“Only in Battlefield 3″ Video Highlight: Epic Jet Flyby

So, there you are, minding your own business. You’ve got your eye on the objective and your trusty machinegun in tow – When out of nowhere…!
Too close for comfort, but not too close for awesome

Every day leading up to the announcement of our three winners, we will highlight one of the DICE Top 10 picks here on the blog. Today’s highlight: “Epic Jet Flyby” from 2cgamingvids. To see the other top nine submissions from the contest best sure to check out the Only in Battlefield 3 contest page.

This was our motivation for including it in our Top 10 pick:

Both the soldier on the ground and the jet pilot in this classic clip from the Operation Firestorm are probably happy to be alive.

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  • Cltheone 09.18.12 at 01:09

    Do it again without the mini map, no need to see a kill streak, and remove the ammo clip status.
    I’M RELOADED !!!!!!!

  • Cltheone 09.18.12 at 01:06

    That would be a killer clip without the HUB. Who doesn’t want that option?

  • Cltheone 09.18.12 at 01:04

    Hell of a clip.

  • Cltheone 09.18.12 at 01:02

    Now for some intelligent conversation. Back to what really matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why don’t we have the option of controlling/changing the opaqueness of the hub. I would like to have the option of removing the map or anything on the screen so i could better enjoy the game on a 55′!!!!!
    What if your teammates had a glow that was only visible in direct site but not thru walls instead of these damn arrows. STILL ” THE OPTION TO CHANGE OPAQUENESS”. The map is removed for hardcore. If you’re lucky you will spawn into.
    I can’t understand why they didn’t think of The ReaL VeTeRaNs. People who have been with the game since it was created in a modern era(June 21, 2005). We deserve these options. Call of Duty has it in some games. :)

  • General534 08.08.12 at 18:48

    Cccchhhaarrrgegeeeee haasss bbbeeen ssseeeettttt

  • DEVIL_KILLER321 07.11.12 at 11:19

    omg that’s epic

  • OxFord_5013 07.03.12 at 20:32


  • Infexis War 06.24.12 at 01:37

    That looks sweet!

  • MrDrumline 06.20.12 at 03:03

    Cccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaarrrrrggggggggggeeeeeeee haaaaaaaasssssss beeeeeeeeennnnnn sseeeeeeeet.

  • robidaster 06.04.12 at 21:14

    he is definitly a pro

  • rfn6327 05.28.12 at 19:17

    i prefer a good old firefight so i stict to support class m240b and motar tube easily turns games around if team work is used as i suppress have a skirmish team pick of the enemies

  • t8ks_1_shot 05.23.12 at 23:08

    i play in tank and it wont stop drifting

  • hapalupa 05.22.12 at 01:55

    amazing :D

  • morofoken 05.20.12 at 16:38

    Battlefield Drift!

  • BlackClaimer 05.09.12 at 22:06


  • GERRYBOY23 03.21.12 at 20:32


  • Mdj227 02.29.12 at 10:43


  • I2aw Killer 02.28.12 at 19:04


  • SizzleMyWizzle 02.23.12 at 00:23

    I could do that. :p

  • Chachabird 02.20.12 at 23:38

    A for awesome that was a very lucky pilot and soldier

  • BrockSamson0SI 02.18.12 at 01:37

    awesome clip….betcha that pilot needed numba twos afta that lol….
    and real jets can pull that off, so its just lucky not a glitch…

  • MAXIMUMBACON69 02.11.12 at 01:41

    Stop complaining. When you make a game with an amazing graphic/sound engine and awsome mecanics used in Battlefield 3, gimme a call.

  • moto4179 02.10.12 at 17:00


  • Joao611 02.10.12 at 16:11

    Should i be armazed by this? Cuz I’m not… U’re impressed way too easily, DICE!

  • CovertOpsKawliga 02.10.12 at 08:29

    Wow look at those shitty flight mechanics! DICE needs to get working on a patch for that.

    • Joao611 02.10.12 at 16:10

      Agree, they tottaly suck, especially when the jet just starts sliding on the air -_-

    • Chachabird 02.20.12 at 23:39

      That was not a glitch numb scull

    • Jquikshot 02.29.12 at 04:09

      if your plane doesn’t have enough thrust to get lift that’s exactly what starts happening, your plane “slides” so to speak

      • RG_Spacecraft 03.15.12 at 12:35

        Planes don’t glide around in the air sideways. What you’re talking about happens on a extremely small scale in real life.

        I’m not saying jets in BF3 need to be uber realistic, but they need to be not fucking stupid. They need to be like they were in BF2. Now any noob can hop in a jet and strafe stuff. It used to take a skilled pilot to kill a tank in a strafing run.

        Now it’s “Hurr derr hay dere is da tank. Pew pew! hahaha ded tank! Oh wuts dat? 180 duhgree instunt turn lolol! Pew pew pew oh no truble wit helicoptr!! slo down 2 10mph 4 ez strayfe run! lololol pew pew pew ded helciotper!! LOL NOOBS!”