Battlefield Bad Company 2 War Propaganda Posters

In the forums, many people have discovered these amazing propaganda posters made by Jimmac for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Head on over there to check out the thread and for more updates on these truly amazing propaganda posters!


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  • About50hoars 03.28.13 at 14:30

    These posters fit better with battlefield 3 than with bad co. 2

  • Blk Ops Scopes 10.11.12 at 15:34

    i hate it when people complain about snipers this isnt cod. u can’t expect a sniper to just run around quick scoping people…there campers they give key intel and recon hence the name given to the class RECON not ASSUALT

  • Dictator Durka 05.20.12 at 10:54


  • noWay Brazu RzR 02.06.12 at 04:04

    This is amazing !

  • TeddyRolls 02.02.12 at 00:07

    EA/Dice should use these kinds of posters in the loading screens or for tutorials for the newbies. I think it would add a cool community and friendly feel to the franchise. I hope, if there is going to be a 2143 game, that it could be put in the Titans. That’d be epic. Assuming they implement that game mode. Which was awesome might I add.

  • Jota17BR 06.14.11 at 13:04

    The last one is awesome hahaha… btw, now its my new signature on forums :P [ 500 x 150 ]

  • braunson80 03.30.11 at 23:45

    i like the last poster that says your not going 2 arm that crate from your base. I hate it when a sniper comes in the enemy base running all around with a pistol like he has a machine gun or something then ha just dies 2 seconds later

  • Xx GEN0CiDexXx 03.27.11 at 17:31

    u can use both on 360 r u dumb lol

  • faw1400 03.26.11 at 14:26

    tnx, we need Battlefield Bad Company 3 War Propaganda Posters …. c u l8r lol

  • FFS1NICO 03.25.11 at 15:12

    move with your squad. lone wolves are target practise (or sth like that) :P

  • Jasonzilla 03.23.11 at 01:05

    these are good. maybe some noobs who sit there with there sniper rifle at the base, not spotting enemies or doing really anything that will help his or her team should put these posters on their wall. it may help

  • DocmcK2000 03.22.11 at 23:02

    The last ones the best

  • silentCaos94 03.22.11 at 16:49

    well the medic poster should be called “a live is more worth than 50 points. so dont revive him infront of an enemy tank”

  • Boomboxes 03.22.11 at 14:48

    @THE HANKACHIEF Good thing that there isn’t sniper class

  • orion_nomad 03.22.11 at 10:42

    Oh, and “Motion sensor’s don’t help your team much if they’re in your pocket. Throw them!”

  • orion_nomad 03.22.11 at 10:39

    These are great! Now we just need ones for dropping ammo boxes/medkits. Maybe these should appear on the loading screen as a not-so-subtle reminder :)

  • Inphader 03.22.11 at 08:06

    One is missing:
    Your teams medic wont vanish when he dies!
    Use his Defi Tool to give some love back!

  • sgt PISHFLAPS 03.22.11 at 01:33

    Someone still doesn’t understand the snipers role.

  • jeancf 03.22.11 at 01:27

    Nice idea!

    On the middle poster (“spot your enemies”) the triangles above the heads of the enemies are upside down though. In the game they are pointing upwards.

  • Berserker_81 03.21.11 at 22:10

    I wish people would read the bottom one and play accordingly.

  • redbud702 03.21.11 at 17:52


  • Spik3d 03.21.11 at 17:04

    All about Q-spotting, rookies.

  • zwiebelwurscht 03.21.11 at 16:59

    whats a xbox360? were already flying the A 380!!! p.s:I`m the enemy in YOUR tank :)

  • silentCaos94 03.21.11 at 16:36

    zhrooms it shouldn`t make u happy because its ironic it says you are a pussy basecamper that doesn`t help his team XD. snipers are to stupid for teamplay and to stupid to realise if someone is making a joke of them.

  • VectorRoll 03.21.11 at 15:55

    This looks to much like Homefront Propaganda. Looks nice but needs to be more original. :(

  • Phlap 03.21.11 at 15:52

    The last one put a big smile on my face.

  • jimmacfx 03.21.11 at 15:32

    @XSTUZ: Oops, shouldn’t trust a random google result. Updated. Thanks for the bug report :)

  • CaJG 03.21.11 at 15:31

    PC FTW! and DiCE ofc. (: gratz for winnin teh game awards!!!11

  • lainofthewired 03.21.11 at 15:18

    I’d love to be able to spray these like in Source games >:)

  • donutman64 03.21.11 at 15:00

    Love them!

  • lazy_dude855 03.21.11 at 14:53

    hehe^^ i like them

  • Burn The Priest 03.21.11 at 14:32

    Ye don’t get out of those vehicles!

  • D4NgER_KLoSe 03.21.11 at 12:32

    I like the 1st one…Im chicken shit so, when I see that the tank is gonna explod I just run like crazy bitching about where that guy got me…lol..

  • kuru-X 03.21.11 at 09:59

    @zhrooms You’re not suppose to be happy…lol.

  • Bollakz 03.21.11 at 08:41

    Lol awesome.. i wish i could make the thrid one pop up on my team mates screens during rush games..

  • zhrooms 03.21.11 at 08:19

    I play Sniper so the last one makes me happy in my pants

  • Valthyr 03.21.11 at 07:59

    Uhm, the middle posters says X360 uses DPAD down? Does it? ‘Cause I always use “back”. I’ll stick with “back” anyways of DPAD down also works. The DPAD tends to select things I didn’t intend to select.

  • XSTUZ 03.21.11 at 07:30

    “XBOX360 uses dpad down for spotting”
    I don’t think so tim…