Battleblog #10: Crafting a captivating story grounded in authenticity

Battlefield 3 is a new way for DICE to tell a story. Read on for a personal post from Lead Designer David Goldfarb and his take on how to craft a captivating single player campaign — one that forgoes the fantastic in favor of the grim and the authentic.

If there’s one thing I’m proud of above all else in Battlefield 3, it’s the tone of the game.

Tone is vibe. It’s style. It’s a feeling. It’s why The Dark Knight is awesome and the 60s Batman is not, the difference between Saving Private Ryan and Hogan’s Heroes. It’s one of those things which, if you do it right, affects everything. More than anything else in Battlefield 3′s single player story, this is where we set out to do something different.

Battlefield 3 goes much closer to contemporary reality and current events than previous games in the series. We’re depicting a war and everything that suggests. We have tried to get closer to the slang of the modern warrior. We are mixing tension-building passages with the chaos of suddenly erupting firefights. We’ve sought to keep the game feeling as plausible as possible, because the moment the audience stops believing it could happen, then you’re just like every other shooter.

“We’re depicting a war and everything that suggests”

We loved making Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2. They were great fun, they had their own theme, they were light hearted. In essence, they were adventure flicks. Indiana Jones with an assault rifle. But with Battlefield 3, we knew we had to really divorce ourselves from those characters and those themes. We had to go somewhere else and do something different and push a different set of buttons. We’re telling a war story now, and that means it needs to feel credible, it needs to feel contemporary, and it needs to connect with things and emotions that we have never really tried or had the means to properly connect to before.

The non-linear story in Battlefield 3 is told by way of a frame narrative where U.S. Marines Staff Sgt. Henry “Black” Blackburn is being interrogated about recent world-shaking events. What the player actually plays are Black’s recollections of the events where a new threat known as the PLR caused him to be involved in military joint operation all across the globe.


Keeping it real. In Battlefield 3, characters matter.

As the single player campaign takes players from Paris and New York to the dustbowl of the Tehran desert and beyond, they will also walk in the shoes of several different characters from different branches of the Armed Forces. Each playable character in Battlefield 3 allows the player to obtain his (or her) own perspective of the chaotic events that transpire, giving us the opportunity to explore the human psyche and what it means to be human.

One thing about DICE games is we do care about characters. This was true for Bad Company and it’s true now. We put them in challenging situations. We ask them questions. In Battlefield 3, we ask: ‘What would you really do for your country?’. U.S. Marine Blackburn’s answer might be different from another character’s. It might be the same. We’ve tried to put our people in contexts where they make emotionally valid choices. Playing all of the different characters and first-hand experiencing their situations and methods leads to a stronger, more emotional, and more immersive experience in the single player campaign.

We’re making a different game than we’ve ever made before. It’s scary. It’s bigger in scale and bigger in drama. The tone hits closer to home, is tougher and more raw than we’ve ever done before. But the values, I think, caring about the people next to you, the people you meet, the people you play. That’s a constant for us.

David Goldfarb, Lead Writer & Lead Designer, single player

Stay tuned for Battleblog #11 soon
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  • jackm1ckal 09.23.11 at 03:07

    it looks great but im going to wait for MoH2

  • BOSTONJOHN32 09.22.11 at 17:23

    looking better with each glance i take, cant wait !!!

  • Myster-Pink 09.22.11 at 17:14

    this is bull i can’t register my game, brings me back to the HOME page every time. im new to this site and im already fed up with it.

  • Myster-Pink 09.22.11 at 16:14

    this is bull i can’t register my game, brings me back to the HOME page every time. im new to this site and im already fed up with it.

  • Sgt Alphacowboy 09.21.11 at 02:53

    Wonder how often you get the “failed to connect to EA online” message….. Hey EA, fix BFBC2 connection problems… we are waiting, and have been for 2 freakin months!

  • ZetaPrime 09.20.11 at 20:40

    Cant wait for beta

  • SteveSmith646 09.20.11 at 11:43

    PLEASE HELP!!! I have my battlefield 3 beta code but have no idea where i enter this code?

  • Hunterguy217 09.20.11 at 02:36

    Interrogation? Black ops much?

  • Swamprat65 09.17.11 at 16:05

    I’m so sick of seeing every goddamn moron in the comments section begging for the beta release date. It will be released when they want to release it, get the hell over it. “This is boring, no beta release date means me not caring,” REALLY?! If you don’t think it is interesting then why do you care about the damn game so much? I am so excited for this game, and every little bit of information they release gets me that much more excited. Stop begging for the beta, you look stupid.

  • spades213 09.16.11 at 16:21

    I know the new games that are coming out are based on what could happen, but I kinda wish Dice would make a game on the greatest battles of ww2 I mean if you guys do that it will be epic especially since the old ones dont have the graphics or designs like bf3 I mean I bet people would love to play a better graphic d day game or even pearl harbor or even north africa battles and even the battle of stallingrad city. I bet people would love to see that and play it also I mean its nice to see the future warfare, but its something else to actually play a game that really happen. Think about it Dice company you guys have the frostbite 2 engine to make that feel real.

  • ------> HiTi 09.16.11 at 15:42

    Aweasome, cant wait for this game!!! Must see our new Blog about our option on Battlefield 3, please take your time and comment on some posts, see ya :D

  • VexBlade 09.16.11 at 07:35

    ruxkii I couldn’t agree more, people just need to relax.

    The beta will be out before the 25th October.

