New “Inside DICE” series launching soon!

Come back next week for our brand new “Inside DICE” blog series, featuring regular updates to our fans on the latest news, content plans, updates and upgrades we have planned for Battlefield 3.

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  • 1St_Napoleon 10.04.12 at 11:22


  • crazyeoDK 03.27.12 at 21:13

    i mis a dog tag from dice

  • MDHWYRM 03.23.12 at 18:06

    What’s the chance of sprucing up the single player option of maps with comp. players on your side. Sometimes when the servers are full or the network is down, playin something other than Campaign would be nice.

  • ThePandaMan80 03.11.12 at 17:45 is a great place to get details on battlefield and more!

  • TC4SPAZINOUT 03.08.12 at 00:27

    why was everyone and dev and cm on twitter hinting that good news was coming soon . i thought maps were coming last month or at least a update wtf.. soon does not equal 3 fn months wth hell. lies lies after lies love the game hate the lies ……….changing values from 3 to 5 does need to take 6 month to figure out wth. to all you pansy that say we are ungrateful f off ..dlc was said to come every 3 months not 4 or 5 or 6 months o yeah here some great fn new your gonna wait 3 more fn months omggggggggggggggggggg leave us in the dark then act like your gonna start being a cm and listen to the players lol im so pissed this shit ruined my day and my 3 month wtf .a new ipad comes out every 3 months but a patch cant wth … by the time content comes we will have moved on is that your plan to lose cash well if you dont want my cash keep it up bf2 did same shit with Vietnam pak worthless waited for ever to not buy it lmao fools great job .if your love cash talk to me ill show you how to make cash not miss out on it.. you capitalize while the group is still interested not when the fall a sleep waiting for 4 maps wth this may have been good news if was to come next month f you dice for letting a great game die early

  • BF3_ownaged 03.06.12 at 01:05

    The hit markers with the weapons, I can shoot and kill someone but I never get a hit marker, I also spawn in the middle of a frenzy of enemies half the time I end up dying. You seem to be doing nothing about bots, I mean a ban here or there but nothing ever happens they come back as different people. There is no exit button at the end of the round. I mean its terrible I have to click the PS button to get out of it every time… You guys rushed the game, its just terrible. I mean if this keeps happening I will have to go back to shitty MW3, and trust me I don’t want to do that. Its like you guys shit out a game, got the money and then said “Screw this we got the money.”

    • poqljsprinter 03.06.12 at 00:22

      This Wednesday of this WEEK!!! DICE is making the “BIG” announcement we have all been waiting for. At the GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE which is held 5th-9th.

      plus here is the source….

      click on all speakers.
      then click Wednesday.
      scroll down and youll see EA/DICE 3 or 4 times scheduled

      for their BIG announcement from
      Lead Animator-mikael hogstrom.
      Software Engineer Mattias Widmark.
      and Technical Artist Johan Ramstrom.

      CANT WAIT!!!!

  • veleno86 03.03.12 at 10:38

    I’m glad this step for you but I hope DICE in a not too distant future the addition of popular console of private rooms.
    because it is possible that the game has a certain level that you can play clan war.
    Thanks for your attention and sorry if I was off topic.

  • cookki3_monst3r- 03.03.12 at 02:13

    Come on DICE fix the back to karkand weapons o BF3

  • Neckbone78 03.03.12 at 01:00

    Well, next week came and has just about went… So, is anyone surprised that DICE trolled us again?

  • growking 03.03.12 at 00:21

    nobody is asking them to magically make something happen but we would like them to keep there word. which they have yet to do since this game released

  • MrWiggle420 03.02.12 at 23:32

    Everyone quit complaining, its not easy to update and patch every thing, you act like they can snap there fingers and answer millions of peoples problems. F**K!!!

  • Justinbro13 03.02.12 at 23:18

    dice will give us a date for when the tshirt we want produced.Which i wont be buying.why not a date for patches,inside dice, and dlc.

  • GITSashh 03.02.12 at 22:55

    Game needs updates ASAP and you don’t communicate with players. To make it worse, some pathetic “Inside DICE” is announced. Spoiler: nobody cares. We want playable game, not photos from your office.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 03.02.12 at 22:50

    Not suprising at all. The week is over.
    I’d expect this sort of ‘annoucement’ from zh1nt0, but not you Brun.
    What is wrong with you guys? Morale must be at an all time low over there.

  • allthatremains94 03.02.12 at 22:38

    Vun veek lay-tuh…….no blog update.

  • growking 03.02.12 at 22:22

    u guys are really screwing yourselves

  • theKos 03.02.12 at 21:41

    Something happen? I woke up right now…did I miss something?

  • insomnatech 03.02.12 at 21:17

    8 Days later, still no news,content plans,updates and no upgrades but ill be just waiting here ……………………………………………………..still waiting ………………………………………………………still waiting …………………………………………….still waiting

    • insomnatech 03.02.12 at 21:18

      ………still waiting …………………………

  • Akujuo 03.02.12 at 19:42

    Bring it on! We need our updates…DLC Please!

  • PRODepriGuy 03.02.12 at 18:16

    Well. Soon is almost over. For me (GMT+1) are there just 5.45 hours left.

