PlayStation3 VOIP fix – Now live!

We have identified and fixed the VOIP issues on PS3 that some Battlefield 3 players have experienced. This fix is now live!

When logging in to Battlefield 3, PlayStation 3 players will automatically download this update. Now get in there, start communicating, and tell us how it’s working!

Please note that some VOIP issues on PS3 might be due to incorrect setup of the headset you are using. If you are using the SLEH-00075 Bluetooth Headset, it must be recognized by your PS3 console by connecting it with a USB cable before play.  Once connected, you must also enable the HQ Mode for this headset, which can be found on the XMB in the following location:
->Accessory Settings
->Manage Bluetooth Devices
->Press TRIANGLE on headset
->High Quality Mode

If you still have issues registering the headset, please go back to Accessory Settings->Manage Bluetooth Devices and delete all registered headsets. Once this is done repeat the above steps.

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  • Stringer2355 05.13.12 at 08:44

    There is NO “High Quality Mode”

  • nadoong 03.30.12 at 16:15

    how much man?

  • venkatsaij 03.05.12 at 18:22

    okay dudes please HELP ME PLEASE out i am new to battlefield 3 on ps3 it is my console i like it though leave it
    what is meant by squad, if i press multiplayer on my console it is telling me to take an update
    please what do i require to play multiplayer please help me out
    the people who are well aware of this helpme

  • zanychelly 02.21.12 at 02:58

    On consoles, the Map Operation Firestorm shoud have at lats 4 flags(conquest)

  • Th3-Chronikk 02.15.12 at 16:59


  • hector2670 02.14.12 at 21:24

    is that why when i played n was talkin to ma dude i would hear some other ppl

  • sfscriv 02.12.12 at 18:37

    Why was the squad in-game VoIP not functional at RELEASE????????
    Where is the teamplay innovation?
    Why didn’t DICE provide a Leader VoIP channel to coordinate squad activities?
    Why wasn’t the communication rose functional at release?
    Where is the commander position for each team?
    Where is the in-game in-vehicle VoIP?
    Why wasn’t the failed BFBC2 order thrown in the trash can and the BF2 order system brought back into service?
    Where is our proper Battlefield 2 sequel?
    Why does the evidence point toward a Console game instead of the “PC is the lead platform” as promised by DICE???

  • DrBov69 02.12.12 at 11:54

    The sound is much better but fix the hissing noise!!!!!! It has made the mic to sensetive ease fix so there is no hissing

  • BOUNT3Y_HUNTER 02.11.12 at 10:31

    Where the hell is our fix for B2K weapons the MG36 and QBU-88 and also since the VOIP was fixed I’ve been having some major glitches in the servers

  • xCh0z3n-0n3x 02.09.12 at 20:48

    What is this “input lag” people are crying about? i get no input lad what so ever.

  • Revektion 02.09.12 at 19:35

    Thanks for this, the next thing to fix is the input lag. I feel like it got SLIGHTLY, not much but slightly better this with this patch.

  • Stormer911 02.09.12 at 17:59

    Ok. Even though I wasn’t experiencing this, cool. But where is our Back to Karkand MG36 and QBU-88 weapon fix?

  • etlgfx 02.09.12 at 09:49

    Very awesome, tried it last night, communication is actually useful again! Thank you!

    Any idea when squad joining is going to be fixed? I’ve tried going through server browser and quick match and everything, but we almost always get separated (squad or team) when we join a game. Very frustrating!

  • acesces 02.08.12 at 18:17

    thank you for great work,we are still waiting fix some new weapon bug,USAS frag,MAV issue,input lag,IR scope,aircraft HUD bug,no sound bug etc…

  • LoneWareWolf 02.08.12 at 15:48

    I was hoping it was a fix for this issue when saw it available; the minute I played after the download, I confirmed it. Works great now, crystal clear comms so far. Need to test it with a few more friends but seems everything’s fine now. Thank you for your work.

  • ICY-YO 02.07.12 at 22:15

    DICE you the best for this fix!!!! THANKS

  • TeslaWarrior 02.07.12 at 19:50

    HEY! Where the HELL is the VoIP for PC?!

