PlayStation3 VOIP fix – Now live!

We have identified and fixed the VOIP issues on PS3 that some Battlefield 3 players have experienced. This fix is now live!

When logging in to Battlefield 3, PlayStation 3 players will automatically download this update. Now get in there, start communicating, and tell us how it’s working!

Please note that some VOIP issues on PS3 might be due to incorrect setup of the headset you are using. If you are using the SLEH-00075 Bluetooth Headset, it must be recognized by your PS3 console by connecting it with a USB cable before play.  Once connected, you must also enable the HQ Mode for this headset, which can be found on the XMB in the following location:
->Accessory Settings
->Manage Bluetooth Devices
->Press TRIANGLE on headset
->High Quality Mode

If you still have issues registering the headset, please go back to Accessory Settings->Manage Bluetooth Devices and delete all registered headsets. Once this is done repeat the above steps.

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  • Stringer2355 05.13.12 at 08:44

    There is NO “High Quality Mode”

  • nadoong 03.30.12 at 16:15

    how much man?

  • venkatsaij 03.05.12 at 18:22

    okay dudes please HELP ME PLEASE out i am new to battlefield 3 on ps3 it is my console i like it though leave it
    what is meant by squad, if i press multiplayer on my console it is telling me to take an update
    please what do i require to play multiplayer please help me out
    the people who are well aware of this helpme

  • zanychelly 02.21.12 at 02:58

    On consoles, the Map Operation Firestorm shoud have at lats 4 flags(conquest)

  • Th3-Chronikk 02.15.12 at 16:59


  • hector2670 02.14.12 at 21:24

    is that why when i played n was talkin to ma dude i would hear some other ppl

  • sfscriv 02.12.12 at 18:37

    Why was the squad in-game VoIP not functional at RELEASE????????
    Where is the teamplay innovation?
    Why didn’t DICE provide a Leader VoIP channel to coordinate squad activities?
    Why wasn’t the communication rose functional at release?
    Where is the commander position for each team?
    Where is the in-game in-vehicle VoIP?
    Why wasn’t the failed BFBC2 order thrown in the trash can and the BF2 order system brought back into service?
    Where is our proper Battlefield 2 sequel?
    Why does the evidence point toward a Console game instead of the “PC is the lead platform” as promised by DICE???

  • DrBov69 02.12.12 at 11:54

    The sound is much better but fix the hissing noise!!!!!! It has made the mic to sensetive ease fix so there is no hissing

  • BOUNT3Y_HUNTER 02.11.12 at 10:31

    Where the hell is our fix for B2K weapons the MG36 and QBU-88 and also since the VOIP was fixed I’ve been having some major glitches in the servers

  • xCh0z3n-0n3x 02.09.12 at 20:48

    What is this “input lag” people are crying about? i get no input lad what so ever.

  • Revektion 02.09.12 at 19:35

    Thanks for this, the next thing to fix is the input lag. I feel like it got SLIGHTLY, not much but slightly better this with this patch.

  • Stormer911 02.09.12 at 17:59

    Ok. Even though I wasn’t experiencing this, cool. But where is our Back to Karkand MG36 and QBU-88 weapon fix?

  • etlgfx 02.09.12 at 09:49

    Very awesome, tried it last night, communication is actually useful again! Thank you!

    Any idea when squad joining is going to be fixed? I’ve tried going through server browser and quick match and everything, but we almost always get separated (squad or team) when we join a game. Very frustrating!

  • acesces 02.08.12 at 18:17

    thank you for great work,we are still waiting fix some new weapon bug,USAS frag,MAV issue,input lag,IR scope,aircraft HUD bug,no sound bug etc…

  • LoneWareWolf 02.08.12 at 15:48

    I was hoping it was a fix for this issue when saw it available; the minute I played after the download, I confirmed it. Works great now, crystal clear comms so far. Need to test it with a few more friends but seems everything’s fine now. Thank you for your work.

  • ICY-YO 02.07.12 at 22:15

    DICE you the best for this fix!!!! THANKS

  • TeslaWarrior 02.07.12 at 19:50

    HEY! Where the HELL is the VoIP for PC?!

  • AgentNboejui 02.07.12 at 18:32

    I didn’t try it out yet but sounds like its all fixed now all that BF3 is missing is Private matches

  • allthatremains94 02.07.12 at 17:12

    This Blog has been up for a while, and pertains to all of Battlefield, so they post the majority of the things here, while Battlelog is new and goes along more with itself, origin, and Battlefield 3.

  • BIEKERT 02.07.12 at 16:22

    Why is this not posted on Battlelog? For that matter, why is there this site and Battlelog. As a side note, this site is extremely slow.

  • Joao611 02.07.12 at 16:11

    FUCKING EPIC! But I still hate this new AWFUL blog design ._.

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