  • Dopy7Dvs 03.02.12 at 16:47

    If I ran my business like you appear to, I wouldn’t be IN BUSINESS. Say what you mean, do what you say. Keep your addicts fed or they will move to a more available source.

  • EBassie 03.02.12 at 16:26

    So where’s the first “Inside DICE”….? Maybe the community should not have cancelled #BF3BLACKOUT so quickly….

  • BF3_Killa_69 03.02.12 at 14:19

    this is the 3rd week guys!!!come oooonnnnnnnnnn give us something…

  • sfscriv 03.02.12 at 04:20


  • Justinbro13 03.02.12 at 03:17

    bf3 is going to come out with the next dlc the same time they did back to karkand

  • MrWiggle420 03.01.12 at 23:38

    Thanks EA and DICE for the greatest game of all time!
    just a few bugs and lags here and there but it definitely beats COD!

  • ludovico-vico 03.01.12 at 23:01

    Translate my first comment!

  • ludovico-vico 03.01.12 at 22:59

    Io mi chiedo “cosa ho fatto di male per meritarmi di essere preso per il culo mentre gioco”. Io metto Battlefield3 per divertirmi,no per essere preso per il culo da chi ha creato questo gioco. Leggete quello che ho scritto!!Se non sapete fare un gioco,non lo create!!!!!A questo punto preferisco MW3,che è meglio.Tanto online (ps3) mi chiamo ludovico-vico. Tanto voi mi conoscete perchè ogni volta che gioco vengo preso per il culo da voi (mi riferisco alla EA,DICE,FROSTBYTE,eccetera). Vi prego di lasciarmi giocare in pace.Se non vedo miglioramenti inizierò a giocare a MW3

  • DarkFlame588 03.01.12 at 22:14

    It’s next week ;D

  • DukeIyella75 03.01.12 at 22:02


    • Justinbro13 03.02.12 at 03:14

      You forgot to mention that you had to pay 50.00 extra for that content.I dont even see why cod have updates, nothing seems different after every patch.If you love cod and their content get off the battlefield blog and go to cod’s and tell them how much you love it.

  • MeanGSXR 750 03.01.12 at 20:49

    lies!! DICE are liars!!!

  • NEGATIVE NORMA 03.01.12 at 19:43

    Did the Project Manager that is over “Inside Dice” call in sick this week or what?

  • kazaster01 03.01.12 at 19:19

    next week? What week would you be talking about? The lack of communication to the fans of this game is starting to make me wonder if you have a real clue what “we” want out of this game. START here. Go find the Devs that made BF2 the hit it STILL IS and HIRE THEM. They at least knew what was going on. Want to make BF3 a game “we” play for the next 5 years? DON’T leave us in the dark! You have this blog, the Battlelog forums “official Announcements” post, the EA forums. But if “we” want to find out anything about BF3, we have to go to OTHER sites. YOU built these websites, USE THEM !!!!!!!

  • zanychelly 03.01.12 at 18:11

    I hope you share sometinhg with the comunity

  • matrex_a1990 03.01.12 at 16:14

    Come back next week for our brand new “Inside DICE” blog series
    you must edit this to
    Come back next month for our brand new “Inside DICE” blog series :@

  • XSilver_VegasX 03.01.12 at 15:38

    well i got not complain so far!!!!!…. i just love this game……. i

  • Justinbro13 03.01.12 at 08:14

    All i been playing on lately is metro and caspian because their fun and get you the most points/kills.I just started this but i usually quit after playing on metro or caspian.If i feel like it i keep going.I usually always score 4500+ on these maps.I just hate when the other team sucks and you hardly get any points because you have all objectives.Thats why i like to play metro i do good regardless of team

  • THRASHER9876 03.01.12 at 05:47

    I think that they should switch the stats of the slug rounds and the frag rounds, while keeping the bullet drop for the slugs to avoid shotgun sniping. It makes no sense that it takes two shots with frag to kill you or 4 shots of solid slug!! I mean one shot of frag does nearly 3 times the damage over twice the distance than slugs!!! THeyve made slugs absolutly useless and frags overpowered, frag rounds need no skill what so ever!!!!!!
    the m1014 needs boosted range, also they should fix the issue where the sight aims at the sky when youre reloading the m1014 and then ads. the famas with suppressor and foregrip and the usas need to be nerfed. And the mg36 glitch on b2k.

  • KoSMicRaDiATiOn 03.01.12 at 05:09

    Put the V-22 Osprey in the game that’d be pretty sweet to fly around

  • mista_parky 03.01.12 at 02:32

    DICE I know you’ll soon release a patch for the consoles so I am asking on behalf of the may who share my opinion. Please add a control scheme for the PS3 that utilizes R2 to shoot. There have been many posts and threads concerning this. I’m putting a link to the one I think is the most recent. You already have a control scheme where L2 is to aim down sight. We are just asking you to put one more control scheme where L2 is ADS and R2 is to shoot. You and Crytek have the same publisher but Crytek has already listened to the fans. Please hear us out. Those who use xcm adapters, third party controllers and real triggers are having an issue with this. Thanks.

  • matrex_a1990 02.29.12 at 20:56

    Inside DICE next week !!!
    so its week or month ???