  • AgentNboejui 02.07.12 at 18:32

    I didn’t try it out yet but sounds like its all fixed now all that BF3 is missing is Private matches

  • allthatremains94 02.07.12 at 17:12

    This Blog has been up for a while, and pertains to all of Battlefield, so they post the majority of the things here, while Battlelog is new and goes along more with itself, origin, and Battlefield 3.

  • BIEKERT 02.07.12 at 16:22

    Why is this not posted on Battlelog? For that matter, why is there this site and Battlelog. As a side note, this site is extremely slow.

  • Joao611 02.07.12 at 16:11

    FUCKING EPIC! But I still hate this new AWFUL blog design ._.

  • MW2-WWERAWFAN 02.07.12 at 13:26

    Thanks for fixing PlayStation3 VOIP

  • notman 02.07.12 at 12:31

    I’m pretty happy to see finally get this patch. I tried to test it last night, and no one was talking, though there was a guy with an open mic, where I could hear his kid yapping. It was pretty damn clear, so I’m hopeful that this is finally resolved.
    Can anyone confirm it’s clear/usable now?

    Thanks DICE. Progress is always welcomed. I know the list of bugs is a lot to work through.

  • BigWoopMagazine 02.07.12 at 11:01

    Yay, I can hear my team mates. Now what would be really, really nice is if they were on the same team as me when I joined games, instead of getting split up for balancing. Yea, I understand the need for balancing, but a simple algorithm to find a game with a team in need of four people would be better. Frankly, I’d rather be outnumbered 2 to 1 as long as my squad is there to watch my back. Don’t promote this as a team game and then split us up DICE – it makes no sense, and it’s frustrating all of your fans.

  • CovertOpsKawliga 02.07.12 at 09:02

    “some Battlefield 3 players have experienced” FUCK YOU DICE YOU BUNCH OF NO COUNT PIECES OF SHIT!!!! BF3 FUCKING SUCKS!!!! YOU SUCK!!!

    • RappitHUN 02.07.12 at 09:50

      Reatrd.BTW Thank you dice you rock!

    • notman 02.07.12 at 12:29

      Go away

      • CovertOpsKawliga 02.07.12 at 13:52

        Fuck you! Play your broken piece of shit game! SUCKERS!!!

        • notman 02.08.12 at 13:34

          Go back to your MW3 troll

          • CovertOpsKawliga 02.10.12 at 08:26

            Pull your head out of DICE’s ASS pussy!!!

    • Joao611 02.07.12 at 16:12

      Where’s that “Report” button when someone like u needs to be banned?

      • CovertOpsKawliga 02.10.12 at 08:25

        There is no “Report” button because DICE is probably working on a patch for it. You should be thankful for this new WordPress blog you whiney little bitch!!! SUCKERS!!!!!

      • CovertOpsKawliga 02.11.12 at 16:40

        The “Report Button is coming in the next patch BITCHES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    • AgentNboejui 02.07.12 at 18:31

      Theres a strict rule of noob cod players playing battlefiled 3 if thats the case i prefer you get a life bf3 is the best game

  • CountyMedic17 02.07.12 at 08:58

    Thanks for the fix it works great!

  • JBMOOSE 02.07.12 at 04:21

    3 1/2 months to fix voice chat? Good gawd. Hit marker issues, spawn issues, slow crawl (prone) all still there. Did this update today, and now new issues. Such as running around corner on Seine, and out of nowhere, facing around 180. Happened several times in 2 different matches. Another great example of technology at it’s finest. Thanks dice. This game will work properly, someday.

  • ninjaboom 02.07.12 at 03:02

    any news on the awesome (for me) but also unfortunate glitch where everyone who is on the server is defaulted back to 1st ranks, 1st weapons & attachments? also, a glitch where when you get out, it lags… and when you reload, the reload action fails to load and you just sit there, with audio working? im on xbox 360.

    • BigWoopMagazine 02.07.12 at 11:04

      I see that on PS3 – it still reloads your gun, it just doesn’t play the animation. Mildly annoying, but just watch your clip for the numbers to go back and you’re good to go – I’ve never had it actually fail to reload the gun (and 90% of the time, it’s my rocket launcher, in which case the deception is especially annoying, but I’m still murdering the hell outta tanks!)

