Battleblog #11: Every Battlefield 3 multiplayer game mode explained

In Battlefield 3, all maps adapt to the five multiplayer game modes available at launch. Read on for the full breakdown of every multiplayer mode in the game, plus details on how you can tweak each match to suit your personal tastes even further.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer action on the Caspian Border map.

Long standing classic Battlefield game modes Conquest and Rush are back in Battlefield 3, together with interesting new additions to make this our broadest and deepest Battlefield yet. From the close quarters infantry combat of Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch to objective driven all-out vehicle warfare – Battlefield 3 has it all. All of the 9 huge multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3 adapt to all 5 game modes, effectively giving you 45 distinctly different multiplayer experiences to choose between. Without further ado, here are the five available multiplayer modes at launch in detail. What they are, what their respective goals are, and how they play.

Team Deathmatch
On all 9 maps
Players: 24 (12 vs. 12)
Focus: Team Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
Winning the game: The team that reaches the set kill number first is declared the winner

Team Deathmatch is of the true classics when it comes to multiplayer game modes, and a game mode that makes its first appearance in a Battlefield game since the original Battlefield 1942. In Team Deathmatch, two teams of 12 players each duke it out on tight knit maps with a distinct infantry focus – there are no vehicles available in Team Deathmatch. For that quick instant action fix, this is the perfect game mode. For players new to Battlefield, this is a good place to start. Once you get the hang of the infantry gameplay, you can move on to deeper modes that include the signature vehicle warfare for which Battlefield is known and loved.

Squad Deathmatch
On all 9 maps
Players: 16 (4 squads of 4)
Focus: Squad Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
Winning the game: The squad that reaches the set kill number first is declared the winner

Squad Deathmatch is a larger and more dynamic variety of deathmatch that also features the inclusion of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The IFV can help break a deadlock, as long as you keep it alive with solid Engineer gameplay. The 4 squad setup means that there is a constant battle throughout the game to gain and maintain the lead. Sticking together, keeping your squad healed up, supplied, and repaired are the keys to victory. The squad that can combine the potent Battlefield mix of team play and combat prowess will be proven the winner.

On all 9 maps
Players: 24/32 (Console/PC)
Focus: Objective Based All-out Warfare
Goal: Attack/defend M-COM stations
Winning the game: Destroy all M-COM stations/Deplete the attacker’s tickets (Attackers/Defenders)

First introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company, Rush has now made its way to the heart of the Battlefield series in Battlefield 3. An objective based mode, the attackers have to arm and detonate pairs of M-COM stations in each area of the map to unlock the next area and the next pair of M-COM stations. While defenders have an unlimited amount of spawn tickets, attackers only get new tickets every time they destroy a pair of M-COMs. If all M-COM stations on the entire map are destroyed, the attackers are declared the winning team. If the defenders manage to deplete the attacker’s tickets to zero (by killing them), the defenders are declared the winners.

As an all-out warfare mode, Rush features a large variety of vehicle setups tuned specifically to that map’s landscape and features. Players can find all types of vehicles on Rush maps, including transport vehicles, armored vehicles, helicopters, and of course, jets. Rush offers a compelling objective based all-out warfare game mode for Battlefield veterans.

If you are familiar with this game mode from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you might want to know we are refining it for Battlefield 3 in a number of ways, based on player feedback. Some of the gameplay tweaks we are bringing to Rush are:
* You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm.
* If the attacking team arms the M-COM but runs out of tickets, the match will continue until the M-COM detonates or defenders disarm it
* If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow

Squad Rush
On all 9 maps
Players: 8 (4 vs. 4)
Focus: Squad Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Attack/defend M-COM stations
Winning the game: Destroy all M-COM stations/Deplete the attacker’s tickets (Attackers/Defenders)

Squad Rush is the ultimate test to show which squad is the best of the best. Squad Rush is an extremely tight duel between two squads that borrows the main rules from normal Rush, but in a much more intimate setting. In Squad Rush there are only 2 bases with 1 M-COM station per base, meaning that every M-COM taken or defended in Squad Rush is vital to the victory or defeat of the game. There are no vehicles in Squad Rush, so it’s all down to your infantry fighting skills.

To be successful it’s key that you and your squad mates customize your soldiers to complement each other on the battlefield, in order to keep reviving fallen mates, provide ammo, and perform other essential duties. Squad Rush is often favored by players who know each other’s play styles intimately and want to show their skills in the most personal of combat settings.

On all 9 maps
Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)
Focus: Objective Based All-out Warfare
Goal: Capture and Hold Flags
Winning the game: Deplete opposing team’s tickets

Conquest is without a doubt the most classic of Battlefield game modes. Introduced in Battlefield 1942, Conquest has defined the entire Battlefield series (and influenced a lot of other games out there) and encompasses everything that makes Battlefield great. Set over a series of large-scale maps, Conquest is the game mode best suited for the experience of all-out vehicle warfare. In Conquest, two teams fight for control of a number of flags by being the dominant force in the vicinity of each base. Capture and keep control of a majority of the flags and the enemy team will bleed tickets. Killing enemies will also reduce their ticket count, and the first team to run out of tickets loses.

Conquest is a strategic and tactical game that often asks you to make important decisions on whether to attack an enemy base or defend one of your own. Your forces will rarely be enough to capture and hold every base on the map, so in-game communication and quick thinking is necessary to be victorious. Of all of the game modes we have invented here at DICE, Conquest will always have a special place in our hearts.

Tweak your game with Hardcore and Infantry Only settings

Not a fan of vehicles? No problem — just click the “Infantry Only” box in your server browser when searching for a server game where no attack vehicles will spawn in, only transports. This is a great way to get a feel for the game or the map before you go all-out warfare.

Want a more lethal and tactical game mode where the risk and reward is even higher? With the Hardcore Mode setting, we are leaving you on the battlefield without much external help from the game interface. This game mode modifier will test the limits of your skills.

You can flick the Hardcore switch for any of the regular game modes. Doing so tends to turn matches into more deliberate and tactical affairs, since the penalty for being careless is higher. A lot of players prefer Hardcore Mode since it means that flanking and ambushing pays off to a higher degree, or because of the increased sense of immersion and authenticity that comes with removing user interface elements.

There is something for everyone in Battlefield 3′s adaptable array of multiplayer modes, maps, and modifiers. Add our many customization options for vehicles, weapons and classes, and you can see why we call this our biggest and deepest Battlefield yet.

Stay tuned for Battleblog #11 soon
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  • trey629 09.27.11 at 04:40

    they should have onslaught mode again but make it better like fighting waves of enemys like in gears of war.

  • trey629 09.26.11 at 20:40

    they should have onslaught mode again but make it better like fighting waves of enemys like in gears of war.

  • matipab 09.26.11 at 08:57

    EA, I can’t fucking believe you. 64 players only for PC? Unlike other developers you refuse to use all of the unexploited potential left in the consoles (More specifically, the PS3) you will lose reputation amongst console gamers by abonding them and only taking care of the whining PC players. Also, you refuse to give the PS3 players the epic experience that you offer with 64 players.
    I shall terminate my complaint by enphasizing this quote which I shall believe it is the one that answer a lot of questions.
    “Holocaust? Where did they come up with this?”

    • xFartikus97 04.07.12 at 04:09

      Ok first of all u dont know wat ur talking about. Second of all if u didnt know consoles cant handle that kind off space. If they add 64 players the game would be to slow and wouldn’t be any fun.

  • 604hotmix 09.26.11 at 05:20

    You should have some special 80 player maps, where its all out dedicated EA Servers.
    I am a Veteran, and one of the best players in the game (604hotmix) is my screen name. In addition, if its only an Infantry focused map then it should work, and not to much technical issues should arise.

    EA please do that just for one map, you would blow the world up with this type of atmosphere for not only the gamer but for the sake of saying “I have done it, I have made one of the biggest multiplayer maps the world has ever seen!”

    Just an idea.

    To bad I was in Toronto for work when you sent me the Alpha Best Test, I am so mad I missed owning noobs :(.

  • realcrazy11 09.23.11 at 22:29

    64 player is new world!! ang ang ang

  • BlackEngle7 09.23.11 at 06:49

    Hey I want to have more players online on consoles its more fun with more players on it or it will be like BFBC2 but just better picture please put more players on it :(

  • heribertico1 09.23.11 at 03:08

    please dice answer this question for me. please ! why is the 64 conquest multiplayer gameplay only for PC

  • Gurumakio 09.22.11 at 23:04

    Still wish Commander was going to be available.

  • 1anton123 09.22.11 at 14:31

    they forget dinosaur mode.. or maybe because dino mode isnt multiplayer but co-op they got it secret :)

  • bmwgmr7 09.22.11 at 10:55

    Crucial mistake not allowing players to use explosives to blow up M-COM stations. Shooting at it I can understand, but if an army soldier runs into a building and lays C4 all over an M-COM station, it WILL blow up. I hope there are still M-COM stations inside of buildings, that way you can plant C4 all around the building and collapse it on top of the station, blowing it up.

  • 1anton123 09.22.11 at 06:34

    yeah.. they said rush would have no jets but only conquest but here in the text it says and of course jets..

  • vincent23569 09.22.11 at 00:41

    i wonder if you can have private match with just 2 people in it

  • 638917 09.21.11 at 15:52

    cant wait if your getting the game on xbo 360 battlefield 3 ten add me gamertag xbox live: soldierlyDAVEZ

  • Detachment88 09.21.11 at 14:22

    Conquest (also in fans’ hearts) will forever be in Battlefield indeed.

  • aborderjumper69 09.21.11 at 12:22

    I hope there is a private match mode so i can practice flying jets and helicopters… That’s my goal for this game cause ive never learned how to in BFBC2

  • nt4g2011 09.21.11 at 11:21

    ps3 move support?????

  • Freddycougr 09.21.11 at 01:50

    Dear dice, i have one small request/favor to ask..