  • Olims 02.29.12 at 20:05

    Hello Dice & EA,

    If you want this game to be the legend that BF2 was and keep it played for years by clans and casual players, bring back unranked servers and battlerecorder. This will allow clans to train without the worry of stats biasing and could help to review matches in order to improve their strategies. For the casual players they’ll be able to learn maps and improve their vehicules skills.

    Some friends are telling me that your strategy may be to make the game die as you returned the investment and earn enough money on it. So spending money on improvments and add-ons (DLC) may not be a priority like in BFBC2. I am on BF series since 1942 and I am sure they are wrong…please make me be right!

  • Bush_Killa-73 02.29.12 at 19:14

    I’ve been waiting with a million others on a full input-lag fix – any news about that for once?

    Also this game needs more & better maps so much it’s unreal. B2K, caspian & kharg island are the only decent ones.

    It’s letting the game down badly.

  • Dopy7Dvs 02.29.12 at 18:43

    im so sick and tired of checking this blog for news…you say “Inside Dice” is launching soon…launch the darn thing. This is getting ridiculous…LET’S GO!

  • jst81 02.29.12 at 15:58

    lets go DICE, DLC time or at least make an announcement when, every week noticing less and less players in games as to amount of matches available. guess time to turn attention to another game, DICE you know how to frustrate customers beyond belief, ALSO get rid of the hackers, I see same people with crazy scores, ranks of 50+ colonel?, please either a cheater or no life?, get rid of these clowns

    • BF3_Killa_69 03.02.12 at 14:17

      man i’m colonel level 53…that means that i’m cheating???come on…..if u buy the game from the first day & play all the time at what level u think u should be??(ps3)the only think i dont understand is,when i buy the game i go on the leadersboard & i see peoples with 99 colonel rank!that is strainge…!!!

  • Gmcosta 02.29.12 at 15:43

    Today it’s next week. Where’s the content guys ? where’s the dlc info and everything we’re expecting….. I would buy at least 10 dlc this year for BF3, but I guess I’ll keep just with B2K because you won’t launch. hahaha

  • kill3r000 02.29.12 at 12:26


  • kriskrosbbk 02.29.12 at 11:52

    what he said

  • Rooler 02.29.12 at 11:12

    I’ve come back next week every day. Now next week is almost over..

    We want patch, we want content, we want words and news from you DICE!

    • voyte4 02.29.12 at 17:48

      How is this week almost over ? Today is Wednesday which is not even half way through the week what are you talking about ?

  • vitoka79 02.29.12 at 06:28

    Private match for consoles,please.I dont know how is it on the Xbox,but we cant do tournaments on the Ps3 without a private match.

  • Dudleyowns 02.29.12 at 05:43

    Dinosaur mode and offline play against A.I. And Map Voting. Oh ya also Battlerecorder dude! Thanks great game!

  • MoparManiac412 02.29.12 at 01:55

    As much as i hate COD:MW3, they DO have one thing that i like, and should be on BF3, and that’s Theater Mode

  • Justinbro13 02.29.12 at 01:27

    I would love to see a snow map,jungle,and desert map in the next dlc.I really want battlerecorder like others.I also want a patch,other games that came out about the time of bf3 had plenty of patches like gow3,codmw3, and others.Bf3 only had one patch.

  • sfscriv 02.28.12 at 21:33

    The battle for Middle Earth is now. We fight for Battlefield 3!!!
    “Conquest mode” should be given back to the Battlefield Veterans in BF3: (default settings)
    - Squad Leader only spawn
    - 3D spot off
    - Audio Auto-spot removed
    - Enemy Squad Leader star removed
    - skull & crossbones icon removed
    - Kill cam off
    - Infantry & vehicle regenertive health off
    - Sniper scope glint removed
    Recommendation for Future DLC Maps for BF3
    - Bigger playable area
    - More control points
    - Strategic value due to terrain and/or spawning equipment
    - More space between control points
    The armies of Mordor advance!!!

  • Fire x RAPTOR x 02.28.12 at 20:25

    What u guys really need is being able to play as a chick. :)

  • MC45_Skeletor 02.28.12 at 17:52

    ~The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked~
    So I think there aren’t any “dumb” ideas out there yet. You never know maybe that dumb idea just needs some minor touches. Think about it, 60 years back the first video game was created. I bet that sounded like a pretty dumb idea in the beginning.
    Anyways, bringing back some classic maps isn’t a bad idea. Look at the Karkand maps. As for me I’d like the same. More multiplayer maps, weapons, and vehicles. And maybe some other Co-op missions.
    And an update on the Battlefield 3 Tournament would be great. Haven’t seen anything about that for like 6 months.

  • Justinbro13 02.27.12 at 23:33

    People are so dumb.Asking for dumb things.How are you going to try to post a comment and you can’t hardly spell.Private servers,dinosaur mode,bfbc 2 maps this is a whole different series, and etc are all dumb ideas.If you want to learn how to fly learn how everyone else did i did died like 5+ deaths before i knew how to fly.Ask for things that not stupid.A update is on the way well that is what is on battle log.

    • LordJuggernaut 02.28.12 at 02:14

      I agree… But no one is going to take you seriously when you preach about spelling mistakes when you make your fair share of grammar mistakes.

