hacks or glitches.

    Way to go, nice way to burn future game development

  • Sazdek 03.28.12 at 21:56

    Guess it’s time to switch to MW3. Why the fuck would you release shortcuts? What’s even the point of playing when you can pay a few bucks to get everything? You dun goofed.

  • AodanJC 03.28.12 at 21:56

    EA has become so focused on making money that they killed the point to ranking up. Why bother ranking up if you can buy your unlocks? Whats next EA? Buying bots from you to play the games for us? Making us pay you for patches to fix the bugged games you sell?

  • csalaza0905 03.28.12 at 21:55

    I’m still going to play the hell out of this game…..but I can’t believe people can now just get stuff instead of leveling for it. That’s part of the game! You suck at first but get better and along the way are rewarded for it!

  • BazucaJoe 03.28.12 at 21:54

    “So…. About that 360 update….where is it?”

  • JPR004 03.28.12 at 21:54

    Part of the fun in the game is to get the unlocks…

  • -Azkavirii- 03.28.12 at 21:54

    screw you Nice ideas at the beginning and then such a cheap shit… screw you will stop playing bf3 now!

  • xVertigo 03.28.12 at 21:54

    Shortcuts? really?
    This will absolutely ruin the game and take all the fun of leveling out of it!

  • DRTRELAZ 03.28.12 at 21:54

    short what ? shortcuts for cash? Dafaq??!

  • JPR004 03.28.12 at 21:53

    What is that??? bundles!!!??? This is really pathetic. I hope it won’t be the same for XBox version!

  • KALLEBOIII 03.28.12 at 21:52

    Fuck you, DICE. You just screwed the whole game up by beeing to greedy. Another fucking reason while I still play BC2 instead of BF3. I spent fucking hours ranking up my soldier and getting servicestars in every kits. Now every rank 1 noob can just buy all stuffs? Must be a joke, or I’m throwing my BF3 disc out the balcony.

    I did really not expect DICE to fall this low and get this greedy. Aint the money ppl pay for the game enough? “The day I lost all my respect for DICE and EA Games… March 28, 2012….”

    • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:23

      Hooah! I say Down with short cuts, and if they need money,i’d prefer advertisements on the sides of battlelogs, atleast it would be more fair

  • Tr3nix 03.28.12 at 21:52

    I think you owe all your players about 75% of their money back for the game.

  • SGUnknown 03.28.12 at 21:52

    Shortcuts are just so unfair for players who played so long to get it, just remove it please.

  • Tr3nix 03.28.12 at 21:52


  • PorfMasterFlex 03.28.12 at 21:51

    I wasted my time for nothing!!!!!!! Company needs to stop and realize what they’re doing.!!!!

  • Helge129 03.28.12 at 21:51

    You serious about those shortcuts? Why not just go all the way and make BF3 free to play. If you do so, please give me my money back tho.

  • Kamov 03.28.12 at 21:50

    Was cool till the very end, then the bundles appeared… c’mon, seriously? Months unlocking stuff and now every n00b can just buy them with cash? BF3 in cash cow mode already? Pathethic…

  • superiain 03.28.12 at 21:49

    i really like the new update but the shortcuts?!?! No.

  • Jezm0 03.28.12 at 21:49

    Thank you dice, now usas is most suckest and slowest weapon, f***you dice!

    • DUTCH x K1LL3R 03.29.12 at 16:20

      yeahh!!! finally the ‘fuckas-12′ , famas and MAV are patched. FINALLY G**damned!!!!!!!

  • bearbeat 03.28.12 at 21:48

    LOL? “SHORTCUTS”. thats just fucking retarded. there shouldnt be any shortcuts. why the hell should we get rank? please god.. i have one wish, dont let em blow this fucking game to hell.

    “HEY IM RANK 1, LETS BUY ALL IN GAME.” LETS PWN”. wohwohwohwo.

  • xXxPhotonxXx 03.28.12 at 21:48

    How nice.. How about fixing the terrain on some maps? Annoying when I can’t land and repair because the edges of the maps are sloppy work and full with invisible hickups in the terrain. How about fixing the bug when you can’t hear the heatseeker lock and firing? How about fixing the godlike AA’s that can take 2 full barrage of rocket pods without reactive armor. How about… Eh, the list is too long…………………………….. And the shortcut items are just ridiculous. Pay to win much?

  • EpeeRouge 03.28.12 at 21:47

    Sellouts… “Shortcut items”

    • mikerroni 03.29.12 at 05:39


      Great, great. So, now? All the ‘modern warfail’ nubs that can afford to pay for extra content can pay for skills that should be earned? …………. Is it just me here, or does this seem like a pretty terrible idea.. ??

      What’s the point of learning to operate equipment when I can now pay to unlock weapons? wow..

      EA, I swear. Whoever idea this was should be fired for their incompetence! If I wanted to ‘pay-to-play’ I would have got ‘modern warfail’ franchise. I expect more from EA and not the Battlefield series to be subjected to selling itself out to make a few extra bucks..