    You know how in the alpha you’d look down at your feet, turn, and your feet would just sit there and no stepping animation is showed ? Well yea i hope you change it for the final version of the game, its a small change but i like detail in a game and you do have plenty, but i just hope you would change that :)

  • 8057029 09.21.11 at 01:29

    der er en fantalastisk grafik

  • Th3Albtraum 09.20.11 at 17:52

    M-COM’s not able to be destroyed by explosives? So in a completely destructible environment you have an indestructible radio. They are practically indestructible as is, short of a building falling on it.

  • Baldero 09.20.11 at 15:46


  • abc577 09.20.11 at 13:52

    bf3 is looking awesome ’cause of the weapons, jets, and all out warfare at its finest

  • Gert-Ove 09.20.11 at 04:40

    I hope there will be some kind of helicopter/jet tutorial so that you can learn to fly without pissing your team mates off.

  • OMNISCIENT1 09.20.11 at 01:54

    I hope that if you include a “skill level rating”, since this game looks like its just bad company 2.1, that you will take into account they heavy aim assist and have it at least off by default or offset it to have a lower rating if you do. (magnum ammo takes the skill outta bullet drop in sniping too, get rid of snipers or take it off)

    Also, as a PS3 gamer…. this is for devs not trolls….. I would like to see something of an improved close quarters play and servers that don’t suck. I don’t wanna knife a sniper that isn’t moving 5times to have him STILL not die. I’ve been on board and love Battlefield since PS2 (BF2MC is still best) I would like to see you top the overall game experience and not focus so much on fluff.

    Where has the clan support gone?

    What the hell is so important about an mcom station?

    How come the next gen gaming is so not next gen? Frostbite rules, but when we play with people from other continents the experience goes to crap. I feel a need to have a game like BF2MC with clan support and the ability to choose a dedicated server to be on, how come we haven’t seen this with any of these BF games on the console since then?

    I refrain from making posts like these but feel I had to make at least one, in the hopes that somewhere out there, there is a developer not looking at the profit margin and actually making a game for the MA rated audience that is sick of “fluff”.

  • kz2ac2mw2 09.19.11 at 21:59

    Nice:) can’t wait to play the team deathmatch

  • SgtDigglesworth 09.19.11 at 20:51

    The game is looking crisp and polished, excellent advancement in the Frostbite engine. This time around however, is there going to be an anti-air lock-on? I sure hope so.

  • Xxkillman89xX 09.19.11 at 19:48

    heyy where is air superiority?

  • jpsmith82 09.19.11 at 17:56

    Only concern for rush having jets is this: 9 players waiting for jets to spawn, 3 actually trying to arm a crate. Probably going to be a major problem, at least in the beginning. Cant say I probably wont put on some sprint boost to get to a jet though.

  • screwCOD 09.19.11 at 14:39

    its 24 to 32 for ps3 and xbox (24 for xbox cuase its crappy and 32 for ps3)

  • TOADONE 09.19.11 at 13:02

    please hurry the beta

  • screwCOD 09.19.11 at 07:11

    I heard that the BETA won’t come out UNTIL they know they can release the BETA on that date.

  • TOADONE 09.19.11 at 05:02

    please hurry the beta

  • rapant1126 09.18.11 at 23:29

    where do we look for the battlefield 3 beta invitation for those of us who have the medal of honor beta key.

  • LDSesanders 09.18.11 at 21:04

    How come there is never any mention by EA Games about what they are going to do to control the hackers. It’s out of control and ruins the game for every paying customer.

  • LDSesanders 09.18.11 at 21:00

    Wow, all those years of waiting and the same modes?? Need to take a chapter from Modern Warfare and get creative. Too bad.

  • jacob98hall 09.18.11 at 19:30

    what is the max players that can play on xbox live

  • Gravewish 09.18.11 at 15:41

    nice, I can’t wait o_O”

  • Matser85 09.18.11 at 13:52

    i’m getting pretty fucking sick of this, hyping up games so you can take money for it without it even existing already, give that fucking beta or just shut the fuck up until the release date

  • LauraeOh4 09.18.11 at 07:31

    Please make console’s Conquest Mode 32 players! I know it’d make the battle much more EPIC! Besides, BFBC2 was 24 players, so I’m sure the new Frostbite 2 engine can handle and extra 8 guys…

  • SuperLoadedCat 09.18.11 at 05:58

    where the heck is my freakin beta man ! ? !

  • MrPainkillerx 09.18.11 at 03:37

    No beta no battlelog DICE YOU SUCK

  • JUELZ_ 09.17.11 at 20:33

    You guys should have a squad team leader game mode you know like the game mode in rsv2 i think it would be fun to play in bc3

  • bebalo68 09.17.11 at 19:24

    As a response to Say_Whaaaaaaaat_’s comment I have an idea for a completely unique game mode. It may sound a little crazy, but that’s only because it is. And if DICE reads this I would seriously recommend this as a new game mode for BF3 like Onslaught mode for BFBC2. Only three words can accurately describe it: Giant Monster Takedown. Something like where you have to take down a giant monster using the vehicles and weapons of BF3. This would also go perfectly with Destruction 3.0 and complement it very nicely I think. Plus, what’s more epic than a 64-player map with a giant monster destroying everything in an epic battle with the military. More specificly I think of Godzilla but different monsters would also fit.

  • MasterLuBu 09.17.11 at 15:44

    Can’t wait to have 64 players back for the ultimate Battlefield experience. Bring on the BETA already!

  • Gurosin 09.17.11 at 13:43

    screw consoles.

    release the beta for pc.

    Why should pc suffer?

    I hate it when consoles screw pc gamers.

  • Savathos 09.17.11 at 06:03

    The people whining about no damage to MCOMS from explosives/bullets make me LOL. They’re probably the very ones who don’t even attempt to arm an MCOM in BC2 and instead try to kamikaze C4 it or rocket/tank snipe it. Cheap. This is a great change and easily one of the best tweaks DICE has yet revealed. And you know what? If after the beta or once the game’s out, DICE sees that it negatively affects the Rush experience, they can change it back. So calm down and stop acting like it is the end of the world. Besides, it’s not just these changes in isolation. They’ve previously stated (on Twitter and elsewhere) that voice chat will default to the entire team channel, with you able to adjust it further if you wish, so coordination with teammates will be made easier. Sure, the MCOMS taking no damage from explosives/bullets might not be realistic…but this isn’t real life. It’s a game, and in games fun > realism.

  • Blackjackkid7 09.17.11 at 02:51

    I’m ready for Rush and Squad Deathmatch mode.

  • bf3fan17 09.16.11 at 23:26

    what!? no vehicles on team deth match!that sucks!!!

  • bf3fan17 09.16.11 at 23:23


  • rap_sgv 09.16.11 at 22:55

    Hardcore mode should be default. And softcore should be optional to those who want to be noobs.

  • PPNSteve 09.16.11 at 22:10

    wait a minute here.. we’re not going to have 64 players on Rush for the PC?

    Whoa, not cool. please increase it to 64 max, thanks.
    I do like the changes with the tickets, M-COMs though

    what about squad rush? only 2 squads (one against the other?) we need 2 squads of 4, 8, or more VS same at a minimum.

  • BEYOND KILLING 09.16.11 at 22:08


  • 00killer123 09.16.11 at 21:14

    there is only one problem with the picture, its not battlefield 3 that is A REAL WAR CLIP. no but seriously that’s how good the graphics are going to be

  • Jakethesnake 09.16.11 at 20:55

    @TomaSkTemplar: I realize english may not be your first language so its hard to read your post, but what the hell are you talking about? BF3 for PC does include co-op… Then you kind of ramble about how co-op made BF1942, Vietnam, and BF2 but none of those 3 had any kind of story let alone co-op. They were online play only. Then there is the rambling about 9/11 which makes even less sense. ITS A GAME MAN, with co-op on all 3 versions. What am I missing here?

  • P0k3r_OF_Sm0t 09.16.11 at 20:32

    Where the heck is the new “Operation Guillotine” video?
    The first trailer said part 2 coming 9-16-11. So where is it?

  • P0k3r_OF_Sm0t 09.16.11 at 20:31

    Where the hell is the 2nd part of “Operation Guillotine” ?
    The teaser said there would be another episode 9-16-11, where is it??

  • GratefulWriter 09.16.11 at 20:23

    how about lower pc players a little and raise cosols a little so its even.

  • kabotynpl 09.16.11 at 20:16

    Ok. Where is “operation guillotine” footage part II which has been promised at 16.09.11!!??

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.16.11 at 20:12

    9-16-2011 big hype=nothing new?!?!?!!? oh i know,
    9-16-2011 lets throw a random date to tick off our fans!!

  • GratefulWriter 09.16.11 at 20:08

    No raise up the console version. PC you have enough. Dice atleast put consle up to 32 players.

  • SilentShadowfox 09.16.11 at 19:48

    it would be cool to see something from 2142 in bf3

  • Uberslick 09.16.11 at 19:44

    FUCK YES!!!

  • mattm07 09.16.11 at 19:02

    Are you guys really that confused? It’s not that difficult to understand. As others have stated – 24/32 means 12 v 12 for consoles 16 v 16 pc, im guessing on the same maps, just like bad company 2, and 32 v 32 on expanded maps. Karl Magnus Troedsson said in an interview that to get higher player counts on consoles (as well as 60 fps), they would have to scale back in other areas like destruction. So would you rather have the same game with fewer players, or some generic garbage like MAG. Don’t blame the developers for not catering to you just because you choose or can only afford hardware that is 5 years out of date. You can spend ~200 on a graphics card and upgrade a pc that has anywhere near a half decent CPU. (I put a GTX 560 in a $600 Dell from ’07, and I can max out every game I have except for BC2.) It does not take thousands of dollars to game on PC.

    Also, for all those complaining about a lack of 64 players in other game modes, think about that. Do you really want 32 players per team trying to attack/defend 2 mcom stations? It would be complete chaos, and the defenders would have a huge advantage simply because of the number of places they could be to defend the station. The only game mode (that will be included in this game) they have experience in 32 v 32 with is Conquest, (I’m not sure how many were in TDM in 1942.)