    • YourMothersPink 02.28.12 at 02:32

      you no talky

    • Brandon_2535 02.28.12 at 09:18

      Private servers are not a dumb idea at all. It gives players a break from the competitive servers to just kick back and explore the maps with friends. They are also needed for competitive clan matches that run on websites such as GameBattles. Besides all of that, private servers have become a standard feature among video games today, so there’s no reason anyone should be shunned for asking for them.

      • Justinbro13 02.28.12 at 14:25

        private servers are dumb.The closes you are ever going to get is hoping into a 0/24 or 0/64 server with at least eight people

    • GunNut92 02.28.12 at 10:14

      Lets have a look at you so-called “Dumb” ideas…

      1. Private servers:
      This is needed on console, as you need it for competitive matches and just for having fun with you friends..

      2. Dinosaur mode:
      This was only rumoured back during pre-release, and dice themselves have said this was a good idea but was unlikely to happen..

      3. BFBC2 maps..
      Dice is always asking for new ideas for future map packs. And BFBC2 had a few epic maps which would be a great addition to BF3..

      So from where I sit, these ideas look great. And how about you stop bitching about other people’s ideas, and come up with your own..?

      • jespgan 02.28.12 at 17:31

        This gay is smart!! :)

      • TheClassified 02.28.12 at 19:37

        he is right in 1 thing.. this is bf3, not bfbc3, so instead of remake the bc2 maps they should make a new one. the other things i agree with you. i hate the idea of remake the old maps because it shows how people hardly want to accept changes and try something new. nevertheless this is just my opinion.

    • jespgan 02.28.12 at 17:30

      5+ deaths you gonna be a true pro.

      BTW I totaly agree exept the thing with BFBC2. Come on it was a good game and people want it back!
      Just personall preferenses. In another thougt its kinda silly. Its a diffrent series.

      And exuse me is something isn’t 100% correct. Everybody doesnt have an A grade in English or born and raised with that language Mr. Perfect!
      Im Swedish just like this game. Yes we not perfekt but what about other cunteries???
      Where do you come from? U.S.A? England? Just love hating on other huh?

  • CommandoCoyote 02.27.12 at 21:59

    Oh, and H Brun is a bitch

  • King-Rooster 02.27.12 at 20:32

    I am waiting on a fix for PS3 input lag. I haven’t played the game in almost a month because of this. I am not about to go out and buy a new TV for this game when all my other games, including all other dice/EA games work fine. ONLY PROBLEM IS WITH BF3.

  • Brocass 02.27.12 at 20:01

    “Come back next week” to be told: “Come back next week”

  • 3r3rc3 02.27.12 at 19:55

    DICE, can you stop playing games and fix problems finally?! BF3 keeps freezing every other game. Especially on B2K levels. It is so damn annoying that last thing I want to see is ‘inside DICE’ blog! Fix the problem first!

    • YourMothersPink 02.28.12 at 02:30

      Freeze mainly only happens when your in the respawn menu and press the back button to look up your score then press B… just so you know

  • streetkid203 02.27.12 at 17:59

    we been waiting so long for a patch and a dlc i mean you have some die hard fans i use to love cod but now i love battle field i just wish you guys give us more information on dlcs and patchs instead of waiting every 5days until we here something

  • gl0wvalter 02.27.12 at 16:14

    Nice idea! :) now, please Just give us the private servers for consoles!!!

  • xX CryGhost Xx 02.27.12 at 14:23

    Do what you think is right, DICE – but bring out the monster-patch :X
    I would even pay for a DLC – whatever it is :)

  • alive2009 02.27.12 at 13:31

    We really want free new map!!! like BF2.

  • eBunny7 02.27.12 at 13:20

    Sounds good, I’d like to have some more regular news on for example the next update and maybe DLC.

  • RaptorDiablo 02.27.12 at 10:31

    BC2 Gun pack, or guns like the XM8, AT4, a Heckler & Koch HK45, for engineer, UZI, support, MG3, and finally… The M95 for snipers.. that gun was a BEAST or at LEASt the m24

  • RaptorDiablo 02.27.12 at 10:12

    We need more destruction and open maps like in Bad Company 2 We should have a BF3 DLC with BC2 maps like Arica Harbor, Heavy Metal, or even Cold War. Sure Cold War was small but almost EVERYTHING was destructible.

  • thatuglyguy1 02.27.12 at 07:07

    We need more destruction and open maps like in Bad Company 2 :( We should have a BF3 DLC with BC2 maps like Arica Harbor, Heavy Metal, or even Cold War. Sure Cold War was small but almost EVERYTHING was destructible.

