Battlefield 2 Update v1.50 Available

Over four years since Battlefield 2 launched comes the latest update, version 1.50 which is available to download NOW!

The 2Gb download includes one of the biggest list of changes since Battlefield 2 launched as well as new map by Bjorn Sundell, Operation Blue Pearl, both Armored Fury and Euro Force booster packs for FREE and Highway Tampa becoming a requirement giving EIGHT new maps that everyone will have and be able to play on ranked servers without worry of dropping out.


To see the full list of changes check out the changelog here:

Grab the download from one of our ranked server hosts and mirror sites, You will need Battlefield 2 updated to v1.41 before you can install this update (get the full 1.41 update from

iiNET Australia –
Internode –
Mammoth –

Europe & UK
BSN Gaming – and –
i3D –
Killercreation –
Fileplay –
NextGenTel – – User registration required –
TV2 –

BSN Gaming – and
Fileplanet –
GamersLifeLine –
Hypernia –,2,56,61,62
WOLF Servers –

While you are downloading the update, spend some time getting to know the history of Battlefield 2 by watching this video by the guys at TV2

High Definition – or Standard Definition –

When asked why they made the video their response was:

The Battlefield 2 Patch History movie was basically made in connection to the V1.50 patch release. We wanted to show the world what’s actually happened with Battlefield 2 during these four years, from release. Things got worse, and things got better but we can all agree that Battlefield 2 definitely is one brilliant game!

- Barrie “Bazajaytee” Tingle

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  • yarkhan 08.14.11 at 21:09

    i have battlefeild 2 complet collection and the booster packs don’t work so I CANT WAIT FOR THE UP DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NirVas- 07.29.11 at 02:39

    i just hope that EA/DICE make BF3 just as like as BF2
    I am a veteran of BF2, from the very first demo i played that game, i was master of infantry and a ace of the skyes. one of the best portuguese pilots ever.
    unfourtunatly, my account was hacked, i reported and the solution from EA was to reset my account (yeah thanks morons).
    From that day, i stoped playing BF2 online, just played on LAN.
    Than it came out the 1.5patch, the biggest joke ever made to this awesome game. it changed enverything, gameplay, control costumization, controls itself, flying was diferent, after that patch, game sucked pretty bad.
    the made several adjustments, but never adjust what they really should have done, big bug’s like the it boxes, a to late adjustment to the invincible J-10 (once i played Wake Island 2007 and ended with 67 Kills and no deaths).
    But theres more, i was one of the beta testers of all patches, booster packs, and we reported several problems, solutions and even new ideias, EA/DICE never heard what we said, we were just numbers once again by this company.
    Now i play BF Bad Company 2, another game by EA/DICE full of bug’s, and ’cause a new one is coming out, they dont even bother to launch a patch to fix the problems, shame on you.
    once again, i was one of the very first to buy BF3, and i hope, i really do hope, that BF3 come’s out with a small amount of bug’s, with nice Hello’s to fly (not those crapy things that we have on BFBC2) i also hope we have Jet’s on those massive 64 player maps. i really do.

    Best regards.
    A true lover of BF series
    Tiago Ferreira

  • kaneman1 07.26.11 at 06:24

    this is gonna be epic! this is sad tho… i just noticed there were patches for this lol im still on 1.0.2 lol so this is gonna be EPIC

  • s6jalammas 06.16.11 at 20:10

    i downloaded 1.41 and 1.5. now i go to battlefield, choose one server, try to join but then it says your CD-key is not valid. i bought my game so its not pirated. so both (game and patches) are offical. anyone can help?

  • Heavymetaldonkey 06.10.11 at 05:00

    I hope that people still read this blog cuz i have a big problem….

    I downloaded the 1.50 patch and it made all the servers available but when i join a server, after about 5 seconds it kicks me saying “Communication error.”
    Is there a 1.51 that will fix this?

  • DinoCrisisFreak 05.01.11 at 15:42

    1.50 didn’t work for me, it says I already have a higher version

  • commandermatt100 04.18.11 at 19:45

    my computer cant run the widescreen support so can you get me a version of this patch without the widescreen support PLEASE I NEED HELP HERE

  • 7654rfghj7 03.20.11 at 04:31

    latter be patch 1.51 for bf2 ?

  • RedShoo 02.18.11 at 19:29

    can someone please tell me the order of patches i i need to download,,,i realy want to update my BF2

  • Whatindehell 01.19.11 at 11:51

    Cool, but dumb that its through file front. It will take 5 hours to download on the limited speed because I haven’t payed them. This website is probably partnered with them.

  • GhostAceSniper 12.25.10 at 22:10

    Ah! Help! I bought BF2 on Steam and I can’t connect to multiplayer! :( Help! Steam sucks at helping and I can’t find if there is a place or link to register BF2 on EA. I wanna get in the fight. Help me out!

  • Glowhyena 11.19.10 at 10:50

    Oh! Widescreen support!? Oh, freaking awesome! I’m very happy! :D

    But what about Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

  • AceZero17 11.16.10 at 23:07

    my battlefield game keeps telling me that my server is to old. what does that mean?

    and how do i rent a sever?

  • pur3 slaughter 08.31.10 at 22:09

    Viva la Warthog!! (A10)

  • Persd 08.29.10 at 23:36

    2 million views lol

  • xxnitramxx 08.29.10 at 22:21

    download on ID stop like on the 1.5 gb

  • xxnitramxx 08.29.10 at 18:46

    awesome game……………but really, is not a simulator, the vehicles can get like 6 guys, when a black hawk can grab 14 persons, and why a marine or a SAS could get an bazooka or an shotgun?
    in the real life that doesnt happend

  • xxnitramxx 08.29.10 at 11:46

    awesome game……………but really, is not a simulator, the vehicles can get like 6 guys, when a black hawk can grab 14 persons, and why a marine or a SAS could get an bazooka or an shotgun?
    in the real life that doesnt happend

  • dadoalbeam 08.26.10 at 18:12

    ok, aunque el mensaje nunca desaparece

  • POTRO_PERSONAL 08.22.10 at 13:55


  • Wekub 08.21.10 at 20:21

    WTB comma.

  • BENTL32 08.17.10 at 13:33

    ok, so I downloaded the patch, but everytime I keep starting the game it keeps asking me to download it. I installed it but I do not see the other two games for the expansion pack that should be in my Comrade. Can someone please tell me how to get this to install correctly?

    Please e-mail me at:

    Thanks a bunch – BENTL32

  • dadoalbeam 08.12.10 at 07:13

    ok, maravilloso

  • sgt_hawk_sniper 07.31.10 at 04:50

    I came.

  • retrere 07.23.10 at 12:40

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  • dude368 07.17.10 at 17:16

    where do u download it

  • BTornado30 07.17.10 at 14:38


  • ninja10076 07.12.10 at 04:26


  • kar009 07.07.10 at 20:42

    everyone, i need help. can some tell me how to get the Euro Forge and Armored Fury to work???

  • kar009 07.07.10 at 19:42

    everyone, i need help. can some tell me how to get the Euro Forge and Armored Fury to work???