  • MALTHUSIA 09.16.11 at 18:50

    Where is Operation Guillotine trailer?!?

  • bffolife 09.16.11 at 18:14

    we as console players demand more than 24 players at least 32 to 40 players and this we demand.

  • Matser85 09.16.11 at 17:52

    plus the bomb exploding when the disarmer get’s killed is kinda lame, so between the lines it says defuse it with your whole squad so you will be part of an easy multikill

  • bffolife 09.16.11 at 17:37

    we demand 32 players as console and bf veteran member

  • raininbulletz28 09.16.11 at 17:24

    Please tell me that we will be able to fully lay on the ground in BBC3. Plus I hope your not taking away being able to blow up a M-COM station by shooting it or any other ways possible because that was awesome to do in BBC2. Also I wish you would have made it to where two people could have played on the same Xbox in multiplayer. Can’t wait for the beta. Hurry because Modern Warfare is looking pretty good as well.

  • NuclearPotatoe 09.16.11 at 17:07

    Conquest all the way

  • pahis7 09.16.11 at 17:05

    Consoles max player is 32

  • NWJake 09.16.11 at 17:03

    9/16/11? where is more info on the Guillotine mission? or was something else supposed to happen? Just curious cause the day is here but nothing from yall.

  • Matser85 09.16.11 at 16:50

    ok i used to laugh at people trolling for the beta, but my patience just depleted just bring it already

  • sandman57d 09.16.11 at 16:28

    some people might need to learn how to read, its 32 or 64 players for pc only in conquest (you get an option) and its not 64v64… its 32v32 which makes 64.

  • DUD3 ON COUCH 09.16.11 at 16:20

    ya you said sept were is the fnnnnnnnn beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 19kilo20 09.16.11 at 15:49

    lies all lies!!!

  • ------> HiTi 09.16.11 at 15:40

    Aweasome, cant wait for this game!!! Must see our new Blog about our option on Battlefield 3, please take your time and comment on some posts, see ya :D

  • Chhinbolina 09.16.11 at 15:32

    does bf3 allow community mods so we can maybe get 128 players?

  • Jakethesnake 09.16.11 at 15:27

    I love reading all these “suggestion” comments from people… “we want at least 32 players on consoles”… “the PS3 can handle 64 players”… “you should have more game modes/maps”… “blah blah blah… Seriously people, Dice spends hundreds of hours, years even, developing these games and perfecting them so that our gameplay experience is the best it can be. This is battlefield, not halo. Screw King of the Hill and CTF. The game will be great no matter what! BF:BC2 was great with only 24 players, why wouldnt BF3 be? AND THEY ARE SCALING THE MAPS!!! The maps will suit 24 players, not 64! My God, read before you speak. Just wait patiently for the game release, stop whining about the Beta (because we all know you just want to play, not make the game better), and be happy with what Dice has made for us. The game mode player limits are the way they are for a reason Im sure. Rush probably didnt work well with 64 players, so they balanced it. People just need to stop bitching and be patient is all I am trying to get across. The do what they do for a reason. :)

  • lafuller 09.16.11 at 15:15

    I’m getting very tired of the Battleblogs posting “new” info that we already had knowledge of. The real question is when will the beta come out? The wait has been torturous and we cannot be patient any longer. Please give us more details on that next time, or give us a beta, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • ACK_MINDSEYE 09.16.11 at 15:13

    I humbly ask that you consider CTF for future DLC. Let’s face it….I’m going to be playing this for the next 3 years at the very least! And don’t forget ONSLAUGHT, Battlefield:KOREA, Battlefield:WWII, Battlefield:WWI, Battlefield:CHECKERS and CHESS,…..oh, yeah, I’m ready to give you ALL of my money!! Food and shelter comes second!!!

  • R3N36AD3 09.16.11 at 14:47

    dear DICE,

    it’s mid-September and still no Beta.

    (one of the few who pre-ordered MoH and bought it for the EARLY BF3 Beta access)
    ((one of many who pre-ordered BF3 and paid in full and attending the midnight launch))

  • loz.banks 09.16.11 at 14:33

    are we gona get 64 players online like bf2 ?or is this a step backwards

  • omb2777 09.16.11 at 13:48

    when is the beta?!?!? i waited all week when it said operation guillotine continues 9/16/11 so where is it?

  • Gurgo 09.16.11 at 13:38

    cant wait to test out the conquest in beta!

  • rootb33r 09.16.11 at 13:20

    find BETA
    can’t find it?
    It’s cause DICE didn’t release it yet! C’mon DICE. Screw guillotine, i want BETA NAOW!

  • Razors1999 09.16.11 at 13:03

    now i’m not the same exited fr the game as i was BEFORE they started to tell everything in tha game

  • PeteLaRo 09.16.11 at 12:56

    so now we have to abandon a tank to get out and arm the damn M-COM? that’s stupid.

  • kpstreetfighter 09.16.11 at 12:25

    Yo BreeTime, you see how it says “or” written on there? That means we do have 64. Peace.

  • Okaychain 09.16.11 at 12:25

    ok so in bad company 2 if a m-com station is in a building and if we take out the building will it be destroyed or are any in a building? are you trying to prevent that?

  • Holoqvist 09.16.11 at 12:13

    just one word Battlefield :)

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.16.11 at 12:10

    or they could implement something from a game i saw into theirs.
    i saw something where a team had to evac a tank to its destination and
    there were oposers trying to stop them….
    i mean something like this would be great you know??? actual team play
    involved rather than 2-3 guys capture a flag
    while the rest of the team sit in a bush in they’re wookie suits!!!!
    because honestly 2-3 man squads can win the game if the rest are wookie suit distractions…
    but doing that kind of defeats the purpose of TEAMPLAY!!!!!

  • kostman20 09.16.11 at 11:36

    9/16/2011 2:35pm still no trailer or news about beta

  • TomaSkTemplar 09.16.11 at 11:21

    apart from the piracy problem that they seem to think to be tackling by not including coop on PC … which is a big turnoff for PC BF fans like me, as coop was a big and integral part of 1942 and any BF game later on. Games without coop are half-games. Why telling us freedom to play but forcing us to play online ? No hypocrisy ? If I dont want to play online I can just throw the DVD off, jump on it, because it is worthless.

    Coop is the big part of the 42, vietnam and bf2. Even though BF2 threw it off at the beginning. Ive later heard that BF2 was patched and had coop. Good, because I wouldnt have ever bought BF2 whatsoever.

    BFBC 2 had no news about NOT having coop. So, I as many others assumed it ould have coop. So I and my bro installed it and coop was not to be found. 100€ thrown into nothing but online play … I never really enjoyed online play, only when being bored … I had to force myself to play online and campaign was seenitall, knowitall. Not fun. Buying a game that you had expected had none to be found was a huge turnoff. So … EA/DICE it seems because you are afraid of pirates, we, paying customers are to pay the brunt of your shortsided foolish decision.

    I think I will write a parralel. On 9/11 US elite made a terror attack, (al qaida friends from soviet times) then the elite says, we know who the terrorists were (really ? xD) and point some people that still live happily etc. that have somehow survived jet crashes, also … how did the 3rd building collapse ? Too much nano-thermite it seems. Then elite wants more control over a country, (not dominion, but domination, world too) its puppet president says, that we need more protection (in other words, we need to spy on you and if you are opposition, you will be marked a terrorist, or conspiracy theorist, madman, etc., “dishonoring” those who perished) – youre likely to be an enemy of the state for different views, than the mainstream is brainwashing one into.

    Why are we forced to go play online ? Why do we have to pay for a half-game ? Who is the idiot who made you think that removing coop will protect you from piracy ? Coop campaign might at first look good. It wont last and again you are forced online FFS. Im not going to pay for something that I will be bored of in less than a week.

    You can make fancy videos of how “cool” it will be, but unless I see real improvement in physics for jets and REAL coop, my bro is very hardly going to buy the game. I for physics and coop, he only because of coop.

    Single player campaign is a waste. It is a one timer. Why not making something replayable ? Or you want as many people playing online even when they dont, because they mistakingly bought the game thinking there was going to be coop ?

  • DrAtomic1 09.16.11 at 11:13

    “* If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow”

    Just make arm/disarm instant which yields the same result as this solution is very unrealistic, no bomb in the world will delay itself just because somebody is trying to cut the wires…

  • Dark_Oven 09.16.11 at 11:10

    Just wish they would ad a titan ish game mode

  • colasso1 09.16.11 at 10:41

    64 Players * . *

    Me – When is the BETA date?

    DICE – Soon.

  • rodriguez82 09.16.11 at 10:04

    Where’s Battleblog #12?

  • merkuralex 09.16.11 at 09:58

    I believe its pretty clear.. they say “(Console/PC)” meaning 24 players on consoles whereas PC has the capability to go up to 32 or 64. (HINT: look where the slash is…)

  • mornatan 09.16.11 at 09:57

    it’s 9 maps including “back to karakand”? or 9 new maps+4 maps of back to karakand?

  • spades213 09.16.11 at 09:09

    OH come on at least do 32 players for console or even 28, I mean thats not over doing it especially since the maps are large in area and there are a lot of vehicles to use make it fun and make it feel like its a war feeling. I play bc2 and the only time it feels like a real battle is when I play on maps that dont have many vehicles to choose from b/c you have ground troops but also vehicles being used all the time raise the bar a little at least for ps3……

  • ynnesmarcus 09.16.11 at 09:03

    I think the 24 player on consloe will be the biggest(only) mistake about this game. When I play BC2 on xbox (that is 24 player max) its usually like 7 vs 8 people in a room. The smaller maps are fine but the bigger ones are not. Dice said that BF3 maps for console will be like the biggest ones on BC2. With that said, we can compare a normal BF3 map with for exampel “Heavy metal”-map from BC2, this map is only ok with an almost full room, the standard 7 vs 8 room is not enough.
    Im afraid a typical BF3 scenario on console will be like: 2 players on tanks, 2 peolpe in a helicopter, one in the Jet and another one waiting for the jet to respawn, and then it will only be like 2-3 people left on the ground…
    I think they need to reduce graphics even more on the console versions till it can take at least 32 players, then a standard room will be like 13 vs 14, it will be worth it!