      Keep in mind; we are powerful, more powerful that you think. Heed the warnings ahead of gamers discontent. Or risk losing the valued players who make EA’s Battlefield series what it is.. Money isn’t everything and providing ridiculous advantages to ‘nubs’ that lack skill does nothing to make them better players. We all took our turns learning to fly and still are; but you took that away from gamers just to make a few bucks… Pretty sad state of affairs..

      Again, one more incompetent mistake like this and I will ‘rally the troops’ for boycotting ridiculously mundane ideas to generate more money at the corporate level and I am sure it won’t be that difficult to get a petition of 10,000 players on board to ‘rock the vote’. We gamers stand united and may not always agree with our follow players; but, will not tolerate ignorance during our leisure time while playing video games that are supposed to offer challenge, reward and encourage game play.

      Not segregate players in two factions: 1. the ones who pay for DLC to make there gaming experience easier. Or, 2. Those of us who wont tolerate paying for making game play easier. This is counter productive to what it means to be a dedicated gamer to the Battlefield franchise.

      I think whoever decided it was a good idea to sell this DLC, that gives an unfair advantage, should be fired (Where did you find this person? From the modern warfail series??) and this mundane, ridiculous idea revoked immediately..

      Guaranteed: This choice of implementing, pay to play, downloads will have recourse from the gaming community. And, I, for one, am willing to ‘rally the troops’ for a motion of loss of confidence in EA and the Battlefield franchise.

      • GREXisanig 03.29.12 at 14:40

        Im 100% with you on that petition. Though you shouldn’t make it as if DICE is to blame. I think its mostly EA who’s squeezing out all the cash they can get. I don’t know if you know this but Battlefield did the unlock bullshit with Bad Co. and probably some other games and it was just unbelievable when i saw something like it. I was not expecting DICE to do it with a game like B3 considering all the work they put into it, so I was awe-stricken when I saw that they were re-doing it. So if you do start a legitimate petition then hit me up and you’ll get my Hancock along with some other vet friends of mine. Just make sure that you don’t bitch DICE out too much and make sure that they get the message: We seasoned Battlefield vets find this behavior extremely intolerable; go back to the roots of Battlefield and stop fucking around with the CoD community; also, what ever happened to the actual Battlefield storyline where it was Russia doing a full scale invasion and we would get a briefing of the mission to come in the loading screen so that we can be informed as to why we’re actually on the battlefield.

      • SlingMySausage 03.30.12 at 00:04

        Ah the wine pours every so slowly. I have been playing battlefield since it was just a fresh idea… Now anytime a new game comes out and they try to come up with new and innovative ideas everyone jumps on them for it. Not only that do you think i care if someone plays for there none gaming skills. Got to know how to use them still. Then i love this unite?? Unite for what? So they cant make money? There a company that is trying to make money. Let them do it i applaud the idea. Why? ill tell you cause i have a chioce. Also i chose not to buy cause i like the challenge. and shall i keep going? Sure why not? I still have not unlocked one single unlock in the jets. Why? Its my choice not to play them. When and if i do feel like flying them ill unlock them the the old fashion why by earning them. I’m not putting anyone down for voicing there idea on this. Why? its your right and choice.

        • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:18

          You know, they could just put advertisements on the side of our battlelogs and potentially generate more money that way, atleast its fair idea.

      • DarthBullseye 03.30.12 at 10:25

        I bet EA shivers with fear :-DDD
        Pal, they give a shit on You, Your troops and Your petition.

        • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:19

          You know they do these patches according to feed back, right?

      • MarkWalberg 04.06.12 at 01:18


  • enRAGEEE 03.28.12 at 21:45

    Congrats.. U just made the whole unlock consept useless………. Booo!

  • RandyZie 03.28.12 at 21:45

    Shortcuts? fuck off dice

    • Shakadamus 03.28.12 at 21:47

      I don’t see the issue, the game’s balanced enough to not give anyone much, if at all any advantage so who cares?

  • Iamcorrupt 03.28.12 at 21:44

    So…. About that 360 update….where is it?

  • Bombraker 03.28.12 at 21:43

    By the way, what do you mean with: “Below are some of the highlights”.
    are there more surprises :D

  • MegaSquishyMan 03.28.12 at 21:43

    any improvement to performance? any optimizations to the code? specifically the code that causes any game over 32 players to run like shit?

  • matrex_a1990 03.28.12 at 21:43

    what’s about VOIP
    and player ping in game tap ???

    • iPhotoN 04.01.12 at 23:40

      But instead you have more bugs in disbalanced game now! Enjoy! =)))

      I just wonder why there are 38 pages of reports still! There are much more- tons! at the forums!

  • Karrexx 03.28.12 at 21:43


  • Bombraker 03.28.12 at 21:40

    Finaly thanks guys!