  • Blaze42800 07.06.10 at 16:00

    i have 1.50… i think and it’s totally awesome!!! FYI- u have to have Special Forces to unlock the 3rd weapons :) SEE U ON THE BATTLEFIELD- LOCK and load, soilder.



    The Cobran Clan is a BF2 demo clan :)

  • kapka6 07.06.10 at 08:39

    Milá EA je to normální,že si koupíte hru ,nainstalujete a zaregistrujete se a pak jde jenom singel!Pritom me to prispuštení overí a pak vykopne nejaký PB klient.
    Na zacátku instalace mi to hlásí,že je hra na 32 bit a já mám 64bit. Meli by jste k té hre priradit nejakého technika,aby ji pomohl nainstalovat nebo jsou to opravdu vyhozené peníze a pak se nedivím,že na singl hru vam stací vypalek!!!!!! S pozdravem kapka6

  • kapka6 07.06.10 at 01:03

    nemužu hrát online, vyhazuje me to ze hry ! pritom jsem zaregistrovaný,mám aktivní úcet!

  • RainbowsHaveEyes 06.27.10 at 23:07

    all it says is that i already have a newer version and the installation stops!

  • soldier1944 06.26.10 at 03:07

    How about an update that fixes the servers browser(s), adds an in-game friends list like BF2142. Move the change team tabs so people don’t accidentally change teams while trying to go into the squads menu.

    Fix the hit reg for once and not just say it was, knife hit reg is horrible. And at least try “TRY!!!” to reduce the lag in this game.

    In short how about an update that fixes some of the more obvious, pain in the @$$ bugs.

  • ViperBladeSOS 06.23.10 at 20:02

    Ok so I waited the six hours to download this thing, but I cant install it because my computer thinks that I have a NEWER version already installed even though I just installed the actual game only and the 1.5 patch is the only patch that I have downloaded… How do I fix this, someone please help!!!!

  • deathdom14 06.17.10 at 15:59

    when i finally downloaded this and tried to install to my computer it just kept loading, didnt freeze or crash just continued to load for ridiculous amounts of time, and when i installed the v1.41 it didnt show up on my game as such. only showed up at about v1.1.208…etc. I bought this game because it my first experience online for PC and it was recommended to me, but the updating and installing is just way too unstructured. if anyone has an idea to help me please email me

  • Tim0t30 06.11.10 at 17:07

    How do I use the patch? What do I do after downloading it? The file won’t open. I’m running vista.

  • 123ole321 06.09.10 at 06:33

    well this pach do that my rank dont Zero addressed??? becose I get xp and new rank but when I logg of and logg on agien I dont have the same rank ??? some one know why??

  • josko6662210 06.01.10 at 09:58

    It´s very good ;)

  • Guest 05.31.10 at 12:15

    Let’ s say I’ m ranking Transformers number one for the sake of the peanut gallery. I can’ t really grasp the fascination with robots turning into cars and such myself, but the show seemed to captivate the imagination of little boys everywhere (and sell

  • CraigMitchell44 05.25.10 at 06:09

    I downloaded the Patch 1.50. And I can´t install him. I have got the version 1.1.2878-710.0
    Error: You already have a newer version installed.
    No, I haven´t. I have got BF2: Deluxe

  • 47x7-53h2-ay2w- 05.23.10 at 07:57

    can i download bf2 pach 1.5 on ea games website

  • 11raoul11 05.10.10 at 11:06

    i ken not downloaden hoe moet het

  • saylay 05.05.10 at 01:35


  • saylay 05.05.10 at 01:33

    ? ?????? -mercs_9.0_dedicated_server ????????? ?? ???? ?????? ?????? ??????????

  • apoise 05.02.10 at 13:12

    It may seem incredible but I just noticed this now and….this is ridiculous to the people that had to pay for the booster packs, totaly unfair….

  • BAYTE_K1 04.30.10 at 11:22


  • Guest 04.27.10 at 16:05

    Good post I have enjoyed reading it as well as I’ve added your article to my personal listing of related blogs look it over

  • greyhound 04.20.10 at 08:47

    this better be good it took 1 hour to download!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • BloodPlayerIII 04.20.10 at 03:57

    Thank you, EA Team!! Now this should works. for 6 years, we’ve been waiting for this.

  • Guest 04.19.10 at 12:30

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  • chudleycannons 04.09.10 at 05:07

    I love this game and prefer to anything else. Good patch, like the new maps and all :)

  • jorgexdd12 04.06.10 at 05:41

    Hi I live in Spain and buy BF2 complete collection from ea orange box for 9.95 euros and I will install it and great servers but can not find european forces
    servers with people.
    And last, I recommend upgrading to the version 1.50 update or not?

    thanks, greetings from Spain.

  • Hawkeye1936 04.01.10 at 11:53

    I bought Special Forces and accidentally deleted the program. When I went to support, they asked me for my order number and could not find it. Now that I’ve found it, I can’t seem to find my way back to support where I can type in stuff and he replies. Do you know what it is? Anyone?


  • SatansLHelper 03.31.10 at 15:54

    Dice sux

  • NemisisX31 03.21.10 at 11:09

    keep on rockin the not so free middle east world ;)

  • HIGHLOW 03.13.10 at 15:13

    worst updated patch ever so hard to get in2 omfg been trying for 3 days

  • punia1984 03.13.10 at 01:36

    fajnie tylko mam problem

  • manurod24 03.12.10 at 14:19

    I just bought bf2142 is telling me i dont have the ea link and that i need to get it how do i do that? Is bf2142 online only???

  • mightymo2009 03.06.10 at 13:24

    Downloaded thru Internode twice!!!!! Absolutely hopeless

  • ZzeRonerzZ 03.05.10 at 20:49

    …… they say its free whre teh fuck are the 2 packs then dummies

  • Quickson 03.04.10 at 23:03

    Can’t get the game working, non of those patches for USA downloaded correctly, so far this has been a terrible experience and I haven’t received any help from EA’s “support” team other than they told me I had a ISP problem, which is highly unlikely considering the fact that two other computers are running the game, one from a downloaded install and the other from a store bought version. I can’t get any info on the servers and can’t play multi in any way.

  • DR SHANKER 02.27.10 at 16:05

    See you on the other side ;)

  • haxx 02.27.10 at 05:10

    i am downloading this with 4200 KB/s from :)

  • sultan501 02.26.10 at 13:05


  • 300HH 02.18.10 at 04:32

    Is there a Fix for V1.50 patch? I have tried everything I can think of to get my Logitech Extream 30 Pro to work properly, everything works except the up and down movement on the joy stick, I think its 1. Help anybody?

  • hksam 02.16.10 at 16:43

    WO WO WO good gpp

  • 137thGebirg 02.16.10 at 13:33

    Strange – After patching, no file servers being showed in the multiplayer list at all, even with all filters off, but the saved favorites still work. I still access those servers without any problems, so it’s not a networking issue. Anyone know what’s going on with this?

  • ScrappyC 02.15.10 at 14:02

    Most of the “Europe & UK” are broken as today.