  • sfscriv 02.26.12 at 17:44

    The Effects of Going Multiplatform and Declaring War on COD
    Trying to make the game the same for all the platforms so the consoles are not upset by the differences has only infuriated the PC segment. And, the console segment is still disappointed by the differences. Processing power and User Interface U/I are big limiting factors for a multi-platform release. Some effects for the multi-platform decision:
    – Smaller maps
    – Reduced number of control points
    – Less destruction
    – Reduced player count for a match (24 players console & 64 players PC)
    – Removal of Integrated Teamplay Tools (in-game in-squad VoIP, functional commo rose, BF2 order system, etc…)
    – Removal of the Battle Recorder
    – Removal of Mod ability
    Resources were deverted from the multiplayer game mode to create:
    – Single player campaign
    – Co-Op
    – Rush
    – Squad Rush
    – Squad Death Match
    – Team Death Match
    “Conquest mode” should be given back to the Battlefield Veterans: (default settings)
    – Squad Leader only spawn
    – 3D spot off
    – Audio Auto-spot removed
    – Enemy Squad Leader star removed
    – skull & crossbones icon removed
    – Kill cam off
    – Infantry & vehicle regenertive health off
    – Sniper scope glint removed
    Recommendation for Future DLC Maps
    – Bigger playable area
    – More control points
    – Strategic value due to terrain and/or spawning equipment
    – More space between control points
    Another stonger factor in the casualization of the BF3 game was the declared war by Electronic Arts (EA) on Call of Duty (COD). EA/DICE can still compete with COD without building a generic COD clone. Battlefield has been a better game the whole time. The introduction of Casual Assist features has significantly degraded the gameplay experience:
    – killcam
    – 3D spotting
    – red star over enemy squad leader
    – regenerative health
    – auto audio spot
    – scope glint
    – all squad member spawn
    – flags closer together

  • ColombianThunda 02.26.12 at 11:54

    Is it only me that has the problem when you and your friends are in a squad then you do quick match and get split up if not they should fix that it really pisses me off

  • DemonizedGamer95 02.26.12 at 11:41

    I think they should bring back Air Superiority so that it’s just an all out jet battle.

  • x6xbyui 02.26.12 at 10:45

    battlefield stupisce ancora 1 volta

  • X-Camo003-X 02.26.12 at 02:58

    Thank you CONTENT cant wait 2 next week

  • crackshooter18 02.25.12 at 23:13

    the only big thing i would wanna see not including content is have 20 vs 20 that way people who play on consoles can have more action

    • MR Charlesmenv2 02.26.12 at 00:24

      I think your right

    • sylentshooter 02.26.12 at 02:34

      Consoles are limited to 24 people max because the developing specifications on the hardware couldn’t support more than that at such a high resolution. Think of it this way, more people=worse quality effects, graphics, realism. I’d rather have a kick ass game that looks amazing then a shitty looking one that I can play with 16 more people.

      • JorgeFC08 02.26.12 at 19:12

        OMG, what a graphics whore. Dude, i prefer to have the BC2 graphics on BF3 then 24 players on consoles… Gameplay > Graphics.

  • JK47NT 02.25.12 at 22:54

    Maybe soon we can have an update about adding RU and US acquired pistols?

  • Bproof13 02.25.12 at 21:02

    I can’t believe what you people are asking for! I understand that many of you are playing the game for the first time and that you are frustrated because you can’t fully enjoy it (piloting choppers and planes is kind of hard but try out battlefield 2 – it’s much, MUCH more challenging). And you know what I got to tell You? Everyone had to learn by himself sometime. I did with BF 2 and still got there my butt kicked. And DICE decide to make it EASIER in BF 3. The planes are much easier to controll and it’s also easier to hit the enemy. So here’s my suggestion – join an empty, ,,1 player start” server and practise by yourself. Try a gamepad or just keyboard (which I prefer). That’s all you need. And you don’t need a shooting gallery to practice your sniping skills. Just play on a normal server. Your K/D will suffer (if you even care about it) but it’s the best training and you’ll get better after time.

    And you know which feature instead of a freakin training field we need? Take a guess… Battlerecorder! DICE, I so much appreciate the effort of making and updating this game (compared to… that other so many times recycled franchise) but this is the feature that BF2 veterans (and not only) ask for so long. Many people don’t care because:
    1. They don’t know that it was in a BF game
    2. They don’t record their gameplay

    But people, just imagine, that something AWESOME happens when you play BF3 (and it does quite often, example: ,,only in battlefield” contest – how do you think these poeople got this footage) and you didn’t record it (probably because recording eats up all your computers recources) – your going to regret it for a LONG time. That’s why battlerecorder is SO demanded by me and lot’s, lot’s of your other fans, DICE. I appreciate your newest update but, honestly, I could wait another half year for these fixes to come (mayby we’ll have to ;]) and instead I would be happy like never before if you would put battlelog into the game.

    Thank you if you read my long post and I hope that the arguments are strong enough to make you consider putting this feature into the game in the nearest future.

    Thank you for everything you did for the community and I hope for more to come,

    • YourMothersPink 02.26.12 at 03:20

      I have no problem piloting choppers/jets or sniping playa, just thought it would be a cool little add-on and make people better, especially the many that are new to this game. P.S. you can’t join play on a server that has less than 8 people.

      • Bproof13 02.26.12 at 13:11

        Well, on PC it’s possible, you just have to find a so called ,,1 player start server”. There is a server browser on consoles too, but I’m not sure if there are such servers there. Just search for it.

  • YourMothersPink 02.25.12 at 19:00

    I’ve been saying it since the game came out, A good practice mode possibly involving things like: flying choppers/jets through an obstacle course(aerial maneuvers 101).. Trying to hit a moving target with a sniper(sniper training).. Quickly moving your aimer to a target that pops out(reaction time training). Making this an arcade style with points would be pretty cool, and everyone would be able to practice with the different vehicles and aspects of the game whenever they choose.