    And why is it that there are only 24 players on the console version of BC2, PC has 32.
    How can they now have a more advanced(graphics) game like BF3, and still have 24 players on console? Why didnt they make BC2 a 32 player game, since the consoles had power left to use??

  • WEAPON 508 09.16.11 at 07:57

    how about 2nd part of campaign video ….its the 16 th

  • scotchbreath 09.16.11 at 07:43

    no destroying m-cons? booooo lots of points there to be lost.points should still be obtained by m-con you can never count on an entire team to attack so setting charges exclusively will make it harder to destroy /easier to defend.what about scenery destruction?will taking down a building still destroy the station?also it is a tad disappointing to know that conquest will only be 24 for console use vs 32 to 64 for pc.but i guess with that many people and vehicles on the screen at once my ps3 will freeze every five seconds if i can get through one full game without resetting my machine i will be amazed.still, my pants get tight every time i think about the bf3 release.oh can we get more hardcore jet action videos?

  • WOLFMAN 1469 09.16.11 at 07:29

    Five multiplayer game modes, available at launch, Yay. Tweaking matches, YEAH!, you’ve got my attention. All maps have all modes. Cool, I wonder will they feel the same, mildly different, or drastically different across game types though with the objective points and border reshaping?
    TDM, classic. SDM, 4 squads of 4, I wonder if it will be four seperate factions for the four seperate squads. One IFV meh… honestly didnt play that much SDM, if at all, on BFBC2 so those players will have to weigh in on that. I might make an effort to play more of SDM on BF3. I had hoped there would be a mode like this against AI so squads could practice their tactics before jumping right into competition.
    Rush, alright its in the series now. It was fun in BC1. Refining, :: Alarm Sounding ::. Cant shoot, tank, rpg, mine, grenade, or C4 damage? I dont know, not realistic, and there have been plenty games run to the wire where detruction was a life saver.
    I can understand it as deturant for those bad apples who would exploit it right off the start and use destruction as a sole means to victory. The idea of a set last m-com delaying the end of game is a good one, I do remember a few matches ending with a crate/m-com set that would have clearly changed the outcome. All good till this last one.

    ” * If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow,
    the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished.
    If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow.”

    That seems a little off. The attackers are already on ticket count. There have been times when a squad or attacking team distracts the defending team on one side of the map while a small group or single attacker will flank and set. The trick always was how long can the attacker defend the crate/m-com from defusal once set. Usually, it was not till detonation but just to a few seconds before
    where defusing would be futile. I think this will really put the defending team more on the offensive as they will know they have time to get back to m-com if it is set. Another question I have about it would be, can multiple players defuse at the same time? If they can then, If a charge is set could the defenders theorectically chain defusers to continually to prolong the detonation. It all seems like a lot against the attackers is all.
    Now if a large majority of rush modes across the three games went to the attackers favor then I would understand from a balance standpoint.

    On Squad Rush how cool would it be to instead of having one attacking team and one defending team, make it so each team had an m-com they had to defend while attacking the opposing teams m-com. That sounds intense.

    Conquest 24/32 on consoles???? Still trying for 32? Good Luck. 4 squads vs 4 squads would be better than 3 squads vs 3 squads in full rooms.
    Conquest is so awesome. To think back, and remember that it wasnt in BC1 on day 1, seems crazy.

    Well some other game modes would be cool if they made it in or are added at a later date. An AI bot, horde wave, Squad Survival would be fun. A TITAN mode most certainly be welcomed with wide open arms as well.

    Tweaking, YAY! Server options, YAY! Consoles also? Conquest infantry only, thats a long walk, oh transport vehicles. Vehicles without guns? Hmmmm. Hardcore, more tacticle, higher reward, yeah I’ll probably be checking it out some more on this go around. Immersion, YES!
    Still hoping for weapons restriction/allowance options as it would create unique game modes in itself. Sniper battles, pistol shootouts, rocket launcher tag, grenade volleyball.

    Sounds good guys keep up the good work and I hope the servers are ready to handle all the influx.

  • xNTQ 09.16.11 at 07:05

    Nice job there :D

  • hellolleh123 09.16.11 at 06:43

    Just another week to early beta access, guys.

  • Ze M3D 09.16.11 at 06:27

    my heart skipped a beat when i saw a different image on the bf3 homepage… i guess it skipped it for nothing important

  • 1w34rgl45535 09.16.11 at 06:08

    @cubeli no 64 is the count of players per map so its 32 per team. same with 32, it 16 per team. 64 if you have a good pc 32 if you have an ok pc. you pc players are lucky y’all get hella players per map. but i’m just grateful us console players get bf3.

  • abhiddudde 09.16.11 at 05:49

    i thought operation guillotine was to be contd on 9/16 and get a full gameplay TRAILER for that but anywayS d blog was good . no beta info still coming from EA

  • UpNSmoke225 09.16.11 at 05:45

    I believe they meant… “24 or 32/64 (Console/PC)”???? Wish my Xbox could handle 32 player lobbies :-(

  • BF3GMO 09.16.11 at 05:31

    No Beta Date -_- FUCK YOU

  • xDRCxSTU 09.16.11 at 05:25

    i wish for 2 things: a voting system to kick people out of squad and the ability to back out while entering a multiplayer game (if possible). Other than that, is looks absolutely awesome! Cant wait

  • furrymky 09.16.11 at 05:04

    guys the pc has 64 pepole per game wich is lame because console pepole are paying more and only have up to 32

  • rawright23 09.16.11 at 04:37

    Can’t wait

  • NotorioK 09.16.11 at 04:24

    BreeTime, is 64 (32×32) not 128 (64×64). Or i did not understand?

  • nikomatiasrauhal 09.16.11 at 04:20

    miten vitus sen betan saa ku mul on medal of honor limited edition nii mun pitäis saada se beta jotenki nopeemmi ku muut mut miten ?

  • TofuChicken 09.16.11 at 04:16

    Hardcore mode is going to be so sick! Freaking getting sniped and everyone is like where the hell is this guy and so you have to get some cover and look for the light reflecting of the scope?! OMG I can wait only so much longer tho…..

  • Taisac 09.16.11 at 04:15

    Very good Battleblog, I was awaiting this one.

  • Forwards 09.16.11 at 03:42

    People need to stop giving their half-assed suggestions, from everything I’ve seen and read DICE have got this one covered, just sit back and RELAX, and wait for October aight???

  • xDEVIILDOGx 09.16.11 at 03:38

    its probly to late for this, idk, but you can always put in an update. please put in a cod search and destroy type gametype. i think i say this for most people that are getting bf3. its sort of like rush gametype but you only have to plant on one of the 2 mcom stations. you get one life. hardcore or core. all vehicles and i mean all or no vehicles. and i mean one search and destroy with vehicles and another with none. cmon you guys know its a great idea :)

  • Gob1ox 09.16.11 at 03:23

    Everything seems awesome, but can you add a squad mode for every play style (like the hardcore mode) and add more gameplay types such as: air superiority, classic CTF, FFA, etc. I just think it would be fun to have more than 5 different types of gameplay… and how cool would hardcore squad deathmatch for air superiority be?!

  • DrAtomic1 09.16.11 at 03:09

    “* If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow”

    Come-on how lame is that; no timer on any bomb in the world will delay itself once somebody tries to disarm it; quiet the opposite actually. If you are too late; you’re too late. That’s how it is in BF:BC and that’s how it should be. Other changes sound good.

    As a side note; please make sure all so called glitches are fixed (*cough* cheats *cough*), especially the jump-on-jump-off and switcheroo glitches which were and are glaring but widely used cheats in BF:BC and BF:BC2.

  • batliff 09.16.11 at 02:58

    And no Capture the Flag? What the fuck DICE!?! I mean seriously WTF!

  • WaR_SynDromE 09.16.11 at 02:43

    when is tha beta releasing? i have medal of honor limited edition, never played it once, just bought it cause i saw bf3 beta included! how is this going to work, what do u have to do , to get beta once it releases? thx

    WaR_CLouD BMC2 ps2

  • TomaSkTemplar 09.16.11 at 02:38

    come on DICE … we want coop on PC. Campaign doesnt count, nor does it really cut it. Add it as a patch or something, I dont care.

    If EA / DICE assumes PC players are automatically pirates and doesnt make real conquest coop maps (like Alamein :D 1942) you will be gradually destroying your fanbase. Forcing players to play multiplayer wont cut it, especially when people like me more often than not end up kicked because of PING.

    Solution isnt going to be something like “removing possibility of getting kicked because of ping” (like some would like) but deal with the core problem. A long time ago where I live you couldnt practically get hands on a original game, only pirated stuff, and games were sold in big cities only (and you had to pay the guy real money because he was “so kind” to burn a CD for u and now a CD itself cost was like 3€) thats how I got to know battlefield franchise as well. Mind you, no internet, pentium 2 times. Of course, everybody was doing it, I thought why I shouldnt. They´ve got enogh money anyway. And paying for a game 1/3 of a monthly salary was unthinkable (and now think about a whole PC which was like 4-6 times you could monthly earn) Seeing a game retail box was something of a luxury that really, and almost like nobody had a pc. Only wealthy had one. Today almost everyone has one, but not for gaming, or their machines are old.