  • BFO-Finl4nd 02.15.10 at 10:42

    Is this update working on xp? I have AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 2.00 GHz

  • somaiaka 02.13.10 at 04:09

    no comment

  • xxElephantitus 02.05.10 at 15:14

    I have BF2 1.5, And IT still sends me to this page when I click on the link and stuff?

    Is that Suppose to Happen?

  • Oggle 01.22.10 at 20:51

    How long will it be before this title is put on the back burner beats me how you can bring out new releases when you cant even fix the old ones. Or even keep up the support for any other titles that are released before hand. Go to EA forums and see what your public think about you EA/Dice after all it is EA forums and you cant even take the time to answer any of the questions that are there. So why should anyone put any faith in this title and part with hard earned cash. EA there are people out there paying for servers to run Battlefield 2142 go to your forums and at least answer the questions people are asking of you

  • manticorerules 01.22.10 at 18:21

    Not working for me. 1.4 patch does not want to go away or be replaced.

  • YouBeenHad 01.19.10 at 16:02

    Got a PROBLEM:(…….When I install the game on the PC and it goes thru its 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.41 all is GREAT. I log into the game and voila, I can log into any server hosting 1.41. But, when I patch to 1.50 from both HyPernia and FileFront, I can’t log into any online server. Message reads as follows: Invalid CD Key”. Bad Patch maybe? Tried download from two different websites. Any help would be appreciated.

  • TMRTrooper 01.16.10 at 16:08

    None of these links work right so now i have to serch online

  • TMRTrooper 01.16.10 at 16:08

    None of these links work right so now i have to serch online

  • bonesaw969 01.14.10 at 21:37

    Downloaded it but it wont run setup .I guess it because of win 7 ultnate.

  • Corrim 01.08.10 at 04:03

    This doesn’t work for me, I’m running BF2 deluxe edition version 1.12878, it doesn’t update for me at all. Any suggestions?

  • QcStomper 01.05.10 at 14:06

    why with the 1.50 i lost all the server!! i got only about 30 server i can play!!!!

  • sk8terboy8 01.04.10 at 12:29

    I Have a question do I need to have the older updates to get this update?

  • fredfredman831 01.01.10 at 22:19

    this will solve my problems

  • YoungCrack 12.22.09 at 17:48

    Bf2 is still the best Battlefield ever!!

  • captmarcel 12.21.09 at 08:19

    que faire les serveurs pour le jeuxbf2142 pas de serveurs merci

  • henkjunior20 12.20.09 at 06:46


  • BJJLH 12.17.09 at 09:40

    How do I activate the patch ???

  • NosTraDomus 12.10.09 at 16:25

    i have the complete collection as is, reinstalled recently..armored fury says installed….but doesnt show up…or allow maps..

    used 1.5 to update. same thing. Bf2 post login screen, says ” Download 1.5 now” even though i have it.strange.

  • tommyrecon 12.09.09 at 21:43

    This is absoulutely ridiculous! It used to be so easy to download patches for BF2 and now…….it is absolutely a pain in the ass to download any patches without a bunch of BS. EA has gone down hill!!!

  • flybott 12.07.09 at 12:52

    Oh no it can’t be true.
    It really is Xmas..
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  • ZxCommandoxZ 12.07.09 at 03:38

    hmm fairly good as an Patch :P…
    i gonna just download because i bought an BF2 CC {Battlefield 2 Complete Collection} And It Says That my Booster pack “Includes BF2 Euro Force And Armored Fury and Special Forces” Is Being Used By someone else What the…!? I Payd 30$ For this Pack Godamnit EA Start Giving me Reasons Or Who is using it! maybe was me when i was Sign-ing up and i put another Profile…

  • Beats4LIFE 12.02.09 at 11:19


  • Karamanzi 12.01.09 at 23:07

    Thank You very much!

  • Mr POOKENSTEIN 11.26.09 at 16:20

    patch 1.50 doesn’t work for me well not install what is it that i need to do i have 1.4 patch and 1.50 doesn’t install and i buy and download the game bf2 collection and it saids cd key is wrong there is no cd key

  • <P4V>GeneralMeta 11.23.09 at 00:44

    I am loyal to this franchise until i am the only one playing this game in this planet. Every other imitation of Battlefield will forever fall short of the fun, battles, capabilities and just plain ‘ol war!!! Battlefield 1942 dog fighting was what brought me here and it was Battlefield 2 that kept me here. Thanks DICE!! Long live Battlefield!!

  • GamingGod95 11.19.09 at 11:28

    only 20 mb to go…

  • GamingGod95 11.19.09 at 09:16

    I’ve just downloaded patch 1.41, it took 30 minutes. I’m downloading 1.5 now, has downloaded 8% and there’s 2 hours to go. I can’t wait! =)

  • Dereltavares 11.17.09 at 13:07

    booster packs now free to play

  • Juberman 11.13.09 at 01:17


  • NEDM___-Yellow13 11.11.09 at 08:57

    worst patch ever. the free booster packs are great :D but the falcon thing in the patch wont let me use my joystick so my ability to fly helo’s and jets is dunzo :[ and with BC2 on the way im assuming this is the last patch for bf2 and the problem wont be fixed.

  • dragonhobo 11.11.09 at 02:24

    Well, can now be comfortable playing

  • MrStump 11.08.09 at 17:58

    man quit letting websites that require you to pay for their services to host updates for your games. It is rediculous that you have to pay a monthly charge to be able to get the download. It should be available for free on your own servers at all times.

  • Pulicepro 11.08.09 at 12:55

    nice:D:D love the history i loveeeeeeeeee bf2:D:D

  • theblindrat 11.07.09 at 05:30

    thank you so much! I have been playing singleplayer for 2 years trying to figure out what version i needed LOL! i feel like an f ing idiot

  • howardwane 11.06.09 at 21:51

    i have tried for @@#%ing hours to download the booster pack for the complete battlefield collection and cant, i paid the money for the game expecting to play the whole thing and all ive got is crap it is totally bloody disgusting the crap that you have to go through to play a game you have already paid for

  • WarKillingNoobZ 11.05.09 at 22:25

    You guys are great

  • R33GTRKid 11.03.09 at 21:10

    gay connection problems with no fix 2 months after, splendid!

  • florianwx 10.29.09 at 05:50


  • jacko1380 10.29.09 at 01:41

    if your a member go to the iinet home page and click gaming zone serch for battlefield 2 1.5 patch and download it from there it comming down at 300 kb

  • jacko1380 10.29.09 at 00:05

    boy don’t i feel ripped for buying armourd fury and euro force

  • downhilldude 10.28.09 at 05:15

    AWESOME! Long ass download though!

  • xaravien 10.26.09 at 14:06

    OMG it just got worse………. CD Key Code not valid for multiplayer game…….

    Come on EA this needs to be sorted out, in the near future…. plz

  • xaravien 10.26.09 at 09:31

    Well, just spent the last 15 mins reading all your posts, which makes me feel a whole lot better !

    I have waisted the last 4 days of my holiday trying to get Patch 1.5 to work.