    You now have a date so relax :)

  • Chronicle1 09.15.11 at 16:54

    Well wen i heard about Blackburn being interogated my mind went to Black Ops but BF3 is nothing like it so i really am eager about this masterpiece of a game

  • TomaSkTemplar 09.15.11 at 14:22

    about their trailers:

    music : sux (well to call that music is an overstatement)

    visuals: shows how it can look, with all explosions going on etc

    actual shots taken are very short and are not something that is really good, you have to stop the trailer to actually see something. I guess its not intended to make people stop it cause they made it hard to see.(if it is its pretty low, cause I dont stop it if I dont want to analyze it) They take up usually camera angles that you wont ever see ingame, like for example the “dogfight” weve seen. It will never be like that ingame if they dont make physics for jets right. (and their weapons)

    Not only the players are acting “cinematically”, that means, they dont show actual gameplay. They are lying. Air trailer was especially “acted” (from acting as in the films) because you could see the pilots attempt to fire the weapons (for the sounds, that vulcan thing bzzzzzz) yet at the same time, avoid hitting the target to make it look “oohhh” it will take skill to shoot down a jet that flies just about straight :P If it will as much skill as it took in BF 1943 … I dont wanna think about it, but I guess Id be sitting in AA all the time to rack up kills and have some fun gun practice, calculating range for drop and time until it raches target.

    So … if I understand correctly, BF3 beta is only for those who preordered it. I´m waiting for the physics. If they are for bf2 “fans” Im not buying it. It was very, very primitive. And coop cut short from normal multiplayer maps doesnt cut it. (I want replayability, randomness)

    Why do they have to always limit the player in how they want to play ? If I can play without being forced online on servers where all you see is exploiting everything and want to have just fun with bots, you cant. Because there will be scenarios in coop campaign … they say they want to let us choose, but they force us going online on conquest servers.

    Oh and I forgot about BFBC 2 … DICE didnt ever mention coop wont be ingame. So I bought the game, searched where is coop, I also went browsing ze internet – how to play coop when my bro is at home. I guess EA mistook their PAYING customers for pirates or something. I care not if Im forced to login, but being forced either to a dead single player once finished, where everything is scripted … I remember last Medal of Honor I played was Allied assault xD like 10 years ago, everything there was just like that. You move there, this buch of those comes here, this very vehicle is at the very certain locations … SO it is the least played part of the game and EA or DICE just invests into single player that nobody plays after beating it a few times at max.

    I like stories

    but is this an excuse from creating COOP ?????

    So … normal coop ftw and jet physics that makes player use his brains :) COOP / CCCP :) higher priority than physics. MP sux comparing to coop with a friend or family member. I just want normal coop with jets in them helos too, normal big map with (ro)bots.

    I want co op coop co op xD If the rest is as is now I could care less, I want COOP !!! :))) coop ftw :)

    coop ftw :) COOP is what most players would like :) especially in times of worse connection or a lack of proper one.

    cccp xD


    f*** the beta, I want coop xD just make sure it works. Campaigns suck, period. Once you play it, its dead. Multiplayer maps let you have fun in the process and your tactical, and ranging skills too :)

    For now if I want coop, I am forced to play older games. Who wants to be forced like that ? 2142/ bf2 ? :S or their respective mods

  • Rub My Length 09.15.11 at 14:11

    Blackburn seems moderately hardcore.

  • MNRCRTZ 09.15.11 at 08:21

    Well, let’s wait for the BF4, coz BF3 is taking so long that it might be retired already.

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.15.11 at 06:01

    i want to kick ea in the balls for
    making videos that show next to nothing
    but i also wish to congradulate them
    for making a great game series.
    *kicks ea in the balls*

  • survivallife 09.15.11 at 02:24


  • ruxkii 09.14.11 at 23:42

    man seriously at this point i wish they didnt announce that there will be an open and just released it on a random day. because all these hate comments from people who cant wait to play the beta, are really getting annoying. im waiting for the beta and so are thousands of others and u dont see us whining like a 12 year old, do you? Im waiting for the beta because i want to test the game i payed 200$ ( 3 copies) before it comes out so i can give feed back to creators so they can fix stuff before release not because i get to play the game 1 MONTH before it releases. believe 1 month isnt much when u will be playing the game for years!

  • MALTHUSIA 09.14.11 at 20:48

    only other game aside from this military wise for me is GRFS

  • mrnorrland 09.14.11 at 20:16

    whats the big deal about the beta realease it “probably” gonna be awwwwsome!!!!
    But the waiting is part of the fun…

  • CtHeKiLlA 09.14.11 at 15:16

    Dice I think you should just cancel the beta cause all these people whining like 4 year old’s and saying negative things really do not deserve it I mean its your creation plus they will still buy the game anyways and to the people really stop acting like little kids whining for a toy in the middle of Walmart it make you look immature and stupid and thus there’s comments like mine just for you Dice keep up the good work game looks fantastic Cant wait for the full game to come out


  • CtHeKiLlA 09.14.11 at 14:27

    Amplifi3d if you would watch the video more closely its actually 2 mortars that hit the ground the first hit the guy on the left then one behind him closer to the player and for the mortar team it was also not delayed at all are you even in the military

  • Amplifi3d 09.14.11 at 03:58

    Great trailer. Very intense. The only thing that buggred me was the explosion in the beginning. It looks like its max 30 meters away but the boom-sound is delayed like it was 200 meters away. Same goes with the mortar shell being fired away. It also sounds abit delayed. Apart from that, great trailer :) Looking forward to the beta!

  • fleksz1 09.13.11 at 18:45

    I want battlefield 4

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.13.11 at 18:17

    i thought that ea was going to make new blog posts on tuesdays and thursdays??? right?? i remember last week they were late on their blog too… late on blog, beta pushed back, hopefully the full finished product wontbe pushed back either

  • loveubf3 09.13.11 at 14:21

    can’t wait!

  • Timberwo1f 09.13.11 at 13:42

    While others want a story mode which is as realistic as possible, I just want a story mode which is has some spinoff story like BF:BC series had.
    Anyways, it’s awesome and probably better than MW3.

  • xXxALGONKINGxXx 09.13.11 at 13:30

    This is better then every war games BF3 RULES!