    Now I own all bf games for PC and I like coop much more than I do playing vs other players. (especially random teamkillers, baserapers, exploiters of random things, imbas etc.) I even tried playing BF2 yesterday because BFBC2 doesnt have coop. But the nondestructible environment now just doesnt cut it anymore xD hehe :))

    I am not here to defend pirating, I pretty much hate it when the people think youre dumb for actually paying for games (arrogant pricks … Id say majority in my country still, even though they can afford it now) And … especially playing unpatched games pretty much sux too :) but those kids as I know – LOOK I got a new gaaaame … well their parents wont (well 95% of the time) give them money to buy a game unless its very cheap :P Like something they can fit in their little family budget. But “thankfully” :D for me I got no family of my own to take care of my kids xD so I have no expenses for anyone else so that leaves me with being able to pay for games. (I have little “running cost” so my bro buys me games, pays my university :) so he can play COOP with me, yea, he totally hates plaing vs people and vs me especially, when I pwn him :P, you might know that when you hear your heart bum-bum , bumbum tension xD and then AHHHHH you lucker sort of stuff xD :P and I cant play against him cause he always Alt + F4 … pretty dumb but hes my bro :) he cant calculate very well how bullets, tank rounds fly :) and about same goes about flying, even though he was pr0 at Chuck Yeagers Air Combat on a 286 in school times xDDDDDDDDDDD (well, hes 32 now :P) then 486DX4 120 MHz :P on a cousins computer.

    Im much more of a MP gamer than him, but I love COOP a real lot. and Im no pirate, I play bought games and I love coop much more than any other mode . Its conquest with bots so thats what I like, big maps, non restriction most of the time. :) I am very sure that most of the people writing here dont represent the majority of players – who play online only and coop mode is one of the best modes for players who love battlefield series but hate going online. Pwning hordes of bots who try to shoot you is quite fun to me. But I found BF 1942 coop the best. In the air once they got on your tail you couldnt get them off, unless you did a loop. Then it was about over, cause they just passed and AI didnt know how to respond to that.

    DICE come on, we want a real coop :) in 42 it was best, cause AI and coop maps used everything that there was, including artillery, bombers etc etc. :)) Wed like that back :))) come on plz :)

  • DjiRate 09.16.11 at 02:25

    and not to gripe cause i really do love the game but the option to talk to another squad or proximity chat almost NEEDS to be there…i have waaaay more than four friends playing at any given time and i/we like to all get on a team and rape the othe rteam…we always have to opt out of the squads to talk and devise strategies to win…this is a hassle and i feel it should be a priority to have that option in the game!

  • Xcillent 09.16.11 at 02:05

    Aww come on consoles can only have 24 people :( I thought we can play 64 players also I hope they can at least give us 32 players

  • nachorykaart 09.16.11 at 01:44

    Ok seriously guys? When r u gonna release the beta date? Im sick of turning on my xbox and waiting like 10 minutes for MOH to load just to be shot down at the lack of beta. :(

  • DogBeast 09.16.11 at 01:16

    @baddestkiller stfu are u the only one playing this game no then stfu.

  • footballrule 09.16.11 at 00:56

    Where the heck is the BF3 Beta?

  • thejakester96 09.16.11 at 00:54

    dice if cosole/pc 24,32,64 means cosoles ps3 etc and pc both get 64 then i have bought it already if consoles only get 32 by that then i still will as long as the graphics truly are spectacular

  • Schnipah 09.16.11 at 00:52

    Lol. Teamdeath match?

  • Gestotamoseke 09.16.11 at 00:28

    correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t some spokesman say that there were going to be more game modes in bf3? The only game mode added is Team Deathmatch, which is hardly an addition, every fps on the planet has that game mode.

    If by writing ‘at launch’ means that other game modes will be an ‘add-on’ please let me know, otherwise i’m pissed. I love these game modes, but I do like the flexibility and challenge that different game modes bring.

  • miguelito1981 09.16.11 at 00:26


  • KenZombie 09.16.11 at 00:18

    Why couldn’t you guys put a freakin’ Capture The Flag? Is it that hard?!?! Capture The Flag is a classic for every video game and it would be epic on BF!!! -_-

  • khmerman3 09.16.11 at 00:15

    I’m still crying over the fact that the game does not support split-screen. So much for accessibility…

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.16.11 at 00:13

    BETA NOW! *Kicks dice in balls*

  • QUICKSILV3R 09.16.11 at 00:03

    WTF we want 64 Rush and Team Deathmatch .

  • Thunder Fox 09.15.11 at 23:37

    Would be nice if they tweaked hardcore. I love that mode, I die just as often but suddenly am able to score kills too! Only thing I hated in any of the games was that I had no idea how many clips or grenades I had at any given time. I could understand not having a counter for my clip or total ammo…but if I had 2 grenades and 3 clips well… most soldiers can count that high not to mention these are items on your person in plain view. Some way to check them would make sense.

  • G Aka hOLd ThaT 09.15.11 at 23:30

    Yea no more throwing c4 on the MCOM and shooting it with RPGs. Sorry noobs that shit is over!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someguy12121 09.15.11 at 23:24

    Also have you guys at both EA and DICE upgraded the heck out of the servers? I bet that many of us will have major lag and boots due to the high volume of players. I can see it now, jets falling out of the sky, people running in place, tanks jumping ahead and back. Also how often will this game save? I sick and tired of BC2 saving every f-ing second and causing lag.

  • projectx56 09.15.11 at 23:18

    Consoles 16 vs 16 conquest? If its true, it is not Bad Company 3, BUT BATTLEFIELD 3 for the consoles!!!

  • KaosPepper 09.15.11 at 23:15

    Wonder if harcore will have the lower health? if so i will not play as it will throw all balance out the window i think (from footage and brief alpha play time) that they nailed the damage models for normal?

  • Qcowns 09.15.11 at 23:09

    I pre-commanded BF3 for 64 players and now you say that we can be only 24 players in a game on ps3 !!! Why ?? It’s so bad only 24 players when on the pc you can be 64 players in the same map !!! You broke the game omg !!!

  • Juba2142187 09.15.11 at 22:52

    Hy DICE and EA

    Im playing the Battlefield series since (Battlefield 1942 Vietnam)
    The CONQUEST Mode is what its all about and what the game makes so Special.Im still playing Battlefield 2 after 5 years..PLZ LEAVE THE CONQUEST Mode WITH 64 PLAYERS for PC.otherwise it will break my Heart,because i’ve been waiting for this game for Years.

  • mikedee1 09.15.11 at 22:42

    How about some new game modes

  • 426snipersquad 09.15.11 at 22:35


  • LEANDERTHAL 09.15.11 at 22:33

    Consoles cannot run more than 32 players without game-breaking lag. This is why

  • Xbravo. 09.15.11 at 22:28

    When reviving players, will their deaths still count like in BC2 or will it be like the past games (BF2 & 2142) where the deaths don’t count.

  • PerpetualJayman 09.15.11 at 22:19

    I hope rush has jets. for console too.

  • Lbjamin 09.15.11 at 22:13

    DICE you guys are my true heroes! Call of duty cant deliver like you can. every time i play Cod i play and win almost every time (no changes). Bf on the other hand gives me this feel that i actually matter to the team and contribute to the win. Your fellow battlefield veteran lbjamin PS: hope to see you all on the battlefield =D Oh and thanks dice for being there!!!

  • DavidMoreira141 09.15.11 at 22:12

    Hardcore on Battlefield 3 will be so cool!

    “Conquest 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)”? It means we have 32 players on consoles?

  • Qcowns 09.15.11 at 22:11

    They will loose a lot of buyer with this number of players …

  • exinfantry 09.15.11 at 22:05

    beta, 25th sept, stop asking!

  • Qcowns 09.15.11 at 22:03

    OMG !!!! It fking suck !!!! I pre-commanded BF3 because it was 64 players and now you say that we can only be 24 in a games on ps3 ?? … It’s gonna suck only 24 players when on pc we are 64 for the same map WTH IS THIS !!!!!

  • CHRISSANTE 09.15.11 at 21:25

    BETA NOW!!!

  • 8-K-Shinobi 09.15.11 at 21:22

    * You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm.
    somehow I personally dissapointed about this.
    we can bring the whole building down but we can’t even scratch those tiny little box…?

    why don’t just reduce the damage, and to counter that, gives the ability to the defender’s enginer to repair the M-COM

    just my tought

  • Snuggery 09.15.11 at 21:08

    Well, after seeing 32 players in rush, I must buy your game. Well played.

  • Jmolac 09.15.11 at 21:04


    What about BF 1944?

  • Okami0t0k0 09.15.11 at 21:00

    So if the defenders disarm the MCOM after it was supposed to go, is the next armed charge instant or does the MCOM counter restart??

  • exinfantry 09.15.11 at 21:00

    love the fact that you need to arm the M-COM stations, not just sit back and shoot at it.

  • HORUS1202 09.15.11 at 20:57

    i want 64 players in Rush

  • M_A_N_O_W_A_R 09.15.11 at 20:55

    Hey!! STOP asking about the Beta ,it will come after the Tokyo Show….if you don`t believe me ask DICE :) Next week ,my friends, BETA will arive……..

  • ENDLESSBEATDOWN 09.15.11 at 20:50

    u know wat would really make this game cooler 64 players on ps3 and xbox and when is the beta coming out i wanted now

  • bobbo96 09.15.11 at 20:40

    we want beta now please dice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • apenney95 09.15.11 at 20:39

    no air superiority??:(

  • KodY 09.15.11 at 20:21

    How about inventing a new mode again? It’s about time I think

  • Taisac 09.15.11 at 20:17

    Interesting new modes , having only seen videos of Rush from BC2 I think Battlefield 3 will be no short of varity with all these squad variants, sound very good.

  • ToxsickSlice 09.15.11 at 19:59

    I love both Rush and Conquest. There both so well done! And with the tweaks for the rush game mode it makes me love it more! TDM should be interesting to see it being implemented in a Battlefield game. But one thing i know is that DICE ALWAYS Gets it right!

  • kingchris20 09.15.11 at 19:53

    No CTF, …sadface

  • SOCOM_VIPER 09.15.11 at 19:52

    I would be really disappointed if TDM is limited to only 24 players. Need more guys in to experience visceral brutal infantry combat.

  • Dr J McLoven 09.15.11 at 19:49

    Ive played 128 player conquest maps on BF1 and BF2, still find BC1 and BC 2 24 player modes to be wayyyy better.
    So at first i was upset that my console wouldnt handle 64 players, but seeing that its only for 1 mode…. i dont care at all

  • Frany16 09.15.11 at 19:48

    Theses blogs are very informative however September is half over and still not a peep about the beta other than there is going to be a closed and an open one. Can we expect some new news soon I can’t stand the wait!?!?!?