    It actually took the whole of today just to get BF2 back to Patch 1.41 with all my extra maps, configurations and settings. (Even that was made more difficult than normal)

    Lost count of how many times i have downloaded it from Fileplanet. (1hr 40 mins a time)

    Tried updating everything from graphics + sound cards to software installers etc etc !!

    BF2 is running at last, sticking with Patch 1.41, goodluck everyone else, i’m gonna give my eyes a rest and go for a drink !!!!!!!!!!

  • SrgntSagara 10.26.09 at 00:51

    I always loved this game ^^ and this is not going to change.

  • UDVOX 10.25.09 at 06:20

    Well, with all the fiasco I decided to check up on games that I really enjoyed in the past, low and behold it looks like I completely missed out on this amazing patch. A good proper patch, and I get to keep dedicated servers.

    Not to mention that I can’t wait for Bad Company 2 – move over MW2.

  • IbanezJose01 10.24.09 at 23:13

    cool beans i wanna test that new map out lol and the new features

  • poohbear99 10.24.09 at 13:01

    ok guys im confused like…i try to join an online server..and it says “you game version in to old” or somthing like any advice?

  • Teufelaufstand 10.21.09 at 14:40

    Are they going to update the BF2 main page for this? It still claims 1.41 as the latest patch.

  • zoomin789 10.17.09 at 22:36


  • tiago140598 10.17.09 at 13:00

    How do i donload and install (i downloaded in vuze hd network) but i do not know how to install.

  • Destroyer3455 10.14.09 at 15:37

    omg im dowloading it via fileplanet right now
    its gunna b sooooooo schveet

  • SOLIDER2112 10.13.09 at 21:42

    This might seem like an overly stupid question but, why does it take sooo long for a game software provider to fix a continually occuring bug in their software????

    Additionally, why do they claim to have something on a particular game collection when they don’t, then you have to go somewhere else to fix the problem.

    What has gone wrong with standing behind their product and providing a fast and non-problematical solution to the problem without burning so much bandwidth in order to at least find a possible hint of a solution to it.

    I guess the way some software businesses and providers operate needs to change in order to better serve their customers instead of figuring new ways of “servicing their wallets” better (if you know what I mean)!!!

  • AncientEnemy 10.13.09 at 17:36

    Is anyone having trouble getting this to patch? ive downloaded the patch and tried installing it. and didnt work. also i have unstalled the whole game and re-installed and downloaded patch 1.41v just fine and then downloaded 1.50v and tried to install it but nothing has changed. and its only allowing me to play on servers that are still running v1.41

  • blucholo 10.13.09 at 16:32

    i got it but when i clicked it nothing happened and my computer went slow,so i logged out and it took like 20 mins and i logged back in,but it toolk like 20 mins and everything went slow for a while but its fast now um can some 1 tell me wat to do?i havent tried installing the update again

  • bikebastard_306 10.11.09 at 18:03

    this is fuckin bullshit fucking gane will not work punkbuster error every fucking time

  • Del8395 10.06.09 at 12:25

    hope this will patch all. Have had to reload the patch three times fingers crossed this time

  • DAMBUSTR 10.04.09 at 07:01

    dig_dougpt, you need to download the same patch as everyone else. Like you, I already had the booster packs, but I’ve already downloaded the 1.50 patch, and everything works like a dream!!! Good luck! :)

  • dig_dougpt 10.03.09 at 23:23

    has any one found a down load that is just the patch not the booster packs I have the damn packs already

  • phantomicplayer 09.29.09 at 13:38

    i just bought battlefield 2 but can’t play online because all servers are red en can not get on them (somthing with not lattest version) Can anybody please help me i wanna play this game with the rest of you!!

  • Cherokee Ranger 09.29.09 at 07:33

    The new mods continue to not work on my PC – just the new mods. All others work fine in 1.5. New mods kick out the program during load phase. My machine meets criteria, passes every compatibility test for BF2, hardware is stout, vid set to lowest quality on game, vista run as admin, have full admin control, still no joy. NO support, NO advice on the blogosmog. Can you do better?

  • UgLy2u2 09.27.09 at 20:05

    For BattleField2 …….I’d Like to know when you pepople are gonna give the ground pounders Heat Seeking Shoulder Fired Rockets….To keep up with the rest of the cheating chopper seat jumpers..and at least give the Jet Jocks a scare also……This games gonna suck until you get rid of the rest of the cheat’n crap and Unreal Real World Tactics……What a fucking Joke. Come On EA GET WITH THE PROGRAM WAKE UP…………………………………………………………

  • deathscore 09.27.09 at 15:02

    this is pissing me off it didnt download corrects the first 10 times so i reinstalled bf2 and installed 1.41 now when ever i try to fricken download the usa one on gamer life line it says the server timed out when its liek at 63% someone helpp meeeeee. its pissing me off

  • randomguyme 09.27.09 at 12:42

    hey, when i join a game now, it says: Your CD-key is not valid, can anybody help?

  • HankScorpio007 09.27.09 at 05:02
  • dhpanicfreak 09.26.09 at 22:51

    Suggestion: Allow users to select specific downlowds they need to download. After reading the posts many already have portions of the patch. This will allow faster downloads and free up bandwidth.

  • dhpanicfreak 09.26.09 at 22:41

    Don’t get me wrong BF2 is the best but when releasing an update taking 2-3 hours to update is very frustrating. 1.92 gigs is pretty excessive. Again I am not complaining just suggesting releasing updates more frequently (Smaller updates) so we can get down to business!

  • Fragenit 09.24.09 at 18:14

    Our old squad has decided to return to the game. Thanks for the video, it gives me an idea of what to expect!

  • badmotherz 09.24.09 at 12:52

    Nice one. Have had to remove and completely re-install BF2 in order to get the patch to work. Great job guys.

  • 300HH 09.24.09 at 07:38

    I downloaded the patch. There are only 18 down to 8 different servers that show up on bf2.
    There used to be hunderds, what happened and how do I fix this?

  • 99450292 09.23.09 at 03:07

    it’s not letting me install this patch any idea why?

  • MOBxAssassinx01 09.22.09 at 20:22

    I just bought Battlefield 2: complete collection last week and I finally was able to get the v1.50 patch today. I downloaded the patch and after the long wait it finished, i didnt get anything from the patch. I am just wondering if anyone else had this problem and is their anyone that can explain this with out being a smart a**?

  • kiwimana 09.22.09 at 11:24

    where or how do you download the boosterpack?

  • 19980213 09.22.09 at 05:05

    what i need to do to update?????

  • timturboxxx 09.21.09 at 13:21


    NB it takes about 3 hours

  • timturboxxx 09.21.09 at 13:20

    THIS LINK WORKS 150Kbs , i’m bristol uk and used the free london server etc takes about 3 hours ish


  • Hiredgun0109 09.21.09 at 09:42

    CAn somebody please explain how to set up a battlefield 2 online account as when i login i have a message from EA saying i need to close battlefield 2 to go onto this website. i then can’t login to that using either my ea acount or my player account. Can somebody please help?