  • ThePsych0Maniac 09.13.11 at 10:32


  • MrFoxwolf 09.13.11 at 05:15

    soooo why do all the “sniper” optics show tons of scope shadow (very improper eye relief) and what amounts to a 1.5x magnification (you cant see the front sight of an M-4 with an ACOG any more than just a hint of a blur) and yet with “Sniper” grade scope you see the Front sight Clearly? Should have kept it along the lines of the Previous Battlefields, and not MoH Redux-2. Disappointed.

  • EuthanasiA12833 09.13.11 at 04:35

    wow just give out a fucking beta date….i work at futureshop and everyday we have idiot customers bringing their PCs because they apparently downloaded The BF3 beta which obviously has been nothing more than a fake and a virus…I see people spamming BF3 videos on youtube saying that “the beta has just come out” and give a link to viruses and what not. If you guys were to give a specific date for the release of the BETA, matters like this would happen less and less…or just its fucking cancelled…enough with the so fucking called hype

  • AngelOfdeath264 09.13.11 at 02:53

    I don’tkno what to play first The campagn or thesingle player?

  • Vilao- 09.13.11 at 02:22

    Okay, I’m about to go insane! o.O

  • Sandgeist 09.13.11 at 01:30

    I want to play it now T_T

  • Okaychain 09.12.11 at 21:13

    im sorry this has nothing to do with the video but so many people say that the open beta comes out the 8th or 10th or 12th can u guys just say the release date yet b/c im waiting in anticipation

  • kostman20 09.12.11 at 20:08

    @BABAS finally someone who thinks the controls should be custumizable to. i’ve been asking for this for months but no answer yet i doubt they will give us this since they dont even read our posts they dont know what we want…

  • BABAS 09.12.11 at 13:40

    Hi, I am a wondering if the controls for the consoles will be pre defined like Bad company 2?

    Could it be possible to make all the buttons custom assigned and the X and Y axes with sensitivity for each one like other games…that would be awsome.

    I know it is a bit much to ask But i think if others can do it Dice could do it, and i think i am not alone in this

    thank you in advance

  • major nonsense 09.12.11 at 13:31

    Would the graphics of Battlefield 3 on the consoles be similar and or better than the graphics in Crysis 2 on the consoles? Pls reply! Thank you…

  • Ullrsdog 09.12.11 at 12:28

    KABOTYNPL – “2 months left and I don’t know what I am buying on my Ps3″ are you that thick? Watch the trailers again…the one with Jimmy Fallon is on a PS3 you can see the control…the latest coop trailer from the last trade show the developers specifically tell you they are playing on PS3. So either listen to what is said, open your eyes, or quit posting on topics your clueless on.

    It’s clear there are trailers that are being played on PS3…they are more recent and the earlier ones are on PC…Seriously do I need to tell you to pay attention, you know its free right?

  • harveyhardest 09.12.11 at 11:25

    As u can see DICE. half of these comments r negative.

    People r getting fustrated that u hvnt even MENTIONED the BETA. u said that it would be in September. It’s now September.


    Thank you :)

  • harveyhardest 09.12.11 at 10:25

    As u can see DICE. half of these comments r negative.

    People r getting fustrated that u hvnt even MENTIONED the BETA. u said that it would be in September. It’s now September.


    Thank you :)

  • kostman20 09.12.11 at 08:17

    @ndslines i hope the ps3 version doesn’t look as crappy as that lol looks like some ps2 footage

  • Altay95 09.12.11 at 05:32

    Nice one !

  • ndslines 09.12.11 at 04:54

    I saw battlefield 3 Xbox360 Leaked pictures and video in this link:

  • Kkantouth 09.12.11 at 03:44

    chill out everyone, i’d rather have a good beta than a rushed one. they’re still tweaking. game are tweaked up to days before the release. so cool your jets. and enjoy the nice video they willingly provided. i’m greatful Dice / EA are releasing the information they want to share. its just enough to get a taste of the game without ruining it.

    :) – Cheers Dice / EA

  • Nic727 09.11.11 at 23:49


  • doc_eric222 09.11.11 at 23:39

    Just to clear something up there was a game you may remember from the previous gen consoles called “Black” that was an EA title where the story was told entirely through flashbacks… so if your gonna keep saying DICE ripped off black ops then you must also say black ops ripped off black.

  • MNRCRTZ 09.11.11 at 20:57

    Wow… Very impressive!!!

    But where’s beta???

  • FishBowl 5ive 09.11.11 at 20:30

    If I see one more comment about the beta release date..

  • CtHeKiLlA 09.11.11 at 18:34

    For the thing its fake battfield on twitter confirmed it

  • CommanderOmar 09.11.11 at 18:34

    BF3 timer spotted on offical EA site. Beta starts Tuesday.

  • carsonw 09.11.11 at 18:15

    i will trade infamous for vip code for ps3 because my battlefield bad company 2 extend said the code was used

  • thejakester96 09.11.11 at 18:00

    i have never seen such good graphics i have never heard of any other company work this hard on a game on the story line i love story mode i dont want to just play online now your going to make both of them epic i really hope you do in my opinion so far this looks like the best war game ever created

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.11.11 at 17:33


    yea i have no idea what that is, might possibly just be im hoping it is

  • LRJG Leader 09.11.11 at 15:02

    Of course, I hope this means that at least some point or another, the protagonists speak, as well as show their faces.

  • CtHeKiLlA 09.11.11 at 14:11

    I have a question Do you think what you unlock in the beta will transfer over to the whole game so you don’t have to do it all over again I mean you will unlock items as you progress in the beta right

  • Spartandog41 09.11.11 at 11:19

    i have much to say, here it is: cool:D

  • kabotynpl 09.11.11 at 07:29

    Have seen that? Has Dice created beta time counter or is it fake? Anyone confirmed?

  • khmerman3 09.11.11 at 03:49

    DICE I am begging you to put in split-screen. At least in the co-op mode. If you don’t then the mode will be just like the regular campaign to me since I have no one online to play with… My brother and I just want to play Battlefield with each other!