  • EmJayJay 09.15.11 at 19:46

    Will you add King of the Hill type game mode? Support flags and with one primary flag which switches position after some time or after certain amount of points is gained. Capture radius would be big to prevent easy bombardment kills. And make it free.

  • BLINDKITTY185 09.15.11 at 19:39


  • NoMoreClaymores 09.15.11 at 19:27

    There’s no need for air vehicles in Rush mode!!! Stop trying to turn Rush mode into Conquest. It’s supposed to be a more intimate battle.

  • venom1010 09.15.11 at 19:25


  • priesthf 09.15.11 at 19:23

    When’s the fucking beta…. Lol >:)

  • DjiRate 09.15.11 at 19:10

    thats truly sad about the M-Coms…invincible M-Coms WOW!!!!!.as someone else said engineers should be able to repair them and all shady tactics accepted….ITS WAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!!! The reginerating vehicle health blows too i dont care how you say it will help atleast take it out of hardcore for the real warriors…this isn’t a CoD shitty ass game. One more thing is PLEASE stop catering to that shitty ass excuse for a gaming system(XBOX) and let us REAL console players(PS3) have the 64 player matches as we all know it can handle it especially if MAG can do 256 players with half ass graphics. Just because XBOX sucks dont make other console users who purchased a better system pay for what the XBOX lacks(even thouigh they have to pay for online…HEHE)

  • SuperStache 09.15.11 at 18:57

    I think a VIP/HVT game mode would be awesome, you could have a smaller group of players for it, or have more then one target at a time for bigger games.

  • DeathBroker 09.15.11 at 18:52

    I wonder if it’s 9 maps + the old ones from the Return to Karkand add on or does the 9 include them?

  • TankBustaHutch 09.15.11 at 18:47

    “* You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm.”

    This is the only complaint I have. Player feedback??? Did players forget to mention to you guys at DICE that when trying to arm and disarm M-COM Stations, that because people before you have died at the M-COM site, you often pick up people’s kits rather than arming/disarming, thus wasting precious seconds while everyone is shooting at you?

    Also, on the BFBC2 map Valparaiso (sp?) one of the most effective ways of blowing up M-COM A on the second set of Stations is to blow it up with C4 and the APC you get? If players really don’t want C4 or APC shells to do damage to M-COMS I find that hard to believe, and I think it was a mistake. If you can only arm and disarm, but you STILLLLL pick up dead people’s kits when you’re trying to arm the dam M-COM then A LOT of attacking teams are going to lose because of this.

    Give us back C4, artillery, and APC/Tank damage on M-COMS! If the defending team isn’t killing recons who have C4, or blowing up the enemy APC that’s shelling the M-COM, they are not doing their job and the penalty should be damage to the M-COM Station.

    Please take another look at this feature as being able to only arm/disarm while there’s dead kits everywhere you don’t want to pick up, along with the constant camping on M-COMs that defenders do from 100 yards away as recon or whatever with 4x or 12x scopes is a huge mistake. By not including APC/RPG, C4 and artillery damage to M-COMs, not only is this unrealistic but IT ENCOURAGES DEFENDERS TO CAMP AND SNIPE! We don’t want people JUST camping the M-COMs waiting for people JUST to arm rather than actually fighting off vehicles and RPG teams or whatever else. By adding those other types of damage, it forces the defending team to adjust their strategy, thus increasing team work and cutting down on the sniping campers that so many BF players get furious with.

    Please consider this and please respond. Thank you for your time DICE!

  • SlipperyFish 09.15.11 at 18:46

    Looks awesome !!
    64 players again wahoot hope the option to “cap” the other team out is available again !!!!!

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.15.11 at 18:45

    anyone notice that they already used this picture in previous
    blogs??? wheres the new stuff!!!??? WHERE IS THE BETA!!!??
    i seriously hope there nothing wrong with the game
    that is causing all of this delay dice…*kicks dice in the balls*

  • Flamurtje 09.15.11 at 18:40

    where’s the beta date ?!!!!!!!

  • Flamurtje 09.15.11 at 18:39

    WHERES BETA DATE WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sniperking20 09.15.11 at 18:39

    Guys, you really need to stop with the beta comments. Im 99.999% SURE that the beta WILL be announced tomorrow at TGS and will say when it starts at the end of the “Operation Gulition” trailer. Just BE PATIENT!

  • Resurgence34 09.15.11 at 18:34

    Kick ass Dice, you have truly continued to please. For anyone wondering, such as SLIMPHILTHY, The dividing ‘backslash’ on the conquest description indicates CONSOLE (24)/ PC (32)/ PC (64). Console is limited to 24, but PC has the option of choosing to be in a 32 or 64 player match. I hate to sound like all of the other people, but it is getting a bit ridiculous with the BETA date. If there is a matter that is causing you to have to postpone the date then it would be much more beneficial to your company’s P.R. and your fans to just say so. Otherwise, at least address the issue with the date. It does really suck that the people who spent $60 for the crappy Medal of Honor game aren’t going to have much of an early access date. Other than that, you guys have continued to kick ass and prove to be the best FPS developer in the market. Thanks.

    RESURGENCE34 – XBOX360 – FU2 Co-Founder

  • Rasetsumaru 09.15.11 at 18:15

    Here I am, Raset from PC exiled to Xbox360, :( hardcore PC are so expensive here, But I feel Sad cause you chop a lot the multi player for consoles, Even the map sizes, which is not fair, ok the players are ok, but maps!!!!???, I’m gonna buy a PC later but I want to feel what is 64 player conquest or at least 32 :( any way, will you release some day a kind of continuation of BF 2142??, I can’t stop dreaming about how Titan should be on frostbite2 or 3 :P, greetings awesome multi player modes :D

  • WEAPON 508 09.15.11 at 17:58

    things are gunna get ugly if they keep holding out on the beta

  • ruxkii 09.15.11 at 17:55

    damn i thought they would give the console atlease 32 players but apperently we are not cool enough, ehhh maybe i will go back to pc gaming after all :) cuz having the same big ass maps with 3 times less people is gonna be stupid.

  • cbtkid 09.15.11 at 17:47

    64 is too much anyway, way to much lag and it’s hard to even do anything with everyone running around which happens more than you have a good game

  • ramirez89 09.15.11 at 17:45

    Will the server admins have a chance to customize what kind of killcam they would like to see? Would be awesome. Killfeed would also be highly appreciated.


  • xSTYGIAx 09.15.11 at 17:43

    yeah i like what KELLOG5 said about neers being able to repair the mcom stations, that’d be really nice and tactical

  • Pile0g00 09.15.11 at 17:42

    LOL people conquest on consoles is 24 and PC is 32 or 64 player. Here is the quote and it follows the same convention for all the others”Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)” The format is (Console on this side of the slash/ PC on this side of the slash). Those are the total player count and not 64vs 64.

    I like the Rush changes, but I don’t understand why they don’t make the MCOM change configurable per server. Then you could choose a server that fits your preference and not be locked in to one option by the game.

  • CASS USA 09.15.11 at 17:40

    “With the Hardcore Mode setting, we are leaving you on the battlefield without much external help from the game interface…..the increased sense of immersion and authenticity that comes with removing user interface elements…..”

    I hope they have made improvements to hardcore mode. Taking the sights off of the heavy machine guns, not being able to tell how much ammo you have available, and other idiotic settings in Hardcore on BFBC2 didn’t make hardcore a great option. I pray that friendly-fire is an option in regular modes…

  • nianiaro 09.15.11 at 17:39

    Wow,rush sounds promising.Not that I don’t like it now,but seems better in BF3.

  • Mmadruga 09.15.11 at 17:39


  • TardOnPC 09.15.11 at 17:39

    @slimphilthy – Look at the format. Everything to the right of the “/” is for PC. 24 player maximum for both consoles.
    @Cubeli – 32 vs 32…

  • baddesthotrod 09.15.11 at 17:39

    REALLY DICE? Please take out TDM keep that with COD or else it’s gonna make the game horrible and TDM has NO OBJECTIVE AT ALL. TDM is just kill other people, real war isn’t like that real war actually has an objective like secure an area destroy a bunker or something. i may play BF3 less with TDM as a mode like in COD which has no objective at all and makes the game unrealistic and boring. Even though i PRE-ORDERED it i still LOVE Battlefield than any other game but TDM is going to ruin it, PLEASE dice take it out.

  • chasebeats 09.15.11 at 17:37

    Yes I can’t wait either I’ve been swapping disc around between MOH and BC2 to see if any news is reported via new ticker.

  • Jurgen_W_Bush 09.15.11 at 17:35

    Why have you limited the maximum number of players to only 24 on the consoles, 32 was a perfect number. Don’t se any reason for it.

  • JK RAPIDZ 09.15.11 at 17:32

    I agree with more game modes & maps in the future. Its not hard to imagine at all but can see people getting bored of the maps once they are high ranks. I just hope the ranking system takes a while to reach each rank & the unlocks take days/weeks/months to achieve. Extra weapons, game modes & maps will be the best for future DLC, especially for November & X-mas hoildays as well.

  • Deforum 09.15.11 at 17:31

    Love the fact you tweaked the mcom settings for the match not to end until its blown up or disarmed, however just like in real life if a bomb has been set it will still go off even if someone is attempting to disarm so to tweak it that way makes no sense to me what so ever.

  • carbon0HU 09.15.11 at 17:30

    “just click the “Infantry Only” box in your server browser when searching for a server game” then it will be server browser? btw WANT BETA!

  • Intrudarr 09.15.11 at 17:25

    Sounds like fun, BUT… I really miss the diversity of objectives like the best of all: BF 2142. I’d really appreciate some “invade the base” mode mixed with rush or conquest objectives. The Titan in BF 2142 was a key element, and this new BF should have something like it. Could be a fortress, a bigger building, anything that changes perspective in a certain point of the match.
    C’mon, guys! Be creative!

    Maybe we see some of this in a DLC?..

