Congratulations PC Players!

Congratulations PC players for being the first platform to unlock Operation Hastings for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. It only took 9 days, counting from the 21st of December.

Enjoy the new map and don’t forget to celebrate the new year in Hastings!



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  • yDa009 01.10.11 at 06:54


  • faternbader 01.10.11 at 03:55

    Well you guys did win first because many people didn’t buy it on console. I think this game is better on the PC.

  • FLEXFIRE007 01.09.11 at 14:45

    Wow!! the Pc get’s alittle spotlight for once in let me see…a FPS game lmao!!

  • ApofisLTU 01.05.11 at 23:06


  • smokinbuddha78 01.05.11 at 21:36

    FPS games have always been and will always be for Pc´s.
    Sports and racing games are on the other hand better on consoles.
    The problem with Pc´s are the difference in peoples machines..that means developers always have to create games the slowest machines can deal with…the fact all consoles got the same spec. makes it easier for developers to make a product that uses the full power of the console and run just the same for everybody..Just read the news that Bf3 wont be playable on XP machines that´s a direct consequence of this issue…I think atleast =)

  • theDARKW0LF 01.05.11 at 20:00

    PC pwns all, no question.

  • M_A_N_O_W_A_R 01.05.11 at 17:33

    Congratulation PC people….Your are the most NO LIFE players ever…..-:))Go get some air now…Go to a club,restaurant ,go play with the ball outside,call your friends…..You know what F.. It,Stay there i`ll get all the Girls….lol

  • Badalandabad 01.05.11 at 17:23

    consoles suck…pc rocks

  • K1eaner 01.05.11 at 16:41

    No doubt, took us longer than expected but we did it. PC FTW!

  • daFaint 01.04.11 at 21:25

    Why is this map already unlocked for the XBOX? There must be some sort of glitch… thank you pc players for unlocking it!

  • L0ddy 01.04.11 at 00:29

    @ tenchis…

    the countdown started at the same time for all platforms, but the pc playerbase is more than the 360 & ps3 put together, so we were always gonna win

  • RESURGENCE34 01.04.11 at 00:06

    damn…I had forgotten all about it (360), until about 2 a.m. and the map loaded. My friend and I were confused…..but then I remembered. Good job pc users, I give all of you credit for being able to be as good as you are with a keyboard and mouse! On of my good friends is a dedicated pc player, and he’s a badass. Many kudos.

  • tenchis 01.03.11 at 03:30

    I kno that pc players feel cheated bcuz we console players got the map bfor reaching the 69 million team actions.. but Dice did this maybe as a way to reward the community, i kno that pc players r goin to say:”but we dont get anything!!, actually pc players got vietnam 3 days bfor console and that is a huge gift from dice to you guys.. also this gave pc players 3 extra days to get ahead in the community challenge.. so i dont see the point of pc players gettin mad and feeling cheated.. btw i do think that pc does have more people that play bf and are the guys that made bf b at the top of fps games. psn id: tenchis

  • Crestival 01.02.11 at 02:46

    People on ps3 play vanilla because is much better. That’s the point.

  • Real Madrid 48 01.01.11 at 22:32

    Hooray! Map, by the way great! Are there any plans about new mappacks for BFBC2 Vietnam and BFBC2?

  • Dr Bedlom 01.01.11 at 21:50

    what the fuck, has anybody noticed this stupid fucking glitch on vietnam were any map with a pbr boat the boat gets underneath the map and can go on a killing spree with no way to stop them.

    dice this is fucking stupid if nothing is done soon the game will be unplayable what a fuck up hastings only came out a day ago and already i have seen this glitch more than not serious sort it out, its just one thing after another with this game but this one is too much to ignore

    if you aint seen this glitch yet trust you will.

  • silentsrike 01.01.11 at 21:42

    at my PC Hastings doesn’t work, it says ‘no packed flow”
    can you guys help me with this.

  • G-MAN014 01.01.11 at 16:59

    PC gamers are spoilt brats? I’d say the console gamers are spoilt brats what with mummy & daddy having to foot the bill for them just to shut them up. Let’s face it, every game that is released on PC now has to be DUMBED DOWN so that the little kids on their consoles can play it! Then they only play it for a couple of weeks until they see the next shiny new thing that they must have. Yet again, mummy & daddy have to put their hand in their pockets! My graphics card cost more than an xbox or PS. I want to run a game on my rig the way I want it to not how a developer says I should run it!!!

  • dslol 01.01.11 at 15:29

    Hey Xbox players isnt this map aweso-… Nevermind. !!!

  • hooog-9669 01.01.11 at 13:25

    all 5 maPS3 are open

  • Keendy 01.01.11 at 13:14

    We PC gamers got it 3 days early, but the counting started December 21. Good job guys.