  • R0ADKILL 09.11.11 at 01:22

    Forget about these “beta now” whiners,game is lookin too good DICE, looking forward to try out Single player, looks so tense and atmospheric. And multiplayer is just PERFECTION :D

  • MissleSponge 09.11.11 at 00:58

    ok so whats the point of the beta?
    if im not mistaken not only is it to experience the game before hand,
    its also there for feedback from the players. what is the point of releasing this a month
    before the game comes out, so if there is valid points for change are they just gonna rush it, or better yet push the game back? wtf

  • vanhoe 09.11.11 at 00:16

    f*ck Beta, i want my gamma right now!!!!

  • Matser85 09.10.11 at 23:06

    i swear if i cant play this on max settings on a gtx 580 phantom 1.5 GB i am booking a trip to sweden, i hope dice is located on an island, like in norway

  • HardRithal 09.10.11 at 21:39

    “The non-linear story in Battlefield 3 is told by way of a frame narrative where U.S. Marines Staff Sgt. Henry “Black” Blackburn is being interrogated about recent world-shaking events. What the player actually plays are Black’s recollections of the events where a new threat known as the PLR caused him to be involved in military joint operation all across the globe.”

    For a development team that has tried so hard to differentiate its offerings from that of the Call of Duty leviathan it is disturbing to see Battlefield 3 emulating the exact same narrative style used by Black Ops. It makes DICE seem a little bit disingenuous.

  • Fuzzy-Da-Killa 09.10.11 at 21:35

    The game looks amazing :D

  • bdesmond19 09.10.11 at 20:21

    i think what he meant to say was, we are stealing the way black ops single player was told

  • idnotinuse 09.10.11 at 19:11


  • Monday 09.10.11 at 18:05

    The beta will be available on 20 september or 25 because we have to see another clip on 16/09/2011.
    But it looks like a mix of Medal of Honor And Battlefield BC2

  • phinnv8 09.10.11 at 16:32

    Looks awesome guys, getting it for PS3 probably (my PC hardware is even more outdated than my PS3)…

    Please release a beta/demo! I played the BC2 Beta on PS3 for probably 50 hours on just that one map…

  • catfishbuster 09.10.11 at 16:15

    when is beta

  • kostman20 09.10.11 at 15:48

    we are all tripping over this because dice has been giving us the run around for months, giving us 30 sec videos then the same information over and over and now they can’t even give us a beta date, it’s ridiculous. so to all of you telling us we are acting like kids wiil you please stop supporting dices poor advertising methods and stfu? thanks.

  • EXDANGEROUS 09.10.11 at 14:56

    Thats true about alpha test … graphics was in medium i think it was perfect for PS3 nwm for me cos have good pc … will buy game on both platforms . FFS GIEF BETA DATE !!!

  • TomaSkTemplar 09.10.11 at 14:38

    the story looks pretty good for a change. Before it was just too lol to take it seriously. I mean, american syle laughs, forced type, where they speak total bs and its sometimes too obvious and youre expecting it.

    you people wish for the beta … it reminds me of my certain schoolmates (some are above 30) some of them speak of porn in this way, how “cool” it is, and of their … experiences. It gets disgusting very quickly. Its like you badly want something, yet you cant get it. It´s acting desperate xD Happened to me only once and Im happy its over.(very embarassing xD with a girl, normally Im pretty much like immune to´em :P) Because youre kind of making yourself a prisoner of a game, cause it looks oooh cool, etc, you wont really ejoy the game if you play it headlessly 10+ hours a day, its an addiction. Any addiction is bad for you. If there is really something you like, no prob, but if youre killing time, cause there is nothing that is fun … its retty bad then :P

    I am no fan of non-replayable scripted single player, Id like a big map with bots / coop for normal maps so you get to practice on them. I dont like playing where Im restricted to certain playtype. I like flying and AA gunning the most, second comes tank sniping from long range. With ping 200 infantry is pretty much unplayable online, especially close range. In coop / sp I can finally play to the full potential without myself limiting to vehicle combat (or giving free kills to enemies with a lot better connection)

    Dont forget ppl, we want some real badass physics for aircraft :) maximum angle of attack :)) stall :P

  • Fuzzy-Da-Killa 09.10.11 at 14:34

    I heard the beta was going to be released tomorrow for the people who pre-ordered metal of honor, then every one else gets it 2 days later. But now I heard they changed it to the 25th, and that just schemes stupid to me.

  • Gaseface 09.10.11 at 13:10

    If this game does not get rated higher than mw3 i am going to break my xbox and never play games again. it a good thing i know it wont.

  • DEVILDOGx1775 09.10.11 at 11:48

    cool story bro

  • RYUZAKI911 09.10.11 at 11:02

    patience? we been waiting 12mnths we seen tons of undeserving people play the alpha jus fine now its time for real BF players to get their go

  • Glenn37216 09.10.11 at 11:00

    I know you guys at Dice want us to leave us in suspense but please, enough with the 1 minute clips of cut outs and cut offs. They’re distasteful and show nothing about what your game engine actually does. If you want to sell your game to us , show us something deserving like a full multiplayer game play of an actual match. Lets get over these stupid 49 second clips that diisplay your ability to use video editing software correctly.
    -Launch date is just around the corner and yet there is still no actual beta date set. What gives? Are you guys actually not prepared already for this ? Tis Tis…
    Who’s the Quality Control lead there ?
    -Fire them . They’re making you guys look like something is wrong with your game already.

  • Glenn37216 09.10.11 at 10:59

    I know you guys at Dice want us to leave us in suspense but please, enough with the 1 minute clips of cut outs and cut offs. They’re distasteful and show nothing about what your game engine actually does. If you want to sell your game to us , show us something deserving like a full multiplayer game play of an actual match. Lets get over these stupid 49 second clips that diisplay your ability to use video editing software correctly.
    -Launch date is just around the corner and yet there is still no actual beta date set. What gives? Are you guys actually not prepared already for this ? Tis Tis…
    Who’s the Quality Control lead there ?
    -Fire them . They’re making you guys look like something is wrong with your game already.