  • drydud3 09.19.09 at 13:01

    FInally I can play without my mom noticing hehe unless the gunshots pop out(NO MORE DVD to use to play) FINALLY IM SOOOO STOKED FOR THE NEW FEATURES TOO! HOLLY SHIT THIS UPDATE IS GONNA BE CRAZY!

  • GHPiNK 09.19.09 at 02:56

    Wow reading through all these comments… boy you guys really whine… 95% of the comments were whining, complaining people. Why do they complain? Because they are getting it for free and they still complain. Be happy people.. life isn’t so bad… :)

  • GHPiNK 09.19.09 at 02:45

    I found a good place to get the patch. Just go here (I got 400k per second),2,56,61,62

  • Evil_twin 09.16.09 at 16:51

    Can I get my f’n money back??????? I bought both booster packs (twice, one for me and one for my dad) and now your f’n giving them away free!!!

  • VT_601 09.15.09 at 20:05

    Anyone having trouble with flight controllers, go to in game settings and reset them to default and setup the controller in the secondary controls and all should be good.

  • VT_601 09.15.09 at 20:02

    Hey Monster the AF/EF maps are part of the regular BF2 is a server is playing a AF/EF map you should be able to play.

  • langman393 09.15.09 at 01:51

  • monstermonroe 09.15.09 at 00:55

    downloaded patch expected new desktop icon for booster packs but there not there,so how does that work ???

  • ACDC689 09.13.09 at 04:36

    Why can’t I play the expansions still? I even have the collectors edition with all the battlefield 2 expansions. Somebody please help me; maybe I’m just retarded or somethin’.

  • james51fr 09.12.09 at 14:09


  • KroMagnum 09.12.09 at 04:26

    Read above… Armored and Euro are included in the 1.5 patch FREE.
    No need to have Special Forces Expansion Pack “Unless” you want to play SF. Just go to your EA download manager and buy it.

  • 84237202209 09.11.09 at 09:29

    yoooo yes! yes! yes!

  • DireFog 09.11.09 at 02:29

    For crying out loud, put that stuff on a proper CDN. Those download sites are utter trash.

  • apankalle 09.10.09 at 07:05

    how do i download the booster pck to armored fury and euro forces :P

  • Agent_Alee 09.10.09 at 00:24

    Hope it’s good. how can I update it?

  • s0uthland 09.09.09 at 15:49

    10hours later and it stalls ……. get stuffed bf2 1.5 patch , happened twice and i’m never going to play again ….. stupid waiting if its going to stop at 2.20minutes

  • TantricNferno 09.09.09 at 07:11

    Took me about 15 minutes.

    It’s beautiful.

  • elia4 09.08.09 at 17:36

    Well, i am downloading the patch (1.5) , it is at 73% , but it took more than 2-2:30 hours to get there, is this normal ?

  • cosmicdebris 09.07.09 at 23:41

    Having problems downloading the new patch…Tried 4 times now and each time the dl fails as corrupt etc…Anyone else having trouble?Any help available?

  • ~Lambykin~ 09.07.09 at 20:23

    OK, I can live with the booster pack give-away. It actually helps me as I have two legal copies of BF2, and only one legal copy of the booster packs. Now it won’t matter.

    However, why in the world would your development team go through the huge effort of assembling a very large download, and ONLY offer it as an incremental patch? This is just craziness. I feel it’s wasted time – the game is large, v1.41 is large, and v1.50 is out of this world. Would have saved a lot of time for those who are reinstalling the game fresh to have a full version patch.

    Any chance you can offer this patch as a full-version install without having to install v1.41 first?

    BF2 is an ancient game as far as games go, and it’s good to see it’s still supported. One of my most favourite games ever. I hope BF1943 doesn’t disappoint…

  • (ozycar) 09.07.09 at 11:09

    is it possible to get it without EuroForce and Armoured Fury coz I already get them 2 and cba waiting for a 5 day download…

  • bintoo 09.07.09 at 10:41

    Demonoid has the patch , pulled it down at 450 KB using utorrent

  • thenaz 09.06.09 at 13:28

    how come its not on the actual battle field website

  • iraq-777 09.06.09 at 05:54

    halooo ppl ,plz i ned help i update the new patch ,but when i tray 2 play on line the game crashe,can som 1 help plzzzzzzzzzz

  • bad_installer 09.05.09 at 13:37

    “Make room on your HD if you got a small HD.”
    That is BS in my case I have over 200gb and the moron that created this installer though he would do his own thing instead of the CORRECT thing and look in the registry. Come on I want someone from dice to answer me why you chose to do this! Why did you create a messed up installer that does not take into consideration where the game is installed and where the temp directory is?
    I am waiting.

  • LoneTiger 09.05.09 at 10:57

    Why “Special Forces” maps were not added to the update? that would have compiled all maps accessible by all BF2 players without the need of being separate add-ons on desktop.

  • SpectacularP 09.05.09 at 09:33

    SO is it free or not, why cant i download it anywhere

  • VT_601 09.05.09 at 07:23

    Finally after 3 downloads I found on that works, only problem was the AIX mod was causing an issuse while installing the patch, had to unistall AIX, and all BF2 games from the registry, then reinstall BF2 with out AIX. Patch works fine now. One issue is while playing the game is backing out of BF2 to desktop, then trying to get back to the game, screen goes blank and BF2 STOPS RESPONDING! Also is anyone having issues with there flight controllers? I have an Saitek X52, I set it up in game but the foward and back function on the stick does not work, but all other programed functions work. Any help???? Thanks.

  • FFAMax 09.05.09 at 05:06

    It’s direct link to patch in Russia, Moscow

  • philby0 09.05.09 at 02:32



    It’s too bad that the splt-screen co-op is disappearing from most games. It’s a lot of fun to play campaigns and/or on-line with a friend at home

  • philby0 09.05.09 at 02:31

    SPLIT SCREEN CO-OP PLEASE!!!!! (and for DEATHMATCH as well!)


    It’s too bad that the splt-screen co-op is disappearing from most games. It’s a lot of fun to play campaigns and/or on-line with a friend at home.

    Also, Electronics Arts, look at the biggest sale of FPS of all times…. Guess what? They always include a split screen. That makes them successful because it creates a viral effect. Friends come to play at home on a split screen, and then they buy the game..

  • KroMagnum 09.04.09 at 21:49

    This Torrent is Fast!
    I used it on my 3G laptop when I was away a few days from home to patch my laptop.
    Make room on your HD if you got a small HD.

  • CapricaSix6 09.04.09 at 21:13

    omg awesome! but can we play right away or do we have to activate or something? O-o

  • NorthPlum 09.04.09 at 11:57

    Awesome update Barrie and the guys at DICE!

    Even though I play Project Reality (, hopefully some of the features that come with this update will go a way in improving the modification for BF2 as well. BF2 has come a long way, when watching that video and having played from near enough the beginning and I hope this patch improves things. :-)

  • 8-GLSS-Tomahawk 09.04.09 at 11:52

    the patch is great, but there is one bug.
    other players have the same bug.
    if i go to desktop while playing on a server, and then i go back to the game, i have a black screen and can do nothing.
    battlefield 2 crashes.
    i hope there will be a patch 1.51 soon, which solves this problem.