  • DJiRate 01.01.11 at 13:07

    “YUNG MUMZ wrote: check this out… pc had to reach 69 million to get hastings. im on xbox 360 and as of today we have hastings. and we dnt even have 69 million yet.”

    Yep same here and i’m on PS3 and i played 4 games on “Battle for Hastings” with 4 other clan members about 3 hours ago…what’s going on? When I last checked we were in last place…lol

  • hooog-9669 01.01.11 at 12:48

    this morning i allready played new map on my i got hidden Achievement:)

  • YUNG MUMZ 01.01.11 at 11:59

    check this out… pc had to reach 69 million to get hastings. im on xbox 360 and as of today we have hastings. and we dnt even have 69 million yet.

  • NbaChamp531 01.01.11 at 07:52

    Copy and paste this if you think the helicopters in VIETNAM should have alot more armor against LMG’s and Tank Gunners

  • hangaleft 01.01.11 at 07:31


  • Sinrei 01.01.11 at 01:45

    I love the excuse “Cause we got it earlier” even though it’s been stated over and over, counting started for all platforms at the sametime.

    Poor consoles :(

  • Eblock 01.01.11 at 01:29

    WOOO PC!!!! btw pc started sametime consoles did :P

  • Ace_Lord 12.31.10 at 22:02

    Only because it’s easier to tamper with the system on PC. Thanks for stealing the console stats.

  • mafios90 12.31.10 at 21:53

    agree “PS3 would’ve won if people actually did support actions” !!!

  • Invader115 12.31.10 at 21:07

    Nice job PC! Looks like Xbox is going to be next… can’t wait!

  • hooog-9669 12.31.10 at 20:42

    blin 4to za mudaki?! rano ili pozdno budet vezde.dnem ranjwe ili pozhe,kakaja ewe tatuxu nabejte po etomu slu4aju,dolb…bi!

  • KhaosRJA 12.31.10 at 19:18

    You guys complaining about PC having a head start do know that the contest started on the 22nd for everyone right? You don’t think DICE wouldn’t have though about that? Everyone started at the same time and PC won, simple as that, not like its a big deal anyways…

  • Nad_The_Inhaler 12.31.10 at 17:18

    Well done PC people, we might get there with the PS3 when they fix the lack of stats issue we’ve had for over a week

  • GMC112 12.31.10 at 15:32

    *hitting head with palm* @NOMAD GUNNER but DICE aren’t idiots everyone started the contest at the same time

  • StLPR0 12.31.10 at 13:35

    thats because pc players have no life

  • andenal 12.31.10 at 13:10

    lets go try it out. see you in the battlefield!

  • boelensman1 12.31.10 at 08:04

    PC FTW!!!

  • boelensman1 12.31.10 at 07:46

    PC FTW!

  • Warped 12.31.10 at 07:40

    Congrats PC
    ya did have a head start anyways lol

    and i agree with Bluellama1 seems like im the only one doing any support most of the times! LETS GO PS3 get to work!

  • hellraiser211 12.31.10 at 07:22

    pc gamers got to it first because thier 200 pounds have no life and think winning at a video game is a major accomplishment in thier life and thats proven by all the comments on this video PS3-XBOX FTW!!!

  • r t a 12.31.10 at 04:04

    take note: we are NOT irrelevant!

  • Hazard71 12.31.10 at 03:40

    Please keep erasing my comments because you know I am right lol.

  • Hazard71 12.31.10 at 03:36

    Now that someone got the carrot off the stick how about giving us all the damn map instead of continuing this joke of a “contest”. Those of us that are team players on the consoles are getting punished because a larger majority are rambos. Great logic there Dice!

  • proc315 12.31.10 at 03:10

    It’s a game..Grow up. Nerds.

  • WnderWmn 12.31.10 at 02:54

    We don’t need more maps – we need the game in general to work properly! Stats/Achievements/Ranks/Weapons – STILL FUBAR

  • SAUDIA1 12.31.10 at 02:00

    PC FTW ^^

  • Hotspurs81 12.31.10 at 01:54

    nice map im most on ps3 but i got pc too and i loved the map

  • WnderWmn 12.31.10 at 01:40

    Congratulations to PC players!

    But, I can’t give a crap right now, as my rank has been stripped and I am not being given credit for the 1 insignia and 3 pins I earned today. :(

    Where is the “contact us” button?

  • Hazard71 12.30.10 at 23:55

    How about now that this carrot on a stick contest has been one by the pc players you give us all the fucking map.