  • AaronTrew 09.10.11 at 09:51

    @steepledclock I totally agree with you on that, I am as well highly anticipating the beta release date at the same time was mildly disappointed that there was no set date shown. With that being said, I am not going to rage childlike spam “BETANOWBETANOWBETANOW!!!” instead I am just thankful for some kind of footage update and now looking around for someone to play CO-OP with. There are just too many ungrateful people on the internet, they need to learn patience.

  • Trapp3r 09.10.11 at 09:35

    i saw mortar there, wish there’s one to play with :)
    had fun in W: ET with mortar and been hoping to see one in newer games

  • BG_Superman 09.10.11 at 08:06


  • survivallife 09.10.11 at 07:41


  • survivallife 09.10.11 at 07:34

    simfan124, STFU U NOOB

  • SilenceTheLivin 09.10.11 at 07:20

    oh yeah! and the fact that your also giving the console players smaller maps is bogus as well. wth is up with that?

  • NamNapalm 09.10.11 at 06:56

    what a bunch of idiots who gives a shit about beta cause i dont

  • survivallife 09.10.11 at 06:31


  • fuelnfire 09.10.11 at 04:19

    @ Kabotynpl Uhm… Jimmy fallon show has bf3 on ps3, the mods never delete comments dissing the game or providing criticism, thats activisions pr team you’re thinking of lol. Gameplay will not change between ps3 and pc, (cept for slower aiming in general), and you’ve seen graphics. Watch the alpha trailers of bf3. Thats true, non hyped up gameplay, on mediumisish (ps3 level) graphics settings. Dont whine to the devs, and look around a bit.

  • RYUZAKI911 09.10.11 at 03:54

    stryke297 fu i dont even know who ghost is unlike someone??? loser

  • Roletim 09.10.11 at 03:31

    All i want is THE DATE!!!!!!!!!

  • Roletim 09.10.11 at 03:28

    THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SteepledClock 09.10.11 at 02:07

    Are you guys serious? Do you really want the beta that bad? I’m disgusted. Truly. DICE just gave us a lot of good info, and you guys are just like, Ohh, WTF, where’s the beta wah wah wah. You guys are sick.

  • stryke297 09.10.11 at 01:24

    Oh, so I’m not the only one who was hoping for a beta date drop.

    Kody, Impalor, and RYUZAKI911 are disappointed because Ghost died in MW2. Poor fanboys.

  • QUICKSILV3R 09.10.11 at 00:25

    Any1 know if Battlefield Veterans are going get a special gun for BF3?

  • KLOSSBEAVER 09.10.11 at 00:21

    Looking forward to seeing what Goldfarb and the guys at Dice has created. Trailer looked really sweet, the setting/feel and graphics of course. Can not, even in the first place, understand ppl who act like it was their god given right to ever see this game even happening at all. Show some appreciation.

  • RYUZAKI911 09.10.11 at 00:19

    to all the cod noobs getting all high and mighty about the whiners and “boring and no beta info” stfu we been waiting 12months for beta we’re battlefield vets and we can’t wait to play the game so take your whiney asses back to cod forum cos u obviously don’t understand why we’re all so desperate to get the game.

  • SilenceTheLivin 09.10.11 at 00:16

    The fact that you guys are giving the P.C. gamers 64 players on a map and console players 24 is just !@&%ed up. you should at least bump it up to 32. its hard to think of it as a war with only 12 on a team.

  • Warlock 01440 09.09.11 at 23:01

    Very nice!! I like the Knife to the neck that look’s like it’s gonna be fun!!

  • ShoryukenII 09.09.11 at 23:00

    I hate this! I want beta! I want beta! I WANT BETAAAAAAA!

  • deltateam211 09.09.11 at 22:52

    Screw you all never mind the beta. The story will be one of the factors that choose if this game beats MW3 and you all want that.
    Thanks for the info David. The last few sentences were most important to me because what I love about stories are the feelings you have for you’re companions or squad members.

  • simfan124 09.09.11 at 22:49

    everyone shut up about the beta date my god do you want them to send out a beta that has bunch of bugs and glitches or do you want one with out bugs and glitches?? Reason why they have not release date cause they are still fixing it! My gosh seen so many posts just about the date stop rushing them!

  • Pr0ph3cyX 09.09.11 at 22:27

    Where is my BETA!!!!!

  • Itharius 09.09.11 at 21:35

    You could buy a Radeon 5770 with $130 and play this game on high settings. That’s hardly 4 to 5 times the price of a PS3.

  • Firastorm 09.09.11 at 21:32

    NON-LINEAR GAMEPLAY?!?!? Fantastic! I can’t wait to try out the single player, usually I only play multiplayer, but, it sounds to good to be true, love non-linear. Can’t wait to see what it looks like for the console since my PC is crappy.

  • JustinSaneV2 09.09.11 at 21:23

    So we’re playing Black Ops’ campaign again?

  • JNED222 09.09.11 at 21:09

    i hope they decide to cancel the beta, that would put whiners in their place

  • LRJG Leader 09.09.11 at 21:05

    This looks incredible.

  • Kcazakor 09.09.11 at 21:00

    well, it sounds intensely amazing, and im sure it will be EPIC, but i really hate the decision to make the story flashbacks for two reasons.
    1) since i am this character in game, then i already should know everything that has happened, and therefore it wont kill me, because i survived to tell the tale. there’s no sense of looming dread at the start of a huge battle, because i know seargent black survived it, and that kinda ruins it for me.
    2) i know it is impossible NOT to rip off some story or another when trying to create something original, because everything has been done before in storytelling at least once. i also know that COD is a very successful franchise. but if you are going to rip them off, at least dont rip off the most recent COD. this sounds WAAAAYYYY to much like black ops for my liking. why not copy one of the COD games i havent played, like MW1?