  • 8-GLSS-Tomahawk 09.04.09 at 11:45

    the patch is great, but there is one bug.
    other players have the same bug.
    if i go to desktop while playing on a server, and then i go back to game, i have a black screen and i can do nothing
    battlefield 2 crashes then.
    i hope there will be a patch 1.51 soon, which solve the problem

  • STICKYYRODENT 09.04.09 at 09:59

    this is bullshit u release patch but servers for downlod r crap

  • STICKYYRODENT 09.04.09 at 09:59

    this is bullshit u release patch but servers for downlod r crap

  • gnome1616 09.04.09 at 07:30

    hahahahahahahah no space!! it locks on c my gaming harddisk is d bye bye bf2

  • gnome1616 09.04.09 at 06:11

    hmm i dont want to make a new user on some stupid site where can i find the patch fucktup

  • msh1582 09.04.09 at 03:41

    If your system send dll error message like this “dice_py.dll”
    1.Go to the this link “” and download file
    2.Copy the file in “system 32″ in the windows folder
    And enjoy!

    If you have another dll error message. You Can search it in “” and download file and copy that in the “system 32″

    If you installed patch and click on the game to play but crash game because you using the image or crack v1.41

  • fastmowersobe 09.04.09 at 02:16

    Wow. I knew from the start on Sept 1st this would be a pain. After the crappy download speeds of 12kb/s to 40kb/s varying on times, that took 14 to 16 hours left going over night as I watch it, it closes when it gets to 1.89g Geez. And I thought I had the full download, nice tease.

    I tried again, and come to find out half the downloading servers on the list are DOWN. So finally I go down and get Wolfserver’s link to download. I stayed up all freaking night, and my download stopped here at 5am at 805MB. WTF? So I go back to the Wolfserver download, and its DOWN too!! OMG. WTF. So all of these downloading places are just closing?

    And I stayed up 2 full nights for this epic fail? I ~{[deserve]}~ some kind of reward EA. Thanks for the hassle.

  • KroMagnum 09.04.09 at 01:58

    I chose the Wolfserver. I took nearly 24 hrs. Not a problem though, I just let it DL while I was away for a day and a half. Installed with no issues.I had all the expansion packs already installed. Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium patched up to date. Played IMA, =SF= with no issues. I like the fixes so far. Seems to Take about 3 hits from everyone that killed me. A little tougher plan. I am so glad I can play on the same level where we are all the same. There was way to many hackers padding their scores before this patch and made playing disappointing and frustrating. BF2 is the best multiplayer ever created! Very addictive, teamwork and loads of fun!
    Thanks to the programmers for creating this patch!

  • artycakes 09.04.09 at 00:59

    no joke i downloaded fine from but i just had to troubleshoot and figure out why it was crashing me to desktop…after 3 days i figured it out…dont download from links people gave you due to possible risk…i downloaded from and downloaded from there..didnt work at first but troubleshooted and it worked after three days…check my posts out up above..hope this helps

  • LEADHEADMIKEP 09.03.09 at 21:28

    and btw ive tryed most of the links posted

  • LEADHEADMIKEP 09.03.09 at 21:26

    ok am i the only one who computer locks up in the middle of downloding. i have been trying to download since the reales of this patch can some one HELP ME!!!!!

  • artycakes 09.03.09 at 20:20


  • VoraciousBear 09.03.09 at 17:33

    Here you guys download from here it is 1mb per second!!! This is located in USA.

  • Smittys77 09.03.09 at 16:59

    Thanks for the update. Keep this game going, this is definitely the best game ever, DUDES!!!! Keep up the good work. Go team!

  • Smittys77 09.03.09 at 16:59

    Thanks for the update. Keep this game going, this is definitely the best game ever, DUDES!!!! Keep up the good work. Go team!

  • artycakes 09.03.09 at 16:03


  • GRhellinas 09.03.09 at 15:21

    Also thanks VARACIOUSBEAR for the suggested link. It really goes fast enough. Thanks again!

  • GRhellinas 09.03.09 at 15:18

    Ok. I have the same problems with you all. Error during installation of the patch. The servers run’s the new patch, so we must do it correct. Is anyone out there that can light us?

  • ZeitgeistXII 09.03.09 at 15:01

    Vista = Win 7 or is punkbuster still going to kick for illeagal os?

  • quasar13334 09.03.09 at 11:55

    I thought they had given up on BF2. The game had looked perfect to me anyway. I can’t find anything that can come close to it in terms of realistic looking maps and ease of play, not to mention loads of addictive fun. Sometimes too much fun. Crysis is a joke, and ARMA2 feels too much like LOMAC. For me: BF2 is just right.

  • Supermafiaking 09.03.09 at 11:48

    Ha you suck

  • bad_installer 09.03.09 at 08:58

    Who ever wrote this installer wants to learn a few things about installers. The first golden rule is not to make assumptions. The installer fails telling me I do not have enough free space for the install, which is incorrect. There is a registry entry for the temp file directory for a reason why do you not use it and instead trying and unpack the installer to a directory of your choosing? The temp directory is on a harddrive with about 200gb of free space this drive also host the install directory for bf2. Massive fail.

  • LiGERWooD 09.03.09 at 08:03

    I have a error with v1.50 see here

  • wouter12 09.03.09 at 06:49

    Why nobody from EA say something about this?
    I have the same problem with some1 else, and i say it a few days ago too!
    I have no dice_py.dll
    Were can i find that?

  • kla8888 09.03.09 at 00:13

    Help plz. Have downloaded from i3D and patched. But the game cuts out when ever it starts loading – what to do?

  • IroningHUN 09.02.09 at 23:44

    what can i do with this error message? (at the installer)

    Error Code: -5009 : 0x8000ffff

  • IroningHUN 09.02.09 at 23:41

    Please someone help me! Its really annoying, that i buy the complete collection, then download this patch and it says “whohooooo, i think, you don’t wanna play with this game no more” :@ I get this error message when i start the installer:
    I get this when i start the installer
    Error Code: -5009 : 0x8000ffff
    Error Information:
    >Ctor\IScriptWrapper.cpp (27)
    >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163)
    >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (391)
    >Kernel\Component.cpp (1161)
    >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (384)
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1701)
    PAPP:Battlefield 2 Patch
    PVENDOR:Electronic Arts (
    @Windows Service Pack 2 (6002) BT_OTHER 55388.23

  • Lobsangrs 09.02.09 at 21:29

    they should make the fixed AA 2x more powerful, or at least with 4 rockets..

  • catfish0007 09.02.09 at 21:09

    Patch 1.5 suck, wish EA will undo it.

  • catfish0007 09.02.09 at 21:07

    all I can say wtf– you would figure EA would improve the hit box, instead it got worse with 1.5 patch. The only people can hit anyone would be the hacker. The patch 1.5 suck!!! maybe it is time for another game. COD4.

  • VoraciousBear 09.02.09 at 21:01

    Hey guys I got a really fast link that downloads 1mb per second in the USA.