  • intent7397 12.30.10 at 23:51

    congrats PC. thanks to the server issues, me and my PS3 friends may not be able to unlock the map until 2012…

  • domepiece78 12.30.10 at 23:31

    try playin with some of the console lobbies i promise there wouldnt be so much buzz about them being the best……..

  • pvt.wojtas 12.30.10 at 22:59


    The counter has started 22nd December FOR ALL PLATFORMS… headstart for PC? LOL!

  • Ambush 12.30.10 at 22:27

    Aussie in the next update. Im sure dice can find war that happend above us .Where The Diggers were outnumbered 10/1 and won! You can use my accent. :)

  • Ambush 12.30.10 at 22:24

    Perfect time for Aussie’s :) NYE 9:19 am.. bacon eggs borbon and hastings.. what a day this is going to be :)

  • RavenRiders 12.30.10 at 21:52

    hell, if only the PS3 players got their acts together and started using team actions when they need to. I’m fed up of people chucking ammo boxes right after i spawn, and only repair full health vehicles! And absolutely NOONE actually tries to revive people and/or heal them!

  • SeeTrIt 12.30.10 at 21:22

    PC – rulezzz

  • Dwchan JR 12.30.10 at 20:22


  • Andr0ff 12.30.10 at 19:36

    We still beat them even if they combined their scores together. oh what a shame.

  • M9Beretta 12.30.10 at 19:24

    ? ????? ??!!!!!!!

  • Ghost Rider LSOV 12.30.10 at 19:06

    @TwoyTaylor lolz

    Spotting on the PC is glitchy as well. You can hammer the spot key all day long at some times and you don’t get a spot on someone who’s 5 meters ahead of you.
    In BF2, spotting worked flawlessly all the time, here… you need to pray for spotting to work. :P

    I’d guess ammo/health packs helped the most.

  • Rolandthegangsta 12.30.10 at 18:14

    Come on PS3 players…what the hell are you doin???? <<

  • Langoliere 12.30.10 at 18:07

    Congrats PC player! If only there were not so many CoD fags, on Xbox maybe we would have unlocked the map into the same time of PC players. Luckly on the PC there are only serious gamers.

  • NYC McKenzie 12.30.10 at 18:04

    I call Hacks. nah not really. Congrats PC players. Xbox is next in line.

  • Koteas 12.30.10 at 17:41

    Who said that PC gaming was dieing?:P

  • bailey567 12.30.10 at 17:41

    pc boosted like a mofo for this….pc i was dissapointed in you…..PS3 FTW!!!!!!

  • crysisxforce 12.30.10 at 17:41

    didn’t you say you began counting on the 22nd cause there as no counting on the 21st. cause of PS3 release issues….

  • zarathustra2k1 12.30.10 at 17:39

    w00ty! =]

  • Frantic 12.30.10 at 17:38

    @TwoyTaylor lolz

    There is the breakdown of the stats, spotting was done the least, the most was resupplies.

  • Ndy_ 12.30.10 at 17:36

    PC is the BOMB!

  • DefconEagle 12.30.10 at 17:25

    Console = 1337, PC = 1339 = TWO STEPS AHEAD!

  • domepiece78 12.30.10 at 17:07

    ok i retract my last statement so you guys havent fixed anything yet……

  • domepiece78 12.30.10 at 16:48

    You guys are awesome thanks for fixing the problem with the stats and ranks……..

  • maxon27 12.30.10 at 16:23

    No pc players are cheating boosters!

  • acesces 12.30.10 at 16:18
  • sandzman 12.30.10 at 16:04

    well congrats although console dident get game till 21st of dec. and pc had it the 18th of dec. i think pc had a head start becuase at 2am of the 22nd of dec. pc already had six mill maybe alil over. now i saw some bs stuff i was reading and had a bit to say myself.

    pc gameing will never die and as far as pc/360/ps3 going all in on same servers, if thats a big if, that happen ea and dice better get better servers fix alotta bugs and update punk buster the best way they can. but dont see that happening. to dice, ty for nam and hope to see some vip maps for nam and hope to see a lil more cover like thick trees rocks sandbags log walls ect. no cover with open fields and with this spot maker trying to get into cover and being shot threw objects is really annoying. please if u send any maps to console please add some cover.

  • Daviaz12 12.30.10 at 14:58


  • ResidentPianist 12.30.10 at 14:53

    Congratulations on your teamwork, PC players.

    I think the order in which each system will unlock Hastings was obvious from the start, though. PC got Vietnam three days early (though I’m not sure if their end of the competition started then or on the 21st with others), and (regardless of the date for the beginning of the Battle for Hastings) it supports more people per game, translating into more team actions per game. PC was far ahead of the other two because of this, with Xbox having only a slight lead on PS3. 360′s lead would more likely be a tie if the DLC was released on both platforms at once, but almost a full twenty-four hours made the difference.