  • Matt-The-Silent 09.09.11 at 20:58

    @kabotynpl Sounds like the words of an impatient fan. PS3 is just like the PC version, just less players on Multiplayer. Calm yourself.

  • speed9x9 09.09.11 at 20:45

    I’m excited to hear about the campaign. It sounds like it’ll be one of the absolute best militaristic fps campaigns in the past few years. Keep up the good work Dice.

  • projectno253 09.09.11 at 20:39

    He’s being interrogated and reliving his battles? I’m a battlefield fan but doesn’t that sound like the black ops campaign? I would hate to see COD fans find something that looks like battlefield copied…especially if it’s the entire story of bf3.

  • ohhaaaa 09.09.11 at 20:11

    my real ps3 tag is jonnypxo and i hv the moh 2011 tier one and i want the date of the beta u guys should tell something about that and nice trailer btw lol its awesome :D

  • Metz562 09.09.11 at 19:57

    WHAT’S THE 9-16-11 MEAN AT THE END?!?!?! I WANT TO KNOW!!!! I really hope that’s them hinting the beta date and figuring alot of morons would catch it (see commenters below)…..I can’t see DICE just coming out with a Part 2 Trailer for this next weekend….that’d just be mean.

  • LiamHunter 09.09.11 at 19:17

    Great stuff, ps stop complaining about beta dates. Not like knowing what day its coming is going to put it in your hands any faster.

  • greenbubbl 09.09.11 at 19:09

    this is my favorite battleblog yet… so insightful but so short.. just like the trailer

  • E36_S50-B32 09.09.11 at 19:07


  • TangoThatAlpha 09.09.11 at 19:04

    This is shaping up to be a true contender for game of the year this fall. I can’t wait to get my hands on it in October, keep up the great work Dice.

    As for you beta b*tchers. We’ll get the beta when we get it, relax. You should be happy that Dice is even releasing a beta, much less an open one. We’re not entitled to it, and this includes all of us how bought MOH:LE. I dare go as far to say that the majority of people will use it like a demo and not report any problems they may find. I’d even bet that a punch of people will do nothing but whine and moan about it. People around here need to grow up.

  • BroccoliLava 09.09.11 at 18:59

    I think my original comment didn’t post because I was hating on all the kids screaming for a Beta date. Sorry about that, DICE.
    Thanks for the trailer, and thanks for the blog post. It’s good to see a developer try to create authenticity in depicting something alien to most of us.

  • E7715 09.09.11 at 18:50

    The development philosophy makes for an interesting read when you’re looking forward to something, but it gets stale if you just fill each blog post with rhetoric and spin but nothing of the crux of the matter at hand!
    The beta is becoming less something I’m looking forward to than something I’m waiting for.

  • SdUaPnEkR 09.09.11 at 18:48

    Chillout about the beta, its freakin coming. Great lookin gameplay, its just too bad that COD fanboys will be all over this game like white on rice. Theyd better learn really fast that you have to work together and actually USE that mic for something other than complaining or blasting pop music.

  • ProzacTheClown 09.09.11 at 18:37

    Operation Guillotine Continues 9-16-2011? That almost seems like a beta teaser…

  • SIXX:A.M. 09.09.11 at 18:29

    Blá, blá, blá, blá, blá …

  • Lokoroth 09.09.11 at 18:10

    Sounds amazing! Can’t wait!

  • Fencer137 09.09.11 at 18:10

    Looks great :P and stop whining for the beta it comes when it comes so stfu

  • Georges544545 09.09.11 at 17:49

    This doesn’t feel Battlefield. Though it is a good addition even if I will miss the Bad Company Squad.

  • Nathan-NL 09.09.11 at 17:42

    Beta or nothing.

  • guerrilla505 09.09.11 at 17:38


  • RYUZAKI911 09.09.11 at 17:18

    @impaler u use the word interesting cheaply…………….

  • UpNSmoke225 09.09.11 at 17:14

    I really hope there’s a second blog post today…a 0:49 second video?! lol, there’s probably 30 minutes of trailers/gameplay that could all be “official trailers”. I’m still hoping the rumors are true and that the Private BETA begins this weekend. But seeing Operation Guillotine Continues 9/16/11 doesn’t really sound too promising.

    Not mad just antsy with anticipation
    Viva La Battlefield

  • RYUZAKI911 09.09.11 at 16:59

    i wish people would stop making up dates they think the beta will be released,tossers!

  • BroccoliLava 09.09.11 at 16:55

    “Waaaa!” – almost everyone in these comments.

  • dwitek_138 09.09.11 at 16:43

    That’s amazing and now come on we need your beta release ASAP !!!

  • warsp1te 09.09.11 at 16:38

    so the main character is being interrogated about stuff. does that sound familiar to you? sure as hell it does to me.

  • fodder0 09.09.11 at 16:36

    i forsee beta being delayed till next month!

  • The Algerian 09.09.11 at 16:30

    “”"We’ve sought to keep the game feeling as plausible as possible, because the moment the audience stops believing it could happen, then you’re just like every other shooter.”"”

    I would have said the moment you get into US army propaganda, then you’re just like every other shooter.
    Which you did.

  • Chumazik 09.09.11 at 16:25

    Trailer is amazing! But I wanna know more about Russian Spetsnaz guy Dimitry, will you guys show some footage of his action?

  • SCREWEA 09.09.11 at 16:24

    It’s too late for a beta now. Whatever you call a beta will be a demo. But it will be disguised as a beta to cover up the fact that the game will be released with a shitload of bugs just like BC2 was. FUCK YOU DICE!

  • nianiaro 09.09.11 at 16:22


  • pezz0tti 09.09.11 at 16:18

    awsome!!!!!! Love the new kick in the guns recoil!!