  • captins 09.02.09 at 20:36

    HOLY SHIT!! that’s the slowest ever…… first to begin with use google chrome and then use the server that is closest to you.. i finaly got it installed btw took like idk 2days i had to reinstall uninstall reinstall and i was getting so confussed!!

  • flipkev007 09.02.09 at 19:28

    my download from Wolfservers is going VERY slow ….anyone know where I can get a faster than 23.2 KB/sec ???? please help. I have comcast …. been downloading going on 12 hrs now :(

  • captins 09.02.09 at 18:32

    see just now i got error saying enter esplorer has encountered a problem and hes to close… now if i was using internet expkorer my downloaded would of stoped!! and for those people who are having roubles with red servers and can’t join them it just means those servers havn’t been updated with this patch as of it give it a few more days max a week and they should not be “RED” any more! but whilte or green. HAPPY PATCHING! not for me though i’m getting the shits with this stupid thing.

  • captins 09.02.09 at 18:28

    first time when i tryed to install it i got error 5001 or something got no idea what it is.. then tryed again different website says i already got it downloaded!! “OMG” trying again 3time different website if this doesn’t work i’m seriously going to go off the rails..

  • captins 09.02.09 at 18:26

    don’t download with internet explorer.. it takes soo long then one error pops with and your download in cancled!! DOWNDOAD IT WITH GOOGLE CHROME IT’S SIX-TIMES FASTER!!!

  • Mephistopheles_Cosby 09.02.09 at 17:54

    Mine gets to modifying then throws up a “Feature transfer error” window (Component: (blank) File: (blank) Error: Catastrophic failure)

    EA’s site says for me to kill any unnecessary processes while it’s patching, but I’ve already done that ;_;

  • vajica 09.02.09 at 14:47

    one problem….why all servers have red colours?

  • conor7rox 09.02.09 at 14:22

    im sure it awesome but i havent gotten it downloaded yet… it says it takes like 1 day and 5 hrs. any suggestions or is that how long it actually takes?

  • Spy7roop 09.02.09 at 14:18

    would have been cool if they gave SF for free to.

  • Ruiz92 09.02.09 at 14:12

    ok so i finally got the damn thing to update but now im missing the blue pearl map and the Highway tampa map.

  • GREEN9 09.02.09 at 13:45

    is it only takes time with me or what? can you gus tell me y does it take long long time?

  • Underp4ntz 09.02.09 at 13:34

    Great Patch. anyways lil bit not great since i installed the patch i cant play it anymore it starts up and crashes to desktop

    I use Windows 7 “not the beta just final release”

    Comp specs mwah i run crysis with 56fps so wont be nessecery

    Problem: Booting the game, Black screen than it gets back to the desktop.


  • IroningHUN 09.02.09 at 13:18

    PLZ HELP!!

    I get this when i start the installer

    Error Code: -5009 : 0x8000ffff
    Error Information:
    >Ctor\IScriptWrapper.cpp (27)
    >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163)
    >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (391)
    >Kernel\Component.cpp (1161)
    >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (384)
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1701)
    PAPP:Battlefield 2 Patch
    PVENDOR:Electronic Arts (
    @Windows Service Pack 2 (6002) BT_OTHER 55388.23

    Plz help me, i really don’t know what to do =(

  • Ruiz92 09.02.09 at 12:49

    Someone HELP ME! I downloaded the pacth but when i try to run it, it doesnt do anything. The mouse pointer turns to the hour glass but it takes forever. I need this to go FASTER!

  • tardego 09.02.09 at 12:22

    Link in Brazil – Central de Clans –

  • yotopgun 09.02.09 at 09:14


  • Korgoth 09.02.09 at 09:05

    downloaded it, ran it, tested it, no errors. . . went into several servers and it worked like a charm. weird.

    once again, thanks to the community, EA and DICE for making this version to address client satisfaction, as it certainly was not profit-driven.

    as for gameplay – it’s a little different, sure, but several issues have been addressed – the J10 vs F35 was always the most irritating to me, for example. Also, we have almost double the maps to mess around in. so life’s good.

  • yotopgun 09.02.09 at 09:01

    and why are my comments not sticking. fuck this site and this company. i love this game but hate the developers.

  • yotopgun 09.02.09 at 09:01

    where the fk is EA’s [atch? why do i have to go somewhere else to get it?

  • yotopgun 09.02.09 at 08:56

    7 hrs to download? are you fking kidding me? why doesn’t EA have a direct download link rather then paying some fileshack 3 bucks to use there site to get the damn file. what a jip. typical EA. great you finally finished the patch. if only you could distibute it properly now we would be golden.

  • REEFDADDY 09.02.09 at 07:24

    :( 14.9 KB/sec not good …….

  • Mr.5argent 09.02.09 at 06:54

    Can’t play it, its missing dice_py.dll what do i do?

  • malaguena 09.02.09 at 06:50

    That’s great. Now please do the same for 1942, the game that started it all and is still loved by many. Unite the expansions and disillusioned players will return in droves.

  • Mr.5argent 09.02.09 at 05:27

    Ahh, downloading by torrent at a speed of 1,3Mb/s gonna be ready in half an hour :D

  • Lieutenant0484 09.02.09 at 04:42

    Torrent the way to go.
    Posted by gnaeh42.

    Unless your speed is 150kbps.

  • wouter12 09.02.09 at 04:32

    guys please help!!
    It i cant play, because it gifes this problem: cant find dice_py.dll
    Were most i download that…

  • Gryphen 09.02.09 at 03:52

    Okay I uninstalled it all.. rebooted, reinstalled BF2, rebooted, Installed BF2 SF, patched to 1.41, rebooted, tried to run 1.50… nothing same as before…

    Ran BF2 connected and played for a few minutes.. 1.41.. then got out and tried 1.50.. not joy..

    I checked the ISPackFiles.ini file and it appears to get corrupted in the 6th line…

    How many bytes is the file supposed to be I checked mine and it has 2,067,517,293 and on disk 2,067,517,440

    How many is it supposed to be?

  • chevy32880 09.02.09 at 03:45

    My download cancels halfway through.. can anyone help?

  • chevy32880 09.02.09 at 03:34

    Can someone help me?!?! Ive tried downloading this patch 4 times so far. I get about halfway through and then it says its finished. It has taken hours! Anyone help?

  • Jordanski726 09.02.09 at 02:28


  • reaperdude50 09.02.09 at 02:01

    yes downloaded within an hour
    thats what you get for having a 100mbps connection
    thanks guys

  • snakecharmerxx 09.01.09 at 21:37

    Its really dumb to put the booster packs together with the patch, especially for people who already bought them a long time ago.

    2 GIGS is way too freaking big!

  • snakecharmerxx 09.01.09 at 21:33

    Is there any way to download the patch by itself? Why must you force people who already PAID for the booster pack to download them again, wating our time and download?? 2 GIGS is a massive fcking download!

  • wouter12 09.01.09 at 20:57

    OK, i am clear with downloading.
    Buy the game doesn`t work.
    It says: cant find : dice_py.dll
    What is that, maybe i most download it again. and if you have doen that it happened again.
    So how can i download dice_py.dll?