  • Shaarred 09.15.11 at 17:24

    uhm… this is Battleblog #11. at the end of the article it says “stay tuned for battleblog #11″…

  • TW Frage 09.15.11 at 17:22

    I really don’t like that the mcoms blow if you are killed while defusing. That is going to a nightmare in public games

  • AsTheDeath 09.15.11 at 17:20

    I have to say, though Rush will probably stay my personal favourite and I don’t mind the addition of TDM, I would have prefered to see some more innovative gametypes for Battlefield, something like CTF or another kind of two-sided capture/objective type of game (e.g. two sided rush).

  • amargeidon 09.15.11 at 17:18

    i wounder if there will bi posible to drive civilian cars like in BF2:SF…… i hope it will be posible

  • WEAPON 508 09.15.11 at 17:13

    dear dice, seriously?!? im almost to the point of frustration, we can only take so much of the hype machine before it grows old, medal of honor did this and yeah im not gunna go there , but please give us something to do ! please! the videos are awesome , we want to give u feedback from the beta in time!! and it better be couple of weeks long too : D

  • AG-WarFighter 09.15.11 at 17:10


  • Spectre[NSFW] 09.15.11 at 17:10

    @Cubeli It’s 32 vs 32 or 16 vs 16.

    @slimphilthy It’s 24 max for both PS3 and X-box, but 32 or 64 for PC.

  • XxWarCriminalxX 09.15.11 at 17:09

    The devs have already said they don’t know when the beta will be out. Microsoft and Sony are in the process of certification for their platforms. This is the hold up, you wanna complain or keep asking for the beta. I suggest you email Microsoft or Sony and tell them to speed it up.

  • VERTIGO101 09.15.11 at 17:06

    wait we have an option on console 24/32 and 64? OMG

  • O311GRUNT 09.15.11 at 17:04

    Who cares if RUSH has Santa Clause in it as the game mode sucks.

  • BorisCB85 09.15.11 at 17:01

    so what’s the coop all about? is the coop going to be console exclusive again?

  • reaper2380 09.15.11 at 16:59

    @slimphilthy-Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC) means 24 for both ps3 and xbox.and 32-64 for pc

  • impalor 09.15.11 at 16:58

    great changes to rush mode, i like how they tweaked and changed m-com arming and disarming rules…very nice…BRING IT ON!!!!!

  • Nealon_Greene 09.15.11 at 16:53

    Conquest is all I will play. And I will play it a LOT.

  • JoseLuis1987 09.15.11 at 16:51

    You say 9 maps…That include Back to karkand expancion pack?

  • Cr4zyB4st4rd 09.15.11 at 16:49

    No 64 player rush? :(

  • BLITZERS1313 09.15.11 at 16:46

    This game keeps getting better and better when more is revealed. I literally can not wait. I hope my family gets a good look at me before launch date.

  • nichols0vision 09.15.11 at 16:44

    Would be nice to have more players for consoles… and beta, please?

  • timjon 09.15.11 at 16:44

    Hope there’s a 24/7 hardcore infantry only Karkand server!!

  • KillArtist8484 09.15.11 at 16:36

    IMO I can see how the RUSH tweaks can be useful, but it looks like they each play off one another depending if your an attacker or defender. Awesome if jets are in RUSH! Thats my favorite game mode and I would hate it if I had to play conquest just to gain access to them.

    So where’s my effing BETA, Huh?!?!

  • ACE404 09.15.11 at 16:35

    SMH… DICE knows the entire WORLD is waiting for this beta to drop & they are playing games with us themselves. Look, either give us the beta or give us a date! Sheesh! Im SO close to throwing my BC2 out the window! I can no longer use it to pacify myself!

  • TimSkijwalker 09.15.11 at 16:34

    thanks guys, i cant wait!

  • jurlol12 09.15.11 at 16:33

    I just can’t wait anymore! Just take my money!

  • Acts7 09.15.11 at 16:33

    Capture the Flag?
    Not conquest.
    REAL capture the flag.
    Carry the flag back to your base style

  • Bollakz 09.15.11 at 16:32

    Wait, am i reading the Conquest one wrong?

    It says; “Players: 24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)” Does this mean that Consoles will finally be aloud 32×32 maps? It’s not that much to ask is it?

  • Jakethesnake 09.15.11 at 16:32

    @Say_Whaaaaaaaat_: True there isn’t a “new” game mode, but the Battlefield series hasn’t had much of a tight, close quarters Team Deathmatch before. That’s great because you now have a choice to play CODx100 (also known as BF3 TDM) or classic huge Battlefield 3. Now COD doesn’t have anything. :D

  • FTLRalph 09.15.11 at 16:31

    So it seems the comments are hidden, so excuse me if this has already been asked above.

    In Rush:

    - What if the M-COM station is in a building and the building is destroyed, it still takes out the M-COM station, right? I’d assume that’s how it is, unless the levels don’t have M-COM stations in destructible buildings.

    - If there are 2 M-COM stations, and the attackers tickets run out while only 1 of these stations is armed, does the game bother waiting for the M-COM station to detonate? It wouldn’t matter, since the other M-COM station would still be there, the attackers would lose whether or not the first M-COM station detonated or was disarmed.

  • rpsx 09.15.11 at 16:29

    now would have been a good time to mention that there will be actual team balancing on consoles. yes!? yes!?!? kinda shot BFBC2 in the foot without it. like seriously,

    team balancing, no points for conquest base raping, proper map load sequence that allows players to quit out BEFORE the next round starts, or at least, some kind of switch team function, for after people rage quit (which is a huge problem in BFBC2 console). come on guys, it is not the year 2000. the mechanics of balancing players for a good fight is well understood. implement! please.

  • bmdubbz1 09.15.11 at 16:26

    ok, so no shooting or c4 on m-com.. can we still collapse the building on top of the m-com??

  • Massamo 09.15.11 at 16:26

    Stay tuned for Battleblog #11 soon
    Did you miss the previous stories in the series?

    is that a mistake or is there more

  • Amplifi3d 09.15.11 at 16:25

    I like the fact that every mode can be played on all maps. Thanks for the post!

  • eazy937 09.15.11 at 16:24

    thx, now beta date plz!

  • Nielse 09.15.11 at 16:24

    I was hoping for something new. Maybe a mode like Counter Strike: plant a bomb and if you die you have to wait out the round, or a mode where one player is the VIP and you have to escort him and the other team needs to hunt down the VIP. Or even a simple CTF (replace flag with something more authentic, an important briefcase or whatever).

  • ElliottTarson 09.15.11 at 16:20

    Thank you Dice, for all your hard work and effort. I know myself and my close friends definitely appreciate it!

  • -=MemoryKill=- 09.15.11 at 16:19

    I have a question about the RUSH mode…what if the objective building is destroyed and collapsed? Does the MCOM station remain intact or is destroyed like if you destroyed the house in BC2? I know it cant take direct damage anymore, but what about if the building is completely destroyed or can MCOM buildings not be completely destroyed?

  • KirbKirb21 09.15.11 at 16:18

    Beta date…

  • Mr-Mattie 09.15.11 at 16:15


    I hope that the gameplay of rush and conquest will be just as intense on Console as on PC. Because I’m worried that with the 24 players on Console it won’t be as intense as on PC. And I hope that the Jets on Console have enough targets to concentrate on since there are only 12 enemies.

    I know you can’t do nothing about it, but maybe you can do something with the maps or something.
    I’m looking forward to it.
    Thanks for reading,

    Greetz from the Netherlands!

  • 230762 09.15.11 at 16:15

    64 players! yea!!!

  • Monchi78 09.15.11 at 16:14

    Send me a copy, since I was first. lol

  • blacksilver65 09.15.11 at 16:14

    no 64 player rush? :(

  • Blackmorth 09.15.11 at 16:12

    Beta next week please.

  • Jakethesnake 09.15.11 at 16:08

    I haven’t been so excited about a game coming out since Half Life 2! This is going to be amazing. I love just about everything about the Battlefield games, that’s why my very first gaming computer was bought for 1942. One tiny suggestion though, if you read these lol:

    Team kills suck in hardcore mode. I don’t mean accidental ones, I mean intentional ones to get to a vehicle first. There should be some way to prevent people camping vehicles or killing their team mates just to get into a chopper first. Here are my thoughts to some solutions.

    1. If you enter a vehicle within 30 seconds of killing a team mate, you get kicked or suicided.
    2. If you enter a vehicle within 30 seconds of killing a team mate, the team mate can choose your fate (IE: Kill you, kick you, stun you, etc).
    3. TK’s outside of the spawn are are acceptable but within 100 yards of a friendly vehicle you get booted or punished.

    These are just my thoughts. I am an excellent UH-60 and any other vehicle pilot on BF but what torques me the most is when you are clearly to a vehicle first and some noob kills you only to crash the plane into the ground within 3 seconds of take off. Thanks! BF Rocks! I would marry it if it had a vagina.

  • NoireRoboT 09.15.11 at 16:07

    Conquest will be EPIC with jets/64 players!

  • TiddlyThom 09.15.11 at 16:06

    conquest is the bomb but pls make 36 players for consoles

  • KaosPepper 09.15.11 at 16:06

    did anyone missread this part and get all excited?
    24/32 or 64 (Console/PC)

    I did even though im a pc player

  • det_man_wit_gun 09.15.11 at 16:02

    Please can we have Bonus Tickets in rush modes for destroying ONE of the stations??????????? I find it would help in BFBC2, only about 10/15 extra tickets or something. It would benefit attackers and lengthen games.

  • KyuzoS7 09.15.11 at 16:01

    only 9 maps? you better not make us pay for more should all be free just like bf2.

  • Hyrlyghet 09.15.11 at 15:58

    There’s a small error at the end of the article. It says “Stay tuned for battleblog #11″, I’m assuming you mean #12.
    Kind of bummed about the detonation timer being extended in Rush if the team is disarming it as it’s about to blow. Other than that everything sounds pretty great!

    Thanks for the update!:D

  • TioVinagre 09.15.11 at 15:51

    No KillCam!!!