  • GAS TANK KILLER 09.09.11 at 16:17

    One word, Amazing!

  • DeathSled 09.09.11 at 16:16

    Holy crap Battlefield has a singleplayer version?

    My BFBC2 game had a singleplayer interactive movie, but no singleplayer campaign or anything…

    Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever played a Battlefield singleplayer campaign before and I’ve owned just about every Battlefield game to date…

    When I read that this article was written by the ‘Lead Writer and Lead Designer’ I thought ooooh how prestigious, but then I read the ‘single player’ part at the end and realized he’s the biggest joke and poorest excuse for a designer involved in this game.

    Thank god I didn’t bother reading anything he had to say.

  • nichols0vision 09.09.11 at 16:15

    This makes me vvvery happy… did you see the guy take his doog tagzzzzzzzz?

  • CaptainIcy 09.09.11 at 16:10

    I love that you mentioned Hogan’s Heroes above. My favorite TV show. :D
    Great Battleblog once again! I’m sure hoping everything about BF3 is true, because with it all mixed together the game sounds too good to be true! Keep it up, DICE.

  • Nimmer 09.09.11 at 16:04

    If the “early beta access” doesn’t start today, at least tell us WHEN?!?!?!
    So we can plan around it.

  • CraveMode 09.09.11 at 16:03

    I am not a big fan of the singleplayer aspects of games especially in Battlefield series. I know I will get bashed for this, but I never played BC2 single player all the way through! *ducks*

    I love movies, I am going to college to do the special effects. The concept of the story, from what I keep reading about, how its emtoional, its closer to home, its “real” in a sense. I don’t think I have ever wanted to play the singleplayer version of a multi-player based series before! I am very interested and I have to give David a big thumbs up!

  • 8008135 09.09.11 at 16:02

    The story sounds really good, but I don’t want the story right now want the Beta!

  • Trollin Thunder 09.09.11 at 15:56

    LOL. Haven’t heard this story line before. *cough*blackops*cough*

  • NoireRoboT 09.09.11 at 15:51

    MOTHA!@#$% AWESOME.Looking forward to SP AND MP in BF3!

  • Heiniken22 09.09.11 at 15:42

    lol whatever dice

  • IronmanCheewie 09.09.11 at 15:42

    Nice video ;)

    Beta date please.

  • JK RAPIDZ 09.09.11 at 15:36

    To be honest dice, you making us wait abit too long

  • FourtyOVO 09.09.11 at 15:32

    Very nice trailer but where’s the BETA date tho?


  • Hazard71 09.09.11 at 15:30

    Nothing about the Beta date. What a shocker!lol

  • kcsavagesoldier 09.09.11 at 15:18

    dig the ending…”get that grenade out!”……KUH-FUCKING-BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead PLR

  • MrPainkillerx 09.09.11 at 15:16

    We dont care about the lovely 49 second video you put out JUST GIVE US THE BETA WHY IS THIS SO F*****G Hard so much for early September DICE =[ DICE=Trolls

  • KingKong on one 09.09.11 at 15:12

    sounds like game of the year to me ;)

  • RaptorShinRyu 09.09.11 at 15:09

    Can’t wait to go home to see the trailer,but…….BETA DATE PLEEEASE

  • LathspeLL 09.09.11 at 15:08

    One word: Disappointed…

    If you released this 2 months ago, it would have been very exciting. But with no news for the beta and 1.5 month to release we still get teasers.

  • Cecil 09.09.11 at 14:56

    nice bblog. Some game narratives have really missed the target recently. Here’s to a engaging storyline, chaps!

  • abhiddudde 09.09.11 at 14:54

    dey r still not tellin beta release date i cant wait anymore for it i am bored playin moh n cod7
    i want it n want it bad

  • sargeantsnowman 09.09.11 at 14:50

    To all the idiots whining about the beta: kindly STFU. Thanks.

    You’re just being immature and want to play the game early. How many of you actually leave feedback, which is what a beta is for? You’re completely missing the point of teaser trailer and the slow leaking of info leading upto launch. Playing a new game wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if you already knew everything about it.

    Remember the days when there were no open beta tests and you actually had to wait until the game came out to play it? It wasn’t so bad.

    The singleplayer is shaping up nicely, but the whole ‘global crisis WW3′ business reminds me of Call of Duty…hopefully DICE can pull it off. It was fine in BC2 because the SP was a bit daft (and fun!), but in this allegedly serious, mature BF3 I hope the authenticity remains intact (also, story told via flashbacks during interrogation > Black Ops?).

  • Hellish Warzone 09.09.11 at 14:43

    Damn! Was hoping for a beta announcement, but even still, AWESOME GAME PLAY!

  • Malabo 09.09.11 at 14:37


  • Dutchdemonx 09.09.11 at 14:37

    Beta info?

  • polonium11 09.09.11 at 14:36


  • Krefal 09.09.11 at 14:29


    Haters gonna hate that you didnt announce beta this time either <3

    Ontopic: LOVE IT!

  • AppleJuice_Pie 09.09.11 at 13:24

    You kids all have ADD. “boring!” “wheres the beta?” “no useful information” “who cares just give me the beta”

    If you knew how to read and weren’t acting like some hyper 14-year-old COD player with ADD, then maybe this article would seem interesting to you. It contains valuable and interesting information about the theme of the game, idiots.

  • Blueddd 09.09.11 at 13:11

    is it true that you need 2 580gtx in order to enjoy the game at max ?

  • Enkeixpress 09.09.11 at 13:08

    Like everyone else, I’d like to know the release date of the BF3 Beta please.

    Thank you :)

  • AsTheDeath 09.09.11 at 12:15

    O please DICE, please not the ‘it’s REALISTIC’ bullcrap. A game is not realistic, nor should it be. Nobody really wants realism (of course, you want a game to be convincing (good graphics, good sound design, strong story & characters), but that’s an important difference. If you really want REALISM I suggest you step outside and enjoy the wonderful REALISM Real Life (TM) has to offer. Just, you know, don’t try to shoot everyone.

