New “Inside DICE” series launching soon!

Come back next week for our brand new “Inside DICE” blog series, featuring regular updates to our fans on the latest news, content plans, updates and upgrades we have planned for Battlefield 3.

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  • 1St_Napoleon 10.04.12 at 11:22


  • crazyeoDK 03.27.12 at 21:13

    i mis a dog tag from dice

  • MDHWYRM 03.23.12 at 18:06

    What’s the chance of sprucing up the single player option of maps with comp. players on your side. Sometimes when the servers are full or the network is down, playin something other than Campaign would be nice.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.11.12 at 17:45 is a great place to get details on battlefield and more!

  • TC4SPAZINOUT 03.08.12 at 00:27

    why was everyone and dev and cm on twitter hinting that good news was coming soon . i thought maps were coming last month or at least a update wtf.. soon does not equal 3 fn months wth hell. lies lies after lies love the game hate the lies ……….changing values from 3 to 5 does need to take 6 month to figure out wth. to all you pansy that say we are ungrateful f off ..dlc was said to come every 3 months not 4 or 5 or 6 months o yeah here some great fn new your gonna wait 3 more fn months omggggggggggggggggggg leave us in the dark then act like your gonna start being a cm and listen to the players lol im so pissed this shit ruined my day and my 3 month wtf .a new ipad comes out every 3 months but a patch cant wth … by the time content comes we will have moved on is that your plan to lose cash well if you dont want my cash keep it up bf2 did same shit with Vietnam pak worthless waited for ever to not buy it lmao fools great job .if your love cash talk to me ill show you how to make cash not miss out on it.. you capitalize while the group is still interested not when the fall a sleep waiting for 4 maps wth this may have been good news if was to come next month f you dice for letting a great game die early

  • BF3_ownaged 03.06.12 at 01:05

    The hit markers with the weapons, I can shoot and kill someone but I never get a hit marker, I also spawn in the middle of a frenzy of enemies half the time I end up dying. You seem to be doing nothing about bots, I mean a ban here or there but nothing ever happens they come back as different people. There is no exit button at the end of the round. I mean its terrible I have to click the PS button to get out of it every time… You guys rushed the game, its just terrible. I mean if this keeps happening I will have to go back to shitty MW3, and trust me I don’t want to do that. Its like you guys shit out a game, got the money and then said “Screw this we got the money.”

    • poqljsprinter 03.06.12 at 00:22

      This Wednesday of this WEEK!!! DICE is making the “BIG” announcement we have all been waiting for. At the GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE which is held 5th-9th.

      plus here is the source….

      click on all speakers.
      then click Wednesday.
      scroll down and youll see EA/DICE 3 or 4 times scheduled

      for their BIG announcement from
      Lead Animator-mikael hogstrom.
      Software Engineer Mattias Widmark.
      and Technical Artist Johan Ramstrom.

      CANT WAIT!!!!

  • veleno86 03.03.12 at 10:38

    I’m glad this step for you but I hope DICE in a not too distant future the addition of popular console of private rooms.
    because it is possible that the game has a certain level that you can play clan war.
    Thanks for your attention and sorry if I was off topic.

  • cookki3_monst3r- 03.03.12 at 02:13

    Come on DICE fix the back to karkand weapons o BF3

  • Neckbone78 03.03.12 at 01:00

    Well, next week came and has just about went… So, is anyone surprised that DICE trolled us again?

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