  • jpadro64 02.07.12 at 00:09

    Thanks guys….. Yall are awesome

  • rpsx 02.06.12 at 23:09

    is this the *only* thing this patch fixes? was really looking forward to all the tweaks and bug fixes the pc got weeks and weeks ago. how about us!?!? if NOT, you should specifically state that this patch is solely for VOIP issues, and nothing more.

    • BigWoopMagazine 02.07.12 at 11:06

      Big ditto on that. Where’s the USAS-12 frag rounds nerf? How about fixing the laser designations? What happened to tweaking flares so they don’t cancel lock ons? How about keeping our squads together as,,, you know,,, squads? I guess it’s better than nothing, but my patience is running thin.

  • RoNiZZiE 02.06.12 at 22:45

    My anticipation for this game was so high…and when i got it and experienced how horrible the chat was it ruined my whole experience for this game. So i am so glad that me and my friends can finally talk in game.

  • DarkFlame588 02.06.12 at 22:17

    Any word on the patch that PC got a while back that we haven’t yet?

    • ninjaboom 02.07.12 at 03:00

      i think the reason that ps3 players havn’t gotten those patches (I don’t know anything about them) because consoles might be harder to patch? i dunno, but maybe the programming is more complicated… it is a shame tho

  • Rhenasaurus 02.06.12 at 21:52

    Wow, took you guys long enough. Glad to see you fixed something that was affecting the entire player base.

  • dagoba1979 02.06.12 at 21:09

    Thats great now you guys just need to fix it to where when you join with friends in a squad then go to join a match it does not put you on seperate teams and in the same squad in the game. Also there is an issue with the RECON class where his hands are way up in the air and you can not aim to shoot. PLEASE FIX!!!!!

  • MW2-WWERAWFAN 02.06.12 at 20:27

    Dear EA you have still got problems with your severs and quick matches ps on PS3 Battlefield 3

  • Kellis 02.06.12 at 18:55

    So how about VOIP for PC, ever gonna happen or?.

    • S3MP4TIK-4YI 02.07.12 at 07:44

      They keep closing their eyes and ears. I cannot expect enything from them

  • MoBandy 02.06.12 at 17:48

    Thank you!

  • DarkFlame588 02.06.12 at 17:27

    Good News!

  • AG-WarFighter 02.06.12 at 17:01

    Please DICE fix the input lag and ill be fully satisfied.

  • growking 02.06.12 at 16:43

    cool now fix the snipers to where they actually kill people

  • Bierbeer 02.06.12 at 16:32

    Does anyone know if the official PS3 stereo (virtual 7.1) headset has an HQ mode also?

  • Hisgramma 02.06.12 at 15:50

    Thank you DICE. Thank you. ;D

  • Wer_Boy 02.06.12 at 14:08

    Thanks for the VOIP fix, it’ll definitely increase the quality of the matches now!

    One issue is that i’ve just been consecutively kicked out of 3 matches, i’ve checked my net and it’s all tickety-boo, the only thing thats changed has been this fix…
    I can’t say what could be going on but im just flaggigng it up.

  • Mr_Chronic91 02.06.12 at 13:43

    wicked thanks!! but will you be adding the BF2 and 2142 veteran dogtags to the PS3 version of BF3? they are available on 360 but on PS3…

  • KnoeSS 02.06.12 at 13:41

    Still no fix for the B2K weapons though!

    • MStheHammer613 02.06.12 at 19:17

      If your talking about the trophy. Go into your dog tags n select your right dog tag. go down to the bottom near the B2K weapons and check how many kills you have with them. If you have more then 10 with all of them. Get into a match and get 10 kills with the FAMAS. Trophy/Achievement should pop up. Worked for me and I had 20 plus kills on each gun. FAMAS was the last one I did and sure enough after 10 I heard a ting! Good luck!

  • eFunk25 02.06.12 at 13:29

    I’m just happy I can finally communicate with my Squad now. Thanks for finally fixing this issue. Now for the next rant…. When do we get Private Matches!!!!

    • Hisgramma 02.06.12 at 15:51

      You need a server on PC. You have to pay, but it is private.