    (Real war involves more than just heroic men and clean firefights. And if you are crazy enough to want something that’s EXACTLY like a real war (which is fairly simple, just sign up for the army*. The US never has enough soldiers…) I suggest you talk to a psychiatrist.)

    *The US military is not able to provide information on spawning times, nor do military vests protect against traumas that will ruin the rest of your life.

  • JK RAPIDZ 09.09.11 at 11:39

    I thought Beta was early September? Its starting to get half way though September. If beta doesnt come out this weekend, we all might of well wait till the game release date lol

  • impalor 09.09.11 at 11:31

    whats is this crazy obsession and crying about beta date, “ beta date, useless…” thats ridiculous ….they said it’ll come in SEPTEMBER so think that it’ll come sept. 30th, if they release the beta before that, well it’ll be a nice surprise, right, they’ll release it when they are ready…stop whining about it and just enjoy the gameplay footage….

    p.s.—> thanks DICE keep it coming…i love this…

  • Wesley N 09.09.11 at 11:22

    Wow, you people are one of the worst communities I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering. They’re finally making a military shooter which could possible have a great story progression and all you folks do is bicker and whine about the beta or the lack of discussion of multiplayer footage! I hope that you people are in no way a representation of the most part of the online base or you all might just have succeeded in ruining one of the greatest multiplayers for me, and a lot of great people!

  • RYUZAKI911 09.09.11 at 10:55

    oh SDsoulrebelx360 so high and mighty!

  • Georges544545 09.09.11 at 10:49

    This doesn’t feel Battlefield. Though it is a good addition even if I will miss the Bad Company Squad.

  • CtF BloodBath 09.09.11 at 10:42

    Well said, SDSoulRebelx360, I can’t wait for the Beta as much as the next guy but seriously i think tis getting to their heads a little too much. DICE, keep up the great work, can’t wait to play a campaign thats actually thought out and not a bunch of pop up targets.

  • BreeTime 09.09.11 at 10:28

    No useful information. I guess that’s what a blog does, right?

  • SDSoulRebelx360 09.09.11 at 09:58

    Nice! I didnt really enjoy the BFBC comedy/war all in one. Im looking forward to a dramatic and scary single player campaign. Also, all u nerds dont deserve the beta, cause u act like a bunch of kids crying for a toy to ur mommy’s.

  • utopianacht 09.09.11 at 09:47

    from Paris and New York… @_@’ NY??? wow.. I’ve to see that.. any chance of a crazy multiplayer map on NY? flying THROUGH high buildings will be something awesome!!!

  • sentry81 09.09.11 at 09:40

    Great trailer, but the main reason people are reading is for the beta date..

  • IIXII-Dan-IIXII 09.09.11 at 09:35

    WTF i came here wanting to see battlefield 3 gameplay, not real life footage of the assault on bin laden compound…

  • ESKO-_-BAR 09.09.11 at 09:33

    Dice, You’re the reason I live.

  • kabotynpl 09.09.11 at 09:31

    I am loosing ma patient. Every gameplay/trailer is from PC. 2 months left and I don’t know what I am buying on my Ps3. Without the graphics cards worth the price of 4-5 Playstation 3 you wouldn’t created Battlefield 3 HYPE.

    I really loved BFBC2 (almost 800hrs have played so far), but I am still waiting for multiplayer gameplay BF3. And please, don’t mention about co-op gameplay. Because If it looks as I’ve seen on videos, you are in BIG trouble.

    PS. Why I’ve got feeling the post will be delete by moderator.

  • irishbloodlust 09.09.11 at 09:26

    Just give us the date!!!!!

  • kostman20 09.09.11 at 09:18


  • 36108529 09.09.11 at 09:07

    If you dont like this you dont deserve the beta
    (what will u do when u know it ?end your life?)

  • [LM]J0n3s 09.09.11 at 08:55

    Beta rls Date is after the Tokio Game Show, on the 27th of September and and the preBeta is on 25th of september!

  • impalor 09.09.11 at 08:28

    @ Gurosin, no useful information?!?!?!?! how about just a fun trailer and interesting read….

  • mr buIIets 09.09.11 at 08:18

    no beta date, eff that

  • 00killer123 09.09.11 at 08:06

    It’s about time you guys posted something BUT IT WAS NOT ABOUT THE BETA

  • Natetendo83 09.09.11 at 08:05

    Meh. I skipped through the whole thing just to find a BETA date so I ended up not caring or reading any of this in detail. Nice trailer though I guess.

  • Recon1992 09.09.11 at 08:04

    OMG we don’t care, give us a BETA date!!!!

  • UK_ASSUALT_1 09.09.11 at 08:03

    3 words Beta Release Date.

  • RYUZAKI911 09.09.11 at 08:01

    boooooooooooring! release the beta date already ffs ur like a frigid prostitute whats the point?

  • impalor 09.09.11 at 07:54

    wow, i got hard after watching this….damn, i haven’t been this excited about a game in a long time….i just cant wait to try this out…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Gurosin 09.09.11 at 07:51

    No useful information.

  • dakata21 09.09.11 at 07:49

    Amazing trailer, and sound is just incredible! Great job DICE!

  • Bilbo_bobbins 09.09.11 at 07:48

    where is the beta date?

  • KodY 09.09.11 at 07:45

    “We’re depicting a war and everything that suggests”
    That statement for me would mean you also see the civilian casualties/side of things.

    But since there are apparently no civilians around (at least outside of scripted events) as a recent interview suggested, I’m a bit disppointed. (you could just make them invincible by your own weapons and not shootable – e.g. lowering the weapon when you try to aim at them).

    Hope the story is as dramatic as this blog suggests

  • P@InKiLLeR 09.09.11 at 07:28

    Yeaaaaaaaa :D