  • NLWoody 09.15.11 at 15:49

    needs capture the flag

  • TropicalHawk 09.15.11 at 15:46


  • Inxanity001 09.15.11 at 15:44

    Wow, Conquest is the only 64 player option? I kind of expected Team Deathmatch, maybe even Rush, to have it as well. Kind of disappointing

  • Gunnerzz 09.15.11 at 15:37


  • bran1234 09.15.11 at 15:35

    Not so keen on this point:
    “* If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow”

    But oh my god! I cannot wait for this game. Good job to all that have worked on this masterpiece :)

  • STILLBORN07 09.15.11 at 15:33

    Why don’t you get more players on console? Because you didn’t pay for a machine that can handle the load. Period.

  • RODRIGOEWW 09.15.11 at 15:33


  • liquidsilv3r 09.15.11 at 15:33

    Rush and Conquest ! Can’t wait! – Battlefield 3 Community; Join us !

  • BabyGIRAFFExxD5 09.15.11 at 15:28

    still disappointed with the fact that there hasnt been any word on a beta date especially for those that were promised a beta with the purchase of LE Medal of Honor

  • B451L4TOR 09.15.11 at 15:27

    holy $h!t

    i can’t buy it until 7/1

    !$%! the college

  • PuffyPillow 09.15.11 at 15:26


  • Night-Hawk-XYZ 09.15.11 at 15:25

    I really want the following modes in BF3:

    - Capture The Flag
    - Hold The Flag

    They are both modes which really enforce team play and i would really enjoy it if they were available.

    Conquest is great, but nothing quite compares to standard CTF and HTF.

  • Cecil 09.15.11 at 15:24

    Not bad.

  • Rub My Length 09.15.11 at 15:21

    Starting to think this Beta thing was a big marketing hoax. I’ll see you fifty Euros that it gets pushed back for an October 25th release.
    GOD BLESS THESE DEDICATED SERVERS, THOUGH. P2P FPS games are legitimate rubbish.

  • Someguy12121 09.15.11 at 15:21

    I would like a shirt that reads “I bought MOH and all I got was 2 days early BF3 beta access.” Really only 2 days come on. I had to go through that crappy game’s online.

  • flightbob 09.15.11 at 15:21


  • MagicMarko 09.15.11 at 15:18

    Hmm, I don’t see beta date, this very sad…

  • -Vp- 09.15.11 at 15:16

    Conquest all the way!!!

  • PitfireX 09.15.11 at 15:16

    Not much new here!

  • 8-ZW-SYANiDE 09.15.11 at 15:07

    WHY is there no Capture the Flag?! IMHO Capture the Flag mode is WHAT MAKES THE GAME!!! This is why I still play 1942 Desert Combat Final! Killing CTF is so taboo, fool! I can’t believe BF2 didn’t have CTF, then BC2 lacked this EPIC game mode, and same with 2142… BAD BUSINESS, I think! Great job on the Frostbite 2 engine, and even better job on BF3, but COME ON! BRING BACK CTF!!!

  • weedferret89 09.15.11 at 14:54

    I am really pleased with the changes in gameplay with Battlefield 3. The only thing I would want to see is for console players to have more players with conquest like PC does. I am not expecting 64 player conquest on consoles, but why consoles get more players? I am still expecting the game to be fun with 12 v 12 gameplay, but why can’t we get the full experience like PC gamers can with huge conquest battles?

  • zombiekillerjgr 09.15.11 at 14:36

    Please put in 64 players on console like *cough* Ps3 *cough*

  • aveo2011 09.15.11 at 14:08

    ate que sa sort sibonnack

  • Penello3 09.15.11 at 13:24

    game looks awesome ! but i think me and alot of other console bf3 players would love to see BIGGER PLAYER SERVERS not 64 i know thats impossible but maybe 34 player servers? i just think yould be letting down the console side.

  • thelord007 09.15.11 at 13:06

    Can’t wait !! It’s time for beta , BF fans r starting to get bored … I need to play the game i’m tired of exiting videos and news :P

  • Fuzzy-Da-Killa 09.15.11 at 13:00


  • Fuzzy-Da-Killa 09.15.11 at 13:00

    When is the BETA! plz tell :D

  • kostman20 09.15.11 at 12:07

    is 24/32 for console or is that 24 console and 32/64 for pc can you be more informative about this subject if you really did boost up the players for us console players i thank you greatly

  • DanLiiko 09.15.11 at 12:04

    Why there is no 64 player Conquest mode on console O_o ??? PS3 would handle it for shore…
    Well i hope it will….

  • W4C Gunner 09.15.11 at 12:03

    My question is this…now that we know there are going to be 9 maps, why not just release the names and overview pics of them? ? ? I mean let’s face it, the game ships in just over a month, I think EA/DICE alienates customers with this kind of No-News anti-advertising policy they’ve used for the last 3 titles. Whereas Activision is telling its Fans just about everything, and it seems to be working for their sales.

  • ProjectW 09.15.11 at 11:25

    Looking GREAT!!!

    NOW, when and where is the beta?

    Everytime a single piece of BF3 information comes out from EA, make me feeling rush to get hands on the game.

    COME ON!!! don’t tell me Oct, 24 is the BETA date, just release it NOW, I never used to set my eyes on a game like this time.


  • krychek57 09.15.11 at 11:09

    Well there goes having mixed mode maps.
    Conquest to be the only mode with 64 players. Switch play modes on a server and drop at least 32 players.

    Why no 64 player TDM or 48 rush?

  • CipiXXX 09.15.11 at 11:09

    Thank you for bbc2 and now thank you for bbc3

  • RYUZAKI911 09.15.11 at 11:01

    PC beta is ready and so is the xbox i believe we’re jus waiting on sony to finish trials……………

  • Eulogy83 09.15.11 at 11:00

    “If the attacking team arms the M-COM but runs out of tickets, the match will continue until the M-COM detonates or defenders disarm it”

    Hopefully if the attacking team runs out of tickets and they arm the M-COM, those that die as attackers should not be able to spawn to aid in defending the M-COM until it detonates to continue to match.

  • Spartuz 09.15.11 at 10:32

    Looks like no change for; bringing MCOM building down will also destroy the MCOM.

  • feoieno 09.15.11 at 10:24



  • pezz0tti 09.15.11 at 10:08

    This will be the longest month of my life after the longest wait ever for the Beta. :)

  • fatblu 09.15.11 at 09:52

    get more maps.

  • Swagger_KIA 09.15.11 at 09:51

    Why only 32 players on Rush and KELLOGG5 why not at the start of a game of Rush get given a code that could be 4, 5 or 6 characters long.

  • elyasaf755 09.15.11 at 09:44

    We want 2143!
    It’s my dream, and only you guys can fulfill it! :)
    Plz tel me you’r working on it…plz plz plz ;)

  • VGER99 09.15.11 at 09:41

    This really wierd but I am signed as someone else…

  • Pollock01290 09.15.11 at 09:39

    lol “Stay Tuned for Battleblog #11 soon” ?? But I though I was just reading that

  • Cubeli 09.15.11 at 09:33

    Who can clarify this?? 64vs64 or 32vs32 for PC?

    If that’s 128 players per battle it would be truly EPIC!

  • TomasLT 09.15.11 at 09:33

    Good stuff but still they could change Squad deathmatch (I think it pointless when we have team deathmatch) and Squad Rush (does anybody even play this) with something more interesting like air superiority or something else

  • malcolm7734 09.15.11 at 09:25

    The changes to rush sound good

  • slimphilthy 09.15.11 at 09:24

    The player count for Conquest on consoles says 24/32. Is that an option, or does that signify 24 for xbox and 32 for playstation? Please clarify.

  • KELLOGG5 09.15.11 at 09:05

    Ok, I had this idea a while ago, and I don’t know if you guys considered it: When the M-COM is damaged it can be repaired by an engineer, just like any vehicle that receives damage. Think about it, it’ll give snipers more to do (and more of a drive to be where they should be), occupy an engineer on the other team, and also it’s more realistic. An M-COM that’s invincible to a tank round? come on!

  • ProfKiler336 09.15.11 at 08:59

    I can’t wait for beta too !!!
    I have 8GB ram PC and want test graphics !

  • Adam2848 09.15.11 at 08:48

    Good stuff, but I want to know more about Battlelog.

  • say_whaaaaaaaat 09.15.11 at 08:47

    cool, I think everyone well be pleased. Wish there was a new gamemode, something no other FPS had done.

  • potsdaman 09.15.11 at 08:44

    * You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm.-sad…
    All good but where is the beta information?:))

  • KiD MiO 09.15.11 at 08:40

    yeah thats very good now we’re only waiting the beta
    tweaks for rush are great,especially no c4 on mcom(i remember when on arica tanks attack from far away)

  • RoGueDanneRZ 09.15.11 at 08:34

    Good Battleblog, the rush tweaks sound interesting (and I thought there were no jets in rush?).
    But DICE, you’re going to have to say something about the beta or the trolls will come out from under their bridges.

  • DB123M 09.15.11 at 08:33

    I am glad you guys are allowing 64 player combat on the pc in conquest mode because that isn’t in BC2. I’m pretty sure there was 64 in BF2 so I am glad you are bringing it back if there was. That option would make it a much better game in my opinion. I am eagerly awaiting this title and hopefully the beta comes this month. Other than that keep up the good work and hopefully this game is the best one of the series. I am also hoping for expansion packs with new maps that we will be able to purchase (because I’m assuming they won’t be free).

  • Baconaise 09.15.11 at 08:27

    Nice… but I thought RUSH wasn’t going to have jets.

  • MiamiBlue 09.15.11 at 08:25

    INB4THETROLLS!!! Where is my freakin beta!!

  • Vader_san 09.15.11 at 08:20

    Conquest’s the best.

  • MNRCRTZ 09.15.11 at 08:18

    Conquest will be awesome with 64 players. Can’t wait!!

    Hey EA, can’t wait the BETA anymore. lol

  • BreeTime 09.15.11 at 08:14

    You need to edit the conquest player count for pc, we can have 64