  • JFHPUNISHERNM 09.01.09 at 20:35

    can someone give the installation instructions on how to do it once you have downloaded the patch

  • JakeChopperScope 09.01.09 at 19:50

    Thanks DICE!
    Runway blocking solved, I think I’m going to squirt. My jet fuel.

  • JeHaD rAbBiT 09.01.09 at 19:24

    needs fixin in the downloading

  • JeHaD rAbBiT 09.01.09 at 19:24

    It wont fully download i have 2gbs of space but it only loaded 239 mbs and said it was finished it has 16 hours left of downloading time

  • Gray[80] 09.01.09 at 18:38

    - Fixed the issue where picking up a players kit would cause CTD

    *Hugs the Developers* ;)

  • seargent_john 09.01.09 at 17:58

    so why did i even bother getting those 2 expasion packs

  • Alexinhonicbr 09.01.09 at 16:51

    this is for Artycakes: what u need to do is re-install or upgrade your graphic card. that’s it!!!!!

  • Gryphen 09.01.09 at 16:34

    I downloaded it (1.93Gb) and have tried to run it, it only shows as 2 processes for about 3 seconds and then stops, no errors, no alerts, just disappears…

    I’m running Vista64 ultimate SP1………

  • Auctionedllama 09.01.09 at 16:34

    Whenever I download a patch from filefront, it gets corrupted a lot of times. Try the torrent I posted above, thats impossible to get corrupted.

  • artycakes 09.01.09 at 16:19

    i downloaded the patch from and updated punkbuster..when i click on any level it quites battlefield and takes me back to desktop…can anyone help?

  • Auctionedllama 09.01.09 at 16:09

    Here’s that torrent everyone wants. I’m getting 550 kb/s average.

  • artycakes 09.01.09 at 16:04

    I downloaded the 1.5 patch just a little while ago from I downloaded it and installed it, I then ran the game with and without dvd, I even updated my punkbuster. But every level that I try to double click on it sends me back to the desktop and quits battlefield..Anything you can comment that might help? please Im dying to play..thanx

  • DstyNC 09.01.09 at 15:56

    I came back to BF2 after taking a year off… and was just ready to give it up again…due to all the bugs and hackers.

    Maybe this will save the game….. we’ll see.

  • Ruiz92 09.01.09 at 15:52

    DAMN! My download failed on me after like 4 hours!

  • HellCannon666 09.01.09 at 15:33

    how to download it?

  • Guest 09.01.09 at 15:31

    Your story was featured in Drigg! Here is the link to vote it up and promote it:

  • TranceNYC 09.01.09 at 13:48

    Watch all the best players suck when they find out their Aimbot and Hack does not work anymore. Sadly this will only be a temp. the hackers are already working on a fix. I’m so exited to get in the air and dogfight a J10 on Dragon Valley.

  • TranceNYC 09.01.09 at 13:47

    Watch all the best players suck when they find out their Aimbot and Hack does not work anymore. Sadly this will only be a temp. the hackers are already working on a fix. I’m so exited to get in the air and dogfight a J10 on Dragon Valley.

  • Hayfield 09.01.09 at 13:40

    arg.. have to wait untill tomorrow been busy all day…. made that movie!
    Norge :)

  • Cranefly 09.01.09 at 13:22

    Is there a smaller version released without the booster packs? If not I would really appreciate it if there was. I paid for the booster packs ages ago and it’ll take me ages to download 2GBs, most of which I already have! Hope you can help.

  • sciss0rz 09.01.09 at 12:22

    I bought the boosters two years ago and now I can finally access the content! Thanks!

  • TipsyT 09.01.09 at 11:55


  • stealthncool2009 09.01.09 at 11:32

    how do you multi patch?

  • stealthncool2009 09.01.09 at 11:30

    does anyone know how to run both 1.41 and 1.50. the registry seems to be the problem for me

  • LD_PT 09.01.09 at 11:27

    To celabrete Battlefield 2 in Steam.
    Ist Great.

  • WOLFXL 09.01.09 at 11:19

    I have the all booster pack, why do we need to download them again? I think you should release reduced size version of v1.5 patch for complete edition users… Of course if you don’t change the main engine of it…

  • RazorJack09 09.01.09 at 11:15

    At almost 1MB/sec :-) looking forward to see if this final patch will eliminate the random multiplay freezes of the BF2 game – we will see in a few minutes.

  • VIIx3GS 09.01.09 at 11:12

    Takes too long…it better work

  • TheTopMostDog 09.01.09 at 11:04

    GameArena (Australia) ::

    For many people, downloading via GameArena is preferred because if you are with GameArena’s ISP, downloads from this site do not count toward your internet download limit.

  • Den-Lille-Gumbas 09.01.09 at 10:55

    Hell yeah…. Im so up and running, cant wait for it to finish !?

  • gnaeh42 09.01.09 at 10:50
    here i found a torrent but im getting only 40kb/s

  • Bamny 09.01.09 at 10:38

    Wow. This is gunna be awile :[. I JUS WANNA PLAY!!!! lol

  • Bamny 09.01.09 at 10:31

    Holy crap its 1.9 gigs? its taking so long!!

  • AtomicGamerX 09.01.09 at 10:26

    We’ve got a mirror up now on AtomicGamer (Location: USA (TX)):

    Battlefield 2 Patch 1.50

    Happy patching!

  • songkran 09.01.09 at 09:49

    Fileplay claims MD5 =


  • Tecfan 09.01.09 at 09:48

    we need a torrent here

  • Gryphen 09.01.09 at 09:33

    Finally at 12.30am IINET loaded the file…… oh well only 30 minutes behind the rest of the world…

  • Tikuna 09.01.09 at 09:31

    patch MD5/CRC, please.

    Thanks in advance.

  • MoorkoP 09.01.09 at 09:28

    Wow its pretty big/SLOW :O

  • Korgoth 09.01.09 at 09:26

    that’s right, that’s right, come to Daddy. .. everything’ll be fine now. . .

  • [10 5] 09.01.09 at 09:21

    i’d hoped there would be a torrent. downloading at 40kbyte/s

  • Skyline7284 09.01.09 at 09:15

    Downloaded the first BSN link… file was only 375 mb?

  • Gryphen 09.01.09 at 09:09

    Wish IINET was as reliable as all the other ISP’s seesm they can’t even get it right for hosting the patch, the link may be the first one listed but its not there… useless

  • dtdk.JohnClark 09.01.09 at 09:09

    Great downloading

  • Wernisag 09.01.09 at 09:07

    Good, very good +)

    P.S. f desytke nah +)

  • KEIOS 09.01.09 at 09:07


  • Nativejam 09.01.09 at 09:05

    Downloading now, looking forward to seeing people play the booster packs. A-10′s FTW!!

  • Milleuros 09.01.09 at 08:53

    Yeah ! At least.
    Great job. Can’t wait to play BF2 1.5

    See ya on the battlefield soldier

  • a giant octopus 09.01.09 at 08:51