    Or just give us private maps with no limits and full customization(amount/type of vehicles on map, etc.)

    • YourMothersPink 02.25.12 at 19:03

      o yah, shooting pilots out of the choppers with your sniper would be a cool part of “sniper training” and please bring back the at4! or something like it, that launcher was so much fun… locking on to s**t takes very little skill and is not rewarding.

  • Slapshot68 02.25.12 at 18:49

    I really want to like the game. It’s a great concept but award winning? For what graphics, potential? It’s like dating a super model with STD’s. How about fixing the game instead of working on downloadable content like dog tags. Like I said, I want to love the game. I come back to the forums to get updates on the updates. What do we get? We get more communication about communicating. How about something solid like a realistic time frame? I know everyone has listed all of the problems and you acknowledged that you are aware but did I purchase the final game release or Beta v2.0? No game comes out without flaws or glitches you say!! Does that make it acceptable? How about setting a new standard, setting yourselves apart and saying “yes we are the best”? I know you’re talented. I know you worked hard. I personally feel releasing the game with a fix/tweak list that long diminishes all of that hard work and tarnishes your reputation. I for one will not rush out to purchase your next release. I will wait until your forum contributors submit their kudos.

    • TheClassified 02.26.12 at 19:34

      as far as i know the dog tags is the pre order items XP. i just cant understand why by releasing that long list tarnished their reputation. to me it shows how they working hard to fix this game. this bf3 community really make me feel sick, when DICE want to fix the game they are wrong, when they dont want to fix it they are wrong too. you know what, we really dont care if you dont like this game, a lot more people enjoy and love this game and we dont give shit to what you say. i think you better make your own game. we definitely wont miss you.

  • Rabbidsnip3r 02.25.12 at 18:30

    Yes! DICE finally gave the fans the thing that they really wanted… well besides BF3, for some reason DICE never ceases to amaze me

  • gmc112 02.25.12 at 17:30

    SOON tm

  • FPSSIZ 02.25.12 at 16:47

    This is good news. Hopefully they can do this with all games seeing that we the community are the ones making the final descision. Look at it like this. The people that are trying to contact you and tell you how they feel are soo passionate about this game that they are going completely public with your no response attitude. You should be more than happy we are not getting paid to help you with these issues seeing that the person that is paying you does not want you to continue to make money. Not communicating with your fans and the family you have made from nothing is a huge no no and we all are exstatic about this huge leap into what a game developer publisher or whatever you maybe should be doing with something as this. Congrats from all of us and we shall see this empire to the top of the rest of them.

  • HollaOjOj 02.25.12 at 16:45

    When we will be able to destroy the bridges?
    When we will be able to destroy the all paper clone houses?
    When we will be able to go through the curbs?

    Make some real time dynamic events on maps like Radio tower but not script.

    Make some new game mode like convoy or some think like tower deffense.

    You have a very powerful tool, use it.

  • PHprof 02.25.12 at 14:33

    THEY LIVE! I thought for sure EA had them “taken care of” to keep them silent. Now I will rack it up to 18 hour days, 6 days a week and the 7th day getting out of the doghouse with the significant other. Been there, done that.

  • zanychelly 02.25.12 at 13:56

    I was one the proplr protesting on twitter.
    And i have to say, this is a promissing thing.
    I really have to say this What i feel before all this hapens was: Dice has droped the game.
    But, they didint.
    Keep on the good work Dice, ans continue to listen the real fans of BF

  • MONEYISME 02.25.12 at 04:15

    Thanks you so much DICE!! Thanks a whole lot for listening to the community and giving us what we wanted! Always the best! With Love <3

  • Hisgramma 02.25.12 at 01:13

    Dice, I love that new DLC that came out earlier this month! It was free and nothing happened! Well, if you think we’re all idiots then we are right? =3

  • StormexDante 02.25.12 at 00:34

    Inside DICE? So you mean, we get to see what you do to work on Battlefield 3? That means we get to see you as you use battlerecorder and don’t give it to the players. Basically, you forgot to add a feature to your game that was SEVEN godamn years old and was so popular in BF2, yet you decided to keep it for yourself… Can’t wait. /rant

  • Kaivtroll 02.24.12 at 20:49

    There is a list of updates here http:/

    But I’d like to see an offline mode on console (hopefully multiplayer) that way people can learn to fly and not kill off their entire squad!!!

    • Rabbidsnip3r 02.25.12 at 18:32

      I think that you have a good point it kind of pisses me off becasue every time i try to pilot a jet i smah into something and kill everyone

  • Kaivtroll 02.24.12 at 20:28

    People there is a list of updates here;

    Since we shouting out wants (64 player on console) how about an offline mode (multiplayer if possible on console) that way many people can learn to fly w/o taking out and entire squad, that 4 tickets!!!

  • helisport 02.24.12 at 20:24

    LOWER USAS-12 especially with frag rounds. This guy shot me with it from 40 feet away and in two shots I was dead.

    • MrWiggle420 03.01.12 at 23:16

      I definitely agree, the USAS-12 is for special players. I mean come on it takes no skill to kill.