    Anyway, I know everyone will get it soon, so stick together, squad!

  • BEEF_JERK_ME 12.30.10 at 14:51

    hell GO PC and i own ps3 and play it love pc so much better

  • KILLERDANNY 12.30.10 at 14:51

    OMG this game is EPIC !!

  • Hurricane2k13 12.30.10 at 14:20

    Wow u PC players think u are so great but u got a headstart and going around bragging bout winning. us ps3 players didnt get it to the night of the release.

  • NOMAD GUNNER 12.30.10 at 13:41

    Did everyone forget that PC got it 3 days early ???

  • Myaccount867 12.30.10 at 12:56

    Nice job PC gamers. If only the console community actually used teamwork like you guys.

  • COPRA-07 12.30.10 at 12:42

    now DICE will sure know thier gamers :P

  • SL LoneWolf 12.30.10 at 12:40


  • FC_Tyler_Durden 12.30.10 at 12:29

    PC GAMING is dying…. ha-ha….

  • s1ppr 12.30.10 at 12:15

    Who said PC gaming is dying? :)

  • Dirty Ewok 12.30.10 at 12:03

    BC2 best played on PC. Congrats PC. Only reason Xbox hasnt unlocked it, is because their parents wont let them use the TV, poor kiddies.

  • Netjox_HUN 12.30.10 at 11:57

    And the analyzers told that the PC is dead…

  • EESSM0dX1 12.30.10 at 11:57

    any console player can’t beat me in a match, i hope one day DICE make a competition between platforms.

  • Revan 12.30.10 at 11:50


  • Erectionproblem 12.30.10 at 11:47

    PC is best I contributed at least 1 million.

  • binTravkin 12.30.10 at 11:44

    PC for teh win!

  • Kharak 12.30.10 at 11:39

    PC > Console

  • Thebamsco 12.30.10 at 11:38

    Yasssss…. take note DICE who still supports your games – PC = big player base + good teamworking players = FTW!!

  • Instra:mental 12.30.10 at 11:36


  • MitritchUA 12.30.10 at 11:36

    Wohoo!!! We did it!

  • DuaL<3 12.30.10 at 11:34

    And now DICE add 10 new weapons and 69 million collective team actions to unlock it :)

  • Slackin 12.30.10 at 11:34

    ya, maybe you might think twice about supporting the PC community with Mod/Map Tools so we can actually make this a competitive game for ladders = More revenue and alot better lifespan of game

  • Cyborgmatt 12.30.10 at 11:25

    PC > *

  • DuaL<3 12.30.10 at 11:24

    And now DICE add please 10 new weapons and traps and 69 million collective team actions to unlock it.

  • pvt.wojtas 12.30.10 at 11:23

    PC FTW!!!

  • Basti4k 12.30.10 at 11:16

    what is the servername from the new map?

  • BanterClaus 12.30.10 at 11:13

    Well done! NOW COME ON XBOXERS!

  • 8=CRO=GORGUTZ 12.30.10 at 11:10

    First :D Yay now Vietnam is going to be even more fun!

  • Mercurio89 12.30.10 at 10:44

    PC is the best platform for FPS and pc players are the most skilled

  • EESSM0dX1 12.30.10 at 10:41

    PC rules!!!

  • Bluellama1 12.30.10 at 10:13

    PS3 would’ve won if people actually did support actions :(

  • Jasko45 12.30.10 at 10:13

    Congrats PC players

  • TwoyTaylor lolz 12.30.10 at 09:35

    I would be interested to see the breakdown of those 69 million actions (% spots, % revives, %heals, etc.) I suspect that the majority of these actions are spots. I’m not trying to steal the glory from PC players (I used to be one, I know the difference in the quality of players on PC and console), but I suspect that maybe the spotting works much better on PC.

    I understand that there is a cooldown that affects spotting (you can read all about it here, but that is not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about when you find yourself crushing the “spot” button, only to find it not working (even if you haven’t spotted anyone in maybe 2 or 3 minutes).

  • sgt.totalwar 12.30.10 at 07:25

    PC for ever !!!!!

  • MrLoksik 12.30.10 at 05:16


  • Toriks 12.30.10 at 04:53


  • MrDvs69 12.30.10 at 04:25

    congrats pc players

  • Rachid1966 12.30.10 at 04:16

    nice map :)))

  • Rachid1966 12.30.10 at 04:16

    PC RULZ :)

  • SkillsThatOwnYou 12.30.10 at 03:30


  • SagvanTofi 12.30.10 at 03:13

    yeaaaah we are the best PC people

  • Guniv 12.30.10 at 03:08