  • xeonXAssault 02.24.12 at 20:18

    my opinions on next pach are
    1. fix FAMAS, its to accurat at the rate it fires
    2. fix roadkilling on the MAV people can just sit in the back of the map and get kills
    3. Make private matches on CONSOLE!
    4. weaken the jet minigun its wayy to powerful and helicopters have no defence against it

  • bf364consoles 02.24.12 at 19:25

    I was very disapointed in the console version of the bf3 game, its not a bf game unless it has 64 players that was the best thing about the game was the 64 players, there is just not enough action with 24 its slow paced, brings the game down can you please somehow change this and add 64 players if the ps3 could handle 256 players with mag it can handle 64 24 players is just to little especially in those big maps. so please im begging you can you somehow change the player count thanks for your time

    • xeonXAssault 02.24.12 at 20:20

      well kepp 24 players but add another option for 64 players because people might this 64 is to much
      and also a cool game mode would be something like search and desroy on COD

    • Justinbro13 02.27.12 at 23:36

      I would really like to see more players but that is something that is probably never going to happen.They boosted pc why not console.24 to 32 players on consoles

  • bf364consoles 02.24.12 at 19:21

    I was very disapointed in the console version of the bf3 game, its not a bf game unless it has 64 players that was the best thing about the game was the 64 players, there is just not enough action with 24 its slow paced, brings the game down can you please somehow change this and add 64 players if the ps3 could handle 256 players with mag it can handle 64 24 players is just to little especially in those big maps. so please im begging you can you somehow change the player count thanks

    • Brocass 02.25.12 at 03:48

      Or you could say: It’s not a bf3 game unless it’s on PC? If you’re not happy with the player count don’t play on a 6 year old console, cheapskate.

  • Boat- 02.24.12 at 18:19

    When will Consoles get PRIVATE MATCHES!!????? come on Dice!

    Fix the Audio Drops, hope it’s in this next patch!!!

  • Rambo1ST 02.24.12 at 11:49

    Hey got an idea for a sniper rifle bring in a bolt action loads 1 shell at a time 1 shot kill slow reload because it shows him remove bolt attach shell to bolt inserts into rifle then can fire and damages tanks and helicopter decently.also maybe have it sever limbs

    also a 2 man jet like in campaign

    also something really cool would be 4-5 story buildings or taller falling horizontally imagine chilling at a flag in conquest in a tank or something and a building across the street falls on top of you and the rubble stays there. also allow us to collapse bridges like on Gulf of Oman driving tank across and you fall through like from bfbc2

    make MAV unable to road kill tired of noobs hiding in non combat area killing me while i try to snipe i rarely use it never gotten a roadkill but dozens of deaths

    add an artillery strike for recon 105mm cannons like mortars from bfbc2 but 5 shells or so hit area 30m wide or so and can disable a tank if 40% hit or destroy if 80% of shells hit so they have some defense against armor and can demolish structures

    make another claymore or change current where it has wire between 2 charges 4-5ft wide :—-: walk across and bang

    night vision goggles for new night map fight inside of ship

    also a new melee have them choke enemy from behind with cable on night maps

    thats all my ideas

    • coldstriker21 02.28.12 at 01:55

      i ask the same question to put a .50 cal with your mods. but guess what they’ll retort “the game play and the weapon effectiveness will rule out the others it’s not going to be (balanced)” i’m tired of hearing that crap every single announcement they make JUST GIVE WHAT THE CONSUMER WANTS!! tired of shooting someone twice especially with a .338 Lapuah

  • SniperMaikey 02.24.12 at 11:37

    yes, then we can here all the upcoming DLC, i hope??? thank you DICE

  • BigD0121 02.24.12 at 07:32

    But, uh, isn’t this blog supposed to be telling us that kind of things already lol? Contect plans, updates, upgrades you planned, latest news…

    I don’t get it.

    • H Brun 02.24.12 at 17:09

      Good point! What we’re saying by adding this new section and post tag is that we are promising a greater regularity, greater frequency, and greater transparency than earlier. And it all starts next week.

      • Brocass 02.24.12 at 17:14

        That’s great news, looking forward to it. Thanks!

  • LordJuggernaut 02.24.12 at 05:48

    With a few fixes I’m sure EA will maintain and gain buyers! Good work!

  • DanteYoda 02.24.12 at 04:51

    Whats bad with the game

    Loading issues between map changes
    Crashes to the Desktop
    Games freezes
    Hit registration is poor
    Guns/weapons disappearing
    In game stutter / input type lag
    Sound issues going and returning
    Squad parties lock themselves randomly
    Sights magically disappear
    People swapping team to kill the other team
    Totally no team balance in BF3
    BF3 promotes zero team play
    Engineers can heal Air Vehicles in flight
    Unbalanced weapons
    Pressing Q key for spotting wrecks your aiming
    Spotting is useless
    Commrose is useless
    Commrose Bugs out and cannot be clicked
    Spawn Gui appears after your ressurected
    Spawn Gui bugs out and cannot be clicked buy the mouse
    Aiming bumps in and out of hipfire when sighting enemies only
    Lock on will flicker from one vehicle to another if they are close

    (Battlelog issues)
    Cannot speak to friends (saying offline yet they speak to me)
    Battlelog no longer refreshes
    Battlelog Voip parties Lock themselves over and over for no reason
    Voip Crashing whole parties
    Strange freezes in Voip chat

    (Origin issues)
    Cannot play BF3 without it
    Cannot Start BF3 if its down
    Cannot even get to Battlelog if its down
    Forced into Campaign if its down

    Punkbuster Issues
    Has to be manually updated over and over to fix issues
    Never auto updates
    Disconnected from EA (1)
    Something went wrong
    Server no longer there
    Game will not play if the versions do not match

    Hackers Aimbots, ESP, wallhacks, teleporters, masskillers, triggerbots, etc
    Macro users, no recoil fixes..etc
    Exploiters Broken maps..People under maps, people above maps, MAV riding, MAV killing, etc

    • LordJuggernaut 02.24.12 at 05:46

      You’re never going to find a game that is perfect. Yeah sure they made some inexcusable mistakes but look at what they did to revolutionize the FPS genre. Outstanding graphics, audio, and other game play. I play on the 360 and have no issues with game play. The only thing I want taken out is the feature to spot explosives. With this feature I can no longer have my DPV strapped with C4 on the side of the road waiting for a tank to drive by…

  • sfscriv 02.24.12 at 04:13

    This is likely Damage Control due to the Battlefieldo threat of a Blackout. Will DICE actually change their ways?
    “Conquest mode” given back to the Battlefield Veterans: (default settings)
    - Squad Leader only spawn
    - 3D spot off
    - Audio Auto-spot removed
    - Enemy Squad Leader star removed
    - skull & crossbones icon removed
    - Kill cam off
    - Infantry & vehicle regenertive health off
    - Sniper scope glint removed
    Future DLC maps
    - Bigger playable area
    - More control points
    - Strategic value due to terrain and/or spawning equipment
    - More space between control points
    Integrated Teamplay Tools
    - Functioning in-game in-squad VoIP
    - Functioning Commo Rose with orders
    - Functioning BF2 order system
    - Readable mini-map
    - Full size “M-key” map readable & interactive
    Community Tools
    - Spectator mode
    - Battle Recorder
    - LAN ability
    - Mod ability
    - Sun intensity reduction
    - Contrast too high
    - Disabled at lower percentage health (currently, about 50%)
    - Able to regain mobility at lower percentage health (currently, 100% required to regain mobility)
    - Standard equipment smoke & flares (not unlock)
    - Standard equipped coax on tank
    **– Extras –**
    - Functioning Squad Leader only in-game VoIP
    - For Squad Leaders only; Full size “M-key” map see orders of other squads
    - Radio beacon taken away from Recon and given to Squad Leader as unlock
    - Control point letters (“A” for Alpha, etc) added to the map & static control point status
    - 3 zoom settings recalabrated
    - Zoom setting maintained for respawn
    - Middle zoom setting on initial spawn
    Commander for each team (Server 32 & more players)
    - Server option
    - Functioning VoIP with Squad Leaders
    - Able to see squad orders
    - Able to issue orders
    - Not physically present on the battlefield
    - Ability to set loadout in Battle Log and while alive for the next spawn
    - Battle Log recommendations
    o… Multiplayer Leaderboard add ability to look at platoon stats
    o… Ability to view other peoples individual stats
    o… Better invite system for VoIP channel
    o… Explanation of Avenge, Nemisis, Savior requirements
    o… Ability to invite players to platoon without the friend requirement
    o… Ability to stay in-game between servers
    o… Ability to enter IP address to join game server
    o… Ability to upload image for platoon from outside source
    o… Organize Awards into similar categories and the most difficult on the top row with the easiest on the bottom
    o… Double the size of awards so they can be seen better
    ….. Put the block of medals above the ribbons (stack instead of side-to-side)
    o… Cursor over the award displays explanation of award. Have the cooresponding ribbon highlighted when over the affliated medal
    o… Collect dogtags by player screen name
    o… Separate Kit stats page
    o… Explain the Assignments page on that page
    o… Player Overview screen seen by other players have player custom sections
    ….. Favorite Vehicle highlight
    ….. Favorite Award highlight
    That should keep you busy!!

  • EvilestRacer 02.24.12 at 02:49


  • James-Parker 02.24.12 at 02:40

    thank you dice… very nice!!! :-)

  • Dudleyowns 02.24.12 at 02:36

    We want Dinosaurs! Make it better than overrated zombies from CoD! And more maps! Love u guys! You all rock!

  • claessr 02.24.12 at 00:12

    I really hope DICE hold its promisses. I don’t yet thinking of quitting because i’m fairly new to the game, but it really needs an update.

  • DukeIyella75 02.23.12 at 22:47

    your lack of content and communication will not be tolerated!!! I hope this new ‘blog series’ works!!

  • TheClassified 02.23.12 at 21:23

    <3 DICE

  • POWERCOM 02.23.12 at 20:06

    This is because of the battlefield 3 boycott battlefieldo and ea uk forums (mordor).

    Dice listened to us . I really thought about quitting this game but these news stopped me from doing it

  • Baskerballe 02.23.12 at 19:45

    I guess that Blackout threat scared the living shit out of ya :P
    Bra jobbat DICE, fortsätt med det. Hälsningar från andra sidan Sverige ;)